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Oh, little Jeannie... 01/28/08 discoinferno84
Kill your way to the top and become the #1 ranked assassin. 02/01/08 PeachKid
Head for the Garden of Madness 02/11/10 47pik
If you want blood... you got it and much more! 02/06/08 akuma634
The fact that you poop to save about sums it up. 01/14/09 Archmonk Iga
The fact that you poop to save about sums it up. 10/06/08 Crazee Boy
Hey, that's the same thing I said after playing the last Wii *Medal Of Honor* game! 01/31/08 CrimsonGear80
The bloody best way to start off the new year, NMH takes the path less traveled-in a good way. 03/12/08 CyborgSage00x0
Nearly flawless, very fun... and yet somehow unremarkable. 02/04/10 DDJ
The closest we'll ever get to a decent 3D Final Fight. 01/30/08 dyehater
Another bizarre game from Suda51 hits the Wii in a flash of electricity and blood. 01/05/09 FungTheDestroy
A very original and humorous game. 06/06/08 GodOfWarFanatic
Those looking for a raw, entertaining, wholly satisfying and brilliantly delivered mature game for the Wii, look no further than No More Heroes. 04/24/08 HailToTheGun
Heads Will Roll... 06/02/08 horror_spooky
The Kiddy Image of the Wii has just been assassinated 04/15/08 JoeB_91
No More Zeroes 07/06/18 Lord-Spencer
Becoming number one isn't as glamorous as you might think. 02/07/12 MTLH
Stylish, insane, and fun. It's Suda41 after all. 03/24/08 Nemesissy
Amazing games like this one only come around once every console generation. 03/17/08 nintendosega
This is what happens when developers don't conform to the norm. 01/31/08 ping5000
While it won't appeal to everyone, No More Heroes is full of action and delivers a lot of fun 09/25/08 Platyphyllis
If I become numer one, will ya do it with me?! 03/05/08 PrinceMallow
While it's definitely not for everyone, No More Heroes is a rich and unique title for those willing to experience it. 07/21/08 Quovak
It has style, but limited substance. 07/06/09 rdccdr801
Hack, slash, and suplex your way to #1! 02/25/08 ShadowGuardian9
"If I become number one, will you do it with me?" 02/11/08 SuperPhillip
Great, bloody, humorous, but short 02/04/08 Trusk
Nintendo's stylish, vulgar and underrated classic! 04/20/10 Wiggis
A Touchdown for Suda 51 03/10/08 zeshin_reloaded

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