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Guide and Walkthrough by SuperYoshiMaster

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 05/28/2007

                               _   _   _   _   _
                              / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
                             ( S | U | P | E | R )
                              \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
        __  __  ___  _   _ _  _________   __  ____    _    _     _
       |  \/  |/ _ \| \ | | |/ / ____\ \ / / | __ )  / \  | |   | |
       | |\/| | | | |  \| | ' /|  _|  \ V /  |  _ \ / _ \ | |   | |
       | |  | | |_| | |\  | . \| |___  | |   | |_) / ___ \| |___| |___
       |_|  |_|\___/|_| \_|_|\_\_____| |_|   |____/_/   \_\_____|_____|
    ____    _    _   _    _    _   _    _      ____  _     ___ _____ _____
   | __ )  / \  | \ | |  / \  | \ | |  / \    | __ )| |   |_ _|_   _|__  /
   |  _ \ / _ \ |  \| | / _ \ |  \| | / _ \   |  _ \| |    | |  | |   / /
   | |_) / ___ \| |\  |/ ___ \| |\  |/ ___ \  | |_) | |___ | |  | |  / /_
   |____/_/   \_\_| \_/_/   \_\_| \_/_/   \_\ |____/|_____|___| |_| /____|
System: Wii
FAQ/Walkthrough by: Ricardo Alvarez [aka SuperYoshiMaster]
E-mail: sym.faqs [at] gmail.com
Version: 2.0
Copyright 2007 Ricardo Alvarez

Version changes:

Submitted walkthrough up to World 8.

Added walkthrough for Worlds 9 and 10.

Added FAQ and Party Games section.
Edited permited websites for the FAQ.



II.Basic Information___________________________________________________[BNC.2.]
III.Main Game Walkthrough______________________________________________[GMR.3.]
    B.World 1 - Monkey Island__________________________________________[GMR.B.]
    C.World 2 - Jumble Jungle__________________________________________[GMR.C.]
    D.World 3 - Smooth Sherbet_________________________________________[GMR.D.]
    E.World 4 - Detritus Desert________________________________________[GMR.E.]
    F.World 5 - Pirates Ocean__________________________________________[GMR.F.]
    G.World 6 - Cobalt Caverns_________________________________________[GMR.G.]
    H.World 7 - Volcanic Pools_________________________________________[GMR.H.]
    I.World 8 - Space Case_____________________________________________[GMR.I.]
    J.World 9 - Sinking Swamp__________________________________________[GMR.J.]
    K.World 10 - Ultra Heaven__________________________________________[GMR.K.]
IV.Crowning Worlds_____________________________________________________[CWM.4.]
V.Party Games__________________________________________________________[TYG.5.]
VIII.Legal Information_________________________________________________[LIN.8.]

                                I. Introduction                        [NRT.1.]

Hi! Welcome to my guide for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Bliz, the new game of the
Monkey Ball series. In this title you control one of several monkeys on a ball,
racing through several courses. The main objective in each of this courses is
to collect all the bananas you find and make it to the finish. It sounds
simple, but it is fun to control your monkey with the intuitive Wiimote

Although it isn't the most difficult game of all time, it can be challenging to
get a COMPLETE score on the latter levels. If you want a change on the
adventure mode, it has a mini-game mode too. This mode has 50 party mini-games
accesible from the very beginning, which can be pretty amusing thanks to the
multiplayer feature.

Anyway, now about the faq...

                             II. Basic Information                     [BNC.2.]

II.A. Controls [BNC.A.]

The main aspect of Banana Blitz is the use of the Wiimote's motion sensing
features. In the main game you move your monkey by tilting the wiimote (with
this you control the field, not the monkey per se). Also, controls may vary
depending on which mini-game you play, but that is covered later.

Tilt the Wiimote: Select a menu option/Tilt the field in order for your monkey
to roll.

D Pad: Change selected monkey on stage select screen/Zoom in or out the stage
map (accesible from pause menu).

A Button: Confirm selection/Jump.

- Button: Cancel selection.

+ Button: Confirm selection/(HOLD) Pause the game.

B Trigger: Confirm selection/ (While pulling the wiimote up) Jump.

1 Button: Confirms number of players in mini-game mode.

2 Button: Used in few party games.

II.B. Characters [BNC.B.]

There are six different monkeys to choose from. Each of them has different
attributes, changing gameplay a bit (on main game, that's it). Here is a chart
of each monkey's abilities, covering Size of ball, Acceleration, Weight, Speed
and Jump.
* is the lowest a stat can be, while ***** is the highest.


Size of Ball: ***
Acceleration: ***
Weight: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***


Size of Ball: ***
Acceleration: ***
Weight: **
Speed: **
Jump: ****


Size of Ball: *
Acceleration: ****
Weight: *
Speed: *
Jump: ****


Size of Ball: *****
Acceleration: *
Weight: *****
Speed: *****
Jump: *


Size of Ball: **
Acceleration: **
Weight: **
Speed: **
Jump: *****


Size of Ball: ***
Acceleration: *****
Weight: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: *

Note: This chart is based on the stats shown at the game's official japanese
site (www.supermonkeyball.com/character/)

                          III. Main Game Walkthrough                   [GMR.3.]

III.A. Overview [GMR.A.]

As explained before, the objective of the main game in Banana Blitz is to race
through several different stages to the finish. There are a total of 10 worlds
(two of them have to be unlocked), each of the first 8 worlds consists of 8
normal stages, a bonus stage and a boss stage. The last two worlds have 9
normal stages and a bonus stage, lacking a boss fight.
**Thanks to Clark Bowman for correcting this part**

Every normal stage has a different map layout. You have to clear it by passing
your monkey through the goal gate before the time, or your lives, run out.
Also, there are bananas scattered all around each map, which you can collect to
rise your score. For every 20 bananas you get, you gain an extra live. Note
that there are hidden bananas on this stages, which you have to find in order
to get a COMPLETE score instead of a X/X one.

Once you clear any four stages in a world you will get a bonus stage. This
stages are a truly monkey dream, as they are filled with bananas and you don't
lose a life if you fail.

When you finally clear all eight stages in a world you will fight that world's
boss. In these fights you will have to find your way to hit the boss' weak
point. It requires a few hits, usually 3, to take them down. Once you beat the
world's boss, the next world is unlocked and you get what seems to be a Golden

**A little note on Hidden Bananas**

For a time, I considered the idea of putting their locations as part of the
walkthrough. The thing is, there is already a FAQ dedicated entirely to that
matter, and my research (read as: the ones that I found by myself) was not even
near of what has been put on it.
Why don't just put them in my FAQ and give credit were credit is due?
Well, because I think Tsunekazu made a great job putting together all of the
board's findings and he deserves to get some hits in his own FAQ.

III.B. World 1 - Monkey Island [GMR.B.]

[Stage 1-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 7

Being the first stage of the game, it is obviously the easiest to beat. Just
roll in straight line until you see the stage goal. The last two bananas are in
to the right and left of it.

[Stage 1-2]
Time: 60
Bananas: 25

A "S" shaped level. Again, it isn't difficult by any means. Just follow the
path of bananas through the bridge and get to the goal.

[Stage 1-3]
Time: 60
Bananas: 8

No big difference from Stage 1. The only challenge here (it you consider it
one) is you have to jump for the first time to continue your path. Last two
bananas are behind the stage goal, so don't miss them.

[Stage 1-4]
Time: 60
Bananas: 17

This stage is just a little floating island. You can see the goal right away,
and can make your way to it by jumping quite easily. Just be sure to get all
the bananas first.

[Stage 1-5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 16

The first level in which the bananas can be a little (I can't stress that
enough) trouble. Instead of following a straight path, you will find several
bananas laying around a bumpty field. Those bumps in the ground can be a pain
to pass without proper speed. A tip for this, jump like crazy... you have more
chances of getting on top of them that way.

[Stage 1-6]
Time: 60
Bananas: 28

Ok, the first taste of monkey speed you get in the game. This stage features
some big slopes (3 actually) that will make your ball roll up really fast, so
be prepared. The last banana of the level is behind the goal ring, remember to
get it before finishing.

[Stage 1-7]
Time: 60
Bananas: 20

This one is a curvey stage. As you aproach the wooden bridge, be careful not to
fall out when the fence ends (specially with a high speed monkey like GonGon).
Be sure to get through the middle of the bridge, as any bump in the fenceposts
will take you out of control. Notice you will have to jump at the end of the
bridge to continue.

[Stage 1-8]
Time: 60
Bananas: 15

By far, this is the most difficult stage in this world (still easy, though).
You start normally with a narrow path, but you will encounter some weird birds
along the way. They will try to blow you out of the path, so try to roll in the
opposite direction. The bigger your monkey ball is, the farther you get blown
out (weight doesn't appear to make a difference). It may help if you pass them
at high speed.

[Bonus 1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

This is your first Bonus Stage. It consists solely of a circle island full of
bananas. You will probably get 2 or 3 extra lives if you collect them all. The
only danger you have here is to be smart enough to jump the fence and fall
down. FYI, that was plain sarcasm.

[Boss Stage 1]
Time: 120
Bananas: None

After a little introduction, you will get to fight a big green bird. The only
thing you should avoid here is its enourmous wings, as they can easily make you
fall out of the stage if you get near. Its weak spot is in its head, and it has
only two attacks.

The first one is to flap its wings around, which will probably make you fall if
you jump. After a bit, the bird will get tired and will need to catch its
breath, giving you time to jump and attack its head. The second attack isn't
difficult to avoid. It will start pecking the ground trying to hurt you.
Fortunately, after a couple of times, it will get stuck, giving you the perfect
opportunity to hit him.

After 4 hits, this giant bird will be ready to be cooked for the monkey
holidays and will give you the first Golden Banana.

III.C. World 2 - Jumble Jungle [GMR.C.]

[Stage 2-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 51

First time you probably will end up losing a life. Start rolling normally until
you see the first moving platform. You should watch your timing and get on it.
There are two static platforms aside the "main" path with several bananas. You
can use the moving platform you are in to reach them and then continue rolling
through the main path. Beware, the moving platforms move kind of slow, so watch
your remaining time.

[Stage 2-2]
Time: 60
Bananas: 38

Start by turning to the right. Follow the bananas until you get pass a speed
bump (ignore the first path to the left). You will see a stomp followed of a
high fence. Get some speed, jump to the stomp and jump on it to pass the fence.
This will get you two banana bunches. The tricky part is to return... if you
have YanYan you can easily jump the fence again, since she has the highest jump
in the game. However, if you are rolling a different monkey...may I suggest
committing suicide?

No, really... You can try to jump to the other side of the track, doing a great
shortcut (but missing some bananas in the process). If you decided to sacrifice
one of your extra lives, you will start the stage again, but with all the
bananas you collected before. Now take the first left turn, that one I told you
to ignore) and follow the path. It is prety straight foward, just jump those
speed bumps and fences to continue. You may notice the last banana is BEHIND
the goal ring. To take it simply enter the goal with enough speed so you get it
after completing the level.

[Stage 2-3]
Time: 60
Bananas: 30

Roll down through the slopes watching your speed. You'll soon find some
rotating blue and red fence-like things. Time your jumps to pass them, or else
they will push you to a fall out. Shortly after you will see a similar blue
fence with bananas on it. Be patient, jump into it and carefully collect the
bananas in it. Now make your way back (or try a crazy jump ahead) to the track.
Continue rolling to the goal.

[Stage 2-4]
Time: 60
Bananas: 12

After the last two stages, this one is a breeze. Just follow the path, watching
out for the rotating hazards again. Beware however, those have a banana above
each side. After the third obstacle, you will have to perform a small jump to
continue. Get to the goal and finish the stage.

[Stage 2-5]
Time: 120
Bananas: 75

Roll down the slope and turn right. Instead of following the normal path,
continue forward. This will get you on some kind of steps FILLED with banana
bunches. Once you reach the end, you have two options: a) Slowly make your way
around and return to the main path or b) Sacrifice a monkey (yet again). If you
chose option a, remember you have plenty of time to do so.

Assuming you are on track again, you will see an odd platform with some moving
bars. Jump those bars to continue your way. After that, go down the steps and
you'll find another platform. This time it has some holes in it, and bananas
mortally close to them. Make your way jumping and collecting the fruits, after
this platform you will find the goal.

[Stage 2-6]
Time: 120
Bananas: 30

This one has a narrow path, so watch your speed. Soon you'll come across a
moving bridge. Wait for it to line up with your path and cross it. When you get
to the end of the bridge, wait for it to line again with the following part of
the track and get going. After that it is pretty simple, with some speed bumps
around, but easy enough to cross the goal gate without troubles.

[Stage 2-7]
Time: 120
Bananas: 39

Ok, this stage seems tricky (at least, when writing about it) so bear with me.
Start by rolling straight forward, ignoring the turn you see, to get a banana
bunch. Return and go through the turn, which is a downhill slope. Now you will
have to choose a path. I recomend taking the right one, so take it and grab the
bananas you encounter. Once you get down to another turn, get enough speed and
go forward in order to get back UP. That way you will get the bananas you
missed by following the right path. Chech the map on the pause menu if you get

Now that you have the bananas from both paths, make your way down and you will
have to choose a path yet again. This time it really doesn't matter which you
follow, since both of them have the same slope. Just make sure to go up the
path you didn't choose before continuing down. Once you pass that, the rest of
the stage is pretty linear. Just watch out your jumping while passing the
moving bridges and you'll be find.

[Stage 2-8]
Time: 120
Bananas: 44

No, the bananas of this stage weren't stolen if that is what you think. They
are just off the track. Roll your way until you find a donut-like platform to
the side of the path. Jump and roll on it. There are five bananas on the outer
ring of the platform, and a banana bunch on the center. You better watch your
jumps, or you may fall out quite easily. Once done with the fruits, return to
the main path until you find another donut platform.

This one is a lot smaller, so it will be kind of difficult to jump to it. Once
you get on it, grab the four bananas on the outer ring and the banana bunch on
the center. Get back to the track and follow it till the last (big) donut
platform. Be sure to grab the 9 bananas on the outer ring, and the 6 bananas on
the inner rings before getting to the goal in the center of the platform.

[Bonus 2]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

This bonus is as simple as the past one. This time you will roll on a spiral
pattern getting as many bananas as any monkey could dream. If done perfectly,
you will get at least two extra lives from this stage.

[Boss Stage 2]
Time: 120
Bananas: 49

This monkey-robot-or-animal-of-sorts boss is quite strange. The only way to
attack him is by jumping on rockets that he fires at you. Unlike World 1's boss
stage, this one has some bananas laying around. From your starting platform,
look for a bridge, this will lead you to a path of bananas. Get them while
avoiding and jumping on the enemies rockets. This is more easily say than done,
since those rockets combined with the almost non-existant barrier at the edges
of the platform may get you several falls.

Once you drain half of the boss' health, he will start to launch from 3 to 5
consecutive rockets at you (yes, because he is THAT hardcore). This only means
even more chances for you to hurt him. Once you hit him 6 times, he is gone.

III.D World 3 - Smooth Sherbet [GMR.D.]

[Stage 3-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 19

A simple straight forward stage. Catchy music may I say... anyway, there isn't
much with this stage. Jump the above the stump-like obstacles you find to get
the bananas. This obstacles kind of explode if you touch them, bumping you
away. This isn't a problem right now, since you are fenced. There are more of
these stomps around the goal gate. Be sure to pick every banana above them
before you finish the level.

[Stage 3-2]
Time: 60
Bananas: 34

This stage consist almost entirely of a big slope. I highly recommend you
select a monkey with above average jump. I only managed to get all the bananas
of this stage with YanYan. Roll down the slope, jumping around everytime you
find a banana in order to grab it. Slow down as you approach the goal gate,
because you will have to jump over it to get the last bananas bunches of the
stage. Once done, return and finish the level.

[Stage 3-3]
Time: 60
Bananas: 13

This level is fairly simple if you don't mind completing your banana
collection. There are several icy steps you must jump to get to the goal gate.
The problem is that every of these steps has a banana on it. Not particularly
hard to achieve, but you must be patient enough to do so. Once you get the last
banana make your way up and cross the gate.

[Stage 3-4]
Time: 60
Bananas: 22

Remember those stump obstacles from Stage 1? Well, they're back... but the
fences aren't. Cross the first bridge and you will find in an islet with
rotating explosive stumps. Take the bananas and make your way out of there. I
recommend keeping a low profile and jump unless it is absolutely necessary.
Continue your way in a similar manner, but be careful in the fourth and fifth
bridges. You will have to jump a gap in each one of those. Pass the last bridge
and get the last banana that is behind the goal gate.

[Stage 3-5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 16

Once again, a slippery narrow stage. Make your way as normal, but notice those
rotating sticks moving around. Well, you must jump them to continue rolling on
track (or time your movements when they are out of the way). The thing is, they
have bananas on both of their sides. Try to get the bananas on the first try,
or else you will have to wait for the stick to turn around, wasting precious
time. The last one of this sticks have two bananas per side, so you have a lot
of jumping to do. Once you pass this rotating hazzards continue your way, jump
the gap at the end of the bridge and get the last banana before finishing the

[Stage 3-6]
Time: 60
Bananas: 28

This one has big, and I mean big slopes. After the first fall, each of the
downhill paths will have one or two threes in your way. Avoid bumping with
them, or your high speed will get you off the path. Near the end of the stage
you will see a banana bunch floating around, you can catch those with the 
following strategy mailed to me by Gerard:

"I figured you need to be going pretty fast, since none of the monkeys can jump 
that high, though I did use the monkey with the highest jumping ability. 
The general idea is to be able to hit the top of "wooden hurdle" that moves up 
and down. You must hit it at the right speed and at the right angle. By doing 
so, this allows you to bounce higher to reach the floating bananas. Again, this 
all depends on timing, so I usually wait 1-2 seconds after the stage starts. 
Then, I just try to go full speed into the first "snow hill". Aim towards the 
right, and if you hit the "snow hill" right before its apex, you should bounce 
high enough to reach the apex of the next snow hill. Continue full speed into 
the third "snow hill".

If you timed it right, and kept going full speed forward, you should have 
enough momentum to reach the "wooden hurdle" and if timed correctly, you can 
hit the top of it, which gives even more momentum to reach the bananas."

[Stage 3-7]
Time: 60
Bananas: 10

Start jumping into the banana in front of you. After rolling down the bridge,
you will have to avoid the balls coming at you. The best way is to roll and
jump only if it absolutely necessary. Otherwise you will proof true the
mathematical equation (High Speed Monkey + Collision)(Air) = Fall. After you
pass those tubes where the balls come from, take your time to get the three
bananas and move forward. The next bridge has a big gap in the middle, so jump
to avoid a fall out. Keep rolling to the goal.

[Stage 3-8]
Time: 60
Bananas: 41

This is fairly similar to Stage 2. You will get rolling through a big slope
with jump-to-get bananas along the way. Pay attention to the track, as there
are two big gaps on it, and they are easily missed. At the very end you will se
a banana bunch floating above the path. Jump to get it and cross the goal.

[Bonus 3]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

This bonus stage is bowl shaped. The bananas are arranged like the first bonus
stage, but the field isn't. If you get down to the bottom of the "bowl", jump
your way up and get those sweet extra bananas.

[Boss Stage 3]
Time: 120
Bananas: None

Well, this has to be the second Wii game with a Yeti boss (that's it...if this
is a Yeti at all). As you probably notice, his weak spot is his bellybutton.
Avoid the snowballs he throws at you and the exploding stumps from past stages.
This isn't hard, since the snowballs travel in a simple pattern. He will get
quite mad when you approach him, and start spinning around trying to bump you
out of the track. Since his attack has a relatively long duration, I suggest to
do anything you can to avoid a fall out. After a while he will get tired,
giving you enough time to jump into his weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE (had to
do it).

After each hit, he will do the spin attack again. Endure as long as possible
and wait for him to get tired again, jump on his bellybutton, rise and repeat.
3 hits will take him down. After finish him, you'll get your third golden

III.E World 4 - Detritus Desert [GMR.E.]

[Stage 4-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 26

As a traditional first stage, this one is (mostly) a straight path. Keep
rolling ahead until you get into a pyramid. Watch the closing gates, they can
cause a mess if bumped at high speed. After each pyramid you will have to go
down some stairs. I recommend to slow down a bit to get the bananas easily.
After the third pyramid you'll see an exploding stump right in the middle of
the track, so beware. Slow down when falling through the next set of stairs,
you don't want to enter the goal gate yet. Instead, carefully go around it and
circle the big pyramid. Behind it you will see a lot of missing bananas. Get
them quick and return to the gate before the time runs out.

[Stage 4-2]
Time: 120
Bananas: 46

Start rolling straight to the pyramid. Its gate won't open until you get near,
so don't worry. After it, you'll have to cross some hanging bridges. Be sure to
stay centered on the track to avoid falling out. Avoid the exploding stump
ahead and follow the turns on the path. Notice the gap after you cross the big
bridge. Jump it and turn to its right to get a lonely banana, then go to the
opposite side and climb those stairs.

Once you get to the pyramid, you have to choose one of three paths. Left or
right, PLUS straight into the pyramid (which can only be accesed with Baby,
mind you*). Each side of the pyramid hold a single banana, and there are plenty
on the inside. I suggest to suicide, again, if you run out of time. This is not
a hard stage, and you probably need to get to the alternative paths to get all
the bananas. The gate is behind the last big pyramid.

*This may take me to implement a suggested monkey feature for each stage

[Stage 4-3]
Time: 60
Bananas: 8

Wow, an easy one. Have been a long time, right? Well, I was still using Baby
after the last stage, so his small ball was perfect to finish this one. Just
roll straight forward. There are hardly any obstacle that make you fall out of
the main track. The bananas are all in the path, so no big deal until you cross
the gate. Then again, for the hidden bananas hunters...

[Stage 4-4]
Time: 120
Bananas: 19

This stage has a lot of mini bowls in it. Each has a banana on the center, so
you will hardly miss one. After the first couple of bowls, you will see split
paths. Follow either one and backtrack with the other one, get the bananas and
move along. Jump your way to the first bridge, avoid the exploding stumps and
continue. Those mole enemies you come across are better left alone, but if you
want, you can jump on them to avoid trouble. Your path will split again after
the second bridge. Do as before, taking one and backtracking on the other to
get all the bananas and cross the goal gate near you.

[Stage 4-5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 42

This stage is pretty linear too. All you have to do is keep rolling on the
center of the track and let the speed booster do the job. Now here is the first
challenge. You see that floating row of bananas? Good, because you have to
speed through the ramp, get some air, and QUICKLY hold vertical your wiimote.
With some luck you will fall in a perfect straight line getting all your
bananas. You may need to miss some of the speed boosters in order to get it
right (depending which monkey you use).

After that may want to speed down, or else you will cross the gate without all
the yellow fruits of the level. Get rolling on either edge of the track and
roll up with the speed boosters. I hope you have fast reflexes, because you
will have to control your landing just after you pass to either side of the
goal. If you did it well, you will get to the top of the level, taking three
banana bunches with you. Fall through the gate when finished.

[Stage 4-6]
Time: 120
Bananas: 32

Start following the path of what seems to be a easy (it isn't) level. After you
climb the first set of stairs you will have to jump to a silver swing.
Fortunatelly it has an edge barrier (sort of). Continue your way to the second
set of stairs. This time you will have to jump from swing to swing. Notice the
banana bunches at the sides. Jump to get those and return to your swinging. The
goal gate is in a little isle after that.

[Stage 4-7]
Time: 120
Bananas: 32

Another linear path. I'm growing to like these ones after the last lives-
draining stages. Follow the track at medium speed, avoiding the closing gates
in the pyramids. There are several lenghty set of stairs which I recommend to
climb with a slow but steady rhythm. The third of this sets have exploding
stumps on it...so watch out. Don't enter the gate just yet, go behind the
pyramid to get the last bananas and finish the level.

[Stage 4-8]
Time: 120
Bananas: 7

Even though it seems a large level, it is not (again, if your aren't hunting
hidden bananas). Just roll straight forward taking the speed boosts you need
and you'll soon cross the gate. Watch out, as you can fall out easily if you
get too much speed. The paths at the sides have hidden bananas in them, it's
your choice to get them or not.

[Bonus 4]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

The first bonus stage than can actually be a challenge to complete. There are
bananas on each side of the pyramid. Roll down the stairs you see, then roll
around all the pyramid. You can climb the sides you left behind with the help
of those arrow displays in the ground. They will boost you up some stairs,
collecting the bananas along your way. Again, this stage is quite difficult to
master with the little time you get.

[Boss Stage 4]
Time: 120

This one is a mecha dinosaur of sorts. You will have to cross several of its
"sections" like a normal level. The second section (the first being where you
start) has a lot of mole enemies. The third one will trap you until you jump on
the right mole, which has a flashing weak spot on its head. Get the bananas
before moving forward. The fourth section has two rocket launchers. Deal with
them as you did with the second world boss (hint for those with memory
problems: jump on the rockets).

The fifth section won't trap you, just be sure to roll in the gap between boxes
to get the bananas. After that just avoid any enemy contact and you'll get to
the head of the boss. Jump on the bubble-like shield to beat it and claim yet
another golden banana.

NOTE: Apparently, with this boss the bananas left behind by the enemies DO NOT
count towards the stage total. The first time I fought the boss, I didn't
collect any of the bananas that the moles and the rocket launchers spawned.
However, I did get the bananas between the boxes and got a Complete status for
the stage. Any tip on this would be highly appreciated (and credited too).

III.F World 5 - Pirates Ocean [GMR.F.]

[Stage 5-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 51

Holy, this starts to get really difficult beyond this point. Remember NOT to
throw the wiimote when you get irritated, each one worths 40 bucks! Now, into
the stage. First of all, I bet you will fall the main center track on the first
try. If you do, do NOT return to the starting point right away. Continue the
lower path to the end and you will see a banana bunch after the last column.
Try returning, but odds are you will run out of time before finishing the

Once you are in the starting point (again or not), roll straight forward,
jumping when necessary. There is a single banana below this main track, you
will have to fall before continuing, then jump from below and get it. When you
are on top again, choose the right path when the track splits. Be extremely
carefull, this is the narrowest path you have rolled yet. Cross the gate to
finish the stage.

[Stage 5-2]
Time:  120
Bananas: 33

Wow, fences... I missed ya'! A nice break from World 4. This stage has (at
least some) of them so you can relax a bit about falling from the main track.
Anyway, after the first ramp you will get to a rail track. Hop on it and roll
to the other side. Remember those deadly swings from before? They are back, and
this time deadlier. Wait for the first swing to come for you, get in it and
control your monkey to stay in balance. Continue your way if you managed to

You will find a second swing ahead. Watch out, this one has a smaller base.
This will make a lot harder to keep your balance when it gain momentum. At the
end of the swing, return to the main track and roll your way up. The goal gate
is straight ahead.

[Stage 5-3]
Time: 60
Bananas: 21

What we just needed, fenceless moving steps serving as the main track. Hop on
them and I recommend to keep jumping while moving forward. This way you catch
the bananas along the way and (luckily) won't get bumped with the steps to a
fall out. After a while you will get to a small isle that serves as the middle
of the stage. Hop on the next moving steps and get going. As you probably
notice these are a lot violent than the first set. Move along and be prepare to
jump over the goal gate when you reach the end. If you did it right, you will
land in a separate isle with the last bunch of bananas of the stage. Turn
around and finish the stage.

[Stage 5-4]
Time: 60
Bananas: 22

Climb the pair of steps you see and prepare for monkey business. You will be in
a moving platform, filled with 10 bananas an some octopus look a like enemies.
Avoid the latter and collect the former. Once done jump over the next section.
Take the banana at the center and the one in the left. Jump over the next steps
with caution, as they aren't together. After those, you'll get to another
moving platform. Get the last five bananas and cross the goal.

[Stage 5-5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 5

Don't be fooled by the low banana number, this won't be an easy one. Climb the
stairs, collect the bananas and be prepared for action. You will see a giant
wheel. It's time to pull a hamster move and hop on it. Be sure to stay on it,
as it will roll on it's own and take you to the stage's goal. Did I mention
there are exploding stumps on the wheel? Well, they are. Not the hardest thing
to avoid, but any mistake will definately get you a fall out. Once you reach
the gate, jump for it and finish.

[Stage 5-6]
Time: 60
Bananas: 48

I hope you got extra lives for this stage. As you will see, the track is
completely formed by circle platforms. Some of them have another platforms with
banana bunches at the center. Even with the potential danger that means jumping
for those, this is one of the easiest stages in this world. Just roll as
normally until you get to the final platform. There will be the stage's goal,
moving around. Either chase it or wait for it to come to finish.

[Stage 5-7]
Time: 120
Bananas: 57

I wonder how so many steps could have any relation to a pirate theme. Anyway,
this stage will probably take a life or two before getting all the bananas.
This is because soon after the start your path will split in two (not a
surprise). The thing is, backtracking isn't quite an option. If you got any
monkey that isn't YanYan, forget the left route...she is the only one who could
jump that high. On the right path you will eventually come across a moving set
of stairs. They will contract and expand, so either wait for it to fully unfold
and climb it OR climb quickly to the top step. You can wait on the top step
until it is safe to continue rolling.

Once you make it to the other side, get moving until you face the abyss. Wait
for a blue moving platform to come to you. Hop on it and stay in track to
continue. Wait, that is not a moving platform, it folds and unfolds like the
previous one! Get to the top step again, and wait for it to unfold forward,
then proceed. This will take you to another similar platform and eventually to
the main track again. Ignore the octopi in here and avoid the exploding stumps.
Collect the bananas on your way, even if that means a detour. When you see the
goal gate get to it, and ignore the other path (not for hidden bananas fans).

[Stage 5-8]
Time: 60
Bananas: 53

You will grow to love YanYan (or hate her perhaps), as she is the only one who
can get some of the bananas floating above the spiral in this level. In this
stage you will have to climb a long way in a spiral track distributed by two
main platforms. Cross the bridge and search for the spiral's start. Roll like
normally and jumping any gap you find. After a while you will pass through a
straight section, meaning you just changed platforms. In this part you will see
several bananas on the side of the track.

If you pay attention to the stage overview, you will notice these form a
straight row on the side of the second platform. The only way to get those is
to climb to the very top of the platform and fall through the banana row to get
them all. If you still have time, make it to the top again (or suicide,
whatever you feel more likely). Once you make it all the way up again, you'll
have to continue rolling and will find the gate at the end of the spiral track.

[Bonus 5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

Stairs Ahoy! At least this bonus doesn't seem suicidal like the last one. Focus
on climbing up the stairs before getting the bananas at the bottom. YanYan
would be great for this stage thanks to her jumping ability.

[Boss Stage 5]
Time: 120
Bananas: None

If you need a plumber to take care of giant squids, obviously you need a monkey
to take care of giant octopi. This fight is Tough, with capital T for trouble.
You will fight entirely on a tiny island. The boss can make you fall out with a
single touch, so be careful and don't let that happen. Roll behind him and jump
to attack his giant head. Watch as he falls down again and call some of his
minions. Keep behind him and jump on it on every opportunity. The first three
hits shouldn't be much of a problem.

After this, he will slowly go back underwater. Do not let his tentacles draw
you with him. Soon he will emerge again. Watch for the wave of water that
results from his landing and jump it. Get behind him again and hit the head. He
will repeat the process after each hit. After the sixth attack, you will finish
him for good and collect the next golden banana.

III.G World 6 - Cobalt Caverns [GMR.G.]

[Stage 6-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 47

Roll from the start and you will be on top of a grid platform. You can't roll
normally on it because you'll end up falling through (not even GonGon with his
huge ball can prevent this). Jump your way to the three different banana
bunches located to the left, right and front of the start. Once you get them,
fell through the grid and ignore whatever those enemies are. Center yourself on
the ground and get rolling forward.

Take speed with the speed boosters and prepare to jump when you see green floor
below you (right after the third speed booster). If you jump high enough, you
will get an elusive floating banana. Continue rolling and you will reach the
goal gate. Note that there is a banana way behind it. I managed to get it at
rolling through the goal at max speed with GonGon, but I guess jumping the gate
can make the trick too.

[Stage 6-2]
Time: 120
Bananas: 70

Start rolling through the bridge and WAIT at the end of it. Eventually a
circular platform will come down the pole. If you pass the bridge before the
platform comes down, you may get trapped and waste precious seconds. Anyway,
hop on the platform and roll around getting all the bananas until it stops.
When that happens, jump quickly to the next platform. This one is way shorter
than the last one and without a border. Get out of it once you reach the top of
the pole.

Hop on the rails and jump to get the floating banana bunch. If you continue
rolling you'll cross the goal. But you don't want that just yet...Instead,
lower your speed on the rails to get on top of the second pole. You'll be just
below the stage's goal. Now take a deep breath and jump down, but stay as close
to the pole as possible. With luck you will get to the base of the pole without
bouncing to death. Here are four banana bunches that will give you an extra
life. After getting them try to jump to the base of the first pole and climb up
again or sacrifice your monkey, it's up to you.

[Stage 6-3]
Time: 120
Bananas: 78

The first section of this stage is fairly easy. Roll straight forward avoiding
the exploding stumps (don't miss the single banana at the top of one mushroom)
and wait at the end of the path. There is a giant wheel just like that of Stage
5 in the past world. Wait for it to get near you and ride it. If you are brave
enough, jump out of it and get the banana bunches that rest in isles to the
sides of the wheel track. By doing these you may lose too much time waiting for
the wheel to come back and continue your way. The rest of the level is pretty
much the same. Jump from wheel to wheel until you reach the goal (and maybe get
the bunches laying around if you wish, if you don't mind the exploding stumps
next to them).

[Stage 6-4]
Time: 60
Bananas: 49

Get down the stairs watching out for exploding stumps. After those, you will
end up in a path made out of flopping platforms. Roll straight ahead and jump
when the platforms ahead begin to turn in front of you. If done right you'll
land safely and will not fall out in the gap between platforms. Continue and
get down the next set of steps. Now you'll see a lot more of the flopping
platforms, now in a squared pattern. Cross them when they are on the green
side, since each has one banana on this side. Again, jump when they are turning
around. Once you cross them, climb the steps and turn right to get the last
banana bunch before passing through the goal gate.

[Stage 6-5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 25

Roll forward, jump on the mushrooms and you'll get in front of a green rail
track. Get on it and roll down. When it ends, jump to the next rail. You surely
want to take it easy and slow down a lot, because this rail has a lot of turns
and you can fall out with high speed. The next rail is the last one and luckily
it is a straight line. Before rolling down, jump to get the banana bunch. If
done correctly you will land in the middle of the rail and get enough speed to
cross the goal.

[Stage 6-6]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

Pass the bridge and beware of the exploding stump. There is a mushroom with a
banana bunch left to the bridge. Once you jumped to get it, return to the main
track. You'll see a moving mushroom platform ahead. Hop on it when it lowers
itself. I recommend to keep jumping as it somewhat helps to prevent falling
out. From the second, fourth and fifth moving mushrooms you can try to reach
other banana bunches. At the end of the mushroom line jump to the next
platform. Avoid the exploding stump and get over the bridge. This one has two
gaps placed really near each other. Jump carefully to get across and get into
the goal.

[Stage 6-7]
Time: 30
Bananas: 35

Get down the first mushrooms as soon as possible. Get to the main long track
quickly, because you got a mere 30 seconds to finish this stage. Although you
got several speed boosters, a fenced path and 160 MPH speeded monkey...this
stage is fairly difficult. Don't rely on that fence to much either. If you
don't tilt your monkey properly, it will make you bump and ultimately fall out.
Watch out after the last turn of the level (refer to the stage overview if you
don't follow) as there will be a DEADLY gap short after. Jump it for your
monkey's sake and you will soon reach the goal gate. The last banana bunch is
behind it, but taking it shouldn't be much of a problem with the momentum you
gained through this point.

[Stage 6-8]
Time: 120
Bananas: 41

This stage can take you several lives if you are aiming for banana
completition. I highly suggest you study the stage overview from the pause
screen on practice before trying the real deal. From the start point you have
basically two paths to choose. Each has it share of yellow fruits on almost
every dead end, and backtracking to choose the other path is not an option. You
can always try to jump and reach distant areas to save time instead of rolling
all the way there, but only if you play with a good jumping monkey.

Anyway, for the first section of the stage pick either way and get going. At
the end of each path you will see an unfolding green bridge. Roll over it
(either one you find) when it starts to unfolds forward. This will give you
time to reach the second section. In what would be the "right" path, there is a
strange pole-like obstacle guarding a banana bunch. Get some speed and attack
it, as a result it will become smaller. After that you can jump over and take
the bananas with you. Continue your way towards another unfolding bridge. Time
it right, so you can reach a second bridge when both of them unfold completely.

Now that you are in the third section (hopefully), make your way to the left.
Get over the faster bridge to reach an isle with two banana bunches. Return and
take the opposite path. You will see an unfolding column right away, but there
is another pole obstacle to the other side. Again, it guards a banana bunch.
Once you get it, return to the unfolding column and jump over it when it folds.
It will take you to the goal of this huge stage.

[Bonus 6]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

This bonus has almost all its bananas on a moving platform. You can hop over
and start collecting them watching not to fall because of the movement. Once
you get all the bananas on the main platform you will notice there is one
missing. That one is in the outside ring of the stage. Just jump from the
moving area to the static ring and collect it. It is at the exact opposite side
from the starting point.

[Boss Stage 6]
Time: 120
Bananas: None

This time you will be fighting a singing diva. Or something like that. Keep
your ball away from the corners at all times. There are speakers on them, and
the loud noise that comes from them can get your monkey dizzy, unable to move
correctly or jump. She has two main attacks. The first one is to sing and make
boulders fall down to hit you, and the second is similar to the speakers noice.

Before you can attack the boss' weak point, you have to bring her down to the
scenario. At first she will stand in a circular platform (like the ones on
Stage 8). Get rid of it as before, just take enough speed and bump on it three
times. Once she is in the ground, get near her and attack her microphone at
every chance. The boulder shower will be more intence, so beware. After 5 hits
you will knock her little concert down and get the sixth golden banana.

III.H World 7 - Volcanic Pools [GMR.H.]

[Stage 7-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 77

Start by rolling straight forward. Get every speed booster you see and jump the
speed bumps on your way. You will climb a ramp, which is followed by a great
fall. If you at max speed you will get high in the air. While airborne hold
back your wiimote to greatly decrease your speed. If done correctly, you will
land in a floating red platform with a banana bunch at the end. Roll to get it
and drop to the green platform. Repeat the same process again and get in the
yellow platform. Once you are done, drop to the main track and get rolling

Get the speed boosters and climb the second ramp. Do the same as before,
getting the banana bunches of the floating platforms and returning to the main
track when done. Climb the last ramp in the stage and be sure to slow down once
you reach the top or else you will go flying to an instant fall out. Underneath
the ramp is a big yellow round platform (easily missed if you roll to fast).
Get to its center and you will fall through a big tube that will send you to
the stage's goal.

[Stage 7-2]
Time: 60
Bananas: 39

Roll avoiding the speed bumps and jump to the first isle you'll see. Get into
the rail track. You can jump to the sides and get the banana bunches in the way
before moving on. Once the first rail finishes, jump to the next one. Roll
carefully through it and you'll see it forks. Not much really, as it is just a
big circle, so choose either way and get going. Getting the bananas of the
other side is quite easy too. Very shortly after, you'll get across another
rail circle, but with a little isle on its center. Jump to it and get the
banana. Return to the rail track and roll on. You will find yet another rail
circle, but this time a boulder is rolling on it. Roll to the left or jump to
the isle to get going. The gate is next to the other side of the circle.

[Stage 7-3]
Time: 60
Bananas: 6

For everyone's surprise, an easy stage! Roll pass the speed bumps and the
bridge, then forget about the bananas on this stage. Once you cross, you'll
need to find the hole in the platform that fits you and fall through it. Repeat
the process in the following platforms. It shouldn't take you long, but beware
they will be spinning. Once you pass the third one, you'll fall through the
stage's gate.

[Stage 7-4]
Time: 120
Bananas: 59

This one is frustrating. First, you'll need to ignore the bridge, drop down the
platform you are in and hopefully reach a ring full of bananas. After that, you
can try to jump to the other side or just suicide to get back to the top.
Assuming you are at the starting point, pass the bridge and start rolling down
the spiral track. Control your speed accordingly and you will reach a dinosaur
skull. Before getting into it, jump to get the banana bunch and return to the

After you cross the skull, you will roll through a very difficult path. Your
monkey will speed up like crazy, so hold your wiimote almost at full 90 degrees
to slow a bit. Do not try to roll faster than 20 MPH or you definitely fall
out. If you are brave enough, take the two banana bunches on the side of the
track when you see them. After the deadly track, the path will change its
ground (a little easier to roll by). There is another banana bunch on a
platform to the side before the goal gate.

[Stage 7-5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 51

Roll down the steps and turn. You will get to a bridge made up of flipping
platforms. The best way to cross is waiting for them to be horizontal and jump
to pass them. Otherwise, they'll be flipping by the time you speed up and roll
through them. There is a total of four banana bunches to the sides of the
track. After you get to the other side, you will have to turn and climb the set
of stairs in front of you. Watch out for the exploding stumps and you'll make
it to the stage's goal.

[Stage 7-6]
Time: 60
Bananas: 42

Pass the speed bumps and climb the stairs. You'll see four rails put together,
making a set of three paths you can choose. All of them take you to the same
place, but there are bananas on each path and the left and right ones let you
reach some banana bunches. You can change paths simply by jumping. Also, see if
you monkey ball doesn't fall through those two (ie. Baby only rolls through the
center path). Make it to the other side and hop on the next set of rail tracks
(There is no difference in sizes like before). At the end of the path you will
get a banana on an isle, but you have to drop from the rails at the middle in
order to continue.

If you did it right, you will fall to another set of rail tracks. As before,
there will be bananas on every path and at the end of them. Almost finishing
that set of rails, you will see a floating banana bunch. Jump to grab it and
you will land in the last rail tracks. Roll down to cross the stage's gate.

[Stage 7-7]
Time: 60
Bananas: 24

Fear not, this stage isn't as hard as it looks. Start rolling straight forward,
pass the bone-made bridge and jump to the main platform. As you probably
noticed, you will have to climb through a spinning spiral track. Just place
yourself on its way and wait for it to catch you up. Roll and start your way
up. As you can see, it is pretty simple. At the very end of the track is a
banana bunch. Get it and quickly jump to the goal gate.

[Stage 7-8]
Time: 60
Bananas: 15

I hope you are ready for a challenge, because this is a tough one. Roll to the
speed booster ahead and pass the huge yellow and green ramps. Continue doing so
until you pass the third set of ramps. Note that there is pretty much nothing
you can do if you get stuck between them. The best thing to try out is to jump
and see if you can make yourself out, but you will lose a lot of time. After
that, you will follow a very narrow path full of speed boosters.

Try your best not to fall out and watch your speed. Soon you will end that
deadly curve and you'll find another speed booster, this time on a ramp. It is
pretty simple to miss the boost and falling from the track, so stay centered at
all times. Hopefully, you'll make it to the other side. Roll through the next
platforms in the same way and take the ramp boost at the end. After the second
one (third ramp with boost) you will land on the main track again. Continue
taking the speed boosters and eventually you will reach the goal.

[Bonus 7]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

This stage is made entirely of downhill ramps. The first and second ones are
pretty simple, and there is almost no danger if you fall from them (they have
some sort of grate beneath them. The third one is tricky, since it's divided in
three sections. Watch your speed and jump to switch between this sections and
you should be ok.

[Boss Stage 7]
Time: 120
Bananas: None

This time you'll face a harlequin monkey (some say it is a mouse) which
controls a powerful robot. This robot is made up of several balls and can unite
to create different forms. First you will deal with its humanoid form. Roll
next to its legs and avoid any attack it performs. Once it punches the ground,
it will eventually lose its colors and fall apart. This is your chance to chase
the monkey and hit him with your own ball. Once done, the robot will reunite.

When the robot reassembles, it will either take the humanoid form again or a
snake one. If it did take the snake form, just jump its tail when it tries to
hit you. After a couple of swings of its tail, it will lose colors again and
fall apart once more. Hit the main boss again and see how the robot build up.
Repeat the process until you hit the monkey for the fourth time. This time, the
robot will take yet another form (vehicle like if you ask me). It will try to
attack you harder and probably send you flying out of the stage. Wait for its
inevitable color loss and attack the monkey for a final time. Once you finish
him you will get the seventh golden banana.

III.I World 8 - Space Case [GMR.I.]

[Stage 8-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 34

This world is pretty straight forward. No detours whatsoever. Roll normally
until you see a part of the track tilted sideways. You can either roll at high
speed or jump above the tilted sections to avoid falling out. After the first
turn, there will be a downhill part. Watch your speed as you start to climb up
again and turn. Take the speed booster after that and take the floating banana
bunch. Repeat until you cross the goal gate

[Stage 8-2]
Time: 60
Bananas: 149

This one will be hard for the banana hunters out there. If you just want to
finish the level, roll straight ahead. You hardly find any obstacle if done
quickly. However, if you do want all the bananas, I suggest you to jump right
after the second downhill ramp. This will take you to a floating platform.
There are three paths to choose: left, right and up. What you have to do in
everyone of them is to finish the track, then wait for the circular platforms
to line up in front of you and roll to take the banana bunches.  There are
several gaps on those platforms, so it will be a challenge to get all the
yellow fruits for your monkey.

[Stage 8-3]
Time: 90
Bananas: 34

This laberynth like stage is actually pretty simple. Just roll up until you see
a bridge connecting to the next platform. There are bananas at every dead-end,
so look closely. Also, try to always roll to the left for preventing getting
lost. Next to the center platform you will see an unconnected one, jump to it
to get a banana bunch. Return to the center platform and cross the goal gate.

[Stage 8-4]
Time: 60
Bananas: 46

Try not to get mad on this stage. First of all, ignore almost every speed
booster you see. Almost all of them roll you up for a sure fall out.  Follow
the track until you see a ramp. Take only the speed boost on it and IMMEDIATLY
hold your wiimote vertically to slow down as soon as possible. How much depends
on your monkey. If done correctly, you will land in the next section without
jumping to death or missing it completely. Backtrack a bit for some bananas and
continue. Ignore the boosters and take the bananas carefully. Once you get to
the huge ramp, take the second and third speed boosters only (the ones that are
actually on the ramp) then slow down again as before. Luckily you didn't fall
out and landed at the top of the ramp. Continue your way ignoring EVERY booster
until you find a final tiny ramp. Repeat the process of slowing down right
after taking it and you will cross the goal.

[Stage 8-5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 24

Choose wisely which monkey you are going to use for this one. The level is
again pretty linear, but it isn't easy by any means. Roll your way carefull and
watch when you change sections, as you will have to jump in order to do so.
Almost at the end of the level there is a little set of stairs. Jump carefully,
or all your work will be worthless if you fall out. Right after those, you will
find the stage's goal.

[Stage 8-6]
Time: 60
Bananas: 14

Another tough one. Roll yourself up, climbing the ramp you see and avoiding the
exploding stumps when possible. After the second stump, you will se some
rotating platforms. Watch your jumps to cross them, and do not rush. It is very
common to fall through this just because you are not patient enough. Continue
rolling and ignore the speed boosters if possible. You will find yet another
rotating platform, but this time it moves back and forward. Speed yourself,
jump on it and continue. After that it is very simple to follow the track and
find the goal gate.

[Stage 8-7]
Time: 60
Bananas: 42

This stage is frustrating, but not difficult if done correctly. Start rolling
down the spiral (do not forget the banana bunch at the top) watching your
speed. Once you get down, you will have to switch to the other part of the
track. This tunnel like path is easy to follow, but be sure to jump every ball
that comes rolling in the opposite way. When you get to the end of the path,
switch to the other track again and take the speed boost. Beware to take it and
slow down almost after that or you will fall out. If you survived the boost,
you will cross the gate.

[Stage 8-8]
Time: 60
Bananas: 76

For the last stage of this world, this do a perfect job on being hard. Roll
downhill until you get to a circle shaped area. You see all those ball
platforms with bananas on their tops? Good, because you will have to pick one,
jump on it and hope to land on the track below. Chech the stage overview if
confused. If you landed on the track, follow it and prepare for some wild
jumping. At the end of the path, there will be even more ball platforms. Jump
on them (high speed recommended) and get to the gate. Note that there is
another banana bunch after it.

[Bonus 8]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

This bonus takes place on a giant bowl. Roll your way down, and collect all the
bananas you can with the help of the speed boosts. Although it seems
improbable, it is very possible to fall on this one, so ve carefull.

[Boss Stage 8]
Time: 120
Bananas: None

This boss fight is pretty simple if you ask me. Dr. Bad-Boon will try to stop
you from getting the last golden banana of the bunch. His first attack is to
spin trying to knock you out with his giant claws. As any other of his attacks,
you can avoid it easily just by rolling beneath his legs. His weakspot is
his...uhm, behind. Personally, I beat him on my first try by just staying there
the whole time, jumping whenever I had a chance to attack him. He also tries to
jump every now and then, but lands in the same spot. After seven attacks he
will be done, giving you the last of the golden bananas.

So...what's next? Is this the end of the game? Well, not quite. You still have
to complete each of the eight worlds without using a continue. This will unlock
you the first secret world: Sinking Swamp. Refer to the "Crowning Worlds"
section of this walkthrough for the details on, well, crowning.

III.J World 9 - Sinking Swamp [GMR.J.]

[Stage 9-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 69

Welcome to the first unlockable world. Start by rolling into the track, and
either avoid or jump over the moving platforms. The green ones can lead you to
some banana bunches at the sides. Move along and get the speed booster, but
slow down while airborne. Hopefully, you landed beneath more moving platforms.
Use them as stairs and make your way up. Collect the bananas in the half-circle
and then continue. The speed boosters will send you flying through the gate.

[Stage 9-2]
Time: 20
Bananas: 29

This stage isn't as easy as it seems. You get only 20 seconds to make it to the
finish. This is more easy said than done, since all the track is filled with
irregular bumps that can make you fall out easily. There is a floating banana
bunch somewhat at the middle of the path. Continue rolling and you will get to
the goal gate.

[Stage 9-3]
Time: 60
Bananas: 51

Prepare for mass jumping. The whole level is made up of separated platforms.
You will notice some enemy-guarded forks for the main route. These will end in
banana bunches, so take them if necessary. Near the end of the level you will
see an enemy laying on a platform which can't be bypassed by any means. Jump on
the platform as soon as you see that thing retracts, leaving you just enough
space to land and jump to the next platform. If you managed to survive, jump
and cross the gate.

[Stage 9-4]
Time: 60
Bananas: 27

A stage with some serious loops you face here. Start rolling down at low speed
the first two ramps in order to get all the bananas. When you get into the
green loop, get as much speed boosts as you can and continuer rolling.
Eventually you will go down a half-pipe. Be careful on this one, as it has an
enemy at the end. Luckily you didn't bump on it and are still on track.
Continue your way and fall through the last half-pipe. Get enough speed to
cross the stage's gate as you come down.

[Stage 9-5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 21

Another linear one, and it is awfully hard. Get rolling and get as much speed
as you can. Start turning around a bit before entering the deadly curves and
you will find. The last ones are specially hard to pass. If you lose your
momentum, try jumping around until you pass the curve (doesn't work 100% of the
time, but it helps). The gate is at the end of the track.

[Stage 9-6]
Time: 60
Bananas: 24

One of the hardest levels in the entire game. Cross the purple road with
caution as it is very narrow and has a couple of enemies on it. Once you reach
the end of the purple track, slow down and wait for the moving platforms to
fold themselves. Those platforms eventually make what seems to be a set of
stairs, but you can climb them once they do. The best way to move forward is to
wait them to be flat, get to the last platform and wait for it to reach the
top. Jump to the other side when you get up. From here, jump to the next track
and be sure to slow down (the speed you get just for folling the downhill can
result fatal). Make your way until you reach a speed booster. Step on it and
fly across the gate.

[Stage 9-7]
Time: 60
Bananas: 26

Get the speed booster as soon as possible. You will get inside some tubular
platforms. Balance yourself so you don't fall out. There are several bananas on
each of these platforms, which you can grab if rolling inside them. Once you
cross, get rolling downhill and speed down at the end. Jump inside the next
tubular platform. Here you have two options: Either roll when you catch a
bridge between sections, or jump to make your way. Assuming you crossed the
platform, roll down the next track and you will get to the goal gate.

Note: If you are not seeking a perfect banana collection, you can do the
following: Cross the first set of moving platforms and positionate yourself in
the linear track. Jump from there with enough speed, and you will land in the
next set of the track, just in front of the gate. It takes some practice, but
is totally doable.

[Stage 9-8]
Time: 30
Bananas: 8

A single mistake in this one will cost you a monkey, so watch out. Begin
rolling up straight ahead and hop into the horizontal loop. Take as many speed
boosters as you need in order to prevent a fall out (Not necessarily all of
them). When approaching the end of the loop, tilt yourself enough to the left
so you don't get flying away when the track twists. In the following ramp, all
you have to do is to pass exactly between the pair of speed boosters so you
cross the walls on your way. The last one is moving though, so time your boost
well. If done correctly, you will cross the gate

[Stage 9-9]
Time: 60
Bananas: 35

This stage is pure evil. You have to roll down several steps (with exploding
stumps in them). Soon enough, you will see some red arrows on the ground,
follow them as you fall from platform to platform. Once you reach the orange
track you can jump to collect some banana bunches on yellow platforms. Folling
the orange track you will have to drop down several platforms again. If you
managed to get this far, don't think it is going to get any easier. The green
path gets you to the gate, but you will have to drop and jump several steps
before finishing the stage.

[Bonus 9]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

Hope you have a great balance for this one. All the bananas are floating above
some narrow tracks. There is not much to it, just try to roll at the center of
the paths and jump when you feel you are falling out.

**Note: There is no boss for this world**

Once you beat World 9, you are given a hint on what to do next. That's right,
you need to crown this world too in order to unlock the final world of the
game. Hope you have great skills by now, because you are going to need them if
you want to complete all nine stages without continuing.

III.K World 10 - Ultra Heaven [GMR.K.]

[Stage 10-1]
Time: 60
Bananas: 73

If you are reading this, it means you crowned World 9. Be proud, as it isn't an
easy task. Moving on. This new world starts with a somewhat easy stage. It is
formed by 7 giant ramps. Turn right and roll your way through the first one of
those. Note that there are banana bunches on top of every ramp, which you can
get if you speed up before jumping from ramp to ramp. After your fourth jump,
turn yourself a little to the right, as the platforms don't form a perfect
straight line. In fact, watch every jump from here to be safe. The last ramp is
a almost complete circle. Land on it and take all the speed boosters you see.
Those will make you climb the platform to the stage's gate.

[Stage 10-2]
Time: 60
Bananas: 40

Follow the track and climb the semi-steps you will find. Just after those, you
will have to hop on a conveyor belt of sorts (actually, it is a stationary
platform, with speed bumps moving in a conveyor belt fashion). Roll across and
jump carefully over every speed bump you see. It shouldn't be much of a problem
as it is wide enough. Once you reach the end, jump to the other part of the
track. From here, you can take three banana bunches that are in the lower part
of the platform you just passed. However, if you manage to take those, you most
certaintly will have to die and start over (The only way to get back on top is
to back track on the bottom of the belt to very beginning of it and get in top
again). The goal gate is pretty near to the end of the belt.

[Stage 10-3]
Time: 60
Bananas: 51

Although you may be tempted to try a shorcut on this one, I don't recommend it
that much. The best way to pass this is the patient, long, slow and IMO safer
way. Follow the path in front of you and jump the gap. Climb the ramp and then
slowly roll through the downhill. I suggest taking the banana bunches, as they
aren't to hard to get and return to the main path. Jump carefully through the
disjointed parts of the track and move forward. After two turns, you will find
more difficult-to-climb steps. Soon after, you will find three sections of the
path that are formed with cubes arranged in a chess-like pattern. Proceed with
EXTREME caution, as it is very easy to fall through them. When you get to the
third of this platforms, jump to the goal and hope you cross it.

[Stage 10-4]
Time: 60
Bananas: 69

Have you had enough flat and old tracks? Then this one is for you. 80% of this
stage's path is above giant rolling circular platforms. Hop on the green one,
which is rolling to the right, so counter it by moving slightly to the left to
maintain balance. There are little isles to both sides of it with banana
bunches, just in case you want them. When you reach the end, wait for the blue
platform to line up and jump to it. This one is moving left and right, and
rolls accordingly. To the right you will find even more (two) banana bunches,
and you can continue your way to the left.

Roll through the main track normally, and ignore the speed boosters if you can.
Then jump to the yellow platform, which is rolling to the left. Cross it and
hop on the very narrow blue one. Now it is rolling to the right, so watch out.
The gate is at the end of it (and it is rolling too). Do your best to reach it.

[Stage 10-5]
Time: 60
Bananas: 74

This one is HARD. Mainly because, it has a particular glitch that can prevent
you of completing it AT ALL. You'll see that almost all the track is filled
with speed bumps. The best thing to do is to roll between them and try not to
get too much speed. Otherwise they will bump you out of the way. You will also
notice there are floating banana bunches on the way. You can use the pillars as
platforms to jump in and get those.

When you finish the yellow speed bumps, you will have to jump from platform to
platform to continue. If you survived the two deadly jumps, don't celebrate
just yet. Continue your way and you will see another four smaller platforms
floating ahead. Yes, you have to jump across them and reach the red speed
bumps. Now it gets really tricky. The next circular platform you'll see (just
before the ramp with green speed bumps) has a very particular detail. IT IS
COMPLETELY HOLLOW!. That's right, you put one of your monkey feet on it, and
you will monkey fall out. Make your way to the green ramps and climb it to get
to the goal...that's it, if you made it this far.

[Stage 10-6]
Time: 120
Bananas: 92

This stage is one of the biggest ones I have seen. Start rolling through the
speed boosters until you get to the end of the first platform. Get down the
stairs and prepare for insanity. Imagine you just been framed in a big clock,
and you have to make it to the center. The biggest hand is crossing the border
(in which you are). You have to do your best to get on it, and then roll up all
the way to the center. This, as you have noticed, isn't easy. The speed
boosters don't help at all, and the "hand" track is pretty narrow, and has
fences on it (read as, it will be tough to get on it). Also, the other "hands"
of this clock stage have banana bunches on them to. The gate is in the exact
center of it.

[Stage 10-7]
Time: 120
Bananas: 34

Roll and climb the ramps ahead. Stop and wait for the moving platform to get
near. Time yourself and jump on it. Either balance your monkey not to fall
down, or roll to the pivot of the platform and get the banana bunch. Once you
make it to the other side, jump on the next moving platform. Get off of it when
you reach the static track.

Now you will have to jump on yet another platform, but this time it won't take
you anywhere if you don't roll yourself. Watch closely, and you'll see it is
connected to another platform with a ramp (or something similar). Roll down, so
the other platform gets you to a lower part of the track. Now you will have to
ride on platform to the other side of the giant rail track and get (almost) to
the stage's gate. To cross it, you will have to jump from the moving platform
just when it starts to drop.

[Stage 10-8]
Time: 60
Bananas: 33

A linear one, don't you love them by now? Ignore if you can the speed boosters,
make your way down and take the bananas above every step. Once you turn left,
you will have to jump across the hole on the wall. Repeat and continue your
way. Soon you'll find a deadly pit. Jump through the wall and cross it. Next
wait for the platform to line up with the main track and jump the wall again to
cross. This may take you a few tries, because as you jump, the platform moves
beneath you. The rest of the track is pretty narrow, and will have to jump over
other two walls (speeding up with the boosters on the ground) before reaching
the goal.

[Stage 10-9]
Time: 60
Bananas: 39

Holy! Say hello to the last stage in the game. You will have to climb the
enormous tower in front of you to clear it. The best way I found is to
completely bypass the boosters and get jumping like crazy... monkey crazy.
Ignore any path with exploding stumps and get yourself going. After you cross
the first half of the stage, you will see a deadly tilted curve. Make use of
your best monkey skills and roll on it. If you reach the other side, consider
this almost done. Just climb a couple of ramps more and you'll see the gate. By
the way, there is a speed boosters to the opposite side. If you want, you can
use it to reach the very top of the tower and take three banana bunches.

[Bonus 10]
Time: 60
Bananas: 50

This time you will start at the center of the level. It consists of three rings
fulled with bananas. They are very narrow, and have little bridges connecting
to the next ring. Watch out not to fall out, since they rotate and can make you
lose your balance.

**Note: There is no boss for this world**

That ends the walkthrough. Congratulations, you just finished a pretty hard
game. Pat yourself in the back for such an amazing work. Hope you had fun with
your monkeys, because I sure did. Any comments or suggestions, please refer to
the contact section of this FAQ.

                              IV. Crowning Worlds                      [CWM.4.]

The main challenge on Banana Blitz is to crown each of its worlds. How you do
that, you ask? Well, you need to beat every level in any given world without
using a single continue. This sounds hard, because it is hard. The first worlds
are a blizz to crown, while the more advanced ones can be really frustrating.
Bear in mind that the number of bananas you collect doesn't count for crowning

After you beat the first 8 worlds of the game, you get the option to reset any
world progress and start from the beginning. How is this useful? Well, if you
lose all your lives in any stage, you lose the chance to crown the world... and
every stage you have cleared up to that moment remains cleared. If you couldn't
reset the world progress, you would have to beat all the remaining stages on
that world AND then you would have to try and beat it again without continues.

In short, when you lose all your lives, you will have to start the world from
the very beginning in order to crown it. Once you crown the first 8 worlds in
the game, you will unlock World 9. Get a crown on it too and you will unlock
the last world.

                                V. Party Games                         [TYG.5.]

So, you got bored of the main game in Banana Blitz? Then I suggest to try some
of the 50 mini-games included in it. Some of them are actually fun to play with
your friends, others... not exactly. Here is a little bit of information on
each game, so you don't get tired for reading the on screen instructions (or
the game's manual for that matter). Also, for each of them I will tell you if
you need a nunchuck attachment to play, how many players can participate, and
if they alternate turns or play simultaneously. Enjoy!

[Alien Attack]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

One of the hardest controls (perhaps dumbest fits more) ever. You control your
monkey on a hovering spaceship. You need to shoot the aliens that come after
you to get points. You have to hold your wiimote and nunchuck at 90°, and tilt
forward either one to turn right or left. If you tilt both you move forward.
Separate them in a \ / fashion to jump. Do the exact opposite to swoop down,
moving the controls in a / \ way. Shoot with either A, B, C or Z buttons. You
will see some power ups that will help you recover some health or protect you
from alien attacks. Ignore the timer, as you will probably be death after the
first minute.

[Asteroid Crash]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Here you have to shoot every asteroid that crosses your way. Just point at the
screen and shoot with the A button. Every hit you take will cost you some
health, but you can recover if you catch banana bunches. To do so, just don't
shoot the flying bananas and wait for them to get to you. Also note that the
red asteroids take three hits to get rid of (they change their way when hitted
the first two times). If you are playing against another person, you can
deflect the red asteroids and hope to hit your rival's part of the screen. You
get bonus points if you pass the last level still alive.

[Banana Catch]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

In this game your objective is to collect more bananas than your opponents
before the time runs out. You play by using the wiimote as a pointer. Note that
you don't move the monkey by itself, rather you move the circle cursor on the
ground (which your monkey will try to follow). Single bananas worth 1 point
while the bunches worth 3 points. You don't need to catch them in mid-air,
instead you can wait for them to land and take them before they disappear.
Watch out for the bombs, or you will lose all of your bananas.

[Banana Thief]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

First things first, you need to hold the wiimote at 90° in this game too. There
will be four sets with several banana bunches which you need to protect. Watch
for the thieves and punch them moving your wiimote upwards before they steal
the bananas. Move tilting the control either left or right, and forward to
evade the rolling balls that will try to attack you. If you get hit, you will
lose a lot precious time. You need to save at least 6 banana bunches to win.

[Bugs Balance]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Here you will control your wiimote as it is a wooden stick (pointing at the
screen). You will see several bugs falling from the top of the screen. You will
need to try and catch those bugs in your stick and pile them up. You need to
balance them by rotating the wiimote with your wrist. The game is over when the
bugs fall down, or you hit your pile with the non-bug objects that fall from
the trees.

[Dangerous Route]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Here you have three courses to play. You have to roll through the racing course
by telling your monkey where to go (not controlling him directly). This is
particularly frustrating if you already got used to the main game control
scheme. Depending on where you point your control is where the monkey will go.
You will notice this by a red arrow in front of your monkey (if it gets black
is because your cursor is not pointing at the screen anymore). In all the
courses, you will race in colored sections. If you fall down, you get back to
the start of that section. Each banana you grab adds 5 seconds to the timer.

[Disk Golf]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Alternating Multiplayer

Here you will play a disk version of golf. There are 9 courses (or "holes" if
you like) you can play. Set A goes from course 1 to 3, Set B from 4 to 6, Set C
from 7 to 9, and Set 9 has all the courses together. Tilt the wiimote left or
right to change the direction of your toss, and up or down to change the angle.
This changes are seen in a red arrow on screen. When you are set, press the A
button and swing the wiimote as if you were going to do a real disk toss (don't
throw the wiimote, tough). Release the A button when you end the swing. The par
of each course is the maximum number of shots you need to do to clear the
level, so try to do it with less. You need to reach the banana bunch on each
course to clear it. You can check the stage overview with 1 button, and the
score with 2 button.

[Fish Catcher]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

In this game your wiimote will transform in a deadly spear. You need to point
at the screen to move it. You have to catch the specific color of fish you are
asked (an the amount too). To do it, you need to dash the control forward in a
quick move, then move it backwards towards you. First you will be requested for
a single fish, but after a while you will have to get two or three combos. For
getting those, you don't need to spear all of them at the same time.

[Free Throw]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

For this one, you will need to shoot a basketball and try to get it in the
rings. Each time you make a succesful throw (ie. the ball crosses the ring) you
will get 10 points. Decide the direction of your shot with the wiimote, then
press and hold A. While pressing A, tilt your control down to shoot. This game
is kind of hard to get use too (I still don't get how the com players get 150+

[Frog Ball]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Another tedious and frustrating game IMO. You control a frog robot of sorts and
have to leap to the finish. You decide the direction of each jump by tilting
the wiimote to the sides. To perform the actuall jump and move forward, you
need to pull up the wiimote (just like in the main game, without pressing B).
The course is pretty long for my taste, and the control scheme just make it
look longer.

[Fruit Basket]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

In this game you have to collect several fruits with your monkey's help. Watch
the fruits that fall from the tree and deliver them to the proper basket. You
need to tilt the wiimote in three different directions to do so: left for
bananas, right for apples, and up (towards you) for grapes. You lose a life
either if you misplace a fruit on the wrong basket or by letting them fall down
(by not chosing a basket at all).

[Hammer Throw]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Alternating Multiplayer

It's sport time. You have to throw your hammer as far as you can. The best
score you do in one of your five tries is the one that counts. Press A when you
are ready, and hold it while you swing your wiimote in a circular fashion.
Release the A button and your hammer will fly out. If you get outside of the
circle or your hammer lands outside the marked area, you will get foul and 0
meters for that try.

[High Wire Act]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This one is simple, just walk your monkey down the rope and balance it to avoid
falling down. Just tilt the wiimote down to walk forward and to the sides to
maintain balance. The camera angles make this a frustrating game to play, as
most of the time you will tilt to the wrong side because you see your monkey
seemingly out of balance, when it's not.

[Home Run Derby]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Alternating Multiplayer

Have you played Wii Sports? Well, this is kind of the same. Swing your control
to swing your monkey's bat. The machine in front of you will pitch 10 balls for
you. Try to hit them, and your farthest hit will be your score. The balls are
thrown at a high speed, so time yourself accordingly and avoid strikes.

[Hovercraft Battle]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

I don't find this game (nor the next one) fun at all. You control your monkey
on (yet another) hovering car/ship. You have to hold your wiimote and nunchuck
at 90°, and tilt forward either one to turn right or left. Tilt both of them to
move forward. If you move them down quickly, you get a speed boost. The
objective is to have more points than your rivals when the time runs out. You
get points by hitting them in the rear of their cars, and loose them by speed
boosting (-100 points per boost). There are three items you can get: A yellow W
that doubles your points for a limited time, a grey/green box to increase your
speed, and a clock/watch to stop your enemies for five seconds. The player with
a crown at the top is the current leader.

[Hovercraft Race]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This game's controls are the same as the previous one (without speed boost).
You can race in three different courses, each with different difficulty
settings. The objective is to grab all the flags you see in the course and win.
It is really frustrating to play, so I suggest to rather skip this one.

[Hurdle Race]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This game is kind of entertaining, but is over in a flash. You have to race
against the other players in an obstacle course. To run, you will have to tilt
the wiimote forward while pulling the nunchuk up, then tilt the nunchuk and
pull the wiimote. It is hard to describe, but pretty easy to do. Read the on
screen instructions if you get confused. Jump each obstacle with the B trigger,
and you'll soon make it to the finish.

[Jigsaw Puzzle]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This game, in my opinion, doesn't worth your time. You get to pick a 12, 24, or
48-pieced jigsaw puzzle. Aim the wiimote at the screen to pick the pieces, and
roll them by tilting it. Note that you can't roll them all the way around. Say
you have the "b" piece, and you want to roll it to "q" position. You need to
grab it, tilt to the left, release it, grab it again, and tilt yet again. Hard?
Not really. Annoying? Heck yes! Also, watch out where you put your pieces, as
you can't move a piece that is beneath another one. There is a little preview
of the complete picture to help you solve the puzzle.

[Jump Rope]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

The old fashioned game of jumping a rope. The only thing to do is pull the
wiimote up (towards you) to jump. I hope you have quick reflexes, as you need
to be fast to do it. You lose at the first mistake you make.

[Keepy Up]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This time you will have to bounce the monkey ball on a bat for one minute. Aim
at the screen to control it. You get bonus points for bouncing your monkey
several times in a row. The monkey can get very tricky to hit if you send it up
the screen, because most of the time it will fall down pretty quickly. Kudos if
you manage to get a 500+ score.

[Monkey Bowling]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Alternating Multiplayer

Not the common wii sport-like bowling game. Aim the wiimote at the screen to
move your monkey before your shot. Throw the monkey ball by swinging the
control in a bowling fashion. You can get some spin effect on your ball by
tilting the wiimote just after the swing. Your monkey will speed up after a
little bump in the lane, so don't worry and swing gently. The rules are the
same as in real bowling.

[Monkey Boxer]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This game plays similar to Boxing in Wii Sports. Hold the wiimote and nunchuk
at 90° and move your hands as if you were going to punch someone. Tilt them
forward or backwards to move around the boxing ring. You need to get rid of
your rival's hearts to win. Each heart is lost once the life bar depleted. Try
moving back after some combos to avoid any hits.

[Monkey Darts]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Alternating Multiplayer

Now you have a chance to play a virtual darts game. To throw a dart, just aim a
the screen, press A to get a dart, move the wiimote as if you were throwing it
and release the A button. It allows you to choose from 3 different modes: Count
up, 301, and 501. In Count up, you have 8 rounds with 3 darts each and you have
to make the highest score possible. In 301 and 501, you have to reach that
exact score. You get 10 rounds with 3 darts in those. If you get above said
score, you will Bust the round. By busting a round, you lose any points gained
during the round and get to the next one.

[Monkey Fencing]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

I don't care what the manual says, this game needs a nunchuk. You will have a
fencing duel with a rival monkey. You thrust your wooden sword by doing just
that, but with the wiimote. Swing the control to either side to avoid an
attack. Move back or forward tilting the nunchuk. You have to defeat your
opponent in 2 out of 3 possible duels to win. You can also do a power thrust,
by thrusting the wiimote while moving forward.

[Monkey Golf]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Alternating Multiplayer

Possible the least appealing game of the bunch. You will play golf with your
monkeys, with a control scheme pretty much the same as Wii Sports (as far as
swinging the wiimote goes). You will have to practice first, and skip it with
the - button when you are done. You change the aim of your shot by pointing at
the screen. Yes, I know it is frustrating! Half of the time you will be re-
aiming because the damn thing moved or something. When you want to shot, press
and hold the A button and swing the wiimote. Also, you will have to manually
change your club when approaching to the green. Press the directions on the
D Pad accordingly: Left - Wood, Up - Iron, Right - Putter. You can play 9 holes
(front and back ones) or the complete 18 holes. Odds are, you get enough of
monkey golfing before even finishinf the first hole.

[Monkey Race]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This one is somewhat shines between the other games. First of all, the
controls. You have to hold the wiimote horizontally, with the D Pad on your
left hand. Steer by turning the wiimote left or right. Accelerate with the 2
button and use items with the proper direction in the D Pad. You can supposedly
dash by moving up (forward?) and down the wiimote in a quick movement, but I
have yet to make it work.

The items you can use are:
-Speed Star: Increase your speed for limited time.
-Banana Peel: An attack item, you drop it and anyone who touches will slip.
-Bowling Bomber: Explodes upon contact with the enemy.
-Big Ball: Invulnerability and a REALLY BIG ball for limited time.
-Ice Cube: Turns opponents into ice and make it hard to control themselves.
-Gravity Bomber: Slows down the enemy.
-Hunter Missle: Hits rivals in front of you.

This mini-game has 5 courses (1 easy, 2 normal, and 2 hard) and the option to
play all of them together. Try not to be left behind and grab the speed
boosters in the ground. Some attacks will make you bounce and fall out from the
track, so watch out. If you see a deadly curve, use the monkey skills you
developed in the main game and slow down.

[Monkey Snowboard]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Another racing game, but not as fun as the previous one. There are three
different courses (easy, normal, and hard) and you have the option to play them
all at once. Here you control your monkey on a snowboard. You change its
direction by tilting the wiimote left or right. Tilt it up to drop speed, and
tilt it down to increase speed. You can also jump with the A button. Grab any
bananas you see to increase your speed and don't be let behind by the other
monkeys. Beware of the snowmen along the tracks.

[Monkey Squash]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This game is a simple squash match with a monkey rival. You move your monkey
with the Control Stick (in the nunchuk) and swing the raquet with your wiimote.
The objective is to score 6 points before your opponent. The game is pretty
simple, just hit the ball in your turn before it bounces for the second time.
If the ball moves too fast for you, just follow the doted red line and swing
the wiimote. You lose the point if you get either of the following:

- Not Up: You let the ball bounce twice before hitting it.
- Down: You hit the ball but it doesn't bounce on the green wall.
- Out: You hit the ball and it bounces above the blue walls.

[Monkey Target]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Here you will be thrown into the sky. The objective is to land on the platform
beneath you, and you have three rounds to do it. Once you are airborne, press A
to open your "main" ball. Once done, you can glide with the wiimote. When you
approach the landing platform, press B to deploy your "optional" ball and press
A again to close the main one. After you close the main ball, you can't open it
again in that round. Try to collect bananas too, as they add up to your final
score. The points you get depend on where are your balls at THE END OF THE
FINAL ROUND. That's it, if you landed on 100 with your first ball, but bumped
it to 50 with your second landing, you will score 50 for that ball.

[Monkey Wars]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This one is amusing, for a short time. You play against other players, and try
to get as many points as you can. It would be hard to describe the controls of
this game without turning this into a big run-on sentence, so let me bullet
them for you:

- Jump: A Button
- Aim: Point the wiimote at your screen
- Move: Control Stick
- Change Weapon: C Button
- Shoot: B Trigger
- Throw Grenade: Z Trigger + Tilt the wiimote down.

Hope you love those bullets, because I'll need to use them again. You will have
to grab items in order to change weapons and more. The items are:

- Machine Gun: Improved shooting (faster than normal gun).
- Missle: Some carrots that lock on your enemy before attacking.
- Bazooka: Fires huge rocket.
- Grenade: A pineapple grenade.
- Banana: Recover some health.
- Battle Tank: Lets you ride another ship, this have a cannon included.
- UFO: Lets you ride another ship, this can fly.

You can have just one alternate weapon at a time, and once you change ships,
you can't change again until you are killed. Make sure to kill your rivals to
get points. There are three courses to choose, so you won't get bored that

Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

The phrase "Why is this game here" comes to my mind... Anyway, here you will
have to swing a hammer to smith a random metal object. Swing the hammer down,
left or right with your wiimote as instructed by the big arrow on the screen,
and do not swing during the other monkey's turn.

[Number Ball]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Oh, the infamous Number Ball. You have read about it, you have seen it on
youtube, you may have even seen it by yourself: This game can freeze your Wii!
This game is about balls, with numbers... yes, as fun as it sounds. You have to
aim your cursor and grab with the A button the ball that has the number shown
at the top of the screen. Choose to play either in normal (sequential) or
random mode and begin. The only thing that is somewhat fun is to try and get
the highest score you can... but that is exactly what you have to avoid! If you
happen to reach 100 in normal mode, you will freeze your Wii for an unknown
reason. The only way to solve the problem is to hold down your Wii's power
button for aprox. 8 seconds to soft reset it.

[Paper Sumo Fighter]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

In this game you will fight with paper figurines. You can't control yours, but
you can move it by hitting the ground near it. Move the cursor with the wiimote
and hit the ground with A. The first player to push the other one outside the
circle wins.

Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Now you will be gliding in a parachute. You pull each side of the parachute by
pulling down either the nunchuk or the wiimote and pressing Z or B,
respectively. Pull both at the same time to drop your speed. In target mode,
try to land at the center of the circle in the ground to get more points. In
landing mode, you need to land on target before the time runs out. Finally, in
checkpoint mode you have to pass through three checkpoints before landing on
the target.

[Racing Birds]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Hope you don't mind looking ridiculous with your wiimote. You control your bird
with both the wiimote and the nunchuck. Steer as if you were holding a wheel
with the two, and tilt them down at the same time to go up. All over the
course, you'll see some rings. Blue ones at first, which are easy to get. Green
in the middle of stage, which are pretty much the same. Finally red ones almost
at the end of the course, which can be hard to cross. Anyway, grab as many as
you can to raise your score and make it to the finish.

[Red Light, Green Light]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This game is pretty simple. Just move up and down your wiimote and nunchuk when
the monkey in front is turned around, so it doesn't see you. Advance as fast as
you can and watch the duckling-meter at top of the screen. Once it gets full,
the monkey will turn and watch for any movement... ANY. Stop your controls and
stay completely still, otherwise you will sent back to the very beginning.
Whoever gets to the front monkey the most rounds will win the game.

[Ring Toss]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Alternating Multiplayer

As disk golf, you will have to set the angle and the direction of your toss
with your wiimote before the actual shoot. Once you get it right, hold the A
button, swing the wiimote and release A. Try to get you ring into the different
poles you see. It doesn't matter the force on your swing, just watch carefully
the angle of your shot in order to reach the farthest ones. Also, multiple
succesful throws raise your score.

[Rock-Paper-Scissors Attack]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This game is useless IMO. Is not like you need much to play Rock Paper Scissors
the old fashioned way. First you need to swing your wiimote down to show either
Rock (A and B pressed), Scissors (either A or B pressed) or Paper (no button
pressed). If you won the match, you need to hit your opponent with the hammer
by pulling the wiimote up. On the other hand, if you lost it, you have to put
on the helmet by pulling the nunchuk up. Unnecessary confusing? heck yes. Hit
your opponent without helmet three times to win.

[Scoop the Goldfish]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This game had the potential to be fun, but is so hard to control, that it
really isn't. You need to move the net with your wiimote and try to catch the
fish underwater. In order to do this, you have to get the net beneath them and
then carefully bring them to your basket. The net rips if you move it to fast
or get it to deep underwater. Change ripped nets with A. The game ends when you
run out of time or out of nets (I bet you ripped your first net as soon as the
game started, didn't you?). The white little fish with orange strips worth 1
point, the black ones worth 2 points, and the big fat orange ones worth 3
points each.

[Seesaw Ball]
Nunchuck: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

In this game, your monkey fall from the top of several platforms and you need
to help it make it to the bottom. You can only control the platforms
immediately beneath your monkey, and you only tilt them left or right with the
wiimote. Collect the bananas you can to raise your score, and try to land as
near to the center as possible. There are three courses to choose from.

Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This game is more annoying than anything. You have to take the sheeps to the
barn by barking at them. The dog will follow your bone-shaped cursor, and you
can make it bark with the A button. The sheeps will initially get scared by
your bark, and will run at the exact opposite side from where you are. The
thing is, they soon get calmed and stop running, so chase them until they get
in the barn.

[Simon Says]
Nunchuk: Yes
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

I don't get how so many useless games are packed in Banana Blitz, I really
don't. As a simplified version of Simon says, you will only have to raise or
lower two flags to mimic the simon monkey. The nunchuk is the red flag, and the
wiimote the white one. Raise or lower them according to what... uh, simon says.
You lose at the very first mistake you make, so watch out.

[Sling Shot]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

In this game you will have to shoot your monkey with a slingshot. Aim by
pointing the wiimote at the screen and approach it or move it away from the
screen to determine the strength of your shot. Place a monkey ball on the
slingshot by pressing A button and shoot the monkey by releasing the button.
You have one minute to try and hit everything you can. The barrels worth the
less, and the UFO gets you the most points.

[Space Monkey Attack]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-2
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Control your spaceship with the wiimote. Tilt left or right to steer, and tilt
down to roll and get a force field to avoid the enemy's attack. Shoot either
with A or B. You can also shoot at the enemy's shots to destroy them before the
hit you. You have a total of three lives, and lose one when anything touches
you without a force field.

[Spaceship Landing]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Here you have limited control over your space rocket, and will have to land it
similar to the parachute game. You have to hold the wiimote at 90°, and tilt it
towards you, left or right to control the monkey. Press A to start get some
momentum and direct your landing. Beware, as you can run out of fuel. Land
softly to avoid any damage. You get point depending on how near the center you
landed, how much fuel you used, and how much damage you took by landing.

[Treasure Submarine]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

Personally I hate this game. It is just plain hard to control, understand and
enjoy. As other games, you need to hold the wiimote at 90° and tilt it to
change your direction. Press B to move forward, and A to use your submarine's
crane. Also, press up and down on the D Pad to rise or drop altitude. You have
to search on a particularly large course for 10 hidden treasures. Get more than
your rivals to win. You can raise your score by collecting the coins you see in
your way. The sonar will tell you how near you are of a hidden treasure. It
literally will go nuts and rumble on your wiimote once you get really near.
Press and hold A once you think you found it. If you didn't get it, a little
flag will mark that spot so you know there was nothing in there.

Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This one is easy. You have to approach or move away the wiimote from the screen
to change which trombone you are going to play. Once you are in the desired
instrument, press A to play. You have to play it according to the colored
instructions on the right. It is very easy to miss (specially with the purple
and blue ones), so hold very still your control when playing. The available
songs are "Frong Song", "Stars", and "Butterfly".

[UFO Capture]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

You control yet another spaceship in this game. Your job is to capture as much
aliens as you can. Control the ship by aiming at the screen, and pulling the
wiimote or pushing it forward the screen. To capture the aliens, you need to
press and hold A until they get in your sheep. Different sizes of aliens will
need different amounts of times to get captured. As you get the alien
population down, they will speed up. Also, watch out for the purple aliens in
the further levels. They should be your number one priority, since they can
jump and attack you, making you stop for several seconds. There are 5 rounds in
total, and you move to the next one by capturing every alien before the times
runs out.

Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

A simple, yet difficult version of the well known game. Aim your wiimote at the
screen as usual to move the on screen hammer. Tilt it down quickly to hit the
moles. It is very easy to miss, since the movement that makes your hammer hit
the moles will most likely make it change its position too. Try to hit the
elusive green/blue moles to get more points.

[Yacht Sailing]
Nunchuk: No
Players: 1-4
Simultaneous Multiplayer

This sailing game is hard to master. You have to wave your wiimote as up and
down to get some wind move your boat (as if you were holding a paper fan). Tilt
to left or right to change the wind's direction, and keep it still by holding
down the A button. Beware, it is easy to mess up. The best way to do it is:
Tilt the wiimote to choose the direction of the wind, hold A and return the
wiimote to "neutral" position, then wave it to move the boat. If you need to
change direction, release A and repeat. Watch out for the rocks and the sharks
on your way. Sometimes you will get trapped in whirlpools. To get out of those,
just wave faster and continue your way to the goal.

                                    VI. FAQ                            [PFP.6.]

Got any question about Super Monkey Ball? Feel free to read the Contact section
and let me know your queries and I will gladly try to answer you.

Q. I'm stuck at [insert stage here]! Do you have another strategy than the
posted on your guide?
A. Quick answer: No.
   Elaborated answer: I wrote this walkthrough based on how I managed to clear
every stage. However, I know my way is not the definitive way to play and beat
the game. If I receive a mail with an alternate form to clear any of the
hardest levels and I see it works, I would be glad to post it on the
walkthrough (with proper credit to the author).

Q. Do you unlock anything by crowning World 10 (Ultra Heaven)?
A. Aside from a congratulation screen, you don't get much. But if you do, feel
free to brag about it.

Q. What is this Granpa character I keep hearing about?
A. There was a rumor that you could unlock the "Granpa" monkey if you got a
COMPLETE score on every stage. This hasn't been confirmed (no one has found all
the hidden bananas on the game), so you can be pretty much sure it is fake.

Q. Is YanYan a homewrecker?
A. Reading the instruction manual, it would seem so. But since baby is from the
future, and he is AiAi and MeeMee's son, it would be safe to assume she won't
get far.

Q. Are the party minigames really broken?
A. That depends on what you understand as broken. To put it straight, less than
a half of the mini-games are enjoyable, as the controls seem poorly planned and
implemented. Also, don't try to get 100 points on Number Ball. Doing so will
freeze your Wii for sure (Check the Party Games section for more info).

Q. English, M.F., DO YOU SPEAK IT?
A. I hope you find this guide at least "readable". English is not my first 
language, so bear with me if you find some grammar (or spelling) issues. I'm 
pretty confident of my skill, but I tend to write as if I was writing in 
spanish. Plus the fact that when you write such a large document like a 
walkthrough, you tend to run out of ideas on how to say the same thing in 
different ways to avoid boring the reader.

                                 VII. Contact                          [CDT.7.]

Got any more questions, strategies, tips, suggestions or anything of that
matter? Feel free to contact me to:
sym.faqs [at] gmail.com
Please, be sure to put SMB somewhere on your mail's subject, so I know you are
mailing me something related to this FAQ. Otherwise, your mail will be deleted
without reading it first. Any external contribution will be credited if posted
on this document.

                            VIII. Legal Information                   [LIN.8.]

This entire document is (C) 2007 Ricardo Alvarez. All trademarks are property
of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my
permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website,
making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making
reference to any material contained within.

All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me
at sym.faqs [at] gmail.com to enquire about gaining permission to use this

Any other CNET partner site that would decide to host it instead of linking it.

- Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -

If you see this document posted at any other site, please e-mail me as soon as

                                  IX. Credits                          [SIB.9.]

Information on this guide has been all written by me. The following are the
sources used for the research of certain specific data (like bosses names,
stats, etc).

- Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz instruction manual

- This game's entry on Wikipedia:

- The game's official japanese site:

Any external contribution will be credited if posted on this document.

- Thanks to Clark Bowman for correcting the World's layout on the Overview
section, and Gerard for providing a strategy for Stage 3-6.

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