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Reviewed: 03/05/07 | Updated: 12/01/08

Marvel and Nintendo Wii make an Ultimate Alliance, with a very fine launch title.

Your enemies go flying through the air and cross the floor, A Star emblazoned on a blue shield rushes through. Razor sharp claws dig into your enemies. The God of thunder raises his hammer in might and crashes it down on your foes. Spiderman Makes a wisecrack as no enemies are left standing and you move on.

Ah yes Marvel Ultimate Alliance, brought to us by the same people who made the excellent X men Legends 1 and 2 for the big 3 some time ago has now come to a Wii near you. Is it worth it? Read on to find out.

Story 7/10

the story itself is basic, Dr Doom (Fantastic Four) has assembled his masters of Evil and has intentions of doing...Evil. So the greatest super heroes of all time are called together to fight these madmen. Quite basic but really it comes from the marvel comic books, which are quite possibly one of the largest and expansive, stories are told. So there is quite an amount of depth in the way of characters and enemies and locales you will visit. The story will not leave you incredibly disappointed but if you want an experience such as Tales of Symphonia maybe you may want to move on.

Game play 8/10

If you've played X men Legends and with the Wii Remote then this will be quite easy to explain if not then well pay close attention. You are given a team of 20+ heroes to play as. When you enter a scenario or a point in a level where you switch them and save you are given the opportunity to pick 4 to play as. 4 of any of the heroes given to you, so much like in X men Legends 2 (where you had access to the evil brotherhood characters) you can combine some amazing teams.

As you go through the game attacking with your super Powers and basic melee attacks (which I’ll get into later) you experience for your heroes. This experience causes them to level up. With levelling up you get points to spend on new abilities or you can make stronger your already earned abilities. These include things like different web attacks for Spiderman. Different Weather powers for Storm and different ways to maul people as Wolverine. Not all the abilities are attack though, some you may use to give your characters’ or your entire party of heroes strengthened skills for the time being (Iceman equipping your party with ice gloves). You may also buy added defence and other attributes affiliated with your character on their upgrade screen (extra defence for iron man or healing factor for characters like Wolverine/Dead pool) there are allot to upgrade for each character and it is quite cool to customize them in this sense.

One advantage to using the Wii is that as opposed to other systems where you must equip super powers to your characters the Wii version allows you access to any power at any time through use of the Wii mote. So that means any super power can be activated with the flick of the Wii mote. Basic attacking can be done through shaking thrusting or flipping the Wii mote as well. Although the A button will work for basic attacks, but if you wish to gain more strategy against enemies you must vary it up. All in all the game play is very good and a fine exhibit of how easily the Wii mote and the Nunchuk can do when used in conjunction properly.

Graphics 5/10

If you've scene the 360 and PS3 graphics for this game I hate to inform you that these aren't close to those. 360 being the best-looking and best frame rate.

But they get the job done; if you have a decent TV you are not going to be complaining as the graphics improve over X Men Legends 1 & 2 exponentially (which were in fairness a different art style). The graphics aren't God-awful but don’t go in accepting HD quality.

Sound/Music 6/10

Pretty decent here despite its repetition, the music feels quite epic as you go through a level and it is really fitting to the Super Heroes as the beat up all the evildoers in their path. The music is ultimately very large and very fitting to the game, however nothing special.

Cast 7/10
Normally this is not a category I put when reviewing games but in this case it's a must. Listen carefully ok; if you are not a marvel fan then you will not appreciate this game to its fullest. If you have intention of studying the many characters available to appreciate this game than get started.
All in all the character selection is quite good to the Marvel universe getting in some of the most amazing heroes in. Iron man Captain America Spiderman wolverine and some of my personal favourite’s (Deadpool anyone), but there’s some missing. Where is the Hulk? The Jade Giant, capable of dominating everyone in his path. Nightcrawler only made it in as an NPC and we miss out on even more of the X men as well. As bad guys go there are only a few things. Where are Magneto, Venom, carnage, Apocalypse and so many others I would've liked to see?

But I digress. The cast is quite formidable as they are the most legendary heroes of all time and if you know enough about the marvel universe you will not be left disappointed with all the older heroes in here.

Overall 7/10
I would recommend this game to anyone who liked X men Legends 1 & 2 or to anyone who just really loves Marvel. Anyone else maybe rent it because it is still a very immersive RPG experience.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (US, 11/14/06)

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