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FAQ/Walkthrough by kylohk

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/03/08

Super Mario Galaxy strategy guide
Author: Kylohk
Version: 1.3
Platform: Wii
Date: 2008-6-2
Table of contents: [Search Key]
===I. PREFACE===
1. Updates
2. Basics [BASIC]
3. Enemies [ENEMY]

4. Celebration interrupted [START]
5. Exploring the terrace [TERRACE]
6. Splashing about the fountain [FOUNTAIN]
7. Mooching the kitchen [KITCHEN]
8. Snooping around the bedroom [BEDROOM]
9. Trials and tribulations [TRIAL]
10. Spicing up the engine room [ENGINE]
11. May I return, to the beginning? [GATE]
12. A stroll in the garden [GARDEN]
13. Journey to the centre of the universe [BOWSER]

14. So you've collected 120 stars [120]
15. Rosalina's Storybook [STORY]
16. The Grand Finale [FINALE]
17. Conclusion [CON]

|                               I. PREFACE                                   |
No Nintendo system can be complete without its flagship Super Mario game. Ever 
since the success of the first Super Mario Bros. for the NES, the short 
Italian plumber has become the icon of Nintendo. From the SNES onwards, 
Nintendo decided to dedicate only 1 Mario game per system. As a result, gamers 
had to wait up to 6 years for each new Mario platformer to surface. After a 
poor showing with Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo has provided the Wii with an 
out of this world (literally) experience with Super Mario Galaxy. This new 
game features Mario going through the galaxies in space to search for Princess 
Peach Toadstool, kidnapped by Bowser for the umpteenth time.

As far as the story goes, Super Mario Galaxy takes place during the centennial 
Stardust Festival in the Mushroom Kingdom. Ever hundred years, a comet flies 
in the sky above the Mushroom Kingdom. In one of those many years, many 
shooting stars fell down onto the Kingdom from the comet. The Toads brought 
those stars into the castle, with which they used them to build a great Power 
Star. Every 100 years from that day onwards, the citizens of the Mushroom 
Kingdom would be celebrating. Princess Peach invited Mario to her castle that 
night to give him something. However, she was kidnapped by Bowser before 
Mario's arrival. Mario now has to travel through the galaxy to find Peach!

This guide is meant to be posted exclusively at GameFAQs, so don't bother 
mailing me for permission to post it on your site. 

1. Updates
Version 1.3:
Added an enemy list in this guide. Changed the format to match that of all the 
other guides for my Wii games.

Version 1.2:
Tidied up some prose, added search keys for the later chapters.

Version 1.1a:
Added star lists for each level, tidied up some more grammar.

Version 1.1:
Added a section on the Grand Finale Galaxy. Tidied up the prose.

Version 1.0:
Added a section about Rosalina's Storybook. Tidied up some prose and grammar.

Version 0.99:
All 120 stars have been covered! The Guide has been divided into 3 big parts.

Version 0.92:
Almost all the stars are covered, except those of one regular galaxy and two 
bonus galaxies.

Version 0.91:
Added the strategies for the stars in the Gold Leaf and Sea Slide galaxies, as 
well as the strategies for the Purple Comet Stars of the Good Egg, Honeyhive, 
Space Junk, Battlerock and Gold Leaf galaxies.

2. Basics

Super Mario Galaxy is played with the Wii Remote (held in the vertical 
direction) with the Nunchuck attachment.

Control stick
Moves Mario around. Tilt it slightly to walk, tilt it all the way to run.

Control pad
The control pad is used to control the camera. Press up to zoom in and down to 
zoom out. Press left and right to rotate the camera left and right 
respectively. Note that camera controls will not be available at all times.

A button
The A button is the jump button. As in his previous games, Mario can perform a 
higher double jump if you press the A button twice in a row. Mario can perform 
even a triple jump if you tap the A button three times in a row while running. 

In addition, you can swim with the A button. Tap the A button repeatedly while 
Mario is in water to swim using the breaststroke. Holding down the A button 
will make him paddle.

The A button also serves as the action button. Press A when near a friendly 
character to talk with him.

B button
The B button is used to fire Star Bits at enemies. Use the Wii Remote to move 
the pointer onscreen over your target and press the button to fire.

C button
Resets the camera so that it goes behind Mario.

Z button
Press the Z button to crouch. While crouching, Mario can do a backflip if you 
press the A button. In water, press Z to dive.

Wii Remote
Move the pointer around the screen by moving your Wii Remote while pointing it 
at the TV screen. Star bits can be collected by moving the pointer over them. 
Furthermore, the pointer is used as an aiming reticule to fire Star Bits at 
the enemy.

Shaking the Wii Remote makes Mario spin, which can be used as a melee attack 
or to extend the range of your jump. In addition, shaking the Wii Remote makes 
Mario climb up vines.

While playing the game, you will find several numbers displayed in the corners 
on the screen. The counter in the upper left corner shows the number of power 
stars you have collected. Mario's life meter is shown at the upper right. The 
life meter's capacity is limited to three in this game, but can be temporarily 
doubled if you collect a Red Mushroom.

The number of lives you have is shown at the lower left, while the number of 
coins and starbits collected in the current level is shown at the bottom right.

Starting a level
Super Mario Galaxy features a hub called the Comet Observatory. It's a mobile 
space station run by a mysterious woman named Rosalina. The Observatory is 
divided into many domes, more of which will become available as you collect 
Power Stars. Each dome provides an access point to a choice of galaxies. To 
enter a galaxy, point at the pull star inside a dome and hold the A button to 
suck Mario in. You will be shown a galaxy selection screen. Move the pointer 
over the Galaxy you want to enter and press A. Click the "Fly to this Galaxy" 

As Mario soars through space, you will be presented a scenario selection 
screen. Select the scenario you would like to tackle by moving the pointer 
over the corresponding star. Press A and Mario will arrive at the galaxy.

There are countless ways to jump in a Mario game. To do a double jump, press A 
twice in a row. A triple jump can be done by press the A button three times in 
a row while Mario is running. Meanwhile, a long jump is performed by running 
towards the target and pressing the Z and A buttons in quick succession.

To perform a backflip, press and hold Z, then press A. A side somersault can 
be performed by running in one direction, quickly jerking the control stick to 
the opposite direction and pressing A.

Wall jumps can be performed by jumping into a wall and pressing A as soon as 
Mario makes contact. If two parallel walls are present, Mario can quickly 
scale them if you press the A button whenever he comes in contact with a wall.

Whenever you are in the air, press Z to make Mario pound the ground beneath 
him. This is useful for pressing switches or breaking certain blocks.

When you are near a pole, jump towards it. Mario will grab it automatically. 
Use the control stick to make Mario climb up and down by tilting it in the 
desired direction. Pressing the A button enables Mario to jump off the pole.

Underwater, tap A rapidly to swim with the breaststroke. To swim in the slower 
freestyle, hold A. When you are at the surface of the water, press Z to dive 
down. Mario has limited air in this game. To replenish his air supply, swim 
into an air bubble or collect coins.

When you are on ice, shake the Wii Remote to make Mario skate. Skating allows 
for faster movement compared to running.

There are two melee attacks in Super Mario Galaxy: Spinning and stomping. 
Shake the Wii Remote when you are near an enemy to perform a spinning attack. 
Enemies defeated by spinning usually drop star bits.

Most enemies can be killed by stomping too (with the exception of spiky ones, 
for instance). Just jump on it and it's flat. You get coins from doing that.

Certain items can be picked up. To do so, either run into the item or shake 
the Wii Remote when you are near it. To throw the item, turn Mario so he faces 
the direction you want to throw it in and shake the Wii Remote again.

Coins are the healing items of Super Mario Galaxy. Collect one to refill your 
health by 1 point. Your game score is also determined by the number of coins 
you collect. Whenever you collect 50 coins, you gain an extra life. 100 coin 
stars no longer exist in this game, so there really isn't any incentive to 
collect coins unless you are badly hurt. When you are underwater, collecting 
coins restore a little of Mario's air supply.

Star bits:
Star bits serve as fodder for feeding hungry Lumas (the friendly star beings 
in the game). Once you've fed enough star bits to one, he will transform into 
various contraptions. Collecting 50 star bits gives you an extra life.

Green mushroom:
The green mushroom gives Mario an extra life.

Red mushroom:
The Super Mushroom is back. These mushrooms double your health meter, 
providing a total of 6 points of health. If Mario's health drops to 3, the 
extra health meter will be lost, so be careful.

Star chips:
They are the fragments of Pull Stars and Launch Stars. Collecting all 5 pieces 
will restore the specific star, allowing you to reach new places. Pull Star 
chips are blue in colour, while Launch Star chips are golden.

Super Mario Galaxy features a number of contraptions that bring Mario to 
different places. Launch stars are like springboards, only that they launch 
Mario between planets. To use a launch star, jump into one and shake your Wii 

Pull Stars act as stepping stones through space. To get to a pull star, move 
the pointer over one and hold the A button. Mario will be sucked into that 
star for the time being.

The cannon from Super Mario 64 is back. Climb inside and you'll see an aiming 
sight on the screen. Use the Wii Remote to aim at your desired destination and 
press A to fire.

Mario can float using Bubbles in this game. Jump into one and press A to blow 
it around. Press Z to exit the bubble. Be careful not to bump into anything 
while in the bubble or it will burst, setting you up for a fall.

This is one feature I like about Super Mario Galaxy. The old school power-ups 
are all back! 

Fire Mario
Red flowers transform Mario into Fire Mario for a short period of time, 
allowing him to throw fireballs by shaking the Wii Remote. It's a pity that 
the effect isn't permanent. Fireballs can be used to defeat most enemies.

Rainbow Mario
Grabbing a rainbow coloured star is equivalent to getting a Starman in the 2-D 
Mario games. Mario will become invincible for a short time and defeat all 
enemies he runs into!

Bee Mario
Some funny powers include Bee Mario, obtained by collecting a mushroom with 
brown and yellow stripes. As a bee, you can fly. Hold the A button to do so, 
using the control stick to steer. A fly meter will be displayed showing how 
much more energy you have to stay airborne.
In addition, you can stick to honey walls as a bee. Just fly over to the honey 
wall and Mario will automatically get a foothold, no matter what angle the 
wall is slanted at.

When you are in Bee form, avoid contact with water or bumping into enemies 
since that will make you lose your power.

Boo Mario
Hehe. Mario becomes a Boo with a red cap and a moustache. All you have to do 
is to collect a white mushroom with a grim expression on it. You can go 
through certain walls by shaking the Wii Remote when you are next to it. 
Tapping the A button will cause Mario to float upwards. Boos won't hurt you in 
this form, nor will other enemies! To revert to normal Mario, float into a 
light source.

Ice Mario
The blue flowers are now different from the red ones. Grabbing a blue flower 
turns Mario into ice. This allows him to run on the surface of water, creating 
an icy path on the way. This perk expires after a certain amount of time 

Spring Mario
Grab a grey mushroom to transform into a human spring! Mario will bounce along 
the place. Pressing the A button when he touches the ground to make him jump 
much higher than usual. Jumping into walls will allow Mario to perform a wall 
jump automatically.

Finding stars
Super Mario Galaxy features 120 stars, just like Super Mario 64. There are two 
types of galaxies in this game: Regular galaxies and bonus galaxies.

Star lists are provided for the regular galaxies, which usually have 6 stars, 
in which:
3 are collected by completing standard missions (Stars 1-3 on the list),
1 is collected by completing a special mission, available when a Prankster 
Comet is in orbit over the galaxy (Star 4),
1 is collected by completing a mission that requires you to collect 100 Purple 
Coins, available when a Purple Comet is in orbit over the galaxy (Star 5),
1 is hidden, found only by deviating from the normal route of any of the 3 
standard missions (Star 6).

Most bonus galaxies feature only 1 standard mission, hence they only have 1 
star to collect.

In addition, 2 of the regular galaxies and 1 of the bonus galaxies sport 1 
extra Green Star, taking their star totals to 7 and 2 respectively.

Finally, there are 7 Grand Stars in this game, collected by beating the first 
challenge you encounter at the start of the game, 5 standard enemy bases and 
the final fight with Bowser.

The game is very user friendly in the respect that it actually helps the 
player find the hidden stars. Once you've collected all 3 regular stars of a 
level, reenter it. On the mission selection screen, a speech bubble with a 
small shadow of a star will appear above one of the missions. This means that 
the star is hidden somewhere along the route of that mission. It's time to 
replay that mission and search carefully.

Note that some hidden stars cannot be obtained until you rescue Luigi from the 
Ghostly Galaxy. Once he's freed, Luigi will offer to look for those stars for 
you. Once you receive a letter from him telling you where he is, return to 
that galaxy and select the appropriate mission (marked by the same speech 

The special stars explained
Prankster comet star:
Every now and then, certain prankster comets will fly into orbit over certain 
galaxies. When one of those comets is in orbit, a new star will be up for 
grabs. You can check whether a comet is present by examining the "universe map" 
from the Luma standing next to Rosalina in the observatory. To unlock such 
comets, one must have collected at least 12 stars from the levels.

If no comets are currently in orbit over a galaxy despite the presence of a 
greyed out comet in the star tally, consider redoing the 3 regular missions of 
that galaxy to trigger the arrival of the comet.

Such stars are obtained by completing certain challenges that differ according 
to the type of comet. For instance, if you enter a galaxy while a Speedy Comet 
is in orbit, you will be asked to complete a given objective within a certain 
time limit.

Hidden star:
In addition, hidden stars are available in certain galaxies. They are often 
found by straying off the normal route of the mission you have selected. The 
best way to find them is by closely inspecting the galaxies for out-of-place 
or hard to reach contraptions or enemies. Hungry Lumas are also a sign that a 
hidden star is nearby.

Purple comet star:
Once you have beaten the game for the first time, Purple Comets will start to 
appear randomly over the regular galaxies. When you enter a galaxy while such 
comets are in orbit, you'll be presented with a new mission for an extra star: 
To collect the 100 Purple Coins in the level.

Star types
Through the guide, you will see a number of letters enclosed in brackets 
beside the titles of some of the missions. This implies that either a hidden 
star can be found by choosing that mission, or a harder version of that 
mission is available when a prankster comet is in orbit over the galaxy.

Here is the key to the notation.

(H) = Hidden star
(L) = Star discovered by Luigi
(S) = Speedy comet star
(C) = Cosmic comet star
(F) = Fast foe comet star
(D) = Daredevil comet star
(G) = Green star
(P) = Purple comet star (Available after you beat the game for the first time)

Comet stars are often marked by arrows and listed beneath the regular star 
with a similar strategy/area visited (for example, speed runs, daredevil runs 
of regular star missions etc). Hidden stars are always listed beneath the 
regular stars that should be selected in order to find it. (For example, if a 
hidden star can be found by deviating from the main path of the mission for 
the 2nd star, it will be listed beneath that star.)

3. Enemies 

Here's where I list out all the enemies that can be found in the game. Most 
enemies can be defeated by either: Spinning at them to stun them before you 
run into them, just plain stomping on them (in case you don't know, stomping 
means jumping on the enemy). The latter method is preferred since it is often 
the only way to make coins appear when the enemies are defeated. Coins count 
towards your score in this game, while star bits do not. Therefore, always try 
to get coins from enemies whenever possible. Some enemies can never be 
defeated: Avoid them at all costs.

Goombas are citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom that have gone bad. These brown 
mushroom men try to run into you upon seeing you. They can be defeated by 
jumping on top of them. You get a coin every time you stomp a Goomba.

Mini Goomba:
These are slightly smaller versions of Goombas. They behave the same way as 
regular Goombas, only that you can spin into them to get a coin, in addition 
to stomping them.

Goomba with helmet:
Some Goombas have decided to play it safe by wearing helmets, preventing you 
from stomping them directly. In this case, spin into them to flip them around. 
Jump onto their soft underbelly to flatten them! Just like most enemies in the 
game, doing so yields a coin.

These are Goombas dressed up for Halloween. They spit small blue flames which 
can burn Mario. The best way to kill these pumpkin mask wearing enemies is to 
ground pound them.

Piranha Plant:
The good old man-eating plants are back! Piranha Plants tend to wait for Mario 
to get close before lunging in for the bite. Unlike the previous Mario games, 
Piranha Plants can be stomped for a coin.

Giant Piranha Plant:
These are giant versions of the Piranha Plant. They attack by slamming their 
giant head down at you when you get close. Coax it into doing so before ground 
pounding them in the head!

Koopa Troopa (Green and red):
Koopa Troopas are the basic turtle troops of Bowser's army. The Koopas in this 
game have a very laid back attitude: They walk around casually with a long 
face and will not actively chase you around. Stomping one will cause him to 
hide in his shell, allowing you to pick it up and throw it at various things. 
If you ever happen to toss the Koopa into oblivion, another will appear to 
take his place. Remember that green shells fly straight on while red ones will 
home in onto their nearest target.

Blue Octopus:
Found in early levels, Blue Octopuses bounce around left and right and will 
try to headbutt you when you get close. Fortunately, they are no match for a 
simple stomp.

Red Octopus:
Red Octopuses fire rocks at Mario. These enemies are smart and will try to 
back up when you give chase. The trick to deal with these enemies is to stand 
close, wait till it has fired the rock before you jump onto them from the side.

Green Burrower: 
Every now and then, you'll see a trail of dust moving around the ground, in 
conjunction with some puffing sound. Run after the front of the trail and spin 
into it. After a few tries, you'll flush the Burrower out of the ground. Spin 
into it once more to defeat it, causing it to release 20 star bits.

These purple bugs just love to charge at you when you enter their line of 
sight. All of these bugs have a biological flaw: Their back has a giant "Pound 
me" symbol on it! Ground pound these bugs and you'll be rewarded with star 

Blue blob:
Blue blobs like to bounce onto Mario, where they slowly leech your health away. 
Repel these enemies with a spin to defeat them.

Clumsy bug:
I don't know what these small brown insects are up to, but they tend to try to 
fly away whenever they see you, only to fail miserably and fall on their backs! 
While the bug is lying on the ground, stomp it for a coin. If you are 
impatient, you can always stomp one pre-emptively to flip it over before 
finishing it off with another stomp.

Bullet Bill:
Bullet Bills are black missiles which are fired from cannons. They'll home in 
to Mario upon detecting him. These enemies explode upon contact, avoid at all 
costs. However, these missiles do have their uses. In many parts of the game, 
you'll find many useful objects encased in glass. You can hence lure the 
Bullet Bills into the glass casing to destroy it, giving you access to 
whatever's inside.

Torpedo Ted:
These are the underwater equivalents of the Bullet Bills. Torpedo Teds move 
much slower than Bullet Bills. In addition, you'll be warned of any 
approaching Torpedos by a whirring sound that increases in intensity the 
closer it gets. Torpedo Teds can also be used to break glass casings 
underwater if you take the effort to lure them around.

Yet another classic explosive in the Mario series, the Bob-omb is a walking 
bomb that automatically arms itself when detecting Mario. They can be picked 
up by spinning at them. Run near your target, take aim and swing the Wii 
Remote to throw it. Bob-ombs can be used to destroy glass casings as well as 
certain hard to crack enemies.

Chain Chomp Head:
The Chomps in this game are free of their shackles. As a result, they roll 
around the place and will hurt you if you bump into them. Chain Chomp Heads 
cannot be destroyed by any of Mario's attacks. What you should do is to either: 
Knock a green punching bag plant into them, throw a Bob-omb at them or just 
charge into them while you are invincible. These guys only drop star bits when 
they are destroyed.

Garbage Bug:
These giant insects hang around Space Junk Galaxy, where they block your path. 
They tend to jump in place, and quite high too. Wait until they've landed on 
the ground before stomping them.

Red Topman:
Topmen are a tribe of aliens which resemble spinning tops. They love to charge 
into Mario and knock him around, much like the Bullies in Super Mario 64. Red 
Topmen have spikes on their heads, making them impossible to stomp. What you 
should do is to knock them back by spinning at them. A Red Topman can be 
defeated by knocking him into an electric fence; He will leave a coin behind 
after he explodes.

Mini Topman:
These are smaller variants of Topmen, but they can still knock you around. 
They are so week that they can be destroyed by simply spinning into them.

Green Topman:
This variant of Topman is beneficial to Mario's cause. This is because jumping 
onto one will convert him into a springboard, allowing you to reach high 

Spiders are masters of surprise: They wait for you to get close before 
dropping down, hanging on a thread. These enemies can be killed by stomping 
them right after they drop down. However, this is much harder than just 
spinning into them twice (but it nets you a coin, rather than star bits).

Swoopers are bats that love to swoop down on you. It's easier to kill them by 
spinning than stomping, but only the latter method yields coins. If you want 
the coin, coax the bat to swoop down, dodge it and quickly stomp it before it 
can fly back up again.

Ice Swooper:
Found in Freezeflame Galaxy, Ice Swoopers behave like Swoopers, only that they 
are so cold that they freeze you upon contact. The only way to kill these 
enemies is by throwing fireballs at them (as Fire Mario).

Boos are ghosts which thrive on fear. Face them, they'll stay still and cover 
their faces, turn away and they'll give chase! The Boos in this game can only 
be defeated by luring them into the light. Keep your back turned to the Boo 
and run through a light source. The Boo will run into the light and be 
instantly vaporised, leaving a coin behind.

Urchin (Blue and red):
A mere annoyance, Urchins will try their best to roll into you. Avoid them at 
all costs. If you have a Fire Flower handy, you can roast them instantly with 
fireballs! This yields star bits only though.

Coal (Blue and red):
These airborne lumps of coal can be either freezing cold or burning hot. They 
try to ram you, causing Mario to either freeze like hell or run around in 
flames. You must first neutralise them by spinning at them. The coal will lose 
its powers and fall to the ground, where it helplessly bounces about. At this 
point, you should quickly run into it to smash it into pieces. If the coal 
falls into lava or icy water, it will regain its powers. A lump of Coal drops 
a coin upon defeat.

Clockwork Toy:
I don't know what kind of toy these are, but they resemble walking green toy 
cars with eyes. Clockwork Toys attack by breathing fire, but you can always 
tell when they are winding up for the attack. A single ground pound is enough 
to smash one to pieces and get the coin it is holding.

Bloopers are white squids which swoop around underwater. They can be defeated 
by spinning at them.

Jellyfish love to stay still underwater, and will not actively go after you. 
Just like the Bloopers, they can be defeated by spinning into them.

Remember Super Mario Sunshine? Puffies are green plant balls with a flower on 
their heads. They love to pop out the ground in an attempt to ambush you. But 
still, they are slow and easy to stomp.

Pokeys are towering cacti each with 3 lower body segments and a head. You 
should always cut them down to size by jumping up and spinning several of the 
lower segments away. When only the head remains, stomp it before the segments 
grow back.

Bomber Chicken:
Found in Dusty Dune Galaxy, Bomber Chicken fly around and drop bombs on you. 
Since they are usually hovering high above the ground, your best bet will be 
to jump up and spin them away.

Wrench Throwing Mole:
In certain levels, you'll find Moles popping out of steel hatches on the 
ground which throw wrenches at you. If you get close to them, they'll just 
duck into their hatch, the cowards. There is a way to outsmart them, however. 
Stand at a distance, wait for the Mole to pop out and fire a star bit at him. 
The Mole will be stunned, allowing you to get close and stomp him flat.

Monty Mole:
Monty Moles burrow underground, leaving a trail of dug up ground behind them. 
Run after the Mole and pound the ground near him to flush him out. While he's 
stunned, spin into him to defeat him.

Crab (Red and green):
Crabs are extremely defensive in this game. They'll try their best to stop you 
from getting at their soft behinds. Spin into a crab to stun it, then run 
around it and spin into its bum to defeat it. Red Crabs drop star bits while 
Green Crabs drop Green Mushrooms.

Cheep Cheep:
It's been a long time, but these red bouncing fish are back. Cheep Cheeps 
bounce so high, making them hard to stomp. Instead, just jump in their 
direction and spin at them.

Magikoopas are blue cloaked turtle magicians that fire spells at you from 
their wands. They teleport around the place, but you can anticipate where 
they'll appear next by following the golden trail that moves around in the air. 
Once the Magikoopa has reappeared, spin into him before he can cast another 
spell at you.

Dry Bone:
Dry Bones are skeletal versions of Koopa Troopas and are much meaner than 
previous incarnations in the Mario series. Dry Bones chase after Mario and 
move quite fast. Stomping them will only shatter them temporarily. Since there 
is no Cape Feather in this game, the only way to destroy these enemies for 
good is by picking up a Rainbow Star and running into them while you are 

Another staple enemy of the Mario series, Thwomps are large slabs of stone 
which love to brutally (look at his facial expression!) slam down at you. 
There is no time to be reckless when facing Thwomps: You'll die instantly if 
you get squashed by one! As soon as the Thwomp rises up from the ground, run 
underneath him quickly.

|                            II. THE GAME ITSELF                             |
Now, here's the guide to the game itself. Start the game and press the A and B 
buttons simultaneously on the title screen. You'll come to a file selection 
screen. Select an empty planet to create a new file. You can make the "planet" 
look like one of the in-game characters or a Mii you have created.

4. Celebration interrupted

You are told the story about the Stardust Festival. Afterwards, you'll be 
shown the invitation from Peach. 

Dear Mario, 
I'll be waiting for you at the castle on the night of the Star Festival. 
There's something I'd like to give you.
From Peach

It looks like everyone's celebrating happily in downtown Mushroom Kingdom. 
Move Mario through the town towards the castle, collecting any star bits that 
you come across. Feel free to talk to any toads That you run into, but for 
some reason, no Toadettes are present.

As you reach the large square, explosions rock the town. Toads hit by the 
cannon are crystallized. Looks like Bowser's at it again! His fleet of 
airships head for Princess Peach's castle, where the princess is shown hugging 
a grey star creature in her hand. Bowser stops his ship in front of the castle 
balcony. "Princess Peach!" He yells in incomprehensible Koopa-speak, "I 
formally invite you to the creation of my new galaxy! Gwahahaha! The festival 
is over!" 

Bowser casts a spell, revealing a giant flying saucer. And at this point, all 
Peach could do is to stare at it with fear! We now come back to Mario. Run up 
the hill to Peach's castle, if you are not sure where it is, a Toad will show 
you the way as you run around the square. You hear Peach yelling "Help me!" 
repeatedly. Hurry!

However, you are too late. The flying saucer fires 3 beams at the land around 
the castle, disconnecting it from the earth. The saucer literally uproots the 
castle to the sky. What does Peach have to say about it? "Mario!" She cries. 
As Mario is trying to come into terms with what is going on, a Magikoopa 
appears in front of him. He taunts Mario in Koopa-speak, "So long! Have a nice 
flight!" He fires a spell at Mario, sending him flying out to space! Is this 
the end of our hero? Peach cries again, "Mario!"

Gateway Galaxy
Mario wakes up in a field of daisies. He is on a little planet out in space, 
just like those in the Little Prince. A star creature finds Mario, turns into 
a rabbit and says, "Finally, you're awake! Let's play!" Run after the rabbit 
and he will lead you to two others. They want to play hide and seek, it seems. 
If you catch them all, they will tell you where you are.

Your mission is to find 3 rabbits on this planet and catch them. Running into 
one will be enough to catch one. Start by running to that large black crater 
on the planet. A rabbit will pop up. Run after him and catch him. He will turn 
back into a star creature. He mutters, "If I've hidden in the pipe."

That's where you'll be looking. Jump into a pipe. When you pop out on the 
other side, you will find a second rabbit. Catch him and he will talk about 
hiding in the grass. Search the grass. See the glimmering bush? Run into it 
and the rabbit will pop out. Catch him as well and he will revert into a star 

The star creature tells you that you might be able to help their Mama. A 
podium appears on this planet. Go up to the top and talk to the lady in the 
green dress. She tells you that you are in the gateway to the starry sky.

She introduces herself as Rosalina. Her job is to watch over and protect the 
cosmos. Rosalina tells Mario that he needs power to travel through space to 
save Peach. Rosalina waves her wand, revealing another of those star creatures. 
It's a Luma, he will accompany you for the rest of the way. Mario can now spin!

Rosalina tells you that someone's stolen the Grand Stars and wishes you luck 
in your journey. She disappears. You are now left to play. Spin when you are 
next to that giant crystal on the podium. It will break, revealing a Launch 
Star. Use it to fire Mario to a nearby planet to continue his way.

The music now changes to a battle theme. You are to go through an obstacle 
course for the first grand star. A Luma on the planet tells you that a Launch 
Star has been smashed into 5 pieces. Walk around the surface of the planet 
you're on to collect them all. Do so, avoid the holes on the planet so as not 
to fall into the black hole. If you do, Mario will be sucked into a 
singularity where his body is stretched to an infinite length! In short, you 
will lose a life.

Just smash all the crystals on the planet to get the coins, green mushroom and 
the star chips. When you have all 5 of them, a launch star will appear. Use it 
to reach the next planet. You land on a metallic orb. A Luma is trapped inside 
a glass case. Kill the largest Goomba for the key. When the Luma is freed, he 
tells you of his buddy trapped on a nearby planet.

The Luma transforms into a Sling Star. Sling to the next satellite. On this 
planet, kill the giant Goomba to get the key. The Luma is freed and shows you 
a pipe under him. Enter the pipe. Inside this satellite, you will be informed 
that the enemy is using the Grand Star to power a machine and you have to turn 
it off to retrieve the star.

To do so, run around the inside of the satellite, avoiding the moving 
electrical fences and step on all the switch blocks you find. Make sure they 
are all blue. In addition to the 12 switches surrounding the Grand Star, 4 
more are at the outer perimeter, guarded by moving electrical walls. When all 
the switches are blue, the machine will be deactivated. The Grand Star is 
yours for the taking. You can take the star now or kill the rest of the 
Goombas if you like.

Mario grabs the star. A music theme similar that to "Captain Mario" is played! 
How touching, heh. The Grand Star sends Mario to a blacked out space station. 
Upon arrival, the Grand Star flies into the power beacon. Thanks to the star's 
energy, parts of the station are lit up. Mario meets Rosalina again. She tells 
him that he is at her home, the Comet Observatory. 

The Comet Observatory is a mobile space station that passes near Mario's 
planet once every 100 years. However, this year, some unidentified force 
managed to suck away all their stars and star bits, rendering the station 

Rosalina reveals that some evil force (the Koopas) has learnt to utilize the 
stars' power to travel through the universe. However, thanks to Mario's 
recovery of a Grand Star, parts of the observatory, known as domes, regained 
power. The only dome with power at this point is the terrace. 

In each dome are projectors that show images of different galaxies. Those 
projectors act as portals to the galaxies. Now that a galaxy is revealed, 
Mario can enter it to recover the stars there. As more stars are collected, 
more galaxies are revealed for Mario to explore. As more galaxies are revealed, 
the closer you can get to Bowser and his minions!

Once you have control of Mario, enter the terrace. There is a pull star inside. 
Grab into it and you will be shown the galaxies that are available for play. 
It's the Good Egg Galaxy. Fly to it now!

5. Exploring the terrace

The terrace features 3 regular galaxies and 3 bonus galaxies. The star 
requirements of the regular galaxies are as follows:

Good Egg Galaxy: 1 star
Honeyhive Galaxy: 3 stars
Bowser Junior's Robot Reactor: 8 stars

Good Egg Galaxy
This galaxy is named after all the egg shaped planets. In fact, one of them is 
shaped like a Yoshi Egg!

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Dino Piranha
--> 4. Dino Piranha Speed Run (S)
--> 6. Luigi on the Roof (L)
2. A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
3. King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
5. Purple Coin Omelette (P)

Dino Piranha (S,L)
Mario lands on the starting planet. Take out the 2 Blue Octopuses. Run around 
the lawn to collect any star bits that pop out. When you're done, follow the 
path to your left (the brown one). You will walk onto the underside of this 
planet. See the star bits? Jump off the path for now and collect as many as 
possible. More can be found in the Question Block. When you are done, get back 
onto the path and follow it until you reach a Luma. He will transform into a 
Launch Star. Use it to propel Mario to a peanut shaped planet.

Some star chips are scattered around the place. Collect them while avoiding 
the boulders. A launch star appears. Use it to get to the next planet. There 
is a Piranha Plant. Kill it and a vine will grow. Go onto the underside of the 
planet and collect the Question Coin. A number of star bits will appear on the 
vine. Go over and climb it to the next planet.

You are on another holed planet. Follow the path while avoiding the boulders 
and holes. A number of fat green plants are found on this planet. Spin near 
them to knock them into incoming boulders, much like a punching bag. The 
boulder will break, revealing many star bits. You will find a purple Piranha 
Plant at the end of the obstacle course. Use the fat "punching bag plants" to 
defeat it and another vine will sprout. Climb to the next planet.

On this new planet, follow the burrowing enemy in the earth and spin it out. 
Kill it for more star bits. Head to the main side of the planet and you will 
find a series of stone steps guarded by blue headbutting enemies. Make your 
way to the top and break the crystal, revealing a launch star. As you fly 
through space, collect the star bits that fly around you.

Mario crashes into an egg which starts to move. Before you engage whatever's 
inside, let's collect all the star bits trapped inside the crystals. When 
you're done, spin at the large brown orb at the tip of the creature's tail. 
The brown sphere stretches out and smashes into the egg, revealing the Dino 
Piranha inside! 

It's time to fight! To beat him, run behind him and spin at the brown sphere 3 
times. The more times you hit him, the angrier he becomes! If you happen to be 
hurt, look for seedlings on the ground. Fire a Star Bit at it and a coin will 
pop out. Once you have hit the Dino 3 times, he will make one last screen and 
drop dead, revealing a Power Star.

When a Speedy Comet is in orbit above this Galaxy, you will be asked to 
complete the Dino Piranha objective in only 4 minutes. Hurry up and get the 
star! A typical player should be able to complete the level with a little more 
than 1 minute remaining on the timer.

When you receive a letter from Luigi with a picture of him standing on the 
roof of a house, head back to the Good Egg Galaxy and select this star, which 
is now marked with a question mark. As soon as you arrive, perform a running 
triple jump at the house in front of you to get onto the roof (Use an extra 
spin if you barely miss it). Talk to Luigi, it seems he doesn't know the way 
down from the roof! Don't you know you can just jump? Idiot. Anyway, he gives 
you a power star he's found so a join celebration begins!

A snack of cosmic proportions
As the title of the star suggests, your objective is to find a hungry Luma and 
feed him. At the starting planet, do your usual star bit collecting. You will 
find a blue Luma on the underside of the planet, talk to him and he will tell 
you about a hungry friend up ahead. He transforms into a pull star. Use him as 
a stepping stone along with the other pull stars to reach a launch star. Fire 

On the grassy planet that follows, kill the spiky plants with the punching bag 
plants to get their star bits. Find the launch star and use it. As you soar 
through space, ignore the launch star on the way and you will be on a red 
planet with boulders on it. Collect as many star bits as possible (some are 
inside a crystal, others are above a sling star), find the launch star and 
move on.

You are now on a planet that resembles a Yoshi Egg! A hungry Luma is waiting. 
He wants 100 Star Bits. Aim at him and hold B to fire. If you don't have 
enough star bits, go back to previous areas with the Launch Star to search for 
more. Once he's well fed, the Luma will transform into a new planet! I wonder 
how does THAT work.

Use the new pink Launch Star to get to that planet. Make your way to the top. 
Note the Green Mushroom on one level. It's guarded by 3 spiky plants which are 
easily dealt with by the fat punching bag plant. Use the Launch Star when you 
reach the summit of the planet and you will be sent into some giant 
transparent container with an interesting platforming sequence inside. Feel 
free to kill the Goombas for coins and star bits as you like. The entrance is 
covered by a crystal. Jump inside.

You will notice that gravity works in a special way inside the container. In 
fact, you will always be sucked in the direction of the arrows. The gravity 
points downwards in blue areas and upwards in red areas. Move right from where 
you are. You will eventually be sucked upwards by the inverted gravity. 
Continue right while upside down and collect the star bits on the way.

You reach an area in which the top part is red and the bottom part is blue. 
You are to get to the other side of the area while remaining upside down. 
There are two downward moving pillars which attempt to push you into the blue 
zone, the starting area. As soon as they are both up, run to the right. At the 
end of the area, jump right and allow yourself to be sucked up.

At this point, you can either go right to collect the Green Mushroom (watch 
out for the pillar) or go left for the launch star. Walk along the blue path 
and then jump into the red zone at the end so to be sucked up to the top of 
the container. There is a Launch Star waiting. Use it to reach a giant star 
shaped platform.

There are 5 blue star chips scattered on both sides of the platform. Find them 
and 5 Pull Stars will appear. Pull into one and go towards another one on the 
opposite side of the platform. After some trial and error, you can manoeuvre 
Mario into the Power Star.

King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
Get onto the underside of the starting island and enter the orange pipe. You 
will be in the centre of the planet. Run up the green wall with the ramp 
provided, and then run to the left with the ramp there. See the Question Coin? 
Take it and a trail of music notes appears. Follow the trail to an orange pipe. 
Before you jump in, get the Green Mushroom that has appeared. A launch star is 
waiting for you at the other end of the pipe. Use it to reach a tropical beach 

This planet has many spiky plants and coconuts. Kick coconuts at the plants to 
kill them. One should reveal a Sling Star. Before you use it, go over to the 
palm tree and perform a backward somersault. Once the cache of star bits is 
visible, fire one at it and they will break open for easy collection.

Sling to the next tropical planet. Your target is the Pokey. Kick a coconut at 
him to drop his head on the ground. Spin at his head to kill him and release 
another launch star. Use it to reach a small brown planet with chain chomp 
heads rolling on its surface. Enter the green pipe, take the Question Coin and 
Mario will turn into Rainbow Mario. With the invincibility, head back out and 
destroy the two chain chomp heads. With the star bits in hand, sling to the 
next planet.

The underside of the planet is guarded by electrical fences. Make your way 
through the gaps and get onto the top side. This side of the planet is heavily 
defended by Bullet Bill emplacements. The Launch Star is at the top of the 
cannon array. Break open the crystal and you will be sent to the battle fleet. 

On the first ship, free the Toad if you like. Head to the edge of the ship 
facing the next ship and two cannons will pop up. The cannons fire red 
cannonballs and green cannonballs. Green shells can be knocked back at the 
cannons by spinning at them. When the two cannons are destroyed by the green 
cannonballs, a bridge is lowered, allowing you to reach the 2nd ship. One of 
the crates on the second ship holds a Red Mushroom. Use it to double Mario's 
life meter. After that, go up to the steering wheel of the ship and launch 
onto the underside of King Kaliente's satellite.

Get onto the upper side of the satellite to fight this king octopus. Kaliente 
fires green and red cannonballs. Knock the green ones back at him. After you 
have hit him once, he will attempt to block the cannonballs. In that case, you 
will have to knock them back repeatedly until he is hit. When he is hit twice, 
the King will be enraged and intermittently send blue fireballs after you. I'm 
sure you can easily avoid them. If you are badly hurt, there are always yellow 
lights on the ground. Fire a star bit at them to free coins inside. Once you 
have hit him three times, the King will sink into the lava pool, releasing the 
star. Be sure to get the star bits inside the crystals before you leave with 
the star.

Purple Coin Omelette (P)
You will gain access to purple comets once you have defeated Bowser for the 
first time. You get to tackle this challenge whenever a purple star is in 
orbit above the galaxy. The objective is to simply collect 100 purple coins. 
This is star is quite a no brainer. Just go from planet to planet using Launch 
Stars, collecting all the purple coins you find in the way. Be sure to use all 
the Launch Stars that appear while flying through space, since those lead to 
more purple coins. Notice that you are travelling in a circular path that 
eventually leads back to the starting planet. The power star appears there 
once you have collected them all.

Honeyhive Galaxy
Once you have 3 stars, you will have access to this giant beehive in space!

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Bee Mario takes flight
--> 6. Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom (L)
2. Trouble on the tower
3. Big Bad Bugaboom
4. Honeyhive Cosmic Mario race (C)
5. The Honeyhive's Purple Coins (P)

Bee Mario Takes Flight (L)
At the start of the level, go left and jump over the railings. There is a 
Green Mushroom. Afterwards, go right and follow the path. You will come to a 
fountain. Kill the Clumsy Bugs, grab the star bits and take the Question Coin. 
A brown and yellow striped mushroom appears on the left path you've just 
skipped. Jump down there and take the mushroom. You'll transform into Bee 

Hungry for more star bits? As you may notice, there is a gap in the wall to 
the right of the first fork. Jump up to get to the other side. Follow the path 
and wall jump up the parallel walls. You are now on a hill guarded by several 
Piranha Plants. Kill them all and enter the pipe. 

With this newfound power, fly up onto the ledge above. Avoid contact with 
water at all costs so as not to lose your power. Fly up into the cave, go to 
the other side and drop down the hole. You'll come to a new path. Move along, 
collecting the coins on the floating flowers. There is a Launch Star at the 
end of the path. Use it to reach another planet with a giant pool of water on 
it. Jump from lotus to lotus to reach dry land. Look for a dandelion on the 
grass. Jump at it and shake the Wii Remote. Mario will propel himself high up. 
Fly onto one of those floating flowers. Fly from flower to flower, avoiding 
the water jets. You will find another Launch Star at the top. Use this to 
whizz all the way to the Queen Bee's castle.

You will come to a honey wall. Fly up into the wall to latch onto it. Now, you 
can move Mario up the wall with just the control stick. Make your way up, 
flying from wall to wall. If you are hungry for coins, there is a Question 
Coin to the upper right side of the wall. Pick it up and a trail of coins will 
appear that lead up to the Queen's terrace.

See the Piranha Plant on the ledge to the left? Kill him and a vine will 
sprout. Climb up the vine to reach a high leaf facing the Queen. The Queen Bee 
says hi to you. She asks you if you were a physician, as she has some dreadful 
itch caused by the star chips on her body. Fly onto her body and walk around 
to get the star chips. When you have them all, she thanks you and another 
Launch Star appears behind her. Get down to the terrace and collect all the 
goodies there. When you are done, get into the Launch Star.

You arrive on a treetop high above the level. A team of toads are waiting for 
you. Apparently they managed to escape the castle, but got lost. One toad has 
found a Power Star. He gladly gives it to you.

Back in the observatory:
The team of toads have arrived. Rosalina asks you to talk to them. They will 
show you a spaceship under construction. In fact, from now on, Toads will 
appear and assist you throughout the game. Break the crate by the ship for a 
Green Mushroom and head on your way.

Eventually, Luigi will send a letter to you, telling you that he's stuck on a 
tree in the Honeyhive Galaxy. The picture shows him grabbing onto the tree 
with the fountain in the background. Head back to this galaxy and choose the 
"Bee Mario Takes Flight" star. Get the Bee Mario power up and fly into the 
cave. Turn around, facing the waterfall and look up. See Luigi on the tree up 
there? In fact, you are so close, yet so far away! You have to complete the 
entire course and reach the tree top where the entourage of Toads are. Once 
there, jump down the tree. As you descend, guide Mario to a plateau with a 
tree stump on it. Land there and you will find Luigi grabbing onto a tree. 
Jump up and spin at him several times to knock him down. Luigi explains that 
he was merely hiding from a giant insect! He gives you the star, what a wimp.

Trouble on the Tower
It seems that a number of rocks have fallen from the sky. The rocks can be 
ground pounded for star bits. Run up the path and pound the rocks. The second 
one you see will reveal a vine when you destroy it. Climb it and Mario will 
jump over to another vein to reach an enclosed area to the left. Run around 
the lawn and break a boulder for more star bits. The Question Block can be 
reached by breaking the boulder beneath it, revealing a springboard.

Once you have collected all the Star bits, get into the Sling Star and sling 
up to the tower above. There is a Wiggler guarding a switch. Spin into him, 
knock him upside down and stomp. There we go. Stomp the switch and a bridge 
appears, cross it. There is a series of steps on the wall. Stomp the switch to 
lower them, providing enough clearance for Mario to jump up. There is a part 
of the wall where you have to wall jump up there.

At the top, follow the path, jump into those yellow plants for more star bits. 
See the parallel wooden walls? Wall jump up to reach a Launch Star. Blast off! 
You find yourself on a planet that looks like a twisted pepper pot. Kill the 
Piranha Plants on it and go to its base. On its base, jump and you'll 
automatically be pulled towards the next "pepper pot". This pepper pot is 
guarded by Wigglers. Continue towards the base and use the Sling Star.

You come to a floating tower with a hole in the middle. Before you jump down 
the hole, grab the Question Coin and a Rainbow Star will appear. Take it and 
kill all the enemies on the tower for their star bits. Now, jump down the hole, 
collecting all the star bits as you fall. You are now at the entrance of the 
bees' observation deck. Looks like some Mandibugs have taken over!

Go left, jump over the gap and ignore the swing vine. See the chequered 
platform below? Jump down there, kill the Mandibug by ground pounding his back 
and take the Red Mushroom. With your life meter doubled, use the spring board 
to the left to head back up. To the left are a pair of parallel vertical walls. 
Wall jump up to the ledge above. Kill the Mandibug and stomp the switch. The 
windmill to the right will start to move. Jump onto a ledge on a fan blade and 
make your way up, collecting the star bits you see.

It seems a giant Mandibug and his son are guarding the top of the tower. 
Ground pound the smaller bug on the father's back to take him out. His daddy 
is enraged that you've killed his kid! However, he's just as easily ground 
pounded. When he's flattened, go get his Power Star.

Big Bad Bugaboom
As you may notice, the music has changed to a much more chaotic tone. The 
Mandibugs are invading the kingdom! Run up the path, killing any Mandibugs 
that get in the way and turn right at the first fork. See the big arrow sign? 
Jump onto the block in the middle of the fountain and a bubble will send you 
to the tower area to the left. Instead of a Wiggler, you'll see a Mandibug. 
Kill him and get the Red Mushroom. Slide down the pole to the left and look 
for a Bee Mario power up.

Now that you are Bee Mario, climb back up the pole and go right. Fly into the 
cave. It's now guarded by three Mandibugs. Feel free to kill them or avoid 
them as you please. Go see the queen. She tells you that their neighbours are 
causing trouble again. A Launch Star appears in front of her. Blast off!

You'll come to an island with several coins and a dandelion. Grab the coins 
and use the dandelion to swing onto the tree island in front of you. Once you 
have landed, the resident Mandibug leader will get angry at you. He charges 
around the place. For some reason, he has a giant "stomp me" sign on his back! 
So, fly above him and pound down on him when he's directly beneath you! When 
you have stomped him, he will sprout wings and take flight, dropping bombs 
over the place. Fly up, hover over his path and ground pound when he's 
directly beneath you. At this point, he is enraged and flies even faster! 
Pound him again and he will be knocked out, releasing the power star. Before 
getting the star, feel free to check the outer edge of this island for a 
branch sticking outwards. There is a Green Mushroom on it.

Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race (C)
When a Cosmic Comet is in orbit in this Galaxy, you will be required to race a 
"cosmic" version of yourself to the Power Star. The route is very similar to 
that of "Bee Mario Takes Flight", only that blocks have been placed along the 
way so you can jump up in several areas that normally require the Bee Mario 
power-up. The trickiest part is the end. Avoid the honey at all costs, since 
it only serves to slow you down.

The Honeyhive's Purple Coins (P)
The purple comet star of the Honeyhive Galaxy requires much more exploring 
than that of the Good Egg Galaxy. First, turn around at the start and collect 
the single Purple Coin behind the fence. Collect the other 10 coins that are 
in plain sight. Run up the path and collect the Purple Coin in the air near 
the edge.

At the first fork, go right and jump onto the ledge between the two high walls 
to the right marked by the Purple Coin. Jump down the other side, follow the 
path and wall jump up the parallel walls to the right to the plateau above, 
collecting all the Purple Coins you see. Next, sweep up the Purple Coins in 
the fountain area, including the one in the air to the right of the swing vine.

Get back to the fork and follow the path to the left. Wall jump up the ledge 
with the waterfall, get all Purple Coins and enter the pipe. You are in the 
area with the sticky honey on the ground. Follow the honey path, collecting 
all the Purple Coins and get the Green Mushroom at the dead end. Backtrack to 
your entry point and jump down to the pipe below to return to the fountain 

Pound the boulder at the fork to sprout a vine. Climb it to reach the enclosed 
area to the left. Use the springboard to the left to jump onto the brown solid 
block above-There's a single purple point above the block. Sweep up any other 
Purple Coins in this area and sling Mario to the ledge above. Before you pound 
the red switch, search the plateau for more purple coins. Watch out for one 
behind the tree and three at the end of a narrow cliff.

Pound the red switch to form a bridge. Cross it and pound the brown switch to 
lower the wall sections, revealing a set of steps you can jump up. Make your 
way to the peak, getting the Purple Coins on the way. At the top, run up the 
path and get the single Purple Coin on the wall to the left. You'll see some 
brown blocks below. Drop down and collect the Purple Coins there. You are now 
in the area behind the lowered gate. Collect the 3 Purple Coins by the gate 
and drop down the hole, collecting the Purple Coins on the slide. Use the pipe 
and get back to the fountain area. 

Make your way back to the peak. Grab all the coins you can find in the area 
(there are 3 at the parallel walls, another one on the wall to the left). Jump 
onto the plateau to the right and run around. There is a line of 3 Purple 
Coins. Grab them and walk off the cliff beyond them. You land on a ledge below. 
Move right and collect all the Purple Coins. You will reach a plateau with a 
fountain. Collect all the Purple Coins there too.

You should have 97 Purple Coins at this point. Head back to the start of the 
level and jump up the slope to get the last three (or climb the nearby vine to 
the enclosed area above and slide down from there.). The star appears at the 
start of the level. This is one hell of a collectathon!

Flipswitch Galaxy
You call this a galaxy? Looks more like an enclosed platforming space to me! 
Just look at all the classic Mario pictures! Anyway, this galaxy is the upper 
Question Block in the selection screen.

Painting the Planet Yellow
This planet is simply an array of flipswitches. Your objective is to complete 
a path around the planet, turning all the tiles yellow. Start by turning left 
from your starting block, going over to the left side. Run through this side 
in a clockwise direction, using the red moving platform to boost you over the 
gap. Once you have painted every single square yellow, go back onto the top 
side of this "planet" and run through it in a clockwise direction, avoiding 
any squares that are already yellow. Watch out for the moving electric fences 
and the shockwave generator. You can stun the generator momentarily by jumping 
on it. 

If you do it right, you will be on the bottom right square on this top side. 
Run over to the right side of the planet. Go all the way to the bottom right, 
ignoring the moving platform for now. The final square can be reached by 
jumping onto the platform from the bottom right. Once all squares have turned 
yellow, the planet turns green and all the contraptions stop working. A power 
star appears above the deactivated shockwave generator. Jump on the generator 
(it now acts as a springboard) and bounce up to the star!

Loopdeeloop Galaxy
This is the lower Question Block galaxy in this particular system. It consists 
of a giant twisting stream of water floating in the middle of space!

Surfing 101
You are in penguin paradise. Jump up the steps to talk to the giant black 
penguin. He will give you a brief tutorial on the ray surfing controls. You 
have to persistently perform the instructed actions to go through this scene. 
First, point the Wii Remote to the screen until the confirmation appears on 
the bottom right. Then tilt it to the left until a giant tick appears, then 
tilt it to the right.

Now, you can go on your way. The A button acts as the accelerator while the 
Wii Remote acts as the steering wheel. Tilt it in the direction you would like 
to turn! However, this is easier said than done because the controls are 
extremely sensitive! Practise through the initial stretch of water, collecting 
the long line of coins on the way and head to the course itself.

Your objective is to surf through this twisted course without falling off. 
Although the best time is 1 minute 30 seconds, don't try to break the record. 
Instead, focus on getting through the stage. It's quite difficult, I say, but 
you will eventually make it through. Once you have completed the course, the 
big penguin will award you with a gold medal, a Power Star!

Sweet Sweet Galaxy
After collecting 7 stars, a Hungry Luma will appear outside the dome. Talk to 
him and he will ask for 400 star bits. Feed him the amount and he will 
transform... into a new galaxy! Use the provided Launch Star to get to this 
Sweet Sweet Galaxy!

Rocky Road
Ah, a lovely candy themed world with lovely "sky world" music from Super Mario 
Bros. 3! Your objective is to make your way through this conveyor belt style 
path, avoiding the holes on the way. At first, you will be running against the 
flow of the belt. You should be fine as long as you don't jump excessively. 
The only times you have to jump are to go over the electric fences.

Turn around the corner. You will come to the next path, where the conveyor 
belts shift left and right. This is much more easily dealt with. Jumping is 
not needed at all, but don't get forced into the electric fences on the sides. 
The next path also features a left and right shifting path, only this time 
it's curvy in nature. There is a Green Mushroom on the path if you need one.

Eventually, the star will be in sight. You have to run against the flow of the 
belt to get it. This is made harder as parts of the path consist of floating 
platforms, so jumping is absolutely necessary. Once you reach the double 
electric fences blocking the way, you should jump in place on the floating 
pink platforms until you see a solid path is in front of you. Jump fast over 
the fence or you will have to wait again. Once you've done so, the rest of the 
way is easy. Some toads are waiting for you by the star. Now that they are 
there, why haven't they grabbed it on your behalf?

Bowser Junior's Robot Reactor
This is the first enemy base you will find in the game. It looks like Bowser's 
son has taken over a moon with a giant long legged robot!

Megaleg's Moon
You start on an artificial satellite riddled with holes. Be careful not to 
fall in. There are also a number of items encased in glass: a Green Mushroom, 
3 coins and a Launch Star. To break the glass, go over to the Bullet Bill 
cannon and let a bullet come after you. Lure it over to the glass casing and 
run behind it. The bullet will blow up the glass, providing access to the 
goodies inside!

Launch over to the next satellite. Bowser Jr. is expecting you; He sends his 
robot Megaleg after you! Run around the satellite and wait for one of his legs 
to come down in front of you. Jump onto his leg and run up the robot, 
following the arrows. Avoid the bullet bills protecting the robot. As you get 
onto Megaleg's head, you will find his grand star encased in glass, which in 
turn is protected by a metal cage. Run in front of the Bullet Bill cannons 
below and lure a bullet over to the cage. Boom! The cage is destroyed, the 
star is vulnerable!

An alarm sounds and more Bullet Bill cannons come out beneath you. Some chain 
link fences rise up around the star casing. You now have to run beneath one of 
those new cannons and lure a Bullet Bill into the fence, creating a gap that 
lasts a short time. You then have to lure yet another Bullet Bill through the 
gap you made and blow up the glass casing protecting the Grand Star. You 
should be able to succeed after a few tries, exposing the Grand Star. Megaleg 
begins to disintegrate and explodes into hundreds of pieces. The Grand Star is 

Back in the observatory:
Mario sends the Grand Star into the beacon. Now, it radiates a yellow light. A 
new dome, the fountain is powered up. You can go there now. Run on to the pad 
with the water jet and Mario should be sent up to the fountain along the way. 
More galaxies for you!

6. Splashing about the fountain

As in the terrace, the fountain gives access to 2 regular galaxies, 3 single 
star bonus galaxies and an enemy base. The star requirements for the regular 
galaxies are as follows:

Space Junk Galaxy: 9 stars
Battlerock Galaxy: 12 stars
Bowser's Star Reactor: 15 stars

Space Junk Galaxy
Heh, Super Mario Galaxy is making fun of the concept of space trash! This 
galaxy features a very soothing piano theme that can be used for slow dancing. 
Pffftt... Imagine dancing in a junkyard.

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Pull star path
--> 4. Pull star path speed run (S)
2. Kamella's airship attack
3. Tarantox's tangled web
--> 6. Yoshi's unexpected appearance (H)
5. Purple coin spacewalk (P)

Pull star path (S)
From the start, pull Mario into the nearest pull star before performing a spin. 
Mario will land on that blue green coloured floating debris. Run around the 
debris, spinning out the star bits from the crystals. Go over to the other 
side and pull the stars there. Using the pull stars as stepping stones, make 
your way along the level, collecting the star bits and coins you see.

You reach a series of 3 floating spheres. Spin when you are near them to get 
on. Collect the 5 star chips scattered among the spheres and a Launch Star 
will appear in the middle. Blast off! You land on an abandoned rocket. Smash 
the crystals for coins and run to the top. See the pull stars in the middle of 
the floating spheres? Latch onto them and make your way through the series of 
pull stars between the brown debris.

You come to a blue green coloured metallic platform guarded by brown Garbage 
Bugs. Kill the insects by spinning at them or stomping them. At the end of the 
path, you find members of the Toad Brigade trapped inside crystals. Free them. 
Looks like these bunglers have been deserted by their captain! Once you have 
freed everyone, the captain comes down in his ship and tells you that he's 
found a shortcut to the power star.

Jump onto his ship and go onto the top. Use the sling star to go to the next 
area with menacing underground level music. This area is fitted with Quickfit 
platforms, i.e. platforms that are assembled when you get close to them and 
quickly disassembled when you get away! 

Run forward and you will come to a junction with 3 paths. First, turn right 
and follow the path that appears for a Silver Star. Get back to the junction, 
head forwards and you will come to a T junction. Turn right for a 2nd Silver 
Star, turn left for 2 others. Head back to the first junction and follow the 
left path. You will have to jump over 2 Quickfit platforms to reach the 5th 
and last Silver Star. Once you have done so, the 5 stars come together, 
forming a power star. Head back to the starting platform and get it!

After some time, a Speedy Comet will come into orbit over this galaxy, giving 
you a new challenge. The Comet Star requires you to beat this level in 4 
minutes. The hardest part has got to be the final bit. Don't let the pressure 
overcome you! You should be able to beat it with around 30 seconds to go.

Kamella's Airship Attack
Doomship music is playing: this galaxy is under attack! Jump onto the ship and 
the captain will tell you that his brigadiers have not returned from the fleet 
of airships above. Use the launch star to blast to the fleet. On the first 
ship, kill the Goombas and break open the crates for goodies inside. Jump up 
onto the bridge for a Question Block with star bits inside. Once you have all 
the items, go over to the lever, spin near it and the bridge will be lowered 
providing access to the next platform.

A couple of rabbits are on the platform. They tell you to spin while jumping 
to boost your jump. Let's do as they say. Jump to the left platform, walk 
beneath the Green Mushroom, jump up and spin! Extra life for you. Jump back to 
the main platform and collect the coins by the same method. Break the box for 
a sling star and sling yourself to the next ship.

Several Toads have been crystallized. Free them. They tell you to pick up the 
Koopa shell and throw it at the treasure chests. Do so, and they will open, 
revealing star bits and a coin. A Magikoopa is guarding the bridge. Kill him 
with a Koopa Shell. Throw another shell at the treasure chest. A Launch Star 
appears. Blast off!

You are on the upper deck on the next ship. Jump onto the teetering platform, 
kill the Goomba and break open the Question Block for star bits. You will 
notice a pull star above a chimney to the left. Long jump off the platform and 
grab onto the pull star. Let go of the pull star and Mario will drop through 
the chimney into a secret compartment within the ship. Collect all the star 
bits and use the sling star to get back to the deck.

Some Koopa Troopas are on patrol. Stomp on one to stun him. Pick up his shell 
and throw it at the cannons on the ship opposite. A bridge will be lowered 
providing access there. Before you cross the bridge, break open the two 
treasure chests. The right one holds a Red Mushroom; use it to double your 
health meter. Cross the bridge and sling up to the lower deck. 

It's Kamella, the giant female Magikoopa! She has two attacks, a red spell and 
green spell. The red spell should be dodged while the green spell will 
eventually turn into a Green Koopa Shell. Run after it, spin up close to pick 
it up. Throw it at Kamelia! You are to throw Green Koopa shells at her two 
more times. Eventually, she will summon two Magikoopas after you. Spin them 
away, catch one more Green Shell and hit her with it. She will scream one last 
time before disappearing. She leaves her wand behind which turns into a Power 
Star. Feel free to punch the Question Block on the ship for coins before 
collecting the star.

Back in the observatory:
If you have 13 stars at this point, you will be informed that a Prankster 
Comet is in orbit over one of the galaxies. Check the map, it seems a Speedy 
Comet has appeared at the Good Egg Galaxy. Quickly go back there and complete 
the challenge for an extra star. From now on, you should regularly check the 
universe map for comets, just in case.

Tarantox's Tangled Web (H)
We are back to a romantic theme. As before, follow the path as indicated by 
the pull stars. Be sure to break out all the star bits that are inside the 
crystals and on the brown bugs on the first piece of debris. It seems the Pull 
Stars are leading you a different area compared to last time. You will 
eventually land on a gigantic glass sphere.

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
You find a Hungry Luma on the sphere. He asks for 50 star bits. If you don't 
have enough, enter the sphere, fight some Goombas and break open several 
crystals for the bits. Feed him the star bits and the Luma will transform into 
an asteroid that resembles Yoshi's head. Use the new Launch Star to get there. 
This asteroid is infested with Goombas. Kill them all and the Power Star 

Jump into the sphere and make your way through the maze to the launch star. 
Blast off. You come to a gauntlet guarded by some jumping Garbage Bugs. Make 
your way past them and you will come to a Toad stuck inside some spider wool. 
Fortunately, that lump of wool is very elastic. Move your pointer over the 
wool, hold down the A button and move the pointer to the lower left direction, 
as if you are pulling back this so called sling pod. Let go of the A button 
and the Toad will be slung onto the next piece of debris. 

It's now your turn. Jump into the sling pod and sling to the next piece of 
debris. Find the sling pod and hurl yourself to the abandoned rocket. There is 
a Red Mushroom on the other side of the rocket, run around and collect it. 
Meanwhile, the sling pod can be found on its exhaust. Continue slinging from 
debris to debris until you reach a giant ball of wool. When Mario crashes into 
it, it will break open revealing a giant spider's web.

Jump onto one of the sling pods at the base of the web and hurl yourself 
towards the cocoon in the centre. A giant spider, Tarantox is revealed. You 
now have to defeat him by hurling yourself at him repeatedly with the sling 
pods while avoiding his venom spray. If you are hurt, free the coins entangled 
in the web by pointing at them with your Wii Remote.

When you have hit him three times, he will flip over, revealing his soft 
underbelly. See the three red spheres? You are to hurl yourself over to them 
to damage the spider. Once you have hit all three spheres, Tarantox will flip 
right side up and attack again. This time, he's spraying venom in 4 directions! 
The best way to avoid the acid is to sling pre-emptively. Aim at his behind or 
at the green spheres on the side of his body for maximum damage. 

Once he's flipped over again, sling into the red spheres again and he will be 
destroyed. The whole spider web disintegrates, leaving behind a Power Star in 
the middle. Sling yourself at the star to get it.

Purple Coin Spacewalk (P)
There are 10 circles of Purple Coins with 10 coins each scattered in space. 
You have 2 minutes to run around the maze of Quickfit paths to get them all 
and the star. Although the maze can be confusing, you should be able to get 
them all within the time limit after some trial and error. A helpful hint is 
that there will always be a large platform beneath the coin circles. If you 
see a coin circle within jumping range, just jump over to the coins to save 

In addition, the 10 clusters of coins are arranged in a triangle (like bowling 
pins), with 1 cluster in the nearest row, 2 clusters in the next row, 3 
clusters in the row after that and 4 clusters at the back row. I recommend 
that you collect the coins in the following order to save time:

4   5   6   7
  3   9   8
    2   10

Also consider leaving a coin or two in cluster 1 for last. This makes it easy 
for you to find your way back to the start of the level when you're finished. 
Once you have collected the last of the coins, the star will appear at the 
start of the level, which is a straight shot from where cluster 1 was.

Battlerock Galaxy
This Galaxy is a battleground with a giant space fortress flying around. Some 
cheesy Star Trek rip off music is being played! This is one of two galaxies in 
the game with seven stars.

Star list:
1. Battlerock Barrage
--> 5. Purple Coins on the Battlerock (P)
--> 7. Luigi under the saucer (G)
2. Breaking into the Battlerock
--> 6. Battlerock's garbage dump (H)
3. Topmaniac of the Topman tribe
--> 4. Topmaniac's daredevil run (D)

Battlerock Barrage (G,P)
You start on a series of metallic disks. Search both sides of each disk for 5 
blue star chips. Once they are collected, a pair of pull stars will appear, 
providing access to a Launch Star. Before you blast off, get the Question Coin 
for a small coin bonus; also break open the box on the underside of one of the 
disks for a coin.

You land on a platform with a springboard. Use it to bounce onto the platform 
above. Jump onto the blue screw and spin Mario around to screw it in. The 
platform starts to move right. What you have to do now is hang on: The 
Battlerock is firing cannonballs at you! Whenever the platform goes near an 
electric fence, avoid the fence by running to the other side of the platform. 
If you want some star bits, collect the Question Coin and a stream of star 
bits will come out of the Battlerock.

You eventually reach a platform with a power star encased in glass. You'll 
need explosives to break it out. Go over to the platform on the right and some 
Bullet Bills will be fired at you. Lure them over to the glass cases on this 
platform to free the goodies inside. The springboard can be used to reach a 
Question Block with more star bits inside. In addition, a Green Mushroom is 
found on the flipside of this platform. It takes a bit more work to lure a 
Bullet Bill down there.

When you have had enough, go and lure a Bullet Bill all the way to the star 
and free it. It's all yours.

You will eventually receive a letter from Luigi telling you that he's found a 
star in this galaxy, but he's trapped in a glass case on the underside of the 
platform on which you found the star. With the letter in hand, select this 
star and head to the area with the Bullet Bill cannons as before. Lure a 
bullet over to the underside of the platform with the standard star and let 
him blow up Luigi's prison for you! When Luigi is freed, he hands the star to 
you on condition that you should give him credit for it. Hey, it's a Green 
Power Star!

In this Purple Coin challenge, you will be riding the moving metallic disk 
past the Battlerock defences which are now peppered with a large formation of 
Purple Coins. This challenge is very unforgiving. Once you miss a coin, you 
cannot get it again. If you finish the ride without collecting all the coins, 
talk to the Gearmo at the end and he will take one life off you! Therefore, 
you should always get the Green Mushroom in the middle of the ride so as to 
get a virtually unlimited number of tries at this challenge. 

The trickiest coins to collect have to be the ones hovering over the electric 
fences. To collect them, turn your back to the wall and backflip when you get 
close. Mario should flip right over the wall and collect all the coins in the 

Back in the observatory:
Rosalina tells you that Green Power Stars have special powers. She asks you to 
talk to a Green Luma about it, since they will turn into one someday. The 
Green Luma tells you that Green Power Stars unlock gateways to trial galaxies. 
To unlock that particular portal next to this Luma, you need 2 more Green 

Breaking into the Battlerock (H)
Jump from disk to disk as before. There are a lot of encased star bits at the 
beginning. The implement to break them out is provided free of charge. There 
are Bob-omb dispensers around the place. Pick one up and throw it at the cases. 
You should get 20 star bits this way. Pick up another Bob-omb and throw it at 
the encased Launch Star to liberate it. Blast off.

You arrive on a sculpture that consists of 4 balls glued together. Let's get 
rid of the Chain Chomp heads. On the tip of one of the balls is a Bob-omb 
dispenser. Use it to free the Rainbow Star in one of the glass casings. While 
invincible, destroy as many heads as possible, collecting the star bits that 

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
Ignore the trapped Luma for now, talk to the hungry one. He asks for 30 star 
bits. Feed him and he will transform into a metallic hemisphere far off. Use 
the Launch Star provided to get there. You are at an ammo depot. The Gearmo 
custodian is very angry because people are dumping trash all over the place. 
Offer to clean it up using the Bob-ombs, you have 30 seconds to do so. 

The trick is to throw the Bob-ombs so that they are right in the middle of 3 
piles of rubbish. This enables you to destroy as many piles as possible in a 
short time. The Bob-omb fuses are quite long, so don't miss your early throws! 
When you've completed this mini-game, the Gearmo will be impressed by the 
strength of bombs as an "industrial strength cleaner"! Haha, just try cleaning 
your office with grenades, while you are at it! He gives you a Power Star he 
found earlier as a reward.

Free the trapped Luma and he will transform into a sling star which can be 
used to reach a Launch Star. Blast over to the next area. You arrive at a 
floating minefield. Use the pull star to manoeuvre past the mines. Avoid 
moving too fast in case you overshoot the mark and hit a mine. There is a Red 
Mushroom in the middle of the minefield. Use it to double your health meter. 
You come to another Launch Star, blast off to what appears to be a ventilation 
shaft of the Battlerock. Bump the Question Blocks for coins and star bits. If 
you want more star bits, perform a triple jump-spin combo to reach the red 

Go through the pipe. There is an encased cannon portal. Grab a Bob-omb (they 
are armed!) and break open the casing. Enter the cannon and launch yourself at 
the giant crystal in your sights. You'll reach another platform with an 
encased cannon portal. Blow open the portal and enter the cannon. This time, 
aim at the Luma who's trapped inside a crystal. Free him and he will transform 
into a launch star. Spin while you are still in the air to soar through space 
to a cigar shaped satellite.

Grab a Bob-ombs and run to the other end of the satellite while avoiding the 
electric fences. Throw the bombs at the glass casings to free a Green Mushroom 
and another cannon portal. Jump in and aim at the power star. Blast off just 
as the rotating obstacles are out of the way and you are home free.

Topmaniac and the Topman tribe (D)
What could be crazier? A race of top like people! The initial disks are now 
guarded by Wrench Throwing Moles. Defeat some yellow mini-Topmen on the flip 
side of one of the disks to get some star bits. Head back onto the top side 
and turn your back to their hatches. Once he pops out, fire a star bit to stun 
him. When he's stunned, spin into him and he will die. If you want more star 
bits, grab the Question Coin beneath one of the metallic disks.

Use the pull star to boost yourself up. You arrive on a platform guarded by 
some laser gun. Don't bother with it; just get to the next platform. The 
platform moves through a floating minefield, so move accordingly to avoid them. 
You arrive at a platform with an imprisoned Luma. As you can see, a Red Topman 
is on patrol. To defeat a Topman, spin him into the electric fence. Once he's 
defeated, the Luma will be freed. As a token of appreciation, he transforms 
into a Launch Star.

Fly to a secret ledge on the Battlerock guarded by another Wrench Throwing 
Mole. Defeat the mole, break the boxes and enter the pipe that appears. You 
are inside the Battlerock, which is a 2-D zone. The gravity currently points 
up. Go to the lever to the right and spin it around. Once you have dropped 
down below, make your way right, getting the star bits from the Question Block 
guarded by the fire bar if you wish. Cross two rotating bridges and you will 
come to a dead end with a pointer. Spin it around to invert the gravity, 
propelling Mario to the ceiling.

Once you are on the ceiling, make your way left. Don't let the downward moving 
pillars force you back to the red zone, or you will fall down to the bottom 
again. There is one particularly large pillar with a depression in the middle. 
If you aren't fast enough, drop into the depression halfway to avoid being 
pushed down to the bottom again. Get up to the next level.

On this level, make your way right through the pillars. The ones with red 
stripes on them can crush you if you don't go past them fast enough. At the 
far right, use the springboard to reach the red zone. You are right side up 
again. Enter the pipe.

You are in a cave that is guarded by a shockwave generator. Break open the 
question block for some star bits and jump on the generator. It turns into a 
springboard which can be used to reach a Sling Star. Sling onto the ceiling 
and you will be sent up on a lift. Now, you are at the exit which is guarded 
by a pair of electric fences. Spin the Topmen into the fences to deactivate 
them. The exit opens up and you will be sucked out into space!

You arrive on the underside of a satellite. Shock the Topmen dead if you want 
to and get to the top side, where a blue Luma Shop has been set up. If you 
need it, purchase a Red Mushroom for 30 star bits. The Blue Luma will devour 
the star bits before transforming into the Mushroom! Jump into the ring at the 
top to start the battle with Topmaniac.

Topmaniac is accompanied by several yellow Mini-Topmen which ram you around. 
Destroy them by some simple spins. Now, we turn our attention to the boss. 
Topmaniac is protected by spiky blades which stick out the side of his body. 
You have to stun him by stomping on him. Once he is stunned, his spikes will 
be withdrawn, allowing you to spin him into the fence. Do this three times to 
defeat him. Once you have shocked him twice, he will summon two regular Red 
Topmen after you. Take them out beforehand if you wish.

Right after you defeat Topmaniac, a Daredevil Comet will be in orbit in this 
galaxy. You will be challenged to defeat Topmaniac again, this time with only 
1 point of health in your health meter! Be extremely careful this time, since 
you can't take damage at all.

Rolling Green Galaxy
Wow, that's exactly what we need, a bowling green in the middle of space! This 
galaxy is the closer of the two Question Blocks in the Fountain.

Rolling in the Clouds
Your objective is to complete the course by rolling through it on a star ball. 
Follow the instructions from the billboard. Jump onto the ball, and use the 
Wii Remote as a joystick. Hold the Wii Remote upright to begin at the neutral 
position. Tilt the Wii Remote accordingly to roll the ball in the desired 
direction. At the start, aim for the hole at the end of the island you are on. 
You will be boosted to the next one. Roll down the slope and collect all the 
coins, then go down the hole.

Mario and the ball will be on a pair of metal tracks. Tilt the Wii Remote to 
the right to roll it along the tracks. You will come to a long course will 
many holes for you to fall through. Although there are many goodies for you to 
collect, I suggest you focus on beating the level. Tilt the Wii Remote only 
slightly to manoeuvre around the holes while preventing Mario from spinning 
out of control.

You eventually reach a fork in the course. If you are feeling unconfident, 
roll along the right. Jump over the gap at the end by pressing the A button 
and get into the hole. Mario and the ball will be blasted to the final island. 
Roll the ball into the goal hole to complete the stage. Climb up the pole to 
get the power star.

Hurry-Scurry Galaxy
This is a galaxy that consists of a giant piece of green origami with a black 
hole in the middle. This is the outer Question Block Star of the Fountain.

Shrinking Satellite
Run along the green path. As soon as you step on the first tile, it starts to 
shrink! Run fast to reach the solid platform at the other end. If you have 
guts, you may try to get the Green Mushroom in the corner. Go over to the 
Question Block and bump it repeatedly as the tile beneath you shrinks. Fall 
through into the Launch Star and head towards the "satellite". A trail of 
music notes will appear. Follow them and collect every single note. There is 
one point where you have to jump, since you have stepped on that tile a few 
seconds before. Once you have collected every single music note, the black 
hole in the centre of the satellite will disappear, revealing a Power Star, 
just fall through a hole and you will be automatically sucked into the star!

Sling Pod Galaxy
Go feed the hungry Luma outside the dome. He wants a whopping 400 star bits to 
be satisfied. The Luma transforms into the Sling Pod Galaxy. 

A very sticky situation
This is one annoying level indeed. Your objective is to go from sling pod to 
sling pod to reach the end. You have to avoid many cannon balls in the first 
area. If you are brave, you can attempt to get the Green Mushroom by releasing 
Mario just as the rotating walls move out of the way. The bit that really 
takes the cake is the parallel cannons. You have to go right between the 4 
lines of fire from both left and right at the right time!

You will eventually reach an array of pull stars. Proceed carefully while 
avoiding the mines. You come to another sling pod. Use a pull star to get onto 
it. The final area is guarded by fire bars! How fun. Make your way through and 
get the Green Mushroom if you are daring enough. At the end of this obstacle 
course, you will have to sling Mario through 2 pairs of parallel fire bars. 
Pull Mario back and consider letting go just before the bars are completely 
vertical. Once you have gone through, you have to time your next sling so that 
a hole just appears in the middle of the 2 rotating walls. If you can time it 
right, the star's yours.

Bowser's Star Reactor
This is the second enemy base in the game. Looks like Bowser's built a space 
station that looks a lot like one of his castles! This place is complete with 
the Bowser in the Sky music theme of Super Mario 64.

The Fiery Stronghold
Run along the starting path, avoiding the fire bars. Don't worry about going 
upside down. You'll eventually reach a Thwomp guarded by a flame nozzle. Run 
under the Thwomp and board the green lift. The lift takes you to the next area 
via a rather twisted route. You are now at a 2-D area divided by blue and red 
zones (gravity pulls downwards and upwards respectively). Move right and jump 
up into the red zone. Jump over the fire bars and stop just before the black 
hole above you. Wait until the lift appears beneath you and jump on board. 
Once the lift has reached the other side, jump up to the red zone, go over the 
fire bars and under the Thwomp. You will reach another lift.

The lift takes you to a platform perpendicular to it. Jump onto the platform 
and run in a clockwise circle to avoid the quadruple fire bars. Grab the Green 
Mushroom and run to the top of the platform. Continue along the path, avoiding 
the Thwomp and flame nozzles on the way. Apparently they kill you instantly 
when they squash you! Make your way past the fire bars and get onto the green 
checkered path.

As you run along the path, Bowser discovers you. He spits mini meteors onto 
the path, causing it to disintegrate. Run fast! Always grab the Red Mushroom 
from the crystal. Eventually, you reach the tower where Bowser is. He taunts 
you in incomprehensible Koopa-speak that he will stomp you flat! The two of 
you are taken to a special arena satellite. Bowser will attempt to stomp you, 
sometimes giving out shockwaves when he hits the ground, which you will have 
to jump to avoid.

Notice the blue glass windows on the satellite? Go near Bowser and stand on 
one of those windows. When he jumps into the air, run away from the window and 
Bowser will smash right through when he lands. Bowser will get burnt by the 
molten metal core underneath. When Bowser is running around in pain, intercept 
him by running in his opposite direction. Bowser attempts to turn around when 
he sees you, stopping in place for a second. Spin him and he will roll around 
the satellite lying on his shell. Intercept him and spin him again.

Bowser jumps back up right, firing a few fireballs at you after doing so. 
Avoid them. Now, all you have to do is to repeat the above procedure two more 
times, watching out for the increased number of shockwaves that he throws at 
you. When you spin Bowser for the third time, he will roll around the 
satellite randomly. You need to react faster to spin him two more times to 
defeat him.

After the battle, Bowser taunts you that his plan is too far along now for you 
to stop. He leaves, leaving the Grand Star behind. Take it. 

Back in the Observatory:
You've restored power to the Kitchen of the Observatory. The beacon turns 
green in colour. The music theme is now accompanied by string instruments. 
Rosalina tells you that Bowser has taken Peach to the centre of the universe!

7. Mooching the kitchen

The kitchen is on top of a brick tower to the right of Rosalina. A Green 
Mushroom can be found by following the anti-clockwise path to the right of 
that tower. If you have collected most of the stars above, you should be able 
to access all the galaxies in the kitchen but one. Either way, let's reveal 
the star requirements for the regular galaxies and the enemy base.

Beach Bowl Galaxy: 16 stars
Ghostly Galaxy: 20 stars
Bowser Junior's Airship Armada: 23 stars

Let's go to the first one, the Beach Bowl Galaxy.

Beach Bowl Galaxy
This Galaxy is built like an artificial beach. It's penguin paradise! An 
important technique comes into play here: The spin-swim. While underwater, 
swing the Wii Remote repeatedly to make Mario shoot forward while spinning his 
body. Not only does this make Mario move faster, it's an attack that can be 
used to defeat enemies or retrieve items.

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Sunken treasure
2. Passing the swim test
--> 6. Wall jumping up waterfalls (H)
3. The secret undersea cavern
--> 4. Fast foes on the cyclone stone (F)
5. Beachcombing for purple coins (P)

Sunken Treasure
Your objective is to find the 5 star chips in the sea. Before we dive in, 
let's search the pier. There are a number of crates with star bits inside. In 
addition, there is a vine hanging over the water which can be reached by a 
spin jump. Use it to collect the star bits around it. 

Dive into the water and swim around the place, avoiding the urchins. 2 of the 
star bits are found in bubbles in the main area. 1 is found inside a crate by 
a penguin. The 4th star bit is found inside a clam; collect it while it's open. 
The final star bit is guarded by two eels hiding in caves in a far corner. 
Swim along the outer edge of the level away from your starting point and you 
should eventually find it.

Once you have the star bits, a Launch Star appears. Swim towards it and launch 
Mario to the top of the level. Follow the path and get the Question Coin. A 
trail of music notes appear, collect all the music notes and a Green Mushroom 
will appear above the waterfall. Stomp the blue switch to make a wooden bridge 
appear, allowing you to reach it. You can reach the bridge by performing a 
spin right after a backflip. Get the extra life and get onto the left edge 
before the time expires.

Stomp the switch here to make a pair of vertical parallel walls appear. Wall 
jump up them to reach the power star. Spin the crystal twice to free it. Shine 
get! Just kidding.

Passing the Swim Test (H)
Go over to the big black penguin. He asks you whether you are there to take 
the final swim test. Say yes and he will tell you the objective. You are to 
find a golden shell underwater and bring it to him. Dive under water and you 
will find a penguin swimming around holding a Golden Shell. Be a bully and 
spin-swim into him. The penguin will drop the Golden Shell. With the shell in 
hand, you can either hand it over to the penguin coach for the star, or you 
can use it to access a hidden area in the level.

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
Carry the Golden Shell up the beach and jump up the ledges. Move right, get 
past the waterfall and jump down at the other end. You find a treasure chest. 
Use the shell to break it open and a Launch Star will appear. Use it to launch 
Mario to a secret planet high above the beach bowl. This area is populated 
with Cataquacks. Lure one Cataquack beneath the Question Coin and let him 
fling you up to it. A Blue Flower appears on the lawn below.

Take the flower and you transform into Ice Mario. You can now run on water! 
Run between the two waterfalls coming from separate platforms above you and 
wall jump up. Once you get onto the lower platform, sling yourself up the 
higher one and continue wall jumping your way up to the next platform. You 
must hurry, since the power wears off after a short time. 

Keep wall jumping up and you will reach another sling star facing a waterfall. 
Wall jump off the waterfall into the Sling Star to get to the entrance of the 
frozen beach bowl. Look up and you will see a star high above one of the small 
islands. Grab the Blue Flower and run on the water, creating a path between 
the Cataquack and the piece of dry land beneath the power star. Once the path 
has been made, lure the Cataquack to that piece of dry land and let him flip 
you up to the star! Hidden shine get!

The Secret Undersea Cavern
There are no swimming lessons today. If you talk to the penguin swimming coach, 
he will warn you NOT to crash into the sea wall while holding a Koopa shell. 
Of course, when someone explicitly tells you to NOT do something, you couldn't 
resist doing it. Could you?

Dive into the water and swim over to the penguin by the cracked sea wall. 
(He's on the opposite side of the level opposite your starting point.) Grab a 
Koopa Shell and throw it at the wall to reveal a cavern. Before you swim 
through the cave, grab another Koopa shell and throw it at the chest in front 
of the cave. A Green Mushroom pops out.

Swim through and get back into dry land. It seems some Swooper bats live in 
this cave. Break open the boxes, especially those blocking the hole in the 
bars. In the following enclosed area, pound the giant stump into the ground 
for a Launch Star. Use it to propel Mario to a special gauntlet high in the 

Move along the path and run under the Thwomp. There is a Green Mushroom on a 
platform off the path. Be careful when crossing the shrinking tile. The path 
ahead is guarded by a Tox Box which is a heavy rolling block of stone. 
Fortunately, Tox Boxes are hollow. Look for the hole on its bottom. Run onto 
the square on the path marked by the grey star bit. When the Tox Box rolls on 
the square, you will be unharmed since the hole came down on you. Once the Tox 
Box passes the square, continue along the path.

You will reach a series of rotating cylindrical strips. To prevent Mario from 
falling into the water and flushed into the black hole, stay on the first 
strip and wait for a rectangular platform to come from the right. Jump on the 
platform, go left and collect the Green Mushroom. Afterwards, long jump over 
to the other rectangular platform and let it carry you to the right. Jump onto 
the ring path and run in an anti-clockwise direction until you see a path to 
the right.

Follow this path, getting past the Tox Boxes as before. Several shrinking 
tiles are present in case you want to bypass the boxes. After getting past a 
few of them, all you have to do is to get past one more Thwomp and the star 
will be waiting for you inside a big crystal.

When a yellow Fast Foe Comet is in orbit within this Galaxy, you will have a 
much harder time winning. You are to complete the same obstacle course, but 
with much faster Thwomps and Tox Boxes! You need to know the exact squares on 
which the Tox Boxes will roll on with the hollow side facing down. The same 
strategy for the normal mode star applies. The Green Mushroom at the start of 
the course will be vital, since you will have unlimited tries if you keep 
collecting them.

Beachcombing for Purple Coins (P)
The whole beach is littered with Purple Coins! Search the whole area for them. 
You will have to literally comb everything: from the seabed, the pier, and the 
palm trees to the hills above the beach. There are no tactics here. Just be 
observant and search everywhere. For your information, there are only 5 Purple 
Coins in the sea. Once you've found them all, there is absolutely no need for 
you to go in again. Use the Spring Mario power-up to jump onto the tall palm 
trees and the hills.

Ghostly Galaxy
An entire galaxy dedicated to Boos? How quaint. To be precise, this galaxy 
consists of a giant spooky mansion floating about in space! Guess who's 
trapped in the mansion? It's Luigi!

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Luigi and the Haunted Mansion
2. A very spooky sprint
--> 6. Matter splatter mansion
3. Beware of Bouldergeist
--> 4. Bouldergeist's daredevil run
5. Purple coins in the bone pen

Luigi and the Haunted Mansion
Looks like our roles have been reversed, eh Luigi? It's your turn to be 
rescued. Go onto the underside of the ship and launch yourself to the mansion 
entrance. The garden is patrolled by pumpkin boys who spit blue flames at you. 
Spin into them to reveal the Goombas inside and stomp them flat. Break open 
the boxes for whatever is inside and head towards the mansion. The tarantula 
can be killed by spinning into it twice. Follow the path and avoid the Chain 
Chomp head. You will arrive at the mansion soon enough. Enter now.

As soon as you enter, the door closes behind you and a Boo comes after you. 
Trigger the lever to turn on the spotlight. Keep your back turned to the Boo 
so he follows you and lure him into the light. The Boo will vanish as soon he 
comes in contact, leaving a coin behind. Break open the boxes on the ground 
floor for the goodies inside and head upstairs.

The Boo comes out of his painting and goes after you! Lure him into the light 
and he will vanish, leaving a key. Grab it and the door at the top of the 
stairs will open. Before you go through, bump the Question Block on the right 
side for some star bits. You will find a number of star chips and pumpkin boys 
in the next room. Run along the walls with the help of the ramps and collect 
the moving chips. Watch out for all those black holes! (Believe it or not, 
black holes can be that small in real life.) 

A Launch Star appears in place of one of the black holes. Fly through the air 
outside the mansion, collecting all the star bits that pop out of the purple 
spheres on the way. You come to Luigi's cell. He cries, "Mario!" However, the 
tone of his voice is hardly distressed, more like bored to me! A key is to the 
right. Use the pull stars to sling around in space and you will eventually get 

A locked door to the right opens. Go through the corridor, avoiding the Boos. 
You enter a large room with a Question Coin. Get the coin and a white ghastly 
mushroom appears. Grab it and be transformed into Boo Mario! As Boo Mario, 
float over to the bars to the left and shake your Wii Remote to become 
transparent. Go through the bars. In the next room, draw the Boo out from the 
painting; it seems this Boo is female and she is attracted to you! Lure her 
into the light to vaporize her. See the springboard behind the bars? Turn 
transparent and go through them. Float into the light to revert back to normal 

Jump over to Luigi and talk to him. He apologizes for losing contact with the 
Toads. However, he's found a power star, which he gladly gives it to you. This 
time, both Mario and Luigi will celebrate together!

Back in the observatory:
Rosalina informs Mario that Luigi has arrived and that he will help you to 
search for more power stars. Go to the garage and talk to him. Luigi tells you 
that you have missed a star in Good Egg Galaxy and he will find it for you. So, 
in the future, check your mail from the Mail Toad often just in case he finds 

A very spooky sprint (H)
Go to the bottom of the ship and launch yourself to the garden. 

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
Run clockwise along the garden until you reach a shining rock. Spin at it to 
break it. A Launch Star appears, use it to reach a secret area. Don't let the 
green spooky background freak you out, you are actually inside some ghastly 
mansion where only parts of the floor can be seen and stood on. You should try 
your best to follow the visible areas so as not to be thrown into the abyss. 
There are Boos here and no light sources, so avoid them at all costs. Try to 
face as many of them as possible to keep them from chasing you.

At the start, follow the visible floor to the right, then jump over to the 
piece of floor to the south and quickly grab the key. The door to the right 
opens. Go through and get the Question Coin. The floor beneath you begins to 
move, so follow it and go up the stairs that are revealed. The first Question 
Block holds some star bits. Continue to the right, jumping over the gaps that 
appear. The next question block holds more star bits. Follow the path south as 
it appears and bump the next Question Block for a coin.

The next block holds more star bits. Eventually you will arrive at a large 
room with a piano. Grab the key to unlock the 2 doors directly to your north. 
Grab the star bits and the Question Coin. A stream of star bits leads up, and 
the floor starts to shift again. Jump onto the piano and then onto the 
cupboard to the left. Backflip on the ledge above, grab the key to open the 
locked door to the north for a coin.

Follow the ledges to get to the next level. Grab the key to open the 3 doors, 
revealing some coins and a Green Mushroom. Take these goodies and jump up to 
keep up with the moving floors. You are at the top now. Take the key to open 
the 4 locked doors to reveal a few more coins and most importantly, the hidden 

Defeat all enemies in the garden and grab onto the pull star. Make your way to 
the mansion, going from star to star. You will reach a launch star and blast 
off to a far away planet where a number of Toads are frozen in fear. There is 
a helmet wearing Boo here it seems. He challenges you to a race. You have to 
race him to the finish using a large number of pull stars. A large number of 
obstacles are in the way, so watch out. The nastiest obstacles have got to be 
the rotating bone gates and the mines at the end. To get past the first one, 
stay to the right of the course at all times. When it comes to the mines near 
the end, you have to react very fast with the pulling to slot Mario through, 
otherwise the momentum created by quickly changing stars will fling you into 
the mines, most likely causing you to fly all the way back to the metallic 

If you want to win, you must complete the cause in less than 1 minute 12 
seconds. I've barely made it with a record of 1 min 10.55 sec, so the cut off 
time should most definitely be there. Once you beat this racing Boo, he will 
award you a Star.

Beware of Bouldergeist
The garden is now inhabited by many Swoopers and Tarantulas. Defeat them all 
and grab their star bits. Run along the bent path into the mansion, avoiding 
the Chain Chomp head on the way. There is now a Black Boo portrait in the 
mansion foyer. Lure the Black Boo over to the Bowser statue to the far left of 
the room and spin when he is close. Mario will grab the Boo by his tongue and 
swing him at the statue, blowing it up! That's right, these Black Boos are 
highly explosive! Blow up the other 4 statues for the coins and star bits 

When you are done, jump out through the hole, get the star bits from the 
Question Block and propel Mario through space to the next area. You arrive at 
the base of a high wall guarded by brown bugs and tarantulas. Kill these pests 
and make your way up the wall with the sling pods. Use the sling star to reach 
the Launch Star at the top. There you go.

You arrive at another wall. Use the Black Boo to destroy the two Bowser 
statues. Afterwards, make your way up the wall with the sling pods, grabbing 
the 5 star chips as you do so. When the Launch Star appears, make your way 
there with the pull stars and blast off. You will land on a follow spherical 
frame with a bouncy ball in the middle. Get the Green Mushroom in the centre 
and bounce over to the Launch Star.

After a short time, you arrive at Bouldergeist's arena. Purchase a Red 
Mushroom from the Luma Shop and go down and face Bouldergeist. This guy is a 
rocky ghost. He attacks by hurling boulders at you. Watch out for the black 
ones, as they will turn into Black Boos which can be used against him. Yellow 
boulders turn into coins which can be used to recover health. In addition, he 
sometimes summons a line of stalagmites on the ground. When you see a black 
line appear, run clear as they will soon rise up and impale you!

Once you have blasted him with enough Black Boos, Bouldergeist will only be a 
shadow of his former self, quite literally since you can only see his eyes and 
throat! Swing another Black Boo at him and he will be defeated, not!

Bouldergeist reforms and two stony hands appear around him. He can use his 
hands to punch or slam you into the ground! To truly defeat him, you have to 
avoid all his attacks while continuing to hit him with Black Boos. Eventually, 
he will make one last scream and disappear into a puff of smoke, leaving the 
star behind. This is one tough boss, and tough bosses are usually accompanied 
by a certain prankster comet...

When a Daredevil Comet is in orbit above this galaxy, you will have to fight 
Bouldergeist again, but with only 1 point of life on your meter! Considering 
the number of attacks he will throw at you, I can only say, cross your fingers 
and stay focused-It is easy to be caught off guard, resulting in your untimely 

Purple Coins in the Bone Pen (P)
The purple coin challenge in this level requires you to fling Mario around a 
bone pen using Pull Stars and collect 100 Purple Coins in 1 minute! Don't be 
intimidated by the stringent time requirements. Adopt a rapid point and click 
strategy and collect all the Purple Coins that you fly into. Don't worry about 
missing a coin or two along the way, since there are more than 100 Purple 
Coins in the whole of the bone pen. Once 100 Purple Coins are collected the 
power star will appear in the centre of the bone pen. Fling Mario into the 
centre to get it.

Bubble Breeze Galaxy
This is the inner Question Block galaxy in the Kitchen. Its name implies you 
need to use a bubble to blow Mario around the place. Jump into a bubble and 
move the cursor so that it is at the opposite direction at which you want 
Mario to go. Press A to blow the bubble in the desired direction. (For examine, 
if you want to go north, move the pointer so that it is directly to the south 
of Mario and press A.)

Through the poisonous swamp
You are in a swamp filled with some murky purple liquid. Don't fall in at all 
costs, otherwise you will die instantly! Must be cyanide, I presume. From the 
starting position, go north to the bubble dispenser. Listen to the billboard 
for the instructions on how to use bubbles before jumping into one. Blow Mario 
back to the starting point and go northwest, avoiding the mines on the way. 
Collect the star chip and follow the air currents generated by the fans to the 
east. Float through this narrow channel and go northwest at the other end, 
collecting the other 4 star chips on the way.

The Launch Star appears on an island. Float over there and leave the bubble by 
pressing the Z button. Blast off. In the next area, get into the bubble. 
Follow the path as shown by the arrows. You will reach a rotating stump. Wait 
for a gap to appear on your side and blow Mario in. Get the first Question 
Coin you come across and a lot of star bits will appear on the other side of 
the rocks from where you are.

Collect the star bits and get back into the rotating stump, exiting at the 
next Question Coin. A stream of coins appear. Follow them and you will reach a 
junction. If you want some coins, stomp the switch and quickly go through the 
gate to the east before it closes. Otherwise head south and follow the path 
there. After some careful manoeuvring past some more mines, you'll reach the 
final island with the Power Star.

Buoy Base Galaxy
This is the outer Question Block galaxy in the kitchen. It is an abandoned 
marine fortress. Take note that this isn't a typical bonus level. In fact, 
there is a green star hidden somewhere! You got to love the music here, it's 
just epic.

The floating fortress (G)
*****GREEN STAR*****
At the start, swim to the bottom of the level. There is a pipe that is blocked 
off with glass. To gain access to the pipe, swim near a Torpedo Ted cannon and 
lure a torpedo towards the pipe. Once the glass is broken, swim into the pipe. 
Surprise! You are in a special area beneath the base. It seems this area is 
heavily guarded by Bullet Bill cannons. Follow the path to the left while 
avoiding the Bullet Bills. In case you get hurt, bump the Question Block for 
several coins. This path leads to the centre of the area. Wonder why there are 
so many cannons around? It seems they are guarding this Star in the case. Lure 
a Bullet Bill into the casing as before to break it. The star is yours for the 
taking, and it's a Green one as well!
*****END GREEN STAR*****

Dive into the water again and look for a glass sphere hanging from a chain. 
Lure a Torpedo Ted into it to break it. With this deadweight gone, a series of 
submerged ledges will float to the surface, giving you access to the fortress. 
Swim back to the surface and jump back onto your starting island. Jump onto 
the floats to get to the base.

First, go right and jump up the ledges there for a Question Block with star 
bits. Afterwards, get back down to the floats and go left. Wall jump up, go 
right and avoid the bubble cannon. There is another pair of parallel walls 
that you can wall jump up. Wait until the moving wall has retreated before you 
jump up. On the next level, kill the two red rock throwing enemies and follow 
the path to the left, going past 3 Thwomps and a couple of bubble sprayers.

You come to a robot. He tells you of a valve to the left of the two bubble 
sprays that will turn them off. Go over there, jump on the valve and spin in 
place. The valve is closed and the bubble sprayers are deactivated. A topman 
appears. Jump on him to temporarily transform him into a springboard which you 
can use to reach the coins above. Lure him to the circle and use him to boost 
you up. Jump on the screw and spin it in.

A series of revolving platforms starts to move above you. Jump up on those 
columns and collect the blue star bits you find. The trickiest one has to be 
the one above one of the Thwomps at the bottom of this column. Also watch out 
for the floating platforms with a Question Block (Star bits inside) and a 
Green Mushroom on them. Once you have 4 star bits, make your way to the top of 
this column. Jump onto the green spring board and bounce up to the final star 
bit. A pull star appears above you. Grab it to reach the large metallic sphere 
high above you.

There is a pair of shockwave generators here. Make your way to the other side 
of this sphere and jump onto the shockwave generator there. It's a screw in 
disguise. Spin in place to unscrew it and this sphere will open up, revealing 
the water inside. Swim in, grab all the star bits and the star itself. Galaxy 

Drip Drop Galaxy
This is the "Hungry Luma" galaxy of the Kitchen. This Luma is greedier than 
the two before him. He wants a total of 600 star bits! Feed him and blast off 
to this sphere of water far away.

The Giant Eel Outbreak
This is penguin paradise, or it used to be. Three giant eels infest the waters, 
preventing the resident penguins from catching any fish.

Your objective is to swim around the place and kill them with Koopa Shells. 
Use the Red ones if you have trouble aiming. Once you have killed the 3 eels, 
the power star will appear above the sunken ship. There are a number of 
treasure chests under the water, but many of them are booby trapped with 
puffer fish inside. The two ones which actually hold something good are next 
to the bow of the sunken ship (Green Mushroom) and behind one of the 
underwater walls (Red Mushroom). This really is a very simple galaxy.

Bowser Junior's Airship Armada
Ah, a classic airship level from Super Mario Bros. 3. How lovely.

Sinking the airships
Wow, that's a lot of airships, complete with airship music of Super Mario Bros. 
3. At the start, run onto the first ship, kill the blue and red enemies, get 
the star bits in the crystal and jump into the cannon portal. Inside the 
cannon, aim at the pole and blast off. If you miss, there is always the pull 
star above the pole to stop you from zooming into the unknown.

Slide down the pole to the ship below. This ship is guarded by 2 laser cannons 
and a Magikoopa. Defeat the Magikoopa (watch out for his teleports) and jump 
into the cannon portal. Aim at the pole on the next ship and blast there. 
Slide down the pole. This ship is guarded by Wigglers, pound them to get their 
star bits. Go over to your left and jump onto the valve. Spin around and some 
Star bits will pop up on the ground around you. Talk to the Luma Shop and buy 
a Red Mushroom for 30 star bits. If you are still short on star bits at this 
point, consider jumping to the right of the ship and get the star bits from 
the Question Block.

Cross the bridge leading north and get on the small flying boat there. Pull 
the lever to activate the boat. Now, you have to try your best to stay on the 
boat while avoiding all the cannon balls that fly towards you and the 
tarantulas that dangle from above. You'll arrive at another ship. Kill the 
Magikoopa there and sling yourself up.

It's Bowser Junior! It's a one on one cop for the Grand Star! The strategy for 
this fight is exactly the same as that of Kamelia's airship attack in the 
Space Junk Galaxy. Jump on the Koopas to stun them, pick them up by their 
shells and throw them at Bowser Jr's ship. His ship is such a big target that 
it's hard to miss. Meanwhile, Bowser Jr. mainly attacks with his cannon, 
sending cannon balls and Bullet Bills on your way. If you want a Green 
Mushroom, consider luring a Bullet up the deck to your right. There is one 
sealed in glass.

Once you have hit Bowser Junior's ship twice, he will send a Magikoopa against 
you. Either kill or avoid that enemy and continue throwing shells. Another 
Magikoopa will appear after you have hit him 3 times and the cannon fire will 
intensify. Still, the attacks aren't too hard to avoid. In fact, this battle 
is one of those situations where you can adopt a hit and run tactic. Grab a 
shell, run to the north side of the ship and fling it in the direction of 
Bowser Junior. You should more than often hit him! Once you have hit him a 
total of 6 times, his ship will be critically damaged. Bowser Junior gets away 
in an escape pod just before the ship blows up, revealing a Grand Star. Go get 
it! This is the 4th Grand Star of the game.

Back in the observatory:
The beacon now glows with a blue green colour. A new dome on another end of 
the Observatory has opened. It's the bedroom. Rosalina tells you that all 
domes on the lower level have been activated. Once the engine room is 
activated, the Comet Observatory can function as a starship. When that happens, 
you can go find Princess Peach at the centre of the universe.

8. Snooping around the bedroom

Run around the lower level of the Observatory in an anti-clockwise direction 
and you will eventually reach the Kitchen. This dome provides access to 3 
regular galaxies, 1 bonus galaxy and the enemy base. The regular galaxies and 
the enemy base require the following number of stars before they can be 

Gusty Garden Galaxy: 24 stars
Freezeflame Galaxy: 26 stars
Dusty Dune Galaxy: 28 stars
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant: 33 stars 

I assume you have much more than 33 stars by now!

Gusty Garden Galaxy
This is another galaxy with a garden theme, requiring only 24 stars to enter. 
It features a new way to get from asteroid to asteroid: The Floaty Fluff. 
These airborne plants can be uprooted by spinning while standing near them. 
Jump up and hold A to hold on. To give Mario a boost in the air, shake the Wii 
Remote. However, you can only do that three times.

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Bunnies in the wind
--> 5. Purple coins on the puzzle cube (P)
2. The dirty tricks of Major Burrows
--> 4. Major Burrow's daredevil run (D)
3. Gusty Garden's gravity scramble
--> 6. The Golden Chomp (H)

Bunnies in the Wind (P)
Heh, this must be a parody of the Elton John song Candle in the Wind. At the 
start of the level, kill all the Goombas and get all the star bits from the 
crystals. Go to the underside of this planet you are on. There are even more 
star bits to be collected. Stand in the middle of the 8 circles and spin. The 
buried star bits will pop out. Once you have all the goodies, grab a Floaty 
Fluff and float to the next planet.

On the next planet, kill the Piranha Plants on the lawn. Grab the Question 
Block and a circle of star bits will appear in the sky above you. Take them 
and get onto the flip side of this planet. The underside is guarded by 2 
wrench throwing moles. Take them out, get the star bits and enter the pipe. 
You are inside the centre of this planet. Get the Question Coin and a lot of 
star bits will appear in this compartment. Get them all and leave. Float to 
the next planet. Get the Question Coin in the air if you want more star bits.

You will most likely land on the underside of the planet. Kill the Wrench 
Throwing Moles and let the small bud grow into a vine. Get onto the main side 
of the planet and kill the Piranha Plants. A vine sprouts leads to a Green 
Mushroom. Float to the next planet, grabbing the Question Coin in the air if 
you want more star bits.

The next planet is guarded by Piranha Plants. Kill them and a vine will sprout. 
If you need a coin, go onto the underside of the planet and fire a star bit at 
the seedling. Climb the vine to the next planet. Stay on the upper side of the 
planet, kill the Piranha Plant and climb the vine that sprouts.

You are on a planet guarded by a Puffy and a Purple Piranha Plant. The Puffy 
can be defeated by spinning into him. To defeat the Piranha, run near him and 
he will try to slam his head on you. Dodge him and ground pound him in the 
head! A vine sprouts, climb it to reach a Green Mushroom. With the extra life 
in hand, get onto the flipside of this planet and sprout the vein there. Climb 
the vine to reach the underside of the next planet. If you need coins at this 
point, fire star bits at the seedlings.

Get onto the top side of the planet and kill the Purple Piranha Plant. A 
Launch Star appears. Blast off to the planet that resembles a maze garden. The 
rabbit there challenges you to catch it. Chase it around the garden. Note that 
the rabbit will jump into a hole along the way. Jump into the tunnel after it 
and you will find a Green Mushroom inside. Once you have caught the rabbit, he 
will give you the Power Star.

This Purple Comet star is very simple. Just run around the puzzle cube where 
you caught the rabbit and get any 100 of the Purple Coins (Yes, there are more 
than 100 in total here, so it's just a mad scramble like the one in Ghostly 
Galaxy.). Although there is a time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you 
should have enough time to get the coins and the star, which appears on the 

The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows (D)
Go onto the underside of your starting planet. There are a number of boulders 
with star bits inside that you can pound into the ground. Pound the stumps if 
you want to fight several Goombas. Float to the 2nd planet while avoiding the 
spiky plants in the air. Enter the pipe on its underside and get the Question 
Coin. A Rainbow Star appears in this small compartment. Turn invincible and 
destroy all the plants around you for even more star bits. If the power hasn't 
expired yet, you can get out through the pipe and destroy the plants outside 
as well.

Talk to the rabbits and you will find that Monty Moles have been digging up 
their garden and that they can be flushed out by pounding the ground near them. 
Float to the next planet. Follow the mole and flush him out with a ground 
pound. Spin him out of existence and a sling star will appear. Grab the coin 
from the boulder before slinging off.

You land on a long bendy landmass that resembles a Question Mark. Seek and 
destroy the 3 Monty Moles and a launch star will appear. Blast off towards 
that metallic ring with thorny vines coiled around it. When you reach the ring, 
grab onto a pull star to stop Mario from flying into oblivion. There is a 
series of Question Blocks on the ring which generates a long chain of star 
bits. Once you are done, use the pull stars to manoeuvre Mario towards the 
Launch Star.

You will then come to a giant apple floating in the sky. Kill the Wiggler and 
pound the stump onto the ground. A giant worm sticks out of the apple and digs 
his head into the next one. Use this worm as a bridge to reach the next apple. 
Gross! Ground pound all the stumps on this apple and one of them will cause 
the worm to stick out through another side and dig his head into the next red 
apple. Get onto the red apple and pound all the stumps in. The worm's head 
sticks out of the apple, providing access to the Launch Star. There you go. 

The next grassy planet has a thorny vine coiled around it. Ground pound one of 
the stumps for a Red Mushroom. Get it before it disappears. Afterwards, pound 
the other stump for some star bits and go confront Major Burrows.

A rabbit is being chased by Major Burrows, the giant mole! Run after the mole.  
When he surfaces and exposes his upper body, pound the ground near him. 
Burrows will be momentarily dazed. Spin into him and he will get angry! Major 
Burrows comes after you. Look out for the shuffling earth and run away from it. 
Eventually, Burrows will surface. When his upper body is clearly visible, 
pound the ground near him and he will pop out and walk around dazed. Run up 
close and spin into him. 

After this, Burrows will enrage and move even faster than before. Run away 
from him as usual. When his upper body pops out of the ground, pound the 
ground near him. He will go underground for a brief moment, pop up and quickly 
charge at you. Ground pound again before he reaches you and he will be really 
dazed. Spin him one last time and it's over.

You guessed it, a daredevil run is available. After you have collected all the 
3 regular stars, check this galaxy from the map. If a shadow of a shooting 
star is visible, go back to the galaxy and beat Major Burrows again. This 
should trigger the daredevil comet. You have to face him with only 1 point of 
life in the health meter! Good luck.

Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble (H)
*****HIDDEN STAR*****
On the starting planet, run to the flip side and go after the moving dust 
clouds on the ground. Spin when you are near them to force the green enemies 
out. Kill these enemies for a large star bit bonus. Float to the next planet, 
collecting the Question Coin. Another Question Coin appears in the air. Boost 
up and get it. Another appears in the air over the next planet; get that too. 
Land on the planet and get the Question Coin. A trail of star bits appears in 
the air above the Piranha Plant leading to another Question Coin. Kill the 
plant to sprout the vine and climb up, getting the Question Coin.

Get onto the main side of this planet and get the Question Coin on a slab of 
stone. Another trail of star bits appears above one of the Piranha Plants. 
Kill the plant and sprout the vine. You will reach a rainbow star at the top. 
Grab it and blast off from the Launch Star. You arrive on a landmass that 
resembles a chain of balls glued together. Run towards the other end of this 
landmass while invincible and break the golden Chain Chomp head at the other 
end. It's a Hidden Star!

To get the regular star, follow the exact path as above but skip the the 
Question Coins. At the end of that ball chain landmass, blast off with the 
launch star. You are on a floating disk with a pole on it. A star chip is 
found on the flip side of the disk you are on. Spin the screw there for 8 
coins. Get back onto the upper side and climb up the pole. Jump onto the right 
disk. Get the star chip on the upper side, slide down the pole on the lower 
side and jump at the bottom for another star chip.

Climb up the pole on the top side of this disk and jump onto the disk to the 
right. Get onto the flip side of that pole. Climb down the pole there for 
another star chip. The final star chip is among the coins spinning around the 
rim of this disk. A launch star appears on the top of the disk, use it to get 
to the next area.

You come to a series of platforms made up of blocks with Exclamation and 
Question marks on their faces. The gravity will always pull towards the yellow 
side of the blocks. It's time to follow the yellow brick road.

Jump along the platforms and get the Green Mushroom above one of the 4 blocks 
that float up and down. There is a green pointer on the following platform. 
Turn it around and the gravity will change, causing Mario to be sucked into 
another platform with the cannons on it. Run along the path (watch out for the 
rotating block) and you'll reach another green pointer. Turn it to change the 
gravity again, sending Mario to yet another platform.

Move along this path and don't let the revolving blocks push you into the 
abyss. The Red Mushroom isn't entirely necessary but can be reached with one 
of those rotating blocks. Change the gravity by turning the pointer. On the 
next path, go downwards while avoiding the cannon fire. You'll reach another 
pointer; let it send you to the next path. The power star is at the end of 
this path, past all the cannons in the way.

Freezeflame Galaxy
This is the signature ice-fire themed level of Super Mario Galaxy. The icy 
ground is very slippery. Shake the Wii Remote to skate away! Fancy a dip in 
the water? Don't do it, it's so cold that it hurts!

*****STAR LIST*****
1. The frozen peak of Count Brrr
--> 5. Purple coins on the summit (P)
--> 6. Conquering the summit (H)
2. Freezeflame's blistering core
3. Hot and cold collide
4. Frosty Cosmic Mario race (C)

The frozen peak of Count Brrr (H,P)
You start on a frozen ring. Spin the coins out of the crystals and talk to the 
penguin. He calls you an old man and asks you to catch him! We'll see about 
that! Skate after the penguin and catch him. He will make a Launch Star appear. 
Use to reach the level proper.

Slide down the icy slope. Kill the Goombas and turn right. Make your way 
across this icy lake, jumping from one teetering platform to the next. Stay 
out of the water! In addition, watch out for the live Blue Coals. These 
enemies can be defeated by spinning at close range to strip them of their 
powers and quickly running into them. There is a Question Coin on the next 
solid platform. Take it and a Blue Flower will appear on a nearby platform. 
Transform into Ice Mario.

There are several things you can do as Ice Mario. First, go all the way back 
to the platform where you found the first Question Coin. See the Sling Star? 
Make your way across the lake there and sling up to a slide high above. Slide 
down the slide for a Red Mushroom and Green Mushroom. Afterwards, get the 
Question Coin in the middle of the lake. A large number of coins will appear. 
Get as many of them as possible.

There is a pair of parallel walls marked by star bits in one corner of the 
lake. Wall jump up and grab the Question Coin there. A sling star will appear 
which serves as a shortcut to the upper level.

Take another Blue Flower and run to the northern side of the lake. There is a 
path leading up. Use the water jets on the walls to give Ice Mario a boost: A 
platform appears whenever he steps on the jet. Use the next set of water jets 
to reach the Green Mushroom.

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
When you collect the Green Mushroom, you notice a ledge to the right with a 
Sling Star on it. That sling star can be reached by performing a backflip 
followed by a spin from the ice platform beneath the Green Mushroom. Use the 
Sling Star to reach a hidden side of this mountain. 

Smash the crystals for a Fire Flower. You are now Fire Mario and can throw 
fireballs by shaking the Wii Remote. Run over to the cliff and melt the two 
snowmen. Throw a fireball at the Ice Swooper to kill it. Let the effect of the 
Fire power wear off and get a fresh flower. Jump up the steps, avoiding the 
moving walls until you reach the top. Avoid the Ice Swooper, melt the snowman 
and reveal the sling star. Sling away.

In this new area, grab the Fire Flower and run down the path, avoiding the 
boulders. Throw fireballs across the gap to melt the snowman on the other side. 
Jump over the gap and run right past the moving walls. You'll reach a high 
ledge that can be reached with the help of another moving wall. You will reach 
a plateau with another Fire Flower guarded by two Ice Swoopers. Grab a Fire 
Flower and kill these bats with fireballs.

When the fire power has worn off, get a fresh Fire Flower and continue along 
the path to the left, avoiding the boulder. Use the ledge sticking out of the 
path if you need to. There is another snowman at the top of the hill. Melt it 
and get a boost from the sling star that appears. Kill the Ice Swooper on the 
following ledge and run up the slope, jumping around the corner. There is a 
pair of parallel walls guarded by a column of moving walls. Jump up quickly 
when they are not sticking out. The power star is waiting for you at the 

Now that you are back to normal Mario, follow the path shown by the arrows. 
Jump up the ledges and avoid the moving walls. Make your way up the next ledge 
with the help of the last moving wall. You will find an icy lake on this 
plateau. Bump the two Question Blocks for star bits. Go left and jump from 
platform to platform to get to the Blue Flower.

As Ice Mario, quickly run across the lake and up the path. Make your way to 
the right with help from the moving wall. You come to a sling star, use it to 
reach a pair of water jets, getting a boost from them as well. Jump onto the 
peak. It's Count Brrr! He attacks by hurling ice shards at you. Brrr seems to 
be out of reach, but don't worry. Jump along the platforms on the lake in a 
clockwise direction and you will reach an alcove blocked by crystals. Break 
into the alcove and get the Blue Flower. Run on the lake's surface and wall 
jump up the parallel walls marked by the 2 coins. Go underneath Brrr and jump 
up, hitting him from below. Brrr will shrink in size and land on the ground. 
Give him a good spin when he is grounded.

Count Brrr knocks you off his ledge with a shockwave. Get another Blue Flower 
and perform the same actions as above. Repeat this two more times and you will 

This particular Purple Coin star is one of the most tedious yet. You are to 
scour the entire mountain for 100 Purple Coins. You must first follow the 
route taken during the "Frozen Peak of Count Brrr" scenario before going 
through the route that leads to the hidden star on the summit. Some easy to 
miss stars include those above the pillars in the middle of the frozen lake 
and one on the "shortcut ledge" reachable by wall jumps in a corner of the 
same lake.

When you get to the sling star that leads to the path to the summit, check the 
number of Purple Coins you have collected so far. You should have collected 82 
coins by now. If you don't have that many, turn back and search again. 
Otherwise follow the path to the summit, collecting all the Purple Coins you 
see. You should have collected 98 Purple Coins by the time you reached the 
summit. Look down and you will find 2 Purple Coins on two small pillars below. 
Long jump off the summit onto the higher pillar and get the 2 last Purple 
Coins. Use the sling star to head back to the start of the level, where the 
star has appeared.

Cosmic Comet Star: Frosty Cosmic Mario Race (C)
A Cosmic Comet will eventually go into orbit over the galaxy. It's time for 
another race against Cosmic Mario! You have to race your opponent on an icy 
racing track get to the star before he does. Since the track is frozen, you 
can skate on the ice to extend your lead (or catch up with Cosmic Mario). 

This race course is divided into 3 sections; When you have completed a section, 
jump up to get to the next one. This star isn't a hard one and can be 
collected after a few tries. If you are losing badly, consider getting the 
Green Mushroom near the start, thus providing you with virtually unlimited 

Freezeflame's Blistering Core
You'll still start on the frozen ring. Skate around the place and collect the 
5 star chips, most of them are encased in ice. A Question Coin on the 
underside will generate a lot of star bits. Once you have collected all the 
chips, the Launch Star will appear in the centre of the ring. Use the pull 
stars to guide Mario into the Launch Star and blast off.

You arrive on an island in the lava. This is the "flame" part of the 
Freezeflame Galaxy. Run along the path, avoiding the Red Urchins that attempt 
to roll over you. Ignore the Question Block, since it's heavily guarded. 
You'll eventually reach an area with many crates. The Question Block here can 
be safely opened. Meanwhile, a Question Coin can be seen behind a gate.

Go over to the towers with the arrows pointing upwards. There is a Red 
Mushroom here. Climb up the pole and jump onto the platform to your left. Run 
along the path and get the Question Coin in front of the gate. A Fire Flower 
appears on the top of the slope. Get it and you can kill the Red Urchins! In 
addition, light up the torch by the gate with a fireball. It opens, providing 
access to the initial area. Get another Fire Flower and head towards the two 
towers with arrows pointing up. Light up the torches and a set of steps will 
rise from the lava, allowing you to jump up.

You reach a dead end. See the path above you? Jump up to get onto it. Follow 
the path, jumping from platform to platform. You arrive at an area infested 
with Red Urchins. Get the Fire Flower from the bubble and run up the slope 
towards the dead end. Light up the 4 torches to the left and right of the wall 
and it will rise up, revealing a tall gap that you can wall jump up. When you 
reach the top, the gravity will be inverted.

Make your way past two rolling paths. Once you have reached the other side, 
jump onto the moving platform and let it carry you to the right side of the 
lava pool. Watch out for the moving Red Coals here. They can be killed by 
spinning at them at close range to put their flames out, followed by running 
at them.

You are getting warm (No pun intended). Get the Fire Flower from the bubble to 
the right and throw a fireball across the lava pool to the torch nearest to 
you. Run to the far left and get onto the fast moving platform. Throw a second 
fireball at the torch to the left of the power star. Now that both torches are 
lit, the bars protecting the star will be removed. Cross the bridge and get 
your reward.

Hot and Cold Collide
First, a cold star. Then, a hot star. Now, both worlds collide! The starting 
ring is now "hybridized"; it's a mixture of lava and ice. Skate along the path, 
avoid the fireballs and break through the ice barriers. You will reach an 
opening on the outer rim blocked by ice crystals. Break through the ice 
barrier and go to the flip side of this ring. Continue along the path until 
you reach an opening on the inner rim of the ring. Break the crystal and a 
Launch Star will appear. Let's go.

You arrive inside a cave inhabited by countless Urchins. The water here is 
freezing, so don't swim in it. The water rises and falls periodically, so 
watch your step. The white areas are mostly safe since they are the highest up. 
Look to your right; there is a Red Mushroom in an alcove. Run over and get it 
while the water is low. Walk around the cave in a clockwise direction, 
following the white path. You'll come to a trio of high plateaus. Jump up and 
you'll be above the water line. As you jump along, you notice a valve to the 
left. Turn it and a wall marked by downward pointing arrows will be lowered, 
revealing a new path.

Before you enter this path, continue clockwise along the cave's walls. You'll 
find a Green Mushroom in an alcove behind a stack of boulders and a Question 
Block on the plateau above it. That block holds several star bits.

The path leads to a volcanic area where the lava here rises and falls, just 
like the water in the previous cave. Get the goodies in the boulders to the 
right when the lava is low. A Fire Flower is behind bars. To get to it, take 
the path to the left.

You come to an area with Red Urchins. Move to the right. A valve can be found 
to the left of the bars blocking off the Fire Flower. Turn the valve when the 
lava is down and the bars will be removed. Take the Fire Flower, kill all the 
Urchins with fireballs and grab all the goodies from the boulders. Get another 
Fire Flower, run all the way back to the two torches in the watery cavern and 
light them up. A launch star appears.

The launch star sends you to a series of platforms high in the sky. The 
platforms are made of either ice or lava. Grab the Blue Flower from the bubble 
and you can run on lava as Ice Mario. Make your way past the lava platforms, 
getting as many star bits as possible before you reach the other side. Jump up 
to reach the next set of platforms.

Get the Blue Flower there and make your way through the lava path. At this 
point, parts of the path will shift left and right, so be careful not to fall 
into the black hole. There is a Green Mushroom along the path, grab that if 
you have time. Get a move on and take the Blue Flower from the stepping stone 
on the lava. At the end of the path, jump up to reach the final section. It's 
all lava at this point. You have to hurry to get to the star at the end before 
your power-up expires. This is where long jumping will do you good! Now that 
you have the star, just how can Mario get back without being burnt to a crisp?

Dusty Dune Galaxy
This is a galaxy with a desert theme. Its name must be a reference to Dusty 
Dunes Desert, an area in the SNES game Earthbound. What can a desert themed 
level be without quicksand? Avoid the shifting sand as it's instantly lethal. 
Oh and by the way, this level is the second of two 7-star galaxy of the game.

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Soaring on the desert winds
2. Blasting through the sand
--> 4. Sandblast speed run (S)
--> 5. Purple coins in the desert (P)
--> 7. Treasure of the pyramid (G)
3. Sunbaked sand castle
--> 6. Bullet Bill on your back (H)

Soaring on the desert winds
There are a number of tornados in the desert. Use them to go from island to 
island on the quicksand. To get a boost from a tornado, jump into it and let 
it blow you upwards. Shake the Wii Remote and Mario will be released from the 
tornado, twirling like a helicopter. Use the control stick to steer him to 
your destination. 

You arrive at a platform shaped like a horseshoe. Look to your right. There is 
a faraway island with a pipe on it. To reach that island, you need to get a 
boost from the tornado on the east side of the horseshoe shaped platform. 
Drift into the tornado in the middle of the quicksand and give Mario another 

Enter the pipe to arrive at a 2-D area. Go over to the tall wooden block 
column and ground pound your way down the rightmost column. You will stop at 
the conveyor belt. Crawl into the conveyor belt and go right. Jump over the 
large gap with the help of the Thwomp below. On the other side, wait for the 
Thwomps to rise up and quickly run under them. Get the Red Mushroom on the 
other side. Drop down, get the star bits from the Question Block and head 
right. See the two flipswitches beneath the Thwomp? Flip them both and a large 
number of star bits will appear around the 3 wheels to the right. Jump against 
the flow of the conveyor belt and go up onto the wheels.

There is a Question Block filled with coins above the top wheel. When you've 
collected the coins and star bits, go right. Jump onto the wooden blocks and 
get the Question Coin. A fire flower appears on the path below. Take it and 
run right, killing all the Piranha Plants that get in the way. Run down the 
steep slope and outrun the boulder that's coming from behind you. You'll reach 
a platform with a Question Block. Get the goodies from it if you can. Either 
way, use the Sling Star to sling Mario up to the pipe above.

You are above ground again. Use the Launch Star to propel Mario to the next 
area. On this island, shoot down the bomber hen with a star bit and kill it. 
Get a boost from the tornado to reach the ledge above. Kill the bomber hen, 
get the Green Mushroom and jump right against the flow of the sand. Get a 
boost from the tornado there and land on the platform above the sand. Jump 
from block to block to the top of the waterfall.

You reach a wall with two tornados along it. Use the tornados to boost Mario 
up to get the Question Coin. Two sling stars appear. Sling Mario up to the 
tornado above and boost up to the ledge further above. Get the Question Coins 
there and a number of star bits will appear within the parallel walls above. 
Wall jump your way up, go right, slide down the left wall and jump onto the 
ledge to the right. It's a tricky jump and it may take a few tries to get it 

Now that you are on the ledge, wall jump up the parallel walls. Stop on the 
block to the right. Wall jump up from the block, landing on the block above 
you. (That block can be used as a rebound point for your jumps) Wait for the 
block above you to come down and use that as a rebound point to reach the 
ledge above you.

The 4 brown blocks will withdraw into the wall as soon as you step onto them, 
so hurry to the left. Jump onto the sand and go against the flow. The power 
star is enclosed in a giant crystal at the top of this slope. Spin near the 
crystal twice to free the star.

Blasting through the sand (S,P,G)
The starting island is now guarded by a Puffy. Spin him out of existence and 
jump onto the large circular island. Take the coin in the centre and 5 Puffies 
will be drawn out. Destroy them and a tall Red Puffy will pop out (he looks 
like the typical Pokey). Backflip up and spin into him to kill him. A launch 
star appears.

You arrive on a sandy platform in the sky. 

*****GREEN STAR*****
There is a Hungry Luma on the flip side. Feed him 20 star bits and he will 
transform into a rhomboid "double pyramid" structure in the sky. Use the pink 
launch star to get onto its underside and enter the pipe. Inside the rhomboid, 
run around the initial circular area and get the Silver Star from the crystal. 
As you may notice, there are two lines of coins going up the wall. Run up and 
collect the coins. 

When you step on the green line, it will turn red. The sandy floor below you 
will rise up along with the ceiling. It seems you are between two sand pillars 
all along. Run up the wall and follow this new "path", freeing the Silver 
Stars that you run into. Don't get crushed between the floor and the pillar! 
Eventually, you will reach the top where the gravity inverts, allowing Mario 
to stand on the ceiling. It's time to inspect the other hidden paths between 
the low level and the upper level of this rhumboid. Move slightly clockwise 
against the walls and step on the green line. Another path should be revealed. 
Run along and search for more Silver Stars. Repeat path by path until you have 
got them all.

Once you have freed all 5 Silver Stars, the sandy pillars will disappear, 
revealing a Green Star on the lower level. Run down the path to reach the 
bottom. You've collected all 3 Green Stars, hence the green launch star in the 
Comet Observatory is activated!
*****END GREEN STAR*****

Jump to the left, going from platform to platform until you reach the sling 
star. If you need a Red Mushroom, jump onto the isolated circular platform 
near the ring. Sling up and use the next sling star to continue your way. You 
arrive at the beginning of a long thin sandy path. Slide along the path, 
following the arrows and use the sling star on the other side.

You land a sandy ring. There are a total of 5 blue star chips on this path. 
Slide along the sand and collect 4 of them. The last one is inside a treasure 
chest. Grab a shell from one of those solid platforms in the middle of the 
ring to open the chest. Once you have all 5 star chips, a series of pull stars 
appear above you. Use them to get to the next area.

On this planet, you have a choice of two paths as indicated by the arrows. 
Choose the left path. You have to go against the flow of the sand. Since the 
sand slides so fast, you must jump from platform to platform above the sand 
until you reach a pipe. In this secret area, run up the wall with help from 
the ramps and get the Question Coin. A trail of music notes appears. Follow 
them and collect all the notes. 3 Green Mushrooms will appear (compared to one 
in Good Egg Galaxy!), collect them before going out through the pipe on the 

It seems you have taken a shortcut to the star. Follow the blue arrow and run 
into the hole. You are now on the other side of this giant quicksand pool. The 
Power Star is hovering over the large circular island. However, it's too high 
up for Mario to jump to. The solution to your predicament is to the right. 
Follow the path, avoiding the mini-tornados (they work the same way as large 
ones, only that they hinder your progress.) Run into the hole and go back to 
the other side of the sand pool. You will see a blue switch on top of some 
pillars. Jump up and pound the switch. The pillars sink into the ground and 
stick out on the other side of the sand pool. Quickly make your way back to 
the other side through the same way you came here, jump up onto the pillars 
and get the star before the time expires. 

Once you have collected all the 3 regular stars of this galaxy, a Speedy Comet 
will go in orbit over it. You have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the 
"Blasting through the sand" scenario. In my opinion, the area that saps the 
most time is the sandy ring path where you have to collect the 5 star bits. (I 
wasted 90 seconds trying to get the blue star chips!) At the fork near the end, 
always choose the left path. You may be under pressure, but jump slowly across 
the platforms on the sand to reach the pipe. When you reach the final sand 
pool, you will be pleased to know that all mini-tornados have disappeared!

When a purple comet is in orbit over the galaxy, you are to search the last 
area of the scenario "Blasting through the sand" for 100 Purple Coins. Many 
coins are in the air high above you and can be reached using the mini-tornados. 
This star is easier said than done since it's so easy to fall into the 
quicksand at any time. The two tornados near the ledges with the blue switch 
are twirling rocks around them. Use extreme caution when approaching or 
entering them.

Sunbaked sand castle (H)
There is a switch on the starting island. Pound it and a hill of quicksand 
will rise up beneath you, pushing the island up. During the ascent, grab the 
Question Block to make many star bits appear around you. Also get the Red and 
Green Mushrooms. The sand will stop rising once the launch star is within 
reach. Blast off.

You land on a circular platform with a gold star chip on it. Get it and stomp 
the blue switch. The sand will lower, revealing a tower. Once the sand has 
stopped going down, run around the tower and you will find a star chip in an 
alcove guarded by 4 Dry Bones. Grab that and run to the side with a wide gap 
on it. Wall jump up and get the star chip there. Go back down and pound the 
red switch to make the sand rise up again. Search the other two sides while 
the sand is rising for the 2 remaining chips. Since one of the chips is in a 
treasure chest, have a Koopa Shell handy before you bound the switch. Consider 
getting the star bits from the Question Blocks. However, getting them is a 

The launch star appears atop the tower. Get to the next planet.

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
This planet contracts and expands. Let it contract and a stump will be 
revealed near the bottom. Pound it into the ground to reveal a long chain of 
music notes. Collect all the notes and another Launch Star appears. Use it to 
get to another circular island with a pair of Bullet Bill cannons. Get all the 
star bits and stand on the blue switch. Pound the switch when a bullet has 
locked on to you. (You can tell by their red eyes and smoke). Run from the 
Bullet Bill while the sand lowers, maintaining a short distance between you 
and the bullet. Eventually, an encased power star will be revealed. Lure the 
bullet into the casing and the star will fly up onto the cannon emplacement. 
Pound the red switch to raise the sand so you can reach it.

If you want some extra star bits, lure a Bullet Bill into the glass casing 
with the Rainbow Star inside. Once you are invincible, you can destroy all the 
Dry Bones that have been dug up when you've lowered the sand. 

The planet expands and contracts. Kill the spiky plant with a coconut when it 
contracts. Another launch star appears. You can kill the crabs by spinning in 
front of them to stun them, then running behind them and spin at their back 

Wait for the planet to expand completely before jumping up. You reach a planet 
guarded by a Pokey. There is absolutely no way you can hurt him with the 
flowing sand beneath him. Get the Green Mushroom, run to the bottom of the 
planet and sling to the neighbouring planet. Kick a coconut to the previous 
planet you and sling back to it. Dribble the coconut to the top and kick it at 
the Pokey. His lower body falls off, leaving his head in the sand. Spin it out 
of existence and a launch star appears.

You arrive on the top of a tower with a power star inside. To get the star, 
jump off the tower, landing on the ground below. It seems you are staying 
upside down. Run around the place, gathering all the star bits you see and 
break open the crate. There is a pipe inside. Use it to enter the tower. 
You're still upside down. Break through the wooden barrier and turn around the 
corner. All of a sudden, the tower starts to fill up with sand! Run along the 
path in the tower in a clockwise direction. The further you go, the more you 
descend. Hurry up and don't let the sand crush you against the ceiling of the 
tower. You will eventually reach the Power Star. Grab it fast before you are 
buried alive.

Honeyclimb Galaxy
This honeycomb themed galaxy is the one and only Question Block galaxy in the 
kitchen. You get to transform into Bee Mario again!

Scaling the sticky wall
This scenario is self explanatory. You have to scale the sticky wall. Grab the 
brown and yellow striped mushroom and transform into Bee Mario. Fly up and 
latch onto the honey wall. Make your way up, going from wall to wall. You will 
come to a Question Coin. Grab it and two moving honey walls will appear. Go 
left and get the Question Coin below. A column of coins appears in the path of 
one of the moving walls. Ride that wall up and fly to the left, getting the 
Question Coin. A large number of star bits appears, forming the shape of a 
star. Get them all and climb right for the launch star.

Make your way along the next set of walls, avoiding the meteors. There is one 
nasty bit where a line of 3 meteors will come down at once. As soon as the 
first one passes you, crawl quickly to the right and jump off the wall. Fly 
over to the wall with the Green Mushroom. That is your safe haven. You can now 
fly into the launch star.

The third and final wall is guarded by Mandibugs. Make your way up and jump 
off the wall when they start charging. The bugs near the end are smarter. They 
will rotate in place, so sneak behind them. The star is at the top of this 

Bigmouth Galaxy
The Bigmouth Galaxy is a galaxy that resembles a giant fish. It is the Hungry 
Luma galaxy of the Bedroom. You need to feed the Luma 800 star bits before he 
transforms! What a greedy pig.

Bigmouth's Gold Bait
The star in this level is inside the chest at the start. However, it can only 
opened by a Golden Shell. Kill the two crabs at your entry point. The green 
one drops a Green Mushroom. Dive into the water and swim past the Boos. 
Collect the Green Mushroom in the sea weed. You reach a brick wall. Spin at it 
to break through. On the other side, swim down and collect the star chip that 
is surrounded by jellyfish. If you want coins, spin at the jellyfish to defeat 
them. 4 more star chips are hidden among the seaweed. Swim around and collect 
them, avoiding the giant eels as you do so.

A sling star appears. Use it to reach the body of water on the ceiling. You 
have found the Golden Shell. Grab it and swim downwards. You will return to 
the lower body of water. Swim back to the start of the level. The final tunnel 
will now be filled with Boos. Use the light shining out of the shell to get 
rid of them. Get out of the water and throw the Golden Shell at the chest. The 
captain of the Toad Brigade pops out. He tells you that he got trapped in the 
chest looking for a power star and gives you the star he's found.

Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
This is the enemy base in the area. Looks like Bowser's got industrious and 
set up a factory to manufacture something called dark matter.

Darkness on the Horizon
Run forward and get onto the moving platform. Ride it across the dark matter, 
switching platforms midway. Make your way past the rotating pillar. Jump quick 
or you will be pulled into the dark matter on either side. On the other side, 
go right and enter the 2-D area. Gravity works in 4 directions here. You have 
the blue zones (down), red zones (up), green zones (right) and grey zones 

Jump up to the red zone and ride the lift to the right, entering the green 
zone. Jump onto the L-block to hitch a ride on the next lift. Go around the 
corner and jump onto the top of the L-block and let it take you out of this 2-
D area. Kill the Goombas and climb up the pole. Jump on the platform and watch 
out for the moving holes. Jump onto the pink platforms and let them carry you 
to the right. When you see a blue hole on the platform, jump over it. Two 
pairs of rotating squares are up ahead. Keep right on the first pair and left 
on the second pair to dodge the holes. Run up the upside down path when you 
reach the other side.

You enter another 2-D area. Your goal is to make your way to the far right 
while hanging onto the moving platforms. It's important that you anticipate 
the changes in the direction of the gravitational pull so as not to be sucked 
into the dark matter when you enter a new coloured zone.

Enter the green zone and ride the blue lift across the dark, standing on its 
left side. Jump onto the next inverted T-shaped lift and enter the blue zone. 
Head right and jump onto the upper left side of the cross shaped platform. Let 
this platform carry you into the next green zone. Inside the green zone, move 
to the lower left corner of the lift. This will stop Mario from being sucked 
into the dark matter once you enter the red zone.

When you have entered the red zone, move Mario onto the lower right part of 
the cross. The cross is heading towards a wall of dark matter! Quickly move to 
the upper right corner of the cross, jump onto the next L block and move Mario 
into the corner on the block. You've just completed a very tedious 2-D 

You arrive on a chequered platform. Free the Luma and a set of steps will 
appear. Jump up and get the Red Mushroom. Free the Luma on this platform and 
another set of steps will appear for you to reach the top of the pillar. It's 
Bowser! He once again threatens to stomp you into space bits! You'll be 
fighting him on a satellite similar to that at Bowser's Star Reactor. But this 
time, he generates three shockwaves in quick succession every now and then 
instead of one. In addition, watch out for his 360 degree fireball attack. The 
fireballs can travel around the satellite and get you from behind if you are 
not careful. When you are close, Bowser will sometimes use a spinning attack 
against you. His spin has a much longer radius than yours, so run away when 
you see Bowser getting ready to charge at you.

Just like your previous encounter, stand on a blue glass window near Bowser 
and coax him into stomping you. Run away from the window when he is in the air 
and he will crash right through into the lava. When Bowser is running around 
in pain, run after him and spin him into the air. He will roll around the 
satellite. Intercept Bowser and spin him again.

Bowser is angry. He lets off a large number of fireballs in all directions. 
Run around the satellite avoiding his spinning attack. When he jumps very high 
into the air, stand on a blue glass window and run out of the way when he 
pounds down at you. Repeat the spinning routine. Bowser gets even more ticked 
off! His shockwave count increases to 5 in a row, so you have a lot of jumping 
to do when he releases his shockwaves.

Make him burn himself one more time and round he goes! Spin him twice and he 
will be defeated. Bowser gives credit to Mario, saying that he's chosen the 
right person to be his archenemy! He warns Mario that his master plan is 
almost set in motion before leaving. Get the Grand Star.

Back in the Observatory:
Mario places the Grand Star into the beacon. The power beacon turns blue and 
the Engine Room is now accessible. Rosalina reminds you that Princess Peach is 
in the centre of the universe. She shows you a counter on the floor beneath 
you that displays the number of stars you need before the Observatory has 
enough power to travel there. 

If you have collected every single regular star, comet star and green star 
from all the previous galaxies, as well as the bonus galaxies, you should have 
just over 60 stars in total. In that case, a "01" will be displayed on the 
counter. Include the Grand Star you've collected and it goes down to zero! At 
that point, you can continue searching for more stars or you can go rescue 
Peach. If you want to go later, you can always talk to Rosalina again.

By the way, notice the Red Luma above the bedroom? Talk to him and he will 
tell you that he has a secret, but he's not telling you yet. I wonder what 
it's all about. Oh, and it seems that a brass ensemble has been added to the 
Observatory music theme! 

9. Trials and tribulations

The Green Launch Star leads to a planet outside the Comet Observatory that 
resembles a ball and stick model of a molecule. On each coloured ball is a 
Green Luma. Talk to one and he will transform into a Launch Star leading to a 
trial galaxy. Trial galaxies are one star levels which are much harder to go 
through than the typical bonus galaxies.

Rolling Gizmo Galaxy
This galaxy looks like a giant bowling green. You guessed it, it's one of 
THOSE levels: The star ball level! This level is much longer than the Rolling 
Green Galaxy. To make things worse, you have to start at the beginning of the 
level if you fall of the course! Although there may be plenty of starbits, 
coins and Green Mushrooms for you to collect, I suggest you focus on 
completing the level rather than being greedy.

Gizmos, Gears and Gadgets
Jump onto the star ball and roll carefully across the curvy bridge. Roll over 
the Goombas and jump into the metal crates to destroy them. Destroy the two 
left crates and jump into the raised bridge. It will be lowered, allowing you 
to cross over to the other side. Destroy the metal crate to reveal a hole. Get 
into the hole and boost up to the platform above. Drop through the hole and 
move along the tracks.

You arrive on a large platform with half pipes. Make your way to the other 
wise and cross the rotating bridge. If you are slow, consider stopping on the 
pivot. Get the Green Mushroom on the small gear and roll onto the rotating 
gear through one of its teeth. Roll over to the other side and go over to the 
next platform with the help of another tooth. When the large moving block is 
at your right side, roll over to the bridge and let the giant block push you 

You will come to a platform with Bob-ombs. Bob-ombs tend to knock you around 
when they explode, so don't let them hit you. Roll to the other side quickly 
and jump up onto the red path. Get onto the blue platform and go down the 
slide and the rails that follow. After a rollercoaster ride, you will land on 
another rotating cog. Get to the next platform via one of the gear's teeth. 
You are almost there. Avoid the first block that is rotating about the path 
and wait at the end of the path. When you see the 2nd block coming up from the 
left. Roll into it and let it carry you up to the final platform. Roll the 
ball into the hole and the star will be released. Climb up the pole, get it 
and breathe a sigh of relief!

Loopdeeswoop Galaxy
This is yet another ray surfing level. The course is longer than that of the 
Loopdeeloop Galaxy, and you have a time limit to complete the course. To get 
the star, you must complete a lap in 3 minutes.

The Galaxy's Biggest Wave
Surf's up. The controls for the ray aren't as sensitive as that of the star 
ball, hence this star is much easier to get. Although you have a time limit, 
it still isn't hard. All you have to do is to remember to release the A button 
every time you turn to avoid flying off the course.

Bubble Blast Galaxy
This is another level where you need to blow Mario around in a bubble. 
Although the bubble is sensitive, it isn't as horrible as the star ball! There 
is no leaning against the walls of this maze, since they are all electrical 
and will burst Mario's bubble, condemning him to the black hole!

The Electric Labyrinth
You start on a platform with 5 pipes. These pipes lead to 5 different areas, 
each with a star chip. You have to use the bubbles in each section to move 
Mario past the obstacles provided to get the star chip and then return to the 
starting platform with the sling star provided. The obstacles include rotating 
gates, revolving electric fences, flame nozzles, floating mines and Amps. Once 
the launch star is completed, it will appear on the starting platform.

Head to the next area. Follow the arrows to your destination. This is one area 
that you have to act fast. A large number of Bullet Bill emplacements are in 
place and are locked on to you! Blow faster to outrun the bullets. Just be 
careful of the mines near the end. The star is waiting for you at the end of 
the labyrinth.

10. Spicing up the engine room

The engine room is on the upper level of the Comet Observatory. You can reach 
there by riding the beam of light on top of the library. This dome features 3 
regular galaxies and 2 bonus ones. Since you have an excess of stars, let's 
deal with the enemy base first.

In case you are curious, here are the star requirements for the main galaxies.

Gold Leaf Galaxy: 34 stars
Sea Slide Galaxy: 36 stars
Toy Time Galaxy: 40 stars
Bowser Junior's Lava Reactor: 45 stars

Bowser Junior's Lava Reactor
A reactor powered by lava? I guess the Koopas are into thermal energy. So even 
the worst reptilian villains can be environmentally friendly!

King Kaliente's Spicy Return
You start on a hollowed hole planet with the Launch Star encased in glass next 
to you. Follow the path until you reach a Bullet Bill cannon. Lure a bullet 
bill all the way to the start of the level and blow up the glass casing. Feel 
free to free the Green Mushroom and coins from the other 2 glass cases before 
blasting off.

You arrive at a giant lava pool. The platforms you are standing on cannot take 
much weight and will sink into the lava if you stay on them for too long. Move 
from platform to platform, get the Red Mushroom and head towards the two 
cannons. Spin their green cannonballs back at them to destroy them. A launch 
star appears, use it to reach the boss stage.

You arrive on another lava pool. Bowser Junior is expecting you. He tells you 
that he cannot afford to lose another Grand Star to you or his dad will be mad! 
He sends King Kaliente after you. The same tactics in your previous encounter 
applies here. The only difference is that you can't stay on any of the 
platforms for too long, lest they sink into the lava. If you must remain 
roughly in the same place, consider jumping in place. Always jump up in 
anticipation of the green cannonballs before spinning at them. When you manage 
to hit Kaliente three times, he'll be defeated and give out the Grand Star.

Back in the observatory:
You've returned all 6 Grand Stars. The beacon is now purple in colour and two 
more areas above the Engine Room and accessible. They are the Gate and Garden. 
To reach those two areas, you will have to reach the upward pointing beam of 
light on the Engine Room level with the rotating platforms.

Gold Leaf Galaxy
This galaxy looks very similar to the Honeyhive Galaxy, only that everything's 
been laterally inverted and it's autumn.

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Star bunnies on the hunt
2. Cataquack to the skies
--> 6. Bell on the big tree (H)
3. When it rains, it pours
--> 4. Cosmic Mario forest race (C)
--> 5. Purple coins in the woods (P)

Star bunnies on the hunt
Talk to the rabbit at the start of the level. It seems he and his mates are 
looking for some blue star chips. Go up the path and turn right at the fork. 
Jump up the ledge behind the waterfall and break the crate for a star chip.

Head back to the left, turn left and walk along the narrow path by the cliff 
past the bunny there. You'll come to a pair of parallel walls that you can 
jump up. Jump up and collect the star chip on the plateau above. Drop back 
down to the ground and move up the path. There is another rabbit by three tree 
stumps. Pound the stumps into the ground and a sling star will appear that can 
be used to reach the star chip above.

Jump and swing Mario into the sling star. Use it to reach a plateau high above. 
A fourth star chip is above the fountain there. Head back to the beginning of 
the level and use the dandelion to fling Mario to the plateau at the top of 
the slope. Pound the stump to your right and star bits will appear in the 
water. There is a Green Mushroom under the bridge. Pound the other stump on 
this plateau for coins.

Get the Bee Mario power up and fly up to the ledge above the floating flower. 
Kill the Piranha Plant and get the last star chip above the springboard. A set 
of pull stars will appear at the start of the level. Before you get back, kill 
the Wiggler and pound the stump on his platform. A large number of star bits 
will be yours for the taking.

Get back to the start of the level and use the pull stars to reach the launch 
star. Mario will be sent to a remote wooden planet. The rabbit there asks you 
to catch him. To make this game of tag easier, pound the red switch on the 
planet. Certain parts of the ground will be raised up, allowing you to corner 
the rabbit. When you catch him, he will give you the star. 

In addition, there are several Question Tiles on the planet. If you run into 
them, they will be sent sliding along the ground much like a Koopa shell. 
Mario will get hurt if he collides into them. To get the goodies inside the 
tiles, pound them into the ground.

Cataquack to the skies (H)
Run along the path from the start and take the left path at the fork. There is 
a Cataquack inside the fence. Let him fling you up to the sling star above. 
You arrive at the plateau at the top of the slope above the starting point. 

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
Run around on the pool of water at the base of the tree and you will find a 
bubble dispenser. Enter a bubble and blow Mario up to the Question Block. A 
stream of star bits appear that leads to a Green Mushroom. Go back down and 
land on the ledge with the bell next to it. Jump up and spin at the bell to 
ring it. A long trail of music notes coil around the tree. Jump back down to 
the ground, get into another bubble and use it to collect all the music notes. 
You will be recreating the underwater theme of Super Mario Bros. Once you've 
collected all the notes, a Power Star will appear high above you. Blow the 
bubble upwards to get it.

Get the Bee Mario power-up and get back to the Cataquack you just used. This 
time, fly towards the ledge with the launch Star.

Use the launch star to get to a wooden planet. There are some enemies here 
along with a Cataquack. Lure the Cataquack over to a pad with a picture of him 
and let the Cataquack fling you to the next planet. 

You are on a maze planet. Move around until you find the Cataquack. Break the 
crates around him to activate him. Lure him over to the pad with a picture of 
a Cataquack on it. You must follow the maze path the whole way without jumping 
over any hedges-the Cataquack can't follow you over them.

Let the Cataquack flip you onto the twisted piece of metal in the sky. Run to 
the other end of the metal and you will find a launch star high above you. Let 
a Cataquack flip you up to the launch star. You come to a large planet with a 
Jenga tower. Explore this planet, getting the star bits from the two Question 
Blocks. There is a Bee Mario power-up in a bubble high above the ground. Let 
the Cataquack boost you up to it. Now that you are Bee Mario, lure the 
Cataquack to the Jenga tower and let him fling you up. Once you are in the air, 
press and hold the A button to fly up to the top of the tower.

From the top of the tower, jump on the next platform, then go from flower to 
flower until you reach the star. Avoid the bugs so that they don't strip you 
of the Bee Mario ability.

When it rains, it pours (C,P)
A lot of rain clouds have appeared in the level. Some giant tower's been 
erected on the main landmass! Run up the path and you will find a Bee Mario 
power-up on a rain cloud. Run a little bit further up the slope and backflip 
onto the plateau above. Jump into the bubble and transform into Bee Mario. As 
Bee Mario, you can stand on rain clouds. Fly over to the nearby Question Coin 
on a cloud and get it. A Green Mushroom appears over the cloud.

Get back to the main land and jump from flower to flower to reach the plateau 
on the other side. If you must avoid the rain, fly up onto the rain cloud to 
bypass it. You come to a newly constructed wooden path. If you have lost the 
Bee Mario power-up from the rain, get another power-up from the crystal behind 
the Mandibug. Swing Mario onto the rain cloud nearby, then jump from rain 
cloud to rain cloud until you reach the next wooden path.

Follow the path, avoiding the rain and the Mandibugs. You reach a spring board. 
Bounce up to the base of the tower. Make your way up the steps, keeping out of 
the rain. There are a number of alcoves in which you can take shelter if 
necessary. Use the springboard to reach the next level. You will come to 
another rain cloud that you can jump on. Ride it to the left and fly into the 
alcove above.

Continue left. You come to another spring board. When the rain clouds have 
moved away from the ledge it is on, spring up and fly to the ledge above. 
There is a lone boulder there; pound it and a vine will sprout. Climb it to 
the top of the tower. Looks like a weather machine is responsible for all the 
rain! Fight the mole technician to stop the machine. Bee powers are entirely 
optional but make the fight a lot easier.

The mole attacks with a bubble cannon and is protected by a pit of spikes 
around his machine. Run along the walkway surrounding the spike pit to reach 
the red switch while avoiding his attacks and the rain. Pound the switch to 
raise a number of ledges on the walkway. Jump onto the top of the machine and 
pound down onto the glass bubble to crack it. Repeat this two more times and 
you will win. If you are fast, you only need to pound the red switch twice.

When a blue cosmic comet is in orbit above this galaxy, you will have to race 
Cosmic Mario to the star. The route is very similar to the one leading to the 
weather tower. Most of the course is narrow, so jump carefully and watch your 
step. The best way to build up your lead is to long jump from one part of the 
convoluted walkway to the next near the end (Cosmic Mario won't try to cut 
corners there).

This Purple Coin challenge is timed. You have 3 minutes and 30 seconds to 
reach the top of the weather tower as in the star "When it rains, it pours", 
collect 100 coins and get the star. Just long jump onto the large brown block 
from the start and go all the way from there, collecting Purple Coins. A 
number of bees are present at different stages of the course. They will tell 
you how many Purple Coins you should have collected at that point. To ensure 
that you have enough time, try to reach the bees with the following amounts of 
time remaining:

20 coin bee: 3 minutes
50 coin bee: 2 minutes 20 seconds
70 coin bee: 1 minute 40 seconds
90 coin bee: 45 seconds

Once you've collected all the Purple Coins, the star will appear on the 
platform in the middle of the spike pit. Long jump from the walkway to get it.

Sea Slide Galaxy
This galaxy features a ring shaped ocean. Even though you are very far into 
the game, the stars are extremely easy to get. It's just a whole bunch of 

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Going after Guppy
2. Faster than a speeding penguin
3. The silver stars of sea slide
--> 6. Hurry up, he's hungry (H)
4. Underwater Cosmic Mario race (C)
5. Purple coins by the sea side (P)

Going after Guppy
You enter the seaside resort to find a giant shark hogging the water, 
preventing the penguins from having their fun. Swim over to the shark, named 
Guppy. He challenges you to swim after him, going through 8 rings. When the 
challenge starts, swim after Guppy and go through the first ring he leaves 
behind. Grab a Red Shell shortly after that to swim faster. Continue following 
Guppy along the waterway, swimming through the rings he leaves behind. The 
only things you need to look out for are the whirlpools and man-eating eels in 
the underwater tunnel. After you've swum through the last ring, Guppy will 
give you the Power Star as promised.

Faster than a speeding penguin
This is a very easy star. Talk to a red penguin on the beach and he will ask 
you whether you want to join their swimming race. Accept and you will be 
racing against 4 penguins. When the race starts, you will fall behind. No fear! 
Grab the Red Shell in front of you and go after them! Steer Mario along the 
course; the obstacles are identical to that of the previous scenario. You'll 
eventually overtake all penguins but one. To overtake that one, swim through 
the red rings and you'll receive speed boosts, ensuring victory for Mario. 
You're the best! The star is yours.

The Silver Stars of Sea Slide (H)
Looks like several bees are having a holiday here. Swim to the island in front 
of you and get a Bee Mario power-up. Fly onto the top of the palm tree and 
wait for the cloud to come close. Fly onto the cloud and then to the top of 
the stone arc for the first Silver Star.

Make your way to the next beach. Take the Bee Mario power-up from the crystal.

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
There is a Hungry Luma next to the cannon. Feed him 40 star bits and he will 
transform into a piece of green octagonal origami in the sky. Enter the cannon 
and blast Mario towards this structure. As in the Hurry Scurry Galaxy, you 
have to collect all the music notes. The green tiles will start to shrink as 
soon as you step onto them, so hurry up and collect the notes. The flying 
ability of Bee Mario is vital since you will often run out of nearby tiles to 
step onto. In that case, fly to another part of the origami where the tiles 
have not disappeared and continue collecting the music notes there. When all 
the notes are collected, the black hole in the centre of the origami will 
disappear and be replaced by a power star.

Enter the cannon and blast onto the Toads' spaceship. Get onto the roof of the 
ship and use the pull stars to reach the second Silver Star. Afterwards, head 
to the lighthouse, get the Bee Mario power-up and get the Silver Star above 
the palm tree. Use the sling star to return to the start of the level and fly 
onto the giant tree nearby, stopping on the rock sticking out of the water on 
the way. Fly to the top of the tree and get the fourth Silver Star.

Jump off the tree and get onto the shark trap next to it. Spin the valve and a 
jet of water will appear. Jump into the jet and ride it to a giant sandy 
landmass in the centre of the ocean ring. Make your way to the top of the 
landmass. You can get a Green Mushroom by collecting the Question Coin and 
following the trail of music notes that appear.

The final Silver Star is in a bubble next to the old penguin. Get it and the 
power star will appear at the start of the level. Use the launch star provided 
to return to the shark trap. Sling Mario back to the starting island and you 
are home free!

Underwater Cosmic Mario race (C)
When a Cosmic Comet goes into orbit over this galaxy, you get to race Cosmic 
Mario to the lighthouse for the star. As in the penguin race, grab a red shell 
as soon as you enter the water. Stay in the water and go through all the rings 
you find to boost your speed until you are near the lighthouse. Get on dry 
land and run behind the lighthouse for the star.

Purple Coins by the sea side (P)
When a Purple Comet comes into orbit over this galaxy, you will be asked to 
collect all the 100 Purple Coins from this level. Most of the coins are on top 
of palm trees and on the clouds, so use Bee Mario all the way. You'll be 
pleased to learn that not a single coin is underwater here. Fly from tree to 
cloud and search everywhere. The star will appear above the flag of the 
lighthouse once you've got them all. 

Toy Time Galaxy
This is a galaxy-size children's playroom, complete with a funky version of 
the Super Mario Bros. music theme!

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
2. Mario meets Mario
--> 4. Fast foes of Toy Time (F)
--> 5. Luigi's purple coins (P)
--> 6. The flipswitch chain (H)
3. Bouncing down Cake Lane

Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
At the start, ride the toy train to the Launch Star and blast off. All the 
freaky Clockwork Toys in this area can be destroyed by pounding them into the 
ground. A Gearmo tells you that his friends have been kidnapped! Backflip and 
spin up onto the ledge above him and inspect the roof. Get the Green Mushroom 
and hit the Question Block for star bits. As you might have noticed, the walls 
and floors are divided into squares and rectangles. Some are marked with 
arrows, indicating the direction of gravity within those zones.

Jump down to the large platform below and spin on the bolt. Several star bits 
pop out. Go right and jump onto the pink part of the wall. Move along the pink 
zone and jump onto the rotating fan. Spin the screw in and the machine will 
stop rotating and release the star bits inside. Continue to the left and spin 
out the bolt. The cage to the left falls off, revealing a launch star. Go back 
the way you came and run onto the yellow handle sticking out of the wall 
beneath the pink path. Go right along the handles, collecting the 2 coins and 
you will reach a dead end with a Red Mushroom.

Go to the north side of the large platform. You see a bolt. Spin it out and 
drop down the hole. Spin the screw on this lower platform and a bridge will be 
formed. Cross it and run up the pink wall for the launch star. Cross the 
conveyor belt bridge in this new area and get the Question Coin. A metallic 
springy mushroom appears. Take it and transform into Spring Mario!

As Spring Mario, you can jump extra high by pressing the A button. Be warned 
that you cannot stand still while you have the spring powers. Bounce north 
along the level, breaking open the Question Blocks if you wish. Use the spring 
power to jump up the high boxes and you will reach a junction. If you want 
some star bits, head to the right and bounce up into the pipe there. In that 
room, make your way to the top of the room, jumping from brick platform to 
brick platform (perform wall jumps when necessary). Get the Question Coin at 
the top and all the brick blocks will transform into star bits.

Get back out and take the north path, getting past the laser cannon. Bounce up 
the boxes to reach the launch star. You land on a giant plate with several 
boulder "cookies" on it. The launch star is in the jar. Get the Spring Mario 
power-up and bounce on top of the jar. Pound the boulder lid and use the 
Launch Star inside the jar.

You are now at the base of a giant toy robot. All the green parts of the robot 
possess gravity, allowing Mario to stand on them without falling off. Follow 
the conveyor belt and wall jump up the robot's left leg. Run up the green zone 
and spin the screw in. Enter the pipe and get onto the robot's right leg. Spin 
this screw in as well and a sling star appears. Sling Mario up the robot.

There are 4 bolts on this next green metal plate. Spin them out and the metal 
grates will fall off, revealing two pits. Get the coins in one pit and enter 
the pipe in the other. You exit on a higher up platform. Follow the arrow and 
jump onto the robot's mechanical arm. Run up the green arm, break the Question 
Block for star bits and spin the bolt out at the joint. A launch star appears. 
Use it before the arm falls off!

On the next path, kill the Magikoopa and get the Spring Mario power up. Bounce 
along the path to the robot's face, jumping over the fireballs that fly out of 
the robot's mouth. Bounce Mario to the top of the robot's head and pound the 
tall stone pillar to the ground. The robot blows up, releasing all the Gearmos. 
The power star appears on the conveyor belt. Bounce and get it!

Mario meets Mario (H,F,P)
You are going to meet your good old 8-bit self in this scenario! Jump onto the 
train at the beginning and ride it to the Launch Star. Blast off, collect all 
as many star bits as possible while you soar through space before you arrive 
at a platform guarded by electric fences and a laser cannon. Dodge the laser 
and get the star chip above it. Get onto the top side of the platform. You are 
now on a giant screwjack.

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
Inspect all sides of the screwjack. A Hungry Luma is waiting for you somewhere. 
He asks for 50 star bits. Feed him and he will transform into a sculpture that 
resembles two rectangular loops locked together. Get there with the Launch 
Star. You start on the glass loop with green borders. Inspect the whole thing, 
tripping the three flipswitches you see (They are all guarded by Tox Boxes and 
have Question Blocks hovering over them).

Afterwards, long jump onto the blue loop. There are 4 trios of flipswitches on 
this loop, one guarded by a Tox Box, another 3 guarded by moving red razor 
blades. Trip these 12 switches and a power star will appear on a brown block 
in this loop.

Run up the screwjack and collect the two star chips on its side. Run onto the 
head of the screw, get the star chip and spin the blue screw down. The giant 
screw is screwed down as well! Go to the tip of the screw, jump up and get the 
final star chip. A launch star appears.

You arrive at a giant rendition of the 8-bit NES Mario. This giant Mario 
sprite is made up of red lava, green shrinking tiles and yellow tiles that 
start to rotate continuously when you step onto them. Make your way around 
this giant Mario, collecting all the Silver Stars. Make sure you leave some 
yellow and green tiles untouched to provide a return path for Mario when the 
star appears back at your entry point.

When a yellow Fast Foe Comet comes into orbit over this galaxy, you have to 
perform the same task you did for the hidden star. Only this time, the Tox 
Boxes and red razor blades move much faster! Whenever you step on one of those 
lone Flipswitches that are guarded by 2 Tox Boxes, always wait on the switch 
until a Tox Box has passed you, having come down on you from its hollow side.

It seems there is a giant rendition of the 8-bit Luigi behind the giant 8-bit 
Mario sprite! There are a total of 150 Purple Coins here and you have 3 
minutes to collect 100 of them. This is easier said than done. The red lava is 
now replaced by murky green industrial waste material that kills you upon 
contact! When you begin, try to keep as many green shrinking tiles near your 
entry point intact. Collect the nearest purple coins to your north and then 
make your way to the southeastern corner of Luigi and back, long jumping over 
the green matter and collecting the long chains of Purple Coins in the middle 
of your jump. 

Head towards the upper left part of Luigi and then the upper right part. A 
Green Mushroom can be found on the upper rightmost tile. The long clumps of 
coins that hover over the abyss can be collected by jumping into them and then 
quickly spinning back to the nearest available tile.

Once you've collected all the coins, the power star will appear at the start 
of the level. Make your way back and make sure there is a return path! 
(Consider leaving the coins near the starting point for last so as to step on 
as few of the tiles there as possible.)

Bouncing down Cake Lake
Yummy, cake! Ride the train to the Launch Star and blast to an area with lots 
of cake in it! Take the Spring Mario power-up and bounce up, wall jumping up 
the two parallel slices of cake to the top. Make your way across the conveyor 
belt to the right, jumping over the bars of chocolate that get in the way. At 
the other end of the conveyor belt, drop down to the plate with the slice of 
orange cake.

Get onto the slice of cake and cross the fork onto the giant spinning orange 
cake. Make yourself around the cake in a clockwise direction while avoiding 
the holes on the way. You'll find a sling star above the wall. Bounce up and 
sling away.

You arrive on the bottom of an ice-cream cone. Run onto the top, jump up and 
grab the wooden stick beneath the ice lolly. Jump from lolly to lolly to the 
right and slide down to the revolving lollypops below. When you are on the 
lollypops, keep jumping to dodge the shockwaves. Get off the lollypop when you 
are near the icy path. Jump from platform to platform until you see a pair of 
revolving lollypops. Backflip up on a lollypop and ride it to the next 
platform with the grey ledge.

Run around the grey ledge and get the Red Mushroom. Jump onto the ledge and 
get into the cannon portal. Launch Mario to the launch star and blast off. You 
arrive at another cake. Jump up the spoons and onto the cake itself. Blow out 
the candles by spinning near the flames. A launch star will appear.

You arrive on another cake with a jar of gumballs on top. On top of the jar is 
a mole operating a shock cannon! Get the Spring Mario power up and bounce up 
to the mole. Pound the glass bubble protecting the mole to hurt him. Repeat 
this 2 more times to win. When you've pounded him twice, he will be enraged 
and fire the electric balls at a faster rate. When you jump up near the mole, 
he will occasionally electrify the platform around him. As long as you have 
more than 2 points of life remaining, you should be able to survive the 
electrocution and pound him one last time to defeat him.

Bonefin Galaxy
This galaxy is the one and only Question Block galaxy in the engine room. It 
consists of a giant body of water inside a hollow sphere.

Kingfin's fearsome waters
Use the launch star to enter the water. A giant skeletal fish appears. It's 
Kingfin! You are to hit this enemy with Koopa shells 5 times. The hardest part 
is the aiming. You have to throw the shell at where you think Kingfin will be 
a couple of seconds later, so as to account for the relatively slow speed of 
the shell. Kingfin sometimes summons several smaller Fishbones after you when 
he gets hit by a shell. However, those are very easy to outswim. Once you've 
hit Kingfin for the 5th time, he will disintegrate, leaving the power star 

Sand Spiral Galaxy
The Hungry Luma behind the Engine Room is a greedy one. He asks for 1000 star 
bits to curb his hunger pangs!

Choosing a favourite snack
Run forward to the sling star at the bow of the ship you are on and get to the 
main part of the level. Run across the bridge, spinning the Magikoopa out of 
existence. You have to get through this tunnel as either Boo Mario or Bee 
Mario to avoid the quicksand on the ground. I suggest you pick the Boo Mario 
power-up since it's quite easy to avoid the lights and the bubbles. Make your 
way through the tunnel, get the Green Mushroom between the bubble cannons and 
use the Sling Star at the end.

You come to a large revolving spiral path. Get the Rainbow Mario power-up and 
run in a clockwise direction along the spiral. Be careful since the path gets 
narrower and narrower as you get closer to the centre of the spiral. I suggest 
you pick up any Rainbow Mushrooms that get in the way, since that protects you 
from the mines that you are likely to run into. The star is on the moon in the 
middle of the spiral.

11. May I return, to the beginning?

The next dome up from the Engine Room is the Gate. This provides access to the 
Gateway to the Starry Skies, the first area you entered in the game. Jump up 
the ramparts to find Rosalina. She tells you that the planet in front of her 
is very dear to her. She wishes to visit this place once every 100 years. She 
explains to Mario that she's travelling with the Lumas, waiting for them to 
grow and and reborn. She tells Mario that when Lumas grow up, they either 
become galaxies, planets or power stars.

After this scene, the Red Luma is impressed by the trust Rosalina has to you. 
He teaches you the art of flying. The Luma shows you a Red Star, telling you 
that it gives you the ability to fly after you spin in midair! While pressing 
the A button, pick the direction you want to fly with the control stick. The 
Red Luma tells you that if you can collect the 100 Purple Coins in the level, 
he will allow you to use the flying ability anywhere you wish.

Once you have control of Mario, grab the Red Star, jump up and spin to fly. 
Get all the Purple Coins floating in the air, then all the Purple Coins on the 
ground. The Red Star will appear once you have collected all the coins. Take 
it and this galaxy is complete.

Boo's Boneyard Galaxy
Every dome has a Hungry Luma. The Gate is no exception. Feed him 1200 star 
bits and he will transform into this distasteful galaxy.

Race the spooky speedster
You arrive on a giant skull. Enter the pipe and make your way down. Transform 
into Boo Mario and go through the wall to your right. It's time to race the 
Speedster Boo there! Just follow the arrows to reach the bottom of this track, 
going through crystalline walls as needed. Having suffered a narrow defeat at 
56 seconds, I estimate that you have to reach the finish line in 55 seconds or 

12. A stroll in the garden

The garden is the topmost dome in the Comet Observatory, even higher up than 
the Gate. It features 3 regular galaxies and 1 bonus Question Block galaxy. 
This is the only dome without any enemy bases. Although you should have more 
than enough stars already, having followed this guide, but I will still list 
the star requirements for the regular galaxies.

Deep Dark Galaxy: 46 stars
Dreadnought Galaxy: 48 stars
Melty Molten Galaxy: 52 stars

Deep Dark Galaxy
This is a new kind of level, the spooky beachside resort. Nintendo is 
certainly innovative, hehe.

*****STAR LIST****
1. The underground ghost ship
--> 4. Ghost ship daredevil run (D)
--> 5. Plunder the purple coins (P)
--> 6. Boo in a box (H)
2. Bubble blastoff
3. Guppy and the underground lake

The underground ghost ship (H,D,P)
You start on a beach, where the Toad Brigade is sunbathing and stuff. 
Backflip-spin onto their spaceship for a Green Mushroom. Enter the water, pick 
up the Koopa Shell and fling it at the treasure chest for another Green 
Mushroom. Enter the cannon and blast Mario towards the small bronze coloured 
satellite, picking up the Rainbow Star on the way. Kill as many of those 
enemies there as possible while you are invincible. When they are all killed, 
get the Fire Flower and sling back to the starting beach. Light the two 
torches and the gate will open.

If you want some coins, jump into the cannon again. Aim at the grassy planet 
to the right and send Mario there. Run around the surface of the planet and 
kill the three Goombas there. Afterwards, find the screw and spin it out. The 
planet is deflating! A ring of coins around the planet are revealed. Run 
around the shrinking planet and collect them all. There are 50 in total. Once 
the planet has completely deflated, you'll be sent back to the adjacent 
satellite where the enemies once were.

Make your way through the tunnel, killing the Magikoopa on the way. The music 
now changes to a much more sinister tone. Dive into the water and make your 
way to the bottom of the lake. (Kill the Bloopers by spinning into them, if 
you want to.)

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
Skip the star bit arrow and continue to the trench below. Grab the Koopa Shell 
and swim towards the array of underwater mines surrounding the remains of a 
ship. Throw the shell at the mines and they will explode, blowing up the 
remains and revealing a launch star below.

Use the launch star to reach a box in the sky. There is a star inside a Boo 
here. Avoid him and the red Urchin and swing up the wall with those poles 
sticking out. Swing up and turn the pointer to change the gravity. On the next 
wall to the left, bounce up to the pointer with the springboard and rotate the 
gravity again. Repeat this for the next wall. Now, you are on a wall with a 
crystal blocking a light source. Destroy the crystal with a spin and a beam of 
light will shine into the box, allowing you to kill the Boo with it. Once the 
Boo is vaporized, the star will appear on your starting floor. Backflip up the 
"floor" and spin to get it. If you can't reach it, reset the gravity with the 
pointer, using the springboard to reach it.

Follow the star bit arrow and you will come to a locked gate with a lever in 
front of it. Spin at the lever to open the gate. Swim through and you will 
come to another underwater gate. Open it with the lever as well. Get to the 
surface. You are at a ghost ship.

Lure the Boos into the light to kill them, then jump onto the ledges to the 
left of the path for a Red Mushroom. Board the ship; it's Kamelia again! To 
defeat her, throw 4 Koopa Shells at her. This fight is harder than the 
previous one since she will warp onto the crow's nest of the ship after you've 
hit her twice. Whenever the shells appear up there, they are more likely to 
fall off the crows' nest, rendering them unusable. Therefore always spin near 
the shells to pick them up.

The daredevil comet couldn't have picked a worse galaxy to come into orbit! 
You are to defeat Kamelia without taking any hits! Considering the size of the 
crow's nest, it would be a hard day's fight for Mario.

This is yet another simple Purple Coin star. You are to search the cove with 
the ghost ship for 100 Purple Coins. My only advice is, search everywhere. 
This includes the sealed water tunnel you are starting at.

Bubble blastoff
Looks like a mole's hijacked the cannon! Avoid the bubbles and jump onto his 
control deck. Pound him through the glass bubble 3 times to destroy the bubble 
cannon. Now that the cannon's yours again, blast to the bronze satellite and 
kill all the red enemies with the Rainbow Star. Get the Fire Flower and sling 
back to the beach. Light up the 3 torches and a Blue Flower will appear.

As Ice Mario, run across the lake and jump up the jets of water to the pole 
above. Get up onto the high ledge and follow the blue arrow. Now, make your 
way along the ledges in an anti-clockwise direction, via the poles and using 
the bubbles to get on top of the moving yellow pillars. You'll eventually 
reach a platform with a bubble cannon guarded by a fire bar. Use the bubble to 
get to the next planet.

You are now on a planet with many Cheep Cheeps jumping around, kill those red 
fish by spinning at them. Pound the 3 stumps on the planet to activate the 
bubble cannon. Enter a bubble. You arrive on a sphere of water guarded by a 
shockwave generator. A number of tennis balls are rolling along the inner wall 
of the sphere. Ground pound the tennis balls when they are beneath you but on 
the other side of the wall. The tennis ball will collide with the water melon, 
enlarging it. Once all three tennis balls have collided with the melon, it 
will expand, break the sphere and release the power star.

Guppy and the underground lake
The Toad Brigade is having a roast on the beach. Can I have some? Anyway, 
looks like Guppy has taken over the underground lake! Swim all the way to the 
bottom and have a word with him. He challenges you to swim through 8 rings 
again. This challenge is only marginally harder compared to the last time!

Dreadnought Galaxy
This is another of those Galaxies that are modelled after space combat. This 
time, you are going to pay a visit to this giant starship parked for public 
display with Star Trek rip off music playing in the background. Oh my, it's 
getting so dramatic that I have to stand up and conduct it! Haha, only joking.

*****STAR LIST*****
1. Infiltrating the Dreadnought
2. Dreadnought's colossal cannons
--> 5. Battlestation's purple coins (P)
3. Revenge of the Topman tribe
--> 4. Topman tribe speed run (S)
--> 6. Dreadnought's garbage dump (H)

Infiltrating the Dreadnought
You start on an hourglass shaped satellite. Make your way to the other side 
while avoiding the wave beams. On the top of the hourglass, jump on the 
shockwave generator to transform it into a springboard. Bounce up to the 
launch star. You are now at the entrance to the dreadnought. Kill the enemies 
around you to remove the force field around the pipe. Enter it.

You are in another 2-D area. Make your way to the right, stopping on the 
platform that is sandwiched by the two sliding pillars around it. When the two 
pillars converge, wall jump up them. At the top of the pillars, move left for 
a Red Mushroom. Afterwards, go right to the pointer past the 3 moving pillars. 
Spin at the pointer to rotate the gravity. The good news is that the camera 
will move with the gravity here! Make your way out of this new pit, jumping on 
the 3 pillars as they slide out. Don't get crushed!

Jump to the right and make your way past the cannons and the two vertical 
pillars. Change the gravity again. Use the springboard to bounce up above the 
two moving pillars and continue right, bouncing up the springboards to reach 
the exit pipe.

You are back in the 3-D world. The Star Trek rip off music is now being played 
in the background. Make your way up the green ledges, using the green Topmen 
as springboards (stomp them to convert them into springboards). You'll see 
that there is no turning back. The ledges you've left fall off and into the 
black hole! At the top ledge, stomp the Goomba and jump up the steps. Wait for 
the parallel walls to come down then wall jump up them and use the Launch Star 
at the top.

You arrive on a blue block with many wave beams zapping at it. Find the sling 
star and use it. You arrive on a planet with many tall towers. Notice the 
water fountain encased in glass. Lure a Bullet Bill into the glass to expose 
the fountain. The planet is flooded. Many moving platforms appear with 
vertical wave beams beneath them, "scanning" the planet much like tractor 
beams from UFO films. 

Swim around and get onto one of the small grassy knolls that are above the 
water line. Wait for one of those moving platforms to arrive from the right 
and ride it to the next knoll or tower. Go from platform to platform, avoiding 
the wave beams until you reach the top of the tower with the star.

Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons (P)
You start at a different part of the galaxy. Before you mess around with the 
giant bolts in front of you, drop down onto the green platform below and free 
the Green Mushroom from the glass casing with a Bob-omb. Sling back up. I hope 
you remember the spinning bolts found on some Airship levels in Super Mario 
Bros. 3? Basically that's what we have here. You are to turn the bolts to make 
them move forward along the cylinder. To make the bolts go forward, stand at 
the right side of a bolt and jump in place. This will turn them in a clockwise 
direction and you'll eventually reach the other side.

You come to a path blocked off by electric fences. To deactivate the fences, 
turn all flipswitches yellow. Make your way up the path, dodging the Chain 
Chomp heads rolling down towards you. Once you've flipped the second set of 
switches, all the Chain Chomp heads will turn into star bits! Meanwhile, all 
fences, including the external ones are deactivated, allowing you to reach the 
next part of the level.

Ride the next two set of bolts across the void. As you turn the 2nd set of 
bolts, two cannons start to open fire on you. Spin their green cannonballs 
back at them to destroy them. Once they are destroyed, a walkway will be 
lowered. Run along the walkway to the launch stars. (The two Question Block 
holds star bits and coins, bump them if you want.)

You land on a platform near the Dreadnought's hull. Ride the orange platform 
past the Dreadnought's defences, avoiding the cannonballs and electric fences 
along the way. This time, you'll have to switch platforms midway, so watch out 
for any new platforms in front of you. Don't be confused by the viewing angles. 
When you see the shockwave generators, you are very close to the star. Jump up 
to dodge the shockwaves and jump onto the right generator, transforming it 
into a springboard. Use it to reach the star.

You guessed it, you have to go through that horrible lift ride past the 
Dreadnaught's defences, collecting all the 100 Purple Coins that you come 
across! Whatever you do, always grab the Green Mushroom. Even if you happen to 
miss one coin, kill yourself and start over. After all, the Gearmo at the end 
will take one life off you if you fail anyway. Keep trying until you get it. 
Note that there are coins above the Thwomp in this level, so you need to have 
to foresight to quickly jump onto that platform, get the coins and jump back 
down to the lift.

Revenge of the Topman Tribe (H,S)
You start on a flying saucer this time.

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
Go onto the underside of the flying saucer and enter the pipe. You arrive at 
the ammo depot of the Dreadnought, where the Gearmo custodian is angry that 
people are throwing rubbish all over the place. Offer to blow the trash up for 
him. You have 30 seconds as before. Notice the 5 pieces of rubbish in the 
centre? If you throw a bomb in the centre of the piles, you can take them all 
out with one blast! Once you've blown all the trash you, you'll be rewarded 
with the hidden star.

Convert the green Topman into the springboard and bounce up to the sling star. 
Use it to reach the satellite above it. A Luma is trapped inside a glass case! 
Free him by spinning the two red Topmen into the electric fences. Once the 
Luma is freed, talk to him and he will transform into a sling star. Be sure to 
get the Green Mushroom on the tall pillar before you sling up to the giant box.

Find the red switch on the giant box and pound it. 5 blue star chips appear. 
Collect them all, using the green Topman as a springboard if necessary. Also 
use the Topman's springboard to reach the Green Mushroom. Once you have 
collected all star chips, a set of pull stars appear which you can use to 
reach the launch star above. The launch star sends you onto a cigar shaped 
platform. Get the Red Mushroom on the underside and make your way across this 
narrow area, going from pull star to pull star while avoiding the cannon fire. 
You'll reach a launch star at the other end. To reach it, position Mario at 
the pull star at the far right of the launch star. Move the pointer over the 
pull star nearest to the launch star and begin pulling Mario over there. Let 
go of the A button when Mario is halfway to the pull star and he will drift 
past the pull star and into the launch star.

You land on a large blue platform with many shockwave generators. Make your 
way to the launch star at the other end of the platform while avoiding the 
shockwaves. If you lose your extra life gauge, pick up the Red Mushroom on the 
platform. Blast off.

You arrive on another flying saucer. Kill all the red Topmen and get onto the 
top side. Buy a Green Mushroom from the Luma Shop if you wish, then jump up 
the steps onto the ring in the middle. Topmaniac strikes again! He's 
accompanied by two red Topman minions. Spin his minions into the electric 
fences and stomp on Topmaniac as before. When he's stunned, spin him into the 
electric fence too! Repeat this 2 more times and he'll be destroyed for good, 
leaving the star behind.

It's been a long time since a Speedy Comet challenge has been given. But here 
we go. You have 6 minutes to reach Topmaniac and defeat him. This is extremely 
easy. With the large supply of Red Mushrooms on the way to the boss, don't be 
afraid to be reckless. In fact, even though I struggled in the early parts of 
the level, I still could beat him with over 1 minute left on the timer!

Melty Molten Galaxy
This is the final regular galaxy in the game, requiring 52 stars to enter. 
This place must be hot, with so much lava everywhere. In addition, the Central 
Asian tribal music really is perfect. Perhaps we can make a Bollywood film 
starring Mario with this as its main theme!

*****STAR LIST*****
1. The sinking lava spire
--> 4. Lava spire daredevil run (D)
--> 6. Burning tide (H)
2. Through the meteor storm
3. Fiery Dino Piranha
5. Red-hot purple coins (P)

The sinking lava spire (H,D)
You start at a volcanic area. Make your way along the path around the lava 
pools and red hot geysers, collecting all the star bits you can find. You will 
arrive at a series of grated platforms floating on the lava. Jump from 
platform to platform to the other side of the lava pool. Don't dawdle, since 
these platforms will sink as soon as you step on them. The next area is 2-D. 
Run past the geysers and jump up onto the ledge. Pound the grey pillar to 
force the ledges to the right to come down.

Go right and wall jump up the parallel walls. You come to a sling star. Use it 
and you will be sent to another sling star. When you get to the launch star 
above the volcano's crater, drop down into the volcano and pound the red 
switch. Many star bits appear. Collect as many as possible before the lava 
covers up the ground. Sling back up to the launch star above and continue your 
journey across this galaxy. Be sure to collect as many star bits as possible 
when you are soaring through space.

You land on a set of three transparent spheres.

*****HIDDEN STAR*****
There is a Hungry Luma here. He asks for 80 star bits. If you don't have 
enough, consider following the pull stars off one of the spheres and get the 
star bits along the pull star path. Once he's well fed, the Luma transforms 
into a new planet! Launch Mario there. This planet consists of a path on lava, 
which rises and falls periodically. The white areas on the path are the areas 
that will stay above the lava regardless, so they are your safe spots. Follow 
the path and get all 5 silver stars. Once you've collected them all, the power 
star will appear near the fire bars (one of the silver stars is located on the 
brown block hub of the fire bars).

Look for a set of pull stars in the air above one of the spheres. Pull Mario 
along the stars, avoiding the fireballs that pop out of the red hot planets 
(or are they Suns?). A Red Mushroom can be found midway. Head towards the 
Launch Star and blast off. Soar through the galaxy, changing launch/sling 
stars midway. You will arrive at a giant sphere floating in the lava. Collect 
all the star chips on it and use the launch star that appears to send Mario to 
the lava spire.

Jump from moving platform to moving platform to the lava spire. As soon as you 
set foot on the spire, it begins to sink into the lava! Run along the path in 
the anti-clockwise direction. You will find a stone pillar that can be ground 
pounded. Pound the pillar and the wall will collapse, lowering a set of 
parallel walls that you can wall jump up with. Jump up and follow the path 
above in a clockwise direction. If you have guts, feel free to gather the 
Green Mushroom and all the goodies in the Question Blocks on your way to the 
star at the top.

This is the only daredevil run in the game that is not related to any bosses. 
You have to complete the entire scenario without getting hurt. My only advice 
to you is, be careful.

Through the meteor storm
A meteor storm is taking place in this galaxy. Make your way to the 2 unlit 
torches. Lure the red hot coal into the torches to light them up. A launch 
star appears, use it to get to a satellite shaped like a nut (I am referring 
to the things that are turned by wrenches, not the food). Run along the nut in 
a clockwise direction while avoiding the Thwomps and meteors. A pit that can 
be used to shelter from the Thwomps holds a Green Mushroom. Get to the launch 
star and use it.

You land on an island over a lava pool. Search the island for 5 star chips. 
One of them is inside the box. The launch star that appears will take you to a 
U-shaped tower thingy in the sky. See the launch star protected by glass? Go 
all the way to the other end of the tower and lure a Bullet Bill all the way 
back to the glass. Break it and you can use the launch star to reach the next 

Oh no, not another star ball ride! To make things worse, the star ball music 
is out of beat! Roll the ball across the lava as before. When you get to the 
gigantic rotating lava strips, watch out for the holes. The 2nd set of strips 
requires you to jump over the holes near the end (It's possible to roll, but 
your timing has to be very precise, so I'd rather not risk waiting.). After 
you have got past the lava strips, jump onto the next moving platform and onto 
the platform with the finish hole. Roll the ball into the hole and you're all 
done! Whew...

Fiery Dino Piranha
Make your way through the starting area. You will reach a series of tiny 
sinking platforms. Jump to the right, going from platform and platform to 
reach an alcove. Make your way up the ledges and enter the pipe. You arrive on 
a flying saucer floating on the lava. Sling to the next giant sphere. You have 
to kill all the red hot coals to make the launch star appear. To kill the 
coals, spin into them to put out their flames and then run into them when they 
are bouncing helplessly on the ground.

Blast to the next sphere on the lava. Run up the ramp and run to the other 
side of the sphere, avoiding the holes and fireballs on the way. Use the 
launch star. You are now on some sort of archery target. Ride the lifts that 
move along the grooves and collect the 5 star chips and Red Mushroom. Use the 
launch star that appears.

You arrive at a series of sinking platforms. Make your way past them, going 
from sling star to sling star. A Luma Shop is waiting for you just before the 
launch star. Buy a Green Mushroom if you wish (You can't have more than 1 
extra life gauge) and use the launch star.

Mario slams straight into a dark brown egg, waking up whatever's inside. 
Follow the brown sphere on the creature's tail and spin at it when it's not on 
fire. The tail stretches out and smacks right into the egg shell, revealing an 
angry Dino Piranha inside! To beat this Fiery Dino Piranha, you have to run 
after his tail and spin at the sphere when he is NOT ON FIRE! That's the 
hardest part. The more you hit him, the less time you have before the tail is 
on fire again! It may help if you attempt to anticipate the Dino Piranha's 
path, since he may leave a trail of fire behind him when you've hit him once. 
Once he's hit three times by his tail, the Dino Piranha will make one last 
scream and drop dead, leaving the star behind.

Red hot purple coins (P)
You are to search the entire starting area for purple coins. The coins that 
hover over the lava pits can be collected by long jumping or jump-spin combos. 
Some of the coins beneath those sinking platforms are positioned to make you 
play with fire (literally!). You'll have to stand on those platforms until 
they sink low enough for you to reach the purple coins beneath them! When you 
sling towards the volcano for the first time, be sure to let Mario slide down 
the hillside to get the 3 purple coins there. 5 more coins are found inside 
the crater of the volcano.

Matter Splatter Galaxy
Remember the hidden star in Ghostly Galaxy? That was the Matter Splatter 
Mansion. You now have an entire galaxy that works like that mansion! To be 
clear, only parts of the path will be visible at any time. You are to make 
your way through the galaxy while keeping up to the visible parts. Otherwise, 
you will fall into the void.

Watch your step
This is an aptly named scenario. The first area is pretty straight forward. 
Make your way to the pipe while staying on the visible path. The second area 
is 2-D. Follow the visible area, wall jumping and jumping along the way as you 
need to get to the exit pipe. The third area is also 2-D, and requires you to 
get the Spring Mario power up. Jump your way up the ledges; the grated parts 
can be jumped through. You'll reach a sling star, use it to reach the pipe. 
The final area is back in 3-D. Follow the path that appears in the darkness to 
get to the star. This time, there are forks in the path. If you choose the 
wrong path, you'll end up in a dead end. Fortunately, you can always long jump 
back to the right one if you are fast enough. 

Snow Cap Galaxy
This is the last Hungry Luma galaxy in the game. The Hungry Luma must be fed 
1600 star bits for him to transform. I assume you have more than enough by now.

Star bunnies in the snow
Go to the underside of your starting sphere and get the Koopa Shell. Throw it 
at the chest to reveal a Sling Star. Use it to get to the main level. 3 
bunnies will ask you to play a game of hide and seek with them. You now have 
150 seconds to catch all 3 rabbits. Search the snow, clearing it by moving the 
pointer around. One of the bunnies are found in one of the holes revealed by 
shovelling the snow around.

After you have caught the rabbit, search the snow for some flip switches. Flip 
them all and step onto the one on one tip of the level. A Fire Flower will be 
revealed. As Fire Mario, throw fireballs at the snowmen to melt them. You will 
find another bunny and a Koopa shell when they melt. Catch the bunny and pick 
up the shell. Throw it at the treasure chest to open it. The bunny pops out. 
Catch him quick and the star's yours. 

13. Journey to the centre of the universe

Once you have collected 5 Grand Stars, Rosalina will show you a counter on the 
floor that displays the number of stars you need before the Observatory has 
enough power to travel there. You need only 60 stars to provide enough power 
to the ship. When you are ready to rescue Peach, talk to Rosalina.

Rosalina stands outside the Engine Room and waves her wand. The Comet 
Observatory transforms into a comet and flies through space towards the centre 
of the universe. Rosalina detects a warp field outside Bowser's castle and 
sends Mario in.

Bowser's Galaxy Reactor
The name of the final star couldn't have a more suitable title. The fate of 
the UNIVERSE is in your hands!

The fate of the universe
You start in front of a wall with a searchlight shining on it. When you are 
inside a searchlight, you will always be pulled in the direction it is shining 
at. Therefore jump into the searchlight and follow it up the wall. Go right, 
avoid the Dry bones and jump into the search light shining on the wall. Make 
your way to the right, avoiding the gaps in the wall. Grab the Green Mushroom 
and jump into the next searchlight.

You will be taken around a corner. Jump onto the platform below, go right and 
jump into the searchlight there. Follow the searchlights up the wall to the 
path above. Continue to the top of the tower and jump into the light. You will 
be sucked into a red hot planet. Don't just stand there, the green platform 
will sink into the lava! Jump from platform to platform while avoiding the 
fireballs. Get the Green Mushroom if you want and get into the search light to 
travel to the next planet.

The next planet is made of ice. Run along the ice blocks and the path will be 
automatically fitted together ahead of you. Unlike the quickfit paths of the 
Space Junk Galaxy, the path here will disintegrate after a short time, so 
hurry along. If you are really fast, you can try getting the 2 Green Mushrooms. 
Another searchlight can be found at the end of the path which transports you 
to a planet made of quicksand. 

Make your way through the moving paths on the quicksand, avoiding the fire 
bars. I suggest that you always run in the same direction which the fire bars 
are rotating in. Move on to the next planet when you've cleared this one. You 
arrive at another series of quickfit paths. As before, don't dawdle since the 
paths will disintegrate quickly. Run right and wall jump you way up to the 
left. Backflip up to the wall to the right of the lower fire bar and continue 
wall jumping up.

Mario will be sucked up to the ceiling thanks to the red zone (gravity points 
up). Get to the right, avoiding more fire bars and land on the blue zone. Keep 
going and you will reach another searchlight with which to leave this horrible 
area. You are now inside a hollow lava cylinder. This area is guarded by 
Thwomps and Bullet Bill cannons. It's pretty straightforward here. Just jump 
from platform to platform on the lava to reach the Launch Star at the end of 
this obstacle course.

You land on a chequered path. Bowser Junior arrives in his airship with Peach 
beside him. He taunts Mario and flies behind his King dad. Meanwhile, all 
Peach could do is to reach out her hand and cry, "Mario!" Mario clearly looks 
angry now, hehe. Come on, go and confront Bowser! Naturally, Bowser Junior 
will shell the bridge you are crossing. Run fast and get the Red and Green 
Mushrooms at the side of the path.

Bowser tells Mario that he is just in time to witness the creation of his 
galaxy in the centre of the universe! Bowser is planning to form a giant 
galactic empire with Peach by his side! (Heh, you are not Palpatine, Bowser!) 
As before, Bowser plants to stomp you flat.

The two of you are taken to a spherical satellite with many spiky plants. 
Bowser will jump and create 3 shockwaves all the time. Afterwards, he will 
roll into a boulder and attempt to roll you flat. To deal with this threat, 
wait for him to roll towards you and spin at his exposed upper body. Bowser 
will be dazed and roll around the planet on his back. Intercept his rolling 
body and spin at it. Repeat this procedure once more when Bowser recovers, 
only that you have to spin him twice when he's dazed this time.

Mario and Bowser will fly to another satellite, this time with many spiky 
plants and punching bag plants. Bowser will switch to using fireballs and will 
hide in his shell and attempt to roll you flat again. This time, hit him with 
the punching bag plants when he's rolling towards you. Perform the same 
spinning routine on his dazed body again. After Bowser recovers from that blow, 
he will roll faster towards you. As long as you have a good reaction, you 
should be able to daze him with a second punching bag plant. Spin the rolling 
and dazed Bowser twice and you will be taken to yet another satellite.

Some final fight theme music is played. This is serious! Notice that you are 
on the same type of satellite as in the previous 2 encounters with Bowser (You 
know, the ones with the fiery cores and blue glass windows?). Try your best to 
stay on one of those blue windows while avoiding everything Bowser throws at 
you (shockwaves, rolling attack and fireballs). When you notice Bowser jumping 
really high up in the air, run out of the way and let him crash through the 
blue window into the hot core below. While Bowser runs around in pain, 
intercept him and give him a spin. When he starts rolling around dazed on his 
back, intercept and spin again. Repeat this sequence once more and you've won! 

Bowser flies so high that he is no longer affected by the gravity of the 
satellite. He subsequently drifts into the red hot burning ring at the centre 
of the universe. Is this the end of Bowser? Anyway, a Grand Star pops up from 
the centre of the satellite. Get it!

Mario flies away from the satellite and catches Peach as she falls through 
space. The two fly back to the entrance of the castle with the Grand Star. 
Bowser crawls out of a burning sun, just to witness his galaxy, his empire 
crumble before him. Mario and Peach fly away from the centre of the universe, 
which starts to shake violently and transform into a vortex. The Luma that 
accompanied Mario waves goodbye and flies into the centre of the universe with 
the other Lumas. The centre of the galaxy gives out a great flash and the 
sound of babies crying is heard.

Rosalina tells Mario that those are newborn baby stars that will eventually 
become galaxies. When a star dies, it disintegrates into stardust, which 
eventually reform into baby stars again, continuing a cycle. After those words, 
Rosalina disappears in another flash.

Mario wakes up in Mushroom Kingdom along with Peach. Looks like Peach's castle 
is back where it belongs. Everyone else, including Bowser and his kid are back. 
Rosalina speaks to Mario from the observatory high in the sky, telling him 
that all life holds the essence of stars. Mario agrees, he exclaims, "Welcome, 
new galaxy!" as the camera zooms out of the planet and all the galaxies you 
been through.

Enjoy the credits! You will be pleased to know that the purple comet has 
appeared, allowing you to collect even more stars! Lovely. Once you have 
beaten the game, load the file again. Rosalina will show you another counter 
on the floor. The number shows the amount of stars you need to collect before 
you have access to "another word". In other words, some surprises await you if 
you collect ALL the 120 stars in this game!

Check the universe map for the location of the Purple Comet. When you enter a 
galaxy with such a comet, you will be presented with a new challenge: To 
collect a set number of purple coins in the galaxy.

|                            III. AFTER THE FUN                              |
14. So you've collected 120 stars

Once you've collected all the 120 stars, Rosalina will inform you that a new 
world is about to be unlocked. But first, you must beat the game again. Once 
you've beaten it again, there will be a new movie scene after the ending 

Rosalina looks at Mario's planet from the tower at the Gateway to the Starry 
Sky. She thanks Mario and promises that she will be watching them from the 
other stars. She goes through the gate back into the Comet Observatory and 
waves her wand. A force field is activated around the Observatory, which 
begins to fly off into space. The camera pans towards an abandoned spacecraft 
(see Rosalina's story for details) with a Luma inside, which Rosalina used to 
help the Luma find his mother. 

Afterwards, the screen goes black. You are also informed that you can now play 
as Luigi! You hear Luigi yell, "Super Luigi Galaxy!". 

Luigi is superior to Mario in every way possible. When you played Super Mario 
64 DS, I'm sure you would have used Luigi the majority of the time once you 
have rescued him! This is because in a platformer, jumping is the most 
important stat of a character. Luigi jumps higher than Mario and runs faster. 
The only drawback is that he often skids when you make him stop running. 

Just like Mario, Luigi receives mail from Princess Peach regularly. However, 
the letter is still addressed to Mario. But no matter, since there are 20 
Green Mushrooms attached with the mail, up from the usual 5! In addition, when 
you visit the Ghostly Galaxy, it will still be Luigi that is trapped in the 
mansion, so in the end, there are TWO Luigis in this alternate universe!

Cosmic comet stars become much harder to get as Luigi. This is because Cosmic 
Luigi makes extensive use of long jumps and will be taking full advantage of 
the level's features (such as the speed up rings in Sea Slide Galaxy). You 
will have to use Luigi's abilities to the fullest to win.

15. Rosalina's Storybook

As you collect power stars, more and more chapters will appear in Rosalina's 
Storybook. You can read the story once power has been restored to the Library. 
On your first visit, Rosalina will read it out to you and many Lumas.

The story is her autobiography. It tells you how Rosalina, the Lumas and the 
Comet Observatory came to be. The story is quoted below.

Chapter 1: The Celestial Duo
Our story begins a very, very long time ago with a young girl. One day, this 
girl spotted a rusted spaceship holding a small star child. "What's your name? 
Are you lost?" the girl asked the star child. "I'm Luma, and I'm waiting for 
Mama. She's coming for me on a comet!" said the star child, who had been 
waiting day and night. "Don't worry. I'll wait with you," the little girl 
promised Luma.

At nightfall, the little girl borrowed her father's telescope and peered into 
the sky. She looked and looked, but she saw nothing. Hours turned into days 
and then years, but still the sky revealed nothing. Finally, the little girl 
sighed and said to Luma, "If we stay here looking much longer, I'll be an old 
lady soon." But then she had an idea. "Why don't we go out there and find your 
mother ourselves?"

The girl and Luma fixed up the rusty spaceship, and then the two set sail into 
the starry sky. And this is how the search for the celestial mother began.

Chapter 2: Star Bits
Days passed with no sight of the comet, or even a single planet. Instead, 
asteroids extended for as far as the eye could see. "If I had known it was 
going to take this long, I would have packed more jam," said the little girl, 
above the rumble of her belly. Before they left, she had packed all the 
essentials: telescope, butterfly net, stuffed bunny, bread, milk, jam, and 
apricot-flavored tea, but...

"I forgot to bring water!" At this, Luma burst into gales of laughter, and the 
girl began to pout. "As long as I have Star Bits, I'll be fine," said Luma. 
"Want some?" The little girl couldn't stay mad after hearing this. Luma 
continued to laugh, and the girl couldn't help but join in. "Alright, maybe 
just a nibble."

Leaning far out of the ship, the pair began to collect Star Bits with the 
girl's net. They almost fell out a few times, but they kept on collecting. The 
Star Bits tasted like honey.

Chapter 3: The Comet
A beam of light pierced through the ship's window. Thinking it was the morning 
sun, the girl peered through the window, only to find a turquoise blue comet 
shimmering at her. The little girl shook the sleeping Luma awake and shouted 
excitedly, "We HAVE to get that comet!"

The pair descended on the comet and found that it was made of ice. They looked 
high and low, but Luma's mother was nowhere to be found. Exhausted, the little 
girl sat down with a flop, utterly unable to take another step. "Look!"

Peering down at the icy ground where Luma was pointing, the girl suddenly 
noticed clusters of Star Bits encased in the ice. "Pretty good, huh? Finding 
Star Bits is my specialty!" said Luma, beaming. "There's ice here, but it's so 
warm, I'll bet there's water here too." The two decided to stay on the comet 
for a while. Riding the turquoise comet, the pair continued their search for 
Luma's mother.

Chapter 4: The Dream
One night, the girl dreamed about her own mother. "Where are you going?" she 
asked her mother's retreating back. Without turning, her mother replied, 
"Don't fret, dearest. I'm not going anywhere. I'm always watching over you, 
like the sun in the day and the moon in the night." A wave of sadness washed 
over the girl. "What about when it rains, and I can't see the sun or the 
moon?" Her mother thought for a moment before responding. "I will turn into a 
star in the clouds and wait for your tears to dry."

When she awoke, the girl's face was damp with tears. "You have Star Bits in 
your eyes!" said Luma to the girl. Wiping her face, the girl replied, "These 
are tears, not Star Bits. I'm crying because I'll never see my mother ever 
again!" At this, Luma began to cry too. "Mama, oh, Mama... Waaaah!"

The pair traveled through the starry skies, and though they encountered many 
other comets, not one of them held Luma's mother. Luma was despondent. "Now, 
now, Luma. The rain clouds won't go away if you keep crying," the girl said, 
giving Luma a squeeze. "I'll give you a present if you stop." The girl closed 
her eyes and said gently, "I'll take care of you." With these words, she felt 
a small spark in her heart.

Chapter 5: Home
"The kitchen will go here, and the library will go over there," the girl said 
busily to herself. "We'll put the gate here." Ever since the girl took Luma 
under her care, she'd been bustling about at a feverish pace. "It's a lot of 
work, but it's worth it to make a happy home." it turned out that Star Bits 
weren't the only things buried in the ice. There were tools and furniture 
unlike any they had ever seen, and the girl used them to build a home.

Looking at the complete house, Luma remarked, "Don't you think it's awfully 
big for just the two of us?" With a library, bedroom, kitchen, fountain, and 
gate, it was certainly spacious, but still, something seemed to be missing. 
"If only my father, brother, and mother were here," the girl said wistfully. 
Indeed, the house was too large for its two small residents. That night, 
clutching her favorite stuffed bunny close to her heart, the girl fell asleep 
in the starship.

Chapter 6: Friends
Then one day, while the girl sat sipping tea, a tiny apricot-colored planet 
appeared on the horizon. From the planet, another Luma of the same color 
emerged. "Do you two know each other?!" the girl asked the two Lumas gleefully. 
Despite the girl's excitement, they seemed uneasy.

The two Lumas neither drew closer nor backed away from each other. Instead, 
they just stared. Then one Luma broke the silence. "My mama!" At once, the 
apricot Luma parroted back, "My mama! My mama!" "My mama!" "My mama!" The two 
Lumas began to dance around the girl frantically, and neither showed any sign 
of stopping. The girl was so charmed by this adorable scene that she couldn't 
help but laugh. And that's when something very strange happened.

Suddenly, more Lumas began to pop out from the apricot planet. They were all 
different colors, but they all shouted the same thing. "My mama!" "My mama!" 
The sight of all the shouting Lumas only made the girl laugh harder. "What am 
I going to do with all these children?!" The Lumas just stared blankly as she 
doubled over laughing. "I guess we'll have to name each and every one of you." 
Tomorrow, once she had finished naming them all, she would begin moving all 
the Lumas into the new house.

Chapter 7: The Telescope
After seeing their 100th comet, a sudden thought popped into the girl's head: 
"I wonder if my home planet is still as blue as it was." That's when she 
remembered her father's telescope. Peeking into the telescope, a tiny blue dot 
floated into sight. It was smaller than a Star Bit. "How strange... It's so 
far away, but it feels so close."

She twisted the knob of the telescope, and the blue dot grew until she could 
make out a grassy hill dotted with flowers. It seemed very familiar to her. 
Zooming even closer, a terrace on the hill came into view. "I used to go 
stargazing there when I lived on my home planet."

She remembered rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she followed her father up 
that hill to look at the stars... She remembered how she and her brother would 
sled down that hill... She remembered having picnics with her mother on that 
hill on bright and windy days... And...

"I want to go home! I want to go home right now!" The girl burst into tears, 
and the Lumas didn't know what to do. "I want to go home! I want to go back to 
my house by the hill! I want to see my mother!" The girl was shouting now, her 
face wet with tears. "But I know she's not there! I knew all along that she 
wasn't out there in the sky! Because...because..." "She's sleeping under the 
tree on the hill!" The girl's cries echoed through the stars, and a hush fell 
over the area.

Chapter 8: The Wish
Though usually quite cheery, one day the girl became sad again. Luma drew 
close and tried to comfort her. "Mama, you still have me!" "And don't be sad 
about your mama, because she's a part of you! That means she's always close 
by!" "It's like me. I love Star Bits because they remind me of my mama." 
"No...no..." the girl said, unable to stop the tears.

With that, Luma, trailing bands of white, soared high into the sky and just as 
quickly started to plummet back down. KABOOM! KABLAM! The ground shook, and a 
bright light poured out of the crater that the Luma had created. The bands of 
light twisted together to form a comet tail. And then Luma emerged, reborn as 
a comet.

The girl could scarcely believe her eyes. "But...how?" she kept asking. "Our 
destiny as Lumas is to transform into different things," said a red Luma who 
had suddenly appeared. "Stars, comets, planets... We can become all of these 
things!" "When I grow up, I want to become a star that makes someone special 
smile," said a green Luma. A blue Luma chimed in, "That Luma turned into a 
real cutie of a comet, didn't he!"

All of the Lumas together said, "No more crying, Mama!" "Thank you..." said 
the girl in a whisper, and she pulled the Lumas close and hugged them. From 
that day on, Star Bits no longer fall from the girl's eyes. The comet set 
forth for the girl's home planet, its long tail blazing proudly behind it.

Final Chapter: Family
With its many Lumas and telescopes, the comet was quite a sight to behold. The 
girl and the Lumas were proud to call it home. At a welcoming party for a new 
Luma, the girl gathered everyone in the kitchen and said in a louder voice 
than usual... "All right, everyone! Let's make a cake! A cake sprinkled with 
Star Bits! Then it will be a star cake!" The Lumas excitedly began to gather 
the ingredients.

As she watched the Lumas scurry about, the girl smiled and thought to herself, 
"This is my family now, and I will stay with them until they're ready to leave 
the nest. And when they do leave, I'll see them off with a smile." "Because 
that's what makes a mother happiest." That night, when the girl lay down to 
sleep, a soft light enveloped her and reminded her of the blue planet she once 
called home. "But it would be nice to return home once every one hundred years 
to nap in my favorite sleeping nook."

The comet carrying the Lumas and the girl continues on its journey to this 
very day. With more "family members" in tow than can be counted, it's said 
that the comet visits the girl's home planet once every hundred years, its 
proud white tail glittering in the sky.

Rosalina initially went out to space to help a Luma find his mother. However, 
they fail to do so, instead finding a comet with a lot of furniture with which 
to build their new home, the Comet Observatory. The two eventually met more 
Lumas, who decide to declare Rosalina their mother! 

At the same time, Rosalina remembered her mother's promise: That she will be 
watching Rosalina from the stars. Rosalina realized that her mother was dying! 
She initially grieved over her mom's death, but the Lumas cheered her up, 
promising never to make her feel lonely again. Rosalina is able to settle in 
with her new unconventional family and live happily ever after. 

Of course, she has not forgotten about her home planet (which happens to be 
Mario's). Therefore, she will pilot the Comet Observatory to that planet every 
100 years to see it again. Of course, this means that Rosalina's either 
hundreds of years old, or that she's become immortal.

16. The Grand Finale

There's still more to the game after you have collected 120 stars as Luigi. 
The Grand Finale Galaxy will be unlocked once you've collected all the stars 
and beat Bowser again as Luigi. After the credits, load your file. It doesn't 
matter whether you are playing as Mario or Luigi at this point. Go to the 
Planet of Trials via the Green Launch Star and talk to the newly appeared 4th 
Green Luma at the centre of the planet. He asks you if you want to go to the 
Grand Finale Galaxy. Say yes, of course.

You will be returning to the town centre of the Mushroom Kingdom, during the 
star festivals. In addition to the Toads, the other friendly characters like 
the bees, penguins and Gearmos are there for the party! Make your way to the 
castle, collecting all the Purple Coins. Don't forget the one on the 
Starshroom! You find that the Toad Brigade has been promoted to be Princess 
Peach's Royal Guards! Those bunglers!

Once you've collected all the coins, the star will appear on the bridge to the 
castle. Mailtoad is waiting for you there as well. He gives you a thank you 
letter from Peach! You can read the letter by opening the Wii Message Board 
back at the Wii Menu. A photograph showing Mario and Peach posing on the Comet 
Observatory is attached to the letter. You receive a galaxy-sized thank you 
from the Super Mario Galaxy team for playing the game to the very end. 
Congratulations! You've beaten the game 100%!

17. Conclusion

For now, the guide is over. Although nothing can compare to the jump from 2-D 
to 3-D with Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy is one of the definitive games 
for the Wii. Being a long time Mario fan, I am a bit disappointed with the 
implementation of Super Mario Sunshine, yet that was all that Nintendo had to 
offer during the Gamecube generation!

As a result, I had to wait a total of 11 years for a good Mario game to come 
again! I know that Gamespot states that the game only takes 8 hours to beat, 
but I tend to disagree. With such new concepts, controls and environments, 
it'd take at least twice as long to beat the game for the first time, assuming 
that you collect the minimal number of stars required. The return of the Fire 
Flower and Super Mushroom (sort of) shows how Nintendo is willing to return to 
the traditional power-ups that are the staple of the 2-D Mario games. Let's 
hope this game can set the standard for Wii platforming games!

This guide is meant to be posted exclusively at GameFAQs, so don't bother 
mailing me for permission to post it on your site. 

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