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  1. Had a near complete Brawl save file on my Wii and then I was dumb and sold it and now I got a new Wii and want my hard work back. I'm looking for a Literally 100% complete save file
    Here's what I'd like.

    - All Characters
    - All Stages
    - 99x All Trophies
    - 99x All Stickers
    - 100% Sub Space Emissary completed all on Intense.
    - All Challenges Complete w/5 Hammers, I've heard of 7 but I don't care it could have 7 or 5.
    - Completed All Events on Hard
    - Complete All Boss Battles on Intense.
    - Classic Completed with all characters on Intense
    - All-Star Completed with all Characters on Intense
    - All Unlock Messages and Notices.
    - Complete Nintendo Chronology and Masterpieces.
    - All Target Tests Completed with all characters
    - All Characters have done Home Run Contest
    - All Characters have completed (have records) for all Multi-Man Brawl sections
    - All Sub Space Emissary Movies unlocked
    And Most Importantly to me.
    - Group Records is nearly maxed out with all characters
    - Brawl Records are all nearly maxed out

    Does anyone have a save file close to this that they could upload for me or know where one close to this is? I've already searched all over the internet for one and all those other save files are not even close. Most of them don't have any solo records completed at all and have no group records or brawl records maxed out at all. Or does anyone know if there are cheats out there that could help max out my records or complete solo mode for me like an action replay? I really don't want to do all this all over again. I AM WILLING TO PAY MONEY FOR A SAVE FILE CLOSE TO THIS!!!

    User Info: TrainerBZ

    TrainerBZ - 4 years ago


  1. The power save 100%s the game. Look it up on YouTube.

    User Info: TailsFan0V

    TailsFan0V - 4 years ago 0   1

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