How do I unlock the pet vinyl's, the cardboard box, driver, pharell and soccerball vinyls?

  1. I have done every single reward card, challenge event and completed career 100%. I do not have all the boss vinyls though, do I need them to unlock these vinyls?

    User Info: immadbro

    immadbro - 3 years ago


  1. For the crew themed vinyls, you have to beat each boss and you must acquire each of their cars (TFK, Bushido, 21st Street). For the stacked decks vinyl, you have to beat Darius in a one on one city circuit and in a canyon duel. I think for the pet, the cardboard box, the driver, the pharell, and the soccerball vinyls, you have to complete the online reward cards or you have to input a cheat code in the main menu.

    User Info: DahlElite22

    DahlElite22 - 2 years ago 0   0

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