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  • The hardware and technology for the Wii's motion controls was actually presented to both Microsoft and Sony before Nintendo. Both of the former two were very rude to the creators during the presentation and rejected the idea of using their technology for games - which comes with some irony, given how Sony and Microsoft ultimately made their own kinds of motion technology (Sony's PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Kinect).

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  • When the Wii received a new message via WiiConnect24, the disc insertion slot would glow blue. The dimming and brightening of this light was in precise time with the Japanese bush warbler.

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  • The ideas for Miis originally was inspired by a cancelled project at Nintendo. Miyamoto, during the era of the SNES/Super Famicom, suggested a Super Famicom Disk System title in which the player could draw faces, using pre-made hairstyles, eyes, etc., and then could use that face on a character in a "scenario game". That project, however, was cancelled since other Nintendo devs didn't see how it could be a game in any fashion.

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  • Before the official name of the console was unveiled, the hardware was being developed under the name of "Project Revolution".

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  • Originally a attachment called Motion DS was going to be made, it would allow players to play DS games on Wii. However Nintendo rejected the idea due to the DS having two screens

    Contributed By: Ededdneddy.

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