Datel Wii Power Save (North America)

Save Game File07/12/07Jay FNG Philbrook82K
01 Begin Game with Max Health & Rupees
Save Game File07/12/07Jay FNG Philbrook82K
02 Begin with All Swords, Shields, Max Health & Rupees

Wii Game Save File (North America)

Save Game File11/25/06CAHowell77K
RZDE - At last dunegon, all bugs collected, largest quiver recieved, 13 hearsts, 3 bottles.
Save Game File11/29/06bubbleking277K
RZDE - 100% complete, every item, 1000 rupees, 100 arrows, 3 huge bomb bags, complete cave of ordeals, 20 hearts, 60 poes, 20 golden bugs, 4 bottles and Frog Lure
Save Game File11/25/06dohsimpson77K
RZDE - 15% complete- Eldin Province
Save Game File11/30/06saffire34577K
RZDE - 2nd Slot: Start near the Eldin Bridge, just before crossing it/becomes impassable.
Save Game File11/29/06CharlieF77K
RZDE - 3rd Slot - South of Eldin Bridge Glitch - No way to progress.
Save Game File11/28/06phantomzer077K
RZDE - 99% complete - 35 of 60 poe's. All Upgrades, All Heart Pieces, Max Money, Last Dungeon Clear - Only Last Boss and Cave of Ordeals Remain.
Save Game File11/25/06MiniVampire2k377K
RZDE - At Snow top temple, Master Sword, all 3 tunics, 6 bugs caught
Save Game File03/31/11Gactivefy77K
RZDE - Early master sword and permanent wooden sword
Save Game File11/26/06MyselfV177K
RZDE - Name: Link | Place: Inside Arbiter's Grounds | Seven hearts | 300 Rupees
Save Game File12/03/06TSA_ZHQ77K
RZDE - Save before the Cannon Room Glitch - Download this if you are stuck there - Between Dungeons 6 and 7
Save Game File12/24/06lild7hina77K
RZDE - Slot 1- 100% Complete at Hyrule Castle, Slot 2- 3 heart run at Hyrule Castle, Slot 3- 3 heart run at Palace of Twilight
Save Game File03/31/11Gactivefy77K
RZDE - Sword and shield skip done
Save Game File11/28/06hanginggarden377K
RZDE - The Shad/cannon glitch
Save Game File12/11/06DBM1108577K
RZDE: Slot #2: 20 Hearts, All 24 Golden Bugs, All 60 Poes, All Items, Wallet/Bomb Bag/Quiver Upgrades, Rollgoal Complete Through 1-8, Sinking/Frog Lure, Cave of Ordeals Complete

Datel Wii Power Save (Europe)

Save Game File08/09/07Jay FNG Philbrook82K
1-Start with Max Health & Cash 2- Start with Max Health, Cash & Swords 3-Start with Max Health,Cash & Items
Save Game File09/15/07Sonio1982K
1-Start with Max Health & Cash 2- Start with Max Health, CashComple & Swords 3-Start with Max Health,Cash & Items & Forest Temple Completed.

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

Save Game File12/11/06WOODENSTICK77K
RZDE - 1st Slot: At Lake Hylia collecting tears of light prior to Lakebed Temple.
Save Game File12/29/06Rob_8877K
RZDE - Hyrule Castle, Last boss, 16 Hearts, all bomb bags,quivers,wallet and bottles
Save Game File01/01/07SteveDutch77K
RZDE - Slot #1 All items, All Bugs, All Poes, full stock of Bombs, Arrows and Rupees, Fish journal complete, Rollgoal 1-8, Frog Lure, Hyrule Loach (27 inch) caught
Save Game File01/12/07Tourist Erosion77K
RZDE - slot 1 at temple of time, 21 poes, 5 golden bugs
Save Game File02/25/08MLWW77K
RZDP, 100% complete
Save Game File01/26/07TheRealJDAdams77K
RZDP: Slot #1 100% - All hearts,poes,bugs,items,upgrades,bottles,lures,chests & rupees collected,all fish caught,all grottos & dungeon rooms cleared,2x Cave of Ordeals,Rollgoal 8-8,61454 Plumm points,rare chu jelly,green chu jelly

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