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Just got a Wii? well get this game! 01/31/08 Bleachfan1786
Revolutionary fun. Vastly underrated. Wario for the win! Get this fire now. 07/20/09 Games1221
The best Wii party game 11/26/07 gugubee
Not-So-Smooth 01/17/07 High_Rizer
A Magnificent Collection of Micro Games 03/15/07 juicecentral
Wario's Wii Debut! 01/29/07 Kxrnidge
The WarioWare series is genius in its simplicity and has always provided us great fun, and Smooth Moves is the best one yet. 02/05/07 LOLWTFBBQ2006
Fun comes in ways that you didn't even think were possible. 03/19/07 LordofSand
Hey Wario, It's a Wii! 01/18/07 luigistarted06
It's the shortest one yet, but still amazingly fun. 01/22/07 Megagamer1
WarioWore me out with entertainment 12/17/07 pYrAmId_bUiLdEr
Come 'n sample Wario's ware's 01/19/07 Random_J
Swing Up, Then Left, Now Flap Avoiding Electric 02/27/07 RockyStarPro
I never thought moving on the spot was such fun 01/16/07 Ryumeka
Not as good as previous wario wares, but still good fun 01/16/07 segarules
A Great Game, Indeed 03/19/07 SpongyLlama
Great fun while it lasts. 02/07/07 striker64
Short bursts of sweet 03/16/07 SuperPhillip
A game shouldn't take you two hours to beat it 03/26/07 SyluxOWNZ
WarioWare: Where's Wario? 04/04/07 Teh_Bleepster
An honest review for a great game. 01/12/07 Trejik
A Great Continuation of a Great Series! 01/22/07 Trogdorocks
Wario makes his Wii debut 03/16/09 Wolfvie
An alright title 07/27/07 wolverinefan
Get ready to wave the WTF flag. 02/06/07 Xhunter11
Pick up the Wiimote, cause it's time for some nose-picking! 02/05/07 YuGiOhman1

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CGR Undertow - WARIO WARE SMOOTH MOVES for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review
CGR Undertow - WARIO WARE SMOOTH MOVES for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review from CGRundertow

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