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Episode FAQ by Liquefy

Version: B | Updated: 03/02/2009

A Specialized FAQ for Animal Crossing: City Folk

This is version B, created by Liquefy on March 2, 2009.  Version A was created 
on January 28, 2009.  If you have any questions, corrections, additions,
suggestions, or comments, please contact me at jps5@hotmail.com.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, you can talk to six working animals to learn 
more about their lives.  In order to trigger the Episode, you need to:

a) Speak to Pelly at least once,
b) Buy at least one item at the Able Sisters,
c) Become "friends" with Sable (speak to her daily for 12 days),
d) Obtain Nookington's,
e) Buy at least one item at GracieGrace, and
f) Have Gracie conduct at least three fashion checks

There are ten parts to the Episode:

1) Speak to Sable and Mabel
2) Speak to Pelly, Labelle, and Gracie
3) Speak to Tom Nook
4) Speak to Mabel
5) Speak to Tom Nook
6) Speak to Labelle and Gracie
7) Speak to Mabel
8) Speak to Sable
9) Speak to Labelle
10) Speak to Mabel

Once triggered, the Episode occurs on consecutive days.

The following is a transcript of these characters' "soap opera."

Oh, [name].
I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to see me like this.
I guess it's been so busy lately that the exhaustion is starting to catch up
   with me, huh?
Even Mabel isn't her energetic self these days...
Honestly, we have enough in common as it is...

But it's times like these when you really have to step it up!

[select "What's wrong?"]
Ohhh, it's really nothing.  Don't worry about it.
I just got a letter from someone from my past.
It got me thinking about old times, that's all.
Really, it's no big deal!  Now it's time to get back to work!

[Mabel doesn't follow you around the shop, like she usually does, until you 
hear her part of the Episode.]

[select "What's wrong?"]
It looks like Mabel has received another letter from an anonymous sender.
I wonder who's sending these letters...  I know I shouldn't be nosy, but I'm
   just so curious!
Oh, dear!  Now I've done it!  I'm so sorry, [name]!  What's wrong with me...
When I was mumbling to myself earlier...  Did you hear what I was saying?
Well, even if you did, please just pretend you didn't!

[select "What's wrong?"]
I didn't realize that anyone could hear me.  Um, it's nothing.  Please don't
   worry about it.

[Labelle doesn't follow you around the store, like she usually does, until you 
hear her part of the Episode.]

Oh, sigh...
[select "What's wrong?"]
Oh...  What's wrong?  Oh, nothing.  Nothing at all.  Fine, twist my hooves!
   Everything is going wrong!
My life has completely fallen off the catwalk!  But someone like you can't
   possibly understand my problems.
It's just that...my customers always ask for fashion advice, but they've got
   absolutely no style!
And that's not all.  Even my assistant, Labelle, would say chic was a baby
But, whatever!
These are problems you can't understand until you're an A-list fashion icon.
   So don't you worry, sugar.
Just give me and my fabulous problems some space.

You again?  What now?  Listen, I'm having a bit of a bad fur day, honey.
Let me spell it out for you.  I need to be alone right now!

[Gracie does not conduct fashion checks when she appears for the Episode.]

Tom Nook:
[select "What's wrong?"]
Hm...  What to do...
I can't believe I saw her over there...
Do Sable and Mabel know about this...?
[select "What's all that?"]
You know, the OTHER Able sister...
Erp... HWAAH!  [name]!
What the--  What in blazes?!  Don't startle me like that!
Walking in on people when they're busily talking to themselves is a horrible
   thing to do, hm?
Just pretend you didn't hear any of that!
[select "Whatever." or "Not likely."]
...That's not so polite...
Hm...  I guess there's nothing to do about it now that you've heard, yes?
But at the very least, just promise that you won't tell anyone what I was
And when I say "anyone," I mean especially SOME people, hm?
Like the girls at the tailor shop.  Don't breathe a word of this to them!
Now, enough of that, hm?  I can't blab on all day to you!  I have work that
   needs to get done!

[Tom Nook doesn't follow you around the store, like he usually does, until you 
hear his part of the Episode.]

[select "What's wrong?"]
Well, a faraway relative has been worried about me and constantly sends me
   little gifts of money.
And I know this relative isn't rich or anything, so I usually refuse it.
But no matter how many times I refuse, it keeps coming, so I don't know what
   to do...
[select "Is it a sibling?" or "Might it be..."]
Huh...!  Why, [name]!  How did you know that?!
...Ohh, I know.  It must have been Tom Nook...  I can't think of any other way
   you would have known.
Well...  You're right, for what it's worth.
Between me and my older sister Sable, I have another sister.  Her name is Label.
Because of various circumstances, we live apart now.
[select "Why is that?" or "Where is she?"]
...Ohh, [name]!  You're like a police detective or something!
Don't worry about silly little details like those!
Now, I need to get back to work!

Tom Nook:
[select "What's wrong?"]
I have to tell you, I regret telling you all that stuff earlier, [name].
The rumor mill has likely spread the news all the way to Mabel by now...
[select "She knows." or "About Labelle?"]
Ah...  I suspected that.  And here I thought I could hide from the rumors...
You see, because of certain circumstances, Labelle broke off ties with her two
   sisters, yes?
Those three sisters were very close while their parents were still alive...
But after their parents passed, Labelle got in a huge fight with Sable.
...And then she left home.
After that, Sable grew very depressed and didn't speak for weeks.
Little Mabel was still too young to realize what had happened, the poor thing.
We heard rumors that Labelle had gone to the city with hopes of becoming a
But I never expected to find her where I did...
[select "Where?" or "Why not?"]
Oh no, I can't tell you any more than I already have!
If I tell you, [name], I know you'll try and go meet her!  I just know it!
So, please let it lie!  I don't know anything, and you can't make me talk, hm?
I've been blabbing on too long anyhow!  Time to get back to work, yes?

[select "You don't look well."]
...Oh!  I'm sorry.  You know how I get.
Lately, things just haven't been going so well.
And I just start wondering, "What am I doing working here anyway?"
See, I had a big fight with my sisters a while ago, and I ended up leaving
The fight was so bad that I can't even pop in from time to time to see how
   they are...
Whenever I go through hard times now, I always remember my little sister's face.
   She was so young...
...Oh, dear!  I'm so sorry for prattling on like that...
If my boss caught me, I'd NEVER hear the end of it.
I'm sorry.  I hope you'll understand, but I really need to get back to work.

Total sigh...
[select "What's the matter?"]
Sigh...  Honey, I told you.  It's nothing.  Not even a little thing.  OK, fine!
   Everything!  It's all so horrible!
It isn't easy being the It Girl.  For one, my young assistant, Labelle, is a
The poor thing lost yet another contest, and she's been down on herself ever
If you ask me--and isn't everyone--she's going about it the wrong way, honey.
Let's face it.  How can you expect to create ferocious runway designs when you
   doubt your own divaness?
It's not like great designers are made overnight.  It takes blood, sweat, and
   imported silk to get there!
Why can't the poor girl get that fact through her head?

You again?  What is it?  listen, I woke up on the wrong side of the catwalk
   today, honey.
Let me make this clear as crystal, sugar.  I need some "me" time.  Alone!

[select "What's wrong?"]
Ohh, [name]...
Ever since I told you about my sister, I've had so much on my mind, [name].
I realized that what I want above all else is to reconcile things with her.
I think I finally understand where both my sisters were coming from when that
   big fight happened...
Label was always talking about how she wanted to go live in the city.
Sable kept saying she wouldn't let her go, no matter what.
And I was so young then...  I still didn't understand what was going on...
But now, when I think about it from their perspectives, I feel so conflicted
   about it...
...Ohhh, sorry about that.  I know that story is a bit of a bummer.
And there's nothing that can really be done about it now, so I should probably
   just drop it, right?
Anyway, back to work, back to work!

[Name], it sounds like you had quite a chat with my sister.
You know...about Label?  Don't worry, I don't mind.
Yes, it's true we didn't part on the best terms...
But at least I know now that she didn't want to go to the city just for her own
   selfish reasons.
It's hard for me, though, because I can't just up and leave the shop that
   Father left us.
I really didn't have a choice, but I think things have worked out well, after

I can't abandon this shop that Father left behind.
But that's not a bad thing.  In the end, I think everything has worked out for
   the best for all of us.

[select "Label?"]
Yes?  Just a moment, please...
...Oh, my goodness!
H-how on earth did you know that name?
Oh...  Of course!  You must be from [town name], hmm?
Yes, sir, that sure was my home.  But I reckon that was a long time ago.
When I moved to the big city to become a designer, I tried my darndest to start
...What?  My sisters really said that?  I-I'm afraid I said some downright mean
   things to my sisters when I left.
I was young, you see, and hadn't learned much in the way of grace or tact...
Truly, I feel just awful about some of those things I said.
But maybe my sisters understood more than I give them credit for after all...
Sigh...  I guess I can't just stay depressed about it forever.
If I have time to mope, I should be using it to study fashion design!
When I fulfill my dream of becoming a designer...
Then maybe the day will also come when I reunite with my sisters.
...Oh!  I am so sorry for prattling on like that again...
If my boss had caught me, I know she would've chewed me out.
But even so, I actually do have a ton of respect for my boss.
That's why I'm going to keep working here.  I have so much to learn!

[select "What's wrong?"]
...[Name], I've been thinking about what we talked about...
After all is said and done, there's really just one thing I want to happen.
If only Sable and Label could be on speaking terms again, I think I would be
   completely happy.
And if I want to see that day come, I need to stay bright and cheerful!
Because if I lose hope, so will my two sisters.
But if all three of us keep working toward our dreams...
Then I'm positive a day will come when we can all be together and happy!

Here are the dialogs from Sable (and Mabel) as you talk to Sable daily, trying 
to befriend her:

Days 1, 2, 3, and 4:


If you need something, do you think you could ask the clerk over there?

I just can't let my claws stray from all this work...  I'm sorry!

...Mabel, can you take care of this customer here?
What, Sis?!  I'm busy, too, you know!

...Mabel, please!
Ugh!  My sister always does that to people...
...Patience, Sable.

...I'm a bit busy right now...

Day 5:

Umm...  I do appreciate your coming in so often, but...
I've just got a ton of work to do...  I'm sorry!

Mabel!  Hey, Sis, can you take care of this customer, please?
Sis!  You're always brushing people off like that!

I'm sorry...  I can't spare any time right now...

Day 6:

Umm...  [Name], is it?
Hey!  What gives, Sis?
You almost never recall a customer's name!
Don't say things you don't need to, Mabel.
Please, feel free to take a look around.  Don't mind us.

You seem like a very busy person, but you always pop in to check on us...
That means a lot to me, [name].

Look around if you like, [name].

Day 7:

Oh, [name]!  You're looking well.  How nice!
It's very sweet of you to always take the time to stop by...
I feel awful that I never even have the time to make you a cup of tea...
I really wish we had one more set of claws around.  Then I could take the time
   to sit and chat with you...
There you go again, Sis.  Why fight about stuff we don't have to?
Remember?  When we decided to do this together, you promised not to say stuff
   like that anymore!
Oh, right.  You're right, Mabel.
On that note, [name], I'll just leave you to your own devices.
Take all the time you need to look around.

Tee hee hee!  [Name]!  If you see anything you like, just let Mabel know!

As always, thank you, [name].

Day 8:

Hi [name]!  Welcome!
Thanks so much for making our shop your favorite.
Tee hee...  Gee, Sis, you've become fast friends with [name], huh?
"Oh, Mabel!  When do you think [name] might come by today?"
...Tee hee hee hee hee!  Not even noon, and you're thinking about that?
Mabel [though name remains "Sable"]:
Ah hee hee!  Oh, come on!

[Name]!  It's always so nice to see you!

All the fine stitchwork really gets my shoulders cramping, that's for sure...
But after we close today, Mabel promised me a good massage...
Right, Mabel?
Ohh, I'm on my feet all day long!  This lower back of mine is always aching...
Ha!  Gotcha!
Unlike my ancient sister, I'm still young, so my back is still fine!
Oh, I'm just kidding!  Come on, now, Sis...  Chill out!

Day 9:

Oh, [name]!  Welcome!
Um, I'm so busy, as usual.  These are all just ready-made patterns, but the
   margin is impossibly low!
No matter how hard I work, I can't produce the volume I need to make much
Hold up a sec, Sable!  What are you saying?
"Make something high quality, and make it fast and on the cheap!"  Sound
Who says those EXACT words like they're going out of style?
B-but, Mabel...
You take great pride in your work like I do, right?  I mean, our hearts go into
   making our clothes, don't they?
So, don't you want to be able to offer them at the best price possible?
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!  Customers are fine with it, but YOU aren't, Sis!
...Look, just forget about it.  Gotta love that worker-bee mentality of yours,
What?  Come again, Mabel?  Did you say something?
I was so into my sewing that I didn't hear you.
Tee hee hee...  Right, Sis!

How are things for you, [name]?

I'm really cruising through my work today!  I'm in the sewing zone!
Tee hee!  My silly sister!
Ever since [name] started coming here...  Why, you've been just FULL of energy,
M-MABEL!  Ugh...  What would possess you to say such a thing...

Day 10:

Welcome, [name].  I'm as busy as ever, if that's not obvious.
Hmm?  What?  How can I handle working so hard all the time?
Well, our survival depends on this job, you know...
That's a given, and thinking about it too much won't change things, so I just
   say "that's life!"
It's been like this ever since I was a young child.  It's all I've ever known.
Yes, that's right.  I grew up sitting right in front of a sewing machine.
The first thing I ever made was a pair of gloves...
Tee hee hee hee hee hee!  How long ago did that happen, again?
It was a very cold winter, and Mabel's claws got a nasty case of frostbite...
I couldn't bear to see her suffer, so I made her some miniature gloves.
I put Mabel's little claws on top of the cloth like this to make a pattern...
But it was my first time, so the gloves that I made were terribly misshapen!
Riiight, they were huge...
But they were SO warm!
Thanks again for making those for me, Sis!
Oh, no, it was nothing!  Do you remember what you did with those gloves?
You didn't wear them on your claws...  You put them on your ears!  Remember?
I think you thought they were earmuffs!
Hee hee hee hee hee...  Not that story again!
I was so little back then...  I don't really remember what happened...
But...I probably thought my ears were going to turn into icicles or something.
   OK, Sis, enough already!

In the end, I'm just happy to have a job...
And I have a number of people to thank for that.  I must not forget them.

[Name], thank you so much for always coming by our shop.  It's so sweet!
I suppose I should thank you, too.  So...thank you!

Day 11:

Oh, welcome!
What?  The couple in that photo?  Oh, stop it, [name], honestly!  I'm still
Of course that isn't me.  That's my late mother.
I'm the young girl, there, and the smaller girl beside me is Mabel.  The two of
   us are ten years apart...
Both Mother and Father passed on when Mabel was still just a little girl.
But since she was so small, she doesn't remember a thing, the poor darling.
The only memory she has of our parents is this photo...
I never dreamed I'd be able to take the place of our parents for her...  No.
So I just did what I had to and tried to look after her as best I could.
Somehow, thankfully, she grew up to be that bright beam of sunshine we all know
   and love.
Her only fault is that she can sometimes be a bit too tomboyish, maybe...
Sis!  I hope you're not telling stories again!
Oh, no, don't you worry!  Phew!  Close one.

Oh, this sewing machine...  It's so old!  But it's like a part of me now.
Sometimes I feel like I couldn't work without it.  I have to care for it!

Oh, pardon me, please!  Here I am, making you listen to our gloomy old tale...
To be honest, that's not a story I normally tell people...
But somehow when you're around, [name], I feel at ease, and I just let it out.
Why, I wonder?  That's a little strange, huh?

After Day 11:

It's always so good to see you, [name]!
We thank you for coming!

[Name], what kind of clothes do you like?
White and green gingham plaid, of course!
Ugh!  The Mabel special...

Whenever you drop by, [name]...it makes all my work feel worthwhile!

Tee hee hee!  What might you be shopping for today?

[Name], if you really like our shop...you're free to spend all day here!


Welcome, [name].
It's Monday today, so...here's to another week!


Welcome, [name].
You may not know this, but people are known to slack off the most on Tuesdays.
   It's true!
If a seamstress is going to make a mistake, you can bet it'll be on Tuesday!
Mother used to say that like it was going out of style...


Welcome, [name].
Well, it's Wednesday...or "hump day," as they call it.  Whoever "they" are.
Sometimes that hump looks huge, but let's both try to get over it!


Welcome, [name].
You know, every week, after we close up on Thursday, I like to relax and watch
Yesterday, Mabel recorded my favorite soap for me, Pointed Love: Season 4.
It's all about porcupines who break up, get back together, break up...  You
   know, romance stuff.
I wonder what happened this week...


Welcome, [name]!  Thank goodness it's Friday!
So, [name], will you be able to rest up tomorrow?
What's that...?  What am I doing tomorrow?  Why...nothing in particular.
I'll most likely be sewing and embroidering, you know...like I do every weekend.


Hey, [name], welcome!
What!?  Are you telling me I should take Saturday off?!
Tee hee hee hee hee!  Yeah, right, [name]!  You must know...
Saturdays are our busiest days, of course!
It's crucial to take advantage of those times when everyone ELSE is relaxing.
If you want to get something done, then just get it done!  That's what Dad used
   to say...


Welcome, [name].
So nice of you to pay us a visit...and on a Sunday, too!
What?  Who, me?  Tee hee!
I'm happiest here at work, don't you know?  Plus, I get to chitchat with our

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