Two Players Race, does anyone know how?

  1. I'm having dificulty on configuring the game for two players. I have entered about every menu and submenu of the game and I couldn't find a way to change from one player to two players race, but I know that two players are possible in this game because in the control configuration menu you can config the second player control. Anyone knows how to do it?

    User Info: lucalcool

    lucalcool - 10 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. For two player races go to the main menu of the game, out of career mode. Select the 'Quick race' option. Select the track/type of race you want to run. The menu that comes up after this is where you can set the options for the race you're about to run, including the option of Solo or Multiplayer mode. After you finalize these options, with multiplayer mode selected, you and your opponent can choose your cars, and then race. Keep in mind that in multiplayer races you cannot use your speedbreaker. Also, to use the cars from your career load the career before racing from the main menu. Hope I helped!

    User Info: Rosslin

    Rosslin - 10 years ago 2   0

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