Review by Matty_G33

Reviewed: 07/05/07

My Wii won't be on today if it weren't for this game

SNK Playmore has brought out the anthology of Metal Slug, and they did a good job of it, including 1, 2, X, 3, 4, 5, and 6. I'm not a Metal Slug fan, but when I got this game, it was still great. And now, for the actual review.

Graphics: 8/10
They're just sprites, but they actually do look well. It's nothing compared to other games, but they look fantastic. They don't blend in with the background much (also good looking), but that will make the game harder. However, most of the graphics didn't change when they went onto the other games.

Gameplay: 8/10
Metal Slug games have you in control of a great soldier that starts with 10 grenades and a pistol with limitless ammo in a 2D level. Further on, after killing some enemies and destroying tanks and others, you'll get more weapons such as machine guns, uzi's, and even lasers, which are more powerful. But in one hit and you die like that, so players have to jump and move and counter attack if they want to survive.

Seeing the games are arcade games, you get three lives per continue (which you can disable or not) and the game can be rather enraging sometimes, when you fight a boss (happens at the end of each level) that attacks you with several attacks at once, causing you to lose a life and going ape ****. Metal Slug 6 offers to change some gameplay differently, but not too much as it's the same thing, which keeps repeating. I could explain more, but there's too much.

Audio: 9/10
Sound is good, but 6's is even better (more realistic). The music is fantastic, especially 5's, with the heavy metal and 3's with the music to fit the right situation. Some of the tracks can be listened to in Music Galleries.

Controls: 7/10
There are a ridiculous amount of controls, and only two of them are decent. You can use the Wii Remote like a NES controller, pressing 1 for fire, 2 for jump, d-pad for movement, and tilting the remote for grenades. Many have whined about it, but it's not that bad unless you hate using it.

The other good choice is using the Gamecube Controller. It's not too easy to adapt, but still good. Other control methods are stupid, one makes you control by only using the Nunchuk, and one even tries to use the remote like a arcade joystick. Yuck.

Unlockables: 5/10
You can get "tokens" if you beat a game. They can be used to unlock 16 separate Art Galleries and 5 Music Galleries. They offer some great pictures and soundtracks, but what is the catch? Unlocking the special ones require you to do harder tasks, which are very annoying.

Overall: 9/10
One of the best collections ever, and it is worth your money, even if you're not a fan of SNK Playmore Games.

Rating: 9

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