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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Blades Will Bleed 04/12/07 47pik
Where were you when this game launched? 12/01/06 Bass260
Ocarina of Time 2. Yes, really. 02/07/08 Crofty
Dull. Gray. Boring. 07/21/08 ImNotYourPapa
Twilight Princess - too much, and too little. 11/27/06 Jigglymanne
Were they even trying with this one? 04/30/09 Lord Kiven
An extremely well-made game that's just not much fun to play 01/02/14 nintendosega
Link's adventures don't get much better than this. The greatest legend of Hyrule has arrived. 11/28/06 ZFS
A Masterpiece From the Twilight 12/06/06 German Dragon
Great but not so Great (Read) 11/26/07 0n3_Zero
Definitely a Zelda to remember 01/02/07 admppnfrsh87
Link & Midna's Excellent Adventure 07/31/09 Anclation
More like TWiilight Princess. 10/06/09 Archmonk Iga
Uses the tired Zelda formula to the letter, but still a fun game 06/17/09 BadFortuneAndre
This game makes me proud to be a videogamer and deserves a perfect 10/10 06/15/11 batman995
Link's first adventure on the Wii! 01/20/09 BenhTheMan
Everything you've come to expect and love in a zelda title (very very few spoilers) 01/02/07 bitosi
For better or worse, this is the dawn of a new era 01/11/12 BloodGod65
The biggest disappointment of last decade is still an alright game 10/26/10 Blue Blob
Homecoming 12/18/06 BlueSunrise
Reluctant to praise, and yet... 11/30/07 boxerthehorse
A solid, yet unoriginal, entry to the Zelda series 10/07/08 brutusmuktuk
Some leaps forward, some backward. The Legend is starting to get stale. 06/04/08 CannabisLecter
A Link to the Future 01/17/07 clarkisdark
Royalty Among Video Games 04/04/07 Cooper736
"Legends never die," and TP straps you in for an epic that will always last. 12/05/06 CyborgSage00x0
Not very much new, but still an enjoyable Beast 02/27/07 Danthorthered
Definitely the Best Zelda Game 08/14/07 Darkdoomsday
A classic set to stand the testament of time 01/19/07 Dbzmaniax
Suddenly, the day turns into night... 04/23/07 discoinferno84
Zelda, Twilight Princess, Legend of Zelda 08/31/09 DraimanBelieve7
A little disappointing but still a great game. 04/29/10 Exodist
Probably the only game, Zelda or otherwise, that can rival OOT. 01/16/07 Flame060
A year ago, best game ever! Now, ........ 01/04/12 gameaddict51
Nowhere near worth the 2 year wait 09/15/08 geno_16
I cannot thank Nintendo and everyone who works there enough for this wonderful and extremely impressive video game they have made for us gamers to enj 04/27/07 ghangiskhan1
Quite simply the finest game of the new generation 01/24/07 gimo80
Twilight Princess , a game that can dethrone Ocarina or not? Come and See... 03/12/07 gothic_chic
Twilight Princess fall just short of sky-high expectations 12/01/06 Gylgamesh
It is Good, But it is Not What it was Hyped Up to Be 06/17/09 JoeB_91
Good, but massively overrated 11/20/07 JThomson
Greatest Game Ever 01/02/07 juicecentral
A Game for the Thinker 02/13/12 Juxtaposition7
Overrated? Yes. A good game? Also yes. 07/16/09 kirbymastah
It's finally here! 03/22/07 Link165
Good direction for the series to move. My favorite? No. Your favorite? Probably. (Spoilers?) 03/30/07 lopp3
Perfect? No. Best game in years? Yes!!! 12/07/06 MalachiX
The princess is in the house baby! 12/20/06 Megaman1981
Link's Back- and soooo much better... 02/20/07 MegaShadowZX
While its fun, it feels like parts were done last minute, and this quest DOES NOT FEEL EPIC 11/30/06 Metroid_Link
The most exciting Legend of Zelda game that Nintendo has given you. 12/19/06 MicroProject
Twilight Princess is the latest, but definitely not the greatest, in the Legend of Zelda franchise. 12/06/06 Misfit119
Welcome to the Twilight Zone. 07/31/15 nastynate3118
Not enough people, not enough combat. Still, Twilight Princess is a fun game. 08/15/08 neonreaper
Looking for a reason to buy a Wii? This is it. 12/26/06 Osafune2
Not perfect, but a great game and launch title. 12/26/06 PaperLink
Great Gameplay, Sloppy Story 07/07/09 peach_zelda
Swing your remo...I mean sword in the best (Zelda) game ever! 12/20/06 PKMNRULES
Twilight Princess delivers the goods, but is it the best Zelda ever? 11/27/06 Psohl121
A triumphant Wii debut and a stunning addition to the Zelda series. 09/04/07 psyduck22
Nice game, but why so many rip-offs? 02/06/12 RageBot
A solid game that was, unfortunately, delayed too much for its own good 06/09/08 RockyRan
Overrated, but still a solid Zelda game. 07/31/17 SavageWizzrobe
It doesn't get much better than this for a launch title! 08/31/11 ScrawlKnight
One of Link's all-time best and most memorable journeys. 11/30/06 ShadowGuardian9
The stuff of Legend 03/02/07 ShyningFade
A Sweeping Epic 10/31/11 sneggid
The best Zelda game ever 11/10/08 SS4GokuTim
The one 3D Zelda to rule them all... 06/21/10 Stinger31383
Link is back in his newest adventure, and it's better than ever! 06/15/07 Super Slash
More of the same--I'm not complaining. 01/02/07 the ultimate68
Be careful what you wish for next time... 07/15/09 TheYuke
Great game, but lacking in some aspects. 01/04/07 Toblerowned
Great Game, even with dated graphics... 02/21/07 TomPreston
Spoiler-Free Twilight Princess 11/27/06 TSA_ZHQ
The best Zelda game to date 01/22/07 Vaztor71
A Zelda game where the word "Legend actually means something 06/11/07 VirtuousYoda
The Wii's flagship title was pulled from oven a little too soon. 03/01/07 wannabepunktony
A Fitting End......Maybe! 01/04/08 Xeno_the_Wise13
Nintendo does it for the fanboys 11/29/06 Zotmaster

Full Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
The Legend Lives On 02/04/08 BeeMario
It's not perfect, but the flaws in this game are so miniscule it doesn't make a difference. 12/04/06 Big Bob
Link is back, and follows his ocarina of time footsteps! (mild spoilers) 07/23/09 dadkwashere
[Insert Witty Comment Here] 11/21/07 Deezlink
Very good, but lacking in the timeless quality of previous Zelda titles 11/25/06 deptstoremook
A great Zelda game but fails to live up to the hype 11/27/07 ESB1138
Amazing Game, but not without its flaws. 11/29/06 Gamehead
A New Era of Zeldas? 05/29/09 iAmTheTot
The Legend of Disappointment: Personality Deprived Princess 11/28/06 Ice Inferno X3
Zelda hits the Wii in fine form, but is essentially still a Gamecube title with a little motion control. 12/04/09 J-man45
A game oozing with potential that went unfulfilled in a few areas 10/02/09 KCF0107
Is it worth the hype?!?! 11/28/06 kupo7129
As good as Ocarina? Not quite, but pretty damn close. 07/02/08 LrdofArmageddon
An excellent introduction to Wii gaming 12/04/06 Master75
Another Z for Zelda 07/07/11 MrRem
Best Zelda in almost every aspect... 11/27/06 nickdemarc
So does the new Zelda live up to it's hype? Well... 11/25/06 OmegaNITRO
Link, you came to town, you saved Zelda, and you left us wanting more. 12/17/07 pYrAmId_bUiLdEr
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-Worth the Wait!! 12/04/06 randomizer2
Disapointment in it's wake, was not the best it could be. 11/26/07 rockon110690
The Kind Of Game That You Will Still Play Even After Your Wii is Ten Years Old. 04/27/09 SeansReviews
Link! He come to town! 11/04/10 SuperGamecube64
Grab your Wiimote and Nunchuk and Brace yourself for an Adventure! 01/28/08 Tauquito
Link finally grows up for his latest journey. 08/07/09 Tenshi No Shi
A dark and epic Zelda adventure that has something for almost everyone. 08/03/12 unclehosh
The Best Zelda game of all time, but if you can, pick up the Wii Version instead 12/18/06 WiiZeldaIsBest
Journey to Hyrule once more... 06/17/08 Wolfvie

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
This game is a letdown. 11/27/06 Sumerian
Sheer excellence. 11/28/06 _Spin_Cycle_
A Legacy Worth Remembering... 02/04/08 Awakened_Link
The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite video game franchises of all time, and this game solidifies that fact. 01/12/09 cloudmd23
Left a sour taste in my mouth after multiple playthroughs 07/06/09 comicfire
Well thought out, a great buy! 06/22/09 Dageek3
A minor flaw cost this classic Legend of Zelda a perfect score. 06/24/09 DaZinga
Some good pieces, but an incomplete whole 01/26/18 DeweyDecibel
Make no mistake, this is the best Zelda game ever made. 11/21/06 Dorkmaster Flek
Nintendo has truly done the impossible. They topped Ocarina of Time. 11/25/06 Foxarwing42
Twilight Is Here 11/13/08 fuchigole
Long conical green hats off to Nintendo 11/22/06 GuardianXanatos
Greatest Zelda Ever? 11/25/06 jisforlash
Nostradamus said: "Twilight Princess will be a classic..." 11/27/06 Killa Whales
And the gods sent forth...Twilight Princess! 07/01/08 kingdodongo1
Very easily the best game in the Zelda series. 11/25/06 KoD e946
Twilight Princess: Can it compete? Yes, but not as well are you'd think 11/25/06 Kung Fu Monkey Ball
This could have easily been the next Ocarina of Time. But is it? Nah. It's still one of the best adventure games, if not the best, this generation. 07/10/08 Lebbin
Best game ever? I'm not sure, but it's damn close 09/04/07 LedFanatic4
Ocarina of Time 2 (No Spoilers) 11/22/06 loquito5765
The Ultimate Question -- Is It The Best? 11/27/06 maclotr
A great game that improves the series. 11/05/07 Metroidfan19
Great Series, Great Console, Great Game 11/27/06 mmv246
The Definitive Zelda Game 12/02/09 Myrdraal8
Setting the standard for next gen. 11/27/06 mz985
A great Zelda 06/23/08 Naked Snake
Awesomeness 03/24/08 NGninja42
The best Zelda ever! 11/21/06 OPTIMUSAXIMUS
Twilight Princess nearly surpasses Ocarina of Time. Nearly. 11/21/06 Phange
Welcome back to Hyrule 10/27/10 popatmajor
Almost perfect 11/25/06 rolltide19921
Wow If You Don't Get This, Then Throw You Should Just Throw Your Wii Away! 11/27/06 Roxas52
"The Biggest Zelda Adventure of All Time" 11/22/06 Samus_Theman
"Will the Hero Rise" 07/21/10 Schimmons
Twilight Princess has set the bar for a new generation of games! 11/25/06 Scorpion122178
Quit reminiscing about Ocarina of Time! Link is back, and he's brought the best release game ever with him! 11/22/06 sgrif345
Twilight Princess = Game of the Year 11/28/06 SheikahFan
The most awesome launch game since Super Mario 64... 11/25/06 SILVERDEVIL000
Grab your horse and get ready to ride throughout Hyrule! 07/28/08 SnippNorris
Twilight Princess is a One of a Kind Gem 01/28/09 ThatGamerDudeAlex
The pinnacle of gaming... 12/18/06 theEqualizer
GREATEST GAME FOR ANY SYSTEM EVER!!! (Literally) 11/25/06 tico
Gee, it sure is boring around here.. 09/29/08 Vegito57 [AKA: Vortrex]
Through blizzard, inferno, and hurricane. 10/07/09 Warmonger222
This game is actually hooking to the series. 01/03/08 wii_wolf_freak
Sorry, I can not think of a tagline to do this game justice. 11/22/06 WOODENSTICK
I can't say much about this game. 11/15/07 xxluapxx
Best Zelda Game Ever 11/27/06 zeldask8er

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