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  1. I know marth is the best but i want an advise from ppl. Cmon i wanna hear your advise but remember the best one is MARTH!!!!!!

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  2. Darknessdes, something like that happen to me with one of my friends

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  3. Oh! i'm sure marth is the best, i lose with olimar, snake, Lucas, Lucario, Fox and Sonic. But i never win with them, but i am almost invensible with marth, i have taken 3 sonic lvl9 and is too easy with marth.

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  4. ckerth0116, I think King Dee dee dee is strong because i everytime fight againnst him and his finisher is almost immposible to avoid. And it can survive if it far away from the arena.

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  5. ShiningDraco, One of my friend come almost everytime to battle me with meta night and is really hard to defeat but with marth i always keep winning, I think everybody should try marh. (To be honest he beat me one time with the help of a diddy kong and an Ike)

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  6. Dude, can I ask you to stop talking about Marth! It is very annoying. I see the word marth up there about a million times! We know you like Marth.

    User Info: SuperiorAlex

    SuperiorAlex - 9 years ago
  7. SuperiorAlex, is ok if you don't want to hear about marth, i made his question just to see details of ppl favorite character :)

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  8. No commentary on mine?

    User Info: over8999

    over8999 - 9 years ago
  9. most_games_r_ok, Thanks to you i was able to discover new skills with new characters like Toon Link and Ike: )
    But I'm affraid that Sonic wasn't my type: )

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  10. PokeZelda- Metaknight, ROB AND Wario would like a word with you.

    And Kelvinsobliterator, are you trying to ignore me on purpose? And how did most_games_r _ok give you ideas?

    User Info: over8999

    over8999 - 9 years ago
  11. over8999, It's because I'm trying to find strategys for other characters because i am good only with marth and i started with the advise of most_games_r_ok .

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  12. Thanks for those Tiers and matchups guys: )

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  13. Awesome advise ansemdwise, maybe thats why my friend keep using meta night at me! Because marth is a little slow. But with all that i still winning. I better find a character for weak him

    User Info: kelvinsoberalor

    kelvinsoberalor - 9 years ago
  14. Mario?

    User Info: flipzas

    flipzas - 9 years ago


  1. I strongly do not believe that Marth is the best. But my two favorites are Snake and Ike.

    User Info: SuperiorAlex

    SuperiorAlex - 9 years ago 11   5

  2. Ike is my best character. I've taken on my friends in 4-player match and won without losing a life, but you really have to understand the fact that everyone is best with different characters.

    User Info: kickingkillers

    kickingkillers - 9 years ago 6   0

  3. Snake is da best with his bazooka!23dmg rofl!!!!

    User Info: pwned4eva

    pwned4eva - 9 years ago 5   0

  4. Not really Marth. Ike and Link rule. Strong moves and fast paced, intense gaming. Go Ike and Link! Samus and Kirby, too!

    User Info: smashbrosbar21

    smashbrosbar21 - 9 years ago 6   3

  5. According to my match-up chart, Snake and Donkey Kong are the best against Meta Knight. Check some guides on those characters and then use those strategies to beat your friend.

    User Info: Link03456

    Link03456 - 9 years ago 4   1

  6. Any character is fine, if you use a strategies for every moves of a character.

    User Info: Dark_Koopatrol

    Dark_Koopatrol - 9 years ago 4   1

  7. It depends on how you play, actually. For me personally? Snake. But that's not important.
    According to the Tier List, Meta Knight is the best cheacter in the game(in case your wondering, it considers Marth to be about... the 7th or 8th best). Why? Great recovery, fast attacks, high priority, amazing edge gaurding game, and quick to rack up damage. But that doesn't mean he's the best for you or anyone else here. It means that the people that make it see Meta Knight as the character with the most potential in high-level proffesional play. Now if you ARE a high level proffesional... well, we'll see about that.(and even then, playing style still factors in)

    Essentially, to figure who's best for you, you'll have to look into a bunch of them and see which you can do best with on the field. Though remember that some will take a lot of practice to master. If you like to fight people from a distance or play a hit and run game, then use someone who can such as Snake or Pit. If you like to be in people's faces and attempt to destroy them, use somone who can do that, like Marth, Meta Knight, or even Captain Falcon.
    See what I mean?
    Now, you seem to already play as marth(me also thinks you've taken to much advice from the Prima Strategy Guide, but remember that that guide was written long before most of the advanced techniques used today were developed. Just a hunch I had since that's the only place I know saying Marth is the best) and that's all just fine =D

    User Info: ShiningDraco

    ShiningDraco - 9 years ago 5   3

  8. In response to your new details... I have a tendancy to think that you simply do much better with marth than any other character simply because you've practiced with the most and know his techniques and style -_-
    And that's just fine for you. But that doesn't actually mean he's the best character ever.

    User Info: ShiningDraco

    ShiningDraco - 9 years ago 6   4

  9. First if all, I believe Marth is a really good character, but he is not the best. I personally prefer (the air) snake, but I really suggest that you try many different characters with different playstyles, so that you may develop an overall strategy and can very easily adapt to certain situations.

    Secondly, each character excels, just in differing areas. (eg, Falco has the best projectiles, Diddy has the best infinites, MK has the best aerials and recovery, D3 has the best grabs, Snake has the best tilts...). I suggest you try a rounded charcter, such as sTink or ROB, and take note of what moves you do most and use characters that best use those moves. Like the bomb/gyro a lot? Try diddy. Like approaching from the air? Marth and MK are for you.
    After learning multiple characters, it is best to collaborate them into a unique playstyle that emphasises your character's strong points.

    Take an example I know very well: myself. I learnt (in order) Link, Pit, Ike, ROB, Ness, sTink, Marth, Diddy and Snake. By using one, you can adapt it to another character. If I didn't use sTink''s boomerang, I wouldn't be able to use ROB's laser. If I didn't use Diddy's bananas, I wouldn't glide toss with ROB or Snake. If I didn't use Snake I wouldn't use Ike's or Marth's tilts so much. If I didn't arrow spam with pit, I wouldn't grenade spam with snake. If I didn't Bair with Ness I wouldn't with Pit or Ike. If I didn't counter with Marth I wouldn't have countered with Ike. Get the picture? In addition, some setups that you use on some characters may have a similar counterpart on others. I wouldn't have used Ike's Bthrow to short hop Dair if I didn't figure out sTink's similar combo. I wouldn't spotdodge Short hop Dair counter with snake if I didn't Short hop Double Fair approach with Marth.

    In conclusion, (wow it's like an essay) there shouldn't be one character that you use well, but should develop multiple characters in order to combine their seperate playstyles into a form that works best for you.

    And, if you choose to heed my advice, take note that you WILL be beaten quite a bit, but you will soon end up better. If you have played Disgaea, it is kind of like Transmigration: You change your star mage into a prism mage knowing that they will go back to level one, but know that when they reach where they are now, they will be much more powerful.

    User Info: over8999

    over8999 - 9 years ago 5   3

  10. I say Ike is one of the best characters. He has great smahes and attacks. His final smash awesome.

    User Info: ike00

    ike00 - 9 years ago 3   1

  11. 1st of all, I compleatly agree w/ ShiningDraco. It does depend on ur strategy &, how much practice u've had w/ each character. However, that's as far as I'll go with that subject, concidering u clearly already have a favorite character: Marth.

    Since it seems all u're asking 4 is people's opinions, I'll give u mine.

    My favorite character is PIT. I think everything about him is cool (his moves, how he's dressed, the fact that he is a fighting angel) heck, even his weapon is pretty cool (turns from a bow in2 2 small swords).Now, I can understand how ShiningDraco said that Pit is used 4 hit-&-run strategy cause he get's great air, but that's not how I use him at all! Pit is great 4 attcking! Even though his strength is not super strong, he can easily rack up HP very fast! And when his victum's HP is high enough, Pit has strong attacks both in air & on ground 2 finish his opponent off! Even when Pit is far away, he can still hit u w/ his arrow! Not only does Pit have great attack moves, but he also has great defense moves 2! He can reflect projectiles which can b used between different attacks, making it unpredictable. And of course, he can dodge just like any character can, although u don't have 2 as much because Pit's move's tend 2 dodge a lot of moves already. Other great ability/moves Pit has r... Speed. He may not b the fastest, but he's fast enough 2 attack or defend in a pinch. Pit has 4 jumps: most characters have only 2. He has a fast recovery when hit. Pit's up & B move can practicly go anywhere (it's the highest airborn smash move in the game!) & can b used 4 reaching high places (even most self-made stages!) & dodging . Pit has an air move that is NEVER ENDING (just as long as u: keep moving the stick up & down, don't hit any walls, don't switch directions, or obviously, don't get hit)! I also like Pit, bcause he gives me a lot of options (example: should I jump, dodge, use up+B, reflect, or use this other move 2 aviod this person's attack) Last of all, when I think of how far PIT can go, or who is the best character, I think of this: on the Zelda TEMPLE stage, I can fly from the far right side of the screen (on the top of the 3 small places to jump), 2 the far left side, all the way back 2 the place I started WITHOUT TOUCHING THE FLOOR ONCE!!! I'd like 2 c another character do that!

    My other characters I use r: Lucario, Lucas, Toon Link (Tink, that's perfect haha), Yoshi, Kirby, Jigglypuff, & Diddy Kong in that order. As u look at the characters I use, u'll realize that I like characters w/ good air distance in their jumps/moves.

    I hope this is helpful 2 u in some way.
    P.S. I wish Mewtwo was in this game (he was my favorite).

    User Info: PokeZeldaFF_Inc

    PokeZeldaFF_Inc - 9 years ago 3   2

  12. My favorite charachters are: Toon Link, Wario, Snake, pokemon trainer, falco, lucas. In that order. You should try diferent play styles with diferent characters. And try to pick your character's strenghts, cuz your oponent will pick your weakness.

    User Info: ansemdwise

    ansemdwise - 9 years ago 3   2

  13. my mains are snake, ike, and meta knight.

    IKE: because he may be slow, but his hits hit HARD. You just need proper timing, just like everything else in this game. HIs neutral combo is also fast and has decent knockback and his neutral b can ko most characters (especially lightweight ones) with a charged neutral b. His downside is that he lags after he uses his moves. Also, he fights for his friends and will have no sympathy if he defeats you. He also might tell you to prepare yourself before battle.

    SNAKE: Snake has many weapons that have high knockback, and is one of the tallest brawlers and heaviest, and fun character to use. He takes brawling to the tacticial side, and you have to anylyze your opponents by trying to lure them to your trap, and how aware they are. Snake also has the cyper, which is the third best recovery in the game, and his dash attack move fast and has high knockback also. And his taunts hurt characters. His cons are that he lags with all his air moves, and has slow walking speed.

    META KNIGHT: We all know him: #1 on the tier list, but just because he is doesn't mean you will be good with him as a person changing mains. Meta Knight has many fast damaging attacks and can evade very quickly. When you get knocked to the side of the stage, meta knight can use his shuttle loop to recover, if you know how to use it. His dimention cape is perfect for trick striking or both dodging an enemy. His cons are...well, hes small, so he has the same momentum as kirby, but if you know how to control him flying, you'll be fine.

    User Info: dadkwashere

    dadkwashere - 9 years ago 3   2

  14. I personally like Toon Link, but try a few out and see how they work for you.

    User Info: Mario_Uprising

    Mario_Uprising - 9 years ago 3   2

  15. I really like toon link too, mostly because of his and Link's tapdown A, (i prefer toon because he's cuter ^_^)
    But my personal favorites are Snake and Ike, as well.. I can do SO many combos with snake, with his tapup A and his Explosive set, and then hit them with the tapright/left A. he's just so applicable in every situation.. Also, Ike's final smash is just amazing. Marth's IS a bit better in my opinion, but i usually play with no items anyway.

    I do like Marth's sword combo and his regular B hit. I like that they changed that between games. Every character has their own strengths.. It's a good Idea to try brawlin' some computers and watch them and what they do to you... It's a personal choice, but like I said, Snake and Ike are where it's at (for me :P).

    User Info: inthebox44

    inthebox44 - 9 years ago 3   2

  16. At first i never really liked meta knight, but as i began to play with him i got better.
    He is my best character because he has attacks that do damage and they are very quick. Hes fast and good for getting back on the stage when u fall off. He is also very good at dodging

    User Info: clappers100

    clappers100 - 9 years ago 2   1

  17. Link is da bomb I dont know were u guys get the impression tht marth is good!?!? also toon link or Tink as some call him. Link is slower but stronger and less likely to fall off the stage than toon link. samus is also cool (zero suit samus is hot), and sonic, ike, kirby (yes kirby), ohhh yeah and snake sucks and marth eats my crumps!!!!!!! (sorry crazy moment)

    User Info: DarthSushi6

    DarthSushi6 - 9 years ago 2   1

  18. I love toon link!!!

    User Info: coelacanthsrock

    coelacanthsrock - 9 years ago 2   1

  19. my top 6 characters are MARTH(strong attacks,above average speed and jumping, and unquestionable down B. marths down B is the best out of any character)FALCO(outstanding jumping, and ninja skills and attacks)TOON LINK(great speed and jumping, and fastand powerful attacks)META KNIGHT(flying ability and fast and powerful attacks)SNAKE(great long range attacks and ninja skills)IKE(very powerful attacks but not the best up B) those are my best characters. i like ppl with speed and power. i dislike ppl who are slow(ganondork)weak(olimar and KIRBY!!!! and suckish attacks(lucas, ness, wario,KIRBY!!!!,peach,pikachu, and watch, yoshi, ice climbers, king duhduhduh, and jigglypuff. the rest are ok. not counting my characters and my friends'. theyre good

    User Info: whiteninja787

    whiteninja787 - 9 years ago 2   1

  20. My character is Luigi and I can beat almost anyone because I know how to use him. but I personally feel that Marth could be really good because of his strength and speed. Also my friend who uses Marth always gives trouble. Although you as a player have to know Marth's weakness and strengths and if you can figure them out you could be unstoppable.

    User Info: Brandon4629

    Brandon4629 - 9 years ago 0   0

  21. Luigi, Toon Link, Fox, Mr. Game & Watch are cool characters for me. Maybe even Mario and Donkey Kong.

    User Info: ilikemaple

    ilikemaple - 9 years ago 0   1

  22. personally, Marth is not the best character try different styles with different characters you may find that other characters are better. but for me these are the best characters:
    Toon link
    Game and watch
    and Samus

    User Info: xana117

    xana117 - 9 years ago 0   1

  23. Olimar can easily destroy a Marth player that is too reckless in attack and is overconfident. Although Marth has some range Olimar's range is farther and his attacks are more consistently powerful. Truth be told Olimar may not win a free for all with Marth participating, but any decent olimar player on a flat stage, or shadow moses would destroy Marth.

    User Info: O_The_BigN29

    O_The_BigN29 - 9 years ago 2   4

  24. In addition to my previous post, the main problem with Marth is that he can easily be overwhelmed if there r no other player to distract his attacker.

    User Info: O_The_BigN29

    O_The_BigN29 - 9 years ago 2   4

  25. I occasionally use Lucas, but Toon Link is my main character.

    User Info: AznDevestation

    AznDevestation - 9 years ago 1   3

  26. I would normally choose Peach. (Why?) Because she is good at rescuing herself from both attacks and falldowns, her well-say side-kick heart ha-ja-attack is both effective and frustrating for the enemies, she can counter with her toad (it's a strong attack) but she is a bit slow. Otherwise I should use Pit for som good air combos. But Peach normal Up-kick-attack is strong as normal smash. her final smash is not the best but gives you a chance to recover yourself and smash out your enemies!

    User Info: MogLord

    MogLord - 9 years ago 1   3

  27. I like meta knight and captain falcon but I say kirby is one of the best characters

    User Info: RECONPLANE

    RECONPLANE - 9 years ago 0   2

  28. I used to think that Olimar was the worst character ever, but my friend has extreme skills and was able to win with at least 3 more points than me every time. Then i tried Olimar. He's quick, small target, has the Pikmin which work as damage absorbers for most projectiles (it sacrifices the thrown pikmin but you can pluck them very fast), and has a Super guard which can absorb knockback, not damage.

    User Info: Darknessdes

    Darknessdes - 9 years ago 2   5

  29. Tink=Toon Link. He's one of my favorites as well as sonic and Ike. However, marth is a very good character to master, there aren't many others that can effectively counter him.

    User Info: most_games_r_ok

    most_games_r_ok - 9 years ago 2   5

  30. Tiers dont matter to me becuz i use Ganondorf a lot but i can kill people like meta knight, snake, and falco. Lucas is my favorite character though

    User Info: Flame_Markman

    Flame_Markman - 9 years ago 1   4

  31. I'll post Marth's match-ups.

    The number on the left is Marth's chance of winning, and the one on the right is the opponent's chance of winning.

    I'll list his match-ups from best to worst.


    Capt. Falcon




    Donkey Kong


    Game & Watch
    Ice Climbers


    Diddy Kong


    King Dedede
    Toon Link
    Zero-Suit Samus


    Meta Knight



    User Info: Link03456

    Link03456 - 9 years ago 1   4

  32. Personally I main ness and second marth. But I will admit MK is a broken son of a *****. I could explain ness having great projectiles to hlp his short range and other things but to tell the truth it doesn' matter hes quite a difficult character to master

    User Info: MarioLinkGenofa

    MarioLinkGenofa - 9 years ago 1   4

  33. Kirby works well for me, along with Ness and Pikachu.

    User Info: VGmasta

    VGmasta - 9 years ago 1   4

  34. I'm best with Fox, but i like falco too.....

    User Info: starfox6492

    starfox6492 - 9 years ago 1   4

  35. Captain Falcon. He's fast, powerful, and agile. He's da coolest.

    User Info: Chillaxative7

    Chillaxative7 - 9 years ago 1   4

  36. In this order

    User Info: Orochimaru95

    Orochimaru95 - 9 years ago 0   3

  37. I use Wolf. Fast, relatively powerful, only real weakness is his recovery.

    BTW, who's sTink?

    User Info: Megaman31

    Megaman31 - 9 years ago 2   6

  38. The following is based on a match-up chart.

    01. Mr. Game & Watch
    02. Meta Knight
    03. Snake
    04. Marth
    05. Falco
    06. Pit
    07. Toon Link
    08. R.O.B.
    09. Zelda
    10. Pikmin & Olimar
    11. Wolf
    12. Pikachu
    13. Ice Climbers
    14. Kirby
    15. Wario
    16. Lucario
    17. Z-S Samus
    18. Diddy Kong
    19. Fox
    20. Donkey Kong
    21. Lucas
    22. Ivysaur
    23. Ike
    24. Sheik
    25. King Dedede
    26. Ness
    27. Squirtle
    28. Luigi
    29. Samus
    30. Link
    31. Charizard
    32. Peach
    33. Sonic
    34. Mario
    35. Bowser
    36. Jigglypuff
    37. Yoshi
    38. Capt. Falcon
    39. Ganondorf

    User Info: Link03456

    Link03456 - 9 years ago 2   6

  39. Ness + Lucas!!!

    User Info: strictlyninja

    strictlyninja - 9 years ago 1   5

  40. I'm good with Peach! I also like Zelda/Sheik, Ness, Pokemon Trainer, Snake Samus/Zss, ....

    User Info: Peachrules14

    Peachrules14 - 9 years ago 0   4

  41. My favorite character is Falco. His jumping ability, projectiles, strong smash attacks, and reflector that doubles as a surprise attack make him my player of choice. However, I also like Marth, Olimar, R.O.B. (who not many people use), Ike, Sonic, and Lucas. For most it is because of speed, Lucas for absorbing, strong smashes, and great specials, R.O.B. for his power and projectiles, and Ike because you can finish enemies of quickly, plus he has a counter.

    User Info: Nobri

    Nobri - 9 years ago 1   6

  42. I am sure that pit and sonic are some of the best characters.Pokemon trainer is three to one and he is good too.Those thinks that tells link and nobri are litle stupid because almost all characters are better than olimar.

    User Info: jamesaki

    jamesaki - 9 years ago 0   5

  43. Well im sry to break it to u guys but there is no actual best character there r only characters u excel with im guessin marths urs lol. See since ur asking me for my fav chars i would say i excel with Link,Marth,Ike and Pit yay swordsmen.

    User Info: alltimegamerftw

    alltimegamerftw - 9 years ago 0   5

  44. Oh, I diceded to try Diddy and it worked for me!

    User Info: ansemdwise

    ansemdwise - 9 years ago 0   5

  45. Here is the official Tier List. It shows how many people use a character over others; not necessarily the best characters.

    SSBB Tiers
    S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier D Tier E Tier F Tier

    1. Meta Knight
    2. Snake
    3. Wario
    4. Falco
    5. Diddy Kong
    6. King Dedede

    7. Marth
    8. Mr. Game & Watch
    9. Pikachu
    10. Olimar
    11. Ice Climbers
    12. R.O.B.
    13. Kirby

    14. Lucario
    15. Zero Suit Samus
    16. Toon Link
    17. Pit
    18. Donkey Kong

    19. Peach
    20. Luigi
    21. Fox
    22. Wolf
    23. Sonic
    24. Sheik

    25. Bowser
    26. Zelda
    27. Pokemon Trainer
    28. Ike

    29. Lucas
    30. Mario
    31. Ness
    32. Yoshi
    33. Samus

    34. Jigglypuff
    35. Captain Falcon
    36. Link
    37. Ganondorf

    User Info: Nobri

    Nobri - 9 years ago 1   7

  46. my three favorites are 3.Mario 2.ganondorf 1.Fox

    User Info: Irule813

    Irule813 - 9 years ago 0   6

  47. hmm.... I would say that toon link is my favorite because he is faster than link and almost as strong. Also pikachu and diddy kong are both pretty good.

    User Info: Spike342

    Spike342 - 9 years ago 0   6

  48. King DeDeDe is awesome, as he is a heavyweight with good recovery, and a chaingrab.
    Snake is one sneaky guy, with lots of oppurtunistic moves.
    Captain Falcon is just pure awesome.
    Those are my top three.

    User Info: ckerth0116

    ckerth0116 - 9 years ago 1   8

  49. Pikachu, Mr. Game and Watch, Sonic, Snake and Marth. In that order. The ppl I play against always say that I am very unpredictable with them. NOOBS can beat me when I play as anyone else, but that is being remedied.

    User Info: CommandArtsZERO

    CommandArtsZERO - 9 years ago 0   8

  50. Marth > Snake > Meta Knight

    User Info: Link03456

    Link03456 - 9 years ago 0   10

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