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Wii came, WE conquered 07/13/07 Arkrex
When it came out, it was amazing. Now, its just ok 08/13/10 BimmyandJimmy
Finally, a reason to play sports on a video game console 10/15/07 bluej33
Innovation. A Wee bit away? 02/12/07 Dbzmaniax
A better pack in game than Mario / Duck Hunt? 01/03/08 del20nd
Yeah, the boy can play... 03/12/07 discoinferno84
Terrific Start to the Wii! 07/25/07 dizzyjay2
A good game to come with the pack, as it IS just a tech demo really. 04/29/10 Exodist
The simplicity of this game makes it mindlessly addicting. 06/23/08 GodOfWarFanatic
Wii Would Like to Play 06/09/08 horror_spooky
A new, perhaps golden age for videogames (and videogamers) 08/07/07 Kaiden
A wonderful success for zero quid! 12/20/07 Mulder_Scully_1
Free things aren't usually good, but Nintendo doesn't do usual... 11/13/07 Nemesissy
A good way to show off a little bit of what the Wii can do. 01/02/07 Pep
The beginning of the Move Era 01/29/09 soiden
This game makes my friends want to steal my Wii, perhaps I should dock the game points for this misfortune... 01/08/07 the ultimate68
Wii sports is so simple, so addictive and so challenging when it works 03/20/07 TheEternalVenomX
Wii Sports and 3 friends, the perfect recipe for fun! 06/27/07 thehumanfly
Wii Sports: Simple and Fun 01/04/07 Toblerowned
Probably the only game you can play with every member of your family - old and young alike. 03/02/07 wannabepunktony
It's the best free thing you'll ever own 11/27/06 Zipp_Dementia

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Nintendo does it again 12/04/06 Bass260
Although not all the games are winners, Wii Sports is certainly fun and easy to play. 12/08/06 BassDX
Looking for a reason to buy a Wii? Here it is... 12/11/06 BrainSalad23
Amazingly Fun and Simple 11/27/06 briantw
The best tech demo EVER! 01/22/07 brustison
An Uneven, but Robust Selection of Games 04/14/11 buruburu1
Wheeeeeeee! 12/18/06 clarkisdark
Wii Can Play Together 01/02/07 Commandante
Woah there F-words! Free, fun, fantastic! 01/08/07 Flame060
Hands on experience 06/25/07 Galactus21
The game that started it all... 07/28/09 JoeB_91
You'll Be Playing For A While 03/06/07 juicecentral
Wii Sports: For What It's Worth 01/16/07 KaizerInvictus
Wii, with a touch of sports 11/30/06 Master75
Everything that are free the best... Well are they? 12/25/07 MoNkEyZzZzey
Simple? Check. Tons of fun? Check. Depth? Nope. 02/06/07 Ptolemaueus
Wii arrived with a fun sport game 12/17/07 pYrAmId_bUiLdEr
Wii Sports, a free game bundled with the Wii, but is it fun? 02/13/07 Real_Conchris
Some fun little tech demos that really needed some depth. 11/28/06 ShadowGuardian9
Fun beta test that's still good today 09/29/17 ShadowSect
Incomplete tech demos while somewhat fun, also frustrating 01/02/07 SIAB_forever
A great title you won't forget...and it's free! 11/29/06 Trogdorocks
A fun and enjoyable box-in title 05/29/08 ValleyofAshes
Pretty Fun 11/25/06 Veggie22
Well, it was free... 08/30/07 wolverinefan
While nothing more than a glorified tech demo, Wii Sports manages to be a fun, albeit shallow, experience. 09/04/07 ZFS

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
Wii Sports: Wii had fun, will you? 01/03/08 1001Human
It is what it is; extremely simplistic, life of the party. 11/21/06 alphablitz
Yes it's free, but it failed to showcase the Wii's power! 11/28/06 BIOJECT
Don't expect too much from this glorified tech demo 08/15/11 BloodGod65
Wii Sports is the epitome of Sports Titles 09/10/07 Boon_McNougat
Wii for me, Sports for free! 12/07/06 CageNightwind
100% good 0% bad 07/07/08 cj6199
5 Games in 1...sounds good to me! 11/27/06 ConMan09
Perfect for a pack-in game 12/11/06 d3ad718
Play like the pros! That is, on the Wii of course. 09/13/07 DarkMirrorLink
A Taste of What's Yet to Come...Hopefully... 12/18/06 Frassle
Great fun for all ages! 11/21/06 gdogg2004
Wii Sports isn't a creative name, but a creative game 01/16/07 heywallace47
Best Free game ever. 12/11/06 iammaxhailme
I could've sworn I lost some weight.. and gained some muscle (Boxing!) 01/31/08 joeyissoweird
Wii Sports, 5 games, a review for each 11/21/06 mcwizardx
Since you get a free copy, it's obviously worth the time... 03/30/09 MechaGanon
Bowling is greatest, but so are the rest I guess 12/20/06 MicroProject
This game turned me from a Wii-hater into a believer of this little system that could. 12/11/06 Misfit119
A perfect game to illustrate the capabilities of the Wii, good and bad 11/25/06 mrduckyrisin
Why is my sister suddenly better then me? 12/11/06 neonblue2
somewhere between a tech demo and a game 03/31/09 neonreaper
Wii Sports is Wiitastic! 01/02/07 ResidentEvil421
It came with the Wii. And who would not want it? 12/20/10 Retroreviewer Productions
An Amazing and Entertaining Game 12/07/06 RockyStarPro
Wii Sports, a sports game fit for a King (Or at the very least a Lord) 11/25/06 Snuffy_Mccrack
A Great, Fun multiplayer game to start your collection 01/05/09 SSBbrawler11
Excersise and video games contradict each other. Well, now they're combined in one! 01/02/07 Teh_Bleepster
A great example that shows just what the Wiimote can do. 11/21/06 thebestporter
Finally I'll get some exercise through video games... 04/18/08 thecheese103
Your daily 20 minutes of exercise... 11/22/06 theEqualizer
The best tech demo you'll ever play. 11/25/06 VyseGuy999

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