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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Iesha Fox

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    My SSBB Game
    Guide And Walkthrough
    By Danior M.  A.  Snyder
    (Danior3 is what my
    Gamefaqs account is)
    Started On:
    Monday October 1, 2012
    At: 12:03 pm
    0 Contents
    0 Contents
    1 SSBB Intro
    2 Brawl Roster
    2.1 Unlockable Characters List
    2.2 Selecting Alter Egos
    3 Stages List
    3.1 Unlockable Stages List
    4 Basic Controls
    5 Unlockable Modes List
    6 Items List
    6.1 Assistant Trophies List
    6.2 Unlockables
    6.3 Pokeball List
    6.4 Regulars
    6.5 Legendaries
    6.6 Rares
    7 Trophies List
    7.1 Super Smash Bros.
    7.2 Subspace Emissary
    7.3 Super Mario Bros.
    7.4 Donkey Kong
    7.5 The Legend Of Zelda
    7.6 Metroid
    7.7 Yoshi's Island
    7.8 Kirby Super Star
    7.9 Star Fox
    7.10 Pokemon
    7.11 F-Zero
    7.12 Earthbound
    7.13 Ice Climbers
    7.14 Fire Emblem
    7.15 Kid Icarus
    7.16 WarioWare Incorporated
    7.17 Pikmin
    7.18 Animal Crossing
    7.19 Game And Watch
    7.20 Others
    7.21 Metal Gear Solid
    7.22 Sonic The Hedgehog
    8 Challenge Board List
    8.1 Row 1 Challenges
    8.2 Row 2 Challenges
    8.3 Row 3 Challenges
    7.4 Row 4 Challenges
    9 Songs List
    9.1 Super Smash Bros.
    Brawl Series
    9.2 Super Smash Bros.
    Melee Series
    9.3 Super Mario Bros.
    9.4 Mario Kart Series
    9.5 Donkey Kong Series
    9.6 The Legend Of Zelda
    9.7 Metroid Series
    9.8 Yoshi's Island Series
    9.9 Kirby Super Star
    9.10 Star Fox Series
    9.11 Pokemon Series
    9.12 F-Zero Series
    9.13 Earthbound Series
    9.14 Fire Emblem Series
    9.15 Kid Icarus Series
    9.16 WarioWare Inc.  Series
    9.17 Pikmin Series
    9.18 Animal Crossing
    9.19 Nintendo Series
    9.20 Metal Gear Solid
    9.21 Sonic The Hedgehog
    10 Stickers List
    10.1 A List
    11 Gameplay Modes
    11.1 Solo Mode
    11.1.1 The Subspace
    Emissary Midair Stadium Skyworld Sea Of Clouds The Jungle The Plain The Lake The Ruined Zoo The Battlefield
    Fortress The Forest The Research
    Facility 1 The Lake Shore The Path To the Ruins The Cave The Ruins The Wilds 1 The Ruined Hall The Wilds 2 The Swamp The Research
    Facility 2 Outside The
    Ancient Ruins The Glacial Peak The Canyon Battleship
    Halberd Interior Battleship
    Halberd Exterior Battleship Halberd
    Bridge The Subspace
    Bomb Factory 1 The Subspace
    Bomb Factory 2 The Entrance
    InFfSubspace Subspace 1 Subspace 2 The Great Maze Tabuu Battle Tabuu Moves Tabuu's Move
    Pattern Tabuu's Move
    Descriptions Secret Subspace
    Character Locations Toon Link How To Find Wolf How To Find Jigglypuff How To Find Bosses Boss Moves The Great Maze
    Boss Locations Enemies Enemy Locations
    11.1.2 Classic Mode Stage Order
    11.1.3 All-Star Stage Order
    11.1.4 Stadium Break The Targets Home-Run Contest Boss Battles Boss Move
    Tips Petey
    Piranha Porky Master Hand Crazy Hand Meta Ridley Ridley Galleom Duon Rayquaza Tabuu Multi-Man Brawl 10 Man Brawl 100 Man Brawl 3 Minute Brawl 15 Minute
    Brawl Endless Brawl Cruel Brawl
    11.1.5 Events Mode Solo List Of Solo
    Events Co-Op Events List Of Co-Op
    11.1.6 Training
    11.2 Group Mode
    11.2.1 Vs.
    11.2.2 Rules
    11.2.3 More Rules
    11.2.4 Special Brawl
    11.3 Vault Mode
    11.3.1 Coin Launcher
    11.3.2 Album
    11.3.3 Replays
    11.3.4 Stage Builder
    11.3.5 Masterpieces Masterpiece List
    11.3.6 Chronicle
    11.4 Options
    11.5 Data
    11.5.1 Movies
    11.5.2 Sound Test
    11.5.3 Records Brawl Records Game Records Notices
    11.6 Internet Connection
    12 Hammers
    13 Trophy Categorization
    13.1 Fighter
    13.2 Final Smash
    13.3 Item
    13.4 Assistant Trophy
    13.5 Pokeball
    13.6 Subspace Emissary
    13.7 Enemies
    14 Preferred Tabuu Fight
    15 Trophy Requirements
    16 Conclusion
    1 Intro
    The following guide contains
    spoilers, if you do not wish to have
    something spoiled during the game, for
    instance, how to unlock your favorite
    character, then do not read the following
    Please, do not criticize,
    ridicule, or make crude
    jokes about me, because this may be one of
    my first guides, but I'm still getting
    used to how it's done.
    If you have any questions send a
    Private Message on
    Unless you are finished with the game
    and want to read it for fun then
    disregard that message, if you are
    stuck on a certain part in the game,
    then go to that specific section of the
    Hi my name is Danior Snyder,
    and I am writing a guide for those
    like me (gamers) that are wanting a
    complete game of Super Smash
    Brothers Brawl.
    The only reason I didn't get
    to write this earlier, is because I
    actually didn't know how to do this
    until just recently.
    I am very happy with this game, it's
    like Mortal Kombat, but without a
    soul-stealing idiot, a bunch of
    four-armed giants, and a mad
    emperor, but it does include characters
    from all across the world of Nintendo, one
    of the most popular set of systems.
    It's also not as brutal, as
    Mortal Kombat.  Get this,
    Rated e for Everyone.  MK is
    rated, Mature, or Teen.
    Okay, I guess some parents must
    be like, "Kids, you can come back in
    the room."
    Okay, enough about that, and let's
    get you strapped in for a ride of your
    gaming life.
    So best of luck to you guys.
    Hope this guide helps!
    First up is the:
    2 Brawl Roster
    This section is just a complete list
    of all playable characters.
    1.  Mario
    2.  Luigi
    3.  Princess Peach
    4.  Bowser
    5.  Donkey Kong
    6.  Diddy Kong
    7.  Yoshi
    8.  Wario
    9.  Link
    10.  Princess Zelda
    11.  Sheik
    12.  Gannondorf
    13.  Toon Link
    14.  Samus Aran
    15.  Zero Suit Samus
    16.  Pit
    17.  Ice Climbers
    (Nana And Popo)
    18.  R.O.B.
    (Robotic Operating Buddy)
    19.  Kirby
    20.  Meta Knight
    21.  King Dedede
    22.  Pikmin And Olimar
    23.  Fox McCloud
    24.  Falco Lombardi
    25.  Wolf ODonnell
    26.  Captain Falcon
    27.  Pikachu
    28.  Pokemon Trainer
    29.  Charizard
    30.  Squirtle
    31.  Ivysaur
    32.  Lucario
    33.  Jigglypuff
    34.  Marth
    35.  Ike
    36.  Ness
    37.  Lucas
    38.  Mr.  Game And Watch
    39.  Solid Snake
    40.  Sonic The Hedgehog
    2.1 Unlockable Characters List
    This section will tell you how to unlock
    all unlockable characters.
    Play 5 matches.
    Play 10 matches.
    Play 15 matches on Shadow
    Moses Island.
    Or play 130 Vs.  Matches.
    Play 22 matches.
    Play 50 matches.
    Captain Falcon
    Play 70 matches.
    Play 100 matches.
    (Robotic Operating Buddy)
    Play 160 matches.
    Play 200 matches.
    Mr.  Game And Watch
    Play 250 matches.
    Play 300 matches.
    Have 10 hours of power-on time
    Play 350 matches.
    Toon Link
    Play 400 matches.
    Play 450 matches.
    2.2 Selecting Character Alter
    This section has the way that you may
    be able to play as character alter egos.
    It could be considered as a glitch.
    I do not know how to select Sheik
    though.  This is all I can tell
    you, select her in the picture
    of Zelda, in the background.
    Selecting Zero Suit Samus
    Go into the brawl mode (or other
    modes, except Subspace
    well, I guess you can select
    her there but I do not know how I
    guess it's the same for other
    modes) and as you press plus,
    to select a stage or begin,
    hold the minus button.
    3 Stages List
    This section will say all 41 playable
    1.  Temple
    2.  Yoshi's Island
    3.  Onett
    4.  Corneria
    5.  Jungle Japes
    6.  Brinstar
    7.  Pokemon Stadium
    8.  Big Blue
    9.  Rainbow Cruise
    10.  Green Greens
    11.  Battlefield
    12.  Final Destination
    13.  Delphino Plaza
    14.  Luigi's Mansion
    15.  Mushroomy Kingdom
    16.  Mario Circuit
    17.  Rumble Falls
    18.  Bridge Of Eldin
    19.  Pirate Ship
    20.  Norfair
    21.  Yoshi's Island
    22.  Halberd
    23.  Lylat Cruise
    24.  Pokemon Stadium 2
    25.  Spear Pillar
    26.  Port Town Aero Drive
    27.  Castle Siege
    28.  WarioWare Incorporated
    29.  Distant Planets
    30.  Smashville
    31.  New Pork City
    32.  Summit
    33.  Skyworld
    34.  75m
    35.  Mario Bros.
    36.  Flat Zone 2
    37.  Hanenbow
    38.  PictoChat
    39.  Shadow Moses Island
    40.  Green Hill Zone
    41.  Frigate Orpheon
    3.1 Unlockable Stages List
    Well, this is the way to unlock
    the unlockable stages.
    Luigi's Mansion
    Play 3 matches as Luigi.
    Spear Pillar
    Clear event 24.
    Flat Zone 2
    Unlock Mr.  Game And Watch.
    Green Hill Zone
    Unlock Sonic The Hedgehog.
    Pirate Ship
    Unlock Toon Link.
    Jungle Japes
    Play Melee stages 10 times.
    Green Greens
    Play as Kirby 20 times.
    Play as Donkey Kong 20 times.
    Mario Bros.
    Clear Event 19.
    Clear Event 28.
    Big Blue
    Play as Captain Falcon 10
    Pokemon Stadium
    Play on Pokemon Stadium 2
    stage 10 times.
    4 Basic Controls
    Here are the basic controls of the
    Exit Menu
    Special Attack
    Use Final Smash
    Enter Menu
    1 With Directions
    Other Special Attacks
    2 With Directions
    Smash Attacks
    Enter Menu
    A With Directions
    Other Taunts
    Directional Pad
    Go To Menus
    5 Unlockable Modes
    This section, though being very short will
    contain how to get the unlockable
    modes in the game.  And they are these
    simple two:
    All-Star Mode
    Unlock all playable characters.
    Boss Battles
    Complete The Subspace Emissary,
    and complete Classic Mode for the
    first time.
    6 Items List
    This section list all available items.
    And here they are:
    Note: The Cd., Trophy Stand,
    Key, Stock Ball, Trophy,
    and Sticker are items only found
    in Subspace.  Well, just
    Stock Ball, Trophy Stand, and
    Trophy that is.  Stickers and
    CD.'s can be found anywhere else.
    Coins are found in Coin Matches.
    No, I've actually gotten a few
    Trophies in other modes.
    1.  Assistant Trophy
    2.  Banana Peel
    3.  Barrels
    4.  Beam Sword
    5.  Blast Box
    6.  Bob-Omb
    7.  Bumper
    8.  Bunny Hood
    9.  Capsule
    10.  CD
    11.  Coins
    12.  Cracker Launcher
    13.  Crates
    14.  Deku Nuts
    15.  Dragoon
    16.  Fan
    17.  Fire Flower
    18.  Food
    19.  Franklin Badge
    20.  Golden Hammer
    21.  Gooey Bomb
    22.  Green Shell
    23.  Hammer
    24.  Heart Container
    25.  Home Run Contest Bat
    26.  Hothead
    27.  Key
    28.  Lightning
    29.  Lip's Stick
    30.  Maxim Tomato
    31.  Metal Box
    32.  Motion Sensor Bomb
    33.  Mr.  Saturn
    34.  Party Ball
    35.  Pitfall
    36.  Poison Mushroom
    37.  Pokeball
    38.  Ray Gun
    39.  Sandbag
    40.  Screw Attack
    41.  Smart Bomb
    42.  Smash Ball
    43.  Smoke Ball
    44.  Soccer Ball
    45.  Spring
    46.  Starman
    47.  Star Rod
    48.  Sticker
    49.  Stock Ball
    50.  Super Mushroom
    51.  Superspicy Curry
    52.  Super Scope
    53.  Team Healer
    54.  Timer
    55.  Trophy
    56.  Trophy Stand
    57.  Unira
    58.  Warpstar
    59.  Rolling Crates
    Well, I guess you can't have a
    good game with just Arenas, and Characters,
    You need stuff that you can throw at people,
    or just to beat the living daylights out of
    people to rack up some seriously major,
    rapid fire, damage.
    So those are the items available.
    6.1 Assistant Trophies
    Wow, we're here and it's time for the
    section containing the Assist Trophy
    1.  Barbara
    2.  Custom Robo
    3.  Andross
    4.  Dr.  Wright
    5.  Excitebike
    6.  Devil
    7.  Gray Fox
    8.  Hammer Bro.
    9.  Helirin
    10.  Infantry And Tanks
    11.  Isaac
    12.  Jeff
    13.  Jill And Drill Dozer
    14.  Kat And Ana
    15.  Knuckle Joe
    16.  Lakitu And Spinies
    17.  Lyn
    18.  Little Mac
    19.  Metroid
    20.  Mr.  Resetti
    21.  Nintendog
    22.  Saki Amamiya
    23.  Samurai Goroh
    24.  Stafy
    25.  Tingle
    26.  Shadow The Hedgehog
    27.  Waluigi
    6.2 Unlockable Assistant
    Okay, here we go, we can't just have
    all of the available assistants at
    the beginning of the game, so Nintendo
    spiced it up, and made it so that we
    had to unlock some of them.  And this list
    is to help you find those unlockables.
    Shadow The Hedgehog
    Unlock Sonic The Hedgehog
    Gray Fox
    Unlock Solid Snake
    Unlock 25 songs
    Custom Robos
    Play 100 Vs.  matches
    Play 200 Vs.  matches
    Infantry And Tanks
    Play 300 matches
    Okay, that was quick.
    6.3 Pokeball List
    Now here is the Pokeball Pokemon.
    1.  Bellossom
    2.  Bonsly
    3.  Celebi
    4.  Chikorita
    5.  Deoxys
    6.  Electrode
    7.  Entei
    8.  Gardevoir
    9.  Goldeen
    10.  Groudon
    11.  Gulpin
    12.  Ho-Oh
    13.  Kyogre
    14.  Jirachi
    15.  Latias And Latios
    16.  Lugia
    17.  Meowth
    18.  Mew
    19.  Munchlax
    20.  Manaphy
    21.  Metagross
    22.  Moltres
    23.  Pipplup
    24.  Snorlax
    25.  Staryu
    26.  Suicune
    27.  Togepi
    28.  Torchic
    29.  Weavile
    30.  Wobbufet
    6.4 Regulars
    This is a list of all the
    Pokeball Pokemon.
    1.  Bellossom
    2.  Bonsly
    3.  Chikorita
    4.  Electrode
    5.  Goldeen
    6.  Gardevoir
    7.  Meowth
    8.  Pipplup
    9.  Munchlax
    10.  Staryu
    11.  Wobbufet
    12.  Weavile
    13.  Torchic
    14.  Togepi
    15.  Gulpin
    16.  Latias And Latios
    17.  Metagross
    18.  Snorelax
    6.5 Legendaries
    Okay, this is a list of
    Legendaries Pokeball
    Note: The rare ones will be listed
    here as well.
    1.  Celebi
    2.  Manaphy
    3.  Jirachi
    4.  Mew
    5.  Entei
    6.  Deoxys
    7.  Kyogre
    8.  Ho-Oh
    9.  Groudon
    10.  Lugia
    11.  Suicune
    12.  Moltres
    6.6 Rares
    Well, there are only 4
    Pokeball Pokemon in this section
    that I think are Rares, well, 1
    I'm not completely sure about, but the
    other 3 are sure to be rare
    Pokeball Pokemon.  And they
    1.  Celebi
    2.  Manaphy
    3.  Jirachi
    4.  Mew
    7 Trophies List
    Hey, now it's time for one of the
    biggest sections, the Trophy List.
    Trophies were first added in Melee.
    I like collecting them, it gives
    me much to do.  Too bad there isn't
    a lot more, every type of ghost, and other
    Mario Party people, everything from every game
    included in here, that will give people quite a
    bit to do.
    And now let us go on to the list:
    7.1 Super Smash Bros.
    Well, here we go with this subsection
    of this section Super Smash Bros
    1.  Smash Ball
    2.  Assist Trophy
    3.  Stickers
    4.  CD's
    5.  Rolling Crates
    6.  Blast Box
    7.  Sandbag
    8.  Food
    9.  Timer
    10.  Beam Sword
    11.  Home Run Bat
    12.  Fan
    13.  Ray Gun
    14.  Cracker Launcher
    15.  Motion Sensor Bomb
    16.  Gooey Bomb
    17.  Smoke Ball
    18.  Bumper
    19.  Team Healer
    20.  Crates
    21.  Barrels
    22.  Capsule
    23.  Party Ball
    24.  Smash Coins
    25.  Red Alloy
    26.  Blue Alloy
    27.  Yellow Alloy
    28.  Green Alloy
    7.2 The Subspace
    Emissary Series
    Well, this says the enemies and others
    that are included in the Subspace
    Emissary except some of the bosses
    from other games for instance Ridley
    from Metroid.
    1.  Primid
    2.  Sword Primid
    3.  Boom Primid
    4.  Scope Primid
    5.  Big Primid
    6.  Metal Primid
    7.  Fire Primid
    8.  Glire
    9.  Glice
    10.  Glunder
    11.  Poppant
    12.  Bytan
    13.  Roader
    14.  Bombed
    15.  Greap
    16.  Bucculus
    17.  Towtow
    18.  Floow
    19.  Auroros
    20.  Buckot
    21.  Jyk
    22.  Gamyga
    23.  Feyesh
    24.  Trowlon
    25.  Roturret
    26.  Spaak
    27.  Puppit
    28.  Shaydas
    29.  Mites
    30.  Shellpod
    31.  Shellpod (With No Armor)
    32.  Nagagog
    33.  Cymul
    34.  Ticken
    35.  Armight
    36.  Borboras
    37.  Autolance
    38.  Armank
    39.  R.O.B.  Sentry
    40.  R.O.B.  Launcher
    41.  R.O.B.  Blaster
    42.  Mizzo
    43.  Galleom
    44.  Galleom (Tank Form)
    45.  Duon
    46.  Tabuu
    47.  Tabuu (Wings)
    48.  Master Hand
    49.  Crazy Hand
    50.  Dark Cannon
    51.  Cargo
    52.  Shadow Bugs
    53.  Ancient Minister
    54.  Subspace Gunship
    55.  Subspace Bomb
    56.  Trophy Stand
    57.  Stock Ball
    58.  Key
    7.3 Super Mario Bros.
    Well, it's time for the third subsection
    of the trophy list and here we go:
    1.  Mario
    2.  Mario Finale
    3.  Bowser
    4.  Giga Bowser
    5.  Peach
    6.  Peach Blossom
    7.  Luigi
    8.  Negative Zone
    9.  Striker Mario
    10.  Striker Daisy
    11.  Paper Mario
    12.  Paper Luigi
    13.  Paper Bowser
    14.  Paper Peach
    15.  Wedding Bowser
    16.  Wedding Peach
    17.  Goomba
    18.  Troopa (Green)
    19.  Troopa (Red)
    20.  Paratroopa (Green)
    21.  Paratroopa (Red)
    22.  Bullet Bill
    23.  Giant Goomba
    24.  Piranha Plant
    25.  Lakitu And Spinies
    26.  Hammer Bro.
    27.  Petey Piranha
    28.  Buzzy Beetle
    29.  Shy Guy
    30.  Boo
    31.  Cheep Cheep
    32.  Blooper
    33.  Toad
    34.  Toadette
    35.  Toadsworth
    36.  Goombella
    37.  Fracktail
    38.  Wiggler
    39.  Dry Bones
    40.  Chain Chomp
    41.  Perry
    42.  Bowser Jr.
    43.  Birdo
    44.  Kritter (Goalie)
    45.  Ballyhoo And Big Top
    46.  F.L.U.D.D.
    47.  Poltergust 3000
    48.  Luigi's Mansion
    49.  Ghosts
    50.  Super Mushroom
    51.  Poison Mushroom
    52.  Starman
    53.  Metal Box
    54.  Lightning
    55.  Golden Hammer
    56.  Fire Flower
    57.  Bob-Ombs
    58.  Freezie
    59.  Hothead
    60.  Green Shell
    61.  Banana Peel
    62.  Soccer Ball
    63.  Waluigi
    64.  Shellcreepers
    65.  Sidesteppers
    7.4 Donkey Kong Series
    1.  Donkey Kong
    2.  Konga Beat
    3.  Diddy Kong
    4.  Rocketbarrel Barrage
    5.  Hammer
    6.  Spring
    7.  Dixie Kong
    8.  Funky Kong
    9.  Candy Kong
    10.  Lanky Kong
    11.  Wrinkly Kong
    12.  Rambi
    13.  Enguarde
    14.  Kritter
    15.  Tiny Kong
    16.  Cranky Kong
    17.  Squitter
    18.  Expresso
    19.  King K.  Rool
    20.  Kass
    21.  Kip
    22.  Kalypso
    23.  Kludge
    24.  Helibird
    25.  Turret Tusk
    26.  Xananab
    27.  Peanut Popgun
    28.  Rocketbarrel Pack
    7.5 The Legend Of Zelda
    1.  Link
    2.  Triforce Slash (Link)
    3.  Zelda
    4.  Light Arrow (Zelda)
    5.  Sheik
    6.  Light Arrow (Sheik)
    7.  Gannondorf
    8.  Beast Gannon
    9.  Toon Link
    10.  Triforce Slash (Toon
    11.  Heart Container
    12.  Bunny Hood
    13.  Deku Nuts
    14.  Tingle
    15.  Wolf Link
    16.  Robed Zelda
    17.  Midna
    18.  Ilia
    19.  Malo
    20.  Zant
    21.  King Bulblin
    22.  Agitha
    23.  Darknut
    24.  Bulblin
    25.  Ooccoo And Son
    26.  Shadow Beast
    27.  Yeta
    28.  Ashei
    29.  Darbus
    30.  Ralis
    31.  Goron
    32.  Zora
    33.  Sages
    34.  Outset Link
    35.  Zelda (Wind Waker)
    36.  Gannondorf (Wind Waker)
    37.  Medli
    38.  Aryll
    39.  Tetra
    40.  Helmaroc King
    41.  Salvatore
    42.  Link's Grandma
    43.  Valoo
    44.  Pigs
    45.  Great Fairy
    46.  King Of Red Lions
    47.  Pirate Ship
    7.6 Metroid Series
    1.  Samus Aran
    2.  Zero Laser
    3.  Zero Suit Samus
    4.  Power Suit Samus
    5.  Screw Attack
    6.  Metroid
    7.  Samus (Fusion Suit)
    8.  Samus (Power Suit)
    9.  Samus (Varia Suit)
    10.  Samus (Gravity Suit)
    11.  Samus (Dark Suit)
    12.  Dark Samus
    13.  Ridley
    14.  Meta Ridley
    15.  Kanden
    16.  Spire
    17.  Weavel
    18.  Noxus
    19.  Trace
    20.  Sylux
    21.  Luminoth
    22.  Sheegoth
    23.  Space Pirate
    24.  Parasite Queen
    25.  Metroid Prime (Core)
    26.  Metroid Prime (Exo)
    27.  Gunship
    7.7 Yoshi's Island Series
    Well, it is now time for one of the
    shortest sections of the Trophy
    List so far Yoshi's Island.
    1.  Yoshi
    2.  Super Dragon
    3.  Baby Mario
    4.  Baby Peach
    7.8 Kirby Super Star
    1.  Kirby
    2.  Cook Kirby
    3.  Meta Knight
    4.  Galaxia Darkness
    5.  King Dedede
    6.  Waddle Dee Army
    7.  Maxim Tomato
    8.  Dragoon
    9.  Warpstar
    10.  Super Spicy Curry
    11.  Star Rod
    12.  Knuckle Joe
    13.  Beam Kirby
    14.  Needle Kirby
    15.  Sword Kirby
    16.  Sleep Kirby
    17.  Wing Kirby
    18.  Fighter Kirby
    19.  Fire Kirby
    20.  Ice Kirby
    21.  Plasma Kirby
    22.  Tornado Kirby
    23.  Waddle Dee
    24.  Waddle Doo
    25.  Gordo
    26.  Dyna Blade
    27.  Blade Knight
    28.  Bonkers
    29.  Bronto Burt
    30.  Cappy
    31.  Golem
    32.  Kracko
    33.  Scarfies
    34.  Sir Kibble
    35.  Walky
    36.  Wheelie
    37.  Hydra
    38.  Bomber
    39.  Bugzzy
    40.  Combo Cannon
    41.  Halberd
    42.  Apples
    7.9 Star Fox Series
    1.  Fox McCloud
    2.  Landmaster (Fox)
    3.  Falco Lombardi
    4.  Landmaster (Falco)
    5.  Wolf ODonnell
    6.  Landmaster (Wolf)
    7.  Fox (Assault)
    8.  Falco (Assault)
    9.  Falco (Command)
    10.  Peppy Hare
    11.  Slippy Toad
    12.  Krystal
    13.  Tricky
    14.  General Pepper
    15.  ROB 64
    16.  Panther Caroso
    17.  Leon Powalski
    18.  Arwing
    19.  Great Fox
    20.  Great Fox (Assault)
    21.  Wolfen
    22.  Smart Bomb
    23.  Andross
    7.10 Pokemon Series
    Well, it's time for the Pokemon
    series, and it might turn out to be
    one of the biggest.  Let's just see.
    1.  Pikachu
    2.  Volt Tackle
    3.  Pokemon Trainer
    4.  Triple Finish
    5.  Charizard
    6.  Squirtle
    7.  Ivysaur
    8.  Lucario
    9.  Aura Storm
    9.  Jigglypuff
    10.  Puff Up
    11.  Pokeball
    12.  Pipplup
    13.  Munchlax
    14.  Bonsly
    15.  Weavile
    16.  Manaphy
    17.  Torchic
    18.  Gulpin
    19.  Metagross
    20.  Gardevoir
    21.  Latias And Latios
    22.  Groudon
    23.  Kyogre
    24.  Rayquaza
    25.  Deoxys
    26.  Jirachi
    27.  Meowth
    28.  Electrode
    29.  Goldeen
    30.  Staryu
    31.  Snorelax
    32.  Chikorita
    33.  Togepi
    34.  Bellossom
    35.  Wobbufet
    36.  Moltres
    37.  Entei
    38.  Suicune
    39.  Ho-Oh
    40.  Lugia
    41.  Mew
    42.  Celebi
    43.  Turtwig
    44.  Chimchar
    45.  Bulbasaur
    46.  Charmander
    47.  Cyndaquil
    48.  Totodile
    49.  Treecko
    50.  Mudkip
    51.  Starly
    52.  Buneary
    53.  Glaceon And Leafeon
    54.  Riolu
    55.  Gyarados
    56.  Pichu
    57.  Plusle And Minun
    58.  Blaziken
    59.  Mewtwo
    60.  Darkrai
    61.  Dugtrio
    62.  Cubone
    63.  Hoppip
    64.  Skarmory
    65.  Drifloon
    66.  Snorunt
    67.  Snover
    68.  Magnezone
    69.  Electivire
    70.  Uxie
    71.  Mesprit
    72.  Azelf
    73.  Dialga
    74.  Palkia
    75.  Cresselia
    7.11 F-Zero Series
    1.  Captain Falcon
    2.  Blue Falcon
    3.  Samurai Goroh
    4.  Dr.  Stewart
    5.  Pico
    6.  Jody Summer
    7.  Mr.  EAD
    8.  The Skull
    9.  Blood Falcon
    10.  Black Shadow
    11.  Zoda
    12.  Falcon Flyer
    7.12 Earthbound Series
    1.  Lucas
    2.  Pk Starstorm (Lucas)
    3.  Ness
    4.  Pk Starstorm (Ness)
    5.  Mr.  Saturn
    6.  Franklin Badge
    7.  Jeff
    8.  Porky
    9.  Porky Statue
    7.13 Ice Climbers
    Well, I was mistaken.  This is
    not the shortest, neither is Yoshi's
    Island.  We will come in contact with the
    shortest set of trophies soon.
    1.  Ice Climbers
    2.  Iceberg
    3.  Vegetables
    7.14 Fire Emblem Series
    1.  Ike
    2.  Great Aether
    3.  Marth
    4.  Critical Hit
    5.  Lyn
    6.  Ashnard
    7.  Elincia
    8.  Black Knight
    9.  Sothe
    7.15 Kid Icarus Series
    1.  Pit
    2.  Palutena's Army
    3.  Palutena
    4.  Palutena's Bow
    7.16 WarioWare
    Incorporated Series
    1.  Wario
    2.  Wario Man
    3.  Kat And Ana
    4.  Wario Bike
    7.17 Pikmin Series
    1.  Pikmin And Olimar
    2.  End Of Day
    3.  Red Pikmin
    4.  Blue Pikmin
    5.  Yellow Pikmin
    6.  White Pikmin
    7.  Purple Pikmin
    8.  Louie
    9.  The President
    10.  Hocotate Ship
    11.  Onions
    12.  Creeping Chrysanthemum
    13.  Red Bulborb
    14.  Empress Bulblax
    16.  Careening Dirigibug
    17.  Fiery Blowhog
    18.  Burrowing Snagret
    19.  Iridescent Flint
    20.  Wollywog
    21.  Swooping Snitchbug
    22.  Pellets
    7.18 Animal Crossing
    1.  Animal Crossing Boy
    2.  Sable And Mabel
    3.  Tom Nook
    4.  Tortimer
    5.  Blathers And Celeste
    6.  Polly And Phyllis
    7.  Pascal
    8.  Brewstar
    9.  Dr.  Shrunk
    10.  Katrina
    11.  Blanca
    12.  Copper And Booker
    13.  Joan
    14.  Saharah
    15.  K.  K.  Slider
    16.  Crazy Redd
    17.  Tommy And Timmy Nook
    18.  Kate And Kaitlin
    19.  Wendell
    20.  Kapp'n
    21.  Gulliver
    22.  Mr.  Resetti (Feet)
    23.  Pitfall
    24.  Mr.  Resetti
    7.19 Game And Watch
    Okay, now it's the shortest
    section of the trophy list.
    1.  Mr.  Game And Watch
    2.  Octopus
    See what I mean?
    7.20 Others Series
    Well, it's time for the section containing
    other trophies from different games.
    1.  R.O.B.
    Robotic Operating Buddy
    2.  Diffusion Beam
    3.  Lip's Stick
    4.  Super Scope
    5.  Unira
    6.  Nintendog
    7.  Excitebikes
    8.  Dr.  Wright
    9.  Stafy
    10.  Little Mac
    11.  Infantry And Tanks
    12.  Helirin
    13.  Barbara
    14.  Ray Mk III
    15.  Isaac
    16.  Saki
    17.  Jill
    18.  Stapy
    19.  Action Helirins
    20.  Mokka
    21.  Pyrite
    22.  Putty
    23.  Warrior Mech Gauss
    24.  HM Mech Rosa
    25.  Musketeer Daltania
    26.  Custom Robos
    27.  Jameson And
    A.  I.  R.  S.
    28.  Chibi Robo
    29.  Telly Vision
    30.  Boulder
    31.  Kyle Hyde
    32.  Ashley Robbins
    33.  Ouendan
    34.  Elite Beat Agents
    7.21 Metal Gear Solid
    1.  Solid Snake
    2.  Grenade Launcher
    3.  Gray Fox
    4.  Iroquois Pliskin
    5.  Naked Snake
    6.  Shagohod
    7.  Metal Gear RAY
    8.  Metal Gear REX
    9.  Gekko
    10.  Cypher
    11.  Cardboard Box
    7.22 Sonic The Hedgehog
    Well, everyone who reads the guide
    it's time for the final subsection of
    this section.  It's time to list the
    Sonic The Hedgehog trophies,
    and here they come:
    1.  Sonic The Hedgehog
    2.  Super Sonic
    3.  Shadow
    4.  Tails
    5.  Dr.  Eggman
    6.  Knuckles
    7.  Amy
    8.  Blaze
    9.  Chao
    10.  Cream
    11.  Jet
    12.  Silver
    Well, people that is that for this section.  That
    concludes the tenth section of my
    guide.  This also concludes the
    trophies that are collectible.
    Let's move on to the next section.
    8 Challenge Board
    Well, it's time for another big
    section with a few subsections.
    8.1 Row 1 Challenges
    Well, let's go into the first row.
    Here's the deal I will say the
    challenge and say what the reward
    is for that challenge.
    1.  Clear Boss Battles
    on Intense
    Galleom (Tank Form) Trophy
    2.  Clear Target Smash level
    1 in under 15 seconds
    Palutena's Bow Trophy
    3.  Clear Target Smash level
    4 in under 32 seconds
    Cardboard Box Trophy
    4.  Hit 1200 feet in
    Home-Run Contest
    Clu Clu Land Music
    5.  Use Captain Falcon 10
    times in Brawl
    Big Blue (Melee) Stage
    6.  Complete 100-Man Brawl
    in under 30 minutes 30 seconds
    Ryuta Ippongi Sticker
    7.  Clear All-Star Mode with
    10 characters
    Gekko Trophy
    8.  Brawl on Green Hill Zone
    10 times
    His World Music
    9.  Unlock Toon Link
    Pirate Ship
    10.  Clear Boss Battles on
    Subspace Bomb Trophy
    11.  Clear the "Wario Bros."
    event 19
    Mario Bros.  Stage
    12.  Clear All-Star without continuing
    Pichu Trophy
    13.  Get 200 unique stickers
    Pokemon Cent Music
    14.  Use Toon Link 10 times
    in brawl
    The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina
    Of Time Masterpiece
    15.  Clear Target Smash level
    4 with 10 characters
    Musketeer Daltania Trophy
    16.  Complete All-Star Mode
    on Very Hard difficulty
    Dyna Blade Trophy
    17.  Unlock all characters
    Menu 2 Music
    18.  Defeat 5 enemies in Cruel
    Red Alloy Trophy
    19.  Play 10 or more Coin
    Smash Coins Trophy
    20.  Clear The "Flower Blooms
    In The Echoes." event 28
    Hanenbow Stage
    21.  Clear "The Hammer Of the
    King." event 15
    King Dedede Theme Music
    22.  Complete a 15 minute brawl
    Green Alloy Trophy
    23.  Clear Target Smash level
    3 in under 20 seconds
    Ray Mk III Trophy
    24.  Get all Masterpieces
    Excitebikes Trophy
    25.  Clear 100 Man Brawl in
    under 4 minutes
    Multi-Man Melee 1 Music
    26.  Get Trophies for all characters
    Creeping Chrysanthemum Trophy
    27.  Clear Target Smash level
    3 D Hot Rally Music
    28.  Get 10 combos in Training
    Banana Peel Trophy
    29.  Brawl on Port Town
    Aero Drive 10 times
    Dream Chaser Music
    30.  Defeat 100 enemies in
    Endless Brawl
    Yellow Alloy Trophy
    31.  Clear Classic Mode with
    20 characters
    Master Hand Trophy
    32.  Hit 45000 feet combined in
    Home Run Contest
    Golden Hammer Trophy
    8.2 Row 2 Challenges
    1.  Collect 75 or more songs
    Ballyhoo And Big Top Trophy
    2.  Clear Classic Mode with
    every character
    Paper Mario Trophy
    3.  Use Luigi 3 times in
    Luigi's Mansion Stage
    4.  Hit 900 feet in Home
    Run Contest
    Boo Sticker
    5.  Brawl on Frigate
    Orpheon 10 times
    Metroid Prime 2 Multiplayer
    6.  Play on custom stages 10
    Edit Parts a
    7.  Unlock all Melee
    Princess Peach's Castle Melee
    8.  Clear Target Smash level
    5 with 10 characters
    Outset Link Trophy
    9.  Get 400 combos with all characters
    Ouendan Trophy
    10.  Clear Classic Mode on
    Super Smash Bros.  Credits
    11.  Clear Classic Mode on
    Running Chibi Robo Sticker
    12.  Clear Classic Mode on
    Icicle Mountain Melee Music
    13.  Brawl on Pokemon
    Stadium 2 10 times
    Pokemon Stadium Melee Stage
    14.  Have Ness Join you in the
    Subspace Emissary
    Franklin Badge
    15.  Have Ike join you in the
    Subspace Emissary
    Ike's Theme Music
    16.  Clear Boss Battles with
    20 characters
    Jyk Trophy
    17.  Clear All Star Mode on
    Phyllis Sticker
    18.  Clear The "Pirate
    Airship." event 37
    Song Of Storms Music
    19.  Play on Melee stages
    10 times
    Jungle Japes Melee Stage
    20.  Clear Target Smash level
    Apples Trophy
    21.  Get 5 brawl victories
    with Peach
    Super Mario Bros.  2
    22.  Clear the "Sproutage Of the
    Pikmin." event 14
    Red Pikmin Trophy
    23.  Unlock 50 songs
    Walky Trophy
    24.  Hit 24000 feet in
    Home Run Contest
    Xananab Trophy
    25.  Clear Target Smash level
    3 with everyone
    Silver Trophy
    26.  Clear Boss Battles with
    10 characters
    Subspace Gunship Trophy
    27.  Hit 1500 feet in
    Home Run Contest
    Home Run Contest Bat Trophy
    28.  Clear the "Dragon
    Strike." event 13
    The Legendary Air Ride Machine
    29.  Brawl on Shadow Moses
    Island 15 times
    Snake Eater Music
    30.  Have Captain Falcon join
    you in the Subspace Emissary
    F-Zero Masterpiece
    31.  Defeat 50 enemies in Endless
    Mach Rider Melee Music
    32.  Get 500 unique
    Baby Peach Trophy
    8.3 Row 3 Challenges
    1.  Get 2000 KO's in
    Johnny Trophy
    2.  Clear 100 Man Brawl with
    every character
    Blue Alloy
    3.  Create 15 Stages
    Edit Parts c
    4.  Clear the "Go! Triple
    Finish!" event 8
    Road To Viridian City
    5.  Clear Target Smash level
    Peanut Popgun Trophy
    6.  Clear Target Smash level
    2 with 10 characters
    Pellets Trophy
    7.  Get 1000 combined KO's
    in Brawl
    Cracker Launcher Trophy
    8.  Get 300 feet swim distance
    with everyone
    Kapp'n Trophy
    9.  Clear All Star Mode on
    Tal Tal Heights Music
    10.  Use everyone in Home Run
    Sandbag Trophy
    11.  Clear Target Smash level
    2 with everyone
    Blast Box Trophy
    12.  Use Kirby 20 times in
    Green Greens Melee Stage
    13.  Play on Norfair 10 times
    Metroid Ending Music
    14.  Get 500 unique stickers
    Dr.  Eggman Trophy
    15.  Clear Target Smash level
    3 with 10 characters
    Ashnard Trophy
    16.  Clear Classic Mode on
    Very Hard
    Striker Mario Trophy
    17.  Clear The Subspace
    Ancient Minister Trophy
    18.  Clear Target Smash level
    1 with 10 characters
    Stafy Trophy
    19.  Clear Target Smash level
    1 with every character
    Super Scope Trophy
    20.  Brawl on Mushroomy
    Kingdom 10 times
    Super Mario Bros.  Underwater
    Theme Music
    21.  Clear 100 Man Brawl
    Pitfall Trophy
    22.  Clear the "Come on Blue
    Falcon!" event 24
    Fire Field Music
    23.  Clear Boss Battles on
    Shadow Bugs Trophy
    24.  Clear "The Wolf Hunts
    The Fox." event 38 on hard
    Star Wolf Music
    25.  Clear All Star Mode
    on Intense
    Mewtwo Trophy
    26.  Unlock Sonic
    Green Hill Zone
    27.  Clear Target Smash level
    Rocketbarrel Pack Trophy
    28.  Brawl on Halberd Stage
    10 times
    Frozen Hillside Music
    29.  Clear the "Pink Ball
    Repulsion." event 3
    Halberd Trophy
    30.  Clear "The Aura Is With
    Me." event 25
    Spear Pillar Stage
    31.  Get 500 combined KO's
    Party Ball Trophy
    32.  Unlock all songs
    K.  K.  Slider
    8.4 Row 4 Challenges
    1.  Collect all stickers
    Stickers Trophy
    2.  Clear Classic Mode on
    Crazy Hand Trophy
    3.  Clear Target Smash level
    2 in under 19 seconds
    Excite Truck Music
    4.  Use Donkey Kong 20
    times in brawl
    75m Stage
    5.  Brawl on Yoshi's Island
    Melee stage 3 times
    Super Mario World Masterpiece
    6.  Clear Boss Battles on
    Dark Cannon Trophy
    7.  Clear All Star Mode with every
    Kyle Hyde Trophy
    8.  Clear Target Smash level
    5 in under 30 seconds
    Combo Cannon
    9.  Clear Target Smash level
    Wario Bike Trophy
    10.  Play 100 hours of brawl
    Ashley Robbins Trophy
    11.  Clear The "Advent Of the
    Evil King." event 33 on Hard
    Great Temple Temple Music
    12.  Clear the "Cleaning House
    In Skyworld." event 4
    Palutena Trophy
    13.  Unlock Mr.  Game And
    Flat Zone 2 Stage
    14.  Brawl on Castle Siege
    stage 10 times
    Power Hungry Fool Music
    15.  Collect Final Smash
    Trophies for all characters
    Plusle And Minun Trophy
    16.  Defeat 10 enemies in
    Cruel Brawl
    Liquid Snake Sticker
    17.  Clear Target Smash level
    4 with everyone
    King K.  Rool Trophy
    18.  Clear the "Dark Link
    Duel." event 18 on hard
    Hidden Mountain And Forest Music
    19.  Hit 15000 feet in
    Home Run Contest
    Bumper Trophy
    20.  Play 30 hours of brawl
    Timer Trophy
    21.  Get 10 of power-on time
    Donkey Kong Masterpiece
    22.  Hit 30000 feet in
    Home Run Contest
    Shy Guy Trophy
    23.  Collect 5000 coins in
    Coin Matches
    0 2 Battle Music
    24.  Clear All-Star Mode on
    Birdo Trophy
    25.  Clear Target Smash level
    5 with every character
    Grey Fox Trophy
    26.  Clear Boss Battles on
    Very Hard
    Porky Statue Trophy
    27.  Get 30000 feet combined
    walking distance
    Tails Trophy
    28.  Create 5 stages
    Edit Parts b
    29.  Play 50 hours of brawl
    Super Mario 64 Main Theme
    30.  Collect 1000 coins in
    Coin Matches
    Tom Nook Trophy
    31.  Hit 37500 feet combined
    in Home Run Contest
    Ai No Uta French Version
    32.  Clear Boss Battles with
    every character
    Tabuu Wings Trophy
    9 Songs List
    Well, it has come to the point in
    time where I will start listing the songs.
    And that time has come to be right now
    and here the song names come in order
    by series, but first I shall list the
    1.  Super Smash Bros.
    2.  Super Smash Bros.
    3.  Super Mario Bros.
    4.  Mario Kart
    5.  Donkey Kong
    6.  The Legend Of Zelda
    7.  Metroid
    8.  Yoshi's Island
    9.  Kirby Super Star
    10.  Star Fox
    11.  Pokemon
    12.  From-Zero
    13.  Earthbound
    14.  Fire Emblem
    15.  Kid Icarus
    16.  Wario Ware
    Incorporated (Inc.)
    17.  Pikmin
    18.  Animal Crossing
    19.  Nintendo
    20.  Metal Gear Solid
    21.  Sonic The Hedgehog
    Well, let's get to the actual
    songs list.
    9.1 Super Smash Bros.
    Brawl Series
    1.  Super Smash Bros.
    Brawl Main Theme
    2.  Menu 1
    2.  Menu 2
    3.  Battlefield
    4.  Battlefield Version 2
    5.  Final Destination
    6.  Online Practice Stage
    7.  Results Display Screen
    8.  Tournament Registration
    9.  Tournament Mach End
    10.  Classic: Results
    11.  All-Star Rest Area
    12.  Home-Run Contest
    13.  Boss Battle
    14.  Trophy Gallery
    15.  Sticker Album, Album,
    16.  Coin Launcher
    17.  Stage Builder
    18.  Target Smash
    19.  Adventure Map
    20.  Step The Plain
    21.  Step: The Cave
    22.  Step: Subspace
    23.  Step: Subspace Ver.  2
    24.  Step: Subspace Ver.  3
    25.  Boss Battle Song 1
    26.  Boss Battle Song 2
    27.  Save Point
    28.  Credits
    9.2 Super Smash Bros.
    Melee Series
    1.  Menu
    2.  Credits
    3.  Opening
    4.  Princess Peach's Castle
    5.  Rainbow Cruise
    6.  Kong's Jungle
    7.  Jungle Japes
    8.  Temple
    9.  Brinstar
    10.  Brinstar Depths
    11.  Yoshi's Island
    12.  Fountain Of Dreams
    13.  Green Greens
    14.  Corneria
    15.  Venom
    16.  Pokemon Stadium
    17.  Poke Floats
    18.  Mute City
    19.  Big Blue
    20.  Mother
    21.  Icicle Mountain
    22.  Flat Zone
    23.  Super Mario Bros.  3
    24.  Battle Theme
    25.  Fire Emblem
    26.  Mach Rider
    27.  Mother 2
    28.  Dr.  Mario
    29.  Battlefield
    30.  Menu
    31.  Multi Man 1
    32.  Final Destination
    33.  Giga Bowser
    9.3 Super Mario Bros.
    1.  Delfino Plaza
    2.  Title Ending
    3.  Main Theme
    4.  Ricco Harbor
    5.  Main Theme
    6.  Ground Theme
    7.  Ground Theme 2
    8.  Gritzy Desert
    9.  Underground Theme
    10.  Underwater Theme
    11.  Underground Theme
    12.  Luigi's Mansion Theme
    13.  Castle Boss Fortress
    14.  Airship Theme
    9.4 Mario Kart Series
    1.  Mario Circuit
    2.  Luigi Circuit
    3.  Waluigi Pinball
    4.  Rainbow Road
    9.5 Donkey Kong Series
    1.  Jungle Version 2
    2.  Jungle Level
    3.  King K.  Rool Ship Deck
    4.  Bramble Blast
    5.  Battle For Storm Hill
    6.  DK Jungle 1 Theme
    7.  The Map Page Bonus
    8.  Donkey Kong
    9.  Opening
    10.  25m BGM
    9.6 The Legend Of Zelda
    1.  Main Theme
    2.  Ocarina Of Time Medley
    3.  Title
    4.  The Dark World
    5.  Hidden Mountain And Forest
    6.  Hyrule Field Theme
    7.  Main Theme
    8.  Hidden Village
    9.  Midna's Lament
    10.  Great Temple
    11.  Dragon Roost Island
    12.  Great Sea
    13.  Tal Tal Heights
    14.  Song Of Storms
    15.  Gerudo Valley
    16.  Molgera Battle
    17.  Village Of the Blue
    18.  Termina Field
    9.7 Metroid Series
    1.  Main Theme
    2.  Opening
    2.  Norfair
    3.  Theme Of Samus Aran,
    Space Warior
    4.  Vs.  Ridley
    5.  Vs.  Parasite Queen
    6.  Opening Menu
    7.  Sector 1
    8.  Vs.  Meta Ridley
    9.  Multiplayer
    9.8 Yoshi's Island Series
    1.  Obstacle Course
    2.  Ending
    3.  Yoshi's Island
    4.  Flower Field
    5.  Wildlands
    9.9 Kirby Super Star
    1.  Meta Knight's Revenge
    2.  The Legendary Air Ride
    3.  Gourmet Race
    4.  Butter Building
    5.  King Dedede's Theme
    6.  Squeak Squad Theme
    7.  Vs.  Marx
    8.  Boss Theme Medley
    9.  Checker Knights
    10.  Forest Nature Area
    11.  Frozen Hillside
    9.10 Star Fox Series
    1.  Space Armada
    2.  Corneria
    3.  Main Theme
    4.  Main Theme
    5.  Area 6
    6.  Area 6 Version 2
    7.  Star Wolf
    8.  Star Wolf
    9.  Space Battleground
    10.  Break Through The Ice
    9.11 Pokemon Series
    1.  Pokemon Main Theme
    2.  Road To Viridian City
    3.  Pokemon Center
    4.  Pokemon Gym Evolution
    5.  Wild Pokemon Battle
    6.  Victory Road
    7.  Dialga Palkia Battle
    At Spear Pillar
    8.  Wild Pokemon Battle!
    9.  Team Galactic Battle!
    10.  Route 209
    9.12 F-Zero Series
    1.  Mute City
    2.  Fire Field
    3.  White Land
    4.  Car Select
    5.  Dream Chaser
    6.  Devil's Call In Your
    7.  Climb Up! And Get The
    Last Chance!
    8.  Brain Cleaner
    9.  Shotgun Kiss
    10.  Planet Colors
    9.13 Earthbound Series
    1.  Porky's Theme
    2.  Unfounded Revenge Smashing
    Song Of Praise
    3.  Mother 3 Love Theme
    4.  You Call This A Utopia?!
    5.  Humoresque Of a Little Dog
    6.  Snowman
    9.14 Fire Emblem Series
    1.  Fire Emblem Theme
    2.  With Mila's Divine
    3.  Attack
    4.  Preparing To Advance
    5.  Winning Road: Roy's
    6.  Shadow Dragon Medley
    7.  Ike's Theme
    8.  Against The Black Knight
    9.  Crimean Army Sortie
    10.  Power Hungry Fool
    11.  Victory Is Near
    9.15 Kid Icarus Series
    1.  Underworld
    2.  Skyworld
    3.  Title
    4.  Kid Icarus Original
    9.16 Wario Ware
    Incorporated (Inc.) Series
    1.  Wario Ware Inc.
    2.  Wario Ware Inc.  Medley
    3.  Ashley's Song
    4.  Ashley's Song (Jp)
    5.  Mike's Song
    6.  Mike's Song (Jp)
    7.  Mona Pizza's Song
    8.  Mona Pizza's Song (Jp)
    9.17 Pikmin Series
    1.  Main Theme
    2.  World Map
    3.  Stage Clear Title
    4.  Forest Of Hope
    5.  Ai No Uta
    6.  Ai No Uta French Version
    7.  Tane No Uta
    8.  Environmental Noises
    9.18 Animal Crossing
    1.  Title
    2.  Go K.  K.  Rider!
    3.  2:00 a.m.
    4.  The Town Hall And Tom
    Nook's Store
    5.  The Roost
    9.19 Nintendo Series
    1.  Ice Climber
    2.  Balloon Trip
    3.  Shin Onigashima
    4.  Clu Clu Land
    5.  Mario Bros.
    6.  Gyromite
    7.  Famicom Medley
    9.  Power-Up Music
    10.  Douchuumen
    11.  Flat Zone 2
    12.  Chill Dr.  Mario
    13.  PictoChat
    14.  Mii Channel
    15.  Wii Shop Channel
    16.  Shaberu! DS cooking
    17.  Brain Age: Train Your
    Brain In Just Minutes A Day
    18.  Opening Wii Sports
    19.  Charge! Wii Play
    20.  Lip's Theme
    21.  Tetris: Type a
    22.  Tetris Type b
    23.  Title
    24.  Tunnel Scene
    25.  Mario Tennis Mario
    26.  Marionation
    27.  Title
    28.  Golden Forest
    29.  Battle Theme Final
    30.  Excite Truck
    9.20 Metal Gear Solid
    1.  Metal Gear Solid 4
    Theme Of Love
    2.  Encounter
    3.  Theme Of Tara
    4.  Battle In The Base
    5.  Yell Dead Cell
    6.  Cavern
    7.  Snake Eater
    8.  Theme Of Solid Snake
    9.  Calling To the Night
    9.21 Sonic The Hedgehog
    Well, now it's time for the final
    subsection in the twelfth section.
    So enjoy these tracks:
    1.  Green Hill Zone
    2.  Angel Island Zone
    3.  Scrap Brain Zone
    4.  Emerald Hill Zone
    5.  Sonic Boom
    6.  Super Sonic Racing
    7.  Live And Learn
    8.  Sonic Heroes
    9.  Right There, Ride On
    10.  His World
    11.  Seven Rings In Hand
    Now that brings us to a conclusion for this
    section.  Read on for the next part.
    10 Stickers List
    Hi, now it's to list all stickers.
    I will list the Stickers, the game that
    they are from, the effect that they have on
    certain characters, and who can use them.  So
    let's begin, begin going through all
    700 stickers shall we:
    10.1 List Of Stickers
    Well, here is a list of all
    of the stickers.
    1.  18 Volt
    2.  1 Up Mushroom
    3.  9 Volt
    4.  9 Volt
    5.  Acro
    6.  Aijou Boom No Ya
    7.  Akari Hayami
    8.  Akari Hayami
    9.  Akuma
    10.  Amy Rose
    11.  Ana
    12.  Ana
    13.  Andrew
    14.  Andy
    15.  Annie
    16.  Arwing
    17.  Aryll
    18.  Ashley
    19.  Ashley
    20.  Ashley Viewing DTS
    21.  Ashnard
    22.  Baby Mario
    23.  Balloon Fight Enemy
    24.  Balloon Fighter
    25.  Ballyhoo And Big Top
    26.  Banana
    27.  Banana Bunch
    28.  Banana Coin
    29.  Barkle
    30.  Barrel Train
    31.  Bellossom
    32.  Big Boss
    33.  Big Switch
    34.  Big The Cat
    35.  Black Shadow
    36.  Blargg
    37.  Blathers
    38.  Blaze The Cat
    39.  Blipper
    40.  Blood Falcon
    41.  Blue Falcon
    42.  Blue Pellet
    43.  Blue Pikmin
    44.  Blue Virus
    45.  Bone Dragon
    46.  Boney
    47.  Bonkers
    48.  Bonsly
    49.  Boo
    50.  Booker
    51.  Boomerang
    52.  Boulder
    53.  Bow
    54.  Bowser
    55.  Bowser
    56.  Bowser
    57.  Bowser
    58.  Bowser Coin
    59.  Bowser Jr.
    60.  Box Boxer
    61.  Boxy
    62.  Boy
    63.  Boy
    64.  Boy
    65.  Brewster
    66.  Brier
    67.  Brighton
    68.  Bronto Burt
    69.  Bubble Baby Mario
    70.  Bulborb
    71.  Bullet Bill
    72.  Bullet Blaster
    73.  Bullfrog
    74.  Burt The Bashful
    75.  Cackletta
    76.  Candy
    77.  Captain Falcon
    78.  Captain Falcon
    79.  Captain Falcon
    80.  Captain
    81.  Car Yoshi
    82.  Celebi
    83.  Celeste
    84.  Cell Phone
    85.  Chain Chomp
    86.  Chao
    87.  Chaos
    88.  Charizard
    89.  Charmy Bee
    90.  Cheep Cheep
    91.  Chef
    92.  Chef
    93.  Chef Kawasaki
    94.  Chibi-Robo
    95.  Chibi-Robo
    96.  Chihuahua
    97.  Chikorita
    98.  Chonmagyo
    99.  Chozo Statue
    100.  Chromatron
    101.  Chunky Kong
    102.  Classic Sonic
    103.  Classic Sonic
    104.  Claus
    105.  Coin
    106.  Colin
    107.  Colonel
    108.  Commander Kahn
    109.  Cook Kirby
    110.  Copper
    111.  Cornimer
    112.  Count Bleck
    113.  Cranky Kong
    114.  Crazee Dayzee
    115.  Crazy Redd
    116.  Cream The Cat And Cheese
    117.  Crimson Candypop
    118.  Cupid Kirby
    119.  Cupit
    120.  Daisy
    121.  Daphnes Nohansen
    122.  Dark Samus
    123.  Dark Suit Samus
    124.  Darknut
    125.  Daroach
    126.  Dash
    127.  Deke
    128.  Deku Baba
    129.  Deku Link
    130.  Deku Nut
    131.  Deoxys
    132.  Derek
    133.  Devil Car
    134.  Dice Block
    135.  Diddy Kong
    136.  Diddy Kong
    137.  Diddy Kong
    138.  Diddy Kong
    139.  Digidrive
    140.  Dixie Kong
    141.  DK
    142.  DK Barrel
    143.  DK With Barrel
    144.  Don Bongo
    145.  Donbe
    146.  Donkey Kong
    147.  Donkey Kong
    148.  Donkey Kong
    149.  Donkey Kong
    150.  Dr.  Crygors
    151.  Dr.  Eggman
    152.  Dr.  Lobe
    153.  Dr.  Lobe
    154.  Dr.  Mario
    155.  Dr.  Shrunk
    156.  Dr.  Stewart
    157.  Dribble
    158.  Dry Bones
    159.  Duck
    160.  Dunning
    161.  Duster
    162.  Dyna Blade
    163.  Dzuke-Chan
    164.  E-102 Gamma
    165.  Egg
    166.  Eggplant Wizard
    167.  Eight Yoshis
    169.  Eirika
    170.  Eldstar
    171.  Electrode
    172.  Electroplankton
    173.  Eliwood
    174.  Emerl
    175.  Energy Tank
    176.  Enguarde
    177.  Entei
    178.  Ephraim
    179.  Epona
    180.  Erazor Djinn
    181.  Espio The Chameleon
    182.  Eva
    183.  Excitebike
    184.  Ezlo
    185.  Fairy
    186.  Falco
    187.  Falco
    188.  Falco
    189.  Falco
    190.  Fat Hockey Player
    191.  Federation Trooper
    192.  Female Pianta
    193.  Fierce Deity Link
    194.  Fire
    195.  Fire Flower
    196.  Fire Stingray
    197.  Firefly
    198.  Flag Man
    199.  Flint
    200.  Flower Fairy Lip
    201.  Flower Icon
    202.  Fly Guy
    203.  Fox
    204.  Fox
    205.  Fox
    206.  Fox
    207.  Fox
    208.  Free Ranger
    209.  F-Type
    210.  Funky Kong
    211.  Gale Hawg
    212.  Gannondorf
    213.  Gannondorf
    214.  Gardevoir
    215.  General Guy
    216.  General Pepper
    217.  Girl
    218.  Girl
    219.  Gleeok
    220.  Goldeen
    221.  Golden Fox
    222.  Gomar And Shioh
    223.  Goombella
    224.  Goonie
    225.  Gordo
    226.  Goron
    227.  Gracie
    228.  Gravity Suit Samus
    229.  Gray Fox
    230.  Green Rupee
    231.  Greil
    232.  Groudon
    233.  Grutch
    234.  Gulliver
    235.  Gulpin
    236.  Gunship
    237.  Guy
    238.  Hajime
    239.  Hammer Bro
    240.  Hanenbow
    241.  Happy Mask Salesman
    242.  Harriet
    243.  Hawke
    244.  Hayato
    245.  Hector
    246.  Helibokaan
    247.  Hero's Bow
    248.  Hinawa Mother
    249.  Hiroshi
    250.  HM Mech Rosa
    251.  Hoofer
    252.  Ho-Oh
    253.  Hookshot
    254.  Hooktail
    255.  Horse Call
    256.  Hot Head
    257.  HP Pot
    258.  Hylian Shield
    259.  Hylian Shield
    260.  Ike
    261.  Ike
    262.  Instructor
    263.  Iron Tiger
    264.  Item Box
    265.  Ivysaur
    266.  J
    267.  Jeff
    268.  Jessica
    269.  Jet The Hawk
    270.  Jewel Fairy Ruby
    271.  Jigglypuff
    272.  Jill And Drill Dozer
    273.  Jill
    274.  Jimmy T.
    275.  Jirachi
    276.  Joan
    277.  Joshua
    278.  Judge
    279.  Junior
    280.  K.  K.  Slider
    281.  Kafei And Keaton
    282.  Kai Doumeki
    283.  Kalypso
    284.  Kamek
    285.  Kamek
    286.  Kamisama
    287.  Kammy Koopa
    288.  Kanden
    289.  Kapp'n
    290.  Karate Kong
    291.  Kat
    292.  Katrina
    293.  King Bulblin
    294.  King Dedede And Kirby
    295.  King Dedede
    296.  King Dedede
    297.  King Dodongo
    298.  King K.  Rool
    299.  King Of Red Lions And
    300.  King Zora
    301.  Kirby
    302.  Kirby
    303.  Kirby
    304.  Kirsh
    305.  Klaptrap
    306.  Knuckles
    307.  Koopa
    308.  Kooper
    309.  Kraid
    310.  Kritter
    311.  Kritter
    312.  Krystal
    313.  Krystal
    314.  Krystal
    315.  Kumatora
    316.  Kururin
    317.  Kyle Hyde
    318.  Kyogre
    319.  Kyorosuke
    320.  Lakitu
    321.  Lakitu
    322.  Lanky Kong
    323.  Lantern
    324.  Latias And Latios
    325.  Legend Of Outset
    326.  Leon
    327.  Leon
    328.  Lightning
    329.  Lilina
    330.  Linebeck
    331.  Link And Pigs
    332.  Link
    333.  Link
    334.  Link With Goron Mask
    335.  Link's Grandma
    336.  Lion
    337.  Liquid Snake
    338.  Lloyd
    339.  Lon Lon Milk
    340.  Louie
    341.  Lucario
    342.  Lucas
    343.  Ludwig Von Koopa
    344.  Lugia
    345.  Luigi The Baby Luigi
    346.  Luigi
    347.  Luigi
    348.  Luigi
    349.  Luminoth
    350.  Lyle
    351.  Lyn
    352.  Mabel
    353.  Mace Guy
    354.  Mach Rider
    355.  Mad Truck
    356.  Magkid
    357.  Makar
    358.  Male Pianta
    359.  Malo
    360.  Manaphy
    361.  Manhole
    362.  Manky Kong
    363.  Mario And Luigi
    364.  Mario And Yoshi
    365.  Mario
    366.  Mario
    367.  Mario
    368.  Marth
    369.  Master
    370.  Master Belch
    371.  Master Miller
    372.  Materu
    373.  Max
    374.  Maxim Tomato
    375.  Medli
    376.  Mega Mushroom
    377.  Mega Rush Badge
    378.  Mei Ling
    379.  Meowth
    380.  Meryl
    381.  Meta Knight
    382.  Meta Knight
    383.  Metagross
    384.  Metal Gear RAY
    385.  Metal Gear REX
    386.  Metal Sonic
    387.  Metroid
    388.  Metroid
    389.  Mew
    390.  Micaiah
    391.  Midna And Wolf Link
    392.  Midna
    393.  Midori
    394.  Mila
    395.  Miles
    396.  Millenium
    397.  Mini Mario
    398.  Miniature Dachsund
    399.  Misstar
    400.  Mist
    401.  Moblin
    402.  Mokka
    403.  Moltres
    404.  Mona And Moped
    405.  Mona
    406.  Monster
    407.  Moon Fairy Seren
    408.  Morph Ball
    409.  Morris
    410.  Mother Brain
    411.  Mouser
    412.  Mr.  EAD
    413.  Mr.  Resetti
    414.  Mr.  Saturn
    415.  Mr.  Saturn
    416.  Munchlax
    417.  Mushroom
    418.  Musketeer Daltania
    419.  Muskular
    420.  Myyrh
    421.  Nabaaru
    422.  Naked Snake
    423.  Nana
    424.  Nanocarp
    425.  Naomi
    426.  Needle Kirby
    427.  Ness
    428.  New Age Retro
    429.  Ningyou Kouchuu Viigaru
    430.  Ninian
    431.  Ninten
    432.  Noki
    433.  Nruff
    434.  Ocarina Of Time
    435.  OChunks
    436.  Octoman
    437.  Octopus
    438.  Octorok
    439.  Olimar And Louie's Ship
    440.  Olimar's Daughter
    441.  Onion
    442.  Ooccoo
    443.  Orbitter
    444.  Orbulon
    445.  Otacon
    446.  Pak E.  Derm
    447.  Panel
    448.  Panther
    449.  Panther
    450.  Papa
    451.  Parachute
    452.  Paratroopa
    453.  Party Monkey
    454.  Pascal
    455.  Paula
    456.  Pauline
    457.  Peach And Daisy
    458.  Peach
    459.  Peach
    460.  Peach
    461.  Peach
    462.  Pelly
    463.  Penny
    464.  Peppy
    465.  Peppy
    466.  Perara
    467.  Perry
    468.  Pete
    469.  Petey Piranha
    470.  Petey Piranha
    471.  Phantom Gannon
    472.  Phyllis
    473.  Piece Of Heart
    474.  Pigma
    475.  Pigmask
    476.  Pikachu
    477.  Pinkle
    478.  Pipplup
    479.  Pit
    480.  Pit
    481.  Plum
    482.  Pokemon Trainer
    483.  Poo
    484.  Porky
    485.  Postman
    486.  Postman
    487.  Power Jump Badge
    488.  Prince Peasley
    489.  Propeller
    490.  Purple Pikmin
    491.  Putty
    492.  R.O.B.
    493.  Raccoon Mario
    494.  Rachel
    495.  Rad
    496.  Raiden
    497.  Rakensen
    498.  Rambi
    499.  Raphael The Hawk
    500.  Rawk Hawk
    501.  Ray
    502.  Ray 01
    503.  Ray Mk III
    504.  Rayquaza
    505.  Reaper And Reapette
    506.  Reclining Red Pikmin
    507.  Red Fire
    508.  Red Gazelle
    509.  Red Pellet Flower
    510.  Red Pikmin
    511.  Red Virus
    512.  ReDead
    513.  Revolver
    514.  Ricky
    515.  Ridley
    516.  Ridley
    517.  ROB
    518.  ROB 64
    519.  Rob Haywood
    520.  Robo Cube
    521.  Robot And Blocks
    522.  Robot
    523.  Rosie
    524.  Rotohex
    525.  Rouge The Bat
    526.  Rover
    527.  Roy
    528.  Running Chibi-Robo
    529.  Running Zero Suit
    530.  Rusl
    531.  Rutoga
    532.  Ryota Hayami
    533.  Ryuta Ippongi
    534.  Sable
    535.  Sabure
    536.  Saharah
    537.  Salsa
    538.  Salvatore
    539.  Sami
    540.  Samurai Goroh
    541.  Samurai Goroh
    542.  Samus
    543.  Samus
    544.  Samus
    545.  Sayaka
    546.  Seal Head
    547.  Seiuchi-Kan
    548.  Shadow Beast
    549.  Shadow Mario
    550.  Shadow The Hedgehog
    551.  Shagohod
    552.  Shahra
    553.  Sheik
    554.  Shiba Inu
    555.  Shiida
    556.  Shine Sprite
    557.  Shroob
    558.  Shy Guy
    559.  Sidestepper
    560.  Silver The Hedgehog
    561.  Skull Kid
    562.  Skull Kid
    563.  Skulltula
    564.  Slippy
    565.  Slippy
    566.  Snifit
    567.  Snorlax
    568.  Snowman
    569.  Solid Snake
    570.  Solid Snake
    571.  Sonic The Hedgehog
    572.  Sothe
    573.  Space Pirate
    574.  Sparrow
    575.  Special Token
    576.  Spinner
    577.  Spiny
    578.  Spiny Shell
    579.  Spitz
    580.  Squeaker
    581.  Squirtle
    582.  Stafy
    583.  Stafy
    584.  Stapy
    585.  Starman
    586.  Starman
    587.  Starman
    588.  Starship
    589.  Starship
    590.  Staryu
    591.  Stork Stop
    592.  Storm The Albatross
    593.  Stuffwell
    594.  Suicune
    595.  Sukapon
    596.  Super Baby
    597.  Super Mario Bros.
    598.  Super Sonic
    599.  Sylux
    600.  Takamaru
    601.  Tamagon
    602.  Tameo
    603.  Tap Tap
    604.  Teddy
    605.  Telly
    606.  Tetra
    307.  The Black Knight
    608.  The Boss
    609.  The Great Fairy
    610.  The President
    611.  Tikal
    612.  Tingle
    613.  Tingle
    614.  Tiny Kong
    615.  Tiny Wario
    616.  Tippi
    617.  Toad And Toadette
    618.  Toad
    619.  Toad
    620.  Toadette
    621.  Toadsworth
    622.  Toadsworth
    623.  Togepi
    624.  Tom Nook
    625.  Torchic
    626.  Tortimer
    627.  Tractor Trailer
    628.  Training Academy Coach
    629.  Treasure Chest
    630.  Triple Red Shells
    631.  Turbo Birdo
    632.  Twila
    633.  Valoo
    634.  Vector The Crocodile
    635.  Vermin
    636.  Vivian
    637.  Volvoice
    638.  Waddle Dee
    639.  Waddle Dee Ball
    640.  Waluigi
    641.  Waluigi
    642.  Wario And Bike
    643.  Wario
    644.  Wario
    645.  Wario
    646.  Wario Car
    647.  Wario-Man
    648.  Wario World Symbol
    649.  Warrior Ing
    650.  Warrior Mech Gauss
    651.  Water Fairy Elias
    652.  Wave Race Blue
    653.  Wave The Swallow
    654.  Weavel
    655.  Weavile
    656.  Welsh Corgi
    657.  Wendell
    658.  Whispy Woods
    659.  White Cat
    660.  White Pikmin
    661.  Wiggler
    662.  Wild Goose
    663.  Wild Gunman
    664.  Wobbuffet
    665.  Wolf
    666.  Wolf
    667.  Wolf
    668.  Wolfen
    669.  Wrinkly Kong
    670.  Xananab
    671.  Yadokarita
    672.  Yakuman Player
    673.  Yellow Pellet
    674.  Yellow Pikmin
    675.  Yellow Virus
    676.  Yoshi
    677.  Yoshi
    678.  Yoshi
    679.  Yoshi Ship
    680.  Yoshi's Egg
    681.  Young Cricket
    682.  Young Zelda
    683.  Young Zelda
    684.  Zant
    685.  Zebes
    686.  Zelda
    687.  Zelda
    688.  Zero Suit Samus
    689.  Zinger
    690.  Zora
    691.  Zora Link
    692.  Boundish
    693.  Bowser Jr.
    694.  E-123 Omega
    11 Gameplay Modes
    Well, here we are, in the biggest
    section of all.  The Modes Of
    Gameplay.  I think I might
    list the modes.  The modes on the
    Main Menu screen.
    1.  Solo
    2.  Group
    3.  Wi-Fi
    4.  Vault
    5.  Data
    6.  Options
    There they are.  Now let's begin.
    11.1 Solo Mode
    Now let's see.  The solo mode.
    Ah! I think you deserve a list
    of the content there.
    1.  Adventure
    2.  Classic
    3.  All-Star
    4.  Training
    5.  Stadium
    6.  Events
    Okay, that was pretty easy.
    11.1.1 The Subspace
    Emissary Adventure Mode
    Well, now this is pretty cool,
    an Adventure Mode inside a
    game.  What other cool things
    could this game have? The Subspace
    Emissary is where the bosses are,
    and enemies are met, and friends are
    made.  Well, if you are a pro
    at this mode you shouldn't have trouble,
    but for those who are new to this part of the
    game I will help you.  Now here
    is a complete list of all of the
    stages that are in this game inside
    a game.
    1.  Midair Stadium
    2.  Skyworld
    3.  Sea Of Clouds
    4.  Jungle
    5.  The Plain
    6.  The Lake
    7.  The Ruined Zoo
    8.  The Battlefield Fortress
    9.  The Forest
    10.  The Research Facility 1
    11.  The Lake Shore
    12.  The Path To The Ruins
    13.  The Cave
    14.  The Ruins
    15.  The Wilds 1
    16.  The Ruined Hall
    17.  The Wilds 2
    18.  The Swamp
    19.  The Research Facility 2
    20.  Outside The Ancient
    21.  The Glacial Peak
    22.  The Canyon
    23.  The Battleship Halberd
    24.  The Battleship Halberd
    25.  The Battleship Halberd
    26.  The Subspace Bomb
    Factory 1
    27.  The Subspace Bomb
    Factory 2
    28.  The Entrance Into Subspace
    29.  Subspace 1
    30.  Subspace 2
    31.  The Great Maze
    Whew that was a lot.  But, before we
    go onto the stages let's list
    the enemies and bosses that are here.
    1.  Primid
    2.  Sword Primid
    3.  Boomerang Primid
    4.  Big Primid
    5.  Metal Primid
    6.  Fire Primid
    7.  Glire
    8.  Glice
    9.  Glunder
    10.  Poppant
    11.  Bytan
    12.  Roader
    13.  Bombed
    14.  Greap
    15.  Bucculus
    16.  Towtow
    17.  Floow
    18.  Auroros
    19.  Buckot
    20.  Jyk
    21.  Gamyga
    22.  Feyesh
    23.  Trowlon
    24.  Roturret
    25.  Spaak
    26.  Puppit
    27.  Shaydas
    28.  Mites
    29.  Shellpod
    30.  Shellpod (No Armor)
    31.  Nagagog
    32.  Cymul
    33.  Ticken
    34.  Armight
    35.  Borboras
    36.  Autolance
    37.  Armank
    38.  R.O.B.  Sentry
    39.  R.O.B.  Launcher
    40.  R.O.B.  Blaster
    41.  Goomba
    42.  Giant Goomba
    43.  Hammer Bro.
    43.  Koopa Troopa Green
    44.  Koopa Troopa Red
    45.  Koopa Paratroopa Green
    46.  Koopa Paratroopa Red
    47.  Bullet Bill
    Okay, now let's show you the
    bosses that you'll encounter in here and
    in Boss Battles.
    1.  Petey Piranha
    2.  Crazy Hand
    3.  Master Hand
    4.  Ridley
    5.  Galleom
    6.  Duon
    7.  Rayquaza
    8.  Meta Ridley
    9.  Porky
    10.  Tabuu
    Master Hand, and Crazy Hand aren't
    fought in here, but you can see Master
    Hand.  There is also a boss you will
    see, but you won't fight him.
    He is:
    1.  Mizzo
    Just imagine the rest of the section.  So
    let's begin with the rest of the section. Midair Stadium
    Well, it's the beginning of the game.
    The first stage as you may know is
    the Midair Stadium.  You
    get to fight another character, Enemies
    then a Boss.  Now let's get
    Part 1
    It's a regular 1-On-1
    stock match.  Kirby Vs.
    Mario.  It doesn't matter who
    you choose except for the notice that
    you can view all of the movies.  You
    can just fight and then watch a couple
    other scenes and then it's time for:
    Part 2
    After seeing Pit watch you fighting,
    seeing you revive your opponent
    (That's where one of the scenes can matter
    who you chose for it) and watching the
    Battleship Halberd drop
    enemies on the stadium you see the
    princesses come into action.  Choose
    your favorite and fight Boom
    Primids, Sword Primids and
    Spaaks.  (Your first three
    enemies.) Wait now you're done
    and let's watch the next scene.
    Time to go to:
    Part 3
    Uh-Oh! I think Petey
    Piranha is not only mad at
    Mario, but he has a score
    to settle with Kirby.  That is bad.
    Well, the princesses are caught
    and this is another part where it matters
    who you save, or choose, though it
    isn't choice this time, it's save,
    it will mess with a few scenes to come.
    Watch Wario trophize the still
    captured princess and watch
    Kirby and his saved princess
    escape on the Warpstar.
    Kirby, and a princess have joined
    You have cleared the first stage of the
    Subspace Emissary! Let's
    see where it leads us next. Skyworld
    Well, someone look familiar
    to you? Is his name Pit? It is.
    Then let's go.  Let's begin
    stage 2 ...
    Part 1
    Watch the scene and break your first
    three cubes.  I'm actually not
    sure the first two are, but before you go
    to the door you will find a block with a
    trophy.  Go through the door.
    Part 2
    Enemies are here too?! Wait
    Why? Well, let's beat them
    So kill the Primids, open the
    path, kill the Spaaks, get
    the box with a trophy, kill the
    Primids, and a Cymul, and go
    fight your first miniboss, Greap.
    If you can keep hitting it into the
    air you will be fine.  Then go through the
    Part 3
    Oh, Mario? Pit wants
    to join forces.  Go down the clouds
    watching out for Glunders.  Go along the
    the platforms and find the rising and
    falling pillars.  Behind one is
    a hidden door.  Go inside.  Go
    up along the vertically
    autoscrolling to the top and get
    the box.  Get the box at the
    bottom near the door.  Leave the
    room, go along the linear path.
    Kill every enemy, or at least
    avoid them.  Kill the enemies in
    a battle and kill the miniboss.
    It is called a Roturret.
    Beat it by using up smashes.  Step
    on the launcher and go inside the
    golden door.
    Pit, and Mario have joined you in
    The Subspace Emissary.
    You have cleared Stage 2 Skyworld
    In The Subspace Emissary!
    It's time to go to 3.  Continue the
    story with The Sea Of
    Part 1
    It's just a linear path.  You will
    have to jump once then run right some
    more.  Watch the scene.
    Part 2
    Go right, break the blocks, go
    left, right, left, hit the block
    to get an extra life.  Go
    left, go to the top of the blocks
    and into the door.  Get what is
    inside.  Leave and continue left,
    break blocks again.  Go right, and
    down.  Go in the door.  The last
    room.  Go right, go into the pit,
    kill the portal shooting out mites,
    kill the mites after the portal
    is gone.  Go left, watch out for the
    boulders.  Kill the Mites, and
    Glunders.  Kill the portal and the
    leftover enemies.  Go up into an
    alcove on the left side and get
    a Starman.  Run by the falling, and
    rolling rocks, and Feyesh, and
    Mites.  Go over the pit.
    Kill the Greap the same way
    you did last time in Skyworld.  Go
    into the golden door.
    Well, no one has joined you.  This
    may happen from time to time.  There will
    also be times when you play as someone in
    a level and they don't join you.
    That will happen because they were probably
    You cleared Stage 3: The Sea
    Of Clouds.  I wonder what this
    story has in store for us next.
    Click the next level to continue. The Jungle
    Well, this is familiar.
    Monkeys, (Donkey Kong and
    Diddy Kong) looking for bananas.
    Let's see if we can help them.
    Pick your favorite then go along
    the path killing the minions of
    Bowser.  Go right, up in some barrel
    cannons.  Hit the floor with
    one of them.  Get the trophy
    hit the switch and go up.  You could
    just go up how you want to do it.
    If it's just using the barrel
    cannon, or not.  Go right again
    into another set of barrel cannons.
    Go into the door at the end of them.
    Go right hitting the balls that come
    up so they can clear a path for you.
    They can also kill enemies in there
    way.  Be wise and hit them as hard
    as you possibly can.  Get the
    trophy at the end in a corner.
    Go up the ladder, go up again, hit
    the ball to reveal a door.  Go in
    get what's there and leave.  It's as
    simple as that.  Hit the ball on
    the platform above the first ladder you
    climbed, go right hit another ball.
    Kill the Hammer Bros.  and the
    kill the others enemies.  Take the
    extra life then go into the cannon.
    Go into the door.  Ride the platform,
    kill the enemies.  Watch out for the
    Bullet Bills.  Get the
    trophy that is on a ledge nearby
    you.  Ride the platform some more.  Go
    into the moving door.  Get launched
    by the launcher, watch out for the Jyks.
    Go in the door on the left ledge.
    Get everything in there.  Leave
    drop, kill the Giant
    Goombas' and the little Goombas.
    Go into the door.  Mission complete:
    But, there is a slight problem,
    Bowser is here.  He blasts
    Donkey Kong and takes him.
    Before blasted Donkey Kong
    punches Diddy Kong and Diddy
    flies away.
    Diddy Kong has joined your party in
    The Subspace Emissary! Not
    Donkey Kong yet, because he was
    You have completed Level 4 The
    Jungle.  Well, let's see
    what else this story has for us. The Plain
    We rejoin Pit and Mario.
    Choose Pit, (Not trying to be
    mean) only because you will need to fly
    later.  So let's go along the
    path.  Kill all of the enemies.
    Break the blocks, break the box
    at the top, and get the trophy.
    Go right past the flaming pillars.
    Hit the box with the stickers, take
    the stickers.  Go right through the blocks.
    Go to the bottom, go right until you
    see a shaft.  (This is where you will
    need Pit's ability to fly.)
    Fly up to the ledge above you.
    go into the door and break all blocks
    (Except for the bridge) because
    you may need that to jump back over.
    Get everything in here.  Leave, go
    back down the shaft, go right and
    enter the door.  Go onto the
    platform and wait until you are
    fighting enemies.  Kill them,
    ride the platform, a few more times
    and battling enemies until you
    can go right.  This will be the end of the
    You have completed the fifth level of
    The Subspace Emissary! You
    are doing very well if you are following
    this guide.  And I compliment on
    how far you are getting and how fast you
    are learning the game.  Shall we
    continue this amazing adventure?
    Okay, let's. The Lake
    Part 1
    It's another boss! It's
    Rayquaza! He is attacking
    Diddy Kong, and Fox has come.
    Beat him up.
    Part 2
    Okay, you have beaten him.
    I think you guys are getting more
    acquainted with the game.  So I will
    not say a lot of specific stuff
    in the levels.  So right, go in,
    right, break blocks, right.  Down,
    left, inside door.  Right, jump
    over the crack.  Jump off ledge.
    Fall, then go through the door, hit
    button in top left corner.
    Go up.  At the top go left and
    through door.  Do not mess with the
    Towtows here break blocks.  I'd
    suggest breaking the bottom.  Go in
    door.  This part is bit of a maze.
    Go right, forget the ledge, the door,
    and the enemies.  Get the extra
    life in the box floating in
    midair.  Go back to the door on
    the ground below the door on the ledge.
    Go right, and kill the Goombas that
    come.  Hit the button go back
    through the door on the ground.  Go right
    and up the shaft.  Hit the button.
    Go right and through the door on the ledge.
    If you venture in here before you will
    notice that there is fire.  Now you can
    go and not get burnt.  Go in the
    door.  Kill the Towtow, go into the
    door that pops up.  Here is a
    raft.  Kill enemies and go in the
    door that appears floating in the
    air.  Hit the balls to break the
    blocks and take the extra life
    and the trophy.  Leave take the
    trophy in the floating box soon.
    Then just enjoy the ride.  Here is
    the last adventure part for this level.
    Kill the enemies.  Go into the very
    peculiar barrel cannon.  Then
    it's time to fight Bowser.
    Part 3
    It's time to battle Bowser.
    He looks a little different though.
    Well, let's still battle him.
    It's a 1-On-6 stock battle
    (unless that is if you haven't lost
    any of the lives.) Well, that was
    pretty long.  Whew! That's
    Fox has joined your part in The
    Subspace Emissary!
    You have cleared the your sixth stage.
    Well, you are doing quite well for your
    first time playing this game, or you
    still have your talent if you are a pro.
    Let's see how you can do on the
    next stage of your journey to save
    Brawl from The Ancient Minister. The Ruined Zoo
    Part 1
    Lucas, are you sure you are safe
    here? Because I think that statue looks
    a little peculiar.  Oh, no it
    wants you Lucas.  Runnn!!!!
    You run right, breaking the walls.
    Avoid the enemies, they're just
    going to die by being stomped on.  So
    also watch out for when you go into the
    water, the watch out for the part when he
    comes out of the ground.  So that's done.
    Part 2
    You are saved by Ness your psychic
    brother.  But, that isn't the end of
    Porky Statue, because here comes
    Porky himself.  Fight him as
    Ness and Lucas.  Porky has
    some pretty good moves.  I will
    cover them later in the guide,
    in the Boss Battles section,
    and the section after the Great Maze.
    Part 3
    Watch Ness be blasted away,
    Lucas run, and Pokemon
    Trainer and Lucas join forces.
    So run along killing the enemies.
    Defeat Floow, and Primids.
    Go right, into the door.  Go hit the
    button, kill the Bytans.  Go
    right and get the trophy and kill
    the Glunders, and Glunder portal.
    Go in the door.  Go right and kill
    the enemies.  There is a hidden
    door.  It is under a ledge and get
    everything  in this room.  Leave and go
    right.  Fight in a battle.  Get
    the box that is under the ledge.
    Jump over the spikes and you can
    finish the level (if you would like to)
    by being hit by a Ticken.  But, play
    it how you want to play it.  So
    now that's done.
    Lucas and Pokemon Trainer with
    his faithful Squirtle have joined
    your party in The Subspace
    Well, that's that, you have completed the
    seventh level, The Ruined Zoo
    in The Subspace Emissary!
    If you've gone this far, I would
    ask of you to go farther yet.  But,
    the adventure is just beginning.
    Let's go everyone who is reading
    this and or playing the game. The Battlefield
    Okay, I'll admit it, this is
    a pretty long level.  I
    guess we can't really avoid that.
    Part 1
    Well, here we go.  Go right, down,
    left, down, right, get the key.
    Unlock the door and go under the Jyk.
    Go into the next door.  Get
    what's inside without being hit by the
    Jyk and leave.  The (not being hit
    by Jyks) part is hard for me.  So
    leave and go left.  Go down, left,
    up, left, down, left, down, and
    left.  If you want an extra
    life you need to go back to the part
    where the Armites were where you unlocked
    the door.  Go left, down, left,
    into the hole and hit the button.  Then
    go before the Jyks hit you.  Hit the
    box and you can get an extra life.
    Go left and into the door.  Hit
    the button, and go left killing all
    of the enemies.  Go into the door at the
    end of the room.
    Part 2
    Hey, look who it is it's Meta
    Knight, this is going to be
    interesting.  But, there was enemies also.
    So let's kill them as either
    Marth or Meta Knight.  All
    I can tell you for advice for this
    part is just fight.
    Part 3
    After that keep going left, and
    fighting stuff.  In a small
    crack behind a lot of enemies is
    either a trophy, song, or
    stickers.  Get that, jump onto
    the ledge and keep going.  Go into the
    door at the end.
    Part 4
    Drop down into the mine cart.  Just
    ride until the cart crashes.
    Go up, right, and into the door.  Ride
    another mine cart and wait until
    this one crashes also.  Get both
    boxes and go back the way you came.
    Well, now we are back in the
    room we were in before.  Go up, and
    right.  Fight, and take the box with the
    Heart in it.  Go into the mine cart and
    do not ride until it crashes because
    you will die.  Jump into the mine cart
    over the edge ride it for about a
    minute.  Then go in the next one.
    Ride that one until you come to a
    pit.  Go over the pit and into the
    door.  Then it's a straight shot
    to the next, (and last) part of the
    level.  Literally go right.
    Part 5
    Then you have a choice between Marth,
    Ike, or Meta Knight.  Just
    go and kill all of the enemies you come
    across.  Fight the fight and you'll
    have another straight shot.  This
    time it's a straight shot home.
    Marth, Ike, and Meta Knight
    have joined your party in The Subspace
    You have completed the challenge
    "Have Ike join you in The
    Subspace Emissary." You have
    earned the Cd "Ike's Theme."
    Marth the swordsman and the prince
    has joined the brawl!
    Wow, 2 bonuses in one level.
    You are catching on quite quickly you
    know that.  Well, here now my friends,
    the journey isn't quite over.
    Let's save the world from the
    Ancient Minister.  Let's
    stop him from pulling our world
    into Subspace (hence the name
    "Subspace Emissary.") So
    shall we move on? Okay, we shall. The Forest
    Oh, it's about time we see a character
    from The Legend Of Zelda meets
    a character from Super Mario Bros.
    It's just about time.  Well, actually
    it's not the first time that this has happened
    in this part of the game.  Peach has
    met Zelda.  So let's just go
    onto the level.  Link and Yoshi
    are going.  Choose yours and go fight
    the Primids then go into the battle.
    Fight the Puppits, jump up
    onto the bridge, but watch out for the
    Bucculus here.  So go over the
    bridge.  Go into the gap in between the
    bridge and another set of
    platforms.  Go left, go onto the
    ledge and go into the door you see
    beneath you.  Get the stuff here and leave.
    Go back right, and over the ledges.
    Fight, go right, go in the door.  Go
    right, look out for the Trowlons,
    keep going, jump, on the springs,
    go right, past the Auroros, go
    fight, break every block you find,
    and finally go in the door.  (I do not
    know if there are any other hidden
    doors that you should know about in this
    level.  Go right, hit each of the
    pink balls on the tracks, (okay
    it's another one of these levels is
    it?) You might not want to hit it
    too hard, or it may break the
    bridge.  Go right, kill the
    Shellpods, hit the button,
    climb the platforms and the ladder.
    Hit the ball to clear the path up.
    Kill the Feyeshes, hit the
    ball, jump over pit, jump on
    spring, and finally kill the enemies.
    Run to the end, it's a clear shot
    home, (again.)
    Yoshi and Link have joined your party
    in The Subspace Emissary!
    You have completed the ninth level
    of the Subspace Emissary! I
    think you should be very proud.  The journey
    has only just begun.  What things
    shall come soon during our journey.
    Let's see who is better, you
    or the Ancient Minister (or the
    final boss Tabuu) for that matter. The Research
    Facility 1
    Okay, it's one of my favorite
    levels now.
    Part 1
    So let's go shall we.  Start by going
    right and breaking the blocks.  Go
    into the door.  Go right, up the
    elevator one floor, right, and
    over the crack.  Break the blocks.
    Get the trophy and go back left.
    Go up the elevator to the top,
    go right, and enter the door.
    Part 2
    Choose between Pikachu, and Zero
    Suit Samus.  Go right, kill
    all of the R.O.Bdds and enter the
    door.  Go right, go down the ladder,
    go right, enter the door.
    Part 3
    This becomes a bit of a maze.
    Go right, fight the Roturrets,
    go right again, go get the key, come
    back left, go up, go left,
    go up, and go right.  Do not grab the
    key yet, go right, on the launcher,
    grab the trophy on the platform
    and head back.  Now grab the key,
    go left, open the door, and if
    you're Zero Suit Samus go
    hit the button.  If you are
    Pikachu, you could go hit the button
    or use the d1 move on the
    bottom with the Roturret aft the
    launcher.  That will hit the button from
    where you are.  Go right, jump over the
    launcher and go down, and left,
    and enter the door all the way
    Part 2
    Go up the ladder, go up the
    walls, (or however you can get up
    there.) Go into the door.
    Part 4
    Easy, jump onto the platform,
    ride, kill the Glunders, hit
    the button, and go all the way
    back left to the door.
    Part 2
    Go left, and up the ladder on the
    platform in the middle of 2
    doors.  Go right, if you want
    an extra life.  Break the
    blocks, jump to the next platform,
    break more blocks, break the ones
    blocking your path right on the next
    platform.  Grab the life and head
    back the way you came.  Now it's
    time to go into the door.
    Part 5
    Just climb up and ignore the
    enemies.  In the top left hand
    side of the room is a platform
    with a box that contains
    Food.  Eat it even if you don't
    need it.  Go inside the door to your right.
    Part 6
    Kill the giant Bytans, and if
    you need it go get the Healing thing
    above you on a platform, I'm not
    sure if it's a Heart or
    Food.  Go right, look out for the
    mines.  Kill the Metal
    Primids that come and go right and
    finish the level.
    Zero Suit Samus, and Pikachu
    have joined you in The Subspace
    Emissary! Wow, a big party is
    You have cleared 10 levels on
    The Subspace Emissary! We
    will see where these 2 run to next.
    We will see soon.  Now it's
    time to move on. The Lake Shore
    Well, we meet up with Mario,
    and Pit, or Link, and Yoshi,
    it actually depends on which princess
    you saved earlier in the game.  If
    you saved Zelda you will be Mario,
    and Pit, if you saved Peach it
    will be Link and Yoshi, you get it.
    So fight the Princess, then fight
    the pair from the world of the princess you
    just killed.  Basically with Mario
    and Pit you will fight Link and
    Yoshi.  You get it don't you?
    Yes, I know it sounds a little
    Part 3
    Select your 4 characters and begin.
    Go right, and fight.  That is all
    I can tell you.  Go into the door.
    Go right, for a while along a linearly
    autoscrolling level.  Go onto the
    moving platform when it comes, fight.
    Go right, and into the dark door.
    Part 4
    Choose your characters again.  Go right,
    down, fight, left, down,
    into the mine cart.  Get to a platform
    where there is a box.  Get the stuff
    inside.  Go right, up, up, left,
    break the blocks, enough at least to go
    into the door.  Get what's in here
    and leave.  Go right, down, right,
    and look out for the walls of fire,
    get the key, unlock the door,
    go right, over the crack, a dead
    end, and a key, go back left, up,
    right, open the door, go right, look
    out for the fire, get the key, go
    back left, go up, right, and it's
    finally not a dead end.  (Let me
    guess, "Why did you make us go
    through those dead ends?") Kill the
    Shaydas.  Oh, it's a door.
    Go in, get what's here, leave the
    room, kill the Shaydas again if
    you want to and go right.  Hit the
    button, go right, down, left, hit
    the button, left, down, right,
    and hit the final button, make
    sure you go before the blocks break
    because you will fall into the spikes.  Go
    right, fight the enemies, and go
    right some more.  Enter the door, get
    what's there and finally finish the
    level by going into the golden door.
    Yay! No new friends though.
    You have completed another level.  You
    have beaten the eleventh level to be
    exact.  So let's go on shall we. The Path To The
    Part 1
    Choose between Lucas and Pokemon
    Trainer.  Go right, kill the stuff
    in your way, go up, right, up, right,
    jump over the crack, jump over
    the spikes, run right, and kill the
    enemies here.  Go down, kill the
    enemies, break the blocks, get the
    food in the box, if you need it,
    jump up, go right, ride the
    elevator, kill the Gamyga,
    both if you want, go right, go in the
    door in the third pit, get what's
    here and leave.  Go up, and keep
    going right until you jump onto a
    platform with a box, get the trophy,
    or song, go right until the screen
    goes dark.
    Part 2
    Okay, fire.  Go right, look
    out for the lava and the jumping
    fireballs.  Go right, dodge the
    walls of fire.  Go up, right,
    kill the Armights, and go up again.
    Left, up, grab the trophy or
    song and go back down, all the way
    this time though.  Go left, kill the
    Puppit and get the extra life.
    Go right across the spikes, keep
    going right, kill the enemies, go right,
    kill the enemies again, go, up and
    right.  Kill some enemies, go right,
    down, jump on the platform, fight
    the enemies and go right, down, up the
    hill, up the elevator, and go
    left take the stickers, and go through
    the door.  Run right.  Easier said
    than done.  (The room before is what
    I mean.)
    Part 3
    Fight Wario.  It's that easy.
    No New Friends!
    For me, and for you.  You have followed my
    advice to help you.  I shall tell you
    that there are 3 hard levels coming
    up.  There is 1 now, 1 after, and the
    other 1 after level 14. The Cave
    Wow, a cave.  Well, i will
    do this as best as I can.  Go right, but
    not to far because of the falling rock.  Go
    right, over the crack, right, over
    another crack, right, up the ladder,
    up, fight, right, down, right, down,
    right, up, left, up, right, up.
    Right, and into the door.  Get the
    boxes and leave before you die.
    Go left, down, left, wait,
    right, down, right, up the ladder, right,
    let's go against the moving walls.
    Go into the door at the end.  Here
    comes one tricky part.  Grab the
    key, jump over the fire and look
    out for the fire.  Go in the door at the
    end.  Here is the part that I think
    is easier said than done.  Hit
    the button to cancel the mist.  Right,
    up the step, up the ladder, left,
    jump over the crack, and kill all
    of the enemies that come at you.  Go
    left, kill the Paratroopas if
    you want to they aren't much, hit the
    button if you would like.  Go up,
    right, look out for the Bullet
    Bills, Fire Primids, or are
    they Glires, and the Bucculuses.
    Hit the button and go up and right.
    Hit the buttons along the way.
    Fight, right, jump onto the
    platforms.  Go right, onto the other
    platforms, and go right, there will be
    a door that I door that will be above
    a place with a Giant Goomba.
    Go in it take what's there and leave.
    Down, right, and into the golden door.
    Whew! Done.  Don't jinx it.
    No New Friends
    Well, that one was easier said than
    done.  Let's continue. The Ruins
    Okay, this is another level
    that is easier said than done.
    Let's Go!
    Part 1
    Left, down the elevator,
    left, into the mine cart.  Down,
    left, wait for the button to come and
    hit it.  Go right, over the water,
    right, make sure to watch out for the
    Borboras, Jyks, Mites,
    and the closing floors and ceilings.
    Go right, onto a platform that has
    Floows and a Roturret.  Go
    right at the right time.  Hit the right,
    button once you get rid of all
    of the Floow.  Hit the right button
    and go into the door.  Jump over the
    fire.  Go right with the moving level,
    break the blocks and wait for a
    line of blocks that has a box.
    Do not go into the mine cart.  If you do
    then jump out immediately.  Break the
    blocks.  Jump onto the
    platform that is waiting to move.
    Wait until you see the door and
    get inside.  I can't explain this
    one so get what's here.  Leave.
    The platform is gone so just fall,
    look out for the giant Bytans.
    Go right, and look out for the fire
    guys.  The screen will go dark.
    Part 2
    This part is a little longer.
    Go onto the platform that moves
    fight 3 battles and go right.
    Hit the buttons.  When you come
    to a button and a wall opens with a
    Roturret.  Hit the button with a
    door below the breakable platforms.
    Go into the door.  My help
    doesn't qualify to help you here.
    Get what you can here and leave.
    Go up and right.  Go into the door that
    you find to the right.
    Part 3
    Wow now time to catch Charizard.
    Fight him.
    No New Friends.
    Wow that was easier than I thought.
    Let's see how easy the next
    level is. The Wilds (1)
    Well, let's make this count.
    Part 1
    Right, jump over the up, fight the
    Gamyga, up, right, follow
    the autoscrolling downward part.
    Kill the Bytans if you choose.
    Go right, fight the enemies, up,
    onto a ledge, up again, left
    into the door.  Up, left, get
    what's here, go up, and right.  Get
    what's there and leave.
    Go right, watch out for the mines, go
    onto the blocks if you can.  Get
    the trophy.  Go down, right, up,
    fight the Armank.  Go right, down.
    Fall go right, make sure to NOT
    stay standing on the blocks at the end
    of your fall because you will fall
    into spikes.  Go right, and through the
    door.  Go a little like the other room,
    but no Gamyga, and once you get
    to the moving parts at the bottom you
    will fight Giant Goombas.  Go
    right, fight Bombed, go into the
    Barrel Cannons, and land safely
    on the other side.  Enter the door,
    get the heart, go into the door.
    Part 2
    Just fight Galleom.
    No New Friends.
    Well, that one was easier than it
    Let's just continue along. The Ruined Hall
    Okay, easy.
    Part 1
    Fight Galleom again.
    No New Friends.
    Okay, that was easy.  Let's
    continue. The Wilds 2
    This one is a little harder.  I guess
    you can't have too many easy ones if you
    can't have more challenging levels here.
    So go right, over the block, fight.
    Go right, hitting the buttons as the
    level progresses slowly and
    autoscrolling.  Look out for the
    enemies along the way.  Go down
    onto the lower platforms, right, over
    the crack and fight when it comes time.
    Go right, up, onto the elevators.
    Go up the right one you will fight some
    enemies.  Go up, right, into the door
    at the top right corner of the room.
    Go right, down, look out for the
    Trowlons and other enemies.  Right,
    jump over crack, right, watch out
    for the spikes things falling and the
    spike walls.  Right, fight,
    look out for the spike walls again.
    Go onto the platform.  Wait for the
    enemies to start coming jump up because
    the walls will be closing inward.  Go
    up and hit the blocks.  Go up,
    right, and keep going until the screen
    goes dark.
    No New Friends.
    You have completed it by following my
    advice.  Good job! And good job
    to me because I led you through that. The Swamp
    Okay, we join Fox and Diddy
    Kong.  Here is another level
    that is a little bit hard as well.
    Part 1
    Ah, just go right, jump onto the other
    platform, go up the ladder, jump
    onto the platforms.  When you get
    to the end of the room, go into the door.
    This room is easier said than done.
    go right, look out for the Bullets.
    Kill the Hammer Bro, jump
    onto the moving platform.  Jump
    onto the structure, use the
    ladders to get across here.
    Break the blocks if you choose,
    go onto the ladders, wait for the
    platform to be underneath you and land.
    Wait, jump onto the
    structure, look out for the launcher,
    and fight, get on the platform,
    below the platform that moves up and
    down, grab the extra life,
    go onto the left side, it will be
    moving upwards.  Go up the ladder.
    Look out for the spikes, go up
    another ladder, go into the door that
    comes into view.  Get the stickers
    and trophystsong and leave.  Go up,
    break the blocks, go right, break
    more blocks, up the ladder and into the
    Part 2
    Fight Giant Diddy that's all.
    Part 3
    Let's go.  I'll do the best I
    Right, into the mine cart, jump onto
    the launchers, fight, jump onto
    the launchers again.  Go into the Barrel
    Cannons, look out for the Jyks,
    near the end break the blocks 2
    times.  One will lead to one more
    Barrel Cannon, and the other wall
    will lead to a door.  Go right.  Just go
    right, fighting, and running, and moving
    with the screen.  When you get to the door.
    Well, there will be a part at the end
    that I personally love.  I jump
    up and use the spikes to get to the
    door.  Go right, fight, and once you
    get there, jump up, kill the
    Giant Goomba, and enter the
    golden door.
    New Friend! Falco has joined
    your team!
    Falco Lombardi from Star Fox
    franchise, has joined the Brawl
    battle your hardest with him on your
    side, and harness his abilities!
    You have done it! You have cleared 18
    levels! Let's see who we shall
    join next.  (I know exactly,
    those of you who have played, finished, and
    know the layout of the levels you will know
    also.) Let's go! The Research
    Facility (2)
    Hmm, I sort of knew it,
    Zero Suit Samus, they still
    haven't escaped the people in the
    Research Facility.  Let's
    see what goes on here.
    Part 1
    This part ought to be easy.  Right,
    fight the R.O.B.  Squad,
    hit the buttons at random
    intervals, look out for the Glice.
    When you get the switch on a
    platform, by some Glice with a
    platform below you, go down, do not
    bother hitting switch, it will
    block your way.  Go right, hit the
    button to open your way when you get
    to a wall.  Jump over the little
    wall.  Wait at the end for the
    blocks in front of you go right.
    Kill the enemies, hit the
    button, quickly climb down the
    ladder, and enter the door on the
    floor to the left.  Get what's
    here, leave, go into the other door,
    kill the enemies, enter the door
    at the end of the hallway.
    Part 2
    Okay, it's a fight again.
    Only, this time you will be fighting 2
    Part 3
    Okay, Zero Suit is now herself.
    Go right, kill the R.O.Bdds
    break the blocks, jump over the
    crack, kill, break more blocks.
    Go over the crack, and onto a
    higher platform.  Break down the
    left column of blocks, but
    not the bottom one because there is a
    trophy there.  Go right, hit the
    buttons on the things, go kill the
    R.O.Bdds here, hit more
    buttons to stop the things for when you will
    need to jump onto them.  They will squish you if you
    aren't quick enough.  Kill more
    R.O.Bdds and you will enter a door.
    I actually am getting used to this
    room.  I like it this one, it's fun!
    Hit the buttons to make the little
    ride appear.  Go up, right, right,
    up the ladder, kill the
    R.O.B., hit the button,
    ride, kill the enemies, grab the
    extra life, if you want to do this
    you can.  It helps if you want to just
    stay here, if you die.  Hit the
    button, go left, over the
    Cymul, break the blocks and
    enter the door.  This room is
    tricky, if you can, go left,
    grab what's in here, and leave.  Go
    up the ladder, go on the ride,
    (note when I say jump that means
    go to the next ride.  That's what I
    call them.) Ok, ride, jump
    left, ride, jump left, jump
    left again, ride, jump onto the
    platform, enter the door.  Ok,
    teleporters.  Enter the
    teleporter, fight, enter the right
    teleporter, jump on the springs
    to reach the top, enter the
    teleporter at the top kill the
    R.O.B.  and go on the structure
    in the middle of the room, do not
    enter that teleporter yet.  Go
    left, enter the leftmost
    teleporter, hit the button,
    leave, go into the teleporter in the
    middle, drop down, kill the
    Glice and others, grab the
    trophy.  Go in the teleporter, go
    up, you know when you came in you saw
    a locked wall which behind it was a
    door.  Enter it, grab the
    hearts.  Enter the other door.
    Part 4
    Fight the boss, Ridley, you will
    see tips for him later.  Just
    Zero Suit Samus has changed
    to Samus, and Samus Aran, the
    space warrior, has joined your
    party in The Subspace Emissary!
    That was easy! Now let us go on! Outside The Ancient
    Okay, let's go! This level
    ought to be easy.  Though there is
    one thing that I have to tell you before we
    start this one.  There is a room that
    I do not know how to get the trophy
    Part 1
    Go right, kill the R.O.Bdds,
    go up, right, kill more, up, right,
    jump, and down.  There will be a door,
    and a Shellpod, kill the
    Shellpod, and enter the door.  This
    is the part I was talking about.  You
    need to be able to grab the trophy
    out of midair.  Leave, kill the
    Shellpod for an item if you
    choose, and go up, kill the
    enemies, go right, get a trophy
    from a box, and go right, kill the
    Gamyga, go right, up, right, up
    a ladder, kill the enemies, and right.
    Go up, right, kill the Gamyga,
    and go right, and enter the door here.
    Part 2
    Fight.  That's all you have to do!
    It's that easy.
    Captain Falcon, Donkey
    Kong, and Olimar have joined you in
    The Subspace Emissary!
    Captain Falcon, the invincible racer,
    has joined the brawl, battle and master
    his moveset!
    You have completed the challenge
    "Have Captain Falcon join you
    in The Subspace Emissary!"
    You have earned the F-Zero Demo.
    You have earned a new character! It's time
    to move on. The Glacial
    Ok, it's time to go with the Ice
    Climbers, and Meta Knight.
    I think he ditched the other 2.
    Part 1
    So let's just jump right in go up,
    up, up, right, up the ladder, left,
    up, go right, and up.  Go over the
    spikes, up, right, up, left,
    up to the set of Barrel Cannons.
    Launch at the right intervals,
    and if you mess up, at about the
    third one you can go left, and land on
    a platform.  Go up, fight the
    Tickens, and the Floows.  Go up
    to the door and enter.  Go up onto
    the platform and fight as the ride
    continues past the spikes, and
    move along the moving room.  You
    can get a box along the way, and
    make sure to get in the door
    at the right time.
    Part 2
    Launch yourself in a Barrel
    Cannon, and enter a door below
    some blocks on the righthand side of the
    room.  Hit the switch if you
    choose, and get the stuff that is
    in here.  Leave, and go down if you
    want to, you can get a start again
    with the Barrel Cannon.  I'd
    suggest it though.  Go up the ladder,
    look out for the Glice, and watch out
    for the electric-type Jyk coming up.
    Fight the Glice, and Shaydas,
    go up, look out for more, Glice,
    some Feyeshes, and another
    Shayda, enter the door.  Use the
    Metal Boxes here to get under
    the little wall here to the right, climb
    the ladder, grab what's over here
    hit the button to clear the path,
    and leave.  Go up, and once you get
    there enter the door.
    Part 3
    Fight Lucario, or Meta
    Knight, you will fight the one you
    didn't choose in a 1-on-1
    stock match.  You will revive the
    one you fought and that's it.
    The Ice Climbers, Nana, and
    Popo, and Lucario have joined you in
    The Subspace Emissary!
    Lucario ha; joined the Brawl,
    have fun making him one of your best.
    (I think he's pretty weak, just
    my opinion)
    You have completed the twenty-first
    level of the Subspace Emissary!
    Let's see what wonders await
    us next.  I already know, but you will
    see. The Canyon
    Well, you remember those easy
    levels the game sometimes has you do.
    Well, like 16, well, here I
    another one.
    Part 1
    No New Friends.
    You have cleared that level, hopefully
    without stress. The Battleship
    Halberd (Interior)
    Ok here is a pretty fun
    Part 1
    Let's go.  Go right, enter the
    door, right, hit a button, go
    up, right, down, right, down, enter
    the door, I have only been in here
    once, and go what's there.  Go out,
    up, right, enter the door at the end.
    Part 2
    Okay, Meta Knight is here,
    he didn't ditch the Ice
    Climbers, because they fell off a
    mountain.  Lucario accompanied him.
    Go right, up, right, kill the
    Bytans, and Armites, and hit the
    button.  Go left, down, right,
    down, right, break the blocks, look
    out for the Floows, and enter the door.
    Get everything in here, look out for the
    Fire enemies, right, down, left,
    enter the door.  Left, down,
    hit the button until it
    disappears, kill the Floows, and
    Cymuls, hit the button up
    top, left, up, left, down,
    hit the button, and hit the button
    that appears soon after, kill all
    of the enemies here and left, up,
    left, down, right.  Get the box,
    hit the enemies, left, up, up,
    right, down, right, up, right, down
    the ladder, get the stuff in the box,
    and enter the door.
    Kill the enemies in here, and leave
    through the door that appears.  Go right,
    try not to worry about the buttons,
    or the enemies, enter the door at the
    end of this darkened room okay done.
    This room has to be my favorite
    room probably.  Go up, right,
    kill the Bombeds, up, kill the
    enemy here, up, kill the Cymul,
    up, right, get the trophy, down,
    and left.  Up, left, kill the
    Towtow.  Go down to the bottom,
    kill the Nagagog, take the
    stuff in the box, right, over the
    spikes, right, up, left, kill the
    Metal Primid.  Right, down,
    left, back over the spikes,
    left, up, left, up, left,
    down, right, and enter the door.
    Part 3
    Okay, this is very easy, fight the
    Dark Zelda, and Peach.
    Solid Snake from the Metal
    Gear Solid franchise, has
    joined you in The Subspace
    Solid Snake the secret
    grenade launching, and espionage
    agent from the Metal Gear Solid
    game series has joined the
    Brawl, let's see what he can
    Okay, another pretty fun
    level has been completed.
    This next level is a little bit
    harder to complete for me. The Battleship
    Halberd (Exterior)
    Okay, as I said before, this level
    is a little bit harder for me.
    So we join Zelda, ahem
    Sheik, and Princess Peach now.
    I'll do the best I can to lead you through
    Part 1
    Jump across the platforms until you
    reach a door.  Enter it, go right,
    look out for the mines, and other
    enemies.  Hit the button, go
    right as fast as you can, enter the door.
    Part 2
    Run right, enter the door.
    This room you will see artificial
    enemies, and or bosses, this is the
    room where you will see Mizzo.
    Part 3
    Fight the enemies, go right, fight
    the Feyeshes, get the food on
    an overhanging platform, go down,
    right, up, go over the pits, I'd
    suggest getting the things in the pits,
    if there is anything.  Go right, kill
    the Greap that comes, go right, over the
    fire things, enter the door before you
    get squished.  Go along the
    platforms to the end where the screen will
    go dark.
    Sheik has joined your team in
    The Subspace Emissary!
    Let's continue. The Battleship
    Halberd (Bridge)
    Really quick, this level is just that.
    Fight Duon.  He's hard,
    I'll cover his moves later in this
    Mr.  Game And Watch has
    joined you in The Subspace
    You've completed this level! The Subspace
    Bomb Factory (Top) 1
    This level is by far my favorite
    Note, I cannot put the locations of the
    doors that are in the little alcoves
    on the floors okay.
    We join Samus and Pikachu
    again.  Go right, kill the
    R.O.Bdds' they are a real
    nuisance.  Go down the elevator,
    check the alcoves if you wish, there
    will be enemies waiting for you, or
    blocks, in them, go to the bottom,
    go right, watch out for the Bombeds.
    Go up the elevator, same with this
    side, go up to the first floor on
    this side, go right, and enter the door.
    Go right, look out for the R.O.B.
    here, jump over to the platform on
    the other side, fight, go up, right,
    and end the level.
    I am getting more antsy the farther
    into the game we go, even though I
    beat it at least close to 20
    times already.
    Oh, a little note, I timed myself
    finishing this level, because it's so
    easy, and fast, if you don't
    mess around in the alcoves and I
    got exactly 1 minute.
    So are you ever so ready to continue
    delving deeper into the plot line of this
    awesome game? Because I am.  So
    let's go!!!!!! The Subspace
    Bomb Factory (Bottom) 2
    This level I don't know quite
    well, so I will do as best as I
    can to help.
    Part 1
    Okay, here we go.
    I'm going to do this as best as I
    possibly can.
    Go right, look out for the Autolances,
    and Cymuls here, go over the crack,
    break the blocks to make a path,
    and jump across, do the same, go right,
    look out for the R.O.B., hit the
    button, and jump as fast as you can
    so you don't die.  Go right, fight the
    enemies.  Now this level will be
    autoscrolling to the right, and up I
    think, go in the door that you see,
    get what's here, hint though,
    there is a trophy in the air, but
    I do not know how to get it.
    Re-enter the door, go right along with the
    level, and enter the door at the end.
    Go right, over the place with the
    Cymuls and other enemies, and
    spikes!! Go up, for the button.
    Break the blocks to create an
    entrance to the top, and an exit.
    May want to be quick about it though,
    once back at the floor go down
    the ladder.  I'd suggest getting
    the button to the left, because there are
    2 things over there.  Go over the pit
    and fight, get the life after you are
    done, go over the pit to the left and
    hit the button.  Go up, using
    the walls, if you can.  Enter the door.
    Get everything that you find in here, and
    leave, go back down, and right, go
    over the pits, go right at the fork this
    time.  Go all the way, kill the
    enemies, hit the button, go back
    over, and up the ladder.  Enter the
    door.  All I can tell you
    for this level, before a battle is
    go over, or under, the sticks of
    fire.  Hit buttons if needed,
    then run.  Wait for the battle
    to start with a platform you are on, and a
    couple of platforms above you,
    jump onto the middle one, and
    fight.  Do not go back down, or
    1 you'll die if the platform is
    growing smaller, or 2 you won't
    be able to go down anyways.  Go up,
    up the ladder, go left, hit down
    on the block all the way to the
    left, get the key, go right, kill
    the enemies if you choose, break the
    blocks if you choose, go right,
    past the ladder, and unlock the
    door, keep going left for the end of
    this part, and a scene.
    Part 2
    Fight.  That's all I can say.
    With the Armanks at the end, I'd
    probably jump onto both of them
    in the middle, (with Donkey Kong)
    and just Ground Pound the tops of them.
    Make sure to stay on top.
    Part 3
    This part is the part I have trouble
    explaining.  Go along with the
    autoscrolling for both rooms,
    look out for the fire coming down in the
    second room near the bottom.
    Enter the door at the bottom,
    get the Heart Container, even
    though you won't need it.  Drop
    into the depths of darkness to see a
    Meta Ridley scene.
    Part 4
    Fight Meta Ridley on the
    Falcon Flyer, and destroy him
    in under 2 minutes.
    R.O.B.  has joined you in The
    Subspace Emissary!
    R.O.B., the Robotic
    Operating Buddy has been
    unlocked for game play in other
    modes.  Enjoy his skills.
    I led you probably safely through
    this level.  And I did it as best
    as possible.  So, onto the next
    level. The Entrance
    Into Subspace
    Okay, I don't have much to tell
    you for this level.  Fight and run,
    and jump over a few pits.
    If done correctly you will safely
    reach a door at the end.  Then enter
    the door.
    Not new companions.
    You've completed level 28.
    Now let's go! Subspace 1
    Okay, we see 3 people that are
    revived for this level.  For the next
    2 levels we will be collecting
    trophies of characters that we will be able
    to play as in the final level.
    Though there are a few that I get
    because I use them in the final
    They are:
    1.  Sonic
    We won't get him until the
    final battle.
    2.  Pit
    3.  Peach
    Yes Peach, with a Spicy Curry
    and me rapidly attacking
    Tabuu, I can get him done
    easily, even on Intense.
    4.  Ice Climbers
    Double characters, double the power.
    5.  Pokemon Trainer
    Charizard, Squirtle, and
    Ivysaur each have there good and bad
    parts in this battle.
    6.  Pikachu
    My best character.  I save him best
    for last, only because he is the leader
    of my Smash Bros Subspace
    Battle Arsenal.
    Part 1
    Go right, all the way to a door.
    Look out for the Glice, collect
    any fighters you see along the way
    throughout the next 2 levels.
    Enter the door, kill the Towtow
    if you choose.  Go up, and enter a
    door.  Get what's in here.
    Leave continue your way up, ride
    the Trowlons if you want, just enter
    the door before you die.  Go up the
    set of stairs, on either side,
    go left at the top fork.  Jump
    on the spring break the blocks,
    and enter the door.
    Get the characters in here, (2 of them
    I use) well, get them if you
    want, run back when the blocks
    are breaking after getting the characters.
    Leave, kill the Giant
    Bytans, jump onto the steps,
    enter the door down beneath you on a lower
    platform, with Mites.  Hit the
    mines, get what's here, leave go
    right, and up, and enter the door.
    Go right, look out for enemies,
    go up at the door, over the top
    of the wall, go on a block that's
    right above the platform here.  Get the
    character.  Go back, by hitting a
    button, this will give you a pathway
    back to the door.  Enter it, look
    out for the Mites, and Mines,
    collect characters, enter the door,
    go along the steps, get the character
    before you go across.  Enter the door.
    Watch the scene.
    Part 2
    Fight Bowser.
    Bowser, Luigi, Ness, and
    King Dedede have joined your party in
    The Subspace Emissary!
    The same with some other characters you may
    have collected along the way.
    You completed the Challenge:
    "Have Ness join you in The
    Subspace Emissary."
    The Franklin Badge Trophy.
    Another level, and challenge down.
    Your Subspace journey is almost
    Let's move on to the second
    to last level.  And it is: Subspace 2
    Well, Kirby has been revived
    and he is on his own.  Let's
    knock this level out.  Remember
    to collect any characters you find.
    Go right, up, right, across pits,
    watch out for enemies, go into a door
    at the far end of the room.  Drop
    down, break blocks and collecting
    things.  Fight, go right, collect
    an extra life.  Jump across
    pits, kill Spaaks, fight
    another fight enter a door.
    Go right, let the launcher launch you
    after getting stuff from the bottom,
    break blocks, get The Ice
    Climbers, go right, some more hit a
    button, go right, destroy the
    portal, kill the Bytans,
    and the Roturrets.  Go right, up the
    stairs, kill the Gamyga and
    Tickens.  Go right and enter the
    door at the end of the room.
    I don't think there are new friends
    from this level, except for the people you
    It's time for us to conclude our
    journey with a final level. The Great Maze
    Okay, this level, will consist of
    Save Warp Rooms
    Room Numbers
    Save Rooms
    1 Connecting Room
    and 2 parts.
    I will have 3 types of doors,
    regular doors,
    Boss Doors
    and Shadow doors
    I will also have Areas, and Parts.
    So let's begin.
    Part 1
    Warp Save Room 1
    Enter the Boss door and fight
    Petey Piranha, he's just as
    easy as he was in the beginning.
    Area 1
    Go right, up, and enter the door.
    Room 1
    Go left, up, left, enter the
    Shadow Door, fight Pit.
    Room 2
    Go up, get what's in here of
    good treasure.  Leave.
    Room 1
    Go right, up, right, jump over to the
    other side, fight the Giant
    Goomba, and go up, right, up,
    and enter the door.
    Room 3
    This room is pretty vertical.
    Go right, look out for the Greap.
    Go up, right, enter the Shadow Door
    with Kirby.  Go left, up along the
    the clouds, enter the Shadow Door
    at the top of the room with Link.
    Room 4
    Go right, look out for the enemies, and
    enter the door.
    Save Room 1
    Heal if needed, and leave.
    Room 4
    Go right, and enter a door on a
    lower platform.
    Room 5
    Go right, break the blocks, go back
    into the door.
    Room 4
    Go right, jump over the little wall,
    kill the enemy that comes over, get
    the contents of the box, jump over the
    pits, and go passed the Auroroses
    and enter the door above you.
    Room 5
    Go right, if you can go over the little
    wall, enter the door.
    Room 4 Go right, and break the
    blocks to reveal a path.  Kill
    the Armites, enter the door back
    the way you came.
    Room 4
    Go over the blocks, covering the
    spikes, hit the button to make
    a pathway forward.  Enter the door.
    Room 5
    Break the right column of blocks,
    but not to far down.  You'll need that for the
    next room, go back up, left,
    and enter the door.
    Room 4
    Go right, down, right, up, left,
    hit a button to break a path
    to the left, go left, up, left,
    and enter the door.
    Room 5
    Go right, over your little pit, enter
    the Shadow Door to fight Yoshi.
    Go back to the left, enter the door.
    Room 4
    Go right, down, right, up, right,
    enter the door.
    Room 6
    Just go right, fight enemies, hit the
    pink balls.  There will be a bridge
    that will break if you hit the ball
    to hard.  There should be a box with a
    trophy, stickers, or a Cd..
    Enter the Shadow Door at the end of the
    room, to fight Diddy Kong.
    Area 2
    Go right, enter the door in the middle.
    Save Warp Room 2
    Heal, and leave.
    Area 2
    Go right, and enter the door at the
    Room 7
    Go right, down, down all the way,
    and enter the Shadow Door to fight Captain Falcon.
    Room 8
    Go  right, up, right, up, right, down,
    right, jump over the pit, fight the
    Gamyga, go right, up, right, and
    enter the Shadow Door to fight
    Go back all the way to the bridge
    before the pit, jump, and go down.
    Fight the Towtow, and go back up,
    I do it, I don't know if you'd
    like to do that.  Go back left and go through
    the door.
    Room 7
    Go left, use the spring to go a
    head start, look out for the mines, and
    climb the series of ladders, at the
    top go through the door.
    Area 2
    Go left, use the spring, go through the
    Boss Door in the top right corner
    to fight Duon.  He's pretty
    hard so good luck.
    Room 9
    Go left, down, right, and enter the
    door.  We aren't going right in this
    room quite yet.
    Room 10
    Go down, and down again.  Go right,
    down, down a ladder, left, kill
    the enemy, get the box, go down,
    right, and enter the door.
    Room 11
    Go right, past the elevator, enter
    the door.
    Save Room 2
    Heal, if needed, and leave.
    Room 11
    Go left, up, left, down the
    elevator, right, down, left into the
    little alcove, grab the key and go
    down, left, kill the enemies,
    go left, up the elevator, left
    use the key to unlock the door.
    If you'd like, you can kill the
    Bytans before you get the key.
    Go left, break the blocks fall.
    Enter the Shadow Door and fight
    Mr.  Game And Watch.
    Go hit the wall so the blocks
    break, go right, up 2 floors in
    the room, go left and enter the
    Room 10
    Go up, left, down, left,
    up, left, down, right, enter the
    Shadow Door and fight Shadow
    Solid Snake
    Go back left, up, right, down,
    right, up, right, up, left, up and
    Room 9
    Jump from platform to platform to get
    to the Shadow Door to fight Meta
    Room 12
    Go left after jumping on the spring,
    over the spikes, all the way left.
    Enter the Shadow Door to fight Ness.  Go right, up, look out for the
    Buckots, and other assortments of
    enemies, go right, into  a pit with a
    door in the left corner.
    Room 13
    Go left, down, break the stuff
    blocking your way through, fight all
    of the Feyeshes, Scope
    Primids, and fri and go left.
    There will be a spot where you can go up,
    do so, hit a button to allow you
    access to a room.
    Save Room 3
    Heal if needed and leave.
    Room 13
    Go back down, left all the way,
    break the stuff blocking your path
    and enter the door at the enter of the
    Room 14
    Go left all the way, break stuff
    in your way, fight enemies if
    necessary, and enter the Boss Door at
    the end of the room to fight a special
    arachnid friend Porky.
    Room 6
    Go right, and enter the door at the end.
    Area 2
    Go right, down, left, break the
    blocks and enter the door.
    Room 15
    Go left, over the Cymuls,
    fight the Hammer Bro., go left
    all the way and enter a Shadow
    Door to fight DK, Donkey
    Connecting Room
    Look at what people you need to fight,
    there will be another door at the other
    end of this room soon.  Leave this
    Room 15
    Go left, down, right, enter the
    Shadow Door to fight Samus
    Room 16
    Go right, down, right, up, right, down,
    right, break through the blocks, go right,
    over these platforms that go upwards
    when you step on them.  Get the key,
    I have actually thrown the key from
    this spot, the upper ledge after a
    pit, and unlocked the door.
    If you want to try it be my guest.
    Go left, down, right to the lower
    ledge and enter the Shadow Door
    to fight Pikachu, mice do have their
    pros (and cons) at times.  Go
    up, left, if you made it with the
    key go through, and down the elevator.
    Go left at the fork and enter the
    door at the left end.
    Save Room 4
    Heal, and leave.
    Room 16
    Go all the way right to a door.
    Enter it.
    Room 17
    This is a part where we have to hit 3
    buttons, the first one is right in here.
    Hit it, go right, down, left,
    enter the door.
    Room 18
    Go left, over the water, left,
    over some more water, if you want,
    to make this easy, if you use
    Pikachu, and you have him out right now
    use his Thunderbolt move of or
    Down and 1) to hit the next
    button.  Go right, and leave the
    Room 17
    Go right, and enter the to the right this time.
    Room 19
    Go right, up, right, right, down, right,
    up, right, get the trophy.  Head
    back to the junction, go up, left
    (or right which ever one you choose) same
    with the same junction, get a trophy
    that's here, look out for the Mites go
    up the ladder and enter the Shadow
    Door to fight R.O.B.
    Go back the way you came and leave.
    Room 17
    Go through the Boss Door that has
    been revealed by the buttons you pushed
    and fight Ridley.
    Area 3
    Go left once you get to the floor
    and enter the first door you see.
    Save Warp Room 3
    Heal, change characters and leave.
    Area 3
    Go left, hit the button, go
    all the way down and enter the door.
    Room 20
    Go left, go all the way, watch
    out for the enemies, and fire.  Go enter
    the Shadow Door to fight Bowser.
    Go back right to the pit by the door,
    go right, up, left, get the boxes'
    contents, right, down, left, down,
    right, enter the door.
    Room 21
    Go down, left, ride the cart, go
    in the mine cart at the pit before you fall and
    ride the series of mine carts to the
    end and enter the Shadow Door to fight
    Shadow King Dedede.
    Room 22
    Go right, up, left, down, right,
    look out for the Feyeshes and friends and
    enter the Shadow Door to fight
    Falco Lombardi.
    Room 23
    Get everything in here, break the
    blocks to go into the water, and leave.
    Room 22
    Go left, up, enter the door.
    Room 24
    Go right, go through the Barrel
    Cannons and enter the Shadow Door
    at the end to fight Fox McCloud.
    Go all the way back left and
    then some and enter the Boss Door
    to fight Meta Ridley.
    Thank goodness we don't have to fight
    him in a certain amount of time, so
    take your time on him.
    Area 3
    Go over the water, go to the door in
    the middle of the junction and enter.
    Save Warp Room 3
    Heal, save, get new characters, if
    necessary, and finally leave.
    Area 3
    Go left, hit the button, though
    it won'! probably be needed,
    just in case you fall short of the other
    ledge.  Enter the Shadow Door
    to fight Mario.
    Room 25
    Go left, fight the enemies, go
    all the way up, look out for the
    falling boulders they could knock you
    off your place.  Go left, fight,
    go left some more, this part gets a little
    tricky, fight the Gamyga, go
    left, look out for the Bucculuses,
    and enter the door.
    Room 26
    Basically fight, go left, look
    out for the spikes in the end.  Enter the
    Room 27
    Go left, look out for the few
    enemies that are a very big nuisance.
    Fight Floow, and Armites.
    Hit the buttons to clear a path,
    kill the Borboras, go left,
    look out for the Bucculus again, enter
    the Boss Door to fight
    Area 4
    This area is stupid, enter the door
    to the left.
    Save Warp Room 4
    Do whatever you need to do and leave.
    Area 4
    Hmmm, go left, down the
    elevator, down, enter the door.
    Room 28
    Go right, look out for the stuff, go
    right some more, go onto the platform,
    just like the ruins, go right, onto a
    second ledge, go right, up, enter
    the Shadow Door to fight Zelda,
    or Sheik if Zelda chooses
    to change.
    Room 29
    Go right, all the way, look out for the
    Armank, enter the Shadow Door
    to fight Princess Peach.
    Go back all the way.
    Enter the door.
    Room 28
    Go all the way back and some more.
    Go up, enter the door when you get
    to the left.
    Room 30
    Go all the way right, take your time
    this time, because this place isn't moving.
    Enter the Shadow Door at the end
    to fight Shadow Pokemon Trainer
    who always, coincidentally uses
    Area 4
    I hate this part, mainly because the
    nuisance enemies.
    Go right, up, right, fight the
    Shaydas enter the Shadow Door
    to fight the Lucas.
    Room 31
    Oh great.
    The Glacial Peak's last
    room, go up, all the way to the
    junction point, go right, up,
    left, up, right, enter the Shadow
    Door to fight The Ice Climbers
    Nana, and Popo.
    Room 32
    Go right, up, right, down, enter the
    Save Room 5
    Heal, and leave.
    Room 32
    Go up, hit the button, go down,
    right, enter the door.
    Room 33
    Go right, up, left, up, right,
    up, left, enter the Shadow Door
    to fight Prince Marth.
    Go right, down, left, down, right,
    down, right, up, grab the key jump
    over to the locked door, open it, go
    right, enter the Shadow Door.
    Connecting Room
    The door we saw at this end of the
    room that was not really there is now
    here.  Leave through this door.
    Room 33
    Go left, down, left and leave.
    Room 32
    Go left, up, left, look out for the
    Launcher, Barrel Cannon, and
    spike walls.  Though when you get
    to a wall with a door behind it.  Use
    the Barrel Cannon here to go up
    to the button to break the wall.
    Enter the Shadow Door to fight
    Prince Ike.
    Go all the way back, go left, and
    up from the Save Room in here,
    go left, up, left, down, left
    and leave.
    Room 31
    Go up, to the Shadow Door and
    enter it the Shadow Door to fight
    Lucario the aura cat Pokemon.
    Area 1
    Go into the door in the center of this
    stadium-like area.
    Save Warp Room 1
    This time Warp to Area 4.
    Save Warp Room 4
    Area 4
    Go left, up 2 floors,
    go left and up the ladder.  Go left
    and, break the blocks, up, right,
    and enter the Shadow Door to fight
    Shadow Wario.
    Room 34
    Go right, up the elevator, right,
    over to the third pit, and enter the
    Shadow Door at the bottom of the
    pit to fight Luigi.
    Go up, back left all the way
    to the door.
    Room 35
    Go all the way up to the Boss
    Door and fight Rayquaza.
    Area 1
    Go into the Save Warp Room.
    Save Warp Room 1
    Warp to Area 2.
    Save Warp Room 2
    Area 2
    Go left, down, through the door.
    Go all the way to the Connecting
    Room.  This door will be a Shadow
    Door containing a fight between you
    and the evil King Gannondorf.
    Connecting Room
    Go to the gate that has been revealed
    (if done correctly, and you have all
    of the fighters, and bosses) Go through
    and watch the scene.
    Part 2
    Fight Tabuu.
    Sonic has joined your party in
    The Subspace Emissary!
    Sonic The Hedgehog has been
    unlocked for gameplay, we're
    close to the whole roster, if you
    don't have the whole roster unlocked
    The challenge:
    "Complete The Subspace
    has been completed.
    The Ancient Minister Trophy.
    You have completed The Subspace
    Emissary! Tabuu Battle
    This is a battle between 6 fighters
    of your choice and Tabuu, the one
    who has caused this whole thing
    to happen.
    So it's pretty easy, if you
    aren't doing it on Intense
    difficulty, though I've managed
    to do that quite a few times myself. Tabuu's Moves
    This is a list of moves that
    Tabuu can use.
    (Note: the names of the moves are
    either made up, by me, and maybe they
    are possibly coincidentally named.)
    Cage Throw
    Spark Swirl
    Grab 'n Throw
    Light Arrow
    Many Then One
    Three Ringed Doomsday
    Large Lasers
    Ok, pretty big Move List. Tabuu's Move
    Ok, here is the patterns.
    Tabuu has 3 move patterns.
    1 Move Across The Stage
    2 Easier Long Damage
    3 Easier Shorter Damage
    4 Special Finisher Moves
    Ok, so let's get on with the
    patterns, they go like this:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3,
    Ok, let's move on. Tabuu's Move
    Let's jump in.
    Move Set 1
    Tabuu goes into a dive bomb
    formation on one side of the stage,
    goes downwards in a sweeping
    motion, slides across the stage, and
    comes up on the other side.
    Tabuu goes into an arrow formation and
    shoots across the stage.
    Cage Throw
    Tabuu goes into a cage-like thing
    and comes at you, it's almost an instant
    death for anything higher than
    Move Set 2
    Tabuu teleports to your location
    and starts to clap his, I can't
    tell what it is.
    Spark Swirl
    A swirl of sparks start to surround
    Tabuu and damages you if you get
    Grab 'n Throw
    This is basically where Tabuu
    pulls you towards him and he
    launches you to the opposite side
    of the stage.
    Light Arrow
    He goes to the side and shoots
    a light thing at you.
    Moveset 3
    Many Then One
    He shoots these things at you then
    after about a couple dozen he shoots
    one large energy ball at you.
    He rides this thing and shoots a
    beam across the ground of the stage.
    He shoots a boomerang across
    the stage.
    Moveset 4
    Three Ringed Doomsday
    He shoots 3 rings at you with his
    wings.  This is pretty much an
    instant death attack.
    Large Lasers
    He shoots 2 lasers across the
    stage from his large eyes. Secret
    Subspace Character Locations
    Well, after beating The Subspace
    Emissary there will be 3 levels in
    which you can find the last 3 characters that
    you didn't see in the storyline.
    They are:
    Toon Link
    And they are found in these levels:
    The Forest
    The Ruins
    The Swamp Toon Link
    Toon Link is found in the Forest
    level. How To Find
    In the forest go right, fight the enemies
    in your path, go right, up, look out
    for the Bucculus, and enter the door that
    hangs above the ground.
    Beat him in a 1-on-1 match.
    If you lose you will have to start over,
    if you win you will leave the level.
    Toon Link has joined your party in
    The Subspace Emissary!
    Okay, first secret character found.
    There are 2 to go. Wolf
    Wolf is found in The Ruins
    level. How To Find
    I will start at the part where you are on
    moving platform.
    Enter the door that appears, leave
    if you are getting something from this room.
    Go down, go into the door and fight
    Wolf ODonnell.
    Wolf ODonnell has joined you
    in The Subspace Emissary!
    There is 1 more to go. Jigglypuff
    Jigglypuff the balloon
    Pokemon can be found in the Swamp
    level. How To Find
    In the room with the Barrel
    Cannons you will find the door near
    a Jyk.  Fight her.
    Jigglypuff the Balloon
    Pokemon has joined your party in
    The Subspace Emissary!
    That's it.
    For the Secret Characters that is.
    That means you have all of the characters, if
    you haven't unlocked them beforehand. Bosses
    I have covered the names of these bosses
    earlier in the guide, but it doesn't
    hurt to name them again.
    1.  Master Hand
    2.  Crazy Hand
    3.  Galleom
    4.  Duon
    5.  Rayquaza
    6.  Porky
    7.  Petey Piranha
    8.  Meta Ridley
    9.  Ridley
    10.  Tabuu
    Tabuu has been included even
    though I covered it in the
    Subspace, The Great Maze. Boss Moves
    These moves for these bosses are
    hard to explain.  I'll just say the
    name of the move for bosses.
    Tail Arrow
    He goes off the side of the screen
    and speeds across the stage.
    Ground Pound
    He slams on the ground goes
    into the air and slams on the ground
    once more.
    Aerial Flight
    He starts off like Ground Pound,
    then goes into the air, and sweeps
    across the stage.
    Push Back
    Ridley rapidly flaps his wings
    pushing you back with wind.
    Tail Swipe
    He swipes his tail across the
    stage as he flies over to the other
    Push 1
    Ridley pushes you back with a
    little beam on the stage.
    Push 2
    This is a little bit more than simply
    He pushes you to one side of the
    stage, pushes you to the other side,
    and flies back to the other side.
    Petey Piranha
    These are easy.
    Cage Swing
    He basically swings a cage
    at you.
    Ground Slam
    He jumps into the air and slams
    on top of you.
    See what I mean?
    Ground Slam
    (See Petey Piranha.)
    It's basically the same thing,
    accept he deploys these
    explosive decoy robot things.
    Rapid Jab
    He does this thing with his pincers where
    he jabs you a lot of times.
    He creates a beam of
    electricity and swipes it across the
    Upper Laser
    He goes into the air and shoots a
    laser where you are, or if you move,
    where you were.
    Master Hand
    These moves are:
    Finger Lasers
    He shoots out little lasers on the
    He grabs you and squishes you in
    his fist.
    Finger Shot
    He shoots a small finger bullet
    at you.
    Fury Swipes
    He swipes with 2 fingers at you.
    He boosts off like a rocket and
    comes back through the screen.
    Screen Attack
    He goes through the screen.  That's the
    easiest I can explain it.
    He flips 3 times across the stage.
    He goes to the right and slaps forward.
    Rolling Pin
    He jumps into the air acts like a
    Rolling Pin.
    He crawls across the stage and
    He raises into the air and slams
    to the ground.
    Crazy Hand
    Okay, some of these moves I know
    are absolutely crazy.
    He flail; on the ground of the
    Finger Bombs
    He drops bombs on the stage
    from his fingers above the middle of the
    Finger Lasers
    (See Master Hand.)
    It's the same.
    Same as Master Hand.
    Same as Master Hand.
    Screen Attack
    Same as Master Hand.
    Fury Swipes
    He crawls across the stage.
    Same as Master Hand's Crunch
    accept he puts a flower on your
    head in the process.
    His moves are the same as Master
    Hand's except he uses elemental
    stuff with his attacks, and Master
    Lightning Stream
    He shoots a bolt of lightning.
    He charges some electric energy
    and shoots it out at you.
    Surprise Attack
    He goes underground and shoots up
    very fast.
    He digs underground and comes up.
    He goes across the stage and flies
    Shadow Ball
    He shoots a shadow ball.
    When Rayquaza is hit a lot
    for Dig, and Fly instead of doing 1
    time he will go 3 times.
    He stomps 3 times on the stage.
    He jumps and lands.
    He slams his fists on the ground.
    He shoots some shots.
    He moves back then runs forward.
    He spikes you a couple times.
    Many different types of shooting.
    He jumps and slams on the
    Rapid Magnet
    He starts spinning rapidly causing
    damage, then spikes you.
    Meta Ridley
    He goes across the stage causing
    He slams down on the Falcon
    He shoots a fireball in a
    diagonal direction.
    Drag Down Fire
    He drags The stage down and
    shoots 3 fireballs, then he
    causes the stage to come up really
    He swings across the stage.
    He shoots a beam and sweeps it
    across the stage.
    Well, that was a lot.
    So what is next. The Great Maze
    Boss Locations
    This is a list of places that the
    Boss Doors are located.
    I will say the Area or the room
    Petey Piranha
    Area 1
    Save Warp Room 1
    Area 2
    Top right corner door.
    Area 2
    Room 14 Room 6
    Left side of Room 14.
    Meta Ridley
    Area 3
    Room 24
    The left side.
    Area 3 Area 4
    Room 27
    Top left corner.
    Area 2 Area 3
    Room 17
    Bottom floor center.
    Area 4 Area 1
    Room 35
    Top of the room. Enemies
    Same with the Bosses, I will
    cover the names of the enemies just because.
    1.  Primid
    2.  Sword Primid
    3.  Scope Primid
    4.  Big Primid
    5.  Metal Primid
    6.  Fire Primid
    7.  Glire
    8.  Glice
    9.  Glunder
    10.  Poppant
    11.  Bytan
    12.  Roader
    13.  Bombed
    14.  Bucculus
    15.  Towtow
    16.  Floow
    17.  Auroros
    18.  Buckot
    19.  Jyk
    20.  Feyesh
    21.  Gamyga
    22.  Trowlon
    23.  Roturret
    24.  Spaak
    25.  Puppit
    26.  Shaydas
    27.  Mites
    28.  Shellpod
    29.  Shellpod (No Armor)
    30.  Nagagog
    31.  Cymul
    32.  Ticken
    33.  Armight
    34.  Autolance
    35.  Armank
    36.  Borboras
    37.  R.O.B.  Sentry
    38.  R.O.B.  Launcher
    39.  R.O.B.  Blaster
    40.  Greap
    41.  Goomba
    42.  Giant Goomba
    43.  Hammer Bro.
    44.  Troopa Red
    45.  Troopa Green
    46.  Paratroopa Green
    47.  Paratroopa Red
    48.  Boom Primid
    Okay, now time for the next section. Enemy Locations
    Okay, I will list the enemy then
    the stages it's located in.
    Midair Stadium
    Sea Of Clouds
    The Plain
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Forest
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Wilds (Both)
    The Research Facility 2
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Glacial Peak
    The Canyon
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    Battleship Halberd Exterior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Entrance To Subspace
    Sword Primid
    Midair Stadium
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Forest
    The Wilds 1
    The Research Facility 2
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Glacial Peak
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (East)
    Boomerang Primid
    Midair Stadium
    Sea Of Clouds
    The Plain
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Forest
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Swamp
    The Glacial Peak
    The Canyon
    Entrance InFfSubspace
    Scope Primid
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Wilds (Both)
    The Research Facility 1
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    Battleship Halberd Exterior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (East)
    Big Primid
    The Wilds (West)
    The Research Facility (East)
    The Canyon
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    The Entrance InFfSubspace
    Subspace (West)
    Metal Primid
    The Research Facility 1
    The Ruins
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Glacial Peak
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    The Entrance InFfSubspace
    Fire Primid
    The Plain
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Forest
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Ruins
    The Canyon
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    The Entrance InFfSubspace
    Subspace (East)
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Cave
    The Ruins
    The Canyon
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    Subspace (East)
    The Research Facility 2
    The Glacial Peak
    Subspace (West)
    The Sea Of Clouds
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Research Facility 1
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    The Sea Of Clouds
    The Plain
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Swamp
    The Glacial Peak
    Battleship Halberd Exterior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (West)
    The Wilds (West)
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    The Entrance InFfSubspace
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Ruins
    The Wilds (East)
    The Canyon
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (East)
    The Lake
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Forest
    The Wilds (West)
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (East)
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Ruins
    The Research Facility 2
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (EAST)
    The Lake Shore
    THE Wilds 2
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (Both)
    The Plain
    The Lake
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Ruins
    The Wilds 1
    The Swamp
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Entrance InFfSubspace
    The Lake
    The Forest
    The Lake Shore
    The Cave
    The Wilds 1
    The Glacial Peak
    Subspace East
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Research Facility 1 and 2
    The Wilds (West)
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    Battleship Halberd Exterior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Research Facility 1
    The Ruins
    The Wilds 1 and 2
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace 1 and 2
    The Research Facility 2
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    The Sea Of Clouds
    The Plain
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Forest
    The Lake Shore
    The Wilds (East)
    The Swamp
    The Canyon
    Battleship Halberd Exterior
    Subspace 1 and 2
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Ruins
    The Swamp
    The Glacial Peak
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    The Entrance InFfSubspace
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Wilds (West)
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    Subspace (East)
    The Sea Of Clouds
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Lake Shore
    The Wilds (East)
    Battleship Halberd Exterior
    The Entrance InFfSubspace
    The Sea Of Clouds
    The Lake
    The Forest
    The Lake Shore
    The Ruins
    The Wilds 1 and 2
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    Battleship Halberd Exterior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (West)
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Wilds (East)
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    1 and 2
    The Forest
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Wilds (East)
    The Swamp
    The Canyon
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    Subspace (West)
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Wilds 1 and 2
    The Research Facility 2
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    Subspace (West)
    R.O.B.  Blaster
    The Research Facility 1 and 2
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    1 and 2
    R.O.B.  Launcher
    The Research Facility 1 and 2
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    1 and 2
    R.O.B.  Sentry
    The Research Facility 1 and 2
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    1 and 2
    The Research Facility 1 and 2
    The Ruins
    THE Canyon
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (East)
    The Lake Shore
    The Ruins
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Glacial Peak
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    The Forest
    The Path To The Ruins
    The Cave
    The Wilds (East)
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Glacial Peak
    Subspace (East)
    Midair Stadium
    The Sea Of Clouds
    The Plain
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Lake Shore
    The Wilds (East)
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    The Glacial Peak
    The Entrance InFfSubspace
    Subspace (East)
    The Plain
    The Ruined Zoo
    The Forest
    The Lake Shore
    The Wilds (East)
    The Glacial Peak
    The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Subspace (East)
    The Sea Of Clouds
    The Lake
    The Battlefield Fortress
    The Ruins
    The Wilds (West)
    The Glacial Peak
    Battleship Halberd Interior
    Subspace (West)
    The Forest
    The Wilds 1 and 2
    Outside The Ancient Ruins
    Subspace (West)
    Bullet Bill
    The Jungle
    The Lake
    The Lake Shore
    The Cave
    The Swamp
    Giant Goomba
    The Jungle
    The Lake
    The Cave
    The Swamp
    The Jungle
    The Lake
    The Cave
    The Swamp
    Hammer Bro.
    The Jungle
    The Lake
    The Cave
    The Swamp
    Koopa Paratroopa Red
    The Jungle
    The Lake
    The Cave
    The Swamp
    Koopa Troopa Red
    The Jungle
    The Lake
    The Cave
    The Swamp
    Koopa Paratroopa Green
    The Jungle
    The Lake
    The Cave
    The Swamp
    Koopa Troopa Green
    The Jungle
    The Lake
    The Cave
    The Swamp
    11.1.2 Classic Mode
    Classic Mode is pretty
    fun, 12 rounds 2 Target
    Smash, Master Hand battle, and the
    rest are battles among different
    characters.  Here are some special
    effects added into here.
    2 Vs.  2
    You and a team mate go up against 2
    other fighters.
    Vs.  1 Giant
    You and "maybe" a teammate or
    2 team up against a giant fighter.
    1 Vs.  1
    You fight a single enemy.
    Break The Targets
    Just what it says, break the 10
    1 Vs.  10
    You fight 10 of the same character.
    1 Vs.  3 Free For All
    You and 3 others face off against each
    other.  This is basically a free
    for all.
    1 Vs.  1 Metal
    You fight a Metal fighter.
    1 Vs.  1 Boss
    You fight Master Hand, and maybe
    (if done in enough time and correctly)
    Crazy Hand. Stage Order
    It will g" like this for the stage order:
    1 The Legend Of Zelda
    2 DK.  Yoshi
    3 Pokemon
    4 Fire Emblem Earthbound
    Break The Targets 1
    5 Kirby
    6 Metroid Pikmin
    7 Star Fox F-Zero
    8 Mario
    9 Kid Icarus Ice
    Climbers Game And Watch
    10 Wario Metal Gear Sonic
    Break The Targets 2
    11 3 Randomly Selected
    12 Master Hand
    11.1.3 All-Star Mode
    How To Unlock:
    Unlock all characters.
    All-Star is back for the second
    You're able to fight all the characters,
    but there are 3 stages you can't play
    on while playing this mode.  They
    1.  Final Destination
    2.  Battlefield
    3.  Hanenbow
    We can't play the Melee Stages
    either. Stage Order
    Here is the All-Star Mode
    Stage order:
    1 Game And Watch
    2 Mario
    3 Donkey Kong
    4 Ice Climbers
    5 R.O.B.
    6 The Legend Of Zelda
    7 Metroid
    8 Kid Icarus
    9 Metal Gear Solid
    10 Earthbound
    11 Fire Emblem
    12 Yoshi's Island
    13 F-Zero
    14 Sonic The Hedgehog
    15 Kirby
    16 Star Fox
    17 Wario
    18 Pokemon
    19 Pikmin
    11.1.4 Stadium
    This is the place to find the little
    bonus games.  They are:
    1.  Target Smash
    2.  Home Run Contest
    3.  Multi-Man Brawl
    4.  Boss Battles
    Okay that's not a lot, but there are
    a few little options for
    Multi-Man Brawl.  They are:
    1.  10 Man Brawl
    2.  100 Man Brawl
    3.  3 Minute Brawl
    4.  15 Minute Brawl
    5.  Endless Brawl
    6.  Cruel Brawl
    Okay, now let's go. Break The Targets
    Break 10 Targets.
    This time you have endless time. Home Run Contest
    You grab a bat, and rack up
    damage in about 10 seconds,
    charge the bat's best hit, whack
    the Sandbag and watch it ply, and
    slide along the stage. Boss Battles
    Here is Boss Battles.
    Fight the 10 bosses and see
    how you did. Boss Tips
    Here are some tips for dodging the
    moves of these bosses.
    First up is: Petey
    This is easy.
    Cage Swing
    Just jump over it.
    Jump And Stomp
    Just move away.
    See? Wasn't that easy? Porky
    Jump And Slam
    Just look out for the drones, and do not
    go under him while he lands.
    Rapid Jab
    Either stay away from him, or go above
    Stay away from him.
    Upper Laser
    He will move to where you are, above you,
    move around. Master Hand
    Finger Lasers
    Just stay behind them, and rack up
    major damage while he's
    distracted with the move.
    Just run away, or trick him
    into going high into the air and come back
    down as fast as possible.
    Finger Shot
    Fury Swipes
    Master Hand likes to follow you then
    use a move.  Same with Crazy
    Hand.  Run away, or jump up
    to trick him into going upwards with you.
    Look out for the first hit, and double
    jump to move from the second hit.
    Screen Attack
    Double jump.
    Shield until he goes past you.
    Double jump.
    Rolling Pin
    I haven't actually been able
    to dodge this, so just go off the edge
    until he is done, that's the best
    I can give you.
    Double jump.
    Double jump. Crazy Hand
    Most of these moves for Crazy are
    the same as Master Hand's except
    Crazy Hand puts a little bit of
    elemental powers into his moves.
    Though Crazy Hand has some moves
    of his own that he does.
    Just stay away from him.
    Finger Bombs
    Stay away from the middle.
    That's all of the moves that are
    Crazy Hand's own.  Though for the
    Crawl he just runs you over instead
    of flicking you. Meta Ridley
    He's by far the hardest for me.
    Besides Duon.
    Double jump.
    Double Jump.
    Go out of the way.
    Drag Down Fire
    Stay in the air, let 1 of the
    fireballs hit you to get extra
    height, as long as you don't have a
    dangerous amount of damage.
    Double jump.
    Double jump, and look out. Ridley
    Okay, this ought to be easy.
    Tail Arrow
    Trick him to go up then go down.
    Ground Pound
    Just look out.
    Aerial Attack
    Same, just look out.
    Push Back
    If you're hitting him when he starts
    this move you will be damaged.  You
    might want to stay on the ground for
    this, and keep moving forward, don't
    run off the edge.
    Tail Swipe
    Look out for him.
    Push 1
    Just jump.
    Push 2
    Do the same. Galleom
    Look out.
    Look out.
    Double jump.
    Shield. Duon
    Just dodge, or shield.
    Stay out of the way.
    Rapid Magnet
    Stay away, or shield. Rayquaza
    Lightning Stream
    Surprise Attack
    Just keep moving, he won't hit
    you if you're somewhere else when he
    comes up.
    Do the same as what you did for
    surprise attack.
    Shadow Ball
    Shield. Tabuu
    I covered his attacks in the Great
    Maze.  But, I didn't do the
    Double jump.
    Cage Throw
    Trick him into going upwards before
    he does it and go down.
    Just move behind him.
    Spark Swirl
    Make sure to stay out of the way of the
    Grab 'n Throw
    Jump.  That's the best I can tell
    Light Arrow
    Double Jump, or shield.
    Many Then One
    Stay behind the sparks he shoots.
    Double jump.
    Double jump, and stay in the air
    until it's retreated.
    Three Ringed Doomsday
    Retreat if you're using
    Pokemon Trainer, it's a thing I
    recently discovered, if you do it too
    quickly you'll be caught and instantly
    Otherwise sidestep, or
    Down and B.
    Large Lasers
    If done correctly, and you're
    below, or not touching the lasers, you can
    rack up major damage. Multi-Man
    This is where you get to fight different types
    of Alloys.
    Every 25 Alloys killed gives you
    a fighter.
    On 100 Man Brawl you will
    fight yourself at the last Alloy. 10 Man
    You fight 10 Alloys. 100 Man
    You fight 100 Alloys.
    These are as basic as that. 3 Minute
    Kill as many Alloys as you can before
    your 3 minutes runs out.
    That's easy. 15 Minute
    This one is harder than the 3
    minute one.
    Kill as many Alloys as you can before
    your 15 minute time runs out. Endless Brawl
    Kill as many Alloys as you can, with
    an unlimited amount of time, until
    you get KO'D. Cruel Brawl
    This is the hardest.
    It's like Endless Brawl, but these
    guys are harder to kill.
    11.1.5 Event Match Mode
    The Events Mode is where you get
    to fight people, with a certain scenario. Solo
    The Solo Events are where you get
    to fight by yourself against others. List Of Solo
    1.  Two Trouble Kings
    2.  Landmaster Ignition
    3.  Pink Ball Repulsion
    4.  Cleaning The House In
    5.  Become The Champion
    6.  Super Bowser Bros.
    7.  Diddy Kong Panic
    8.  Go! Triple Finish!
    9.  The Monster Beneath The Earth
    10.  All-Star Battle
    11.  Yoshi's Rainbow
    12.  Sleeping In The Eggs
    13.  Dragon Strike
    14.  The Sproutage Of the Flower
    15.  The Hammer Of the King
    16.  Power Suit ON!
    17.  Super Waterfall Climb
    18.  Dark Link Duel
    19.  Wario Bros.
    20.  All Star Battle X 1
    21.  Visit To Onett
    22.  Monkeys Unite
    23.  Molten Norfair
    24.  Come On Blue Falcon
    25.  The Aura Is With Me
    26.  The Slow And Easy Life
    27.  Three Beast Carnage
    28.  The Flower Blooms In The
    29.  All Star Battle
    Semifinal Regulars
    30.  Sonic Boom
    31.  The Ultimate Bodyguard
    32.  Bird In Darkest Night
    33.  The Advent Of the Evil King
    34.  All Star Battle Melee
    35.  The Visitor To Flat
    36.  High Tech Special
    37.  The Pirate Airship
    38.  The Wolf Hunts The Fox
    39.  All Star Battle X 2
    40.  The Final Battle
    41.  The Final Final Battle Co-Op Events
    Co-Op Events are where you can join
    a friend to help you.  Though the Events
    that the 2 of you play will be different.
    Well, the exception is the first one. List Of Co-Op
    1.  Two Trouble Kings
    2.  Master Of the Pokemon Tag
    3.  The Fastest, Shortest Sudden
    4.  The DK Tag Calamity
    5.  The Yoshi Team Of 50
    6.  Unwanted Suitors
    7.  The Battle Of the Dark
    8.  ALL MINE!
    9.  Those Who Wait In Onett
    10.  The R.O.B.'s Of Tomorrow
    11.  The Great Remodeling
    12.  Come Back Falcon
    13.  The Blades Of the Quick, and
    14.  The Dark Guardians
    15.  Four Swords Brawl
    16.  Jigglypuff's Great
    17.  Sonic And Mario
    18.  The New Weapon Of Shadow
    19.  The Shadow Of Andross
    20.  The Final Battle For 2
    21.  The True All Star
    Well, that's done.
    11.1.6 Training
    Basically this is where you can choose
    features to battle how you want.
    You can use items, speed, more than
    one fighter, fighter features,
    opponent handicap, zoom, another
    thing, and finally quit.  That's all that
    is needed to be explained.
    11.2 Group Mode
    This is where you get to play with friends.
    11.2.1 Vs.
    This is where you can fight, choosing
    stuff you want, and how you want
    to fight.
    11.2.2 Rules
    Here is the layout of the Rules
    Battle Type
    Damage Ratio
    Stage Choice
    Item Switch More Rules
    11.2.3 More Rules
    This is a list of more rules.
    Stock Time Limit
    Team Attack
    Score Display
    Damage Display
    Random Stage Switch
    11.2.4 Special Brawl
    This is where you can choose how you want
    to fight with these settings:
    Stamina 300 150
    Size Mega Mini
    Head Flower Bunny
    Body Metal Clear
    Status Curry Reflect
    Gravity Light Heavy
    Speed Slow Fast
    Camera Fixed Angled
    11.3 Vault Mode
    Well, here is where you'll be able
    to see most of your collected stuff.
    There is:
    Trophies And Stickers
    Stage Builder
    11.3.1 Coin Launcher
    This is where you can use Smash
    Coins collected in battles
    to get stickers, and trophies.
    11.3.2 Album
    This is where you can look at the
    pictures that you took.
    11.3.3 Replays
    This is where you can look at the
    videos you recorded.
    11.3.4 Stage Builder
    This is pretty cool, you can build
    your own arenas how you want them.
    You can also check them out and edit.
    11.3.5 Master Pieces
    This is a mode where you can play
    little demos for other games, and the
    meaning of demos, you have a certain
    time limit that you can play those games A Masterpiece
    The Legend Of Zelda
    Ocarina Of Time
    Super Mario Bros.  2
    Donkey Kong
    Super Mario World
    Kid Icarus
    Star Fox 64
    Ice Climbers
    The Legend Of Zelda
    Super Metroid
    Kirby's Adventure
    Super Mario Bros.
    11.3.6 Chronicle
    I can't really explain about this part
    of the game, I mean I didn't
    even know that there was a Chronicle
    in Brawl.
    Chronicle talks about the systems,
    and some games that those game systems
    have had.
    That's all I can say.
    11.4 Options
    Options is just options about the game.
    You can choose to have the sound, or
    music on, change the amount of times
    that a song will be performed in a stage,
    deletion, rumble, control settings,
    and others.  That's it.
    11.5 Data
    Data has the first menu which has:
    Sound Test
    11.5.1 Movies
    These are the cutscenes you witnessed
    in the Subspace Emissary.  And
    some others.
    11.5.2 Sound Test
    Well, here is a place I like.
    Music TracksstSound Effects
    Basically music is all of the
    songs you have collected.
    Sound Effects are the effects
    that happen in a Brawl or other
    places.  Basically the sounds of the
    11.5.3 Records
    Ah! This is the place where you can
    look at the records you have. Brawl Records
    Brawl Records are the records
    that show the results of some stuff. Game Records
    These are the records showing the
    results of the whole game, except
    the stuff which was shown in the Brawl
    Records. Notices
    These are the notices that are shown
    to you when you unlocked some stuff.
    I will cover the actual notices
    in a later section.
    11.6 Internet Connection
    This is where you can play online.
    It has quite a few things.
    Things I can't really explain,
    Well, let's go on.
    12 Hammers
    Well, hello readers, this is the
    place where i'll tell you how to get
    all 5 hammers throughout the game.
    And here they are.
    Clear Classic Mode on
    Normal difficulty.
    Play 30 hours of Brawl.
    Clear the Subspace Emissary.
    Earn 500 KO's in Brawl.
    Exceed 10 hours of power-on time.
    13 Trophy Categorization
    Here is where I will put the
    Trophies into other categories,
    instead of By Series, I'll put
    them in this order.
    Fighter Related
    Final Smash
    Assistant Trophy
    Subspace Emissary
    Well, that is how it'll work out.
    Though I can't do 3 of them, it's
    a bit.
    They are Fighter Related,
    Stage, and Other.
    So let's go!
    13.1 Fighter
    1.  Mario
    2.  Luigi
    3.  Peach
    4.  Bowser
    5.  Donkey kong
    6.  Diddy Kong
    7.  Yoshi
    8.  Wario
    9.  Link
    10.  Zelda
    11.  Sheik
    12.  Gannondorf
    13.  Toon Link
    14.  Samus Aran
    15.  Zero Suit Samus
    16.  Pit
    17.  Ice Climbers
    18.  R.O.B.
    19.  Kirby
    20.  Meta Knight
    21.  King Dedede
    22.  Pikmin And Olimar
    23.  Red Pikmin
    24.  Blue Pikmin
    25.  Yellow Pikmin
    26.  White Pikmin
    27.  Purple Pikmin
    28.  Fox McCloud
    29.  Falco Lombardi
    30.  Wolf ODonnell
    31.  Captain Falcon
    32.  Pikachu
    33.  Pokemon Trainer
    34.  Charizard
    35.  Squirtle
    36.  Ivysaur
    37.  Lucario
    38.  Jigglypuff
    39.  Marth
    40.  Ike
    41.  Ness
    42.  Lucase
    43.  Mr.  Game And Watch
    44.  Solid Snake
    45.  Sonic The Hedgehog
    13.2 Final Smash
    1.  Mario Finale
    2.  Negative Zone
    3.  Peach Blossom
    4.  Giga Bowser
    5.  Konga Beat
    6.  RocketBarrel Barrage
    7.  Super Dragon
    8.  WarioMan
    9.  Triforce Slash (Link)
    10.  Light Arrow (Zelda)
    11.  Light Arrow (Sheik)
    12.  Beast Ganon
    13.  Triforce Slash (Toon
    14.  Zero Laser
    15.  Power Suit Samus
    16.  Palutena's Army
    17.  Iceberg
    18.  Diffusion Beam
    19.  Cook Kirby
    20.  Galaxia Darkness
    21.  Waddle Dee Army
    22.  End Of Day
    23.  Landmaster (Fox)
    24.  Landmaster (Falco)
    25.  Landmaster (Wolf)
    26.  Blue Falcon
    27.  Volt Tackle
    28.  Triple Finish
    29.  Aura Storm
    30.  Puff Up
    31.  Critical Hit
    32.  Great Aether
    33.  PK StarStorm (Ness)
    34.  PK StarStorm (Lucase)
    35.  Octopus
    36.  Grenade Launcher
    37.  Super Sonic
    13.3 Item
    1.  Smash Ball
    2.  Food
    3.  Heart Container
    4.  Super Mushroom
    5.  Poison Mushroom
    6.  Golden Hammer
    7.  Hammer
    8.  Spring
    9.  Fire Flower
    10.  Soccer Ball
    11.  Banana Peel
    12.  Screw Attack
    13.  Deku Nuts
    14.  Mr.  Saturn
    15.  Green Shell
    16.  Hot Head
    17.  Freezie
    18.  Star Rod
    19.  Star Man
    20.  Warpstar
    21.  Superspicy Curry
    22.  Smart Bomb
    23.  Smash Coins
    24.  CD.'s
    25.  Stickers
    26.  Crates
    27.  Barrels
    28.  Sandbag
    29.  Timer
    30.  Home Run Contest Bat
    31.  Beam Sword
    32.  Fan
    33.  Gooey Bomb
    34.  Motion Sensor Bomb
    35.  Bob-Ombs
    36.  Super Scope
    37.  Unira
    38.  Lip's Stick
    39.  Team Healer
    40.  Bunny Hood
    41.  Bumper
    42.  Cracker Launcher
    43.  Capsule
    44.  Blast Box
    45.  Dragoon
    46.  Franklin Badge
    47.  Smoke Ball
    48.  Pitfall
    49.  Party Ball
    50.  Metal Box
    51.  Lightning
    52.  Maxim Tomato
    53.  Rolling Crates
    13.4 Assistant Trophy
    1.  Assist Trophy
    2.  Isaac
    3.  Infantry And Tanks
    4.  Stafy
    5.  Excitebikes
    6.  Andross
    7.  Custom Robo
    8.  Barbara
    9.  Lyn
    10.  Jill And Drill Dozer
    11.  Waluigi
    12.  Shadow
    13.  Gray Fox
    14.  Tingle
    15.  Samurai Goroh
    16.  Knuckle Joe
    17.  Saki
    18.  Nintendog
    19.  Mr.  Resetti
    20.  Metroid
    21.  Little Mac
    22.  Kat And Ana
    23.  Lakitu And Spinies
    24.  Hammer Bro.
    25.  Helirin
    26.  Jeff
    27.  Dr.  Wright
    28.  Devil
    13.5 Pokeball
    1.  Pokeball
    2.  Bellossom
    3.  Celebi
    4.  Chikorita
    5.  Deoxys
    6.  Electrode
    7.  Entei
    8.  Bonsly
    9.  Gardevoir
    10.  Goldeen
    11.  Gulpin
    12.  Groudon
    13.  Ho-Oh
    14.  Jirachi
    15.  Kyogre
    16.  Lugia
    17.  Latias And Latios
    18.  Mew
    19.  Manaphy
    20.  Suicune
    21.  Moltres
    22.  Meowth
    23.  Pipplup
    24.  Torchic
    25.  Togepi
    26.  Weavile
    27.  Wobbufet
    28.  Munchlax
    29.  Snorelax
    30.  Staryu
    31.  Metagross
    13.6 Subspace Emissary
    1.  Ancient Minister
    2.  Key
    3.  Stock Ball
    4.  Trophy Stand
    5.  Shadow Bugs
    6.  Subspace Gunship
    7.  Subspace Bomb
    8.  Dark Cannon
    9.  Cargo Ship
    13.7 Enemies
    1.  Primid
    2.  Sword Primid
    3.  Scope Primid
    4.  Fire Primid
    5.  Metal Primid
    6.  Big Primid
    7.  Boomerang Primid
    8.  Glire
    9.  Glice
    10.  Glunder
    11.  Poppant
    12.  Bytan
    13.  Roader
    14.  Bombed
    15.  Towtow
    16.  Floow
    17.  Auroros
    18.  Jyk
    19.  Greap
    20.  Bucculus
    21.  Gamyga
    22.  Puppit
    23.  Shaydas
    24.  Mites
    25.  Feyesh
    26.  Buckot
    27.  Cymul
    28.  Armites
    29.  Autolance
    30.  Armank
    31.  Nagagog
    32.  Shellpod (No Armor)
    33.  Shellpod
    34.  Borboras
    35.  R.O.B.  Sentry
    36.  R.O.B.  Blaster
    37.  R.O.B.  Launcher
    38.  Trowlon
    39.  Roturret
    40.  Spaak
    41.  Ticken
    42.  Mizzo
    43.  Rayquaza
    44.  Ridley
    45.  Meta Ridley
    46.  Porky
    47.  Porky Statue
    48.  Master Hand
    49.  Crazy Hand
    50.  Tabuu
    51.  Tabuu (Wings)
    52.  Galleom
    53.  Galleom (Tank Form)
    54.  Duon
    55.  Petey Piranha
    56.  Red Alloy
    57.  Blue Alloy
    58.  Green Alloy
    59.  Yellow Alloy
    60.  Paratroopa (Red)
    61.  Paratroopa (Green)
    62.  Troopa (Red)
    63.  Troopa (Green)
    64.  Giant Goomba
    65.  Bullet Bill
    66.  Piranha Plant
    I'm just assuming that Piranha
    Plant is one of the enemies, so
    if he isn't please don't
    criticize me, Hammer Bro.,
    is one of the enemies, and an
    Assistant Trophy as well.
    I just put him in the Assist
    Trophies, because I only find
    him there.
    14 My Tabuu Battle
    I fought him on Intense so I have
    my team pretty set.
    I don't know if you'd be able
    to adapt to them as well as I have.
    They are these, in this specifial
    Ice Climbers
    Pokemon Trainer
    Preferrably Charizard for a while
    then for the gian eye lasers I'd
    prefer Squirtle.  If you
    are as Ivysaur, I'd prefer
    you use him when Tabuu is using
    a move that isn't hitting you, then you
    can hit him with the 1 Special
    And finally Pikachu.
    15 Obtainable Trophies
    This will say where you can find the
    It'll be like this:
    Requirement Or Random
    So let's go!
    I'll say complete Classic,
    or complete All-Star for some.  For
    Complete Classic
    Peach Blossom
    Complete All-Star
    Also if you see an enemy, or
    a few bosses that say
    Catch with a Trophy Stand, just do your
    best, get them at low health.
    Beat Target #' means beat that
    specified Target Smash
    If you see htc.  it's Home
    Run Contest.
    Cargo is either Random, that's how I
    got it, or a Trophy Stand one.
    Secs.  is abbreviated for, you
    guessed it seconds.
    Acquired in SSE levels
    means you get it in a certain
    Subspace Level.  Though there is
    only one that I know of.
    Beat 5 Alloys in Cruel
    means Kill 5 Alloys in
    Cruel Brawl.
    Squirt means Squirtle.
    So let's go now!
    Action Helirin
    Ancient Minister
    Complete the Subspace Emissary
    Animal Crossing Boy
    Beat Target 1
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Ashley Robbins
    Play 100 hours of Brawl
    Beat Target 3 with 10 characters
    Assist Trophy
    Aura Storm
    Beat All-Star
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Baby Mario
    Baby Peach
    Get 500 different Trophies
    Ballyhoo And Big Top
    Collect 75 CD.'s
    Banana Peel
    Get 10 Combos in Training
    Beam Kirby
    Beam Sword
    Beast Ganon
    Beat All-Star
    Big Primid
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Beat All-Star on Hard
    Black Knight
    Black Shadow
    Blade Knight
    Blast Box
    Beat Target 2 with all characters
    Blathers And Celeste
    Blood Falcon
    Blue Alloy
    Beat 100 Man with all characters
    Blue Falcon
    Beat All-Star
    Blue Pikmin
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Boom Primid
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Beat Classic
    Bowser Jr.
    Bronto Burt
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Bullet Bill
    Get 15000 ft.  in htc.
    Bunny Hood
    Burrowing Snagret
    Buzzy Beetle
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Candy Kong
    Captain Falcon
    Beat Classic
    Cardboard Box
    Beat Target 4 under 32 secs.
    Careening Dirigibug
    Chain Chomp
    Beat Classic, end with Charizard
    Cheep Cheep
    Combo Cannon
    Beat Target 5 under 30 secs.
    Cook Kirby
    Beat All-Star
    Copper And Booker
    Cracker Launcher
    Get 100 KO's in Brawl
    Cranky Kong
    Crazy Hand
    Beat Classic on Intense
    Crazy Redd
    Creeping Chrysanthemum
    Collect Trophies for all characters
    Critical Hit
    Beat All-Star
    Custom Robos
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Dark Cannon
    Beat Boss on Hard
    Dark Samus
    Deku Nuts
    Diddy Kong
    Beat Classic
    Diffusion Beam
    Beat All-Star
    Dixie Kong
    Donkey Kong
    Beat Classic
    Dr.  Eggman
    Get 500 different stickers
    Dr.  Shrunk
    Dr.  Stewart
    Dr.  Wright
    Dry Bones
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Dyna Blade
    Beat All-Star on Very Hard
    Empress Bulblax
    End Of Day
    Beat All-Star
    Get all Masterpieces
    Falcon Flyer
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Fighter Kirby
    Fire Flower
    Fire Kirby
    Fire Primid
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Falco Lombardi
    Beat Classic
    Falco (Assault)
    Falco (Command)
    Fiery Blowhog
    Fox McCloud
    Beat Classic
    Fox (Assault)
    Franklin Badge
    Have Ness join you in Subspace
    Funky Kong
    Galaxia Darkness
    Beat All-Star
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Galleom (Tank Form)
    Complete Boss on Intense
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Beat Classic
    Gannondorf (Wind Waker)
    Beat All-Star with 10 characters
    General Pepper
    Giant Goomba
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Giga Bowser
    Beat All-Star
    Glaceon And Leafeon
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Golden Hammer
    Get 45000 ft.  in htc.
    Gooey Bomb
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Gray Fox
    Clear Target 5 with all characters
    Great Aether
    Beat All-Star
    Great Fairy
    Great Fox
    Great Fox (Assault)
    Green Alloy
    Beat 15 Minute
    Green Shell
    Grenade Launcher
    Beat All-Star
    Get 2000 Ko's
    Beat Event 3
    Helmaroc King
    Hammer Bro.
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Heart Container
    Hm Mech Rosa
    Hocotate Ship
    Acquired in SSE 20
    Home Run Contest Bat
    Hit 1500 ft.  in htc.
    Beat All-Star
    Ice Climbers
    Beat Classic
    Ice Kirby
    Beat Classic
    Infantry And Tanks
    Iridescent Flint Beetle
    Iroquois Pliskin
    Beat Classic, end with Ivysaur
    Jameson and A.  I.  R.  S.
    Beat Classic
    Jody Summer
    Beat Boss with 20 characters
    Swim 300 ft.
    Kat And Ana
    Katie And Kaitlin
    King Bulblin
    King Dedede
    Beat Classic
    King K.  Rool
    Beat Target 4 with all characters
    King Of Red Lions
    Beat Classic
    K.  K.  Slider
    Collect all Songs
    Knuckle Joe
    Konga Beat
    Beat All-Star
    Koopa Paratroopa (Green)
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Koopa Paratroopa (Red)
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Koopa Troopa (Green)
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Koopa Troopa (Red)
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Kritter (Goalie)
    Kyle Hyde
    Beat All-Star with all characters
    Lakitu And Spinies
    Landmaster (Falco)
    Beat All-Star
    Landmaster (Fox)
    Beat All-Star
    Landmaster (Wolf)
    Beat All-Star
    Lanky Kong
    Latios And Latias
    Leon Powalski
    Light Arrow (Zelda)
    Beat All-Star
    Light Arrow (Sheik)
    Beat All-Star
    Beat Classic
    Link's Grandma
    Lip's Stick
    Little Mac
    Beat Classic
    Beat Classic
    Beat Classic
    Luigi's Mansion
    Beat Classic
    Mario Finale
    Beat All-Star
    Beat Classic
    Master Hand
    Beat Classic with 20 characters
    Maxim Tomato
    Meta Knight
    Beat Classic
    Metal Box
    Metal Gear RAY
    Metal Gear REX
    Metal Primid
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Meta Ridley
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Metroid Prime (Core)
    Metroid Prime (Exo)
    Meowth Random
    Beat All-Star on Intense
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Motion Sensor Bomb
    Mr.  EAD
    Mr.  Game And Watch
    Beat Classic
    Mr.  Resetti
    Mr.  Resetti (Feet)
    Mr.  Saturn
    Musketeer Daltania
    Beat Target 4 with 10 characters
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Naked Snake
    Needle Kirby
    Negative Zone
    Beat All-Star
    Beat Classic
    Beat All-Star
    Ooccoo And Son
    Get 400 Combos in Training
    Outset Link
    Beat Target 5 with 10 characters
    Beat Event 4
    Palutena'; Army
    Beat All-Star
    Palutena's Bow
    Beat Target 1 in under 15 secs
    Panther Caroso
    Paper Bowser
    Paper Luigi
    Paper Mario
    Beat Classic with all characters
    Paper Peach
    Parasite Queen
    Party Ball
    Get 500 KO's in Vs.
    Beat Classic
    Peach Blossom
    Beat All-Star
    Peanut Popgun
    Beat Target 2
    Beat Target 2 with 10 characters
    Pelly And Phyllis
    Peppy Hare
    Petey Piranha
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Beat All-Star with no continues
    Beat Classic
    Pikmin And Olimar
    Beat Classic
    Pirate Ship
    Piranha Plant
    Beat Classic
    Beat 100 Man Brawl
    PK Star Storm (Lucase)
    Beat All-Star
    PK Star Storm (Ness)
    Beat All-Star
    Plasma Kirby
    Plusle And Minun
    Get every Final Smash Trophy
    Poison Mushroom
    Pokemon Trainer
    Beat Classic
    Poltergust 3000
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Porky Statue
    Beat Boss on Very Hard
    Power Suit Samus
    Beat All-Star with Zero Suit
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Puff Up
    Beat All-Star
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Purple Pikmin
    Ray Gun
    Ray Mk III
    Beat Target 3 in under 20 secs
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Red Alloy
    Beat 5 Alloys in Cruel
    Red Bulborb
    Red Pikmin
    Beat Event 14
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Torphy Stand
    Beat Classic
    ROB 64
    R.O.B.  Blaster
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Robed Zelda
    R.O.B.  Launcher
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    R.O.B.  Sentry
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Rocket Barrel Barrage
    Beat All-Star
    Rocket Barrel Pack
    Beat Target 4
    Rolling Crates
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Sable And Mabel
    Saki Amamiya
    Samurai Goroh
    Beat Classic
    Samus (Dark Suit)
    Samus (Fusion Suit)
    Samus (Gravity Suit)
    Samus (Power Suit)
    Samus (Varia Suit)
    Beat htc with all characters
    Scope Primid
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Screw Attack
    Shadow Beast
    Shadow Bugs
    Beat Boss on Normal
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Beat Classic, end with Sheik
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Shellpod (With No Armor)
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Shy Guy
    Get 30000 ft.  in htc.
    Beat Target 3 with all characters
    Sir Kibble
    Sleep Kirby
    Slippy The Toad
    Smart Bomb
    Smash Ball
    Smash Coins
    Play 10 Coin Matches
    Smoke Ball
    Soccer Ball
    Solid Snake
    Beat Classic
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Beat Classic
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Space Pirate
    Beat Classic, end with Squirt
    Beat Target 1 with 10 characters
    Star Rod
    Collect all Stickers
    Stock Ball
    Striker Mario
    Beat Classic on Very Hard
    Striker Daisy
    Subspace Bomb
    Beat Boss on Easy
    Subspace Gunship
    Beat Boss with 10 characters
    Super Dragon
    Beat All-Star
    Super Mushroom
    Super Scope
    Beat Target 1 with all characters
    Superspicy Curry
    Super Sonic
    Beat All-Star
    Swooping Snitchbug
    Sword Kirby
    Sword Primid
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Tabuu (With Wings)
    Beat Boss with all characters
    Walk over 30000 ft.
    Team Healer
    Telly Vision
    The President
    The Skull
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Play 30 hours of Brawl
    Tiny Kong
    Tommy And Timmy Nook
    Tom Nook
    Collect 1000 coins in Coin
    Toon Link
    Beat Classic
    Tornado Kirby
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Triforce Slash (Link)
    Beat All-Star
    Triforce Slash (Toon Link)
    Beat All-Star
    Triple Finish
    Beat All-Star
    Trophy Stand
    Catch with a Trophy Stand
    Turret Tusk
    Volt Tackle
    Beat All-Star
    Waddle Dee
    Waddle Dee Army
    Beat All-Star
    Waddle Doo
    Unlock 50 Songs
    Beat Classic
    Wario Bike
    Beat Target 3
    Wario Man
    Beat All-Star
    Warrior Mech Gauss
    Wedding Bowser
    Wedding Peach
    White Pikmin
    Wing Kirby
    Beat Classic
    Wolf Link
    Wrinkly Kong
    Get 24000 ft.  in htc.
    Yellow Alloy
    Beat 100 Alloys in Endless
    Yellow Pikmin
    Beat Classic
    Beat Classic
    Zelda (From The Wind Waker)
    Zero Laser
    Beat All-Star with Samus Aran
    Zero Suit Samus
    Beat Classic withZero Suit
    16 Conclusion
    Here concludes my Super Smash
    Bros.  Brawl guide.
    I hope you enjoyed my guide for
    this game that I've dedicated my
    time to complete.  Both the game, and the
    guide which you are reading.
    This guide was written by Danior
    Snyder, and I hope you enjoyed this
    This guide will be property of
    Check out other guides I may
    have written.
    Bye dear readers of guides!
    Once again, as said many times before,
    I hope that this guide has been
    a real help to you.
    Make sure to PM me on
    GameFAQS to give me
    suggestions, or correct me if
    I'm wrong on any information.
    End Of Guide

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