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City FAQ by Chesu

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 11/27/2008

                                                 |                      |
                                             (                              )
                                              ) Animal Crossing: City Folk (
                                                       |          |
                                                   |     City FAQ     |
                                                   |    version 0.2   |

   Special Thanks +ST

This section, at the top of the page, is reserved for anyone who has helped
me in any way with the creation of this FAQ, whether they contributed in any
significant way, provided information, gave me advice on writing this, or
even pointed something out!

=For GracieGrace exclusive items=

Fallen Leaf

=Crazy Redd's exclusive items=


=For Resetti information=


=For descriptions of emotions=

Tamia M

=For Shampoodle information=

Stephen Marcok (Stevewins123)

=For information on Kicks=


=For adding to the Secrets=



   Table of Contents +ToC

0. Special Thanks +ST
I. Table of Contents +ToC
II. Updates and Version History +UVH
III. Introduction +INT
IV. City Map +CM
V. Crazy Redd's Fine Furniture Emporium +CR
VI. Automatic Bell Dispenser +ABD
VII. The Marquee +MAR
VIII. The Happy Room Academy +HRA
IX. GracieGrace +GG
X. The Auction House +AUC
XI. Kicks' Place +KX
XII. Shampoodle +SHM
XIII. Katrina's House of Fortunes +KAT
XIV. Resetti's Surveillance Center +RSC
XV. City Special Visitors +CSV
XVI. Secrets +SEC
XVII. Frequently Asked Questions +FAQ
XVIII. Contact Info +CI
XIX. Legal Stuff +LS


   Updates and Version History +UVH

11/28/08 - Version 0.3
In this update, I made the following changes:

Crazy Redd's - added prices (seeking info on paintings)
Marquee - all regular emotions (seeking info on Special Emotions)
Shampoodle - completed

I've also made an ASCII map of the city, and added
a search function. I am still looking for any and
all information on Katrina's fortunes and charms.

11/24/08 - Version 0.2
In this update, I made the following changes:

Marquee - almost all emotions
GracieGrace - completed
Kicks - completed
Resetti - all currently-known information

I've also added FAQ and Secrets sections, as well
as issued a correction to the GameFAQs team on the
proper placement of this guide.

11/21/08 - Version 0.1
I have the basic layout of this guide all set up,
with descriptions of all of the locations and what
information I was able to gather.


   Introduction +INT

Hello, and welcome to my guide on the area in Animal
Crossing: City Folk known simply as "the city". This
area is mostly for shopping, but there are some aspects
that require a closer look, and a hidden goodie or two.
To reach the city, check the shedule at the bus stop in
front of your town's gate. You can take the bus at any
time of day, but it won't come while you have your gates
opened, or are in someone else's town.

Random animals will wander the plaza, commenting on the
shops or people on your friends list who often visit the
city. Unlike the animals in your town, they will never
ask you for anything or remember who you are, and can
be pushed around without getting angry.

While in the city, you are unable to equip tools, plant
seeds, drops items, or display patterns.

In case you're inexperienced with conputers, or are just
unaware of the fact, you can press CTRL+F to find content
on the current page. Next to each section in the Table of
Contents, you'll see a two or three letter acronym with a
plus sign in front of it, such as +INT; type it into the
seach bar to find the corresponding section on the page.
(note: this feature is not case sensitive)


   City Map +CM

|                                                             |
|                           ____                              |
|                 _________| GG |_________                    |
|            ____/                        \____               |
|           /HRA                            AUC\              |
|         _____/           ______           \                 |
|        /                /      \           \                |
|       / MAR            |        |           \               |
|      /____           P |        |          KX\              |
|          /              \______/              |             |
|         |ABD                                  |             |
|  __     |                                     |  _       _  |
|_|CR|____|                                     |_|S|_____|K|_|
|                                                             |
|_____________________________   _________   _________________|_
|_____________________________B  _____________________________|R|

 ______________________________| KEY |__________________________________
|                                                                       |
| B - Bus Stop                       GG - GracieGrace                   |
| CR - Crazy Redd's                  AUC - The Auction House            |
| ABD - Automatic Bell Dispenser     KX - Kicks' Place                  |
| MAR - The Marquee                  S - Shampoodle                     |
| HRA - The Happy Room Academy       K - Katrina's Fortunes             |
| P - Phineas (random days)          R - Resetti's Surveillance Center  |


   Crazy Redd's Fine Furniture Emporium +CR

Location: South-west (map location CR)
Purpose: Selling rare furniture and paintings
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Price: 600 - 36,000

Crazy Redd, Tom Nook's eternal rival in the furniture game, has
traded his green tent and nomadic lifestyle in for an inconspicuous
little shop tucked in the shadiest corner of the city. Though you
still have to be a member to have a look at his wares, it's been
switched up a little in this iteration. Once you've been turned away
from the shop for not being a member, one of the animals in your town
will randomly bring Crazy Redd up in conversation, and offer to send
you an invitation in the mail. Return to the shop with the letter, and
you'll be let in. Redd will charge three thousand Bells for a full
membership, which never expires, and will give you an invitation card
to send to a friend over wifi, so that they'll be able to get in more
easily. Redd will give you another invitation to send out every week.

As in past games, Crazy Redd sells three items in his shop at a time;
two pieces of furniture, and a painting. Paintings can be donated to
the museum in your town, but fairly often, Redd will sell you a forgery.
While these can't be donated to the museum, they still look nice, and
can be displayed in your house. The furniture is usually rare, and there
are certain items that can be found only here. Redd always seems quite
pleased to have made a sale, supposedly because he charges much more
than an item is worth. This becomes apparent when he's selling an item
that you have recently seen at Nook's, or otherwise know the price of.
Redd restocks his shop once a week. For me, it's on Wednesdays, but I
am currently seeking information on whether that's the day he always
restocks, or if it varies from game to game.

=Crazy Redd's Exclusive Items=

Amazing Machine      (1,800)
Baby Bed             (2,400)
Backyard Pool        (2,700)
Basketball Hoop      (2,120)
Black Katana         (12,000)
Black Knight         (2,800)
Black Rook           (2,800)
Blue Bed             (2,540)
Blue Table           (2,300)
Cabana Bed           (2,560)
Cabana Chair         (2,560)
Cabin Chair          (3,120)
Classic Vanity       (2,100)
Classic Wardrobe     (2,100)
Clear Model          (3,360)
Deer Scare           (1,800)
Dice Stereo          (2,150)
Exotic Bed           (1,600)
Exotic Table         (2,320)
Frog-Woman Pole      (1,400)
Green Dresser        (2,300)
Green Wardrobe       (1,700)
High-End Stereo      (2,750)
Hospital Bed         (3,600)
Judge's Bell         (1,400)
Kiddie Bed           (2,560)
Kiddie Clock         (1,900)
Lawn Mower           (2,180)
Left Lucky Cat       (1,700)
Lovely Armoire       (2,100)
Lovely End Table     (1,480)
Lucky Black Cat      (1,700)
Mama Panda           (960)
Medicine Chest       (2,240)
Merry-Go-Round       (2,780)
Modern End Table     (1,800)
Modern Wardrobe      (2,400)
Pantheon Post        (3,600)
Paper Tiger          (680)
Pothos               (2,600)
Raccoon Figurine     (2,000)
Ranch Chair          (4,500)
Ranch Dresser        (1,200)
Red Corner           (2,720)
Regal Bed            (6,800)
Regal Chair          (1,790)
Robo-Closet          (2,760)
Robo-Lamp            (990)
Rocket               (2,900)
Saddle Fence         (2,280)
Safe                 (758)
Saw Horse            (1,800)
Scoreboard           (2,200)
Snake Plant          (1,200)
Space Shuttle        (640)
Spaceman             (1,440)
Steam Roller         (2,200)
Super Toilet         (1,980)
Tabletop Game        (2,480)
Timpano Drum         (2,100)
Triforce             (10,000)
Turntable            (2,580)
Well                 (3,600)
White Katana         (36,800)
White Knight         (2,800)
White Rook           (2,800)
Wide-Screen TV       (2,200)

Amazing Painting
Calm Painting
Dynamic Painting
Famous Painting
Fine Painting
Flowery Painting
Jolly Painting
Moody Painting
Moving Painting
Nice Painting
Perfect Painting
Proper Painting
Quaint Painting
Scary Painting
Scenic Painting
Serene Painting
Solemn Painting
Strange Painting
Warm Painting
Wistful Painting
Worthy Painting

Full list and prices coming soon. If you
would like to contribute, see the Contact
Info section at the bottom of this page.


   Automatic Bell Dispenser +ABD

Location: West (map location ABD)
Purpose: Banking in the city
Hours: Always open
Price: N/A

The Bank of Nintendo Main Branch ABD does exactly what you think
it would do; it dispenses Bells. It actually functions exactly like
the one in your Town Hall, even allowing you to pay your mortgage.
Its ATM-like function is incredibly convenient, as some items that
can be bought in the city cost more than your wallet holds, and not
everyone likes to carry around large bags of Bells.

Once you've deposited ten thousand Bells into your bank account,
you'll receive a Shopping Card in the mail. This item allows you
to pay for purchases directly from your account, without having to
withdraw Bells.


   The Marquee +MAR

Location: West (map location MAR)
Purpose: Learning new emotions
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Price: 800

Dr. Shrunk, the psychiatric comedian from Wild World, makes his
city debut on the stage of the small Marquee theatre. Each week,
a new set of four shows will be available to watch, each costing
eight hundred Bells. The shows consist of Dr. Shrunk either telling
a joke or anecdote, during which he uses an emotion, which you will
then be able to learn. You can hold four emotions at a time; if you
want to learn another, you'll have to replace one that you currently
have. You can watch as many shows as you want each day, but remember,
the same four shows will keep showing until Sunday, when a new set
becomes available.

On random days, an old frilled lizard known as Master Frillard
will be performing in The Marquee, teaching you emotions that Dr.
Shrunk doesn't know. There is no indication of when he is performing;
the only way to see him is to watch every show that you're unfamiliar
with. If you have any other information on this character, please submit
it through the Contact Info section at the bottom of this page.

 Dr. Shrunk's Emotions

Emotions are basically reactions displayed on and above your
character's face, and are displayed in the upper left while
your cursor is on-screen, as well as on the virtual keyboard.

Your character will look wide-eyed and distraught, a
heart floating from their head. Then, they will tilt
their head, and the heart will break.

Your character will look wide-eyed, mouth agape, and
an exclamation point will appear above their head.

Your character will clap excitedly,
eyes closed and smiling broadly

Your character will clasp their hands, close their
eyes, and sing, a music note drifting away.

Your character will lower their head and scowl.

Your character will hunch down, face red with
anger, and steam will burst from the top of
their head.

Your character will tilt their head back,
mouth open, and tears will fly from the
corners of their eyes.

Your character will shudder, hugging their
body, white zig-zag lines surrounding them.

Your character will close their eyes,
smily widely, and yellow lines will
appear around their head.

Your character will lower their
head and frown, eyes half-lidded.

Your character will slump over and swirling
black clouds will appear behind their head.

Your charecter will tilt their head to the right,
a question mark appearing over their head.

Your character will hop from foot to foot anxiously,
and little sweat drops will appear over their head.

Your character's eye region will turn
blue, their mouth agape and eyes wide.

Your character will lower their head,
hold their chin and furrow their brow,
a shadow fronted by a yellow sparkle
sliding across their eyes.

Your character will tilt their head back,
eyes wide and mouth hanging open, and four
white lines will appear by their right brow.

Your character will take a step back, eyes
wide and mouth agape, a yellow "cold front"
symbol appearing by their head.

Your character will lower their head, eyes half-lidded,
and sigh, a puff of steam escaping their lips.

Your character will smile, eyes half-lidded,
and a heart will float from their head.

Your character will sway and step from one foot
to the other, eyes closed and smiling, as flowers
emanate from behind their head.

Your character will smile widely, eyes closed.

Your character will close their eyes, frown, and
spread their hands in a "what can you do?" fashion.

Your character will clasp their hands
together, smiling and wide-eyed, as a
lightbulb appears above their head.

Your character will stare blankly, a light
breeze blowing a fallen leaf past them.

 Master Frillard's Emotions

Your character will lower their head, hold their
chin with their left hand, and three dots will
appear in a thought bubble above their head.

Full list coming soon. If you would like to contribute,
see the Contact Info section at the bottom of this page.


   The Happy Room Academy +HRA

Location: North-west (map location HRA)
Purpose: House decorating tips
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Price: N/A

Lyle, the insurance salesman from Wild World, returns as the
chairman of the Happy Room Academy. He doesn't seem very happy
about the change, but aside from a little aggressive sales talk,
it doesn't really impact you.

You can talk to Lyle about your most recent evalation, ask him
to stop sending HRA letters every week, and, most importantly,
look at a model room in the back that shows what the Happy Room
Academy is looking for. This room will be the one with the highest
HRA score within the current month's theme collected from wifi,
and changes every week.


   GracieGrace +GG

Location: North (map location GG)
Purpose: High-end clothing, accessories and furniture
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Price: Varies from high to VERY HIGH

GracieGrace is an expensive boutique owned by the famous fashion
designer from past games, Gracie. Though a porcupine named Labelle
(possible related to the Mable and Sable, Able sisters, and a play
on the term "fashion label"), Gracie herself will make an appearance
every so often. Everything for sale in GracieGrace is an exclusive
piece designed by Gracie's hand-selected artists, and as such is
quite expensive. The store sells clothing, accessories, umbrellas,
hats, wallpaper, carpet, and furniture. The stocked items change
with the season, following the fashions throughout the year.

 Exclusive GracieGrace Items

=Winter Fashions=

Blue Argyle Top      (4,800)
Zebra Shirt          (6,400)
Tiger Shirt          (6,400)
Cow Shirt            (6,400)
Giraffe Shirt        (6,200)
Trenchcoat           (5,200)
Tuxedo               (7,600)
Elegant Hat          (6,400)
Tortoise Specs       (5,200)
Masquerade Mask      (4,800)
Elegant Umbrella     (3,200)

=Winter Furniture=

Gorgeous Lamp        (60,000)
Gorgeous Stool       (80,000)
Gorgeous Chest       (90,000)
Gorgeous Seat        (90,000)
Gorgeous Sofa        (120,000)
Gorgeous Floor       (124,000)
Gorgeous Wall        (124,000)
Gorgeous Closet      (140,000)
Gorgeous Counter     (180,000)
Gorgeous Desk        (220,000)
Gorgeous Table       (250,000)
Gorgeous Bed         (300,000)

=Spring Fashions=

Orange Pinstripe     (5,000)
Pink Argyle Top      (5,800)
Ladybug Shirt        (5,400)
Caterpillar Tee      (6,800)
Cake Shirt           (6,000)
Butterfly Shirt      (7,200)
Maid Dress           (7,200)
Tiara Hair           (7,200)
Bridal Veil          (7,200)
Heart Shades         (4,800)
Petal Parasol        (3,200)

=Spring Furniture=

Princess Lamp        (68,000)
Princess Dresser     (80,000)
Princess Bed         (80,000)
Princess Cage        (90,000)
Princess Curio       (98,000)
Princess Sofa        (100,000)
Princess Chair       (120,000)
Princess Carpet      (124,000)
Princess Wall        (124,000)
Princess Closet      (180,000)
Princess Chest       (220,000)
Princess Table       (240,000)

=Summer Fashions=

Cyan Argyle Top      (5,400)
Coral Shirt          (6,200)
Groovy Shirt         (6,400)
Cool Shirt           (6,400)
Gracie’s Top         (6,200)
Pleather Vest        (6,200)
Bathrobe             (5,800)
Gracie Hat           (8,000)
Headband             (4,800)
Gracie Glasses       (6,200)
Gracie Umbrella      (3,200)

=Summer Furniture=

Gracie Low Table     (68,000)
Gracie Chair         (90,000)
Gracie Desk          (90,000)
Gracie Shelf         (98,000)
Gracie Bench         (110,000)
Gracie Bed           (120,000)
Gracie Lamp          (120,000)
Gracie Carpet        (124,000)
Gracie Wallpaper     (124,000)
Gracie Wardrobe      (138,000)
Gracie Chest         (220,000)
Gracie Wagon         (240,000)

=Autumn Fashions=

Red Argyle Top       (5,800)
Shirt Circuit        (5,120)
Pulse Shirt          (6,000)
Flan Shirt           (5,200)
Hot Dog Shirt        (6,000)
Sandwich Shirt       (6,400)
Witch Shirt          (7,200)
Retro Helmet         (5,000)
Witch’s Hat          (4,800)
Star Shades          (4,800)
Modern Umbrella      (3,200)

=Autumn Furniture=

Sweets Closet        (68,000)
Sweets Bed           (80,000)
Sweets Sofa          (80,000)
Sweets Mini-Table    (80,000)
Sweets Bookcase      (90,000)
Sweets Lamp          (98,000)
Sweets Mini-Lamp     (110,000)
Sweets Chair         (120,000)
Sweets Wall          (124,000)
Sweets Floor         (124,000)
Sweets Dresser       (220,000)
Sweets Table         (240,000)


   Auction House +AUC

Location: North-east (map location AUC)
Purpose: Auctioning items off to wifi friends
Hours: Always open
Price: It's an auction!

The Auction House is run by Lloid, a talking Gyroid similar
to the ones from Animal Crossing that served as your mailbox
and auctioneer. Here, you are able to put items up for bid, and
potentially get more bells for them than you could from Nooks or
by selling online. This can work in your favor especially well for
items that can't be bought, like fossils.

The Auction House runs passive auctions. That is to say, you can't
see what other people have bid on an item, and can place only one
bid on it yourself. As you're not actively competing with the other
bidders, your best bet is to bid as high as you're able.

Bidding periods within the Auction House begin on Saturday at
6:00 a.m., and end either on Sunday at midnight, or Monday at
6:00 a.m. (confirmation needed).


   Kicks' Place +KX

Location: East (map location KX)
Purpose: Changing the appearance of your shoes
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Price: 500

Kicks is a skunk that sits on the stoop of a boarded-up
building, shining shoes for five hundred Bells. You have
the option to match the shoes to your outfit by color, or
by style. When matching by color, Kicks will style your shoes
according to the color most prevalent in your outfit. If you
have a blue shirt with green sleeves, green glasses, and brown
hair, Kicks will make your shoes blue. However, if your hair had
been green, of if you had been wearing a green hat, that would tip
the scales in favor of green shoes.

When matching by style, Kicks will use either use the pattern
of your shirt, or the color ratio of your outfit. For example,
if you're wearing vertical stripes, Kicks will give your shoes
vertical stripes. If your shirt has no discernable pattery, he
will try to match the color ratio; that is to say, if your outfit
if exactly half black and half white, he will choose a style that
is exactly half and half, in colors of his choosing. If either
color makes up more than half of your outfit, Kicks will mirror
this in your shoes, making them a solid body color with straps
or laces of a different color. If you are wearing a full set of
clothes, such as Wrestler, Kicks will choose a preset style to
match it.

If your shoes already match your outfit, Kicks will buff your
shoes without changing how they look, and won't charge you for it.


   Shampoodle +SHM

Location: South-east (map location S)
Purpose: Change your hair or get a Mii Mask
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Price: 3,000

For a mere three thosand Bells, master cosmetologist Harriet
will either give you a new hair style, or a new mask based
on one of your Miis. The first time you get a Mii Mask, it
will be free. You can only use her services once a day, so
be certain of your choices.

While getting a Mii Mask entails nothing more than picking one
from a catalog, Harriet will ask you a battery of questions to
determine your hair style, the same way she did in Wild World.
This time around, however, you have the luxury of knowing what
kind of a hairstyle you'll be getting, even without a guide.

The first thing she'll ask is the category of hairstyle you
want. The options are Cute, Grown-up, and CRAZY!(boys)/Unique(girls).
When this guide is completed, it will contain a full list of
hairstyles, complete with descriptions of the styles and how
to get them. If anyone would like to contribute, please see the
Contact Info section at the bottom of this page. For now, I'll
list the ones I know.

 Boy Styles

 -Wave Style-
Cute | Not at all! | You bet I am!

This style is round on top, and has three
strands of bangs curving to the right.

 -Tyke Style-
Cute | Not at all! | Not so much

This style is pointed on the sides,
with bangs curved to the right.

 -Common Style-
Cute | Totally! | No way...darlin'!

This style is round on top,
with pointed bangs.

 -Pleated Style-
Cute | Totally! | I could care less

This style is a bowl cut,
with flat, pleated bangs.

 -Short Style-
Grown Up | Big brother | Um, receive it?

This style is the shortest possible.

 -Yankee Style-
Grown Up | Big brother | Um, give it?

This style has spikes oriented on
a central point in the front.

 -Swoop Style-
Grown up | Businessman | I'll risk it

This style is round on top, and swoops
up and to the right in the front.

 -Smug Style-
Grown Up | Businessman | I'll run!

This style is round on top, with
pleated bangs curving to the right.

 -Split Style-
Crazy! | Sure! | Movie Star!

This style is parted down the middle.

 -Squirt Style-
Crazy! | Sure! | Rock Star!

This style is pointed on top, and
has straight pointed bangs.

 -Spike Style-
Crazy! | Not. At. ALL. | Yeah, totally!

This style has splayed spikes on top.

 -Part Style-
Crazy! | Not. At. ALL. | No, it just happens

This style is parted on the left.

 Girl Styles

 -Nice Style-
Cute | Not at all! | Going out!

This style has a bun on top,
with flat, straight bangs.

 -Charming Style-
Cute | Not at all! | Going home...

This style is long, with
flat, straight bangs.

 -Natural Style-
Cute | To a T! | Yep

This style is short, with
bangs parted down the middle.

 -Darling Style-
Cute | To a T! | Ew, no!

This style has pigtails on the
sides and straight, pointed bangs.

 -Regal Style-
Grown up | Elegant | Receive!

This style is long, with
the bangs tied back on top.

 -Mature Style-
Grown up | Elegant | Give!

This style has a bun in the back and is
parted on the left, with rounded bangs.

 -Sweet Style-
Grown up | Alluring | That's the idea!

This style is long, with bangs parted
on the left and curved to the right.

 -Sincere Style-
Grown up | Alluring | I'll say, "Back off!"

This style has a ponytail in the back,
with long bangs parted down the middle.

 -Fun Style-
Unique | Bring it on! | A pop star!

This style is wavy and cut close all
around, with short, rounded bangs.

 -Spunky Style-
Unique | Bring it on! | A model!
This style is pointed on the sides and
parted on the left, with rounded bangs.

 -Bold Style-
Unique | ZERO interest | No, it takes work!

This style has short pigtails behind the
ears, the bangs tied at the top of the head.

 -Kid Style-
Unique | ZERO interest | Totally

This style is short, with
straight, flat bangs.


Safe - Brown
Lighthearted - Yellow
Fiery - Red
Flirty - Pink

Myterious - Dark Brown
Fresh - Blue
Attractive - Green
Radiant - White


   Katrina's House of Fortunes +KAT

Location: South-east (map location K)
Purpose: Get a forture or charm
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Price: 100

Katrina, the fortune teller from past games, is perhaps the
most interesting change thus far. Her weekly fortnes can have
positive or negative effects, and her mysterious monthly charms
take the form of unusual tasks that a wifi friend visiting your
town must perform to receive a mystic reward.

Unfortunately, again, there is far too little information available
to make a guide on it at this time. If anyone has this information,
please drop me a line via the Contact Information at the bottom of
this page.


   Resetti's Surveillance Center +RSC

Location: South-east (map location R)
Purpose: Interacting with Mr. Resetti
Hours: 8:00 p.m. - ??? (random day)
Price: N/A

Here you will find Mr. Resetti in his oft-mentioned control
center, from which he is dispatched every time someone turns
their Animal Crossing game off without saving. It is located
on the sidewalk to the east of the bus stop, below Katrina's
House of Fortune. On a random day at 8:00 p.m., one of the
two traffic cones standing on the sidewalk will be moved to
the side, and you will be able to enter this area. Once you've
walked out of Resetti's Surveillance Center, however, the way
back in will be closed behind you.

As of right now, the extent to which you can interact with
Resetti is unknown, but it's reported that he will give you
the Silver Shovel, and that you can sometimes find Don, his
brother, in his place. If anyone has further information on
this, let me know through the Contact Information at the
bottom of this page.


   City Special Visitors +CSV


Phineas is a sea lion that appears in the city at
9:00 a.m. on random days, several times each week,
to hand out free "prizes" to children. You can choose
one of four equipable items each day that you see him,
the color of which seems to be randomly chosen. While
Phineas is in the city, the music will take on a circus
or carnival-like quality. The items Phineas gives you
are as follows.

These are ordinary egg-shaped balloons
filled with helium.

 -Bunny Balloon-
These helium-filled balloons are in the
shape of a rabbit's head.

Pinwheels spin and click in the wind as
you run, and are available in solid color
and two-tone varieties.

 -Bubble Wand-
Bubble Wands allow you to blow soap bubbles,
which drift on the wind and pop upon contact
with solid objects. Bubble Wands are only
available in a light pink color.

 Master Frillard

Every so often, one of Dr. Shrunk's shows at The
Marquee will be replaced by one of Master Frillard's.
His show will appear with the others on Sunday, and
will be playing all week. See the Marquee section
for more details.

This section is currently incomplete. If you could like
to contribute, see the Contact Info section at the bottom
of this page.


   Secrets +SEC

=Totaka's Song=

If you stay in the bus for long enough, Kapp'n
will start whistling some of his sea shanties from the
original Animal Crossing. Eventually, he will whistling
Totaka's Song, a short tune by Nintendo composer and K.K.
Slider namesake Totaka Kazumi. This song has appeared in
every Animal Crossing game, and has been hidden in a number
of games Totaka's worked on, including Luigi's Mansion, Yoshi's
Story, and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

For a version of this song that can be played on your
stereo, find K.K. Slider in The Roost on Saturday night
and request that he play K.K. Song.

If you know of any other secrets involving the city,
let me know via the Contact Info section below!


   Frequently Asked Questions +FAQ

Q: When does the city open?

A: While you can get to the city any time outside of
   wifi play, it really comes back to life after the
   night at 9:00 a.m. The lights turn on in The Happy
   Room Academy and GracieGrace, Kicks and a second
   animal visitor will show up (before 9:00, there's
   only one animal in the plaza), and the music will
   change to the familiar daytime theme.

Q: When does the city close?

A: You can reach the city at any time of day, but
   the majority of shops close at 9:00 p.m. There
   are a few acceptions to this; The Marquee is
   open until 11:00, Katrina's until 12:00, and
   Crazy Redd locks up at 1:00.

Q: How do I throw stuff into the fountain?

A: The fountain you throw items into isn't the one
   in the city, but the one in your town, which will
   be built once you've donated enough Bells to the
   Town Fund. Specifically, donate 200,000 Bells,
   then once the bridge has been built, donate
   another 500,000 to get the fountain.

Q: Lloid said that he couldn't take any more items
   when I tried to put one up for auction, but then
   he said that there was nothing to bid on when the
   bidding period started!

A: This is a glitch caused when you or someone on
   your Friends List time travels outside of the
   current week. The matter is currently being
   looked into.

Have a question? Submit it through
the Contact Info section below!


   Contact Info +CI

If you have any questions, comments, or would like
to contribute, you should contact me via email at
ChesuMori@gmail.com. I delete spam indiscriminately,
so if your email provider is known to be blocked by
spam filters, I may not see your message. You can also
find me on the Animal Crossing: City Folk board with
the name Chesu, so no matter the topic I'm posting in,
let me know you have something to say! Finally, you can
reach me on AIM; my screen name is Kesipirie. I always
enjoy getting feedback, especially if it enables me to
add content to this FAQ! 


   Legal Stuff +LS

This guide and all of its content are © (copyright) Chesu 
(Kyle Merritt), 2008. I'm not going to post this guide on any
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