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Guide and Walkthrough by DJrunn3r

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/04/2009

       =                   =
       =                   =
       =  ANIMAL CROSSING: =
       =    CITY FOLK      = 
       =  FAQ/WALKTHROUGH  =
       =                   =
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^^Yes, it's horrible :)
Guide written by DJrunn3r

I.Introduction [ORT]

Welcome to my Animal Crossing: City Folk Guide! I hope
you enjoy it. Anyway, this is my first guide that I have
created. Well, I've made two but one is incomplete and 
the other was rejected. I know, sad. So I will be trying
to provide as much information about this game while I 
try to answer as much questions I can about it. Also, if
you notice that I am missing a section or just have a 
question that hasn't been answered in this guide feel free
to send an e-mail to me about it through my contact info at
the bottom of this page.

If you're to lazy to scroll down to certain sections of the 
page (like me) feel free to use the search bar using the 
three letter acronyms after each section in the Table of 
Contents. To pull up the search bar press CTRL+F at the same 
time and it should pull up. Type in the acronym and you should
be transported right to the section.

Enjoy the guide!

II.Table of Contents [TOC]

I.Introduction [INT]
II.Table of Contents [TOC]
III.Version History [VSH]

A.Beginning [BGN]
  1.Controls [CON]
  2.Creating You [YOR]
  3.Arriving In Town[AIT]
  4.Your First Job [BOJ]
  5.Tools [TOL]

B.Menu Tabs [BAT]
  1.What Time Is It? [MIT]
  2.Your Pockets [COP]
  3.Designs [SED]
  4.Bugs & Fish Log [BAF]
  5.Photos [PIK]
  6.Friend Roster [FRY]
  7.Keyboard [YEK]
  8.Map [PAM]

C.Your Town [YOT]
  1.Your House [YOH]
  2.Town Hall [TNH]
  3.Museum [MSM]
  4.Nook's [NOK]
  5.Able Sisters [AES]
  6.Special Visitors [SCV]

D.The City Life [TCL]
  1.Crazy Redd's [CYR]
  2.The Marquee [MRQ]
  3.Happy Room Academy HQ [HRA]
  4.GracieGrace [GEG]
  5.The Auction House [TAH]
  6.The Shampoodle [SMP]
  7.Katrina's Fortunes [KTR]
  8.Other [OTR]
    a.ABD Machine [AMA]
    b.Kick's Shoeshinery [KSS]
    c.Resetti's Surveillance Center [RSC]
    d.Phineas the Balloon Man [PBM]

E.Timewasters [TMW]
  1.Fishing [FSH]
  2.Catch bugs [TAC]
  3.Be A Gardener [BAG]
  4.GF Hunting [GFH]
  5.Balloon Fight [BLF]
  6.Trash Patrol [ART]

F.Item Lists [ITL]
  1.Fossils [FSS]
  2.Fish [FIH]
  3.Bugs [GUB]
  4.Furniture [FUN]
  5.Carpets & Wallpapers [CAW]
  6.Clothes [COT]
  7.Accessories [ASI]
  8.Stationary [SAT]
  9.Paintings [PIN]

G.Secrets [SCR]
  1.100 Ways To Make Money [WMM]
  2.Upgraded Tools [UPT]

H.Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
I.Contact Info [CNT]
J.Credits [DER]
K.Legal Stuff [LGS]

III.Version History [VSH]

Finished the basic information all filled in throughout the 
guide. Though I still have some information that's missing.
Hopefully, I will be able to cover those empty slots soon. 

A.Beginning [BGN]

This section is basically about the beginning of the game and how to
get started. It shows you the controls and guides you throught the
"tutorial" of the game.

1.Controls [CON]

+Wii Remote+

Control Pad
-Up; Change view to the sky
-Left/Right; Change tool in invo
-Down; Put equipped tool away

-Point+A button; Confirm, move

A Button
-Use tools
-Read signs 
-Open doors

B Button
-Pick up itmes
-Pick flowers
-(Press while moving) Run

Minus (-) Button
-Open menus
-Scroll through menus

Plus (+) Button
-Open menus
-Scroll through menus

HOME Button
-Display HOME menu

One (1) Button
-Take photos

Two (2) Button
-Display Photos menu


Control Stick

C Button
-Use tools
-Read signs
-Open doors

Z Button
-Pick up items
-Pick flowers
-(Press while moving) Run

2.Creating You [YOR]

Fire up your game and press A at the title screen. You'll end
up being greeted by a blue cat named Rover. Don't worry he's 
your ever-helpful guide to creating your town...err, yourself.
Anyway, select "I'm new!" from the menu and you have the choice
of either transfering your character from Animal Crossing: Wild
World or just start off with a brand new character. 

+DS Character Transfer+

If you chose to transfer your character from the DS here's what 
you have to do:

-Wii; When Rover asks if you want to start fresh or move, choose
"Move from DS!"

-DS; After that you'll need your Animal Crossing: Wild World Game
Card inserted into your DS. Turn it on and choose DS Download Play.
Select the Moving Van panel as soon as it appears.

-Wii; Once the data is transferred from the DS, you can register
that data as a player now.

+Brand New Character+

After all of that you'll be sent onto a bus. There you will be 
asked what your name is. Rover will say that its AWESOME and 
you will have the options to chose "Cool, eh" and "Cute, hm?"
If you chose the first option, congratulations, you're a boy!
And the other option will make you a girl. After those options
you'll be asked to confirm it just in case you picked the wrong
gender =]

Rover will then ask you what town you're moving to. This is where
the fun begins because some people take hours trying to come up 
with a town name. Anyway, as soon as your done with that he'll 
give you a map of your new town. This is a randomly generated town
so you won't be able to pick it yourself.

The following questions determine:
-Your face
-Apparel (What you're wearing)

*Note; I still need more information on what each combination does
so if you know what each option will result to please feel free to 
contact me. Otherwise, I will figure it out by myself if there isn't

Your hair and clothes will be changeable while your face will not.
So, if you have an ugly character (well if you think its ugle) feel
free to reset the game and do it again till you have satisfying 
results. Though, it may take awhile until you are.

3.Arriving In Town [AIT]

After that huge mess you will now be dropped off at the bus stop
in your town. From there you will want to go right to the Town
Hall. Use your map if needed. Once your there talk to the bird
that is running the place. In the daytime you get the cheerful 
and cute Pelly while at night you get the coldhearted and purple
Phyliss. Anyway, after the conversation with them feel free to roam 
around your town and pick which real estate you want.

Choose wisely on the house you want because you'll only get one 
choice. For me I just did a random drawing from a hat. I numbered
pieces of paper from 1-4, threw them in a hat, and drew. But
some people like to be near Tom Nook's for the short walk to go and
shop, others near the beach, etc. 

Go into the house and look around. When you come outside a raccoon
named Tom Nook will be outside. He will give you the option of buying
that house or to keep on looking at the others. Once you have decided
click on the option to keep the house. 

4.Your First Job [BOJ]

Unfortunately, you don't have money to pay off your house.
Fortunately, Nook has jobs for you. Unfortunately, you have to be
Nook's slave for about ten minutes. Actually, after all of the 
jobs he asks you to do you get about one thousand bells (bells
are the currency for the game) leaving you with about 18,000
bells left to pay so his jobs aren't really that helpful. I guess
you could say that this is the tutorial for the game. But the game
is so easy that I don't think you would need a tutorial. *sighS*

Anyway, go to his shop and talk to him. This is where it all begins.
As soon as you talk to him Nook asks you to go and speak with 
the mayor and all of the inhabitants of your new town. The mayor will
be located at the front of your town hall. The mayor introduces himself
and tells you that he'll be the one hosting all of the events that go 
on in your town. After talking with him talk to the rest of your new
neighbors then head back to Nook.

He gives a some work clothes to put on. Just do it to make him happy.
(After that you can put on new clothes and he'll just get angry but it
doesn't effect anything.) With your new clothes Tom will give you some
flowers and trees to plant outside of his shop. You can actually plant
them anywhere in the town but as long as you get them out of your invo 
you can speak with him. Go back to the shop.

Tom Nook will then give you a piece of furniture. This isn't for you
but actually for one of his loyal customers. All you have to do is 
deliver it to that person and he/she will give you a piece of 
furniture for your house as a reward. On a side note the same person
will ask you when your birthday is. Return to the shop unless you want
to put the new piece of furniture in your house.

After running around Nook will want you to write a letter to one 
of your neighbors. Nook will give you something to write on. Select it
in your inventory and then pick the person you're supposed to write to.
Write anything you want but keep in mind that this letter could be 
shown to other people in a different town. So please don't write anything
about your address, name, phone number, or anything offensive. To mail it
go to the town hall and go to the right stand with the red carpet under it.
The carpet has a letter symbol on it so you will know that its the place
for mailing. After that head to back to Nook.

Another delivery for one of your neighbors. This time it will be a carpet
or some wallpaper. In return for delivering it you will recieve a 
carpet or wallpaper back. Head back to the store or put up your new
wallpaper or carpet in your house. 

One more delivery after this one. Instead of furniture or wallpaper you 
will be taking a tool. Give the tool to the person that you wrote the 
letter to and they will explain that everyone in town loves getting
mail from you. Go back to the store for your final job.

For your final job all you have to do is write an advertisement on the
town's bulletin board. It's located near the entrance of the town hall.
You can write whatever you want because this won't be sent to other towns.
Return to the shop and Nook will tell you that you have earned 1,400 bells.
This leaves you with 18,400 bells to pay off the rest of your mortgage.
Leave the shop and you are no longer a slave to a raccoon. 

5.Tools [TOL]

These tools will pretty much save your life as you will need to use them
to make a living. I will discuss each of the tools that are in the game. 
There are 8 tools in total but only 5 tools willactually net you some bells. 
Each tool will cost you 500 bells. Here they are:

Shovel; Great tool. If you don't have one of these then how are you making
money? You'll need this baby to plant foreign fruit trees and red turnips, 
find money rocks, dig out fossils and gyroids, and more! This will be 
your ultimate money maker. Try to buy one right away.

Fishing Rod; This one is the most useful in the beginning of the game. 
It is also the most stocked item at Nook's and can get you a decent
amount of money with only 30 minutes fishing. 

Bug Net; Not so useful as catching bugs is a very tedious task. You'll
have to walk the whole time you play and have as much patience as
possible. One of my least favorite tools. I only use it to complete
my Bug Log and my museum.

Slingshot; This is an O.K. tool. It isn't the best though. The only
purpose is to shoot down flying presents. Though some of the presents
can net you some nice bells. It all depends on what's inside.

Watering Can; The watering can is a great tool especially if you're
trying to reach perfect town status. Though it is incredibly hard to
get to that point. This tool can also net you 16,000 bells a week
if you have the time to constantly water a red turnip.

Axe; This tool will not give you money, but it will help you get those
foreign fruit trees planted. (If you want to make a tree grow 100% cut
down a tree, plant another one in its place, and the new tree will 
never wither or die.)

Timer; What can I say? The timer times you. Its main purpose is to 
use it during Wi-fi when you have friends visiting your town. You can 
time fishing or bug catching tournaments with your friends. It even 
keeps track of how many fish or bugs you have caught!

Shopping Card; This card is only obtained by depositing 10,000 bells
into your bank account. The next day you will be sent a letter with
this attached. The only purpose for this is to pay for things at the
GracieGrace store. Instead of paying with the money with the cash
you have at hand you can use this card to pay for things with the 
money from your bank account. Pretty nifty if you put it to use.

B.Menu Tabs [BAT]

Well, the menu tabs are the little boxes at the bottom of the screen
that -when clicked on- open up to menu screens. This section explains
each tab and their uses.

1.What Time Is It? [MIT]

This isn't really a tab but I decided to put it in this section. To 
figure out what time is it all you have to do is stand still for a 
few seconds and do nothing. A huge analog clock will pop out from 
the top-left hand corner of the screen. If you can't read an analog
clock then sorry. There have been no known ways to change it.

2.Your Pockets [COP]

To open this menu up simply select the left most tab with the symbol
of a bag. This tab is basically your inventory. You can access your
items that are currently in your pockets and change clothes. The
invo displays a numerous of things. These include:

Your Wallet; The wallet contains the money that you have with you. It
doesn't include that money in your bank account. 

A Drop Circle; I didn't know what to call it. Anyway, you drag items
into this circle and this makes the item drop on the ground. 

Your Letters; By clicking on the icon that with the symbol of a 
letter on it you will be able to access any letters that you have.
The closed letter means its unread. An open letter means you've read
it. A letter with a present means that it has a present with it. And 
a blue letter means that you wrote it.

Yourself; On the top of the screen you will see yourself. You can 
drag any clothes and tools on to your player to equip them to you.

Items; For the rest of the screen all your items are displayed here.
You can carry up to 15 items but that's it. This doesn't include
the items that you already have equipped. 

Some items include:

By pointing at an item then holding the A Button you can grab and
move the item around. You can move items you're holding or place
them onto the ground.

The Submenu; Point at an itme and press the A Button to display
a submenu. This allows you to choose to do things like drop an item
or toss it out.

Submenu options include:

3.Designs [SED]

This menu is opened by hitting the tab with the symbol of a crayon.
In this menu you can almost anything with your designs. Here's what
the menu displays:

Designs; You can only hold up to 8 designs in this menu. The "Pro"
symbol means that the design is a Pro design (more info in the 
Able Sister's section).

Mii; This doesn't actually turn you into the Mii of your choice but
it actually allows you to wear a mask depicting one of your Miis.
Sadly, you can only carry one Mii face (more info in the Shampoodle
section of the guide).

Player; Same as the "Your Pockets" menu. You can drag designs onto 
yourself and equip them.

The Submenu; Point at a design and press the A Button to display 
the design submenu. This allows you to choose to do many things.

Submenu options include:
-Display on Ground
-Place in Room
-Install in Room
-Edit Design

4.Bugs & Fish Log [BAF]

To open this menu select the tab with the icon of a book. There's 
really not much to say here. You can see all of the bugs and fish 
that you've caught. By choosing a bug it will display information
about it. By clicking on the image of the bug you will see when the
bug or item had been caught. This includes the season and time you 
can catch the animal again. To swap between fish and bugs simply 
click on the bugs symbol or the fish symbol near the top of the screen.

5.Photos [PIK]

By clicking on the tab with the picture of a camera on it you will
be taken to the Photos tab. Here you can see any pictures you've taken
during gameplay and save them onto an SD card. To take a photo press
the 1 Button while you are playing. You can carry one photo at a time, 
and if you're not saving to an SD card, it will be overwritten once
you take another picture. You can also send these pictures to the Wii
Message Board (more info in the Town Hall section). To save a photo,
choose SD card and then "Save Photo." Choose "Erase All" to erase
all of the pictures that you have saved onto the card.

*Any photos not saved to an SD card are lost when the game ends.

6.Friend Roster [FRY]

Open this menu by clicking the tab with the symbol of a heart.<3
Anyway, you can't really do much here unless you have a bunch of
friends. You register your friends' friend codes and check the Mic 
Chat settings here. If you don't have any friends I suggest to go and
check out the Boards for this game. 

7.Keyboard [YEK]

The second to the last menu is opened by clicking on the tab with the
speech bubble as the picture. All you can really do here is type in 
and text chat with your friends. Only useful if other people are coming
over to your town...or if you like to talk to yourself a lot.

8.Map [PAM]
The last menu is opened by clicking on the tab with a house on it. This
is your map of the town you live in. It displays all of your residents
and any landmarks such as Tom Nook's, Town Hall, etc.

C.Your Town [YOT] 

Each town contains shops, a museum, and other landmarks. I will be
discussing each of them. Well, the basics of each of them. 

1.Your House [YOH]

Your house is your house. You can make it be whatever you want it to 
be. It can be a theater, NASA, a wrestling arena, or even a place 
to make love. (O.K. I went to far there.) Anyway, you know what I
mean. It's that one place where you can just get away from all of the
annoying neighbors, Phyliss, etc. Though, I hope you wouldn't want to 
live in the beginning expansion. You can barely breath in there.

To accessorize the place simply go to Your Pockets and click on a piece
of furniture. From there choose "Place in Room" from the submenu or 
drag the item to the drop circle. If you don't want a piece of furniture
there you can always press the B Button or the Z Button to bring it 
back to your pockets. To move furniture, stand in front of it and press
and hold the A Button or the C Button to grab it. From there move the
control stick in the direction of the furniture to push it. Tilt left
or right with the control stick to spin the furniture around in 90 
degree angles. 

In that attic, there is a bed. This can be used to save any data. All
you have to do is sleep in it and you will have the option to save it
or to continue playing. The telephone to the right of the bed is where
you can change the options of the game. 

*Note: Pictures for each expansion coming soon!

Normal House; 
Mortgage; 18,400 Bells

The very first house that you get. It has an attic and a ground floor
which has 16 total squares. All of them come with a cardboard box, 
a stereo, and a light of some kind. 

1st Expansion;
Mortgage; 120,000 Bells

This expansion has made the house a whole lot bigger. Doubling surface
area giving you a whopping 32 total squares. This is the size of 
all of your neighbors' houses so now you're even. You can fit more
stuff to make your house start looking good. But as your floor space
goes up...so does your mortgage.

2nd Expansion;
Mortgage; 248,000 Bells

Now your house is getting HUGE!! Again your floor space doubled again
giving you another 32 spaces equaling 64 total squares! Now you're
almost the envy of your friends. (Unless your friends cheat.) But
your mortgage went up...doubling this time.

3rd Expansion;
Mortgage; 368,000 Bells

The third expansion gives you a second floor. So now you have your 64
total squares as your main, a 32 square second floor, and an attic!
You almost have a mansion! Again...the mortgage got huge.

4th Expansion;
Mortgage; 598,000 Bells

The final expansion is now yours. So now you have a humongous basement.
It's the same size as your main floor meaning it has 64 squares for 
anything you want! Now you can brag to all of your friends that you have
a new mansion...well, after you pay your mortgage.

2.Town Hall [TNH]

The Town hall is basically the ultimate service machine. Here you can
access two base service areas. The Civic Center and the Post Office. 
Though there are some other features too.

+Civic Center Services+

"Environment!"; With this option you will be notified of the rating 
of your town. By working to get a perfect town you will be closer to 
getting the golden watering can (more info in the secrets section.)
This is the option to choose if you are a perfectionist.

"Town Tune!"; The town tune is like the theme song of your town. 
You'll here it almost everywhere. Whether its while you're talking
with your neighbor or when the clock reaches a new hour. The town 
tune can be anything you want it to be. But if you're not creative
(like me) then you'll want to check out this guide on Animal Crossing
town tunes.

^^Its pretty darn awesome with over 500 songs!

"Town Fund!"; Here you can donate Bells to help upgrade the town.
Though in the beginning I wouldn't suggest donating to it yet. I would
upgrade my house atleast twice before donating money. Because as a new
player these might seem like a lot.

Landmark/Accessory  |      Cost
Bridge              | 200,000 Bells
Fountain            | 500,000 Bells
Lighthouse/Windmill | 1,000,000 Bells
Green Feather       | 100,000,000 Bells
Blue Feather        | 200,000,000 Bells
Yellow Feather      | 300,000,000 Bells
Red Feather         | 400,000,000 Bells
Purple Feather      | 500,000,000 Bells
White Feather       | 600,000,000 Bells
Rainbow Feather     | 700,000,000 Bells

The uses for each item:

Bridge; Tortimer will build a bridge in a random location around your
town. This might make access to some areas more faster. I don't really

Fountain; With this in your town you will have a chance to obtain a 
silver or golden axe (more info in the secrets section.)

Lighthouse; The lighthouse attracts more rarer fish. Its great if you
love to fish.

Windmill; The windmill boosts your town rating. It is still unknown by
how much it boosts your rating but its still great if you're trying to 
get a perfect town.

Feathers; Nothing more than accessories. Great for bragging rights 
because they cost so much, but personally I'm not a fan.

"Got a problem!"; This is where you can complain. The only use that 
people have found is if you get locked out of your house or if you 
just want the first floor to be completely blank simply press the 
locked out option. Everything that you have on the first floor will
be sent right to the recycle bin. However, the bin can only hold
ten items. So if you have more than ten items on your first floor you
may not get some items back.

+Post Office Services+

"Send mail."; You will be using this option the most (I think.) This
is where you can send any mail that you've written.  

"Wii Message Board."; Picking this option will result to sending 
messages to your Wii Message Board as the option implies.

Other places to send messages:
-E-mail Addresses
-Cell Phones
-Other Wiis

You can also attach photos to your messages but the data might be
corrupted if you send it to something other than the Wii Message

"Save mail."; Got mail from your secret admirer that you want to keep?
Well, choose this option to save any letters that you want forever. 
You can save a whopping of 160 love letters if you want. *wink*

+Other Town Hall Features+

Bank ABD Machine; Animal Crossing's version of an ATM. With this 
nifty tool (did I just type nifty?) you can pay off your mortgage,
make a deposit, or withdraw Bells into your own personal account. If
your to shy to talk to Pelly because she's to cute or if Phyliss scares
you to death go with the ABD.

Recycling Bin; Its a recycling bin. Recycle ONLY! Just kidding. I mean
its Animal Crossing. Go ahead and pollute your town with garbage.
(That's what I do!) Anyway, rarely you'll find items in here but most
of them are garbage...err, recycle. So put them in your house or sell 
them at Nook's. Any recycle still in there on Monday or Thursday will
be collected at 6 a.m.

3.Museum [MSM]

...The museum. Here's the rundown. You can donate items, drink, and
make funky symbols in the air. I guess I should go more in-depth.
To donate talk to Blathers. This guy is very talkative and unless you
are a brainiac rapidly press every button on the controller to get 
through with his conversations. Talk to him to put on a list of 
options to choose from. 

Options include:
-Donation; Donate fossils, bugs, or fish
-Check a fossil; Blathers will identify fossils
-Exhibits; See all of the museum's donations
-Where am I?; The owl will explain where you are

After donating, you can look at the fossil, bug, etc. in their
display area. Fossils are located in the room with the dinosaur
skull, fish are located in the room with the fish symbol, bugs are
located in the room with the butterfly, and paintings are in the 
room with the picture of the Mona Lisa.

Not only can you see exhibits but two new features were added into
the museum in Wild World and are still in City Folk. They are the
Observatory and The Roost.


The observatory is run by Celeste. She is a cute little owl that
lets people make their own constellations. To create or look at your
own constellations stand in front of the telescope and press the A
Button or the C Button. This will bring up some options. These
options include:

"Constellations!"; Press this option to create a constellation or 
edit an existing constellation. Start by choosing a star and a blue
line will appear. Connect the dots and make whatever you want. To
erase a line just click on it. You can't erase the line if it splits
the constellation into two parts.

"Stargazing!"; Not much to do here. Just look at the constellations 
that you've made and you can even ask Celeste when you can see the
constellation at its best.

"Erasing!"; Use this option to erase any constellation that you have 
made. Take note that erased constellations can't come back...unless 
you make them again.

+The Roost+

Another owl running the museum. Except this guy cool because he makes
coffee. Coffee costs 200 Bells so it won't kill your wallet. Sometimes
one of your neighbors may be located there and you can chat with them
if you want. Also if you go there everyday and befriend Brooster, he 
will start to store gyroids in the back room. He will only take one of 
each kind of gyroid so its like an exhibit for them. You can always 
take back gyroids that you want.

The main purpose though is to get new songs for your jukebox or stereo. 
On Saturday nights you will find a dog named K.K.Slider there with his 
guitar. Talk to him and you can request a songor if you want just let 
him pick randomly. Either way you get a new song for you to listen to 
whenever you get into your house.

Regular Song List;
Totakeke (his real name) will pick these songs based on your mood.

Agent K.K.
Aloha K.K.
Cafe K.K.
Comrade K.K.
Go K.K. Rider!
Imperial K.K.
King K.K.
K.K. Aria
K.K. Ballad
K.K. Blues
K.K. Bossa
K.K. Calypso
K.K. Casbah
K.K. Chorale
K.K. Condor
K.K. Country
K.K. Cruisin'
K.K. D & B
K.K. Dirge
K.K. Dixie
K.K. Etude
K.K. Faire
K.K. Folk
K.K. Fusion
K.K. Gumbo
K.K. House
K.K. Jazz
K.K. Love Song
K.K. Lullaby
K.K. Mambo
K.K. Marathon
K.K. March
K.K. Metal
K.K. Parade
K.K. Ragtime
K.K. Rally
K.K. Reggae
K.K. Rock
K.K. Rockabilly
K.K. Safari
K.K. Salsa
K.K. Samba
K.K. Ska
K.K. Soul
K.K. Sonata
K.K. Steppe
K.K. Swing
K.K. Tango
K.K. Technopop
K.K. Waltz
K.K. Lament
K.K. Parade
K.K. Western
K.K. Song
Lucky K.K.
Mountain Song
Mr. K.K.
Rockin' K.K.
Senor K.K.
Soulful K.K.
Surfin' K.K.
The K. Funk

Requested Song List;
You must request these songs to hear them.

Forest Life
I Love You
Marine Song 2001
My Place
Only Me
Stale Cupcakes
Steep Hill
Spring Blossoms
To the Edge
Two Days Ago

4.Nook's [NOK]

This is the main shopping store. As in all video game shops you can
buy and sell items here. You'll most likely visit this place the most
to get money. Nook generally sells everything from furniture, carpets,

+Shop Upgrades+

Nook's Cranny;
Hours Open; 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
To Upgrade; Buy or sell 30,000 Bells worth of stuff
            Cranny must stay open for 8 days

The default shop. From the outside it looks like a wooden shack. From
the inside...it still looks like an old wooden shack. Nonetheless, its
the only shop in your town. There's nothing in it just a few items.

What you'll find:
-1 Bag of Medicine
-1 Bag of Flowers
-1 Type of Stationary
-1 Carpet
-1 Wallpaper
-2 Pieces of Furniture
-3 Tools

Nook 'n' Go; 
Hours Open; 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.
To Upgrade; Buy or sell 80,000 Bells worth of stuff
            Nook 'n' Go must stay open for 15 days

The place looks like your local CVS Pharmacy but that's just my 
opinion. Anyway, it has an automated door which is better I guess. 

What you'll find:

-1 Bag of Medicine
-1 Can of Paint
-1 Wallpaper
-1 Carpet
-1 Sapling
-2 Bags of Flowers
-2 Types of Stationary
-3 Pieces of Furniture
-3 Tools

Hours Open; 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
To Upgrade; Buy or sell 150,000 Bells worth of stuff
            Nookway must be open for 22 days

Not much to say. It's just an upgraded version of Nook 'n' Go.

What you'll find:

-1 Bag of Medicine
-1 Can of Paint
-2 Carpets
-2 Wallpapers
-2 Saplings
-4 Types of Stationary
-4 Bags of Flowers
-4 Tools
-5 Pieces of Furniture

Hours Open; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
To Upgrade; You can't upgrade anymore.

It's HUGE. It's two stories of beautifulness. The first floor is where
you will find all of your paint, medicine, tools, etc. while the second
floor will be where you find carpets, furniture, and wallpaper. In fact,
the place is so big that Nook hired two little helpers to cover the 
second floor.

What you'll find:

-1 Bag of Medicine 
-1 Can of Paint
-3 Saplings
-3 Carpets
-3 Wallpapers
-4 Types of Stationary
-6 Tools
-7 Bags of Flowers
-8 Pieces of Furniture

+Nook's Point Tracking System+

*Need more information. If you have comprehensive information on this
section feel free to contact me using the contact info at the bottom
of this page.

5.Able Sisters [AES]

The ultimate accessory shop. Here you can buy clothes, hats, and 
accessories. You can display any of your designs or get designs from 
other players. You can also create Pro designs.

When you want to buy an item just do what you would normally do at 
Nook's. The only difference here is that you can try on the item before
actually buying it just in case you don't like it. Everyday new items
come in.

If you choose a design displaying at the front of the store you can put 
it in your Designs menu to keep. When clicking on one of the designs a 
few options pop up. These options are pretty self-explanatory.

Design Options:
-Display mine
-I want it
-Switch it out

To create a Pro design talk to Mabel. You can also choose to store one
of your designs. Here are the options:

"Make a Pro design."; A Pro design is a design that is different from 
others. Regular designs apply the same design across the front, back, 
and arms of a garment. Instead of that, Pro designs have different 
designs for each section. So you can have a design for the front, one
for the back, etc. Pro designs cost money to make and can only be made
at their shop.

"See a design storage."; Since you can only carry 8 designs with you 
this option gives you the chance to save designs that you like.

"What is this place?"; Mabel basically explains what the shop is about.

6.Special Visitors [SCV]

This is the list of all of the special visitors that may visit your
town. There are many of them and they all do different things.


Blanca is a white cat. She walks around many town and wants people
to draw on her face. Wait that sounded wrong. Her face is blank. No,
not blank like she's bored. Blank. Literally. Nothing is on it. No
eyeballs, lips, etc. So anyway, she walks around town and you have 
the option to draw on her face. She only comes if you have Wi-Fi 
turned on though. Also, you can see other people's creations if she
visits your town.


This beaver is the host of the fishing tourney held in town. If you
speak with him he'll give you a challenge. Completing the challenge 
will win you items.

Items to win:

Gold Trophy; Win the fishing tourney by catching any fish

Silver Trophy; Win the fishing tourney by catching a specific fish

Piece of Furniture; Have the biggest fish so far

Furniture Items Include:
-Red Armchair
-Robo Chair
-Robo Bed
-Kitchen Corner 
-Writing Desk
-Basic Yellow Bed
-Lab Bench
-Daffodil Chair
-Tulip Chair

I believe the list is incomplete...big time. If you have any info
on the items given out during the fishing tourney please contact
me using the contact info at the bottom of the page.


Franklin is the turkey that only appears during the Harvest Festival.
First you have to talk to Tortimer first. He'll lecture you then give
you a knife and a fork. Once you have those hunt Franklin down. He can
be anywhere. Once he is found you can trade your knife and fork for a
piece of furniture from the Harvest series. If you're having trouble
finding him you can always give your knife and fork to a villager. 
They will say that a "suspicious character" was found near this 
house/landmark. If he is hiding behind a tree you can cut down the 
tree and see him tremble in fear.

List of Harvest Items:

Harvest Clock  
Harvest Dresser 
Harvest Bed     
Harvest Chair  
Harvest Lamp    
Harvest Table   
Harvest Sofa     
Harvest Dresser  
Harvest TV       
Harvest Mirror   
Harvest Bureau 
Harvest Wall
Harvest Carpet

All of the furniture is worth 3,333 Bells while the wallpaper and
carpet are both worth 1,200 Bells. No idea why.


Gracie is the giraffe who owns the store GracieGrace in the city.
Though she never comes to your town you may find her at her store 
every once in awhile to give you a fashion tip.


This reindeer pops up in your town on Christmas Eve at 8 p.m. She
will stay there until midnight. 1-2 weeks before Christmas you might
even get a letter from the santa poser. Anyway, Jingle gives a gift
to a person only ONCE. But you can play some mindgames on him by 
changing your accessory. Notice how I said accessory. This means
hats, glasses, mustaches, Mii mask, hairstyles, umbrellas, flowers,
masks, and designs (use a hat or umbrella).Where do I find Jingle? 
Well, he can be found in unlit villagers' homes (the only time of 
the year you can actually go into someone's house if they aren't 
there) and usually changes locations after he gives you something. 
Though he might be in the same place if you check. Take note that 
if you go into someone's house umbrella's will not be held meaning 
you must put on a different accessory.

        =   Jingle will not be fooled   =
        = if you just change your shirt =

Jingle gives out gifts from the Jingle series. They can be sold to
Nook for 12,240 Bells. This is most likely because 12/24 is the 
date you get the gifts from Jingle.

To recieve the gifts Jingle will ask you two questions, as long as
he doesn't recognize you.

First Questions' Options:
-Things you lean on!
-Things you step on!

Second Questions' Options:
-Things you lean on!
-Things you step on!
-Huge things!

Depending on the answers you choose will result in what items you
get. Here are the different combinations to get what items you want.

Furniture Combinations:
First Answer-<either>
Second Answer-Huge things!

Carpet Combination:
First Answer-Things you step on!
Second Answer-Things you step on!

Wall Combination:
First Answer-Things you lean on!
Second Answer-Things you lean on!

Here is the list of items you'll get. As explained each item costs
12,240 Bells. Also, none of these items will be purchasable on your
catalog. Yes, very heartbreaking.

Jingle Bed
Jingle Dresser
Jingle Wardrobe
Jingle Sofa
Jingle Shelves
Jingle Table
Jingle Chair
Jingle Piano
Jingle Clock
Jingle Lamp
Jingle Wall
Jingle Carpet


This is the turnip woman. Well, actually she's a boar so you can't
really call her a woman. Anyway, every Sunday you will be visited 
by this special person between the hours of 6 a.m. to noon. 

You can buy white turnips from her and if Nook has a high turnip 
price sell them to him for a bunch of money. Remember that white 
turnips only last one week so you have to be cautious when 
choosing the best time to sell them so you don't go into poverty.

She also sells red turnip seeds but you can only buy one each week.
They cost 1,000 Bells. If you water the red turnip each day for one
week you can sell it to Nook for 16,000 Bells. Personally, I don't 
think its worth it. But if you've never done it before you can see
how humongous the turnip actually gets.

+Katie or Kaitlin+

After going Wi-fi and visiting your friend's town you might find a 
little cat crying in your town. Talk to her and she asks if you can 
help her find her mother. If you agree walk slowly to the town gate.
If you walk to fast or run she'll trip, fall head first to the ground, 
stand up, and start crying again. If she starts crying again go back
and agree to take her to her mother again. Once at the gate go Wi-fi
and enter your friend's town that you just visited. There will be a
cutscene when they re-unite and you'll get a thank you letter the next
day. A special item is always attached to one of these letters. 

Special Items From Kaitlin:
-Music Box
-Apple TV
-Papa Bear
-Papa Panda 
-Lovely Phone
-Lily Pad Table


This chameleon is the host for the bug-catching contests held in 
your town. He's basically like Chip, the beaver who hosts fishing
tournaments, except he's into bugs. The prizes he gives out are
unkown right now. Though most people think its a bug trophy.


Pascal is an otter who appears in your town on a random day between
6 a.m. to midnight. When talking to him he will just talk, giving you
some advice about scientific stuff, then swim away. If you have a 
Scallop with you he will ask for it. Upon giving him this seashell
he will then give you a piece of the Pirate Ship Theme in return. Be 
sure that you have a SCALLOP because he won't take White Scallops.
Also note that Pascal is always standing on a bridge if you're having
trouble finding him.

*If you know any items in the Pirate Theme Set please contact me 
using the contact info at the bottom of the page.


Pave shows up during Festivale an event that happens on the 23rd of 
February. If you give Pave candy he will give you an item from the
Pave series. To be more specific, Pave wants you to collect certain
colored candy. For every three that you get he'll exchange them for
an item. You get candy from the villagers.

Pave's Series Items:
-Pave Bed
-Pave Closet
-Pave Chest
-Pave Table
-Pave Chair
-Pave Sofa
-Pave Lamp
-Pave Bureau
-Pave Bookshelf
-Pave End Table
-Pave Carpet
-Pave Wall


This camel will visit you on a random weekday from 6 a.m. to
midnight. She really loves old rugs or wallpaper from the animals
in your village. To get these old rugs/wallpaper simply talk to
one of your neighbors. Most of the time they will give you one
of their old rugs/wallpaper. Give these to Saharah and you will
a carpet/wallpaper back. Depending on what you give her results in
what she gives you.

Outcomes for Sahara's Items:

Less than three old rugs/wallpapers; If you give her less than 
three old rugs or wallpaper you will get a common rug or wallpaper.

Three old rugs/wallpapers; If you give her three of these from 
your villagers, Saharah will give you a rare carpet or wallpaper.

What you want to do is if you see Saharah talk with her once. Then
after the conversation talk with all of your villagers and gather
as much old rugs/wallpapers as you can. By doing this you can see
if you got three or more rugs. If you got less than three try to 
save those in your house so that you'll have more the next time 
she visits your town.

Sahara's Carpets:

-Ancient Tile    
-Basment Floor    
-Bath Tile     
-Boxing Ring Mat  
-Chessboard Rug   
-Classroom Floor   
-Closed Road   
-Concrete Floor   
-Daisy Meadow   
-Lunar Surface   
-Mossy Carpet     
-Music-Room Floor  
-Office Flooring  
-Saharah's Desert 
-Sand Garden    
-Tropical Floor   
-Western Desert   

Sahara's Walls:

Ancient Wall   
Basement Wall
Bathhouse Wall
Ringside Seating
Backgammon Wall
Classroom Wall
Blue Tarp
Industrial Wall
Meadow Vista
Lunar Horizon
Garden Wall
Music-Room Wall
Office Wall
Desert Vista
Mortar Wall
Chainlink Fence
Tree-Lined Wall
Shoji Screen
Tropical Vista
Western Vista


Serena is the fountain spirit who appears out of your town
fountain. Her main purpose grants you the silver axe or the 
golden axe. But the only way to obtain these items is if you 
answer her questions correctly (more info on how to answer these
questions is in the secrets section of the guide.)


During the winter season which begins on the 11th of December and
ends on the 31st of January your town will be covered with snow 
and two snowballs will appear everyday. A player can push these 
two snowballs together and form a snowman. As a player pushes it
through snow the ball gets bigger while when pushed in dirt it gets
smaller. Once big enough the player can roll it around with their
hands instead of kicking it around. 

To form a snowman all you have to do is push one snow ball into 
another. The snowman then comments on how much he likes himself.
Depending on how you do you will get an item. If you make a perfect
snowman you will be given a present in the mail the next day. If 
he doesn't like what you did...keep practicing! 

If you accidently lose a snowball or destroy it simply walk into a
building then walk back out. The snowballs will then spawn into 
different locations and you can start over. Once you create a 
snowman snowballs won't spawn until the next day.

To create a perfect snowman follow these guidelines:
-Make the top snowball about 2/3s the size of the bottom one
-An easy way to do this is to make the bottom snowball as
large as can be
-Then make the second one about 2/3s to 3/4s the bottom 
snowballs size
-If you make a mistake feel free to roll the snowball in dirt to
shrink down its size

All snowman pieces of the furniture sell for 8,888 Bells because
the numeral 8 looks like a snowman. I think it's really corny but
who am I to judge? Anyway, here are the items in the snowman set.

Snowman Set Items:

-Snowman Bed
-Snowman Dresser
-Snowman Wardrobe
-Snowman Sofa
-Snowman Chair
-Snowman Table
-Snowman TV
-Snowman Clock
-Snowman Lamp
-Snowman Fridge
-Snowman Wall
-Snowman Carpet


Wendell is a Walrus that gives out free designs in exchange for
food. You can give him whatever you have in your town as long as
its edible in real life. This includes fish, mushrooms, or fruit.
He shows up in your town on a random day and stays there from
6 a.m. to midnight.

*If you have any information on what kind of designs he gives out
please contact me using the contact info at the bottom of the page


One of my favorite special characters! Wisp, the cute little 
ghost, has come back. He appears on random days during the night
starting at around 9 p.m. To find him walk around town until you 
find a voice. Wisp will then greet you and appear. He asks you to 
find what he calls an "empty lamp." The lamp can be found earlier
in the day and you can pick it up if you want to but you dont have 
to. If you see it in the day you can be sure Wisp will be visiting
later in the night. Bring the lamp to Wisp and he'll tell you to go
to your attic. Once your there you can select the lamp and pick the
rub option from the submenu. Wisp appears and gives you options.

Wisp's Options:

"Weed!"; This will basically remove all of the weeds from your town.

"Smash roaches!"; This will smash all of the cockroaches that are
living in your house.

"Give me stuff!"; This option will give you a rare item that isn't
in your catalog.

"Meh. I'm good."; Wisp goes back into the lamp until you are ready
to choose what you want. It is still unknown whether or not you can
keep Wisp in the lamp longer than the day he is there.

+Zipper T.+

Zipper T. is a bunny. Well, actually it's Tortimer. Nonetheless,
he comes out on Bunny Day. During that day you have to dig up eggs 
from the ground. These eggs contain candy or bunny foil. If you 
have bunny foil you can give them to Zipper and he'll give you a 
piece of the Egg series. 

It can be really hard to dig up these eggs because they aren't 
marked anywhere on the ground meaning you'll need to dig everywhere
just to find them.

Egg Series Items:

-Egg Bed
-Egg Dresser
-Egg Wardrobe
-Egg Table
-Egg Chair
-Egg Bench
-Egg Lamp
-Egg Clock
-Egg Stereo
-Egg Toy
-Egg Carpet
-Egg Wall

D.The City Life [TCL]

This section is all about the new feature in City Folk. It's the 
city- airgo the name "City Folk." I will be talking about each 
store and people that you can find there.

1.Crazy Redd's [CYR]

Hours Open; 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Crazy Redd is back but this time he has gotten a livable space to
sell his items in. Redd sells some items that you can't find anywhere
else. But most of the time, you will find that the regular items that
you can find at Nook's are overpriced. He also sells paintings but
most of them are forged so you won't be able to donate them to the
museum. Redd restocks his inventory once a week every Wednesday.

To get into Redd's shop you will need an invitation from someone.
First, go to his shop and get rejected. Once that happens talk with 
someone all of the people in the city. If no one gives you an invite
than talk to all of the people in your town. Eventually, someone will
bring up Redd in their conversation and they will say they will give 
you one. Wait until the next day and you will get the invitation in
your mailbox.

Take the invite to Redd and you will be able to go in. If you want 
you can buy a full membership for 3,000 Bells. The full membership
never expires so you don't have to keep on asking for invites. Once
you become a member you will get an invitation which you will be able
to send to other people. If you send the invitation to someone and 
they join Redd's shop you will get 1,000 Bells. Of course, this won't
work on other villagers. So send them to people on the boards. You
get one invite for each item you buy.

Crazy Redd's Store Items:

-Amazing Machine     
-Baby Bed          
-Backyard Pool      
-Basketball Hoop    
-Black Katana     
-Black Knight   
-Black Rook        
-Blue Bed             
-Blue Table          
-Cabana Bed         
-Cabana Chair        
-Cabin Chair         
-Classic Vanity      
-Classic Wardrobe    
-Clear Model          
-Deer Scare          
-Dice Stereo          
-Exotic Bed         
-Exotic Table        
-Frog-Woman Pole    
-Green Dresser        
-Green Wardrobe      
-High-End Stereo      
-Hospital Bed        
-Judge's Bell        
-Kiddie Bed           
-Kiddie Clock        
-Lawn Mower         
-Left Lucky Cat       
-Lovely Armoire     
-Lovely End Table     
-Lucky Black Cat    
-Mama Panda           
-Medicine Chest       
-Modern End Table    
-Modern Wardrobe     
-Pantheon Post      
-Paper Tiger         
-Raccoon Figurine     
-Ranch Chair         
-Ranch Dresser       
-Red Corner          
-Regal Bed           
-Regal Chair         
-Saddle Fence      
-Saw Horse         
-Snake Plant        
-Space Shuttle      
-Steam Roller        
-Super Toilet        
-Tabletop Game        
-Timpano Drum         
-White Katana         
-White Knight       
-White Rook           
-Wide-Screen TV   

2.The Marquee [MRQ]

Hours Open; 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The Marquee is basically where you can get emoticons. Dr. Shrunk will
perform on stage and will make an expression. After the show you will
get that emote but you will only be able to hold 4. To get into the 
show you must buy a ticket at the front. Each ticket costs 800 Bells. 
Each Sunday new emotes will be available.

Sometimes there The Marque will have a guest appearance by Dr.
Frillard. He is a lizard who also gives out emotes. So far I haven't
seen him through my plays but if you have any information on what 
emotes he gives out contact me using the contact info.

The Marquee is basically where you can control what emotes you get.
In Wild World you didn't know when Dr. Shrunk came so it was random.
You also didn't get to pick what emotes you wanted to get in Wild

*Need a list of either Dr. Shrunk or Dr. Frillard's emoticons. If 
you have any information on these please contact me using the contact
info at the bottom of the page.

3.Happy Room Academy HQ [HRA]

Hours Open; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Happy Room Academy HQ is the HRA Land! You know, if you like 
decorating your room a lot. This is where you can compare your scores
with your friends' scores, check out the latest model room, and even
tell Lyle to stop bugging you with all of the mail you get from him.
Yes, its a paradise for all Happy Room Academeers.

*I guess I should add a section about the Happy Room Academy too. 
That will come later. After all of this.

4.GracieGrace [GEG]

Hours Open; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Gracie, the giraffe, has her own store now. It's filled with the 
latest fashion trends...and boy do they look snazzy! But, fashion
comes at a price. A HUGE price, literally. Only rich people can 
afford to buy everything. For example: The Gorgeous series comes
to a total of about 1.7 million Bells! Anyway, if you have a ton
of bells saved up then go right ahead and knock yourself out.

The store is actually run by Labelle. She is rumored to be related
to the Able Sisters in your town. Though sometimes Gracie pops in 
the store and gives you a helpful fashion tip but that won't drop
the prices down sadly. There are four different series that are
available from this store. Each series changes with the seasons.
So there's a series for Winter, one for Autumn, one for Spring,
and another for Summer. Each series costs over 1 million Bells 
and altogether they cost about 5 million Bells. Here is a list of 
each series and how much they cost individually.

Princess Series Items;
Season; Spring-February 1st to April 31st

Princess Bed........80,000 Bells
Princess Chest......220,000 Bells
Princess Closet.....180,000 Bells
Princess Sofa.......100,000 Bells
Princess Chair......120,000 Bells
Princess Table......240,000 Bells
Princess Curio......98,000 Bells
Princess Cage.......90,000 Bells
Princess Lamp.......68,000 Bells
Princess Dresser....80,000 Bells
Princess Wall.......124,000 Bells
Princess Carpet.....124,000 Bells

Total Cost; 1,524,000 Bells

Gracie Series Items;
Season; Summer-May 1st to July 31st

Gracie Bed..........120,000 Bells
Gracie Chest........220,000 Bells
Gracie Wardrobe.....138,000 Bells
Gracie Bench........110,000 Bells
Gracie Chair........90,000 Bells
Cracie Low Table....68,000 Bells
Gracie Desk.........90,000 Bells
Gracie Wagon........240,000 Bells
Gracie Shelf........98,000 Bells
Gracie Lamp.........120,000 Bells
Gracie Wallpaper....124,000 Bells
Gracie Carpet.......124,000 Bells

Total Cost; 1,542,000 Bells

Sweets Series Items (My Fav);
Season; Autumn-August 1st to October 31st

Sweets Bed..........80,000 Bells
Sweets Chair........120,000 Bells
Sweets Sofa.........80,000 Bells
Sweets Closet.......68,000 Bells
Sweets Dresser......220,000 Bells
Sweets Table........240,000 Bells
Sweets Mini-Table...80,000 Bells
Sweets Bookcase.....90,000 Bells
Sweets Lamp.........98,000 Bells
Sweets Mini-Lamp....110,000 Bells
Sweets Wall.........124,000 Bells
Sweets Floor........124,000 Bells

Total Cost; 1,434,000 Bells

Gorgeous Series Items;
Season; Winter November 1st to January 31st

Gorgeous Bed........300,000 Bells
Gorgeous Chest......90,000 Bells
Gorgeous Closet.....140,000 Bells
Gorgeous Sofa.......120,000 Bells
Gorgeous Seat.......90,000 Bells
Gorgeous Stool......80,000 Bells
Gorgeous Desk.......220,000 Bells
Gorgeous Table......250,000 Bells
Gorgeous Counter....180,000 Bells
Gorgeous Lamp.......60,000 Bells
Gorgeous Wall.......124,000 Bells
Gorgeous Floor......124,000 Bells

Total Cost; 1,778,000 Bells (YOWZA!0

5.The Auction House [TAH]

Hours Open; Forever

This place is just what the name implies. Here you can auction 
off some of your items to your friends using Wi-fi. The place is 
run by Lloyd. He is a gyroid that can talk like the one in Animal
Crossing GC. Anyway, there are two types of periods. The display
periods and the bidding periods. Here's what they do.

Auction Periods:

Display Period; During this period you can put up items and see
what items your friends are putting up too. You can put one item 
though so put up an item you know will sell.

Bidding Period; During this period you can bid on the items you 
see. Sadly, you can't see any other bids so you won't be able to
know to bid higher or lower. During this time you can only place
one bid.

Lloyd can also do other things as well. By talking to him you can 
figure out the next bidding or display periods as well as being
able to have access to the Checkroom. The Checkroom is basically 
your cabinets, drawers, etc. that you keep in your home. Using the
Checkroom you can see anything that's in those drawers and put them
up for bidding during the display period.

6.The Shampoodle [SMP]

This is your local haircuttery, barber shop, whatever you want to 
call it. Basically this is where you get your hair done. Harriet, 
a pink poodle runs the whole place. If a player visits her enough
Harriet will let you get haircuts of the opposite gender. So, if
you are a guy you can get girl haircuts and vice versa. You can 
also choose to get a Mii mask for you to wear to look like one of 
your Miis.

The Mii mask is simply a mask that looks like the head of one of 
your Miis. Though, I don't think it looks really good you can get
it for free the first time you want one but if you want to change
it you will have to pay a fee of 3,000 Bells. But people love
exploits so here is how you can change your Mii mask without having
to pay 3,000 Bells. Simply, choose the Mii that you are wearing on
the Mii channel. From there you can change it to however you want 
it to look and it will also be changed in your game.

Hair styles are determined on what you answer to Harriet when she 
asks you her questions. A list on the different hairstyles will be
made soon.

7.Katrina's Fortunes [KTR]

*Need more information on this section. If you have any please use
the contact info at the bottom of the page and let me know about
anything regarding this section.

8.Other [OTR]

Basically, anything else in the City that comes up on random days
or isn't actually a store.

a.ABD Machine [AMA]

Hours Open; Forever

As mentioned in the Town Hall section of the guide there is an ABD
machine in the City as well. It serves as an ATM in Animal Crossing.
The machine performs the same functions as the one in the Town Hall.
With the ABD machine you can make a deposit or withdraw from your 
bank account or you can pay off your mortgage. Pretty nifty (did I 
just say "nifty" again?)

b.Kick's Shoeshinery [KSS]

Hours Open; Unknown

Kick is a skunk. I think he is one of the coolest new characters in
the game because he can flip off the stairs. Anyway, Kick is located
between The Auction House and The Shampoodle. He stands in front of
a building entrance that has been boarded up. His main purpose is to 
shine your shoes so that it matches either the color of your hat or
hair or to match the style of your shoes with the style of your shirt.
Yes, its pretty complicated but how he shines your shoes is always 
cool to watch. The shoeshining only costs a small fee of 500 Bells
so go and sell a gyroid or something to get the money if you have

There are two different options to choose from when picking what
you want your shoe to look like. They are "By color" and "By style."
Each option has a different effect on what the outcome of your 
shoes will be.

Shoe Outcomes;

By Color; If you choose this option then your shoes will match
the color of your hairstyle. But if you are wearing a hat your shoes
will match the color of that instead. Example: Blonde hair equals 
yellow shoes.

By Style; Still unknown on how what shirt you wear determines your
shoe color. Shirt colors will not determine your shoe color.
Unconfirmed theory: The category of your shirt determines the color
of your shoe.

*If you have any information about the "By style" option please 
contact me using the contact info. Also if you have any info on the
how long Kick stays in the City please notify me.

c.Resetti's Surveillance Center [RSC]

Hours Open; 8 p.m. to midnight

Resetti. Not much to say about this guy except that everyone hates
his long dramatic scenes. I mean if you accidently reset your game 
this guy pops up to tell you in the longest lecture ever. You'll 
even miss Blathers talking about how dinosaurs are extinct. Not a 
big fan of this guy but...never mind lets get to the guide.

Resetti's Surveillance Center is located all the way to the right 
of the City. Sometimes if you go there after 8 p.m. you'll find 
that the cones will be moved and you will be able to enter it.
Once inside you will either find Resetti or his kinder brother Don.
Either way you'll still get the silver shovel by talking to them.

Most of the time the Center will be open on days you reset your 
game but sometimes it will open on non-resetted days. So its pretty
much random.

d.Phineas the Balloon Man [PBM]

Phineas is an otter or a sea lion or something. He comes to your 
town on sunny days. He has a music box with balloons attached to it.
When you enter the city (if he's there) comical music will be 
playing and you'll know he's there. He gives out balloons, bunny 
balloons, pinwheels, and bubble wands at the cost of nothing. Sadly,
you only get one item each time he is there.

E.Timewasters [TMW]

This section is all about the different activities you can do in
your town. Especially if you're bored. 

1.Fishing [FSH]

You'll need a fishing rod obviously to start. Once you have one
you can go to a body of water and cast it out. When the fish 
grabs on to the end of the rope (you'll know because the rope
will make sink into the water a little) press the A Button to 
pull him out. You can then donate it to the museum, sell it, or
keep it as a pet in your house.

2.Catching Bugs [TAC]

Bug catching requires a net. All you really have to do is get 
close to a bug and press the A Button or the C Button to catch
it. Really simple. You can do the same things as you would for

3.Be A Gardener [BAG]

In all Animal Crossing games you can plant fruit, flowers, 
and trees. By planting a lot you'll reach perfect town status.
In the first game by planting a lot you would get the Golden
Axe. In Wild World and City Folk you can get the Golden Watering
Can from reaching perfect town status.

4.GF Hunting [GFH]

No, not girlfriend hunting. GF hunting is something I made up 
way back in Animal Crossing GC. Each day your town will have
digging spots that will be marked with a star. You can dig into
those and find a numerous of things. You can find fossils, 
pitfalls, and gyroids. I don't usually like looking for pitfalls
so each day I would just look for fossils and gyroids only. And
GF hunting was born (G=Gyroid and F=Fossil.) Anyway, the digging
spots are random meaning you can have 3 one day and 5 another 
which is different from the last two Animal Crossing games. 
You'll need a shovel to go GF hunting.

5.Balloon Fight [BLF]

I don't know where I come up with these names. I guess I'm just
trying to be cool. It's not working out though. Balloon fight is
(something I made up) where you shoot down presents that are
attached to a balloon and are flying through the sky. This has 
nothing to do with actual fighting with balloons but I thought
the name was cool. To shoot down these balloons you must first
get a slingshot. Then when you're underneath it you can press 
the A Button to fire away.

Balloons appear over your town like a said and have a present
attached to it. The easiest way to find it is to wait for the
time to end in 5. Example: X:05 X:15 X:25 etc. Walk around your
town from the eastern border to the western. If there is balloon
you will know by either seeing it or hearing the wind make a
"wooshing" sound. Atleast one balloon appears each hour so 
check often.

6.Trash Patrol [ART]

Again another weird name. Nonetheless, trash patrol is just 
the checking of your Lost & Found and your Recycle Bin in
town everyday. Most of the time you may not find anything but
it won't hurt to try. Usually, you'll find useless things like
stationary or an old shirt and you may do whatever you want
with it. 

F.Item Lists [ITL]

Well, this is a list of all of the items in the game. I will
be covering  fossils, fish, bugs, paintings, furniture, etc.

1.Fossils [FSS]

Name             | Sell Price
Amber            | 1,200 Bells
Ammonite         | 1,100 Bells
Ankylo Skull     | 3,500 Bells
Ankylo Tail      | 2,500 Bells
Ankylo Torso     | 3,000 Bells
Apato Skull      | 5,000 Bells
Apato Tail       | 4,000 Bells
Apato Torso      | 4,500 Bells
Archaeopteryx    | 1,300 Bells
Coprolite        | 1,100 Bells
Dimetrodon Skull | 5,500 Bells
Dimetrodon Tail  | 4,500 Bells
Dimetrodon Torso | 5,000 Bells
Dinosaur Egg     | 1,400 Bells
Dinosaur Track   | 1,000 Bells
Fern Fossil      | 1,000 Bells
Icthyo Skull     | 2,500 Bells
Icthyo Torso     | 2,000 Bells
Iguanodon Skull  | 4,000 Bells
Iguanodon Tail   | 3,000 Bells
Iguanodon Torso  | 3,500 Bells
Pachy Skull      | 4,000 Bells 
Pachy Tail       | 3,000 Bells
Pachy Torso      | 3,500 Bells
Parasaur Skull   | 3,500 Bells
Parasaur Tail    | 2,500 Bells
Parasaur Torso   | 3,000 Bells
Peking Man       | 1,100 Bells
Plesio Skull     | 4,500 Bells
Plesio Neck      | 4,500 Bells
Plesio Torso     | 4,500 Bells
Ptera Left Wing  | 4,500 Bells
Ptera Right Wing | 4,500 Bells
Ptera Skull      | 4,000 Bells
Raptor Skull     | 3,000 Bells
Raptor Torso     | 2,500 Bells
Sabertooth Skull | 2,500 Bells
Sabertooth Torso | 2,000 Bells
Seismo Chest     | 4,500 Bells
Seismo Hip       | 4,000 Bells
Seismo Skull     | 4,000 Bells
Seismo Tail      | 4,500 Bells
Shark Tooth      | 1,000 Bells
Stego Skull      | 5,000 Bells
Stego Tail       | 4,000 Bells 
Stego Torso      | 4,500 Bells
Styraco Skull    | 3,500 Bells
Styraco Tail     | 2,500 Bells
Styraco Torso    | 3,000 Bells
T.Rex Skull      | 6,000 Bells
T.Rex Torso      | 5,500 Bells
T.Rex Tail       | 5,000 Bells
Tricera Skull    | 3,000 Bells
Tricera Torso    | 5,000 Bells
Tricera Tail     | 4,500 Bells
Trilobite        | 1,300 Bells

2.Fish [FIH]

*Incomplete. If you have any information or if you have your
own list of fish that you would like to contribute please 
contact me using the contact info at the bottom of the page.

3.Bugs [GUB]

*If you have a list of bugs and you would like to contribute
to this guide please notify me using the contact info at the 
bottom of this page.

4.Furniture [FUN]

*Right now I only know the list of furniture series. If 
anyone has information about the prices when you sell them to 
Nook or if you know where to get them feel free to contribute
to this guide by using the contact info.

NOTE: I will not be listing any series items that you get from
special visitors or GracieGrace.

Blue Series Items;
-Blue Bed
-Blue Bureau
-Blue Wardrobe
-Blue Chair
-Blue Bench
-Blue table
-Blue Bookcase
-Blue Cabinet
-Blue Clock
-Blue Dresser

Cabana Series Items;
-Cabana Bed
-Cabana Dresser
-Cabana Wardrobe
-Cabana Chair
-Cabana Armchair
-Cabana Table
-Cabana Lamp
-Cabana Bookcase
-Cabana Vanity
-Cabana Screen

Cabin Series Items;
-Cabin Bed
-Cabin Dresser
-Cabin Wardrobe
-Cabin Chair
-Cabin Armchair
-Cabin Couch
-Cabin Table
-Cabin Low-Table
-Cabin Bookcase
-Cabin Clock

Classic Series Items;
-Classic Vanity
-Classic Wardrobe
-Classic Chair
-Classic Sofa
-Classic Table
-Classic Bookcase
-Classic Buffet
-Classic Desk
-Classic Clock

Exotic Series Items;
-Exotic Bureau
-Exotic Wardrobe
-Exotic Bench
-Exotic Chair
-Exotic Table
-Exotic End Table
-Exotic Lamp
-Exotic Screen
-Exotic Chest

Green Series Items;
-Green Bed
-Green Dresser
-Green Wardrobe
-Green Chair
-Green Bench
-Green Table
-Green Desk
-Green Lamp
-Green Counter
-Green Pantry

Kiddie Series Items;
-Kiddie Bed 
-Kiddie Dresser
-Kiddie Wardrobe
-Kiddie Couch
-Kiddie Chair
-Kiddie Table
-Kiddie Bureau
-Kiddie Bookcase
-Kiddie Clock
-Kiddie Stereo

Lovely Series Items;
-Lovely Bed
-Lovely Dresser
-Lovely Armoire
-Lovely Chair
-Lovely Loveseat
-Lovely End Table
-Lovely Table
-Lovely Vanity
-Lovely Kitchen
-Lovely Lamp

Modern Series Items;
-Modern Bed
-Modern Dresser
-Modern Wardrobe
-Modern Chair
-Modern Sofa
-Modern End Table
-Modern Desk
-Modern Table
-Modern Cabinet
-Modern Lamp

Ranch Series Items;
-Ranch Bed
-Ranch Dresser
-Ranch Wardrobe
-Ranch Couch
-Ranch Armchair
-Ranch Chair
-Ranch Table
-Ranch Tea Table
-Ranch Bookcase
-Ranch Hutch

Regal Series Items;
-Regal Bed 
-Regal Dresser
-Regal Armoire
-Regal Chair
-Regal Sofa
-Regal Table
-Regal Lamp
-Regal Clock
-Regal Bookcase
-Regal Vanity

Robo Series Items;

5.Carpets & Wallpaper [CAW]

*Incomplete. Contact me using my contact info if you have
a list of carpets or wallpaper. Both would be great!

6.Clothes [COT]

*Incomplete. If you have the list of clothes contact me using
the contact info at the bottom.

7.Accessories [ASI]

*Again. I have an incomplete list of accessories. Please contact
me if you do though.

8.Stationary [SAT]

*I just plainly don't have a list. Info would be great.

9.Paintings [PIN]

*Still a major work in progress. You can contribute using the
contact info at the bottom.

G.Secrets [SCR]

These aren't really secrets. They are more of hints and tips to
help you get bells faster.

1.100 Ways to Make Money [WMM]

I don't actually have 100 ways to make bells but I have a few.
If you have a different way to make a decent amount of bells go
ahead and contribute using the contact info at the bottom. I 
don't really care if it involves TTing (Time Traveling for those
who don't know what TTing means.)


Money Rock; O.K. I think it's safe to say that everyone knows this
one. But just in case you don't. Each day after 6 a.m. a certain 
rock will give out money. This "money rock" is randomly picked so 
you'll have to hit every rock in town to find it. Anyway, if hit
continuously the rock will give out about 8,000 Bells. 

But you cant just hit the rock without some support. You see, when
hitting the rock you bounce back a little. This means that you'll 
have to continuously get back to the rock, hit it, and get bounced
back again. So, to resolve that problem someone invented the "NO-
KNOCKBACK TREATMENT!" Well, I made the name up just now but that's
pretty much what it should be called.

Here it is:

|     |  H  |      |
|     |  H  |      |
|     |     |      |
|  H  |  Y  |      |
|  H  |  Y  |      |
|     |     |      |
|     |     |  R   |
|     |     |  R   |

Sorry, I'm a horrible ASCII artist. I mean just look at my title
for this guide. It took me like 3 hours to make it. Anyway, this
is the diagram for the "NO-KNOCKBACK TREATMENT!" (R=ROCK Y=YOU
and H=HOLE) What you want to do is position yourself diagonally 
from the rock. Then make two holes, one right above you and one
to the side oposite of the rock. This maneuver will block any 
knockback you recieve so you can keep on stabbing the rock until
the timer stops. (You only have ten seconds to hit the money 


Fish, catch bugs, and go GF hunting. Just doing these three basic
things will guarantee you Bells after about 30 minutes to an hour
of playing. You can make about 30,000 Bells each day by just doing
these things.


Sell stuff. That's as simple as it gets. All you have to do is sell
any unwanted items that you have. Sell foreign fruit if you have 
any to get a nice amount of money and sell anything you find in the
garbage. You can also sell those white turnips everybody loves if
Nook gives a good price for them.

*I don't have very many and I wish to expand this section. Please
as stated above if you have any ways to make Bells that isn't 
listed here feel free to contact me.

2.Upgraded Tools [UPT]


Silver; To get the Silver Shovel you'll want to go to Resetti's
Surveillance Center. Resetti's Surveillance Center opens up 
randomly in the city after 8 p.m. Once your there talk to Resetti
or Don and they will give you it. The Silver Shovel gives you a 
10% chance of giving you more Bells when hitting the money rock.

Golden; The golden shovel is the easiest golden tool to get.
Simply get two shovels from Tom Nook (this might two days since
he only has one shovel in stock each time it shows up in his 
store) and bury one of them before midnight. After 6 a.m. the 
next morning you are free to dig it up to get the Golden Shovel.
The Golden Shovel lets you make money trees.

Fishing Rod:

Silver; The Silver Fishing Rod is obtained by buying it from Tom 
Nook's. You are able to buy it from him once he upgrades his 
shop to Nook 'n' Go. It appears very rarely though. The Silver
Fishing Rod allows you to attract fish quicker than the regular

Golden; The Golden Fishing Rod is obtained by catching all 64 
types of fish. Tortimer will then give you this beautiful
rod and you'll be able to use it forever. The Golden Fishing Rod
is a fish magnet and attracts fish like THAT! It also keeps the
fish on your line longer.

Bug Net:

Silver; You can get the Silver Bug Net by waiting for Tom Nook
to upgrade Nook's Cranny to Nook 'n' Go. The item appears very
rarely though. The Silver Bug Net is much larger and more 
quieter when you swipe a bug.

Golden; A Golden Bug Net will be given to you by Tortimer once
you catch all 64 types of bugs. The Golden Bug Net is huge
meaning that you won't be able to miss any bug and if you do...


Silver; The Silver Slingshot is gotten when Nook 'n' Go becomes
open. It appears very rarely just like the rest of the silver
tools (except the axe.) The Silver Slingshot shoots two pebbles
this time giving you a better chance to hit the balloon.

Golden; You get the Golden Slingshot when you shoot down eight
balloons. The next present you see in the air will be held
by three gold balloons instead of the normal one. By hitting
all three you will be able to hold the Golden Slingshot. This 
baby shoots three pebbles instead of two!

Watering Can:

Silver; You'll recieve the Silver Watering Can in the mail once
you buy 50 bags of flower seeds from Tom Nook's. This upgraded
watering can has a bigger spout meaning you'll miss flowers 
less often. So now your flowers won't die anymore...unless you
miss for some reason.

Golden; The Golden Watering Can is only for those who are truly
Animal Crossingtonians (I don't know.) If you can keep your
town "Perfect" for 16 days you will finally get this beautiful
item. You'll be the envy of everyone! This can has a huge spout
so you'll never ever Ever miss. EVER! You can also turn wilted 
roses into golden roses. How wonderful!


Silver; Obtained by answering all of Serena's questions honestly
and correctly. Serena is the fountain spirt of the fountain in
your town. The fountain is obtained after you donate 500,000
Bells to your Town Funds after you donate 200,000 Bells to get
the bridge. You can throw in items for good luck. If you throw 
an axe in a spirit pops up and you must answer her questions to 
get the Silver Axe from her.

Golden; See above. You can do the same thing as getting the Silver
Axe to get the golden one. It all depends on what Serena can do. 
Sometimes she'll give you a Silver Axe while sometimes she'll give 
you the Golden Axe.

Serena seems to build a relationship with you the more you talk
with her so you might get a different set of questions which will
give you a higher chance of getting the Golden Axe.

Serena's Questions and How to Answer (Silver):
*Questions may be different.

Serena: What kind of axe did you throw in?
Your reply: Normal

Serena: Do you hate me?
Your reply: Yes

Serena: WHAT!?! Did I do something to make me hate you?
Your reply: Yeah, you did!

Serena: So how much do you hate me then?
Your reply: (A little bar will show. Keep this at exactly 
midway, then press continue.)

Serena: What? You...you don't know what you're talking about, 
goddesses are supposed to be revered and such...maybe I should 
resign being a goddess...
Your reply: Don't do that!

Serena: Do you think you'll be able to like me more?
Your reply: Yeah!

Serena's Questions and How to Answer (Golden):

b) Serena: Do I look different?
Your reply: Yes (You may not have the option to say Yes, in which 
case you cannot obtain a Silver or Gold Axe at this time, and your 
axe will be lost.)

c) Serena: What kind of axe do you want?
Your reply: (Still unknown) but the options are Gold Axe, Silver 
Axe. Regular Axe, or Nothing. I do know saying nothing or regular 
will just get your normal axe back and if your lucky a gold or silver 
one. If you press Gold axe she will say "You really think I will give 
you that?" Then a bar will appear; up is yes, down is no. The Silver 
Axe option still needs input.

Shopping Card:

Gold; The Gold Card is given to you when you save 1,000,000
Bells in your bank. Upon doing so the next day you will get a letter
with the Gold Card attached to it. You will also obtain VIP Status.

*I don't have any info on what the Gold Card actually does so if
you do feel free to contribute. Also, if you know what the VIP
status gives you contribute with it.

H.Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

This section is about questions that people ask about the most.
Currently I don't have any but if you can ask me a question using
my contact info and I may put it here.

I.Contact Info [CNT]

If you would like to contact me about something regarding this 
guide such as a question or if your contributing please contact
me by using my e-mail at nakedhero@gmail.com (I know it's not a 
very good email.) I'll be on the Boards a lot trying to get 
info for adding more content to the guide using this username:
DJrunn3r. So if you see me there and you have something to say
feel free to blurt it out even if it's negative. I hope everyone
enjoys the guide!

J.Credits [DER]

I would just like to thank everyone who has contributed to the
guide here...in the Credits section. If you would like to be
here you can help contribute to the guide using the contact info
right above this one.

Chesu- General Information
-Matty2- General Information
WalnutHarry (ACCF Wiki Site)- Special Visitors
Mr.JVN (ACCF Wiki Site)- The Roost

And I think that's it. Eh, that's not much. I probably missed 
someone. If I missed you on the credits especially if you've 
contributed please contact me. And please if you still don't
see your name contact again. THANKYOU CONTRIBUTORS!!

K.Legal Stuff [LGS]

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except
for personal use. It may not be placed on any other website unless
you have permission from the author. Use of this guide on any other
website other than GameFAQs.com as a part of public display is 
strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright law.

Please contact me if you see this guide being displayed anywhere
else other than on GameFaqs.com. If you do PLEASE notify me.

Copyright 2009 DJ Runas

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