How can you reset the Wii from 480p to NTSC WITHOUT using the system menu?

  1. I let my friend borrow my Wii, and they decided to change the output signal from NTSC (what I use) to 480p. Now that I have my Wii back, I cannot see anything aside from wavy lines. There is next to no way to navigate the menus to change the settings that way. Is there a way to change the display back to default, or as a worst case, clear the system memory without using the menus? i don't have access to a HDTV so rule that out. Thanks.

    User Info: Takashinod

    Takashinod - 9 years ago

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  1. NTSC isn't a type of video output resolution. The Wii only has two resolutions to choose from: 480i and 480p. You must have been using 480i, and clearly your TV does not support 480p. You should be able to make the Wii return to 480i by using the composite video cables that game packaged with the Wii console. Because composite cables don't support a progressive scan resolution, the console will have to default itself to 480i in order to send any video data on those cables. Then you can switch back to component cables and the console should still be on 480i until it's manually changed.

    Or just take it give it back to your friend for another day and ask him to change it back for you.

    User Info: mjc0961

    mjc0961 - 9 years ago 6 0


  1. It is hard to see what your saying but if your talking about internet connection you can change it one the WII settings.

    User Info: Leeisan00b

    Leeisan00b - 9 years ago 0 2

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