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Reviewed: 07/06/09

Animal Crossing Is Better Than Ever

To start off with, this game is probably the best Animal Crossing yet. We're all used to the standard work for Nook, pay off your mortgage, decorate your house, fish, catch bugs, finish the museum, and hit the shops once a day. However, even though this game brings all of that back, there is even MORE to do! Every day there is something new to do, and you may even play it for hours and hours. This game uses the fullest of Wii's abilities, and it is great fun.

I will go through everything there is to this game, including the new City, as said in the title.

Story: 10/10

Well, basically there is no "Story" to Animal Crossing games, it's basically a do-whatever-you-want sort of game. However, with all the new features - new and old - you are surely not going to put this game down for a while. You still work for Nook, the same shops are still around (with new ones too!) and of course, the Museum is also around. However, the new City (which has more than 5 new shops, I will get into it later) brings a lot of new material to Animal Crossing!

Gameplay/Controls: 9/10

Of course the Wii was going to bring new controls to this game, and it was successful! To fish, you can now swing the Wii Remote to cast and reel in. The same goes for Bug Catching, you can now swing the Wii Remote to catch bugs. When you point the Wii Remote at your screen, your Menu shows up. From there you choose what you would like to view. You can click where you want to go with the Wii Remote, or use the Nunchuk for a more comfortable moving style. The controls are very flexible so that you can get used to a way that you like, making it easier for you.

Graphics: 10/10

Animal Crossing games have always had cartoon-like Graphics. This game, however, has some of the best cartoon Graphics I myself have ever seen. You can barely notice pixels showing, and/or wrong-looking shapes. That's all I have to say about the Graphics, they are simply amazing.

Music/Sound: 10/10

All your favourite tunes from Wild World are back, with new rhythm's added and new instruments, but still the same old music you remember! K.K Slider is - of course - back as well. I have found myself for no reason at all humming tunes from Animal Crossing: City Folk, because they are easy to remember and enjoyable to listen to. There is a wide variety of songs that K.K will play for you once a week on Saturday night, and when he is finished playing he will give you the CD for it. You can play this song in your house in the game.

The City: 10/10

Remember back in Wild World when you would have to wait for days and daayyss for a visitor to come to your town that you actually needed? Well, in this game, more than half of them reside in the City! Crazy Redd runs his usual shop, Dr. Shrunk has his own theatre where you can get Emotions, Lyle runs the HRA. Gracie runs her new fashion - but EXPENSIVE - shop where you can get new good-looking furniture. A Gyroid runs an Auction House where you can place items up for bidding and auction them over Nintendo WiFi Connection. Harriet runs Shampoodle, and Katrina has her Fortune-Telling shop also! On occasion you might run into new stands set up around the City, also. All in all, the City is a great new feature in Animal Crossing.

Online Play: 10/10

Probably the best part of Animal Crossing, the Online Play! This game is just like Wild World, exchange your Friend Codes and visit each others Town. However this has not changed much, there is a new object you can buy with City Folk, called WiiSpeak. This WiiSpeak lets you talk with your voice to your friends over WiFi! It is much easier talking this way than typing. In each others town, you can talk, trade, play games (bug/fishing tournament) visit shops, and many more. Get a bunch of friends and even have a party in your town. I assure you that if you have WiFi Connection, this game will be so much more enjoyable for you.


This game will surely keep you occupied for a long time, and you will surely enjoy it if you give it a chance. There is so many new things to do in this game that makes Wild World and the GameCube version of Animal Crossing look like a joke! Every day there is something new to do, buy, sell, and catch, that you will surely play this game for a long time.

Rent/Buy: Buy

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Animal Crossing: City Folk (US, 11/16/08)

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