Review by RidleysShadow

Reviewed: 05/15/07

More bad guys than you can shake a Wii mote at!

Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, most people should know these names. Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the Nintendo Wii brings over 25 of Marvel's most popular heroes together for the ultimate battle against all of the Marvel villains.

Dr. Doom has formed an alliance of super-villains called the Masters of Evil to take over the world. While the name could use some work, they have a fearsome power assembled, so the Marvel heroes have come together to help Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. take them out. You go on missions defeating villains and finding more about the Masters of Evil's plot. The story is fine, but a lot of times I wasn't all that interested, even we the twists it has in store.

The game works like dungeon crawler, where you beat up tons of villains and their lackeys with a team of 4 super heroes and fighting a boss at the end. The game play is simple, but addictive. To attack, you have to use gestures with the Wii mote, and move with the Nunchuck. The controls are strange at first, and if you can't get use to them then there is also button configurations which I thought came in handy. Every level in the game is huge, with tons of secrets and enemies all around, but there's not a ton of variety in enemies. You'll be fighting the same 4-5 types of enemies with slight variations, as in some you'll need to trip them first to attack, or they prevent super powers from working. With a cast of over 20 characters, you'll have a lot of options for your team. Each character has trademark powers like Spider-Man and his web tricks and Mr. Fantastic with his stretching powers. All characters are customizable, allowing you to use multiple costumes, leveling them up to become stronger, equipping items you find from enemies and buying new powers. This is adds a good amount, but it's possible to get through a lot of the game without even really caring.

There's tons of villains, and you can expect to brawl with more than a few familiar faces, and possibly some less familiar ones that you'll only recognize if you're an avid Marvel fan. The boss battles usually work in two ways, either they're just stronger enemies, or they will have some sort of gimmick. These gimmicks can range from having to use certain gestures to dodge attacks or switching consoles off to make a boss weak. It's a mixed bag, some are fun and some are boring. Throughout the game there will also be tons of choices to make, like finding certain items or saving people which effect your ending. While you'll have to go through the game multiple times, it adds to the experience of you being in control.

The music in this game is mostly good, but some of it can get repetitive. The graphics are okay, they really shine during the CG scenes, but in-game they're not all that impressive. This game is chock-full of replay value, whether it comes from unlocking more heroes, playing an extremely fun multi-player, costumes, leveling up your guys, or even just beating hard mode, it will take awhile for this game to lose its charm.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is an awesome experience for comic book fans or gaming fans in general and if you're looking for a good Wii game you should pick this one up for sure.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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