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Wooden Sword FAQ by KXGLSGM

Version: 1.265 | Updated: 11/26/12

            /======/^\===/*/ THE LEGEND OF
                   |#|  /*/  =======  =====     ====..     ===
                   |*| /*/    ||   \\ \\ //      ||  ';.     \\
                   |#|/*/     ||   ||  ';|       ||    ;.    ||
                   |@/*/      ||        ||       ||    ;;   |;;|
                   |/*/       ||___/|   ||       ||    ;;   |;;|
                   /*/        ||--- |   ||       ||    ;;  |;  ;|
                  /*/|        ||   \|   ||       ||    ;; |;====;|
                 /*/;|        ||        ||       ||    :; |;    ;|
                /*/|;|        ||    ||  ||    || ||   :;  ||    ;|
               /*/ |;;        ||    //  ||    // ||  .;  //      \\
              /*/   ;;        ||====/  //=====/  ||.;'  ||        ||
             /======;;.====/  ---        ---
            =========;;===/    |         |_/
                     ;;.       | WILIGHT |  RINCESS
                              ~ Wooden Sword FAQ ~

                             //Table of Contents\\

Section I: Introduction .......................................[Int00]

Section II: Version History....................................[VeH00]

Section III: FAQ...............................................[FAQ00]

Section IV: Methods............................................[Mth00]

            -Method 1: Skipping the Wooden Sword............[Mth01]

               -Glitching Through the Gate..............[Glt00]
               -Through the Woods.......................[TtW00]
               -Your Prize..............................[YPr01]

              -Locations in which You Will...............
               Lose the Wooden Sword.....................[LtS00]

            Method 2: Skipping the Ordon Sword..............[Mth02]

               -Glitching past Midna....................[GpM00]
               -Your Prize..............................[YPr02]

Section V: Enemy Tricks and Tips...............................[TaT00]

            Basic Strategies..............................[BSt00]

            Specific Enemies..............................[SpE00]

            Bosses and Minibosses..............................[BMb00]

Section VI: Other Information..................................[OIn00]

             -Contact Information.......................[CIn00]

                               //-Section I-\\
                              //Introduction \\

Welcome to my Wooden Sword FAQ for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
I have two main reasons for creating this FAQ: to show how to skip the
Wooden Sword and to give strategies for fighting enemies the Wooden Sword.

The strategies written here assume that you are also have three hearts and
minimal equipment; you obviously do not need to have minimal equipment to use
the wooden sword, but I would assume that the majority of people who want to
do a Wooden Sword run are looking for a challenge and would therefore be
following these rules. If you are not, these strategies still work, but since
you have more equipment, there are more effective strategies.

I created this guide with the assumption that the reader has already played
game at least once, therefore, it will not cover puzzle solutions or
battle strategies for enemies, unless the strategy has a noteworthy
change specifically because of the Wooden Sword. These strategies will also
assume that you also have three hearts and minimal equipment.

Neither of the following glitches were discovered by me, full credit for them
goes to the original discoverers, whoever they may be. All other strategies
and information, unless stated otherwise, are the product of my own
experiences with the game.

                               // -Section II- \\
                              //Version  History\\

Version 1.00; 6:55 PM 11/16/2009:
-FAQ finished and submitted.

Version 1.01; 9:04 PM 11/17/2009:
-Copyright information has been changed. No sites other than GameFAQs will be
allowed to host this FAQ.

Version 1.035; 2:55 AM 11/21/2009:
-Removed a note I left to remind myself to do more research on an area. I
meant to remove it before the original submission, but I didn't notice it.
-Centered a note; one of the lines was too far to the right.
-Removed a trailing space in the ASCII header.
-Slightly changed the "Z" in the ASCII header.
-Changed the "L" in the ASCII header.
-Centered the Intro header; it was too far to the right.

Version 1.042; 10:05 AM 7/3/2010:
-Thanks to an E-mail from a reader named Kirk Frazier, several enemy names
have been corrected; ReDead Knights were mistakenly listed as Gibdos, and
Stalhounds were originally referred to as Wolfos Skeletons.
-'Acknowledgments' was somehow spelled incorrectly, so that has been fixed as

Version 1.145; 9:11 AM 8/27/2010:
-The "FAQ" section has been split into multiple sections.
-Two questions have been added to the "FAQ" section; they were both asked
by GameFAQs users.
-Various grammatical errors, typos, and oversights have been corrected.
-Several sections have been edited in order to increase their clarity.

Version 1.165; 3:02 PM 8/27/2010:
-I added four questions to the "FAQ" section of my guide: One of them was
asked by a YouTube user known as "chuggaafan100;" the second was not
asked by anyone, but a YouTube user known as "brynnagiadrosich" mentioned
wondering about it in her "Let's Play" of this game, and it seemed worthy of
being added; and the final two were not asked by anyone in particular, but
they seem as if they are things that are thinfs that would be wondered

Version 1.265; 5:02 PM 11/25/2012
- Various edits for grammar, spelling, and clarity
- Copyright information has been updated. Websites besides GameFAQs will now
be allowed to host this material, provided that I have been notified and
that I have approved the website.
- Added two new questions to the FAQ, due to feedback from emails. The
first is about getting the Master Sword early. The second is about action
replay devices.

                               //-Section III-\\
                              //      FAQ      \\

                             -=General Questions=-

QUESTION: Why should I use glitches to keep the Wooden Sword?

ANSWER: The only real reason is for challenge runs.

                        -=Combat with the Wooden Sword=-

QUESTION: Does the Wooden Sword have any disadvantages besides strength?

ANSWER: It's the same length as the Ordon Sword, but shorter than the Master
Sword; it isn't short enough to be a major disadvantage, though. It also
doesn't shine or make a shimmering sound when you charge a spin attack;
without this indicator, you might accidentally release too early and do a
normal sword swipe or waste time overcharging your sword; spin attacks
triggered by rotating the control stick and pressing "B" will work normally.


QUESTION: Does the Wooden Sword have any advantages?

ANSWER: There are none of which I know.


QUESTION: How much Damage does the Wooden Sword do?

ANSWER: It is half as strong as the Ordon Sword is; the Ordon Sword is half
as strong as the Master Sword.


QUESTION: When I use the Wooden Sword against certain enemies, it seems as if
it is not doing the amount of damage that you claimed that it does in the
above question. Why is that?

ANSWER: Since the Wooden Sword was not meant to be used against most enemies,
it acts strangely against some enemies, especially bosses and mini-bosses.

                             -=Regarding Methods=-

QUESTION: Which method should I use?

ANSWER: With Method 1, you lose the wooden sword every time you need to switch
to the Master Sword; if you just want to try the Wooden Sword or use it for
the Cave of Ordeals I'd recommend this method. Method 2 can be hard
to pull off, but you can freely switch between the Wooden Sword and the
Master Sword; if you want to do a full play through the game I would
recommend at least attempting this method.


QUESTION: Can I use both methods and be swordless for half of the game?

ANSWER: As far as I know, it is impossible to get past the knight who teaches
you the Finishing Blow. Even if there is a way to get past him, there are
many other places that require a sword.


QUESTION: Method 2 is IMPOSSIBLE! Is there an easier way?

ANSWER: To my knowledge, there is not. You could, however, search the
internet for a game save. I would upload mine, but I do not have the proper
equipment to do so.


NOTE: This question was originally asked by a GameFAQs user known as
"SuperMario91," but has been rephrased in order to clarify what was asked.

QUESTION: If you aquire the Wooden Sword after you have already aquired the
Ordon Sword, does it "erase" the Ordon Sword; will the Ordon Sword be replaced
by the Wooden Sword, thus allowing you to freely select it from the menu?

ANSWER: No. If you grab the Wooden Sword after you already posses the Ordon
Sword, it will automatically equip itself; however, as soon as you switch to
either of the other swords -which you are REQUIRED to do--you will lose the
sword again.


NOTE: This question was not specifically asked by anyone, but a GameFAQs user
known as "bachuress" mentioned it in her "Let's Play" of "The Legend of
Zelda: Twilight Princess," and it seems worthy of note.

QUESTION: If I get the Ordon Shield from before attempting the Ordon Sword
skip, will I still be able to skip the Ordon Sword?

ANSWER: Yes. After you sequence break past the barrier, you will still have
the Ordon Shield, but not the Ordon Sword.


QUESTION: I have used the Wooden Sword to hit the second phase of Argorok,
the boss of the City in the Sky, a large number of times, yet it seems as if
he has not taken any damage. Why is this?

ANSWER: The Wooden Sword cannot damage Argorok. My theory is that the
programmers needed to program in exactly how much damage is done during
a sequence where you climb onto a boss' back; the boss of the Water Temple
can probably be killed because the programmers assumed that you would only
have one sword, therefore, they programmed the game so that all swords would
do the same amount of damage to him.


CREDIT: This question was asked by a GameFAQs user known as "Master Ham."

CREDIT: A GameFAQs user reminded me of the one cut-scene in which the Ordon

Sword does appear; on GameFAQs, she is known as "bachuress," and her YouTube
account -with which she is posting a "Let's Play" of a Wooden Sword run of
"The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess," which also has several other
restirctions--is "brynnagiadrosich."

QUESTION: "Does Link still have the wooden sword in all the cutscenes?"

ANSWER: If you have the Wooden Sword equiped, to my knowledge, it will appear
in ever cut-scene, save for one: The one immediately after the second method
is completed. In this scene, Midna holds the Ordon Sword and the Ordon Shield
and decides that they are not ideal weapons for her, and she then gives them
to you; however, the items are not actually added to your inventory,

The cut-scenes that are triggered through mandatory acts that require you to
equip the Master Sword will show the Master Sword, as you have it equiped. I
am sure that you all could have figured that part out, though.


QUESTION: Does these glitches work on both the GameCube and Wii versions of
this game?

ANSWER: Yes. I have only done them using the GameCube version, however;
because of that, this guide is written for that version. The Wii version is
basically the same, except that it is flipped.


CREDIT: This question was originally asked by a YouTube user known as
"chuggaafan100;" it has been rephrased in order to make the question clearer.

QUESTION: Can the Wooden Sword be destroyed by fire enemies?

ANSWER: No. The Wooden Sword was not intended to be used in any areas in
which there are any fire enemies, and thus there was no reason for the
game's developers to program that feature into the game.


CREDIT:   This question came from reader William Wright via email.

QUESTION: What about the sequence breaks that allow players to get the
Master Sword early? Can this be used to keep the Wooden Sword for longer?

ANSWER:   This sequence break will not--to my knowledge--have any impact on
keeping the Wooden Sword. It may prevent you from needing to pick up the
Master Sword later in the game; however, you will still need to unequip the
Wooden Sword for various other tasks.

For more information on the Master Sword skip, consider viewing this
YouTube video:

CREDIT: YouTube user MrP0tter

This guide only addresses the Wooden Sword, and will therefore not go into
further detail on other sequence breaks, exploits, or glitches.


CREDIT:   This question came from reader "Isaac Litz" via email.

QUESTION: Are there any action replay (GameShark, etc.) codes that can be
used to keep the Wooden Sword without needing to perform these glitches?

ANSWER:   Possibly. However, I do not have any experience using these
devices, and as such do not know of any. If any readers of this document
happen to know of any, feel free to email them to me. I will include them
in this document.

                                //-Section IV-\\
                               //   Methods    \\

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
[Mth01]                    ___________________________
                          ||       -Method 1-        ||
                          ||Skipping the Wooden Sword||

Before you proceed to skipping the Wooden Sword, you will need to acquire the
Slingshot and progress to the point where Rusl leaves the Wooden Sword in your
house. You'll need the Slingshot to kill a few enemies, and the Sword won't
be there later if you don't get Rusl to put it there. After these two things
have happened, head off towards Faron Woods WITHOUT getting the Wooden Sword.

Glitching Through the Gate[Glt00]
        ***This glitch was not discovered by me, but I do not know who***
            originally discovered the glitch. If anyone knows, please
                ***E-mail me so I can give him or her credit.***

Pick up a large rock and carry it over to the locked gate, set it down on the
far left or far right of the gate. Next, you will need to do side jumps over
the rock (Hold L + Hold Direction on control stick + A). If done correctly,
you will land inside the gate. Once inside the gate, try to angle yourself
so that Link's back is to the bridge, then, repeatedly roll towards the lock
in the center of the gate; if done correctly, when you hit the lock,
you will bounce backwards onto the bridge, if done incorrectly, you will
bounce back onto the grass. Repeat this until you land on the bridge.

Here is a link to a video that shows how to perform the glitch; this video
was not created by me. All credit for the video goes to 123456321man.


Through the Woods[TtW00]
Once on the other side of the gate, follow the path you would normally take
until you get to the point with the caged monkey and the two Bokoboblins;
feel free to kill enemies along the way, but make sure you always have at
least enough to kill a Deku Baba (to refill your seeds). When you get to the
caged monkey, kill one of the Bokoboblins with your Slingshot,
then position yourself so that you and the remaining Bokoboblin and the
remaining Bokoboblin are on opposite sides of the cage. The
Bokoboblin's attacks can destroy the bars of the cage, and since Link
cannot destroy the bars by himself, you must trick the Bokoboblin
into doing it for you. Kill the Bokoboblin once the bars are destroyed.

Note: it may be possible to kill the Bokoboblins without the Slingshot. I
Have heard that it is possible to make the bird who sells Lantern Oil and
Red Potion kill them; I have not experimented with this, though; if I do,
I will post an update here.

Your Prize[YPr01]
Continue the game until you get the Ordon Sword and are back in the 
Un-Twilight Realm. Head back to Link's house and save your game. Make a save
to a separate save file as well. Picking up the Wooden Sword here will equip
it, but beware, equipping the Ordon Sword or Master Sword will make it
disappear forever. 

You MUST use the Master Sword in several places, so if you want to
do a complete playthrough with it, you must play up to a point where you
need the Master Sword, reload your alternate save, replay to the point where
you need the Master Sword, use the Master Sword, go back to Link's house,
make an alternate save, pick up the Wooden Sword again, and continue the
game. Because of this, this method is very tedious; if you cannot pull off
the second method, and you just want to use the Wooden Sword for the Cave
of Ordeals or to try it on a few enemies I'd recommend this method.

[LtS00]     --=Locations in which You Will Lose the Wooden Sword=--

--Obtaining the Master Sword--
When you obtain the Master Sword, it automatically equips itself.

--Striking the Pedestals--
Before you can enter the Temple of Time, you must strike the Master Sword's
pedestal. Inside of the Temple of Time, there is another pedestal; make sure
you strike them both before you return to Link's house.

--Invulnerable Argorok--
Argorok is invulnerable to the Wooden Sword. I'd guess that the programmers
needed to program in exactly how much damage is done during a sequence when
you climb onto a boss' back; the boss of the Water Temple can probably be
killed because the programmers assumed that you would only have one sword,
therefore, they programmed the game so that all swords would do the same
amount of damage to him.

--Palace of Twilight--
You must infuse the Master Sword with light and use it to slash things in
the Palace of Twilight.

Gannondorf can only be killed with the Master Sword, but because he is the
last boss of the game, it should not make a huge difference.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
[Mth02]                     __________________________
                           ||       -Method 2-       ||
                           ||Skipping the Ordon Sword||

Play through the game normally until you return from the Twilight Realm. SAVE
YOUR GAME NOW. The sequence break you are trying to do here is more complex
than the first one; even if you've done it before it can still be somewhat
difficult to pull off. You will almost definitely fail multiple times before
you get it right; if you don't save here you will need to replay from your
previous save point, and that will be annoying.

If you want the Ordon Shield, go to the village and get it, make sure that
you do NOT kill the Bulbin on the path outside the village, you will need
him later. After obtaining the shield, return to the path outside the
village and save your game.

Glitching past Midna[GpM00]

   ***This glitch was not discovered by me. I heard that Youtube user***
      Nore139" created the first known video of it, but I do not know
     if he is the original discoverer. If you know who discovered this
      glitch, or can confirm that Nore139 created it, please contact
            ***me so I can give credit where credit is due***

Outside of the entrance to the Twilight Realm, there are two event triggers:
the first causes Midna to order you to go return to the village to get the
Ordon Sword and Ordon Shield; Link will then take a few steps back towards
the village, preventing you from reaching the second event trigger. The second
event trigger activates a cut scene where you are pulled into the Twilight
Realm. This following glitch allows you to jump over the first event trigger
and skip getting the Ordon Sword.

Head down the path towards the village until you come across a Bulbin (if you
got the Ordon Shield, you will be coming from the other direction on your
first attempt, but you will start at the spring whenever you reset your game).
Get his attention and lead him across the bridge to the entrance to the
Twilight Realm.

After he is here, you must position him so that he is on the left side of
the path (right side for the Wii edition), so that he is slightly angled away
from the wall, and that he is standing right at the edge of the area that will
trigger the Midna scene; there is a large black mark on the wall next
to the border of the event trigger, if you cannot see it, try activating your
senses; use this line to help you position yourself more accurately.

When you have the Bulbin in the right position, L-target the Bulbin,
jump back, attack the Bulbin with the A button, and then immediately
jump-attack again.

If done correctly, you will jump over the event trigger. If done incorrectly,
you will trigger the Midna cut scene. If this happens, leave the area (or 
jump off of the bridge) -this will cause the Bulbin to regain the health lost
from being hit--and then retry. If you have already killed the Bulbin,
exiting the area will not cause him to respawn; you must reload your save in
order to make him return.

Here is a link to a video that shows how to perform the glitch; it is very
descriptive, and it will probably help you figure out how to do the glitch
correctly. I did not create this video. All credit for the video goes
to logitechSDAZ.


Your Prize[YPr02]

Skipping the Ordon Sword means that the Wooden Sword will stay in your
inventory forever. This means you won't have to deal with repeating areas.
If you  want to do an entire play through the game with the Wooden
Sword, this is probably the best way to do it. It can be challenging at
first, but it is definitely worth it.

                             //    -Section V-    \\
                            //Enemy Tricks and Tips\\

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
[BSt00]                     __________________________
                           ||    Basic Strategies    ||

--The Finishing Blow--

The Wooden Sword is much weaker than the other swords, because of this,
the Finishing Blow is very useful. When fighting a group of enemies, one of
the most effective strategies is to use Spin Attacks to knock the group
down, then use a Finishing Blow to kill one. Repeat this until you have
killed the entire group.


Probing is a strategy used to damage enemies who can only be hit after they
have finished an attack. Normally, you can block their attacks with your
shield, but if you have no shield this is the safest method to damage them.
I realize that this strategy is not specific to the Wooden Sword, but I refer
to it in a few other parts of the guide, so I feel it should be included.

The point of probing is to lure an enemy into attacking you, dodge his
attack, then attack him, usually with a Jump Strike. When probing, lock on
to an enemy, then move into his range and quickly backflip out of it. Repeat
this process, but each time slightly increase the amount of time you spend in
his range. Eventually, you will find exactly how long you must stay in range
to coax the enemy into attacking you. Use this knowledge to lure him into an
attack, quickly backflip out of range, and hit him with a Jump Attack to
open him up for more hits. Repeat the strategy in previous sentence until
he dies.

--Wolf Form--

Later in the game, Link's wolf form does much more damage than Link's Wooden
Sword. However, Link's wolf form takes more damage and isn't as useful in
many situations. It works well for some types of enemies, but it isn't very
useful on others.

I have not done extensive research on every type of enemy, but in my
experience, when using either ONLY the wolf form or ONLY the Wooden Sword, the
following types of enemies tend to be easier to kill while in wolf form
(enemies who can only be encountered/killed while in wolf form are not
listed here):

-Bulbins mounted on Boars

-ReDead Knights (The creatures in the Arbiter's Grounds that can temporarily
stun you with their gazes) - Credit to Kirk Frazier
for the correction; these were originally listed as Gibdos.

-Shadow Beasts (The enemies you must kill before you can use warps)

-White Wolfos

-Stalhounds (The enemies that look like the skeletons of Wolfos that
frequently appear in Hyrule Field while it is night) - Credit to Kirk Frazier
for the correction; these were originally listed as 'Wolfos Skeletons.'

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
[SpE00]                     __________________________
                           ||    Specific Enemies    ||

--Armored Lizalfos--

Armored Lizalfos will stand up almost immediately after being knocked down,
but there is a split second where you can jump in and use a Finishing Blow;
you would think he could still dodge it, but apparently the sight of a man
jumping through the air with a stick and a tunic causes him to give up hope.
This is convenient, seeing as they have large amounts of health.

Lizalfos will block all attacks unless you attack immediately after they
attack you or if you attack them immediately after they stand up. I have two
strategies for fighting them: Probing (see Basic Strategies[BSt00]) and a
method involving the Ball and Chain; the second method is easier, but feel
free to use whichever method you want. When using the second method, throw
the Ball and Chain at the Lizalfos to stun him, and then throw it a second
time to knock him down. After this, run up to him and pull out the Wooden
Sword. He should be standing up by this point. Quickly do a Jump Attack to
knock him back down. Press A as soon as you see the prompt on the bottom of
the screen; do NOT press A repeatedly hoping that you'll get lucky and
hit him, you will probably end up doing a Jump Attack and miss your chance.
It is unlikely that you will get the timing right your first attempt, but you
will always have a few seconds to knock him back down as soon as he gets back
up. Knock him down and try again. Repeat until you manage to kill him. This
should get easier as you fight more Armored Lizalfos.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
[BMb00]                      _________________________
                            || Bosses and Minibosses ||

--General Tips--

Arrows do more damage than the Wooden Sword; if a boss or a miniboss can be
damaged by arrows, it is recommended that you use them, as it is faster. Bomb
Arrows are even more effective, but most bosses cannot be damaged by
them. They are effective on some minibosses though.


The Wooden Sword cannot damage Argorok’s second phase, you must replay from a
save (if using Method 1) or switch to the Master Sword (if using Method 2).
I have a theory about why this is, but I am not completely sure about it. My
theory is that the programmers needed to program in exactly how much damage
is done during a sequence where you climb onto a boss' back; the boss of the
Water Temple can probably be killed because the programmers assumed that you
would only have one sword, therefore, they programmed the game so that all
swords would do the same amount of damage to him.

                               //  -Section IV- \\
                              //Other Information\\

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
[Ack00]                       ____________________
                             ||  Acknowledgments ||

--Nintendo, Eiji Aonuma, Shigeru Miyamoto, and everyone else who had a part
in making this game.

--Youtube user "123456321man", for posting a video on how to skip the Wooden

--Youtube user "Nore139", for posting the original video on skipping the
Ordon Sword.

--Youtube user "logitechSDAZ", for posting an English version of the glitch
used to skip the Ordon Sword.

--Youtube user "airikitascave", for posting a the Wii version of the glitch
used to skip the Ordon Sword.

--GameFAQs user "CryBaby51" and Youtube user "warlocklink", for confirming
that Argorok does not take damage from the Wooden Sword.

--GameFAQs user "InfamusDSamurai", for a his bestiary FAQ, used to find the
official names of enemies.

--GameFAQs user "Kirby021591", for his General FAQ, used to check exactly how
many Bokoboblins are in a certain area.

--Kirk Frazier, for correcting the names of several enemies; ReDead Knights
were mistakenly listed as Gibdos, and Stalhounds were originally referred to
as Wolfos Skeletons.

--GameFAQs users SuperMario91 and Master Ham, for asking questions about the
run, which have now been answered in the "FAQ" section of this guide.

--GameFAQs user "bachuress" (known as "brynnagiadrosich" on YouTube), for
reminding me of a cut-scene in which the Ordon Sword is shown, even if you
have not aquired it, as well as for making a Wooden Sword challange "Let's
Play," which motivated me to add seveal questions to my FAQ.

--A YouTube user known as "chuggaafan100," for asking a question that I have
included in the "FAQ" section of my guide.

--Reader William Wright for asking a question on getting the Master Sword
early. This question was added to the FAQ section of this guide.

--Reader Isaac Litz for asking a question on action replay devices.
This question was added to the FAQ section of this guide.

--YouTube user MrP0tter for posting a video of the sequence break used
to get the Master Sword early.

--Jeff "CJayC" Veasey, for founding GameFAQs and for the information on
creating FAQs.

--Allen "SBAllen" Tyner, for hosting GameFAQs.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
[CIn00]                      _____________________
                            ||Contact Information||

If you would like to contact me, feel free; please E-mail me at
august.garcia2[at]gmail.com. Unless I am not able to access the internet, I
will most likely respond in a maximum of three days, but don't expect a
response within the hour.

When sending an E-mail, please mention this FAQ in the subject, it will help
me respond to your E-mails quicker. If you would like to ask about either of
glitches described here, ask questions you have about anything else in this
FAQ, correct errors of any kind, send additional or improved strategies,
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