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Perfect Town Guide by ShadowTaz / AsteroidBlues25

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/29/2008
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                                  __/ |
                     : City Folk |___/ 

Animal Crossing : City Folk
- Perfect Town Guide

[ Written by ShadowTaz and AsteroidBlues25 ]
[ November 28th, 2008 ]

----==++ CONTENTS ++==----

- Introduction

- The Environment
- Acres
- Placing Acres
- Deforestation
- Replanting
- How to Plant
- Conclusion

- Legal Junk
- Credits
- Contact

----==++ INTRODUCTION ++==----

  Hello, thanks for stopping by. Would you like some coffee? No? Just the 
secrets to getting a perfect town in Animal Crossing: City Folk? Well, if 
that's what you're looking for, you came to the right place, as this is an 
in-depth guide written by myself [ShadowTaz] and AsteroidBlues25 which will 
specifically tell you how to get a perfect town.

  There's quite a bit to know about making a perfect town, and much work 
involved, so if you're not willing to take a couple of hours out of your time 
specifically to work on your town's tree arrangement, this is not for you.

  For you perfectionists, good luck and feel free to read on.

----==++ THE ENVIRONMENT ++==----

  First of all, you should know how to find out how well your town is doing. 
This is done easily enough by running over to your Town Hall, and talking to 
Pelly/Phyllis, and asking about "The Environment." They will then relay a 
comment from some villager to you, and explain why they might've said that. 
They're very vague comments, so don't expect to be spoon-fed here. However, 
this will be your number 1 way of finding out whether or not your town is 
doing well.

-==- Trees -==-

  Hopefully you know how trees work already. If you don't, it's simple. A tree 
can't grow properly unless there is diggable dirt all around it. [More on this 
below] The big, pine-like trees can't grow in the lower part of town [Below 
first cliffs]. Coconut/Palm trees can only grow along the beach. If your trees 
are dying, this might be why. 

  When you talk to Pelly/Phyllis about the environment, and they specifically 
mention trees, then you probably don't have enough or aren't spacing them out 
correctly. [Explained below] You'll be better off going for the maximum amount 
of trees [400] and working from there.

-==- Flowers -==-

  Plant them, lots of them. You simply cannot have too many flowers. You are 
seriously going to want a lot, so start collecting. I suggest putting 1 flower 
in each acre. Then, adding 1 flower to each acre as you go. In other words, 
even it out. Don't have 50 flowers in one acre, and 2 in all the others. That 
won't get you anywhere. 

  Anyway, if Pelly/Phyllis tells you that you need 'more green', your problem 
is lack of flowers. You can plant any type or color of flower wherever you 
want. Just keep the town evenly distributed. You will have to water these guys 
as soon as you see them wilting. Lucky for you, you DON’T have to water them 
if they are healthy or if it's raining. 

  One tip, stick flowers of the same species together; keep tulips with 
tulips, roses with roses, etc. You might luck out and get a hybrid color. 
[Black roses, anyone?]

-==- Weeds -==-

  About 3 – 4 weeds show up per day. There is no positive to having weeds 
whether you want a perfect town or not, so you've probably already been 
plucking them. However, if you're going for a perfect town, you're going to 
have to make sure you don't have a single one of these things lying around. 
Make sure you pick about 3 daily, or you'll have a problem. Clovers count as 
weeds and must also be removed.

-==- Junk -==-

  Anything that's not a fruit or flower should NOT be on your ground. 
Furniture, accessories, and garbage from the sea all fall into this category. 
Seashells are fine where they are, though I’m not sure about what happens if 
you drop them anywhere else around your town. [but there really is no reason 
why you'd do this]. If you have anything lying on the ground, sell it or toss 
it in the garbage bin in your town hall.

----==++ ACRES ++==----

  Acres are what your town is really graded on. Some people fully believe that 
they don't exist since the screen scrolls across the entire town. Don't let 
this fool you! They're still there and they’re just as important as ever.  
They’re just less obvious this time around.

  Taking a shovel, I dug and counted holes vertically and horizontally, to 
discover all towns are essentially an 80 by 80 grid of squares. 
[6400 squares in total]

  An acre is a 16x16 square piece of land. [256 square spaces]

  This gives you 25 acres in your town. [5 acres across, 5 acres down]

  You can't SEE acres, really. They're invisible boundaries. If you count, 
however, you can identify where an acre ends or begins. Things like houses, 
rocks, and signs are all contained within acres. Once the acres are laid out, 
you will notice that nothing but water and cliffs will obscure the boundaries. 
These plots of land are what your game is grading you on. The amount of trees 
in them, as well as flowers and weeds, determine your score.

  Now, in order to find your town's acres, I recommend using patterns. 
You might think digging holes is the way to go, but holes are filled in 
whenever you quit.

----==++ PLACING ACRES ++==----

1. Start in the very top left corner of your town, and drop a design. 
   This is 1 square.
2. Take a step right, and drop a design, that's 2 squares.
3. Continue until you have placed a line of 16 squares along the top wall.
4. When you get to 16, turn your back to the wall, so you're facing south. 
   You're going to do just as you did before, but now we're moving down 16 
   squares. Essentially, you're making a box. [You already placed down the 1st 
   square of this 'wall' of the box, so just count 15 down.]
5. Once you've counted 16 down, turn left and continue, until you've close a 
   16x16 box.

Congrats! You placed your first acre!

  - Pic of starting an acre against the side wall cliff:

  Now, just do that 24 more times for the rest of the town.

  Keep in mind, each individual acre will need a boundary. DO NOT use the 
boundary of one acre as part of a second acre's boundary!

  - Pic of what the first 2 acres you place should look like:

  - Pic of four acres all touching:

  You might not be able to get all 16 patterns dropped if the ocean gets in 
the way (you just have to stop) and crossing the river may be a bit tricky. If 
you get stumped, just start from a solid object (the outside cliffs) or an 
acre that's already complete.

  - Pic of the ocean cutting off some of the acre:

-==- Quarter Acres -==-

  When you break acres down into 4 equal parts, you get what we affectionately 
call a quarter. These quarters are 8 by 8 boxes located within every acre.

  - Pic of an acre split into quarters:

  Quarters are NOT in themselves what you're judged on, but they play a huge 
role in perfection. This is because you cannot have more than 6 trees in any 
quarter. If you have 7 or more within one of those marked boundaries 
[Red, Blue, etc.], all but 6 will die. That means you can't clump all your 
trees to one side of the acre or have them in one corner.

  Ex: You cannot have 10 trees in Red Quarter, and 2 in the others. Even 
  though this only gives 16 trees. 4 of the trees in Red Quarter will die, 
  leaving you with 12.

  However, having 4 trees in each quarter will grow just fine and give you a 
total of 16 trees.

  Whether or not you decide to mark quarter acres is up you. You will most 
likely have no problem if you decide to just count out quarters when you’re 
actually planting trees.

----==++ DEFORESTATION ++==----

  Whether or not you destroy every tree in your town is up to you. It will 
make placing your tiles much, much easier and will make the whole progress go 
a lot smoother. I recommend chopping every single one. You'll need a Silver or
Gold Axe and I highly suggest getting a friend to assist you. You'll be 
cutting somewhere between 200 - 400 trees, then digging up the stumps and 
filling the holes. It will take you a lot of time.

  However, if you want to, you can leave your trees as is, and simply 'fix' 
them once you decide what needs to go where. Again, I don't suggest doing it 
this way.

“I AM re-arranging my trees without cutting down every single tree in town.  
But I am also using a different method to record, distribute and actually 
plant new trees.  So far, it seems to be more hectic in keeping things 
straight, but then again, I won’t have to go through a period of time with 
0 trees.”

----==++ REPLANTING ++==----

-==- How It Works -==-

  Now that all of your grids are laid out and you have an idea about what 
quarters are and what they're for, you have to learn what to do with your 

- Perfect towns are based on the amount of trees, flowers and weeds for all 
- In the quarters (8 by 8 mini-acres), you can have a max of 6 trees.
- General rule is to have 12 - 16 trees per Acre, to give you a total number 
  of 300 - 400 trees.

  A few things to keep in mind: Trees are considered "good" if they are able 
to grow without any problems. Each tree needs to have a "diggable space" all 
around the trunk. Plainly, if you can dig a hole in each space surrounding the 
tree, it's a "good tree."

  - Pic of a "good" tree:

  Basically, you just have to make sure that nothing (except flowers) is 
touching any tree. This includes rocks, cliffs, houses, buildings and water. 
If the trees ARE touching anything, they will grow "stunted" or just not at 
all. Stunted trees may or may not count towards the final tree total. Be safe, 
rather than sorry, and just make sure your trees can fully grow. Seedlings DO 
NOT count towards the total.

  Trees on acre boundaries only count towards that acre. The same applies for 
trees when you look at quarter boundaries. If you get confused, think of a 
game of tennis. Anything that hits the line is considered "in play."

-==- The Numbers -==-

  Now that you understand the mechanics, you need to know the numbers.

- Your town can have a maximum of 400 trees. This is not necessarily the 
  amount of trees you need for a perfect score. Aim for 350 - 375.
- 400 trees divided evenly throughout 25 acres. [400 / 25]
- That gives us 16 trees per acre. However, since we're not going specifically 
  for 400 trees, you really only need between 12 - 16 trees for any given 
- As far as quarters go, 12 - 16 trees divided through 4 quarters gives you 
  3 - 4 trees per quarter.

  Those are the magic numbers to getting your town to perfection.

----==++ HOW TO PLANT ++==----

-==- Marking -==-

  Planting 400 trees sounds like a pain in the ass, and trust me... It is. 
First of all, you aren't just going to dive in and begin planting. Once you 
figure out how many trees you're going to plant, you're going to want to mark 
out where they're going to go. I recommend using a different type of pattern 
for this. That way you won't get them confused with the grids.

  - Pic of tree markers we're using:

  This is going to require some careful thinking. You need to plant them so 
there's enough in each acre, not too many per quarter acre and make sure they 
can actually grow where you planted them. If you want to make them look nice, 
that's up to you. You might want to line them all up across your acres, or 
avoid conformity and make each acre look unique. This does not affect the 

  Even if you are NOT demolishing all of your trees in town, you should still 
use markers, or at least stumps of old trees, to figure out where you’re going 
to plant.  It makes it easier to count later and see what the acre might look 
like before actually planting all of your precious fruit.

-==- Types of Trees -==-

 **This section is completely up to you based on what you want in your town**

  You also need to decide what 'type' of tree you want to grow. For example, 
I wanted 200 fruit trees, and 200 non-fruit trees. This, also, doesn't affect 
your grade, but foreign fruits are a great way to get money.

  Fruit – I planted 40 apples, 40 peaches, 40 pears, 40 oranges and 40 
          cherries. That's quite a lot, so you may want to get some help from 
          friends or the community. Place them in your dresser, in your house, 
          or on the ground as a last resort. If you want more fruit trees than 
          this, I suggest you just wait, and chop down the non-fruit trees 
          later on, and replace them with fruits once your town is set-up.

  Non-Fruit - There are two ways to do this. One way would be to buy saplings 
          from Nook's. This will take a LOT of saplings. It'll take a couple 
          days and a lot of space to keep these things until you're ready to 
          plant them. My suggestions would be to get your hands on a Golden 
          Shovel, and simply plant 100 bells in the ground instead of a 
          sapling. These trees will grow just like any normal tree and it'll 
          make your life so much easier. It will cost you about 20k for 200 
          trees, but the time saved is worth spending a few bells.

  Palm Trees - These are really 'special' trees and, again, it’s your choice 
          if you want them or not. You can put them aside until you're done 
          planting all your other trees and just chop some down later.  Trees 
          by the beach [Not on the sand, next to it] can be replanted with 

  Whether you mix your fruits up, or keep them separated is based on 
preference. Personally, I had Peaches in 2.5 acres, Cherries in a different 2 
and a half, and so on. A heads up from my experience; 200 unmixed fruit trees 
all packed together in one half of your town is a little overkill.

-==- Flowers -==-

  Most of what you've needed to know about flowers has been mentioned above, 
but it should be stressed that you need a LOT of these. Shoot for 6 - 10 
flowers per acre, as they will require serious maintaining. Do not let flowers 
die.  Water them when you see them wilting or else your perfect town may look 
pretty crappy. There's not much else to say other than “just plant them and 
never stop.”

----==++ CONCLUSION ++==----

  Your main goal, after all of this, is to fit 12 - 16 trees into each ACRE 
knowing that you can only put 6 trees into each QUARTER. This gives you 
anywhere between 300 and 400 trees.

  Now, you just have to MAINTAIN your town. This is easy. It just means 
planting flowers every day, watering wilting flowers so they don't disappear, 
picking all weeds and clovers and making sure that you don’t leave any junk on 
the ground. Good luck, and don't give up!

----==++ LEGAL JUNK ++==----

  This document is copyright (c) 2008 by ShadowTaz and AsteroidBlues25.

  This guide was exclusively made for GameFAQs.com. We do NOT give permission 
to any other site to host this document or even any parts of it.

  Obviously, you cannot copy and sell this guide. You deserve to be shot if 
you pull something like that anyway.  Or, in the very least, publicly flogged.

----==++ CREDITS ++==----

Thanks to :

- ShadowTaz and AsteroidBlues25 [Us!] for writing this awesome guide to help 
  out the AC:CF community. [The same month it was released, no less! =D]

- cloud_redxiii for telling us that trees needed diggable space all around the 
  trunk, and being there to keep us going, supporting us with fruit, and for 
  having mad cliff fishing skills. I don't know why you get thanked for cliff 
  fishing, but it's my credits, and I'll do it how I please!

- Rina for being my BFFL. [I just wanted to put your name somewhere. =<]

- Everyone who posted in the original topic for this guide, tried to get it 
  stickied, and showed their support for the guide. Muchly appreciated. 
  Those people are:

  Tickle Me Emo
  Robotic Earthling
  Sora and Tidus

  Whew. Thanks, guys.

- Sadly, I can't thank GameFAQs as I write this, as our perfect town guide was 
never stickied, and the boards still haven't been split. Apparently we were 
left for dead.  Though if they do post this as a guide, I may reconsider.

----==++ CONTACT ++==----

If you have any questions, comments, or problems with this guide, you can 
e-mail ShadowTaz at:


You can also contact AsteroidBlues25 at:


Please read the guide thoroughly before you e-mail one of us, and don't spam, 

  I may take a while to respond as it's an alt. e-mail I made specifically for 
this guide. [So don't add me on MSN either!]


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