I've completed all the rainbows and have obtained the first seedling of hope, but i cant get across Edge's rainbow!?

  1. I cannot cross it! Help!!!!

    User Info: Aromalf

    Aromalf - 9 years ago

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  1. Well, you need to plant the first Seedling of Hope in the Harvest Goddess Spring (if you didn't already) and it will die. You'll need to find the second one: Calvin has it. He'll ask you to meet him on the 10th floor of the Ganache Mine and he'll give you the seedling. Of course, you'll need to plant it in the Harvest Goddess Spring and it'll die again. Finally, to find the last Seedling of Hope, you'll need to speak to the Mayor when he is in the Sunday Inn (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings I think) and you'll ask him a couple of questions, you'll need to ask him questions related to the seedling. Finally, when you can ask him "the place" and about a certain "object", ask him and finish by asking the question related to the seedling. You'll need to go to the Church afterwards to find a key in the altar and use it to unlock the locked door in the Mayor House (of course, when he isn't there) and you'll find the last Seedling of Hope that you'll need to plant. Now, just exit the spring and return immediately to find the Harvest Sprites dancing around telling you that is the good seedling. You'll need to wait 4 days later until the Mother Tree will be fully grown and you'll be able to cross Edge's rainbow. (In order to grow the Mother Tree, you'll need a total of 50 hearts with the villagers, including wild animals, excluding livestock).

    Hope this is the answer you are seeking for!

    User Info: stache10

    stache10 - 9 years ago 2 0

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