How can I use RiiConnect24 while connecting to my actual Internet?

  1. I really want to use the RiiConnect24 to download channels back from 2012 since I was too young to download them myself back in the day. But to make them work again, I have to use RiiConnect24. I got it to work, but it doesn't let me use channels like the Check Mii Out Channel and the Wii Shop Channel. When I choose my Mii Artisan on the Check Mii Out Channel, it tries to connect to the Internet, but since I changed the DNS to use RiiConnect24, it won't connect. And if I try to use the Wii Shop Channel, it has nothing. So when I change my DNS back, the Check Mii Out Channel or anything doesn't work anymore even though I have the Homebrew Channel. Do I have to download something onto an SD card for the Homebrew Channel, or use some other method? I can still access them, but it tells me the services discontinued.

    User Info: PlushUmaru-chan

    PlushUmaru-chan - 1 month ago

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