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Where does whacka go after you bump 5 times I cant find him? Build 2 2 weeks ago
Strangly-shaped blocks? General 3 2 weeks ago
Why do i have to beat PO100T in Flopside twice? Plot 2 2 weeks ago
How do I beat the second Brobot? Main Quest 3 2 weeks ago
how do u beat Francis? Enemy/Boss 4 2 weeks ago
Was there an easier way to beat mimi? Main Quest 2 2 weeks ago
Will I Like This Game? General 2 2 weeks ago
Can we use the Wii controller (pro)? General 4 2 weeks ago
How do I get past level 3? Main Quest 6 1 month ago
Is there a way to use Wii Classic Controller in this game? Tech Support 1 2 months ago

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