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Hybrid Guide by spiritluv

Version: v2.1 | Updated: 03/13/2009

            ____                                              __
           (_   \                 (@)                        |  |
            / /\ \     __         __    __             ____   | |
           / /__\ \   |  |____   |  |  |  |_______    |__  |  | |
          |  ____  |   | ___  |   | |   | __   __ |   ___| |  | |
          | |    | |   | |  | |   | |   | | | | | |  |  _  |  | |
          | |    | |   | |  | |   | |   | | | | | |  | |_| |  | |
         (__|   (__|   |_|  |__) (__|   |_| |_| |_)  |______) |__)
   / __ \                                        
  / /  \ \ __                                   (@)
 | |   |_||  |___    _____    ______   ______   __    __              
 | |       |  _  |  /  _  \  /  ___/  /  ___/  |  |  |  |____    ______
 | |    _  | | |_| |  / \  | | |___   | |___    | |   | ___  |  |  __  |
 | |   | | | |     | | @ | | \___  \  \___  \   | |   | |  | |  | |  | |
  \ \__/ / | |     |  \_/  | ____| |  ____| |   | |   | |  | |  | |__| | 
   \____/  |__)     \_____/  \_____/  \_____/  (__|   |_|  |__) |____  |
  _                                                                  | |
 | |_________________________________________________________________| |
                     _(_)_                          wWWWw   _
         @@@@       (_)@(_)   vVVVv     _     @@@@  (___) _(_)_
        @@()@@ wWWWw  (_)\    (___)   _(_)_  @@()@@   Y  (_)@(_)
         @@@@  (___)     `|/    Y    (_)@(_)  @@@@   \|/   (_)\
          /      Y       \|    \|/    /(_)    \|      |/      |
       \ |     \ |/       | / \ | /  \|/       |/    \|      \|/
      jgs|//   \\|///  \\\|//\\\|/// \|///  \\\|//  \\|//  \\\|//

                      Animal Crossing: City Folk
               Population Growing  ~  Hybrid Guide FAQ
               March 13th, 2009     ~  version 2.1

               For Questions, Additions or corrections:
               Email:  Rose-Blue@gardener.com

@}->-- Table of Contents --<-{@
*~Version history~*           *ver*
*~Introduction~*              *int*
*~Tools of AC~*               *TOA*
*~How to start~*              *HTS*
*~Flowers, Hybrids, & Weeds~* *FHW*
*~Sale Value~*                *$V*
*~Combinations~*              *COMBO*
*~Patterns~*                  *PAT*
*~Rules & Guidelines~*        *R&G*
*~Perfect town~*              *PT*
*~Grass and Snow~*            *G&S*
*~Some un known facts~*       *UKF*
*~FAQ~*                       *FAQ*
*~Credits~*                   *CRD*
*~Copyright~*                 *Co.*

*~Version history~*           *ver*

v1.0 March 4th, 2009
     The basics developed

v1.1 March 5th, 2009
     Added FAQ's and spelling corrections

V1.2 March 6th, 2009
     Added FAQ's, Thank you's, Spelling corrections and finished layout.

V2.1 March 13th, 2009
     Added FAQ's, updated information for tools, carnations,
     perfect town,and Thank you's.

*~Introduction~*              *int*

Gardening has become an integrated part of Animal Crossing.
On the Game Cube flowers were simply there for looks, with no cross
breeding capabilities. As Animal Crossing evolved so did the gardening.
Now we can breed our flowers, water them, and use them to our advantage.
In City Folk/Let's go to the City, flowers help us develop a perfect
town, allow us to grow hybrids and can help to preserve our precious

In this guide I will include all the types of flowers, their value,
how to breed them, and I include some good tips that I have been
developing since Wild World.
I hope this will help all of you in making your town what you want
it to be!

*~Tools of AC~*               *TOA*

Not every tool will help you with gardening or aid in getting a
perfect town, but a full collection is useful!

The regular tools can all be purchased from Tom Nook in his store.
He will rotate his tools randomly each day, so if you don't find the
tool you are looking for today, head back in tomorrow.
I found that you had to have at least the 2nd upgrade to get the axe,
which for me and many others was a huge pain if you didn't time travel.

Some of the Silver tools are found through Tom Nook.

~Garden/Landscaping Tools~

The most obvious use is to dig holes!
I will clear cut my town and dig holes to lay out my town as to where
I want my trees to be planted.

To get the silver shovel you need to head into the city after 8pm
and the traffic cones on the right hand side may be missing with a
light down the tunnel.

If you find the light and head inside you will find the secret mole
headquarters where you are bribed to not tell anyone about it's
location with a silver shovel.

This took me about 2 weeks to find, however I didn't go every day :)

To find the Golden shovel, simply bury a regular shovel over night.
When you dig it up in the morning it has turned into Gold!

Silver shovel benefits: when you hit a rock you may double some of the
money you are given. You know the bag of money will be worth more if
you hear a chime as you hit the rock. This is random.

Golden shovel benefits: when you bury money you have a chance to grow
a money tree!

 How this works - 
     Bury a bag of money and the amount you bury determines your % of a
     chance for a money tree. Money trees grow one crop of 3 bags of
     money of the amount you buried.

 For example - 
     If you bury anything under 999 bells you have no chance of getting
     a money tree to grow.
     To have a 1% chance it will grow burry 1,000 bells,
     for a 10% chance burry 10,000 bells ect.
Watering Can:
Again, obvious use is to water your plants. Watering trees is a waste
of time, only focus on your flowers with this tool.

In order to recieve a Silver watering can you need to purchase 50 bags
of seeds from Nook. Once you have purchased 50 bags the next day you
will get a letter in the mail from Poseys Flower Farm:

To obtain the Golden Watering Can you need to have a perfect town
rating for 15 days in a row, then visit town hall (be sure to visit
with all your Characters that day, especially if you don't plan on
keeping a perfect town rating later on)

And it has been confirmed that the Silver can and Gold can do in fact
water a larger area! The bonus to the Gold can over the Silver can,
when watering a wilted black rose witht he gold can you will turn it
into a gold rose the next day (which will not wilt!)

The regular watering Can will cover: (where the X's are)

Where the silver and gold watering cans will do a larger area:


-*- Thank you to txgb324 for the confirmation on this! -*-

The axe is one of the handiest pieces in a new game! It will allow you
to chop down trees in your town.
A regular axe will break, forcing you to buy another. 
You can not purchase a silver or gold axe from Nook, you have to get
the wishing well and throw a regular axe in.
This is a pain in the game, because that goddess just doesn't like to 
give out gold and silver axes to just anyone!
It is rumoured that the better your karma or luck in the game, the
better your chances. Others say it's completely random.

~Non Garden/Landscaping Tools~

Fishing Rod:
Is used for fishing. The better the tool, the easier to fish!
As always, to get the Golden rod, you need to catch all the types of

Is used to shoot down the balloons. Your regular slingshot has 1 shot,
the silver has 2, and the Golden slingshot has 3!
To get the golden sling shot you have to shoot down 15 balloons, then
the present that is dropped is your Golden sling shot!

Is used to catch bugs, obviously.
Also, to get the Golden net, you need to catch all the types of bugs.

Can be handy when you have a group of friends over and you want to have
a contest to see how many bugs or fish you can catch in a specified
time limit.
This can also be handy in hide and seek (remember when playing
hide n seek to either not type or use wii speek, or you will lead them
right to you!) There is no silver or gold Timer.

*~How to start~*              *HTS*

Fist, buy all your flowers every day! And follow the guide on how to
lay them out so that you can start breeding right away.
Make sure that you buy the watering can the first chance you get, or
you'll start losing flowers as they wilt. If you don't have a watering
can, and not many flowers, store them inside over night and you won't
lose any. You won't breed any either as they have to sit out over night
to breed, but it usualy only takes a few days at most to get the
watering can.

First thing you need to remember to do is to always water the wilting

Don't worry about the flowers that are not wilted, in this version
however, watering flowers will prevent them from wilting, but if your
town is anything like mine, it would take hours.

*WARNING* If you have the gold watering can you will want to have a
regular or silver watering can, because black wilted roses turn gold
when you water with the gold watering can. Of course if you want them
to turn gold, then just carry around the gold watering can.

Next, there are certain flowers that you do not want touching each
other as they will only reproduce regular flowers, rather than hybrids.
There are other tricks to growing certain types of flowers.

If you remember those key points you will have a successful, flowery,
perfect town in no time!

*~Flowers, Hybrids, & Weeds~* *FHW*

There are 4 main types of flowers in the game.
The Cosmo, The Pansy, the Tulip and the Rose. Each flower can breed to
make hybrids.

In addition after getting a perfect town you will see Jacobs Ladders
randomly grow around town.

Spring through to Fall you will get "weeds" that you can pick up (you
still get weeds year round, just not ones you pick up and is put into
your inventory)

Dandelions, which turn into Dandelion puffs that can be equipt for you
to blow on, and 4 leaf clovers that looks like a book with a clover
book mark.

You get a pink Carnation from your mother on Mother's day, and
red Carnation from your father on Father's day.

Only regular flowers can be purchased from nook.

All types of flowers and weeds can be worn in your hair with the
exception of the rose that goes in your mouth! Olay!

   *~Sale Value~*                *$V*

 | Flower Name        | Selling Price | 
 | Cosmos:                            | 
 | Red Cosmos         | 40 Bells      | 
 | Yellow Cosmos      | 40 Bells      | 
 | White Cosmos       | 40 Bells      | 
 | Pink Cosmos        | 80 Bells      | 
 | Orange Cosmos      | 80 Bells      | 
 | Black Cosmos       | 240 Bells     | 
 | Pansies:                           | 
 | Red Pansies        | 40 Bells      | 
 | Yellow Pansies     | 40 Bells      | 
 | Black Cosmos       | 240 Bells     | 
 | White Pansies      | 40 Bells      | 
 | Purple Pansies     | 80 Bells      | 
 | Orange Pansies     | 80 Bells      | 
 | Blue Pansies       | 240 Bells     | 
 | Tulips:                            | 
 | Red Tulips         | 40 Bells      | 
 | Yellow Tulips      | 40 Bells      | 
 | White Tulips       | 40 Bells      | 
 | Pink Tulips        | 80 Bells      | 
 | Purple Tulips      | 80 Bells      | 
 | Black Tulips       | 240 Bells     |  
 | Roses:                             | 
 | Red Roses          | 40 Bells      | 
 | Yellow Roses       | 40 Bells      | 
 | White Roses        | 40 Bells      | 
 | Pink Roses         | 80 Bells      | 
 | Orange Roses       | 80 Bells      | 
 | Purple Roses       | 240 Bells     | 
 | Blue Roses         | 2,500 Bells   | 
 | Black Roses        | 450 Bells     | 
 | Gold Roses         | 2,500 Bells   | 
 | Other:                             | 
 | Dandelion Flowers  | 40 Bells      | 
 | Dandelion Puffs    | 50 Bells      | 
 | Jacob’s Ladder     | 90 Bells      | 
 | Red Carnation      | 500 Bells     | 
 | Pink Carnation     | 500 Bells     | 
 | White Carnation    | 2,000 Bells   | 

*~Combinations~*              *COMBO*

Plant your flowers touching in these combinations to receive these

(if the combination is not listed they will only produce the colours
you have planted.

Example Yellow rose + White rose = Yellow or White rose)


Red + White = Pink (or Red or White)
Red + Yellow = Orange (or Red or Yellow)
Red + Red = Black (or Red)


Red + Red = Purple (or Red)
Red + Yellow = Orange (or Red or Yellow)
White + White = Blue (or White)


Red + White = Pink (or Red or White)
Red + Yellow = Purple (or Red or Yellow)
Red + Red = Black (or Red)
Yellow + Yellow = Black (or Yellow)


Red + White = Pink (or Red or White)
Red + Yellow = Orange (or Red or Yellow)
White + White = Purple (or White)
Red + Red = Black (or Red)
Purple + Black = Blue (or Purple or Black or Red or White)
Wilted Black + Watered with Gold Can = Gold


Red + Pink = Red, Pink or White
Red + White = Red, Pink or White
Red + Red = Red, Pink or White
To sum it up, Any color + any color = any color :)

New to this Version of AC the Gold roses can cross breed:
(which in my opinion makes them much more useful)

Gold + Gold = Yellow
Gold + Yellow = Pink (or Red)
Gold + Pink = Orange
Gold + Purple = White (or Red)
Gold + Blue = Red

I am currently testing the Gold roses with any of the roses not
listed, however, if you test it and find the results before I update
please email me and I will give credit where credit is due.

And unfortunately the Hybrids won't always produce a hybrid
they may grow a "parent colours".

so for example:
Pink + Pink = Pink (or Red or White)
Just the reverse of the above charts.


There are so many combinations of patterns that I will use.
Here are just a few examples, play with them and create your own!








And for spaces where I don't want flowers to breed:

X = rose
O = Cosmo
W = Pansy
T = Tulip


This works great in areas where you want to grow back your trampled
grass by the way because there are no spaces between the flowers and
the grass grows back rather quickly that way.

*~Rules & Guidelines~*        *R&G*

As I said above in the combination chart, if it's not there,
don't use it.

Generaly, you don't want yellow and white touching, you don't want
white and white touching, and you don't want yellow and yellow touching.

For Cosmos:
Make sure No yellow and white flowers are touching, as they
only make more yellow and white.

For Pansies:
Red and white pansies should never touch.
Yellow pansies should never touch each other either.
Make sure No yellow and white flowers are touching,
as they only make more yellow and white.

For Tulips:
Make sure No yellow and white flowers are touching,
as they only make more yellow and white.

They have an interesting exception to the rule.
I believe yellow tulips should not mix with each other either because
you are more likely to get the black tulips from a Yellow + Red mix,
and if not, the red tulip has many more uses than the yellow. Again,
this is mostly a personal preference.

For Roses:
While breeding orange roses, you'll need a LOT more red roses then

Make sure No yellow and white flowers are touching,
as they only make more yellow and white.

I do find that if the flowers are watered they tend to be a little more
likely to produce hybrids and picking up after yourself is a good idea!
Less junk = happier neighbors and more hybrids.

If you find you are not getting any hybrids, try moving your flowers
around, sometimes that will help.

Spacing is important. If your area is full of weeds, buried items,
other flowers or areas that nothing will grow in, you won't get
any flowers then, let alone hybrids!

I like to use patterns for laying out my flowers.
1. It looks better
2. Gives you space
3. Tends to be luckier at growing hybrids

However, some of it can just be luck!

*~Perfect town~*              *PT*

Flowers are such a huge part of a perfect town that I am also including
a very brief perfect town guide.

Most people use a grid method where your town is divided into
a 4x4 grid with each grid being 16x16 squares long and wide.
(One pattern = one square)

When using this method I recommend at least 4 flowers in each section
and 10 trees.

This way you are less likely to run into an issue with too many trees. 
Personaly, I don't use that method because I hate trees!
LOL I keep them for my fruits, and to have some "forests" in town.
I like to a count of 3 to 4 flowers for each tree. This is the easiest
way to get a perfect rating without running around chopping trees and
re planting.

However make sure to design your town the way you like.

Other key factors in a perfect town include:

-Avoid leaving trash laying around town.
-Dig up your pitfalls and fossils each day.
-Try not to leave any items on the ground, if you do not more than
 2 per acre.
-The town will usually ignore fruits, acorns, and sea shells,
 but I pick these up to be safe.
-Pick your weeds every day. Dandelion puffs don't count against you.
-The town will accept a couple of weeds per acre,
 so don't worry to much if you can't find them all.

For more detailed perfect town questions please see:
by Liquefy.

*~Grass and Snow~*            *G&S*

For a space without flowers, it can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months
for the grass to re grow, assuming you are not walking on it.

For a square where you do have flowers planted, you can have re growth
in just under 2 months.

To wear down a path during the winter you can have a visibly define
path within 2 to 3 weeks during a winter month, and in the spring time
it can take up to 2 months.

Grass and snow grow back at the same rate, however as notated above,
snow degrades faster than grass. Try sticking to a path for your every
day chores to help preserve the "beauty" of your town.

You can lay down patterns as paths. You can also line a path with
trees, flowers, or both. No matter what it is recommended to keep
some areas with grass or snow because there are some bugs that will
only visit your town if you have snow or grass. Also, you need snow
to get snowballs, which allow you to catch dung beetles in the winter
and make snowmen.

In fact if you don't have any snow, you may experience the sound of
a dung beetle taking off as you walk through town, and you won't see a
snowball or a dung beetle. This is a glitch in the game.

*~Some unknown facts~*       *UKF*

When a fruit tree is bare of fruit (during the 3 day re growth time line)
it acts like a regular tree. So you can shake it for possible bells,
items, and bugs (including bees)

Again, spacing is important! When you are planting a tree, don't plant
it where a house could spring up, and don't plant it in the shade of
a building or within one space of an object.
For example, don't plant within one space of a rock, the edge of a cliff,
the walls of your town, or even the blue rock in front of town hall.

In Wild World I would put down patterns behind houses to stop plants
from growing there or dig spots, No worries in City Folk, the game
designers have you covered!
Nothing can be planted in the shade of a large building now, and you
won't get a silly pit fall back there (unless a friend buried it on you)

In the fall, check the shades of the trees for mushrooms, that's
where they are more likely to grow.

*~FAQ~*                       *FAQ*

Q. When does nooks get axes?
A. You should have axes once you get the 1st upgrade, however they
   can be elusive. For some reason that's the hardest tool to get
   Nooks to sell!

Q. Do dandelions count against my town?
A. No, unlike other weeds, Dandelions and puffs don't count against
   your perfect town. Which is handy, because they are fun! :)

Q. Are you more likely to get hybrids after it rains?
A. If you are taking care of your town (ie no garbage, good luck)
   Yes you should be more likely to get more hybrids,
   same as if you water all of your flowers every day.

Q. Is there a glowing spot in this version?
A. No, you use the Golden shovel to create Money trees.

Q. I've planted several coconuts, every time I do they die. 
   How do I make them grow?
A. Coconuts need to be planted within any ocean acre, (this I have seen
   as far as 7 spaces back from the ocean!)
   and you need to make sure you don't have to many trees in that acre.

Q. How do you get a 4 leaf clover?
A. It will show up like a weed in your town randomly. Most will just
   disappear when you pick them. Keep looking, they are out there!

Q. Can I still get a perfect town if I don't pick all my weeds?
A. Yes, don't run over your grass every day looking for weeds,
   you should be fine with once a week.

Q. Do tiles count against me?
A. No Tiles won't count against you.

Q. When does Nook sell Carnations?
A. He doesn't. You get a pink one from your mother on mother's day,
   and red one from your father on father's day.

Q. If you plant a hybrid next to its parent colors can it produce
   another hybrid or only its parent colors?
A. This has the chance to produce another hybrid as well as it's
   parent colors!

Q. Do hybrids grow in Winter or not?
A. Yes, flowers grow year round (huray for imagination!)

*~Credits~*                   *CRD*

I wanted to thank FemmeFromMars/Cici for suggesting to me to make
this guide. It was just the push I needed to make my rough draft
into an actual guide :) Also a Thank you to everyone I play with
on a regular basis, for letting me swap flowers, or buy flowers
from your store when you no longer needed them!

Thank you to my husband who read over the guide to check for
spelling mistakes.

And credits to go out to people who forwarded questions for
my FAQ section, and anyone who asked questions on the board that
I used:

Crazydude57  ispitacid   Cici            Adam
f1ipm0nk3y   Maria       DarknessLink7   JaydeWiz

Many of the tips and tricks were taught to me a long time ago by "Star"
I've develeped them into my own, but I'll never forget her help!

Also, Thanks to wiki spaces for pushing me in the right directions
on the time line for regrowth and the gold roses, after testing and
confirming I have develped a like for the gold roses for the first time!

A special thank you goes out to all the people that I have played with
lately and put thank you's onto GameFAQ's boards. I have been touched
knowing that there are so many polite and friendly people out there. Just
lastnight I was playing with an 8 year old girl named Maria, she is the
type of person I hope all of us can be! I love her enthusiasm for the 
game, and for wanting to help others. She didn't beg me for items or 
flowers, she took her time to wander around town, and took only what I
offered. Many people out there could take some good pointers from her
and help to make Animal Crossing the fun place it is ment to be, with
no fear of people destroying your town, or steeling all your items from
your house.
Thank you for bringing a smile to my face Maria, and you are always
welcome in Kingdom!

*~Copyright~*                 *Co.*

This FAQ is Copyright © 2009 by Spiritluv, aka RoseBlue.
This FAQ is to be used only by GameFAQs.com,
and other sites with granted permission from myself.

Please do not use any other content from this FAQ
without permission from myself.

You cannot post this FAQ on any other site other than GameFAQs 
even with given credit to myself.  

Feel free to print this FAQ, and use it for helping you with growing

Please do not post this guide in any forum
(other than GameFAQs with full credit to myself),
without my permission. Thank you.

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