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Special Character Guide by Myster Mask

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/15/2008





I decided to write this guide in order to help people with current season 
events and characters that can appear in the game.
I hope it will help people to enjoy and make the most of their game.
I also hope that I covered in a comprehensive way all the Special Characters 
that appear in this game, but if you have more questions, e-mail me your 
observations or unanswered questions.


1. JINGLE the "Santa reindeer"
15. PAVE
16. CHIP and NAT
20. Advice to Time Travellers
21. Credits



There are only a few days left until the 24th of December, and then it will be 
too late for many people to have all the conditions to get the full Jingle set 
(and more).
One can make a lot of money on that night. I did about 600,000 bells.

Jingle is a reindeer dressed up like Santa who will be in your town on the 
24th evening between 8.00 pm and 12.00 am. He *might* actually stay longer, 
but I stopped checking because of the town music on that night that can drive 
one mad after listening to it for a while.

Locations (how to find him):

- He will be outside in town, in about 5 different locations (usually in dark 
areas, next to Nook's shop, outside your house, or next to the Able & Sable 
- He can also be INSIDE a neighbours house, but only in the ones where the 
neighbours is at that moment outside the house. So for that night only you 
will be able to actually enter a house when the neighbours is outside, and 
the light in the house is switched off (!).
There will be 4 or 5 dark houses at all time (as many as the number of 
neighbours outside). All will be accessible, so you will have to check them 
Usually you cannot enter those, but that night ONLY you will be able to.
Unfortunately, you cannot steal their furniture... I tried :P

Jingle will NOT be in any of the houses with the light on, he will NOT be 
in any of the little empty houses that you could choose at the beginning of 
the game to be yours, and he will NOT be inside your house even if you 
switch off the light.

- Jingle will circle between the above locations, and will remain in one 
spot for as long as you don't talk to him, and he did not give you a present. 
As soon as he gives you a present, he will change location, but only once you 
either enter a building, OR go to another distant area of the town. The 
location where he will appear is random, and he can re-appear at the same 
location over and over. I had him nine(!) times in a raw outside Nook's shop, 
which was very handy.

What happens:

- You talk to him and he will ask you two questions:

1. To choose between a) something to step on or b) something to lean on
2. To choose between a) your previous choice (whichever choice you made at the 
first question) and b) something huge
So you can answer: a), a); or a), b); or b), a), or b), b)

- Jingle will give you the following:
1. For choosing a) something to step on, + a) something to step on you get a 
Jingle carpet
2. For choosing b) something to lean on + a) something to lean on you get a 
Jingle wall
3. For choosing a) something to step on + b) something huge OR b) something 
to lean on + b) something huge you get a piece of furniture.
It's true that for these last two options, something to step on + something 
huge will rather result in a table, bed, sofa, piano, and chair, while 
something to lean on + something huge will rather give you a wardrobe dresser, 
clock, shelves or lamp. However, the pieces of furniture are very random, you 
can get the same one over and over for both options. I got the wardrobe for 
replying both something to step on + something huge, and something to lean on 
+ something huge. 
I actually got a LOT of wardrobes and only two lamps in over 60 items that I 
got from Jingle that night... :(
Hence, the last point:

What you can do:

You can start collecting hats, accessories, umbrellas, and flowers in order 
to change your appearance each time that you talk to Jingle.
Shirts and dresses DO NOT WORK!
You need to trick Jingle in believing that you are someone else.
You do NOT need to combine accessories. One piece of equipment is enough.
Ribbons of all colours can be use in succession. They count as different 
Same with flowers. Each colour of each type of flower (including hybrids) will 
give you a present if you wear them as either headgear or accessory.
It does not work if you combine two items that you already wore to get a 
present from Jingle.
You can also change your hair cut or face in the beauty salon in the city, but 
it's expensive and a pain in the ass to go to the city only for this. 
It's not worth it, unless you are desperate to get more items, and you have no 
more flowers or accessories.
Please think to order from Nook any hat or accessory that you might have in 
your catalogue. It's an excellent investment, considering that each has a 
return of 12,240 bells. Yup That's what you get by selling any furniture piece 
from Jingle, INCLUDING the carpet and the wall.

Again: Changing shirts will NOT help. Jingle will recognize you, and will not 
give you another present.
Only hats, accessories, umbrellas and flowers are useful.
But you will have to change the accessory each time.
Besides, you have to find him again.
You cannot remain next to him after he gave you a present and just change your 
headgear (for example).
You HAVE to enter a building, and look for him again.
That's why it takes a bloody lot of time, with searching all the dark houses 
over and over.
The loading times can drive you nuts.

Items that Jingle gives:
       ITEM                                 Reselling price at Nook's

Jingle Wardrobe                             12,240 bells
Jingle Dresser                              12,240 bells
Jingle Bed                                  12,240 bells
Jingle Table                                12,240 bells
Jingle Chair                                12,240 bells
Jingle Clock                                12,240 bells
Jingle Lamp                                 12,240 bells
Jingle Sofa                                 12,240 bells
Jingle Piano                                12,240 bells
Jingle Shelves                              12,240 bells
Jingle Carpet                               12,240 bells
Jingle Wall                                 12,250 bells


2. Meeting WISP the Ghost

Wisp the Ghost is one of the special visitors that will come in your town.
I would assimilate him mostly with Gulliver, because his appearance is 
conditioned by a small warning event (like Gulliver's space ship crossing in 
the sky in AC: WW). Also you need to retrieve an item for him in order to 
receive a gift.

He comes on a RANDOM day in the week and never twice the same week. I had him 
twice on a Monday, once on a Thursday, and once on a Wednesday. 
He will be the only special visitor in your town that day, so if you had 
another visitor in your town that day, do not bother looking for him at night.
His arrival will be announced by you finding an item in your town: The Empty 
This item has the same type of program as the ship parts that you have to find 
for Gulliver. This means that it will have about the same size (slightly 
bigger than a bunch of white turnips), gold colour, and looking identical to 
the Genie Lamp from Aladdin (Arabian Nights). In your inventory, the lamp will 
have a "lamp" icon, not the classical green leaf for furniture. 

You will find the lamp laying on the ground around your town. The locations 
are random, but generally it will appear next to one of the main buildings or 
You will NOT have to dig the ground or shake trees. It will just sit there for 
you to pick, and the spot is always quite visible.

You can take the lamp in your house, and use it as decoration, but you cannot 
"grab" it, "turn" it, or change its place otherwise than picking it up and 
dropping it in a different spot. Also, if it's on the floor of your house, you 
can walk through it.

So, once you found the lamp, you will know that Wisp will visit your town that 
night. He comes after 8.00 pm, and you will find him in the South area of the 
Some people said South-East, but this is incorrect. He can be anywhere along 
the sea-shore. You will not see him at first, but "hear a voice" instead. 
Well, actually you will have a dialogue box open spontaneously while walking 
along the shore. The "voice" will ask you to "come closer" so make a few steps 
north, until you "hear the voice" again. Immediately after Wisp will 
materialize, and you need to go and talk to him.
Wisp will ask you to find his lamp (exactly like Gulliver with the ship parts) 
so if you have the lamp with you, just talk to him again.
He will then tell you that he will grant you an wish, and invite you to join 
him in your attic, then he will disappear. You DO NOT have to wait midnight to 

Go to your attic, open your inventory and click on the lamp icon. Choose "rub" 
from the menu, and Wisp will materialize again.
He will then ask you to choose between:
1. De-weed the town
2. Smash Roaches
3. Give me stuff
4. Never mind.

If you choose option 3, you will then be able to choose between:
1. Furniture
2. Clothes
3. Hats
4. Accessories
5. Nothing

From what I noticed, the item he gives you if you choose "furniture" will be a 
rather rare piece, not one of the rarest nor specific to him in any way. I got 
a Lefty Desk, Samurai Suite, Lucky Frog, and Bow and Arrows. So I guess that 
he mainly gives rare items that you can also find at Spotlight sale at Nook's.
You cannot get carpets or walls from him.

find him that day, you will need to wait until next time that you find another 
Empty Lamp in your town. He is a one day visitor, and buying the lamp from 
someone else will not make him appear in your town either. You have to find 
the lamp in your OWN town, and you will be able to find him just on that 
The Empty Lamp has no value (as Gulliver's ship parts had no value), you 
cannot sell it at Nook's. Nook will only offer to "take it off your hands" 
like he does with pitfall seeds or garbage. So don't let yourself tricked by 
people who offer a Lamp for sale. It's useless, unless you want to keep it as 
crappy decoration that it is.


Pascal is a red otter who appears on a random weekday in town between 6am and 
midnight. He is another of the special visitors, who can come in your town. An 
important thing to know about the visitors from this group is that you will 
NEVER have the same special visitor twice in the same week, and very rarely(or 
never) the same special visitor two weeks in a row (though it does happen). 
They will never come on a Saturday, Sunday, or any of the days that you met 
Pete in your town.
They will not come at festivals or special events days.
You can obtain some information regarding your visitor of the day by asking 
Brooker (one of the Town Gate guards) "What's new".
However, Brooker will not know about Pascal or Pete. He will just tell you 
that he did not notice anything special on that day.
However, if you talk to your neighbours, *they* will mention a "weird guy 
standing on the bridge". Some of them will even say that he "floated away".

So go and check your bridges, and Pacal will be standing on one of them 
(usually the ones in the lower part of your town).
Don't talk to him if you do not have a scallops with you. NOT the "White 
Scallops". Just the shell that you can find on your shore that is simply 
labelled "Scallops".
If you do not have a scallops, then you can proceed as follows:
a) Go and pick up all the shells that you have on your shore, sell them to 
Nook's then wait for more to appear. After the first harvest, you will ALWAYS 
get more expensive ones appearing. This requires a bit of patients, but you 
have the whole day to find one, as he will be there waiting for you.
b) Pick up all the shells, then save and restart your game. A fresh set of 
shells will be available on your shores. Repeat until you find a scallops.

But my advise is to always store the ones you find on your shore, in your 
storage at home. Be sure you have at least a couple of them at all times.

So what you do after you get the scallops:
Talk to Pascal and he will dispense some rather philosophic advice before 
jumping into the river and floating away. He will also give you a piece of 
rare furniture or a floor or wall.

The items that he gives away are only obtainable from him, though a few can 
be ordered from the catalogue: 

Pascal Item               Nook's Catalogue

Helm                     Cannot be ordered          
Barrel                        800 bells
Keg                           800 bells
Ship Cannon              Cannot be ordered
Anchor                      1,900 bells
Ship Compass                1,600 bells
Sea View (wallpaper)     Cannot be ordered
Ship Deck (carpet)       Cannot be ordered

If you save before you talk to Pascal you can reset the game, face Ressetti 
(of course), then try to get a better item.
After Resetti finishes with you, you will need to ENTER A BUILDING (any will 
do) and exit that building before Pascal will show up again. You need to enter 
a building, as a requirement for resetting the "no more than one special 
visitor at a time" game script, and Ressetti is actually considered as a 
special visitor too.

You can obtain an item from Pascal with each of your characters (providing 
that you have as many scallops).



Saharah is yet another special visitor that you can have in your town.
She will be in your town on a random weekday, and stays from 6.00 am to 6.00 
am next morning.
However, once you complete the task she requires, and she gave you a gift, if 
you save and re-start your game, you will not be able to find her anymore.

Same as with Pascal, you will be able to obtain a gift from her with all your 

This time around, Saharah will ask you to bring some Old walls/carpets for 
There's no use to give her some of *your* old walls. What she wants is a 
specific item named "Old Wall" that you only obtain from one of your 
neighbours. You need to go around the town and ask each and every single one 
of them. Only two or three will give you one, with occasionally NONE giving 
you one (yes, yes, it happens). There's no point in restarting your game. 
You will NOT get more helpful neighbours.

If you talk to Sahara holding such an "Old Wall" in your inventory, she will 
take it from you and give you one of her creations instead. 
If you have two or three, she will still give you just one in return.
- If you bring her three old carpets/wallpapers you'll receive a rare 
- If you bring her less than three items, she will simply give you a common 
carpet/wallpaper. However, I got a Concrete wall from her for only two old 

Unfortunately, a lot of the times the villagers won't give you enough items 
to get a rare piece. The only way, is to store these in your home in 
anticipation of Saharah's next visit, so basically to be ready to obtain a 
rare item only every two or three of her visits in town... :(.

The rare items that she gives you are similar to the ones in AC:WW game, 
and are as follows:

a) Carpets:                             b) Walls:

Western Desert                          Western Vista 
Lunar Surface                           Lunar Horizon
Closed Road                             Blue Tarp       
Boxing Mat                              Ringside Sitting
Classroom Floor                         Classroom Wall
Bath Tile                               Bathhouse Wall
Chessboard Rug                          Backgammon Wall
Tatami Floor                            Shoji Screen
Mossy Carpet                            Garden Wall
Sand Garden                             Mortar Wall
Basement Floor                          Basement Wall
Music Room Floor                        Music Room Wall
Office Flooring                         Office Wall
Ancient Tile                            Ancient Wall
Concrete Floor                          Industrial Wall
Daisy Meadow                            Meadow Vista
Tropical Floor                          Tropical Vista     
Saharah's Desert                        Desert Vista
Sandlot                                 Chainlink Fence (Nook)
Sidewalk                                Tree-Lined Wall

There are 20 of each, and they only can be obtained from Saharah with the 
exception of the Chainlink Fence which for some bizarre reason is the only 
one that can be bought from Nook (Saharah will NOT give you this wall paper) 
They will appear in your catalogue but cannot be ordered.


5. Meeting PETE the POSTMAN

Pete the Postman is a special visitor that will be in your town twice a week.
Unlike in AC: WW, you will not have to shoot him down from the sky with your 
slingshot. He will just plainly walk on the ground outside your house, after 
9.00 am, or after 5.00 pm.
I guess it's just immediately after he delivers the mail.
Occasionally, if you force a mail delivery by ordering catalogue items or 
sending many letters to your neighbours, he will be outside your house at 
different hours, but I saw this only happening once out of dozens of 
occurrences in both my games.

If you talk to him he will tell you a bit of the story of his romance with 
Phyllis and Pelly, almost unchanged from the DS version. Quite boring, and I 
can actually say that he is one of the most useless special visitor.

After talking to him, if you enter a building, he will disappear for the day.
Yup, that's all he does....



Gulliver is an Albatross dressed like a sailor in the original AC game, who 
now is a spaceship pilot.
He is another of the special visitors that appears in your town on RANDOM days 
between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm. There is no specific time at which he will appear 
(like in the AC: WW). He can come at any time. Also, he will NOT come if you 
had any other of the special visitors that day, INCLUDING Pete.
His UFO will fly across the town, above any area (not only at the back of the 
town), which can be quite annoying, because though is not so fast like in the 
DS version, he still is much faster than the balloons, so it's very easy to 
miss him. However, his spaceship is huge, covers almost half of the screen, 
and makes a very loud noise, so you REALLY will be aware that he comes.

If you see him, run quickly and place yourself under the UFO shadow and shoot 
at it with your slingshot. The spaceship will not crush in your town like in 
the DS version (!), so there's no point in looking for it.
It will just make some sort of "breaking noise" and will disappear.
After that, go and look around your town. You will be able to find ONE single 
spaceship part, very similar to the ones found in the DS game. It will just 
lay on the ground for you to pick, there's no need to dig the ground.

After you find the part keep it in your inventory until next day, when you 
will find the UFO landed (or crashed?) on your beach.
It will NOT appear anywhere else in town.
Talk to Gulliver and he will ask you to retrieve his missing spaceship part.
If you have it in your inventory, talk to him again and he will offer you one 
of his special items.

Arc de Triomphe 
Manneken Pis 
Mermaid statue 
Moai statue 
Mouth of Truth 
Plate armor 
Tower of Pisa 
Tribal mask 

These items are available only from Gulliver, and though they appear in the 
catalogue, you cannot order them.
They are part of the "Wonders of the World" series, and go together with the 
Ancient Wall/Ancient Carpet obtainable from Saharah.



Like in all the others AC games, KK Slider will be in your town (at The Roost 
Cafe in the Museum) every Saturday from 8.00 pm to midnight only.
The first time that you meet him, he will sing a random song, that he will 
give you after he finishes. You can then request several songs that you might 
know the title, but though he will sing them for you, you will not be able to 
get them for your recorder at home.
However, the following times that he visits, you will be able to request a 
specific song AND to get it for your home recorder. In fact he will continue 
taking request after request each time that he visits, but you will only get 
the first song that he sings.

KK Songs:

K.K. Chorale 
K.K. March 
K.K. Waltz 
K.K. Swing 
K.K. Jazz 
K.K. Fusion 
K.K. Etude 
K.K. Lullaby 
K.K. Aria 
K.K. Samba 
K.K. Bossa 
K.K. Calypso 
K.K. Salsa 
K.K. Mambo 
K.K. Reggae 
K.K. Ska 
K.K. Tango 
K.K. Faire 
Aloha K.K. 
Lucky K.K. 
K.K. Condor 
K.K. Steppe 
Imperial K.K. 
K.K. Casbah 
K.K. Safari 
K.K. Folk 
K.K. Rock 
Rockin' K.K. 
K.K. Ragtime 
K.K. Gumbo 
The K. Funk 
K.K. Blues 
Soulful K.K. 
K.K. Soul 
K.K. Cruisin' 
K.K. Love Song 
K.K. D & B 
Spring Blossoms
K.K. Technopop 
DJ K.K.  
Only Me  
K.K. Country 
Surfin' K.K. 
K.K. Ballad 
Comrade K.K. 
K.K. Lament 
Go K.K. Rider! 
K.K. Dirge  
K.K. Western  
Mr. K.K. 
Caf‚ K.K. 
K.K. Parade 
Se¤or K.K. 
K.K. Song  
I Love You 
Two Days Ago 
My Place 
Forest Life 
To the Edge 
K.K. Dixie 
K.K. Marathon 
King K.K. 
Mountain Song 
Marine Song 2001 
Steep Hill  
K.K. Rockabilly 
Agent K.K.  
K.K. Rally 
K.K. Metal 
Stale Cupcakes 
K.K. House 
K.K. Sonata



From the 6th of December (the first snow) till end of February you will be 
able to build this character yourself.
Every day, you will be able to find two snowballs (about the size of your 
character's head) at random locations in your town.
They will almost never be on the same side of the town, so you will have to 
move them around and bring them together to the same spot, crossing bridges 
and climbing up and down the slops in your town.
To be able to do this, you will need to first kick a snowball around on the 
ground covered with snow (and only there!) until it becomes big enough so you 
have control over it and push it with your hands.
As the snowball rolls over areas covered in snow it will become bigger, while 
rolling it over area with dirt or pavement will make it grow smaller.
The best option is to identify the two locations, then bring one of the balls 
at the location of the second one following the shorted road. Also, between 
the two locations pick the one that has less trees, more snow, but also has at 
least a small area of dirt or pavement where you can calibrate the snowballs.
Be careful not to push them into the water, they will melt and disappear.
Also, if you push them off a cliff, they will break.
However, if this happens, you can enter a building, exit it, and you will 
notice that another "replacement" snowball (of the original size) appeared 
somewhere else in town.

Be confident to push the balls down the slopes in town, they will not break, 
nor go too far from the bottom of the slope.

Once you rolled the two snowballs in the same area, try and calibrate them so 
that the one that will form the "head" is just slightly smaller than the other 
one. There is a natural tendency (if one considers the "classical" aspect of a 
snowman) to make the head too small.
In AC, a "perfect" snowman, has it's head almost as big as the body.
The best way to do it is to make both snowballs the same size, then roll one 
of them on an area of dirt for just an few steps (about 8 steps).
Once you're done, push the smaller snowball next to the big one, and the 
snowman will create himself.
You will know exactly when you made a perfect one from what his dialogue is. 

If you manage to build him "perfect", then he will send you in the mail a 
piece of the Snowman Furniture set (including carpet and wall).
The letter with the present will come at the very first available delivery 
time, so for example if you built the snowman at 8.50 am, his letter will 
arrive with the 9.00 am mail delivery. Though you will receive a random piece 
of furniture, I noticed that he is decent enough to send you pieces that you 
don't yet have, so you will manage to obtain a full set quite quickly.

Snowman furniture:
Snowman Bed
Snowman Dresser
Snowman Wardrobe
Snowman Sofa
Snowman Chair
Snowman Table
Snowman TV
Snowman Clock
Snowman Lamp
Snowman Fridge
Snowman Wall
Snowman Carpet
Snowman (decoration)

All these pieces will be in your catalogue, but you will not be able to order 
them from Nook. The re-selling price is quite high (8,888 bells each including 
the carpet and wall) with the exception of the Snowman decoration which can be 
sold for only 3,333 bells. 

As a side note: After the 1st of January, as the days with snow will be less 
frequent, you will notice that the area covered with snow in your town will 
decrease, so it will be more and more difficult to build the snowman. My 
advise is to try and get the full set before the New Year.



Wendell is another Special visitor who will be in your town on a random day of 
the week from 6.00 am and midnight.
He designs patterns, and is always hungry.
When you speak the first time with him, he will ask you for food, so give him 
anything edible that you have in your inventory.

There is NO POINT IN GIVING HIM THE RED TURNIP like in the AC: WW game. He is 
NOT involved in any trading sequence in City Folk. All you get for your 
expensive red turnip is a design named "? Block" which represents as it's name 
suggests a white question mark on a yellow background. But if you really, 
REALLY want that pattern, by all means, feed him your turnip.
(It's not worth it, trust me)
He will not only give you patters. You will also receive money, gyroids or a 
few pieces of furniture (field of flower, for example) or even pitfalls (!)

So. what you get:

Food you give him                Pattern/Object Obtained


Angelfish                        Field of Flowers (furniture)
Arapaima                         N/A (will not take it)
Arowana                          Pitfall (the object)
Barbel Steed                     Horizontal Street
Barred Knifejaw                  Curved Track 3
Bitterling                       Intersection
Black Bass                       Grass
Blue Candy                       Coloring Boy
Blue Marlin                      Iron Floor
Bluegill                         Street Corner 2
Carp                             Vertical Street
Catfish                          Mystery Circle C
Char                             Street Corner 2
Cherry Salmon                    Street Corner 1
Clownfish                        Curved Track 4
Coelacanth                       N/A (will not take it)
Crawfish                         Rhino Beetle 
Crucian Carp                     Ground
Dab                              Curved Track 1
Dace                             Street Corner 1
Dorado                           Money (real bells)
Eel                              Mystery Circle D
Football Fish                    Stairs
Freshwater Goby                  Mystery Circle A
Frog                             Water Puddle
Gar                              Gyroid (REAL gyroid)
Giant Snakehead                  Manhole
Goldfish                         Money (real bells)
Hammerhead Shark                 N/A (will not take it)
Horse Mackerel                   Horizontal track
Killifish                        Water Puddle
Jellyfish                        Outer Space
King Salmon                      Treasure Chest
Koi                              Footstep
Loach                            Mystery Circle B
Lobster                          Red Carpet
Moray                            Pitfall Warning
Napoleon                         N/A (will not take it)
Neon Tetra                       Field of Flower (furniture)
Ocean Sunfish                    N/A (will not take it)
Octopus                          Curved Track 2
Olive Flounder                   Curved Track 1
Pale Chub                        Street Corner 4
Pike                             Stone Paving
Piranha                          Cracked Ground
Pond Smelt                       Intersection
Popeyed Goldfish                 Money (real bells)
Puffer Fish                      Forbidden Sign
Rainbow Trout                    Street Corner 3
Ray                              Treasure chest (furniture)
Red Snapper                      Curved Track 3
Salmon                           Red Carpet (floor)
Sea Bass                         Vertical Track
Sea Butterfly                    Horizontal Track
Sea Horse                        Curved Track 4
Shark                            N/A (will not take it)
Squid                            Curved Track 2 
Stringfish                       N/A (will not take it)
Surgeon                          Horizontal Track
Sweetfish                        Street Corner 3
Tuna                             Iron Floor
Yellow Perch                     Street Corner 2 
Zebra Turkeyfish                 ! Sign                  


Apple                            Coloring Nook
Cherry                           Coloring Resetti
Coconut                          Coloring House
Orange                           Coloring Pelly
Peach                            Coloring Blanca
Pear                             Coloring K.K.


Birthday Cake                    Self-portrait
Chocolate Heart                  Chocolate
Elegant Mushroom                 Memo
Flat Mushroom                    Memo
Green Candy                      Coloring Girl
Rare Mushroom                    Picture Frame
Red Candy                        Coloring Girl
Red Turnip                       ? Block
Round Mushroom                   Memo
Shiny Mushroom                   Memo
White Turnip                     Brick
Yellow Candy                     Coloring Boy



Gracie is not one of the special visitors in AC: City Folk like she was in the 
DS version. (It did not stop her from loosing her car's tires in your waters 
though) She now has a "Fashion Boutique" in the City that is managed by 
Labelle (is she a rich sister in the Abel and Sable sibling? - who knows), but 
you can occasionally meet the "boss" in her shop. She will provide fashion 
advice, to such a "country person" that you are.
Her collection displayed in the shop (set of furniture including floor and 
wall, and a few clothes and accessories) changes every season.
They are all ridiculously expensive, even for the last week when they are on 
sales (75% off). It's not always wise to wait for the sales if you want to buy 
a certain set or clothes, because many of the items will be sold out during 
the sales, so you will never get a full set of furniture.

What she has:

In "Spring" (actually From February to April inclusive)

The Princess Series
Princess Bed         80,000 bells (20,000 sales)
Princess Closet     180,000 bells (45,000 sales)
Princess Chest      220,000 bells (55,000 sales)
Princess Table      240,000 bells (60,000 sales)
Princess Chair      120,000 bells (20,000 sales)
Princess Dresser     80,000 bells (20,000 sales)
Princess Sofa       100,000 bells (25,000 sales)
Princess Lamp        68,000 bells (17,000 sales)
Princess Curio       98,000 bells (24,500 sales)
Princess Cage        90,000 bells (22,000 sales)
Princess Carpet     124,000 bells (31,000 sales)
Princess Wall       124,000 bells (31,000 sales)

In "Summer" (May to July inclusive)

Gracie Series
Gracie Bed          120,000 bells (30,000 sales)
Gracie Wardrobe     138,000 bells (34,500 sales)
Gracie Shelf         98,000 bells (24,500 sales)
Gracie Chest        220,000 bells (55,000 sales)
Gracie Lamp         120,000 bells (30,000 sales)
Gracie Low Table     68,000 bells (17,000 sales)
Gracie Chair         90,000 bells (22,500 sales)
Gracie Desk          90,000 bells (22,500 sales)
Gracie Bench        110,000 bells (27,500 sales)
Gracie Wagon        240,000 bells (60,000 sales)
Gracie Carpet       124,000 bells (31,000 sales)
Gracie Wall         124,000 bells (31,000 sales)

In Autumn (August to October inclusive)

Sweets Series
Sweets Bed           80,000 bells (20,000 sales)
Sweets Closet        68,000 bells (17,000 sales)
Sweets Dresser      220,000 bells (55,000 sales)
Sweets Table        240,000 bells (60,000 sales)
Sweets Chair        120,000 bells (30,000 sales)
Sweets Sofa          80,000 bells (20,000 sales)
Sweets Coffee Table  80,000 bells (20,000 sales)
Sweets Lamp          98,000 bells (24,500 sales)
Sweets Shelves       98,000 bells (24,500 sales)
Sweets Small Lamp   110,000 bells (27,500 sales)
Sweets Floor        124,000 bells (31,000 sales)
Sweets Wall         124,000 bells (31,000 sales)

In Winter (November to January inclusive)

Gorgeous Series
Gorgeous Bed        300,000 bells (75,000 sales)
Gorgeous Closet     140,000 bells (35,000 sales)
Gorgeous Chest       90,000 bells (22,500 sales)
Gorgeous Desk       220,000 bells (55,000 sales)
Gorgeous Table      250,000 bells (62,500 sales)
Gorgeous Sofa       120,000 bells (30,000 sales)
Gorgeous Lamp        60,000 bells (15,000 sales)
Gorgeous Counter    180,000 bells (45,000 sales)
Gorgeous Seat        90,000 bells (22,500 sales)
Gorgeous Stool       80,000 bells (20,000 sales)
Gorgeous Carpet     124,000 bells (31,000 sales)
Gorgeous Wall       124,000 bells (31,000 sales)



Jack is a character that will be in your town for one evening per year.
He comes for Halloween, on the 31st of October and will stay from 8.00 pm to 
1.00 am. He wears a huge pumpkin mask on his head, but this is barely useful 
to identify him, since all the other villager who are out at that time will 
also wear the same mask. 
The aim of the "Halloween Party" is to find Jack and talk to him. The way to 
identify him is to watch for the masked character who does not run up to you 
when he sees you.
All the villagers will do just that. I would advise not to waste your candies 
on them, the worst they can do is to alter some items in your inventory (turn 
them into boxes or jack o'lanters), turn your head into a pumpkin for a few 
seconds, or change you clothes that you are wearing in rags. So, keep your 
items at home and wear a pair of clothes you hate so if they become rags, you 
won't care. You can also wear one of your own designs.

Candy: You can buy it from Nook's store throughout the month of October. Candy 
can also be obtained from winning random games with the villagers during the 
"Los Festivales" (hosted by Pave the Peacock) and also from the Easter event 
where you can receive candy from Zipper-T-Bunny.

Important Note: Keep your candies hidden in empty letter until you are sure 
that you talk to the real Jack. You will avoid wasting a lot of candy this 
way. Once you gave a candy to Jack he will give you one piece of furniture or 
an item in return. If you want to collect the whole series and all the items 
that he can give you, just enter a building, exit it, and look for Jack again.
It's also good to refuse to give him candy, as you can get a few rare items 
this way.

Items that he gives you:
Pumpkin Head - First time you refuse candy
Moldy Shirt - Second time you refuse candy
Patched Shirt - Also second time that you refuse candy
Jack-in-the-Box - Third time that you refuse candy

The Spooky Furniture Set
Spooky Wall 
Spooky Carpet 
Spooky Bed 
Spooky Bookcase 
Spooky Lamp 
Spooky Wardrobe 
Spooky Chair 
Spooky Dresser 
Spooky Vanity 
Spooky Table 
Spooky Clock 
Spooky Paper 

After the Halloween Party (next day), go and talk to all the neighbours that 
were out in town the previous night. You will obtain some left-over candies 
from them, to use on other occasions.



Serena is the Fairy (Goddess???) of the Fountain FROM YOUR OWN TOWN. It's 
useless to try and find her in the City.
You can obtain the fountain by donating money to Pelly for the Town Fund. You 
need to first donate 200,000 bells (have a new bridge built), then donate 
another 500,000 bells before you have the Fountain built in your town.
Each time, after donating the right amount of money, you need to talk to Pelly 
about the Town Fund the NEXT DAY. The construction for both the new bridge and 
the fountain will last ONE WEEK after you talked to Pelly about each of these 

To make Serena appear, you need to equip an axe, stand just in front of the 
Fountain, and press the A (or C) button. You will then throw the axe in the 
fountain and Serena will appear.
It's useless to try and do this on the first day when Tortimer stands in front 
of the fountain.
You also can only have one go per day.
Serena will ask you one or two questions each time that she appears.
Answering the "correct" answer will OCCASIONALLY trigger her giving you a 
golden or silver axe.
This can be very tricky, because the "correct" answer to the very same 
question can be correct one day, and wrong another day.

For example to the question "Am I changed" you can be right be answering 
either yes (she just did a new facial treatment) or wrong (she feels that 
she's getting old. So basically it's very difficult to obtain the better axes.

Another example: if she asks you what axe you threw you should not say Gold or 
Silver. She will be upset because you lied. However, in other instances, 
saying "normal axe" will result in her taking you axe and not giving anything 
in return.

Some people suggested that there is a whole chain of questions that you need 
to get right in order to obtain the Golden or Silver Axe:

- Quote- 
Q: What kind of axe did you throw in? 
A: Normal 
Q: Do you hate me? 
A: Yes 
Q: WHAT!?! Did I do something to make me hate you? 
A: Yeah, you did! 
Q: So how much do you hate me then? 
A: (A little bar will show. Keep this at exactly midway, then press continue.) 
Q: What? You...you don't know what you're talking about, goddesses are 
supposed to be revered and such...maybe I should resign being a goddess... 
A: Don't do that! 
Q: Do you think you'll be able to like me more? 
A: Yeah!

Q: Do I look different? 
A: Yes (You may not have the option to say Yes, in which case you cannot 
obtain a Silver or Gold Axe at this time, and your axe will be lost.) 
Q: What kind of axe do you want? 
A: Choose Gold Axe, Silver Axe. Regular Axe, or Nothing. 
Saying nothing or regular will just get your normal axe back and if your lucky 
a gold or silver one. 
If you choose Gold axe she will say "You really think I will give you that?" 
Then a bar will appear; up is yes, down is no. 
-End Quote- (from wikispace.com)

The above technique is certainly not consistently true. It will only 
occasionally work. Keep trying, and buy all the axes that you find at Nook's.



The 4th Thursday during the month of November (3.00 pm to 9.00 pm) is the 
Harvest Festival. Franklin is the special visitor on that day, so you will not 
have another one either before or after. He is a poor turkey who is very 
worried that he will be eaten.
You will find him at random locations in your town. He will only be OUTSIDE 
the houses. Talk to him and he will ask you to save his life by stealing and 
hiding the villagers' cutlery. Say "yes", and he will actually hand a knife 
and fork to you. He will then run away. Enter a building, then exit it, and 
start looking for Franklin. Once you found him (he is usually hidden behind a 
tree or a neighbour house, but he will peep occasionally, so it should not be 
very difficult to spot). Once you found him, hand over the knife and fork to 
him, and he will reward you with a piece of the Harvest Series (purple).
In order to collect all the pieces repeat the above procedure as many time as 
you need.

What he gives you: Harvest Series
Harvest Bed
Harvest Dresser
Harvest Bureau
Harvest Table
Harvest Chair
Harvest Lamp
Harvest Sofa
Harvest TV
Harvest Clock
Harvest Mirror
Harvest Carpet
Harvest Wall

All the furniture pieces will appear in your catalogue, but you will not be 
able to order them from Nook. 
Once you complete a full set you may want to obtain some extras to sell at 
Nook's. You can sell each piece of furniture for 3,333 bells, excluding the 
wall and rug which sell only for 1,200 each.

For some fun: try hunt him down with your axe (!)



Zipper T. Zipper is an "Easter-type" yellow Bunny (or... is he Tortimer in 
disguise *wink*) who appears in your town on the 14th of April. He will tell 
you that he has hidden a lot of eggs in your town.
You will have to dig them out with your shovel. Try and dig around trees or 
houses. The eggs are more often hidden in those areas. Their location is very 
random, besides you will not be able to see a mark on the ground indicating 
their spot (like you do for fossils or other items). 
Once you found an egg, look inside it for an item called "Bunny Foil". You can 
trade each of those with Zipper for a piece of rare furniture or a coloured 

The number of eggs is however limited, and if you do not manage to get the 
full set, the only solution is to Time Travel to the previous day, wait for 
the new day to restart, and collect some more eggs. Personally I managed (just 
about) to have them all in one single day, so it might be that some people 
will have difficulties with it.

What he gives you: The Egg Furniture Series
Egg Bed
Egg Dresser
Egg Wardrobe
Egg Table
Egg Chair
Egg Bench
Egg Lamp
Egg Clock
Egg Stereo
Egg Toy
Egg Floor
Egg Wall


15. PAVE

Pave (the Peacock) is another one-day special visitor who will host a new "Los 
Festivales" on the 23rd of February.
He will organise a number of random events and challenges to which you can 
participate against your neighbours. One of them is playing hide-and-seek with 
three different neighbours who hide, and you need to find them in less than 10 
The challenges are rather easy, and each time that you win one, you will 
receive a piece of coloured candy as reward.
If you take the candy to Pave, you will be able to trade it for a rare piece 
of furniture. 
This may actually sound straight forward, but there's a catch. For the same 
colour of candy you will receive the same piece (or maximum two pieces) of the 
same furniture. You will need to give him various colours, and you will also 
need to COMBINE the candies in order to obtain the full furniture set.

Pave Series:
Pave Bed
Pave Closet
Pave Chest
Pave Table
Pave Chair
Pave Sofa
Pave Lamp
Pave Bureau
Pave Bookshelf
Pave End Table
Pave Floor
Pave Wall


16. CHIP and NAT

Chip and Nat are the two judges for your Fishing and Bug Tourney respectively.
You will need to bring the biggest (in term of length) fish to Chip or the 
RAREST (not bigger) bug to Nat.
During the contest, they will both give you rewards (items) each time that you 
beat the current record.
They will both ask you occasionally to bring a specific bug or fish. If you 
do, then the next day you will receive the SILVER trophy in the mail.
If you win the whole competition you will receive the Golden Fishing and 
respectively Golden Bug Catching Trophies.  
You always receive any trophy that you won in the next day mail.

However, you will receive the items that these characters are giving you for 
momentary beating the record, on the spot.

Chip can give you:
Basic Yellow Bed
Kitchen Corner
Writing Desk
Red Armchair
Lab Bench
Robo Chair
Daffodil Chair
Nat will also give cheap and common items. Don't expect too much from these 



After you visit another town through wi-fi, both player will get one of these 
two characters who have been "separated". Katie is the baby cat and will be 
generally found at random locations in your town, outside the houses. She is 
crying and is desperate to be reunited with her mother.
Kaitlin is the mother cat and appears in the other player's town, either at 
the Roost Cafe or outside in your town.
When this happens, the two players will need to talk to either of the cats 
they have in their towns, and agree to reunite them with their 
The two players need to re-connect via wi-fi. Then the player who has the baby 
cat will need to talk to her and she will agree to follow him. Walk slowly, 
because running will make her become lost again, and you will need to look for 
her and talk to her again.
Walk with the baby cat towards your gate, then ask to "go out". The two cats 
will be reunited, and they will give you a rare item as reward:

Music Box
Papa Bear
Papa Panda
Lovely Phone
Apple TV
Lilypad table

A random item from those of the above will be received by each of the two  
players in their next day mail.
If you do not reunite the two, both cats will remain in the respective towns 
for a whole week, stopping any special visitor that might have ccome that 
Same thing happens if one or both player change the time settings in their 
games. The two will remain separated for ever (sob).



Blanca is the cat with no face same as in all previous AC games.
You will find her wondering in your town after you have connected via wi-fi.
She will remain in your town for the day, or until you draw her a new face.
If after drawing her a face you save and switch off and on your game, she will 
disappear, and another visitor may come to your town that same day.


19. JOAN and the RED TURNIPS

Joan is a boar who sells turnips every Sunday between 6:00 a.m. and noon. 
You can buy white turnips from her, which you can then sell to Tom Nook for 
a profit.
White turnips only last a week before rotting, so you need to decide when is 
best to sell them to avoid losing money. You can also buy a Red turnip seed 
for 1,000 bells, that you will need to plant and water every day. Some people 
reported  that Joan will fail to sale Red Turnip seeds on many if not all of 
the occasions that she visits. She just says that she's out of them.
In previous games (particularly in the DS version) many argued that this is 
a "punishment" for Time Travelling.
Yet others suggested that if you don't talk to her one week, then she will 
have red turnip seeds the next one.

All of the above are false, and misinformed.
As I explained in the Glitch section of my FAQ for the DS game:
When you start a new game in AC:CF, by talking to Rover you have the option to 
keep the Wii console time and date settings in your new game, or change it to 
a time and date you prefer. This option was probably intended as some players 
will want to start a game in a season or time frame different from the real 
life one (for example people who can play the game only at night, as they work 
during the day, or want to start their game with the 1st of January, or rather 
in spring, etc).
Modifying the time and date at the start of a new game will create a 
discrepancy between the console time and the in game time that in some 
instances will result in the malfunction of the game program, depending on the 
lag created between the two time scripts.

For more details on this issue, please refer to the Glitch FAQ for the AA: WW 
(for DS).

The same glitch appears in this game.
One may ask: "Weren't they able to fix it?" Well, no. First of all because AC 
is a game for which a huge bulk of the programming (including specific 
characters encoding) involves time and date codes, and it's very difficult (if 
not impossible) to separate the in-game dates/times from the characters' codes 
for actions limited to specific time frames. Secondly, the "problems" are not 
major enough for the effort to do the above worth the time and money.

Overall: Joan will simply not sell Red Turnip seeds when you change the time 
constantly by days/months or even years, back and forth USING THE IN-GAME 
CLOCK. Then, a consistent number of glitches will affect your game, and will 
persist. For example, after selling you Red Turnips once, Joan will refuse to 
sell you more on the following weeks. This is due to the discrepancy between 
the Wii console time code that is read and inserted in Joan's program by the 
game time script, and the actual in-game time code. The result is triggering 
Joan's program to behave as if she's not able to sell you red turnips and 
therefore prompts the reply "I ran out of Red Turnip seeds". This glitch will 
persist until the two time settings are re-synchronised.
After re-synchronising the two times, you will have to wait for a full week 
before the glitch disappears.


20. Advice to Time Travellers

The best way to have a game glitch free, and to continue playing the game the 
way you want, including TTing, always change the time and date from the Wii 
settings. It's very simple, and this will ensure that no bug will affect your 
game. Joan will continue selling Red Turnip seeds week after week, like in 
both my games and all my friends games. She NEVER fails to sell unless your 
game is glitched.

If you need to re-synchronise your in-game clock with your Wii setting, always 
follow the right procedure:
1. Start your game and notice the in-game time and date (Rover will give it to 
2. Switch off the console, restart it, and set the Wii date and time to what 
it was in your game.
3. Restart your game and when talking to Rover, reset the game time and date 
to the correct initial one + 1 minute.

You are now ready to start your game.
Any glitch will disappear after one week, even if you continue to TT from the 
Wii settings !


21. Credits and legal aspects

This guide is for GameFAQs ONLY. Please do NOT e-mail me asking to link it to 
your site, the answer will always be the same: "If you really want to have it 
for your site, please request permission from the GameFAQs administrators."

For questions e-mail me at myster.mask@gmail.com
If I know the answer I will reply. 

All my thanks to my friends March and Innocent who helped me with their own 
observations, and with checking all of the above on their own games, so I be 
able to post as accurate information as possible.

 c to Myster Mask on 12/13/2008


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