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Reviewed: 04/09/08

A regular Damsel-in-Distress game? I think NOT !!!

Hallelujah, a game of this calibre has come at last. Just two months after Nintendo released Super Paper Mario, this game came out onto the shelves of the EU, and what a storm it produced. At first, most hardcore gamers noted to each other while huddled over their Xbox 360 or PS3 that Super Mario Galaxy would be a flop, a childish game for the childish gamer, how wrong they where. Mario suits all gamers, hardcore and novices a like, with its well designed game play, its brilliant graphics and in depth game play on missions, Mario Galaxy will give you a spine tingling chill, as you fly through various stars, and land on awesomely well designed platforms and sets.

The game starts in mushroom kingdom, Mario receives his letter from Princess Peach and hop skips and jumps towards her palace balcony, angst whether his mustache is askew, or his cap isn't shiny. You then come into game play, the scene set is awesome in it's graphical property that it awakened the child in all of us. This had never been seen before from the Mario series. The only exceptions where Mario 64 and Mario sunshine which, even though they were 3d, their graphics weren't of the best quality. So, you travel to the palace, when Bowser appears and takes the princess along with her castle.The one good thing about this game that surpasses Super Paper Mario in the story area, is that Bowser is the main enemy in this one and not the others from Super Paper Mario.

The main plot of the game, is that you need to rescue Princess Peach, this is always the objective in the Mario games. To do this, You need to collect stars for a hub that is your base in space. You need to collect these stars, to power the hub and so that you can get to princess peach. There are 120 stars altogether, but only 60 are needed to power up the whole hub. For those hardcore gamers, who like to complete everything on a game, collecting the 120 stars and fighting Bowser will gain Luigi as Character.

The Games concept is brilliant, with great graphics, and a great storyline, Mario Galaxy is a game that has been accepted by gamers from all over the world. The one downside, I think, is the multi player. Although its clever in design, it's not like the second player can control another character or really affect the game. Yeah, it's good to be able stop enemies or gather extra star bits (the games currency) but, it just doesn't have the edge in the multi player genre as say a game like Red Steel, Grand Theft Auto or Lego Star Wars. The multi player, is good however, as I mentioned before, with stopping enemies. Things like giant rolling boulders, or giant flipping blocks, or even crushing blocks that just slam down after every 3-5 seconds. Also stopping enemies like those toadstool ones that are of brown colour, or those plants that are like Venus flytraps can really help a level. Even fish on aquatic missions, that can also help.

Also, missions. There are a variety, a very very very wide variety of missions in every single terrace (they are what house the galaxies, like the honey hive galaxy etc.) there are aquatic missions, like riding manta ray, or deep sea diving to racing a fat shark. There are also desert missions, where you have to quickly traverse over land before the sand swallows you up. Lava missions, like Melty Molton galaxy are tricky. One, because it is difficult to traverse over obstacles that sink into the lava after you stand on them. Two, running into the lava will lose you a third of you life. There are also missions where you receive suits that are like costumes. The BEE MARIO suit allows Mario to fly for a short period of time before you need to land to gain air time again. BOO MARIO suit which turns Mario to a ghost, ICE MARIO suit which lets Mario walk on water, FIRE MARIO suit which allows Mario to fire hot balls at enemies and objects (Kinda like the flower you can get in the old Mario games, which fires balls at enemies) and many more. There are also missions that are stretched over small planets in one galaxy, where you travel from each galaxy using sling stars.

Overall, I would say that this game was a 9.8 out of ten. It is a brilliant game, but the multi player lets it down slightly. If you see it in a shop and you have a child or just want to play it yourself, don't buy it. I will always recommend to rent a game first before buying it because although its a fantastic game. It might not appeal to you. So remember: rent before payment keeps your wallet heavier!!!

Thanks, warlock1326

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (EU, 11/16/07)

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