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  1. I can't get far hits the furthest hit I've done is 487.2 with ice Climbers! Please help!

    User Info: Ghost_In_Sno

    Ghost_In_Sno - 10 years ago

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  1. For easy 1,500.0+ footers for any character, grab the bat, use Side Tap+Z (for the GameCube controller) to throw the bat at Sandbag, grab the bat in midair (you stay on the ground), throw the bat at Sandbag again, grab the bat in midair again (staying on the ground), throw left, grab the bat, throw right, grab the bat, throw #5 depends on the character and where Sandbag lands. Grab the bat and position yourself so that the TIP of the bat is the only part that connects. Now SMASH Sandbag and laugh maniacally (this part is optional). I was able to get ~1723 with Sonic and my absolute best timing for this method (my lowest was ~1599 with Bowser).

    User Info: Kraleck

    Kraleck (Expert) - 10 years ago 3   0


  1. you have to beat the sand bag thing up ALOT!

    User Info: gameplaya101

    gameplaya101 - 10 years ago 2   0

  2. 20,000? You men 2,000, right? You have to get one of those shiny, long hits with the C-stick(I use the GC controller). Before you do that, though, much damage is needed. Anyway, just practice. After a little training with all the characters, I got a little over 1,500 with Yoshi. That will be all you need. Just get over 1,250 approximately to get 45,000 with everyone. Link is also good, as is Wario. I was good with Sonic, but only because I main him.

    User Info: darkmagic42

    darkmagic42 - 10 years ago 0   0

  3. I have gotten nearly or over 1,600 with every character. I do this for most of them:

    Grab the bat
    Throw forward at Bag
    Catch Bat on the ground (May have to step forward)
    Throw bat forward at bag again
    Catch bat on ground again
    Throw Bat Down(spike it) it should hit the bag.
    Throw down again.

    Use Your instincts from hear on. It varies, hit the bag as many times as possible by throwing the bat. Hit a home run. This varies slightly from character to chaaracter

    User Info: Laharls_Wrath

    Laharls_Wrath - 10 years ago 0   0

  4. Dont throw the bat, in fact dont even pick it up.There's easy way to score high heights
    Select Bowser , and unleashed his smash attacks with right analog on the classic controller or if dont have it use the C stick on the GCC.
    Tilt the
    right analog stick or the C stick right, Bowser will strike the Sand bag with his head.
    the sand bag will soar up wards above Bowser, now continuously tilt the right analog stick or the c stick, Bowser will strike it with his spiky shell. keep doing this!
    Now when you Hear 5 4 3 2 1, now grab the bat and hit the sand bag,if done right you be able to knock the sand bag at least 1775.0 or higher.

    User Info: LordSepiroth666

    LordSepiroth666 - 10 years ago 0   0

  5. I saw a video on Youtube of two people doing co-op, both Ganondorf. Don't remember what they did, but if memory serves, they got (OVER 9000!!!!!!) around 20,000, I don't quite remember. Try finding it.

    User Info: Shradow115

    Shradow115 - 10 years ago 0   1

  6. The best strategy for me is Yoshi's Down + Hold A. You throw the bat at the sandbag twice first, then jump towards it and use Down + Hold A (a rapid kick in the air). I achieved 618m from this strategy

    User Info: LegendaryBacon

    LegendaryBacon - 10 years ago 0   2

  7. In the archive section there is a video there all ready that shows lucas geting like over 15 000 feet if you watch it and attempt to copy that technique you will do fine

    User Info: aortiz_48

    aortiz_48 - 10 years ago 0   2

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