Review by Vegito57 [AKA: Vortrex]

Reviewed: 11/18/08

This game isn't only for animals, you know.

Ah, Animal Crossing. It honestly doesn't get better than this, does it? Eh, not much. I think this is my favorite game-- no, series, of all time, it can be yours too! Well, let's get started and I hope you enjoy this review!

Basic Overview -
So this is the Animal Crossing: Wild World sequel, or the 3rd expansion in this series as a whole. This game is really similar to the first game, Animal Crossing, for the Nintendo Game Cube. This also has a strong blend of Wild World aspects too! Best Wii game out there, in my opinion, but don't get your hopes up, this game has a lot of exciting new things in share for us!

Graphics - 10/10
Ah yes, you gotta love this series' cartoon-ish graphics, no? Well, I understand that Wild World's graphics are even looking like trash compared to this! Nintendo did an excellent job cleaning the graphics, making them crispy, smooth, etc. But I still think this game has a new look as a whole-- from the fresh water, to the grass, trees, and even neighbor and building signs! What's not to love?

Sound - 10/10
Yeah, the sound. It's gotta be the most promising aspect of the series. The music is beautiful, and the sound effects sharp! From the running waterfalls, the sound effects of tools! Nintendo did a wonderful job evening out the sounds, making them more high definition. Yes, K.K. Slider is back, and man, he doesn't get old. His music is like any other, in this game.

Controls - 8/10
The controls to this game are O.K. to me. I use just the Wii-mote myself and I am satisfied. Yes, even I admit this game would have MAYBE been better if it had the Game Cube controller availability. I just don't like to go out and buy batteries over and over again, you know? Overall, the touch controls, the Wii-mote aiming, is all good. It won't kill either of us, but I like 'em. But all in all, the controls are good, from the Wii-mote, to the Wii-mote and Nunchuck!

- Wii-mote
- Wii-mote + Nunchuck

You move with the Nunchuck analog stick, or with just the Wii-mote, aim to where you go, and press 'A'. Don't worry, your inventory, designs, are still done relatively the same way too!

Online Play - 10/10
Yeah yeah, I know, I said that the sounds and music where the best aspect of the game. But-- the Wi-Fi is truly amazing. If you think Wild World was great, then you'll love this even more! USB keyboard, and Wii-Speak compatibilities, they are a new great improvement to this Wi-Fi. I hated using the stylus to type in Wild World! Seemed like it took too long to communicate and such. But, if you are a fast typer, then you might want to pick a USB keyboard up, much faster communication with this available. Wii-Speak, if you haven't heard of it, it a microphone. Yes, compatible with City Folk, you can chat with your friends on Wi-Fi without typing! Yes, so both of these new features will make Wi-Fi, even more the fun. You can add numerous friends, have a good time, chat, play games, and even more. Outstanding.

Final Regards -
Man, I've stuck with this series through think and thin, playing it ever since it first came out in America. I remember how fun it was, but this game just makes me feel just like playing it again! I honestly hope you pick up this game and have a splendid time yourself.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Animal Crossing: City Folk (US, 11/16/08)

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