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Guide and Walkthrough by Deathborn 668

Version: Final | Updated: 11/21/2007
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*****  *   * ***** ***** *****   *    *     *    *****  ***** *****
*      *   * *   * *     *   *   **  **   *  *   *   *    *   *   *
*      *   * *   * *     *   *   * ** *   *  *   *   *    *   *   *
*****  *   * ***** ***** *****   *    *  *    *  *****    *   *   *
    *  *   * *     *     *   *   *    *  ******  *   *    *   *   *
    *  *   * *     *     *   *   *    * *      * *   *    *   *   *
*****  ***** *     ***** *    *  *    * *      * *    * ***** *****

              *****    *    *        *    *     * *   *
              *       * *   *       * *    *   *  *   *
              *       * *   *       * *     * *   *   *
         ~~~~~*      *   *  *      *   *     *    *****~~~~~
              *****  *****  *      *****    * *     *
              *   * *     * *     *     *  *   *    *
              ***** *     * ***** *     * *     *   *

                ~Line Test~
If the following line is readable without scrolling over, you can easily 
read this walkthrough.

Welcome readers! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards and this is
a walkthrough for Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. At the
time of this writing, this is by far my favorite Wii game and probably the
greatest Wii game created this far, even outdoing the amazing experience
that was Super Mario 64. So enjoy, and please keep these Do's and Do not's 
in mind:

-Use this walkthrough as a refrence tool
-Tell people about it
-Print it for personal use
-Give to other people for no profit

-Plagerize this walkthrough without any credit
-Call this walkthrough "yours"
-Sell this walkthrough for profit

ONLY the following sites have permission to use this walkthrough without
the need to contact me:

Please use Ctrl+F to find the topic in question that you need to find. 
Also, if there is misprinted information in this walkthrough, please
notify me at someguy668 (at) yahoo (dot) com. I rarely reply to e-mails,
only to ones I certainly don't cover within this walkthrough. I may or may
not update something that you find. It all depends if I feel its worth it
or not. Don't feel offended or anything, please.

|                    ~Table of Contents~                    |
|1.The Star Festival                                        |
|2.Controlling Mario                                        |
|3.Items and Powerups                                       |
|4.Star-Powered Walkthrough                                 |
|  4A.The Star Festival                                     |
|     4A-1.Gateway Galaxy                                   |
|  4B.The Terrace                                           |
|     4B-1.Good Egg Galaxy                                  |
|     4B-2.Honeyhive Galaxy                                 |
|     4B-3.Loopdeeloop Galaxy                               |
|     4B-4.Flipswitch Galaxy                                |
|     4B-5.Bowser Jr's Robot Reactor                        |
|  4C.The Fountain                                          |
|     4C-1.Space Junk Galaxy                                |
|     4C-2.Battlerock Galaxy                                |
|     4C-3.Rolling Green Galaxy                             |
|     4C-4.Hurry-Scurry Galaxy                              |
|     4C-5.Bowser's Star Reactor                            |
|  4D.The Kitchen                                           |
|     4D-1.Beach Bowl Galaxy                                |
|     4D-2.Ghostly Galaxy                                   |
|     4D-3.Bubble Breeze Galaxy                             |
|     4D-4.Buoy Base Galaxy                                 |
|     4D-5.Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada                      |
|  4E.The Bedroom                                           |
|     4E-1.Gusty Garden Galaxy                              |
|     4E-2.Freezeflame Galaxy                               |
|     4E-3.Dusty Dune Galaxy                                |
|     4E-4.Honeyclimb Galaxy                                |
|     4E-5.Bowser's Dark Matter Plant                       |
|  4F.The Engine Room                                       |
|     4F-1.Gold Leaf Galaxy                                 |
|     4F-2.Sea Slide Galaxy                                 |
|     4F-3.Toy Time Galaxy                                  |
|     4F-4.Bonefin Galaxy                                   |
|     4F-5.Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor                        |
|  4G.The Garden                                            |
|     4G-1.Deep Dark Galaxy                                 |
|     4G-2.Dreadnought Galaxy                               |
|     4G-3.Melty Molten Galaxy                              |
|     4G-4.Matter Splatter Galaxy                           |
|  4H.Bowser's Galaxy Reactor                               |
|  4I.Comet Observatory Galaxies                            |
|     4I-1.Sweet Sweet Galaxy                               |
|     4I-2.Sling Pod Galaxy                                 |
|     4I-3.Drip Drop Galaxy                                 |
|     4I-4.Bigmouth Galaxy                                  |
|     4I-5.Sand Spiral Galaxy                               |
|     4I-6.Boo's Boneyard Galaxy                            |
|     4I-7.Snow Cap Galaxy                                  |
|  4J.Trial Galaxies                                        |
|     4J-1.Bubble Blast Galaxy                              |
|     4J-2.Loopdeswoop Galaxy                               |
|     4J-3.Rolling Gizmo Galaxy                             |
|  4K.Grand Finale Galaxy                                   |
|5.Rosalina's Storybook                                     |
|6.Credits                                                  |

                        ~1.The Star Festival~
Every 100 years, a huge comet flies above the skies of the Mushroom
Kingdom. When it does, the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom run out to
collect the pieces of Star Bits that rain from the sky, then bring them
to the Castle where they are reborn into a giant Power Star. 

Such an event is happening this night, and Mario recieves a letter from
Princess Peach to meet her at the Castle. Mario, naturally, rushed off to
the Princess's Castle as the festivities were underway, but disaster
struck as Mario neared the Castle...

Bowser and an army of Airships come and tow away Peach's Castle, dragging
away Peach, and for the matter Mario, with it. Once in deep space, Mario
is blasted away from the Castle due to Bowser, yet finds himself on a
mysterious observatory after flying through the emptiness of space. Now he 
must traverse many wide galaxies searching for the stolen Power Stars 
taken from the Observatory due to Bowser in order to restore its power, and
allow Mario to rescue Peach from wherever Bowser is holding her.

                        ~2.Controlling Mario~
Using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to control Mario may take several
minutes of getting used to, but you will rather like it once you are
accustomed to the controls of the game.

     -----------------Infared sensor. Point the Wii Remote at the screen
     V                in order to move the star-shaped pointer on the 
------------          screen move around. If you point the cursor at a Star
|  !       |          Bit, you will collect the Star Bit that you are
|Power     |          pointing at.
|    **    |
|  **  **  |<---------D-Pad. You can manipulate the camera. Press left or
|  **  **  |          right to shift the camera 90 degrees in that 
|    **    |          direction (often doesn't work in some areas). Press
|          |          up to go into first-person view. It too doesn't work
|    A     |<----     in some areas.
|          |    |     
|          |    |
|          |    ------A button. Press this to Jump, interact with things in
|  - & +   |<--        the environment, talk to people/signs, and shift 
|          |  |        through text boxes.
|          |  |        
|   :::    |  |
|   :::    |  --------Minus, Home, and Plus buttons. Pressing the Home 
|   :::    |          button will bring up the Home menu where you can 
|   :::    |          choose to reset the game or configure to Wii Remote
|   :::    |          settings. Pressing the Minus or Plus buttons will
|          |          pause the game where you can choose to quit the 
|          |          level/game entirely, or continue on.
|    1     |          
|          |<----     
|    2     |    |     
|          |    |
|          |    ------1 and 2 buttons. These have no use.
|.  .  .  .|          
|X  X  X  X|          
------------          ***Shaking the Wii Remote will make Mario spin once
     ^                you have that ability. When on ice, shaking the Wii
     |                Remote will mae you start skating.***
     -----------------Bottom of the Wii Controller. Plug the Nunchuk 
                      attachment here. Also, not seen (on the back of the
                      Wii Controller) is the B button. Press this to shoot
                      a Star Bit, assuming that you have at least one in
                      reserve. The Star Bit will land where the cursor was
                      on the screen when you push the B button.

      ----------------C and Z buttons. The C button will shift the camera
      V               behind Mario if possible. If not, it will shift as 
  --------            close to behind Mario as possible. Hold the Z button
 /        \           to crouch. To can walk around while crouched as well.
|    **    |          If you are running, and tap Z and A at roughly the 
|   ****   |<----     same time, you will perform a Long Jump you can use
|    **    |    |     to soar long distances. The Z button makes you dive
|          |    |     underwater while swimming.
|          |    |     
 \        /     |     
  |      |      |     
  |      |      |
   \    /       ------Control Stick. Move this to make Mario move around.
    |  |              Doesn't really do anything else.
    |  |              

                        ~3.Items and Powerups~
No Mario game would be complete without a wide variety of powerups, and
Super Mario Galaxy surely delivers with a large group of them that are
waiting to be discovered.

Koopa Shell--There are three varieties of Koopa Shells, but they all
function roughly the same. All Koopa Shells can either be grabbed manually
or be sucked into your arms by using a Spin attack. Shaking the Wii Remote
will throw them in the direction you are facing (going in a straight line,
defying gravity if flung in mid-air). You will also swim much faster when
holding them underwater (they even come with a searchlight when 
underwater). There are three colors they come in. Green Koopa Shells have
no special properties, Red Koopa Shells home in on foes when thrown, and
Golden Koopa Shells can open golden chests. All Shells can open regular
treasure chests.

? Coin--These coins will make a mysterious event occur. They can range from
making another ? Coin appear nearby (which, at the end of the chain, makes
an event occur). Some make an action occur, others open new paths or even
create a set of musical notes. If you walk into all of the notes, you earn
a 1-Up. 

1-Up--Grabbing one of these magical green Mushrooms will earn you an extra
life. Good to earn on those levels where you are going to die about 4
seconds after actually obtaining the 1-Up.

Coin--These are regular golden Coins. Earning one will replenish 1 section
of your health meter. Collecting 100 of them no longer earns you a Star.

Purple Coin--Purple Coins appear in galaxies that have a Purple Comet
in orbit. Collecting all 100 of them (or 100 of the 150 in several 
galaxies) earns you a Star.

Star Bit--These are small little stars that bounce around the ground, or 
are stuck in place. They come in a variety of colors, and appear all over
each galaxy. Point the cursor at one to collect it, or you can just walk
into it. Collecting 50 earns you a 1-Up, as well as each 50 thereafter.
You can shoot them at foes, or use them to feed hungry Luma's.

Life Mushroom--These look like typical Mushrooms from previous games. 
However, they have yellow stars on top of them. If you collect one, you
will earn a second health meter, totaling up to 6. However, if your health
ever dips below 4, then the second health meter will vanish. Be sure to
keep your health above 4 to ensure maximum safety.

~Power Ups~
Bee Mario--By grabbing a yellow and brown striped Mushroom, you will become
Bee Mario. Mario now has the capability to fly through the air for a short
time by holding the A button, but you will stop flying when the Fly Meter
runs out. The meter replenishes when you land on the ground. Bee Mario can
also cling to honeycomb walls and walk through honey on the ground at
regular speed. You will revert back to regular Mario if you take any form
of damage or if you touch water. Bee Mario cannot grab onto items.

Boo Mario--By obtaining a white Mushroom, you will become Boo Mario. You
take the shape of a Boo, and need to keep pressing A to float in the air.
By shaking the Wii Remote, you will turn transparent for several seconds.
You can go through some walls and objects when invisible. You will revert 
to regular Mario by taking any form of damage, or if you touch light.

Ice Mario--By grabbing an Ice Flower, Mario will become covered in ice and
becomes Ice Mario. Mario can now walk over water by freezing the surface as
he walks over it, and can also skate over the ice that he forms. Ice Mario
can even walk over lava. The power will wear off after about 15 seconds, so
make good use of it.

Fire Mario--When you grab a Fire Flower, Mario will don his classic white 
cap and red overalls, becoming Fire Mario. By shaking the Wii Remote, Mario
will shoot a fireball that can burn enemies and light torches. The powerup
will wear off after about 15 seconds, so do your business quickly.

Spring Mario--By obtaining a grey Mushroom, Mario will become Spring Mario.
Mario will now be bouncing around on the ground, and he is quite hard to
control. By holding A as he hits the ground, Mario will coil up and spring
high into the air. The powerup will wear off if you take and form of
damage, touch water, or enter a Launch Star.

                      ~4.Star-Powered Walkthrough~
Turn on the Wii, push the Super Mario Galaxy disc into it, wait out the
update if necessary, and let's get started playing one of the greatest
games ever designed. There are six file slots to choose from, so pick to
start on one of them, choose an icon to represent it, and choose to "Play
this file".

When the game starts, you will be shown several storybook-esque screens.
They detail that a comet appears above the Mushroom Kingdom every 100
years. Shooting stars rained from the sky when it appeared, and all the
Toads brought the stars back to the Castle for form a large Power Star. It
should be a great festival, but...something is going to happen. Mario gets
a letter from Peach inviting him to festival to meet with her. 

                        ~4A.The Star Festival~
Mario is the last guest to arrive, and now you have full control over him.
Take some time to get used to controlling Mario. Along the path here you 
will notice falling stars that bounce on the ground. These are Star Bits.
You can collect them by point the cursor at them. Try to collect as many
as you can--you'll understand why later. 

You can talk to some of the Toads here if you wish, although you can read
what some of them say just by standing near them. As you round the top of
the hill you will see a town at the bottom of the valley, with Peach's
Castle not too far off from it. Run down the hill, collecting the falling
Star Bits if you desire.

Once you enter the town, another cutscene will play. Airships will appear
and start to bombard the village. It's quite clear that they belong to 
Bowser. Several of the Airships head straight for the Castle. Bowser makes
several large UFO's appear, and then you'll regain control of Mario. The
path to the Castle is pretty simple from here. Just follow the dirt road.
As far as I can tell, the boulders can't hit Mario, so don't worry about 
being killed in the process of running to Peach.

Once you make it to the Castle, the large mothership carves the ground up,
allowing several smaller ships to lift Peach's Castle into the sky--Mario
in tow with them. Didn't this plan fail already along time ago? Eh. When
you appear high in space, a Magikoopa will blast Mario away from the Castle
and into the depths of space. 

                        ~4A-1.Gateway Galaxy~
You will awake on a distant planet in another galaxy, actually. When Mario
awakes from the flowerbed, a small Star will be hovering around his head.
It will turn into a bunny and asks you to catch it. Time for the first

Star 1-Grand Star Rescue
To start with, all you need to do is follow the white bunny as it hops 
around the planet. As you round the top of it, you will meet up with two
other bunnies. The white one will ask to play a game of hide-and-seek now.
If you can catch them all, they will inform you on where you are right now.
This isn't too tough. The first bunny can be found by jumping into a nearby
crater. On the other side of the planet, walk near another crate (but don't
fall in) to reveal the bunny. Chase it around until you touch it, at which
point Mario will grab it.

You should be near a pipe at this point. Hop onto it. You will 
automatically enter the pipe. Once you appear out the other side, the 
second bunny will appear. Repeat the process of chasing it and catching
this one as well. On one area of the planet you can find a patch of tall
grass, with several green bulbs surrounding it. Walk into the grass to
reveal the last bunny. Again, run into the bunny to catch it.

Once all of them have been caught, a new structure will appear on the
planet. You will be standing infront it now, so you may as well climb to
the top of it. Once you do, you will meet up with someone who looks
strikingly similar to Peach. She is actually Rosalina, protector of the
cosmos. She says that in order to save Peach you will need the power to
travel through space. She hands you a Luma who will help you. You can now
perform Spin attacks by shaking the Wii Remote. 

You should notice some crystals where Rosalina was just standing. You can
use the Spin attack to destroy these crystals, as well as enemies. Destroy
the large one to reveal a Launch Star. Jump into it and shake the Wii
Remote to blast off into space. On the next planet, a Luma will tell you 
that to form the next Launch Star you will need to collect the five Star
Chips that form it. You also need to do so without falling into the black
hole. It...well, kills you. Should be simple to figure that out on your 

One Star Chip is inside a crystal right next to the Luma. Head left from
there to find another Star Chip on a raised grey platform. A third Star
Chip can be located on the edge of the planet from where you stand. Now,
head north to a grey pillar with a 1-Up on top. Behind the pillar is the
fourth Star Chip. You should also get the 1-Up. Never know--you might get
yourself killed here or sometime later. The final Star Chip can be found
a bit northwest of here, on a small raised black platform.

Once you have every Star Chip, the Launch Star will be formed. On the next
planet you can find a trapped Luma at the top. He says that one of the
Goombas holds the key to the cage. The Goomba holding the key is an 
"actual" Goomba, by which I mean it is the standard brown color. The other
Goombas are slightly yellow in shading. The Luma will transform into a
Sling Star. These are like Launch Stars, but merely send you to nearby 
planets without launching you into deep space. 

The next planet also has a trapped Luma. Remember that you can use the Spin
attack on most enemies to confuse them. After that, just run into them to
kill them. They leave Star Bits behind when they do. If you kill enemies by
jumping on them, they leave behind Coins instead. The key, naturally, is in
the giant Goomba at the top of the planet. Spin into him and then walk into
the Goomba to kill it. After grabbing the key, enter the Warp Pipe where
the Luma was trapped.

Inside this next room is a bunch of machinery, and a Grand Star. You need
to go around the room and step on every yellow switch, making it turn blue.
Be warned that if you step on it again it changes from blue back to yellow,
so you'll just waste time if you step on a space more than once. There are
four scattered near the moving electric walls. The last 12 are found 
infront of the machine itself. Once you have freed the Great Star, go 
collect it.

Star 2-Gateway's Purple Coins
When you get access to the Garden in the Comet Obersvatory, you will pass
the Gate. Enter it to appear in Gateway Galaxy again. Climb to the top of
the tower to intiate a cutscene with Rosalina. A red Luma nearby will
challenge you to obtain 100 Purple Coins on the planet, and gives you 
access to the Red Star. Grab this to become Flying Mario. Jump into the 
air and Spin while in midair to start flying. You can fly in any 
direction--and this isn't like Super Mario 64 flying. Go straight up if
you wish. You don't need to move up and down to gain height. Awesome!

The planet is so small and highly indescribible that I can't exactly 
detail on the location of every Purple Coin. There are thirty in the air
you need to fly for, and the other 70 rest on the ground or on the roofs
of houses. No need to rush. It's an easy Star. The Red Star will appear
where Rosalina was.

~A Hungry Luma appears for beating this Star~

                           ~4B.The Terrace~
After getting the Grand Star, you will fly onto the Comet Observatory. One
area of the Observatory will light up, now available to be visited. This
Observatory is home to Rosalina as well as the Lumas. Normally this 
Observatory is flying around, but a mysterious force took all of the Power
Stars away from it. As it turns out, other galaxies that have Power Stars
hidden on them can be found on the Observatory. You need to enter the 
opened Terrace and search the newly found galaxies for Stars. The Terrace
can be found to the left of Rosaline, inside the green-roofed building.

Near the Terrace you can find a Green Launch Star. This has no significance
right now, or for a while actually. You need to collect more Grand Stars
to restore power to the Comet Observatory, allowing you access to more
galaxies, and therefore, more Stars.

Enter the Terrace. A blue Luma will turn into a Pull Star. With these,
point at them and press A to have Mario pulled to the Pull Star in a 
bubble. The galaxies availble in the Terrace will be shown on the map. The
amount of Stars required to visit them is listed, and since you have only
1, your only choice is to choose the Good Egg Galaxy. At least, for now.
The ??? galaxies will be unlocked as you progress through the game. Blast
off to the Good Egg Galaxy.

                        ~4B-1.Good Egg Galaxy~
Star Requirements-1
Overall Difficulty-*/*****

The Good Egg Galaxy isn't too challenging, and eases your way into the way
Super Mario Galaxy works. Blasting off from planet to planet, crazy gravity
engines, and black holes galore. You'll learn about them all through this
mostly-basic galaxy. Luckily, none of the Stars are absurdly long or too
difficult, so Mario veterans and new players alike should perform fine.

Star 1-Dino Piranha
Before you begin each Star, you will be shown to brief cutscene showing you
the general location of the Star. For this one, it appears to be on a
planet with a giant egg on it. When you land in the galaxy, there are
several things you can do. You can walk through sparkling pieces of grass
and flowers for Star Bits, or kill the enemies for Coins or Star Bits. 
Once done with that, locate the stone bridge to the right and walk to the 
underside of the planet. Jump up the stone staircase. At then end of the
path are several more Star Bits. Head back to the stairs and jump onto the
ground to the right.

There is a Warp Pipe here. Ignore the green one and jump over the next path
to the red one. Take it to an underground room. Walk on the walls using
the ramps to reach a ? Coin which will make a bunch of musical notes 
appear. Touch them all before they disappear for a 1-Up. Every set of
musical notes you encounter from here on, except for one, will yield a
1-Up. Grab it and use the pipe you used to enter this room, on the bottom

Back outside, head back left and jump onto the path with a Goomba on it.
Run up the path to the top of the tower, then talk to the Luma to form a
Sling Star which propels you into a Launch Star. On this small planet with
a bunch of rolling boulders, you need to collect five Star Chips. The first
two can be found to the left and right of the Luma. The third is in the
path of the center set of rolling boulders. The fourth is on the opposite
side of the third, and the final Star Chip can be found at the opposite end
of the planet from where the Luma is. Use the Launch Star when it appears.

On the top side of the planet you land on next is a Pirhana Plant. When you
kill this one, a vine forms where it was sitting. Jump onto the vine and
shake the Wii Remote to climb it quickly. On the next planet with spike
plants and rolling boulders, make your way around the planet, standing in
safe zones from the boulders along the way. Be sure not to fall off into a
black hole! At the end of the path, just past where the boulders spawn, is
a purple Piranha Plant. Spin into one of the green bulbs to have it slam 
into the plant, killing it and forming a vine.

On the next planet the vine leads to, walk to the topside of the planet.
Climb the stone structure, killing the foes if you want, and use the Launch
Star. You will slam into a giant egg on a planet, angering it. It now 
starts to slowly lurch towards you. Use the Spin attack on the giant nut at
the end of its tail to have the nut fly into the air and slam onto the egg.

The shell falls off, revealing the Dino Piranha. Boss time! Dino Piranha 
will charge at you. Run out of the way and get behind it. Once you do, you
can Spin the nut at the end of its tail again, damaging the beast. Now
Dino Piranha rarely stops in short moments, making it slightly harder to
spin into the nut again. Keep dodging his charges if you are ever infront 
of them, and the second hit shouldn't be too hard. The final hit is almost
identical to the second one. After you Spin the nut a third time, Dino
Piranha will be killed, allowing you to pick up the Star.

Star 2-A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
The intro will show a Hungry Luma. These Lumas ask you to fill them with a
certain amount of Star Bits so they can transform into something, generally
a new planet or a Launch Star to reach a planet. The Hungry Luma will ask
you for 100 Star Bits, so try to acquire such an amount by the time you
reach it. On the starting planet there are tons of Star Bits. The rain from
the sky in groups of four constantly, spinning into enemies yeilds them,
they can be found in grass, and that alone is just the first planet! If you
stay long enough, you will easily fulfill the 100 requirement on this
planet alone. When ready to leave, head up the path with a stone staircase.
Talk to the blue Luma at the end. It'll transform into a set of Pull Stars.
Grab onto them one by one and lead yourself into the Launch Star.

On this small planet, there are some Goombas, a bunch of spiky plants, and
several crystals that contain more Star Bits once destroyed. The spiky
plants will give up Star Bits too if you hit spin into a green bulb and the
bulb hits them. By now you should have filled your 100 Star Bit quota. Now,
find the Launch Star that's encased in crystal, destroy the crystal, and
blast off.

You will pass a Launch Star while flying through space. Ignore it for now.
On the next planet are some rolling boulders. Collect more Star Bits if you
wish, then break the crystal with the Launch Star (don't use the Sling 
Star). Ignore the next Launch Star in space and you will land on a Yoshi
Egg-like planet. The Hungry Luma is in plain sight at the top of it. Fill
her with snacky happiness, and she will transform into a new planet. Use
the newly formed pink Launch Star to blast to it. 

Circle around the planet until you find the lowermost ledge. Jump onto it 
and start climbing. Dodge the plants and break boxes for Coins if you want.
When you see a 1-Up, break a spiky plant using the green bulb, then Wall
Jump up the walls (do so by jumping at a wall, then pressing A to jump off
when Mario starts sliding down it). Head left at the top, up a series of
stone stairs to the top of the planet. Use the Launch Star. 

You will be on a capsule-shaped glass planet. To find the entrance into the
dome, head to the opposite end of the planet to where some Goombas are. 
Destroy a crystal that has no Coins or Star Bits inside of it to reveal the
entrance. Hop inside. The gravity in the dome changes depending on the
way the arrows point. Jump to the right until you reach the red section
where gravity completely flips. Walk along the ceiling to the right some
more until the blue gravity area appears again. In the next red area you
will quickly find regualr blue gravity, and some moving platforms. If the
platforms push you into the blue area, you will fall down to the beginning
area of the dome.

Run across the ceiling when the platforms retract. Head right until you 
fall up onto a ledge, then head left (or right for a 1-Up). Jump up the
ledges to where gravity turns normal. When gravity flips at the end, you
will land where the Launch Star is. Use it. On this Star-shaped planet you
can find, well, the Star itself. You need to collect the five Blue Star
Chips here. It's quite easy. Jump to the one next to where you land, 
another two are located to the left and right of you. The fourth and fifth
are easily spotted on the underside of the planet.

Five Pull Stars now appear around the Star. Stand by one, then grab a Pull
Star across from you. In the middle of flight, grab a Pull Star in the 
direction of the Star so you are flung into it, clearing the level.

Star 3-King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
See the house ahead of where you always start? On top of it is the Lauch
Star. You can't jump to the top of it, so you must find another path. Walk
onto the underside of this planet and find the red pipe along the ground,
near some trees with Star Bits on them. Enter the pipe and complete the
underground area. Walk on the walls to the red pipe at the other end, 
getting the 1-Up from the notes if you want to along the way. You appear on
the roof I mentioned earlier. Use the Launch Star.

When you land on the peanut-shaped planet, free the nearby Toad. Turns out
the spiky plants also hate coconuts. The coconuts are lying near one 
plant, and that plant reveals a Sling Star when destroyed. Do so and use 
it. On the next planet you will find more coconuts and spiky plants. What
you are interested here in is the Pokey at one end of the planet. Use a
coconut and fling it into him. When his head falls onto the ground, stomp
on it to kill the Pokey, revealing a Launch Star. Promptly use it.

You will land on a Sling Star on a meteor with two Chain Chomps on it. Use
the Warp Pipe at the other end instead. Grab the ? Coin to make a Rainbow
Star appear. Grabbing it turns you into Rainbow Mario briefly, making you
invincible. Running into foes killes them, and makes them explode into many
Star Bits. You can also exit the Warp Pipe and use them on the Chain Chomps
for even more Star Bits. use the Sling Star once you have had your fun.

On this next planet are a bunch of electric walls. Don't hit them. Find 
openings through the electric fences (or just jump over them) to the other
side of the planet. A building here is launching Chain Chomps, as well as
Bullet Bills. If a Bullet Bill sees you, it will follow you until it
crashes into something. You can't kill it. Jump to the top of the structure
using the stairs and break the crystal, revealing a Launch Star.

You now land on an Airship. Head forwards towards where a bridge should 
lead to the adjacent Airship, and two creatures appear out of barrels. They
shoot coconuts at you, so Spin into them to knock them back to the 
creatures. Once they both have been killed, the bridge lowers. You can find
the Launch Star at the stern of the Airship, up the stairs several enemies
are guarding.

On the final planet, you will learn a useful fact. See the yellow lights on
the ground? If you shoot a Star Bit at it, it turns into a Coin. Use these
in sticky situations! Walk to the opposite side of the planet. King 
Kaliente will appear out of the lava pool. Stay on the edge of it, and 
dodge the flaming rocks it shoots. When it spits a coconut, Spin into it to
shoot it back at King Kaliente.

You need to repeat this process two more times. However, in subsequent 
hits, King Kaliente will knock the coconut back at you, forcing you to play
a little tennis game before the coconut strikes him. After three hits, King
Kaliente will sink into the lava, allowing you to collect the Star.

Speedy Comet Star 4-Dino Piranha Speed Run
When the Speedy Comet arrives, you will be playing the first Star again. 
You only have four minutes, so there is NO time to screw around! Quickly 
run to the underside of this planet and climb the smooth wall of the tower
to the Launch Star. Talk to the Luma first to make a Sling Star that allows
you to reach it. On the next planet, you need to collect five Star Chips.
Three of them are in pretty plain sight from where you land near the Luma,
and the other two can be found on the Chain Chomp's path on the other side
of the planet. Once you have quickly obtained them all, enter the Launch

On this planet, kill the Piranha Plant closest to you to make a vine appear
that leads to the next planet above. On this one, quickly run along the 
only path of the planet, dodging the Chain Chomps and the numerous pits 
into a black hole along the way. At the end, smack a green bulb into the 
purple Piranha Plant to make a vine appear. Use it to reach another 
planet. Climb the ledges to the top of the structure and Spin attack the
glass, revealing a Launch Star.

You will land a the domain of Dino Piranha. The fight is the same as last
time, only with a time limit going on. Defeat him by smacking the nut on
the end of his tail a total of four times. Once you have done this (be sure
to dodge his charging attacks along the way!) he will hand over a Star.

Purple Comet Star 5-Purple Coin Omelet
This should be the first "real" Purple Coin challenge. You can only do this
after beating the final boss. 100 Purple Coins are scattered around the
level. If you collect them all, a Star will appear. Let's get to it. Now
for something about Purple Coins. They are always out in the open. You will
never need to defeat an enemy for them or pretty much commit suicide to 
earn them. Some may be hidden in crates, but nothing worse than that.

On the planet you land on, collect the fifteen Purple Coins (15/100). Once
you have done that, break the crystal containing the Launch Star. Use it.
You will collect 10 Purple Coins in midair. When you reach a Launch Star in
space, use it. You will soar through another 10 Purple Coins, then land on
the Yoshi Egg planet. Grab another 5 Purple Coins, then use the Launch Star
here (45/100).

You will collect another 10 Purple Coins in flight. When you pass through
the Launch Star in space, use it as well. You will earn another 10 Purple
Coins and land on a planet with boulders rolling around on it. From where
you land, collect the 15 Purple Coins on the simple path laid out for you.
Break open the crystal at the end to reveal a Launch Star, then use it

You will collect another 10 Purple Coins inflight, and be headed straight
for the Yoshi Egg planet. Before reaching it, use the Launch Star in space.
You will pass through the last 10 Purple Coins (100/100).

The Star will appear right where you land. Isn't that great? Too bad they
aren't all that easy.

Secret Star 6-Luigi on the Roof
You can earn this Star when you have obtained a letter from Luigi saying
that he found a Star and can't get back home. The picture shows him on top
of the house in the beginning of the Good Egg Galaxy. Choose the first
Star, Dino Piranha. 

Walk to the underside of the planet. Inbetween two trees that have several
Star Bits on their branches is a red Warp Pipe you need to use. In the
underground area, grab the ? Coin and music notes if you wish, then travel
down the red Warp Pipe at the end. You will appear on the room of the 
house from the beginning. Talk to Luigi and he will hand over the Star.

                       ~4B-2.Honeyhive Galaxy~
Star Requirements-3
Overal Difficulty-**/*****

This is the galaxy where you will obtain your first transformation costume.
Honeyhive Galaxy isn't focused on blasting from planet to planet so much as
it is focused on just one central area. You'll still go planet to planet
in some Stars, but most of them take place in the main area of the galaxy.

Star 1-Bee Mario Takes Flight
Welcome to the Honeyhive Kingdom! This relaxing area is ruled by the Bee
Queen. No, she won't become possessed or anything. Just a regular happy-go-
lucky galaxy. Follow the dirt path to the right from where you land. Head
right at the fork, towards a ? Coin. Touching this will make a Bee Mushroom
appear nearby. Walk off the cliff to the left and you will land near it.
Grab the Mushroom.

You will now become Bee Mario. As a bee, you now have the ability to fly 
for a short time. Hold A to fly, or keep tapping it in air to sustain your
altitude. The Fly Meter will decrease as you fly, and refills when you 
land. You turn back t normal Mario if you take any form of damage, or if 
you hit water. Fly up to the ledge that the nearby bee tells you to. Walk
behind the waterfall and fly up to the next ledge above you. At the end of
this tunnel you will find a tree stump. Jump into it and you will land on
a short hill. Slide to the bottom.

Fly up to the ledge next to the bee at the bottom. See those flowers? You
can only walk on them if you are wearing the Bee costume. Otherwise, they
disappear if you try standing on them. Make your way up the next few 
ledges. Avoid walking on the honey--it just slows you down. At the end of
the path is a Launch Star.

On this next planet, there is a pond of water along with some enemies on 
the land bordering it. Jump across the lily pads, making your way right and
to a platform with a flower with a long stem, and a bee. Grab onto the stem
and shake the Wii Remote to swing from it, flinging yourself to a higher
up flower. There are water jets up here, so avoiding touching them as you
fly from flower to flower. At the highest and largest flower, fly into the
air to reach another Launch Star.

You will land at the bottom of the Bee Queen's castle. There are a bunch of
honeycombs on the wall. As Bee Mario, you can cling to the honeycombs. Use
this ability to scale the wall. You will need to fly off and land on 
another section of honeycombs several times when you reach dead ends. At 
the top, jump onto the grey ledge. Kill the Piranha Plant to make a vine 
form. Use it to reach the Bee Queen.

She says that she is suffering from something very itchy. Well, now we have
to help her. Fly onto the Bee Queen. You can stick to her just like you can
to honey. There are five Star Chips hidden by her coated jacket. They are
pretty easy to see since stars hover around their locations. Once you have
all five, a Launch Star appears behind the Bee Queen. Use it.

You will land at the top of a large tree in the main area of the galaxy.
Talk to the leader of the Toad Brigade, the one wearing the mining light.
Turns out they found a Power Star. Well, that was easy. Go grab it.

Star 2-Trouble on the Tower
Head right again when you enter the galaxy. There are several stone blocks
that have appeared due to some recent activity. Ground Pound them to 
destroy them. The first one will reveal several Star Bits. The next one
further up the road reveals a vine. Grab onto it and swing yourself on to
a ledge further on ahead. You will land on another block. Destroy this one
to reveal a trampoline. Ground Pound it so you are sent high enough to
reach the ? Block.

Head behind the large tree. Ground Pound this block for more Star Bits. A
little farther ahead are two more blocks. After collecting the Star Bits
from these, use the trampoline to reach a Sling Star, blasting you onto a
ledge very close by. Up on a tree stump here is a red switch and a Wiggler.
Ground Pound Wiggler's to stun them, then jump on their underside (don't 
just stomp on them. I'm sure you know why!). Now Ground Pound the switch to
make a bridge form. Ground Pound the brown switch ahead to lower the walls,
allowing you to climb them.

You'll need to perform several Wall Jumps to reach the top. Once there,
follow the path around the pond to where two wooden planks are close enough
to allow some Wall Jumps. At the top you can find and use a Launch Star.
Make your way to the underside of the planet you land on, killing any
Piranha Plants in the way. On the underside, you will be close to another
planet. Jump to be pulled by the gravity to the next planet. At the bottom
of this planet (avoiding or killing the Wiggler's in the way) is a Sling

Grab the ? Coin on this next planet to have a Rainbow Star appear. Use it
to smash all of the foes here into oblivion. Jump into the wooden stump at
the top, and you will then fall onto the tower that was shown in the intro
to this Star. Walk left and get onto the swing. Propel yourself onto the
left to the other side. Go for the lower one first. When you see the first
purple bug, fall down the checkerboard tiled floor below. Grab the Life
Mushroom here. Your health meter is now 6! To kill the bugs, stand on their
backs to calm them, then Ground Pound them. Near where you fell onto this
platform is a trampoline. Use it to reach the previous upper ledge.

Kill the bug up here, then follow the path to where you can Wall Jump up
the brown wall. Head left, past another bug, and to a red switch. Ground
Pound it to make the windmill start spinning. Hop onto one of the ledges
the windmill provides and ride it to the top. There are two bugs up here--
a large one and a baby one riding on top. Jump onto the baby one and Ground
Pound it. The mother bug gets upset and will charge at you at a quick pace.
After killing her too in the same manner, grab the Star.

Star 3-Big Bad Bugaboom
Well, the purple Mandibugs are back for revenge. Follow the path to the
right as usual, dodging or killing any Mandibugs that get in the way. 
Follow the path right again at the split, back to where you got the ? Coin
back in the first Star. A water bubble launcher is stationed here. Jump 
onto the block infront of the blue launcher so a bubble hits Mario, sending
him to a ledge across the gap.

Jump onto the tree stump here and avoid the Mandibug to obtain a Life 
Mushroom. Grab the pole to the left and slide down it to the bottom. There
are a bunch of Mandibugs here around the tree. Kill them for Star Bits if
you wish. Grab the Bee Mushroom, then head down the Warp Pipe located not
far from the Mushroom. You will appear near three water launchers. Avoid
them all, then fly onto the ledge they are near. Go behind the waterfall
and fly into the tunnel. Jump over the three Mandibugs and the Bee Queen
will talk to you, asking for help. She makes a Launch Star appear ahead,
so go use it.

You will land near a flower and another Bee Mushroom if needed. Grab onto
the flower and swing from it to get enough height to reach the next 
platform that also has a flower. Also use it to get enough height to reach
the main platform of this area.

When you land, a giant green Mandibug will appear. You have the Ground 
Pound his back like every other Mandibug. To get enough height to reach
him, use one of the flowers as he slowly charges around the tree. After the
first Ground Pound, he starts to fly around the tree, dropping bombs along
the way. If you ever get hit and lose the Bee outfit, another Bee Mushroom
is waiting near the edge of the platform. Just don't get killed trying to
reach it. Once you Ground Pound the Mandibug again, it will turn red and
starts to fly around the tree tilted on its side, flying quite fast. The
last Ground Pound needs to be quite accurate to kill him. The Star will
appear near the Bee Mushroom.

~A Hungry Luma appears for beating this Star~

Cosmic Comet Star 4-Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race
In Cosmic Comet missions, you will race a Shadow Mario-esque figure to a
Star on at the end of a predetermined course. It isn't too hard as long as
you follow the giant arrow signs and don't mess up any jumps. 

Start off by following the path straight. When the path splits off, choose
to go right and up the hill. Head towards the waterfall. When you get close
to it, perform a Long Jump to try and land inside the tunnel. You won't
make it, so you need to Spin right before hitting the ledge to get a little
extra distance. You should grab the ledge and just barely be ahead of 
Shadow Mario. Long Jump through the tunnel and head for the tree stump.

Fall down the stump and onto the slide. At the end, Backwards Somersault 
onto the brown block, then do it again to reach the upper ledge. You now
need to pass through several platforms along the wall to reach the Star at
the end of the course. Stay out of the honey because it will slow you down.
The Shadow Mario will slow down a bit here, allowing you to catch up (which
is something you probably have to do at this point). Pass up your shadow
and claim the Star before he does.

Purple Comet Star 5-The Honeyhive's Purple Coins
Hopefully, this Star won't utterly annoy you to death. Collect the easy 10
Purple Coins when you land on the ground. From where you land, look left.
Just over the fence is a tiny ledge with a single Purple Coin. This one is
most easily missed. Now start following the path to the right. At the spot
where the boulders fall off the galaxy is a Purple Coin. Backflip to reach
it. Continue along the path to see a grey boulder on the ground near where
the path splits. Pound it to make a vine appear. We'll be using that
later (12/100).

For now, continue straight and grab onto the swing above you. Gain some
momentum by pushing left and right on the control stick in good rhythm to
get the high Purple Coin here. Head right. There should be a ledge near
the vine. Get onto the ledge and get the Purple Coin. Fall off the other
side and get another. Follow the short cliff ledge to where you can Wall
Jump for several more Purple Coins. The top ledge has two more Purple
Coins (23/100).

Jump off the ledge and to where the boulders are spawned. A pond is nearby.
Grab the five Purple Coins around it. Near the pond, and the ledge where
you can jump to the waterfall, should be a huge stack of grey blocks. 
Ground Pound through all of them. A Purple Coin will be revealed. Triple
Jump up to the ledge with the waterfall. Collect the two Purple Coins here.
Head down the Warp Pipe right near them. Follow the ledges along the edge
of the tree, collecting all of the Purple Coins. Don't fall here! Make your
way back once you hit the dead end (40/100).

Go back to where the Warp Pipe led. Fall off the cliff ledge. Get the two 
Purple Coins, then head down the Warp Pipe. Now, fall of the cliff ledge
you appear on, then use the vine you made appear earlier. When you land on
a grey boulder, look left. Slide down the edge of the tree back to where
you started the galaxy, collecting the three Purple Coins on the edge of 
the tree. Make your way back to the vine and to the grey boulder. Ground
Pound the boulder and use the trampoline to boost yourself into another
Purple Coin. You need to land on the brick block, then Backflip into the
coin (46/100).

Near the vine are three more Purple Coins. Don't fall trying to get them!
Now take the path around the giant tree to earn five more Purple Coins. You
will be near a brown ramp on the edge of the area. Walk up it slowly (one
mistep and you're food for a black hole) and collect the five Purple Coins.
You will end up in a small stump with a red switch and a Wiggler. Ground 
Pound the switch. Go across the bridge, then Ground Pound the brown switch.
Make your way up the wall now, collecting four more Purple Coins (63/100).

Look on the left cliff egde now. See a Purple Coin up there? Triple Jump
up to it. Once you are up there, the camera should turn and zoom out,
revealing some brick blocks far below the cliff edge. Walk off to fall onto
them. Don't worry--it's prefectly safe. Both brick blocks have a Purple
Coin.Now fall to the tunnel with the tree stump. Before hopping in, go down
the tunnel and collect three Purple Coins. Hop down the stump now. Collect
the five Purple Coins on the slide. Keep jumping to slow your descent so
you can grab them easily. Enter the Warp Pipe at the bottom (74/100).

Now you need to make your way back to that area. Go around the big tree and
up the brown cliff edge to where the red switch was. Before going on, jump 
into the pool of water next to the switch for a Purple Coin. Behind a small
spire near the pond are two more Purple Coins. Now follow this ledge to
where you can easily overlook the vine. It is there you can find three more
Purple Coins. Now go across the bridge made by the red switch, Wall Jump 
to the top, and keep going forward (80/100).

Go around the pond and collect the three Purple Coins. Jump onto the cliff
edge and get another Purple Coin. Now jump onto the cliff ledge opposite
the previous one. At the edge are three more Purple Coins. Now use the 
nearby wooden planks to Wall Jump to the top of them. You should have 90
Purple Coins now. Jump back onto the cliff ledge that had only one Purple
Coin. The camera should zoom out to view a ledge below with some more
Purple Coins. Fall all the way down to it. There are five more Purple Coins
here. Use the fountain to reach the high Purple Coin (95/100).

Head to the bottom left corner of this ledge. Backflip onto a higher ledge.
This ledge goes behind the waterfall. The last five Purple Coins are here

The Star will now appear. Fall down to the pool of water the waterfall
drains into, then jump down to the right. Follow the path back to where you
started to earn the Star. Try not to get killed on the way there!

Secret Star 6-Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Choose the first Star, Bee Mario Takes Flight. You can only get this Star
when Luigi sends you a letter detailing he's lost, and a picture of him in
the Honeyhive Galaxy. 

Follow the path like normal when you land in the galaxy. Take a right when
you reach the split, then hit the ? Coin when you reach it. Grab the Bee
Mushroom that appears on the lower ledge. Fly up to the ledge with the
waterfall, then fly up to the ledge higher up to the left. You will land
right next to a tree with Luigi stuck to it (to reach this ledge, land in
the tunnel, then continue flying). Spin Luigi to make him fall, and grab
the Star he hands you.

                       ~4B-3.Loopdeeloop Galaxy~
Overall Difficulty-*/*****
This is the first of many "mini-galaxies". These kinds of galaxies host 
only one Stars, and they generally aren't too difficult to obtain. They are
usually fun as well.

Star 1-Surfing 101
Head forward and talk to the Penguin Coach. He will ask if you are surfer.
Answer "Yes" and he will show you the ropes to Manta Ray Surfing. Point
the Wii Remote at the screen. To turn left, tilt the Wii Remote left. Do
the opposite for turning right. To speed up, hold the A button. That's all
there is to surfing. You will do a practice run on the straightaway ahead.
Get used to the controls. When you enter the blue tunnel at the end, the
real race will start.

You have 1:30.00 to make a complete lap of the course. It isn't all too 
hard. Start off by smoothly making your way around the first three left,
right, and left turns. The course starts going uphill, so the Manta Ray 
gets to be slightly harder to turn. At the top is a long right turn, with
a 1-Up in the middle (just in case you fall off). Now you will go uphill
and around a sharp left turn. Let go of the A button breifly--you don't 
want to take the corners too fast. You will go off a large hill after that,
then off another small hill. The course makes one final long left turn, and
then it's a straight path to the finish line.

If you finish under 1:30.00, the Penguin Coach will be so impressed that he
hands you a Star.

                       ~4B-4.Flipswitch Galaxy~
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
This is another mini-galaxy, and it isn't too terribly challenging. It is a
pretty short Star.

Star 1-Painting the Planet Yellow
Once you land on the only planet here, the objective should become clear--
turn every switch from blue to yellow. Start by going onto the left side of
the planet, walking on every switch along the way. When you reach the end,
jump onto the moving red platform with spikes and ride it across the gap to
more blue switches. 

When the path is clear of electric fields, keep hitting the blue switches
on the top side of the planet. A purple enemy will be shooting shockwave
fields at you. Be sure to jump over them carefully! When you reach the
right edge of the planet, you will be at the entrance to the last side of
it. Dodge the electric fields and hit the last four switches here, dodging
the red spiked platform along the way. When every blue switch is yellow,
the Star will appear above the purple shockwave-making enemy. Jump onto
that enemy--he's actually a trampoline. Ground Pound it to reach the Star.

                    ~4B-5.Bowser Jr's Robot Reactor~
Overall Difficulty-***/*****
There's only 1 Star in every Bowser/Bowser Jr. level. They can be difficult
at times--they are boss battles after all. 

Star 1-Megaleg's Moon
You will land near the Launch Star on this small planet, but it is encased
in glass. To break it, you need a Bullet Bill. Head south to the Bullet
Bill cannon. Wait for a Bullet Bill to start following you, then run behind
the glass casing of the Launch Star. If done right, the Bullet Bill will
crash, revealing the Launch Star. Use it to reach the moon ahead.

Bowser Jr. will appear, but doesn't stick around long. He sics his Megaleg
robot on you. And damn, that is one big robot. How do we destroy this 
thing? Wait for the legs to slam onto the moon. There are ramps on them,
so jump on to either leg and run up it. Megaleg will become aware of your
presence and a security system will begin to attack you. First, dodge the
three Bullet Bills fired at you. Jump over their cannons and leap across
the spinning cogs up ahead. Run up the next ramp to be at the top of the

Get one of the Bullet Bills to ram into the metal grating surrounding the
Grand Star. However, another security gate will be placed around the Grand
Star, this one split into 8 pieces and moving clockwise. Get a Bullet 
Bill to destroy one part of the gate, then lead another through the hole
made before the piece can be reformed. Get a Bullet Bill to crash into the
glass encasing the Grand Star, and it will be all yours.

                           ~4C.The Fountain~
Once the Grand Star has been acquired from the Terrace, the Fountain
becomes available, with another set of 5 galaxies. The Fountain is located
down the path left of the Terrace. Use the blue pad on the ground to reach
the ledge with the Fountain dome. There isn't much else to add. Go rescue
the next Grand Star!

Also of note is that after obtaining 13 Stars, Prankster Comets will begin
to appear. A comet will come to a galaxy at a random time. The types of
comets that can appear in any given galaxy are predetermined, but when they
appear from after 13 Stars is random (except for Purple Comets which only
appear after beating the final boss).

Speedy Comets put a time limit on a specific Star, giving you less time to
screw around. Cosmic Comets place you in a race to a specific location
against a clone of yourself. Fast Foe Comets make all of the enemies in the
level move at a quick pace. Daredevil Comets force you to accomplish a Star
with only 1 point of health. Purple Comets scatter 100 or 150 Purple Coins
in a level, and collecting 100 of them earns you a Star (some of these
missions are timed!)

                      ~4C-1.Space Junk Galaxy~
Stars Required-9
Overall Difficulty-***/*****
This galaxy has some difficult Stars, and some are quite annoying with very
eays ways to die. Try not to get too frustrated. Just take your time.

Star 1-Pull Star Path
As you can tell, you will be making large use of the Pull Stars here. Start
off by grabbing the first Pull Star above the planet you are on. Shake the
Wii Remote to get out of the bubble, landing now on the next planet. There
is a Pull Star pathway on the other end of the planet. The path is 8 Pull
Stars long, and you will land on a glass dome planet next to others just
like it (you can't land on the L-Block planet along the way. Haha). 

You will land on the first Star Chip hopefully. Jump to the left dome and
collect the second and third Star Chips right next to each other. Now jump
to the last glass dome to the right. The fourth Star Chip is sitting at the
top of the planet, while fifth one is circling around it. Once you have all
five, the Launch Star will appear.

You will land on a rocket-shaped planet. Grab the Pull Star planet and land
on it. Repeat this until you land on the third Pull Star planet, at which
point you will find another Pull Star path. Head through all 13 Pull Stars
with relative ease. On the T-shaped planet you land on, walk to the top of
it, destroying any spiders in the way, to find the Toad Brigade trapped in
crystals. Free all of them and the captain will appear on his Starshroom
ship. Jump onto the ship (its gravity will pull you onto it) and talk to
the captain. He says he found the Power Star and offers a Sling Star
shortcut to it, found at the top of the ship.

You will land in an area full of space junk. Where are all the platforms?
Walk towards the top ledge and...ah, that's it. All this space junk will
form platforms for you. There are five Silver Stars here. Collecting them
all will form a real Star. Start off by heading straight, then left onto
the green blocks to find the first Silver Star. Head back right, then keep
going right and up some stairs to the second Silver Star. Back at the
split, head north this time. Head left at the next split to reach the third
Silver Star.

Jump across the gap to the north. The fourth Silver Star is atop a purple
block. Head all the way back to the split, this time heading right. You
will end up on a brown platform. Jump straight ahead to have the red 
triangle platforms form a solid platform. Now just jump right and into the
fifth Silver Star. The real Star appears now. Jump back left and down onto
the brown platform. Head south to the split. Head due south from the split
to reach the starting platform where the Star is held.

Star 2-Kamella's Airship Attack
Airships? Hell yeah! Jump from the yellow ship to the red Shroomship and 
talk to the captain. The rest of the Toad Brigade boarded the Airships, but
none have returned. Use the Launch Star next to him to board the Airships

On the first Airship, there are several Goombas you can opt to kill. There
is also a ? Block on the stern of the ship. Look at the blue level right
next to the raised wooden bridge. Spin into the front of it to lower the
bridge, allowing access to the platforms ahead. Two bunnies are here, and
they say you should try the jump and spin technique. Use it to reach the
platform on the left for a 1-Up (or just Long Jump). Break the crate to the
right to make a Sling Star appear.

On the next Airship, jump onto the green valve near where you land. Spin on
it to make it rise, that way you can hit the ? Block. Free both members of
the Toad Brigade after that. Now, see the Koopa Shell? Pick it up. Shake 
the Wii Remote to fling it. Only thrown Koopa Shells can open treasure
chests. Open both chests if you want, then grab another Koopa Shell and 
head for the chest on the stern. Dodge the Magikoopa and open the chest to
reveal a Launch Star.

From the platform you land on another Airship, jump to the tilting platform
on the left. Make a Long Jump towards the smokestack and grab the Pull
Star. Jump into the smokestack. There are a ton of Star Bits down here. Use
the Sling Star to reach the deck again. There are two chests on this deck.
Use the Koopa Shells to break them open. The chest on the right holds a
Life Mushroom, and I advise you grab it.

There are two enemies on the opposing Airship that are spitting fiery rocks
at you. Throw a Koopa Shell at both of them to kill them off, lowering the
bridge they are guarding. Use the Sling Star on the opposite side and get
ready for another boss fight.

Kamella will appear and starts casting spells at you. She will send either
fireballs at you, which I advise dodging, or she will make a Koopa Shell
appear on the floor. When the Koopa Shell appears, pick it up and throw it
at Kamella. Now Kamella will start floating around in erratic patterns,
making it a bit harder to aim your Koopa Shells at her. She also summons 
two fireballs at once. When hit again, Kamella will summon two Magikoopas
to aid her. I advise killing them first so their attacks don't distract
you. After one more Koopa Shell hit, Kamella will hand over the Star.

Star 3-Tarantox's Tangled Web
Jump onto the red Starshroom ship and talk to the Toad Brigade captain yet
again. Another one of his crew members went missing, and you need to find
him. Use the Pull Star to pull yourself onto the crystal-like planet. Now
use the Pull Star path from before. When you reach the L-Block this time,
you will be going left instead of right. You will end up on a glass domed
planet. Find the hole in the planet that is the entrance.

Head straight, then take a right. Head right again, then left, and one more
left to reach the Launch Star. Use it to blast off onto a far away planet.
Walk down the path, killing the spiders in the way, until you see a Toad
stuck to a sticky Sling Pod. Pull on the Sling Pod and aim him at the
Sling Pod on the planet not far from you. Afterwards, hop in the Sling Pod
and repeat the process for yourself. On the next planet, sling the Toad to
the rocket-shaped planet.

There is a Life Shroom on the roof of the rocket. Be sure to grab it! At 
the tail end of the rocket is another Sling Pod. Get in and fling yourself
to the L-Block shaped meteor. Defeat the spiders here if you wish, then get
inside another Sling Pod. Fling yourself through the giant spider web-like

There is a giant cocoon nesting in the center of the planet. Get in one of
the Sling Pods strung on the web and shoot yourself through the giant
cocoon. The giant Tarantox isn't happy. It begins by shooting acid at you.
Run in the opposite direction and get behind Tarantox, facing its large,
glowing butt. Hop into a Sling Pod and rocket through the glowing butt. 
This will stun Tarantox. He flips over, so get into a Sling Pod and shoot
yourself through one of the flashing red weak points on the stomach.
Destroy all three quickly before he recovers.

Tarantox isn't going to take it nice anymore. He now spits acid out of his
side orbs. Stay in the center of two jet streams if you get trapped and
wait until he stops the attack before you keep going. His is large glowing
butt again, and repeat the process of hitting his weak points via the
Sling Pods. Tarantox will be thrown into space after this, and the Star
will be revealed. Use a Sling Pod to obtain it.

~A Hungry Luma appears for beating this Star~

Speedy Comet Star 4-Pull Star Path Speed Run
Performing this Star in only four minutes actually isn't all that bad. But,
if you rush, you are likely to get yourself killed. Be sure to take it slow
in the harder areas. Use the Pull Star at the beginning to reach the next
planet. Then use the long Pull Star path to reach the glass dome planets

Once you land there, you need to collect the five Star Chips. The first is
on the planet you land on. There are two additional Star Chips on the other
two glass domes. Once you have all five of the Star Chips, don't hesitate
to use the Launch Star. When you land on the rocket-shaped planet, you need
to use the Pull Stars in other nearby planets. When you land on the third
Pull Star planet, you can actually use a Pull Star path afterwards. At the
end of the long path, run straight past the spiders and up the side of the
metal object. 

Free all of the Toads up here to make the Starshroom land. Jump onto it
and walk to the top, then use the Sling Star to reach the area with a 
bunch of space junk. You must collect the five Silver Stars quickly. Head
straight, and at the split go left to get a Silver Star. Back at the split,
head right for a Silver Star. Then go straight at the split. At the next
split, go left. At the first left here you can get a Silver Star, then you
can get another by going straight. Back at the split, go right. Continue
along the path to find the last Silver Star.

Jump back onto the main group of platforms from there, and then take every
southern route from every split path. You'll reach the Star in no time.

Purple Comet Star 5-Purple Coin Spacewalk
When the Purple Comet arrives, you know you're in trouble. This is one of
the few Purple Coin challenges that is timed. You have 2 minutes to collect
all 100 Purple Coins. That sounds daunting, but all of them are in groups
of 10. That doesn't mean you can take your time, though. Head straight at
first, right into the first group of 10 Purple Coins. Jump across the gap
ahead and take a right, into the second group of 10 Purple Coins. Now head
left, and into the third group of 10 Purple Coins (30/100).

Head left a bit, and then north into a group of 10 Purple Coins. Keep
heading right, now. Jump over a gap to reach the fifth set of 10 Purple 
Coins. Head right some more and into the sixth set of 10 Purple Coins 

Head north. You want to go for the righternmost set of 10 Purple Coins. You
will end up on a platform with them. Head back south, a bit to the left,
and then north again. You will end up at the eighth set of 10 Purple Coins.
Head left and into the ninth set of 10 Purple Coins. Head left a little
more, jump over the big gap, and onto the platform with the last set of 10
Purple Coins (100/100).

The Star appears back where you started. Follow the path south, east, then
south again. When no platforms appear, Long Jump and land on the ones that
do in the distance. Head left and south some more. Keep finding the 
southernmost route and you will make it back to the beginning platform.
The Star will be waiting for you.

Secret Star 6-Yoshi's Unexpected Appearence
You will need to choose the third Star, Tarantox's Tangled Web. There is a
Hungry Luma in the level, and you need 50 Star Bits to make her transform.
Be sure to have 50 by that point. At the start, use the Pull Star path from
the red Starshroom. The planet you land on has several enemies and a bunch
of Star Bits that you can obtain. Do so. After that, use the Pull Star
path again. 

The glass planet you land on has the Hungry Luma. Get some more Star Bits
from the crystals on the planet, and if you still need more, go into the
planet and Spin into enemies for the last few. Also, under the glass 
planet, if you find a circle of eight rocks, perform a Spin attack in the
center of them to turn all the rocks into Star Bits. That'll prove useful.

The Luma will transform into a new planet shaped like...Yoshi? Cool. Use
the Launch Star to land on the new planet. Now, all you have to do is kill
all of the Goombas to earn the Star. The odd camera angles can make this
a big difficult at times. I advise you just stomp on them all--it is far
faster and easier than trying to Spin all 20-some Goombas. Once you have
mercilessly killed all of the Goombas, the Star will appear.

                      ~4C-2.Battlerock Galaxy~
Stars Required-12
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
Most of Battlerock's Stars are quite enjoyable, and they aren't too
terribly hard to obtain. You'll probably love this galaxy, as well as the
music to it too.

Star 1-Battlerock Barrage
You will land on a small platform, near five other platforms that are
quite similar. It should be quickly obvious you need to collect five Star
Chips on these platforms. The first one is in plain sight, circling right
infront of you. The next platform has a ? Coin that makes a group of 10
coins appear for a short period of time. The next platform over has 
another Blue Star Chip. The platform after that has four small yellow
Topman, as well as the third Blue Star Chip.

The platform to the left has the fourth Blue Star Chip on the bottom of it.
The final platform of the bunch has an easy to obtain Blue Star Chip as
well. Several Pull Stars will be formed above the final platform, leading
to a Launch Star. This will launch you to another pair of platforms. Get
on the upper side of the one you land on and use the purple trampoline
enemy to jump onto the higher platform. At the top of this platform, get
on top of the blue screw and perform a Spin attack.

This will make the platform move. Dodge the oncoming barrage of cannon
blasts, and when you reach a yellow wall, be sure to walk to the underside
of the platform so you aren't knocked off. Switch from top, bottom, top,
bottom in order to avoid the incoming electrical fields that you will pass.
After the tall electric fences, you will either need to jump over the
short electric lines, or just stand on the opposite side of the platform
to avoid them. At the end, jump onto the platform with the Star.

But...it is encased in glass. Jump onto the last platform, th eone with a
bunch of glass cases. At the end, get a Bullet Bill to follow you after
being fired from the cannon. All you need to do is lead it back to the case
with the Star. Once you break it open, grab it.

Star 2-Breaking into the Battlerock
This time when you land on the same set of six platforms, you don't need
Star Chips. Instead, the Launch Star is encased in glass. Luckily, there
are Bob-ombs here that you can use. Grab a Bob-omb and run across the two
platforms and throw it at the glass. Wait for it to explode and you can use
the Launch Star. You can also grab more Star Bits if you wish. There's an
infinite supply of Bob-ombs, so don't fret about missing.

You will land on a three-pronged planet. There is an encased Luma on the
red corner, a Rainbow Star encased on the yellow corner, a ton of Chain
Chomps rolling arond, and a Bob-omb resting on the green corner. I'd say 
get the Rainbow Star first so that you can collect a ton of Star Bits by
bashing the Chain Chomps. After that, destroy the case with the Luma. It
will transform into a Sling Star. Use it to be blasted into a Launch Star,
then use that as well.

You will land in a giant Pull Star minefield. Stick to the right side at
first. There is a Life Mushroom you can grab on your way to the Launch
Star, which is at the top left corner. If you hit a mine, you will fall,
but you can quickly grab back on to a Pull Star if you are quick. Take your
time, but dying isn't too bad since the 1-Up here is easily obtained. Use 
the Launch Star when you come to it.

You will land at the location the intro showcased. You can't hit the red
switch yet, so opt to go down the nearby pipe instead. A Luma is trapped
inside an oversized Star Bit. When you get into this area, a cannon is
encased in glass. Use a nearby Bob-omb (who is an actual Bob-omb that 
moves) to destroy the glass. In the cannon, aim for the giant blue Star 
Bit and fire away. At the top of the room you will need to destroy another
cannon glass casing. Use the Bob-ombs again to do so, and then fire 
yourself into the Launch Star and get out of this room.

You will land on another planet in the distance. Take a Bob-omb and run for
the other end of the planet. Ignore the encased 1-Up and go for the encased
cannon. Once you have revealed the cannon, hop inside. You can see the
Star, but all of those platforms are circling around it. Wait for an
opening, then fire. If you timed it well, the Star will be yours.

Star 3-Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe
There is only a set of three platforms now. The second platform houses a
mole. To defeat it, stand far back enough so it appears, then Ground Pound
to stun it. Spin into it or jump to finish him off. The third platform has
a ? Coin which makes some Star Bits appear. Near the mole on this platform,
use the Pull Stars to reach another platform above you. There is a Sling
Star here another platform not far away. It will begin moving through a
short minefield. Move around and dodge the mines. On the last platform,
use the Launch Star.

There is a red Topman on the next planetoid you land on. If it hits you,
you will be pushed back slightly. They don't cause direct damage, but 
jumping on the spike on its head isn't advised. Grab the Life Mushroom on
the platform that moves up and down, then Spin attack the Topman. Keep
doing this until you push it into the electrical field. The freed Luma will
transform into a Launch Star.

You will land on a set of four platforms. Break the box furthest from where
you land to reveal a Warp Pipe. Head down it. In this next area, Spin next
to the green arrow to reverse gravity. Dodge the fire bar and hit the ?
Block if you want. Keep heading right, across the platforms moving up and
down, until you reach a part with some lava. Get onto the green platform
above and run across the circling block, hitting the ? Coin to make some
Star Bits appear along the way. At the end of the tunnel, Spin the arrow
to reverse gravity again.

Start making your way to the left now. Wait for the platforms to retract
back into the ceiling before going on, because they will push you to where
the gravity pulls downwards and you'll have to repeat the processing of 
getting back here again. At the left end is a giant moving platform with
several safe area just barely missing the gravity in the opposite 
direction. Wait there until the platform retracts. When you reach the far
left end, fall up the gap. Start head right, now. Avoid standing on the red
machinery! It slams into the ground, instantly killing you if you are
smashed with it. Use the purple trampoline at the end to reach the Warp

Use the purple trampoline enemy to reach a Sling Star in the air. This
places you on an automatic elevator, and you will lower into the depths of
the Battlerock. There are two Topmen here. Spin both of them into the
electrical fields to open the door. This will lead you to a Launch Star.
You will appear on a distant planet with many electrical fields. Dodge them
all and make your way to the opposite side of the planet. There is a Luma
Shop right below the final platforms. You can buy either a 1-Up or a Life
Mushroom for 30 Star Bits. Buy one if you wish, then climb to the center

Topmaniac will fly in, and the boss fight begins. Jump on the flashing
yellow button on Topmaniac to make him retract his spikes for a short
period of time. Now, Spin him into the electrical fields. Repeat this
process a second time, and then two Topmen join to aid Topmaniac. Kill
them if you wish, then stomp on Topmaniac and Spin him into an electrical
field one last time. The Star will finally be revealed. 

Daredevil Comet Star 4-Topmaniac's Daredevil Run
You will need to do the Topmaniac boss battle without taking a single point
of damage. Get to the actual boss arena calmly. There's nothing hindering
you, so don't hit the electric fences. When you actually begin the battle,
just don't hit the electric fences or Topmaniac's spikes. Since he hardly
moves, that shouldn't be much of a problem. The first two hits should go
easily since the yellow Topmen hardly do anything to you and Topmaniac 
won't be aggressive. On the final hit, kill off the two red Topmen first
since they can actually pose a threat.

As for Topmaniac, he is still the same for the last hit. Once he has hit
the electric fence three times, this Daredevil Star is yours. As a note,
Topmaniac jumps back to the center of the stage after he hits the electric
wall. If he lands on you, you take damage (which, obviously, kills you).
It happened to my friend once so it's best to be warned now.

Purple Comet Star 6-Purple Coins on the Battlerock
Total. Freaking. Hell. You will land on the moving platform, all 100 Coins
along the path on the side of the Battlerock. This Star, if you miss a 
Purple Coin, you are screwed. That's how annoying it is. From the start,
you go through a trail of Purple Coins. You go through about 25 Purple
Coins before the platform goes under a wall. Walk to the side of the
platform to avoid it, and pick up some Purple Coins. Now there will be a
long trail of Purple Coins leading to the underside, and a Life Mushroom

The Purple Coins lead over electric walls. You need to do a Backflip to
reach them. If you are too close, you will just fly over the highest
Purple Coin. Damnit, you will lose here so many times because of that.
Hopefully not since I warned you, but still. Then you have to do that a 
second time. The Purple Coins go back under the platform, and the last 10
or so Purple Coins are above the platform. If you actually collected them
all, go collect your Star. If you made it to the end and you missed some
Purple Coins, talk to the robot. He'll kill you. Yeah. What a guy!

Secret Star 7-Battlerock's Garbage Dump
You need to choose the second Star, Breaking into the Battlerock. There is
a Hungry Luma on the second planet that requires 30 Star Bits to transform
into the area with the Secret Star. Use the Bob-ombs to earn a ton of Star
Bits on the first few platforms before using the Launch Star on the last
one. You can easily earn all 30 Star Bits on these platforms at the
beginning. Don't forget to check the undersides!.

In the area where you land, the Hungry Luma is in the yellow area. You can
get a Rainbow Star here and destroy the Chain Chomps if you are still low
on Star Bits. Feed 30 of the little things to the Hungry Luma and she will
transform. Use the Launch Star to reach the next location. You will land at
a garbage dump. Talk to the robot to start a 30 second mini-game. If you
can blow up all the trach using Bob-ombs in 30 seconds, you get the Star.
However, this is pretty difficult. Here's a map:
G B G  G  G
  G   GB G BG
G B G  G    G B
            G  G

Where the G's are the garbage, and the B's are the places you should place
the Bob-ombs. If you place the Bob-ombs in roughly those locations, you
should easily be able to clear all of the trash. However, each Bob-omb 
takes 10 seconds to explode. Remember, you can form chain reactions with
Bob-ombs! If you don't like my way, just make some chain reactions. You can
probably finish with a quick time using that method. Grab the Star once you
complete the challenge.

Green Star 8-Luigi Under the Saucer
Choose the first Star, Battlerock Barrage. You can only get this Star when
Luigi has sent you a letter and includes a picture of him being stuck in
Battlerock Galaxy. Grab the five Blue Star Chips at the beginning. One is
on the platform you start on, the second is on the third platform, the 
third is on the fourth platform, the fourth is on the underside of the
fifth platform, and the last is on the underside of the last platform. Use
the Pull Stars to reach the Launch Star.

When you land on the next planet, Spin when you are on top of the screw.
All you need to do now is dodge the electrical fields. You also have to
dodge the cannonballs the Battlerock is firing, too. Once you reach the
end of the track, jump to the platform with what would be the Star we are
going for. Walk to the underside of the platform to find Luigi. Walk to the
underside of the last platform, then get a Bullet Bill to follow you. Run
back to Luigi's glass dome and get the Bullet Bill to break it. Talk to
Luigi to receive the Green Star.

                     ~4C-3.Rolling Green Galaxy~
Overall Difficulty-*/*****
This is a fun level. It's very simple, but I must admit I love this mini-

Star 1-Rolling in the Clouds
The Star is sitting inside the ball infront of you. Oh, but you can't get
it yet. That'd be too easy! What you need to do is jump onto the ball. 
Follow the sign's instructions. You hold the Wii Remote straight up and 
move the ball much like a joystick. Your objective is to roll this ball 
into the finish line. 

Start off by rolling ahead, the jumping onto the ledge with the cannon.
Roll into it to be blasted onto a high ledge. Roll over the Goombas like
they were fluff, and head straight into the hole. You will roll down a
chute and land on a long green path, littered with holes. Avoid falling
into any of those at all costs. Take the path to the left and follow the
trail of Star Bits that the ? Coin leaves. Hit the next ? Coin to create
even more Star Bits. When you reach the brick bridge, you are halfway 

You can now head either left or right. If you head right, the path is short
and simple, but must jump to the final cannon. If you go left, you'll hit
a ? Coin, but the path is thin, harder, and longer, but there's no jump to
the cannon. It's your call. When you get inside the cannon, you will be
propelled to the final island with the last hole. Place the ball in here to
have the Star revealed. 

                     ~4C-4.Hurry-Scurry Galaxy~
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
The last of the mini-galaxies in the Fountain, Hurry-Scurry Galaxy is true
to its name. You need to be quick on the lone Star, or you die. End of

Star 1-Shrinking Satellite
See these green tiles? When you step on them, they disappear within three
seconds. As long as part of the green tiles remains on the space, you can
walk across it (despite seeming like you shouldn't be able to walk mostly
on thin air). Walk along the path to the end, grabbing the 1-Up you may
need later. Walk on the green tile under the ? Block and fall when it
disappears. Use the Launch Star you fall into.

When you land on the satellite itself, you will need to step onto a ton of 
green spaces. Why? Because there will be one music note on most blocks of
the satellite. I can't explain this at all due to the way the camera works,
and there being nearly infinite paths to complete the Star. I will say that
you want to work on one side of the satellite at a time. Then move to
another. Work quickly, though. If you find one or two blocks stranded, 
don't forget you can jump and then Spin in midair for a little extra
distance. It will likely come in handy.

Once you have every music note, the black hole below the planet will
disappear, revealing a Star. Just fall down to grab it now. If you miss,
the planet's (more like wireframe) gravity will keep pulling you back, so
keep on flying until you ram into the Star.

                     ~4C-5.Bowser's Star Reactor~
Stars Required-15
Overall Difficulty-***/*****
The first real Bowser level, with an actual Bowser fight at the end. It's
a moderately challenging battle, but the Bowser fight at the end is all
worth it.

Star 1-The Fiery Stronghold
Aw yeah, Super Mario 64 Bowser level music. It's all good. Start off by
jumping over the fire bars and continuing down the path. The path is going
to make a full loop, but the camera angles won't make that very noticible.
Jump over the small gap and earn the 1-Up before it falls off the course.
You will need to jump over two more fire bars after that.

As the course moves up, there is a red fire shooted on a stair right below
a Thwomp. Wait for the Thwomp to move up and the fire to cease before
moving on. Walk onto the green platform to be flipped upsidedown (or
sideways. I'm not sure which at this point). You will have to get past some
gravity walls without falling into a black hole. Jump onto the ceiling and
dodge the fire bar, waiting on the right side of it. When a platform 
appears below you, jump onto it.

When the platform goes as far right as it does, jump back onto the ceiling.
Continue right, avoiding another fire bar and another Thwomp. Walk onto the
yellow platform to be brought to a platform with a four-pronged spinning
fire bar. Dodge them and continue north to a set of stairs. Each one either
has a Thwomp or a fire emitter. You will need some careful timing to dodge
all of the objects. You will have to move past about six more fire bars,
all in really off beat rhythms. If you get hit, there are coins up ahead so
it isn't too big of a deal. 

Bowser will start attacking you around the corner by shooting fireballs at
the platforms you walk on, breaking them away. You will need to hurry. 
Around the corner, break the crystal for a Life Mushroom, the continue 
running up the stairs. You should easily make it, but if not, then try to
be faster when you restart from the checkpoint. Ignore the Life Mushroom if
you are really having trouble making it.

Bowser will greet you on arriving and forces you up onto a planet above,
and so begins an epic fight. Bowser will jump into the air constantly, and
creates several blue shockwaves when he lands. Be sure to jump over them.
The object of this battle is to get Bowser to jump on top of one of the 
blue-glassed spots on the planet. These are covers to the hot magma. When
Bowser jumps into the air, be sure to stand on one, then run out of the way
before Bowser lands on you.

If done right, Bowser will jump out of the lava and start running around
the planet due to his tail being on fire. You need to intercept him. Run in
the opposite direction Bowser is running to head him off. Before Bowser
crashes into you, he will turn around. Spin attack his tail when he does,
and Bowser will be flipped and starts spinning around the planet. Do the
same method as before and intercept his shell. Spin attack it again and
Bowser will get back up. If you are not quick enough on either hits, Bowser
will recover. Bowser tends to recover after making two full circuits around
the planet, so you need to act fast.

On the second and final hits, Bowser will create shockwaves more often, and
tends to create a large amount of them at that. For the last hit, you will
need to hit Bowser's shell two times. After each hit, Bowser sends out 
several fireballs. They move quite slowly, so they shouldn't be too much
of a threat. After being knocked around three times, Bowser will hand over
a Grand Star. We'll be meeting him again, that's for sure.

                           ~4D.The Kitchen~
The Kitchen is home to another set of five galaxies. Two main ones, two
mini-galaxies, and a Bowser Jr. level. The galaxies are getting a bit
harder, and the Comet missions are a bit annoying for all of them. Good

                      ~4D-1.Beach Bowl Galaxy~
Stars Required-16
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
Yes, Beach Bowl Galaxy is shaped like a toliet bowl. You're not the only
person who thought that. Judging by the overview, you may get the 
impression that this is a small galaxy. It is. Doesn't detract from it 
being fun (but then again, most galaxies are fun to begin with).

Star 1-Sunken Treasure
Yeah, this is a short and simple Star. Well, Beach Bowl Galaxy is actually
a large paradise...for penguins? Aha, proof global warming is real! All of
the penguins are searching the ocean for "sparklies", or, "Star Chips". 
All five of them are underwater. Swimming controls are pretty easy. To dive
underwater, press Z. Keep tapping A to swim, hold Up to swim further down
and hold Down to swim towards the surface.

The Star Chips aren't too hard to find--the ocean is pretty small. The
first is located right below the dock the Penguin Coach stands on. The 
second Star Chip is to the left of it if you were to face where the Coach
Penguin's general location is. The third Star Chip is held by a clam to the
right of where the first Star Chip was. Get near the clam and it will open
up for several seconds, revealing the Chip. The fourth can be found on the
far right side of the ocean, near where some eels pop out of the walls. The
final Star Chip is inside a crate near where you found the first Star Chip.
You can perform Spin attack underwater.

Once you have all five, a Launch Star appears on a rock in the center of 
the ocean. Use it to reach the upper area of Beach Bowl. Use a jump and 
Spin to reach the ? Coin, then follow the music notes around the back 
alley to the Super Mario Bros. underwater theme. At the end, Ground Pound
the ! Switch. Use a Side Somersault and a Spin to get high enough to reach
the platforms that appear briefly. Walk left and Ground Pound the next !
Switch. Wall Jump quiclky up the boards that appear to the top of Beach
Bowl. Spin the crystal twice to release the Star.

~A Hungry Luma appears for beating this Star~

Star 2-Passing the Swim Test
If you thought the last Star was simple and quick, this one is so short it
puts the Stars in the mini-galaxies to shame. Head over to the central
sand bar and speak to the Penguin Coach. He will ask if you want to take
part in the final swim test. Answer "Yes" and he says that you need to 
bring him a golden Koopa Shell in the ocean for an A. 

Go ahead and jump into the ocean. Search the ocean floor all you want--you
aren't going to find the golden Koopa Shell. As it turns out, one of the
Penguin's is swimming around the ocean with it. Time for Mario to be a big
bully. Swim up to the Penguin holding the shell and use a Spin attack to
steal it from him. Great moral values, Nintendo! Bring the golden Koopa
Shell to the Penguin Coach. He'll be so impressed that he hands over the 

Star 3-The Secret Undersea Cavern
Several Penguins near the Coach will be discussing how to break down the
cracked wall near the ocean floor. Well, they say that they should try
flinging a Koopa Shell at it. Brilliant idea. Let's steal their idea before
they try it out, and then take the credit for ourselves! Yeah, we're 
badass. Dive into the water and pick up a Koopa Shell. Swim over to where
a Penguin is pointing at the cracked wall. Throw the Koopa Shell at it to
break the wall, revealing a cave behind it.

Swim through the tunnel until you hit dry land again. Break the crates that
are closed to the barred fence to reveal a hole. Walk through the hole,
then Ground Pound the tree stump to reveal a Launch Star. You will land on
the Cyclone Stone.

There are a bunch of Tox Boxes and Thwomps on this stone slab. You need to
traverse it to the end to collect the Star. Past the Thwomp is the first
Tox Box. Remember these guys? They will never roll onto a part of the 
course with a raised platform. Think of those as safe zones. If they smash
you, you are dead. Note how there is an opening in the Tox Boxes. If the
opening covers you, you are safe. Just before the first Tox Box is a 1-Up
you should collect. Follow the path after the Tox Box to the right. 

Jump onto the brown triangle. You need to make your way to the stone slab
on the far right using the moving platforms. Be sure not to fall into the
water which leads to a black hole! And don't land on the slab when the Tox
Box is close. You'll just die right away. When you do get there, head to
the path that leads over the black hole (the other directions is just a
circular loop). Follow the path, dodging the Tox Box by waiting for the
opening to fall onto you. The space next the the green tile with a 1-Up 
that is up ahead is also safe. Get past yet another Tox Box near the ?

After that simple one, run past the Thwomp and break the crystal with two
Spin attacks to reveal the Star.

Fast-Foe Comet Star 4-Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone
You will begin on the Cyclone Stone. The Tox Boxes and Thwomps are quite
fast, so you will need to react faster to their movement. Technically, the
level is easier now since you don't need to wait as long for the Tox Boxes
to get out of your way. Start off by getting under the Thwomp quickly, grab
the 1-Up to the left, and head straight some more. When the Tox Box ahead
isn't blocking the way, you can always skip the corner by Long Jumping. 

Jump across the water hazard using the brown triangles and moving
platforms. Be especially careful not to be killed by a quick Tox Box on the
other side. There will be three more Tox Boxes up ahead. Their paths are
pretty simply laid out, so you shouldn't have much trouble getting through
them. Once you have done so, get past the last Thwomp and Spin attack the
crystal twice so you can earn the Star.

Purple Comet Star 5-Beachcombing for Purple Coins
Well. It seems someone decided to put most of the Purple Coins in one
group, and the rest in another. Whatever makes it easier. Turn around when
you start and get the Koopa Shell. There are five Purple Coins in the 
water. Dive down and get the first near where you dive down. Another is
at the far left corner of the ocean. The third is on a rock near the brown
underwater tree. The fourth is near where the clam normally is in this
level (in the purple reef). The fifth is at the side of the underwater
tree (5/100).

Once done with that, go back to the surface to where I said to get the 
Koopa Shell to begin with. Walk to the top of the palm tree on this island,
getting the two Purple Coins on the stem and two on the leaves. There is
a series of wooden boxes leading to an island. Get onto them from the palm
tree, getting all 9 Purple Coins, including the one on the island. Keep
heading straight and to the small chain of islands, following them around
the the Penguin Coach. Get the Purple Coins on the way there, the one on
the dock the Coach usually stands on, and on the island the Coach is
currently standing on (25/100).

Head straight, near the starting island to get four more Purple Coins. From
there, Long Jump onto the vine hanging from the tree. It's quite fun to 
ride. So fun, infact, you can collect a ton of Purple Coins hanging around
it. Once you have them all, head back to the Penguin Coach and bounce on
his head for a Purple Coin. Head back to the island you Long Jumped to the
vine from and swim to the sandy beach and get to the stone area around the
waterfall. There are three Purple Coins to the left, and three to the 
right. There's one on the wooden box in the water, and two in the water.
There's two more just to the right of the Purple Coins earlier, on the
stone stairs (65/100).

You should be near a palm tree. On the ledge below the base is another
Purple Coin. Long Jump from the base of the tree to the trapeeze hanging
from a higher tree. Use the swing to reach several more Purple Coins, then
try to land on the spire sticking out of the water with another Purple
Coin on top. Head back to the waterfall, to the left side of it. Grab the
Spring Mushroom here. Go behind the waterfall and bounce into a Purple Coin

Go back left of the waterfall and spring onto the palm trees nearby. There
is 1 Purple Coin in two of the trees, and two in another. Get back down. 
Near the stone steps left of the waterfall, towards the brown fencing on
the edge of the level is a Purple Coin easily missed. There's another palm
tree near these steps with two more Purple Coins. Now, get the Spring
Mushroom and bounce onto the area high above where the Mushroom is. Get
onto the ledge. Get the two Purple Coins near the water's edge, then two
more just ahead and by the fence. Continue left and get the four Purple
Coins near the flowers. Jump onto the shell-like thing and spring into 
three more Purple Coins (91/100).

Head left some more. Get 2 more Purple Coins near the edge of the level,
then spring up to the next ledge. Get the 2 Purple Coins here, then spring
to the highest ledge and get the two Purple Coins here. The last three
Purple Coins are on top of the palm tree at the top of Beach Bowl 

The Star will appear near the Penguin Coach. Jump down there and go claim
your prize.

Secret Star 6-Wall Jumping Up Waterfalls
Choose the third Star, The Secret Undersea Cavern. Dive underwater from the
start and grab one of the Koopa Shells. Now, head back to the surface. At
the right-most point of the area is a treasure chest. It is on solid ground
(not underwater) and is far right of the waterfall, just to give a remote
description of where it is. When you locate it, break it open with the 
Koopa Shell to reveal a Launch Star. Use it.

You will land in a large area with several waterfalls, and a ? Coin high in
the air. What you need to do is walk across the bridges and get the 
Cataquack's attention. When you do, it will start to follow you. Get him
to follow you over the bridges, then stand under the shadow of the ? Coin.
When the Cataquack hits you, it will fling you into the air and into the
? Coin. This will make an Ice Flower appear.

Grab it to become Ice Mario. Head over to the waterfalls, and, just do what
the Star says. Wall Jump up them. If you do the waterfalls to the left of
the Ice Flower, then you will only earn some Star Bits. Wall Jump up the
waterfalls on the right. There are three waterfalls here. Jump up the two
on the left to reach a platform with a Sling Star. Hop on to be taken to a
higher platform with a Purple Piranha Plant. Run around it until it falls
to the ground, then stomp on its head to reveal another Ice Flower. Grab it
and Wall Jump up the next waterfall.

Use the Sling Star near the Piranha Plant to land on a platform with a 
Goomba and one waterfall. Wall Jump off the waterfall and into the Sling
Star. At the very top area, things get tricky. The Star is in plain sight,
high above the ground. There's also a Cataquack. Clearly you need to guide
the Cataquack over there. This is a little hard, though. Grab the Ice 
Flower and create a bridge of ice on the water over to the island with the
Star, slowly guiding the Cataquack along the way. It drowns if it hits the
water. The Cataquack reappears on the platform, though, so you have as much
time as you need. Once you successfully make it to the platform, have the
Cataquack fling you into the Star. Be careful as the moving icebergs 
destroy any ice you created on the water.

                        ~4D-2.Ghostly Galaxy~
Stars Required-20
Overall Difficulty-***/*****
Yay! Giant mansions filled with ghosts! What's this? Luigi's trapped? What
is with him and giant mansions anyways? You may have some trouble here. 
Some of these Stars can be pretty brutal.

Star 1-Luigi and the Haunted Mansion
You will start on a green Starshroom ship. At the bottom of it is a Launch
Star. At the mainland of the galaxy, Spin attack the stone pillar to the
right of where you land to make a Rainbow Star appear. Grab it and smash
away the Pumpkin-wearing Goombas. Then start to head down the path ahead.
Chain Chomps roll down it, but if possible, you can still just smash 
through them. Enter the mansion up ahead.

You'll be trapped her now that the doors close. A Boo is in here. Ghosts
hate light (or so a nearby Toad in a crate says). Spin the blue level near
the doors to turn on a beam of light. Guide the Boo into it by facing away
from him and he will be killed. Go near the Boo painting up the stairs to
make an actual Boo appear out of it. Guide this Boo into the beam of light
to make a key appear. Grab the key to open the door leading to the next
room of the mansion.

In the next room, five Star Chips will be moving along the walls. They move
around the edges in random directions, so there is no definite location for
any of them. Run around the walls of the room, or just wait for them to
come to you, to collect all five of them. Note that you can fall out of the
windows. You will die if that happens, so avoid doing it. Once you have
collected all five, a Launch Star appears in one of the windows. 

You will land at the outside top are of the mansion. Luigi can be seen
through one of the upper windowns. Head to the right, and jump into the
key. Use one of the Pull Stars to prevent yourself from impaling Mario on
the spikes. Continue to the right and through the now opened doors. At the
end of the room there will be a ? Coin. Grab it to make a Boo Mushroom
appear, then grab that too.

Boo Mario is a bit interesting. Shake the Wii Remote to vanish for several
seconds. Keep pressing A to float up. Grab the ? Coin on the ceiling to 
make a 1-Up pop out of the painting. You will revert back to regular Mario
if you take any form of damage or if you touch light. Phase through the
grated wall to reach another hallway. Phase through the first grating you
come to, the room with the trampoline, and hit the light to turn back to 
regular Luigi. Use the trampoline to reach the other side. Talk to Luigi
to earn the Star. 

~After this Star, Luigi will send you letters from other galaxies. Head to
the location shown in his pictures to obtain a Star. You can get three
Stars from these short missions.~

Star 2-A Very Spooky Sprint
Use the Launch Star at the bottom of the Starshroom ship. When you reach
land, get the Rainbow Star again by smashing the nearby pillar with a Spin
attack if you want. Head towards the bridge. Or, at least, what was the
bridge. It's now just several Pull Stars. Use them to reach the other side,
and a Launch Star.

On the planet you land on, walk up to the Big Boo. Challenge him to a race.
You need to reach the goal at the end of a long Pull Star path before he
does. The first straightaway is pretty simple and you can get an early
lead. Then you get into a huge field of meat. Yeah. You'll bounce off of
the stuff if you hit it, but that wastes time. Be careful. Navigate the 
right, outer end of the meat field. You'll head through another 
straightaway after that. After a right turn you will be with some more 

In the next area, some of the Pull Stars move around. Don't let that 
distract you from rounding the next bend of the track. This is the last
area. You will have to navigate a short minefield. Avoid hitting anything
here. If you do, you will fall. Quickly use another Pull Star to save 
yourself before you get sucked into a black hole. At the last planet,
cross the finish line before the Big Boo does. The Star is all yours.

Star 3-Beware of Bouldergeist
You will start on the Starshroom as usual. Use the Launch Star at the
bottom to reach the mainland. The land looks quite different now. Kill the
bats if you need do, then kill the hanging spiders that are blocking the
way to the bridge. Avoid the Chain Chomp that rolls across the bridge, then
run across it quickly before the bats can follow you. Enter the mansion.

The first room looks quite different. There is a painting of a black Boo on
the wall ahead. When you get near it, it will come out and attack. These
are actually Bomb Boos. You can Spin near them to grab on to them and use
them to bomb objects. Pretty nifty. Use a Bomb Boo to destroy the Bowser
statue in the fireplace. Once destroyed, a Launch Star will be revealed.

In the next area, kill any of the spiders that get in your way. Jump on the
moving platform, then jump into the Sling Pod. Sling yourself onto the 
next platform. Kill the Goomba, the jump into the next Sling Pod. Fling
yourself into the Sling Star now, which propels you into a Launch Star.
use it. At the next area, use the Bomb Boos to destroy the Bowser statues.
One of them has a 1-Up. Use the Sling Pods on the wall, and the Sling Star
as well, to obtain the five Blue Star Chips. This will make some Pull Stars
appear just off of the top right Sling Pod. Use them to reach another
Launch Star.

On the next planet, if you can call it that, you will be bouncing on its
rubbery core. Bounce around until you locate the Launch Star. Ground Pound
to boost high into it, then fly to the boss area. You can buy a Life 
Mushroom from the Luma Shop if you want. I advise that you do.

When you step down into the arena, Bouldergeist will appear. To defeat this
interesting boss, wait until it shoots rocks at you. Keep running either
left or right to dodge them. The grey rocks have no special effects, the 
gold ones leave behind a Coin, and the black ones turn into Bomb Boos. You
need to fling Bomb Boos into Bouldergeist. After three hits, Bouldergeist
will turn into its essence form and starts floating around the room, 
spawning Bomb Boos every few seconds. As a note, you hold on to multiple
Bomb Boos at once. Fling one more Bomb Boo into the essence.

Bouldergeist will now reform, this times with hands. It keeps the rock
throwing attack, and you need to hit the body three more times with Bomb
Boos. However, the hands can attack themselves. They can charge up and
punch you. Be sure to dodge them. Don't forget that Bouldergeist retains
the attack to summon rock pillars. They appear as shadows on the ground for
a brief second, so get out of the way when they appear. The hands will be
destroyed from just two Bomb Boos. However, they reform after about 15

After you hit Bouldergeist three more times, it will turn into the essence
form again. After hitting it with another Bomb Boo, Bouldergeist will be
defeated, earning you another Star.

Daredevil Comet Star 4-Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run
Hopefully you liked the Bouldergeist fight before. Now you need to do it
without taking any damage! The fight remains exactly the same. You should
be able to beat the first form and the essence quite quickly, mainly since
there aren't any difficult obstacles stopping you from doing so.

The second part of the fight is where the trouble begins. Between the 
shooting rocks, dodging those evil pillars, and then both hands that are
able to attack, it can be easy to take a hit during the second phase. Try
to wrap up two Bomb Boos at once. This can make the fight a whole lot 
easier. If you are still having trouble, destroy one of the hands. For the
short time it is gone, you can easily score some hits on Bouldergeist. You
may need to retry this level many times before you finish it, but it will
be satisfying when you do without taking damage.

Purple Comet Star 5-Purple Coins in the Bone Pen
Look, I'm sure this doesn't look too hard. A bunch of Pull Stars and 150
Purple Coins. Yes, 150. You only need 100 for the Star, though. Huh? A
one minute time limit!? Damnit! 

Yes, this Star is made very tough by the absurdly strict time limit that
is imposed on you. All I can say for this is to keep using Pull Stars.
Never stop and wait--keep flinging Mario into Purple Coins. I'd say that
you should start on the left side, making your way in a circle on the
outer edge of the course. You should make a complete loop in about fourty
seconds. After that, enter the center of the course and pick up any last
Purple Coins that you need. Oh, and try not to hit too many mines. They can
kill you fast if you're not careful.

Remember, the timer is still running when the Star appears! Don't dawdle
on your way to getting it! And make sure you don't run into too much of the
floating ham. That is an easy way to screw up. The Star appears in the
exact location the Life Mushroom is. Get the Life Mushroom if you keep
hitting the mines.

Secret Star 6-Matter Splater Mansion
To obtain this Secret Star, choose the second Star, A Very Spooky Sprint.
From where you start, use the Launch Star on the Starshroom ship. When you
land at the mainland, you should notice two pillars to the right of where
you land. The one closest to you has a Rainbow Star in it. The one just
past that is glowing. Break it with a Spin attack to reveal a Launch Star.
Use this to reach the Matter Splatter Mansion.

When you step onto the oddly shaped floor ahead, it will start moving.
However, only the areas lit up by the blue border can be walked on. Follow
the path until it reaches a key. Grab it to unlock the doors to the next

In the next area you will need to grab the ? Coin to start the floor 
moving. It starts by moving north. Jump over the gap and hit the ? Block.
Head right now, jumping over the cleverly placed gaps, to another ? Block.
The path now starts heading south. You will reach another ? Block along the
way. When you reach the final ? Block of this area, you will head right and
down some stairs. Jump to the ledge with the door and head through.

When you grab the key here, the screen will slowly rise because the matter
is moving upwards. You need to keep up with it. This will happen when you
touch the ? Coin on the bottom floor. Each key will unlock the doors on
the floor you find it on, revealing either Star Bits or a Coin. One reveals
a 1-Up. At the top floor, grab the key to reveal the Star.

                      ~4D-3.Bubble Breeze Galaxy~
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
The Bubble Breeze Galaxy will require a bit of patience. If you try to rush
this level, you probably will end up killing yourself. Just take it slow
and easy doing something new with the Wii Remote.

Star 1-Through the Poison Swamp
When you land here, you will find the Toad Brigade stranded because they
crash landed the Starshroom. Well, don't let that prevent you from getting
the Star. Follow the path to thr right. Yes, the purple water is indeed
poisonous. Jump into that and you will die. Just past several more Brigade
members, Phil Board will stop you and tell you how to control the bubble
up ahead. First, you jump into it. Then the cursor on the screen turns
into a bubble blower. Hold the cursor near the bubble and hold A to push
it. Keep it under control, though!

Now, jump into the bubble. Follow the path back to where the Toad Brigade
landed. You can now fly over the swamp in this area. Hitting a mine will
pop the bubble, dropping you into the water. Don't do that. Collect the 
first Star Chip here and ride the wind. You will pass through several long
windtunnels, but at the end of them is the second Star Chip. The ? Coin
makes some regular Coins appear, outlining the best path. You can hit the
walls and still be safe, so don't worry about that.

Past the first area of fans, keep going straight. Near two more mines is
the third Star Chip. Follow the path straight a little more and enter the
next, but short, windtunnel. In the middle of it is the fourth Star Chip,
so avoid missing it. If you do, hold the cursor close to the bubble in the
opposite direction to fight the wind currents. Past these fans, continue
left, then take the northern route to find the final Star Chip. The Launch
Star appears on an island nearby. Fly south and to the east. Get onto the
island and press Z to get out of the bubble. Use the Lanuch Star.

When you land, Phil Board warns you that if the bubble gets pinched between
two objects, it will pop and you, obviously, will end up getting killed by
the water. Hop in this bubble. Start off by following the trail of Coins.
The mines here pose no threat. You will soon come to a spinning wooden log.
Get inside an opening when it appears and wait for an opening on the other
side, and ignore the ? Coin. On the other side, get the ? Coin if you want
and ride the wind tunnels. You will end up at two more spinning log blocks.

Make sure you end up on the areas without mines to make your job easier.
Once you slowly get past these two wooden planks, you will land on an
island. Hit the ! Switch if you want to open up a shortcut for several
seconds. You will need to hurry into the bubble to reach it, though. You
can just head south if you want. It's much easier. You can dodge the 
circling mines for a 1-Up if you wish. Keep heading west, though. Follow
the arrows. If you hit a wooden wall, fly next to it to make it move.

Now just proceed south onto the island with the Star.

                       ~4D-4.Buoy Base Galaxy~
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
Woohoo, the music here is awesome! It's a pretty short level, but it should
prove to be an enjoyable one at best.

Star 1-The Floating Fortress
Climb to the top of the fortress? Shouldn't prove hard. However, that is
impossible as is. A part of the fortress is currently submerged underwater,
and you need to lift it. Dive underwater and search for a giant weight 
encased in glass. Once you have found it, go near a Torpedo Ted launcher
and get one of them to start following you. Like Bullet Bills, just get the
Torpedo Ted to crash into the glass covering the weight.

Now that part of the fortress has rised, you can go ahead and climb to the
top now. Jump onto the yellow platforms and run to the left. Wall Jump up
the two walls. The blue water launchers will pretty much knock you off the
fortress entirely, so avoid them. Also avoid the wall right after that 
which likes to push you. Wall Jump when he retracts into the wall, Wall 

In this next area, kill the pink enemies quickly before they shoot boulders
at you. You will need to pass under two Thwomps after that. Jump on top of
the first one, though, and grab the first Blue Star Chip when it rises up.
Continue on, and soon you will reach a robot who tells you to turn off the
water shooters. Head to the green valve on the left and Spin while on top
of it to turn off every water shooter in the level. A green Topman also
appears. Get the Topman to stand on the white circle, then jump on him. 
While stunned, a trampoline comes out of his head. Use it to reach the 
upper ledge. Spin the blue screw when you do.

That makes all the platforms move. The second Blue Star Chip shouldn't be
missed up ahead. Now you need to use the moving platforms to climb to the
top of the fortress, getting two more Star Chips along the way. A third
can be found midway up the climb, on a platform with a Goomba on it. The
fourth can be found on a platform near the top of the fortress.

Now head to the top to find several yellow Topmen and a trampoline foe.
Jump on him to soar into the final Blue Star Chip. Use it to land on the
planet above you. After that, dodge the shockwaves as you walk to the top
of the planet. Jump on the enemy there and Spin the screw on its head.
Completely ignoring how the water keeps that kind of shape, dive down to
reach the Star.

Star 2-The Secret of Buoy Base
Dive back down at the beginning. Instead of using a Torpedo Ted to destroy
the glass around the weight, you want one of the enemies to blow up the 
glass surrounding a Warp Pipe. It can be tough due to the crappy as hell
camera angles, but just keep trying. Swim into the pipe once you have
accomplished this.

You will appear on the underside of Buoy Base. Run to the end of that path,
and be sure to get one of the Bullet Bills to follow you. Get one of them
to crash into the glass casing of the Green Star. Kill the smaller enemies
if they keep getting in the Bullet Bills' way.

                  ~4D-5.Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada~
Stars Required-23
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
The Bowser Jr. fight, as well as the part where you are actually getting
to him, isn't very hard at all. The fight is really easy as well. At least
your on Airships!

Star 1-Sinking the Airships
When you land on the first Airship, kill off all of the foes and head to 
the stern of the ship. There is a cannon here, so you might as well hop in.
Aim a little to the right, towards a tall white pole. Gravity will not
affect your flight, you aim directly at the pole and fire away. If you did
it right, you will grab onto the pole. Slide down and rush across the deck
towards the stern again. The two metal enemies here shoot lasers, so jump
over them. At the back of the ship is a Magikoopa and another cannon.
Repeat the same process as last time--firing at the pole on the nearby 

Once there, slide down and talk to the Luma. You can buy either a 1-Up or
a Life Mushroom for 30 Star Bits. If you don't have enough, Spin on the
green valve for some Star Bits, kill the Wigglers, and hit the ? Block on
the bow for some more as well. I recommend the Life Mushroom, but the 
choice is yours. Head down the wooden bridge once you are done and onto the
wooden platform. Spin against the blue switch to make the platform move.

Avoid the cannons that the Airships shoot at you, and be sure to grab the
free 1-Up along the way. Avoid or Spin attack the first spider, then dodge
a large armada of cannonballs. Three spiders get in your way at the end. Do
a Spin attack right before hitting them to shove them out of your way, then
board the Airship you dock at. Use the Sling Star just ahead to get onto 
the deck, and Bowser Jr. will appear.

This time it is an actual face off. Bowser Jr. fires cannonballs slowly 
from his Airship, while several Koopa Troopa's walk along the deck of 
yours. Pick up a Koopa Shell and fling it at Bowser Jr.'s Airship. He will
fire three Bullet Bills in retaliation. Now, fling another Koopa Shell at
his Airship and he will fire three more Bullet Bills, as well as summoning
a Magikoopa. Kill the Magikoopa first off, then fire another Koopa Shell
at Bowser Jr.

After the three hits, Bowser Jr.'s Airship will now face you, shooting 
three fire rocks every few seconds. The process still remains the same. 
After the fourth hit, Bullet Bills will be constantly fired. After the 
fifth hit, the Airship will be sunk, and you can collect the Grand Star.

                         ~4E.The Bedroom~
The Bedroom is home to another collection of three main galaxies, one mini-
galaxy, and a Bowser level. The galaxies in here are, more likely then
not, going to annoy you. But you can get through it. You've done the rest
of the game well so far.

                      ~4E-1.Gusty Garden Galaxy~
Stars Required-24
Overall Difficulty-***/*****
The hardest part about Gusty Garden Galaxy, I'd say, is reaching the second
planet. If you screw up, your dead. Other than that, it is a pretty 
relaxing galaxy. Oh yeah, and thrown in some annoying Stars. Augh.

Star 1-Bunnies in the Wind
Notice the three pieces of Floaty Fluff ahead of you? Spin near them and
they will rise into the air. Jump to grab onto run and move yourself
through the wind to the next planet. You need to shake the Wii Remote to
get a little extra height in distance, but this can only be done three
times. To get the most distance, shake when the Wii Remote rumbles 
slightly. When you land on the second planet, you need to repeat the
process to reach the third planet. This can be really hard because, if the
controller never rumbles, you won't even come close to the next planet. Try
not to die here too much.

Once you manage to make it, go to the underside of the next planet. There
is a green bulb here. Spin against it to make a vine appear. Back on the
topside of the planet, kill the center Piranha Plant to make another vine
appear. Now, use this one to reach a 1-Up and the previous one to get back.
You can use the Floaty Fluff here to reach the next planet. When you land,
kill the Piranha Plant in the right-most yellow flowerbed to make a vine
appear. Repeat the same thing on the next planet with another Piranha 
Plant. On the next grassy planet, Spin the green bulb on the underside to
make another vine appear.

You will land on the underside of another planet. At the top, run around 
the Piranha Plant until it falls over. Stomp on its head to make a Launch
Star appear. You will land on a cubical garden planet. Talk to the bunny
and it will ask you to catch it. There's not much else to explain. Run for
the bunny and catch it. If you need to, shoot a Star Bit at him to stun the
bunny for several seconds. Once you catch it, the Star is yours.

Star 2-The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows
Once again, use the Floaty Fluff to reach the second planet. After that,
you really need to ride the wind to the third planet. Be sure not to fall
and get killed. On the planet you land on this time, though, there is a
golden Monty Mole moving around. To kill it, Ground Pound when you are
close to him. Spin attack him after that to kill him, making a Sling Star

The next, large planet you land on has three more Monty Moles digging 
around. They aren't hard to located because of the large mounds of dirt 
that they leave behind. Dispatch them all from Ground Pounds and Spin 
attacks to make a Launch Star appear. You will land in an area with several
apples. Ground Pound the tree stump to make a worm make a bridge to the 
next apple. On the green apple, hit the left stump to make the worm move
even more. The righr stump gives you Star Bits. On the third apple, hit the
tree stump furthest from the worm to make it move all the way to a Launch 

You will land on a tree stump on one last planet. Ground Pound this one for
a Life Mushroom. Now, use the Launch Star. You will arrive at the domain of
Major Burrows. To defeat this oversized mole, wait for Major Burrows to
come partway out of the ground. Ground Pound after that to make him pop out
entirely, walking around confused for several seconds. Spin into him before
he goes back underground. 

Major Burrows will now start chasing you. Again, wait for him to come out
of the ground before Ground Pounding. He walks fast, so you need to run to
him quickly and Spin him before going back underground. For the last hit,
Major Burrows turns red and chases you extremely quickly. He runs around a
bit faster too, making it even more difficult to nail the last hit on him.
When you Ground Pound once, Major Burrows will go right back underground. 
The second Ground Pound will actually bring him out for several seconds.
Grab the Star once he is defeated.

Star 3-Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble
The beginning is the same as usual. Use the Floaty Fluff on the first 
planet to reach the second planet. This time, the second planet you land on
has a Monty Mole and a couple of Piranha Plants. The Piranha Plant furthest
from where you land will, once defeated, create a vine that you can use to
reach the planet above you.

On this one, kill the Piranha Plant on top to make a vine appear. This vine
leads to a Launch Star, so use it. You will land on a planet with a bunch 
of spiky plants and rolling boulders. There is a Star Launcher at the end 
of it, though. Avoid the boulders and jump over the plants to reach it. 
When you land in this next area, you will need to collect five Star Chips.
Don't worry much about falling--the crazy gravity of the platforms prevent
that. The first Star Chip is under the platform you land on. Climb the pole
to the top and jump to the next platform. At the top is the second Star 
Chip. Walk under the platform and climb the pole down to the bottom and
jump towards to first platform to collect the third Star Chip.

Make your way back to the second platform. Climb the pole to the top and
jump to the last platform. The fourth Star Chip is spinning around the egde
of the platform. Now climb the pole on the underside of the platform. At
the bottom, jump to the final Star Chip. The Launch Star will appear above
the green platform.

You will land in a mess of platforms. Jump over the first few and onto the
ones moving up and down. Dodge the cannonballs and Spin against the green
arrow to change gravity. Walk up the next few platforms and hit another
green arrow to change gravity again.

Continue moving north. Just ahead, some small cubes will try to push you
off the ones you are walking on. Jump onto one and ride it into a Life
Mushroom. It might come in handy up ahead. Continue going north until you
reach another green arrow. Hit this to switch gravity yet again. Choose
to head south now. Hit the green arrow near some Goomba's when you reach 

Now you need to walk along these platforms while cannonballs shoot at you.
Only walk on the platforms the gravity allows! Otherwise you will just walk
off the stage. Walk only on the yellow ! platforms. If you hit a cannonball
at a bad angle, you are probably going to fly off the stage anyways. Be
careful. Around the corner, stay in the center to avoid the cannons. Hit
the crystal on the last platform twice to release the Star.

Daredevil Comet Star 4-Major Burrows's Daredevil Run
This Star can be very hard. You need to defeat Major Burrows without 
taking any damage. The hard part about the fight is that Major Burrows has
very random movement. Sometimes the camera angle makes it impossible to
see if he's sneaking up on you or not, and then when you find out, it's 
too late. 

Just play it safe the entire fight. The first two hits aren't very hard at
all, but that last hit is likely to get you killed more often than not. 
Take your time with your Ground Pounds and keep your distance from Major
Burrow. Remember, he digs right back underground after the first Ground
Pound. You WILL get killed if your standing too close to him after the 
first Ground Pound. Other than that, nothing is really different about 
this Star. Again, just play it safe. There's no time limit or anything.

Purple Comet Star 5-Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube
You will land on the cubical garden. There are 150 Purple Coins strewn
over it, and you only have two minutes and thirty seconds to obtain them.
The Star will appear right at the location you start. Be aware of that.
What you should do is get all the Purple Coins near the beginning. After
that, move to a side of the cube. Get as many simple Purple Coins as you
can. Some Purple Coins, like those on the catwalks, aren't worth it as
they take too long to obtain.

Don't stay too long on one side of the cube, and always keep your
bearings. Remember the side you started on. The Star appears there, and
if you can't even find it when you get 100 Purple Coins, you are kinda
screwed. You also need to be quick. 2:30 may seem like a lot of time, but
it really isn't. Go as fast as you can.

Secret Star 6-The Golden Chomp
Choose the third Star, Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble. Grab the Floaty
Fluff at the start, but this time you need to make sure you hit the ? Coin
on the way to the next planet. Each ? Coin you hit makes another one 
appear. There are three ? Coins on the way to the first planet. You may 
ned to jump off the fluff to hit the last one. On the next planet, kill
the last Piranha Plant to make a vine form. This leads to the next planet,
and you're forced to get the ? Coin on the way there. The last ? Coin is
in plain sight when you land.

If you got them all, a Rainbow Star will appear right before the Launch
Star. Kill the Piranha Plant to make a vine appear leading to the Launch
Star. Get the Rainbow Star on the way. When you land on the next planet, 
run for the opposite end. You should see a rolling golden Chain Chomp here.
Smash it with your Star power and it will reveal a Star. Go grab it.

                      ~4E-2.Freezeflame Galaxy~
Stars Required-26
Overall Difficulty-***/*****
This is a real hit-or-miss galaxy. Some people, like myself, love it. 
Others despise it and every Star there is in it. You also get a first look
at two cool power-ups. Can't argue against that!

Star 1-The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr
When you land, you will be on a giant ice ring. You should know now that
you can ice skate by shaking the Wii Remote when running on ice. It's 
quite useful. In fact, you have to do it to get off this ring. Talk to the
Penguin and he will ask you to catch him. Start skating. You can skate much
faster than the Penguin can slide, so catching him won't be too much of a
challenge. When you catch him, the Launch Star appears.

You will land at the base of the frozen mountain. Your objective is to 
reach the top. Start off by jumping over the platforms to the right after
going down the slide. As you could guess if you played Super Mario 64, the
water here is very cold. You will take damage quickly if you stay in it for
too long. Avoid at all costs. One the third platform, hit the ? Coin to 
make an Ice Flower appear nearby. As Ice Mario, you have the ability to
freeze water spouts like the one your standing on. You can walk across
water since you just freeze it as you move. Nifty. 

See the ledge ahead of where the Ice Flower is? Not the one by more water
spouts and a ? Coin or the one with a Sling Star, it's just a plain 
platform attached to the wall with a blue rock enemy enemy on. Run over to
it. Jump onto and over the two water spouts here. Ice Mario wears off after
about 15 seconds, so you must hurry. When you see an ice platform to the
north and water jets to the east, take the ice path. Kill the Goombas on
the path with ease.

Now, there are several sections of wall that keep moving in and out. Pass
by them when they retract in. Make a backflip onto the last one so that
you can reach the higher ledge. Break the crystal with a Coin inside to
reveal a path leading to an icy seesaw. Run to the other end and jump over
the brown crates to reach an Ice Flower. Don't get it just yet. See the
retracting walls in the distance? Grab the Ice Flower when the wall is on
the right. By the time you get over there with the Ice Flower, the wall
will be on the left. Then just wait for it to move to the right, making a
bridge for you. Use the Sling Star at the end to be propelled onto a water
jet. Jump to the next one, then finally jump to the frozen peak.

Baron Brrr is up here. He will start spitting icy rocks at you. Run down 
the platforms to the left and into a small alcove in the wall. Break the
crystals to find an Ice Flower. Grab it and run to the area infront of 
where Baron Brrr is. Wall Jump up the two platforms to reach where he is.
Wait until he falls on the ground. Jump over the shockwave and Spin attack
him. He will turn tiny for a few seconds. Spin attack him again to damage
him. Repeat the process a second time. You don't need the Ice Flower to
hit him.

After two hits, two blue rocks will join the battle. Spin near them to 
take away the blue flame, then walk into the rock laying on the ground to
kill them. After both are dead, focus on hitting Baron Brrr one last time.
After another hit, Baron Brrr will release the Star.

Star 2-Freezeflame's Blistering Core
When you land on the ice ring at the beginning, you will need to find five
Star Chips. The first two are in crystals right next to where you start.
The third Star Chip is directly across from the first and second Star
Chips. The last two Star Chips are on the bottom side of the ring, somewhat
close to Star Chip three. Once you have collected all of them, use the Pull
Stars to reach the Launch Star that is formed. 

You will land inside the fiery planet itself. Jump across the gap ahead of
you and you will be at an area with several spiky balls. They slowly follow
you, so stay away from them. Head up the stairs to the left. Smash the 
crates as you follow the path to the right. Hidden in an alcove near the
torch on the left is a Life Mushroom that you should grab.

Near the Life Mushroom is a pole. Climb it to the top and jump off. Make
your way past the next few platforms, some of which that sink, until you
reach another area with spiky balls. Follow the path to the left and grab
the ? Coin. This will make a Fire Flower appear near some torches that are
pretty close to you. Grab it to become Fire Mario. The power-up wears off
after about 15 seconds, but until then, shake the Wii Remote to shoot 
fireballs. You can kill those annoying spiky balls with fireballs. Run back
to where the metal gate is (near where you got the ? Coin) and hit the 
torch with a fireball. 

Now, wait for the Fire Flower to wear off, then go get another. Run through
where the gate was and go left. Shoot fireballs at the two torches. When
both are lit, a stone staircase will appear. Jump to the end of it, then 
jump onto the ceiling of the planet. The grey platform you see ahead will
start sinking quickly when you step on it. Continue a little further to
where spiky balls are being spawned continuously. Grab a Fire Flower to the
left and go behind where the spiky balls are being spawned. Light the torch
here. Run back to the left and light a torch in a similar position.

This will make a large wall appear behind you. Wall Jump to the top and you
will be back on the ground floor after a gravity shift. The following grey
platforms shift in your general direction. Jump onto them and make them 
form bridges to the following platforms. Jump quickly before they are
submerged in lava. Get onto one of the moving platforms and ride it to the
end of its path. Then, hop off. Avoid the fiery rocks and follow the path
right to a Fire Flower. Head back left and shoot fireballs at the two
torches across the lava pit.

You will need to stand on the moving platforms to do this. When both are
lit, the cage ahead opens and a dock appears, that way you can reach the

Star 3-Hot and Cold Collide
Once again, you start on an ice ring. This time, there's giant fireballs 
and lava on it. Crazy. Start ice skating. There is only one path to take so
it isn't difficult to follow. At the end, destroy the crystal to reveal a
path to the underside. Repeat the same tactics here until you reach the
end. Spin attack the crystal to reveal a Launch Star.

This launches you into a planet full of spiky balls and rising and lowering
cold water. You start near two torches. There must be a Fire Flower 
somewhere, then. Head across to the other side of the room, near the door
with arrows pointing down. There is a green valve in the water near the 
door. When it lowers, jump on the valve and Spin, lowering the door. Now
walk into the next room. This one has rising and lowering lava. Follow the
path to the left, standing at the high ground when the lava shift upwards.
When you reach an area with spiky balls, look for a green valve on the
floor near the gate. When the lava lowers, Spin it.

Now you can grab the Fire Flower. Once you do, run all the way back to the
room you originally landed in. You should be able to light the two torches
in here just before the Fire Flower wears off. When both are lit, a Launch
Star appears.

This leads you to a large course of square blocks, some made of ice and
others of fire. Grab an Ice Flower. Yes, Ice Mario is able to walk over
lava. There isn't much to say about this course. You will get several more
Ice Flowers along the way to keep you capable of walking over lava. Make
sure to jump to the platforms above/below you when you reach the end of one
part of the course. Don't do any fancy skating tricks either. The last
platform of the course has the Star.

Cosmic Comet Star 4-Frosty Cosmic Mario Race
There will be a long series of platforms, all covered in ice. The last one
has the Star. This race against the Cosmic Mario isn't very hard, but it
can be quite fun. Midway through the race there will be platforms above
you. Jump onto them until platforms appear below you again. You should be
skating through the entire race. 

Be sure not to go for any of the tempting 1-Ups or Star Bits. Just focus
on beating Cosmic Mario. Try not to bump into him either. You will just
lose some speed, which in the end could result in you losing the Star. Just
try again if you make a silly error and end up failing the Star. Don't try
any "left" path at the beginning. You can only go right. This kind of gives
Cosmic Mario a head start, but there are plenty of areas where you can cut
corners and he doesn't. Use those to win.

Purple Comet Star 5-Purple Coins on the Summit
Purple Coins are flung everywhere on this level. Head down the slide at
the beginning. At the end, turn around to find two Purple Coins stuck in
the corner of the railing. Head forward now, then collect another two. 
Head right now, collecting the six Purple Coins on the way to the ? Coin.
Grab it to make the Ice Flower appear. Head over and grab the Ice Flower,
getting all the Purple Coins on the way as well as the one above the water
spout you need to stand on while Ice Mario (20/100).

Turn around and head back to the platform which had the ? Coin. Head left,
to a platform with a Sling Star. Get the Purple Coin before using it. You
will be shot onto a higher ledge with two Purple Coins and a slide. Grab 
the two Purple Coins on the slide as well, then drop back to the Ice Flower
at the end. Grab it again and head towards another water spout nearby with
a ? Coin above it. Two of the pillars here have a Purple Coin on them. For
the left one, use a Backflip and Spin to reach the high coin. Head back and
get another Ice Flower (Long Jump back if you're stranded on the pillar,
and get out of the water fast!) (27/100).

Now head back to the water spout that had a ? Coin, but now head a little
more to the right. Wall Jump up the two walls ahead to find another place
you can Wall Jump, this time with a ? Coin. Touch it to make a Sling Star
appear. You will get blasted to a high ledge. We skipped some Purple Coins
for this, so fall back down. Make your way back to the Ice Flower. Head
left, to the only other platform with a Purple Coin. Climb the ledges, grab
another coin, then jump across the water spouts. Instead of taking the two
water spouts to the right, save those for later. Head north. Grab the four
Purple Coins before the walls that push you. Then, hop onto each wall
pusher and grab a Purple Coin above each of them (36/100).

When you land on the ground to the left, Wall Jump off the wall with a 
ledge to a Sling Star for a Purple Coin. Head left for two more, then break
the crystal to head south. The tilting ice platform also has five Purple
Coins on it. Jump onto snowy ground to the south. Near the Toads are three
more Purple Coins. Stay on the snowy ground and move left, collecting 
another four Purple Coins by the edge. Jump onto the northern brown box to
get a Purple Coin, then stand near the Ice Flower (52/100).

When the wall pushers ahead move right, grab the Ice Flower. Jump over to
them, getting the two Purple Coins on the ledge to it. Jump on the wall
pusher when it moves left, then hop onto the center island. When it moves
right, get onto it again and jump through three more Purple Coins to a
Sling Star. Hop in to two water spouts, getting the five Purple Coins 
including the ones on the spouts. Jump onto the area you fought Baron Brrr
a while ago. There's four Purple Coins right where you land. Head left and
into the alcove in the wall, getting the four Purple Coins along the way.
Grab the Ice Flower and head to the two walls where you can Wall Jump up
to where Baron Brrr stood. Get two Purple Coins while Wall Jumping, and 
the three Purple Coins on top. Head back to where you landed on this
area of the mountain, then take the right path. Get the three Purple Coins
and the two in the alcove (80/100).

Now head back to where you landed. Fall off the cliff to land near the
Slig Star. Head back to the Ice Flower on the far left. Grab it, then head
all the way back right and past the wall pushers. Head back to the water
spouts I said to ignore earlier. Now, climb them. You need a Triple Jump to
reach the high cliff edge. You will get a Purple Coin during the jump. On
the ledge, get a Purple Coin before using the Sling Star. Get a Fire Flower
and stand where the next Purple Coin is. Destroy the snowman across the 
gap, then get another Fire Flower if needed. Across the gap, get another
Purple Coin and jump over the wall pushers to a higher ledge with another
snowman and Purple Coin. Destroy the snowman, pick up the coin, and use the
Sling Star that appears (85/100).

Get the Purple Coin where you land, then get a Fire Flower. Destroy the 
next snowman. Run past several wall pushers and around the corner. Get the
Purple Coin, then climb the ledges. Get another Purple Coin and a Fire 
Flower. Get two Purple Coins along the path to the next snowman. Once you
reach it, destroy it with fireballs and use the Sling Star (90/100).
Grab the four Purple Coins that lead to the brick block. Infront of the
wall pushers is another coin. Wall Jump to the summit and get the three
Purple Coins at the very top. WHAT? 98? Aww hell, where are the last two?
Never fear--the Toad Brigade leader tells you to Long Jump off the cliff
dead ahead. If you look down, far ahead halfway down the mountain are two
tiny pillars, each with a Purple Coin. Make a Long Jump towards them. 
Control yourself in midair and land on a pillar. Get both Purple Coins to
make the Star appear where you started this evil challenge. Use the Sling
Star to land right infront of the Star.

Secret Star 6-Conquering the Summit
This is a fun Star. Where Baron Brrr was? That wasn't the summit of the
mountain. Hell, that wasn't even CLOSE to the summit! Choose the first 
Star, The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr. When you land, do the ice skating game
with the Penguin and catch him. Use the Launch Star that appears after
that. When you land on the frozen mountain, head down the slide and over 
the platforms to the right. Grab the ? Coin to make the Ice Flower appear
on a platform to the left.

Once you grab it, run left of the water spout you are standing on and to 
the platform with an icy blue rock on it. Jump up the two platforms and
run across the two water jets. Normally, you would go north here and onto
an icy path to meet Baron Brrr. Well, continue right. Make a Triple Jump
off the two water spouts. This will barely get you enough height to reach
the high up ledge.

When you make it, use the Sling Star. Bash the crystals to the left to 
reach a Fire Flower. Head back right and throw two fireball at the snowman
across the gap to destroy it. Wait for the Fire Flower to wear off, then
go get another one. Go across the gap now and jump up the ledges that the
wall pushers are constantly shoving. At the top, destroy another snowman to
reveal another Sling Star.

This one will lead you even higher up the mountain. Grab a Fire Flower and
destroy the snowman across the gap. Be sure not to get hit by any of the
boulders. Keep heading left, sticking close to the cliff edges. Get past
another wall pusher and you will be on a higher area near a Fire Flower and
some bats. Kill the bats with the Fire Flower, then wait for it to wear
off. Grab another, then follow the path across another gap. Wait for the
boulder to pass you before moving on. At the top ledge is a snowman. 
Destroy it to reveal a Sling Star.

Make your way along the long edge, avoiding the bat. Jump onto the brown
block and to a ledge with three wall pushers. When they retract, Wall Jump
up the walls they guard. You are now at the summit of the mountain. Grab
the Star.

                       ~4E-3.Dusty Dune Galaxy~
Stars Required-26
Overall Difficulty-***/*****
Like Gusty Garden Galaxy, Dusty Dune Galaxy can be really annoying at 
times. Some of these Stars will irritate you to no end. Be very careful
with your jumps. One wrong move and you are dead.

Star 1-Soaring on the Desert Winds
Much like the signs clearly point out, falling into the quicksand will kill
you. And there's a hell of a lot of it in Dusty Dune Galaxy. Watch your
step. On the platform ahead of you are two tornadoes. Jumping into one and
then shaking the Wii Remote will send you high into the air and you will
slowly spin down. Use this technique to reach the next platform. There are
even more tornadoes here, and some in the quicksand. Fly from one tornado
to the next until you land at the small island with the Warp Pipe.

In this underground area, Ground Pound the right row of bricks. You will
fall into a river of sand. The lighter coloring of sand doesn't kill you,
so use it to reach the next area where Thwomps are slamming on the ground.
To enter the sand river, you'll need to crouch by holding Z. Jump onto the
Thwomp and to the Thwomps on the right. There are three Thwomps here. Run
under them all to reach a Life Mushroom at the end. Then fall down the gap.
If you went left, you'll need to wade through several rivers of sand and
Thwomps before being able to jump to where the previous path lands (near a
? Block).

Continue to the right. Go under the Thwomp. Walk over the two switches 
under him to make several Star Bits appear breifly. Walk around the round
platforms (they have their own gravity) and make your way onto the brown
brick blocks to the right. If you fall off, climbing the sand river will be
quite tough. Try to stay on the blocks. The last block has a ? Coin that
makes a Fire Flower appear, making the ride down the next sand river easy.
Kill the Piranha Plants. Quickly head down the next path and jump onto the
Sling Star platform at the end. A giant boulder will crush you if you 
aren't quick enough.

When you hop out of the pipe, use the Launch Star. There are several 
chickens that fly around the area where you land. Hit tham with a Star Bit
and jump on them to kill them. Hop in the tornado now and land on one of
the brick blocks higher up. Climb the stairs to the sand river. Avoid the
bombs the chicken, uh, craps, and hop into the tornado and send yourself up
to some blocks on the side of the next sandfall. Make your way to some 
ledges on the right when you land. Use one of the tornadoes to hit the ?
Coin, making two Sling Stars appear. Use one of them to get shot up to a 
tornado higher up. 

Fly yourself into the entrance of the glass encased area. Wall Kick your 
way to a higher ledge, then perform more Wall Kicks. There will be a gap
to the right. Fall down the wall on the left, and when you see another
ledge further on the right, Wall Jump onto it. Perform several more Wall
Jumps to reach a higher ledge. Two moving blocks are above you. Wall Jump
onto them, then jump to the top ledge. Walk across the four brown blocks
before they disappear and jump up the stairs. The Star is just ahead, 
encased in crystal. Use the platforms that briefly appear in the sand to
reach the Star.

~A Hungry Luma appears for clearing this Star~

Star 2-Blasting through the Sand
Once you land, jump to the second, larger platform. Note that the tornadoes
are gone. When you grab the Coin, five small Pokey heads will start jumping
towards you. When all five are close to Mario, pull a Spin attack to kill
them all. When you do, a giant red Pokey will appear. Knock off its body
segments until you can attack the head. One Spin to the head will kill it,
revealing a Launch Star.

The third platform from you is a ring with boulders rolling on it. Jump to
the ring, then jump onto the center platform and use the Sling Star. You 
will circle around the platform and land in another Sling Star. Use this
one as well. You will land on a small river of sand with some Dry Bones.
Run through the river to solid ground at the other end and use the Sling

Now you will be on a really long river of sand. Grab the first Blue Star
Chip at the start, then grab the Koopa Shell. Follow the sand river. Just
past the first turn you can find the second Blue Star Chip. Slow yourself
down so you can grab it. Not long after that is a small platform in the
sand with the third Blue Star Chip trapped in crystal. Continue down the 
path to the next platform. Grab another Koopa Shell and follow the river
some more. Be sure to slow down because there is a small platform with a
treasure chest just past the fouth Blue Star Chip, which is in the middle
of the transit. The chest contains the last Blue Star Chip. The Pull Stars
appear right above the chest. At the last one, shake the Wii Remote to land
on the next planet.

Here you can go left or right. If you go right, you will need to run on 
some platforms that are quickly being submerged in sand. At the end, use
the Launch Star to reach another planet. If you go right, you will have to
contend with the bright lasers of some flying machines above you. The Warp
Pipe at the end and enter the green Warp Pipe on the ceiling of the room.
You can get three 1-Ups from getting all the music notes the ? Coin makes.

Either way, you land on a piece of land with a large hole in the middle. 
Walk through the hole. The tornadoes here, although they look silly, 
function the same. You don't need to use them, though. Run past them all to
the hole at the end.

Back on the other side, bypass all the tornadoes and climb the stone 
structure. At the top is a switch. Ground Pound it to make stone steps 
appear on the opposite side, leading to the Star. Now quickly run back the
way you came and through the hole. The steps won't last for long. You 
should use a tornado as a shortcut to reach the steps. When you reach them,
climb them quickly to the Star.

Star 3-Sunbaked Sand Castle
At the starting platform, Ground Ponud the orange switch. This will cause
the platform to rise high into the sky. You need to make sure that you 
aren't squashed by the many blocks you pass along the way. You can earn a
Life Mushroom and a 1-Up on the way to the top, but they can both be very
risky to obtain. Use the Launch Star at the very top.

When you land, you should notice several Dry Bones and a Koopa Troopa. 
There is also the first of five Star Chips near him. Now, slam on the blue
switch. This will cause the sand to fall, eventually revealing a large
structure. Try to get most of the Star Chips on the way down. A second can
be found right ahead of the blue switch near the start of the descent, 
another behind a group of four Dry Bones when the sand hits the bottom, the
fourth being inside a chest midway down the castle, and the last one is on
a tiny ledge just off the top of the tower. Wall Jump back to the top to
locate it. When you have all five Star Chips, the Launch Star will appear
at the top of the castle. Get back up there and use it.

You will land on a tiny planet that is slowly filling with sand. Kick a
coconut into the spiky plant to reveal the Launch Star. Wait for the sand
to reach a high point, then you can jump into the Launch Star. The next
planet you land on has a large Pokey residing in the sand. You can't kill
it yet. Go to the bottom of the planet and use the Sling Star. On the next
planet, kick a coconut onto the planet you were just on, then use the Sling
Star again to return. Get the coconut into a favorable position near the
Pokey, then Spin it into him. When the head falls on the ground, stomp on 

Use the revealed Launch Star to land at the large glass castle with the
Star. Fall off of it to land at the bottom. Or top, the camera view will be
upside down. Find a crate and break it to reveal a Warp Pipe. You will
appear inside the glass castle. Break the large crate and go around the
corner. Uh-oh! The castle starts to sink into the quicksand. Well, that's
good since now you can make the remaining jumps. But, if you mess up, the
sand will pancake you against a wall. Ouch. You need to hurry through the
castle. You always need to be running to the left. You will face a lot of
crates during the journey. If you can't make a jump, wait for the sand to
push you a bit so you can make it. At the end you will get the Star.

Speedy Comet Star 4-Sandblast Speed Run
You only have four and a half minutes to obtain this Star. Plenty of time
if you know what to do. I'll cover this quickly. Jump to the large platform
ahead and get the Coin. Five small Pokey heads will bounce towards you.
When all five are close, one Spin attack can kill them all. Then you need
to kill the red Pokey. Spinning its head will kill it. Destroy the body
segments if you can't jump that high. Use the Launch Star when it appears.

From where you land, jump to the ring with boulders. Then jump to the tiny
platform with the Sling Star. When you fly around the platform you will
land in another Sling Star, so use that too. You will then land at the
beginning of a tiny sand river. Walk through it and use the Sling Star at
the end to land at a large sand river where you must get five Blue Star
Chips. The first is on the platform you land on. The second is in the
middle of the transit to the next platform. The third is inside a crystal,
the fourth below the platform with a chest, and the fifth in the chest (use
a Koopa Shell to get it).

Use the Pull Stars to reach another planet. Take the right path as the left
path is far too long. Cross the several platforms moving in the direction
of the sand and use the Launch Star at the end to land on a platform far
away. Walk through the hole to the other side. Walk across the platforms 
until you reach a dead end. Jump on a red moving block when it comes to 
you, then continue to another hole in the ground.

Walk through it. Make your way to the right and across all of the 
platforms. Take your time--faling into quicksand now isn't advised. When
you reach the hole at the other end, go through it. Walk across the Star
Bit-strewn passageway and climb the sand stairs to a blue switch. Ground
Pound it. Now you need to head back the way you came. Go back through the
hole and across all of the platforms you had to quickly traverse. Instead
of going through the next hole, go right. The sand stairs are now formed
here. Reach the Star at the top of them.

Purple Comet Star 5-Purple Coins in the Desert
I'm sure you remember how easy it is to die in this level. Well, apply that
to earning 100 Purple Coins. Worst of all, you will need to risk suicide
many times to get every coin. Grab the five Purple Coins on the platform
you land on, then get the one in the hole that leads to the other side. 
Just past the tornado are three Purple Coins. Near the second tornado is
another Purple Coin. Head over to the third tornado and get the Purple Coin
on its ledge. Now, use the tornado to get three Purple Coins in the air 
aboe the quicksand back in the direction you came from. Head back to the
tornado and jump to the next ledge, getting the two Purple Coins here 

At the left edge of the ledge you are on, Backflip and Spin onto the top 
of the Thwomp when it falls down. Get the three Purple Coins at the apex 
of its motion, then hop down to the left. Get the three Purple Coins here,
and when the Thwomp moves up, get the four coin that are under it. Head
back to the third tornado from earlier. Use it to reach another three 
Purple Coins in the air, this time in the direction you want to keep
traveling in. On the platform you land on, get the Purple Coin on the 
stair, then the other three on the platform you landed on (33/100).

Wait for the nearby red platform to come near you, then hop on and ride it
to the next platform, carefully getting the five Purple Coins along the 
way. Near the Dry Bones are three more Purple Coins. A bit more south and
you can find three Purple Coins above the quicksand. Use the tornado to 
reach them all. Jump to the platform with a hole to the other side. Grab
the three Purple Coins around the hole, and the one in the center of it
(a jump and Spin will be able to grab it). On the other side, on the blue
tiled ground now, get the Purple Coin behind the hole and in the air

Ignore the left path to some Purple Coins. Head right. Near a tornado on 
the left are four Purple Coins. Use the tornado here to reach five Purple
Coins in the air, then land in the distance where more Purple Coins are.
We'll get those a little later. Return to the tornado area and go to the
second tornado. Near him are three Purple Coins. Use the third tornado,
just left of the previous one, to reach two Purple Coins in the air. Just
below the next tornado are three Purple Coins, two above quicksand. 
However, these are low to the ground. Do a jump into them, then Spin onto
a platform. Use the tornado now to reach three Purple Coins in the air, all
leading to the next hole (69/100).

Back on the yellow tiles, get the four Purple Coins near and in the hole.
There are two tornadoes close to each other. Run down the middle line and
pick up five Purple Coins, then use the tornadoes to reach two sets of 
three Purple Coins in the air nearby. There are three Purple Coins around
the base of the tower, and one above the blue switch. Hit the switch, 
making platforms appear around the next base. Quickly run over there and
to the straightaway leading to it (89/100).

There are five leading to the tower that formed. Two are over quicksand--
Long Jump into them. Climb the tower to earn another five Purple Coins, 
then wait for the towers to fall. The final Purple Coin can be found near
the edge of the platform (100/100).

The Star appears where Purple Coin #100 was. Go jump into it.

Secret Star 6-Bullet Bill on Your Back
Choose the third Star, Sunbaked Sand Castle. Ground Pound the switch at the
start and ride the sane to the top. I advise you get the Life Mushroom on
the way there. You may want it. Once you reach the top, use the Launch 
Star. You will have to collect five Star Chips on the next planet. The 
first is near the Koopa. Hit the blue switch to lower the sand, revealing
a large castle. The second Star Chip is on a ledge just below the top of
the castle. The third is near the top, in the middle of the Wall Jump
shaft. The fourth is inside a chest midway down the spire. Use a Koopa 
Shell to open it. The last is behind a wall of four Dry Bones at the bottom
of the castle.

The Launch Star appears at the top. Use it. You will land on a tiny planet
that is slowly filling with sand. Ground Pound the stump to make a group 
of notes appear. Grab them quickly before they are submerged in the sand. 
If you can get them all, a Launch Star will appear. You will land on a
different platform.

I will just outline what you have to do now. The blue switch here, when
Ground Ponuded, will lower the sand to the bottom. There are four glass
cases, and one of them holds the Star. You need to get a Bullet Bill to
follow you while the sand is lowering, then get it to crash into the glass
casing of the Star. It's harder than it sounds since a bunch of Dry Bones
will be here to serve as extra targets. You can get a Rainbow Star here if
you want to kill them off, but you may as well just get the Star if you can
get a Bullet Bill down there.

This may take several minutes/hours.

Green Star 7-Treasure in the Pyramid
Choose the second Star, Blasting through the Sand. Jump to the next 
platform after where you start, then kill all of the Pokey heads. You need
at least 20 Star Bits, so be sure to collect near that amount at least.
Use the Launch Star once the red Pokey is killed. On the platform you land
on, walk to the underside of it. There is a Hungry Luma here. Feed her 20
Star Bits and she will transform into a pyramid.

Use the Launch Star to reach it. You will automatically enter a pipe and
appear inside the pyramid. You will need to collect five Silver Stars. 
Break the first crystal to recieve one. Now, take the path to the left.
When you step on the green area, the sand will move. Don't get sandwiched
between a wall! The second Silver Star is found shortly into this 
movement. When you get the first chance, move right. If you do so fast
enough you can break the crystal for a third Silver Star. 

You will be at the top now. Walk on the ceiling to find another tunnel
entrance. Enter the green area to start moving. The fourth Silver Star can
be found right away. When you reach the bottom, you will be in a small
alcove. Wait for the sand to go back up, and as it does, stick to the far
right. You will earn the last Silver Star. All of the sand will disappear,
and the Green Star will appear at the bottom of room. Go grab it.

                       ~4E-4.Honeyclimb Galaxy~
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
It isn't a very hard mini-galaxy. All you do is climb a big honeycomb wall.
Nothing too extreme. 

Star 1-Scaling the Sticky Wall
From where you start, grab the Bee Mushroom. Just follow the sticky wall.
The first section is quite easy. You'll need to fly off several times to
land on different honeycombs. At the end is a ? Coin that makes a moving
set of honeycombs appear. Climb onto them and ride them over to another set
of moving honeycombs. Ride this one north. Fly from honeycomb to honeycomb
again until you reach the end. Use the Star Launcher here.

On this next wall, flying meteors will try to hinder your progress. They
only appear in specific locations, so take your time. The Star Launcher,
luckily, isn't very far. You'll need to go through two sets of moving
honeycombs to reach it. I find it faster just to fly there. You also hover
over the meteors in the process. At the last area, Mandibugs will start
attacking you. You need to fly over them since Ground Pounding them will,
in the end, kill you. 

First you need to get past three Mandibugs and land on a moving honeycomb,
then transfer to another moving honeycomb. Then you must do it again, 
landing at a honeycomb with a trail of coins above it. Fly from honeycomb
to honeycomb now, avoiding the Mandibugs, until you land at the Star.

                  ~4E-5.Bowser's Dark Matter Reactor~
Stars Required-33
Overall Difficulty-***/*****
You will have to contend with dark matter as you progress your way to 
Bowser. There's a lot of tricky jumps and manuvers you will need to pull
off during the level.

Star 1-Darkness on the Horizon
Walk onto the yellow platform ahead of you. Make the transfer to the next
platform after that, leading to another platform, which in turn leads to
actual land. That purple stuff is dark matter. Touching it will kill you
instantly by...destroying your molecules or something. Sounds painful,

You will have to cross a sea of dark matter using just several platforms
that are spinning around. Jump across them to the other side, then head
right. This is the hardest part of the level. The gravity will constantly
be changing in this area due to the arrows. Stay alert. At first, fall to
the ceiling. Jump onto the L-shaped platform just after that. Stay at the
bottom-left corner of it when you enter the right-pulling gravity area.
Jump onto a red platform that comes above you. Ride it onto another L-
shaped platform. Stand at the top-left corner by the time you hit the 
downward-pulling gravity. 

Jump off of the platform at the end and onto solid ground. Pass the Goombas
and head up the pole. Those empty holes is where dark matter is eating at
the level. Touching those will also kill you. There are two large sets of
moving platforms ahead. All of them pass over one spot that is covered with
dark matter. Be sure to avoid it as you cross the platforms to the other

Now there will be two set of two platforms rotating in a circle. One of 
the spots in each set is a dark matter hole. Two Long Jumps should be able
to get you past these safely. You need to take it fast--there's not much
time to think for an action. Past these, go up the large hill and to the
right. It's another gravity-messing area. Wait for the blue platform to
come near you, then jump on it. Jump to the mostly sideways-F block. As
it heads into the gravity-downwards area, jump to the plus-shaped block.

Stand on the top-left corner of the plus-block as you enter the left-
pulling gravity. Stand in the bottom left corner before you reach the 
upwards-pulling gravity area. Stand in the bottom right corner before you
reach the left-pulling gravity area. Jump onto the tiny L-block and stand
at the top left corner before reaching the downwards gravity area. You can
now finally leave the gravity area. Take the red platform to a higher area
and free the Luma from the crystal to make some stairs appear. On the
next platform, free the Luma and obtain the Life Mushroom. Just past the
next stairway, Bowser will greet you.

You will be flung onto a planet, much like the previous Bowser fight. This
time, Bowser has a new attack. He will spin in a certain direction for 
about a second, and it is pretty easy to get hit by it. Keep your distance.
As before, stand over one of the blue glass domes when he uses his jump
attack. This will light his tail on fire. He'll start running around the
planet, so intercept him. He'll turn around, allowing you to Spin attack
his tail. The Spin attack him again when he is spinning around the planet.
Also of note, he sends out many shockwaves than before. 

He also doesn't run or spin in a direct circle around the planet anymore.
It is a bit harder to hit him now. Look through the planet to try and see
where Bowser is going. For the last hit, you need to hit Bowser's shell
twice, and it gets faster each time. Do it accurately.

Once Bowser has been defeated, again, you can go ahead and grab the Grand
Star that appears.

                         ~4F.The Engine Room~
The Engine Room can be found on the upper floor of the Comet Observatory. 
Near the Kitchen is a green floor panel that you can step on, which takes
you to the upper floor, with a path right next to the Engine Room. This one
also has only one mini-galaxy and three main galaxies, along with a Bowser
Jr. level. Not much else to talk about. These levels aren't too difficult.

                       ~4F-1.Gold Leaf Galaxy~
Stars Required-34
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
This galaxy isn't very hard. Know why? Isn't this place...familar? Well, 
it is designed as an exact mirror copy of the Honeyhive Galaxy. Just 
different Star missions. With a familar galaxy like this, you shouldn't
have much of a problem.

Star 1-Star Bunnies on the Hunt
Oh, but the galaxy has an autumn theme to it! That makes it so different
nobody will tell the similarities between this and Honeyhive! Brilliant!
The bunnies here are all searching for Blue Star Chips. Didn't know they
were that valuable. Head left from where you start, towards a bunny that
is hopping excitedly. When you get near him, he says something about "Come
here, Blue Star Chips!". Walk past him and around the ledge out back. 
Wall Jump up the wall. At the top, the first Blue Star Chip can be found in
the center of three Piranha Plants. Now jump off the cliff ledge and go to
where a bunny is standing near three stumps. Ground Pound them all to make
a Sling Star appear. Use it to reach the second Blue Star Chip.

Jump off to the right, to the ledge where the waterfall is pouring. Break
open the box with a Spin attack for a Blue Star Chip. Make your way back to
where you started the stage. Grab onto the flower and shake the Wii Remote
to be flung to a higher up ledge. Grab the Bee Mushroom here. Jump onto 
the purple flower, then keep flying to the higher ledge. Up there, locate
the edge with a trampoline. Use it to reach the fourth Blue Star Chip. Now,
go back to the waterfall. Jump to the ledge with it, then fly to the ledge
higher up on the left. 

Fly up to the ledge above where the boulders are spawned. Look right. See
the much higher ledge? You can just barely fly to the far left edge of it.
Once you make it, fly into the last Blue Star Chip above the fountain. Pull
Stars will appear back at the start. Make your way back over there
carefully, then use them to reach a Launch Star.

You will land on a planet where you need to catch a bunny. This one is 
quite hard to get. Hit the red switch with a Ground Pound to make walls
appear. Then, corner the bunny. You can also Spin the ? Blocks to slow the
bunny down a bit. Either way, just catch the irritating bunny. When you do,
the Star is yours. If not anything else, shoot a Star Bit at it. This will
make the bunny stop entirely for several seconds. 

Star 2-Cataquack to the Skies
Awww! The locals are using Cataquacks as pets! Aren't the cute? Well, you
will be needing to use them through this Star. Follow the path to the left
at the start. Just past the area where the boulders are spawned you can 
find your first Cataquack. Walk into the Cataquack, and it will toss you
into the air and into a Sling Star.

The Sling Star leads to a higher ledge. Grab the Bee Mushroom, then go into
the pen where there are two Cataquacks. Make one fling you up high, then
fly the rest of the way to a higher ledge. Use the Cataquack to fling you
into the air and then fly a bit higher onto a ledge with a red switch. 
Follow the path behind the waterfall until you fall onto another ledge. At
the furthest left corner of the ledge is a Launch Star.

Look for a symbol on the planet that looks like a Cataquack. Get the blue
foe to run to that spot, then have it fling you to the next planet. On this
cubical garden, locate the Cataquack. Wake it up and get it to follow you.
There is another Cataquack symbol on the planet. Get the Cataquack to 
follow you to the right, to an area with a little pool of water. Then get 
it to follow you on the left path. At the end of this path and to the right
you will be at the symbol. Get the Cataquack to fling you onto a set of
bars above.

There are three Cataquacks here, but you only need to worry about the last
one. Get it to follow you to the very end of the bar, then have it fling
you into a Launch Star. You will arrive on another planet with some Monty
Moles, pink enemies that shoot boulders, and Cataquacks. You land near some
stumps. Kill anything in sight, then find the Cataquack. Get it to follow
you over to a patch of grass nearby. There is a Bee Mushroom high in the
air. Grab it when flung upwards. Now, have the Cataquack fling you right
next to the large Jenga-styles tower. Fly to the very top of it. Fly to
the next platform with a Wiggler on it.

Now you just need to fly from flower to flower. The very last one contains
the Star you seek.

Star 3-When it Rains, it Pours
A large Observation Deck appeared out of nowhere. Head left as usual, 
towards the area where the boulders spawn. Side Somersault and Spin onto
the ledge above them. Hovering above the rain cloud is a Bee Mushroom.
Grab it. Now, look for the large group of purple flowers forming a 
staircase. You can't use it since rain clouds will take away the Bee
costume if you touch water. Jump at the long flower nearby and shake the
Wii Remote to jump from it onto the top of the rain cloud. Fly all the way
to the beginning of the wooden Observation Deck. Jump over the Mandibug
and onto the swing. Get some momentum, then jump on top of the rain cloud
in the distance. 

Use each of the rain clouds as platforms to reach more of the wooden deck
where a Bee is. You must get past this simple area without touching a
Mandibug or getting hit by one of the rain clouds. Head all the way to an
octagonal platform once you get past that area. A trampoline is off to the
right, so go jump on it. Jump to the swing and then fly to the ledge on the

Here, a rain cloud circles around the tower. Rush around quickly when it
passes by, stopping in a safe zone when you are in danger. Use a trampoline
to reach a higher ledge, then fly to a safe zone. Wait for the rain cloud 
to form to the left, then hop on for a ride. Get inside the safe zone 
quickly when you come to it! Hop back on the rain cloud after that and ride
it to a ledge with a trampoline and a ? Coin. Use the trampoline to reach
an even higher ledge with some additional flight. Ground Pound the grey
block, then use the vine to reach the top of the tower.

Here, a Monty Mole is operating a cannon. To kill it, you need to smash the
glass dome over its head three times. Fly over the machine and Ground 
Pound. Repeat this process a second time. For the third hit, the machine
becomes electrfied every few seconds, harming you if you try to Ground 
Pound it when it is. After three hits, the Monty Mole cannon will explode,
and you can get the Star.

If you lose your Bee costume, you can still win. Just hit the red switch
to make some high platforms appear so you can manually Ground Pound the 

Cosmic Comet Star 4-Cosmic Mario Forest Race
You will be racing Cosmic Mario to an area high up on the Observation
Tower. This isn't very hard of a fight because you can take a ton of
shortcuts. Start by following the path towards where boulders would
normally spawn. Head right and up the brown brick blocks. Follow the wooden
path past this, to the right, then left and up some more blocks.

You will pass a platform with a 1-Up. Get that if you wish, then head right
to an area with many unconnected blocks. You can Long Jump over most of
this area, so I would do so. The Star is on the next main platform. Stick 
to the left since it has more platforms to land on. With several Long 
Jumps, staying ahead of Cosmic Mario should be simple.

Purple Comet Star 5-Purple Coins in the Woods
You are given only three minutes and thirty seconds to obtain all 100 
Purple Coins in the level. Don't worry--this is absurdly easy. Start off by
jumping onto the brown blocks infront of you, getting their Purple Coins.
Continue ahead and up the stairs. Before following the Purple Coins to the
right, jump into what would be a Cataquack pen and get the four Purple 
Coins here. Now follow the path to the right. Collect the eight Purple
Coins here, then two more on the following brick blocks. Pass by the Bee 
and head right (20/100).

Now, the next area has a ton of Purple Coins. Walk carefully along the
edges when getting all of the Purple Coin pairs. Falling off will make it
pretty much impossible to complete the Star in time. Near the Bee at the
end is a trampoline. Be sure to get all five Purple Coins in one Ground
Pound. Head over to the Bee when you are finished (50/100).

Near the Bee and to the right is another trampoline. Get the Purple Coin
behind it before jumping on it, though. At the top, swing on the swing and
collect the two Purple Coins you can only get with enough momentum. Swing
to the main platform after that. There's a bunch of Purple Coins here, and
all of them are in obvious locations. Don't forget the three to the left!
Climb up the stairs to the right and get several more Purple Coins before
jumping onto the higher ledge ahead (70/100).

Get the three Purple Coins on this ledge. See the Sling Star on the ledge
above? It is a little tricky to get. Perform a Wall Jump off the tower and
Spin to land on it. Get the Purple Coin before using the Sling Star! When
you land, climb on top of the fence and get the Purple Coins there before
moving to the trampoline. Use it to reach more Purple Coins and a Sling
Star. On the next platform, get the Purple Coins before Ground Pounding the
block. When you do, use the vine that appears to reach the top of the 
tower (90/100). 

Get the five Purple Coins near the black block when you land. You are 
likely running low on time now. Long Jump across the spikes and grab the
last five Purple Coins on the other side. The Star will appear at the
central platform. Hurry and grab it!

Secret Star 6-The Bell on the Big Tree
Choose the second Star, Cataquack to the Skies. Walk up the path like 
normal and reach the Cataquack in the pen. Use him to enter a Sling Star
placed above, then use it to reach the big tree in the level. Get the Bee
Mushroom and fly to the Cataquack pen. Get one to fling you into the air,
then fly towards the left side of the big tree. Land on a brown block. Fall
below the block to land in a bubble. Now, push the bubble upwards. Hit the
bell with the bubble.

This will make a large amount of notes appear. Quickly fly the bubble into
all of them before they disappear, humming the underwater theme from Super
Mario Bros. If you do this, you will earn a Star.

                       ~4F-2.Sea Slide Galaxy~
Stars Required-36
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
None of these Stars are particually challenging, but some are quite long.
Just remember that it is very easy to fall off the sides of the level if
you aren't careful.

Star 1-Going after Guppy
When you land in this galaxy, you'll learn that the shark near where you
start, Guppy, is keeping all of the Penguins from enjoying the surf that
the ocean has to offer. Time to show this guy what's what. Swim over to
Guppy and he will challenge you to swim through eight rings that he makes.
Ring eight appears right ahead in the water. Veer right and grab the Koopa
Shell to swim faster, then go through ring seven.

Head left and into ring six. Veer right and follow Guppy through a gate
with a large circle missing. Just past this is ring five. As you head down
deeper near the whirlpools, hit ring four. Take the left tunnel and avoid
all the whirlpools, eels, and geisers at the end. Hit ring three just 
before the fallen pillars. Ring two appears just past two gates that appear
to fall down, but really don't. The final ring appears in a small hole in
a wall of brick blocks. Once you go through eight rings, Guppy will hand
over the Star, landing near where you landed when you entered the galaxy.

Star 2-Faster Than a Speeding Penguin
When you land in the galaxy, talk to the pink Penguin standing closest to
the red and white goaline banner. He'll ask if you want to participate in
the race. Answer "Sure". You will be in a race against four other Penguins
to a full lap of Sea Slide. Rush forward at the start and grab a Koopa
Shell. Follow the ocean downwards until you hit the caverns with the

Take the right tunnel. It's far shorter. Avoid everything in the tunnel
by sticking to the right side. When you get out of the tunnel, hug the
inside of the turn to try and pass the 1st place Penguin. Head under the
gates that never fully close and through the opening to the left on the 
brick wall. Head left further and go through the ring. These are speed
boosters, and you may want them. There is another one just ahead. After a
smooth right turn you will cross the finish line. If you won the race, grab
the Star.

~A Hungry Luma appears for beating this Star~

Star 3-The Silver Stars of Sea Slide
Five Silver Stars have been placed in Sea Slide in specific locations. 
Luckily, they aren't very hard to find. Firstly, swim out to the island
infront of where you start and grab the Bee Mushroom. You will need to be
able to fly to reach every Silver Star. Fly onto the cloud in the air just
ahead. From there, fly onto the stone arch and claim the first Silver Star.

Fly onto the palm tree island just ahead. Jump onto the next stone arch
close to the water ahead of that, and from there jump to the next main
island. Head left and to the green Toad. Hop inside the cannon and aim for
the Starshroom. Use the Pull Stars to pull yourself into the second Silver
Star. Use the Pull Stars to head right and into a Sling Star to put you 
back on the main island. From there, continue your circuit around the
galaxy. Fly towards the palm tree island in the direction of the 
lighthouse. When you land, fly towards the lighthouse. Head right and
across the bridge. Jump onto the highest brick block, then fly to the top
of the palm tree. High in the air above the palm tree is the third Silver

Drop back down. See the huge tree in the distance? Get in the water and 
start swimming towards it. Use the Koopa Shell on the island to speed up
the process. Stop at the stone island on the way there. Use the Sling Star
to return to where you started. Grab another Bee Mushroom, then turn around
and head for the big tree. Land on the stone pillar just below a giant 
branch of the tree. Fly onto it, then head left. Kill the spider in your
way, then jump to the next branch which has a Bee Mushroom. Fly up to a 
branch on the right. Then fly even higher up the tree to where many spiders
attack. Fly to the tiny tip of the tree all of them connect to and grab the
fourth Silver Star.

Now, jump into the water and head back to the stone island with the Sling
Star. There is a green valve on the ground. Get onto it and Spin to make a
huge jet of water leading to the island in the center of the galaxy appear.
Ride it to the center island. At the top of the island, near the elder
Penguin, lies the fifth Silver Star. A Launch Star will appear nearby when
you grab it, so use it to return to the stone island. Now use the Sling
Star here to get back to the starting island where the Star is now

Cosmic Comet Star 4-Underwater Cosmic Mario Race
You will be in a race against Cosmic Mario to the spot behind the 
lighthouse. Luckily, that isn't far away. When you start, quickly jump into
the water and grab a Koopa Shell. Cosmic Mario will have a huge head start,
but it isn't very hard to overtake him. Follow Cosmic Mario to the left and
hit the speed ring, then follow him to the right and hit the second speed

Veer left after this and hit the final speed ring. Get onto dry land on 
the left and throw your Koopa Shell away. Long Jump to the spot behind the
lighthouse and claim the Star before Cosmic Mario does.

(Note:This Star is INSANELY difficult when playing as Luigi. Cosmic Luigi
actually hits the last speed ring, while Cosmic Mario won't. If you can't
get the early lead as Luigi, it's impossible to win).

Purple Comet Star 5-Purple Coins by the Seaside
Ugh. This is a really time consuming Purple Coin hunt. Luckily, or oddly,
there isn't a single Purple Coin in the water. Get a Bee Mushroom when you
land. Jump onto a cloud to the left of you. Then jump to a cloud on the
right, getting three Purple Coins along the way. Fly to the top of the
palm tree for another coin, then wait for the cloud ahead to move left so
you can land on it and claim a fifth Purple Coin. When it moves right,
collect another coin. Then, jump to the stone arch for a Purple Coin as
well. Having fun? (7/100)

Jump onto the cloud. Fly to the next one, getting three Purple Coins on
your way. Now fly to the top of the next palm tree and get the coin there.
Fly down to another stone arch and get the next Purple Coin. Fly onto a
moving cloud infront of you and ride it to the red Starshroom. Get the
three Purple Coins on top, then fly onto the clouds to the left and get
another three Purple Coins. Fly under the ? Block on the ground nearby and
get a coin there. Walk to the main area of the island. Under the start/
finish line banner are three more Purple Coins. Now jump onto the clouds to
the left. Grab three more Purple Coins as you fly to the next moving cloud

Go to the next cloud, then fly to the cloud on the right for a trio of
coins. Fly to the top of the nearby palm tree for another Purple Coin, then
jump on the next cloud. The next cloud has another three Purple Coins on 
the flight to it. There's another cloud to the left with a Purple Coin on
it. Fly up the series of clouds ahead to the top of the lighthouse and grab
the three coins there. Jump back to a cloud near a palm tree attached to 
this island. There is a series of Purple Coins leading from one cloud, to
the tree, and to another cloud. Grab them all. Grab one more Purple Coin
high on the side of the lighthouse, then land on the ground (44/100).

Get the two coins on the bridge. Head behind the lighthouse. Hovering just
over the water behind it are three more coins. Head back to the lighthouse
and pick up another Bee Mushroom. Go behind the lighthouse and jump onto 
the low cloud. Jump to a lower cloud on the left, then fly to the blue
Starshroom ship. Grab the two Purple Coins, then jump onto the string of
clouds at the left. On the second, grab the string of four coins in the
air. Jump across several more clouds to one that goes up and down, then
jump onto the yellow Starshroom. Now jump onto the huge green and sandy
island (55/100).

Get the four coins near the Toad. Get onto the cloud and fly to another on
the left. Fly to the next cloud and get the string of four Purple Coins.
Fly to the highest cloud available nearby. There are four Purple Coins
leading to it, so grab those. Land on the green Starshroom for another
coin, then fly to the stone island. Grab the five Purple Coins here. Get
onto the moving cloud that appears near the ? Block. Fly onto the branch
closest to where the cloud takes you for another coin. Fly onto the nearby
branch higher above for another (75/100).

Fall down to a lower branch just past this one. There's a trail of four
coins leading to a cloud. Use it to reach the higher branch again. Now
fly near the top of the tree. There are three more Purple Coins up here.
Now turn around and look the way you came. There are some clouds here, two
sets of three coins on each. Head back to the tree and fly to the very top
for another Purple Coin. Fall off these branches and onto the lowest 
branches of the tree. Collect the two Purple Coins down here, then go back
to the top of the tree. Jump onto the clouds headed back to where you 
started the level. Collect the single coin on one cloud, the string of
four coins leading from one cloud to another, and another string of three
from a moving cloud to a stationary cloud. The final Purple Coin rests on
a pillar just above the water right below these clouds (100/100).

And the Star appears just above the lighthouse. Whatever you do, don't die
now! Head back to the start swimming towards the lighthouse. Use the Bee
Mushroom to fly onto the clouds leading to the top of the lighthouse. Grab
onto the pole and climb to the top to reach the Star (finally)!

Secret Star 6-Hurry, He's Hungry
Choose the third Star, The Silver Stars of Sea Slide. Swim from the first
island you start on to the next island, being sure to collect as many Star
Bits as possible. Near the cannon of the second island is a Hungry Luma who
required 40 Star Bits to transform into a planet. This planet is just a 
bunch of green disappearing tiles around a black hole. Aw, crap. Use the
cannon to reach this new "planet".

A music note will appear on every single space. And I literally mean every
single space. Do this Star methodically. Work on one side of the planet
before moving onto every music note on another. You can tell where you
still need to go since spaces that are missing pretty much mean you got the
music note there already. Use Long Jump and jump with Spins to make some
tricky manuvers if you are ever stuck. Once you make every green platform
disappear after getting every music note, the black hole will disappear and
turn into a Star. Fall through the wireframe planet and get it. If you 
miss, the somehow still-existant gravity will keep trying to pull you 
towards the Star.

I'm not sure if the Star's name refers to the Hungry Luma or the black
hole. The black hole would make more sense, I guess.

                       ~4F-3.Toy Time Galaxy~
Stars Required-40
Overall Difficulty-****/*****
It's not a Fun-Time galaxy. Looks can be decieving, and that couldn't be
more true here. Although this place looks really easy, most of these Stars
will drain your lives faster than a black hole can suck you in. Take your
time--there's a ton of tricky jumps.

Star 1-Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
You will find another new power-up in this level provided you haven't gone
for secret Stars in past galaxies. Wait, how is this a galaxy? We're 
inside a children's toy room. The hell? Ride the train to the station on
the opposite end and use the Launch Star there. When you land, kill the
Mechakoopa with a Ground Pound. The pink walls ahead have their own 
gravity, so you will stick to them. Walk on the wall and down to the floor.
Walk straight ahead and past the Gizmo (those talking robots) to an orange
screw on the ground. This screw is in the blue area, not green. Spin on it
and fall down the hole.

Spin on the next blue screw to make a bridge appear. We'll use that in a 
second. Head back to the second Gizmo in this area, near another screw.
Head left and dodge the laser-shooting enemy. Walk on the walls here to a
spinning propeller. At the center of it is a screw. Spin it in to stop the
propeller. Now head left a little more to another screew, this one yellow.
Spin it to lift up the blue bridge. Now, head all the way back down the
hole you made earlier, and run across the bridge a blue screw formed. Now
walk up the wall to a Launch Star.

Run across the treadmill when you land and pick up the ? Coin to make a
Spring Mushroom appear. This will turn you into Spring Mario. You will hop
around on the ground now. When you land on the ground, you can hold A to
spring up very high. Head towards the Gizmo now and test it out by 
springing onto the next high platform. If you take damage or touch water,
you lose the spring power. Be careful. Head down the next conveyor belt.
A laser enemy is here. He's almost impossible to avoid, so spring onto the
platform with several ? Blocks instead, then jump to the next conveyor belt
adjacent to the platform the laser foe is on. Spring to the top of three
large blocks, and at the top is a Launch Star.

When you land, get another Spring Mushroom and spring to the top of the
glass bottle. Ground Pound into the bottle and use the Launch Star. You 
will land in a Launch Star. This will take you to Mecha Bowser. Start off
by Wall Jumping up the left leg. Spin the blue screw up here, then jump 
into the red Warp Pipe. You'll land on the other leg. Screw this blue
screw as well. Use the Sling Star to reach the chest.

Up here, Spin on the four yellow screws while dodging the fire bar that
turns pretty slowly. This part of the chest will fall off, revealing two
caverns. The first has a Mechakoopa and some coins, while the other has a
Warp Pipe. Use the pipe to appear on a ledge in the distance. Walk onto 
Mecha Bowser's arm. Spin the screw at the end to make a Launch Star
appear. The arm starts to fall off, to quickly use the Launch Star.

You will arrive at the head of the robot. Grab the Spring Mushroom and 
bounce down the path. Avoid the fireballs from Mecha Bowser and the 
Magikoopa, then bounce onto the nose. Avoid the laser enemy and spring to
the top of the head. Ground Pound all of the blocks here to destroy Mecha
Bowser. Grab the Star.

Star 2-Mario Meets Mario
You will need to hop onto the train and wait until it passes a Launch Star
before you can use it. When you land on a series of screws, or something
like that, you need to collect five Star Chips. To the left of where you
land is a laser enemy with a Star Chip on top of him. Past some electric
fields and balls is a green block. Break a crystal for the second Star
Chip, then use the trampoline right next to it for the third.

Walk left and jump onto the giant metal screw. At the top, on the blue
screw, is another Star Chip. Spin the screw to make the actual metal screw
become taller at the other end. On the point of the screw you can grab the
fifth Star Chip. The Launch Star will appear right where you are, so use

Now you fly to a giant 8-Bit sized Mario. You need to collect the five
Silver Stars on Mario's body. Well, you can see every one from the start,
but every block is lethal. The green ones disappear, natually. There's
lava, and then some yellow blocks that spin once you start standing on 
them. Long Jump to the yellow blocks on the right for the first Silver
Star. Run left and onto another set of yellow blocks for the second. Long
Jump again to the next set of yellow blocks for a third Silver Star. At the
top-left corner of yellow blocks, grab the fourth Silver Star. Near Mario's
eye are yellow blocks as well, containing the last Silver Star.

Now you need to make your way back to the starting platform to get the
Star. Be quick and avoid making any mistakes. 

Star 3-Bouncing Down Cake Lane
Ride the train at the beginning into the next planet. Grab the Spring 
Mushroom here. If you hate this power-up, then the rest of the Star is
going to be total hell. Wall Jump up the wall with the spring. Touching a
wall makes you bounce off of it, so the spring bounces without you needing
to do anything. At the top, move right. You will land on a blue conveyor
belt, with large chocholate bars blocking the way. Spring over all of them
and fall down to the plate with a cake at the end. 

Spring onto the cake, then bounce over the fork to the spinning cake. You 
need to keep hopping to the left, springing over the gaps, until you reach
two large forks. Bounce around the side of them and spring yourself into a
Sling Star. You will land on an ice cream cone. At the top of the cone,
grab onto the poles of the popsicles. Jump from one to another to the last
one. Jump onto one of the spinning lolipop platforms when it is to the side
of you. Jump over the shockwaves until you reach an icy platform.

Many tiny platforms are ahead of you. Don't ice skate-you will run too fast
in this area. Make several tiny jumps to the platform at the end. Jump onto
a lolipop when it comes and jump over more shockwaves. At the next 
platform, go behind the stone structure. Break some crystals to get back
there. Wall Jump up the wall and get the Life Mushroom on the way. At the
top, jump in the cannon. Aim at the Launch Star, fire away, and use it when
you hit it.

You land at another cake, but on a spoon this time. Climb the sides of the
nearby spoons. They form a staircase. When you reach the cake at the top,
Spin near all five candles to smug out the flames. Once every candle is
unlit, the Launch Star appears. You land on the platform with the Monty
Mole cannon. Grab a Spring Mushroom and spring up on top of the cannon, 
then make a Ground Pound. Repeat this one more time. For the final hit,
the Monty Mole electrfies his cannon every few seconds, so you need to be
patient. After three hits, the machine explodes and you can grab the Star.

Fast-Foe Comet Star 4-Fast Foes of Toy Time
This Star still isn't all that hard with faster movement. Hit the switch
closest to you, then the both to the right of your starting location. Once
you reach the Gizmo after hitting the three switches in the first ring, 
jump to the second ring.

Go to the opposite side and hit the three switches without getting killed.
Head south and avoid the spiky platforms while you hit three more switches.
Head back north, past the Tox Box and to another three switches near more
spiked platforms. Then head a little more south to the final set of three
switches. The Star appears on a platform right below you. Jump to it and
get the Star.

Purple Comet Star 5-Luigi's Purple Coins
One of the hardest Purple Coin challenges. There are 150 Purple Coins laid
across a giant 8-Bit Luigi, and getting 100 is quite hard. The Star will
appear on the starting platform, and you need to make sure you can actually
get back. Avoid setting foot on too many green platforms at the start. Long
Jump across the dark matter to where there are some yellow blocks with a
huge hoard of Purple Coins in the air. Long Jump into them all. Now just 
run around the yellow and green platforms at the top of Luigi to pick up
some more Purple Coins. There are some areas where 5 Purple Coins are
stranded in thin air. Jump into them and Spin back to land.

Try not to make too many platforms disappear. Eventually you will run out
of spaces to run if you are careless like that. You have whopping three
minutes, and this shouldn't take you more than two. It doesn't matter--you
couldn't take your time even if you wanted to. Stop for a split second and
you WILL die. Get the Star carefully once you obtain 100 Purple Coins.

It isn't too hard, but many people think it is. Once you chart out a path,
it's quite simple.

Secret Star 6-The Flipswitch Chain
Choose the second Star, Mario Meets Mario. Get on the train and use the
Launch Star when it passes over it. Get as many Star Bits as you can when
you are flying through the air. You will be needing at least 50. On the
second area, with all the giant screws and electric fields, find the Hungry
Luma. She is on a wooden block attached to the large green block which has
a giant screw going through it. Feed her 50 Star Bits to make her 
transform. Head to the new planet she makes.

Here, you need to activate every switch and turn it yellow. Head right at
first and hit the first switch. Hit the next switch on the underside just
around the corner. Keep going back near the start to hit a third switch.
Near the Gizmo, jump to the second square ring where you can find more

On the opposite side of where you land is a single Tox Box and three 
switches. After hitting those, head south. Dodge the spiky platforms and
hit another three switches. Head back north. Near a Warp Pipe, hit three
more switches while avoiding the spiky platforms. Head south again to a
final set of three switches near three final spiky platforms. The Star
appears on a block right below you. Jump onto the block and get the Star.

                         ~4F-4.Bonefin Galaxy~
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
Another quick mini-galaxy. You won't think much of it--it's quite simple.

Star 1-Kingfin's Fearsome Waters
Use the Launch Star on the Starshroom when you land to reach the main
planet. Kingfin is just an oversized skeleton fish. The fight against 
Kingfin isn't as hard as the fight against...the camera? Yes! The camera
angles in this battle are going to blow so hard if you're unlucky. 

You need to shoot Koopa Shells into Kingfin. That should have been fairly
obvious. Some are red Koopa Shells, so use them to your advantage. You need
to hit Kingfin a total of five times. Each time you do, one more Torpedo
Ted will constantly appear annoy you. Keep on the attack against Kingfin.
Once he is killed, grab the Star that appears at the hole Kingfin first
swam out of.

                     ~4F-5.Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor~
Stars Required-40
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
For the last Bowser Jr. level, it is actually quite easy. It's just one
simple boss battle, and one that you've done before none less. Shouldn't
be too hard.

Star 1-King Kaliente's Spicy Return
You will stand on a thinly platformed planet, right next to the Launch
Star. Sadly, it's encased in glass. Cross several platforms to the 
opposite side of the planet and get a Bullet Bill to launch from the
cannon and follow you. Once the case is broken open, you can fly to the
next area.

Grab the Life Mushroom on the nearby platform. These platforms sink if you
stand on them for too long. At the end of the platforms, shoot a coconut
back at each of the enemies that fling them to make a Launch Star appear.
Take it to the boss fight.

When King Kaliente appears, you will fight him just like you did last 
time around. When he spits a coconut at you, Spin to make it hit him back.
King Kaliente will make the coconut rebound off of him once, so you need to
hit it again. After each hit, many ice rocks will cover the platforms. 
Avoid them as best as you can. 

For the final hit, meteors will rain from the sky, so you will need to
avoid those. You will need to hit the coconut a total of three times before
it finally conks King Kaliente on the head again to kill him. You can grab
the Grand Star that appears once he's defeated.

                            ~4G.The Garden~
Once you have every Grand Star, the Garden becomes available to you. This
room has only four galaxies--three main ones and a mini-galaxy. No Bowser
level for you. These galaxies are among the toughest and most annoying in
the game, so keep your wits.

                         ~4G-1.Deep Dark Galaxy~
Stars Required-46
Overall Difficulty-**/*****
Deep Dark Galaxy isn't as creepy as the name implies. There's a bit of
swimming, though, so have fun with that. Not much else to say, this isn't
the most interesting of galaxies.

Star 1-The Underground Ghost Ship
There is a cannon in the center of the beach area. Hop into it. There are
two planetary targets, but I'm sure you want to go to the left one. There 
is a Rainbow Star in the way there. Luckily, you have to go to the left
planet. Get the Rainbow Star during the flight and destroy as many enemies
as you can before it runs out. After that, grab the Fire Flower, then use
the Sling Star to get back on the beach. Once there, run towards the gate
and shoot fireballs at both torches to lift the gate.

Head around the corner and dodge the Magikoopa. Jump into the ocean lake
and swim down to where a bunch of Star Bits are pointing in an arrow
fashion towards a ledge. Go to this ledge to find a blue Toad. Hit the
blue switch with a Spin attack to lift the gate. Keep going and swim up,
avoiding the mines. Near the gate at the end is another blue switch. Look
around for it (could be difficult due to funky camera angles). Swim to the
surface of the water. 

You will be in the cavern with the Ghost Ship. Board it by using the 
wooden stairs. When you arrive, Kamella will attack you. Wait for her to
throw a Koopa Shell at you. Pick up the Koopa Shell and fling it back at
her. After the second hit, Kamella flies up to the lookout tower of the
ship. Use the pole at the stern of the ship to reach the high tower. Kill
the two Magikoopas up here. They can easily kill you if you don't defeat
them fast (there will be so many fireball rolling around if you leave 
them). Two more Koopa Shells to Kamella and the Star is yours.

Star 2-Bubble Blastoff
A Monty Mole cannon is here. You can either kick three coconuts into the
cannon (the hell?) or just Ground Pound the glass dome. Once the Monty
Mole has been killed, use the cannon. Aim for the planet on the left again.
Get the Star and kill the foes like last time. When you are finished, grab
the Fire Flower and race back to the beach using the Sling Star. Near
where the gate was in the previous Star, there are three torches. 

Once you light all three torches, an Ice Flower appears. Grab and run for
the lake. Jump up the four water spouts on a small island where a Toad is
standing. At the last one, jump to a pole. When you land on the next ledge,
head left. Fall down the gap and grab onto the pole. Jump onto a nail. You
can swing from nail to nail to the next ledge on the left. Follow the path,
then get the ? Coin to make five Sling Stars appear. Use any of them to
reach a higher ledge. Get inside a bubble the bubble launcher makes. 

When you land on a yellow platform, walk off to the left and get inside 
another bubble to land on a second yellow platform. Fall off the ledge to
the left and dodge the two fire emitters. Climb the two poles to a ledge
with a fire bar and another bubble launcher. Use this one to reach a planet
with bouncing Cheep Cheeps. Ground Pound the three posts to make the bubble
launcher active, then launch to the next planet. Here are three tennis 
balls rolling around the inside of the glass planet. Ground Pound each one
when they are under you. Dodge the laser shockwaves as well.

When all three hit the watermelon core, the glass will explode, leaving a
giant watermelon. The Star will pop out soon after.

Star 3-Guppy and the Underground Lake
When you start off, head down the path towards the underground lake. The
gate will already be open, so there won't be any need to use the cannon to
get a Fire Flower or anything. When you reach the lake, dive down 
underwater. Be sure to keep your air meter mostly filled during this
challenge, since drowning isn't really a fun way to die.

Swim near Guppy and he will challenge you to swim through eight rings. This
is much like the challenge in Sea Slide Galaxy. The eighth ring will appear
right at the start, the seventh appearing a little more to the left, just
above some spiky balls. Keep heading left, get the Koopa Shell, and go 
through the sixth ring near a school of Bloopers. Make a sharp left, but
stay to the right of the whirlpools. Ring five is just ahead. Head left,
then swim to the ocean floor and keep going left until you see ring four.

Ring three is right ahead of ring four. Head right, and above some rocks
will be ring two. Swim through the whirlpools to the final ring. The Star
will appear near the sunken ship if you do.

Daredevil Comet Star 4-Ghost Ship Daredevil Run
Actually, its just the Kamella battle that you will be partaking in. Not
taking damage during this fight isn't too hard. For the first part of the
fight on the deck of the ship, there's no real challenge. You have plenty
of room to avoid the attacks, and throwing the Koopa Shells back at
Kamella isn't hard. 

When you need to move to the lookout tower, things get a bit harder. 
Getting up there can be somewhat hard since if you jump at the wrong time
you will land on a fireball. Kill both Magikoopa's quickly so they don't
irritate you. Once they are out of the way, two more hits on Kamella will
earn you another Star.

Purple Comet Star 5-Plunder the Purple Coins
It's quiet. Very quiet. You will land in the area with the Ghost Ship. Find
100 Purple Coins in this tiny area? What's the time limit?

Well, there is none. This isn't too hard of a Star, fortunately. One of the
more calming Purple Coin missions. Get the Purple Coin on the staring 
platform. Now, turn around and dive underwater. There are 10 Purple Coins
on the gate at the bottom of the tiny pool of water. Dodge the jellyfish. 
There are two more Purple Coins underwater below the platform you start on.
Look to the right of where you start. Wall Jump or jump off a crate to get
a coin in the air. The wooden platform to the left also has a Purple Coin

On a ledge near the beam of the light are two more coins spaced far apart.
Near a crate you pass on the lower level is another coin. Backflip to the
next upper ledge to get three more Purple Coins. On the left side of the 
ledge, backflip to a higher ledge and get three more coins (one is high
in the air--Wall Jump for it). Long Jump to the ledge on the right and get
four more Purple Coins, another one high in the air. Long Jump into a coin
high above the ledge below you (29/100).

Head back to where you started and go right. Jump in the water. Along the
surface are two more Purple Coins. Keep swimming along the wall to collect
two more sets of two Purple Coins. Head all the way to the stern of the
Ghost Ship. Jump out of the water and Wall Jump off the ship to get the
three coins back here. Swim along the left side of the ship now. There are
five more Purple Coins you can grab. There is one on a high ledge on the
ship that can't be reached from the water. Ignore it for now. A little more
left and you can find two more Purple Coins between the cannons of the
ship. Dive underwater. There are 12 Purple Coins down here. Two are
touching the bottom hull of the ship, six more near the Toad, three on an
underwater ledge, and another beneath the bow of the ship. Get out of the
water (57/100).

Back at where you started, look across the water to find another Purple 
Coin against the wall. Head to where you can board the ship. Get all of the
Purple Coins on the wooden stairs, get two more before jumping over the 
rope onto the deck of the ship. Get two more on the left side of the 
deck (no jumping needed). On the bow of the ship there are six more Purple
Coins. Head for the stern. Before getting there, jump to a part of the ship
on the right to three more coins. There's a fourth, when the camera pans
angles, to the right on a lower ledge I said to ignore earlier (75/100).

Get onto the stern. Get the next eight Purple Coins (on the very egde of
the stern you need to Backflip to one). Climb the pole. At the very top,
jump off to the left and get three more Purple Coins. See how the lookout
tower is connected to the deck of the ship? Wall Jump off the wood 
connecting it to get enough height to reach two Purple Coins below the 
lookout tower. Near the blue Toad on the tower are ten Purple Coins, and
an 11th in the air. Long Jump to the very final coin in the distance

The Star appears on the deck of the ship. Swim back and grab it.

Secret Star 6-Boo in a Box
Choose the third stage, Guppy and the Underground Lake, to make this much
quicker. From the start, head to the underground lake. When you reach the
bottom, don't talk to Guppy. Instead, pick up a Koopa Shell and head over 
to where a large group of mines surround a sunken ship. Throw the Koopa
Shell into a mine to blow them, and the ship, up. A Launch Star will be
revealed, so use it. 

You will get blasted into a purple box. A lone Boo and spiky ball are in
here. The Boo carries the Star, and you need to kill it. Use the nails on
the wall to jump up the a green arrow. Spin it to change gravity to the
left wall. Use the trampoline to reach the arrow an Spin it again, 
shiting gravity to the watery ceiling. Catch a ride on a bubble to the 
arrow, then Spin it one more time to be on the right wall. Destroy the 
crystal to reveal a beam of light. Get the Boo to get into it and you can
easily grab the Star. You will need to ride another bubble to Spin the
arrow one last time to grab it. 

                       ~4G-2.Dreadnought Galaxy~
Stars Required-48
Overall Difficulty-*****/*****
Well, it's easy to die here. There's also the matter of being home to the
hardest Purple Coin Star in the game. Damn you, Dreadnought Galaxy! For
such a cool place, it doesn't need to be so hard. The Secret Star is hard,
Purple Coin Star is hard, and anything involving cannonballs makes things
hard too.

Star 1-Infiltrating the Dreadnought
When you land, four electrical lasers will be pointed at you. Squeeze 
inbetween them and head to the other side of the planet. A bunch of lasers
are in this area. Dodge swiftly between them and to the center. Jump onto
the structure above you, then dodge the lasers again to reach the top of
the planet you start on. After dodging the shockwaves of the purple
trampoline enemy, jump ontop of him and into the Launch Star.

Spin all of the enemies in the area you land at and stomp on them to kill
them. When all three are dead, hop in the Warp Pipe. Proceed to the right
in the side-scrolling area. When you reach an area where two walls nearly
come together, wait for them to push outward, then Wall Jump up them. At
the top, head left for a Life Mushroom. Now, head to the right. Three parts
of the wall will slowly crush into the wall above them. Quickly run across
them when they lower, or you'll be a pancake.

Hit the green arrow with a Spin attack to switch gravity. You need to get
past the same crushing platforms again, but this time you'll need Wall
Jumps. At the top, head right. Avoid two crushing platforms right before
the green arrow, then Spin it to change gravity. Use the trampoline to 
bounce up when the walls aren't going to crush you and the cannonballs
aren't going to hit you either. You are aiming for a ledge on the right.
Once there, use the purple trampoline enemy to reach another ledge on the
right, but this time you have a ton of cannonballs to look out for. On
the ledge, get onto the trampoline and bounce to the Warp Pipe at the

You'll be back outside. Avoid the Bob-ombs and head for the green Topmen.
Jump on them once to turn them into a trampoline briefly, then jump up to
the next level. Repeat this process several times. At the very top, wait
for two walls to come down. Start Wall Jumping up them, and they will start
moving up as well so you won't gain any more distance. At the top of their
movement you can Wall Jump into a Launch Star.

When you land, enter the Sling Star on the other side of the cube. You will
now be on a different planet, the Star on a platform much higher. Head
south. See the glass dome with a water jet inside? Find the Bullet Bill
cannon and get a Bullet Bill to crash into that glass. This will flood the
planet. Get on top of the nearby cliff just barely out of the water. The
platforms that shoot the lasers can now be boarded. Use the one on the 
right to reach a platform with a Mechakoopa.

Now use another platform to head right. Dodge the laser and Mechakoopa
when you arrive, then dodge another laser as you board another platform.
The next platform also has a laser. Avoid it an wait for a platform. Jump
onto the ledge on the left and run straight to get the Star.

Star 2-Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons
Head straight when you start and get onto the screw. Stand at the right
side of it to make it slowly move towards the next platform. When you can,
Long Jump over to it. In this area, you need to avoid all the small Chain
Chomps that roll down the path. Step on ever switch to make it turn 
yellow. When they all are, the electrical field leading to the next set
of switches will turn off. Repeat the process with the next set of
switches. This will stop all of the Chomps and gets rid of all the 
electrical fences. Keep going ahead.

Get on the first screw and jump to the next when you are able to. Near
the end, Spin the coconuts the enemies spit at you back at them to kill
them both. Once killed, the bridge ahead will lower so you can reach the
Launch Star.

Jump onto the next platform when you land. It will start moving along the
side of the Dreadnought. You need to dodge all of the cannonballs that are
shot at you. You will have to jump over several electrical fields as well.
At the end, jump onto the platform above and it will start moving. Nothing
will change despite being upsidedown. Keep avoiding cannonballs until the
end, at which point you must jump back down to another moving platform.

Make sure to run under the Thwomp. At the end, you will shift onto a 
platform whose gravity is pointed to the left. Remember to stay calm and
don't mess with the controls much. Which way Mario moves is very awkward
in this sideways view. At the end, jump back onto a platform so you are
upsidedown again. Jump back down when you can, then jump over any obstacles
that are in the way. Near the end, several purple trampoline enemies will
attack you. Jump on the right one to earn the Star.

Star 3-Revenge of the Topman Tribe
When you land at the first platform, walk to the green Topman and jump
on him so you get propelled onto the Sling Star above, taking you to the 
next platform. There are two red Topmen on this planet. Spin them both
into the electrical fence around the Luma. Talk to the Luma after you do
and he will transform into a Sling Star.

This leads to a cube above. Ground Pound the red switch to make five Blue
Star Chips appear. Four appear on sides of the cube right next to the one
your standing on. The fifth is high in the air. Use the green Topman to
boost yourself onto it. Pull Stars appear nearby, leading to a Launch Star.

You will land on a torpedo infront of a Pull Star path. However, a ton of
cannonballs and mines are going to get in the way. On the underside of the
torpedo you land on is a Life Mushroom. You might want that. Take your 
time in this area. Learn the timing of the cannons to decide a good time on
when to move. This area is tricky, but you'll need to move on eventually.
At the end, pull yourself into the Launch Star.

You will appear on a long runway. A ton of shockwave-making enemies are 
here. There is a Launch Star at the very end. Dodge all of the oncoming
waves of shockwaves to reach it. When you land, walk to the topside of the
planet. Enter the center arena and Topmaniac will drop in. The fight 
works exactly the same as before. This time, red Topmen join him. Hop on
the light on his head to stun him, then Spin attack him into an electrical
wall. Repeat this two more times and the Star will be yours. Pretty easy.

Speedy Comet Star 4-Topman Tribe Speed Run
This is exactly the same as the previous Star. However, you have to do it
in six minutes. Let's do this quickly! A red Topman will be below the
Sling Star. Well, can't jump on him. The green Topman is a little further
north. Lead him under the Sling Star and then jump on him. On the next
planet, Spin attack both red Topmen into the electrical field, then talk
to the Luma. Use the Sling Star.

Find the red switch and Ground Pound it. Four of the Blue Star Chips can be
found on sides next to the one with the switch. The last one is in the air.
Get a green Topman under it, then jump onto him. Use the Pull Stars to get
you into the Launch Star. When you land, get the Life Mushroom from under
the torpedo, then quickly go through the Pull Star path. Be quick enough to
finish in a good amount of time, but careful enough to not hit anything.
Use the Launch Star at the end.

When you land on the runway, keep Long Jumping all the way to the Launch 
Star at the end. Get another Life Mushroom if needed. When you land at the
planet with the Topmaniac, quickly run to the topside and enter the arena.
Jump on Topmaniac and Spin him into an elecrical field. Repeat twice more
and get the Star.

Purple Comet Star 5-Battlestation's Purple Coins
Why "Battlestation"? Why not "Dreadnought's Purple Coins"? That would make
more sense! What? You want actual help on this Star?

Suffice to say, there honestly isn't anything that can be said about the
hardest Purple Coin challenge. You will pass by every single Purple Coin
on your long platform-changing path. At the start, grab a Life Mushroom if
you want. Either way, if you hit a single cannonball, even if you happen
to survive, you won't be able to get the nearby Purple Coins in time. The
first section is quite calm. Get the early 1-Up and everything. 

When gravity shift, ALWAYS stand in the middle of the platform. Only move
left and right. Don't forget there are three Purple Coins on top of the
Thwomp! When gravity changes to the left side, this is where it is very 
easy to mess up. Remember that Up on the control stick will, technically, 
make Mario move left, and Down does the opposite. Stay towards the front 
of the platform here--the cannonballs will miss you. You should have 69 
Purple Coins when you go back to walking upsidedown.

When you reach the purple trampoline enemies, jump on the left one for the
last four Purple Coins. Use the one on the right to reach a Launch Star
that takes you to the platform with the Star. On the way there you will
pick up Purple Coin #100.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Someone on the boards mentioned that if you stand on a 
non-moving platform for several seconds and can't jump on the moving one,
another moving platform will come. After testing this, it's true. Now you
can take your time on the non-moving platforms to your heart's content.
Use this to your advantage.

Secret Star 6-Dreadnought's Garbage Dump
Choose the third Star, Revenge of the Topman Tribe. You may not have 
noticed it, but there is a Warp Pipe on the underside of the planet you
first start off on. You will appear at another garbage dump. Talk to the
Gizmo and he will give you 30 seconds to use Bob-ombs to blow up all of
the trash. Do it for the Star.

Oh, but it's really hard. Forgot to mention that. If you're having trouble,
here's a diagram.

 X X  X X X  X
X B    B B   BX
XB    X X X  B X
 X            X

It's not fun. Again, these damn bombs take 10 seconds to explode, so you 
have little time to screw around. I personally can't finish faster than
with 1 second on the clock. Maybe you can do better. The X's are the
garbage piles, the B's are where to chuck the Bob-ombs. Chuck two Bob-ombs
at the diagrammed positions on the left, then repeat for the right side.
Then tackle the middle. If you placed everything correctly, you will get
the Star. If you fail, talk to the Gizmo again to try again.

                      ~4G-3.Melty Molten Galaxy~
Stars Required-52
Overall Difficulty-****/*****
For the last main galaxy, it's a good thing it is quite fun. Obviously, it
is a lava-themed world. You will probably like it.

Star 1-The Sinking Lava Spire
For the last galaxy, I'm warning you that Melty Molten is quite large and
this Star will take a little while to reach. With that said, head across
the lava pool at the beginning and then hop onto the platforms over the
next area of lava. Large geisers will block you, so wait for them to 
recede before carrying on. The next few platforms will sink into the lava
as long as you stand on them. Hurry across the purple platform, then hop
to the light blue one, and finally the green. Run to the top and onto 
solid ground.

Go up the steps, wait for the geisers to go away, and Wall Jump up to a 
purple switch. Ground Pound it to lower the wall, allowing you to Wall
Jump up the right side. Watch out for the geisers on the right wall! At
the top, go onto the ledge and get into the Sling Star which leads to 
another Sling Starm which in turn leads to a Launch Star. Watch the 
volcano erupt as you fly and grab all the Star Bits you can.

You will land in another Sling Star, so use it to land on a glass dome. 
Jump to the top planet and start using the Pull Stars. There's a path
here, and they lead into a region of small suns. Wait for the rocks they
blast to get out of your way before using another Pull Star. At the top
right corner you will be able to enter a Launch Star. This will lead you
to another Launch Star, so use it too.

When you land, use the Sling Star. On ths next planet, there are a ton of
fiery rocks. You need to get five Star Chips. One is to the left of where
you land, a second near some geisers to the right, then follow the path 
left and avoid more geisers to a third Star Chip. The last two Star Chips
lie a bit to the north. When you have all five, enter the Launch Star.

This is the large rock spire. All of the platforms leading onto the spire
will sink quite quickly, so hurry. When you get on the spire, a cutscene
will show it beginning to sink. When it does, start running to the right.
Jump over and gaps or walls that get in your way. When you see a giant
rock formation block a jump, wait a second and it will fall into the lava.
You can wait for the boulders to pass up ahead, or just run past the place
they spawn quickly. A little further and you will need to Ground Pound a
purple switch to lower the wall.

When it starts falling, get off the switch (it'll fall into the lava) and
wait on a higher ledge until a Wall Jumpable surface appears. At the top,
head left. Avoid a few more enemies, make several more jumps over debris,
and you will reach the summit. Spin attack the crystal twice to reveal the

~A Hungry Luma appears for beating this Star~

Star 2-Through the Meteor Storm
When you land, you'll quickly note that meteors are falling from the sky.
No, it's not armegeddeon, but the rocks will seriously hurt you if you
touch them. Pay attention to the shadows on the ground so you know where
not to walk. Jump over to the area with two torches. In order to light 
them, get one of the fire rock enemies to follow you. Get it to hit the
torches. When both are lit, a Launch Star will appear.

On the planet where you land, Thwomps will be covering some portion of
the ground. Run when the path is safe and jump over the few holes. Halfway
through is a safe zone under a Thwomp which has a 1-Up. Head over to the
right a little more to the Launch Star.

When you land, you will need to collect five Star Chip. The first can be
found in a crate near some geisers to the left. The second is at the 
bottom right corner, near a Life Mushroom in a crystal (get that as well!).
The third is on a small island up north, the fourth just a bit more north
of the third, and the fifth Star Chip is left of the fourth. The Launch
Star will appear where you got the fourth Star Chip.

You will land on a glass dome that has the Launch Star inside. Kill as many
of the lava bubbles as you can with Spin attacks and walking into them when
they lie on the ground. At the end of this planet is a Bullet Bill 
launcher. You know what to do by now. Get one of those accursed Bullet
Bills to follow you through a maze of walls and into the glass covering 
the Launch Star. Use it when it's revealed.

You will land at the beginning of a large lava path. You need to roll the
ball with the Star in it to the flag at the end. It isn't so tough. Take
your time at the beginning. When you enter the circular dome, jump over
any holes when you are stuck in a sticky situation. Keep it moving, and
don't be afraid to turn around when you are trapped by some large holes at
the end. When you reach the platform just below the flag, jump onto the
large platform that circles around. When it gets a bit high, jump off and
into the flag. Grab the Star.

Star 3-Fiery Dino Piranha
Start off as usual by jumping across the two pools of lava to the where the
sinking platforms normally are. But, they aren't here. Now there's some
platforms to the right. What you need to do is just jump from platform to
platform. Most them sink quickly and are quite small, so you will need to
be fast. When you reach the end, you will need to scale a large wall. Enter
the Warp Pipe at the top.

At this next area, use the Sling Star. You will need to kill every last
fire bubble on this platform. It is a bit annoying, but the Launch Star
won't appear until you do. You will need to cross the next planet, which 
spins in your direction, while dodging the numerous holes and fiery
meteors that fly above it. What fun that looks like. Use the Launch Star
at the end.

You'll need to collect five Star Chips here. Three are near the lava on
the bottom, so be on the lowest platforms to get those, while two are at
the highest area and you need to be on the highest platforms to reach
them. The Launch Star will appear on a high platform, so get the Life
Mushroom while you can before using the Launch Star.

Use a bunch of Launch Stars on these sinking platforms to reach the end,
and you can buy something at the Luma Shop if you need to. Take the last
Launch Star to land on a planet with Dino Piranha. This is just like the
first time you fought him. You need to Spin attack the nut on his tail
a total of four times. However, you can only do it when it isn't on fire.
Just wait a few seconds to cool off before Spin attacking it. He will 
charge at you faster and faster with each hit, making every subsequent hit
much harder to pull off. But once you do, the Star will appear after Dino
Piranha collapses.

Daredevil Comet Star 4-Lava Spire Daredevil Run
Yeah. If you thought this Star was long and annoying once, just try beating
it without getting hurt! Yeah! Crazy stuff. The first area of the Star is
pretty simple. Jump across the two areas of lava to the sinking platforms.
Quickly run across both of them. When you reach the part where you need to
Ground Pound the purple switch to lower the wall so you can Wall Jump, be
sure not to get hit by the geisers on the wall. Don't be impatient!

At the top, use the Sling Star volley and then use the Launch Star at the
end. Use the next Sling Star, then jump to the glass planet where you can
enter the Pull Star path. Get to the Launch Star at the end, which leads to
another Launch Star, which leads to a platform with a Sling Star.

Get the five Star Chips here. They are easy to find, but avoiding touching
anything is a bit harder. Kill the fiery rocks, first of all. Always wait
for the geisers to go away, and take your time. Touching the lava will
quickly end the run as well. Use the Launch Star when it appears. When you
reach the lava spire, it's standard procedure from here. Just race to the
top, avoiding the foes on the way there. 

Purple Comet Star 5-Red-Hot Purple Coins
Hey! The last Purple Coin challenge! I bet they made it really hard! Naw,
it's not so bad. All of the Purple Coins are in the first area of the 
galaxy, so there's nothing to worry about. Save getting killed by lava or
something. Get the Life Mushroom in the crystal near where you start. There
are large fire geisers in the distance that erupt from the lava. Before you
pass those geisers and jump to the next area, you should collect all of the
Purple Coins here. You will need to Long Jump over the lava pool for one 
of them. This is the easy part (29/100).

There are two paths as usual to cross the large pool that has many large
lava spouts. Long Jump through two Purple Coins to the left. Jump back 
where you came from and take the right path, getting the three Purple 
Coins there when you jump. Start now by taking the sinking platforms to
the left. Over the first half of the purple platform are four Purple Coins.
A fifth is touching the lava--stand on the platform and get it to sink a 
bit so you can collect it. Get the coin on the spot between purple sides,
then get the three Purple Coins submerged in lava on the other side by
standing their for a few seconds. Then stand on the light blue platform so
it lowers to the point where you can get another three coins (46/100).

Stand on the green platform and dip it into the lava until you can get the
five Purple Coins on the lava's surface. At the end of the green platform,
stand on the little higher blue part and keep jumping to get the platform
to rise. Backflip at the top for a coin, then fall of the ledge carefully
to snag another Purple Coin on the way down. Shift camera angles until you
can see it. Now, head back the way you came. When you're back at the split
roads, take the small platforms to the right (53/100).

There are six Purple Coins on the first non-sinking platform. On the way to
the next non-sinking platform you should collect six more. There's three
more to the wall-scaling area, and then five on the wall area. One at the
bottom, two on the way up, and two at the top. The top one can be hard to
get. Backflip and grab onto the ledge there to reach it. Spin as well for
more height. Get the Purple Coin near the Sling Star, then use the Sling
Star. At the second Sling Star, don't use it to fall into three Purple
Coins. Make your way back to the second Sling Star, and use it this time to
end up inside the volcano. Get the five coins in here, then use the Sling
Star to leave (82/100).

Instead of Long Jumping to the wall-scaling area, Long Jump to the spot
where the green sinking platform leads off--those stone stairs. Get the
six Purple Coins on the six geisers. Get another Purple Coin as you Wall
Jump to the purple switch, then Ground Pound it to reveal spots you can
Wall Jump up. Get the nearby three coins, head left for another five, and
then climb the ledges to get the last three (100/100).

The Star will appear right near the final Purple Coin. Go grab it an
(hopefully) kiss these damn Purple Comets goodbye.

Secret Star 6-Burning Tide
Choose the first Star, The Sinking Lava Spire. There's a Hungry Luma on
this level that needs 80 Star Bits, so get collecting. Get a bunch of Star
Bits in the first area from all the crystals. Near the sinking platforms
is a large ring of Star Bits you should collect. When you use the Launch
Star from the top of the volcano, you will fly near a ton of Star Bits
you can collect. You should barely have 80. Use the Sling Star to reach the
planet with the Hungry Luma. If you don't have enough, go on the Sling Star
path. The second sun has 10 Star Bits circling it. 

That's the last place you can get Star Bits. Use the pink Launch Star that
appears to reach the fiery planet. Here, true to the Star's name, the tide
is moving in and out. There are five Silver Stars scattered around the
planet. There aren't any specific directions to locate them, but all of
the white areas are safe zones from the tides. There's also a Life Mushroom
in one area. I highly suggest you go get it. Be warned that the Star will
not appear above a safe zone. Wait for the tide to recede to get it.

                     ~4G-4.Matter Splatter Galaxy~
Overall Difficulty-***/*****
Platforms that disappear and appear at random? If you like this style of
platforming, you'll do well in this galaxy. Otherwise, you'll hate it. It
isn't so bad. Just slightly time consuming.

Star 1-Watch Your Step
Head across this first area where the platforms appear and disappear at
random, only appearing when the rain drops bounce onto them. This room is
very simple and you probably won't even need to jump.

Head down the Warp Pipe. In this area, Wall Jump up onto a ledge on the
right. Follow it to another Wall Jump area and jump to a leftern ledge
when it appears. Follow the path left to a dead end, and then right again
to a Wall Jump area. Keep heading left up here and to aa Warp Pipe at the

Grab the Spring Mushroom in the next area and hit the ? Coin to make the
matter move upwards. Bounce through the rainbow-colored platforms. Near
the top you will need the bounce through only one rainbow platform, as
opposed to two. This required much more accurate springing. Be very 
careful. One level past the ? Coin that makes a ton of Star Bits appear is
a Sling Star.

In the last area, you will face a flat room with slowly moving matter, and
many unconnected platforms. You will have to do this pretty calmly. Head
straight at first, and then go left, jumping to the platforms ahead when
they appear. Keep the middle path for a little while, then head left, then
straight again when two Magikoopas attack. Kill them and keep going, going
left when you can next. Then head all the way to the right when you get the
chance. After that, Long Jump to the left path and follow it to reach the

                     ~4H.Bowser's Galaxy Reactor~
Stars Required-60
Overall Difficulty-****/*****
Once you have 60 Stars and have gained access to the Engine Room, talk to
Rosalina to go to Bowser's Galaxy Reactor for the final showdown against
Bowser. After brief cutscene showing the Comet Observatory flying to
Bowser's domain, Mario will enter Peach's Castle which has been turned into
a wormhole. You'll appear in Bowser's final domain.

Star 1-The Fate of the Universe
From the starting location, lemme tell you this is going to be a long 
level. All right. See those blue spotlights shining on the few walls
ahead? They have their own gravitational field. Jump onto the first one
and walk in it to the next floor. Once you do, get back on the ground and
head right. Repeat the process with the next spotlight.  Be sure to avoid 
the fire bar in the process. Around the corner, enter the next spotlight.
Grab a 1-Up as you move into the fourth spotlight. At the end, fall onto
solid ground. Near the Dry Bones is a fifth spotlight, which leads up to
a sixth. These two go through a large fire bar field. Be more careful 

Past that, head up the stairs and into the huge spotlight to be dragged to
the next area of the level. Jump from one platform to another quickly 
before they submerge into the lava. Eventually you will jump right and onto
a platforming constantly moving into the lava in the opposite direction you
need to run. You need to dodge the large gaps, as well as the fireballs
that come your direction. When you reach the end, be sure not to be hit by
the lava geisers before you enter the next spotlight.

This time you are dragged to a Space Junk Galaxy-like area. Giant ice 
blocks will form a path, but they will disappear after several seconds. The
path is pretty simple. The blocks are large, and the right and left turns
are quite tiny. Ignore the 1-Up. You'll die trying to get out from the
block it is on (it'll disappear by the time you realize what's going on).
Ignore the next 1-Up as well. The path takes a sharp left at the end, then
forms several stairs to the next spotlight.

This one leads to a desert-like area. There are three sets of moving 
platforms that lead to the spotlight. Each one goes in a different 
direction, and there are a ton of fire bars guarding them all. Take your 
time and don't hit them. Falling into the quicksand will kill you
instantly. Enter the spotlight at the end.

You land in another space junk area. Quickly head right, then Wall Jump up
the walls that are formed. Don't go for the 1-Up--just head left when you 
can. Wait for the fire bar to move, then Wall Jump up the next set of walls
to be at a gravity-wall area. Move right along the ceiling carefully but
quickly. At the end, jump down when the arrows are pointing down, dodging
one last fire bar, and enter the spotlight.

This is the final challenge. You must cross a huge lava tunnel. Start by
jumping across the platforms ahead of you. Bullet Bills will be shot out
of those cannons. Get them to explode into the ground, or make them hit a
Bowser statue for a Coin. Near the cannons, turn right and head under the
Thwomp. You will need to jump over more platforms that sink into the lava,
then jump onto one of the green platforms spinning around the tunnel. All
while avoiding Bullet Bills. Great. 

After jumping onto another circling platform, you will end up near two 
more Bowser statues. This time, there's a Banzai Bill cannon ahead. These
oversized Bullet Bills pack a punch, but only move straight. Once the first
one moves out of the way, head straight. Jump on one of the tunnel-
circling green platforms to reach another set of submerging platforms. 
There will now be a large group of green circling platforms. Also, there's
a Banzai Bill cannon and four Bullet Bill launchers. Quickly go from
platform to platform to the left or right. Either one leads to a set of
stairs that ends up at a Launch Star.

True Super Mario 64 style, you need to climb a set of stairs to meet
Bowser. Bowser Jr. will fire at these stairs, making them break, so you
need to hurry. Definitely grab the Life Mushroom, and skip the 1-Up unless
you really need it.

The final Bowser fight will now begin. This is a three part fight. On the
first planet, there will be spiky balls. Bowser keeps his same attacks, but
now he turns himself into a boulder and rolls around the stage trying to
flatten you. When he comes close, Spin attack his face. He will start 
spinning around the planet. Like before, Spin attack his shell. You will
need to repeat the process once more. On the second hit, Bowser's shell
must be hit twice.

After that, both of you will fall to the second planet. This one has those
green bulb things you've been seeing for a while. Bowser's new attack this
time is retracting into his shell and rolling around the stage. Spin near
one of the green bulbs to hit him as he passes by. The process repeats 
itself by forcing you to hit his spinning shell as he rolls around upside-
down now. The second hit, you need to hit his shell twice.

Now both of you fall to the final planet. Doesn't this look familiar? As
like many times before, when Bowser starts jumping high, stand on one of 
the blue domes and wait for Bowser to fall onto it. When he starts running
around the stage, Spin attack his tail to make him spin upside-down on his
shell. Hit him again while he spins around the planet. For the second and
final hit, hit him two times when he is spinning around the planet.

Well, that's it! Bowser will be defeated and you get to view the ending to
the game. Enjoy it, since I'm not spoiling it for you. Just try to burn
Mario's last line out of your mind. Or just mute your television. You don't
want to hear it.

For beating the game, Purple Comets will now appear in certain galaxies.
You won't like them.

                   ~4I.Comet Observatory Galaxies~
The Comet Observatory is home to access to many mini-galaxies. Most of 
these are accessed by feeding Hungry Lumas to turn them into new galaxies.
I won't cover the Trial Galaxies here--those are dedicated to their own
section. The location of the Hungry Luma and the Star Bits required to 
turn them into new galaxies will also be mentioned.

                       ~4I-1.Sweet Sweet Galaxy~
Location-Next to Terrace
Star Bits Required-400

Star 1-Rocky Road
There will be a large number of moving platforms ahead of you from the 
start. The platforms have a ton of holes in them, and you need to run to
the only non-moving platform in the distance without falling. This part is
pretty simple. Take your time since there aren't any other obstacles to get
in your way. Just be careful of the two electrical fields. They can blend
in well with the colors of the conveyor belt.

Around the corner, more platforms are on the belt. They are moving from
side to side, however. There are electrical fields on the walls, so be sure
to avoid getting fling into those. The brown belt has a huge circle--Long
Jump over that one. Going around the next bend is a large, windy path with
one long, spinning brown belt. There are tons of holes here. Just take 
your time, and get the 1-Up around the corner if you want. 

You then have to go across one more group of platforms. It's a switch
between orange platforms with three holes missing, and then three pink
circles in the same places they are missing on the orange platforms. Cross
the electric field as well, then jump on top of the cake to get the Star.

                       ~4I-2.Sling Pod Galaxy~
Location-Next to Fountain
Star Bits Required-400

Star 1-A Very Sticky Situation
People claim this to be one of the hardest Stars in the game. It isn't that
bad, really. Jump into the first Sling Pod and wait for an opening between
cannonballs to fire to the next one. Wait between cannonballs shots again
to shoot to a third Sling Pod. Head for the one on the left--the one on the
right is almost impossible due to the cannon's position. Get the 1-Up as
you sling into the pod to the right. You will end up near four cannons and
an arrow made out of Star Bits. Fire into the next Sling Pod during the
very short opening. This is a checkpoint.

Use the Pull Stars and dodge the mines to reach the next Sling Pod. Now you
must dodge fire bars. The timing here is much easier. Blast into the Sling
Pod past four fire bars and an arrow made of Star Bits. Now, when the 
platforms make an opening, sling into the Star.

                       ~4I-3.Drip Drop Galaxy~
Location-Next to Kitchen
Star Bits Required-600

Star 1-Giant Eel Outbreak
Three giant eels are on the loose in the ocean, and this prevents the
Penguins from playing. Locate the three eel in the water and hit each of
them with a Koopa Shell. If you are having trouble, the red Koopa Shells 
will, like in Mario Kart, home in on the eels so you don't even have to
aim properly at them.

Be aware of the spiky balls and Torpedo Teds that are lurking in the waters
as well. They can kill you quickly if you aren't careful. Once you kill
off all of the eels, the Star will appear just above the deck of the sunken
ship. Swim to it.

                        ~4I-4.Bigmouth Galaxy~
Location-Next to Bedroom
Star Bits Required-800

Star 1-Bigmouth's Gold Bait
There is a golden treasure chest here, and it can only be opened by a 
golden Koopa Shell. Time to find one. Head into the ocean. Swim through the
tunnel, breaking part of the brick wall with a Spin attack. In the next
large area you are supposed to find five Star Chips, but you can skip it.
Go to the surface of the water and you will find more water on the ceiling.
To jump into it, Spin out of the water and Wall Jump into it. Nice and 

Near some coins at the top of this small pool of water is the golden Koopa
Shell. Now just bring it back to the treasure chest and open it up to find
a St-Toad. Yeah. Talk to the Toad Brigade leader and he will hand you the

                       ~4I-5.Sand Spiral Galaxy~
Location-Next to Engine Room
Star Bits Required-1000

Star 1-Choosing a Favorite Snack
Use the Sling Star ahead of where you land to head for two platforms. One
has a Bee Mushroom, the other a Boo Mushroom. You have to go through this
tunnel using one or the other. I say go for the Boo Mushroom. Using Bee
Mario through this galaxy is a nightmare. 

Boo Mario can just fly through the tunnel, slowly dodging the lights as he
goes. The lights are the only threats--you shouldn't come dangerously close
to the quicksand at all. Bee Mario will need to land on thin platforms and
poles, and if you run out of flying power, you're screwed. Just don't even
bother. But, if you prefer Bee Mario to Boo Mario, then you can go ahead
and use it. Your call.

Use the Sling Star at the end to reach a huge spinning platform. Get a
Rainbow Star and start running with it, plowing through the mines. Be
sure to keep getting more Rainbow Stars until you reach the center moon.
The platform eventually becomes very thin at the end, even requiring 
several jumps. Rainbow Mario runs very fast, so slow down if you aren't
very sure about an upcoming jump.

Alternative:Just Long Jump to a platform near the moon. Yeah, it works.

                       ~4I-6.Boo's Boneyard Galaxy~
Location-Next to Gate
Star Bits Required-1200

Star 1-Racing the Spooky Speedster
Enter the Warp Pipe where you land, then grab the Boo Mushroom. Talk to the
Big Boo for a race. This can be a bit tough, and he finishes in about one
minute, so you need to be faster. There are many wind tunnels on the
course, and you need to use those to gain speed. Start off by floating to
the right. Float down after that and don't take the right path. When you
reach the windy area, head east using the fans, then keep going south. 
Turn invisible to float through the springs and the crystals. 

Hit the ? Coin near a non-moving fan to make it operate, speeding you up
a bit. Fall down, and avoid touching any of the moving walls. The 
background will be moving now (don't lose focus), but keep moving south.
The finish line is just ahead. If you win, the Boo will hand over the Star.

                        ~4I-7.Snow Cap Galaxy~
Location-Next to Garden
Star Bits Required-1600

Star 1-Star Bunnies in the Snow
Grab a Koopa Shell and break open the chest on the starting planet to 
reveal a Sling Star. On the main planet, three bunnies will ask to chase
them. First, you need to hit all of the switches on the planet, otherwise
this is impossible. You have 150 seconds to catch them. The first switch
is ahead of you. Head left and use the cursor to move the snow and reveal
another switch nearby. Keep heading left into the next path of snow, 
hitting another switch. Head to the top of the planet and hit the fourth
and final switch. This opens the domes on the top and bottom of the planet,
revealing large holes. The one you're near has a Fire Flower.

Take it and go bash some snowmen. One of the bunnies is hiding in one and
will come out once destroyed. Chase the bunny into a hole--they can't 
escape from them and you'll easily catch them. Use the cursor to move more
snow. Uncover every hole on the ground--one of them will reveal a bunny (it
changes each time). The last bunny is inside the chest. One of the snowmen
will reveal a Koopa Shell once destroyed. Use it to open the chest.

Once every bunny has been caught, go get the Star.

                          ~4J.Trial Galaxies~
Surely you have noticed a green Launch Star in the Comet Observatory, no?
Once you have collected all three Green Stars, you can use this Launch
Star to enter the three Trial Galaxies, some of the toughest and most
annoying challenges in the game. Hehehe, have fun!

For some reason, everybody hates one of the galaxies. Generally, only one.
They test the three hardest skills in the game. Two of them you will blow
through quickly, and the other will drain your lives. It's different for
everybody. Maybe you're the rare type who excels at all of them. If so,
the Trial Galaxies should be a breeze.

                      ~4J-1.Bubble Blast Galaxy~
Star 1-The Electric Labyrinth
Oh this won't be so ba-OH CRAP LOOK AT THAT. One huge electrical maze, a
giant black hole below you, and absurdly fun bubble blowing action! 
Mmmhmm, this galaxy will eat up your lives quite fast. This is accessed 
from the Green Section of the Trial Galaxies planet.

You will first land on a platform with five Warp Pipes. Take the top-most
pipe. The first Star Chip can be found around the corner of the electrical
wall, near the second rotating platform. Just past the third one you can
use a Sling Star to get back to the pipes. Take the top left pipe. You 
will need to dodge seven pieces of moving electrical walls to reach the
Star Chip, then another to reach the Sling Star. Take your time here.

Take the bottom left pipe. Wait for the four fire emitters to stop before
moving left and into the third Star Chip. Head back right and around the
platform with the pipe to get to the Sling Star. Take the bottom right
pipe. Dodge the Amp to earn the fourth Star Chip. Head right, then north,
and then left towards the Sling Star. You'll need to dodge six Amp's on
your way there, though. Take the top right pipe. Go through a very simple
minefield to the Star Chip, then take the Sling Star back to the main
platform and use the Launch Star.

Now the REAL fun begins. This is one giant electric path. At the end is a
Star. Get inside the bubble and head south. When you reach the right turn,
a Bullet Bill will start chasing you. Crap. This area is indeed full of
Bullet Bill cannons. Now you see why you must hurry? Get the Bullet Bill
to break the nearby glass case to net a 1-Up. Head to the right. Head
northeast and then southeast. You'll pass a 1-Up on this path easily. There
aren't any threatening Bullet Bill cannons to this point, so no worries.

Follow the path northeast and then southeast again. Several more Bullet
Bill cannons and rotating platforms. Avoid them all. Get Bullet Bills to
crash into the platforms if possible. When you head north you will go 
through a minefield. Stay in the very middle and blast straight up, and
then slow down at the right turn and the 1-Up. The Star is at the end of
this due-east path. However, so are 20 or so Bullet Bill cannons. Stick to
the center of the path and blow straight east. After the last Bullet Bill
cannon, a block will stop your movement. Blow the bubble around it and get
the Star before something kills you.

                        ~4J-2.Loopdeswoop Galaxy~
Star 1-The Galaxy's Greatest Wave
This Galaxy is accessed from the Blue Section of the Trial Galaxies planet.
A few deaths here and you will be renaming it to "Shoop da' Whoop" 
Galaxy. Mainly because you will want to punch a laser through your Wii. 
You will likely die here. A lot. At least most people do for some reason.
I guess the Manta Ray surfing controls just suck that badly for some
people. Well, as you can see by the intro, this course is absurdly long and
difficult looking. Talk to the Penguin Coach and agree to a race. You have
three minutes to cross the finish line. This Galaxy is accessed from the
Blue Section of the Trial Galaxies planet.

This is plenty of time, but the course is insane. Remember, you don't want
to hold A down for most of the track. It is very thin, and one wrong move
and you will be flying off course. The track is simple at first, but the
first strong left turn uphill can be killer if taken too fast. After the
long turn is a huge jump--speed up to catch huge air. Now you will go along
a huge right turn. The track gets thin towards the end, so be careful. 

Now the track will make a giant loop. Be careful of the small right turn at
the exiting of the loop. After another sharp right turn you will hit the
finish line.

If you finished within three minutes, and you will if you finished at all,
the Star is yours. Can you beat my time of 1:14:83?

                     ~4J-3.Rolling Gizmo Galaxy~
Star 1-Gizmos, Gears, and Gadgets
This Galaxy is accessed from the Yellow Section of the Trial Galaxies
planet. This is one huge rolling ball course, but it is far harder than
Rolling Greens or the one in Through the Meteor Storm in Melty Molten
Galaxy. You may die here a lot as well. Jump on the ball at the start.

Roll over the yellow shaped platform. Grab the 1-Up at the beginning. In
the red area, gain some speed and jump into the grey blocks to smash them.
In one corner is a bridge. Ram into it with a jump to make it fall. Break
the grey block on the other side and enter the cannon to be shot near a
hole in the ground. Fall into it and you will roll onto a platform far

Roll across the spinning gear to the north, get the 1-Up, then jump to the
large orange gear. When the grey block ahead moves to the right, roll onto
the red platform it covers if it were on the left. From there, roll onto
several gears to another large orange one with a ton of coins and Bob-ombs.
Avoid them and jump onto the yellow gear at the end. Roll to a blue 
platform with a Goomba. Roll left onto the downward ramp. You will end up 
rolling down into a cannon, going off a few jumps, and landing at the final

Roll across the bridge, dodging the metal blocks, to the end. The ledge is
too high to jump to. Wait for the block moving around the platform to roll
to the left of you, then roll on top of it. When it reaches the height of
its movement, you can roll straight into the flag. Grab the Star.

                       ~4K.Grand Finale Galaxy~
Stars Required-240
You unlock the Grand Finale Galaxy by beating the final boss with Mario 
with 120 Stars to unlock Luigi. Then do the exact same process with Luigi.
Grand Finale Galaxy will now be open to both characters. So, technicallly,
it takes 240 Stars to unlock. To get here, go to the Trial Galaxies planet.
On the opposite side of the red Warp Pipe will be a fourth green Luma. Talk
to him to go to Grand Finale Galaxy.

Star 1-The Star Festival
Alright! 121 Stars in the game! What better way then spend the last Star on
a Purple Coin hunt? Well, it isn't a hunt. Just enjoy the relaxation. Every
last Purple Coin is on the route to the Castle. There is one on top of the
Starshroom, so be sure not to miss it. The 121st Star appears infront of
the Castle's bridge. Be sure to talk to the Mailtoad at the end to send a
congratulatory picture to the Wii Message Board!

                       ~5.Rosalina's Storybook~
Over the course of the game, you unlock chapters to Rosalina's storybook
which can be viewed in the Library. There are nine chapters in all. You
get the last for beating the game, and the rest for varying amounts of
Stars before that point. Here's the full story for those curious.

~Chapter 1-The Celestial Duo~
Our story begins a very, very long time ago with a young girl. One day,
this girl spotted a rusted spaceship holding a small star child.
"What's your name? Are you lost?" the girl asked the star child.
"I'm Luma, and I'm waiting for Mama. She's coming for me on a comet!" said
the star child, who had been waiting day and night.
Don't worry. I'll wait with you," the little girl promised Luma.
At nightfall, the little girl borrowed her father's telescope and peered
into the sky. She looked and looked, but she saw nothing. Hours turned into
days and then years, but still the sky revealed nothing.
Finally, the little girl sighed and said to Luma, "If we stay here looking
any longer, I'll be an old lady soon." But then she had an idea.
"Why don't we go out there and find your mother ourselves?"
The girl and Luma fixed up the rusty spaceship, and then the two set sail
into the starry sky. And this is how the search for the celestial mother

~Chapter 2-Star Bits~
Days passed with no sight of comet, or even a single planet. Instead, 
asteroids extended for as far as the eye could see.
"If I had known it was going to take this long, I would have packed more
jam," said the little girl, above the rumble of her belly.
Before they left, she had packed all the essentials:telescope, butterfly
net, stuffed bunny, bread, milk, jam, and apricot-flavored tea, but...
"I forgot to bring water!" At this, Luma burst into gales of laughter, and
the girl began to pout.
"As long as I have Star Bits, I'll be fine," said Luma. "Want some?" The
little girl couldn't stay mad after hearing this.
Luma continued to laugh, and the girl couldn't help but join in.
"All right, maybe just a nibble."
Leaning far out of the ship, the pair began to collect Star Bits with the
girl's net. They almost fell out a few times, but they kept on collecting.
The Star Bits tasted like honey.

~Chapter 3-The Comet~
A beam of light pierced through the ship's window. Thinking it was the
morning sun, the girl peered through the window, only to find a turquoise
blue comet shimmering at her.
The little girl shook the sleeping Luma awake and shouted excitedly, "We
HAVE to get to that comet!"
The pair descended on the comet and found that it was made of ice. They
looked high and low, but Luma's mother was nowhere to be found.
Exhausted, the little girl sat down with a flop, utterly unable to take
another step. "Look!"
Peering down at the icy ground where Luma was pointing, the girl suddenly
noticed clusters of Star Bits encased in the ice. "Pretty good, huh?
Finding Star Bits is my specialty!" said Luma, beaming.
"There's ice here. but it's so warm. I'll bet there's water here too." The
two decided to stay on the comet for a while.
Riding the turquoise comet, the pair continued their search for Luma's

~Chapter 4-The Dream~
One night, the girl dreamed about her own mother. "Where are you going?"
she asked her mother's retreating back.
Without turning, her mother replied, "Don't fret, dearest. I'm not going
anywhere. I'm always watching over you, like the sun in the day and the
moon in the night."
A wave of sadness washed over the girl. "What about when it rains, and I
can't see the sun or the moon?" Her mother thought for a moment before
"I will turn into a star in the clouds and wait for your tears to dry."
When she awoke, the girl's face was damp with tears. "You have Star Bits
in your eyes!" said Luma to the girl.
Wiping her face, the girl replied, "These are tears, not Star Bits. I'm
crying because I'll never see my mother ever again!" At this, Luma began
to cry too. "Mama, oh, Mama...Waaaah!"
The pair traveled through the starry skies, and though they encountered
many other comets, not one of them held Luma's mother. Luma was despondent.
"Now, now, Luma. The rain clouds won't go away if you keep crying," the
girl said, giving Luma a squeeze. "I'll give you a present if you stop."
The girl closed her eyes and said gently, "I'll take care of you." With
these words, she felt a small spark in her heart.

~Chapter 5-Home~
"The kitchen will go here, and the library will go over there," the girl 
said busily to herself. "We'll put the gate here."
Ever since the girl took Luma under her care, she'd been bustling about at
a feverish pace. "It's a lot of work, but it's worth it to make a happy
It turned out that Star Bits weren't the only things buried in the ice.
There were tools and furniture unlike any they had ever seen, and the girl
used them to build a home.
Looking at the completed house, Luma remarked, "Don't you think it's
awfully big for just the two of us?" With a library, bedroom, kitchen,
fountain, and gate, it was certainly spacious, but still, seemed to be
missing something.
"If only my father, brother, and mother were here," the girl said
wistfully. Indeed, the house was too large for its two small residents.
That night, clutching her favorite stuffed bunny close to her heart, the
girl fell asleep in the starship. 

~Chapter 6-Friends~
Then one day, while the girl sat sipping tea, a tiny apricot-colored
planet appeared on the horizon. 
From the planet, another Luma of the same color emerged. "Do you two know
each other?!" the girl asked the two Luma's gleefully. Despite the girl's
excitement, they seemed uneasy.
The two Luma's neither drew closes nor backed away from each other. 
Instead, they just stared. Then one Luma broke the silence.
"My mama!"
At once, the apricot Luma parroted back, "My mama! My mama!"
"My mama! My mama!"
The two Lumas began to dance around the girl frantically, and neither
showed any sign of stopping.
The girl was so charmed by this adorable scene that she couldn't help by
laugh. And that's when something very strange happened.
Suddenly, more Lumas began to pop out from the apricot planet. They were
all different colors, but they all shouted the same thing. "My mama! My 
The sight of all the shouting Lumas only made the girl laugh harder. "What
am I going to do with all these children?!" The Lumas just stared blankly
as she doubled over laughing.
"I guess we'll have to name each and every one of you."
Tomorrow, once she had finished naming them she would begin moving all the
Luma's into the new house.

~Chapter 7-The Telescope~
After seeing their 100th comet, a sudden thought popped into the girl's
head:"I wonder if my home planet is as blue as it was."
That's when she remembered her father's telescope.
Peeking into the telescope, a tiny blue dot floated into sight. It was
smaller than a Star Bit. "How strange...It's so far away, but it feels so
She twisted the knob of the telescope, and the blue dot grew until she 
could make out a grassy hill dotted with flowers. It seemed very familiar
to her.
Zooming even closer, a terrace on the hill came into view. "I used to go
stargazing there when I lived on my home planet."
She remembered rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she followed her father
up that hill to look at the stars...
She remembered how she and her brother would sled down that hill...
She remembered having picnics with her mother on that hill on bright and
windy days...
"I want to go home! I want to go home right now!" The girl burst into
tears, and the Lumas didn't know what to do.
"I want to go home! I want to go back to my house by the hill! I want to
see my mother!" The girl was shouting, her face wet with tears. 
"But I know she's not there! I knew all along that she wasn't out there in
the sky! Because...because..."
"She's sleeping under the tree on the hill!"
The girl's cries echoed through the stars, and a hush fell over the area.

~Chapter 8-The Wish~
Though usually quite cheery, one day the girl became sad again. Luma drew
close and tried to comfort her. "Mama, you still have me!"
"And don't be sad about your mama, because she's a part of you! That
means she's always close by!"
"It's like me. I love Star Bits because they remind me of my mama."
"No...no..." the girl said, unable to stop the tears.
A lonely look flickered across Luma's face, but it was soon replaced by a
wide grin. "I have an idea!"
"I will transform into a comet, a soaring comet that can carry you all on
this journey!"
With that, Luma, trailing bands of white, soared high into the sky and just
as quickly started to plummet down.
KABOOM! KABLAM! The ground shook, and a bright light poured out of the 
crater that the Luma had created.
The bands of light twisted together to form a comet tail.
And then Luma emerged, reborn as a comet.
The girl could scarcely believe her eyes. "But...how?" she kept asking.
"Our destiny as Lumas is to transform into different things," said a red
Luma who has suddenly appeared. "Stars, comets, planets...We can become
all of these things!"
"When I grow up, I want to become a star that makes someone special smile,"
said a green Luma.
A blue Luma chimed in, "That Luma turned into a real cutie of a comet,
didn't he!"
All of the Lumas together said, "No more crying, Mama!"
"Thank you..." said the girl in a whisper, and she pulled the Lumas close
and hugged them.
From that day on, Star Bits no longer fell from the girl's eyes.
The comet set forth for the girl's home planet, its long tail blazing
proudly behind it.

~Final Chapter-Family~
With its many Lumas and telescopes, the comet was quite a sight to behold.
The girl and the Lumas were proud to call it home.
At a welcoming party for a new Luma, the girl gathered everyone in the
kitchen and said in a louder voice than usual...
"All right, everyone! Let's make a cake! A cake sprinkled with Star Bits!
Then it will be a star cake!" The Lumas excitedly began to gather the
As she watched the Lumas scurry about, the girl smiled to herself, "This
is my family now, and I will stay with them until they're ready to leave
the nest. And when they do leave, I'll see them off with a smile."
"Because that's what makes a mother happiest."
That night, when the girl lay down to sleep, a soft light enveloped her
and reminded her of the blue planet she once called home. "But it would be
nice to return home once every one hundred years to nap in my favorite
sleeping nook."
The comet carrying the Lumas and the girl continues on its journey to this
very day. With more "family members" in town than can be counted, it's
said that the comet visits the girl's home planet once every hundred years,
its proud white tail glittering in the sky.
-The End-

Thanks to all of the people that helped make this Walkthrough possible.

CJayC and Sailor Bacon-For making GameFAQ's exist, main host of this FAQ

You-For reading this walkthrough and making the effort worthwhile

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