What is lucario's best attack?

  1. Ok I'm not stupid i know his strongest move is his final smash i mean other than that

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    lucariostriker1 - 8 years ago

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  1. Hmm...considering what salamancerider posted, it depends mainly on both opponent(s) and location. Any active Items can also sway the tide of a Brawl.

    Flat-out Brawling on Final Destination is purely by opponent. Scrolling stages like Jungle Falls and Mushroomy Kingdom depend mostly on your Speed, Jumping, and Aerial Attack abilities. Hazardous stages like Norfair and Mario Circuit depend mainly on your Ground Attacks. Know both your opponent's limitations and your own when on various Stages.

    Mobility when it is a necessity is important for Lucario, so try to keep Speed Demons like Sonic and Pikachu in check by using your Side Tilt, Double Team Special, and Neutral Attack Combo. Small opponents are rather difficult to hit, but they'll be Lucario's hackeysack when you trap them against a wall. Big bruisers like Bowser and King Dedede are simple to deal with using Tilts, Dash Attacks, and Aerials. Stay still when you can, but always plan on moving ASAP with Lucario.

    Superspicy Curry works against your opponent due to Lucario getting stronger as its % rises. Metal Box screws over winged characters like Pit and MetaKnight. Lucario is godly in battle with a Bunny Hood and a Screw Attack on. Superior mobility increases the Lucario-based mayhem, but throwables, Green Shells, and Bob-Ombs are rather nasty to encounter.

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  1. Depends on the opponent:
    --Anyone without a projectile (Marth, Ike, Donkey Kong, etc.) is easily handled by Aura Sphere (Neutral Special).
    --Anyone who is good on the ground, but not in the air is handled by Down and Reverse Aerials.
    --Anyone who is good in the air, but not on the ground is handled by all 3 Tilts.
    --Anyone who is good both in the air and on the ground will be handled by hit and run tactics, countering ground with air and vice versa, and using Double Team (Down Special).
    --Heavyweights are handled by Throws and Dash Attacks.
    --Middleweights are handled by Specials and a mix of Aerials and Tilts.
    --Lightweights are handled by charged Smashes and quick Neutral Attacks.

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  2. I think it depends on the map your using

    if it is a flat map use aura sphere, if timed correctly it can be devastating
    other than that try jumping around a lot and try using his quick moves
    force palm is only really useful if you combine it well withe quick/light moves

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  3. I main lucario, and my tactics follow, charge aura sphere, then shield to hold the charge, then rely on counters and ariel attacks until i have enough damage to start smashing. rinse, lather, repeat, win.

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  4. Lucario's f-air is a good move to start off combos

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