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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ragu_Ragla

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 05/08/08

Dragon Quest Swords

version 1.0
*Some info about when things get unlocked (example: after which chapter does the
traveling merchant appear, and what items he sells at first and what triggers 
the new items to be sold) I need to play through the game again to keep note of 

version 1.1
*Basic walkthrough of the game from beginning to killing Xiphos complete*
*Updated Weapons section*
*Updated Monster section*
*Updated Skills section*

version 1.2
*started shield/armour/helm section*
*updated After the Game section*
*updated leveling and materials secion*

version 1.3
*weapons section updated*
*leveling section updated*
*skills section updated*
*added mini games section*

version 1.4
*levels section done*
*added accessories*
*after the game section updated*

version 1.5
*after the game section updated*
*Small updates in armour/acc/weap*

version 1.6
*mini games updated*
*after the game section updated*
*small typo fixed*
*chart for weapons added*
*another sheild and armour added*

Table of contents

1. About
2. Playable Characters   --char--
3. Controls     --cont--
4. Walkthrough  --walk--
   a. Chapter1
   b. chapter2
   c. chapter3
   d. chapter4
   e. chapter5
   f. chapter6
   g. chapter7
   h. chapter8   
   i. After the Game *Needs work*
5. Items        --item--
6. Weapons      --weap--   
7. Shields, Armour, and Helms   --armo-- 
8. Accessories   --accs-- 
9. Skills       --skil-- 
10. Monsters  --mons--  *Needs Work*
11. Mini Games  --mini-- *Needs work*
12. leveling and tempering materials   --lvlt-- 
13. legal mumbo jumbo   --legal--
14. credit thanks    --thanks--

1.                                  About

When I played through the game I mainly used Anlace because I liked his healing/
sizzle/make my sheild bigger. During my walkthrough any strategies I might give 
will involve using him as your companion. (I mainly only use the companion for 
healing, other than that just let them do whatever) I will not be shocked if I 
am missing anything or might have something wrong, if so see the legal mumbo 
jumbo section for my email and let me know so I can add/fix anything. Also I am 
not certain on all the enemies names so if I don't easily remember the name from
other dragonquest games I just made one up :P

2.                           Playable characters                    [--char--]

The Hero(You)
The main character of the story, you can name him whatever you want. He is the 
son of Claymore who fought in the battle agains Xiphos the deathbringer 5 years 
ago. Throughout the game the hero never says a word yet slays many creatures. 
The story begins on the hero's 16th birthday where he sets out to undertake the 
towns traditional coming-of-age ritual, entering the depth of the Caliburn Cave 
and returning alive.

The father of the hero. He was once a great swordsman who took on Xiphos the 
deathbringer in the battles 5 years ago but during that battle he lost his right
hand. Since then, when not drinking at the bars or hitting on women, he has been
practicing his magic to make up for his lack of swordsmanship. 

Anlace is the prince of Avalonia. He's a mama's boy who spends as much time as 
he can training with the sword. When his mother, the Queen (who took part in the
battle against Xiphos 5 years ago),starts acting weird and leaves the village 
Anlace asks you to journey with him as a bodyguard while he finds out what is 

Fleurette is the sister of a man who fought besides Claymore and the Queen 
against Xiphos. She acts like she is a french prostitute. When the Queen starts 
acting nuts and disappears the hero and Anlace find her leaving the house of 
Fleurette and Fleurette joins you in hope that when she finds the Queen she will
find her brother.

3.                                Controls                          [--cont--]

A button- Used for confirming, talking, examining, opening doors, or setting 
          focal point in battle
B button- Used for cancel, walking forward(running if pressed while holding UP),
          or to use your sheild in battle
1 button- Open the menu
2 button- Use your master stroke while in battle (can only use when you master 
          stroke gauge is at 100%)
Home- Opens the home menu screen

Control pad
UP- Walk forward
LEFT- Turn left
RIGHT- turn Right
DOWN- walk backwards

While in battle you want to hold your wiimote as horizonal as possible with the 
bottons(except B) on top. For normal attacking there are 4 attacks. Slash 
vertically, horizontally, diagnolly or thrust. For the first three just move the
wiimote in those directions while keeping it flat. For thrusting you want to 
hold the wiimote and move it quickly toward the screen making sure you do not 
move the wiimote up/down or to either side. To set where you want the attack to 
be focused aim your cursor to where you want and press A. 

Blocking/Hitting back
when the enemy attacks you from afar there will be either a red orange or blue 
dot where their attack will land. For the red and/or orange ones you want to 
take out your shield (press B) and move the sheild to where the dot it. If the 
dot is blue or orange you can either block with the sheild or swing your sword 
over that area when the attack comes close and you will either send it back at 
the enemy (blue) or nullify the attack (orange).

Master Strokes
Depending on the one you choose you will need to move the wiimote in the way 
described: clockwise repeatedly, make infinity symbol repeatedly, thrust up, 
thrust down, hold up etc. None are too difficult.

4.                               WalkThrough                        [--walk--]

Before we begin I will state a few things so I do not need to repeat it for all 
bosses. When going through an area I found it best to never use your master 
stroke so that it is at 100% when you get to the boss.

a. Chapter 1- The Walk

You start off in your home hearing it's your 16th birthday and you need to see 
the Queen of Avalonia to start your walk. In your house there is a chest which 
is used as a bank. You can deposit or withdraw money in 1,000g amounts. Reason 
for doing so is that if you die in battle you loose half of the money you are 
carrying around, so if you are not heading to the store then drop it off there 
so it is safe. Before you head into the castle explore the town.  Go outside and
turn around to face your house and search the barrel for a Medicinal Herb.
Turning slightly to the right you should see the item shop, go around back and 
search that barrel for 8g. Now go head into the castle (follw the red line in 
the map located in the top right corner of the screen). Once there talk to every
one and you will end up downstairs. After that you will be sent outside (again 
follow the line on the map). Turn right and go straight, in front of the shop 
you should find some Boxer Shorts (keep them handy for later). Now continue down
the bridge and go back behind the church following the path that leads to a 
treasure chest with Replenishield Powder inside. Head back to your house and 
walk passed it toward the gate to leave for Caliburn Cave.

Caliburn Caves

Rank S - Thunderball x1
Rank A - Iron ore x1
Rank B - Monsterbone x1

~Northern Plains~

Continue forward searching any tall grass or small bushes for items. The slimes 
are pretty easy to kill. When you fight the mole people make sure to block any 
dirt they throw at you and attack them as the jump forward to the front row, 
they will attack with their shovel pretty soon so be careful. When you run into 
the weird alien looking dudes make sure when they are red that you are blocking 
because you cannot hit them while they are red. After a while you end up at the 
cave entrance and the guard who gives you 3 Medicinal Herbs. Keep track of your
mini medals, if you have 3 of them go to options and return to town and go buy
a Boulderdasher. (head toward the bar go pass it up the stairs and turn right,
go over the bridge and continue forward turning right and down the stairs, enter
the cave and talk to Minimoggie. swapping it for 3 mini medals). Now go back
toward caliburn caves.

~Caliburn Caves~

While moving forward check all the rocks for items. Here you will run into 
babbles (small green slimey puddles) which will throw poison at you. If they 
attack make sure to block it. When attacking them it is best to use verticle 
attacks since they tend to jump. Also you will see archers, set focal points to 
the blue dots and swing your sword when thier arrow comes close to where the dot
was. Eventually you will stumble upon a treasure chest with lucky bag inside. 
Then you will come to a fork where you can go left or right. If you have the
Boulderdasher then left to get a lucky bag and sent back to the fork. Take right
path and just continue straight and you will arrive at a door, on the other side
is a boss battle.

Sir Dirk Worthington: Has about 100HP and gives 80 EXP and 40g

Pretty simple fight, recommend waiting until he attacks you and block his attack
then attack him as fast and many times as you can. Make sure you kill the healer
as soon as possible.


b. Chapter 2 - Doubt

Back in town go get the Boulderdasher- an item that lets you break down those 
big boulders that get in your way. To get this go right toward the bar (outside 
the bar search the barrel for 30g) and walk passed it up the stairs. Turn right 
and cross over the bridge, continue forward passing the cave to your left (Don't
need to go here until you beat the game) and go down the stairs. In this cave 
you will find Minimogie who will swap 3 mini medals for the Boulderdasher. Now
go to the castle and talk to the senile Minister. After that go head to the item
shop and ask the guy about tombala and he will give you a free tombola ticket. 
On my first spin I got the meter to 100% and got a Loyalty Card (10% discount). 
After that head into your house and once Anlace leaves follow him outside and he
will be standing right in front of you at the fountain. Have him join your party
. Then buy whatever items you may want (antidotal herbs) at the store and head 
toward the front gates. Anlace should start at level 3.

Galantyne Glades

Rank S - Ice Crystal x1
Rank A - Iron ore x1
Rank B - Monsterbone x1

Continue forward searching the small rocks for items. Mushrooms and ghouls do 
poison attacks so make sure you block their attacks. You come to a fork and you 
can go left or right. If you picked up the Boulderdasher then go left and smash 
the boulder and follow the path to a chest with a lucky bag inside. Then choose 
right. The green bats can shrink your sheild with their magic so make sure you 
block it or attack it. Come to a wooden wall, break it. When you encounter a 
boar block all his attacks first then attack him. Continue forward and get a one
time treasure chest containing a lump of Iron Ore. You will come to a fork of 
right or left. Go right and you will come to two chests on with 120g the other 
with a mini medal. Now go left, after the fight with 2 boars you will encounter 
a boss.

Briquet- Has about 140HP and gives 320 EXP and 180g (drops lump of Iron Ore)

Not too hard. He mainly just attacks the four corners of the screen and then 
charge up two handed smash to the center of the screen. When your sheild is 
getting pretty gone use replenishield. After you block try to quickly attack and
get in as many hits before he attacks again.


c. Chapter 3 - The Mask

Again go around buy and upgrade whatever you want. Then head to your house and 
run into Fleurette. Choose to join her to Arondight Heights and when you are 
ready go get her at the church and then head to the town gates. She should
start at level 5.

Arondight Heights

Rank S - Iron Ore x2
Rank A - Lava Lump x1
Rank B - Iron Ore x1

Check under the rocks for items. When you come to a hill attack the rocks that 
are coming at you before they hit you. If your aim is bad and for some odd 
reason you can't kill them as they come you can use your shield to stop them and
then atack them. Eventually you get to a fork and can go left or right. Go right
and follow the long path and cross the bridge and you eventually come to a chest
with a Yggdrasil Leaf inside. Now back at the fork go left and you come to a one
time chest with Medicinal Herb inside. Keep going and hop on the raft and go
down river attacking anyone along the way. Go forward till you come to a 3 way 
split and go left (if you dont have Boulderdasher by now go get it moron) and 
break the boulder to arrive at a one time treasure chest with a lucky bag inside
. On the right path you end up at 2 one time treasure chests that both have a 
lucky bag. Now you can go straight and come to another one time treasure chest 
with a pouch of replenishield powder inside. Once on the bridge take out the 
wyverns before they take out the bridge by sending their attacks back at them. 
Keep going and after you fight a king slime you will end up at the boss.

Envoy of Xiphos- Has about 250HP and gives 500 EXP and 320g (drops thunderball)

Kill any rock bombs he brings to the battle as soon as possible. As usual block 
the red attacks and send back the blue ones. Not much to it. 


d. Chapter 4 - Torment

News of a monster is afoot and your father asks for some help to take care
of before too many people get scared. Claymore joins your team at level 10
and you should make your way to Secace Seacove when you are ready.

Secace Seacove

Rank S - Ice Crystal x1
Rank A - Thunderball x1
Rank B - Monsterbone x2

Go forward and fight the battles until you get on land, none should be hard and
then search rocks for items. Keep going and you come to a one time treasure 
chest that has a Thunderball. Keep goig and you reach a split. Go right and you 
will find 2 one time treasures, one an ice crystal the other a lucky bag. Back 
at the split go left and you'll get to two treasure chests, one a mini medal the
other cannibox. Once you got this keep going backwards till back at the split 
and choose straight. Again two chests one a Yggdrasil Leaf the other a cannibox.
Eventually you will come to another fork, go left to get either a Replenishield 
powder or fight a cannibox. Back to the main split go right. Make sure you kill 
the exploding rocks. Keep going and you come to a 3 way split. Go right break 
the boulder and you come to 3 treasure chests and pick. One is a phial of Magic 
Water, another Strong Medicine and the last a cannibox. Go back and take the 
straight path since there is nothing on the left path. You will come to another
one time chest with a lucky bag inside. Keep going and break the boulder and you
will come to a one time chest with a Lava Lump inside. When you come to a grassy
clearing you will have two fights with slimes and then onto the boss.

Aruval- Has about 400HP and gives you 600 EXP and (not sure dumb companion 
        stands in the way)g  (drops ice crystal)

Fight is a little harder than the others. Again block red and hit back blue. 
When he strikes you can sometimes hit him out of it if he is doing a charge 
attack, otherwise block and then attack. Other than that keep in mind you are 
stuck with Claymore and he can't heal yet so you need to rely on blocking and 
healing items. But like the other bosses if you get used to his pattern he isn't
too hard.


e. Chapter 5 - The Tower

Get whatever upgrades you need or items and talk to the Minister in the throne 
room. On your way to exit the town you will run into a Traveling merchant who
has some nice items for sale you might want to buy. The minister will show you 
the way to The Tower of Mirrors.

Tower of Mirrors

Rank S - Thunderball x1
Rank A - Iron ore x2
Rank B - Ice Crystal x1

Continue forward. When you encounter the green cloaks let them attack and either
attack them twice before they hit you or just block and then start attacking 
them. Then you come to a one time treasure chest containing a lucky bag. 
Continue till you get to 2 chests (one mini medal the other Cannibox). You'll 
come to a fork, but since you can't go straight there is no point so head left. 
You come to another split left or right, both end up at the same place but left
has a treasure chest (2 of them one replenishield powder the other cannibox). 
Keep going straight you'll eventally come to a dead end and turn around then 
fall. Another fork, go left and you come to 3 chests (one of them is a Special 
Medicine the others are Cannibox). Now go straight and you come to a boss.

Grobmesser- Has about 450 HP and gives 800 EXP and 630g (drops a lava lump)

No real hints other than try to hit him instead of the imps since the imps just 
keep coming back. Block red dots and hit back the blue ones. As usual use Master
Stroke as soon as you get it.


f. Chapter 6 - Reflection

After the cut scene you can talk to Minister and go to the Mirror World but you 
might want to go level up some or get some new equipment. If you leave the 
castle and head straight towards the gates to leave town, right after you pass 
the item shop there should be a new traveling merchant with some decent items. 
You might want to buy the Platinum Mail for 6,480g (defense of 62 and reduces 
damage from spells by 30%) and maybe even the Iron Mask for 2,520 (Defense of 15
). If you do not have enough money for these I recommend going back to whichever
place has the material you need to upgrade your weapon. Once ready go to the 
Minister and enter Mirror World.

The Mirror World

Rank S - Ice Crystal x1
Rank A - Monsterbone x2                   
Rank B - Thunderball x1
Not much to say other than slash away at the oncoming enemies to kill them 
before they hurt you. There are many metal slimes and metal babbles here so you 
can level up pretty nice. After the weird wind tunnel you will come to a boss.

Draug, Guardian of the Mirror World - Has about 750 HP and gives 1,000 EXP and
                                      750g (should drop Ice crystal)

Pretty simple attacking method, make sure you block because it will cause some 
big damage. Attack at all times unless he is attacking you, then you should 
block. His attacks are pretty easy to block if your companion has magnishield. 
As for attacking him- sometimes he will be blocking but you can still hit him. 
When his arms are folded make sure you attack right below his arms with a 
horizontal slash, when his arms are raised vertically to block use a vertical 
attack in between the arms. He might even grab your companion and hold him in 
the air hurting him/her. This is good because now you can attack him fast and 
not worry about getting attacked or him blocking.

After this fight you get the Mask fixed and you get the Rednusadner, a new 
special sword.


g. chapter 7 - The Parting

Now that you are back equip your new sword and head down into the training room 
to see Swordmaster Dao. After a random speach about the sword you somehow learn 
how to unlock its special power. Your sword needs upgrading so most likely your 
attack went down so you might want to get working on that. You need to equip the
sword before the guard will let you leave town. You should be able to go to 
other places and level up or get the materials to upgrade your sword. Also the 
traveling merchant should have new items so check them out. Then go to Galantyne

Galantyne Glades

Go through the same way as you normally do but when you get to the soldier take 
the right in the fork after him and you will end up at The Red Sea.

The Red Sea

Rank S - Gold Bar x1
Rank A - Iron ore x2
Rank B - Lava Lump x1

You might find these fights hard if you didn't stop to level up or upgrade your 
items. Move forward searching the small rocks. For the fire guys just wait for 
them to start cartwheeling around and horizontal slash them as the move in front
of you, otherwise block. For the red winky only attack while he is red, 
otherwise block. Eventually you come to 2 treasure chests (one is a phial of 
Magic Water the other a Green Cannibox) Then you will come to a boulder, break 
it and move onward. Then you come to a one time treasure box with a gold bar 
inside. You will again come to 2 treasure chests (One is a Yggdrasil Leaf and 
the other a Green Cannibox). Then you come to a fork where you can go left or 
straight. Either one leads to the same place but the straight path has treasure 
chest with a pouch of replenishield powder. When you meet up with the left 
choice you come to 2 treasure chests (One is Yggdrasil Dew the other a Green 
Cannibox). Continue forward and break the boulder. When you get to the fire
breathing dragons make sure you block their flame attacks then as they move 
toward you attack them until they lean back to start their attack then you can 
block and then quickly attack them again. Eventually you will walk up a path 
that gets pretty narrow and up ahead is a boss.

Golok the Gatekeeper- Has about 1,200HP and gives 1,200 EXP and 820g 
                      (drops thunderball)  

Not much to this fight, just make sure to block his attacks and attack him 
whenever you get the chance. Use Figure of Fate as soon as possible.
Hitting the boulders back at him does some good damage so try hitting them back 
if you are good enough at doing so, otherwise block to avoid damage.


h. Chapter 8 - Deathbringer

Don't head on just yet, make sure you have the best armour and weapons first (I 
had Wrath of Boreas and Dragon Mail). Also go back to The Mirror World and level
up some by killing metal slimes/babbles. When you think you are ready (I was 
around level 37 I beleive) you can enter the citadel. Try and redo The Red Sea
to maybe pick up some Yggdrasil Leafs or Dew if you don't already have the max
amount of them your bag, might need them.

The Deathbringer's Citadel

Rank S - Gold Bar x1
Rank A - Gold Bar x1
Rank B - Monsterbone x3

While moving forward search the tall spikey rocks coming from the ground. Go
straight, no new enemies just harder versions. Come to a boulder, break it. Come
to another boulder, break it. You will come to a split where you can go right or
left. Go right and after you fight a Grobmesser like guy you can get a one time
treasure of a lucky bag. Now bag at the fork go left. Make sure you do no get
hit by the archers since it will poison you. Come to another fork and go right
again, fight the troll and keep going to get a one time treasure of yet another
lucky bag. Back to the fork go left. After you break through 3 boulders you'll
come to 2 chests, one is a mini medal the other a Cannibox. Come to another fork
and you can go either way since they both lead you to the boss. The left path
has a choose between Yggdrasil Leaf and Cannibox while the right has 
Replenishield Powder or Cannibox, so choose what you want or get one and walk
backwards to the fork and go the other path as well. When you get to the top you
jump down and fight the statue/entrance to the place so you can get in, not 
hard. Once done go into his mouth and keep going straight. Eventually you start
flying (some enemies on the way) and then come to the final boss.

Xiphos- Has about 1,000HP and gives 1,500 EXP and 1,050g

Same as usual block his red attacks and hit the blue ones back at him (or if you
have trouble since it's too fast you can also block so you don't take damage).
I found it best to save your mastery stroke for when he is standing in hitting
range so that after you use your mastery stroke you can get in a few quick hits.
Just keep up your blocking and get used to his attacks and you should be fine

Well that's it, you killed the final boss. Game over... oh wait nevermind he was
just messing with you, time for the real final battle.

Xiphos (Part 2)- Has about 1,800 HP and gives 3,200 EXP and 0g

If you had trouble in the first fight then you are going to have a much harder
time during this one. And one annoying thing...NO health bar! At first just keep
slashing at him, even if he is blocking because you need to break that sheild
(well the first time I fought him I let him keep the shield and made the fight
really long by attacking then he'd defend then quickly attack and he defend 
again... until I had full master stroke and used it. Rinse and Repeat.). Just 
keep bashing him and blocking. Eventually he will probably grab your companion,
my thoughts on this were "Sweet!" since my companion (Anlace) had at least 3/4 
his max HP and I only use him to heal or increase the size of my shield. He has
another attack that you can just hit back at him if you can, or block. So while 
Xiphos is man handling your companion you can gain some Mastery Stroke
percentage. He also does this weird attack where he zaps you repeatedly dealing
1 damage (eventually adds up to like 60HP), of which I never could properly
block so I just slashed away at him and had companion heal if needed. He also
has his own Master Strike which deals a ton of damage (In the high 300 low 400
range if you block it completely). This is where those Yggdrasil Leafs might
come in handy, you might not have enough HP to survive even if you are at 100%

Ok, now the game is actually over. Enjoy the party and watch the boring credits.
Yet if you continue from here there is more... 


i. After the game

Once you start from your saved file of the completed game you end up back at 
your house and your father mentions that there are some monsters causing trouble
in the reflectory caves (From your house head pass the weapon shop and the 
armour shop and up the stairs pass the bar and continue up the stairs. Turn 
right and cross the bridge, then enter the cave on your left). Any notes I have
after the boss are how to just beat it, unless I comment otherwise that the
hints might be used for getting certain ranks.

Mirror bosses:

Rank x- need 18,000
Rank S- need 12,000
Rank A- need 8,000
Rank B- need ??? (never got below B)

Requires:100 Renown
Clank 'n' Knalc- has about  1,500 HP and gives 1,750EXP x2 and 1,580g x2
Reward- Rusty Old Sword
Rank X - Orichalcum x1, Gold Bar x4, Lava Lump x4 (300 Renown)
Rank S - Gold Bar x2, Lava Lump x2 (70 Renown)
Rank A - Gold Bar x1, Lava Lump x2 (33 Renown)
Rank B - Lava Lump x2 (6 Renown)

I recommend using horizontal attacks during this fight. Make sure if either of
the knights are attacking that you block, then afterward slash and hit both, one
will block the other (who just attacked you) will take on damage. The fight is 
not much different than the fight you had with the first boss other than they
are stronger and there are 2 of them. Meaning take out the healer when you can.


Requires:340 Renown
Nomeg- has about 1,300 HP and gives 1,380 EXP and 1,220g
Reward- Auroral Armor
Rank X -
Rank S - Gold Bar x2, Ice Crystal x2 (60 Renown)
Rank A - Gold Bar x1, Ice Crystal x2 (29 Renown)
Rank B - Ice Crystal x2 (6 Renown)


Requires:520 Renown
King Lantem- has 12 HP and gives 15,010EXP and 240g
Reward- Metal King Helm
Rank X - Yggdrasil Leaf x1, Orichalcum x2, Gold Bar x2, mini medal x6, 
         (300 Renown)
Rank S - Orichalcum x1, Gold Bar x1, mini medal x3 (200 Renown)
Rank A - Gold Bar x1, mini medal x3 (40 Renown)
Rank B - mini medal x3 (18 Renown)

Replay him a few times and get the timing of your swings down. Works best if all
your slashes are horizontal. When you see him in the back and he starts to move
forward slash then. Also if he happens to drop his crown and run off the screen
you can get in one more hit if you wait for the crown to start moving and then
horizontal slash about a half a second after.

high rank: once you get his pattern down only slash when you know you will hit,
           usually if you get a 4 hit chain you get S rank. A 7 hit chain got
           me X rank.


Requires:780 Renown
Salta- has about 1,800 HP and gives 2,000EXP and 1,800g 
Reward- Mighty Armlet
Rank X - Orichalcum x1, Gold Bar x4, Thunderball x4 (300 Renown)
Rank S - Gold Bar x2, Thunderball x2 (80 Renown)
Rank A - Gold Bar x1, Thunderball x2 (35 Renown)
Rank B - Thunderball x2 (7 Renown)

Easy way of beating him is to use Fleurette as your companion. When the battle
starts block until you can hit him without him blocking (normally after he does
a vertical slash) then slash him 4 times and quickly go to the menu and have
Fluerette cast Bisouka. Then quickly slash hitting him and then slash again and
he should block. Then by the time he stops blocking her spell should hit him. 
You can just keep doing this, if he ends up jumping in the back you should have
enough mastery stroke saved up to use it. Either block or send back his attacks
until you can use a mastery stroke and eventually he will jump forward and you
can go back to the other method.


Requires:1000 Renown
Valgirt- has about 4,000 HP and gives 4,800EXP and 50g
Reward- Orichalcum Stick
Rank X - Yggdrasil Leaf x1,Orichalcum x4, Yggdrasil Dew x2 (300 Renown)
Rank S - Orichalcum x2, Yggdrasil Dew x1 (100 renown)
Rank A - Orichalcum x1, Yggdrasil Dew x1 (43 Renown)
Rank B - Yggdrasil Dew x1 (26 Renown)

Magnishield is a great help for this fight. Also fullheal which Fleurette gets.
During this fight I only got master stroke gauge to increase by blocking and the
attacks normally span most of the screen. For the first and third head I 
attacked when they weren't and blocked when they did. And unless the third head 
was low on HP I used a master stroke when I could. (reason being after you kill 
all 3 heads they pop up again and you fight all 3 at once, I use it then.) For 
the second head I could not send his attacks back at him so I either blocked 
them or just ignored them and kept slashing him. After about 2,000 HP this form
should be dead and his second form (all 3 at once) will come and he has another
2,000 HP. I used the same patterns on the last form as well. Master Stroke of 
Absolute Zero is recommended, unless you have Figure of Hate (not Fate).


Requires:Vanquish first 5 mirrors
Der Gib- has about 5,000 HP and gives 2,480EXP and 1,880g 
Rank X -
Rank S -
Rank A -
Rank B - Thunderball x2

Basically the same method with salta can be used here for Der Gib.
Easy way of beating him is to use Fleurette as your companion. When the battle
starts block until you can hit him without him blocking (normally after he does
a vertical slash) then slash him 4 times and quickly go to the menu and have
Fluerette cast Bisouka. Then quickly slash hitting him and then slash again and
he should block. Then by the time he stops blocking her spell should hit him. 
You can just keep doing this, if he ends up jumping in the back you should have
enough mastery stroke saved up to use it. Either block or send back his attacks
until you can use a mastery stroke and eventually he will jump forward and you
can go back to the other method.


Requires:Vanquish first 5 mirrors
Valgirt Nedlog- has about 4,000 HP and gives 5,300EXP and 50g 
Rank X -
Rank S - Noble metal x2, Yggdrasil dew x1
Rank A - Noble metal x1, Yggdrasil dew x1
Rank B - Yggdrasil dew x1

Same as Valgirt but slightly harder and more HP.


Requires:Vanquish first 5 mirrors
Nomegoen- has about  HP and gives 1,800EXP and 1,500g 
Rank X
Rank S
Rank A
Rank B

Similar to Nomeg but harder.


Requires:Vanquish first 8 mirrors
Edahs 'Sohpix- has about ??? HP and gives 6,480 EXP and 0g 
Reward: Lucky Bag (dropped military tattoo for me)
Rank X
Rank S - Noble metal x 1, Orichalcum x 1, Yggdrasil dew x1 (1150 Rewnown)
Rank A - Orichalcum x 1, Yggdrasil dew x1
Rank B - Yggdrasil dew x1

Before you actually get to Edahs 'Sohpix you need to kill Der Gib, Valgirt
Nedlog and Nomegoen one after the other. Once done the battle with Edahs 
'Sohpix will be basically the same as the second form of Xiphos that you
already killed, just more HP and does more damage. Fight is not that hard
if you have decent equipment, are high enough leveled and get to know his
attack patterns. When he is charging and trying to attack you with his
master stroke do not get confused like I did and think that the meter
on the right is actually you blocking, that's his attack. Nomarlly
when filling my meter I just shake the wiimote quickly and see the meter
rise, this is not the case. Make sure you do full slashes (it doesn't
register small flick of the wrist like slashes) and try and do this 
quickly. You will see a blue slash on him and his meter will go down.
I was able to survive the attack by getting him down to 55 on the meter
and had like 55HP to spare. I was level 99 with 888HP wearing Metal King
Helm and Liquid Metal Armour. So make sure when you see him power up for
his master stroke that you fully heal yourself or you are pretty much 

Once you beat Edahs 'Sohpix your Master Strokes meter will start off at 80% if
you have 9,999 renown. Also now you can start a new adventure using Payback 
mode where you have the Deathbringer's Sword as a weapon. This weapon slashes 
insanely fast and does mega damage.

***Still need to find out some of the rewards for getting some ranks, if you 
have anything I'm missing let me know*** 

5.                               Items                              [--item--]

For buying price this is after you get the Loyalty Card which gives you a 10% 
discount. (I got this the first time I played Tombola, not sure if the game is
set up like this or I was just lucky)

Format will go: 
Item name - price if can buy - price for selling 
- desciption

Medicinal Herb - 7g - 4g
- A healing herb that heals a small amount of HP to a single ally.

Antidotal Herb - 9g - 5g
- Curse a single ally from the effects of poison.

Strong Medicine - 36g - 20g
- A potent healing herb that restores 80-95HP to a single ally.

Special Medicine - 99g - 55g
- An exceptionally potent healing herb that restores 120-140HP to a single ally.

Magic Water - 3 mini medals - 125g
- An enchanted liquid that restores 45-50MP to a single ally.

Replenishield powder - 243g - 135g
- A restorative dust that fully repairs the users shield.

Yggdrasil Dew - No where I found - 1,250g
- A mystical liquid that fully restores the HP of both the user and his 

Yggdrasil Leaf - 4 mini medals - 2,000g 
- A mystical leaf that resurrects a single fallen ally.

Boulderdasher - 3 mini medals - Can't
- A puny pip which imparts the power to pulverise otherwise-impenetrable 

Tombola Ticket - No - 5g (Get from shops after buying items)
- A ticket that can be exchanged for a spin on the item shop's Tombola.

Loyalty Card - No - can't (Grand prize for Tombola)
- 10% discount at all shops

6.                                Weapons                           [--weap--]

Redium felt a chart for the weapons would help out so he was kind enough to
provide one.  Below the chart is another way of looking at the weapons and
includes the price you get for selling them if you can.

|                {Sword Tempering Tree, Order and Materials}                   |
|                                                                              |
| <>=Weapon Name  ()=Attack Power and Mighty Stroke []=Materials for Temper    |
| |__                                                                          |
|1st|                            <Copper Sword>                                |
|lvl|                               (15 ATK)                                   |
| __|               ____________(Mighty Strike)_____________                   |
| |                /____________[2x Monsterbone]____________\                  |
| |               //              [1x Iron Ore]             \\                 |
| |              //                [500g]                    \\                |
| |             //                   ||                       \\               |
| |            //                    ||                        \\              |
| |           //                     ||                         \\             |
| |    <Steel Broadsword>       <Steel Broadsword>        <Steel Broadwoard>   |
| |        (25 ATK)                (25 ATK)                   (25 ATK)         |
| |__    (Multistrike)            (Multistrike)               (Multistrike)    |
|2nd|  [4x Monsterbone]          [6x Monsterbone]             [3x Monsterbone] |
|lvl|   [3x Iron Ore]              [2x Iron Ore]               [2x Iron Ore]   |
| __|   [1x Lava Lump]            [1x Ice Crystal]           [1x Thunderball]  |
| |        [1200g]                  [1350g]                        [1280g]     |
| |           ||                      ||                            ||         |
| |           ||                      ||                            ||         |
| |      <Fire Blade>            <Frost Blade>             <Lightning Blade>   |
| |       (40 ATK)                 (42 ATK)                     (38 ATK)       |
| |__  (Searing Slash)           (Cold Fission)            (Lightning Strike)  |
|3rd|  [8x Monsterbone]         [8x Monsterbone]            [5x Monsterbone]   |
|lvl|   [5x Iron Ore]             [3x Iron Ore]              [4x Iron Ore]     |
| __|   [3x Lava Lump]          [3x Ice Crystal]            [2x Thunderball]   |
| |        [2980g]                   [2850g]                    [3200g]        |
| |           ||                      ||                           ||          |
| |           ||                      ||                           ||          |
| |     <Blazing Blade>         <Blizzard Blade>          <Thunderbolt Blade>  |
| |       (60 ATK)                  (58 ATK)                   (65 ATK)        |
| |__  (Blazing Thrust)         (TUndra Sunderer)           (Thunder Thrust)   |
|4th|  [9x Monsterbone]         [12x Monsterbone]           [7x Monsterbone]   |
|lvl|   [6x Iron Ore]            [5x Iron Ore]               [5x Iron Ore]     |
| __|   [5x Lava Lump]          [5x Ice Crystal]            [5x Thunderball]   |
| |     [1x Gold Bar]             [1x Gold Bar]               [1x Gold Bar]    |
| |        [6800g]                  [8500g]                     [7550g]        |
| |           ||                      ||                           ||          |
| |           ||                      ||                           ||          |
| |     <Wrath of Helios>       <Wrath of Boreas>           <Wrath of Zeus>    |
| |       (80 ATK)                  (85 ATK)                    (82 ATK)       |
| |__    (Solar Flare)              (Ice Age)              (Lightning Storm)   |
|5th|    [2x Gold Bar]            [2x Gold Bar]              [2x Gold Bar]     |
|lvl|   [1x Orichalcum]          [1x Orichalcum]            [1x Orichalcum]    |
| __|  [1x Aurora Blade]        [1x Aurora Blade]          [1x Aurora Blade]   |
| |        [19,800g]               [25,000g]                   [15,000g]       |
| |__         ||                       ||                          ||          |
|6th|         ||                       ||                          ||          |
|lvl| <Dragovian King Sword>    <Zenethian Sword>           <Sword of Kings>   |
| __|     (110 ATK)                 (118 ATK)                  (105 ATK)       |
| |     (Dragon Soul)             (Absolute Zero)             (Gigaslash)      |
| |                                                                            |
|                       {Special Sword Tempering}                              |
|                                                                              |
|                         "*" = Special Note                                   |
|                                                                              |
|       <Rednusadner>                                <Aurora Blade>            |
|         (45 ATK)                                      (70 ATK)               |
|       (Figure of Fate)                            (Light Fantastic)          |
|       [3x Lava Lump]                              *Used in making*           |
|       [3x Ice Crystal]   ---------------------->   *Sixth Level*             |
|       [3x Thunderball]                               *Weapon.*               |
|       [4200g]                                  *Obtained in storyline*       |
|                                                                              |
|- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - |
|                                                                              |
|   <Rusty Old Sword>         <Orichalcum Stick>          <Deathbringer>       |
|       (15 ATK)                   (20 ATK)                 (200 ATK)          |
|    [5x Gold Bar]              [10x Gold Bar]           [10x Gold Bar]        |
|    [4x Noble Metal]           [5x Orichalcum]          [8x Orichalcum]]      |
|      [38,000g]                [2x Noble Metal]         [5x Noble Metal]      |
|         ||                      [50,000g]                 [70,000g]          |
|         ||                         ||                         ||             |
|         ||                         ||                         ||             |
|  {Metal King Sword}     {Dragon Warror's Sword}    {Deathbringer's Shade}    |
|      (125 ATK)                (136 ATK)                  (400 ATK)           |
|  *Effective Against*     (Dragonlord's Doom)           *Obtained By*         |
|   *Metal Monsters*         *Obtained By*             *Beating Game After*    |
|    *Obtained By*          *Defeating Valgirt*          *Having Beaten*       |
|     *Defeating*         *In The Old Reflectory*       *Edahs 'Sophix*        |
|  *Klank 'n' Knalc*                                  *In The Old Reflectory*  |
|*In The Old Reflectory*                                                       |
|                     {Non-Sword Weapons Obtainable}                           |
|     "" = In-game description           ** = How it is obtained               |
|                                      |                                       |
|          <Poison Needle>                          <Astrea's Abacus>          |
|              (1 ATK)                 |                 (15 ATK)              |
|     "Capable of Felling A foe"                 "Makes you Megabucks in"      |
|     "With a single well-aimed"       |          "In the midst of melees"     |
|            "Thrust."                             *Obtained by Trading*       |
|      *Obtained by Trading*           |      *10 Mini Medals to Minimoggie*   |
|   *20 Mini Medals to Minimoggie*                                             |
|                                      |                                       |
|- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - |
|                                      |                                       |
|           <Puppy Paw>                           <Kitten Claw>                |
|             (30 ATK)                 |            (32 ATK)                   |
|    "A Woofing Wonder-weapon!?!"          "Meows like a moggy in a melee!?!"  |
|      *Obtained By Paying*            |         *Obtained by Trading*         |
|     *Traveling Merchant 1782g*             *15 Mini Medals to Minimoggie*    |
|     *or 990G with Loyalty Card*      |                                       |
|                                                                              |

Weapon Name - Attack
Can you buy if so how much - Can you sell if so how much
How to get
Skill you get

Copper Sword - 15
Buy in shop for 100g - 50g
Start with it.
Mighty Strike

Steel Broadsword - 25
Buy in shop for 750g - 375g
Temper- 500g, Monsterbone x2, Iron ore x1

Fire Blade - 40
Buy in shop for 1,620g once you make Wrath of Helios - 900g 
Temper- 1,200g, Monsterbone x4, Iron ore x3, Lava lump x1
Searing Slash

Blazing Blade - 60
No - 2,235g
Temper- 2,980g, Monsterbone x8, Iron ore x5, Lava lump x3, Fire Blade
Blazing Thrust

Wrath of Helios- 80
No - 5,100g
Temper- 6,800g, Monsterbone x9, Iron ore x6, Lava lump x5, Gold bar x1, Blazing
Solar Flare

Frost Blade - 42
Buy in shop for 1,822g after you make Wrath of Boreas - 1,012g
Temper- 1,350g, Monsterbone x6, Iron ore x2, Ice crystal x1
Cold Fission

Blizzard Blade - 58
No - 2,137g
Temper- 2,850g, Monsterbone x8, Iron ore x3, Ice crystal x3, Frost Blade
Tundra Sunderer

Wrath of Boreas - 85
No - 6,375g
Temper- 8,500g, Monsterbone x12, Iron ore x5, Ice crystal x5, Gold bar x1, 
        Blizzard Blade
Ice Age

Lightning Blade - 38
Buy for 1,728g after you make Wrath of Zeus - 960g
Temper- 1,280g, Monsterbone x3, Iron ore x2, Thunderball x1
Lightning Strike

Thunderbolt Blade - 65
No - 2,400g
Temper- 3,200g, Monsterbone x5, Iron ore x4, Thunderball x2, Lightning Blade
Thunder Thrust

Wrath of Zeus - 82
No - 5,662g
Temper- 7,550g, Monsterbone x7, Iron ore x5, Thunderball x5, Gold bar x1,
        Thunderbolt Blade
Lightning Storm

Rednusadner - 45
No - No
If you do not have one in your inventory you get it from Draug in Mirror World
Figure of Fate

Aurora Blade - 70
No - No
Temper- 4,200g, Lava lump x3, Ice crystal x3, Thunderball x3, Gold bar x1, 
Light Fantastic

Dragovian King Sword - 110
No - No
Temper- 19,800g, Gold bar x2, Orichalcum x1, Aurora Blade, Wrath of Helios
Dragon Soul

Zenithian Sword - 118
No - No
Temper - 25,000g, Gold bar x2, Orichalcum x1, Aurora Blade, Wrath of Boreas
Absolute Zero

Sword of Kings - 105
No - No
Temper- 15,000g, Gold bar x2, Orichalcum x1, Aurora Blade, Wrath of Zeus

Rusty Old Sword - 15
No - 150g
After you beat Xiphos you need to beat Clank 'n' Knalc in the old reflectory

Metal King Sword - 125
No - 28,500g
Temper- 38,000g, Gold bar x5, Noble Metal x4, Rusty Old Sword
None (effective against metal monsters)

Orichalcum Stick - 20
No - 5,000g
After you beat Xiphos you need to beat Valgirt in the old reflectory

Dragon Warrior's Sword - 136
No - 37,500g
Temper- 50,000g, Gold bar x10, Orichalcum x5, Noble Metal x2, Orichalcum Stick
Dragonlord's Doom

Deathbringer - 200
No - No
Start with when you start new game after you beat Edahs 'Sohpix

Deathbringer's Shade - 400
No - No
Temper- 70,000g, Gold bar x10, Orichalcum x8, Noble Metal x5
Figure of Hate

Non Swords

Weapon Name - Attack
Can you buy if so how much - Can you sell if so how much
How to get

Poison Needle - 1
20 mini medals - 950g
Swap from Minimoogie
Capable of felling a foe with a single well-aimed thrust

Astrea's Abacus - 20
10 mini medals - 3,000g
Swap from Minimoogie
Makes you megabucks in the midst of melees

Puppy Paw - 30
1,782g - 990g
Buy from Traveling Merchant
A woofing wonder-weapon!?!

Kitten claw - 32
15 mini medals - 990g
Swap from Minimoogie
Meows like a moggy in a melee

7.                      Shields, Armour, and Helms                  [--armo--]


Name - durability
cost to buy - price for selling  (where to get)
Description (blank if none)

Pot lid - 1
No - 5g (lucky bag)

Doggy Shield - 2
No - 990g (lucky bag)
Barks like a dog when you block with it

Kitty Shield - 2
No - 990g (lucky bag)
Meows like a cat when you block with it

Dartboard - 3
No - 35g (Shooting Gallery Hard S Rank)

Iron Shield - 3
576g - 320g (Traveling Merchant)

Platinum Shield - 4
1,620g - 900g (Shop)

Ogre Shield - 6
3,420g - 1,900g (Traveling Merchant chapter 7 on)

Hero's Shield - 8
No - 7,000g (lucky bag)

Liquid Metal Shield - 10
No - 8,000g (Tombola Grand Prize)

Orichalcum Teaspoon - 255
No - No (lucky bag)
Cannot be enlarged with magnishield (1000 point bonus toward level rank)


Name - defense
cost to buy - price for selling  (where to get)
Description (blank if none)

Boxer Shorts - 1
No - 5g (barrel outside mini game place)
(200 point bonus toward level rank)

Wayfarer's clothes - 7
99g - 55g (Shop)

Leather Armour - 10
255g - 125g (Shop)

Iron Armour - 22
783g - 435g (Shop)

Full Plate Armour - 31
2,025g - 1,125g (Traveling Merchant)
Reduces Fire damage by 30%

Magic Armour - 45
No - 2100g (S Rank, Shooting Gallery Ultra Hard)
Reduces damage from enemy spells by 15%

Platinum mail - 62
6,480g - 3,600g (Traveling Merchant)
Reduces damage from enemy spells by 30%

Dragon mail - 75
9,000g - 5,000g (Traveling Merchant chapter 7 on)
Reduces fire and ice damage by 30%

Auroral Armour - 88
No - 9,000g (Beat Nomeg)
Reduces ice fire and lightning damage by 30%

Liquid Metal Armour - 105
100 mini medals - 12,500g (Swap from Minimoggie)
Reduces physical damage by 30%


Name - defense
cost to buy - price for selling  (where to get)
Description (blank if none)

Leather hat - 3
58g - 32g (Shop)

Hardwood headwear - 6
144g - 80g (shop)

Iron Helmet - 10
1035g - 575g (shop)

Iron Mask - 15
2,520g - 1,400g (Traveling Merchant)

Platinum headgear - 22
No -  2,850g

Great Helm - 32
7,920g - 4,400g (Traveling Merchant chapter 7 on)

Metal King Helm - 50
No - 11,500g (Beat King Latem)

8.                            Accessories                           [--accs--]

Name - defense
cost to buy - price for selling  (where to get if not lucky bag)
Description (blank if none)

Life Ring - 2
3,690g - 2,050
Increases wearer's maximum HP by 10

Life bracer - 5
50 mini medals -  5,500g (Minimoggie)
Increases wearer's maximum HP by 15

Ruby of protection - 3
No - 750g  (2nd Prize Tombola)
Increases shield durability by 1

Ruby of protection +1 - 3
No - 750g (2nd Prize Tombola)
Increases shield durability by 2

Uber ruby of protection - 3
No - 1,750g (2nd Prize Tombola)
Increases shield durability by 1

Band of bravery - 2
No - No
Doubles master stroke gauge's speed when in a pinch

Mighty armlet - 5
No - 2,400g
Increases slashing power by 10%

Uber Mighty armlet - 5
No - 3,800g
Increases slashing power by 15%

Tough guy tattoo - 2
No - 1,000g
Increases thrusting power by 5%

Military tattoo - 5
No - 400g
Master stroke gauge fills more quickly

Strength ring +4 - 2
No - 1,700g
Increases slashing power by 9%

Uber strength ring - 2
No - 1,900g
Increases slashing power by 10%

Bunny tail - 1
No - 5g
(200 point bonus toward level rank)

*More coming soon

9.                              Skills                              [--skil--]

A) Mastery Strokes

60 - Power of Master Strokes increases.
130 - Resistance to poison increases.
250 - Power of magnishield now lasts longer.
380 - Returned fire inflicts more damage.
680 - Oomph now lasts longer.
1,000 - Power of strikes on enemy weak spots increases.
1,500 - Magnishield now lasts even longer.
2,000 - Master stroke now starts at 50% full.
5,000 - (If you have beaten 8 reflectory bosses) Power of Master stroke 
        increases more.
9,999 - (If you have beaten all 9 reflectory bosses) Master Stroke now starts at
        80% full.

Format: Skill - required sword

Mighty Strike - Copper Sword
Mulitstrike - Steel Broadsword
Figure of Fate - Rednusadner
Light Fantastic - Aurora Blade

Searing Slash - Fire Blade
Blazing Thrust - Blazing Blade
Solar Flare - Wrath of Helios
Dragon Soul - Dragovian King Sword

Cold Fission - Frost Blade
Tundra Sunderer - Blizzard Blade
Ice Age - Wrath of Boreas
Absolute Zero - Zenithian Sword

Lightning Strike - Lightning Blade
Thunder Thrust - Thunderbolt Blade
Lighning Storm - Wrath of Zeus
Gigaslash - Sword of Kings

Dragonlord's Doom - Dragon Warrior's Sword
Figure of Hate- Deathbringer's Shade

To find out how to get the required sword check the weapons section [--weap--]

b) Skills
Format will go skillname - MP cost - description (requirment)

Kabuff - 6 MP - Raises the hero and Claymore's defense for 90 seconds. (None)
Zap - 7 MP - Calls down lightning which strikes all enemies. (None)
Oomph - 8 MP - Increases Hiro's attack power for one minute. (Level 15)
Kacrackle - 12 MP - Skewers all enemies with a hail of sharp icicles. (Level 20)
Midheal - 4 MP - Restores 90-100 HP to a single Ally. (Level 26)
Gigagash(Master stroke) - 28 MP - Hiro and Claymore's buddy blow. (Level 32)
Kaboom - 15 MP - Blast all enemies with an incredibly violent explosion.
         (Level 36)

Sizz - 3 MP - Singes all enemies with a blazing fire. (None)
Heal - 2 MP - Restores 30-40 HP to a single ally. (None)
Buff - 4 MP - Raises the hero and Anlace's defence for 60 seconds. (Level 9)
Midheal - 4 MP - Restores 90-100 HP to a single ally. (Level 15)
Magnishield - 6 MP - Increases size of hiro's shield for one minute. (Level 21)
Sizzle - 8 MP - Burns all enemies with a blazing wall of fire. (Level 27)
Elemental Extremes(Master stroke) - 24 MP - Hiro and Anlace's buddy blow.
                                  (Level 33)

Midheal - 4 MP - Restores 90-100 HP to a single Ally. (None)
Squelch - 2 MP - Cures a single ally of the effects of poison. (None)
Magnisheild - 6 MP - Increases the size of the hero's sheild for 60 seconds. 
              (Level 10)
Bisouka - 6 MP - Inflicts bewitching damage on all enemies. (Level 17)
Multiheal - 12 MP - 100-120 HP to Hiro and his companion. (Level 24)
Moulin Rage(Master stroke) - 21 MP - Hiro and Fleurette's buddy blow. (Level 30)
Fullheal - 8 MP - Restores all of a single ally's HP. (Level 34)

10.               leveling and collecting items / gold              [--lvlt--]

Hiro EXP level requirements 

1. 0
2. 13
3. 39
4. 91
5. 195
6. 354
7. 597
8. 969
9. 1538
10. 2409
11. 3579
12. 5151
13. 7263
14. 10101
15. 13914
16. 17965
17. 22269
18. 26842
19. 31700
20. 36861
21. 42344
22. 48169
23. 54358
24. 60933
25. 67918
26. 75339
27. 83223
28. 91599
29. 100489
30. 109954
31. 119998
32. 130670
33. 142009
34. 154056
35. 166855
36. 180453
37. 194900
38. 210249
39. 226557
40. 243884
41. 262293
42. 281852
43. 302633
44. 324712
45. 348170
46. 372361
47. 397307
48. 423032
49. 449560
50. 476917
51. 495128
52. 534220
53. 564201
54. 595159
55. 627063
56. 659964
57. 693393
58. 728882
59. 764964
60. 802173
61. 839382
62. 876601
63. 913800
64. 951009
65. 989218
66. 1025427
67. 1062636
68. 1099845
69. 1137054
70. 1174263
71. 1211472
72. 1248681
73. 1285890
74. 1323099
75. 1360308
76. 1397517
77. 1434726
78. 1478935
79. 1509144
80. 1546353
81. 1583562
82. 1620771
83. 1657980
84. 1695189
85. 1732398
86. 1769607
87. 1806816
88. 1843025
89. 1881234
90. 1918443
91. 1955652
92. 1992861
93. 2030070
94. 2063279
95. 2104488
96. 2141697
97. 2178906
98. 2216115
99. 2253324


Early on
Before the Mirror World there is pretty much no amazing place to level up. So 
don't really spend too much time trying to level before then unless you think
you will need it for a boss. If you need to level just go back to the last area
you cleared and play it over and over again since that will most likely be the
area where you can get the most overall EXP per run through. Or keep going to
the current stage you are in and before you get to the boss you can't beat
then return to town and repeat this until you think you can beat the boss.
Don't forget to save before you try.

Once game is beaten
You have two good choices for leveling once you have beaten Xiphos. One way is 
to just keep going to the mirror world, once enemies get close enough you can 
slash them or use a magic attack of your companion on them. But there are a few 
slimes that magic will not hurt and you need to slash. If you kill them all you 
can get a lot of EXP. Other method (way I prefer) is to fight King Latem.

Collecting materials and gold

I'm just going to give a list of the materials/gold you might need for tempering
and what I think to be the best methods for getting them. 

Format: Item - Reccomended method to obtain.

Monsterbone - Go to The Mirror World. (get 2 and level up at the same time)
Iron Ore - The Red Sea or The Tower of Mirrors. 
Lava Lump - The Red Sea or if you can kill Clank 'n' Knalc.
Thunderball - Kill Salta.
Ice Crystal - The Mirror World. (Get one for S rank and one for killing Draug)
Gold Bar - Clank 'n' Knalc or Salta give 2 for S rank or 1 for A rank, other
           that I recommend S rank at The Red Sea.
Orichalcum - Valgirt gives you 2 for S rank or 1 for A rank.
Noble Metal - Gold Valgirt gave me one for A rank, only way I have gotten them
              so far. (guessing higher rank will give more and maybe final
              mirror will too) See section i of the walkthrough for more details
              on how to get the noble metal.

11.                            Mini Games                           [--mini--]


This game is really boring and after playing it 500 or so times you feel like 
breaking the tombola machine.  When you buy things from the shops in town you
might end up getting a tombola ticket for being a good customer. For each ticket
you get a spin at the tombola. From which you can win:

Grand Prize- Lucky Card (first time only), Liquid Metal Shield
1rst Prize- Gold Bar
2nd Prize- Uber ruby of protection/ruby of protection/ruby of protection +1
3rd Prize- A phial of Magic Water
4th Prize- A pouch of Replenishield Powder
5th Prize- A Strong Medicine
too bad...- Nothing!

Your chances of getting each prize change depending on what value you get the 
meter to. I also noticed if you just spin really fast and keep on spinning fast
until the ball comes out you have a higher chance of hitting a grand prize (if 
you made the range needed to get it).

Grand Prize- 1/100 
1rst Prize- 3/100
2nd Prize- 5/100
3rd Prize- 10/100
4th Prize- 20/100
5th Prize- 60/100
too bad...- 11/100

*other meter value percents coming soon*

         Slime Crisis

| Rank  | Time    |      Reward      |
|X Rank |   ???   | ???              |
|S Rank |   ???   | ???              |
|A Rank |   ???   | ???              |
|B Rank |   ???   | Nothing          |
|C Rank |   ???   | Nothing          |
|No Rank|  0-???  | Nothing          |

I tried once with time 1:27:00 getting B rank.

             Dart Attack

Hit the Spot

| Rank  | Score   |      Reward      |
|X Rank |   300   | Mini Medal       |
|S Rank |   280   | Special Medicine |
|A Rank | 220-260 | Medicinal Herb   |
|B Rank | 170-200 | Nothing          |
|C Rank | 120-160 | Nothing          |
|No Rank|  0-110  | Nothing          |

First set try to catch the arrow in the 10 area, next the 20 then 50 then 100.
Not too difficult, no hints to help.


Aim High

| Rank  | Score   |      Reward                           |
|X Rank |  1000+  | Yggdrasil Leaf                        |
|S Rank | 750-990 | Uber life ring/life ring/life ring +1 |
|A Rank | 550-740 | Strong Medicine                       |
|B Rank | 400-540 | Nothing                               |
|C Rank | 200-390 | Nothing                               |
|No Rank|  0-190  | Nothing                               |

The four small green circles in the 10 region are worth 200 points if you can
catch the arrow there.


Shooting Gallery

| Rank  | Score     |      Reward              |
|X Rank |   5000+   | Yggdrasil Dew            |
|S Rank | 3800-4990 | Replenishield Powder     |
|A Rank | 3000-3790 | Medicinal Herb           |
|B Rank | 2200-2990 | Nothing                  |
|C Rank | 1400-2190 | Nothing                  |
|No Rank|  0-1390   | Nothing                  |

| Rank  |   Score   |      Reward              |
|X Rank |   4500+   | Mini Medal               |
|S Rank | 3500-4490 | Yggdrasil Dew            |
|A Rank | 3000-3490 | Strong Medicine          |
|B Rank | 2200-2990 | Nothing                  |
|C Rank | 1400-2100 | Nothing                  |
|No Rank|   0-1390  | Nothing                  |

| Rank  |  Score    |      Reward              |
|X Rank |   6500+   | Yggdrasil Leaf           |
|S Rank | 5300-6490 | Dartboard                |
|A Rank | 4000-5290 | Special Medicine         |
|B Rank | 2800-3990 | Nothing                  |
|C Rank | 2000-2790 | Nothing                  |
|No Rank|   0-1990  | Nothing                  |

Ultra Hard
| Rank  |  Score    |      Reward              |
|X Rank |   6000+   | Yggdrasil Leaf           |
|S Rank | 5000-5990 | Magic Armor              |
|A Rank | 3800-3800 | Phial of Magic Water     |
|B Rank | 2600-3790 | Nothing                  |
|C Rank | 1700-2590 | Nothing                  |
|No Rank|   0-1690  | Nothing                  |

12.                             Monsters                            [--mons--]

I'm not certain of all their names so if I can't recall what it is based off my 
dragon quest memory I made it up by how they look. Also the locations of all and
the order of the list are not done, needs some work.

Name (or description)- EXP - Gold
- Where can be found

Slime - 1 - 1
-Caliburn Cave, Secace Seacove

Orange Slime - 3 - 2
-Caliburn Cave, Secace Seacove

Mole - 3 - 2
-Caliburn Cave

Winky - 5 - 2
-Caliburn Cave

Bat - 4 - 3
-Caliburn Cave

Babble - 7 - 6
-Caliburn Cave, Secace Seacove

Hooded Archer - 10 - 5
-Caliburn Cave

Mushroom - 21 - 6
-Galantyne Glades

Ghoul - 30 - 8
-Galantyne Glades

Green Bat - 39 - 10
-Galantyne Glades, Secace Seacove, The Deathbringer's Citadel

Boar - 92 - 13
-Galantyne Glades

Heal Slime - 15 - 7
-Galantyne Glades, Secace Seacove

Blue Slime Knight - 36 - 10
-Galantyne Glades

Blue Spirit - 124 - 18
-The Mirror World

Metal Slime - 1,350 - 5
-The Mirror World

Shadow - 128 - 23
-The Mirror World, Tower of Mirrors

Purple Flying guy - 153 - 15
-The Mirror World

Green Cannibox - 430 - 50
-The Mirror World, Tower of Mirrors

Metal Babble - 10,050 - 23
-The Mirror World, Tower of Mirrors, The Deathbringer's Citadel

White Spirit - 124 - 18
-Tower of Mirrors, The Deathbringer's Citadel

Green Cloak - 165 - 28
-Tower of Mirrors

Red Bat - 105 - 20
-Tower of Mirrors

Skeleton Rider - 245 - 32
-Tower of Mirrors

Wyvern - 134 - 30
-Tower of Mirrors

Black Briquet - 293 - 40
-Tower of Mirrors

Green Imp - 126 - 25
-Tower of Mirrors

Blue flying guy - 146 - 28
-Tower of Mirrors

Fireman - 158 - 38
-The Red Sea

Red Grapple - 152 - 32
-The Red Sea

Red Spirit - 63 - 6
-The Red Sea, Arondight Heights, Secace Seacove

Red Winky - 179 - 50
-The Red Sea

Mud Hands - 127 - 25
-The Red Sea

Boar with axe - 205 - 52
-The Red Sea

Red flying guy - 162 48
-The Red Sea

Red Rock - 135 - 43
-The Red Sea

Red Heal Slime - 121 - 20
-The Red Sea, The Deathbringer's Citadel

Fire Dragon - 250 - 65
-The Red Sea

Green Fire dragon - 215 - 25
-Secace Seacove

Ghoul - 195 - 52
-The Red Sea

Blue Mole - 46 - 10
-Arondight Heights

Rock - 14 - 0
-Arondight Heights

Grapple - 66 - 8
-Arondight Heights

Bees - 72 - 15
-Arondight Heights

Blue Merman - 78 - 12
-Arondight Heights, Secace Seacove

Yellow abomniable snowman - 110 - 17
-Arondight Heights

Blue flying guy - 86 - 15
-Arondight Heights

Green Slime Knight - 95 - 23
-Arondight Heights

Wyvern - 55 - 10
-Arondight Heights

Exploding rock - 59 - 12
-Arondight Heights, Secace Seacove, The Deathbringer's Citadel

King Slime - 45 - 28
-Arondight Heights

Green Merman - 121 - 20
-Secace Seacove

Imp - 104 - 15
-Secace Seacove

Cannibox - 320 -27
-Secace Seacove

Knight - 155 - 22
-Secace Seacove

Green Hooded Archer - 135 - 18
-Secace Seacove

Green Slime King - 182 - 58
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

brownish red cloak - 184 - 48
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Yellow bees - 158 - 22
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Red Hands - 161 - 35
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Fire Wyvern - 173 - 38
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Yellowish Grobmesser - 325 -48
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Dark Green Hooded Archer - 210 - 28
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Red abomnible snowman - 160 - 51
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Yellow skeleton rider- 196 - 55
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Green fat ogre dude - 318 - 62
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Blue fireman - 182 - 28
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Boar woth spear - -205 - 52
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Brown Cannibox - 580 - 60
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Blue cyclops - 330 - 63
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Dark Shadow - 157 - 32
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

Large Statue (the citadel opening?) - 780 - 980 (~600 HP)
-The Deathbringer's Citadel

13.                        legal mumbo jumbo                       [--legal--]

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14.                          credit/thanks                        [--thanks--]

Myself for making this. GameFAQs for hosting this guide, along with all the
other guides that I have looked at before while playing games.

Thanks to Nazgl5LordofNaz for confirming some of the boss battle info.

Big thanks to Redium for the weapons table and for helping to basically fill out
all the mini game tables.

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