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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Any ways to dodge Tabu's sonic wave? 15
Boss Battles Insane - Tabuu? 1
Boss battles INTENSE!!?? 24
Boss Battles Intense? 3
Can i get a trophy of tabuu? 3
Can I use Master Hand like in Melee?? 1
Can I use Melee characters in Brawl?? 4
Can u turn bosses into trophies? 3
Can you get the boss trophies in the boss battles mode? 3
Do i have to be on intense to capture bosses? 2
Does anybody have any advice for cruel brawl? 13
Floating Character in the The Great Maze boss room? 1
Hardest lvl 9 cpu? 15
Having trouble with my friend :/ help!? 4
How am I supposed to beat Wolf? 7
How can one defeat the "Ultimate Peaches?" 6
How do I beat 100 man brawl with Bowser? 1
How do I beat a Greap? 11
How do I beat boss battle on hard or any harder than hard? 4
How do I beat boss battles on intense? 5
How do I beat enemys on the highest level? 6
How do I beat event 39 on hard? 6
How do I beat event 40?(Single player) 3
How do I beat giant MK? 9
How do I beat Master Hand and Crazy Hand together? 9
How do I beat meta knight and snake with pit(or with pokemon tainer,sonic,fox and kirby with the wii remote ONLY)? 2
How do I beat Meta Ridley on Intense? 2
How do I beat MetaKnight? 11
How do I beat Metaknight?? 18
How do I beat snake? 6
How do I beat Sonic? 2
How do I beat Tabo? 21
How do I beat tabuu ? 11
How do I beat tabuu on intense on boss battles? 3
How do I beat tabuu????? 2
How do I beat tauba|? 4
How do I beat the alloys on cruel battle? 2
How do I beat this enemy? 1
How do I beat this person? 5
How do I beat this strange plant enemy thing? 6
How do I beat toon link and luigi? 2
How do I beat Wolf? 6
How do I collect Meta Ridley's trophy without it falling down into abyss? 7
How do I damage people in their final smashes? 4
How do I fight Crazy Hand? 7
How do I fight fast and/or small enemies as Fox? 5
How do I find tabuu? 1
How do I find Wolf in the Ruins? 1
How do I get a boss trophy easily? 9
How do I get to see Sonic again? 1
How do I unlock Boss Rush? 1
how do u defeat Raquaza? 9
How do you get Tabuu? 11
How do you grap & throw? 2
How the **** do I beat Tabuu?! 7
How to get jiggily puff? 7
I can't seem to get a trophy of Ridley? 2
Is this a videogame? 8
Need help capturing meta ridley? 6
Need help with Tabuu? 2
Pit Spammer Help? 15
Saving both princesses?? 1
Some questions about boss rush intense? 14
Tabuu- what is the best line up to beat him on intense? 10
What is the best team? 5
What is Zereo Suit Samus? 3
When do you fight both Hands at once? 2
WHEN/WHERE do I collect Boss Trophies?? 3
Which is better,Melee or Brawl or the N64 version?? 5
Who can beat Wolf? 5
Who can I beat all star mode with really easily? 4
Who is the best character? 41
Who wants to Fight Me? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
0o~The Great Maze???~o0 14
Can someone help me get to 100% in The Great Maze? 1
Can someone help on SSE level ? 2
Can you beat Challenges by playing online? 2
Challenge hammers... Only 4?!?! 3
Completing 100% in subspace? 8
Flags again? 3
For wario? 4
Getting the wifi icons notice? 1
Golden Challenge hammers.... only 4?!?!? 3
Help? 3
How do get past great maze ? 2
How do I beat the Sproutage of the Pikmin Flowers event (#17)? 2
How do I defeat Boss Battles? 5
How do I fight zelda? 3
How do I get 100% in SSE, in the Great Maze? 2
How do I get 100%? 2
How do I get all the Pokemon Character Trophies? 4
How do I get events 21 and so on? 3
How do I get the Classic mode trophy? 5
How do I get toon link? 4
How do I go up the side of a wall? 6
How do I solve the 15 minute brawl? 2
How do I solve the challenge with cruel brawl? 1
How do I solve the great maze fastly? 2
How do I solve the maze? 5
How do I solve the part right after you get the samus suit? (at 37%) 5
How do I unlock events 29-41? 2
How do I unlock the Rainbow Road music disc? 1
How do you get 100% in sse? 3
How do you get Ganendorf and Wolf? 3
How does meta knight not hurt his teammate when he does his special? 9
I cant beat level can I get some help? 3
I was wondering something? 3
In the challenges, when you get free hammers can you use..? 6
In the SSE, my side smashes keep hitting towards the left. Why? 4
Is too late? 2
Keeping your subspace emissary trophies? 1
Need help finding what mode boss battles are in? 1
Sonic in SSE? 3
Swim distance...? 16
What am I missing from the Subspace Bomb Factory? 2
What happens when I clear every challenge ? 8
What is the challenge referring to when...? 1
Where Mr.G&W went? wtf 1
Which is the best brawler? 1
Why don't I get the complete all-star mode with all characters trophy? 3
Why won't certain things unlock (i.e. the Luigi's Mansion stage and Pokemon Stadium?) 1

Item Location Help Answers
? If I have Team Attack on, could the Team Healer... 5
15 Custom Stages? 3
Alternate costumes???????? 6
Alternate costumes.???? 4
Any easier way to collect stickers? 8
Any tips on how to get the final sticker? 1
Are some foods better than others? 4
Are some stickers/trophies more available in different modes? 1
Are there any Stickers/Trophies that you can only get from spectator mode? 1
Are there rare stickers? 2
Boss Trophies - Tactics and Collection? 3
Can I clear challenges using 2 people? 4
Can I find more then one ancient minister? 1
Can I get some help here? 1
Can i obtain the Crazy Hand laugh in the sounds test? 3
Can I save my tropies and stickers after leaving the Great Maze? 2
Can I throw trophie stands at items to turn them into trophies? 1
Can wario eat a smash ball? 2
Can you get this? 1
Can you pick up that bomb pokemon? I think its Electrode 7
Can you throw trophie stands at items to turn them into trophies? 1
Can't find slothe trophy? 2
Challenge Item? 4
Copy abilities? 2
Do I get two trophies in all star if I beat it on two player mode? 2
Does the character...Stickers? 2
Dudes and other people out there help get the addishinal rules? 4
Easiest/fastest stage to get stickers in SSE on Intense? 10
Easy Trophies? 3
Flags in SSE? 2
Golden hammers? 3
Good strategies for racking up coins? 4
how can I drop the hammer? (or golden hammer) 17
how can I find a krystal trophy? 2
How can I get all of the stages? 4
How can i get another creeping chrysanthemum trophy? 8
How can I get Final Smash Trophys? 7
How can i get the adishinal rules? 3
How Can I get The Crazy Hand Trophy? 2
How can I get the fifth Golden Hammer? 1
How can I get these specific trophies? 1
How do do a tipper on the home run contest? 2
How do I collect the Gamyga trophy? 2
How do i get all enemy trophies in the sub space emmisary? 2
How do I get all of the character trophies? 2
How do i get Link (wind waker) and Zelda (twilight princess) 's trophy?? 4
How do I get Sonic? 3
How do I get squirtle, ivysaur, and charizard trophies? 2
How do I get the conveyor belts to use in Stage Builder? 1
How do I get the Hocotate Ship Trophy? 6
How do I get the other Samus trophies? 4
How do I get Trophy Stands faster against a boss? 5
How do I know which cubes i'm missing in the Great Maze? 6
How do I obtain the Yellow Alloy trophy? 2
How do i unlock all starmode? 8
How do I unlock all the characters? 2
How do I unlock Kirby's Air Ride - City? 1
How do I unlock Love Theme? 6
How do u upgrade your character with stickers? 3
How do you catch items? 3
How do you get rid of coins easily? 5
How do you use stickers? 1
HOW do you use the hammers on the challenges screen? 2
How does SSE determine whether you keep your trophies? 1
How I can unlook .....? 1
How many box openers are there for the wall of unlockable stuff? 4
How many notices are there? 2
How many peach turnip faces are there? 2
How many songs are there total? 5
How many stickers are there? 2
How many stickers are there? Or how many do I need to get the sticker trophy?? 1
How many trophies are there in the game? 3
How often does Mr. Resetti show up among Assist Trophies? 4
I need these last 2 stickers. Are they rare or something? 1
If i pick up a trophy in all star mode or boss battles and get a game over later do i lose the trophy? 9
Is it posible to? 3
Is there a dark samus CD? 1
Is there a way I can see pictures of the trophies I still need, so I don't waste coins in Coin Launcher? 2
Is there a way to get a Green Aloy Trophy? 1
Is there a way to play the masterpieces w/o a timer? 4
Is there an easier way to unlock other sonic charecters to play as? 2
Let go item? 2
Magic pokemon/trophies? 5
Missing items in Southwest Great Maze and the Subspace Bomb Factory? 4
More CDs? 5
Mr. Ressetti? 3
Music CDs and Stickers? 14
N00Bish question, I'm sure. But how do I obtain The Final Smash Trophys? 10
Problem with challenge board!? 2
Question about manaphy (pokeball) appearance? 1
Question about manaphy? 3
Question on random trophies? 7
Smash Ball? 6
Sticker Issue...!!!@@@??? 3
Sticker question? 1
Super mushroom trophy? 1
Tabu? 2
Trophies kept when the level is left through pausing? 9
Trophies only in SSE? 4
What are stickers for? 4
What are the sheets of paper that you collect? 4
What do all the assisst trophys do? 9
What do the stickers do when you are playing brawl? 11
What does a cheeseburger do? 1
What does mr. saturn do? 5
What happens if somebody else grabs a trophy/sticker/c.d. in wi-fi mode? 8
What is Manaphy's rarity? 5
What is sse? 7
What is the difference? 4
What is the point of duplicate trophies? 5
What is the points/coins ratio for SSE? 4
What items appear in the sse? 2
What moves can make an explosive box explode? 4
What should I use my Hammers on? (Challenges) 3
What special announcements increase sticker chances? 3
What stage do i need to be on for to get the corneria theme if any? 1
What trophy do you get for beating classic mode on intense? 3
What`s the difference in a Golden Hammer and a normal Hammer? 25
What's the easiest way to get CD's? 8
When do you unlock snake? 7
Where and how can I get the Enemy Mizzo as a trophy? 2
Where can I find ( gold cubes)? 3
Where can I find (Pokeball)? 8
Where can I find (Route 209 CD) ? 1
Where can I find (trophy launch craker)(or what ever)? 3
Where can I find an Armank? 6
Where can I find an Assist trophy? 3
Where can I find final trophies in great maze? 2
Where can I find samus in sse? 2
Where can I find sideways or upside-down spikes for stage builder? 4
Where can I find Sora if you can? 9
Where can I find SSE Trpphy locations? 2
Where can I find Tabu Trophy? 4
Where can I find the Friend Codes in the game? 2
Where can I find the rarest stciker? 6
Where can I find the Shadow the Hedgehog Trophy? 4
Where can I find the Tabuu (no wings) trophy? 1
Where can I find the trophy drop sticker? 4
Where can I find Wolf in SSE? 3
Where can I get a Red Koopa trophy? 1
Where can I get mewtwo? 3
Where do I find all the trophies? 3
Which difficulty will most likely produce a trophy stand when fighting Tabuu? 8
Which stickers to equip? 1
Why can't I find the last trophy? 2
why do I collect paper in the game? 12
Why doesn't my sticker count go up? 4
Wolf bites? 2

Level Help Answers
???? Event? 2
All Star Mode on Intense Difficulty... Strategies? 12
Are these Hacked levels? 4
Battle field 2.0? 3
Can I capture bosses at the great maze? 2
Can i unlock blue alloys trophy on co_op? 3
Coin Launcher? 3
Cruel brawl? 16
Do I need to beat boss battle with ZSS, shiek, and all 3 pokemon from pokemon trainer to beat boss battle with everyone? 4
Do i need to complete all the flags in order to face the final boss? 2
Help me! 99% done!? 1
How do I beat Target Smash level 2 in under 19 seconds? 2
How do I dodge the giant explosion wing attack? 1
How do I find jigglypuff? 3
How do I get Jet The Hawk in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? 4
How do I get past (The Great Maze)? 7
How do I get past 15 Minute Brawl? 17
How do I get past 15-min brawl? 6
How do I get past Advent of the Evil King event (Hard)? 6
How do I get past boss battles intense? 10
How do I get past cruel brawl? 8
How do I get past Multiman-Brawl under 15 min.? 3
How do I get past the ''The Great Maze''? 5
How do I get past the event Molten Norfair? 4
How do I get past the floating island the 2nd time in SSE? 2
How do I get past The Great Maze level? 6
How do I get past The Great Maze? 5
How do I get past the lake? 2
How do I get past The Research Facility 2 level? 4
How do I get past The True All-Star Battle Co-op Event? 3
How do I get rid of these 3 green flags?! 3
How do I get target smash level 4? 4
How do I get to the(ruins level? 3
How do I master the Subspace Bomb Factory? 1
How do i play as taboo? 2
How do I unlock event 21 - 29 ? 2
How do you get jiggy puff? 6
How do you play a masterpiece? 6
How the heck am I supposed to beat 10 enemies in cruel brawl? 3
How to complete coop 15 minute brawl? 12
I beat all the Bosses and Dark Characters in The Great Maze...But the Final Boss Door has not appeared Yet...Wat now? 3
Level 3 target smash speed challenge? 3
On subspace i'm finish the game but it not complete? 2
Safe house in Norfair won't open? 1
Secert Levels? 1
So I missed a character in Subspace...what now? 1
SSE on intense on the first level with marth. How do i beat it? I never continue. 7
Subspace Bomb Factory? 2
were do I find Kirby? 6
What Does Shiny Rainbow thing mean? 1
What is the big room with all the charecters and bosses in the Great Maze for? 5
What is this? 3
What's the best strategy for boss battle on intense? 2
Whats the quickest way to get 30 hours of brawl? 6
Where can i find the evil clones of Luigi, Wario, Peach and Zelda? 3
Where is Pokey? 1
Why are some of the levels "flared" up? 2
Why Cresselia? 10
Why is it a desert? 6

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
1 on 1 Strategy? 16
2 questions: What's my best character and are CPU's good for practice? 4
A quick priority question about Snake? 4
Advanced Techniques ??? 3
Advanced techniques for King Dedede? 11
Advice against MK? 18
Advice for Ice Climbers against Yoshi? 9
After I die, how do I come back with a super smash ability? 3
Another song how? 2
Any advice, strategies, or tactics for using olimar? 5
Any tips on being better as each character? 1
Any Tips? 15
Are there any good strategies for ike besides the grand viper? 7
Are there any one out there that has used Lucario's ULTIMATE FINAL SMASH!? 5
Arrow Cancelling? 3
Best strategy for beating the last event match on hard? 2
Can G&W, Pit, or CF motarslide? 4
Can sombody make a guide for me? 1
Can u help me with my strategy? 5
Can you beat GC controller pros with wiimote pros? 5
Can you help me decide my main? 5
Can you unlock mewtwo and how? 9
Challenge Hammers? 2
Character tips? 1
Co-op boss battles on intense? 4
Completionist Question - How many...? Rare items? 4
Diddy kong Rocketbarrel? 5
Do lives/deathes affect lucarios power rating? 8
Do type advantages/disadvantages count? 5
Does Fox have a Meteor Smash? If so, how do you activate it? 4
Does lucario's aura get affected by opponents damage? 4
Does stickers work for Boss Battles?? 3
Does The Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon get tired in Boss Battles? 2
Easy Lives? 3
Fastfall gimmick, how can I do that?? 3
Ganon in the home run contest? 2
Getting better without a sparring partner? 2
Grabs? 3
Help with Best char using different people against different people??? 1
How can I Control Pikachu's Final Smash? 2
How can I get accostumed to spiking / meteor smashing? 9
How can I get accustomed to air game? 10
How can i glide? 2
How can I learn to play ROB? 2
How can I play a good Olimar? 2
How can i tell where the sweetspot of Lucas's Back Air attack? 1
How can you control infinite dimensional cape? 1
How can you make Links DTilt Spike? 5
How do I ...? 18
How do i chain grab with marth? 12
How Do I Change Samus Into ZSS Without A Final Smash? 3
How do i cyclone jump with luigi? 4
How do I do a tilt quickly? 5
How do I Ganoncide? 11
How do i get Ivysaur's forward B to go where i want it too? 3
How do I learn Lucario? 2
How do I learn Wario? 1
how do I make snake get in his box and find a weak spot on someone? 2
How do i pass the shockwaves of doom when fighting Tabuu? 7
How do I perform a final smash? 5
How do I pull off Pit's infinite A combo? 5
How do I short hop in this game? 2
How do I turn into ZSS if I'm not playing as her? 9
How do I use Glide Toss? 3
How do I use pit's arrow storm/ arrow looping? 1
How Do i Use Snake Like a Pro? 3
How do u get out of falco's chain grab? 8
How do you beat snake? 12
How do you cancel fox & wolf's side B move? 1
How do you chaingrab w/ MK? 2
How do you do a c4 jump with Snake? 6
How do you do a Sliding Morter thing with Snake? 5
How do you do the Arrow Loop with Pit? 3
How do you do the Metaknight cape glitch? 3
How do you escape a throw? 17
How do you execute Samus' Zair? 1
How do you get out of a grab? 6
How do you get really far hits in Home Run Contest? 8
How do you glide using Meta Knight, Charizard, and Pit? 1
How do you glide with Meta Knight? 1
How do you glide? 2
How do you go forward in the air when using Marth's B? 6
How do you grab onto the edge quickly? 2
How do you make meta-knight stay invisible longer using his Down-b? 1
How do you Perfect Sheild effectively? 2
How do you quickly turn around to face the other way while running forward? 1
How do you spike? 6
How do you switch out between PT's different pokemon before the battle? 2
How do you use Control in training mode? 4
How do you use Sonic's UpB as a Meteor Smash? 1
How does Marth's Dancing Blade work? 2
How exactly do you get out of a grab/swallow? 8
How is Ness's Yoyo Glitch performed? 5
How is the tier list looking so far? 12
How to capture tabuu? 1
How to do Lucario's meteor smash? 2
How to get giga boswer in the begining of brawl? 3
How to master Toon Link , Snake and Lucario? 1
How to recover quickly from failed grab w/ lucas? 4
How to use Smash Attacks? 3
I keep losing. Help? 12
I need help spiking opponents with Mr. Game & Watch's D-Air? 3
I suck but I can't get any better!!! Can anyone help!? 6
Ike: Forward Special distance? 1
In a brawl match how do you turn into zero suit samus ? 7
In adventure mode, how do you get to the flashing browsers that are not in any pathways? i'm at 77% and need help. 5
In your opinion, who is one of the most fun characters to learn to play as and also easy to master? 5
Is His World (With Vocals) On Here? 2
Is it better to get a turbo controller for metaknight? 3
Is it more preferred to jump with the stick or a button? 3
Is it possible to compare GC skill with wiimote skill? 1
is there a legit way to at least kill 15 foes in cruel brawl?don't tell me to use jigglypuff or kirby...THEY DON'T WORK! 6
Jigglypuff sleep? 4
Kirby + King Dedede hat = ???? 4
Link's True Shield? 5
Make Snake stay in his box longer? 4
Marth down air atk? 3
Mastering Lucario? 9
Me And Ike Isn't Working Well Lately. Any Help? 1
MK Flying? 3
Moving the shield? 5
My main is Snake, my friends is Pikachu, is he always going to beat me? 9
Need Boss trophies!......(?) 2
Need some matchup help against R.O.B., marth, MK, kirby, and sometimes Ike. Will you help? Thank you! 1
Ok pokemon trainer is my new main what is a good strategy against ike using Pokemon trainer? 1
Other good strategies for spammers? 7
Peach pulled out Toad(her standard B button attack) and he sprayed some kind of gas? 2
Perfect Shield? 2
Should Golden Hammers be used? 3
Sonics Down and B and Over and B? 1
stategies for fighting Taboo? 12
Strategy for Yoshi, Zelda, and Pit? 6
Strategy using falco against fox and wolf? 2
Stuck at 687 stickers. How to get the last 13 ones? 2
The forbidden 7? 4
The Snake slide? 2
This is the first Ganondorf game right? 8
timing on the DACUS? 1
Tips for Lucas? I'm having trouble mixing up his tactics. 2
Tips on using marth? 3
Two questions? 5
Unlocking work? 5
Vs. Ike, who's better: Fox or Wolf? 11
What are good techniques for Ike,Zelda,and Ness? 1
What are some advanced Zelda/Peach techniques? 7
What are some good combos for Marth and how should I approach Meta Knight while using Marth? 5
What are some good stages? 4
What are some good strategies against a Sonic player? 7
What are some good strategies for Falco/Luigi? 1
What are some good strategies for Ness? 4
What are the best combos for Marth and Meta Knight?? 1
What are the best combos for Samus/ Zero Suit Samus? 2
What are the best combos for Samus/Zero Suit Samus? 8
What are the mechanics of/how do you properly use Wario's waft? 2
What are they? 2
What does Lucario's down+B do? 9
What does the crowd do ? 3
What is a good strategy for Ike? 3
What is a solid Lucario playing style? 4
What is Chain Grabbing and how do you perform it? 2
What is comboing/How to I combo with Fox? 3
What is DACUS? 3
What is lucario's best attack? 5
What is S-Cancelling? 5
What is sheik's chain jacket? 2
What is tap jumping? 1
What is the best combo for ike, samus, or lucario? 2
What is the best controller to play with if I cant use GCN controller? 8
What is the best or a good strategy when versing snake using any character/s? 14
What is the best person to take Lucario out ? 2
What is the best strategy ? 10
What is the best strategy against Pikachu? 19
What is the best strategy aginst pit? 5
What is the best strategy for (Sonic & Olimar)? 1
What is the best strategy for (starting Classic or a Brawl as Sheik)? 1
What is the best strategy for 100 man brawl? 8
What is the best strategy for beating falco with rob? 2
What is the best strategy for beating Falco with Zelda or Wolf? 3
What is the best strategy for beating players on Wii-connect? 1
What is the best strategy for beating Snake with Wario? 3
What is the best strategy for beating the crap out of that little jerk Pit? 13
What is the best strategy for beating Wolf with Wario? 1
What is the best strategy for becoming good? 1
What is the best strategy for best charchter? 3
What is the best strategy for Captain Falcon? 2
What is the best strategy for characters with no ko attacks(pit, meta knight etc..) on 100 man Brawl? 3
What is the best strategy for defeating wolf? 7
What is the best strategy for DK ? 4
What is the best strategy for Donkey Kong? 6
What is the best strategy for fighting wolf? 1
What is the best strategy for Game & Watch? 4
What is the best strategy for ganondorf? 7
What is the best strategy for getting stars? 6
What is the best strategy for gliding with the wiimote? 2
What is the best strategy for gooey bomb? 1
What is the best strategy for Ice Climbers? 7
What is the best strategy for Ike and Pit? 4
What is the best strategy for Ike? 18
What Is The Best Strategy For Lucario? 2
What is the best strategy for Lucas? 6
What is the best strategy for Mario Luigi and ike? 9
What is the best strategy for Marth? 4
What is the best strategy for Meta Knight? 5
What is the best strategy for Meta Knight? 10
What is the best strategy for playing as Link? 7
What is the best strategy for R.O.B? 1
What is the best strategy for racking up KOs? 7
What is the best strategy for Samus? 2
What is the best strategy for sidesteping and counter attacking? 2
What is the best strategy for Snake and Wario(Team Battle) against 2 wolves and wolf vs. Sonic? 1
What is the best strategy for Sonic to kill? 2
What is the best strategy for the character samus? 12
What is the best strategy for the Cruel Brawl? 9
What is the best strategy for toon link? 3
What is the best strategy for using Jigglypuff's Rest? 4
What is the best strategy for using Mario against Sonic? 3
What is the best strategy for using Marth? 11
What is the best strategy for using R.O.B and Meta Knight? 6
What is the best strategy for using Wario? 2
What is the best strategy for using Wolf agaist Falco? 5
What is the best strategy for vs toonlink? 3
What is the best strategy for Wario? 4
What is the best strategy for Zelda/Sheik? 2
What is the best strategy to Beat an ultimate Olimar? 2
What is the best strategy to beat Wolf and Falco with Sonic? 2
What is the best strategy with playing with sonic the hedgehog? 2
What is the best strategy`s for my mains? 4
What is the best strategy/combos/tatic for luigi? 2
What is the best stratigy if you main Meta knight? 1
What is the best team to do combination attacks? 2
What is the best way to edge guard an enemy if you are Fox? 4
What is the cheapest strategy with Lucas or Ness? 5
What is the DLC? 1
What is the easiest level where I can get Shaydas' trophy in SSE? 1
What is the easiest way to unlock all the characters? 3
What is the most effective way to use Link's Gale Boomerang? 2
What is the PSI Magnet for? 2
What is this " Ike charge tackle" I hear about? 2
What other good strategies can you use for Ike? 11
What ssbb characters do you prefer? 1
What team is best for killing Taabu? 12
What the best strategy for getting better with these chars? 3
What're the best matchups against Wolf, Donkey Kong, Mario, and Wario? 7
What's a pivot/ pivot grab, how do you do it? 2
What's the best way to get 5 K.O.s in Cruel Brawl? 4
What's the best way to stop spammers? 8
What's Wavedash? 2
What's your favorite character? Why? 4
Whats a meteor smash and u do u perform it?? 11
Whats a tier and tier list? 8
Whats the best strategy on beating Tabuu? 3
Whats the best way to use link pit and ike? 4
Whats with stickers? 2
Which character do you use most? 4
Which characters can Wall Jump, Wall Cling, or Crawl? 1
Which Meta knight should I be in order to use infinite dimensional cape? 2
Which of these characters should be my main? Help me decide. 7
Who am I? 4
Who are all the characters that can chain grab and which throw activates the chaingrab? 2
Who are Falco's counters? 1
Who are Wolf's Counters? 3
Who is better to use? Lucas or Ness? 1
Who is considered the best character in competitive play? 97
Who is the best "in your face" type character to play as? 2
Who is the best character for get Wolf? 8
Who is the best character for home-run contests? 6
Who is the best matchup against an Ike? 5
Who is the best person to use to beat Boss Battles on Intense? 5
Who should I use to beat Ganondorf? 6
Why do i suck at this game? 9
Why do I suck? 4
Why do most people consider Samus to be bottom tier? 4
Why is Captain Falcon bottom tier? 2
Why is Olimar in the second higest tier? 11
Yoshi's meteor? 3
Zelda stays Tiny / Jigglypuff Stays big? 2
Zelda's and Sheik's advanced strategies? 6

Technical Help Answers
?How can I get better online connection? 4
?How do I connect my Wii 2 online? 10
?My game dosseeennt worrrk (neither does my wii) HELP? 3
1 Second delay in command inputs online? 1
Any cures for bad x 3 scratch? 1
Are any Nintendo characters in this game? 5
Are there hacks for this game and how?? 4
Brawl works fine, but every time I choose Pit or Pokemon Trainer, the game stops! Help? 4
Can anybody help me? please?.... 1
Can anyone help me with this stupid wii? 2
Can I play Brawl? 3
Can you "hack" the online version of the the stage builder? 1
Can you delete Subspace Emissary data? 1
Can you stop this? 2
Change Name? 5
Changing taunts? 1
Control buttons r all messed up??!! 2
Does every one? 1
Error code 50299? 2
Error: 86420 during friend match? 3
Every time I play as ike it freezes up at the loading screen,why?:( 8
Every time I turn off the system, the settings go back to 2 minute time. Why?? 1
Game almost always refuses to run after being sent to Ninendo?? 7
Game not starting up? 1
Game not working? 4
Gamecube Controller Issues? 2
Headset Chat? 3
Help with loading the game? 1
Help!?(read details) 3
How can i get my save back? 12
How can I input my own music for my custom built stages? 3
How do I fight Zero Suit Samus? 4
How do I get 2 players? 4
How do I get a human opponent in training mode? 3
How do I get rid of the characters without having to completely wipe the game and reset my friend code? 5
How do I input a certain Final Destination theme? 5
How do I insert the disc into the wii? 8
How do i move a custom stage onto my SD card? 3
How do I play with 3 or 4 players? 3
How do I save a replay of a brawl? 5
How do I unlock the Advanced Options? 4
How does one defeat DKUH? 5
How long do you usually have to wait for other players to appear online in a random brawl? 3
How to copy the save file to an SD? 1
How well will an friend online match go if it's from the Pacific Time Zone all the way to the Eastern Time Zone? 4
I have lost the voices and sound effects. Can I get them back? 1
I wonder how to unlock Jigglypuff in SSBB? 1
Is it possible to change the language like in melee so the announcer will say "game set" instead "game&qu 3
Is the online with random people region locked? 3
Is there a web page that could give me a code for 2 smash balls at once? 2
Is there any way to change the moving control from analog to d-pad (CC Pro Controller)?? 3
Is there any way to recover a deleted profile? 4
Is this game violent? 7
It works at my house but when i bring to a freinds house it breaks. Did this happen to anyone else? 6
Meta Knight smash? 2
Movie time? 1
My character moves the direction right automatically without me pressing the button. Why and how can I fix it? 1
My game still without starting? 5
My Music freezes when I select battlefield. Can this be fixed? If so, how? 4
My rare stickers have stopped appearing and I need the last one? 2
My wii wont read my copy of ssbb, why? HELP!!! 1
Not getting any more Custom stages or screen shots? 2
One day, my Wii froze? Or something like that and I cound't do anything but to turn off the Wii to continue playing. 2
Online one on one matches? 2
Online questions? 2
Project m homebrew not working and restarting my Wii? 1
Risqs at using smash service???? 2
Slow loading and Errors? 5
So, I logged onto Nintendo WFC for the first time. Can someone help me? 1
Stupid Update Ruined My Game... Right? 1
The game and controller say attack, the character says jump? 4
The game isn't working on my wii? 6
The game says my batteries are low? 5
Toon link causes a disc read error. Why? 13
Unable to delete WFC-related stages/snapshots?!? 1
What do I need to record longer than 3 minutes of play? 3
What Does Error Code 51331 Mean? 3
What does it mean to punish a move and how do you do it? 8
What is the best way to reduce lag when playing online? 2
What is wrong with the level: The Swamp? 3
What should your internet speed be to play online? 4
When I enter online, there's no options for the smash service and spectator mode. Why? 4
When veiwing pictures and stuff wat does the submit option do? 3
where can i find replay data kto put on my SD card? 2
Why can't I play multiplayer with a wii remote and nunchuck? 4
Why can't I play online with anyone? 6
Why can't I send/receive replays from people on my FL? 1
Why can't I submit snapshots, levels, or replays anymore? 9
Why Cant i do Subspace Emisary? 1
Why cant i play online? 2
Why cant i play!?!? 2
Why cant i transfer? 4
Why did the game tell me it was recieving vault data? 7
Why do I get a error code? A STUIPD ERROR 3
Why do I keep getting error code 86420 when battling with friends on WiFi? 3
Why do I not have boss battle mode? 9
Why does it save no to my wii ? 7
Why does my Brawl dis c hate Wolf? 2
Why does my game just stop at the Practice room in wifi connection? 3
Why does seeking take so long? 2
Why does the game freeze? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (no t working)? 6
Why does the game keep telling me <Unable to read the disc. Check the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting? 1
Why does the game keep telling me that the Wii cannot read the game disc? 1
Why doesn't my SMBB work on my wii? 10
Why everytime I try to play online it keeps on freezing? 3
Why is there lag when I play this game on a HDTV? 2
Why isn't my second wii remote control not working? 9
Why won't it work? 2
Why won't the game play any more?! 10
Why wont my game work?! 14
You know you can choose which items to turn on or off ... ? 3
Z-Suit? 2

Other Help Answers
?Ok... I know how to do the metaknite cape glitch but i need some strageties of wat u guys do to do it for a long time? 4
?This may be a really stupid question but how do u delete names again? 2
(Awating registration?) 4
(Stupid question)Can the Konami code be used on here? 2
1,000,000 Brawls ? 1
100% Complete? 2
11-17-2010 Does anyone still play this game online? 11
99 stock in "Sudden Death" (not 300% brawl) mode? 2
Abbreviation help? 4
About Wifi/Brawling other people on different wii's? 3
Adventure Map Confusion? 1
All star list? 1
Any counters I really need to watch out for? 6
Any difference in the Landmasters? 2
Any possibility? 3
Any tips about not thinking about tiers when top tier character(me) versus a bottom tier character(opponent)? 2
Are any of the songs from the Sonic Riders series games in Brawl? 1
Are Ganondorf and Captain Falcon the exact same? O.o 7
Are powersaves bad? 2
Are stickers only good for subspace? 7
Are the graphics GREAT??? 6
Are the instructions for the Classic Controller controls correct? 2
Arena glitch !?!?!? 1
At what point will the sticker counter in vs. mode reset? 3
Auto Final Smash??? This game cheats! 4
Battle me? 1
Beating challenges with 2P, unlocks trophies, etc? 3
Best music? 18
Bgm.? 2
Board ? 1
Borrow lives? 3
Boss Trophies? 2
Brawl and Friend Codes? 5
Brawl Codes? 5
Brawl debate:how do you beat it? 11
Brawl... Melee... Camera? 3
Can a CPU be ZSS? 7
Can a european edition play online with japanese or american edition? 7
Can a friend and I play against 2 non friends? 2
Can any one tell me the list of the enemies catch in the SSE? 2
Can anyone give me their friend code? 11
Can anyone tell me how to...? 1
Can CPU s '' learn'' from human players? If yes, how ?? 2
Can i be tabbu or ridiley? 1
Can I change my profile name? 6
Can I do that? 3
Can I get ash? 3
Can i get bosses as characters? 12
Can I get some friend codes? 1
Can I get sonic in adventure mode? 9
Can I put a psp memory card in the SD slot? 2
Can I send screenshots to wii photochannel? 3
Can I unlock Knuckles the echidna? 12
Can I use a GCN controller for Brawl? 6
Can I use Zero Suit Samus in SSE after I beat it? 4
Can someone give me a tip about getting new stickers and trophies? 9
Can someone list me characters priority? 3
Can someone please explain the tripping mechanic to me? 4
Can someone please help with this adapter? 1
Can taboo be unlock if can how? 4
Can u have teams in tournament mode? 2
Can u turn items off in sse? 1
Can you add doodles from Pictochat into SSBB? 1
Can you BE crazy hand? 6
Can you change peoples costumes/color without hacking? 4
Can you change the main menu music? 8
Can You Change The Timelimit? 2
Can you create 2 files for this game like melee? 4
Can you get the Infinite super scope? 1
Can you make Link (not Toon Link) transform ino a wolf like in twilight princess? If so, how? 3
Can you play a SNES Masterpiece with a GC controller? 6
Can you play as dry bowser? and if so how? 2
Can you play as pallete swaps in the Subspace Emmisisary? 2
Can you put pictures that you have taken and put them on a digital camera sd card? 3
Can you skip tourney battles? 3
Can you switch the pokemon trainers pokemon? 8
Can You Understand the Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth?! 2
Can you unlock every melee stage? 2
Can you unlock Firce deity link? 3
Can you unlock Ganon?????? 1
Can you unlock knuckles as a playable character? 5
Can you unlock Mile (Tails) Prower? 11
Can you use 2 players to complete 100 Man Brawl Challenges? 2
CD's on Wi-Fi? 1
Chain Grab? 4
Chanting crowd? 2
Character guides!!!!!!!???? 2
Character list? 1
Character Switch? 2
Charizard: Seismic Toss Combo?? 1
Cheats???!!!!!!!!!!!! 2
Classic Games? 3
Coin Launcher rocket? 1
Coin launcher trophies? 4
Common terms used for this game? 7
Converstation characters? 7
Coping charters?? 4
Costumes?! 2
Crazy hand? 7
Cruel Brawl Music? 1
Custom taunts? 2
Dacus? 1
Didn't I beat this level already?... 5
Do people play online anymore? 1
Do these count for brawls? 5
Do you get a bonus if you beat All-star mode without using a piece of heart? 1
Do you get anything for getting 100% in SSE? 2
Do you get anyting if...? 4
Do you have a chart that tells you the characters stats? 5
Do you lose anything when you continue in subspace? 1
Do you think that SSBM is better? 15
Do you think there will be a super smash bros 4? 9
Does anybody feel like brawling? 1
Does anyone know if Nintendo is planning to make an SSB5? 6
Does anyone know of another wii version of Smash Bros? 5
Does anyone know the frame rate of Brawl? 3
Does anyone want to add me as a friend? 1
Does it seem like SSB:B has lower gravity than the first 2? 9
Does link have the rapid stab as in melee and ssb? 3
Does Snake ever say "It's showtime!" in a MGS game? 2
Does the Computer Move Priority change from online fights? 2
Does the lottery have a purpose? Stickers do anything? 2
Does the Pokemon trainer's Pokemon get tired in SSE? 3
Does the stage make any difference? 5
Does this game require a Nunchuk??? 2
Dragon Pieces keep popping out? 2
Energy stickers? 2
Erase Character data? 2
Exceed? 1
Famicom Medley music - anyone else remember? 5
Favorite characters? 1
Fighting game? 1
Finding Your Main? 1
For walls? 5
Fox, Falco, or Wolf? 11
Friend Code Check? 3
Friend Codes? 2
Getting matched online? 1
Gigia Bowser Glitch? 3
Glitch? 3
Golden hammers hit like girls? 3
Grab button sheild? 2
Great Game? 5
Help ? Need friends for online play 2
Help and Confused? 3
Help picking a new main? 4
HELP the game wont let me save matches can you tell me how? 1
Hey i just got wii24connect and i have no friends yet? 1
Hidden characters? 2
Home Run Contest - How do I do it? 23
Home run contest? 3
How are people usung Fiora's Wind ( Zelda ) twice in air? 5
How can I change movesets(luigi's to mario)? 7
How can I download musics in this game? 3
How can i get a golden hammer on unlock menu? 5
How can i get Ike after i beat Tabuu? (read info) 1
How can I load someone's posted save file? 4
How can I make my ssbb replays play on my computer so I can put them on youtube? 2
How can i put a gigant character against normal characters? 5
How can you pick a character for the CPU? 1
How can you play your levels? 1
How can you set a CPU character to start as Zero Suit Samus when in the Group Brawl Mode? 1
How can you tell? 3
How did these rumors about Sora,Bomberman,etc.get started? 5
How do have a share stock match? 2
How do i beat molten norfair? 1
How do i beat spamers on wi-fi? 4
How do i beat the maze on the last level? 1
How do I break hard blocks? 2
How do I convert snapshots onto a PC? 4
How do i convert super smash brothers pics into jpeg ?? 4
How do I delete manual character names? 2
How do I do a Team Attack? 1
How do i do smash taunts and where with who? 4
How do I do the > taunt online? 6
How do i dodge links final smash? 10
How do I earn more points to send pictures to friends? 1
How do I enable a Gamecube controller? 5
How do i erase names? 2
How Do I Film In Brawl? 5
How do I get back to the stages in the factory? 1
How do i get Brawl+? 3
How do I get Jigglypuff in Adventure Mode? 1
How do I get my stages submitted online? 1
how Do i get the Golden Hammers in the challanged screen? 1
How do i get the insane image difficult in the SSE? 1
How do I get the snapshots on the computer? 5
How do I get used to lag and human players? 2
How do I join a "with anyone" Brawl (as opposed to starting one)? 2
How do I know when I beat the SSE? 1
How do I obtain Green Greens? 1
How do I perform a 'Smash Taunt'? 2
How do I put movies on to my computer? 3
How do i put my replays on my computer? 2
How do I put the pictures that I take into my pc? 2
How do i select zero suit samus in stead of samus? 2
How do I send messages online in between matches? 3
How do I Snake Dash (or whatever)? 3
how do I unlock and keep all of the characters? 1
How do I unlock Boss Battles? 3
How do I unlock DK Rap song? 3
How do I unlock Fierce Deity Link? 2
How do I unlock Sonic? 5
How do I unlock Tabuu in brawl? 9
How do i unlock toon link and jugglypuff?? 2
How do I use Latios and Latias at this game? 2
how do I use snake's special (when he gets under his cardboard box)? 1
How do I use the codec with Snake? 6
How do I...? 1
How do u access the "Camera Mode" for Brawl? 3
How do u change the 2 min brawls to a stock match in online games with friend battle? 4
How do u change the angle of the game camera?!?!? 2
How do you "hack" the game? 1
How do you beat the challenge "Endure a 15-minute brawl?" 3
How do you change costume in SSE? 4
How do you change the language? 4
How do you defeat the final boss on hard? 13
How do you delete messages from the message boards? 1
How do you do that thing where a human steals your life? 2
How do you easily chaingrab w/ the ICs? 4
How do you get all the movies for the SSE? I am missing some 3
How do you get extra hammers in Challenges? 5
How do you get fights on Wi-Fi? 3
How do you get more stickers? 3
How do you get samus naked? 3
How do you get samus's suit off without using a smash ball? 14
How do you get snake to have a battle conversation at shadow moses? 1
How do you get Snake to turn invisible? 8
How do you get tabuu on your training mode? 2
How do you get the mushroom stacker cheat? 5
How do you hack the game? 1
How do you have more than one smashball? 5
How do you jump on peoples heads with mario and luigi? 1
How do you know if the Timer is gonna screw you over? 1
How do you make a battle course with pictochat/ds? 5
How do you make the bag fly in home run contest? 8
How do you map the controller? 1
How do you perform Final Smash Attacks? 5
How do you perform ROB's glitch at the Bridge of Eldin? 4
How do you play a WiFi battle with stocks? 2
How do you play with Tabuu or is it not possible? 5
How do you remove the golden trophy stands from under the trophies in Trophy Hoard? 2
How do you roll/spin on the ground/wheel with Sonic? 6
How do you unlock Wolf? 8
How do you unlock Zero Suit Samus? 2
How do you use the golden hammers in the challenge screen? 2
How do you usually pronounce R.O.B.'s name? 5
How do you...? 1
How does a character's color change their tactics? 5
How does one Arrow Rain (or storm) with Pit? 3
How does Pit glide? 4
How exactly can I transfer my brawl videos online? 5
How hard is it to beat this game? 1
How long can a match be to save them? 5
How long does it take to beat this game? 1
How many Bridge of Eldin glitches are there, and what are they? 12
How many stickers are there ? 3
How many Subspace cutscenes are there? 2
How many times do you have to continue in SSE in order for the difficulty to nerf itself? 5
How many? 1
How much does this cost?!?!?! 4
How the heck do you trip? 14
How the heck does Snake or anyone else get on Wario's bike? 6
How to get Boss trophy? 2
How to get characters??? 3
How to make a teleportation glitch custom stage? 5
How to master Lugia , Toon Link and Zero Suit Samus? 3
How to select PT poke's, sheik, and ZSS on character screen? 3
How to unlock events 29-40? 2
How to unlock? 1
How's better Kirby or Meta Knight? 5
How/why do my characters keep doing this weird move? 4
I am so desprate to figure out how to do it. How do you...? 1
I beat tabu what do i do next? 3
I cant find my edit parts? 1
I dont get this? 1
I dowloaded a hacked stage!? 6
I have a lot more coins than I started out with and all I did is brawl online? 2
I need new foes to play? 6
I need some freinds can anybody exchange freind codes with me? 1
I turned on smash service but it says it Done? 2
I'm not really understanding? 2
Ice Climbers Slow Down? 2
If a CPU grabs a sticker, does it go to your collection? 1
If i beat crazy hand, will something different happen? 3
If I erase vault data? 1
If I face a 3 CPU team(3 CPU's VS. me), and if I keep beating them.Will they get stronger? 1
If i shoot everybody in the credits, will something happen? 4
If I unlock a character outside of SSE can I still get their intro vid? 7
Image Conversions? 2
In a Sudden Death match, how do you get bombs to fall and explode on impact? 3
In subspace I lost pokemon traner does that hapen to everyone? 2
Invisibilty? 5
Invisible scores? 1
Is Ike's Eruption Stronger when its fully charged or is it stronger when you release at the last second? 1
Is it me or? 2
Is it normal for me to occasionally play on Target Tests and Homerun Contests? 2
Is it possible to play online with another friend on the same console? 5
Is it possible to see samus naked like in the first game? :) 3
Is it possible to trade trophies via wifi connection? 2
Is it possible to unlock and play in the subspace immasary as toon link and jigglypuff? 5
Is it possible to unlock everything without single player mode? 6
Is it possible to unlock Roy in brawl? 10
Is it possible to use an alloy? 5
Is Jigglypuff getting bigger? 13
Is Luigi's taunt where he kicks the only taunt that hurts other people? 6
Is Shadow The Hedgehog a playable character? 1
Is Suzumiya Haruhi in this game? 2
Is the classic controller playable with missing control sticks? 1
Is the Song "Multi Man Melee 2" available in this game? 1
Is the sticker rarity raise when I add the Sticker drop sticker? 2
Is there a difference between final smash trophies and character trophies? 2
Is there a third way to turn Samus into Zero Suit Samus? 3
Is there a way to delete game data without deleting custom stages? 1
Is there a way to get this game for the Gamecube? 12
Is there a way to map tilts to the c-stick? 2
Is there a way to turn off stages so they won't come up when you pick random? 2
Is there a way to use other music for custom stages? 5
Is there a way? 7
Is there any hacking online in this game? 10
Is there any more characters then 35? 3
Is there any way to start out as ZSS using only the wiimote? 1
is there any way to unlock Geno from Super mario rpg? 2
Is there anyway to not have a trial period on the masterpiece games? 2
Is there files in Adventure Mode? 3
is there going to be a SSBB 2? 9
Is there going to be another ssb? 5
Is there more Backgrounds for Stage Builder? 1
Is there more than one save file on this game? 1
Is there winner choice in game? 2
Is this game expensive? 5
Is this game fun? 10
Isn;t roy in this game ??? 5
Japanese Gamesave? 1
Jeff Sometimes fires off 2 rounds of bottle rockets, what causes him to fire off 2 rounds? 2
Just Curious? 16
Kirby annoying ball of pink or threat to human race? 4
Kirby's Stars? 2
Last two? 1
Let Wifi Taunters Taunt, OK? 6
Links Triforce Slash malfunction?! 2
List of final smashes? 2
Long time off bonuses? 5
Lucario help? 4
Lucario recharging? 7
Lucario's entrance? 5
Maple? 5
Message Board Details? 2
Message Board? 2
Meta Knight Secret? 2
Missing characters? 5
Missing fox in SSE? 1
Missing Notice? 1
MK's infinate cape? 3
Most used to least used characters? 1
Mother 3-never released in the U.S? 2
Movie Glitch? 3
Mr. Resetti disappears faster? 6
Music unlock? 3
Music? 3
My code? 1
New primary/secondary/tertiary??? 3
Noob question: "Controller profiles" Making Default? 2
Okay So I'm At Warning. How Long Does This Go On For? 1
Olimar's Attacks? 1
On the SSE load screen, I notice an extra space where the unlocked charaters are. Is this an extra charater? 4
Online is the level selection random? Or is there a certain way u can play the level u want? 1
Online play on wii u? 4
Online problem? 3
Opinion question about characters? 36
Overall, who is a better character Sonic or Wario? 4
Peach's levitating? 6
Phoenix mario users friend codes? 2
Pit and Falco disappeared from Space Emissary? 1
Pit and the wiimote? 2
Playing with friend's online? 3
Please answer these three questions? 5
Please help me? 4
Please will somebody help me? 1
Please, help me!!!!? 1
Pretty Rare? 7
Question about in game replay videos? 3
Question about in game snapshots? 2
Quote? 3
Random? 2
Saving in Masterpieces? 4
SD Card??? 6
Secret Characters? 1
Seriosly,how do u get samus naked? 3
Should FLUDD and Water Gun do damage? 11
Should I buy this game? 2
Signal booster? 2
Silly question about Pokemon Stadium 2 Stage? 2
Small attraction? 5
Smash Bros. Brawl Textures? 4
Smash taunts? 1
Snake's Smash Taunt? 4
Sonic Hero Song? 7
Sonic Taunt? 3
SSBB online brawl help????? 1
SSE getting 100%- can i replay a level? 3
SSE???? means??? 2
Sticker Bonuses? 2
Sticker help? 1
Still selectable? 2
Strange creature? 1
Subspace Emmisery? 1
Suden Death Survival? 3
Swaping music on the main menu? 1
Taunts? 1
Team mode? 4
The best SSBB players? 6
The control?? 2
The Easiest way to unlock all the characters? 15
The regular MGS theme? 1
the stage Green Greens? 1
The Subspace Bomb Factory Part II - Freeze glitch? 2
They expect us to dodge that? 3
Think about this....(?) 3
Tilt on Wiimote(sideways)? 3
To use stage studio does my sd card need to be blank? 2
Toon Link Secret Taunt? 4
Toon Link/ Alloys? 2
Toon Link>Link or Toon Link<Link ? 8
Trophy ?'s 2
Umm...I lost to Lucario after it said "Character Approaching." How can I fight him again? 1
Unfinished secret character files on ssmb game disc/ can they be used? 1
Unlocking Wolf? 1
Unrestricted Camera glitch? 3
US and EU Version differences? 2
USB Gecko for SSBB? 1
Using Ocarina, how do I make the characters bigger than x4? 2
Veiw Trophys? 4
Voice chat? 3
Vs Mode Notices. e.g. You played over 4,999 matches! Is it possible to...? 3
Ways to get into competive play? 6
Were is Boss Battle Part??? 8
What about ridley, is that possible? 1
What all was removed from Brawl? 2
What are "Prat Falls" ? 1
What are "ultimate peaches?" 3
What are coin matches? 11
What are Max Combos? 4
What are some great Snake Techniques? 8
What are the character weights? 2
What are the controls like? 1
What are the edit parts? 4
What are the flaws of timed matches? 4
What are the glowing areas? 1
What are the likelihoods of each Judgment outcome? 2
What are the records for events? 3
What are those black and purple circles in the coin launcer game do?? 3
What are your Favorite Characters? 11
What are your friend codes? 1
What causes tripping? 4
What changed in Kirby from Melee? 3
What characters are considered ROB counters and why? 1
What characters are considered ROB counters and why? 9
What characters has a one hit K.O? 3
What charcters do you start with? 3
What controler do you need to use the DACUS? 2
What devices/programs are needed to hack Brawl (i.e. infinite stage-builder pieces, etc.) and how/where do I get them? 2
What did I miss? 2
What do i need to finish the game 100%? 4
What do stickers do and how do i use them? 3
What do the cirlces by a person's name on your friend roster mean? 3
What do the papers that appear in any level do? 7
What do the stars mean? 4
What do you think would be some good Stage Builder ideas? 6
What does (play with friends means ) ?? 2
What does 1 coin mean? 4
What does all of this "canon" stuff mean? 1
What does Azelf/Uxie/Mesprit do on the stage "Spear Pillar"? 3
What does ganendorf transform into is it a rhino? 8
What does longest drought mean? 5
What does the crown or flag mean above the finished lvl on adventure mode? 2
What does this mean? 7
What else does marth say besides check me out? 4
What exactly is "GANNON-BANNED"? 1
What game does Wolf come from? 2
What game is Marth from? 1
What happened to Geno? 2
What happened? 3
What happened? ULTIMATE Puff-up? 4
What happens when i complete all the challenges? 3
what is 'Have Him Join In SSE'??? 4
What is "????" ? 5
What is a Masterpiece? 4
What is a neutral stage? 3
What is Brawl+? 2
What is he saying? 1
what is Narrator? 1
What is needed to be the best smasher? ex.(sheilding, recovering) 3
What is Planking, and is it legal? 3
What is the average group size? 3
What is the best and worst FINAL SMASH? 7
What is the best character? 20
What is the best Final Smash? 52
What is the best level to play on? 12
What is the best strategy for beating boss battle mode on intense? 2
What is the best way to train with one character? 4
What is the DACUS? 1
What is the fastest and most effective way to earn coins for the coin launcher? 1
What is the Nintendog used for? 1
What is the origin of the Fire Emblem and Earthbound characters and stages? 5
What is the point of the Score in SSE? 1
What is the significance of names turning red when shot in the credits games? 17
What is Wavedashing? 7
What is your favourite character? 21
What long do the Virtual Console trials last for? 4
What must i do to get Mewtwo and Pichu? 2
What now? 8
What player is best? 2
What up with that? 4
What was the first game R.O.B. was in? 2
What yours Top 5 SSBB songs? 1
What's a D-Pad? 1
What's is good tips for Olimar? 10
What's it called when you KO someone and they appear in front of the screen and bounce off of it? 6
What's the difference??? 2
What's up with my Instruction Book? 1
What's up with that?, part 2 2
What's with the end credit sequence after you beat Adventure? 3
What's your favorite smash attack? 19
Whats a glitch? 8
Whats a tire? 2
Whats the diffrence? 4
WHATS VS Mode? 2
Whats your best character? 25
Whats your favorite character? 8
When making a name are there an American dollar sign? 2
when playing "Anyone" online? 2
When should I time it for DK's final smash? 8
when you beat EVERYTHING what can you do? 4
When/where do I unlock the random toggle? 1
When/Why does this keep happening? 5
Where can i find Zelda? 3
Where can I get friend codes? 2
Where do I access normal brawl? 2
Where does the continue screen design come from? 1
Where is cheapest place to buy this? 2
Where is the best place to get exchange fcs on the web? 6
Where is the screen for turning stages on or off? 1
Where is the Smash Bros 64 Credit Music? 2
Where to find brawl + and -? 1
Where's Ganondorf? 4
Which character would win Charizard or Bowser? 3
Which character? 6
Which characters are banned in tournament play? 2
Which Final Smash is better: Peach or ZSS? 7
Which music does the Japanese version of SSBB use for Sonic's stage? 2
Which path do you take to find copies and Raquaza? 2
Which Pokemon can appear in the Spear Pillar stage? 1
Which pokemon you like best? 9
Who am I? 10
Who are all the hidden characters and where do I find them? 3
Who are the characters? 1
Who are the stongest characters? 4
Who are Zelda's counters? 3
Who is faster: Sonic, or Captian Falcon? 6
Who is Rob? 2
Who is teh best brawl character? 6
Who is the best character for you? 50
Who is the best taunter? 8
Who is the best teammate for Snake, Wario or Sonic? 2
Who votes for SSBB? 9
Who will win in a fight with no items Mario or Sonic? 6
Who's better Pikachu or Wolf? 4
Who's better: Lucario or Pikachu? 2
Who's geno? 3
Who's the weakest character you ever see? 3
Why are there only flags on some of the sse lvls that ive beaten? 2
Why are there Sonic and Snake? 2
Why can't i transfer my data? 3
Why can't I win that challenge? 2
Why did they remove certain characters? 9
Why didn't I get the "All enemy trophies" message in The Subspace Emissary"? 1
Why didn't they put any SSB stages? 6
Why do CPUs appear during online fights? 2
Why do I lose Link on SSE? 6
Why does Golden Hammers let us glide? 2
Why does the Online suck? 5
Why is Captain Falcon at the bottom? 6
Why is Cruel Brawl so Hard? 5
Why is Goldeen useless? 3
Why is Luigi's taunt a meteor smash? 6
Why is Marth the only 1 with a japanese voice in the English version? 5
Why is there is so much kirby fanboyism from Sakurai? 12
Why is Toon Link's Final Smash stops? 1
Why is wario blinking? 3
Why my Wii can't read this disc (Again)? 9
Why my Wii doesnt read the disc? 4
Why Olimar? 1
Why so slow? 3
Why squrtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard? 13
Why the puppy? 3
Why won't this site let me create a topic? 1
Why wont it...? 2
Wifi Multiplayer? 5
Wii controller wont do anything in the menu? 3
Will Nintendo Do this???? 7
Will there be a fourth? 2
Will there be another smash bros? 7
Witch caracter would you use? who and why? 13
Wolf down+B Glitch? 4
Would Chain Grabbing be spamming? 8
Would it be worth my time to hire this game? 2

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