How do you get X rank in the mini games and normal levels?

  1. I only managed to get X rank in one mini game. I tried use a trick where I pause the game via the home button to quickly move the shield over to certain areas during the dart caching mini games. I notice if you hit the green pointers at the edge of the score shield you get 200 points. So are there any tricks that can help me get X rank in the mini games? also what do you get?

    User Info: NightSage

    NightSage - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In the levels, you need a combination of several things. Sword Accuracy, Defense Accuracy, speed, and special bonuses (such as special equipment sets, completing without a partner AND without using items, etc.)
    For the record, in the minigames an X rank will REPLACE the S-rank prize. In the levels, getting X rank will DOUBLE the S-rank prize and give you a bonus item.

    The biggest tip overall is to work on your sword control. Remember, you're not slashing with just the tip of the sword, but rather with the entire blade. You have to move the entire Wiimote to get just the right slash.

    The only minigame I can help you on is Slime Crisis. Out of 100 slimes to slash, the first 75 are all in set formations. Learn those, and you're halfway there. If you time it just right, you can slash them as they drop/jump onto the screen. To get X rank, you need a clear time of under 40 seconds. I have a vid on youtube that should help:

    User Info: outsider90909

    outsider90909 - 10 years ago 1   0

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