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'Speed, glitches and the crazy camera were only half the problems that needed fixing - A game for those with a lot of patience.' 03/12/07 bertesk
Frustrating yet somehow fun 01/28/08 bluej33
Can motion controls save Sonic the Hedgehog? 08/26/08 bskiffington
A very flawed game, but still a step in the right direction. 03/29/07 BurnsU
"Left! LEFT!! LEFTER!!! Jump! No, JUMP!! GRAH!!" 10/15/07 darkknight109
I'll make a Super Sonic man out of you... 04/16/07 discoinferno84
In a way, it's like a Sega Arcade game. 03/08/07 egpNoodlez
Great new Sonic game, but doesn't necessarily bring the series back to its roots... 12/01/08 FadeddreamsXXX
Potentially a great game, but feels like it could've used some touching up 04/03/07 Gohan 64
Dirty little Sonic 02/03/09 horror_spooky
Bored of the rings. 04/06/15 Malorkus
Make Belief Reborn? Make Belief has died for good; this is the real thing. 11/19/07 master_gamer11
Sonic's first game for the it a dud? Is it a hit? Let's find out! 03/12/07 metralo
This game is better than previous entries in the Sonic series, but that says little. 07/25/07 Misfit119
Sonic: Sprinter, Genie Master, Ring-Wearer, Party Animal 03/05/07 NintendoArielle
It's not Sonic Adventure 3, but it's still a very fun and fast game in an otherwise dying series 11/12/07 nintendosega
Sonic is back! 02/27/07 SandTiger1989
The epitome of what a 3D Sonic game should be. 08/04/08 Seal__
It's about time, Sonic Team. 03/06/07 ShadowGuardian9
Make believe's reborn! Now let's just make believe that this is actually a great game 03/07/07 ShyningFade
Sonic is almost back in the best 3-D adventure 03/21/07 TheFanBoyDestroyer
Running around at the speed of sound... 03/02/07 XxStrifeyxX

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What a pleasant suprise indeed. 03/05/07 _Spin_Cycle_
Back in action! 02/12/08 abbasgr3
A step in the right direction, but too frustrating to be recommended to everyone. 03/05/07 Big Bob
Best Sonic quality-wise...... 03/23/07 BlackGuilmon
A love-hate relationship 04/02/07 clarkisdark
Sonic the Hedhehog has finally lost the toutch. 02/26/07 Flame060
Sonic Rocks the Place in His Latest 3D Adventure! 03/19/07 FOXHOUND7575
Not perfect, but a promising step for the Sonic series. 02/26/07 Gamerguy Zero
Proof that the rumors of Sonic's death were greatly exaggerated 03/15/07 honestgamer
A breath of fresh air for a series that desperately needed it 03/12/07 LegatoBluesommers
A great Wii Sonic experience after the Sonic Heroes disaster 12/17/07 pYrAmId_bUiLdEr
Bad Sonic Team, Bad! 03/12/07 saxyman87
Fast, Colourful, Imaginative and Difficult. 02/16/10 so_hai
The Blue blur is back in the game that is finally the 2D awesomeness in a 3D world. 12/01/08 Soldier_0_Cross
A red sneaker in the right direction. 03/20/07 SuperPhillip
A long awaited step in the right direction for Sonic. 08/31/07 the_Bored23
Sonic ran himself off the cliff on this one. 11/27/12 TheSpiderSense5
As far as 3D Sonic games go, Sonic 's latest adventure is certainly a giant step in the right direction. 03/27/07 UltimaBladeX
Sonic fan or not this is a great game. 03/15/07 viewtiful_joe98
The controls bring down what could have been the first great Sonic game in a long time 03/30/07 wolverinefan
Just when you thought Sonic ran off a Cliff! 11/26/07 ZGDK

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Sonic's best? Oh dear. 03/02/07 DrLilo
Sonic just won't stop running! 02/26/07 _BTT_
Can't have a game with broken mechanics. 02/12/14 AnalyticalGamer
If this is your world, then I don't want any part of it...maybe 11/03/09 Arcreium
Sonic's rock-solid debut for the Wii 02/28/07 CyberMesh
Finally did something right for once... 02/22/07 fatstick
Sonic's back on track and better than ever before! 02/26/07 gothic_chic
Sonic returns to his roots with this incredible adventure 02/22/07 hoodboy_tails
Sonic is back in this slighty flawed but exciting adventure. 03/02/07 Ice Inferno X3
Would have been good if not for a few things 06/28/13 irrewonderful
Sonic fan? Racing fan? Any other fan? Good. 02/26/07 killer_chaos
He's getting there... 03/05/07 lord_andy_of_x
Worst Sonic experience I've ever played. 02/27/07 MiOdd
Sonic and the Secret Disaster 02/14/08 MoeBear
It had potential... 11/09/09 Quilavatrainer
The blue blur in his first game for Wii! 02/22/08 redjarman
Finally? Has Sonic team done it right? 02/28/07 RHF
Sonic's Latest 3D Game; Can it Save Sonic's Legacy? 02/22/07 Setnaro X
The best 3D Sonic ever made 09/12/07 SharmHedgehog
I still prefer to call it Wildfire... 02/28/07 Smasher09
He back and faster then ever! 02/22/07 sonic_da_man
"Sonic is back with this new adventure" 05/16/07 sora250
Genies, Deserts, and Hedgehogs oh my! 09/08/08 Sparda65
Say hello the the best sonic game money can buy! 02/27/07 superallstaers
Like Arabian days this game is hotter than hot! 02/22/07 Teknoman
Sonic's Back! 02/22/07 ThePerfectK
Make believe is... what? 09/05/08 Unsavory Maggot

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