Where do I put the save game data on my Wii?

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    kuroclaus - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    when i downloaded it, it pops up on my comp and then when i try to move it to my sd card it still doesnt work can some one give me a detailed description on how to make it work pLuR 4 uR MiNd

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    glowwitme - 9 years ago

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  1. If you are refering to downloading a save file from here or somewhere else on the internet and using that for your game, here is what you do:

    1a) You will need to make a folder for the game save. This folder needs to be specific. The best way is to copy the current save game data for your game to your SD card. This should automatically create the correct folder for you.

    1b) However, if you currently do not have any save data, you can create the folder manually. Every game has a unique code. The code for this game is RBUE, assuming you are in NTSC region. (You can see this when you go the Saves section here on GameFAQs). Create this folder tree on to your SD card: private\wii\title\RBUE
    This is the folder you will use for this game.

    2) Now that you have the correct folder on your SD card, download whichever save file you wish to use. Just make sure you are using the correct region. You will need to rename this file to data.bin. If you already have a data file from step 1a, erase it or move it somewhere else.

    3) You should now have data.bin in the RBUE folder on your SD card. Plug the card into your Wii and go to the data management. If you currently have save data for this game in your Wii's system memory, you must delete it first. Once the data is clear, copy your new save data from your SD card into your memory.

    If you have any errors, either by having the wrong folder name or wrong file name, it will not show up when you try to copy it over on your Wii. You can do this with most games, but note that same games (in particular, online games such as Smash Bros. or MarioKart will not allow you to transfer save data in this fashion).

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  1. The save date is automatically there when you save progress in the game.

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    RobJ23 - 9 years ago 2 1
  2. I'm assuming you mean how to copy save data you've downloaded from GameFAQs to your Wii. You simply copy the folder to the directory on your SDcard and copy the save from the SD card to your Wii through the data management menu.

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  3. You cant copy any save data from resident evil to an SD card. Nintendo was being a real 8itch on which games you can and cant copy the save files from. If you have a chipped wii a mod to fix this irritating function would be awesome, but im afraid that you cant transfer the data onto an SD card.

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