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Samus Aran:Your mission is to go out with a bang in the greatest display of FPS adventures. Mission status: Complete 09/04/07 CyborgSage00x0
A truly great game, but nothing revolutionary 09/12/07 1shadetail1
The best game on the Wii, but at the cost of some traditional Metroid elements. 09/04/07 LinkIII_IsBack
An absolutely horrid ending to an otherwise great series... And promise of no sequel to come. 12/18/09 matrixstream757
The Phazon Finish 08/19/09 AK_the_Twilight
Corrupted by fame 11/29/07 Arkrex
A very solid Metroid title, with enjoyable controls. 11/08/07 Banjo_2553
An impressive end to a fantastic trilogy. 11/15/07 BlitzBoy
Prime and proper 09/24/07 clarkisdark
Samus makes her triumphant debut on the Wii, and a triumphant end comes to the Prime story arc. 12/25/07 Crazee Boy
Corrupt your Wii with awesomeness! 09/11/07 CrimsonGear80
If there's a cure for this, I don't want it... 09/08/09 discoinferno84
Good Game, But Not a Spectacular Finish to a Metroid Trilogy 06/17/08 edward18
A disappointment to long time Metroid fans. Still good though. 09/15/08 geno_16
After playing Metroid with motion controls, I never want to go back to playing with a traditional controller. 12/10/07 ghangiskhan1
Why this game fell short from the others. 12/11/12 Grenade_KaBoom
Doesn't live up to its predecessors, but remains a fun adventure. 02/04/08 HighOnPhazon
Beautiful Corruption 02/13/08 JoeB_91
A review by someone with no prior Metroid experiences 01/16/08 JukeDay
Samus Aran's most epic adventure 10/31/07 lce_
Finally I can see what the big deal is with this franchise 01/08/08 nintendosega
A superb end to a great trilogy. The best Wii game yet and one of the best games of the year. 10/02/07 ping5000
New adventure, new controls, still amazing 09/06/07 SeiferMaster
A shining title in the dark dry times of summer for Wii. 09/11/07 ShadowAspect
The finale to a terrific trilogy is great but has an identity crisis 08/16/10 sneggid
A great end to a great series 10/02/07 Super Slash
With Big Shoes to Fill, Corruption Does Nicely 02/13/08 SuperAgentSmith
The femme fatale returns for one high-impact finale. 09/07/07 SuperPhillip
Lock your door, close your blinds, tell your girlfriend that you're sick, Metroid Prime 3 is here. 01/03/08 SurgeFox
Metroid Prime concludes with Wii's first Metroid outing and what a way to end 09/06/07 TheFanBoyDestroyer
A sadly corrupted finale for an epic trilogy. 10/10/13 Unbridled9
3 steps forward and 3 steps back 10/22/07 xcamel24

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Corruption is the Disease. Samus is the Cure. And what a cure she is. 01/10/08 _BTT_
As satisfying as it is familiar. 09/24/07 ANC108
Somtimes it's hard to be a woman. 11/13/07 Chiasmata
Finally, a FPS style of gameplay that shows what the Wii is made to do. 09/04/07 Flame060
Third time's a charm 09/04/07 gameman250
Wrong Side of the Law 04/03/08 horror_spooky
Console FPS with "mouse like" controls 12/18/08 james_corck
A Grand Finale 01/22/08 JoeShmoe64
Trilogy finale a high note for Wii 09/05/07 justsumdude899
The most polished and well-made Prime to date, faltering only where it fails to capture the essence of the original 08/30/07 NarikirishiDS
Takes away many of the things that make the first two games exceptional. 07/02/14 NorwegianWood28
Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption the best game on the Wii 08/31/07 off1nthecorner
The best Wii game 07/15/08 Pal102
Why Metroid Is Like Madonna 11/01/07 pixielate_com
Corrupted with brilliance - another excellent chapter in the Metroid Prime saga. 12/17/07 pYrAmId_bUiLdEr
If this is corruption, then CORRUPT me to purgatory!!! 08/31/07 Raptor_XS
You want some Samus to go with your awesome? (Review may contain spoilers) 10/22/07 SamFisherDS
I'm amazed I was able to wait... 09/04/07 shurikengun
why this game beats bioshock(not in graphics) but Story 09/10/07 starblitz
Corruption may take away the "feel" of a Metroid game, but it certainly creates a new amazing one! 09/12/07 Upgraded-Form
The (almost) seamless leap into the next generation 11/19/07 x_Vigilante_x
Feel the Corruption. 08/30/07 Zero_Hero789
Proof the FPS's on the Wii can be great 09/15/08 zeshin_reloaded

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Gaming's First Lady is back and better than ever! 08/30/07 Action
God do I want to give this game a 10! 10/22/07 AtomicGoomba
A review by someone who actually finished the game! 09/04/07 BoyLover X
Corruption has never felt so good. 09/17/08 Dabstep
Dark Horse Game of the Year? 08/27/07 DantesOtherBro
Beatiful end to a stunning trilogy 02/29/08 GeckoLover
Ultimate sci-fi shooter. Period. 08/30/07 GuardianXanatos
Metroid Prime 3 continues Metroid Prime's tradition of owning. 09/05/07 iammaxhailme
Worthy closure for the Prime series. 05/23/17 Junior_AIN
Three hours and loving it! 08/29/07 killer_chaos
This, was just an awesome game. 09/18/07 Laharl_PWNS
The Best FPS Ever Made By Nintendo 02/29/08 Lebbin
In a game where Samus is corrupted, the ability for this to shine isn't. 08/30/07 Masterofidiots
Simply incredible. 11/09/07 Metroidfan19
A worthy ending to the Prime trilogy 09/04/07 quadruplesword
While It Is a Great Game, It's Just Too...Predictable 04/01/08 RicherThanYou64
Forget about dual analogue, forget about shooters. This is the Wii, and this is Metroid. 08/29/07 royalhunter6191
Best Game On Wii and Best of the Trilogy 08/16/10 SauceCaptain
The best game EVER! 01/23/12 SilentXwing
A great finale to an excellent series! 08/29/07 Skolar_Star
Not only is it the best Wii game yet, it puts almost every other Wii game to shame. 09/04/07 SmashBro25
Great Addition to Metroid Prime Series! Must Play Game 06/23/09 superman3210
At times MP3 is awesome, at others it just seems good 09/25/07 swyg
The best game on the Wii and a worthy ending to the Prime series 08/30/07 TR0391
An amazingly good and entertaining ending to one of the greatest trilogies out there 08/29/07 Underworld009
A fine finale to a weak series 01/04/08 wolverinefan
This Game has me Corrupted... 12/03/07 ZGDK

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