How Do Make Lots Of Money Fast??

  1. Will i have alot of money but, i Takes like a week to make it but. i make like 5000g ever week

    User Info: Ryder626

    Ryder626 - 9 years ago

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  1. With crops: Find the most profitable crop (i.e. Eggplant in the Fall) and plant a whole field of that. With decent watering can skills it should be pretty easy to maintain.

    With animals: Get silkworms and the yarn maker. When you get silk, put it in the yarn maker and it will become silk thread. Then take that thread and put it in the dye maker with blue flowers or blue grass to dye it blue (blue dyed silk sells for the most). Quality won't matter after you dye it. Blue silk gives roughly 2000G each so if you have 8 silkworms and enough blue flowers you can make 14000G every four days.

    With mining: Travel down to floor 25 and mine down around those levels. You will get lots of expensive gems you can sell. Be sure to collect mushrooms and toadstools to sell (floor 19 has a ton of these as well).

    You can do all three of these things together. Get up, take care of crops, take care of animals, refine and sell ore/gems from previous day, go mining until you are full of items or run out of time for the day, and then head back to bed.

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  1. Go toucan island every 3 days and pick as much friut up as there is and fish as much as yuou can...

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  2. Like go there then 3 days l8er go there again

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  3. Well, you can make near or over 20,000g every few days in spring and summer by growing strawberries. By a "few" I mean I've never actually counted but it should be less than or a bit over every week. Eggplants provide a bit less but they grow in fall. In winter nothing grows except breadfruit so I don't even bother.

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  4. You can make even more money with the regular Mushrooms by cutting up a Mushroom along with any color Herb using a Cutting Board to make Marinated Mushrooms.

    User Info: Nate_McCloud

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  5. Average to High Selling : Fishing. If u can get to Toucan Island, this is your best spot to make big revenue. My record was 5000+G in one day
    Mid to High Selling : If you have at least 10000 G, grow at least 3 of each kind of crops. I always doing thad. After you harvest one crop that can only harvested once, go buy it new. If Taylor have come to the island, he has lots off rare and unique crops. Make sure to buy Telephone before you order Seeds. Animals crop also help. My record was 10000+G in one day
    High to Very High Selling : Mining. At Ganache Mine. At lv. 19 make sure u get all of the mushrooms. Make sure you upgrade your Hammer to Gold. Not needed to upgrade your skill level. Hard to find Cooper, Silver, Gold ? If Julius have come to your island, he will sell all of them at Flea Market at Fall / Winter. Back to the Mine. At level 20+, make sure you smash all of the crystals, and search the sparkling one. They contain gems and if you lucky you might get rare gems such as diamond, garnet, crystal etc. You might need at least 3 Power Berries and at least upgrade your Rucksack to at least 25 slots. Once you have fulfill the requirement, you will get huge profit at mining. My record was 11000+G in one day

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  6. Honeydews in the summer make a lot of money, especially if you have used fertilizer (2 per row if the soil is poor) so you get perfect honeydews. In the fall, blue mist flowers can be used to make blue perfume, which sells for about 500 g. Honeydews in summer turn my bank account around. :)

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  7. From the beginning i personally go to the mines. I get every mushroom an toadstool that is available each level from level 2 - 19 after nineteen i stop getting those and work my way down to level 25 for the wonderful's which can be refined into expensive gems and other stuff. I haven't tested with crops, but after a good day in the mine i get around 1000 - 2500 gold per day if I'm lucky with the wonderfuls. As for crops like everyone else says find the crop that sells for the most in the season your currently in ( i prefer the crops that can be harvested multiple times, but also grow some of the other just for a change ) plant those ( keep in mind that a good watering can level helps ALOT ). Fishing has it's up's and downs sometimes you get fish that's sold for a lot ans other times it's just a regular fish but fish if your tired of everything else. On rainy days gather herbs and go to the mines. For animals Basil_Evenstar post pretty much sums it up, the more animals you got the more profit you get. Repeat for each season, dont miss out on festivals, talk to townsfolk often, and watch out for ingredients for rainbows. o.O

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  8. There is also another option,if u are married you can sell the lunch boxes your spouse gives u.but it depends on who the spouse is.

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  9. Make Blue Silk Yarn, it really sells well.

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  10. -U need to think how to sell the animal produte and the crops that u can earn everyday to earn more money.

    -Like the silk yarn if combine with blue herb if the most expencive one. if is enough blue herb u can buy the blue herb seed that can be grow in summer at the 22th spring flea market.

    -Then the chicken egg if the quality is between decent to perfect, u can use the aging pot to make seasonal egg cost 190G. because the perfect mayonesse is only 140G.

    -And the milk if the quality is between decent and good, u can use also the aging pot to make yourgut cost 240G

    -For the low value crops u can use the frying pan to make a stir-flie cost 240G only need one of any vegetables(eg: decent potato cost 60G, after cook w/ frying pan cost 240G)

    -In the mine 19 floor can pick many mushrooms

    -with the match cook the fish. and the cheap fisf use the oven cook with herb to make a herb fish cost 260G

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  11. Buy Decent Cocoon for 600G from Brownie Ranch. Buy a Yarn Maker. Make Silk Yarn. Dye it blue. Sell for 2100G. 1500G profit.

    User Info: Koruchan

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