Review by Tman106

Reviewed: 11/17/08

More like an expansion pack then a whole new game

I have been a huge animal crossings fan ever since the first one came out on the gamecube, heck it's why I bought a gamecube. The DS version made it even better with WiFi and getting rid of the dorky hat. Now City Folk has rolled around and I have been playing it avidly all day, so let's see how it is.

The gameplay plays like it always has. You live your life however you want it in a strange animal town. While nothing is broken in this gameplay, it is the fact that the only real major update from Wild World (other than the wii speak mic, I'll get to that later) is the addition of the city. In the city you can visit high quality fashion stores, (with outrageous prices) go visit the happy room academy, go see a show with docter shrunk (teaching you a new emote), visit redd's market, go to the salon, get your shoes shined, go get your fortune told, and go to the auction house. Now this may sound like a lot, but you will have done all of this after about 10-15 minutes. Now you will be coming back to see what they have in the stores and what's new in the auction house, but it's not really that much. The town gameplay is pretty much the same (except for a few minor-meduim things like you can see animals in shops, and now you can design shirts different on the front and back etc.). This isn't neccesarily bad, but it felt like they could have added so much more.

The music is great as usual, and the story is non existant, which is not ever a problem considering YOU are the story.

WiFi is more or less the same again, with which I was kind of dissapointed with. I was hoping they would add some things that you could do. The DS's problem with WiFi is there wasn't a whole lot of activities you could do. While they have improved it a fair bit with the wii speak, I was kind of dissapionted I couldn't go to the city with my friend.

Overall If you liked the old Animal crossings you will like this, just don't be expecting much new. I for one will be playing this a lot, I know that for sure.

NOTE: they have promised DLC for this game but it is not out at the time of the review, so I can not review it.

-if you loved old AC you will love this
-City Additions
-Minor updates make the game overall improved
-better wii graphics
-wii speak
-promised DLC

-more like animal crossings 2.5 than 3


Well this is definatly not a rent alone because you will never really get close to scratching the surface with a rent. I would say if you liked the old ones buy, but if your not sure rent to decide if you like it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Animal Crossing: City Folk (US, 11/16/08)

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