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FAQ/Walkthrough by WishingTikal

Version: 2 | Updated: 07/04/13

Dragon Quest Swords for Nintendo Wii
By WishingTikal 

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Walk
Chapter 2 Doubt
Chapter 3 The Mask
Chapter 4 Torment
Chapter 5 The Tower
Chapter 6 Reflection
Chapter 7 The Parting
Chapter 8 Deathbringer

Magic/Spell List
Sword Tempering
Shops List


1. Introduction

Spiritual successor to Kenshin  Dragon Quest (a TV game  that came with a sword
and shield), Dragon Quest Swords  puts you in the role  of a young man who must
undertake the Walk of the Worthy as he turns sixteen. At the same time, strange
things are happening in the  kingdom of Avalonia. The  Queen has started acting
weird and wearing a  frightful mask. As  you undergo the trials  of the Walk of
the Worthy, your path crosses  the path of other companions  that will join you
on the quest as the mystery of the Tower  of Mirrors unfolds. Armed with the...
Wiimote, it's up to you to save Avalonia and the Queen.

2. Walkthrough

Prologue ~ Premonition ~

After the brief intro,  follow the tutorial  as Dao instructs  you. Afterwards,
talk to Claymore, on  the left. Examine  the barrels around  the room to find a
Medicinal Herb and a  Mini Medal, then leave  through the exit  next to Anlace.
Head up the hallway  and exit the castle  by the entrance gate  to meet back up
with Claymore outside.

Chapter 1 ~ The Walk ~

Before leaving your house, note the chest  in the corner. You can deposit money
there when you  have 1000 gold  coins or more.  That money  will stay  there no
matter what (otherwise,  you'll lose half  of what you are carrying  if you die
within a level). Now examine the door to leave.

Outside, examine the barrel  left of your house's entrance  to find a Medicinal
Herb, and the barrel behind  the shop next to your house  to find 8 gold coins.
Nothing else of interest for  now, so head up to the castle  and open the gates
to enter.

Talk to the Colonel  Cutlass inside. After  the ensuing cutscene,  head down to
the training room where the game started. Head outside by the other exit to end
up behind the castle. The path you must follow will be indicated in red on your
map (top right corner).

Examine the barrel left of the merchant  kiosque on the right to find a pair of
Boxer Shorts. Don't  thow them away  even though  the defence is  low, they can
award you bonus points later on. 

Cross the footbridge  to  the church.  There's a  little pathway  leading  down
behind the church  where  you'll find  a  chest with  a pouch  of Replenishield
Powder. If  you need  to save  your game,  talk to  the priestress  inside  the

Now head back down the stairway to be back  at your house. Head into the middle
path and talk to the  guard so he opens  the gate. Select Caliburn  Cave on the

Northern Plains

Items: Mini Medal, Medicinal Herb, Gold Coins, Lucky Bag
Enemies: Slime, She-Slime, Mischievous Mole, Winky

Head down  the  path  to encounter   your  first  monsters.   The  battles  are
predetermined, not random,  so every time  you re-do a level,  the same enemies
will appear at the same spots. 

If you got the tutorial right,  you should know what to  do. A horizontal slash
for a line of enemies will dispatch them more quickly at once. If the the enemy
is not centered,  don't forget to  lock-on onto  it before slashing  (point and
press A). 

Also, examine all bushes you come across on the side of the path to find items.
I would tell you which, but the items are  random and change every time (so are
their locations).

To defeat  the Mischievous  Moles,  put  up your  shield  while  the moles  are
standing back, then slash when they're close  enough. If you start being low on
health, use  items (Medicinal  Herb)  by  opening  the menu with  the 1 button.
You'll then get to the cave. Talk to the  man to receive three Medicinal Herbs,
then enter the cave.

Caliburn Cave

Items: Mini Medal, Medicinal Herb, Antidotal Herb, Gold Coins, Lucky Bag
Enemies: Slime, Heal Slime, Dracky, Bubble Slime, Bodkin Archer

Don't forget to examine the piles of rocks to find items. Head forward into the
opening in the wall and defeat some more enemies. Open the treasure chest for a
Lucky Bag.

You'll then come to  a fork. To go left,  you'll need to Boulder  Dasher, which
can be bought in town. If you  have at least three Mini  Medals, you can buy it
now, or just come  back later.  Behind the  boulder lies  a chest containing  a
Lucky Bag.

Otherwise, take  the right path.  Continue  to fight more  enemies. The  Bodkin
Archers can be defeated by slashing the  sword to send the arrows back at them.
When you spot the blue dot, lock-on to it with the wiimote, then as soon as the
arrow reaches  you,  slash  as hard  as you can  to hit  it back  at the  right

Then head down the path and open the gate.

Sir Dirk Worthington

Block his attack, then  you'll get an opening  to strike several  shots. If you
spot a Heal Slime, take  it down immediatly  or it will heal  the boss. Use the
Mighty Strike if you haven't  already. If you keep blocking,  then hitting, the
fight is very easy. Deal the deathblow at the end to finish him off.

Reward: Lucky Bag

S Rank: Thunderball x1
A Rank: Iron Ore x1
B Rank: Monsterbone x1

Chapter 2 ~ Doubt ~

Now there's a little  more to do.  If you talk to  the shopkeeper  next to your
house and ask about  the Tombola, you'll  get a free Tombola  Ticket. Then head
over to the  pub at  the right  of the castle  and  examine  the barrel  at the
entrance to find 30 gold coins.

Head up the stairway leading to the castle's  back entrance and take the little
path to the right, which goes along the mountainside. Follow it to the very end
to find a cave which  holds a shop  where you can  spend your Mini  Medals. The
first thing you  should buy is the  Boulder Dasher,  which allows  you to break
boulders blocking your path.

Now head over  to the castle  and talk with  the Minister  in the throne  room.
Return to your house. After the scene, leave and talk to Anlace outside, by the
fountain. Accept  to accompany  him  and he will  join the party.  When  you're
ready, talk to the guard at the town exit and select Galantyne Glades.

Galantyne Glades

Items: Mini Medal, Gold Coins, Medicinal  Herb, Antidotal Herb, Lucky Bag, Iron
Enemies: Slime,  Funghoul, Orc,  Bodkin Archer,  Walking Corpse,  Slime Knight,
Heal Slime, Dracky, Bubble Slime, Drackmage

In this level  you'll  have to  examine  the rocks  along the  path for  items.
Usually when you come  to a tree with mushrooms,  Funghouls  will come out (you
can actually slash the mushrooms before  they do). After fighting a couple more
enemies and some Walking Corpses, you'll come to a fork.

If you followed the guide,  you should have bought the  Boulder Dasher from the
Jailcat's shop in town. Choose the left path and smash down the boulder. At the
end of the path  you'll find  a chest containing  a Lucky  Bag. Then you'll  be
returned to the fork.

This time choose the  right path. At the  end of the giant tree  trunk, destroy
the wooden wall blocking your  path with your sword. Outside  you'll fight some
Orcs. They are harder to defeat since they defend themselves, but you can block
their attacks with your shield and then strike them quickly.

Ahead you'll come  to a treasure  chest with a lump  of Iron Ore.  Then will be
another junction. Start with the right path  since it's a dead-end. You'll find
two chests containing 120 gold coins and a Mini Medal.

Back at the junction, take  the left path this time and  eventually you'll come
to a clearing.


Block his punches by putting up your shield where he is going to hit. It's hard
to do but you can see  them coming so just  be quick on your  reflexes. If your
shield begins to break apart, use Replenishield Powder. Heal with healing items
if needed, but Anlace  should keep you healed  you as well.  After blocking the
attacks, strike Briquet until  he starts attacking again.  Use Mighty Strike or
Multistrike if you have it.

Reward: Iron Ore

S Rank: Ice Crystal x1
A Rank: Iron Ore x1
B Rank: Monsterbone x1

Chapter 3 ~ The Mask ~

Look around  town,  take your  time  to restock  on items  and  buy the  newest
equipment, then pay a visit to your house. Fleurette should be inside with your
father. Accept to  accompany her  to Arondight Heights.  When you're  ready, go
talk to her  at the church.  Head back  to the world  map and  select the  next

Arondight Heights

Items: Gold  coins,  Mini Medal,  Lucky   Bag,  Monster  Bone, Antidotal  Herb,
Medecinal Herb, Iron Ore, Thunderball, Yggdrasil Leaf, Replenishield Powder
Enemies: Mad  Mole, Rockbomb,  Chimaera,  Slime,  She-Slime,  Heal Slime,  King
Slime, Hell  Hornet,   Gorerilla,  Merman,   Anchorman,  Fire  Spirit,  Wyvern,

This level introduces  many new enemies.  To defeat the Rockbombs,  defend with
the shield, then thrust at them with your sword to send them back exploding. If
other Rockbombs  are behind,  they will  all blow  up, making  for a nice  hit.
Slashing will kill them too but is more risky.

When you get to the first fork in the path,  go right first. Follow the path to
a bridge where you'll be attacked by Chimaeras. Defeat the two Rockbombs first,
then take on the  Chimaeras. To  defeat them, you'll  need to slash  back their
attacks just like  with the Bodkin  Archers and  their arrows. Only  this time,
you'll need to take them down  quickly before they destroy  the bridge. Hit the
fireballs back at them by slashing  as hard as possible  so you can defeat them
in one hit.

Once they're down, cross the bridge and follow the path. You'll eventually come
to a chest containing a Yggdrasil Leaf at the end of the path.

Back at the junction, go left. Open the chest for a Medicinal Herb, then get on
the raft to ride down the river.  As you ride down, defeat  the Mermen for easy
Exp. At the end, you'll fall  down a waterfall and end  up in a dried up river.
Advance to the next split.

Start with the left path and smash down the boulder with the Boulder Dasher you
should have bought in town by now. After  defeating a couple of enemies, you'll
get to a chest with a Lucky Bag.

Return to the fork and take the right path. Break the boulder at the end of the
path and head up to two chests containing each a Lucky Bag.

Now go with the  middle path  back at the  junction. After  some more  enemies,
you'll find a chest  with a pouch  of Replenishield  Powder right  on the path.
Cross the bridge  ahead and  take down the  Chimaeras just  like previously  by
sending back the attacks before  they take down the bridge.  If they do, you'll
simply return to the dried up river and can make your way back there.

Now enter the  cave ahead and  defeat the  King Slime at  the end. Exit  to the

Envoy of Xiphos

This boss will constantly summon  Orcs and Rockbombs,  which you should get rid
of first. Block the red attacks with your  shield, and slash back the blue ones
at the boss. After each one of its bigger  hits, you'll get a chance to strike.
If possible, keep the Multistrike for this  opportunity. When the boss does its
last attack blow  in the middle  of the screen,  he will  charge and prepare  a
second hit. Right at this moment, before the second blow, defend from the first
attack, then slash as much as you can. Keep  going until you can give the final

Reward: Thunderball

S Rank: Iron Ore x2
A Rank: Lava Lump x1
B Rank: Iron Ore x1

Chapter 4 ~ Torment ~

To continue, head over to the castle and  speak with Colonel Cutlass. After the
talk, Claymore  joins you.  Before heading  out  to the world  map, you  should
upgrade your sword  to the Lightning  Blade, which  will come in  handy for the
next level. Select Seacace Seacove when you're ready.

Secace Seacove

Items: Gold Coins,  Mini Medal,  Lucky Bag, Monster  Bone, Thunderball,  Strong
Medecine, Magic Water, Ice Crystal, Lava  Lump, Yggdrasil Leaf, Antidotal Herb,
Medicinal Herb, Replenishield Powder
Enemies: Dracky, Drackmage,  Drackyma, Man-O-War, Heal  Slime, Merman, Merking,
Imp, Bomboulder, Hacksaurus,  Restless Armor,  Bodkin Bowyer,  Cannibox, Slime,
She-Slime, Bubble Slime, Fire Spirit

Having the Lightning  Blade for this level  will really help  you, so make sure
you temper your  old sword. You'll  start on a boat.  Enjoy the  ride until you
disembark at a small tunnel. For most enemies the patterns are the same; block,
then attack. Open the chest in the tunnel for a Thunderball.

Move out to an opening with a three-way split. Start with the right path. Break
the boulder blocking  the way  with the Boulder  Dasher,  then you'll  find two
chests at  the end of  the path.  One contains  an  Ice Crystal  and the  other
contains a Lucky Bag.

Return to the junction and  take the left path. You'll  come across two chests.
If you pick one, the other will disappear,  so choose carefully. One contains a
Mini Medal, and the  other is a Cannibox.  I can't say which,  as their content
alternates every time you enter the level (but the item stays the same).

Back up to the  junction and  go with the  middle path this  time. You'll  come
across two chests again. One  contains a Yggdrasil Leaf  and the other one is a
Cannibox. Here again, they will alternate so it's up to you to choose the right
one. To defeat the Cannibox, slash before it attacks.

(Left and middle paths lead to the same place)

Keep going until you reach another fork  in the path. Go left first. Smash down
the boulder in the way, then you'll come  to two chests, once again. Same here,
the chest  you   don't  choose   will  disappear.   One  contains   a pouch  of
Replenishield Powder and the other is a Cannibox, as always.

Head back to the  split and go right.  Follow the  path and defeat  the enemies
along the way until you get to yet another junction. Start with the right path.
Break the boulder, then  you'll find three  chests. You can  only pick one. One
chest contains a phial of Magic Water and the two others are Canniboxes.

Back at the junction, go with the middle  path. You'll come across a chest with
a Lucky Bag. Continue into this path (the  left one leads to the same place and
has nothing but enemies).

At the end of the path, break the boulder  with your sword, then open the chest
behind for  a Lava  Lump.   Fight  your way  through   the  Hacksauruses,  then
eventually you'll come to a greener area... and the beast.

Fishy Monster

This boss is quite tougher than previous  ones, though not all that challenging
if using the Lightning  Blade. As usual,  block the red attacks,  and send back
the blue ones at the boss. It's important that you do so in this battle, as the
monster will get back close to the screen  everytime you do so, allowing you to
give a few extra  hits. Right after  you block physical  attacks,  be quick and
slash at him.  You can also  strike  right before  he attacks,  during the  few
seconds he is charging  the blow.  When you get  the chance, use  the Lightning
Strike to deal a lot of damage. The monster will also send other enemies at you
that you can take down easily.  Since Claymore doesn't  heal, make sure to keep
an eye on HP and use as much healing items as necessary. Eventually you'll take
him down and deal the final blow.

Reward: Ice Crystal

S Rank: Ice Crystal x1
A Rank: Thunderball x1
B Rank: Monsterbone x2

Chapter 5 ~ The Tower ~

Head over to the castle  and talk to Minister  Misericorde in  the throne room.
After the little scene,  go make all the  necessary preparations  for the level
ahead. Buy the best equipment  and upgrade your sword  if possible. Take a look
near the town  entrance,  a travelling   merchant  will appear  and sell  great
accessories and armor. When you're ready to go, talk to the Minister again.

The Tower of Mirrors

Items: Monsterbone, Strong  Medecine, Special Medecine,  Mini Medal, Lucky Bag,
Replenishield Powder, Magic Water
Enemies:  Ice Spirit,  Phantom  Fencer,   Slime  Knight,  Shadow,  Grim  Rider,
Drackmage, Chimaera, Black Golem, Bubble Slime, Mimic, Green Imp, Red Dracky

Head up the stairs as you start and defeat the Phantom Fencer. Go down and open
the chest to find a Lucky Bag. Defeat the Shadows ahead, then keep going up the
stairs until you get to two chests. 

One of them has a Mini  Medal, while the  other is a Mimic.  There is no way to
tell which. If you restart the level the chests will re appear every time.

Defeat the next few enemies, then you'll come to a fork. You can't go straight,
so head left. Another  split. It doesn't  matter if you go right  or left since
both paths end up at the same place, but the left path has a treasure chest and
not the right one. So take the left one.

Walk alongside the wall and  defeat the enemies along  the way. You'll find two
chests at the end. One contains a pouch of Replenishing Powder and the other is
a Mimic. Once you've  picked your  chest, step on  the elevator  ahead. Walk up
into the mirror and you'll end up in another part of the Tower.

Head up the stairway to encounter a Black Golem. To defeat it, block ALL of his
attacks, then hit as  quick as you can.  If you're not quick  enough, or didn't
block all the attacks,  the Golem will block  your attacks.  Keep ascending the
Tower and eventually  you'll  come to  a door. Examine  it to  find out  it's a
dead-end.  Back  up and  you'll  fall  down  the  Tower  right  in front  of  a

Choose the left  path first  and walk  along the  wall until  you get to  three
chests. Two of them are Mimics, but one  contains a Special Medecine. Return to
the split and head straight. Take the elevator to be brought to the Queen.


Don't try to defeat  the Imps  unless you  want to fill  up your Master  Stroke
gauge, since  they  will  keep on  respawning  no  matter  how many  times  you
eliminate them. Concentrate your attacks  on Grobmesser. Block the attacks that
come up as red  dots, and  hit back  the blue ones  as always.  After his  side
slashing attack, quickly strike  and use your best Master  Stroke attacks every
time you fill up the gauge.

Reward: Lava Lump

S Rank: Thunderball x1
A Rank: Iron Ore x2
B Rank: Ice Crystal x1

Chapter 6 ~ Reflection ~

After the cutscene, talk to  Minister Misericorde again.  He'll tell you how to
enter the Mirror World. This level is quite  tough so you might want to go back
to previous  levels  to level-up  a bit.  Also re  stock on  items and  buy new
equipment. When you're  ready talk to the  minister again to  access the Mirror

The Mirror World

Items: Medecinal Herb, Monsterbone, Magic Water, Lucky Bag, Ice Crystal
Enemies: Metal  Slime, Slime,  She-Slime,  Bubble  Slime, Metal  Bubble  Slime,
Shadow, Ice Spirit, Imp, Mimic, Red Rockbomb

In this level, you  can't move yourself  but must  fight enemies  that you come
across. You  can also  defend  if you prefer  but  you'll miss  out on  a great
opportunity to level-up. This  level is full of Metal  Slimes, although they're
pretty hard to hit. At the end of the ride you'll come to a large room.


Draug is quite  a challenge  compared  to other  bosses. As  always, block  the
physical attacks  first,  then strike.  First you'll  need to  block his  fists
attacks, then his feet,  and later both.  After each of those  attacks, quickly
hit him before he starts defending.  Eventually he will  back off and take your
party member, inflicting him  or her slight damage. Nothing  to worry about, as
he'll shortly return it to you. Enemies  will sometimes cross the screen, which
you can defend against with the shield.  After a while, Draug will start attack
with energy balls.  Be sure to hit  them back at  him as they inflict  the most
damage. If  your party  member  has it,  use Magnishield  to  make your  shield
bigger. This will help defend against his physical attacks. As always, use your
most powerful master stroke and keep going until you deal him the deathblow.

Reward: Ice Crystal

S Rank: Ice Crystal x1
A Rank: Monsterbone x2
B Rank: Thunderball x1

Chapter 7 ~ The Parting ~

First thing, equip your new sword, the Rednusadner and go talk to master Dao in
the trainning chamber. He'll teach you how  to perform the Figure of Fate. Once
you've mastered it,  head back to your house  and talk to Claymore.  You're now
ready to go. On  the world map,  select Galantyne  Glades. (Note:  you won't be
able to access the world map unless you have the Rednusadner equipped. You MUST
do the following level with that sword and no other.)

Galantyne Glades

Go through the forest like you normally  would until you encounter a soldier on
the way. At the split right behind him, head through the right path. Defeat the
few enemies and go on.

The Red Sea

Items: Replenishield   Powder,  Yggdrasil   Dew,  Yggdrasil   Leaf,  Gold  Bar,
Monsterbone, Strong  Medecine, Special  Medecine,  Medecinal Herb,  Gold Coins,
Lucky Bag
Enemies: Dancing Flame,  Anchorman, Fire  Spirit, Winky, Muddy  Hand, King Orc,
Cannibox, Walking Corpse, Heal Slime, Hacksaurus, Hawkman, Rockbomb

This level is quite  hard. Walk forward  and defeat the enemies  until you find
two chests. You can only choose one and there is no way to tell them apart. One
has a phial of Magic Water and the other one is a Cannibox.

To defeat the Dancing Flames,  wait until they pass in  front of the screen. As
for the Winky, you can only hit it while it's red so wait and defend if it puts
a shield coat on.

Eventually, a boulder  will block your path.  Smash it down  and continue. Open
the chest behind to  find a Gold Bar. (Don't  sell that; keep  it for the sword
tempering as it's one of the hidden materials).

You'll come to two more chests. One contains  a Yggdrasil Leaf and the other is
a Cannibox. After  that will be  a fork. Both paths  leads to the  same but the
straight one is better than the left one.

Continue straight and  open the chest on  the way for a pouch  of Replenishield
Powder. Then you'll get to  two chests again. One with  a Yggdrasil Dew and the
other being a Cannibox.

Ahead you'll bump into  another boulder.  Smash it and continue.  Watch out for
the powerful Hacksaurus here.  Use Magnishield to block  the fire better. Also,
defeat any  Heal Slimes  around  first.  They will  heal other  enemies  if you

Further ahead you'll be stopped by a guardian.

Golok the Gatekeeper

Not as hard as Draug,  but similar. Block  the physical attacks,  send back the
boulder attacks.  Keep hitting even  if it doesn't  do much damage,  so you can
fill your master stroke gauge.  Use the Figure of Fate  that Dao taught you; it
deals the most damage  if done correctly.  Continue to hit to  refill the gauge
and use that master stroke as often as possible. The other way to deal the most
damage is  to send back  the boulders  so  try not  to miss  too many.  Halfway
through, he'll charge  up and become more  powerful. Just keep  going until you
take him down for good.

Reward: Thunderball

S Rank: Gold Bar x1
A Rank: Iron Ore x2
B Rank: Lava Lump x1

Chapter 8 ~ Deathbringer ~

The final chapter, and the final battle. Make sure you are ready, with the best
equipment available, and the best sword. And that would be the Wrath of Boreas,
the most powerful form  of the Frost Blade,  which is obtainable  via the Steel
Broadsword. To craft it you'll  need a Gold Bar, which  can be gotten either in
Red Sea or bought  in the Jailcat's  shop  for 30 Mini Medals.  If you  need to
level-up, the best place to do so is the  Mirror World, which crawls with Metal
Slimes. When you're all ready to go, head on to the Citadel.

The Deathbringer's Citadel

Items: Gold  Coins, Lucky  Bag, Mini  Medal, Medecinal  Herb,  Antidotal  Herb,
Strong Medecine, Special Medecine, Yggdrasil Leaf, Lava Lump
Enemies: Drackmage, Phantom  Fencer, Hell Hornet, Muddy  Hand, Chimaera, Bowyer
Archer, Arch Demon, Boss Troll, Drackma,  Cannibox, Gogerilla, Grim Rider, King
Cure Slime, Imp, Heal Slime, Rockbomb, Gigantes

This level  has about  the same  enemies  as previously  so  it shouldn't  be a
problem if you've been leveling-up. Keep  walking until your path is blocked by
two big boulders. Destroy them and continue.

There will be a fork  right after. Head  right first and defeat  the Arch Demon
guarding the cave. Then head through it and at the end you'll find a chest with
a Lucky Bag.

Return to the fork and head left this time. Defeat all the archer enemies along
the way until you come to another split  in the path. Go right again and defeat
the Boss Troll. Follow the path to find a chest containing a Lucky Bag.

Back at the junction, go left.  Break the boulder on your  way, then you'll get
to two  chests.  One  has a  Mini Medal  while  the  other  will  turn  into  a

Continue up the path past some  more enemies to a final  split. Both paths lead
to the boss so take either one. On your  way you'll find two chests; one with a
Yggdrasil Leaf (right path) or a pouch of  Replenishield Powder (straight path)
and the other chest being a Cannibox.

Drop off at  the end of  the path and  you'll face  the large  statue atop  the
level. Simply hit back  the shots at it  and block the other  attacks until you
vanquish it. You'll receive a Lava Lump.

After you're done with that, head foward and take down the Gigantes on the way.
Climb up the pedestal  at the  end of the  path and you'll  face a couple  more
enemies. A Cutscene will ensue.

Xiphos the Deathbringer

Xiphos has two forms.

The first form is  very easy and  his attacks don't  do much damage.  Block his
attacks as with other  bosses, then fiill  up your master stroke  gauge and use
Figure of Fate while  he's standing  in the middle  of the screen.  Right after
he's hit, attack him  several shots while  he's still stunned.  He'll throw his
sword across the screen, and also slash you with the sword. Usually, he will do
three slashes. Right after the last one, strike him a few times. After a while,
he'll start shooting energy  balls. If you want to play  it safe, hit one back,
then block the next  one, hit one  back, block the  next, and so  on. This will
allow you enough time to target the next incoming ball. When your gauge is full
again, use Figure of Fate once  more. He should go down  quickly after and turn
into some sort of dragon.

The second form is much harder. This time,  no health bar, you won't get to see
the damage progress. At first, you won't be able to hit him (not more than 2 or
3 damage per hit). You must  first destroy his shield.  Keep hitting while he's
blocking your attacks until  the shield breaks apart.  Now you can take him on!
If your gaugue is full, start with the Figure of Fate. Attack after each of his
attacks (block, strike,  etc). He will steal  your party member  after a while.
Keep hitting him until he releases it. Xiphos has his own master stroke, Figure
of Hate, which might  deal more damage than  your HP if you  haven't leveled-up
enough (have more than 400  HP). Make sure you're at full  health at all times.
The best party member for this fight is Fleurette, who learns Fullheal at level
34 and has the useful Mutiheal  spell as well. During  his master stroke, slash
to reduce the damage before he uses it.  He'll then start shooting energy balls
again. Send them back at him until he's defeated.

Reward: Orichalcum

S Rank: Gold Bar x1
A Rank: Gold Bar x1
B Rank: Monsterbone x3

~ Epilogue ~

Back at the castle after defeating Xiphos, head into the party room and talk to
every single  character.  Then talk  to Claymore  and answer  "Yes". Enjoy  the
ending and save your game. :)

Next time you load your file, extra bosses will be available. Head for the back
castle entrance where the jailcat's  mini medal shop is,  but before going down
the stairway, head into  the cave in the  mountainside. Examine  each mirror on
the walls to confront a boss.

After you have defeated the  five mirrors, three extra  mirrors will appear, as
well as a final one after you have cleared  all the mirrors. Defeating the last
one will allow you to re-start the game in Payback mode.

Renown needed: 340
Reward: Auroral Armor

Clank 'n' Knalc
Renown needed: 100
Reward: Rusty Old Sword

King Latem
Renown needed: 520
Reward: Metal King Helm

(Hit King Lantern 12 times to defeat)

Renown needed: 780
Reward: Mighty Armlet

Renown needed: 1000
Reward: Orichalcum

(more coming soon)

3. Lists

Restores 30-40 Hp to a single ally.
Cures a single ally of the effects of poison.
Calls down lightning upon all enemies.
Singes all enemies with a blast of fire.
Restores 90-100 HP to a single ally.
Raises defence for 90 secs. 
Lv9: Buff
Raises defence for 60 secs.
Lv10: Magnishield
Increases the size of your shield.
Lv15: Oomph
Increases your attack power.
Lv15: Midheal
Restores 90-100 HP to a single ally.
Lv17: Bisouka
Inficts bewitching damage on all enemies.
Lv20: Kacrackle
Skewers all enemies with a hail of sharp icicles.
Lv21: Magnishield
Increases the size of your shield.
Lv24: Multiheal
Restores 100-120 Hp to both allies.
Lv26: Midheal
Restores 90-100 HP to a single ally.
Lv27: Sizzle
Burns all enemies with a blazing wall of fire.
Lv30: Moulin Rage

(master stroke)
Lv32: Gigagash

(master stroke)
Lv33: Elemental Extremes

(master stroke)
Lv34: Fullheal
Restores all of a single ally's HP.
Lv36: Kaboom
Blasts all enemies with an incredibly violent explosion.

Copper Sword
Attack: 15
Cost: 100
Power: Mighty Strike
-> Steel Broadsword

Steel Broadsword
Attack: 25 Cost: 750 (shop) / 500 (temper)
Power: Multistrike
Monsterbone x2
Iron Ore x1
-> Fire Blade, Frost Blade, Lightning Blade

Fire Blade
Attack: 40 Cost: 1200
Power: Searing Slash
Monsterbone x4
Iron Ore x3
Lava Lump x1
-> Blazing Blade	Frost Blade
Attack: 42 Cost: 1350
Power: Cold Fission
Monsterbone x6
Iron Ore x2
Ice Crystal x1
-> Blizzard Blade	Lightning Blade
Attack: 38 Cost: 1280
Power: Lightning Strike
Monsterbone x3
Iron Ore x2
Thunderball x1
-> Thunderbolt Blade

Blazing Blade
Attack: 60 Cost: 2980
Power: Blazing Thrust
Monsterbone x8
Iron Ore x5
Lava Lump x3
-> Wrath of Helios
Blizzard Blade
Attack: 58 Cost: 2850
Power: Tundra Sunderer
Monsterbone x8
Iron Ore x3
Ice Crystal x3
-> Wrath of Boreas
Thunderbolt Blade
Attack: 65 Cost: 3200
Power: Thunder Thrust
Monsterbone x5
Iron Ore x4
Thunderball x2
-> Wrath of Zeus

Wrath of Helios
Attack: 80 Cost: 6800
Power: Solar Flare
Monsterbone x9
Iron Ore x6
Lava Lump x5
Gold Bar x1
Wrath of Boreas
Attack: 85 Cost: 8500
Power: Ice Age
Monsterbone x12
Iron Ore x5
Ice Crystal x5
Gold Bar x1
Wrath of Zeus
Attack: 82 Cost: 7550
Power: Lightning Storm
Monsterbone x7
Iron Ore x5
Thunderball x5 
Gold Bar x1

(obtained from game event)
Attack: 45
Power: Figure of Fate
-> Aurora Blade

Aurora Blade
Attack: 70
Cost: 4200
Power: Light Fantastic
Lava Lump x 3
Ice Crystal x3
Thunderball x3
Gold Bar x1
-> Dragovian King Sword, Zenithian Sword, Sword of Kings

Dragovian King Sword
Attack: 110 Cost: 19800
Power: Dragon Soul
Gold Bar x2
Orichalcum x1
+ Wrath of Helios needed
Zenithian Sword
Attack: 118 Cost: 25000
Power: Absolute Zero
Gold Bar x2
Orichalcum x1
+ Wrath of Boreas needed
Sword of Kings
Attack: 105 Cost: 15000
Power: Gigaslash
Gold Bar x2
Orichalcum x1
+ Wrath of Zeus needed

Rusty Old Sword
(obtained from mirror boss)
Attack: 15 
-> Metal King Sword
Orichalcum Stick
(obtained from mirror boss)
Attack: 20
-> Dragon Warrior's Sword
(obtained from defeating all
mirror bosses/ Payback mode)
Attack: 200
-> Deathbringer's Shade

Metal King Sword
Attack: 125 Cost: 38000
Gold Bar x5
Noble Metal x4
Dragon Warrior's Sword
Attack: 136 Cost: 50000
Power: Dragonlord's Doom
Gold Bar x10
Orichalcum x 5
Noble Metal x 2
Deathbringer's Shade
Attack: 400 Cost: 70000
Power: Figure of Hate
Gold Bar x10
Orichalcum x8
Noble Metal x5

* Noble Metal can be obtained by S-Ranking the last extra mirror bosses

all levels
Iron Ore
Caliburn Cave  A Rank, Galantynes  Glades  enemy drop &  A Rank, Briquet  drop,
Arondight Heights  enemy  drop & S Rank,  Red Sea  A Rank, Tower  of Mirrors  A
Lava Lump
Arondight Heights A Rank, Secace Seacove enemy drop, Grobmesser drop, Red Sea B
Rank, Deathbringer's Citadel
Caliburn Cave  S Rank, Envoy  of Xiphos drop,  Secace Seacove  chest &  A Rank,
Tower of Mirrors S Rank, Mirror World B Rank, Golok drop
Ice Crystal
Galantyne Glades  S Rank, Secace  Seacove chest  & S Rank, Fishy  Monster drop,
Tower of Mirrors B Rank, Draug drop, Mirror World S Rank
Gold Bar
Red Sea chest & S Rank,  Deathbringer's  Citadel A-S Rank, Mirror  bosses drop,
Mini Medal shop
Xiphos drop, Valgrit drop
Noble Metal
Valgrit Nedlog A-S Rank, Der Gib S-X Rank


Medecinal Herb
A healing herb that restores a small amount of HP to a single ally.

Cures a single ally of the effects of poison.

Magic Water
A mysterious liquid that restores a small amount of MP to a single ally.

Yggdrasil Dew
A mystical liquid that restores the HP of both the user and his companion.

Yggdrasil Leaf
A mystical leaf that resurrects a single fallen ally.

Town Shop

Chapter 1
Chapter 2                       
Leather Armor
Def: 10 Cost: 250	Iron Shield
Def: 3 Cost: 640
Wayfarer's Clothes
Def: 7 Cost: 110	Platinum Shield
Def: 4 Cost: 1800
Hardwood Headwear
Def: 6 Cost: 160	Iron Armor
Def: 22 Cost: 870
Leather Hat
Def: 3 Cost: 65
Iron Helmet
Def: 10 Cost: 1150

Traveling Merchant

Chapter 6	Chapter 7                  
Puppy Paw
Att: 30 Cost: 1980	Ogre Shield
Dur: 6 Cost: 3800
Full Plate Armor
Def: 31 Cost: 2250	Dragon Mail
Def: 75 Cost: 10000
Platinum Mail
Def: 62 Cost: 7200	Great Helm
Def: 32 Cost: 8800
Iron Mask
Def: 15 Cost: 2800	Life Ring
Cost: 4100

Mini Medal Shop

Puny pip  which   imparts  the   power  to pulverise   otherwise   impenetrable
Cost: 3	Poison Needle
Capable   of    felling   a  foe   with    a   single     well-aimed    thrust.

Att: 1 Cost: 20
Yggdrasil Leaf
Mystical leaf that resurrects a single fallen ally.
Cost: 4	Gold Bar
A solid, heavy bar of gold.
Cost: 30
Astraea's Abacus
Makes you megabucks in the midst of mêlées.
Cost: 10	Life Bracer
Increases wearer's max HP by 15.
Def: 5 Cost: 50
Kitten Claw
Meows like a moggy in a mêlée.
Att: 25 Cost: 15	Liquid Metal Armor
Reduces physical damage by 30%.
Def: 105 Cost: 100
Magic Water
Enchanted liquid that restores 45-50 MP.
Cost: 3	

Worthy Apprentice	n/a
Skillful Squire	Power of Master Stroke increases
Knight Errant	Resistance to poison increases
Knight of the Realm	Power of Magnishield now lasts longer
Knight Banneret	Returned fire inflicts more damage
Knight of Renown
Oomph now lasts longer
Knight of the Garter
Power of strikes on enemy weak spots increases
Queen's Champion
Magnishield now lasts even longer
Knight of the Sacred Order
Master Stroke now starts at 50% full
Sword of Legend
(must have defeated 3 purple mirrors)
Power of Master Stroke increases more
Sword of Goddess
(must have defeated last green mirror)
Master Stroke now starts at 80% full

5th Prize(s)
Strong Medecine
4th Prize(s)
Replenishield Powder
3rd Prize(s)
Yggdrasil Leaf, Magic Water
2nd Prize(s)
Life Ring, Yggdrasil Dew, Uber Ring, Ruby of Protection
1st Prize(s)
Gold Bar
Grand Prize(s)
Loyalty Card (10% off), Liquid Metal Shield

*You will only get 1 of the possible prizes at a time

4. Disclaimer

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