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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Miqe_0

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/21/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SSSSSS                 PP
    SSSSSS                 PP
             SSSSSS  SSSSSS  SSSSSSS  M   M A   A SSSSS H   H
             SSSSSS  SSSSSS             
    BBBBBBBBBBB               SSSSSS  
    BBBBBB   BBBBBB  RR    OO OO   TT   H   H EE    RR     SSSS
        /BBBBBBB/    /BBBBB                                                 
          BBBBB/    /BBBBBB   /RRRRRRRRRRR\    /AAA\        /WW/      /WW/ /LL/
           /BBBBBBBBBBBBB/   /RRRRRR/   /RR   /AAAAA\      /WW/      /WW/ /LL/
          /BBBB/BBBBBBBBB\     /RRR/   /RR/  /AAA/\AA\    /WW/ /WW/ /WW/ /LL/
         /BBBB/    /BBBBBB\   /RRRRRRRRRR/  /AAA/  \AA   /WW/ /WW/ /WW/ /LL/
        /BBBB/    /BBBBBBB/  /RRR/ \RR\    /AAAAAAAAAA  /WW/ /WWWWWWW/ /LL/
    Guide/Walkthrough by Miqe
    Version 1.3
    Version History -------------------VERHI
    Introduction ----------------------INTDU
    Moves/Controls --------------------MOCON
      Controllers ---------------------BRACO
      Attacks -------------------------BRAAT
      Advanced Attacks ----------------BRAAD
      New Moves -----------------------BRANE
    Characters ------------------------STACH
      Mario ---------------------------CHA01
      Peach ---------------------------CHA02
      Bowser --------------------------CHA03
      Yoshi ---------------------------CHA04
      Wario ---------------------------CHA05
      Pikachu -------------------------CHA06
      Pokemon Trainer -----------------CHA07
      Fox -----------------------------CHA08
      Link ----------------------------CHA09
      Zelda/Sheik ---------------------CHA10
      Kirby ---------------------------CHA11
      King Dedede ---------------------CHA12
      Meta Knight ---------------------CHA13
      Donkey Kong ---------------------CHA14
      Diddy Kong ----------------------CHA15
      Samus/Zero Suit Samus -----------CHA16
      Ice Climbers --------------------CHA17
      Ike -----------------------------CHA18
      Lucas ---------------------------CHA19
      Olimar and Pikmin ---------------CHA20
      Pit -----------------------------CHA21
    Game Modes ------------------------GAMOD
    Subspace Emissary -----------------SUBEM
      Features ------------------------SUBFE
      Stage 1 -------------------------SUB01
      Stage 2 -------------------------SUB02
      Stage 3 -------------------------SUB03
      Stage 4 -------------------------SUB04
      Stage 5 -------------------------SUB05
      Stage 6 -------------------------SUB06
      Stage 7 -------------------------SUB07
      Stage 8 -------------------------SUB08
      Stage 9 -------------------------SUB09
      Stage 10 ------------------------SUB10
      Stage 11 ------------------------SUB11
      Stage 12 ------------------------SUB12
      Stage 13 ------------------------SUB13
      Stage 14 ------------------------SUB14
      Stage 15 ------------------------SUB15
      Stage 16 ------------------------SUB16
      Stage 17 ------------------------SUB17
      Stage 18 ------------------------SUB18
      Stage 19 ------------------------SUB19
      Stage 20 ------------------------SUB20
      Stage 21 ------------------------SUB21
      Stage 22 ------------------------SUB22
      Stage 23 ------------------------SUB23
      Stage 24 ------------------------SUB24
      Stage 25 ------------------------SUB25
      Stage 26 ------------------------SUB26
      Stage 27 ------------------------SUB27
      Stage 28 ------------------------SUB28
      Stage 29 ------------------------SUB29
      Stage 30 ------------------------SUB30
      Stage 31 ------------------------SUB31
      Orange Cube Locations -----------SUBOC
      Character Obtainment ------------SUBCH
      Boss List -----------------------SUBBO
    Classic Mode ----------------------CLAMO
    Brawl Mode ------------------------BRAMO
    Events ----------------------------BRAEV
      1 Player ------------------------EVE1P
      2 Player ------------------------EVE2P
    Challenges ------------------------BRACH
    Items -----------------------------BRAIT
      Battle Items --------------------BATIT
      Assist Trophies -----------------ASTRP
      Pokeballs -----------------------BATPO
    Song List -------------------------BRACD
    Sticker List ----------------------STKLI
    Obtainable Trophies ---------------BRATR
    Stage Descriptions ----------------STADE
    Secrets ---------------------------BRASE
      Unlockable Characters -----------SECCH
      Unlockable Stages ---------------SECST
      Other Unlockables ---------------SECOT
    Credits ---------------------------TANKU
    Version History -------------------VERHI
    Version 0.1 
    All placeholders in place.
    Version 0.2 
    All characters done. Game modes added.
    Version 0.3 
    Items listed (not all assist trophies and pokeballs yet). 
    Version 0.4
    All unlockables and Events done.
    Version 0.5
    All items listed.
    Version 0.6 
    All Trophies added. Still have to put Stickers, SSE, and Classic 
    Version 0.7     3-6-2008
    Added Classic Mode and Brawl Mode description. 
    Version 0.8     3-8-2008
    Began on the SSE walkthrough. Also started listing Stickers. Fixed
    some typos and added some content on controls. Slightly changed
    layout as well.
    Version 0.9     3-9-2008
    Added Pit to Characters. (Whoops!) Continued with SSE walkthrough
    and added more content. Verified some things and changed false
    Version 0.95    3-10-2008
    Changed names to english. Deconfirmed and confirmed a lot. 
    Continued walkthrough and added more stickers and unlockables.
    Version 0.98    3-11-2008
    Added Stage Descriptions and Challenges section. Continued 
    walkthrough, added more stickers, and fixed some of the unlockable
    character info.
    Version 0.99    3-12-2008
    Added stickers and almost finished walkthrough. Still need to add
    Boss data and challenges, as well as some fixes.
    Version 1.00    3-17-2008
    Finished walkthrough. Added more stickers, fixed up lots of false 
    info, and changed all names to english (I think). Still updating 
    minor things, have to flesh out sections such as stages and 
    Version 1.1     3-20-2008
    Added more content to the SSE, as well as some more stickers. Also
    added more content to other sections, such as Challenges. Pretty 
    much finished all sections I have currently. Still need to tidy up
    a few details and fix possible errors, but the guide is pretty much
    done. Yay!
    Version 1.2     3-29-2008
    Added CD list. Fixed minor problems and a few fixes on Trophy info.
    Pretty much done with everything, maybe missing a few stickers but
    everything else is done.
    Version 1.3     4-19-2008
    S'been a while. I finished all the lists and went back over old
    sections. I think everything's accounted for, so I'm probably done
    updating the guide.
    Introduction ----------------------INTDU
    Hello all, and welcome to my very first FAQs. I hope it will help
    everyone while getting their Brawl on!
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a Nintendo fighting game made for four
    players to fight each other using various characters from 
    Nintendo's past games on stages that embody some of the most 
    memorable locales in Nintendo games gone by. All trademarks and
    copyrights in this guide are copyright their respective tradmark
    and copyright owners. This guide itself is copyright Miqe Eskridge
    Since it's my first FAQ, feel free to e-mail me at 
    butterfly.of.death at gmail.com
    with any questions or suggestions. I'll try and check it every 
    day. Be sure to put "Super Smash Bros Brawl FAQ" in the subject 
    line to avoid it getting deleted in SPAM.
    If you can see this whole line then you should have no problem 
    viewing the rest of the guide. 
    To navigate the guide quickly, hit Ctrl+F and type in the short
    5-character code listed in the Contents section for whatever 
    section you wish to view.
    The only sites allowed to host this FAQ is gamefaqs.com, MyCheats,
    NeoSeeker.com, livenintendo.com, supercheats.com, and 
    gamerevolution.com and cheatcc.com at the moment. Do not take or 
    reproduce any of this stuff without my permission. Let's get 
    started shall we?
    Moves/Controls --------------------MOCON
    All right, first, for those of you out there that have been living
    under a rock for the past decade or so, Smash Bros. is first and 
    foremost a multiplayer fighting game. Unlike traditional fighting
    games, there are no complicated, multi-button combo inputs that 
    create devastating attacks.
    Much to the critics dismay, the game is played primarily with two 
    buttons - one for attack and one for special attack. This is 
    fleshed out by using the control stick to add more and more attacks
    to each character's arsenal, as well as adding some variation on
    air attacks.
    Controllers -----------------------BRACO
    Still, Brawl offers more intense gameplay than ever in the series.
    The game brings new options for controls on the Wii, allowing
    for four different controller types. I'll go ahead an list all of 
    them and the basic controls, though you can customize your controls
    however you like.
    Wiimote - (Not Recommended)
    Control Pad   - Move (double tap to run), Duck, and Jump
    1             - Special Attack
    2             - Normal Attack
    1+2           - Smash Attack
    - button      - Grab
    A             - Taunt (Hold directions for other taunts)
    B             - Shield
    This controller is not recommended unless you don't have a nunchuk 
    attachment or a spare GCN controller for your friend. The awkward
    positioning of the shield button and grab button make this a hands
    Wiimote w/ Nunchuk - (Recommended)
    Control Stick on Nunchuk - Move, Duck, Jump
    Z on Nunchuk             - Shield
    C on Nunchuk             - Jump
    Control Pad Up           - Jump
    Control Pad right/left   - Grab
    Control Pad Down         - Duck
    1                        - Taunt (Up Taunt)
    2                        - Taunt (Down Taunt)
    1+2                      - Taunt (Side Taunt)
    A                        - Normal Attack
    B                        - Special Attack
    A+B                      - Grab
    While most old school players dislike this style at first, it has
    some untapped potential. A "Shake Smash" feature allows you to 
    shake the controller in a direction to perform a smash attack, 
    something that could prove as useful as the c-stick (or even more
    useful, seeing as you don't need a spare thumb to do it). It may
    take some getting used to, but it's definitely better than just
    the wiimote.
    GCN (Gamecube Nintendo) Controller - (Recommended)
    Control Stick          - Move, Duck, Jump
    Control Pad Up         - Taunt (Up Taunt)
    Control Pad Right/Left - Taunt (Side Taunt)
    Control Pad Down       - Taunt (Down Taunt)
    L                      - Shield
    R                      - Shield
    Z                      - Grab
    A                      - Normal Attack
    B                      - Special Attack
    C-stick                - Smash Attack
    X                      - Jump
    Y                      - Jump
    Highly recommended because it's just a solid control. Anyone who
    doesn't want to learn how to use the Nunchuk combo should
    definitely use one of these - it's worth going to buy a used one.
    Classic Controller - (Not Recommended)
    Control Stick (left)   - Move, Duck, Jump
    Control Stick (right)  - Smash Attack
    Control Pad Up         - Taunt (Up Taunt)
    Control Pad Right/Left - Taunt (Side Taunt)
    Control Pad Down       - Taunt (Down Taunt)
    L                      - Shield
    R                      - Shield
    Zl                     - Grab
    Zr                     - Grab
    a                      - Normal Attack
    b                      - Special Attack
    x                      - Jump
    y                      - Jump
    Although not terrible, the controller doesn't hold well for the 
    game (intense battles aren't good without grips). Although grab 
    buttons on both sides are a plus for those that single-button 
    grab. It just doesn't feel right.
    Attacks ---------------------------BRAAT
    The general attacks in the game are composed of normal attacks,
    smash attacks, and special attacks.
    Normal Attacks -
    Normal attacks are the usual run of the mill punches. These can be
    performed in a neutral position as well as while holding any 
    direction. They also can be performed while running, resulting in
    a sliding attack. Aerial attacks can also be performed in the
    neutral position or while holding any direction.
    Smash Attacks -
    Smash attacks are performed with the same button as a normal attack
    (or their own button) but with a quick tap in any direction. 
    Up-smash attacks usually are used for "juggling" opponents, while
    side-smash attacks are usually hard-hitting kill moves. Down-smash
    attacks usually have good range and knock back ability, commonly
    striking both directions. In the air, down-smash atacks are useful
    for "meteor smashing" opponents (knocking them straight down over a
    pit or trap) or have a drilling effect, while the other smash 
    attacks are used similarly to the ground smash attacks.
    Special Attacks -
    Special attacks are a completely different story. They vary a
    great deal from character to character. There are four special 
    moves for each character - the neutral-special (not touching the 
    control stick), side-special (either direction), up-special, and
    down-special. The neutral-special is commonly a charge up move or
    a projectile move (or both), the side-special move is usually a
    horizontal recovery move (saving yourself from being far away from 
    the platforms), the up-special move is usually a vertical recovery
    (saving yourself from being far below from the platforms), and the
    down special move is often a drop down attack. 
    None of these moves are definite and you should try out each 
    characters moves for yourself to see the abilites of each move. For
    detailed info on each character's moves, either see a character
    specific FAQ or check the Characters section.
    Shielding -
    Other basic attacks include shielding and throwing. Shielding 
    allows a shield to appear around your character, blocking attacks -
    but don't hold it too long or it will break and leave you 
    vulnerable. You can press right or left whil shielding to perform a
    roll. Also, a Throw will totally bypass a shield.
    Throwing -
    Throwing requires you to be close to an opponent (unless your 
    character shoots out a grappling hook or something) and allows you 
    to perform four different throws - Down, Up, Forward and Backwards.
    Usually a Down throw is for damage, Up throw is for juggling, and
    Forward/Backward throws are for off-screen kills (at high 
    percentages). Throwing can also be performed by holding the shield
    button and pressing the normal attack button.
    Advanced Moves --------------------BRAAD
    Dodge -
    While you can shield and press right or left to roll away from some
    attacks, you can also press down while shielding to do a dodge. For
    an instant you will be invulnerable to most attacks.
    L-cancel -
    While falling press down just before you hit the ground and your
    "down time" or lag from getting back will be greatly reduced. L
    stands for lag in this acronym.
    Perfect Shield -
    Press the shield just before being hit by an attack and your shield
    energy won't go down. Mastering this will allow you to block ANY
    attack it seems.
    New Moves -------------------------BRANE
    All those things are great, but there's some advanced techniques
    that come up in Brawl as well. I'll add more as they're discovered.
    Final Smash -
    This is a super move that can be performed after breaking a smash 
    ball (see items). By pressing the neutral special attack button, 
    your character will perform a specific super attack that usually
    can KO at least one opponent.
    Wall-Jump/Wall-Cling -
    While some could perform the Wall-Jump in Smash Bros. Melee, this 
    time around a lot of characters can not only jump off of walls but
    hold on to them for a few seconds. 
    Swimming -
    When you land in water, you can swim for a short duration. Any time
    you jump out of the water it's treated as you jumping off of the
    ground. If your character starts to drown, get out of the water and
    on dry land quickly or you will drown.
    Reverse Throw -
    The reverse throw is the fastest throw in the game. It is performed
    by running in one direction, then turning around a performing a 
    throw immediately. It will grab your opponent faster than a regular
    throw, and is quite unexpected sometimes.
    Aerial Dodge -
    While not new, this move has been totally changed in this 
    installment of Smash. Wave-Dashing (for those that played Melee) is
    TOTALLY GONE. Nintendo fixed that glitch, causing mixed reactions 
    throughout the Smash community. Guess you pros will have to get 
    used to slowing down, huh? 
    Anyway, Aerial Dodges require you to press the Shield button while 
    in air, and your character will become invulnerable for a fraction 
    of a second. The new mechanics allow you to Aerial Dodge many times 
    in a row, or jump or attack after you perform an Aerial Dodge. The 
    catch is that you can no longer "move" while dodging, just 
    following your momentum as you fall.
    Gliding -
    Certain characters can glide (Charizard, Pit, and Meta Knight) by
    performing a jump with the jump button and holding it down. The
    character will then get into a gliding stance and fly forward,
    descending slowly. By pressing down or forward you can tilt steeper
    down into a faster descent, and by pressing back or up will slow 
    you down to a snail's pace and you will eventually stall out. You
    cannot change direction during a glide.
    Footstool Jump -
    If your character jumps over another character and lands on their
    head, if you press jump just as you touch them you will bounce off 
    their head, providing you a boost. This is also useful if your 
    enemy is airborne, as they will plummet straight down, into a pit
    or a platform below.
    Shield Roll Toss -
    This is a new technique that allows you to throw any items you're 
    holding (or turnips for example) as you're shielding. To do this,
    Shield and Roll in the direction you want to throw, then press the
    Normal Attack or Throw button to throw the item. You will continue
    rolling and the item will fly away. 
    Ledge Tether -
    Not sure if this one is totally new, but for the characters that
    have a grapple or shoot something out for their grab you can do a
    grab in mid-air near a ledge and the hook/beam/whatever will attach
    itself to the ledge. You usually have to be almost horizontally 
    lined up with the ledge, but there is some leeway, depedning on the
    Tripping -
    Wow, this sucks. Randomly you will trip and your character will 
    fall over and do a faceplant. Try to be prepared for this, but it's
    totally random it seems. Turning around, starting to run, or being 
    on ice seems to raise the chance of tripping.
    This is a recently discovered move. It allows you to do your up
    smash attack on the ground with a huge boost of momentum. To do it,
    you need to run and do a dash attack. Just as the dash attack 
    begins, press up and Grab to cancel the attack. VERY QUICKLY after
    cancelling the attack perform an up smash. 
    This move is tricky to pull off and only effective for a few 
    characters, but it's surprisingly useful. If used correctly, you
    can fly halfway across Final Destination in an instant using an up
    smash the whole time. Search Boost Smash in YouTube if you want to
    see it in action.
    Characters ------------------------STACH
    In this section I'll discuss each of the starting roster's 
    characters. For damage info, check out the damage guide. This 
    section will discuss the character's themselves then list their
    final smash description. For info on hidden characters, see the 
    Secrets section.
    *Note: This only describes the characters and a little about them.
    To get specifics and tips on how to use a character, check out in
    depth guides on them.
    Mario -----------------------------CHA01
    Games: Anything with "Mario" in it... except Mario's Missing
    Mario, the red-clad plumber that has wall-jumped off of practically
    everything in existence. He makes his third appearance in the 
    Smash series, packing a similar punch as his average build and good
    beginner moves come back in force. 
    Final Smash - Mario Finale
    Mario shoots out his fireballs with a twist. Two fireballs are 
    unleashed in the direction the player is facing, and they slowly
    split upwards and downwards in a small "v" pattern. Better if used
    on the far edge of a screen.
    Unique Abilities - 
    Mario doesn't have anything too special. He's your typical all-
    around fighter.
    Peach -----------------------------CHA02
    Games: Usually at the "rescuee" end, but most Mario series games
    The blushing princess returns for her second Smash appearance,
    bringing her crazy floaty moves and turnips back into the ring. She
    has been weakened from her previous visit, but that doesn't mean
    she can't still pack a devastating punch!
    Final Smash - Peach Blossom
    Peach dances to entrance her opponents into a deep sleep. Peaches
    appear all over the stage, allowing Peach a rest to eat all she 
    wants or smash her opponents while they're out.
    Unique Abilities -
    Peach has the ability to float for a few moments after jumping. If
    you hold your jump button or up on the movement stick, she will 
    float and can attack and move right and left.
    Bowser ----------------------------CHA03
    Games: Anything with Mario that ends with a fiery castle, but 
    Super Mario Galaxy is probably the most recent
    King Koopa shows up again for his second Smash appearance. His
    flames and sharp spike-shell return for more plumber-punishment.
    Final Smash - Giga Bowser
    And you thought he was a heavyweight before? Bowser grows into his
    excessively large form for about 15 seconds, allowing him to pummel 
    his tiny foes.
    Unique Abilities - 
    Bowser's one of the slower characters. He's not terribly slow to 
    move, but he's got some slow attacks. He's definitely got a weight
    Yoshi -----------------------------CHA04
    Games: Started in Super Mario World, now an eternal rival to Luigi
    for Mario's sidekick role
    The loveable green dinosaur returns for his third season of Smash.
    He comes hungry, ready to eat his foes and use eggs like bombs.
    Final Smash - Super Dragon
    One of the better final smashes in my opinion, Yoshi dons wings and
    fire breath just like back in Super Mario World. Players can fly 
    freely around the stage and shoot fire for a short while.
    Unique Abilities -
    Yoshi has the disadvantage of not having a "third jump" by using 
    his up special attack (Well, not MUCH of one anyway). Instead, his 
    second jump is very high, and also has a strong resistance to 
    Wario -----------------------------CHA05
    Games: WarioWare games are his main staple nowadays
    Mario's crazy (other) arch-nemesis arrives for his first Smash
    appearance. He provides almost as many laughs as he does damage 
    with his... unique fighting style.
    Final Smash - Wario-Man
    Wario eats some garlic and busts out of his costume into a... 
    totally different costume. Players can run around with a boosted 
    speed and extra damage, and the ability to cancel moves used 
    against Wario. 
    Unique Abilities -
    Wario is unique in the fact that he has 10 different costumes 
    instead of 5. The additional 5 are his original overalls.
    Wario's down special is annoying at first because it takes about 90
    seconds to charge. Once it's charged, using it will do a massively
    damaging attack and send Wario flying upwards.
    Pikachu ---------------------------CHA06
    Games: Anything with "Pokemon" in it
    Pikachu shocks his way back into the battle for a third time, 
    bringing his signature electric moves. Not much has changed for the
    little guy, so veteran's will love/hate him as much as they used 
    Final Smash - Volt Tackle
    Ah yes, the legendary Volt Tackle. Pikachu lights up in a giant 
    electric ball which can be maneuvered in any direction, free to 
    pass through solid objects or any other terrain. Be careful when 
    you're done, as you can easily get caught under a platform.
    Unique Abilities -
    Pikachu's up special attack can actually be performed twice. If you
    press a direction after initiating the move, Pikachu will teleport
    there, but after he disappears, if you change the direction you're
    holding, even slightly, he will disappear again and appear again
    Pokemon Trainer -------------------CHA07
    Games: Pokemon series
    This interesting character makes his debut appearance in Brawl. He
    brings with him three pokemon - and no desire to join in the fight.
    Not himself anyway. You will instead play as his three pokemon - 
    Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle.
    Final Smash - Triple Finish
    It's super effective! Actually, this move pulls out all three 
    pokemon for a triple attack that blasts a beam out in the direction
    the player is facing. The closer the enemy is to the attack the 
    more damage they'll take, seeing as how there are extra explosions
    at ground zero.
    Unique Abilities -
    You can choose which Pokemon you start out with by pressing your 
    character picture when choosing your character. Just click on 
    whichever Pokemon you want in the picture to select that as your 
    After about 2 minutes of having the same Pokemon out, your pokemon
    will become fatigues, moving slower and dealing less damage. Switch 
    out to give them a break.
    When changing Pokemon you'll retain damage meters and Final Smash
    aura, but you'll lose most power-ups like being giant or fast.
    Charizard has more than two jumps (five I believe) as well.
    Fox -------------------------------CHA08
    Games: Star Fox series
    Fox does a barrel roll back onto the Smash scene for his third 
    showing. He comes packing his laser and his patented "shine" that
    reflects practically everything.
    Final Smash - Landmaster
    Yes, a Landmaster Tank, for those that have played any Star Fox 
    but the original (and that walking around one, unless it had a 
    Landmaster too). Fox calls out a Landmaster from the sky, which can
    then proceed to run over, blast away, or hover around the rest of 
    the opponents. It can turn around as well, or even "Do a barrel 
    roll!" if you press down twice.
    Unique Abilities - 
    Fox is very fast. Other than that, he's a relatively normal 
    Fox's side special can be devastating to newer players and an easy
    suicide move. To avoid killing yourself, you can press the side
    attack again during the move to cancel the move and stop before you 
    fly off a ledge.
    Link ------------------------------CHA09
    Games: Anything with "Zelda" in it
    Link returns for his third appearance in Smash. He brings all the
    projectiles you loved from the previous series (well, the boomerang
    is different but it's still a boomerang) with his new vamped up 
    Twilight Princess model.
    Final Smash - Triforce Slash
    Link shoots out light to trap opponents and commences to slash and
    hack his way through them. Lots of damage and cool graphics, but
    not much to say about it past that. He can trap multiple opponents
    here, but the real kicker is the final stab at the end of the move,
    resulting in almost certain death.
    Unique Abilities -
    Link has a great number of projectiles, but he also has the tether
    ability. He can use his grappling hook to latch on to edges.
    His shield also is useful as a projectile blocking device (I mean 
    his metal shield, not the shield that pops up when you press the
    shield button). If you do not move or press anything Link will hold
    his shield in front of him and block any projectiles that come in
    contact with the shield, such as lazers, arrows, or such.
    Zelda/Sheik -----------------------CHA10
    Games: Again, anything with "Zelda" in it (technically Ocarina of
    Time for Sheik)
    Zelda returns for her second attempt at a Smash title. She brings 
    back her signature transformation to Sheik, a ninja-esque type that
    contrasts her princess form in speed and mobility.
    Final Smash - Light Arrow
    A quick flash and everyone in a straight line from Zelda's bow gets
    caught up in a massive shot. The only difference in the forms is
    at what angle the combatants fly away after being hit by the arrow
    (Zelda shoots enemies upwards while Sheik shoots more straight off
    the side of the screen).
    Unique Abilities -
    To choose between Zelda and Sheik before you begin the match, click 
    on the character in your character profile window (the picture of 
    the character under your 1P, 2P, 3P, or 4P box).
    Zelda's "lightning kicks" are performed by doing front or back 
    attacks in the air. If you hit the enemy just as the move's starting
    and get a clean hit, then they will be electrified and be knocked
    back quite a ways.
    Kirby -----------------------------CHA11
    Games: The Kirby series
    Kirby floats back to the battlefield for a third time. Eating up
    everything and everyone in sight, he brings all his moves back 
    (with a few new normal attacks).
    Final Smash - Cook Kirby
    Kirby gathers all the fighters in his pot and brings them to a slow 
    simmer. Damage ensues, then they fly out of the pot and back into 
    the fray.
    Unique Abilities -
    Kirby has 6 jumps I believe, giving him a lot of ability to come
    back after being hit off the screen, as well as his up special to 
    add even more vertical recovery.
    King Dedede -----------------------CHA12
    Games: Kirby series
    King Dedede makes his debut in this Smash. Kirby's arch-nemesis 
    brings his giant hammer with him into the battle, not to mention 
    his endless army of minions!
    Final Smash - Waddle Dee Army
    Dedede calls forth his army, and a mass of Waddle Dees and Waddle
    Doos fall out of the sky and run off the sides. Highly effective
    against multiple opponents.
    Unique Abilities -
    Dedede has a few extra jumps, 5 I believe, but he's got some very
    slow attacks.
    Interestingly enough, Masahiro Sakurai (the head of the game's 
    development) did the voice for Dedede.
    Meta Knight -----------------------CHA13
    Games: Kirby series
    Meta Knight swoops in for his first appearence in the Smash series.
    The villain brings his trusty sword and cape into the mix, 
    attacking much faster than his looks give him credit for.
    Final Smash - Galaxia Darkness
    Meta Knight flashes his cape out, trying to trap nearby opponents.
    Be sure to catch SOMEONE in the cape, as otherwise it will be 
    totally useless. If you catch someone, Meta Knight will lash out
    with a strong attack, possibly catching other enemies close by.
    Unique Abilities -
    Meta Knight has multiple jumps, as well as a lot of recovery moves
    along with the ability to glide. Just be careful as almost all of
    his special attacks make him unable to jump or do anything after 
    they're completed, so plan out when to use them.
    Donkey Kong -----------------------CHA14
    Games: Old School Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong series
    The king of Kongs comes back for a third season of Smash. He comes
    bearing all the attacks everyone's favorite ape should, along with
    an upgraded character model.
    Final Smash - Konga Beat
    Donkey pulls out the big bongos for this one. He pounds the drums
    to create shockwaves eminating from him, and if the player times
    attacks right, he can send extra-strong waves out in either 
    direction (up and down or right and left).
    *Note: If you play the Konga Beat perfectly without missing a beat,
    Donkey Kong will get a fully charged Giant Punch (neutral special 
    Unique Abilities -
    Donkey Kong is unique in that his forward throw will pick up the 
    enemy, allowing you to carry your opponent. 
    Diddy Kong ------------------------CHA15
    Games: Donkey Kong series
    Donkey's little buddy breaks onto the Smash scene for the first 
    time in Brawl. He's a lot quicker than his burly counterpart, with
    more maneuverability than you can shake a banana peel at.
    Final Smash - Rocketbarrel Barrage
    One of the craziest final smashes in the game, Diddy puts on a 
    rocket pack and pulls out dual popguns to fly like a madman. This
    move requires the player to control Diddy's movements from right to
    left, and is very awkward at first. It takes some getting used to, 
    but he definitely can do some crazy aerobatics with those rockets.
    At the end of the move, Diddy's rockets will shoot off and explode 
    nearby, doing a very damaging attack if it connects.
    Unique Abilities-
    He has a lot of speed and maneuverability, but he's kind of a light
    Samus/Zero Suit Samus -------------CHA16
    Games: Metroid series
    Samus busts back into Smash for her third showing, this time 
    bringing a totally new transformation into the mix - her Zero Suit
    (without armor basically).
    Final Smash (Samus) - Zero Laser
    Take Samus's old blaster and toss it out the window. This thing
    explodes from one side of the screen to the other, taking out
    everything in it's path. It goes straight, but has a large blast
    radius. Afterwards you'll be switched into Zero Suit Samus.
    *Note: You can slightly affect the direction of the Zero Laser (up
    or down) by pressing up or down during the Final Smash animation.
    Final Smash (Zero Suit Samus) - Power Suit Samus
    ZSS lights up in a flash, badly damaging anyone close to her. After
    pulling it off, you'll be back to normal Samus.
    Unique Abilties -
    To begin the match as ZSS, hold down the Shield button on whatever 
    controller you're using as you select Samus until you can choose 
    your stage. (Must hold it ALL the way until the stage selection 
    To change from Samus to ZSS without using Final Smash, press up/
    down/up on the control pad (the taunts, up/down/up) and 
    you can switch between them. You must press it VERY quickly, and 
    this will only allow you to go from Samus to ZSS, not the other 
    Ice Climbers ----------------------CHA17
    Games: Ice Climbers
    Ice Climbers return for their second Smash, much to mixed 
    reactions. Many hated the duo in the previous installment, but that
    didn't stop them from coming back for more!
    Final Smash - Iceberg
    A giant iceberg comes flying up out of nowhere, engulfing most of 
    the stage. It's slippery, and causes slow and painful torture to 
    any combatants (except the Ice Climbers who summoned it) that are
    close enough.
    Unique Abilities -
    That would be the fact that there's two of them. Nana (the computer
    controlled Ice Climber) has gotten a lot smarter in this game, and
    will fight by herself if she gets seperated. Losing her makes their
    up special attack much less useful as well.
    Ike -------------------------------CHA18
    Games: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
    Fire Emblem's newest hero enters the Smash arena for the first 
    time, replacing Roy from the previous installment (don't get me 
    wrong, he's totally different than Roy, but Roy's not here 
    Final Smash - Great Aether
    Ike throws his sword up, just like his Up-special attack, catching
    foes in it's path. He then jumps up with it and slashes away at
    anything and everything, causing massive damage. He'll eventually
    come crashing back down to the ground in an explosive finish.
    Unique Abilities -
    His normal attacks are slow, but his special attacks seem decently
    fast. Take care when fighting projectile users.
    Lucas -----------------------------CHA19
    Games: Mother 3 (Earthbound series)
    Lucas comes in from the Mother/Earthbound series for the first time
    in Brawl. Anyone who was a fan of Ness in the previous installments
    will likely be very familiar with Lucas's moves.
    Final Smash - PK Starstorm
    Gotta be honest with you, this final smash is pretty dumb in my 
    opinion. Lucas calls forth stars to rain straight down from the 
    sky, and while they're huge and damaging, they're slow and kind
    of erratic in their placement. I've seen someone stand there, not
    moving, and only get hit once for 14%. Still, with luck you can
    get a lot of hits off and bust some people up.
    Unique Abilities -
    His "third jump" is actually very effective as an attack, but a bit
    harder to perform than some characters. To perform it use his up
    special attack and curve the lightning ball around to hit yourself.
    This will send you flying in the direction away from the ball, but
    it takes practice.
    Olimar and Pikmin -----------------CHA20
    Games: Pikmin series
    Captain Olimar shows up for his Smash debut, packing an unlimited
    supply of pikmin at his disposal. Definitely a new feel in the 
    game, he's quite unique in his attacks.
    Final Smash - End of Day
    Olimar hops in his ship and flys away, cementing everyone to the 
    ground. Then... some stuff happens, and everyone gets beaten up off 
    screen for a ton of damage. If you're lucky enough to crash land
    on someone afterwards, they're most likely goners.
    Unique Abilities - 
    Use his neutral special to pull out various Pikmin. Without pikmin,
    his attacks will be weak (if effective at all) and his up special
    will not travel as far. Each different colored Pikmin has a 
    different ability.
    Pit -------------------------------CHA21
    Games: Kid Icarus
    The angel of Palutena comes flying in to the Smash series for his
    first appearance, boasting lots of air time, a nice projectile and
    a decent combo set with his blade-bow.
    Final Smash - Army of Palutena
    Pit calls on the angels of the Goddess Palutena to join the fight.
    They appear on screen and dart at the closest foe one at a time.
    Unique Abilities -
    Pit has amazing recovery using his up special attack. Not only that
    but he has 5 jumps, making him able to recover from almost any non-
    lethal attack.
    Game Modes ------------------------GAMOD
    Here is a list of all the Game Modes and what they are basically.
    Classic Mode -
    Here's where you will fight battles arcade style, stage by stage,
    until you reach the end. A few themes occur every stage, and a
    random minigame is tossed in for fun.
    Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary -
    This is a one-player or two-player cooperative mode that plays
    like an old platformer. It has a storyline and 31 stages to 
    complete, including bosses and other battles. Here you can find a
    lot of trophies and stickers, the latter of which you can use to 
    power up your characters by sticking them to the bottom of your 
    character's trophy.
    Events Mode -
    Events return for more challenges! Here you will be given events 
    with a specific clear challenge. Sometimes it's just to kill your
    opponent, but sometimes it's much different, such as turning leaves
    red or not destroying any part of the stage. You will unlock more
    events as you beat the ones you have. Not only is it extensive
    single player fun, but you can add a second person for two player
    events that are totally different!
    Target Test - 
    Here is where you will choose a character and try to break all of
    the targets given using their moveset. Unlike previous 
    installments,each character has five different settings of 
    difficulty for their target tests.
    Homerun Contest -
    The homerun contest returns. In this mode, you will choose your 
    character and attempt to beat on a sandbag for 10 seconds and then
    unleash a killing blow to send it as far as you can.
    ============Multi-Man Brawl=============
    10-Man Brawl -
    Defeat 10 alloys (faceless characters) with any 
    100-Man Brawl -
    Defeat 100 alloys with any character.
    3-Minute Brawl -
    Survive for 3 minutes against endless alloys.
    15-Minute Brawl -
    Survive for 15 minutes against endless alloys.
    Endless Brawl -
    Survive as long as you can against endless alloys.
    Cruel Brawl -
    Survive as long as you can against endless alloys with no items.
    Training Mode -
    Pick your character and practice moves on a computer opponent. You 
    can set the computer to try to kill you or just stand there, or 
    even to a second controller. Pausing the game will bring up a menu 
    showing details and letting you change your opponent's moves or 
    even the speed of the battle.
    Brawl Mode -
    This is where you'll be doing most of the multiplayer. Here you can
    have up to four people fight on different stages with different 
    rules, such as stock (lives), time, or even fight over coins.
    Rules -
    Change the rules for your Brawl Mode here. 
    Special Brawl -
    Here is where you can set crazy rules to your fight, such as size
    of players, effect of gravity, or even the speed of the match.
    Rotation -
    In case you have too many friends, you can play with rotation to
    allow everyone a turn. Set different rules such as winner out or
    bottom 2 out, depending on how many people you have.
    Tourney - 
    Here's where you get a whole bunch of people to test their skill.
    You can have up to 32 participants in this bracket style 
    elimination tournament.
    Names -
    Here you can set your name for your profile or friends' profiles.
    With Friends - 
    This option will allow you to play with friends that you have 
    Friend Codes for.
    With Anyone - 
    This will let you play Brawls with random players. You also have
    the option to spectate in these matches, just watching and perhaps
    betting on the winner with coins from your vault.
    Options -
    Here you can turn on Allow Spectators, which will allow people to 
    watch your "With Anyone" matches. Also, you can turn on Smash 
    Service which will allow you to recieve data from Nintendo every
    day you log into Wi-Fi. This includes a custom stage and photo 
    data, but will be deleted after the day is done.
    -------------With Friends---------------
    Brawl Mode -
    Here you can choose to hook up with a friend to Brawl. You can have 
    any combination of amount of players on any Wii, such as 1 player 
    on 1 Wii and 3 players on another.
    Friend Roster -
    Here you will input your friend's Friend codes and Brawl codes. 
    Seriously Nintendo, it's getting old.
    Team Multi-Man Brawl -
    Here you can hook up with someone online to take on any of the 
    Multi-Man Brawl challenges.
    Home-run Contest -
    Join a friend to beat that sandbag and send it flying!
    -------------With Anyone----------------
    Spectator -
    Here's where you will watch other matches. You can watch normal
    matches or Team Matches, and you can place bets on the winner, 
    possibly winning you some coins.
    Basic Brawl - 
    A two-minute match against 3 random opponents. Straight forward.
    Team Battle -
    You and a random ally will take on two other brawlers.
    Trophies and Stickers -
    Here you can look at your trophies and stickers collected. You can
    use the Coin Launcher here to get more trophies, as well as move
    your trophies and stickers around to take pictures of them.
    Coin Launcher -
    Here you can use the coins you collect to get more trophies! Just
    shoot coins into the launcher and try to hit the moving targets in
    a scrolling shooter type mode. Trophies will fly by randomly, and
    if you hit them enough before they escape you will add them to your
    vault. Simple isn't it?
    Stage Builder -
    Here you can design your own stages! You can use parts from a set
    list, but you can make any number of possible (or impossible) 
    stages for you and your friends!
    Album -
    You can view all your photos here. You can take snapshots in most
    modes, but not online (I think).
    Challenges Mode -
    Here is where you can unlock all kinds of extras. Just look at the
    red windows to see what you need to do to unlock them (there won't
    be any red windows right off, they'll appear when accomplish other
    challenges). Once you unlock a challenge, the two challenges on 
    either side of it will turn red and you can view the requirements
    to unlock it.
    Replays -
    View your replays here. Take replays after matches or contests, but
    you can only take about 3 minutes worth of a replay at a time.
    Masterpieces -
    Here you can play the games that feature some of the characters in
    Brawl! You can play demos of the game for a few minutes or less, 
    just to get a feel of the classics.
    Chronicle -
    View the games that had content taken in to Smash. An encyclopedia
    of games, if you will.
    Here you can set the different settings on your controller, screen,
    and sound. Also, here you can erase your data and start over. One
    last feature here is the My Music, which will allow you to change
    the frequency of songs on particular stages.
    Movies -
    Watch various movies from trailers to all the movies you've seen in 
    the Subspace Emissary.
    Records -
    View all the statistics of your game, from what characters have 
    KO'd the most, swam the most, or SD'd the most to how long your 
    game has been on.
    Sound Test -
    Listen to the sounds of the game. At the top you can switch from
    the Music songs of the game to the Sound Effects of the different
    Subspace Emissary -----------------SUBEM
    Here I will list the stages of the Subspace Emissary. Each stage
    will have a walkthrough, with a seperate section on secrets, such
    as orange cube and secret door locations. There will be no spoilers
    here, as far as story or unlockable extra characters goes.
    Features --------------------------SUBFE
    Subspace Emissary is an offline mode where one or two players can
    play through a storyline. While playing you can earn trophies, CDs,
    or even stickers, which are used in this mode.
    To use stickers, go to the World Map (available after beating Stage
    1) and click on the Sticker button. You'll be taken to the Sticker
    Mode where you can build up your characters by applying Stickers.
    Sticker Mode -
    Sticker mode is where you'll apply stickers. In the bottom right 
    hand corner you will see the character you're applying stickers to.
    To switch characters, press the buttons shown to either side of the
    character (left and right on the control PAD on GCN, classic 
    controller, and Wiimote/Nunchuk Combo, A and - on the Wiimote).
    To apply a sticker, choose it in the list and choose where you want 
    it to be on the trophy base. Be careful, as you cannot put stickers
    on top of each other. You can manually place as many stickers as 
    can fit, or you can use the options to sort the stickers or 
    randomly fill the trophy base.
    Once you are ready, just hit the big OK button on the left to apply
    all placed stickers. Once you apply a sticker, it's stuck there. 
    You CAN take a sticker off, but you will lose that sticker forever.
    Take care in using stickers, as they're a great help but you might
    not get that sticker again for a while!
    Stage 1 ---------------------------SUB01
    Stage 1 - Midair Stadium
    The SSE (Subspace Emissary from here on out) opens with a cinematic
    showing you a match between to familiar faces. Choose whichever
    character you'd rather fight as and defeat the other in single 
    stock Brawl. 
    After a cutscene an army of Primids will appear. Choose which of 
    the four characters you want to fight with and in what order they
    will come out, then defeat all 30 of the Primids to move on.
    Another cutscene, and then it's time for your first...
    Boss Battle! - Boss #1
    Your first boss shouldn't be too difficult. You must decide on
    saving one of the two imprisoned characters, so choose and beat up
    on the cage surrounding that one. Watch another cutscene and Stage
    1 is done. Whichever character you destroy the cage of will join 
    your party. 
    Stage 2 ---------------------------SUB02
    Stage 2 - Skyworld
    Watch a cutscene as the stage begins. In the first part of the
    stage, just go down to the bottom of the level and then right over
    to the door.
    Another cutscene, and a small battle with Primids takes place. 
    Afterwards move right, fighting enemies and jumping over simple 
    pitfalls. The mini-boss at the end is simple enough, just shield 
    and roll past him to avoid his attacks.
    Another cutscene and you've got a friend to help out. Choose which 
    character you'd like to fight as first, then proceed downwards past
    the bumpers. At the bottom, move right past the obstacles and the 
    windmill. Keep moving right over the platforms and shifting 
    platforms to reach the door.
    The next area slowly scrolls upward, so just jump on the platforms
    slowly. Once you reach the top, jump off and go back to the bottom 
    and enter the door. 
    The next area is a short clip to the right and a required battle 
    against some enemies. After defeating them, a mini-boss will show 
    up. Just stand in between his bullets as they fire to avoid being 
    hit and beat him between shots. Move on to the door to finish the
    Stage 3 ---------------------------SUB03
    Stage 3 - Sea of Clouds
    After the opening cinema, choose which character you'd like to play
    as. Move to the right in the opening area, which will end abruptly.
    After another cinema, choose your character again (what was the 
    point of that?). Move through the stage, going right then down, 
    then left, then down, then right where EVENTUALLY you'll get to a 
    At the next area move right until you see disappearing platforms.
    Here a portal will open up, sending out enemies. Destroy the portal
    then beat the enemies to move forward. Head left and watch out for
    the falling rocks. When you reach the pit, another portal will 
    open. Destroy it again to move on, then head right. This time the
    rocks roll, so seek cover from a platform or overhang.
    The mini-boss is back, doing many of the same moves. Avoid jumping
    as this will cause him to do a giant spinning attack. Head right to
    the door after he's done and end the stage.
    Stage 4 ---------------------------SUB04
    Stage 4 - The Jungle
    After a cutscene, choose your character. Move right past the 
    enemies and use the barrels to climb up cliffs and get past the 
    pits. Go in the door to the next area.
    Here there will be a lot of railed bumpers. Most will either do 
    nothing or break some blocks for an item or trophy. Move to the 
    right until you find a big chasm, then hit the bumper at the edge 
    to raise a platform. After heading across the platform, you will 
    fight a bunch of enemies in a closed space. Watch out for the heat-
    seeking flying enemies (I know what their name is, but I'm trying
    to be spoiler-free) as they tend to be very annoying. Continue 
    right into a barrel to get to the door.
    The next area is your classic elevator stage, where you will ride 
    an elevator up, fighting off enemies as they fall or fly in. Go in 
    the door at the top.
    The next area is a downward plunge. Try avoiding the enemies as you 
    fall. At the bottom you'll face a few enemies and a Giant version
    as well. Go in the door when you're done.
    After a cutscene, the stage will end.
    Stage 5 ---------------------------SUB05
    Stage 5 - The Plain
    Start by going right while attacking/avoiding the enemies. Break 
    through the blocks and continue right  into the ruins. Watch out, 
    as the wall will start to move behind you, pushing you forward. 
    Keep jumping over the pits and go down after you reach the end of 
    the tunnel, breaking through the blocks. Move right some more and
    go through another door. 
    In the next area get on the platform and it will drift out. Fight
    enemies every time it stops and defeat them all to get it going 
    again. When you get to the end move right to be greeted with
    another cinema. After watching it, the stage is over.
    Stage 6 ---------------------------SUB06
    Stage 6 - The Lake
    Goodness this one's long. Hooray more cinema! After the cinema, 
    choose your character and then it's time for another...
    Boss Battle! - Boss #2
    This battle it much tougher than the previous. See the Boss List
    section for details on it. 
    Watch the cinema then choose your character again. Head right. This
    next section is just comprised of going through the first door you
    see to pass obstacles. Go through the yellow door to get past the 
    wall, then the blue door to get past the next obstacle. Head down 
    the shaft and into the yellow door. 
    In the darkness, there is a bomb square at the top middle of the 
    small enclosed space you're trapped in. Just jump and up-attack in 
    the middle to break the blocks, then head up to the top. Go left 
    and into the blue door, then head back to the right. Break through
    the wall and into the door.
    This area is a bit more complicated. Don't go into the red door, as
    it's a trap until you've finished the area. Go into the yellow door
    and head the right. Defeat the enemies that appear in the small 
    room and hit the bomb square, then head back through the blue door. 
    Go right and up the small shaft that's appeared and hit the switch.
    Now you can finally go through the red door.
    Here you need to go through yellow door then defeat the enemy 
    there. After that go through the red door that appears.
    Here you're on a raft. Fight off the enemies and stay alive as the
    raft drifts to the right. You don't have to enter the red door if
    you don't want to. After a while, you'll automatically move to the 
    next area.
    Head right over the pit and into barrel. In the next area, you have 
    defeat the dark character. It's just a one stock match, but he is 
    no push-over. Afterwards watch a cinema and the stage will be over.
    Stage 7 ---------------------------SUB07
    Stage 7 - The Ruined Zoo
    'Nother cinema, then it's time to run! Run away from the statue
    following you. Basically, the stage scrolls to the right and you 
    need to stay to the right. Be sure to press the red buttons to open
    the gates. Eventually another cinema will play, and a friend will
    come to the rescue.
    After the cinema, it's time to choose your character and fight 
    Boss Battle! - Boss #3
    See the info in the Boss List about this bad boy.
    Watch the cinema, then choose your character. Head to the right, 
    avoiding the pits and spikes. Once you pass a few of the swinging
    platforms, you'll have to beat a few enemies on a platform 
    surrounded by spikes. The floating enemies are a pain, as they heal
    if you don't hit them fast enough. Afterwards head right and into 
    the door.
    Head right in the next area to find another battle with a bunch of 
    enemies. When they flash they spawn more of themselves, so don't
    stop beating on them. Beat them all, then head to the top right and 
    through the door.
    The next area is more of the same. Keep moving right, using springs
    to pass the big wall. on the high platform, you will face more 
    enemies. Beat them all to continue, jumping over or using the 
    springs to get past the high spikes. A little bit farther and the
    stage is over.
    Stage 8 ---------------------------SUB08
    Stage 8 - The Battlefield Fortress 
    Yay, another pretty cinema. Head right and down through the 
    passageway, continuing along the path. When you reach a fork in the
    road, going down will lead to traps and up will lead to enemies. 
    The traps are easily dodged, so I suggest down, hitting the switch 
    to open the door and moving on. Go into the door at the very bottom
    left to get to the next area.
    Here you will have to use a special attack to get through the door.
    After you get through, head left, avoiding or killing the enemies. 
    Go into the door and watch the pretty cinema.
    Choose your character when the cinema is done and then duke it out
    with 30 enemies. You will be constantly pushed to the left, and 
    near the end a giant previous mini-boss will appear.
    Afterwards, head to the left. Beat up the enemies that appear, then
    head left again to face a mini boss. He moves slow, so just roll 
    around him to beat him from behind. Then move on to the left, and
    the screen will start scrolling. Beat the enemies and jump over 
    the hanging cliff. Beat more enemies, including a giant previous
    mini-boss, and continue left. More enemies near a hole and even 
    more enemies up on a platform. Finally go into the door.
    Fall down into the mine cart. After the dip, be careful to jump
    out before it crashes into the wall. You don't have to go in the
    door if you don't want to. Move to the right to fight more enemies.
    Ride the mine cart afterwards and follow the warnings to jump out. 
    When a "!" appears, get ready to jump to the next mine cart. Stay
    inside though, as there are a lot of enemies and cliffs to deal 
    with otherwise. At the end, there is a big chasm and you must ride
    the cart to the right then jump out onto the platform with the 
    Outside, head to the right again and another cinema takes place. 
    Choose your character order and get ready. Head right to fight more
    enemies, some of which grow after being hit. Defeat them with hard
    hits, then move right. Yay for more cinema, and FINALLY the stage 
    is over.
    Stage 9 ---------------------------SUB09
    Stage 9 - The Forest
    Watch the cinema, choose your character. Move right, then fight the
    enemies on the rising/falling platform, then head right again. Go
    past the trees until you have to fight more enemies. Watch out for
    the flying enemies when they shoot bullets. Right some more to the
    At the next area head right again. Avoid the crazy moving enemies
    that fly around, and keep heading right. Spring up the cliff, then 
    head right for more enemies on some platforms. Move right more, 
    over the stone blocks to the far right. At the far right, hit the
    bomb block to reveal the door to the next area.
    Head right, using the bumpers to destroy the blocks in your way. 
    Watch out, as some bumpers destroy blocks that cover holes. 
    Continue right past all the shelled monsters, then hit the switch
    and climb upwards. The switch only lasts a moment, so hurry up. 
    Break through with the bumper and head right. Bounce up to the 
    platform and fight the enemies. Head right for more cinema 
    goodness. Hooray, stage is done!
    Stage 10 --------------------------SUB10
    Stage 10 - The Research Facility
    Cinema time, then head right to the door. In the next area, take
    the elevator up to the top (press up while standing there) and 
    head right to the next door.
    More cinema time, then choose your character. Head right to the 
    door. In the next area, go right past the windmill and down to the
    bottom right door. Move right and fight some mini-bosses from 
    before. Then head all the way right and beat up the enemies in the
    room. Grab the key and go back left, going up the fork and throw
    the key at the locked door to open it. Head up and right from the
    next room, beating the spinning enemy and grabbing the key.
    Head back to the room and open the door on the top left. Go left
    and hit the switch, then go back down right from where you started.
    Go all the way back to the previous area, then go through the door 
    at the top right.
    Go right and jump on the platform that you raised. Stay on the 
    platform and dodge the traps until you hit a solid wall. Kill the 
    enemies that climb down and hit the switch, then head back to the 
    left. Make it past all the traps and head back to the previous 
    area again, then go to the door on the top left.
    Head up past all the rocket launching and ball enemies and get to
    the door. Head right and either kill the giant balls or run past 
    them. Keep going right until you get stopped by a bunch of metal
    enemies. Fight them and kill them to move further right and to the
    golden door. Watch the cinema and the stage is done.
    Stage 11 --------------------------SUB11
    Stage 11 - The Lake Shore
    After the cinema, choose your character! Then you get to beat up
    on the dark character. Another fun cinema, then you get to fight 
    a double battle! Yay for more cinema! Then choose your characters
    and start the real stage.
    Head right until you get on a platform, which will take you up. 
    Beat the enemies that appear and the platform will start to shrink 
    and fall down. Avoid the enemies while staying on the platform 
    until the ground appears, then head right again into the door.
    The next area scrolls right, so watch out. Avoid the rising and
    falling pillars and monsters that hide in the ground. When the pit
    comes up, watch out for the moving wall that appears on the top 
    half of the screen. On the second pit, watch out for more walls
    that pop out of the ceiling to block you. Finally at the end, go
    in the door and be greeted with another cinema.
    Choose your characters and head down. Beat the enemies there and
    head further down, into the mine cart. Jump at the "!" and head 
    right. Watch out for the falling platforms, and head up. Head right 
    at the top, avoiding the pillars of lava. Grab the key and use the
    top door to keep moving right. Break the blocks and keep going, 
    breaking the bomb boxes and tunneling your way through. Eventually
    you'll get to an area where you have to defeat more enemies. Beat
    both waves and keep going right into the door. Go right into the
    last door and watch the cinema that ends the stage.
    Stage 12 --------------------------SUB12
    Stage 12 - The Path to the Ruins
    Watch the cinema and choose your character. Go right until you have 
    to fight some floating enemies and a shelled enemy. Head right 
    after beating them and down to the breakable blocks. Break your way
    into the ruins and go right to the elevator. Head up on the 
    elevator and either defeat the tower enemy or jump past it to the 
    right. Keep going right past the falling platforms and into the
    Head right in the cave avoiding the fireballs, then keep going and
    avoid the fire streams. Hit the switches along the way to turn the 
    fire streams off for a while. At the end, go over the last blocks
    and head down into the passage. Head right into a room where you 
    get to beat up on the enemies and can't die. Try not to get too 
    much damage and head to the right afterwards, where you'll fight 
    more of the growing enemies. Use the bumpers to your advantage to
    defeat the enmies and move right more to fight on floating 
    platforms. Watch out for the rolling enemies, then continue on to 
    the right. Down the slop is some more platforms, which will rise 
    once you stand on them. After beating the enemies that appear, head
    to the right and up the elevator. Go in the door at the top to end
    this long section.
    Head right to vie another cinema and choose your character to fight
    another battle. Beat the enemy to move on, completing the stage.
    Stage 13 --------------------------SUB13
    Stage 13 - The Cave
    More cinema, then choose your characters. First off, head right but
    watch out for falling boulders. After reaching the bottom of the
    incline, don't wait, because the ceiling will collapse. Climb up
    the ladder and continue right, then beat all the enemies that 
    appear. Continue down and right, and watch out for the falling 
    ceiling again. Fall through the platforms and rush right. The next 
    part has the floor rush up, but you need to stay on the left to 
    escape death. Head right after you clear it and watch out for the 
    moving ceiling/floor. Wait for it to go up, then rush forward and 
    down, getting to the bottom right as quick as possible. Head up the
    ladder and get ready for moving platforms. They come in a pattern
    of low-middle-high, so jump through the opening and keep going 
    right. After all that, head right to the door. 
    In the next short room, grab the key and dodge the traps to rush 
    through the room. Get to the door and then head right. Hit the 
    switch to turn off the gas, then head up the passage. The floors
    sink if you stand on too long, so keep hopping up. Head left to a
    new platform and more enemies you have to fight. After they're all
    gone, head left again to find another upwards passage. They're a 
    switch on the left to turn off the gas, but watch out - the ledge
    will break away. Hit that switch then head up quick. At the top 
    head right, and at the fork go down to hit the switch and turn off
    the gas. Head up to pass the gas (lol) and then get ready to outrun
    a ceiling again. Once you hit the next switch to turn the gas on, 
    the ceiling will start to fall. Run right quickly after hitting it
    to clear the ceiling, or you can just dodge right to avoid it all
    together. Head right again and hit the switch from afar if you can
    to turn off the gas. Beat up the enemies that appear quickly, as 
    the gas will turn back on shortly. Run right after doing so and 
    start crossing the platforms. Be careful, as that windmill turns 
    FAST (at least in harder difficulties). Jump on the platform at the
    top-right of the windmill to keep moving right. Head right and up 
    the incline, using the holes in the ceiling to avoid the rolling
    rocks. At the top head right past the enemies and go in the golden
    door (the red door is just extra stuff). Hooray, cinema and stage
    is done!
    Stage 14 --------------------------SUB14
    Stage 14 - The Ruins 
    Woah, no cinema! Head down the elevator after choosing your 
    character, then head right. If the door closes on you, you have to
    backtrack then hit the switch to raise the door. In the next area
    you have to watch what parts of the ceiling come down. Try not to
    get crushed and keep moving right. After getting through the jig-
    saw type place, get across the platform with spikes above and below
    then move to the right. The moving platforms are laden with spikes,
    so stay on the side without spikes or move quickly past them. At 
    the top hit the switch to open the door, then move to a set of 
    rotating rooms. Stay inside one, but be careful about flying 
    enemies and projectiles. Once past go right and down, where you'll 
    find three switches. The right most switch is the one you want to
    hit, then fall and get in the door before you fall to your death.
    The next area will scroll to the right. You'll have to dodge fire
    and enemies alike to keep ahead. Once you get past all the flames
    there's blocks in your way as well. Get past all that and there's
    a mine cart waiting, but don't stay in too long or you'll fly off
    the edge of the screen. Once you get past ALL of that, you'll find
    yourself on an elevator. Head on down, defeating enemies and watch 
    out for the crystals that appear on either side of the shaft. Jump 
    to the left and fall through the platforms when the crystals take
    up the entire shaft. Make your way all the way down the shaft, then
    take a right to view another cinema and get a new character. 
    Head right after the cinema and get ready for battle. Beat all the
    waves of enemies and then go right, hitting switches to open doors. 
    You'll eventually have to hit two switches quickly to open a door, 
    then just keep going. If you hit every switch and quickly run 
    right, you should be fine. If you ever get stuck, you can fall 
    through the thin floors and return to a certain point. Keep going
    right past the three switches and spinning enemy, and past the rest 
    of the enemies into the door. 
    Defeat the enemy here to get another character and a cinema. Not to
    mention clearing another stage.
    Stage 15 --------------------------SUB15
    Stage 15 - The Wilds
    Quick cinema then choose your characters. Head right past the 
    enemies and tower enemy to the cliff, where you'll have to fall 
    quickly through the platforms. Watch out for the enmies there, as 
    they act like platforms themselves. At the bottom head right past 
    the enemies and into the cave. Watch out for the wheel enemies here
    and continue right. At the end, watch out for the wind blasting and
    press onwards over the pillars. At the platforms watch out for the 
    bombs spinning around. Avoid them and keep going right past a 
    second platform with bombs. Watch out for the wheel enemies that 
    come by while doging the bombs. Afterwards, head up the platforms
    and get ready for a mini-boss. Beat on the boss until he's dead,
    watching out for his snap attacks. You have to finish it off when 
    the green center is showing. Head down the cliff and over the 
    falling squares to the door.
    Head right past enemies and rising/falling platforms, none of which
    are deadly (well, maybe the enemies). After getting past that you
    will get to a cliff and the screen will scroll downwards again. Go
    down through the platforms, but watch out for falling rocks. At the
    bottom beat on the giant enemies and then go right. Time your shots
    right from the barrels and keep going right into the passage.  Head
    on up into the door into the TOTALLY NOT OMINOUS ROOM WITH ONLY A
    Watch the pretty cinema and get ready for a...
    Boss Battle! - Boss #4
    See the Boss List for details on this bad boy. He's a toughy, so
    go all out and beat him for a short cinema and the stage is over.
    Stage 16 --------------------------SUB16
    Stage 16 - The Ruined Hall
    After a short cinema, guess what? It's time for another...
    Boss Battle! - Boss #5
    Jeese, as if it wasn't hard enough the first time. I've literally
    been KOed in one hit by this guy (on intense). Anyway, after you 
    beat him, watch the cinema and be happy, it's a quick stage. 
    Stage 17 --------------------------SUB17
    Stage 17 - The Wilds (2)
    Cinema, pick your character, head right, the usual. Use the bumbers
    to break through the blocks and beat on the enemies that appear,
    then the stage starts to scroll. Keep hitting the bumpers when you
    can and moving onward. Once you reach the up and down platform 
    you'll have to beat the floating monsters, then continue right. 
    Take the first elevator all the way up and head right to the door. 
    Jump on the platform to float down a bit then head right past the 
    falling spike traps. Jump over the spike wall and then beat on the 
    enemies that appear. Head right past the spike walls to get to a
    platform. Jump on the platforms to move forward, jumping up as the
    walls start closing in. Go up more by breaking the rocks, then head
    right past the wheel enemies to view a cinema and end the stage. 
    Stage 18 --------------------------SUB18
    Stage 18 - The Swamp
    No cinema this time, just choose your character. Head right over 
    the pits and past the enemies. Just keep going right, watching out
    for pits under swinging platforms, but be careful of the wind. It
    blow up here, so you fall slower and can fly higher. At the far 
    right is a door which will take you to the next area.
    Head right again here, being careful of the bullet enemies and the
    wind that blows down, making you fall much faster. After some time
    you'll end up just jumping from ladder to ladder. Again, be
    careful of the wind blowing up and down. At the far right, you'll
    have to beat some enemies. Be careful of the launch pad and the
    bullet enemies, as well as the healing flying enemies. 
    Once you beat them, the screen will start to scroll up. Get on the 
    ladders and keep away from spikes. Break the blocks in your path 
    and keep heading up. At the top right go in the door. 
    After the pretty cinema it's time to fight the giant enemy. Choose
    your character and beat him down! More cinema ensues, then head 
    right into the mine cart. Jump out before it crashes, then head 
    right over the water. You can use the launch pads to quickly move
    ahead, getting to the platforms where you will have to beat a few
    enemies. Move right and jump in the barrel. Shoot from barrel to 
    barrel, aiming for the bomb square if there's a wall. You'll 
    eventually get to the door.
    Head right, using the springs to bounce over enemies and on top of
    them, watching out for the bullet enemies. When you need to go down
    watch out for the springs, as they'll launch you into spikes above.
    Break the blocks and continue right past the falling blocks and 
    over the spikes. Use the springs here to get past all the spikes,
    avoiding any that point left. You'll eventually make it to the 
    Move right and get on the platform. Stay on avoiding the bullet 
    enemies and pillar of vines. When it stops go right and beat the
    enemies that appear. The stage will then start scrolling right. 
    Watch the water for vines about to pop out and keep moving. At the
    end jump up to the ledge and get in the door. 
    Hooray for more cinema. Stage is done. 
    Stage 19 --------------------------SUB19
    Stage 19 - The Research Facility (2)
    Again no cinema, so choose your character and head right. The 
    switches here will turn on the lights so you can see. Kepp going 
    right, breaking through blocks and dropping through floors when 
    necessary. Go right over the chasm on the platforms ignoring the 
    switch, but hitting the second switch. After this go right until 
    you dead end into a wall, but just wait a moment and you'll be able 
    to pass. Head right past the enemies and hit the switch to light up 
    the area. With the lights on, fall through the thin part of the
    floor and go through the door at the bottom.
    Head right past the enemies for cinema time, then a double battle!
    Beat the two dark enemies for another cinema, then head right. 
    Break through the blocks then head right past the moving blocks.
    Enter the door.
    Hit the switch and jump on the platform that appears, and ride it 
    up.Head right and up the ladder, repeating for another switch and 
    platform. You'll have to jump off quickly though and fight the 
    enemies that appear. Hit the switch on the right for another 
    platform, then jump to each platform you see. Be careful not to 
    jump off the platforms that are moving. At the end you'll jump up
    to the platform with the door.
    Go in the teleporter on the right, then beat the enemies. Head 
    right into the next teleporter and up through the shaft, using
    springs. At the top go through another teleporter then wait for the 
    platform to take you all the way to the left for the next 
    teleporter (you don't go in the platform one yet). After going in 
    the far right teleporter, hit the switch to raise the door in front 
    of the white door, then go in the teleporter in the middle that you 
    skipped. You'll go down the shaft and to the right into the last
    teleporter back to the first room and get in that door. 
    ANOTHER TOTALLY NOT OMINOUS ROOM. Then a pretty cinema (not so 
    pretty for one of those characters, then choose your character. It
    is time for another...
    Boss Battle! - Boss #6
    Man, these battles are tough on intense. Anyway, check the Boss
    List section for details on how to beat this one, then watch a
    short cinema and the stage is complete.
    Stage 20 --------------------------SUB20
    Stage 20 - Outside the Ancient Ruins
    OH YA BABY! Cinema, choose your characters, then it's off to the
    right. Keep going past the wheel enemies, over the pit, and past 
    the tower enemy and climb the ladder. Beat the enemies that appear
    and head right. Watch out for the rocket enemies and another tower
    enemy, then into the door.
    Yay more cinema, then choose your characters. Beat 40 enemies this 
    time, with all kinds of different enemies. Be careful and watch out
    for the metal enemies at the end. Afterwards watch another cinema 
    and the stage is done.
    Stage 21 --------------------------SUB21
    Stage 21 - The Glacial Peak
    Cinema time, then choose your character. Head upwards, climbing
    ladders and platforms. The item box on the right can be grabbed, 
    but get out quick as the wall will close in. Head up past the 
    spikes and you'll meet an old school platforming game. The 
    platforms scroll by and you have to keep heading up. Eventually 
    you'll get in some barrels and shoot up. After all the barrels just
    a little further and you'll find the door.
    Ride the platform up and avoid the crystals and enemies. At the top
    the screen will scroll upwards, so keep climbing. When you see the
    more "clear" ice wall coming from the right side of the screen,
    CLIMB FAST as this will completely cover the screen soon. Get in 
    the door to move forward.
    Jump in the barrel and go left after reaching the peak of the shot
    to land on a platform. Climb the ladders and avoid the ice enemies.
    At the top beat the enemies that appear and keep climbing. At the
    VERY top is a door.
    Watch the cinema, then get ready to fight! Choose your fighter and 
    take on the other. 'Nother very short cinema and stage is over.
    Stage 22 --------------------------SUB22
    Stage 22 - The Canyon
    Hooray more cinema, then a battle royale! Beat 50 enemies here.
    They come in waves, not too hard at first, but eventually giant 
    enemies show up. Near the end, a spinning enemy shows up and then
    a BUNCH of giant enemies show up. Try to make them kill themselves 
    in the pit if you can. After they're all gone the stage is done.
    Stage 23 --------------------------SUB23
    Stage 23 - Battleship Halberd Interior
    A little cinema, then go right to the door. In the next area, just
    keep going right. Jump over the solid wall and fall through the
    falling platforms. Keep going right and you'll find the door.
    Watch the cinema then choose your characters. In this area you'll 
    have to search for the portals that appear and destroy them. Once
    they are destroyed, hit the switch that appears near them. Once 
    you've hit all four switches, head down through the floor in the 
    center room to find the door.
    In the next room, defeat all the enemies that appear, then go 
    throught eh door that appears. In the next room head right. Hitting 
    the switches will light up the area. At the right, go in the door.
    In the next area, you need to defeat every enemy. There are six in
    all, just hunt them down at every extremity of the level. Once 
    they're all beaten, return to the left-most room and go through the
    now-accessible door.
    Watch another cinema then get ready for a double battle! Beat both
    the dark enemies to continue. Ugh, these ones can be as tough as 
    some of the bosses you've fought. Watch the next cinema, then the 
    stage is done.
    Stage 24 --------------------------SUB24
    Stage 24 - Battleship Halberd Exterior
    Cinema, then it's time to choose your character. Quick run to the
    left, hopping from platform to platform agains the wind and you'll
    find the door. Inside head right, passing enemies and mines. Once 
    you reach a switch, hit it and quickly go right while the gate's 
    open and into the door. A little ominous room and you'll go through
    the door on the right side. 
    Beat up the enemies here (easier said than done) and then head
    right. Avoid the big enemy if you want, then continue right through
    the blue flame jets. Avoid or kill the flying enemies and continue
    right to a "crusher". You'll have to run in quickly while the 
    crusher is open and get in the door.
    Climb up the platforms then watch the ridiculous cinema and the 
    stage is over. 
    Stage 25 --------------------------SUB25
    Stage 25 - Battleship Halberd Bridge
    Coolies cinema then choose your character. Time for yet another...
    Boss Battle! - Boss #7
    Beat this guy then the stage is done. Hooray for short stages!
    Stage 26 --------------------------SUB26
    Stage 26 - The Subspace Bomb Factory
    Cinema, choose your character, head right and down the elevator. 
    Go all the way to the bottom, then right past the enemies and to
    the next elevator. Go up once and head right to the door. 
    Head right past the rocket enemies and you'll eventually have to
    beat a bunch of enemies. Beat them and head right... and the stage
    is done. Wow, that's a quickie!
    Stage 27 --------------------------SUB27
    Stage 27 - The Subspace Bomb Factory (2)
    Choose your characters and head right. Break through the boxes if 
    you'd like, but otherwise just keep going right. When you come up 
    to the bomb square, hit it and quickly jump on the platform to 
    avoid falling. Head right to the windmill platforms and beat all
    the enemies that appear. Continue right past more windmills as the 
    screen scrolls, avoiding spikes. Go in the door on the far right.
    In the next area cross the conveyor belt, watching out for the 
    falling ceiling with spikes. You'll see the door, but have to 
    activate 3 switches before you can go through. Head up first, 
    breaking the blocks and moving up. After you hit the red switch at
    the top, fall quickly as the ceiling will start to collapse. After
    that, head down the ladder and to the left. Beat the enemies that
    appear on the platform and hit the blue switch just a little past
    it. Head back the junction and head right over the conveyors and
    the pits. Hit the switch and head back to the door at the top of
    the ladder. 
    Head right past the jet flames. When you see the switch, hit it to
    start some jet flames and kill the rocket enemies. Head right 
    through the breakable blocks, hitting the switch to drop blocks on
    the flames to the right. Continue right and down the ladder. Head
    right to fight some enemies, then head right past the flames. Watch
    out for the launch pad and hit the switch to turn the jet flames to
    the right off. Hurry past them and onto an elevator, beating the 
    enemies as they appear. At the top, fight the enemies but BE 
    CAREFUL as the room will collapse. Stay on the center platform to
    avoid being crushed. After all the enemies are gone head up and to 
    the left. Destroy the rightmost blocks to get the key and head back
    to the right to watch a cinema. 
    Choose your characters and fight off the massive wave of 50 enemies
    in the next area. OMFG at the last two enemies. Break their heads 
    to make them show their weak spots, and try to fight only one at a
    Afterwards another cinema, then choose your characters again. Head 
    down as the screen starts to scroll. Take out the enemies or avoid
    them, breaking the blocks on the right to keep going down. 
    Eventually you'll make it to a shaft with spikes on the walls, so 
    just beat the enemies up as you descend. Go left and right to avoid
    getting trapped on the elevator, and stay in the middle when the
    walls start to close in. Afterwards wait for the floor to open and
    fall further down. These platforms will fly up, so keep going down 
    until you reach the door. 
    At the next area just keep falling and watch out for the mines. 
    Don't linger on the platforms here and watch for when the screen
    starts to scroll when you get into the corridor at the bottom. Head
    down avoiding or killing the enemies, going right and left with the
    corridor until you reach the door at the bottom. Fall some more to
    see another cinema and it's time for another...
    Boss Battle! - Boss #8
    Again? Anyway, see the Boss List section for details on this guy. 
    Afterwards hooray, it's time for cinema and the stage is done. 
    Stage 28 --------------------------SUB28
    Stage 28 - Entrance to Subspace
    Watch the friggin' awesome cinema, then choose your characters. 
    Head right, beat the enemies. The screen will then start to scroll
    right. Beat the enemies if you want, and when the screen stops 
    scrolling you have to beat the portals that appear. Afterwards, you
    can either kill the enemies or move forward. When you move to the
    right enough, you'll face previous mini-bosses. Just continue going
    right and beating any enemies that appear. Once you reach the 
    incline you know you're done. Just head in the door to see another
    cinema. Yay, stage complete!
    Stage 29 --------------------------SUB29
    Stage 29 - Subspace
    This stage is crucial. Trophies will be scattered about of the 
    other characters. Everyone you pick up will be joined into your
    party. Pick up everyone you find and search everywhere for these
    Watch the cinema then choose your characters. Head right, watching
    out for the freezing enemies as they will kill you if you fall in
    a pit. Head all the way to the right to find the door. (A character
    is above the door on the far right).
    Head up in the next area. Halfway up is a door which will allow you
    to get 2 more characters. Watch out for the end, as flying enemies 
    will drag you all the way to the top and kill you. Head into the 
    door at the top. (Another character is to the right of the door)
    Head right here and jump on top of the lit up platform. Continue up
    and to the left, grabbing another character and continuing left.
    Break the bomb square and go inside the door. Here you will pick up
    another character, then hit the bomb square and QUICKLY grab yet
    another character. Head back to the shiny platform area.
    This time jump up on the lit up platform and head up and right. 
    Here you should go into the bottom-left door and pick up another
    character, then roll past the mines and pick up another character.
    Head back to the previous area and then go through the top right
    door. Head right to the door, but first hit the bomb square and get 
    another character on the right. Then go through the door. 
    Grab the characters on the top left and right in this weird 
    spinning room, then go through the door on the right. Grab the 
    character and head right over the platforms quickly, then into the 
    door. Time for a cinema and a fight against a specific character!
    Beat him then it's stage over!
    Stage 30 --------------------------SUB30
    Stage 30 - Subspace (2)
    Another character gathering stage.
    Pick up the character on a platform just above you after the 
    cinema, then head right. Head right past all the bombs then grab 
    another character. Make your way past the second set of mines by
    throwing something at them, then continue right and grab another 
    character in a mine-protected niche. Head right to the door.
    Fall down at first, breaking the left bomb square, grabbing the 
    character, and continuing down. Break the left bomb square again to
    get another character, then continue down. Break the right bomb 
    square this time to grab the character then continue down. At the
    bottom beat the enemies that appear, and get ready because the 
    screen scrolls to the right afterwards. Head past all the enemies 
    until it stops scrolling, then defeat the enemies that appear. Head
    right to grab another character and get in that door. 
    Head right using the launch pads if you want until you see a bumper
    with a character above it. Hit the bumper then grab the character, 
    then continue right up over the ledge. Hit the bumper to the right
    to get another character and watch the enemy die. Head right again
    and skip the next set of enemies. Keep heading right and up, then
    beat the enemies up there. The small ones will trap you and then 
    the tower enemy will shoot you, so be careful. Head right and grab
    the next character then get in that door. Watch the cinema then
    the stage is done. 
    Stage 31 --------------------------SUB31
    Stage 31 - The Great Maze
    Yay, final stage! Here is a giant maze of a level. Press start to 
    see your location in the maze. 
    I'd suggest you use the map I uploaded to GameFAQs to navigate this
    maze, but here's a decent description of what to do. Any door with 
    black smoke will have you fight a battle or boss battle. 
    There's really not much you can say about this stage other than to
    just go around defeating everyone. Then go through the final door
    which is in a small room close to the upper right save/teleport 
    point. Use the map and avoid all the traps. I don't have the 
    patience or stamina to describe the whole place.
    Then watch a cinema and fight...
    See the boss description for this battle. Good luck, and finish up
    the adventure mode with style!
    Orange Cube Locations -------------SUBOC
    Stage 1 - Midair Stadium
    Stage 2 - Skyworld
    1 - On a floating platform during the second part of the stage,
    fairly obvious.
    Stage 3 - Sea of Clouds
    None - Be sure to enter all doors to get a crown.
    Stage 4 - The Jungle
    2 - The first is at the bottom of a shafter in the middle of the
    first area. Just jump in the cannon to shoot down through the 
    3 - The second is in the last area where you freefall. Stay to the
    left and land on the ledge, then go through the door and there it
    Stage 5 - The Plain
    4 - Man, this took forever for me to find. At the big wall of 
    breakable blocks, this cube is above the top right block off the
    screen. Just break the top right block but not the one below it, 
    then do an up attack.
    5 - Slightly hidden, at the end of the first area there is a shaft
    that primids fall out of. Jump up and either fly or wall jump to 
    the door at the top, where this cube is.
    Stage 6 - The Lake
    6 - In the "first" area after the boss, after the second door that 
    leaves you under a ledge, go up and over the ledge to the left.
    7 - During the raft ride, jump up to the door and go inside.
    8 - Later in the raft ride jump up and break it.
    Stage 7 - The Ruined Zoo
    9 - After the sewer fight with the ball enemies, head up the ledges
    to the right.
    10 - After the first spring you come across, go over the building 
    in your way and drop down on the right side. Go in the door there.
    Stage 8 - The Battlefield Fortress
    11 - When you come to the second "bend" on the right, grab the key 
    at the top right and use it on the locked door to the right. Then
    go right and enter the door.
    12 - During the first mine area, go in the door in the small hole 
    in the floor. Ride the mine cart to the end to find the cube.
    Stage 9 - The Forest
    13 - Jump over the trees in the first area and head into the door 
    on the left at the bottom.
    14 - In the second area, break the second set of bomb squares to 
    reveal the cube.
    Stage 10 - The Research Facility 
    15 - In the first area (after the boxes) take the elevator up once 
    and head right. Over the small shaft is the cube.
    16 - In the first area after you reach the "windmill" platforms, 
    step on the launch pad to fly over the gap at the top right of the 
    Stage 11 - The Lake Shore
    17 - During the scrolling right section, it is directly in your
    18 - After the mine cart ride, head up the ledges and left to break
    the blocks to reveal a door to the cube. 
    19 - After the three locked doors, kill the floating enemy that 
    appears to reveal a door.
    20 - In the last area, it's staring at you.
    Stage 12 - The Path to the Ruins
    21 - After the small pits in the first area and the falling ledge
    you'll see it.
    22 - After all the fire jets in the second area, instead of falling
    down jump up on the ledge and take out the flying enemies with
    swords. Then jump up to the left to find the cube.
    Stage 13 - The Cave
    23 - After the floor rises up and you have to escape to the left,
    wait for the next ceiling to fall completely. Get on top and head 
    up and to the right for a door to the cube.
    24 - During the third ceiling's fall (the one with no floor), this
    cube is on a ledge at the bottom left.
    25 - At the VERY end of the stage, during the incline where rocks 
    are rolling towards you, hit the switch to open a door just to the
    right of where the rocks fall.
    Stage 14 - The Ruins 
    26 - During the right scrolling area, this cube is on top of the
    second breakable wall.
    27 - In the third area, watch for the Roturret (spinning enemy). 
    Kill it then hit the right switch to reveal a door. Go in then make
    it under the closing gate to find the cube.
    Stage 15 - The Wilds
    28 - After the "cave" in the first area jump up the ledges and go
    through the door on the right. Then climb the ledges for the cube.
    29 - After leaving the previous cube's location, continue forward 
    until you reach a breakable wall with this cube behind it.
    30 - During the barrel section, take the rightmost barrel to land
    next to a door that leads to the cube.
    Stage 16 - The Ruined Hall
    Stage 17 - The Wilds (2)
    31 - Where there are three elevators in the first area, go up in
    the middle elevator, then after the left elevator passes you go 
    left and drop down to the door. 
    32 - After the ladder at the end of the stage, head left.
    Stage 18 - The Swamp
    33 - Jump on the first leaf in an updraft and stay on until you see
    a passage on the right that contains the cube.
    34 - During the scrolling up section with ladders, go in the door
    on the left. Use the updraft and get to the top right ledge, where
    a cube resides.
    35 - After the barrels area, jump on the first set of "inclined"
    springs to see the ledge with the cube on it.
    Stage 19 - The Research Facility (2)
    36 - During the dark area at the beginning, then after the ladder 
    leading down hit the switch and drop down to the left quickly to
    enter the door with the cube.
    37 - At the downward platform section, on the third descending 
    platform jump to the ledge on the left and blow up the wall to 
    reveal a door to the cube.
    38 - At the end of the teleporting section, at the bottom of the
    shaft on your way back to the main room.
    Stage 20 - Outside the Ancient Ruins
    39 - Climb the breakable ledges after the ladder in the first area
    to find a door leading to this cube.
    40 - Right next to the previous cube.
    Stage 21 - The Glacial Peak
    41 - During the second area, this cube is on the right after the 
    platform ride and moving ice section. 
    42 - When the barrel blasts you up, move right to land on a ledge
    with a door. The cube is inside.
    43 - Enter the obvious door on the right side during the climb. In
    the small area, a block of ice is protruding into a pond to protect
    the cube. Grab a metal box above you and dive down into the water 
    to make it under the icicle. 
    Stage 22 - The Canyon
    Stage 23 - Battleship Halberd Interior
    44 - In the first area (other than the stupid joke room at first) 
    stay to the left of the falling blocks to find a switch. Hit the
    switch to reveal a door to this cube (it's behind a wall, just hit
    the bomb square).
    45 - A little tricky. In the room with 3 portals to destroy, at the
    bottom right portal there is a ledge to the right. Get on the ledge
    and jump THROUGH the right wall to the door. Watch out for the ice
    enemies and grab the cube at the end of the passage.
    46 - At the bottom of the ladder in the room with the three portals
    to destroy, it is on the left (I think, maybe right, but still 
    pretty obvious).
    47 - In the room where you must kill all the enemies, bounce off 
    the springs in the top right area to reach this cube.
    Stage 24 - Battleship Halberd Exterior
    48 - UGH. Finally figured this one out. In the second area (after 
    the platforms with no enemies) jump up to the orange ledge. Move 
    past the first mine and then watch the next two mines moving 
    vertically. There is a small crack above the second one, so you 
    must detonate the mine when it is close to that crack. The cube is
    then revealed.
    49 - At the last area when you can go up or down, go up to ledge to
    the left with the cube.
    Stage 25 - Battleship Halberd Bridge
    Stage 26 - The Subspace Bomb Factory
    50 - Go down the elevator from the start three times and head left.
    Go in the door and kill the enemies to reveal the cube.
    51 - At the right elevator, go ALL the way up to the top and head
    left into the door. Fly or wall jump up to the top of this shaft to 
    find the cube.
    Stage 27 - The Subspace Bomb Factory (2)
    52 - Enter the door on the windmill after you fight the rocket
    enemies on a previous windmill. Here there are some green boxes and 
    another windmill, but the cube is hidden. Jump on the springs and
    jump at the top of the vault to land on a hidden ledge. Attack down
    to break the box and the platform you're standing on, so the 
    contents of the box will fall.
    53 - When opening the blue/red/green door, reach the blue switch. A
    shaft is to the left, and you must fly or wall jump up to the top 
    of the shaft to reach a door. Inside is a bomb square to reveal the
    54 - In the area with a switch to activate blue flames to kill some
    rocket enemies (third area I believe), climb up the ladder and head
    left across some platforms. Hit the switch to turn off the jets and
    head further left to find the cube.
    Stage 28 - Entrance to Subspace
    Stage 29 - Subspace
    55 - After the pink swings, go in the door. The cube is at the very
    Stage 30 - Subspace (2)
    56 - Near the end of the first area, fall into the pit below the
    mine-protected blocked in platform (it had Meta Knight's trophy on
    57 - In the third area, run along the bottom most ledge to find the
    Stage 31 - Subspace Maze
    *Note: Use the map I've uploaded to GameFAQs.com to navigate these
    areas if you have already defeated these enemies.
    Top Left Area -
    58 - The room past Pit at the top.
    59 - Above Kirby's door on the left of the rising platform.
    60 - After Link, go into the door, hit the bomb square, then go 
    back through the door to find the cube.
    61 - In case you missed this one (it's obvious), go to the top
    right teleport points and go through the top left door. Head left
    and it's right on your path.
    Top Right Area -
    62 - Right of Snake's door and on the way to Mr. Game & Watch's 
    63 - In Ness's door's area, stay down along the water line to find
    it on the right side.
    64 - In the area with R.O.B.'s door go to the bottom left corner.
    65 - In the same area, on the vertical section with conveyor belts,
    just before the ladder go left and attack. The cube is partially
    hidden behind an outcropping, so break it and take the goods.
    Bottom Right Area -
    66 - In the area with Bowser's door, just as you enter from the 
    save point area jump up to the ledge to find the cube.
    67 - Above Falco's door is a ledge with the cube.
    68 - In Falco's door is a room with the cube.
    Bottom Left Area -
    69 - Before Rayquaza's door on the tilting platforms, it is on a
    ledge to the left.
    Character Enlistment --------------SUBCH
    ***Warning - This section contains how to get all characters in 
    this mode, including secret characters. Do not read if you don't 
    want these characters spoiled.
    Bowser - Beat Stage 29.
    Captain Falcon - Beat Stage 20.
    Donkey Kong - Beat Stage 20.
    Diddy Kong - Beat Stage 4.
    Falco - Beat Stage 18.
    Fox - Beat Stage 6.
    Ganondorf - Beat Stage 30 (Grab Link and Zelda trophies during the
    Ice Climbers - Beat Stage 21.
    Ike - Beat Stage 8.
    Jigglypuff - Complete the Subspace Emissary, then go through the
      new door in Stage 18 - The Swamp. (See Secrets for more details)
    King Dedede - Beat Stage 29.
    Kirby - Beat Stage 1.
    Link - Beat Stage 9.
    Lucario - Beat Stage 21.
    Lucas - Beat Stage 7.
    Luigi - Beat Stage 29.
    Mario - Beat Stage 2.
    Marth - Beat Stage 8.
    Meta Knight - Beat Stage 8.
    Mr. Game & Watch - Beat Stage 25.
    Ness - Beat Stage 29.
    Olimar and Pikmin - Beat Stage 20.
    Peach - Beat Stage 1 and save Peach. Otherwise beat Stage 24.
    Pikachu - Beat Stage 10.
    Pit - Beat Stage 2.
    Pokemon Trainer (Charizard) - Beat Stage 14.
    Pokemon Trainer (Ivysaur) - Beat Stage 14.
    Pokemon Trainer (Squirtle) - Beat Stage 7.
    R.O.B. - Beat Stage 27.
    Samus - Beat Stage 19.
    Snake - Beat Stage 23.
    Sonic - Complete the Subspace Emissary (Beat Stage 31).
    Toon Link - Complete the Subspace Emissary, then go through the new
      door in Stage 9 - The Forest. (See Secrets for more details)
    Wolf - Complete the Subspace Emissary, then go through the new door
      in Stage 14 - The Ruins. (See Secrets for more details)
    Yoshi - Beat Stage 9.
    Zelda - Beat Stage 1 and save Zelda. Otherwise beat Stage 24.
    Zero Suit Samus - Beat Stage 10. 
    Boss List -------------------------SUBBO
    Boss #1 - Petey Pirahna
    This boss has two basic attacks - swing a cage and jump. It raises
    its arm before it swings, and the jump does a lot of damage when it
    falls back to the ground. Keep on your toes and dodge these 
    Boss #2 - Rayquaza
    When it's mouth lights up, it will either spit out a projectile 
    horizontally or fire at an angle downwards. Jump away to avoid 
    It can jump up and then dive down through the ground, so keep on 
    your toes. When it dives into the ground, watch out for the bulge 
    in the ground to see where it's going to pop out. It may pop out a 
    few times, so just roll or dodge away. 
    If you get close it will spin, causing damage to you, so jump or 
    get away quickly in close combat.
    When it's eyes light up it will cause an explosion near your 
    character. Shield to protect yourself.
    Boss #3 - Porky
    This guy always seems to pull out new moves when I fight him. He
    has a basic walk which does no damage and leaves him open for 
    attacks, and he also can do a damaging physical attack to one side.
    Dodge or stay away when he raises his legs.
    He sometimes builds up energy above himself, then shoots out a 
    laser that homes in on you. Try jumping to avoid the laser, though
    it almost always seems to hit me just a little.
    Be careful when he summons a bunch of little Porkies with lights 
    on their heads. They will run at you and explode if they get too
    close. They can be easily killed, but try to keep your distance 
    while breaking them down.
    Boss #4 - Galleom
    This guy has a few attacks. He may turn into a tank and zoom across
    the stage, which can be jumped over. If he turns toward the screen,
    get ready to dodge or move quickly. He'll jump across the stage in
    small jumps, pinning you to the ground then blowing you away with
    the next small jump.
    He also does a basic physical attack which can be dodged or jumped
    over. Along with that, he sometimes shoots missles and lasers. The
    missles can be destroyed with some projectiles and the lasers can 
    be avoided if you stay very close to Galleom.
    Boss #5 - Galleom
    Same as above.
    Boss #6 - Ridley
    This guy isn't terrible I guess. He's got a few attacks, most of
    which all do the same thing. He'll usually rush across the screen,
    but he'll either fly across which you can roll to dodge, or use his
    tail to scrape along the ground, which you can jump over. Be aware
    that once he reaches lower health he may do these multiple times 
    and go across the screen several times.
    He'll also randomly fly into the background and come at you. Gauge
    how far he is away from you and dodge or roll just as he reaches 
    the platform. It also is possible to just stay airborne enough to
    dodge this attack.
    Boss #7 - Duan
    This boss has several attacks. It can shoot very slow missiles, 
    some bad lasers, swing a sword or spin to do close combat damage.
    There really aren't a lot of ways to dodge the missles, so either
    avoid them as you beat on the boss or hit them with a projectile.
    Stay behind the boss or airborne when he fires lasers, and dodge or
    run away when he begins a wind up for a physical attack. The 
    different "sides" of the boss will do different attacks (I believe
    the pink side does projectiles and the blue does melee).
    Boss #8 - Meta Ridley
    You only have 2 minutes to beat this boss, so attack whenever you 
    can. After each attack MR will fly in slowly from the left side of
    the screen, leaving a perfect chance for some beatings. 
    This guy has a few tricks up his sleeve. He can jump on the back of
    the ship, landing on the edge and building up a projectile attack 
    or floating above the back and shooting some projectiles. If he 
    hangs on the back, jump at him and attack before he builds up to
    knock him off. If he's floating and starts shooting the little 
    projectiles, then stay under him or behind him and beat him while
    you can.
    He has two other moves as well. He may jump up slightly and then 
    come crashing down on the ship. He'll either chase you down and try
    to trample you or crash down at the back of the ship. If he's 
    aiming at the back of the ship, JUMP IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise you'll 
    go off the bottom of the screen and die. If he's chasing you, there
    will be a little lag time for you to dodge or roll away.
    Another attack he might do is fly across the screen. Just jump over
    him or dodge or roll to avoid this attack.
    Boss #9 - Tabuu
    Wow, this guy's a beast. He has a nasty habit of teleporting 4 or
    5 times after every attack, so wait until he's stopped teleporting
    before chasing him down. 
    He has a few basic attacks. When he stops pay attention to how he
    holds himself. He'll either fly across the stage, doing a basic 
    gliding attack that can be jumped over, or throw out a ninja star,
    which must be avoided both when it's thrown and when it returns to
    He also may summon a "figurine head" of sorts. If he summons it 
    below him and drops down to the platform, get ready to jump over a
    huge beam he shoots. If he holds it in front of him, get ready to 
    avoid it, as he'll shoot straight across the screen. You can either
    jump over it if it's low enough or stay under it if it's high 
    enough. It can also be dodged or rolled to be avoided.
    His big super move is the real kicker. He'll move to the center of
    the screen and sprout wings. Here is where you MUST dodge. Wait for
    red rings to shoot out from him (they're very unnoticable at first,
    but if you know what you're looking for you'll see them). If these
    hit you you're a goner (on Intense at least). To avoid them shield
    as they approach and press down to dodge. There are three rings in
    quick succession, so be prepared to dodge all of them.
    Extra Boss #1 - Master Hand
    You don't fight Master Hand in the SSE, but you do fight him in
    Boss Battles. He has the same basic attacks he's had for a while.
    He can shoot lasers for a few seconds from his fingers. If he does
    this, jump over the lasers and beat on him while he can't do 
    anything to you. Watch out, as he moves back and forth slowly, and
    the lasers are slightly erratic.
    He can also "walk" across the arena. If he does this keep your 
    distance and jump over him, as he'll "kick" you if you get too 
    When he forms a "gun" hand, be prepared for him to shoot at you. 
    He'll charge up for a moment, and depending on his health will
    shoot you once or three times.
    When he points down at you, start moving left. After a moment of 
    following you, he'll poke downwards three times, so keep moving 
    left until he does so.
    When he spins and launches himself upwards, run quickly to either 
    side or roll as he comes down, otherwise he'll rack up damage on 
    If you see him open palmed and flying out of the background, MOVE
    quickly to the right or left or roll out of the way at the last
    possible second to avoid being launched.
    If he appears in the backround slowly spinning towards the platform
    in a circular motion either jump or roll away at the last second
    to avoid him as he reaches the platform.
    Extra Boss #2 - Crazy Hand
    This guy is much more erratic than Master Hand. Luckily, he only 
    has a handful (LAWL) of attacks.
    When he "turns to face the screen, he'll drop bombs. Get out from
    under him.
    When he moves to the center of the stage, he'll convulse crazily. 
    Just stay away from him or hit him with projectiles.
    When he gets on the ground, just jump over him as he crawls by.
    Classic Mode ----------------------CLAMO
    Here you will fight through 11 stages with themes and mini-
    games to get the best score.
    ***Note: Secret characters usually show up with their themes. If 
    they are standalone characters with no others showing up from 
    their universe, then they might show up in Olimar, Ice Climbers, 
    Samus, or Wario's place.
    Stage 1 - Zelda Theme
    You'll fight a character from the Zelda series here (Sheik, Zelda,
    Link), usually on Bridge of Eldin.
    Stage 2 - DK/Yoshi Theme
    Here you can fight Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong with Yoshi as your
    ally, a Giant Yoshi with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong as your allies,
    or just a single character of the three. Either Rumble Falls or
    Yoshi's Island could show up.
    Stage 3 - Pokemon Theme
    Here you'll fight a pokemon (Pikachu, Ivysaur, Squirtle, Charizard)
    at Pokemon Stadium 2. They also may be Giant.
    Stage 4 - Fire Emblem / Earthbound Theme
    You can fight a doubles match, a team match, or even a giant match
    here. Lucas and Ike will show up in this place. 
    Break the Targets -
    Here you'll play Target Smash of the level below you. For example,
    on intense you'll play Target Smash level 4.
    Stage 5 - Kirby Theme
    A team match, giant match, metal match, or doubles match awaits you
    here, with Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight being the main 
    Stage 6 - Pikmin Theme
    Here you can expect to face Olimar in a team battle, metal battle,
    or a giant battle. (perhaps even a normal one) You also might find
    a secret character that you've unlocked here on occasion. 
    Stage 7 - Metroid Theme
    Here you'll fight Samus in giant, metal, or even team form (or 
    normal, yes). Secret characters you've unlocked might also be here
    Stage 8 - Super Mario Bros. Theme
    Here you'll face anyone from the Mario Bros. gang (Mario, Peach,
    Yoshi, Bowser), in a variety of stages and forms.
    Stage 9 - Kid Icarus Theme
    Here you can fight Pit in a variety of forms on Skyworld. Don't be 
    shocked if hidden characters take his spot if you've unlocked 
    enough of them.
    Stage 10 - WarioWare Theme
    This can be either a normal match, a Metal Wario match, or a Team
    Wario match.
    Break the Targets -
    Here you'll play on your level of difficulty of target test. An
    example is on normal you'll play Target Test Level 2.
    Stage 11 - Four Man Free-For-All
    Here you'll fight three other fighters at random on Final 
    Destination in a Free-For-All Brawl. It's suggested that you let
    the enemy kill each other, but they'll target you more often than
    Final Stage - Master Hand
    Here you will fight Master Hand who has a Stamina bar. Get him to
    0 HP and you win. 
    At a difficulty of Hard or higher you will also fight Crazy Hand if
    you've reached it in a short amount of time and with no continues.
    Credits - Shooting Gallery
    Shoot all the pictures/trophies to get coins.
    Brawl Mode ------------------------BRAMO
    This Mode is where you'll do multiplayer. You can fight with up 
    to 3 friends, with all kinds of different rules and such. Duke 
    it out however you like!
    Rules -
    Here is where you can set the rules for the match. 
    Rules - This option will let you switch the rules of the match. 
    You can play a Stock, Time, Coin, or Score (not official).
    Stock - You have a certain amount of stocks or lives. Whoever 
    lives the longest wins.
    Time - You play for a specified amount of time. Every kill you
    get earns you a point, where as every time you die you lose a 
    point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins.
    Coin - You fight for coins that will pop out of anyone that gets
    hit. Whoever has the most coins at the end of the match wins.
    Handicap - You can turn on handicaps here. Each player can set 
    their handicap before a match, effecting how easy it is to KO
    them. The lower the handicap, the easier it is to KO the 
    handicapped player.
    Damage Ratio - This effects how much knock-back each attack will
    do. At 1.0 it's normal, at 0.5 damage it's halved, and at 2.0 it's
    Stage Choice - You can decide here how the stage gets chosen. It
    can be set to your choice before every match, a random stage, 
    players taking turns, or an ordered switch through the stages.
    Item Switch - Here you can select which items will appear in 
    your Brawl. You can individually select which items will appear
    or you can set all of them to appear. You can also change the
    frequency of items appearing, from None to High.
    Special Brawl -
    Here is where you can set different rules for even more 
    specialized play. 
    % Stamina - This will change the way percentage works. Instead of
    counting up and making you fly farther, you will be counting down
    with every hit. If you reach 0 stamina, you're out. Also, the 
    option to start at 300% is available as well.
    Size - Here you can set the size your characters will be. Mega 
    makes them larger, while Mini makes them smaller.
    Head - Here you can set a permanent hat for your characters. 
    Flower will cause damage slowly throughout the match, while Bunny
    will equip everyone with a Bunny Hood, increasing speed and jump
    Body - Here you can select a differnt body type for your Brawl
    match. Metal makes everyone metal, making them harder to knock
    away and heavier, while Clear makes everyone invisible.
    Status - N/A
    Gravity - Changing this will change the weight of your gravity
    of the match, allowing for moon jumps or an extra weight on your
    Speed - This will change the speed of the match, either much 
    faster or almost half speed.
    Camera - This will change the way the battle is viewed. Fixed 
    makes the camera immobile, zooming to the extents of the map. 
    Angled will skew the camera view, giving a new perspective on 
    the fight.
    Events ----------------------------BRAEV
    Here I'll list all of the Events you can complete in Events Mode, 
    including coop events. Anything you can unlock is listed as well.
    To unlock 1-player events 11-20, beat 7 of the first 10 events.
    To unlock 1-player events 21-28, beat at least 18 of the first 20 
    events and unlock Secret Characters 1,2,3,5,6, and 8. (see Secrets 
    To unlock 1-player events 29-40, beat at least 20 of the first 28
    events and unlock all characters.
    To unlock 1-player event #41, beat events 1-40.
    To unlock 2-player events 9-13, unlock secret characters 1,2,3,5,6,
    and 8.
    To unlock 2-player events 14-20, beat at least 10 of the first 13
    2-player events and unlock all characters.
    To unlock 2-player event #21, beat 2-player events 1-20.
    *Note - All characters, including hidden ones, participate in the
    events, so do not read these if you don't want spoilers.
    1 Player --------------------------EVE1P
    Event #01 - Two Trouble Kings
    Objective - Defeat Bowser and King Dedede.
    Playable Characters - Mario.
    Event #02 - Landmaster Ignition
    Objective - Defeat Meta Knight and Sheik with Fox's Landmaster.
    Playable Characters - Fox.
    Event #03 - Pink Ball Repulsion
    Objective - Defeat Kirby before reaching the Halberd.
    Playable Characters - Meta Knight.
    Unlocks Battleship Halberd Trophy.
    Event #04 - Cleaning House in Skyworld
    Objective - Destroy all the terrain.
    Playable Characters - Pit.
    Unlocks Palutena Trophy.
    Event #05 - Become the Champion!
    Objective - Defeat Pokemon Trainer.
    Playable Characters - Pokemon Trainer.
    Event #06 - Super Bowser Bros.
    Objective - Survive to the end of the level.
    Playable Characters - Bowser.
    Event #07 - Diddy Kong Panic
    Objective - Defeat 15 small Diddy Kongs.
    Playable Characters - Donkey Kong.
    Event #08 - Go! Triple Finish!
    Objective - Defeat Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard.
    Playable Characters - Pikachu.
    Unlocks Route 1 Viridian City CD.
    Event #09 - The Monster beneath the Earth
    Objective - Defeat both Diddy Kongs before reaching the dungeon. If
    you don't defeat them in time, Donkey Kong joins the battle.
    Playable Characters - Ike.
    Event #10 - All-Star Battle Regulars
    Objective - Defeat all 8 original fighters two at a time. (Mario, 
    Kirby, Samus, Pikachu, Fox, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Link)
    Playable Characters - Any character.
    Event #11 - Yoshi's Rainbow
    Objective - Defeat the Yoshis in this order - Red, Pink, Yellow,
    Green, Light Blue, and Blue.
    Playable Characters - Ice Climbers.
    Event #12 - Sleeping in the Eggs
    Objective - Trap Kirby and Pikachu in eggs at the sime time.
    Playable Characters - Yoshi.
    Event #13 - Dragoon Strike
    Objective - Collect the three dragoon pieces and kill all three
    Warios by using it.
    Playable Characters - Kirby.
    Unlocks Legendary Air Ride CD.
    Event #14 - Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin
    Objective - Protect your Pikmin until their flowers bloom (for one 
    minute). Might need to pull Pikmin out (neutral special attack).
    Playable Characters - Olimar and Pikmin.
    Event #15 - The Hammer of the King
    Objective - Defeat the giant metal Dedede.
    Playable Characters - King Dedede.
    Unlocks Dedede's Theme CD.
    Event #16 - Power Suit ON!
    Objective - Be the first to break a Smash Ball and activate your
    Final Smash.
    Playable Characters - Zero Suit Samus.
    Event #17 - Super Waterfall Climb
    Objective - Survive until you reach the top of the waterfall.
    Playable Characters - Zelda.
    Event #18 - Dark Link Duel
    Objective - Defeat Dark Link (stamina battle).
    Playable Characters - Link.
    Unlocks Dark Mountain Theme CD.
    Event #19 - Wario Bros.
    Objective - Beat Mario and Luigi.
    Playable Characters - Wario.
    Unlocks Secret Stage. (See Secrets for more info.)
    Event #20 - All-Star Battle x 1
    Objective - Defeat all the newcomer characters on the starting 
    roster two at a time. (Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, Lucas, Wario, Pit,
    Olimar and Pikmin, Zero Suit Samus, and Pokemon Trainer)
    Playable Characters - Any character.
    ***Note: From here on, secret characters will be revealed in these
    Events. Go no further unless you want to find out who they are.
    Event #21 - Visit to Onett
    Objective - Defeat Ness.
    Playable Characters - Lucas.
    Event #22 - Monkeys Unite
    Objective - Defeat Donkey Kong, Sheik, and Lucario.
    Playable Characters - Diddy Kong.
    Event #23 - Molten Norfair
    Objective - Enter the Safety capsule when the lava rises. The 
    safety capsule will appear when the lava arrives.
    Playable Characters - Samus.
    Event #24 - Come on! Blue Falcon!
    Objective - Defeat both R.O.B.'s before the stage finishes one lap.
    Playable Characters - Captain Falcon.
    Unlocks Fire Field CD.
    Event #25 - The Aura is With Me
    Objective - Defeat Ness and Sheik. You start with 182%
    Playable Characters - Lucario.
    Unlocks Secret Stage. (see Secrets for more info.)
    Event #26 - The Slow and Easy Life
    Objective - Defeat three small Olimar and Pikmins.
    Playable Characters - Ness.
    Event #27 - Three-Beast Carnage
    Objective - Defeat Charizard, Donkey Kong, and Bowser.
    Playable Characters - R.O.B. (small)
    Event #28 - Flower Blooms in the Echoes
    Objective - Turn all leaves on the right of the flower red by 
    hitting them. 
    Playable Characters - Peach.
    Unlocks Secret Stage. (see Secrets for more info.)
    Event #29 - All-Star Semifinal Regulars
    Objective - Defeat all four of the third season hidden characters.
    (Jigglypuff, Luigi, Captain Falcon, and Ness)
    Playable Characters - Any character.
    Event #30 - Sonic Boom
    Objective - Defeat 15 Sonics.
    Playable Characters - Sonic.
    Event #31 - The Ultimate Bodyguard
    Objective - Protect Zelda until she turns into Sheik. (Or just kill
    the Ganondorfs)
    Playable Characters - Marth.
    Event #32 - Bird in Darkest Night
    Objective - Defeat Mr. Game & Watch. The screen will go black every
    so often.
    Playable Characters - Falco.
    Event #33 - Advent of the Evil King
    Objective - Defeat Link, Zelda, and Pit.
    Playable Characters - Ganondorf.
    Unlocks Great Temple CD on Hard difficulty.
    Event #34 - All-Star Battle Melee
    Objective - Defeat the eight second season (Melee) characters two
    at a time. (Ice Climbers, Peach, Marth, Zelda, Bowser, Mr. Game & 
    Watch, Ganondorf, and Falco.) 
    Playable Characters - Any character.
    Event #35 - The Visitor to Flat Zone
    Objective - Defeat Peach, Jigglypuff, and Toon Link.
    Playable Characters - Mr. Game & Watch.
    Event #36 - High-Tech Special Forces
    Objective - Defeat Samus, Captain Falcon, and Wolf.
    Playable Characters - Snake.
    Event #37 - The Pirate Airship
    Objective - Defeat both Yoshis while the ship is floating.
    Playable Characters - Toon Link.
    Unlocks Song of Storms CD.
    Event #38 - The Wolf Hunts the Fox
    Objective - Defeat Fox and Falco.
    Playable Characters - Wolf.
    Unlocks Star Wolf Theme (Assault Version) CD on Hard difficulty.
    Event #39 - All-Star Battle x 2
    Objective - Defeat all the newcomers in the unlockable roster 
    (mostly) two at a time. (Snake, Sonic, R.O.B., King Dedede, Ike,
    Lucario, Wolf, and Toon Link)
    Playable Characters - Any character.
    Event #40 - The Final Battle
    Objective - Defeat Bowser, Ganondorf, and King Dedede.
    Playable Characters - Any character.
    Event #41 - The FINAL Final Battle
    Objective - Defeat Sonic, Snake, and Giant Mario.
    Playable Characters - Any character.
    2 Player --------------------------EVE2P
    ***WARNING - Some of these events will show secret characters. 
    Don't look at this if you don't want them spoiled!
    Event #01 - Two Trouble Kings
    Objective - Defeat Bowser and King Dedede.
    Playable Characters - Mario and Kirby
    Event #02 - Master the Pokemon Tag Battle
    Objective - Defeat Pokemon Trainer and Pikachu.
    Playable Characters - Pokemon Trainer and Pikachu.
    Event #03 - The Quickest, Shortest Sudden Death
    Objective - Survive for 10 seconds at 300%.
    Playable Characters - Yoshi and King Dedede.
    Event #04 - DK's Tag Calamity
    Objective - Defeat all enemies.
    Playable Characters - Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.
    Event #05 - Yoshi Squad 50
    Objective - Defeat 50 Yoshis before one full lap on the stage.
    Playable Characters - Meta Knight and Pit.
    Event #06 - The Secret Sneaker.
    Objective - Defeat all the invisible enemies.
    Playable Characters - Zelda and Zero Suit Samus.
    Event #07 - Dark Squad Duel
    Objective - Defeat Dark Link and Dark Samus. (stamina battle)
    Playable Characters - Link and Samus.
    Event #08 - All Mine!
    Objective - Collect 2000 coins before Mario.
    Playable Characters - Wario and Bowser.
    Event #09 - Those that stayed in Onett
    Objective - Defeat Luigi and Yoshi.
    Playable Characters - Lucas and Ness.
    Event #10 - The Cypress R.O.B.
    Objective - Take turns defeating R.O.B.s.
    Playable Characters - Lucario and Ice Climbers.
    Event #11 - Renovation Strategy
    Objective - Collect 300 coins without damaging the mansion.
    Playable Characters - Luigi and Peach.
    Event #12 - Come Back! Falcon Flyer!
    Objective - Defeat both Samuses in under 30 seconds.
    Playable Characters - Captain Falcon and Olimar and Pikmin.
    Event #13 - A Tender and Tough Blade
    Objective - Take turns defeating Link, Meta Knight, and Ganondorf.
    Playable Characters - Marth and Ike.
    Event #14 - Guardians of Darkness
    Objective - Defeat Donkey Kong and Charizard. You must both get
    one kill.
    Playable Characters - Ganondorf (tiny) and Wolf (tiny).
    Event #15 - Four Swords Brawl
    Objective - Collect 500 coins before the pair of Toon Links.
    Playable Characters - Toon Link and Toon Link.
    Event #16 - Jigglypuff's Big Change
    Objective - Defeat Giant Ness and Giant Lucas. They'll shrink as 
    the battle goes on.
    Playable Characters - Jigglypuff (tiny) and Mr. Game & Watch 
    Event #17 - Sonic and Mario
    Objective - Take turns defeating Marios and Sonics.
    Playable Characters - Mario and Sonic.
    Event #18 - Shadow Moses's New Arsenal
    Objective - Defeat the two R.O.B.s.
    Playable Characters - Snake and R.O.B.
    Event #19 - Andross's Shadow
    Objective - Defeat Wolf. Constant Andross attacking.
    Playable Characters - Fox and Falco.
    Event #20 - Final Showdown Together
    Objective - Take turns defeating Wario, King Dedede, Meta Knight,
    Wolf, Bowser, and Ganondorf.
    Playable Characters - Any characters.
    Event #21 - The Real All Star Brawl
    Objective - Take on the entire roster, all 35 characters.
    Playable Characters - Any characters.
    Challenges ------------------------BRACH
    Here I'll list all of the Challenges in the Vault you can complete.
    Many of these are listed in the Secrets section as well, but I felt
    they deserved their own section.
    I've listed the challenges by row, the top row being Row A, the one
    below it being Row B, the next Row C, and the last Row D. I've 
    numbered them from left to right.
    A-1 - Clear Boss Battles on Intense difficulty
    Galleom (Tank Form) trophy.
    A-2 - Clear Target Smash level 1 in under 15 seconds
    Palutena's Bow trophy.
    A-3 - Clear Target Smash level 4 in under 32 seconds
    Cardboard Box trophy.
    A-4 - Hit 1200 ft. in Home-Run Contest
    Clu Clu Land CD.
    A-5 - Use Captain Falcon 10 times in Brawls
    Big Blue (Melee) stage.
    A-6 - Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 3 minutes 30 seconds
    Ryuta Ippongi (Ouendan 2) sticker.
    A-7 - Clear All-Star with 10 characters
    Gekko trophy.
    A-8 - Play on Green Hill Zone stage 10 times
    His World (Instrumental) CD.
    A-9 - Unlock Toon Link
    Pirate Ship stage.
    A-10 - Clear Boss Battles on Easy
    Subspace Bomb Trophy.
    A-11 - Clear Event #19
    Mario Bros. stage.
    A-12 - Clear All-Star Mode with no continues
    Pichu Trophy.
    A-13 - Collect 200 different stickers
    Pokemon Center CD.
    A-14 - Use Toon Link 10 times in Brawls
    Zelda: Ocarina of Time Masterpiece.
    A-15 - Clear Target Smash level 4 with 10 characters
    Musketeer Daltania trophy.
    A-16 - Clear All-Star Mode on Very Hard
    Dyna Blade Trophy.
    A-17 - Unlock all playable characters
    Menu 2 CD.
    A-18 - Defeat 5 enemies in Cruel Brawl
    Red Alloy trophy.
    A-19 - Play 10 or more Coin matches in Brawl Mode
    Smash Coins trophy.
    A-20 - Clear Event #28
    Hanenbow stage.
    A-21 - Clear Event #15
    King Dedede's Theme CD.
    A-22 - Clear 15-Minute Brawl
    Green Alloy trophy.
    A-23 - Clear Target Smash level 3 in under 20 seconds
    Ray MK III trophy.
    A-24 - Collect all Masterpieces
    Excitebikes trophy.
    A-25 - Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 4 minutes
    Multi-Man Melee 1 (Melee) CD.
    A-26 - Collect trophies for all characters
    Creeping Chrysanthemum trophy.
    A-27 - Clear Target Smash level 5
    Title (3D Hot Rally) CD.
    A-28 - Get 10 max combos in Training Mode
    Banana Peel trophy.
    A-29 - Brawl on the Port Town Aero Dive stage 10 times
    Dream Chaser CD.
    A-30 - Defeat 100 enemies in Endless Brawl
    Yellow Alloy trophy.
    A-31 - Clear Classic Mode with 20 characters
    Master Hand trophy.
    A-32 - Hit over 45000 ft total with all fighters in Home-Run 
    Golden Hammer trophy.
    B-1 - Unlock 75 hidden songs
    Ballyhoo and Big Top trophy.
    B-2 - Clear Classic with all characters
    Paper Mario trophy.
    B-3 - Use Luigi in 3 Brawls
    Luigi's Mansion stage.
    B-4 - Hit 900 ft. in Home-Run Contest
    Boo (Mario Tennis) sticker.
    B-5 - Brawl on Frigate Orpheon stage 10 times
    Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2) CD.
    B-6 - Brawl on custom stages 10 times
    Custom Stage Parts A.
    B-7 - Unlock all Melee stages
    Princess Peach's Castle (Melee) CD.
    B-8 - Clear Target Smash level 5 with 10 characters
    Outset Island Link trophy.
    B-9 - Get 400 combined max combos with all characters in Training 
    Ouendan trophy.
    B-10 - Clear Classic Mode on Hard
    Credits (Super Smash Bros.) CD.
    B-11 - Clear Classic Mode on Easy
    Running Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo) sticker.
    B-12 - Clear Classic Mode on Normal
    Icicle Mountain (Melee) CD and a Golden Hammer.
    B-13 - Brawl on Pokemon Stadium 2 stage 10 times
    Pokemon Stadium stage.
    B-14 - Have Ness join you in the Subspace Emissary
    Franklin Badge trophy.
    B-15 - Have Ike join you in the Subspace Emissary
    Ike's Theme CD and a Golden Hammer.
    B-16 - Beat Boss Battles with 20 characters
    Jyk trophy.
    B-17 - Beat All-Star Mode on Normal
    Phyllis (Animal Crossing: WW) sticker.
    B-18 - Clear Event #37
    Song of Storms CD.
    B-19 - Brawl on Melee stages 10 times
    Jungle Japes (Melee) stage.
    B-20 - Clear Target Smash level 1
    Apples trophy.
    B-21 - Win 5 Brawls with Peach
    Super Mario Bros. 2 Masterpiece.
    B-22 - Clear Event #14
    Red Pikmin trophy.
    B-23 - Unlock 50 hidden songs.
    Walky trophy.
    B-24 - Hit over 24000 ft total with all fighters in Home-Run 
    Xananab trophy.
    B-25 - Clear Target Smash level 3 with all characters 
    Silver trophy.
    B-26 - Beat Boss Battles with 10 characters
    Subspace Gunship trophy.
    B-27 - Hit 1500 ft. in Home-Run Contest
    Home-Run Bat trophy.
    B-28 - Clear Event #13
    The Legendary Air Ride Machine CD.
    B-29 - Brawl on Shadow Moses Island stage 15 times
    Snake Eater (Instrumental) CD.
    B-30 - Have Captain Falcon Join you in the Subspace Emissary
    F-Zero Masterpiece.
    B-31 - Beat 50 enemies in Endless Brawl
    Mach Rider (Melee) CD.
    B-32 - Get 500 different trophies
    Baby Peach trophy.
    C-1 - Get 2000 or more KOs in Brawl Mode
    Johnny trophy.
    C-2 - Clear 100-Man Brawl with all characters
    Blue Alloy trophy.
    C-3 - Make 15 stages in Stage Builder
    Edit Parts C.
    C-4 - Clear Event #8
    Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town/Pewter City) CD.
    C-5 - Clear Target Smash level 2
    Peanut Popgun trophy.
    C-6 - Clear Target Smash level 2 with 10 characters
    Pellets trophy.
    C-7 - Get 1000 KOs in Brawl Mode
    Cracker Launcher trophy.
    C-8 - Exceed 300 ft swimming distance total with all characters
    Kapp'n trophy.
    C-9 - Clear All-Star Mode on Easy
    Tal Tal Heights CD.
    C-10 - Use every character in Home-Run Contest
    Sandbag trophy.
    C-11 - Clear Target Smash level 2 with all characters
    Blast Box trophy.
    C-12 - Use Kirby in 20 Brawls
    Green Greens (Melee) stage.
    C-13 - Brawl on Norfair stage 10 times
    Ending (Metroid) CD.
    C-14 - Get 500 different stickers
    Dr. Eggman trophy.
    C-15 - Clear Target Smash level 3 with 10 characters
    Ashnard trophy.
    C-16 - Clear Classic Mode on Very Hard
    Striker Mario trophy.
    C-17 - Clear the Subspace Emissary
    Ancient Minister trophy.
    C-18 - Clear Target Smash level 1 with 10 characters
    Stafy trophy.
    C-19 - Clear Target Smash level 1 with all characters
    Super Scope trophy.
    C-20 - Brawl on Mushroomy Kingdom stage 10 times
    Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.) CD.
    C-21 - Clear 100-Man Brawl
    Pitfall trophy.
    C-22 - Clear Event #24
    Fire Field CD.
    C-23 - Clear Boss Battles on Normal
    Shadow Bugs trophy.
    C-24 - Clear Event #38 on Hard
    Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) CD.
    C-25 - Clear All-Star Mode on Intense 
    Mewtwo trophy.
    C-26 - Unlock Sonic 
    Green Hill Zone stage.
    C-27 - Clear Target Smash level 4
    Rocketbarrel Pack trophy.
    C-28 - Brawl on Halberd stage 10 times
    Frozen Hillside CD.
    C-29 - Clear Event #4
    Halberd Trophy.
    C-30 - Clear Event #25
    Spear Pillar stage.
    C-31 - Get 500 KOs in Brawl Mode
    Party Ball trophy and a Golden Hammer.
    C-32 - Collect all songs
    K.K. Slider trophy.
    D-1 - Collect all stickers
    Stickers trophy.
    D-2 - Clear Classic Mode on Intense
    Crazy Hand trophy.
    D-3 - Clear Target Smash level 2 in under 19 seconds
    Excite Truck CD.
    D-4 - Use Donkey Kong in 20 Brawls
    75 m stage.
    D-5 - Brawl on Yoshi's Island (Melee) stage 3 times
    Super Mario World Masterpiece.
    D-6 - Clear Boss Battles on Hard
    Dark Cannon trophy.
    D-7 - Clear All-Star Mode with all characters.
    Kyle Hyde trophy.
    D-8 - Clear Target Smash level 5 in under 30 seconds
    Combo Cannon trophy.
    D-9 - Clear Target Smash level 3
    Wario Bike Trophy.
    D-10 - Play over 100 hours in Brawl Mode
    Ashley Robbins trophy.
    D-11 - Clear Event #33 on Hard
    Great Temple/Temple CD.
    D-12 - Clear Event #4
    Palutena Trophy.
    D-13 - Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
    Flat Zone 2 stage.
    D-14 - Brawl on Castle Siege stage 10 times
    Power-Hungry Fool CD.
    D-15 - Collect Final Smash trophies for all characters
    Plusle and Minun trophy.
    D-16 - Defeat 10 enemies in Cruel Brawl
    Liquid Snake (MGS: The TWin Snakes) sticker.
    D-17 - Clear Target Smash level 4 with all characters
    King K. Rool trophy.
    D-18 - Clear Event #18 on Hard
    Hidden Mountain & Forest CD.
    D-19 - Hit over 15000 ft. total with all fighters in Home-Run 
    Bumper trophy.
    D-20 - Play 30 hours in Brawl Mode
    Timer trophy and a Golden Hammer.
    D-21 - Exceed 10 hours of powered-on time
    Donkey Kong Masterpiece.
    D-22 - Hit over 30000 ft total with all fighters in Home-Run 
    Shy Guy trophy.
    D-23 - Collect more than 5000 coins in coin matches
    02 Battle CD.
    D-24 - Clear All-Star Mode on Hard
    Birdo trophy.
    D-25 - Clear Target Smash level 5 with all characters
    Grey Fox trophy.
    D-26 - Clear Boss Battles on Very Hard
    Porky Statue trophy.
    D-27 - Exceed 30000 ft total walking distance for all characters
    Tails trophy.
    D-28 - Create 5 stages in Stage Builder
    Edit Parts B.
    D-29 - Play 50 hours in Brawl Mode
    Main Theme (Super Mario 64) CD.
    D-30 - Collect 1000 coins in coin matches
    Tom Nook trophy.
    D-31 - Hit 37500 ft total with all fighters in Home-Run Contest
    Ai no Uta (French version) CD.
    D-32 - Clear Boss Battles with all characters
    Tabuu (Winged) trophy.
    Items -----------------------------BRAIT
    Here I'll list all the items you can use in the game, including
    those only found in certain modes.
    Battle Items ----------------------BATIT
    Smash Ball -
    This item appears and floats around the stage. Whoever breaks it 
    (it takes a few hits) open gets the ability to perform their Final
    Smash. Two Smash Balls will never appear at the same time, and if a
    player gets hit hard enough while holding their Final Smash may 
    lose it.
    Assist Trophy - 
    If you pick this up and break it over your head, it will unleash a 
    random Assist Trophy character (see Assist Trophy section for 
    Pokeball -
    Pick this up and throw it. It will slightly damage anyone it hits
    directly, and if it lands on a solid platform will unleash a 
    random pokemon (see Pokeballs section for more details).
    Crates -
    Boxes that appear on stage. You can pick these up and throw them
    for a damaging effect. You can also just hit them to open them up.
    Sometimes they'll explode and sometimes they'll drop items. Also,
    some have wheels and will roll away when hit.
    Barrels -
    Similar to Crates, they will break open when hit enough or thrown.
    They will tip over and roll away if thrown or hit enough. Sometimes
    they will explode and sometimes they'll drop items.
    Capsule -
    Small items that can be picked up and thrown. They cause a small
    amount of damage if they hit directly, and break open and drop an
    item. They sometimes explode when they break open, be it on a solid
    ground or another combatant.
    Party Ball -
    These items take a beating, and can be picked up and thrown. Once
    it's taken enough, it will float up slowly and then pop open. When 
    it opens it will drop a small amount of items, food, or randomly a
    bunch of bob-ombs or even a Smash Ball. It also sometimes drops 
    nothing or explodes.
    Blast Box -
    These boxes explode when they've taken enough damage, or if they 
    get hit by a fire attack.
    Sandbag -
    You can hit this item again and again and it will drop items. It 
    will eventually fly farther and farther as you hit it, and runs out
    of items after a while.
    Food -
    Small health bonuses, eating these will help lower percentages. 
    Each of these has a set percentage it heals, but they usually come
    in large, varied groups.
    Maxim Tomato -
    A better healing item, this heals 50 percentage.
    Heart -
    This amazing healing item heals 100 percentage. (The ones in All-
    Star Mode heals all percentage).
    Dragoon -
    This is actually three items. You have to collect all three before
    you can use the Dragoon, but once you've collected them all you are
    allowed to fire at the screen and try to hit other combatants. If 
    you hit them, it causes massive damage and sends them flying. If 
    you're hit enough, you will drop your piece of the Dragoon. 
    *Note: To see which of the items you've collected, they appear in
    small pieces down by your characters face. 
    *Note: These items almost always appear together. Once a first 
    piece of the Dragoon appears, expect the other two to show up soon.
    Super Mushroom -
    Simply touching this item will make you grow to about twice your
    normal size, letting you deal higher damage and have better 
    defense. It will go away after a short while.
    Poison Mushroom -
    This item looks just like the Super Mushroom but with a slightly 
    darker hue, and it has the reverse effect. Touching this will make
    your character shrink to a miniscule size, and reduce your attack
    and make you fly much farther. It will go away after a short while.
    Warp Star -
    Grabbing this item will make you fly off the screen for a moment
    and then come crashing down with an explosion. You can slightly 
    guide the star left and right, but be careful not to fall into a
    Starman -
    As soon as you touch this item you become invincible, meaning you
    will take no damage and normal attacks can't hit you. Some stage
    traps will still knock you around, however, so be careful. It lasts
    about 10 seconds.
    Metal Box -
    Breaking this item or picking it up encases your character in a 
    metal layer, raising your defense and weight significantly. You 
    won't go flying very far, but you'll drop like a brick!
    Bunny Hood -
    Picking this item up makes your character incredibly fast, and it
    also gives you an extra boost in your jump, allowing you to jump 
    much higher than before.
    Superspicy Curry -
    Picking this up causes your character to uncontrollably breathe
    fire. You can still move and attack, however, but you can no longer
    Timer -
    A time warping effect happens when you pick this up. Everyone but 
    you will slow down, allowing for a few sucker punches. However, 
    this can backfire and cause everyone including you to slow down...
    or just you.
    Lightning -
    Touching this shrinks everyone but you on the battlefield for a 
    short while. Beat up the little guys, but watch out - it can turn 
    around and shrink just you instead!
    Beam Sword -
    This will equip your character with a beam sword, changing your
    attacks into a sword swing. The stronger your attack is, the 
    longer the beam sword will become, as it shoots outward slightly.
    Homerun Bat -
    This item will equip your character with a bat, changing your 
    attacks to a major league swing. If you perform a side-smash attack
    while holding it, your character will wind up for a moment and 
    unleash a practically guaranteed kill.
    Fan -
    This item is less powerful than a bat or sword, but can be rapidly
    used. It also has a very high chance of breaking a shield, in case 
    your friends are guarding too much.
    Lip's Stick -
    Another slightly weaker weapon, this item has the special ability 
    to add a flower to your enemy's head. This flower adds percentage 
    to your enemy slowly, but the more you hit them with this weapon 
    the bigger and more effective the flower will get.
    Star Rod -
    A decent weapon to equip, performing a side-smash attack will send
    a star projectile flying out from the rod. 
    Hammer -
    The bane of fair play, the Hammer is a deadly weapon that allows 
    you to swing it for about 15 seconds. It causes massive damage and
    sends opponents flying, but if your opponent manages to hit you, 
    you can't jump twice with it or move very fast. It also has a 
    chance to lose the hammer head, leaving you with just a stick to
    wave around. 
    *Note: The Hammer's speed has been drastically reduced from Melee, 
    allowing much easier hits on the Hammer-user.
    Golden Hammer -
    And you thought the Hammer was bad? This thing allows players to 
    float in mid-air, saving you from the pitfalls of the previous 
    version, not to mention the much faster swing. However, it can be a 
    dud, just leaving a squeaky hammer for you to pretend to be cool 
    Super Scope -
    This item returns from Melee. If you pick it up, you can shoot 
    either a charged blast or a rapid stream of bullets. You can fully
    charge it about three times before it runs out of steam, or you 
    can fire 48 small shots in rapid succession before you need to toss
    *Note: You can move while firing this, unlike in Melee. You can't 
    turn around while firing, but you can back up.
    Ray Gun -
    This weapon changes your normal attack into a projectile, coming 
    with 16 shots. The shots have a small stun effect, so if you're 
    fast you can keep the enemy at bay.
    Fire Flower -
    This item lets loose a blast of flames, burning your enemies in a 
    rapid succesion of hits. You can hold down the attack to keep your 
    foes trapped, but eventually the flower will run out of power.
    Cracker Launcher -
    Once grabbed, this item spews out fireworks that damage foes. You 
    can change the angle with up/down or change your direction, and
    eventually it will run out of shots.
    Bob-omb -
    Watch out, it's a bomb! This item causes a big explosion with 
    whatever it connects with after being thrown, but don't be slow in
    picking it up. If it's left sitting around for a while, it will 
    start walking around and blow up the first thing it touches!
    Motion-Sensor Bomb -
    This item does a little damage if it connects with an opponent 
    after being thrown, but more importantly, after it touches solid 
    ground it becomes a land mine. Any characters that get close 
    enough to it after a moment will trigger an explosion, so be sure
    to remember where it lands!
    Gooey Bomb -
    This item sticks to whatever it touches. Once attached, it will 
    start to tick down until it's explosion, but there's a catch - if
    you run past an enemy and touch them, it will switch over and stick
    to them instead.
    Smart Bomb -
    When this item connects after being thrown or gets hit it explodes, 
    causing a mini-sphere to expand from the center of explosion. Any 
    characters caught in this explosion will be rapidly hit, racking up
    the damage. At the end it sends all those trapped flying. It has
    a chance to be a dud, though, so pick it up and throw it again to
    fix the situation.
    Deku Nut -
    When this item contacts it will flash and stun a nearby enemy, or 
    can be used as a small bomb if it hits the enemy directly.
    Freezie -
    This item moves along the ground until it's picked up. If you hit
    your enemy directly with this, they will be trapped in ice for a
    short while, allowing you to pummel them freely. If you rapidly 
    press any buttons, the ice will thaw faster, allowing you to free
    yourself quicker.
    Smoke Ball -
    Kind of dumb, this item "obscures the screen". You can attach this
    to people if you hit them directly, otherwise it just emits smoke 
    for a short while, allowing you to slightly hide what you're doing.
    Pitfall -
    This item allows you to trap an apponent in the ground for a short
    while. If you place it on solid ground it will become a trap, but
    if you hit your opponent with it directly, they will immediately be
    stuck in the ground. If your opponent is in the air, they will fall 
    straight down to the nearest platform, so it's an edge-guarders
    Hothead -
    These little monsters slide around on the stage, damaging anything
    they or the sparks they leave behind touch. If you hit them with 
    electric or fire attacks, they'll grow even bigger.
    Mr. Saturn -
    This item you can pick up and throw, but he doesn't do that much 
    damage. You can use him to break shields effectively, but otherwise
    he's more fun as a hostage.
    Green Shell -
    This item can be thrown for a lot of damage, but you can hit or 
    jump on it as well to send it careening off in the direction your
    facing. If they hit anything solid they'll come right back, so 
    watch out!
    Banana Peel -
    Place this on the ground for a fun-filled trap that will stun your 
    opponents and make them fall for a moment.
    Bumper -
    Place this somewhere to make a trap that will bounce anyone who
    comes in contact with it away. Once it bounces someone or 
    something, it will slide along the ground a little.
    Spring -
    This "item" allows you to jump incredibly high if you jump on top 
    of it. If thrown, it will sometimes topple over and launch anyone 
    who comes in contact with it off to the side.
    Unira -
    This item will extend and retract it's spikes as it's hit. Stay 
    back and hit this one from a distance if the spikes aren't out.
    Soccer Ball -
    You can't pick it up, but if you hit this item you can launch it in
    any direction. It will burst into flames after you hit it for a
    while, so don't get caught in it's path.
    Team Healer -
    This item does nothing for whoever picks it up, it instead heals 
    whoever you hit with it. Throw it at an ally in Team Brawl to get
    some percentage back.
    Franklin Badge -
    Pick this up to equip it. Once equipped, it will bounce all 
    projectiles back without fail for a short period of time. Be 
    careful and watch for when it disappears, as you can barely see it
    on your character model.
    Screw Attack -
    Holding this turns your normal jumps into spin attacks, allowing 
    you to hit enemies multiple times while performing normal jumps.
    *Note: Unlike in Melee, this item is not held or thrown, just 
    CD -
    Not so much a battle item, but this item lets you unlock new songs
    for your own use in My Music mode. Pick these up in any mode.
    Trophy - (Subspace Emissary only)
    Picking this up will add the trophy to your personal vault. There
    are a lot of trophies that appear randomly, so see the Obtainable
    Trophy section for details on how to get some.
    Sticker -
    These add stickers to your collection, which are very useful in
    the Subspace Emissary to power up your characters.
    Key - (Subspace Emissary only)
    These open locked doors you'll find in Adventure Mode.
    Trophy Stand - (Subspace Emissary only)
    This allows you to "trophy" enemies in Adventure Mode. Throw it at
    the enemy you want to turn into a trophy and it will likely become
    a trophy. For enemies with higher health such as bosses and mini-
    bosses, you need to weaken them first. This is required to get all 
    Enemy and Boss Trophies in the Subspace Emissary.
    Stock Ball - (Subspace Emissary only)
    Pick this item up and you will add one to your lives left.
    Coins and Bills - (Coin Matches only)
    These coins are just to collect in coin matches. Beat your enemy 
    and they will drop coins for you to collect.
    Assist Trophies -------------------ASTRP
    Here You'll find a list of all the characters that can come out of
    assist trophies. 
    Andross -
    The original polygon form of Andross will appear in the background
    and shoot out projectiles.
    Barbara -
    This Japan-only heroine comes out jamming on the guitar, sending
    out shockwaves to damage enemies.
    Complete SSE to unlock.
    Devil -
    When this guy shows up at the top of the screen, stay towards the 
    middle! He'll randomly point in a direction and quickly scroll the
    screen that way.
    Dr. Wright -
    This guy causes skyscrapers to vault out of the ground, sending
    anyone in their way flying.
    ExciteBike -
    A group of pixelated bikers will zoom across the stage, damaging
    anyone they hit.
    Grey Fox -
    This ninja charges the enemy and starts slashing as soon as he gets 
    close enough. Any projectiles directed his way will be sent back 
    without delay.
    *Note: Doesn't appear until you unlock Secret Character #7. (see
    Secrets section for more info)
    Hammer Bro. -
    This Koopa will throw out some hammers in an arc, just like he's 
    done for years.
    Helirin -
    This windmill creates an obstacle for anyone, slowly spinning and 
    blocking movement.
    Isaac -
    Golden Sun boys rejoice! Isaac shows up with Push psyenergy to push
    enemies off the stage.
    Jeff -
    Ness's brainy friend shows up with rockets, sending them up in the
    air. They home in on opponents close enough.
    Jill Dozer -
    Jill moves back and forth, even jumping sometimes to try to drill
    your opponents. If you get caught by her, you'll get some damage
    racked up.
    Kat and Ana -
    The ninja girls from WarioWare fly across the screen in diagonals,
    damaging any opponents they can catch.
    Knuckle Joe -
    Kirby's fighting assistant shows up with some crazy jabs. After a 
    moment of solid jabbing, he'll either uppercut or do a finishing
    Lakitu -
    Just like he used to, Lakitu will drop Spinies on the stage, which
    then walk around for a while slowly, damaging anyone who comes too
    Little Mac -
    Where's the little guys pink-clad trainer, huh? Mac will run up to
    your opponent and give them a combo whenever they're close enough.
    Lyn -
    Fire Emblem's female presence shows up with sword in hand. She'll
    charge up, run at the enemy, then disappear for a moment, slashing
    an instant later. 
    Metroid -
    This little (little?) guy will floar around randomly and attach 
    itself to whoever is closest. It will cause damage slowly but 
    surely, and keep eating for a while.
    Mr. Resetti -
    What a jerk. This guy shows up and not only blocks half the screen,
    but gives you a verbal lashing!
    Nintendog -
    This dog appears to block the middle of the screen, helping no one.
    But it's so cute!
    Ray -
    Ray will fly around the stage shooting at opponents. 'Nuff said.
    Saki Amamiya -
    Another slash attack by Saki, but then he finishes with a jump and 
    a gun shot.
    Samurai Goroh -
    Charge and slash, but at least you get another F-Zero character.
    Shadow the Hedgehog -
    Shadow shows up to slow down time for everyone but his summoner.
    *Note: Doesn't appear until you unlock Secret Character #11. (see
    Secrets section for more info)
    Stafy -
    He spins, doing a little damage, but can be hit and knocked away.
    Tank Army -
    These guys will cover a platform going right and left, shooting and
    moving slowly.
    Tingle -
    Random effects, such as summoning items or useless balloons.
    Waluigi -
    He charges the enemy and stomps them into the ground, following up
    with a swing from his racket or a kick to the face!
    Pokeballs -------------------------BATPO
    Here's a list of all the pokemon that can come out of pokeballs.
    Bellossom -
    Similar to previous installments, she puts anyone close to her 
    Bonsly -
    It walks around for a while, then explodes. It can be picked up and
    Celebi -
    Useless for battle, but sometimes drops collectibles.
    Chikorita -
    Shoots out projectiles for a few seconds.
    Deoxys -
    Moves to the top of the screen then fires a beam down to the stage.
    Electrode -
    Charges up and then explodes.
    Entei -
    Traps enemies in a vortex of fire, continuously hitting and racking
    up the damage.
    Gardevoir -
    Creates shields to protect from projectiles, and floats around the
    stage randomly.
    Goldeen -
    Useless. Doesn't do anything but flop around.
    Groudon -
    Groudon stand around severly hurting anyone who touches it.
    Gulpin -
    Eats your opponent then spits them away.
    Ho-Oh -
    Traps enemies in a vortex of fire. Stronger than Entei.
    Jirachi -
    Useless for battle, but sometimes drops collectibles.
    Kyogre -
    Shoots out a wave of water than pushes everyone back. Causes no 
    damage, but touching Kyogre causes quite a bit of damage.
    Latios and Latias -
    Both legendary pokemon fly across the stage, damaging anyone they 
    come in contact with.
    Lugia -
    Fires a beam from the back of the stage, damaging anyone who gets 
    too close.
    Manaphy -
    Switches characters with another character. You will become the 
    other person's character for a moment, but you keep your stocks.
    Meowth -
    Sends out a barrage of coins, repeatedly damaging anyone close 
    Metagross -
    It will stomp the ground, submerging any grounded enemies. It will
    then stomp again and send them flying.
    Mew -
    Useless for battle, but sometimes drops collectibles.
    Moltres -
    Attacks the upper center of the screen, damaging anyone who gets 
    close enough.
    Munchlax - 
    Eats all the items it can.
    Piplup - 
    Pushes opponents off the stage with a blast of water.
    Snorlax -
    Jumps up off screen, then comes crashing down damaging anything in
    it's path.
    Staryu -
    Chases an opponent for a moment, then lets loose a rapid barrage of
    Suicine -
    Shoots out a beam of ice, freezing any enemies it hits.
    Togepi -
    Randomly does a Pokemon's attack.
    Torchic -
    Burns brightly, damaging those that get close enough.
    Weavile -
    Dashes at the enemy and stuns them. If you're hit in the air, you
    will fly straight up.
    Wobbuffet -
    Stays still, but if hit it will begin to rock, damaging those it
    Obtainable CDs --------------------BRACD
    Here I will list all of the songs, both hidden and starting. They
    are listed by series.
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl -
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme
    Menu 1
    Menu 2
    Battlefield Ver. 2
    Final Destination
    Online Practice Stage
    Results Display Screen
    Tournament Registration
    Tournament Match End
    Classic: Results Screen
    All-Star Rest Area
    Home-Run Contest
    Boss Battle
    Trophy Gallery
    Sticker Album/Album/Chronicle
    Coin Launcher
    Stage Builder
    Target Smash!!
    Adventure Map
    Step: The Plain
    Step: The Cave
    Step: Subspace
    Step: Subspace Ver. 2
    Step: Subspace Ver. 3
    Boss Battle Song 1
    Boss Battle Song 2
    Save Point
    Super Smash Bros. -
    Credits (Super Smash Bros.)
    Opening (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
    Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)
    Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
    Kong Jungle (Melee)
    Jungle Japes (Melee)
    Temple (Melee)
    Brinstar (Melee)
    Brinstar Depths (Melee)
    Yoshi's Island (Melee)
    Fountain of Dreams (Melee)
    Green Greens (Melee)
    Corneria (Melee)
    Venom (Melee)
    Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
    Poke Floats (Melee)
    Mute City (Melee)
    Big Blue (Melee)
    Mother (Melee)
    Icicle Mountain (Melee)
    Flat Zone (Melee)
    Super Mario Bros. 3 (Melee)
    Battle Theme (Melee)
    Fire Emblem (Melee)
    Mach Rider (Melee)
    Mother 2 (Melee)
    Dr. Mario (Melee)
    Battlefield (Melee)
    Menu (Melee)
    Multi-Man Melee 1 (Melee)
    Final Destination (Melee)
    Giga Bowser (Melee)
    Super Mario Bros. -
    Delfino Plaza
    Title/Ending (Super Mario World)
    Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros.)
    Ricco Harbor
    Main Theme (Super Mario 64)
    Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
    Ground Theme 2 (Super Mario Bros.)
    Gritzy Desert
    Underground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
    Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
    Underground Theme (Super Mario Land)
    Luigi's Mansion Theme
    Castle/Boss Fortress (Super Mario World/SMB 3)
    Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
    Mario Kart -
    Mario Circuit
    Luigi Circuit
    Waluigi Pinball
    Rainbow Road
    Donkey Kong -
    Jungle Ver. 2
    Jungle Level
    King K. Rool/Ship Deck 2
    Bramble Blast
    Battle for Storm Hill
    DK Jungle 1 Theme (Barrle Blast)
    The Map Page/Bonus Level
    Donkey Kong
    Opening (Donkey Kong)
    25m BGM
    The Legend of Zelda -
    Main Theme (The Legend of Zelda)
    Ocarina of Time Medley
    Title (The Legend of Zelda)
    The Dark World
    Hidden Mountain & Forest
    Hyrule Field Theme
    Main Theme (Twilight Princess)
    The Hidden Villiage
    Midna's Lament
    Great Temple/Temple
    Dragon Roost Island
    The Great Sea
    Tal Tal Heights
    Song of Storms
    Gerudo Valley
    Molgera Battle
    Village of the Blue Maiden
    Termina Field
    Metroid -
    Main Theme (Metroid)
    Ending (Metroid)
    Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior
    Vs. Ridley
    Vs. Parasite Queen
    Opening/Menu (Metroid Prime)
    Sector 1
    Vs. Meta Ridley
    Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2)
    Yoshi's Island -
    Obstacle Course
    Ending (Yoshi's Story)
    Yoshi's Island
    Flower Field
    Kirby -
    Meta Knight's Revenge
    The Legendary Air Ride Machine
    Gourmet Race
    Butter Building
    King Dedede's Theme
    Squeak Squad Theme
    Vs. Marx
    Boss Theme Medley
    Checker Knights
    Forest/Nature Area
    Frozen Hillside
    Star Fox -
    Space Armada
    Main Theme (Star Fox)
    Main Theme (Star Fox 64)
    Area 6
    Area 6 Ver. 2
    Star Wolf
    Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault)
    Space Battleground
    Pokemon -
    Pokemon Main Theme
    Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town/Pewter City)
    Pokemon Center
    Pokemon Gym/Evolution
    Wild Pokemon Battle! (Ruby/Sapphire)
    Victory Road
    Dialga/Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar!
    Wild Pokemon Battle! (Diamond/Pearl)
    Team Galactic Battle!
    Route 209
    F-Zero -
    Mute City
    Fire Field
    White Land
    Car Select
    Dream Chaser
    Devil's Call in your Heart
    Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance!
    Brain Cleaner
    Shotgun Kiss
    Planet Colors
    Earthbound -
    Porky's Theme
    Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise
    Mother 3 Love Theme
    You Call This a Utopia?!
    Humoresque of a Little Dog
    Fire Emblem -
    Fire Emblem Theme
    With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1)
    Preparing to Advance
    Winning Road - Roy's Hope
    Shadow Dragon Medley
    Ike's Theme
    Against the Dark Knight
    Crimean Army Sortie
    Power-Hungry Fool
    Victory Is Near
    Kid Icarus -
    Title (Kid Icarus)
    Kid Icarus Original Medley
    WarioWare, Inc. -
    WarioWare, Inc.
    WarioWare, Inc. Medley
    Ashley's Song
    Ashley's Song (JP)
    Mike's Song
    Mike's Song (JP)
    Mona Pizza's Song
    Mona Pizza's Song (JP)
    Pikmin -
    Main Theme (Pikmin)
    World Map (Pikmin 2)
    Stage Clear/Title (Pikmin)
    Forest of Hope
    Ai no Uta
    Ai no Uta (French Version)
    Tane no Uta
    Environmental Noises
    Animal Crossing -
    Title (Animal Crossing)
    Go K.K. Rider!
    2:00 a.m.
    Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store
    The Roost
    Nintendo -
    Ice Climber
    Balloon Trip
    Clu Clu Land
    Mario Bros.
    Famicom Medley
    Power-Up Music
    Douchuumen (Nazo no Murasamejo)
    Flat Zone 2
    Chill (Dr. Mario)
    Mii Channel
    Wii Shop Channel
    Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi
    Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
    Opening Theme (Wii Sports)
    Charge! (Wii Play)
    Lips Theme (Panel de Pon)
    Tetris: Type A
    Tetris: Type B
    Title (3D Hot Rally)
    Tunnel Scene (X)
    Mario Tennis/Mario Golf
    Marionation Gear
    Title (Big Brain Academy)
    Golden Forest (1080 Snowboarding)
    Battle Scene/Final Boss (Golden Sun)
    Excite Truck
    Metal Gear -
    MGS4 ~Theme of Love~ Smash Bros. Brawl Version
    Theme of Tara
    Battle in the Base
    Yell "Dead Cell"
    Snake Eater (Instrumental)
    Theme of Solid Snake
    Calling to the Night
    Sonic the Hedgehog -
    Green Hill Zone
    Angel Island Zone
    Scrap Brain Zone
    Emerald Hill Zone
    Sonic Boom
    Super Sonic Racing
    Live & Learn
    Sonic Heroes
    Right There, Ride On
    His World (Instrumental)
    Seven Rings In Hand
    Sticker List ----------------------STKLI
    Here's a list of all the stickers in the game, along with their 
    effects and what characters can equip them.
    Thanks to SmashWiki for the start, will add more as I get more 
    sources and play the game.
    ***Note: This guide is incomplete at the moment. Anyone who
    wants to help flesh it out can send me an e-mail.
    ***Warning - This list contains the names of hidden characters that
    can use stickers. Do not read if you don't want to know them.
    Key: Here I'll give you an explanation. First comes the sticker's
    name, then it's ability change. Then comes a listing of what 
    series characters can use the sticker. Here is a guide:
    KB (Kirby) : Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede
    SMB (Super Mario Bros.) : Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser and Peach
    FE (Fire Emblem) : Ike and Marth
    DK (Donkey Kong) : Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
    SF (Star Fox) : Fox, Falco and Wolf
    PK (Earthbound/Mother) : Ness, Lucas
    Poke (Pokemon) : Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario and Jigglypuff
    LoZ (Legend of Zelda) : Link, Zelda, Ganondorf and Toon Link
    N/A (Not Available): All characters
    Any special listings will also be made for individual stickers.
    18-Volt (WarioWare: Touched!) - [Arm] Attack +4 - N/A
    1-Up Mushroom (New SMB) - [Leg] Attack +4 - SMB
    9-Volt (WarioWare: MPG) - [Electric] Attack +8 - N/A
    9-Volt (WarioWare: Touched!) - [Head] Attack +5 - N/A
    Acro (Kirby 64) - [Magic] Attack +15 - Peach, Zelda
    Aijou Boom no Ya (Sennen Kazoku) - [Arm] Attack +8 - N/A
    Akira Hayami (1080 Avalanche) - [Freezing] Attack +14 - N/A
    Akira Hayami (Wave Race BS) - [Water] Attack +8 - Pokemon Trainer
    Akuma (Sennen Kazoku) - [Flame] Resistance +19 - N/A
    Amy Rose (Sonic CD) - [Leg] Attack +14 - Sonic 
    Ana (Mother) - [Body, Spin] Attack +7 - N/A
    Ana (WarioWare: Touched!) - [Slash] Attack +4 - N/A 
    Andrew (Star Fox Assault) - Launch Resistance +7 - SF
    Andy (Advance Wars) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +6 - N/A 
    Animal Crossing Male Villager - N/A - N/A 
    Annie (Custom Robo V2) - Launch Power +10 - N/A
    Arwing (Star Fox 64) - Launch Resistance +7 - SF
    Aryll (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Electric] Attack +8 - N/A
    Ashley (Trace Memory) - [Throwing] Attack +16 - N/A
    Ashley (WarioWare: Touched!) - [Magic] Attack +22 - N/A
    Ashley Viewing DTS (Trace Memory) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +17
      - R.O.B.
    Ashnard (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) - [Slash] Resistance +34
      - FE
    Baby Mario (Yoshi's Island) - [Flame] Attack +5 - N/A
    Balloon Fight Enemy - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +4 - Ice Climbers
    Balloon Fighter - [Weapon] Attack +4 - Pit
    Ballyhoo & Big Top (Mario Party 8) - [Head] Attack +10 - N/A
    Banana (Mario Kart DS) - [Flame] Attack +4 - N/A
    Banana Bunch (DK Barrel Blast) - [Specialty: Direct] Attack +6 - 
    Banana Coin (DK64) - [Leg] Attack +4 - N/A
    Barkle (Tingle's Rupeeland) - [Tail] Attack +32 - Yoshi, Pikachu,
      Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
    Barrel Train (Mario Kart DD!!) - [Leg] Attack +19 - N/A
    Bellossom (Pokemon series) - [Grass] Attack +8 - Pokemon Trainer
    Big Boss (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - Trophy Stand Drops +30 - N/A
    Big Switch (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) - Launch Resistance +18 - 
    Big The Cat (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) - [Battering] 
      Resistance +14 - N/A
    Black Shadow (F-Zero GX) - [Flame] Attack +37 - Captain Falcon
    Blargg (Yoshi's Story) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +13 - N/A
    Blathers (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Tail] Attack +7 - Yoshi, Pikachu,
      Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
    Blaze the Cat (Sonic Rush) - Shield Recovery +7 - N/A
    Blipper (Kirby Squeak Squad) - Swim Time +20 - N/A
    Blood Falcon (F-Zero GX) - [Head] Attack +18 - N/A
    Blue Falcon (F-Zero GX) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +3 - Captain
    Blue Pellet (Pikmin 2) - [Pikmin] Attack +6 - Olimar
    Blue Pikmin (Pikmin) - [Pikmin] Attack +16 - Olimar
    Blue Virus (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - [Electric] Attack +5 
      - N/A
    Bone Dragon (Yoshi's Story) - [Bite] Attack +13 - Yoshi, Wario, 
      Pokemon Trainer, Wolf
    Boney (Mother 3) - [PK] Attack +16 - PK
    Bonkers (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Weapon] Attack +16 - KB
    Bonsly (Pokemon series) - [Leg] Attack +3 - N/A 
    Boo (Mario Tennis) - [Throwing] Attack +14 - N/A
    Booker (Animal Crossing: WW) - Food Effect +5 - N/A
    Boomerang (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Weapon] Attack +4 - LoZ
    Boulder (Excite Truck) - [Body, Spin] Attack +32 - N/A
    Boundish (Digiluxe) - [Flame] Attack +7 - N/A
    Bow (Paper Mario) - [Magic] Attack +8 - Peach, Zelda
    Bowser (DDR: Mario Mix) - [Throwing] Attack +20 - SMB
    Bowser (Mario Kart 64) - [Weapon] Attack +13 - SMB
    Bowser (Mario Power Tennis) - [Darkness] Attack +21 - Ganondorf
    Bowser (Super Paper Mario) - [Arm] Attack +23 - SMB
    Bowser Coin (Mario Party 6) - [Arm] Attack +8 - N/A
    Bowser Jr. (Mario Superstar Baseball) - Trophy Drops +25 - N/A
    Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Sunshine) - [Tail] Attack +25 - Yoshi,
      Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
    Box Boxer (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Aura] Attack +26 - Lucario
    Boxy (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Bite] Attack +24 - Yoshi, Wario,
      Pokemon Trainer, Wolf
    Boy (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Arm] Attack +11 - N/A
    Boy (Magical Starsign) - [Flame] Attack +7 - N/A
    Boy (Magical Vacation) - [Throwing] Attack +22 - N/A
    Brewster (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Throwing] Attack +13 - N/A 
    Brier (Yoshi Touch & Go) - Launch Resistance +7 - N/A
    Brighton (Mario Party 6) - Shield Resistance +8 - N/A
    Bronto Burt (Kirby 64) - [Body, Spin] Attack +4 - N/A
    Bubble Baby Mario (Yoshi's Island) - [Bite] Attack +6 - Yoshi, 
      Wario, Pokemon Trainer, Wolf
    Bulborb (Pikmin 2) - [Pikmin] Attack +34 - Olimar
    Bullet Bill (New Super Mario Bros.) - Launch Power +12 - N/A
    Bullet Blaster (Mario Kart: DD!!) - Launch Power +50 - N/A
    Bullfrog (Star Fox Command) - Carry Bob-omb - N/A
    Burt the Bashful (Yoshi's Island) - [Bite] Attack +6 - Yoshi, 
      Wario, Pokemon Trainer, Wolf
    Cackletta (Mario & Luigi: SS) - Flinch Resistance +84 - N/A
    Candy (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +4 - R.O.B.
    Capsule (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - [Flame] Attack +5 - N/A
    Captain (Trace Memory) - [Weapon] Attack +4 - N/A
    Capt. Falcon (F-Zero) - [Slash] Resistance +23 - Captain Falcon
    Capt. Falcon (F-Zero GX) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +8 - Captain Falcon
    Capt. Falcon (F-Zero X) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +19 - Captain
    Car Yoshi (Yoshi's Island) - [Tail] Attack +7 - Yoshi
    Celebi (Pokemon series) - [Grass] Attack +14 - Pokemon Trainer
    Celeste (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Head] Attack +6 - N/A
    Cell Phone (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) - [Slash] Resistance +4 - 
    Chain Chomp (Mario Party 8) - [Bite] Attack +23 - Yoshi, Wario, 
      Pokemon Trainer, Wolf
    Chao (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) - Flinch Resistance +49 - N/A
    Chaos (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) - Food Effect +4 - N/A
    Charizard (Pokemon series) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +10 - Poke
    Charmy Bee (Knuckles Chaotix) - [Slash] Attack +7 - N/A
    Cheep Cheep (New Super Mario Bros.) - Sticker Drops +9 - N/A
    Chef (Game & Watch) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +25 - Mr. Game &
    Chef (Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi) - Food Effect +3 - N/A
    Chef Kawasaki (Kirby Super Star) - Launch Resistance +20 - N/A
    Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo) - [Weapon] Attack +3 - N/A
    Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol) - [Electric] Resistance +19 
      - N/A
    Chihuahua (Nintendogs) - [Tail] Attack +12 - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy 
      Kong, Pokemon Trainer
    Chikorita (Pokemon series) - [Aura] Attack +13 - Lucario
    Chonmagyo (Densetsu no Stafy 2) - [Weapon] Attack +5 - N/A
    Chozo Statue (Metroid II) - [Aura] Attack +25 - Lucario
    Chromatrom (Digiluxe) - [Electric] Attack +7 - N/A
    Chunky Kong (DK 64) - [Throwing] Attack +20 - DK
    Classic Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog JP Ver.) - [Arm] Attack +21 
      - Sonic
    Classic Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog US Ver.) - [Throwing] Attack +20
      - Sonic
    Claus (Mother 3) - [PK] Attack +13 - PK
    Coin (New Super Mario Bros.) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +4 - SMB
    Colin (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +4 
      - LoZ
    Colonel (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) - [Energy] Attack +8 - N/A
    Commander Kahn (Elite Beat Agents) - [Arm] Attack +18 - N/A
    Cook Kirby (Kirby Super Star) - Flinch Resistance +140 - N/A
    Copper (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Body, Spin] Attack +12 - N/A
    Cornimer (Animal Crossing: WW) - Trophy Stand Drops +21 - N/A
    Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario) - [Flame] Resistance +5 - N/A
    Cranky Kong (Donkey Konga 3 JP) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +7 
      - N/A
    Crazee Dayzee (Yoshi's Island DS) - [Grass] Attack +7 - Pokemon 
    Crazy Redd (Animal Crossing: WW) - [PK] Attack +16 - PK
    Cream the Rabbit and Cheese (Sonic Advance 2) - [Electric] 
      Resistance +9 - N/A
    Crimson Candypop Bud (Pikmin 2) - [Pikmin] Attack +12 - Olimar
    Cupid Kirby (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) - Carry Star Rod - N/A
    Cupit (Sennen Kazoku) - [Electric] Attack +5 - N/A
    Daisy (Super Mario Strikers) - [Leg] Attack +5 - N/A
    Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (Zelda: WW) - [Electric] Attack +31 - LoZ
    Darknut (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Slash] Attack +13 - LoZ
    Dark Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) - [Battering] Resistance +11 
      - Samus, ZSS
    Dark Suit Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) - [Throwing] Attack +16 
      - N/A
    Daroach (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Electric] Attack +24 - N/A
    Dash (Star Fox Command) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +3 - N/A
    Deke (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) - [Slash] Attack +10 - FE
    Deku Baba (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +4 - N/A
    Deku Link (Zelda: Majora's Mask) - [Electric] Resistance +5 - N/A 
    Deku Nut (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +4
      - N/A
    Deoxys (Pokemon series) - [Slash] Attack +10 - Poke
    Derek (Elite Beat Agents) - [Head] Attack +13 - N/A
    Devil Car (Mother) - [PK] Attack +14 - PK
    Dice Block (Mario Party 8) - [Arm] Attack +8 - SMB
    Diddy Kong (DK64) - Launch Power +20 - DK
    Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country) - [Tail] Attack +28 - DK
    Diddy Kong (Mario Hoops 3-on-3) - [Leg] Attack +12 - N/A
    Diddy Kong (Mario Superstar Baseball) - [Leg] Attack +28 - DK
    Digidrive (Digiluxe) - [Flame] Attack +6 - N/A
    Dixie Kong (Donkey Konga 2) - Launch Resistance +39 - DK
    DK (Mario Superstar Baseball) - [Head] Attack +20 - DK
    DK Barrel (Donkey Kong Country) - Launch Power +53 - DK
    DK with Barrel (Mario vs. DK 2: MotM) - [Specials: Direct] 
      Attack +15 - N/A
    Donbe (Shin Onigashima) - [Slash] Resistance +26 - Ice Climbers,
      Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, R.O.B.
    Don Bongo (Yoshi's Story) - [Explosive] Attack +25 - N/A
    Donkey Kong (DK Jungle Beat) - [Arm] Attack +22 - DK 
    Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country) - [Electric] Resistance +10 - DK
    Donkey Kong (Mario Kart DS) - [Flame] Resistance +41 - DK
    Donkey Kong Jr. (Mario Tennis) - [Arm] Attack +14 - DK
    Dr. Crygor (WarioWare: Touched!) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +2 - N/A
    Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog) - Launch Resistance +39 - Sonic
    Dribble (WarioWare: MPG) - [Battering] Resistance +6 - N/A
    Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +10 - N/A 
    Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy: WD) - Sticker Drops +11 - N/A
    Dr. Mario (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - [Head] Attack +18 - SMB
    Dr. Shrunk (Animal Crossing: WW) - Carry Fan - N/A 
    Dr. Stewart (F-Zero GX) - [Electric] Attack +6 - N/A
    Dry Bones (Mario Party 7) - [Aura] Attack +17 - Lucario
    Duck (Duck Hunt) - Launch Resistance +20 - Ice Climbers, Pit
    Dunning Smith (Hotel Dusk: Room 215) - [Leg] Attack +6 - N/A
    Duster (Mother 3) - [Leg] Attack +3 - N/A
    Dyna Blade (Kirby Super Star) - Launch Resistance +46 - KB
    Dzuke-chan (English Training) - Launch Resistance +12 - N/A
    E-103 Gamma (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) - [Flame] Attack +11
      - N/A
    E-123 Omega (Sonic Heroes) - [Flame] Resistance +17 - N/A
    Egg (Game & Watch) - [Weapon] Attack +4 - N/A
    Eggplant Wizard (Kid Icarus) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +11 - N/A
    Eight Yoshis (SMA 3: Yoshi's Island) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +18 
      - Yoshi
    Eirika (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) - [Slash] Attack +16 - FE
    Eldstar (Mario Party 5) - Launch Resistance +6 - N/A
    Electrode (Pokemon series) - [Explosive] Attack +7 - N/A
    Electroplankton - [Electric] Attack +12 - N/A
    Eliwood (Fire Emblem) - [Flame] Resistance +33 - FE
    Emerl (Sonic Battle) - [Arm] Attack +6 - N/A
    Energy Tank (Metroid) - [Energy] Attack +12 - Samus, ZSS
    Enguarde (Donkey Kong Country) - [Body, Spin] Attack +15 - DK
    Entei (Pokemon series) - [Flame] Attack +20 - Poke 
    Ephraim (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) - [Slash] Attack +23 - N/A
    Epona & Link (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +9 - LoZ
    Erazor Djinn (Sonic & the Secret Rings) - [Flame] Attack +28 - N/A
    Espio The Chameleon (Knuckles' Chaotix) - [Body, Spin] Attack +12
      - Sonic
    Eva (MGS3: Snake Eater) - [Electric] Resistance +44 - Snake
    Excitebike - [Leg] Attack +31 - N/A
    Ezlo (Zelda: Minish Cap) - [Head] Attack +19 - N/A
    Fairy (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Tail] Attack +7 - Yoshi, 
      Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
    Falco (Star Fox 64) - [Weapon] Attack +11 - SF
    Falco (Star Fox Adventures) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +11 - SF
    Falco (Star Fox Command) - [Energy] Attack +14 - SF
    Falco (Star Fox: Assault) - [Tail] Attack +20 - Falco
    Fat Hockey Player (Ice Hockey) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +12 
      - Ice Climbers
    Federation Trooper (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) - Carry Super Scope 
      - N/A
    Female Pianta (Super Mario Sunshine) - [Energy] Attack +15 - N/A
    Fierce Deity Link (Zelda: MM) - [Slash] Attack +20 - LoZ
    Fire (Game & Watch) - [Arm] Attack +9 - N/A
    Fire Flower (New Super Mario Bros.) - Carry Fire Flower - N/A
    Fire Stingray (F-Zero GX) - [Slash] Attack +7 - N/A
    Firefly (Excite Truck) - [Head] Attack +20 - N/A
    Flag Man (Game & Watch) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +4 - Mr. Game
      & Watch
    Flint (Mother 3) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +4 - PK
    Flower Fairy Lip (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - Carry Lip's Stick
      - N/A
    Flower Icon (Paper Mario: TTYD) - Flinch Resistance +49 - N/A
    Fly Guy (Mario Power Tennis) - [Head] Attack +5 - N/A
    Fox (Star Fox 64) - [Energy] Attack +18 - SF
    Fox (Star Fox Adventures) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +15 - SF
    Fox (Star Fox Command) - [Tail] Attack +18 - Fox
    Fox (Star Fox) - [Energy] Attack +23 - SF
    Fox (Star Fox: Assault) - [Energy] Attack +33 - SF
    Free Ranger (Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol) - [Flame] Attack +27
    F-Type (Wild Trax) - [Throwing] Attack +22 - Ice Climbers, Mr. Game
      & Watch, Pit, R.O.B.
    Funky Kong (Donkey Kong 3 JP) - [Leg] Attack +13 - DK
    Gale Hawg (DK Jungle Beat) - [Head] Attack +13 - N/A
    Ganondorf (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - Attack +29 - Ganondorf
    Ganondorf (Zelda: Wind Waker) - Attack +33 - Ganondorf
    Gardevoir (Pokemon series) - Shield Resistance + 9 - N/A
    General Guy (Paper Mario) - Launch Power +31 - N/A
    General Pepper (Star Fox Assault) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +5 - N/A 
    Girl (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Magic] Attack +21 - Peach, Zelda
    Girl (Magical Vacation) - [Magic] Attack +19 - Peach, Zelda
    Gleeok (The Legend of Zelda) - Launch Power +20 - N/A
    Goldeen (Pokemon series) - [Leg] Attack +4 - Poke
    Golden Fox (F-Zero GX) - [Energy] Attack +5 - N/A
    Gomar & Shioh (F-Zero GX) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +10 - Captain
    Goombella (Paper Mario: TTYD) - [Throwing] Attack +5 - N/A 
    Goonie (Yoshi's Island DS) - [Head] Attack +16 - N/A
    Gordo (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Throwing] Attack +5 - KB 
    Goron (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Arm] Attack +21 - N/A
    Gracie (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Throwing] Attack +10 - N/A 
    Gravity Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission) - [Weapon] Attack +11
      - Samus, ZSS
    Gray Fox (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - Flinch Resistance +98 - N/A 
    Green Rupee (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Body, Spin] Attack +5 -N/A
    Greil (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) - [Throwing] Attack +14 - 
      Marth, Ike
    Groudon (Pokemon series) - [Flame] Resistance +14 - Poke
    Grutch (Drill Dozer) - Trophy Drops +9 - N/A
    Gulliver (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Throwing] Attack +8 - N/A 
    Gulpin (Pokemon series) - [Electric] Attack +16 - Poke
    Gunship (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) - [Explosive] Attack +5
    Guy (Fire Emblem) - [Slash] Attack +11 - N/A
    Hajime Tanaka (Ouendan 2) - [Arm] Attack +11 - N/A
    Hammer Bro. (New Super Mario Bros.) - [Weapon] Attack +6 - N/A 
    Hanenbow (Electroplankton) - [Electric] Attack +12 - N/A
    Happy Mask Salesman (Zelda: MM) - [Leg] Attack +9 - LoZ
    Harriet (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Throwing] Attack +4 - N/A 
    Hawke (Advance Wars: DS) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +8 - N/A
    Hayato Saionji (Ouendan 2) - Flinch Resistance +84 - N/A
    Hector (Fire Emblem) - [Slash] Attack +27 - N/A
    Helibokaan (Kururin Squash!) - [Weapon] Attack +13 - N/A
    Hero's Bow (Zelda: Twighlight Princess) - [Slash] Attack +6 - N/A
    Hinawa (Mother 3) - [Battering] Resistance +4 - PK
    HM Mech Rosa (Chosoju Mecha MG) - [Electric] Attack +17 - N/A
    Hoofer (DK Jungle Beat) - [Battering] Resistance +10 - N/A
    Ho-Oh (Pokemon series) - [Flame] Attack +12 - N/A
    Hookshot (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Weapon] Attack +14 - N/A 
    Hooktail (Paper Mario: TTYD) - [Flame] Resistance +36 - N/A
    Horse Call (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Magic] Attack +9 - Peach,
    Hot Head (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Flame] Attack +10 - KB
    HP Pot (Magical Starsign) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +4 - N/A
    Hylian Shield (Zelda: Minish Cap) - Shield Recovery +5 - N/A
    Hylian Shield (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Slash] Resistance +10 -
    Ike (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) - [Weapon] Attack +23 - FE 
    Ike (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) - [Slash] Attack +27 - FE
    Instructor (Pilotwings) - [Arm] Attack +10 - N/A
    Iron Tiger (F-Zero GX) - [Flame] Resistance +4 - N/A
    Item Box (Mario Kart: DD!!) - [Freezing] Attack +8 - N/A
    Ivysaur (Pokemon series) - [Grass] Attack +29 - Pokemon Trainer
    J (Elite Beat Agents) - [Leg] Attack +16 - N/A
    Jake (Advance Wars: DS) - [Arm] Attack +11 - N/A
    Jeff (EarthBound) - [PK] Attack +24 - PK
    Jessica (Trace Memory) - [Explosive] Attack +8 - N/A
    Jet The Hawk (Sonic Riders) - [Leg] Attack +17 - N/A
    Jewel Fairy Ruby (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - [Body, Spin] Attack
      +12 - N/A
    Jill & Drill Dozer (Drill Dozer) - [Slash] Attack +18 - N/A
    Jill (Drill Dozer) - [Electric] Resistance +4 - N/A
    Jimmy T. (WarioWare: MPG) - [Freezing] Attack +9 - N/A 
    Jirachi - [Arm], [Leg] Attack +7 - Poke
    Joan (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Battering] Resistance +12 - N/A
    Joshua (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) - [Slash] Attack + 9 - N/A
    Judge (Game & Watch) - [Arm] Attack +16 - N/A
    Junior (Donkey Kong Jr.) - Launch Resistance +21 - N/A
    Kafei & Keaton Mask (Zelda: MM) - Shield Recovery +10 - N/A
    Kai Doumeki (Ouendan 2) - [Weapon] Attack +17 - N/A
    Kalypso (DK Barrel Blast) - Launch Power +25 - N/A
    Kamek (Yoshi's Island) - [Magic] Attack +11 - Peach, Zelda
    Kamek (Yoshi Touch & Go) - [Specialty: Indirect] Attack + 5 - N/A
    Kamisama (Sennen Kazoku) - Shield Resistance +26 - N/A
    Kammy Koopa (Paper Mario) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +8 - N/A
    Kanden (Metroid Prime Hunters) - [Slash] Resistance +15 - N/A
    Kapp'n (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Leg] Attack +8 - N/A
    Karate Kong (DK Jungle Beat) - [Battering] Resistance +25 - DK
    Kat (WarioWare: Touched!) - [Slash] Attack +4 - N/A
    Katrina (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Magic] Attack +13 - N/A 
    King Bulbin & Lord Bullbo (Zelda: TP) - [Leg] Attack +19 - N/A
    King Dedede (Kirby Super Star) - [Leg] Attack +28 - KB
    King Dedede (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Throwing] Attack +30 - King
    King Dedede & Kirby (Kirby 64) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +21 -KB
    King Dodongo (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Flame] Attack +38 - N/A 
    King K. Rool (DK 64) - [Throwing] Attack +29 - N/A
    King of Red Lions & Link (Zelda: WW) - [Explosive] Attack +20 - N/A
    King Zora (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Electric] Resistance +33 
      - N/A
    Kirby (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror) - Swim Time +40 - N/A 
    Kirby (Kirby 64) - [Body, Spin] Attack +22 - KB
    Kirby (Kirby Air Ride) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +17 - KB
    Kirsh (Magical Vacation) - [Flame] Attack +11 - N/A
    K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Slash] Resistance +28 - N/A
    Klaptrap (Donkey Kong Country) - [Electric] Resistance +7 - N/A 
    Knuckles The Echidna (Sonic The Hedgehog 3) - [Electric] Resistance
      +23 - Sonic
    Koopa (Super Mario Strikers) - [Body, Spin] Attack +10 - SMB 
    Kooper (Paper Mario) - [Arm] Attack +10 - N/A
    Kraid (Metroid: Zero Mission) - [Head] Attack +33 - N/A
    Kritter (DK: King of Swing) - Launch Resistance +13 - N/A
    Kritter (Mario Strikers Charged) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +28 
      - N/A
    Krystal (Star Fox Adventures) - [Electric] Attack +28 - SF
    Krystal (Star Fox Command) - [Energy] Attack +12 - SF
    Krystal (Star Fox: Assault) - [Tail] Attack +17 - SF 
    Kumatora (Mother 3) - [PK] Attack +11 - PK 
    Kururin (Kururin Paradise) - [Head] Attack +4 - N/A
    Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk: Room 215) - [Energy] Attack +25 - N/A
    Kyogre (Pokemon series) - Flinch Resistance +42 - N/A
    Kyrosuke (Densetsu no Stafy 4) - [Magic] Attack +8 - Peach, Zelda
    Lakitu (Mario Kart: Super Circuit) - [Leg] Attack +13 - SMB
    Lakitu (New Super Mario Bros.) - [Aura] Attack + 6 - Lucario
    Lanky Kong (DK64) - [Throwing] Attack +6 - DK
    Lanturn (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Flame] Resistance +7 - LoZ
    Latias & Latios (Pokemon series) - [Grass] Attack +22 - Pokemon
    Legend of Outset (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Arm] Attack +26 - LoZ
    Leon (Star Fox Command) - [Energy] Attack +9 - N/A
    Leon (Star Fox: Assault) - [Throwing] Attack + - N/A
    Lightning (Mario Kart DS) - [Electric] Attack +4 - N/A 
    Lilina (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) - [Leg] Attack +5 - FE
    Linebeck (Zelda: Phantom Hourglass) - [Throwing] Attack + 20 - LoZ
    Link (Legend of Zelda) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +17 - N/A
    Link (Zelda: Link to the Past) - [Electric] Resistance +31 - LoZ 
    Link (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Slash] Resistance +27 - LoZ
    Link (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Flame] Attack +31 - LoZ
    Link & Pigs (Zelda: Wind Waker) - Sticker Drops +40 - N/A
    Link with Goron Mask (Zelda: MM) - [Slash] Attack +17 - LoZ
    Link's Grandma (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +2 - LoZ
    Lion (Game & Watch) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +13 - Mr. Game & 
    Liquid Snake (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - Food Effect +6 - N/A
    Little Saucer (Mother) - [Electric] Attack +24 - N/A
    Lloyd (Mother) - [PK] Attack +6 - PK
    Lon Lon Milk (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - Launch Power +18 - LoZ
    Louie (Pikmin 2) - [Explosive] Attack +10 - N/A
    Lucario (Pokemon Series) - [Aura] Attack +41 - Lucario
    Lucas (Mother 3) - [PK] Attack +13 - PK
    Ludvig von Koopa (Super Mario Bros. 3) - [Explosive] Attack +8
      - N/A
    Lugia (Pokemon series) - [Grass] Attack +18 - Pokemon Trainer
    Luigi (Luigi's Mansion) - Launch Power +8 - N/A
    Luigi (Mario & Luigi: SS) - Launch Power +23 - SMB
    Luigi (Super Paper Mario) - [Electric] Attack +20 - N/A
    Luigi & Baby Luigi (Mario & Luigi: PiT) - Launch Power +5 - SMB
    Luminoth (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes) - [Slash] Attack +9 - N/A
    Lyle (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Weapon] Attack +11 - N/A
    Lyn (Fire Emblem) - Food Effect +7 - N/A
    Mabel (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Flame] Attack +6 - N/A
    Mace Guy (Yoshi Topsy-Turvy) - [Weapon] Attack +22 - N/A
    Mach Rider - [Explosive] Attack +29 - N/A
    Mad Truck (Mother) - [Battering] Resistance +23 - PK
    Magkid (Slide Adventure MAGKID) - [PK] Attack +9 - PK
    Makar (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Slash] Resistance +4 - N/A
    Male Pianta (Super Mario Sunshine) - Dizzy Time -94 - N/A
    Malo (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - Launch Resistance +19 - N/A
    Manaphy (Pokemon series) - [Specialty: Direct] Attack +4 - N/A
    Manhole (Game & Watch) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +5 - N/A
    Manky Kong (Donkey Kong Country) - [Arm] Attack +10 - DK
    Mario (Mario Kart DS) - [Leg] Attack +22 - SMB
    Mario (Mario Superstar Baseball) - Carry Home-Run Bat - N/A
    Mario (Super Paper Mario) - [Electric] Attack +20 - N/A
    Mario & Luigi (Mario & Luigi: SS) [Flame] Resistance +19 - SMB
    Mario & Yoshi (Super Mario Sunshine) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack
      +13 - SMB
    Marth (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo) - [Weapon] Attack +19 - FE
    Master (Trade & Battle: Card Hero) - Flinch Resistance +30 - N/A
    Master Belch (EarthBound) - [Bite] Attack +9 - Yoshi, Wario, 
      Pokemon Trainer
    Master Miller (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - [Battering] Resistance +7 
      - N/A
    Materu (Densetsu no Stafy 4) - [Freezing] Attack +7 - N/A
    Max (Advance Wars) - [Arm] Attack +5 - N/A
    Maxim Tomato (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - Maxim Tomato Effect +50 - KB
    Medli (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Leg] Attack +9 - N/A
    Mega Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros.) - Food Effect +2 - N/A
    Mega Rush Badge (Paper Mario: TTYD) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +8 
      - N/A
    Mei Ling (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +3 - N/A
    Meowth (Pokemon series) - [Slash] Attack +5 - Poke
    Meryl Silverburgh (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - [Weapon] Attack +7 
      - Snake
    Meta Knight (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Slash] Attack +32 - KB
    Meta Knight Ball (Kirby Canvas Curse) - Launch Power +8 - KB
    Metagross (Pokemon series) - Launch Resistance +23 - Poke
    Metal Gear RAY (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) - [Body, Spin] Attack +16 
      - N/A
    Metal Gear REX (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - Carry Cracker Launcher 
      - N/A
    Metal Sonic (Sonic CD) - Launch Power +16 - N/A
    Metroid (Metroid Pinball) - [Freezing] Attack + 18 - N/A
    Metroid (Metroid: Zero Mission) - [Electric] Attack +20 - Samus/ZSS
    Mew (Pokemon series) - [Body, Spin] Attack +4 - Poke
    Micaiah (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) - [Weapon] Attack +21 - FE
    Midna (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - Dizzy Time -50 - N/A
    Midna & Wolf Link (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Leg] Attack +26
      - Loz
    Midori Mushi (Slide Adventure MAGKID) - [Arm] Attack +5 - N/A
    Mila (Hotel Dusk: Room 215) - [Leg] Attack +5 - N/A
    Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic The Hedgehog 2) - Flinch Resistance 
      +140 - N/A
    Miniature Dachshund (Nintendogs) - [Tail] Attack +28 - SF
    Mini Mario (Mario vs. DK 2: MotM) - Shield Recovery +3 - N/A
    Misstar (Mario Party 5) - [Energy] Attack +7 - N/A
    Mist (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) - [Slash] Attack +8 - FE
    Moblin (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Slash] Attack +15 - LoZ
    Mokka (Magical Starsign) - [Battering] Resistance +27 - N/A
    Moltres (Pokemon series) - [Flame] Attack +20 - Poke
    Mona (WarioWare: Touched!)- [Slash] Resistance +4 - N/A 
    Mona & Moped (WarioWare: MMG) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +8 
      - N/A
    Monster (FGPII: 3D Hot Rally) - [Battering] Resistance +4 - N/A
    Moon Fairy Seren (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - [Magic] Attack +16 
      - N/A
    Morph Ball (Metroid Pinball) - [Weapon] Attack +5 - Samus/ZSS
    Morris (Elite Beat Agents) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +8 - N/A
    Mother Brain (Metroid: Zero Mission) - Flinch Resistance +147 - N/A
    Mouser (Super Mario Bros. 2) - [Arm] Attack +20 - N/A
    Mr. EAD (F-Zero GX) - [Slash] Attack +15 - N/A
    Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Body, Spin] Attack +33 - N/A
    Mr. Saturn (EarthBound) - Carry Mr. Saturn - N/A
    Mr. Saturn (Mother 3) - [PK] Attack +7 - PK
    Munchlax (Pokemon series) - [Aura] Attack +13 - Lucario 
    Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros.) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +5 - SMB
    Musketeer Daltania (Chosoju Mecha MG) - [Slash] Attack +21 - N/A
    Muskular (Mario Party 5) - Launch Resistance +13 - N/A
    Myrrh (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) - [Magic] Attack +15 
      - Peach, Zelda 
    Nabaaru (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo) - Trophy Stand Drops +22 
      - N/A
    Naked Snake (MGS3: Snake Eater) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +32 
      - Snake
    Nana (Ice Climber) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +29 - Ice Climbers
    Nanocarp (Electroplankton) - [Electric] Attack +12 - N/A
    Naomi Hunter (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - [Leg] Attack +5 - Peach,
    Needle Kirby (Kirby 64) - [Head] Attack +29 - N/A
    Ness (EarthBound) - [PK] Attack +33 - PK
    New Age Retro Hippie (Mother) - [PK] Attack +11 - PK
    Ningyou Kouchuu Viigaru (Chosoju Mecha MG) - [Head] Attack +5 - N/A
    Ninian (Fire Emblem) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +6 - FE
    Ninten (Mother) - [PK] Attack +24 - PK
    Noki (Super Mario Sunshine) - [Leg] Attack +12 - N/A
    Nruff (Kirby 64) - [Body, Spin] Attack +5 - KB
    Ocarina of Time - [Arm] Attack +4 - N/A
    O'Chunks (Super Paper Mario) - Launch Resistance +35 - N/A
    Octoman (F-Zero GX) - [Head] Attack +8 - N/A
    Octopus (Game & Watch) - [Leg] Attack +22 - N/A
    Octorok (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Leg] Attack +4 - LoZ
    Olimar & Louie's Ship (Pikmin 2) - [Pikmin] Attack +40 - Olimar
    Olimar's Daughter (Pikmin 2) - [Pikmin] Attach +7 - Olimar
    Onion (Pikmin 2) - Launch Resistance +15 - N/A
    Ooccoo (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Explosive] Attack +7 - N/A
    Orbiter (Digiluxe) - [Energy] Attack +7 - N/A
    Orbulon (WarioWare: MPG) - [Freezing] Attack +12 - N/A
    Otacon (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) - [Slash] Resistance +9 - N/A
    Pak E. Derm (Yoshi's Story) - [Tail] Attack +9 - Yoshi 
    Panel (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - Food Effect +2 - N/A
    Panther (Star Fox Command) - [Energy] Attack +9 - N/A
    Panther (Star Fox Assault) - [Tail] Attack +18 - SF
    Papa (Chibi-Robo) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +4 - N/A
    Parachute (Game & Watch) - [Arm] Attack +8 - N/A
    Paratroopa (Super Paper Mario) - [Throwing] Attack +12 - N/A
    Party Monkey (DK Jungle Beat) - [Head] Attack +6 - DK
    Pascal (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Arm] Attack +10 - N/A
    Paula (EarthBound) - [PK] Attack +10 - PK
    Pauline & Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong) - [Arm] Attack +18 - DK
    Peach (Mario Strikers Charged) - [Flame] Attack +41 - N/A
    Peach (Mario Superstar Baseball) - [Slash] Attack +5 - SMB
    Peach (Super Mario Bros. 2) - Launch Resistance +29 - SMB
    Peach (Super Princess Peach) - [Weapon] Attack +23 - SMB
    Peach & Daisy (Mario Party 7) - [Leg] Attack +27 - Peach, Zelda
    Pelly (Animal Crossing: WW) - Shield Resistance +14 - N/A
    Penny (WarioWare: Smooth Moves) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +4 - N/A
    Peppy (Star Fox 64) - [Weapon] Attack +7 - N/A
    Peppy (Star Fox: Assault) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +5 - N/A
    Perara (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Slash] Resistance +13 - N/A
    Perry (Super Princess Peach) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +6 - N/A
    Pete (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +2 - N/A
    Petey Piranha (Mario Golf: TT) - [Darkness] Attack +47 - Ganondorf
    Petey Pirahna (Mario Strikers Charged) - [Bite] Attack +32 - Yoshi,
      Wario, Pokemon Trainer, Wolf
    Phantom Ganon (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Darkness] Attack +40 
      - Ganondorf
    Phyllis (Animal Crossing: WW) - Sticker Drops +26 - N/A
    Piece of Heart (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - Heart Container Effect
      +50 - LoZ
    Pigma (Star Fox: Assault) - [Arm] Attack +7 - SF
    Pigmask (Mother 3) - [PK] Attack +7 - PK
    Pikachu (Pokemon series) - [Electric] Attack +33 - Pikachu 
    Pinkle (Tingle's Rupeeland) - [Magic] Attack +15 - Peach, Zelda
    Piplup (Pokemon series) - [Water] Attack +26 - Pokemon Trainer
    Pit (Kid Icarus) - [Weapon] Attack +20 - Pit
    Pit (Kid Icarus: OM&M) - Launch Power +16 - Pit
    Plum (Mario Golf) - [Weapon] Attack +5 - N/A
    Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon series) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +13 - Poke
    Poo (EarthBound) - [PK] Attack +9 - PK
    Porky (EarthBound) - [PK] Attack +15 - PK
    Postman (Zelda: Majora's Mask) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +3 - N/A
    Postman (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Leg] Attack +11 - N/A
    Power Jump Badge (Paper Mario) - [Leg] Attack +5 - N/A
    Prince Peasley (Mario & Luigi: SS) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +13
      - N/A
    Propelloer Shy Guy (Yoshi's Story) - [Explosive] Attack +14
    Purple Pikmin (Pikmin 2) - Flinch Resistance +35 - N/A
    Putty (Magical Starsign) - Food Effect +3 - N/A
    Raccoon Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) - Flinch Resistance +112 - N/A
    Rachel (Advance Wars: DS) - [Aura] Attack +11 - Lucario
    Rad (Excite Truck) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +15 - N/A
    Rakensen (Custom Robo: BR) - [Energy] Attack +7 - N/A
    Rambi (Donkey Kong Country) - [Arm] Attack +13 - N/A
    Raphael the Raven (Yoshi's Story) - Launch Resistance +6 - N/A
    Rawk Hawk (Paper Mario: TTYD) - [Arm] Attack  - SMB 
    Ray (Custom Robo) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +6 - N/A
    Ray 01 (Custom Robo: BR) - Carry Ray Gun - N/A
    Ray MKIII (Custom Robo Arena) - [Weapon] Attack +18 - N/A
    Rayquaza (Pokemon series) - [Aura] Attack +24 - Lucario
    Reaper & Reapette (Kid Icarus) - [Flame] Resistance +12 - Pit
    Reclining Red Pikmin (Pikmin 2) - [Flame] Attack +6 - N/A
    Red Fire (Mario Kart: DD!!) - [Flame] Attack +26 - SMB
    Red Gazelle (F-Zero GX) - [Leg] Attack +5 - N/A 
    Red Pellet Flower (Pikmin 2) - [Pikmin] Attack +5 - Olimar
    Red Pikmin (Pikmin) - [Pikmin] Attack +11 - Olimar
    Red Virus (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - [Flame] Attack +20 - N/A
    ReDead (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Weapon] Attack +5 - N/A
    Revolver Ocelot (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) - [Darkness] Attack +17 
      - Ganondorf
    Ricky Winterborn (1080 Avalance) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +12
      - N/A
    Ridley (Metroid) - [Darkness] Attack +30 - Ganondorf
    Ridley (Metroid: Zero Mission) - [Arm] Attack +25 - N/A
    ROB (Star Fox Adventures) - [Electric] Resistance +15 - SF
    ROB 64 (Star Fox Assault) - [Freezing] Attack +8 - N/A
    R.O.B. (Mario Kart DS US) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +15 
      - R.O.B.
    Rob Haywood (Wave Race BS) - [Freezing] Attack +7 - N/A
    Robo Cube (Custom Robo: BR) - [Body, Spin] Attack +5 - N/A
    Robot & Blocks (Stack-Up) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +27 
      - R.O.B.
    Robot (Mario Kart DS JP) - [Energy] Attack +32 - R.O.B.
    Rosie (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Leg] Attack +8 - N/A
    Rotohex (Digiluxe) - Trophy Stand Drops +9 - N/A
    Rouge The Bat (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle) - [Tail] Attack +10 
      - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
    Rover (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Slash] Attack +10 - N/A
    Roy (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) - [Slash] Attack +24 - N/A
    Running Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo) - [Weapon] Attack +3 - N/A
    Running Zero Suit Samus (Metroid: ZM) - [Weapon] Attack +25
      - Samus, ZSS
    Rusl (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Explosive] Attack +11 - N/A
    Rutoga (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) - [Slash] Attack +12 - FE
    Ryota Hayami (Wave Race BS) - [Water] Attack +34 - Pokemon Trainer
    Ryota Ippongi (Ouendan 2) - [Battering] Resistance +18 - N/A
    Sable (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Bite] Attack +6 - Yoshi, Wario,
      Pokemon Trainer, Wolf
    Sabure Prince (Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Haru) - [Freezing] Attack 
      +31 - N/A
    Saharah (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Water] Attack +8 - Pokemon Trainer
    Salsa (Mother 3) - [PK] Attack +9 - PK
    Salvatore (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Electric] Attack +9 - LoZ
    Sami (Advance Wars) - [Specials: Indirect] Attac +12 - N/A
    Samurai Goroh (F-Zero X) - [Arm] Attack +18 - Captain Falcon
    Samurai Goroh (F-Zero) - Launc Resistance +21 - Captain Falcon 
    Samus (Metroid Fusion) - [Electric] Resistance +16 - Samus, ZSS
    Samus (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) - [Explosive] Attack +18 - N/A
    Samus (Metroid) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +15 - Samus, ZSS
    Sayaka Amemiya (Ouendan 2) - [Weapon] Attack +10 - N/A
    Seal Head (Custom Robo: BR) - [Energy] Attack +10 - N/A
    Seiuchi-kun (Densetsu no Stafy 3) - [Water] Attack +18 - Pokemon
    Shadow Beast (Zelda: TWilight Princess) - [Darkness] Attack +28 
      - Ganondorf
    Shadow Mario (Super Mario Sunshine) - Flinch Resistance +70 - N/A
    Shadow The Hedgehog (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle) - [Specials: 
      Direct] Attack +20 - Sonic
    Shagohod (MGS3: Snake Eater) - Dizzy Time -150 - N/A
    Shahra (Sonic & the Secret Rings) - [Leg] Attack +7 - Peach, Zelda
    Sheik (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Body, Spin] Attack +17 - LoZ
    Shiba Inu (Nintendogs) - Launch Power +12 - N/A 
    Shilda (Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +7
      - FE
    Shine Sprite (Super Mario Sunshine) - [Body, Spin] Attack +5 - N/A
    Shroob (Mario & Luigi: PiT) - Launch Power +7 - N/A
    Shy Guy (Yoshi's Story) - [Leg] Attack +4 - N/A
    Sidestepper (Mario Bros.) - [Leg] Attack +8 - N/A
    Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog) - Launch Power +49 - Sonic
    Skull Kid (Zelda: Majora's Mask) - [Darkness] Attack +7 - Ganondorf
    Skull Kid (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Leg] Attack +20 - N/A
    Skulltula (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Arm] Attack +7 - N/A
    Slippy (Star Fox 64) - [Weapon] Attack +10 - N/A
    Slippy (Star Fox: Assault) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +6 - N/A
    Snift (Mario Party 3) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +3 - N/A
    Snorlax (Pokemon series) - [Electric] Attack +5 - N/A
    Snowman (1080 Avalanche) - [Freezing] Attack +26 - N/A
    Solid Snake (MGS: The Twin Snakes) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +7 - Snake
    Solid Snake (MGS2: Sons of Liberty) - [Explosive] Attack +19 
      - Snake
    Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog) - [Body, Spin] Attack +32 
      - Sonic
    Sothe (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) - Flinch Resistance +105 - N/A 
    Space Pirate (Super Metroid) - [Darkness] Attack +13 - Ganondorf
    Sparrow (Magical Starsign) - [Electric] Resistance +5 - N/A
    Special Token (Metroid Pinball) - [Arm] Attack +6 - Samus, ZSS
    Spinner (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Body, Spin] Attack +4 - N/A
    Spiny (New Super Mario Bros.) - [Slash] Attack +9 - N/A
    Spiny Shell (Mario Kart: DD!!) - Launch Power +11 - N/A
    Spitz (WarioWare: MPG) - [Tail] Attack +12 - Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy 
      Kong, Pokemon Trainer
    Squeaker (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +4 - N/A
    Squirtle (Pokemon series) - [Water] Attack +41 - Pokemon Trainer
    Stafy (Densetsu no Stafy) - [Tail] Attack +7 - Yoshi, Pikachu, 
      Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer
    Stafy (Densetsu no Stafy 2) - [Head] Attack +10 - N/A
    Stapy (Densetsu no Stafy 3) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +4 - N/A
    Starman (EarthBound) - [PK] Attack +10 - PK
    Starman (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - Launch Power +22 - N/A 
    Starman (New Super Mario Bros.) - [Aura] Attack +6 - Lucario
    Starship (Metroid Fusion) - [Weapon] Attack +9 - Samus/ZSS
    Starship (Metroid Prime Hunters) - Launch Power +22 - N/A
    Staryu (Pokemon series) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +12 - N/A
    Stork (Yoshi's Island DS) - [Body, Spin] Attack +21 - N/A
    Stork Stop (Yoshi's Island DS) - [PK] Attack +12 - PK
    Storm The Albatross (Sonic Riders) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack 
      +12 - N/A
    Stuffwell (Mario & Luigi: PiT) - Trophy Drops +8 - N/A
    Suicine (Pokemon series) - [Grass] Attack +17 - Pokemon Trainer
    Sukapon (Joy Mech Fight) - Launch Power +10 - N/A
    Super Baby (Yoshi's Island DS) - Launch Resistance +6 - N/A
    Super Mario Bros. - [Arm, Leg] Attack +15 - SMB
    Super Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) - [Electric] Resistance +27 
      - Sonic
    Sylux (Metroid Prime Hunters) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +12 
      - N/A
    Takamaru (Naze no Murasameje) - [Weapon] Attack +11 - N/A
    Tamagon (Devil World) - [Flame] Resistance +11 - N/A
    Tameo (Trade & Battle: Card Hero) - [Explosive] Attack +16 - N/A
    Tap-Tap (Yoshi Touch & Go) - [Body, Spin] Attack +24 - N/A
    Teddy (Mother) - [Battering] Resistance +3 - N/A 
    Telly (Chibi-Robo) - [Head] Attack +4 - N/A
    Tetra (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Flame] Attack +25 - N/A
    The Black Knight (Fire Emblem: PoR) - Launch Power +40 - N/A
    The Boss (MGS3: Snake Eater) - Flinch Resistance +161 - N/A
    The Great Fairy (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Magic] Attack +21 - Peach,
    The President (Pikmin 2) - Trophy Stand Drops +7 - N/A
    Tikal (Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) - [Flame] Attack +9 - Sonic
    Tingle (Tingle's Rupeeland) - [Arm] Attack +12 - N/A
    Tingle (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Flame] Resistance +24 - LoZ
    Tiny Kong (DK 64) - [Arm] Attack +4 - DK
    Tiny Wario (Virtual Boy Wario Land) - Launch Resistance +26 - Wario
    Tippi (Super Paper Mario) - [Flame] Resistance +5 - N/A
    Toad (Mario Party 6) - Launch Resistance +10 - SMB
    Toad (Mario Party 7) - Launch Resistance +9 - N/A 
    Toad & Toadette (Mario Party 7) - [Head] Attack +16 - SMB
    Toadette (Mario Party 6) - [Magic] Attack +7 - Peach, Zelda
    Toadsworth (Mario & Luigi: PiT) - Launch Power +5 - N/A 
    Toadsworth (Super Mario Sunshine) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +10
      - N/A
    Togepi (Pokemon series) - [Body, Spin] Attack +11 - Poke
    Tom Nook (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Energy] Attack +5 - N/A
    Torchic (Pokemon series) - [Flame] Attack +8 - Poke
    Tortimer (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Throwing] Attack +12 - N/A 
    Tractor Trailer (Wild Trax) - [Specials: Direct] Attack +14 - N/A
    Training Academy Coach (X) - [Head] Attack +7 - N/A
    Treasure Chest (Kirby: Squeak Squad) - Trophy Drops +16 - N/A
    Triple Red Shells (Mario Kart: DD!!) - Launch Resistance +21 - N/A
    Turbo Birdo (Mario Kart: DD!!) - [Weapon] Attack +15 - N/A
    Twila (Mario Party 6) - Dizzy Time -46 - N/A
    Valoo (Zelda: Wind Waker) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +19 - N/A
    Vector The Crocodile (Knuckles' Chaotix) - [Specials: Direct] 
      Attack +10 - N/A
    Vermin (Game & Watch) - [Weapon] Attack +15 - Mr. Game & Watch
    Vivian (Paper Mario: TTYD) - [Energy] Attack +5 - N/A
    Volvoice (Electroplankton) - [Electric] Attack +10 - N/A
    Waddle Dee (Kirby 64) - [Head] Attack +32 - N/A
    Waddle Dee Ball (Kirby Canvas Curse) - [Arm] Attack +5 - N/A
    Waluigi (Mario Superstar Baseball) - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +8
      - SMB
    Waluigi (Super Mario Strikers) - [Slash] Attack +15 - SMB
    Wario (Super Mario 64 DS) - Launch Resistance +57 - Wario 
    Wario (Super Mario Strikers) - [Bite] Attack +15 - Yoshi, Wario, 
      Pokemon Trainer, Wolf
    Wario (WarioWare: Smooth Moves) - [Arm] Attack + 30 - Wario
    Wario & Bike (WarioWare: MMG) - [Body, Spin] Attack +21 - Wario
    Wario Car (Mario Kart: DD!!) - Launch Power +47 - Wario
    Wario-Man (WarioWare: Touched!) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +18 - Wario
    Wario World Symbol (Wario World) - [Specials: Direct] Attack + 15 
      - Wario
    Warrior Ing (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes) - [Bite] Attack +10 - Yoshi,
      Wario, Pokemon Trainer, Wolf
    Warrior Mech Gauss (Chosoju Mecha MG) - [Weapon] Attack +12 - N/A
    Water Fairy Elias (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - [Water] Attack +30
      - Pokemon Trainer
    Wave Race Blue Storm - Flinch Resistance +168 - N/A
    Wave The Swallow (Sonic Riders) - [Arm] Attack +19 - Sonic
    Weavel (Metroid Prime Hunters) - Carry Beam Sword - N/A
    Weavile (Pokemon series) - [Slash] Attack +5 - Poke
    Welsh Corgi (Nintendogs) - Food Effect +6 - N/A
    Wendell (Animal Crossing: WW) - [Explosive] Attack +14 - N/A
    Whispy Woods (Kirby Super Star) - [Weapon] Attack +4 - KB
    White Cat (F-Zero GX) - [Electric] Attack +4 - N/A
    White Pikmin (Pikmin 2) - [Pikmin] Attack +10 - Olimar
    Wiggler (Mario Power Tennis) - Launch Resistance +16 - N/A
    Wild Goose (F-Zero GX) - [Head] Attack +9 - N/A
    Wild Gunman - [Specials: Indirect] Attack +5 - Ice Climbers, Pit, 
    Wobbuffet (Pokemon series) - [Head] Attack +12 - N/A
    Wolf (Excite Truck) - [Weapon] Attack +6 - N/A
    Wolf (Star Fox Command) - [Energy] Attack +27 - N/A
    Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) - [Arm, Leg] Attack + 15 - SF
    Wolfen (Star Fox 64) - [Tail] Attack +16 - SF
    Wolfen (Star Fox: Assault) - [Tail] Attack +30 - SF
    Wrinkly Kong (DK: King of Swing) - [Battering] Resistance +4 - 
    Xananab - [Launch] Resistance +20 - N/A 
    Yadokarita (Densetsu no Stafy) - [Weapon] Attack +8 - N/A
    Yakuman Player (Yakuman) - [Electric] Resistance +28 - Ice 
      Climbers, Pit
    Yellow Pellet (Pikmin 2) - [Pikmin] Attack +22 - Olimar
    Yellow Pikmin (Pikmin) - [Slash] Resistance +10 - N/A
    Yellow Virus (Nintendo Puzzle Collection) - Food Effect +4 - N/A
    Yoshi (Mario Party 2) - Launch Resistance +35 - SMB
    Yoshi (Paper Mario: TTYD) - [Throwing] Attack +5 - SMB
    Yoshi (Yoshi Touch & Go) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +8 - SMB
    Yoshi Ship (Yoshi Topsy-Turvy) - [Throwing] Attack +32 - N/A
    Yoshi's Egg (Yoshi Touch & Go) - [Body, Spin] Attack +12 - Yoshi
    Young Cricket (WarioWare: Smooth Moves) - [Arm, Leg] Attack +3 
      - N/A
    Young Zelda (Zelda: Minish Cap) - [Battering] Resistance +16 - LoZ
    Young Zelda (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Electric] Attack +20 - N/A
    Zant (Zelda: Twilight Princess) - [Weapon] Attack +7 - LoZ
    Zebes Inhabitant (Metroid Fusion) - [Arm] Attack +5 - N/A
    Zelda (Zelda: Link to the Past) - [Magic] Attack +27 - Peach, Zelda
    Zelda (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - [Flame] Resistance +18 - LoZ
    Zero Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission) - [Leg] Attack +9 - Samus,
    Zinger (DK: King of Swing) - [Slash] Resistance +5 - N/A
    Zora (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - Launch Resistance +31 - N/A
    Zora Link (Zelda: Majora's Mask) - Swim Time +60 - N/A 
    Obtainable Trophies ---------------BRATR
    Here I'll list all the trophies and how to unlock them (if there is
    a specific way to do so). If it says "Random", you can either find
    it in a stage or by winning it in the Coin Launcher. Please send me
    an e-mail if any of this is off, because there's a LOT of trophies
    to go through.
    Special thanks to Chris at Brawl Central for compiling a list of
    trophies. Used with permission.
    ***Warning - Do not look at these trophies if you don't want the
    secret characters spoiled. While it's not obvious which trophies 
    are characters, the description of some trophies uses secret 
    characters to unlock.
    Action Helirin - Random
    Agitha - Random
    Amy - Random
    Ancient Minister - Complete the Subspace Emissary
    Andross - Random
    Animal Crossing Boy - Random
    Apples - Beat Target Smash Level 1
    Armank - Use a Trophy stand on an Armank
    Armight - Use a Trohpy stand on an Armight
    Arwing - Random
    Aryll - Random
    Ashei - Random
    Ashley Robbins - Play VS mode for at least 100 hours
    Ashnard - Beat Target Smash Level 3 with 10 characters
    Assist Trophy - Random
    Aura Storm - Beat All-Star Mode with Lucario
    Auroros - Use a Trophy stand on an Auroros
    Autolance - Use a Trophy stand on an Autolance
    Azelf - Random
    Baby Mario - Random
    Baby Peach - Get 500 different trophies
    Ballyhoo and Big Top - Collect 75 hidden CDs
    Banana Peel - Get 10 Max Combos in Training Mode
    Barbara - Random
    Barrels - Random
    Beam Kirby - Random
    Beam Sword - Random
    Beast Ganon - Beat All-Star Mode with Ganondorf
    Bellossom - Random
    Big Primid - Use a Trophy stand on a Big Primid
    Birdo - Clear All-Star Mode on Hard
    Black Knight - Random
    Black Shadow - Random
    Blade Knight - Random
    Blanca - Random
    Blast Box - Beat Target Smash Level 2 with all 35 characters
    Blathers and Celeste -  Random
    Blaze - Random
    Blaziken - Random
    Blood Falcon - Random
    Blooper - Random
    Blue Alloy - Beat 100 Man Brawl with all 35 characters
    Blue Falcon - Beat All-Star Mode with Captain Falcon
    Blue Pikmin - Random
    Bob-omb - Random
    Bombed - Use a Trophy stand on a Bombed
    Bomber - Random
    Bonkers - Random
    Bonsly - Random
    Boo - Random
    Boom Primid - Use a Trophy stand on a Boom Primid
    Borboras - Use a Trophy stand on a Borboras
    Boulder - Random
    Bowser - Beat Classic Mode with Bowser
    Bowser Jr. - Random
    Brewster - Random
    Bronto Burt - Random
    Bucculus - Use a Trophy stand on a Bucculus
    Buckot - Use a Trophy stand on a Buckot
    Bugzzy - Random
    Bulbasaur - Random
    Bulblin - Random
    Bullet Bill - Random
    Bumper - Get 15000 ft total with all characters in Home-Run Contest
    Buneary - Random
    Bunny Hood - Random
    Burrowing Snagret - Random
    Buzzy Beetle - Random
    Bytan - Use a Trophy stand on a Bytan
    Candy Kong - Random
    Cappy - Random
    Capsule - Random
    Captain Falcon - Beat Classic Mode with Captain Falcon
    Cardboard Box - Beat Target Smash Level 4 in less than 32
                    seconds with any character
    Careening Dirigibug - Random
    Cargo - Use a Trophy stand on a Cargo
    Celebi - Random
    CDs - Random
    Chain Chomp - Random
    Chao - Random
    Charizard - Beat Classic Mode with Pokemon Trainer (Charizard must 
                deal the final blow)
    Charmander - Random
    Cheep Cheep - Random
    Chibi-Robo - Random
    Chikorita - Random
    Chimchar - Random
    Combo Cannon - Beat Target Smash Level 5 in under 30 seconds
    Cook Kirby - Beat All-Star Mode with Kirby
    Copper and Booker - Random
    Cracker Launcher - Get 1000 KOs in Brawl Mode
    Cranky Kong - Random
    Crates - Random
    Crazy Hand - Beat Classic Mode on Intense with any character
    Crazy Redd - Random
    Cream - Random
    Creeping Chrysanthemum - Collect trophies for all characters
    Cresselia - Random
    Critical Hit - Beat All-Star Mode with Marth
    Cubone - Random
    Custom Robos - Random
    Cymul - Use a Trophy stand on a Cymul
    Cyndaquil - Random
    Cypher - Random
    Darbus - Random
    Dark Cannon - Beat Boss Battles on Hard
    Darknut - Random
    Darkrai - Random
    Dark Samus - Random
    Deku Nuts - Random
    Deoxys - Random
    Devil - Random
    Dialga - Random
    Diddy Kong - Beat Classic Mode with Diddy Kong
    Diffusion Beam - Beat All-Star Mode with R.O.B.
    Dixie Kong - Random
    Donkey Kong - Beat Classic Mode with Donkey Kong
    Dragoon - Random
    Drifloon - Random
    Dr. Eggman - Collect over 500 different stickers
    Dr. Shrunk - Random
    Dr. Stewart - Random
    Dr. Wright - Random
    Dry Bones - Random
    Dugtrio - Random
    Duon - Use a Trophy Stand on a Duon
    Dyna Blade - Beat All-Star Mode on Very Hard with any character
    Electivire - Random
    Electrode - Random
    Elincia - Random
    Elite Beat Agents - Random
    Empress Bulblax - Random
    End of Day - Beat All-Star Mode with Olimar and Pikmin
    Enguarde - Random
    Entei - Random
    Excitebikes - Collect all Masterpieces
    Expresso - Random
    Falcon Flyer - Random
    Fan - Random
    Feyesh - Use a Trophy stand on a Feyesh
    Fighter Kirby - Random
    Fire Flower - Random
    Fire Kirby - Random
    Fire Primid - Use a Trophy stand ona Fire Primid
    Floow - Use a Trophy stand on a Floow
    F.L.U.D.D. - Random
    Falco - Beat Classic Mode with Falco
    Falco (Assault) - Random
    Falco (Command) - Random
    Fiery Blowhog - Random
    Food - Random
    Fox - Beat Classic Mode with Fox
    Fox (Assault) - Random
    Fracktail - Random
    Franklin Badge - Have Ness join you in the Subspace Emissary
    Freezie - Random
    Funky Kong - Random
    Galaxia Darkness - Beat All-Star Mode with Meta Knight
    Galleom - Use a Trophy stand on a Galleom
    Galleom (Tank Form) - Beat Boss Battles on Intense difficulty
    Gamyga -Use a Trophy stand on a Gamyga
    Ganondorf - Beat Classic Mode with Ganondorf
    Ganondorf (Wind Waker) - Random
    Gardevoir - Random
    Gekko - Beat All-Star Mode with 10 characters
    General Pepper - Random
    Ghosts - Random
    Giant Goomba - Random
    Giga Bowser - Beat All-Star Mode with Bowser
    Glaceon and Leafeon - Random
    Glire - Use a Trophy stand on a Glire
    Glice - Use a Trophy stand on a Glice
    Glunder - Use a Trophy stand on a Glunder
    Goldeen - Random
    Golden Hammer - Get 45000 ft total in Home-Run Contest
    Golem - Random
    Gooey Bomb - Random
    Goomba - Random
    Goombella - Random
    Gordo - Random
    Goron - Random
    Gray Fox - Clear Target Smash level 5 with all 35 characters
    Greap - Use a Trophy stand on a Greap
    Great Aether - Beat All-Star Mode with Ike
    Great Fairy - Random
    Great Fox - Random
    Great Fox (Assault) - Random
    Green Alloy - Beat 15-Minute Brawl with any character
    Green Shell - Random
    Grenade Launcher - Beat All-Star Mode with Solid Snake
    Groudon - Random
    Gulliver - Get 2000 KOs in Brawl Mode
    Gulpin - Random
    Gunship - Random
    Gyrados - Random
    Halberd - Complete Event #3 (single player)
    Halmaroc King - Random
    Hammer - Random
    Hammer Bro. - Random
    Heart Container - Random
    Helibird - Random
    Helirin - Random
    HM Mech Rosa - Random
    Hocotate Ship - Aquire from a box in the Subspace Emissary stage 
      "Outer Ancient Ruins"
    Ho-Oh - Random
    Hoppip - Random
    Hothead - Random
    Home-run Bat - Hit 1500 ft with one character in Home-Run Contest
    Hydra - Random
    Iceberg - Beat All-Star Mode with Ice Climbers
    Ice Climbers - Beat Classic Mode with Ice Climbers
    Ice Kirby - Random
    Ike - Beat Classic Mode with Ike
    Ilia - Random
    Iridescent Flint Beetle - Random
    Iroquois Pliskin - Random
    Issac - Random
    Ivysaur - Beat Classic Mode with Pokemon Trainer (Ivysaur must deal
              the final blow)
    Jameson and A.I.R.S. - Random
    Jeff - Random
    Jet - Random
    Jigglypuff - Beat Classic Mode with Jigglypuff
    Jill - Random
    Jirachi - Random
    Joan - Random
    Jody Summer - Random
    Jyk - Beat Boss Battles with 20 characters
    Kalypso - Random
    Kanden - Random
    Kapp'n - Swim over 300 ft with all characters
    Kass - Random
    Kat and Ana - Random
    Katie and Kaitlin - Random
    Katrina - Random
    Key - Random
    King Bublin - Random
    King Dedede - Beat Classic Mode with King Dedede
    King K. Rool - Clear Target Smash level 4 with all 35 characters
    King of Red Lions - Random
    Kip - Random
    Kirby - Beat Classic Mode with Kirby
    K.K. Slider - Collect all hidden CDs
    Kludge - Random
    Knuckle Joe - Random
    Knuckles - Random
    Konga Beat - Beat All-Star Mode with Donkey Kong
    Koopa Paratroopa (Green) - Use a trophy stand on a Koopa Paratroopa
      (Green) in the Subspace Emissary
    Koopa Paratroopa (Red) - Use a trophy stand on a Koopa Paratroopa
      (Red) in the Subspace Emissary
    Koopa Troopa (Green) - Use a trophy stand on a Koopa Troopa (Green) 
      in the Subspace Emissary
    Koopa Troopa (Red) - Use a trophy stand on a Koopa Troopa (Red) in 
      the Subspace Emissary
    Kracko - Random
    Kritter - Random
    Kritter (Goalie) - Random
    Krystal - Random
    Kyle Hyde - Beat All-Star Mode with all characters
    Kyogre - Random
    Lakitu and Spinies - Random
    Landmaster (Falco) - Beat All-Star Mode with Falco
    Landmaster (Fox) - Beat All-Star Mode with Fox
    Landmaster (Wolf) - Beat All-Star Mode with Wolf
    Lanky Kong - Random
    Latios and Latias - Random
    Leon Powalski - Random
    Light Arrow (Zelda) - Beat All-Star Mode with Zelda
    Light Arrow (Sheik) - Beat All-Star Mode with Sheik
    Lightning - Random
    Link - Beat Classic Mode with Link
    Link's Grandma - Random
    Lip's Stick - Random
    Little Mac - Random
    Louie - Random
    Lucario - Beat Classic Mode with Lucario
    Lucas - Beat Classic Mode with Lucas
    Lugia - Random
    Luigi - Beat Classic Mode with Luigi
    Luigi's Mansion - Random
    Luminoth - Random
    Lyn - Random
    Magnezone - Random
    Malo - Random
    Manaphy - Random
    Mario - Beat Classic Mode with Mario
    Mario Finale - Beat All-Star Mode with Mario
    Marth - Beat Classic Mode with Marth
    Master Hand - Beat Classic Mode with 20 characters
    Maxim Tomato - Random
    Medli - Random
    Mesprit - Random
    Metagross - Random
    Meta Knight - Beat Classic Mode with Meta Knight
    Metal Box - Random
    Metal Gear Ray - Random
    Metal Gear Rex - Random
    Metal Primid - Use a Trophy stand on a Metal Primid
    Meta Ridley - Use a Trophy stand on Meta Ridley
    Metroid - Random
    Metroid Prime (Core) - Random
    Metroid Prime (Exo) - Random
    Meowth - Random
    Mew - Random
    Mewtwo - Beat All-Star Mode on Intense difficulty
    Midna - Random
    Mites - Use a Trophy stand on a Mites
    Mizzo - USe a Trophy stand on a Mizzo
    Mokka - Random
    Moltres - Random
    Motion-Sensor Bomb - Random
    Mr. EAD - Random
    Mr. Game & Watch - Beat Classic Mode with Mr. Game & Watch
    Mr. Resetti - Random
    Mr. Resetti (Feet) - Random
    Mr. Saturn - Random
    Mudkip - Random
    Munchlax - Random
    Musketeer Daltania - Clear Target Smash level 4 with 10 characters
    Nagagog - Use a Trophy stand on a Nagagog
    Naked Snake - Random
    Needle Kirby - Random
    Negative Zone - Beat All-Star Mode with Luigi
    Ness - Beat Classic Mode with NEss
    Nintendog - Random
    Noxus - Random
    Octopus - Beat All-Star Mode with Mr. Game & Watch
    Onions - Random
    Ooccoo & Son - Random
    Ouendan - Get 400 combined max combos with all characters in 
      Training Mode
    Outset Link - Beat Target Smash Level 5 with 10 characters
    Palkia - Random
    Palutena - Complete Event #4 (single player)
    Palutena's Army - Beat All-Star Mode with Pit
    Palutena's Bow - Beat Target Smash Level 1 in under 15 seconds with
                     any character
    Panther Caroso - Random
    Paper Bowser - Random
    Paper Luigi - Random
    Paper Mario - Beat Classic Mode with all 35 characters
    Paper Peach - Random
    Parasite Queen - Random
    Party Ball - Play 500 hours of Brawl Mode
    Pascal - Random
    Peach - Beat Classic Mode with Peach
    Peach Blossom - Beat All-Star Mode with Peach
    Peanut Popgun - Beat Target Smash Level 2
    Pellets - Beat Target Smash Level 2 with 10 characters
    Pelly and Phyllis - Random
    Peppy Hare - Random
    Perry - Random
    Petey Pirahna - Use a Trophy stand on Petey Pirahna
    Pichu - Beat All-Star Mode using no continues
    Pico - Random
    Pigs - Random
    Pikachu - Beat Classic Mode with Pikachu
    Pikmin and Olimar - Beat Classic Mode with Pikmin and Olimar
    Piplup - Random
    Pirate Ship - Random
    Pirahna Plant - Random
    Pit - Beat Classic Mode with Pit
    Pitfall - Beat 100 Man Brawl
    PK Starstorm (Lucas) - Beat All-Star Mode with Lucas
    PK Starstorm (Ness) - Beat All-Star Mode with Ness
    Plasma Kirby - Random
    Plusle and Minun - Collect Final Smash trophies for all characters
    Poison Mushroom - Random
    Pokeball - Random
    Pokemon Trainer - Beat Classic Mode with Pokemon Trainer
    Poltergust 3000 - Random
    Poppant - Use a Trophy stand on a Poppant
    Porky - Random
    Porky Statue - Beat Boss Battles on Intense difficulty
    Power Suit Samus - Beat All-Star Mode twice with Samus/ZSS
    Primid - Use a Trophy stand on a Primid
    Puff Up - Beat All-Star Mode with Jigglypuff
    Puppit - Use a Trophy stand on a Puppit
    Purple Pikmin - Random
    Putty - Random
    Pyrite - Random
    Ralis - Random
    Rambi - Random
    Ray Gun - Random
    Ray MK III - Beat Target Smash Level 3 in under 20 seconds with any
    Rayquaza - Use a Trophy stand on Rayquaza
    Red Alloy - Defeat 5 Alloys in Cruel Brawl
    Red Bulborb - Random
    Red Pikmin - Clear Event #14
    Ridley - Use a Trophy stand on Ridley
    Riolu - Random
    Roader - Use a Trophy stand on a Roader
    R.O.B. - Beat Classic Mode with R.O.B.
    ROB 64 - Random
    R.O.B. Blaster - Use a Trophy stand on a R.O.B. Blaster
    Robed Zelda - Random
    R.O.B. Launcher - Use a Trophy stand on a R.O.B. Launcher
    R.O.B. Sentry - Use a Trophy stand on a R.O.B. Sentry
    Rocketbarrel Barrage - Beat All-Star Mode with Diddy Kong
    Rocketbarrel Pack - Clear Target Smash Level 4
    Rolling Crate -  Random
    Roturret - Use a Trophy stand on a Roturret
    Sable and Mabel - Random
    Sages - Random
    Saharah - Random
    Salvatore - Random
    Samurai Goroh - Random
    Samus - Beat Classic Mode with Samus (Must finish with Samus)
    Samus (Dark Suit) - Random
    Samus (Fusion Suit) - Random
    Samus (Gravity Suit) - Random
    Samus (Power Suit) - Random
    Samus (Gravity Suit) - Random
    Sandbag - Use all 35 characters in Home-run Contest
    Saki Amamiya - Random
    Scope Primid - Use a Trophy stand on a Scope Primid
    Scarflies - Random
    Screw Attack - Random
    Shadow - Random
    Shadow Beast - Random
    Shadow Bugs - Beat Boss Mode on Normal
    Shagohod - Random
    Shaydas - Use a Trophy stand on a Shaydas
    Sheegoth - Random
    Sheik - Beat Classic Mode with Sheik (Must finish with Sheik)
    Shellcreepers - Random
    Shellpod - Use a Trophy stand on a Shellpod
    Shellpod (No Armor) - Use a Trophy stand on a Shellpod (No Armor)
    Shy Guy - Get 30000 ft total in Home-Run Contest
    Sidesteppers - Random
    Silver - Beat Target Smash Level 3 with all 35 characters
    Sir Kibble - Random
    Skarmory - Random
    Sleep Kirby - Random
    Slippy Toad - Random
    Smart Bomb - Random
    Smash Ball - Random
    Smash Coins - Play 10 Coin Matches
    Smoke Ball - Random
    Snorlax -  Random
    Snorunt - Random
    Snover - Random
    Soccer Ball - Random
    Solid Snake - Beat Classic Mode with Snake
    Sonic the Hedgehog - Beat Classic Mode with Sonic
    Sothe - Random
    Spaak - Use a Trophy stand on a Spaak
    Space Pirate - Random
    Spire - Random
    Spring - Random
    Squirtle - Beat Classic Mode with Pokemon Trainer (Squirtle must
               deliver the finishing blow)
    Squitter - Random
    Stafy - Clear Target Smash Level 1 with 10 characters
    Stapy - Random
    Starly - Random
    Starman - Random
    Star Rod - Random
    Staryu - Random
    Stickers - Collect all stickers
    Stock Ball - Random
    Striker Mario - Clear Classic Mode on Very Hard
    Striker Daisy - Random
    Subspace Gunship - Beat Boss Battles with 10 characters
    Subspace Bomb - Beat Boss Mode on Easy
    Suicine - Random
    Super Dragon - Beat All-Star Mode with Yoshi
    Super Mushroom - Random
    Super Scope - Beat Target Smash Level 1 with all 35 characters
    Superspicy Curry - Random
    Super Sonic - Beat All-Star Mode with Sonic
    Swooping Snitchbug - Random
    Sword Kirby - Random
    Sword Primid - Use a Trophy stand on a Sword Primid
    Sylux - Random
    Tabuu - Use a Trophy stand on Tabuu
    Tabuu (Wings) - Beat Boss Battles with all characters
    Tails - Walk over 30,000 ft with all characters
    Tanks and Infantry - Random
    Team Healer - Random
    Tetra - Random
    Telly Vision - Random
    The President - Random
    The Skull - Random
    Ticken - Use a Trophy stand on a Ticken
    Timer - Play 30 hours of Brawl Mode
    Tingle - Random
    Tiny Kong - Random
    Toad - Random
    Toadette - Random
    Toadsworth - Random
    Togepi - Random
    Tommy and Timmy Nook - Random
    Tom Nook - Collect 1000 coins in Coin Matches
    Toon Link - Beat Classic Mode with Toon Link
    Torchic - Random
    Tornado Kirby - Random
    Tortimer - Random
    Totodile - Random
    Towtow - Use a Trophy stand on a Towtow
    Trace - Random
    Treeko - Random
    Tricky - Random
    Triforce Slash (Link) - Beat All-Star Mode with Link
    Triforce Slash (Toon Link) - Beat All-Star Mode with Toon Link
    Triple Finish - Beat All-Star Mode with Pokemon Trainer
    Trophy Stand - Random
    Trowlon - Use a Trophy stand on a Trowlon
    Turret Tusk - Random
    Turtwig - Random
    Unira - Random
    Uxie - Random
    Valoo - Random
    Vegetables - Random
    Volt Tackle - Beat All-Star Mode with Pikachu
    Waddle Dee - Random
    Waddle Dee Army - Beat All-Star Mode with King Dedede
    Waddle Doo - Random
    Walky - Unlock 50 hidden CDs
    Waluigi - Random
    Wario - Beat Classic Mode with Wario
    Wario Bike - Beat Target Smash Level 3 with any character
    Wario-Man - Beat All-Star Mode with Wario
    Warp Star - Random
    Warrior Mech Gauss - Random
    Weavel - Random
    Weavile - Random
    Wedding Bowser - Random
    Wedding Peach - Random
    Wendell - Random
    Wheelie - Random
    White Pikmin - Random
    Wiggler - Random
    Wing Kirby - Random
    Wobbuffet - Random
    Wolf - Beat Classic Mode with Wolf
    Wolfen - Random
    Wolf Link - Random
    Wollywog - Random
    Wrinkly Kong - Random
    Xananab - Get over 24000 ft in Home-run Contest with all characters
    Yellow Alloy - Beat 100 Alloys in Endless Brawl
    Yellow Pikmin - Random
    Yeta - Random
    Yoshi - Beat Classic Mode with Yoshi
    Zant - Random
    Zelda - Beat Classic Mode with Zelda
    Zelda (Wind Waker) - Random
    Zero Laser - Beat All-Star Mode with Samus
    Zero Suit Samus - Beat Classic Mode with ZSS 
    Zoda - Random
    Zora - Random
    Again, big thanks to Chris and the admins/moderators over at Brawl
    Central for this extensive list of trophies!
    Stage Descriptions ----------------STADE
    Here I'll describe the stages and any random things that happen on
    each. I've listed platforms as Solid and Soft - Soft platforms are
    platforms you can fall down and jump up through, while Solid 
    platforms are those that you can't jump or fall through.
    *Note: Hidden stages are included, so don't read if you don't want 
    them spoiled.
    *Note: Melee stages are not covered. Go read a Smash Brothers Melee
    Guide to learn about them.
    Battlefield -
    Simple stage with one big solid platform and three soft floating 
    Final Destination - 
    The ultimate skill match, one giant solid platform with no tricks.
    Delfino Plaza -
    This stage starts with a solid platform and some soft floating 
    platforms, but as it progressed you land on certain areas. You can 
    either land on a sandbar island, three pillar islands, or a 
    "sidewalk", all of which are solid bottoms with no chance of 
    falling down (only drowning). You can also stop on rooftops, which
    will allow you to fall and KO opponenets in pits.
    Luigi's Mansion -
    This is a fun stage with two hard floating platforms and a big hard 
    platform below. A soft platform is in the center and a large soft
    platform is above all the others. 
    Two noteworthy things about this stage is that if everyone leaves
    the part of the stage with a background a cover goes over most of 
    the stage showing the outside of the mansion.
    The other is that the entire level is destructible. Pillars hold up
    all the platforms, and as they are hit and destroyed the mansion
    will fall to pieces. Eventually the whole house will come tumbling
    down, leaving just the main hard platform and some rubble.
    Mushroomy Kingdom -
    This stage scrolls to the right through the setting of Super Mario
    Bros. stage 1-1 and 1-2 randomly. It will repeat after you reach
    the end of the stage.
    Mario Circuit -
    Three soft platforms float above a solid ground, so no pits to fall
    in here. Eight Shy Guys on go-karts will come from the background
    and across the top platforms, damagin anyone they come in contact
    with. Watch for the warning to see them approach from the side.
    Rumble Falls -
    Here the stage will scroll upwards. Most platforms are soft, but 
    some stone ones are solid. There are buttons strewn out that if hit
    will change the placement of platforms. There is also a narrow 
    section where you must go through a small hole in the rock. The
    stage will speed up in sections, warning you before hand.
    Bridge of Eldin - 
    A large, long solid platform. An enemy will run by every once in a
    while, damaging anyone it touches and dropping a bomb. The bomb 
    will destroy the section of the bridge it lands on, which will 
    regenerate shortly afterwards.
    Pirate Ship -
    A ship among the waves keeps one solid ground with two soft 
    platforms on the mast. A small protrusion near the left edge of the
    ship will pop up randomly, but be careful. Staying near it when it
    "pops" up after rising out of the ship will send you flying.
    You can't die at the bottom unless you drown, except for when the 
    ship flies upwards in a vortex, which acts as a flying platform for 
    a short while. Another ship will show up on the right from time to 
    time, providing a solid platform for those in need. 
    The ship will run ashore on some rocks sometimes, providing more 
    solid ground to fight on. The ship will stay sharply inclined while 
    on the rocks, but eventually the rocks will break and the ship will
    continue its voyage.
    Norfair -
    Five soft platforms in a V-pattern. The lava will rise, from either
    one side of the screen or the bottom. To avoid the sides, just move
    to the other side. To avoid the lava from below, you must get 
    inside the capsule that appears as the lava arises. You will have 
    to hit the capsule to open it.
    Frigate Orpheon -
    One soft platform and a solid platform accompanied by a rising and
    lowering platform. After a while, the stage will sound a siren and 
    flip vertically, switching to a different set of platforms. Be 
    careful while flipping, as if you're too high you will be too low
    to land on the new platforms. The second set of platforms has one
    centered soft platform above a large solid platform, and a moving
    soft platform on the sides.
    Yoshi's Island -
    One solid platform and a soft platform above it. Shy Guys will fly
    by dropping food or items sometimes, and a platform will float in 
    from the left side of the screen from time to time. Otherwise a 
    typical stage.
    Halberd -
    This stage starts in a hangar with a solid ground, and eventually
    will open up and raise a solid platform and a soft platform above
    that. After a few moments, the solid ground of the hangar will 
    disappear as the platforms shoot off towards the ship.
    These platforms will fly around for a while with nothing special
    happening, and eventually will land on the Halberd. Once here the
    solid platform will be extended by the sides of the ship. Also, the
    cannon will target a player and fire at them. Avoid the targeting
    reticle once it's fixed and has stopped moving.
    Lylat Cruise -
    One solid platform with three floating soft platforms. As pretty as
    the stage is, nothing special happens here.
    Pokemon Stadium 2 -
    This stage has a solid platform and two soft platforms above. It
    will cycle randomly through four different settings.
    The first is an ice field. Everything is slippery and a two soft 
    platforms appear on the left.
    The second is a digging site. A mound of earth splits the area, and
    two soft platforms appear on the right of the mound and one appears
    on the left.
    The third is a windy area. No platforms are present but gravity
    is halved and everyone falls much slower while above the main 
    The fourth is an electric factory. Soft platforms appear on the
    right and left, and the right third of the main platform slowly 
    pushes players to the right, while the left third of the main
    platform drags players left.
    Spear Pillar - 
    Two solid platforms create a "cave" and two soft platforms float
    above the top. Crazy things can happen on this stage.
    Randomly parts of the top solid platform will be broken away by the
    legendary pokemon in the back. Also, beams of light will flash 
    across the screen through the cave or straight up and down in one-
    third of the stage.
    The screen may tip or even flip completely. Controls stay the same,
    however, leaving you upside down pressing right to move left and 
    down to move up.
    The last thing that may happen here is a time change. Randomly a
    legendary pokemon will come out and slow down time for the entire
    Port Town Aero Dive -
    Most of this stage is played on a soft platform skimming across a
    race track. Hitting this track while moving will result in you
    flying upward.
    The platform will stop at intervals, with many different 
    combinations of soft platforms and pits to fall into. Also, be
    aware of the cars racing in from the background, as if they hit you
    as they come into the battlefield they will launch you upwards.
    Castle Siege -
    This stage starts on a solid platform with two floating platforms.
    As time goes on, the battlefield will fall away and change to a
    few floating soft platforms along with statues that will stop 
    attacks. As time goes further on, the stage will transition into a
    single hard platform over lava. It will repeat given enough time.
    WarioWare, Inc. -
    A solid platform with two soft platforms on either side is the main
    setting of this stage. However, every 10-15 seconds a mini-game 
    will appear. A message telling you what to do (sometimes cryptic)
    will appear, and moments later you'll be on a solid ground setting
    where you must perform different actions such as breaking things,
    taunting, staying under an umbrella, or not moving. If you perform
    the tasks correctly, you can be given invincibility, grow giant, or
    any number of other benefits.
    Distant Planet -
    A soft platform with two soft platforms above it lie in the center
    of this stage, with a solid sloped platform to the left. The leaf
    platforms will descend if players stand on them long. Also, leaves
    will bloom here and can be hit to drop pellets, which are just an
    item to throw at opponents.
    Two things happen here. It can begin to rain, causing the left 
    solid platform to flood, dragging anyone quickly down the slope and 
    into the pit. Also, a giant monster can approach from the right, 
    and will open its mouth after a while. If anyone gets too close, 
    the monster will gobble them up, so be careful when it opens wide.
    Smashville -
    A simple solid platform with a single soft platform moving from 
    side to side. If you play on Saturday between 8 PM and midnight 
    (according to your Wii's clock) a concert will be held in the 
    New Pork City -
    Many platforms both hard and soft and a swinging platform. Randomly
    a monster will appear and bite, severely damaging anyone it gets 
    its teeth into.
    Summit -
    The bottom is a solid platform, but the rest is soft platforms. A
    small ice ledge in the bottom right can be broken, but will come
    back shortly.
    After a few moments of fighting, the stage will break loose from
    the mountain and start sliding left very fast. During this anyone 
    who touches the mountain will be drug off the screen, and everyone
    will fall slower due to the downward momentum.
    The stage will reach water at the bottom of the mountain, where it
    will float to the left. It will sink periodically, making anyone on
    the solid platform start swimming. Anyone swimming in these waters
    too long will find themselves eaten by a giant fish, resulting in
    a KO, so stay out of the water!
    Skyworld -
    This stage is all hard platforms at first, with a moving platform 
    at the bottom. The platforms are all destroyable, and after you've 
    destroyed them people that are hit hard will fly through them, as 
    well as being soft.
    75 m -
    A lot of solid platforms. Some move vertically, but that's about 
    the extent of the stage. The pixelated DK at the top will throw
    things. When he comes to the foreground, touching him will launch
    Otherwise, it's a pretty normal stage.
    Mario Bros. -
    Nothing but hard platforms. Enemies will crawl slowly down the 
    stage. If you hit them hard enough or from below they will turn 
    into items to be thrown.
    The POW box at the bottom can be hit to stun players and knock all
    enemies on the screen over. If any enemy is already toppled over,
    hitting them or using the POW box or hitting them from below will
    result in them getting back on their feet. They will speed up
    periodically. The enemies cause massive damage and knock back.
    Flat Zone -
    All your characters are flat! Actually, you really can't tell 
    unless you pause the game. Very little camera movement on this 
    stage. It will go through various scenes, such as a burning 
    building on the left or a "gas station". Either way, it's very hard
    to describe this stage because it changes so much. All the 
    platforms that appear are soft.
    Various things will happen here. When people appear on the bottom,
    it's best to avoid them. They will either kick you, launch you up 
    in the air, or do other things. Try to learn what each of them do.
    Pictochat -
    Starts off as a basic big hard platform stage. Various things will 
    be drawn on the stage, including a whale, a staircase, and various 
    other things. 
    Most of these drawings are solid, but some are more interactive. 
    Sometimes poles with spikes can be drawn, sending you flying when 
    you touch the top. Two hovering flames can be drawn, burning anyone 
    that comes in contact with them. Also, wind can appear, blowing 
    peopleacross the stage.
    Hanenbow -
    These are all soft platforms. A tree on the right, a tree on the
    top left, and a single branch on the bottom left. Hitting the 
    platforms will rotate them and change their color. The bottom is 
    all water, but DON'T BE FOOLED. You cannot swim in this stage, only
    cause ripples.
    Shadow Moses Island - 
    Two towers on both sides prevent anyone from flying too far 
    immediately, but they are both destroyable. After a certain amount
    of time or when one player reaches their last life, a giant monster
    will appear out of the background.
    Green Hill Zone -
    All one solid platform. The "continue" stand (blue orb pedestal) 
    can be hit and will start spinning, damaging anyone who comes 
    close. After a while the ground inside of the "bowl" will fall
    away, leaving a hole.
    Secrets ---------------------------BRASE
    Here I'll list all the secrets you can unlock, including characters
    and stages. If you don't want anything to be spoiled, don't look
    any further.
    Unlockable Characters -------------SECCH
    Read no further if you don't want characters to be spoiled. Each 
    character has three listed methods of unlocking, you only need to 
    do one.
    *Note: You can only unlock one character at a time. For example, if
    you beat Classic Mode in under 12 minutes on Hard, you qualify for 
    two characters, but will only unlock one.
    *Note: To unlock characters in the Subspace Emissary, you simply
    need to beat the stage listed.
    Secret Character 1 - Ness
    Games: Earthbound (Mother 2)
    Ness fans, relax! He's back as the first unlockable character, Ness
    the psychic boy bats his way back for a third Smash season. 
    Final Smash - PK Starstorm
    Exactly like Lucas's final smash, Ness calls stars to fall from the 
    heavens. They differ slightly in that they are angled instead of 
    falling straight down, and they deal slightly more damage.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 5 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Reflect ten projectiles, then beat him in a match.
    3. Have Ness join your party (automatic) in the Subspace Emissary 
    (Stage 29).
    Unique Abilities -
    Like Lucas, his third jump is tricky and you have to hit yourself 
    with his up special. His moves faster though. 
    Secret Character 2 - Marth
    Games: Fire Emblem
    Yes, the sword wielding hero of Fire Emblem returns for a second 
    Smash appearance!
    Final Smash - Critical Hit
    Kind of uninteresting, Marth charges his sword and smashes the 
    enemies close to him, doing massive damage and most-certain death.
    However, Marth will run forward if used in the air, making it 
    possibly lethal to both Marth (if he misses) and airborne targets.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 10 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Finish Classic mode on any difficulty level, then beat him in a
    3. Have Marth join your party (automatic) in the Subspace Emissary
    (Stage 8).
    Unique Abilities -
    When your attack just grazes the enemy with most characters, they 
    receive less damage and don't flinch. Marth is unique, however, in 
    that if the tip of his sword hits the enemy they receive MORE damage
    than normal.
    Secret Character 3 - Luigi
    Games: Most Mario series
    Mario's taller brother blasts back for a third season of Smash. 
    Final Smash - Negative Zone
    Wow. I'm really freaked out. Luigi creates a bubble of... negative
    energy around himself, and this zone lets Luigi do massive damage
    to those in it. Everyone but Luigi can suffer random effects in 
    this zone, including sleeping, uncontrollable taunting, slow-down,
    flowers on your head, and lowered attack and defense. Luigi, 
    however, suffers nothing and can move freely.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 22 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Beat Classic on any difficulty with no continues, then beat him 
    in a match.
    3. Have Luigi join your party (automatic) in the Subspace Emissary
    (Stage 29)
    Unique Abilities -
    Luigi is strange because he has very little traction. When you run 
    with Luigi then stop, he'll slide forward a bit.
    As far as Luigi's attacks go, his side special will randomly (about
    1 in 8) explode and do maximum damage (as if it was fully charged).
    Also, his up special does a lot more damage and knockback if you use
    it while touching the enemy.
    Secret Character 4 - Falco
    Games: Star Fox series
    Yep, Falco returns for his second outing in Smash. He brings all 
    the goodies from before, with a definite change in his "shine" 
    Final Smash - Landmaster
    Same as Fox, he pulls out a Landmaster and tramples his foes. His 
    tank turns faster than Fox's, but has a much weaker blaster cannon.
    His hovering ability lasts longer, however, making him better at
    maneuvering and trampling foes.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 50 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Beat 100-Man Brawl.
    3. Have Falco join your party (automatic) in the Subspace Emissary
    (Stage 18)
    Unique Abilities -
    Similar to Fox, but his blaster does slightly more damage and flinch
    time to the enemy. His "shine" (down special) is strange because he
    tosses it out in front of himself, making it much harder to reflect
    things and MUCH harder to spam.
    Secret Character 5 - Captain Falcon
    Games: F-Zero series
    The PAWNCH returns for a third Smash appearance. 
    Final Smash - Blue Falcon
    Captain Falcon shoots out his Blue Falcon, hitting everyone close
    enough in front of him. Anyone hit then goes through a sequence
    where they get run over (should have looked both ways) and get 
    damaged and flown up.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 70 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Beat Classic Mode in under 12 minutes, then beat him in a match.
    3. Have Captain Falcon join your party (automatic) in the Subspace
    Emissary (Stage 20).
    Unique Abilities -
    Falcon's neutral special has been reworked. If you press the 
    opposite direction that you're facing RIGHT after pressing the
    neutral special, while Falcon charges he'll turn around. This 
    increases the damage of the move as well as surprises foes behind 
    Secret Character 6 - Lucario
    Games: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
    Finally Nintendo throws a Fighting type Pokemon in a fighting game.
    Sadly, Lucario replaces Mewtwo in this game, but his debut in the
    Smash series is quite welcome!
    Final Smash - Aura Storm
    Lucario jumps to the center of the top of the screen and unleashes
    a furious blast downwards. The player can guide this beam for a 
    few seconds right and left, devasting opponents and terrain alike.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 100 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Beat all 5 difficulties on Target Test for any character.
    3. Have Lucario join your party (automatic) in the Subspace 
    Emissary (Stage 21)
    Unique Abilities -
    Lucario has the power of Aura. This means that the higher the 
    percentage he has, the more damage and knockback each attack does.
    Once Lucario has reached about 200%, he'll be doing double his 
    normal damage and knockback! It won't go past double damage, 
    Also, the more behind Lucario is in the match statistics (if he's a 
    few lives down or something) his damage will be increased slightly.
    Secret Character 7 - Solid Snake
    Games: Metal Gear series
    Yes, Solid Snake joins the Brawl for his first appearance in Smash.
    He comes packing a big arsenal of weapons and his signature box.
    Final Smash - Grenade Launcher
    Crazy cool, Snake jumps off screen and appears at the front of the
    screen. A targeting reticle allows the player to shoot grenades at
    the other combatants for about 15 seconds, or for 12 shots. He'll
    reload after 6 shots.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 130 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Play 15 VS matches on Shadow Moses Island stage, then beat him
    in a match.
    3. Have Snake join your party (automatic) in the Subspace Emissary
    (Stage 23).
    Unique Abilities -
    Snake uses explosives a lot. While his up special is a great 
    recovery, you CAN use his down special (C4 Mine) as a recovery as 
    well. Do the attack, then press down to catch it, then blow it up
    to launch yourself upwards.
    Also, Snake's side special (Nikita missle) is controllable. It slows
    while turning but speeds up if you keep it straight. After a few 
    seconds it will run out of fuel and drop like a brick. The farther
    it travels the more damage it will do.
    Secret Character 8 - R.O.B.
    Games: Gyromite and Stack-Up, and also most recently Mario Kart DS
    R.O.B. was actually a hardware piece sold by Nintendo WAY back in 
    the day, used in conjunction with the NES. But he makes his return 
    in his first Smash appearance!
    Final Smash - Diffusion Beam
    R.O.B. shoots a cone of energy out of his eyes which continuously
    damages enemies. He can move freely and chase down his opponents,
    as well as angle the energy cone up and down.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 160 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Collect 250 trophies, then beat him in a match.
    3. Have R.O.B. join your party (automatic) in the Subspace Emissary
    (Stage 27)
    Unique Abilities -
    R.O.B.'s up special attack is a great recovery, and unique in the 
    fact that he can use it multiple times before touching ground again.
    You can hold the attack to fly upwards for about 3 seconds, or you 
    can just use it for small boosts.
    Secret Character 9 - Ganondorf
    Games: Legend of Zelda series
    Ganondorf makes his return for his second Smash appearance. His 
    dark energy and slow but powerful moves are back for more.
    Final Smash - Beast Ganon
    Ganondorf transforms into his Ganon form from Twighlight Princess
    and stomps the ground, cementing foes to the floor. Anyone on the
    same leve then gets trampled and flung off the screen (well, they 
    get hurt a lot at least).
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 200 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Beat Classic Mode on Hard difficulty with Link or Zelda, then
    beat him in a match.
    3. Have Ganondorf join your party in the Subspace 
    Emissary (Stage 30, pick up the Link and Zelda trophies).
    Unique Abilities -
    He's a really slow version of Captain Falcon. His side special does
    a meteor smash in the air, and just damage and knockdown on the 
    ground. He's got some really powerful attacks, but nothing too
    Secret Character 10 - Mr. Game & Watch
    Games: Anything on the Game & Watch handheld console
    Yes, that pixelated master is back for his second Smash appearance.
    He brings all his 2D goodness with him.
    Final Smash - Octopus
    Mr. Game & Watch becomes a giant octopus that has four legs 
    extending and retracting quickly. Players can jump and move freely,
    albeit a little slowly, and try to hit the players with these 
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 250 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Beat Target Smash with 30 characters (must be on same 
    difficulty, but can be any difficulty)
    3. Have Mr. Game & Watch join your party 
    Unique Abilities -
    Wow, he's been sped up a BUNCH it seems from Melee. His side special 
    pops up a random number, which indicates the power. If it shows a 9,
    pretty much anyone it hits is dead. He also parachutes down after
    his up special, allowing him to slow fall. Press down to drop the
    Secret Character 11 - Sonic
    Games: Sonic the Hedgehog series
    If you haven't been living under a rock recently, you know that
    the blue flur is finally joining the Smash team. He brings his 
    speed as well, being the fastest character in the game.
    Final Smash - Super Sonic
    Yep, the blue hedgehog transforms into his yellow super form. He 
    then flys around the screen at amazing speed, launching anyone that
    touches him off. Be careful, as Super Sonic's speed is practically
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 300 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Beat Classic Mode on any difficulty with 10 characters, then 
    beat him in a match. (Does not include different transformations,
    example - Sheik and Zelda only count as one)
    3. Play over 10 hours in VS Mode. (Combined Total)
    4. Beat the Subspace Emissary (Stage 31).
    Unique Abilities -
    If you make him run, he's by FAR the fastest in the game. His up 
    special will spring him up, but sometimes the spring he uses to fly
    will stay and allow others to bounce high as well. 
    Secret Character 12 - Jigglypuff
    Games: Pokemon series
    Wow, the pink ball of fluff is a lot harder to find this time
    around. But she's back for her third excursion into Smash!
    Final Smash - Puff Up 
    Jigglypuff grows HUGE and knocks everyone back. When I say huge, I
    mean GINORMOUSLY HUGE. Easily 15 times her normal size. When she
    gets to full size, she will do a small attack (not viewable) that
    will hurt anyone very close to her, usually smashing them off-
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 350 VS matches, then beat her in a match.
    2. Complete the Subspace Emissary, then beat 20 events in Event 
    Mode. Afterwards, beat her in a match.
    3. Complete the Subspace Emissary, then return to Stage 18 (The 
    Swampt). On the last part of the level where you are shooting 
    yourself through barrels, stop on the platform below the new door. 
    Go in and beat Jigglypuff.
    Unique Abilities -
    Hooray Jiggs! I love this character, even though she really can't 
    beat most skilled characters without luck. And before I get e-mails
    saying "I could school you with Jiggs!", I've seen great Jiggs 
    players. Anyway, if her shield gets broke, she flies to her death.
    Unless you hit a ceiling, she's dead. 
    She has TERRIBLE ground speed and is the lightest character, but in
    the air she's got great maneuverability and quick attacks. Not to 
    mention her great DI (directional influence). 
    Secret Character 13 - Toon Link
    Games: The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker and the Phantom Hourglass
    Yep, the Link from the cell-shaded games makes his debut, though 
    many think he's just a replacement for Young Link. He still has his
    own unique fighting skills, so don't underestimate him!
    Final Smash - Triforce Slash
    The same as Link's final smash, it seems.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 400 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Complete the Subspace Emissary, then beat Classic Mode with any
    character on any difficulty. Afterwards, beat him in a match.
    3. Complete the Subspace Emissary, then return to Stage 9 (The 
    Forest). On the first portion of the level after the first mini-
    battle with a few Primids, a new door appears. Go in and beat Toon 
    Unique Abilities -
    Like a small, fast, and deadly Link. Has all the projectiles of his
    counter-part, but moves MUCH faster. Has a shorter range with his
    attacks and a little less damage, but I like him more.
    His down air attack (normal) can send him plummetting to the ground,
    which can do massive damage and kill easily, but don't use it over 
    a pit or you'll kill yourself. 
    Secret Character 14 - Wolf
    Games: Star Fox series
    Fox's arch-nemesis makes his first Smash appearance. He may be 
    slower than his better half, but he's got a few tricks up his 
    Final Smash - Landmaster
    Okay, you get it, another Landmaster, but Wolf's is much less about
    moving around. It turns terribly and floats just so-so, but it's
    blaster does massive damage to the enemies, making this a fire-
    power driven attack.
    How to Unlock -
    1. Play 450 VS matches, then beat him in a match.
    2. Beat Boss Rush mode (Subspace Emissary) with Fox or Falco, then 
    beat him in a match.
    3. Complete the Subspace Emissary, then return to Stage 14 (The
    Ruins). At the end of the second part of the level, go to the 
    bottom of the elevator shaft instead of going into the door (don't 
    worry when the elevator disappears, just fall) and into the new 
    door that appears there. Beat Wolf.
    Unique Abilities -
    Quite a bit different than Fox and Falco. He's slower, more 
    powerful, and has a much different "feel". Some of his attacks have 
    less charge to them though.
    Unlockable Stages -----------------SECST
    Secret Stage - Flat Zone 2
    Unlock Mr. Game & Watch.
    Secret Stage - Green Hill Zone
    Unlock Sonic.
    Secret Stage - Great Sea
    Unlock Toon Link.
    Secret Stage - Luigi's Mansion
    Play as Luigi in 3 VS matches.
    Secret Stage - Big Blue
    Play as Captain Falcon in 10 VS matches.
    Secret Stage - Green Greens
    Play as Kirby in 20 VS matches.
    Secret Stage - 75m
    Play as Donkey Kong in 20 VS matches.
    Secret Stage - Jungle Japes
    Play on Melee stages in 10 VS matches.
    Secret Stage - Pokemon Stadium
    Play on Pokemon Stadium 2 in 10 VS matches.
    Secret Stage - Mario Bros.
    Complete Event #19. (single player)
    Secret Stage - Spear Pillar
    Complete Event #25. (single player)
    Secret Stage - Hanenbow
    Complete Event #28. (single player)
    Other Unlockables -----------------SECOT
    All-Star Mode -
    Unlock all characters.
    Online Friend Icons -
    Unlock all characters.
    Boss Battles Mode -
    Complete the Subspace Emissary and Beat Classic Mode at least once.
    Additional Rules (Brawl Mode) -
    Exceed 200 total brawl KOs with all characters.
    Additional Rules: Random Stage Switch -
    Unlock all stages and Addition Rules (Brawl Mode).
    Target Smash Level 2 -
    Reach the second Target Test in Classic Mode on Easy or the first
    on Normal.
    Target Smash Level 3 -
    Reach the second Target Test in Classic Mode on Normal or the first
    on Hard.
    Target Smash Level 4 -
    Reach the second Target Test in Classic Mode on Hard or the first
    on Very Hard.
    Target Smash Level 5 -
    Reach the second Target Test in Classic Mode on Very Hard or the 
    first on Intense.
    Stage Parts A -
    Play on a stage built in Stage Builder 10 times.
    Stage Parts B -
    Build 5 stages in Stage Builder.
    Stage Parts C -
    Build 15 stages in Stage Builder.
    Events 21-28 (single player)
    Unlock Ness, Marth, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Lucario and R.O.B. and 
    beat 17 of the first 20 events.
    Events 29-40 (single player)
    Unlock all characters and beat 20 of the first 28 events.
    Event 41 (single player)
    Beat Events 1-40.
    Events 9-13 (two player)
    Unlock Ness, Marth, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Lucario and R.O.B.
    Events 14-20 (two-player)
    Unlock all characters and beat 10 of the first 13 events 
    Event 21 (two player)
    Beat Events 1-20 (two player).
    Credits ---------------------------TANKU
    A LOT of credit goes to Chris over at www.brawlcentral.com for his 
    help compiling stuff. The trophy list and some unlockable stuff was
    mostly him and his staff. Definitely check out the site if you want 
    to join a good Smash community for online stuff and such.
    Other than that, Smash Dojo, the official Smash site, gave a bunch
    of info up themselves. 
    Thanks to SmashWiki for a good start on the stickers while I 
    gather them myself.
    Big thanks to Youtube for being so cool.
    Thanks to users Hsieh, Jay Tong, AVMassey, Naijie, Bobby Glossop,
    and FinalPhoenix for a couple fixes and additions. Many other users 
    have also sent in help, but I've lost track of how many there are 
    (e-mail me again if you want to be included).
    A few more users to thank - Andrew Erdman for some trophy fixes 
    (other users as well, but he had the best list), Brandon Gorin for
    a GREAT list of stickers and CDs, and Nathan Hewlett for some 
    unlockable character additions.
    Thank you Nintendo for making such a great game in a great series.
    Thanks GameFAQs.com, MyCheats, Neoseeker.com, livenintendo.com,
    supercheats.com, gamerevolution.com and CheatCC.com for hosting 
    this guide.

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