Review by JoeShmoe64

Reviewed: 01/22/08

A Grand Finale

Metroid Prime 3 gives us what we've been wanting the Wii to do for us. It's a grand adventure, and an awesome way to end a series that surprised us at its unique gameplay and faithfulness to the Metroid formula.

Story: 8/10
The story is rather nice, and heavier than the last two installments. This means that you will be seeing more of the Federation, and it's the first time you've ever seen other humans in a Metroid game. Anyway, Samus and three other hunters get corrupted by Dark Samus, get new suits, more on that later. Anyway, the training ship Valhalla was attacked, and its Aurora Unit, a huge organic supercomputer(a.k.a. a really big brain) was used to send a Phazon virus to all other AU's in the system. So the Federation has lost some major strategic contacts. After you get the new suit, you are sent on a mission to destroy some Leviathans (giant squid meteors that hit planets then spread Phazon) on other planets, at the same time looking for the other hunters. The finale is incredible, and gives good reason to play the game to the end. It makes more sense when you're playing the game, but the real story comes from scans, which still work like the other Prime games. You get to see info about enemies and objects, but also get to see the lore of the civilization that used to inhabit the planet. Being scans, the stories are told in pieces, and I found myself getting into the story and being excited over finding the next piece of the puzzle. Those that are familiar with the style of the downfall of the main character in a Greek tragedy will recognize the style of these logs of the final member of this civilization. The story lays the foundation, but the scans give it depth and meaning.

Graphics 8/10
Corruption will make you ask if it is truly a Wii game. It shows that that the Wii isn't a slouch, and, while not as good as some Xbox 360 or PS3 games, stands up with the best of them. The wonder is in the details, as particles are floating in a room exposed to the vacuum of space, and millions of stars twinkle in the skies. Also, textures are much improved. I also think that it is pretty cool that you can see a reflection of Samus' face as you use the scan visor, and it changes as she gets more corrupted.

Gameplay 10/10
Corruption's gameplay shines, and is made almost untouchable by slick, non-gimmicky motion controls. It's the reason you bought your Wii is to immerse yourself like you're going to with this game. Aiming is easy, and the grapple assign to the nunchuk always works. It's lots of fun, and adds an extra layer of realism. A nice addition is that your map, logbook, objectives, inventory, and option have all been mapped to one button. However, the real meat of the gameplay is the PED suit. Early in the game, Samus and the other hunters are corrupted, are each given a Phazon Enhancement Device. You can use it to enter Hypermode, which causes you to become invincible and deal out insane amounts of damage. Not even Halo has anything this powerful, but it comes at the price of 100 energy (a whole energy tank!). So you are governed by a bar that shows how much Phazonyou have left(you use some by firing), and after 25 seconds the auto vent kicks in and takes you out of Hypermode so that you don't utterly destroy the universe with such a powerful weapon. Unfortunately, after an hour into the game and your PED malfunctions, making it so that after ten seconds in Hpermode you begin corrupting, so that your Phazon levels rise, and you can't manually exit Hypermode. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't die when your Phazon levels were full. However, you can exit by using all your Phazon. Plus, your auto vent still works, so you will exit after 25 seconds. Another good thing: your bosses aren't as unforgiving as in Prime 2 (translation: no Boost Guardian type battles), but you will still feel a challenge from a few of them, and they all feel fresh and a totally unique experience awaits with each one.

Audio: 9/10
The music is amazing. The game is still experimental, mixing the best of classical with some modern rock elements. Some of it drives the point home, but some of it is very subtle, and they make for some of the games best battle themes. The voice acting is neither here nor their, as at some points it's the best you've heard in any video game EVER then sinks to cheesy dialogue filled with wooden acting(think Star Wars prequels)

The Verdict: 9/10
Overall, the latest Metroid makes us feel awesome as we swing our controllers and feel as if we are truly there, fighting Space Pirates and discovering secrets that destroyed civilizations. Old Metroid fans know what to expect: lots of exploring, cool items, plenty of expansions, a backtracking quest, and the signature ending for those ho collected enough items. However not only diehard fans, but everyone should pick up this amazing game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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