Datel Wii Power Save (North America)

  1. From Jay FNG Philbrook (11/19/2007; 87KB) 01 Start with 9995 Upgrade Stars

Wii Game Save File (North America)

  1. From wrb9822 (04/26/2010; 82KB) RBUE - all weapons including hand cannon unlocked and upgraded to infinite ammo
  2. From joman13 (11/21/2007; 82KB) RBUE - FULL S Rank Normal and Hard. All files and Archive items. All weapons at level 4 w/Infinite Ammo upgrade (lv.5) unlocked. 187 Stars for Upgrading.
  3. From BoyLover X (11/19/2007; 82KB) RBUE - Infinite Ammo for all weapons unlocked

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

  1. From AsmodeanBT (12/07/2007; 82KB) RBUP - Infinite Ammo unlocked
  2. From MLWW (02/27/2008; 82KB) RBUP - S ranks on all levels in easy, normal and hard modes, all unlocked, all weapons and infinite ammo

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