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Guide and Walkthrough by nuclearlemons

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 06/07/2009
FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2007

                       _____  _   _  _____  _____  _____
                      |  ___|| | | ||  _  ||  ___||  _  |
                      | |___ | | | || |_| || |___ | |_| |
                      |___  || | | ||  ___||  ___||    _|
                       ___| || |_| || |    | |___ | |\ \
                      |_____||_____||_|    |_____||_| \_\
                 _________  _______  _______  _______  _______
                |  _   _  ||  ___  ||  ___  ||__   __||  ___  |
                | | | | | || |   | || |   | |   | |   | |   | |
                | | | | | || |___| || |___| |   | |   | |   | |
                | | | | | ||  ___  ||  _  __|   | |   | |   | |
                | | | | | || |   | || | \ \     | |   | |   | |
                | | | | | || |   | || |  \ \  __| |__ | |___| |
                |_| |_| |_||_|   |_||_|   \_\|_______||_______|
  __________   __________   __           __________   __      __   __      __
 |   _______| |   ____   | |  |         |   ____   | |  |    |  | |  |    |  |
 |  |         |  |    |  | |  |         |  |    |  | |  |    |  | |  |    |  |
 |  |         |  |    |  | |  |         |  |    |  |  \  \  /  /   \  \  /  /
 |  |  _____  |  |____|  | |  |         |  |____|  |   \  \/  /     \  \/  /
 |  | |__   | |   ____   | |  |         |   ____   |    \    /       \    /
 |  |    |  | |  |    |  | |  |         |  |    |  |    /    \        |  |
 |  |    |  | |  |    |  | |  |         |  |    |  |   /  /\  \       |  |
 |  |    |  | |  |    |  | |  |         |  |    |  |  /  /  \  \      |  |
 |  |____|  | |  |    |  | |  |_______  |  |    |  | |  |    |  |     |  |
 |__________| |__|    |__| |__________| |__|    |__| |__|    |__|     |__|

                         Platform: Nintendo Wii
                     Release Date: November 12, 2007
                         Guide By: Tom Farello
                         Email me: nuclearlemons@gmail.com
                         Current Version: Version 1.01
                             Last Update: 06/05/09
|  __   |
| | /   |----------------------------------------------------------------------
| |/ /| |   R E C E N T   N E W S                                     [STUFF]
|   /_| |----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi, and welcome to my Super Mario Galaxy FAQ!  The most recent version of this
guide can always be found at:

I want to briefly mention the recent announcement of Super Mario Galaxy 2.
I've been a little conflicted about whether or not to write another guide for
SMG2.  As one might imagine, writing this guide was very time-consuming; I
never thought I would see a 174-kB text file in my life....  In addition, I
basically devoted the entire two days after buying the game to writing the
guide: I woke up in the morning, and skipped all of my classes for those two
days in order to play the game, and write down everything that I was doing.
I'll admit that I enjoyed writing the guide, but my issue is that if SMG2 comes
out in Q1 or Q2 2010, I will more than likely not have the luxury of being able
to just skip my classes to play it.  On the other hand, I have received many
emails from readers telling me how much the appreciate what I have put together
here, and I would like to thank you guys for that; getting an email that just
says, "Thanks for putting the effort into writing the guide, it helped me a
lot!" has really made this whole thing worth doing, and, trust me, I have
received a lot of them.  The project was also a labor of love.  I take on a lot
of "projects" that never see the light of day; I do them just for fun.  This
guide started off as being one of those projects.  If you visit my contributor
page on GameFAQs, you'll notice that I have stubs of guides for both Kirby
Canvas Curse and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.  Those guides also started out as
those types of projects, but my motivation died.  I don't think that this would
happen if I were to take on a project like a SMG2 guide, but there's a good
chance that I would need to turn my attention elsewhere, which would make me
sigificantly less likely to finish the job.  As of June 5, 2009, this guide
has received just under 690,000 hits on GameFAQs; that's more than SEVEN times
the number of hits my Kirby and the Amazing Mirror guide has.  That means that
I've helped a lot of people with this project.  However, as one might expect, a
great deal of those hits were received within the first few weeks, even days,
of the release.  There was a bit of an additional rush after the holiday season
of 2007, but that is also to be expected.  My fear is that if I don't have time
to make a good guide within the first few days of owning the game, I won't be
able to reach nearly as many people as I did with this guide.  I know a lot of
you guys really do appreciate what I have done here, and I know that most
people that have played this game really liked it, and will probably buy the
sequel.  I want you guys to know that there are several reasons that I would
love to write a guide for SMG2, and one of them is you guys, but I also want
you to know that it may end up being an impossibility.  In any case, if you are
still using this guide or reading it for whatever reason, keep those emails
coming; you have no idea how much impact one appreciative reader can have.  I
realize that I lied about the whole "brief" thing, but without further ado,
back to your regularly scheduled Super Mario Galaxy FAQ.

I would like to extend a huge thanks to all of my readers.  Because of all of
you guys, this guide has won FAQ of the Month for November, 2007.  Hats off to
each and every one of you!

People seem to be confused about this point, so I thought I might throw this
out here; this isn't actually my first FAQ, I mention that this is ONE of my
first FAQs.  It's actually only my second full-length FAQ.

|__  |
   | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------
   | |      T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                         [CNTNT]
 __| |__-----------------------------------------------------------------------

     Section Name                                                      Abbr.

  0. Recent News......................................................<STUFF>
  1. Table of Contents................................................<CNTNT>
  2. Introduction.....................................................<INTRO>
     a. Contact Information...........................................<CNTCT>
     b. About the Author..............................................<AUTHR>
     c. Version History...............................................<HSTRY>
  3. Game Basics......................................................<BASCS>
     a. Controls......................................................<CNTRL>
        - Co-star Mode................................................<PLYR2>
     b. Powerups......................................................<PWRUP>
     c. The Power Stars...............................................<TYPES>
        - Comets......................................................<COMET>
  4. The Star List....................................................<STLST>
  5. Walkthrough......................................................<WTHRU>
     a. First Things First............................................<FIRST>
     b. The Terrace...................................................<TRRCE>
     c. The Fountain..................................................<FOUNT>
     d. The Kitchen...................................................<KTCHN>
     e. The Bedroom...................................................<BEDRM>
     f. The Engine Room...............................................<ENGIN>
     g. The Garden....................................................<GARDN>
     h. The Observatory...............................................<OBSRV>
        - Bowser's Galaxy Reactor.....................................<BOWSR>
  6. Frequently Asked Questions.......................................<QSTNS>
  7. Conclusion.......................................................<CNCLS>
     a. Thank You's...................................................<THANX>
     b. Copyright Info................................................<CPYRT>

Those abbreviations are search tools.  If you want to jump to a specific point
in the FAQ, just search, with your browser's search function, for series of
five characters in the angular brackets, replacing the angular brackets with
square brackets.  For example, if you wanted to search for a section with
abbreviation "<ABBRV>", you would simply search for "[ABBRV]" with your
browser's search function.  There are similar search abbreviations for each
galaxy in a grand galaxy, as well as each star in a galaxy.

|_____  |
 _____| |----------------------------------------------------------------------
|  _____|   I N T R O D U C T I O N                                   [INTRO]
| |_____-----------------------------------------------------------------------
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  Contact Information                              [CNTCT]

My email address is nuclearlemons@gmail.com.  I have very few requests for
emails sent to me, be reasonable and follow them for me.  First off, please
email me.  This is one of my first FAQs ever, and I would like to know if I
have been helpful.  Emails that tell me that I have done poorly are not
appreciated.  Emails that tell me WHY I have done poorly are much more helpful,
and I widely accept these.  In other words, criticism must be constructive.
Emails that tell me that I have done well are accepted.  Those kinds of emails
keep this FAQ growing longer; they fuel my desire to help you.  However, emails
that tell me WHY I have done well are more useful to me, and I ask, again, that
if you are going to criticize, even positively, please do so in a constructive
manner.  Also, I am writing this guide as I play through the game.  If I don't
specifically ask for a piece of information, it's probably not a good idea to
tell me about it.  I don't want my inbox to be flooded with information I was
about to obtain by myself.  As a general rule, if it seems like I missed
something important in my guide, send me something about it.  If it seems like
I haven't gotten to it yet, hold off.  Other than that, comments, questions,
constructive criticism.

Most importantly, I filter email that comes from my readers.  I ask that you
please put the word "Mario" in the title of every email you send me about this
FAQ.  If you do not, there is a good chance I will not respond to your email
simply out of spite.

Here is the list of things I will currently be accepting in emails:
Locations of Super Mushrooms that I have seemingly missed (Luma shops, too)
Questions, corrections, concerns, and constructive comments and criticism

Again, be sure to include the word "Mario" in the title of emails you send me.
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  About the Author                                 [AUTHR]

Hi!  My name is Tom Farello, and I will be your guide through Super Mario
Galaxy!  I am a Sophomore Chemical Engineer at Cornell University (at the time
of writing this guide).  Schoolwork keeps me exceedingly busy, and I only
really get to play games on breaks and days when I don't have much work to do.

As far as other guides I have written, I am probably most notable for the guide
I wrote for Kirby and the Amazing Mirror back in 2004.  I'm not actually sure
what inspired me to write a guide about this game, but I guess it might have
been the fact that it was a release I was really excited about, and also the
fact that I got it at Best Buy a few days before the official release date.

I don't exactly have the time that some authors do, so I do not timestamp
future versions of my guides, but I try to update when I am motivated enough.
And nothing motivates me more than emails from my readers, so keep sending
them!  Other than that, I hope this guide is very helpful to you in conquering
Super Mario Galaxy!
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  Version History                                  [HSTRY]

Version 1.01: 06/05/09
   I'll admit that it feels a little weird to be updating this after so long,
   and, after reading through parts of the guide again, it turns out that I
   can surprise even myself.   I wanted to talk about SMG2 and add a few things
   that readers have submitted.

Version 1.00: 12/23/07
   Yeah, it's been over a month.  I unfortunately had school to worry about,
   but I had been getting a lot of questions in the meantime, so I wanted to
   write a Frequently Asked Questions section before the holidays were over so
   I didn't get flooded.  While I was at it, I pretty much finished up the
   guide.  Also removed mywii.com.au from the list of allowed sites.

Version 0.93: 11/19/07
   Added cheats.de and mywii.com.au to the list of allowed sites.

Version 0.92: 11/18/07
   Mostly did some formatting stuff.  Nothing major.  Corrected a few things,
   and added Elecid's strategy for Battlerock's Garbage Dump.

Version 0.91: 11/15/07
   Added ocmodshop.com to the list of allowed sites.

Version 0.90: 11/14/07
   Added the "last" 20 stars to the walkthrough.  I now cover 120 stars.  Also
   added gamesradar.com, cheatplanet.com, and supercheats.com to the list of
   allowed sites.

Version 0.81: 11/13/07
   Added gamerhelp.com and gamerevolution.com to the list of sites that are
   allowed to use my guide.

Version 0.80: 11/12/07
   Added 39 stars to the walkthrough, including the last green star.  I now
   cover 100 stars in my walkthrough.

Version 0.50: 11/11/07
   Added 16 stars to the walkthrough.  One more green star, and also The Fate
   of the Universe.  Now you could technically beat the game by doing nothing
   but follow my walkthrough.

Version 0.30: 11/10/07
   Added 45 stars to the walkthrough.  Even one green star!  That's pretty much
   it, though.

Version 0.01: 11/08/07
   Started.  Basically started the star list and some outlining; basically
   preparing myself to start writing the walkthrough.  I'm going to try to get
   through the basics and stuff before I get the game so  I can focus entirely
   on the walkthrough once I actually get the game.

|_____  |
 _____| |----------------------------------------------------------------------
|_____  |   G A M E   B A S I C S                                     [BASCS]
 _____| |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  Controls                                         [CNTRL]

Walk/Run: Tilt the control stick in the direction you want to move.  The
   further you tilt, the faster you move.

Spin: To spin, flick your Wiimote from side to side once.  From now on, I will
   refer to this action as "spinning" for simplicity, as it is used for many of
   the actions done in the game.
Point: Pointing at star bits will allow you to collect them and add them to
   your total.
Shoot: Pointing at the screen and pressing B will cause you to shoot a star bit
   wherever you are pointing.  This can be used to stun enemies among other
   things.  Note that this will subtract one star bit from your total, and
   cannot be done if your current total is zero.

Jump: Press A to jump.
Triple Jump: Wah! Hoohoo! Yahoo! Ha-ha!  While Mario doesn't actually say this,
   retains the ability to triple jump in this game.  Just press A right before
   Mario lands to have him jump again, up to three times.
Backflip: While stationary, press Z then A to do a backflip for extra height.
Long Jump: While running, press Z then A to do a long jump.

First-Person: Press up on the D+Pad to get a first-person view.  While in this
   mode, the control stick will pan the camera.  Press down on the D+Pad to get
   out of this mode
Pan Left: Press left on the D+Pad to pan left.
Pan Right: Press right on the D+Pad to pan right.
Center Camera: Press C to center the camera behind Mario.

CO-STAR MODE                                                          [PLYR2]

Co-star Mode is this game's multiplayer.  Basically, the second player can join
at any time, gets another cursor, and gets to do a couple of things with it
that I will cover right now.

Point: Player 2 can pick up star bits just like player 1 can.
Shoot: Same deal.
Hold: This really the main difference.  If player 2 points at an enemy and
   holds down the A button, the enemy will be held in place.  For some types of
   enemies, if this causes two enemies to crash, they will both be defeated,
   yielding a bunch of star bits.
Jump: If player 2 points at Mario and presses A, Mario will jump.
Super Jump: If player 2 points at Mario and presses A at the same time as
   player 1, Mario will jump much higher than normal.  It's actually only about
   the same height as a backflip, so it's not actually all that beneficial.
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  Powerups                                         [PWRUP]

Mushrooms and flowers and stars, oh my!

1-up Mushroom: One of the things in Mario that has never changed, green 1-up
   Mushrooms will grant you an extra life.
Super Mushroom: A red mushroom with stars on it.  Any time you find one of
   these, you will want to pick it up.  Not only does it refill your life, but
   it also makes it so that you can carry 6 units of life.  This effect will
   continue until one of the following three things happens: 1) You go back to
   the Observatory for any reason. 2) You suffer instant death, such as
   quicksand. 3) You are reduced to 3 units of life or fewer.
Bee Mushroom: A mushroom with yellow and black stripes.  This mushroom will
   grant Mario the ability to temporarily fly and step on clouds.  Mario will
   also wear a bee suit.  This effect will continue until Mario gets hurt, or
   comes into contact with water.
Boo Mushroom: A white mushroom with a mouth.  This mushroom will allow Mario to
   float and phase through certain solid objects.  Mario will transform into a
   Boo with a hat and moustache.  This effect will continue until Mario gets
   hurt, or touches light.
Spring Mushroom: A silver, coiled-up mushroom.  This mushroom will make Mario
   bounce around instead of walking.  Note that this makes it considerably
   harder to walk around.  The advantage here is that Mario can jump really
   high.  Use it to reach places that he normally couldn't.*

Fire Flower: A red flower.  This flower allows Mario to throw fireballs.  Mario
   dons his classic red and white uniform while in this mode.  This ability
   will run out after a certain amount of time.
Ice Flower: A blue flower.  This flower allows Mario to freeze any water he
   comes in contact with, including under his feet.  Mario will become opaque
   and blue in this mode.  This ability will run out after a certain amount of

Starman: As usual, this one will make Mario completely invulnerable for a short
   time.  This time, though, he also runs considerably faster while invincible.
   If Mario runs through an enemy, it will generally give you star bits, and
   you can defeat any enemy this way, including Chomps and Dry Bones and
   whatnot.  Mario will flash rainbow colors while in this mode.
Red Starman: This allows Mario to fly.  Just spin while airborne to start
   flying.  You can press and hold A in midair to stop and adjust your
   trajectory.  This powerup lasts a long time, though you don't get to use it
   in many places.  Mario dons a red and black uniform while in this mode.

Other Items:
Coins: Each coin you pick up (excluding purple ones) will fill one point on
   your life guage.  You will also get a 1-up for every 50 you collect on a
   single stage.
Star Bits: Star Bits can be picked up by pointing at them, and are used as ammo
   and currency.  When shot at enemies, they will ofter stun them, or even
   defeat them.  Also, a large number of these must be collected to enter some
   galaxies.  You will also get a 1-up for every 50 you are holding on a single
   stage.  Note that collecting 50, shooting one, then collecting one will not
   result in you getting two 1-ups.  The deveopers foresaw this, but it's not
   like you won't have enough lives anyway.

* Thank you to MisterDee for noticing that I was missing this information.
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  The Power Stars                                  [TYPES]

There are several types of Power Stars in the game that I would like to cover.

Normal Stars:
   These will make up the bulk of the stars you will collect throughout the
   game.  These will all consist of you receiving a clue as to how to get the
   star (the title of the star), then following a preset path to find the star.
   Each major galaxy has three of these, while each minor galaxy only has one.

Grand Stars:
   These are just like normal stars, except that each one (except the last one
   you get in "The Fate of the Universe") will open a new area in the

Hidden Stars:
   These stars are tucked away in a remote corner of one or more of the stages
   in a galaxy, but you will not receive a clue on how to get them.  Most major
   galaxies have one, and most minor galaxies have none, but those stages with
   green stars have one additional hidden star.  Once you have collected all
   of the normal stars in a galaxy, the earliest place you can collect the
   hidden star will show up with a "?" above it, if you can collect the hidden
   star at that time.  Those hidden stars that are given to you by Luigi must
   be attempted after rescuing Luigi in the Ghostly Galaxy by completing "Luigi
   and the Haunted Mansion" and waiting for Luigi to write you a letter telling
   you that he is trapped in a certain stage.

Green Stars:
   There are only three of these elusive stars in the game.  In my guide, I
   consider them equivalent with hidden stars, because they really are just
   that.  Once you collect all three, you will be allowed into the trial
   galaxies, some of the hardest and most devious stages the game designers
   could concoct.

COMETS                                                                [COMET]

   There are five types of comets in the game.  Comets are stars that will
   randomly appear a stage, and force you to complete different types of
   challenges.  Each major galaxy has two, and the minor galaxies have none.
   Note that you will unlock comets through normal progression through the
   game.  Rosalina will tell you the first time a comet is sighted, but you
   will have to check the map after that.
   Speedy Comets (Red): These force you to complete a stage within a certain
      amount of time.
   Cosmic Comets (Blue): These force you to race against a cosmic copy of Mario
      to the star.  If you lose, you will have to try again.
   Daredevil Comets (White): These force you to complete a stage or a part of a
      stage with only one life guage.  These are usually against bosses.
   Fast Foe Comets (Yellow): These force you to complete a part of a stage with
      the enemy and platform scripts doubled in speed.  This includes Thwomps,
      too, so watch out.
   Purple Comets (Purple): These force you to collect 100 purple coins.  For
      the most part there are two types: one where there are only 100 coins
      scattered all over a stage with no time limit, and another where there
      are 150 coins in a part of a stage with a time limit.  There are,
      however, a few stages with only 100 coins, and a timer.  Note that you
      may not attempt Purple Comets until you have completed "The Fate of the

 _     _
| |   | |
| |___| |----------------------------------------------------------------------
|_____  |   T H E   S T A R   L I S T                                 [STLST]
      | |----------------------------------------------------------------------

Here is quick-reference guide to the number of stars (and what kind of stars)
exist for each galaxy.

X - Normal Star
G - Grand Star
C - Comet
H - Hidden Star
S - Green Star

The Terrace
Good Egg Galaxy               XXXCCH
Honeyhive Galaxy              XXXCCH
Loopdeeloop Galaxy            X
Flipswitch Galaxy             X
Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor    G

The Fountain
Space Junk Galaxy             XXXCCH
Battlerock Galaxy             XXXCCHS
Rolling Green Galaxy          X
Hurry-Scurry Galaxy           X
Bowser's Star Reactor         G

The Kitchen
Beach Bowl Galaxy             XXXCCH
Ghostly Galaxy                XXXCCH
Buoy Base Galaxy              XS
Bubble Breeze Galaxy          X
Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada   G

The Bedroom
Gusty Garden Galaxy           XXXCCH
Freezeflame Galaxy            XXXCCH
Dusty Dune Galaxy             XXXCCHS
Honeyclimb Galaxy             X
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant    G

The Engine Room
Gold Leaf Galaxy              XXXCCH
Sea Slide Galaxy              XXXCCH
Toy Time Galaxy               XXXCCH
Bonefin Galaxy                X
Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor     G

The Garden
Deep Dark Galaxy              XXXCCH
Dreadnought Galaxy            XXXCCH
Melty Molten Galaxy           XXXCCH
Matter Splatter Galaxy        X

The Observatory
Gateway Galaxy                GH
Sweet Sweet Galaxy            X
Sling Pod Galaxy              X
Drip Drop Galaxy              X
Bigmouth Galaxy               X
Sand Spiral Galaxy            X
Snow Cap Galaxy               X
Boo's Boneyard Galaxy         X
Rolling Gizmo Galaxy          X
Loopdeeswoop Galaxy           X
Bubble Blast Galaxy           X
Bowser's Galaxy Reactor       G
Grand Finale Galaxy           X

|  _____|
| |_____-----------------------------------------------------------------------
|_____  |   W A L K T H R O U G H                                     [WTHRU]
 _____| |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  First Things First                               [FIRST]

In the beginning, you will be in an area with a lot of Toads.  This is a
straight path, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to figure out.  You can take
this opportunity to get used to the controls.  After you get to the castle,
you will see a cutscene.

After you regain control, follow the Luma Bunny to his friends.  The three of
them will want to play hide-and-seek.  You get to find them.  One of them is
hiding in a crater in the ground, one of them is in a flower patch surrounded
by green rubber balls, and one of them is in a pipe.  If you are having trouble
catching them, you might want to try to shoot star bits at them.  (From here
on, "star bits" will be abbreviated "SBs".)

After you catch all three, a tower will appear.  Go to it and talk to Princess
Rosalina.  When you regain control, break the crystals in front of you to
release a launch star.  To use it, spin while under it.

On the next planet, you will collect the star chips that are hidden around.
This shouldn't be too tough; just don't fall into the black hole.  Get the 1-up
while you're here.  When you're ready, use the launch star to go to the next

Here, you will have to find the enemy with the key.  You spin use the big pink
spike to release a shockwave that stuns all of the enemies, but it might just
be easier to jump on them.  After you find the key, use the sling star to get
to the next planet.  On this one, you will need to do the same thing.  Hint:
the giant Goomba has the key.  You will unlock a pipe with the key.  Once you
are inside, you want to flip all the yellow switches to blue.  If you step on a
switch twice, though, it will change back to yellow, so don't do that.  Once
you get them all, you will release the Grand Star.  Congratulations!

From here on, you will be getting to stages from the Observatory.  To get to
them, just go to the different domes (you only have one right now), and use the
pull star inside to pick a stage.  The black Luma will give you an explanation
on this so I won't go into detail about it.
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  The Terrace                                      [TRRCE]

Galaxy List:
  Good Egg Galaxy................ 1 Star .............................<GDEGG>
  Honeyhive Galaxy............... 3 Stars.............................<HNYHV>
  Loopdeeloop Galaxy.............  Bonus .............................<LPDLP>
  Flipswitch Galaxy..............  Bonus .............................<FLPSW>
  Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor..... 8 Stars.............................<ROBOT>
|  1  |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STAR |  Good Egg Galaxy                                              [GDEGG]

Star List:
  Dino Piranha........................................................<DINOP>
  A Snack of Cosmic Proportions.......................................<SNACK>
  King Kaliente's Battle Fleet........................................<FLEET>
  Dino Piranha Speed Run..............................................<DNOSR>
  Purple Coin Omelet..................................................<PCOML>
  Luigi on the Roof...................................................<LROOF>

> DINO PIRANHA <                                                      [DINOP]

To start out, go to the underside of this planet.  For an extra 1-up, you can
go into the pipe, get the ? coin, then collect the music notes.  Climb up the
tower (with the path) to the launch star on the top.

On the next planet, you will need to collect the star chips while dodging the
boulders.  A few things to take note of here: the mud on the ground will slow
you down, so you don't want to be in it for too long.  Also, the boulders can
be destroyed if you spin the red gem on them.  If you don't have excellent
timing, though, this can be relatively hard to do, so you may not want to try
it; remember, you only have 3 lives.  Once you get them all, use the launch
star to go to the next planet.

Here, if you jump on the piranha plant, a vine will appear.  If you spin on it,
you will climb it to the next planet.  You can use the rubber balls as weapons
against the boulders by spinning them, but don't let them hit you on the
backswing, or else you will lose a bunch of your SBs.  At the end of this path,
you will have to use a rubber ball against the big purple piranha plant to make
a vine.  Use it to get to a planet shaped like a bean.

If you ground pound in the dirt, you will get stuck.  Here, you want to spin
where the enemy is.  If you do so, then kick him, you will get a bunch of SBs.
Really, all you have to do here, is go to the other side of the planet, and
climb on the blocks, break the crystal, and use the launch star to get to the
boss.  If you manage to whack it in the tail three times (it gets harder each
time), you will earn your star.

> A SNACK OF COSMIC PROPORTIONS <                                     [SNACK]

You will start out on the tower again.  This time, you want to take the side
path to the blue Luma.  He will turn into a string of pull stars that you can
use to get to the launch star.

Over the next few planets, the point is to collect 100 SBs, and feed them to
the Luma on the egg-shaped planet.  I won't really go into detail about how to
do this, but I will say a couple of things.  First, it is a cycle of three
planets.  If you use the launch stars in midair, you will skip one planet in
the cycle.  It goes: Green planet -> Red planet -> Egg-shaped planet.  Also,
the spiky plants can be defeated with the rubber balls, and the boulders can
be defeated by spinning the red gem.  Once you finish this up, feed the Luma,
and use the launch star to go to the next planet.

Here, the idea is to climb up to the top, where there is a launch star.  If you
can find it, there is a 1-up in a little chasm that is very nice for wall

Once you use the launch star, you will be on a little glass planet.  To get
inside, you will want to find the crystal that doesn't have any SBs or coins in
it.  Spin it, and you will be able to get inside.  By the fact that you are
inside a glass planet, you will not be able to shoot SBs at the enemies.  You
should be reveling in the 2-D awesomeness of this section of the stage, but it
gets even more awesome than that.  The arrows on the walls dictate which
direction the gravity is.  Follow the path around the planet, but once you get
back to where you started, you will want to stay in the up gravity section.
The moving platforms will want to prevent you from doing so.  Defy them, and
continue on.  Once you fall up, you will have a choice between going left or
right.  Left is some other gravity platforming, right is a platform that can
crush you.  If you go right, you get a 1-up, and get to skip the rest of the
platforming with just a backflip into the up gravity section.  This will lead
you to a launch star that will take you to a star-shaped planet.

There are two ways to get the star here.  Either you can collect all five blue
star chips, or you can just long jump to it.  Don't worry, you won't die if you

> KING KALIENTE'S BATTLE FLEET <                                      [FLEET]

You will start on the planet with the tower once again.  This time, you will
have to use the red pipe on the other side of the planet.  Get the 1-up if you
feel like it, then head out through the top pipe, and use the launch star up

On the next planet, if you save the Toad, he will tell you to hit the spiky
plants with coconuts.  So that's what you need to do.  Once you hit the big
spiky plant with a coconut by spinning it at him, use the sling star to get to
get to the next planet.  Here, you will hit the Pokey with a coconut to knock
him over, then jump on his head to get a launch star.

This will send you to a small planet with two Chomps.  If you go into the pipe,
you will find a ? coin.  Get it to reveal a Starman.  If you get the Starman,
you will be invincible.  You can use it any way you want: smack the Goombas,
use it on the Chomps, or use the sling star, which you will eventually have to
do anyway.  Once you do so, you will be on a planet with a lot of electricity.
As if I have to say it, don't touch that.  It's kinda painful.  Anyway, here,
get to the other side of the planet, then find the platform that lets you get
on top of the tank-like thing in the middle.  There is a launch star in a
crystal on it.  Use it to gain access to those airships you saw in the intro
(if you didn't skip it).

Here, two aliens guard the bridge.  If you save the Toad here, he will tell you
to bounce something back at them.  Spin coconuts to defeat them, but don't spin
the fireballs.  Once you have cleared them out, go across the bridge, and to
the wheel of the next ship.  There is a launch star here.

Use it to go to a large planet with seemingly nothing on it.  Go to the other
side to play coconut volleyball with King Kaliente.  He'll spit fireballs and
coconuts at you.  The idea here is very similar to Phantom Ganon in the Zelda
games.  When he launches a coconut at you, hit it back at him until he gets hit
by it.  Do this three times to unveil the star.

> DINO PIRANHA SPEED RUN <                                            [DNOSR]

You get to fight Dino Piranha again, but this time, you've only got 4 minutes
to do it.  I won't go over the strategy again, but I will point out the major
differences.  The boulders that were all over the place in the original are now
Chomps, so you can't actually defeat them without a Starman.  It really
shouldn't take you much more than 30 seconds to beat Dino Piranha, so you
should be able to make it within the 4 minute guideline.

> PURPLE COIN OMELET <                                                [PCOML]

On the first planet, collect the trail of 15 coins, and use the launch star.
You will get 10 coins on the way to the next planet.

Here there is another trail of 15 coins.  Follow them toward the launch star.
You will snag another 10 coins in the air.

There is another trail here, but it is only 10 coins.  Follow them to the
launch star.  You will get 10 coins again.

You're back where you started.  You will now want to hit the launch stars that
you pass while you're launching.  This should get you the remaining 30 coins.
The star will appear in front of the place you land back on the first planet.

> LUIGI ON THE ROOF <                                                 [LROOF]

Choose any of the three main stages.  Go into the red pipe at the beginning of
the stage.  Luigi is on the roof of the house up there.  Talk to him to get the
|  3  |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Honeyhive Galaxy                                             [HNYHV]

Star List:
  Bee Mario Takes Flight..............................................<FLGHT>
  Trouble on the Tower................................................<TOWER>
  Big Bad Bugaboom....................................................<BUGBM>
  Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race.........................................<HHRCE>
  The Honeyhive's Purple Coins........................................<HHVPC>
  Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom......................................<LGHNY>

> BEE MARIO TAKES FLIGHT <                                            [FLGHT]

When you start out, if you follow the path up and to the right, you will find
a fountain with a ? coin in it.  If you pick that up, a Bee Mushroom will
appear below you.  If you pick that up, you become Bee Mario.  As the name of
this star suggests, Bee Mario can fly.  So do so.  Fly up to the platform in
front of you without touching the water.  If you touch the water, you will lose
your bee abilities, and have to collect the Bee Mushroom again.  Go through the
tunnel here, but don't into the stump at the end of the path.  There is a 1-up
behind it.  Now jump into the stump and slide down the slide.  There is a Bee
Mushroom inside a crystal down here.  Spin the crystal to break it, then get
the mushroom.  Fly up the wall, and onto the platform.  Bee Mario can jump on
flowers, so if you need coins, there are plenty here.  Mario also sticks to
the honey, which makes it difficult to fly, so watch out.  Use the launch star
at the end of the path to go to a rather waterlogged planet.

Remember, Bee Mario can't touch water, so if you do, there is a Bee Mushroom on
one of the platforms here.  You can use the flowers to get an extra boost here,
just shake the remote while on one to gain a little height.  The idea here is
to get to the big flower (with the launch star on it) without touching the

The launch star will send you to the planet that the queen bee is on.
Except you'll have to do a bit of climbing, first.  As Bee Mario, you'll be
able to stick to the honey wall.  If you somehow lose your bee abilities, there
is a vine on the bottom of this planet that leads to a Bee Mushroom.  Once you
get to the top, jump on the piranha plant to get a vine to the top of the
planet.  Disturbingly enough, the queen will want you to itch her.  To do so,
find the five star chips on her.  You can climb on her just like you can climb
on the honey.  This, of course, make a launch star appear.

This will take you back near the beginning of the level, on a tree.  One of the
Toads up here (the one with the flashlight on his head) will give you a star,
telling you that Luigi is lost.  Meh, you can worry about him later.  For now
grab the star!

> TROUBLE ON THE TOWER <                                              [TOWER]

Follow the path from the start, and one of the bees will tell you that vines
wont grow if there are rocks in the way.  So if you see a rock, get rid of it.
Awesomely enough, there is one right there.  Ground pound it to reveal a vine.
Use it and the subsequent one to get to another platform.  There are a couple
of diversions here, but what you really want to do is get to the spring with
the star shadow on it.  Ground pound the spring to get to the next platform.
Up here, ground pound the Wiggler to defeat him, then ground pound the switch
to reveal a bridge to the next platform.  If you ground pound the wooden switch
in the middle, the platform will start to fall.  OH NOOO... wait, it stopped.
A couple of well-placed wall jumps will get you to the top here.  Continue
until you reach a pair of wooden walls that are far too wall-jumpable, then
wall jump up to the launch star at the top.

Said launch star will take you to a very oddly-shaped planet.  Get to the
flattest part and jump to the next planet.  There is a sling star here; you can
use that to get to the next planet.  Here, there is a ? coin.  This will make a
Starman appear.  Grab it, and take care of the enemies here.  Once your fun is
over, jump down the stump.  The bee here will complain about Mandibugs.  These
guys aren't too bad; just jump on them to weigh them down, then give them a
nice ground pound to subdue them.  There is a Super Mushroom in plain sight; I
highly recommend grabbing it.  Not even because the next area is hard, but just
because it plays an awesome theme when you grab it.  And having 3 more life
never hurt anyone.  Ground pound the switch up above the Super Mushroom to
start the windmill.  Jump on one of the blades to get up to the top.  There is
a stack of two Mandibugs up here.  Pound the first one and the second one will
get mad.  Pound him to get the star.

> BIG BAD BUGABOOM <                                                  [BUGBM]

The Mandibugs are back, and there are more of them than before.  Use the path
up and to the right, and go to the fountain.  Here, you will see a bubble
launcher that looks uncannily like FLUDD.  In any case, get shot by one of the
bubbles to get sent to the next platform.  Here, there are a couple of
Mandibugs and a Super Mushroom.  I'm assuming which of those you should destroy
and which you should pick up.  Drop down to the platform below you to find a
Bee Mushroom, and a pipe.  The pipe will give you a quick way back here if you
lose your bee abilities later in the stage.  I recommend going through it
before going any further into the stage.  Then, grab the Bee Mushroom, and go
through the tunnel that you used in the first star of this galaxy.  The queen
bee will give you a launch star, so use it.

You will land on a platform with a flower and a Bee Mushroom.  Get the mushroom
if you need it, then use the flower to give yourself a boost toward the next
platform.  The flower will not send you all the way to the next platform, you
will have to fly a little bit to actually get there.  Same deal for the next
platform.  When you get to the center platform, Bugaboom will drop down from
who-knows-where and attack you.  The idea here is obviously to ground pound his
back.  This is reletively easy the first time, but then he starts to fly.  Now,
you will have to jump on a flower to get high enough to ground pound him.  If
he hits you, or you accidentally land in the water, there is a Bee Mushroom
available for you.  Once you hit him for the second time, he will get mad, and
he will start tipping sideways when he flies.  Now, you will have to wait for
him to straighten out before you can hit him.  Hitting him for the third time
will make him give up his star.

> HONEYHIVE COSMIC MARIO RACE <                                       [HHRCE]

For this star, you will be racing through the tunnel, down the stump, down the
slide, and across those honey-covered platforms.  Here are a few tips here:
Getting to the tunnel will require some well-placed backflipping, since the
Bee Mushroom is non-existent in this stage.  You will need to jump on the
blocks that are there for you, then backflip up.  Also, the honey will slow you
down and make it more difficult to jump, so stay out of that stuff.  Overall,
this shouldn't be too tough.  The backflipping in the hardest part.

> THE HONEYHIVE'S PURPLE COINS <                                      [HHVPC]

Start by grabbing the ones on the ground and in the water.  There are 10.
Start moving forward, and grab the one in the air on your right.  Stomping on
one of the rocks here releases a vine.  Take it to the upper platform.  Grab
the one on the block and the three on the hill.  Head back toward the vine, but
this time look to your right.  See that coin way up there?  Grab it and fall to
the other side.  Follow the trail, and do a wall jump up to the top.  Snag the
two coins up here, then drop down, getting the coin that you can see along the
way.  If you miss it, you can use the swing to get it.  You should now have a
total of 26.  Get the five coins by the fountain, then jump down near the pipe
and grab the two coins up here.  Use the pipe to get to a different area.  Just
follow the path here, grabbing the coins as you go.  Make your way back, and
grab the two coins here (you can't get the coins on the slide yet) and go into
the pipe.  You should have 44 coins now.  Head back to the fountain, but this
time, ground pound that huge pile of stone blocks to the left.  There will be a
purple coin waiting for you when you do.  Go back to the vine now, and use it.
This time, get the coins in the water and behind the tree.  You should now have
53 coins.  Jump on the wooden border here, and grab the five coins on it.  You
can hit the switch now, but don't cross the bridge yet.  There is one coin in
the water on your right, two behind the tree on your right, and three on the
platform toward the camera.  Now, hit the switch if you haven't done so, and
cross the bridge.  Hit the wooden switch to drop the platform.  Some well-timed
wall jumps will get you the two coins here.  Head up to the top, and get the
two coins here.  Ignore the one on the wall to your left for now, and grab the
rest up here (including the other one on the wall).  Don't forget the two on
top of the wall jump walls.  There are also three in the green area above you
and to your right.  You will now have 78 coins.  Grab the one I told you to
skip, and the one directly under it, on the block.  Get the one of the other
block, then drop near the stump, not in it.  There are three in the tunnel.
Grab those, then jump into the stump.  Try to grab all five here.  If you can't
just make your way back up, and try again.  When you have a total of 89 coins,
Go back up to the top, where the wall jump walls above the waterfall are.  See
that plant on the wall behind the wall jump walls?  Backflip to it and drop to
the platform below it.  There are five coins on the platform for you to grab.
Once you have them all, continue to the right, and backflip up to the next
platform.  There are five coins up here.  Now you're probably thinking, "What a
jerk.  This guy left me with 99 coins."  Well, head back to the beginning, and
look to the left of where you started.  There is a coin behind the fence here,
and once you get it, the star will appear very close to where you are.  Think
I'm a jerk now?

> LUIGI IN THE HONEYHIVE KINGDOM <                                    [LGHNY]

Choose any of the main three stages.  Get up to the area where the bridge
appeared in Trouble on the Tower.  This is to the left of the waterfall when
facing the tunnel.  Luigi is up a tree.  Shoot him with a SB and he will give
you a star.
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ?  |  Loopdeeloop Galaxy                                           [LPDLP]

> SURFING 101 <

Here you will be doing a little ray surfing.  Talk to the big penguin, and tell
him that you are, indeed, a surfer too, and he will give you some instructions
about how to surf, and whatnot.  When you actually get to the course, falling
off the side will cost you a life, and you can only turn when you are on the
surface of the water.  Get to the end within 1:30:00 to get a gold medal... uh,
I mean STAR!
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ?  |  Flipswitch Galaxy                                            [FLPSW]


The idea here, is, indeed, to paint the planet yellow.  You are going to step
on all of the blue switches to make them yellow.  Just like in the Gateway
Galaxy, if you step on the switches twice, they will turn blue again.  Be
careful of that purple enemy in the corner.  It will shoot out shockwaves that
will damage you.  Once you get them all, the traps will stop, but they won't
disarm, so watch out.  The purple enemy will turn into a spring, which you will
have to use to get the star.
|  8  |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor                                   [ROBOT]


On the first planet, you will need to get Bullet Bills to follow you in order
to break the glass cases that things are held in.  What you really need is the
launch star, but there is also a 1-up and coins.  If it helps out, you can
defeat the helmet enemies by spinning them and then jumping on them.

Once you land, Bowser Jr. will be there to greet you.  He will unleash Megaleg
on you.  You can get on top of Megaleg by getting on one of his massive legs.
Once you get on top, you will need to get the Bullet Bills to break the gate
for you.  Once you do that, a revolving gate will appear.  The idea is to break
one of the pieces of the gate with a Bullet Bill and get another Bill inside
the gate to break the Grand Star out.  You can also get the Bullet Bill inside
the gate by jumping and having it loop around you, but this requires more
timing.  Once you break the case, Megaleg will blow up.  GRAND STAR GET!
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  The Fountain                                     [FOUNT]

Galaxy List:
  Space Junk Galaxy.............. 9 Stars.............................<SPJNK>
  Battlerock Galaxy..............12 Stars.............................<BTLRK>
  Rolling Green Galaxy...........  Bonus .............................<RLLNG>
  Hurry-Scurry Galaxy............  Bonus .............................<HURRY>
  Bowser's Star Reactor..........15 Stars.............................<SRCTR>
|  9  |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Space Junk Galaxy                                            [SPJNK]

Star List:
  Pull Star Path......................................................<PLLST>
  Kamella's Airship Attack............................................<SHPAT>
  Tarantox's Tangled Web..............................................<TRNTX>
  Pull Star Path Speed Run............................................<PSPSR>
  Purple Coin Spacewalk...............................................<PCSWK>
  Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance.......................................<YOSHI>

> PULL STAR PATH <                                                    [PLLST]

Grab onto the pull star at the very beginning; you will safely fall to the next
planet.  Here, you will have to hit a series of pull stars to get to the next
planet.  Once you get there, grab the star chips that are hovering around the
set of three planets to make a launch star.

This will send you to a rocket-shaped planet.  Near the nose of the rocket,
there is a planet with a pull star in the middle.  Actually, there are a series
of them.  Follow along until you hit another series of pull stars.  This will
lead to a narrow planet with some jumping spiders on it.  If you save all the
Toads up here, you will be rewarded by the captain giving you a sling star,
which is apparently a shortcut to the star.  Use it to launch toward an area
full of space junk.  Here, you will need to platform over platforms that only
appear when you are near them.  Grab all five silver stars to earn your star.

> KAMELLAS'S AIRSHIP ATTACK <                                         [SHPAT]

Right at the beginning, the Toad Brigade's captain asks for help.  He wants you
to save his men from the enemy fleet.  So, use the launch star that is here,
and start being a hero.

On the airship, there are a couple of enemies and a switch.  Hit the switch to
lower the bridge, then cross it.  You can get a 1-up on the platform to your
left, or you can use the sling star on your right.  Once you use the sling
star, you will be on another airship.  To get the ? box and a bunch of SBs,
spin on the green thing on the ground.  You can use the Koopa shell here to
open the treasure chests and kill enemies.  Just shake the remote.  They spawn,
so don't worru about running out. Open the treasure chest behind the Magikoopa
to get a launch star.

This will send you to a platform with a Goomba and a ? block.  Once you have
taken care of both of these, drop down to the airship below.  To get a shell
off of the Koopas, just spin them.  One of the chests here contains a red shell
which will home on enemies, and one contains a Super Mushroom.  Use the red
shell, and another green shell to take care of the aliens on the other side of
the bridge to drop it.  Cross it onto another airship.  Use the sling star to
go up through the deck, to be greeted by Kamella.  Her red spells will cause
fireballs to appear, whereas the green spells will cause shells to appear.  You
will need to spin the shells to pick them up.  After two hits, she will cause
two Magikoopas to appear.  You should probably take care of them first.  If you
are running low of health, the ? block has a few coins in it.  Once you hit her
three times, the star is yours.

> TARANTOX'S TANGLED WEB <                                            [TRNTX]

The Toad Brigade's captain needs your help again.  One of his members is lost,
so get to finding him!  Use the pull stars to get you to a large, glass planet.
Inside, there is a launch star.  Use it to get to the next planet.

There is a Toad stuck on a sling pod.  You need to shoot him to the next sling
pod by taking your cursor, putting it on the sling pod, holding A, pulling the
sling pod in the direction opposite the one you want to shoot, and releasing A.
You will need to do the same thing with Mario.  Once you repeat this process
with the second sling pod, you will be on the rocket planet from the first
stage.  There is another sling pod where the exhaust would come out of the
rocket.  Shoot yourself to the L-shaped planet, and then again, to a Koosh-like
planet. You will break it open.  Now, jump on another sling pod and shoot
yourself into the center.  Meet Tarantox.  What you need to do here is shoot
the red thing on his back.  You can distract him by shooting one of the pulsing
boils on his body.  You can also enlist the Toad that is stuck in the web to do
so for you.  Once you hit him in the back, you need to shoot yourself into the
three boils on his underside. He will then get angry, and start spewing stuff
from the red and green boils.  You need to do the same thing one more time,
dodging the slime that is coming out of his boils.  Once you hit him for the
second time, he will give up the star.

> PULL STAR PATH SPEED RUN <                                          [PSPSR]

You've got 4 minutes to get the Pull Star Path star.  Ready?  GO!  There is
only one real difference in this stage, and that is that there are more coins
this time around.  And they pretty much just act as a diversion.  If you try to
collect every one of them, you are really only confounding yourself, unless, of
course, you are actually trying to get all the coins in the game.

> PURPLE COIN SPACEWALK <                                             [PCSWK]

You will see all 100 coins laid out in front of you.  This is the area with the
disappearing platforms.  The problem is, you only have two minutes to grab them
all.  So move quickly, but carefully.  Try to end up near the beginning,
because that's where the star is, and the timer keeps going, even after you've
collected all the coins.

> YOSHI'S UNEXPECTED APPEARANCE <                                     [YOSHI]

Choose Tarantox's Tangled Web.  From the beginning, grab onto the pull stars,
and make your way toward the large, glass planet.  A Luma on the planet will
want 50 SBs.  There are some on the surface of the planet, and there are also
some on the inside.  Once you have 50, feed them to him, and he will make a
planet shaped like Yoshi's head.  Defeat all of the Goombas on this planet to
get this star.  As a sidenote, if you manage to bounce on more than one Goomba
in a single jump, a counter will go off.  If you get eight without falling, per
Super Mario standards, you will get a 1-up.
| 1 2 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Battlerock Galaxy                                            [BTLRK]

Star List:
  Battlerock Barrage..................................................<BRRGE>
  Breaking into Battlerock............................................<BRKIN>
  Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe......................................<TPMNC>
  Topmaniac's Daredevil Run...........................................<TMDRE>
  Purple Coins on the Battlerock......................................<PCBTL>
  Battlerock's Garbage Dump...........................................<TRASH>
  Luigi Under the Saucer..............................................<SAUCR>

> BATTLEROCK BARRAGE <                                                [BRRGE]

You will start of this galaxy on a set of discs with five blue star chips on
them.  You know what to do.  As a note, the ? coin will make some coins appear.
If you want them, you will need to get them quickly, because they will
disappear after a short time.  You can use the pull stars to get to a launch
star, which will send you to another set of discs.  Use the spring on the first
disc to get to the second disc.  There is a screw on the top of this disc.
Spin on it to make the disc start moving.  You will then have to ride the disc
through a series of traps.  Throughout this, don't forget that you can get on
the bottom of the disc, but watch out for the electric balls on the edge.  The
? coin in this area will cause a bunch of SBs to come out of the cannons.  You
will need to jump over the single green lightning bolt.  At the end of the
course, you will need to get a Bullet Bill to chase you to the glass case that
the star is in, though you might want to pick up the 1-up first.

> BREAKING INTO BATTLEROCK <                                          [BRKIN]

The Bob-ombs in this stage are similar to the Koopa shells in Space Junk
Galaxy, pick them up, then toss them by shaking the remote.  They will explode,
and they can break glass cases.  You can use this to get to the SBs, as well as
the launch star and the beginning of this stage.

The launch star will take you to a very colorful planet with a bunch of Chomps
rolling around.  Same deal here.  You will want to free the Luma from its cage
with the Bob-ombs.  He will transform into a sling star so that you can reach
the launch star above him.

Launch to the next disc, where you will maneuver through a mine field with pull
stars.  Be sure to grab the Super Mushroom, and even the 1-up if you're feeling
skilled.  Take the launch star at the end to go to the next planet.

Here you will want to go into the pipe.  The Bob-ombs inside will actually want
to attack you, so spin them to calm them down, then toss them at the glass
case.  Jump into the cannon in the middle, and shoot at the frozen Luma in the
middle of the room.  He will become a launch star.  Shoot out of another
cannon, and spin in the launch star to go to the next planet.

Here, you will have to bring a Bob-omb to the end of the trap-filled track to
blow up cases containing a 1-up and cannon.  If you're a good aim, you can
actually blow up both in one pass.  In any case, jump into the cannon, and
shoot at the star ahead of you when the path is clear of obstacles.

> TOPMANIAC AND THE TOPMAN TRIBE <                                    [TPMNC]

The ? coin at the beginning here will make a bunch of SBs appear.  The best way
to kill the wrench-hurling moles here is to ground pound near them, then spin
them.  If you get too close to them before ground pounding, they will hide.
Use the pull stars here to get to the next set of discs.  There is a sling star
above the laser on the top side of the disc that can be used to get to the next
disc, which will immediately start traversing the mine field directly in front
of you.  At the end, there is a launch star.

Use it to get to a planet with a Topman, and a Super Mushroom.  You can destroy
the Topman by spinning it into the electricity.  Do so.  You can't destroy the
Super Mushroom, but you should grab it anyway.  Once you spin the Topman into
the electricity, the shield will go down, freeing the Luma in the cage.  He
will turn into a launch star, which you will use.

The closest box to the mole has a pipe in it.  Go down the pipe.  Inside is an
area with messed-up gravity.  Spin the green arrow at the beginning to change
the gravity's direction.  Begin platforming.  The ? coin will cause some SBs to
appear, and if you're feeling brave, go for the 1-up.  You will want to spin
the pink arrow at the end to get the gravity going up, and you will continue to
your left.  Be careful not to jump too high, or else you'll end up back where
you started.  In the next area, be careful of the red platforms, because they
will crush you if you stay in one place for too long.  At the end, there is a
purple spring that sends you to a pipe.  Go through it, and to the next room.
Here, jump on the purple enemy that is making shockwaves to have it spring you
to the ceiling.  You will go through the ceiling into a new room, where you
will have to defeat two Topmen.  Do so, then take the launch star that you will
fall to.

Get to the other side of the planet when you land, and, if you feel like it,
visit the Luma shop up here.  If you still have that Super Mushroom, get a
1-up; if you don't, I recommend getting another one right here.  Once you get
to the top of the tower, Topmaniac will appear.  To oust this crazy guy, all
you have to do is jump on the top of him, then spin him into the electricity
three times.  The spikes around him will hurt you, so watch out.  The yellow
Topmen in this fight will be defeated with a single spin, but the red Topmen
need to be forced into the electricity.  Once you defeat Topmaniac, the star
will appear.

> TOPMANIAC'S DAREDEVIL RUN <                                         [TMDRE]

Honestly, I'm not sure what to say here.  Beat Topmaniac with only one life.
The main things to look out for here are the red Topmen, and what Topmaniac
does after he gets hurt.  The red Topmen can get annoying.  Kill them before
you focus on Topmaniac.  Also, each time you damage Topmaniac, he will jump
directly to the center of the battlefield.  If you are under him when he does
this, you will take damage.

> PURPLE COINS ON THE BATTLEROCK <                                    [PCBTL]

This star is pretty cool.  You will be on the moving platform from Battlerock
Barrage, collecting coins as you move along.  You will need to collect while
dodging the projectiles.  Be careful, because not only do the projectiles hurt
you, they will also make you unable to move for a time.  The Super Mushroom
along the way may be helpful, but your main focus is the coins.  To get over
the electricity, backflip.  If you miss any of the coins along the way, you may
have time to run across the other side of the platform and make it back before
it goes all the way below the electricity, but try to grab them all the first
time.  Snag all 100 to get the star.  If you didn't, talk to the robot here,
and he will... well... kill you.

> BATTLEROCK'S GARBAGE DUMP <                                         [TRASH]

Choose Breaking into Battlerock.  Make sure to grab the SBs on the first
planet, because you will need 30 by the next one.  Once you have a satisfactory
amount, launch yourself over to the next planet.  If you are still low, grab
the Starman here and grab some from the Chomps.  Talk to the Luma, and feed him
the 30 SBs, and he will make a new planet on which you have to blow up pieces
of trash in 30 seconds with Bob-ombs.  This may take you a few tries, but you
won't lose a life if you mess up, so it's okay.  There are only a few tips I
can give you here.  Try to blow up as many as you can with one Bob-omb.  It
seems the the lights in the middle of the arena are ideal for this.*  Also, if
you jump, the Bob-omb that you are holding will go further when you throw it.
You can also make a little chain reaction by putting Bob-ombs close together.
Oh, and be sure not to blow yourself up.  Once you nab them all, you'll get a
star as your reward.

* Thank you to Elecid for this great strategy.

> LUIGI UNDER THE SAUCER <                                            [SAUCR]

Choose Battlerock Barrage.  When you get to the end, instead of freeing the
star, free Luigi from the underside of the same platform.  GREEN STAR GET!
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ?  |  Rolling Green Galaxy                                         [RLLNG]


This time, you're going to be rolling around Monkey Ball style.  There isn't
much I can say about this one except for the following: Goombas are scattered
around the galaxy.  They will act as obstacles, and your ball will get totally
messed up if you roll over them.  Also, the ? coins give you SBs, so if you're
low on those, you might want to consider picking them up.  Finally, the areas
with flowers near the end are hills.  You might not want to stay on the side
with the infinite abyss on them for too long.  The yellow holes will act as
cannons to shoot you to a new area, and the blue hole is the goal.  Once you
get there, the star will pop out of the ball, and you can climb the flag to get
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ?  |  Hurry-Scurry Galaxy                                          [HURRY]


One thing you should definitely know about this stage: the green floors will
start to disappear when you step on them.  Get across to the other side of the
path, and step on the green tile underneath the ? block.  There is a launch
star underneath the tile, so you are okay stepping on it.  Use the launch star
to head to the so-called "shrinking satellite"

All of the floor here will fall away when you step on them, so grab all 25
notes quickly.  There is no really "good" way to do it.  When you reach a
certain point, there will be notes on your left and right.  Either way is okay,
since you will just end up looping back to the beginning anyway.  Once you get
all of the notes, the black hole will disappear, and be replaced by a star.
Just fall through the planet to grab it.
| 1 5 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Bowser's Star Reactor                                        [SRCTR]


Disclaimer: Some platforming involved.  But in all seriousness, you will have
to do some platforming while avoiding whirling fire to the tune of Super Mario
64's Bowser World Theme.  Sweet.  At the beginning, be sure to grab the 1-up,
but don't get yourself killed over it.  In the area with the messed-up gravity,
be sure to pay attention to where the black holes are, and where there in no
floor/ceiling.  Some of the ares look misleadingly safe.  The basic idea is
to go up, around the fireballs, down onto the moving platform, back up, around
the fire again, over the Thwomp, and onto the yellow platform.  Be careful, the
Thwomp is instant death.  In the next area, grab the 1-up if you want it, then
head forward.  Be careful, because there are some fire-breathing FLUDD heads
behind the Thwomp.  You can take your time before Bowser starts annihilating
the platforms you are on.  Grab the Super Mushroom here and head toward the top
of the tower.

Time to face off against Bowser with a really epic Latin-choir-like theme in
the background.  He will shoot some shockwaves at you, then try to stomp you.
Make him land on one of the blue circles on the ground, and his tail will catch
fire.  He will start going around the planet, with his tail on fire.  He will
try to avoid you, so you need to head him off.  When you get it range, spin his
tail and he will lose control.  Just spin him again to hurt him.  He will then
get mad and start spitting fireballs at you.  Repeat the same process for the
second hit.  This time, though, he will move around the planet after you spin
his tail.  One more time will do the trick, except this time, you have to hit
him twice after hitting his tail.  The Grand Star will then appear.  Collect it
and revel in it!
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  The Kitchen                                      [KTCHN]

Galaxy List:
  Beach Bowl Galaxy..............16 Stars.............................<BCHBL>
  Ghoslty Galaxy.................20 Stars.............................<GSTLY>
  Bubble Breeze Galaxy...........  Bonus .............................<BBLBZ>
  Buoy Base Galaxy...............  Bonus .............................<BYBSE>
  Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada....23 Stars.............................<ARMDA>
| 1 6 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Beach Bowl Galaxy                                            [BCHBL]

Star List:
  Sunken Treasure.....................................................<SNKTR>
  Passing the Swim Test...............................................<SMTST>
  The Secret Undersea Cavern..........................................<CAVRN>
  Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone......................................<CYCLN>
  Beachcombing for Purple Coins.......................................<BCHPC>
  Wall Jumping up Waterfalls..........................................<WTRFL>

> SUNKEN TREASURE <                                                   [SNKTR]

In this area, there are five star chips for you to find.  They are all under
the water, so look there.  The hardest ones to find are the one inside the clam
at the bottom of the stage, and the one in front of the eel's mouth, at the
left-most part of the stage, when facing the shore from the water.  Once you
get all five, take the launch star to the next platform.

The ? coin here will cause a bunch of notes to appear.  Collect them all for a
1-up.  Hit the ! switch at the end, and quickly make your way up the path that
appears, because it's timed.  The next ! switch will cause two walls to appear.
Wall jump up there.  Two spins to the crystal will release the star.

> PASSING THE SWIM TEST <                                             [SMTST]

Talk to the big penguin, and tell him that you are interested in taking the
swim test.  He will ask you to find a golden shell.  Get to it!  One of the
penguins underwater has a golden shell.  Spin him to get it.  Take it back to
the big penguin to get a very easy star.

> THE SECRET UNDERSEA CAVERN <                                        [CAVRN]

This time, there are a lot of shells underwater.  Grab any of them, and head
toward the cracked rock wall.  Shoot said shell at said wall to break it.  If
you're interested, there is also a 1-up in one of the chests.  Head into the
hole in the wall and break the boxes that are near the gate.  Go inside, and
ground pound on the stump to summon a launch star.  You will be sent to a
far-off planet where you will be asked to get by a group of rolling boxes.  To
do this, you will need to wait where their teeth will land, because they have
a hole inside them right there.  If you're feeling ambitious, you might want to
try to take the disappearing paths.  Either way, spin the crystal twice at the
end to free the star.

> FAST FOES ON THE CYCLONE STONE <                                    [CYCLN]

In this stage, all enemy and platform scripts have doubled in speed.  Be
careful.  This is from the second half of The Secret Undersea Cavern.  There
aren't any real differences here, just don't go any faster than about half as
fast as you think you can, or else you'll end up part of the floor.

> BEACHCOMBING FOR PURPLE COINS <                                     [BCHPC]

Start with the coins on the islands in the water.  There are a total of 25, if
you include the four coins on the tree on the leftmost island, while facing the
shore, and the one that you can get by bouncing on the big penguin's head.
According to one of the penguins, there are five in the ocean.  So grab a shell
and go get them!  They are on a rock in the middle, on the bottom, hidden by
some seaweed, on a fallen pillar near the bottom, under the arch, and down by
the rock wall that you destroyed with a shell earlier.  While you're here, grab
the coin on the ledge above the arch by doing a jump, a wall jump, and a spin
in the air.  Now, grab onto the vine near the beginning, and swing around it,
collecting all the coins here.  You should now have 55.  Now, climb to the top,
near the waterfall, and grab the ten coins in the waterfall basin (you will
have to use the Spring Mushroom to grab one of the coins behind the waterfall).
Then, use the Spring Mushroom to grab the six coins on the trees near the
beginning, and grab the coin near the fence behind the trees.  Now, head to the
other side of the waterfall basin, and grab the two coins here, the one near
the tree, and the ones on the swing.  Your total should now be 81.  Use the
Spring Mushroom to get to the top platform near the waterfall, and follow the
trail of coins here.  You will want to keep the spring abilities, since there
are a bunch of coins high above that white platform near the water.  Once
you've picked up the three coins on the tree at the top, you should have all
100.  The star is by the big penguin at the bottom.

> WALL JUMPING UP WATERFALLS <                                        [WTRFL]

Choose Passing the Swim Test or The Secret Undersea Cavern.  Grab a shell (the
shell will be the gold shell if you picked Passing the Swim Test), and take it
to the treasure chest on the very right side of the stage, facing the shore.
Open it with the shell, and a launch star will pop out.

This will take you to a quaint little area with a ? coin, a Cataquack and a
Super Mario Bros. 3 background theme.  Anyway, have the Cataquack launch you
into the ? coin.  An Ice Flower will appear.  Use it to wall jump up the set
of waterfalls furthest away from you.  You will have to do three sets of wall
jumps (the third consisting of only one wall jump) to get to a sling star.  If
you run out of ice power by the third wall jump, you can do a backflip with a
spin at its apex.  This will launch you to a new area, with a new Cataquack and
a new Ice Flower.  Grab the flower, and have the Duckapult... I mean Cataquack
follow you along the ice platforms you are making, toward the star, and have
him launch you into it.
| 2 0 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Ghostly Galaxy                                               [GSTLY]

Star List:
  Luigi and the Haunted Mansion.......................................<MANSN>
  A Very Spooky Sprint................................................<SPRNT>
  Beware of Bouldergeist..............................................<BLDRG>
  Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run........................................<BGDRE>
  Purple Coins in the Bone Pen........................................<PCBPN>
  Matter Splatter Mansion.............................................<MSMNS>

> LUIGI AND THE HAUNTED MANSION <                                     [MANSN]

You will start this one out on one of the Star Brigade's ships.  Take the
launch star to the main level.

To defeat the pumpkin Goombas here, just spin them once, and they become normal
Goombas.  Follow the winding path ahead, avoiding Chomps as they come rolling.
Inside, there is a Boo.  As a Toad that is stuck in a box so cleverly points
out, ghosts hate light.  So let's hit the lights.  The switch in the corner
closest to the camera will turn on a light that you can use to lure the Boo
toward.  Walk up the stairs.  The Boo in the picture frame will pop out and
chase you.  He is holding a key, so get him into the light.  Once you grab the
key, go through the door that it opens.  In this room, you need to grab all
five star chips without falling out any of the windows.  There is also a crack
in the ceiling that you can ground pound to get a significant number of coins.
Once you get all of the star chips, jump into the launch star that appears in
the window.

You'll be warped to a different point in the mansion.  If you look to the left,
you can see Luigi calling for help.  If you go to the right, you'll see a key.
You will need a well-timed button press on the pull star to grab it.  Once you
do so, head through the door, and down the hallway.  The sign is written in
Booish, so you can't read it... yet.  Pick up the coin to get a Boo Mushroom.
Grab it to turn into Boo Mario.  You can float up to the ceiling to grab a ?
coin that makes the 1-up mushroom come out of the painting, then go through the
bars by shaking the remote.  In this room, go through the bars, and get hit by
the light (Luigi will be afraid of you if you're in ghost form).  Jump onto the
trampoline, and Luigi will give you a star.

> A VERY SPOOKY SPRINT <                                              [SPRNT]

You will start this stage one the Brigade's ship.  Use the launch star here.

When you land, you will notice that the winding path has been replaced by a
series of pull stars.  When you get across, use the launch star and the end.

You will be put on a planet with a large Boo.  He will want to race you through
a course infested with pull stars, black holes, and... meat.....?  Anyway, make
it to the end before he does to claim your star.  Lose, and you can kiss one of
your lives goodbye.  About 1:10:00 will do it for you.

> BEWARE OF BOULDERGEIST <                                            [BLDRG]

This stage starts out the same way, except the winding path is now a wavy path.
Go into the mansion, and use the Bomb Boos to break the Bowser statue in the
fireplace.  To use a Bomb Boo, just spin it.  There is a launch star in the

It takes you to a flat planet that you have to climb.  Defeat the lone spider
(spin it twice) to unveil a sling pod, which you can use to get yourself up
higher.  Then use the sling pods to get to the sling star, which takes you to
a launch star.

This one takes you to a similar planet.  The statues at the bottom of the
planet contain a coin and a 1-up, so you might want to grab those.  Collect the
five blue star chips here to create some pull stars, and use them to reach a
launch star.

You will land on a rather bouncy planet with a 1-up and a launch star.  If you
time it right, you can gain some extra air by pushing A right before you

The launch star takes you near a round platform, with a Luma shop closeby.
Know what time it is?  It's time for you to grab a Super Mushroom and kick some
boulder butt!  This guy is little weird.  He will throw rocks at you, some of
them black.  The black ones will turn into Bomb Boos when they hit the ground.
You need to hit Bouldergeist with four of these in order to hurt him.  After
you hurt him once, he will grow hands, with which he will do various things
like punch and block.  If you're running low on life, the gold rocks hold
coins, so be sure to pick those up.  Also, if you hit his hands twice they will
disappear, but they will eventually spawn.  Hurt him one more time to clean up
and claim your star.

> BOULDERGEIST'S DAREDEVIL RUN <                                      [BGDRE]

There really aren't any differences here.  The main thing you need to look out
for are the times when he summons rocks from the ground.  That can really sneak
up from behind you if you aren't paying attention.

> PURPLE COINS IN THE BONE PEN <                                      [PCBPN]

When you see the intro, this star will look fun!  Then you land and get a
1-minute timer.  Better hurry up!  If it makes you feel any better, there are
actually 150 coins here.  The star will appear in the middle, near where the
Super Mushroom is.

> MATTER SPLATTER MANSION <                                           [MSMNS]

Pick A Very Spooky Sprint.  Right at the beginning, in one of the rocks, is a
launch star.  Spin the rock to relveal the star, and take it.

You will be forced to walk across the floor as it appears.  At the end of the
first hallway, grab the key and go through the door.  The next hallway is a
little screwier, but keep following the path until you get the key.  When you
get the ? coin, the area that you can be in will start to rise, so you need to
do the same.  Keep going up, grabbing all the stuff you can, until you get to
the last one, which holds a star.
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ?  |  Bubble Breeze Galaxy                                         [BBLBZ]


That crazy Toad Brigade crashed their ship and they want you to do something
about it.  Go to the large bubble machine on your right, and jump in.  Move
your cursor around the bubble and hold A to blow the bubble around.  Collect
all five star chips, then get to the launch star without falling into the
swamp, since the swamp is instant death.  The only thing that will break the
bubble is the spiky balls, so don't worry about the walls.  To get out of the
bubble, just use the Z button.

After using the launch star, jump into another bubble and keep it going.
Follow the path in the bubble, grabbing the ? coins if you feel so inclined.
When you get to the ! switch, hit it, then hurry up and grab another bubble,
since the gate that it opens is timed.  Just keep moving along.  You can grab
the 1-up here if you're feeling bold.  Eventually you'll find the star.  I
recommend you leave the bubble before getting the star.  You don't need to
manuever the bubble through the spikes on this one.
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ?  |  Buoy Base Galaxy                                             [BYBSE]

Star List:
  The Floating Fortress...............................................<FLTNG>
  The Secret of Buoy Base.............................................<SCRBB>

> THE FLOATING FORTRESS <                                             [FLTNG]

Right at the beginning, one of the robots hints that you want to blow up the
underwater weight.  Get one of the Torpedo Teds to crash into the glass weight
underneath the fortress, and watch it rise to the surface.  If the Bloopers are
giving you a hard time, just spin them.  Jump onto the newly-risen fortress and
begin to climb.  Be careful of the big stone faces.  They will try to push you
off the base.  When you reach a robot, he will ask you to turn off a valve.  If
you do so by spinning on it, a green spring enemy will appear, which you can
jump on to get up to the next platform, which has a screw on it.  Spin on the
screw, and the upper platforms will start moving.  Now, you will need to
collect five blue star chips.  Some good platforming and careful timing should
nab you all five star chips and a 1-up if you're feeling ambitious.  The fifth
star chip is all the way at the top, so you'll want to head toward the end
after you have only four.  Use the pull stars to get to the next planet, where
you will need to avoid shockwaves on both sides of the planet.  The second
shockwave enemy (180 degrees in any direction from the first one) has a screw
in it.  Remove said screw by spinning on it, and the top half of the planet
will open, revealing a bunch of SBs and a star.  Grab it!

> THE SECRET OF BUOY BASE <                                           [SCRBB]

Choose The Floating Fortress (dur).  Instead of getting the Torpedo Ted to
crash into the weight, get it to crash into the glass casing around the pipe.
Then cross the path with Bullet Bills everywhere (if you fall, you will go back
into the main part of the stage), and have one of them blow up the glass case
around the star.  Congratulations, you got a green star!
| 2 3 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada                                  [ARMDA]


The red enemies on the first airship will shoot rocks at you, so be careful.
You will want to pick up as many SBs right now as possible, so that you will
have 30 SBs by the time you get the Luma shop.  When you get to the cannon, aim
exactly where you want to go; since there is no gravity, you will fly in a
straight line.  The laser guys on the second ship cannot be defeated, so don't
try.  The blue Luma on the third ship will sell you a mushroom for 30 SBs; I
highly recommend getting the Super Mushroom.  Cross the bridge and hit the
switch to start moving.  You can knock the spiders out of the way with a spin.
Watch out for projectiles.  Jump on the deck of the last ship to start a fight
with Bowser Jr.  You will need to hurl Koopa shells at his ship.  Depending on
how many times you have hit him, he will shoot different projectiles at you.
If you hit Bowser Jr. himself instead of his ship, a lot of SBs appear.*  This
only works once, and it doesn't count as a hit, but it's still pretty cool.
After hitting him a whopping five times, you will get a well-deserved Grand

* Thank you to gorlando for this little tidbit.
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  The Bedroom                                      [BEDRM]

Galaxy List:
  Gusty Garden Galaxy............24 Stars.............................<GUSTY>
  Freezeflame Galaxy.............26 Stars.............................<FRZFL>
  Dusty Dune Galaxy..............29 Stars.............................<DSTDN>
  Honeyclimb Galaxy..............  Bonus .............................<HNYCL>
  Bowser's Dark Matter Plant.....33 Stars.............................<DKMTR>
| 2 4 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Gusty Garden Galaxy                                          [GUSTY]

Star List:
  Bunnies in the Wind.................................................<BWIND>
  The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows...................................<BRRWS>
  Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble.....................................<GRSCR>
  Major Burrows's Daredevil Run.......................................<MBDRE>
  Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube.....................................<PCCBE>
  The Golden Chomp....................................................<GCHMP>

> BUNNIES IN THE WIND <                                               [BWIND]

If you talk to the bunnies at the beginning, they say that you can grab a piece
of fluff and fly with it.  Sounds like fun!  Grab one and shake the remote to
go higher.  You can only do this three times, though.  Do this to get to the
next planet.  Be sure to orient yourself with the wind behind you, not in front
of you.  The ? coin here gives you some SBs.  You will need to use the fluff
again to get to the next planet.  There are a couple of diversions here; the
most important one is that if you destroy one of the piranha plants here, a
vine will appear, which has a 1-up at the end of it.  Over the next few
planets, you will need to defeat piranha plants to get vines from them.
Eventually, you will need to destroy a giant piranha plant, and it will give
you a launch star.

This will take you to a garden with a bunny in it.  He will want you to catch
him.  Do so to get a star.

> THE DIRTY TRICKS OF MAJOR BURROWS <                                 [BRRWS]

Ready to fly again?  Fly to a planet where there is a big mole.  On the way, if
you pick up the series of four ? coins, you will get a lot of SBs.  Once you
get to the mole, you will need to destroy it.  The easiest way to do this is to
ground pound near it, and then spin it.  Defeating it will give you a sling
star that will send you to a planet with three moles.  Get them all to get a
launch star.

This will take you to a bunch of apples.  Hit the right peg on each planet to
make a caterpillar take you to the next one.  Getting it right three times
earns you a launch star.

On the next planet, if you pound the peg you land on, a Super Mushroom will
briefly appear.  Grab it before it's too late.  Another peg will earn you some
SBs.  When you're done here jump on the launch star.

Enter Major Burrows.  To get this punk, you will need to ground pound when he
pops out of the ground, then spin him while he's stunned.  You will have to do
this a total of three times.  The second time, he will run away from you when
you have to spin him, and the third time, you will have to ground pound him
twice.  Once you've nailed three hits, you'll win your star.

> GUSTY GARDEN'S GRAVITY SCRAMBLE <                                   [GRSCR]

You will need to fly to planets two and three, and then use vines to get to
planet four and the subsequent launch star.

You will land on a planet with a lot of boulders and spiky plants.  Dodge all
of this, and get to the other side to get to a launch star.

In the next area, you will be forced to use the poles and the crazy gravity to
collect five star chips.  The only one that's really all that hard to find is
the one that's on the underside of the disc you start on.  Don't worry about
doing some crazy gravity jumping to get the chips, you won't die if you aren't
dumb about it.  Use the launch star that appears when you get all five.

This will take you to an area where you must do some crazy platforming with
some weird gravity.  Every time you see a green arrow, you will want to head
toward it.  In the area with the moving boxes, there is a Super Mushroom which
you may want for the area with projectiles.  When you get to said area, be sure
the projectiles don't knock you into the black hole.  After two rounds of
projectiles and two spins to the crystal, the star will be yours.

> MAJOR BURROWS'S DAREDEVIL RUN <                                     [MBDRE]

Major Burrows with one life.  I think the biggest tips I can give you are to
stay away from him when he's not above ground, and to always know where he is.
It's kind of annoying to have hit him two times just to have him pop out from
under you.  Also, stay away from the spiky plants.  You're just asking to lose
if you go on that side of the planet.  On the third hit, make sure he is close
enough to you on the second ground pound that he doesn't make it back
underground; if you try to spin him while he's in the air, it will damage you.

> PURPLE COINS ON THE PUZZLE CUBE <                                   [PCCBE]

Two and a half minutes to grab 100 coins.  Can you make it?  There are a total
of 150, so you don't have to get them all.  My strategy is to get the coins on
the faces first, then worry about the corners later.  Any way you do this, it
isn't really hard, but if you don't make it, try changing your strategy.  One
thing you should definitely do is remember wher you've been.  The star will
appear near where you started.

> THE GOLDEN CHOMP <                                                  [GCHMP]

Choose Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble.  If you hit the string of ? coins at
the beginning, you will get a Starman.  Break the gold Chomp with it 
| 2 6 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Freezeflame Galaxy                                           [FRZFL]

Star List:
  The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr.......................................<BBRRR>
  Freezeflame's Blistering Core.......................................<BCORE>
  Hot and Cold Collide................................................<HTCLD>
  Frosty Cosmic Mario Race............................................<FRRCE>
  Purple Coins on the Summit..........................................<PCSMT>
  Conquering the Summit...............................................<SUMMT>

> THE FROZEN PEAK OF BARON BRRR <                                     [BBRRR]

What a great name.  Baron Brrr.  I wonder who in their right mind would name
their child "Brrr".  Anyway, you should get used to the new physics here.  On
the ice, if you spin, you will skate, which is faster than running.  The
penguin here will want you to catch him.  Do so while learning the physics.
Once he does, he will give you a launch star.

Once you are at the bottom of the slide, you will be at a lake.  If you stay in
the cold water for too long, you will take damage, so stay out of the water.
Start heading across, until you get to a ? coin.  Grab it to reveal an Ice
Flower.  While you're here, take note of the stairs right in front of you.
You're going there next.  Grab the Ice Flower, which allows you to walk on
water, and head for those stairs.  Use the sling star to go up to a slide.
As you can see there is a Super Mushroom and a 1-up here.  Try to grab them
both, but remember that you can always come back here.  Grab the Ice Flower
again, and run over to the platform with the fountains.  Jump up the fountains,
and, if you have time, jump up the second set for a 1-up.  Keep moving along
the platforms, not getting pushed in the the massive stone faces.  Once you
reach the Ice Flower, grab it, jump up on the stone faces, into the sling star,
and up the pair of fountains.  Yeah, that thing is Baron Brrr.  There is an
Ice Flower to your left.  Grab it, then run over to the baron, wall jump up,
and spin him.  He may try to knock you off with a shockwave, just jump over
that.  You need to have the Ice Flower to spin him; he will be too cold if you
don't.  Once you spin him, you will need to spin him one more time to damage
him.  Three hits will take care of this guy.  Go ahead and get your star.

> FREEZEFLAME'S BLISTERING CORE <                                     [BCORE]

You will again start on the ice ring.  This time, you need to find five star
chips.  This isn't hard; they are all frozen in crystals.  Once you get them
all, use the pull stars to get to the launch star.

Continue along, doing your best to avoid the enemies.  Grab the Super Mushroom
in plain sight, and ignore the signs to go up.  You will need to grab a pole,
and do some lava-infested platforming to reach a ? coin.  This will make a Fire
Flower appear.  Not only can this light torches, but it can also burn those
annoying enemies.  Do so.  Also, light the torch to open the gate.  Head back
to where that Super Mushroom was in plain sight, and light those torches, too.
Doing so will give you a set of stairs.  Now you can listen to those signs.
Keep platforming, but watch out for that round platform; it will spin while you
stand on it.  Light all of the torches at the end here (one of them you will
need to jump to reach), and wall jump up to a new area.  Here, all of the round
platforms will rotate.  Use this to your advantage by rolling them such that
they form a bridge to the next platform.  The moving platforms here will sink,
so watch out again.  You will want to use the Fire Flower on the right to light
the torches here, to open the gate to the star.

> HOT AND COLD COLLIDE <                                              [HTCLD]

You will start on a different ice ring this time.  Ironically enough, you will
need to avoid some fire on this ice ring.  Once you get to the end (you need to
skate across both sides of the ring), you will break a crystal with a launch
The water level in the next planet will rise and fall.  Be careful not to be in
the water when it rises, because it is cold.  At the end of the path here is a
valve, which you will use to open the door.  Of course, of the other side of
the planet is rising and falling lava.  Obviously more dangerous than cold
water.  Open the valve at the end here to get a Fire Flower and a shortcut back
to the cold part of the planet.  Use it to light to two torches on the cold
side, revealing a launch star.

In the next area, you will have to use an Ice Flower to run across lava.  Go
quickly so that your ice ability doesn't run out while you are on the lava.
Get to the end to get your star.

> FROSTY COSMIC MARIO RACE <                                          [FRRCE]

You will be racing across the final area of Hot and Cold Collide, just without
the hot. The best tips I can give you here are to skate, since it's faster than
running, and plan your jumps ahead of time.  This shouldn't be too tough.

> PURPLE COINS ON THE SUMMIT <                                        [PCSMT]

This is one of the tougher purple coin missions.  Good thing you have me here,
eh?  Anyway, start out by picking up the two coins at the beginning, then look
up and to the left.  There is a ? coin up there.  To get there, backflip, then
spin onto the pillar, then just jump over.  Grab the purple coin above the ?
coin, then get to work up here.  There are three coins to your direct right,
and four to your left.  I recommend going back to where the fountains are, and
starting from there, use the same path that you did in The Frozen Peak of Baron
Brrr.  Most of the coins are in plain sight, and require at most a backflip to
collect.  Once you have reached the top, you should have 35 coins.  Now, scour
the area where Baron Brrr was.  There are some purple coins in the right side
of the cave, behind the normal coins.  Once you are done up here (you should
have 53 coins), so back to the very beginning.  You will notice that there are
two coins behind the slide; be sure to pick those up.  Now, you will follow the
same path you used to get to the summit, with a few exceptions.  When you first
get the Ice Flower (be sure to get the coin above the Ice Flower), head over to
the ? coin near the fountains.  There are two coins on rocks near there.  (One
of them will require a backflip followed by a well-timed spin.)  Also, visit
the area where the Super Mushroom was (and for that matter, still is), because
there are a couple of coins up there.  You should now have 78 coins.  Now, head
up to the summit.  Be sure not to miss the coin near the first sling star.
None of the coins up here should really come as surprises to you, so just keep
heading up toward the top.  Before the second sling star, you should have 85
coins.  Here, you will notice that the boulders are gone.  Just keep climbing
up, grabbing the coins as you see them.  Before the third sling star, you
should have 90 coins.  Once you reach the summit, you will have 98 coins.  The
Toad here says something about a long jump, and you look into the distance.
You see a couple of purple coins shining in the distance.  You know what you
must do.  LEAP OF FAITH!  The last two coins are here.  The star will appear
near the beginning of the stage, which is exactly where the sling star here
will take you

> CONQUERING THE SUMMIT <                                             [SUMMT]

Choose The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr.  After you scale the first set of
fountains on your way up, climb the second set (the one with the 1-up), doing
a triple jump off the second fountain.  You will see a sling star.  You need to
get there.  Once you do, use it to get to an area with a Fire Flower and some
enemies.  You can use the Fire Flower to defeat the ice bats and melt the
snowmen.  Look out for the stone faces along the way, they will try to push you
into the bottomless abyss.  The snowman at the end here will have a sling star
in it.  It will take you to the next area.  The same general principles apply
here, except now you have to dodge boulders.  Get up to the very top, melt the
final snowman to claim your star, and climb to the peak to claim your star.
| 2 9 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Dusty Dune Galaxy                                            [DSTDN]

Star List:
  Soaring on the Desert Winds.........................................<SRING>
  Blasting through the Sand...........................................<BLAST>
  Sunbaked Sand Castle................................................<CASTL>
  Sandblast Speed Run.................................................<SNDSR>
  Purple Coins in the Desert..........................................<PCDST>
  Bullet Bill on Your Back............................................<BLLET>
  Treasure of the Pyramid.............................................<PYRMD>

> SOARING ON THE DESERT WINDS <                                       [SRING]

Two things I should mention before you start.  The quicksand is instant death,
and jumping inside a tornado and spinning will make you fly like a helicopter.
Knowing those two things, make your way forward to the platform with the pipe
over to the right of the horseshoe-shaped island.  Inside the pipe, you will do
some platforming.  The quicksand here won't kill you, unless it's running
toward the screen.  If you can get on top of the first Thwomp, you will come to
an area with a Super Mushroom and a 1-up.  After the second Thwomp, the
circular platforms have their own gravity.  The ? coin after the round
platforms will make a Fire Flower appear.  Use it to defeat the piranha plants,
and keep moving forward.  Eventually, a boulder will appear and try to crush
you.  You should destroy it by spinning the red gem on it.  At the end here,
there is a sling star which leads to a pipe, which leads to a launch star.

You will have to scale a wall here.  The easiest way to deal with the chickens
here is to shoot them with a SB, then kick them.  Keep scaling the wall until
you reach a ? coin.  The coin will make two sling stars appear.  Use them to
keep moving up to another ? coin.  This one will summon a bunch of SBs.  Now,
you will have to wall jump to keep moving.  At the end, two spins to the
crystal will shatter it.

> BLASTING THROUGH THE SAND <                                         [BLAST]

The little flowers in the ground here are actually enemies; just spin them to
defeat them.  Once you defeat all five on the second platform, a big one will
appear.  Just take out its segments one by one to defeat it.  Doing so will
earn you a launch star.

If you look carefully, beyond the planet with the boulders, you should see a
Super Mushroom.  Grab it, then head into the sling star.  Make sure to hit the
second sling star in the air.  You will reach a quicksand planet.  You can ride
the quicksand to the other side, which has a sling star on it.  On the next
planet, you will have to use the same idea to collect the five blue star chips.
There is a shell on the other side of the planet you land on, which you will
need to use to open the treasure chest further down the quicksand path.  Once
you've picked up all five, use the pull stars to reach another planet.  Here,
you will need to travel along the moving paths without falling in the
quicksand.  If you fall, you will be sent back to the beginning.  If you go in
the direction of the green arrow, you will go to a room with 3 1-ups in it,
then get spit out on a large, flat planet.  If you follow the orange arrow, you
will reach a launch star, and you will be shot to the same planet.

If you picked the orange way, you will have to take a path to meet with where
the green path let out.  Once you have done so, go through the hole to the
other side, then follow the path to another hole.  Go to the stack of three
platforms and hit the blue switch on top of them.  Quickly get back to the
other side of the planet, since the switch is timed.  When you get back, you
will find out that the platforms switched sides of the planet, and you can now
climb up and get your star.

> SUNBAKED SAND CASTLE <                                              [CASTL]

Right at the start, you will want to hit the switch.  This will make the
platform you are on rise.  You will need to watch out for blocks and things
while you are rising.  You should watch the shadows on the ground to see if you
are about to hit something.  There are a Super Mushroom and 1-up here, but they
are reletively tough to get.  Once you reach the top, there will be a launch
star waiting for you.

On the next planet, you will need to hit two switches to make the platform
rise and fall.  You have to collect five star chips while the platform is
rising and falling.  Most of them are near either the top or the bottom, but
there is one in a treasure chest that is pretty much in the middle.  When you
have all five, a launch star will appear at the top of the castle.  Use it.

On the next planet, you will want to launch a coconut into the giant spiky
plant.  Doing so will reveal a launch star.  You may need to wait for the
planet to fill up with sand before you can reach it.

You will land on a planet with a Pokey, and no means to defeat it.  You will
need to use the sling star on the other side of the Pokey to reach a planet
with a bunch of coconuts.  Hit a bunch of the coconuts to the planet with the
Pokey, and then fire at will.  You will get a launch star for your efforts.

This will send you to a glass tower with the star in it.  Drop down to the
bottom and spin the box to find a pipe.  Jump in the pipe and get ready to do
some upside-down platforming.  You can spin the box that is right inside the
tower.  Just keep continuing along until... What?  The tower is sinking?  Hurry
to the end, breaking the boxes along the way.  Once you reach the top, the
tower will stop sinking, and you can grab the star.

> SANDBLAST SPEED RUN <                                               [SNDSR]

This time, you get four and a half minutes.  The Super Mushroom has been
replaced with a 1-up, so you can't get those 6 lives I know you want, but keep
going, you can do it.  Also, all the enemies, including the tornadoes, are
gone, so you don't have to worry about them.  The only thing you really need to
worry about is having to go back on your own tracks, like missing the blue star
chips and having to hit the switch more than once.

> PURPLE COINS IN THE DESERT <                                        [PCDST]

Pick up the five coins in front of you.  There is also one inside the hole.
Collect the coins on the path, as well as using the tornado to get the ones in
the air.  Make sure you get the ones above the Thwomp; those are hard to see
from this angle. By the time you get to the next hole, you should have 44
coins.  Grab the coins on the other side of the hole, as well as the one under
it, and the one on the other side of it for a total of 49 coins.  Go to the
right, and get all the coins over there.  Don't forget the ones above the
tornadoes.  Remember that switch you hit in Blasting Through the Sand?  Well,
you're going to be doing the same thing, just with more coins and less stars.
By the time you get to the next hole, you should have 66 coins.  Get the four
coins on the way out of the hole, and keep moving along.  Make sure to get the
coin above the switch before you hit it.  When you hit the switch, you should
have 83 coins.  Hit the switch and grab the three coins here.  Make your way
back to the tower, grabbing the remaining 14 coins along the way.  (One of them
is behind the tower.)  The star will appear at the base of the tower.

> BULLET BILL ON YOUR BACK <                                          [BLLET]

Choose Sunbaked Sand Castle.  On the planet with the spiky plant, head toward
the stack of coins.  There is a switch there to ground pound, if you get there
fast enough (remember that the sand level builds up on this planet).  If you
miss it, don't worry, because the sand will eventually drain back down.*  Once
you do that, 15 notes will appear.  You will also need to grab those before
they sink.  Once you get all 15, a launch star will appear.

You will land on a planet with a cannon.  The idea here is to get the Bullet
Bill to follow you as the platform you are on sinks.  The blue switch will
lower the platform so you can uncover the glass cases.  One of them holds a
star.  The star will go to the top once you release it.

* Thank you to stratmancj for the information.

> TREASURE OF THE PYRAMID <                                           [PYRMD]

Choose Blasting Through the Sand.  After the first launch star, go to the
underside of the planet you land on.  There is a Luma here who will want 20
SBs.  If you don't have it, there are some nearby, and there is also a Starman
under the platform with the sling star which you can use to destroy the
boulders.  Once you have 20, feed them to the Luma, and use the launch star
that appears.

Once inside the pipe, you will need to grab five silver stars.  Once you hit
the green line, though, the sand will start to rise, and you will have to avoid
getting crushed by the "scrolling screen", if you will.  It's much easier to do
this systematically, starting at a point and going either clockwise or
counter-clockwise each time you go.  Once you have all five, the sand will go
away, and you will be able to grab your shiny, new green star!
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ?  |  Honeyclimb Galaxy                                            [HNYCL]


Grab the Bee Mushroom and climb up the walls.  On the first wall, the ? coins
get you, in order, a few moving platforms, some coins, and a bunch of SBs.
Use the launch star and the end of the first wall to get to the second wall.

On the second wall, you will have to dodge projectiles.  This wall is shorter,
and there are a lot of SBs for you here.  Use the launch star at the end and
you'll reach yet another wall.

The third wall will have you defeating Mandibugs.  Warning: trying to defeat
the Mandibugs on the moving platforms has a good chance of getting you killed.
Also, if you jump on a Mandibug without ground pounding, you will slip, and
probably get hurt.  At the top of the third wall, the star shines bright.  Grab
| 3 3 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Bowser's Dark Matter Plant                                   [DKMTR]


Just like in Bowser's last stage, prepare for some tricky platforming with some
weird gravity.  This time, it goes in all four directions!  But I'm getting
ahead of myself.  In the first area, the dark matter is instant death, so don't
touch it.  Get across the platforms to the area where the gravity is messed up.
You will have to anticipate where you will land in all cases, so make sure you
are paying attention to the direction of the gravity.  Once you get through
that part, climb up the pole, and into another dark matter area.  This time,
there are moving platforms and stationary holes.  If you fall into a hole, you
will be sucked into the dark matter.  You can grab a couple of 1-ups here, then
you will have to do another gravity area.  There is a moving platform that
traverses several gravity fields.  The first time, you'll want to be in the
upper-left corner.  The second time, you'll want to be in the lower-left, and
the third, the lower-right.  Make sure to get off this platform quickly enough.
After that, you will save a few Lumas, and grab a Super Mushroom.

And then Bowser.  This fight is almost identical to last time, except he gets a
little bit crazier with the shockwaves and fireballs.  He'll also throw in a
new spin attack, so watch out for that.  You know the drill though, three
strikes and he's out.  Watch out on his third hit.  He won't move in an exact
circle when his tail lights on fire, so you'll have to pay attention through
the meshy planet to see what he does.  After you've clobbered him three times,
you'll get a Grand Star.  You're almost there!
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  The Engine Room                                  [ENGIN]

Galaxy List:
  Gold Leaf Galaxy...............34 Stars.............................<GLDLF>
  Sea Slide Galaxy...............36 Stars.............................<SEASL>
  Toy Time Galaxy................40 Stars.............................<TOYTM>
  Bonefin Galaxy.................  Bonus..............................<BNFIN>
  Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor......45 Stars.............................<LAVAR>
| 3 4 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Gold Leaf Galaxy                                             [GLDLF]

Star List:
  Star Bunnies on the Hunt............................................<SBHNT>
  Cataquack to the Skies..............................................<QUACK>
  When it Rains, it Pours.............................................<RAINS>
  Cosmic Mario Forest Race............................................<FTRCE>
  Purple Coins in the Woods...........................................<PCWDS>
  Bell on the Big Tree................................................<BLLTR>

> STAR BUNNIES ON THE HUNT <                                          [SBHNT]

The bunnies are looking for blue star chips.  You know what to do.  Actually,
this stage is very similar to the Honeyhive Galaxy, a mirror image of it,
really.  So you may kind of know your way around here already.  The first chip
is on the rock to your left; just wall jump up the back of it.  You will be
able to see three stumps from there, go to them and pound them all to activate
a sling star.  Use it to get your second star chip.  The third one is in the
box at the base of the waterfall.  Go back to the beginning and use the flower
to fling yourself up the hill.  Grab the Bee Mushroom here, and fly up to the
flower platform and onto the ledge here.  Jump on the spring to the left to get
your fourth star chip.  From here, jump on the platform that the Wiggler
inhabits, and jump to the ledge above you.  You will need to look for the
lowest point on the ledge to jump to.  From there, walk behind the waterfall,
and look for the platform right behind the rock in front of you.  The last one
is on that platform.  Head back to the beginning, and use the pull stars to get
to the launch star above you.

This will put you right in front of a bunny who wants you to catch him.  You
won't be able to do it by just running.  You will need to launch something at
him.  I prefer the ? crystals.  Anyway, once you get him, you will receive your

> CATAQUACK TO THE SKIES <                                            [QUACK]

Follow the path up to where the boulders are coming out.  Use the Cataquack
there to get to the sling star above you.  This will send you to the top of the
hill on the other side of the stage.  Grab the Bee Mushroom and have a nearby
Cataquack fling you to the next platform.  Do the same thing one more time.
Head to the left, and use the launch star to go to a new planet.

Have the Cataquack here fling you to the square planet not far from here.
Notice the Cataquack symbol on the ground.  You need to get the next Cataquack
to the same symbol on this sqaure planet.  The best way to do that is by the
wooden pathway.  On the next planet, you need to get to the end before a
Cataquack decides to fling you backwards.  If you get to the other end, it will
fling you into a launch star.

You will need to have the Cataquack launch you into the Bee Mushroom, then on
top of the Jenga-like tower.  From there, go to the round tower, and then onto
the set of flowers.  Be sure not to get hit by the bugs.  Platform over the
flowers to the last one, which houses the star.

> WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS <                                           [RAINS]

To the left of the main path, there is an area where you can wall jump up.  Do
so, and grab the Bee Mushroom up there.  Bee Mario is light enough to walk on
clouds, so you won't fall through them.  Use the flower platforms in view to
get up to the next ledge, but remember you can't go under the raincloud.  Once
you are up there, use the rainclouds as platforms to get to the observation
deck.  Make your way to the tower, taking care not to get rained on, and ground
pound the spring at the end.  Climb up the tower, still making sure that you
don't touch the rain.  At the end, there is a rock that you can ground pound to
summon a vine.  Use it to get up to the boss.  He is a blue mole in a water-
shooting machine.  You will need to hit the red switch to raise some platforms,
then ground pound his machine to damage it.  After two hits, he will get mad
and start shooting like crazy.  This fight will be a lot easier if you can keep
your bee abilities through the whole thing, but you don't need them.

> COSMIC MARIO FOREST RACE <                                          [FTRCE]

You will be racing from the beginning of the stage to the bottom of the tower.
The best shortcut here is to long jump from where the bee is to where to two
blocks are, but watch out, because Cosmic Mario will also do that.  If you can
perfect where to jump and all that, this shouldn't be too hard.

> PURPLE COINS IN THE WOODS <                                         [PCWDS]

Three and a half minutes to grab 100 coins.  This isn't too bad, because all of
the coins are in rather easy places to spot them.  In the first area, make sure
you get the four coins on the stump.  When you reach the bee, he will tell you
that you should have 20 coins.  If you don't, you'll need to go back.  If you
do, keep moving forward.  When you reach the tower, the bee will tell you that
you should have 50 coins.  Start climbing the tower.  On the lowest level, go
to the left first, then head to the right and up.  The next bee will tell you
that you should have 70 coins.  The best way to get onto the next platform is
to jump on the bee's head, then use a backflip followed by a spin for the next
one.  When you get up to where you fought the boss, the bee will tell you that
you should have 90 coins.  Keep it moving, only 10 more left!  Get those last
10 in time to get a star.

> THE BELL ON THE BIG TREE <                                          [BLLTR]

Choose Cataquack to the Skies.  Once you get on top of the hill, jump in one of
the bubbles that comes out from under the tree.  Right above you is a bell.
Get the bubble to the bell and hit it.  This will cause a string of notes to
appear.  Grab them all to get the star.
| 3 6 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Sea Slide Galaxy                                             [SEASL]

Star List:
  Going after Guppy...................................................<GUPPY>
  Faster than a Speeding Penguin......................................<PENGN>
  The Silver Stars of Sea Slide.......................................<SSOSS>
  Underwater Cosmic Mario Race........................................<UWRCE>
  Purple Coins by the Seaside.........................................<PCSEA>
  Hurry, He's Hungry..................................................<HNGRY>

> GOING AFTER GUPPY <                                                 [GUPPY]

A whale is causing trouble in these waters.  Go teach him a lesson!  He will
ask you to go through eight rings.  This is significantly easier with a shell,
so grab one and swim through those rings.  Once you get all eight, Guppy will
give you a star.

> FASTER THAN A SPEEDING PENGUIN <                                    [PENGN]

To start the race, talk to one of the pink penguins on the shore.  Tell him
you're interested, and the race will start.  Grab the first shell you see, and
get going.  Most importantly, don't crash into anything.  The weird rings near
the end are boosts, so use those if you still need them.  Take first place to
get a star.

> THE SILVER STARS OF SEA SLIDE <                                     [SSOSS]

Grab the Bee Mushroom on the island in front of you, then get on the tree on
the island.  You will use the cloud here as a platform.  On top of the arch is
the first silver star.  Use the cannon on the next shore to blast up to the
Toad Brigade's ship to collect your second silver star.  Use the sling star to
get back to where the cannon is.  A lot of the penguins here will give you
hints about where the other stars are.  Next go to the tower further
downstream.  (You don't need to fly; there is a Bee Mushroom there.)  Grab
said Bee Mushroom, and fly up the tree near the sling star.  The third silver
star is up there.  Use the sling star to go back to the beginning of the stage.
This time, go upstream.  There is a massive tree in front of you.  Fly to it,
then fly up it to get a fourth silver star.  Go on the other side of the tree
and spin on the valve to make a path of water flow to the island in the middle
of the galaxy.  Jump into it.  Go to the top of the planet and grab the last
silver star.  Use the launch star, then the nearby sling star to get back to
the beginning of the stage, and grab the star.

> UNDERWATER COSMIC MARIO RACE <                                      [UWRCE]

This time, it's a race to the tower, near the underwater gate.  You'll need to
be pretty good about hitting boosts and not hitting walls with the shell this
time.  Also, make sure you don't go too far underwater.  There are signs, so
pay attention.

> PURPLE COINS BY THE SEASIDE <                                       [PCSEA]

Grab the Bee Mushroom, and jump onto the cloud in front of you.  The hunt
begins.  The first three are to your left.  Most of them are pretty easy to
spot, so I'm just going to check in with you on several occasions.  The one on
the arch should be your 7th.  The one under the ? block should be your 19th.
Make sure you didn't miss the one on the stone slab after the second island.
After the ? block, get the three under the race goalpost before you continue
on with the clouds.  The one on the next tree should be your 29th.  Make sure
you don't miss the ones on the bridge in front of you.  Also, there are three
behind the tower.  After you get the ones on the tower, you should have 49.
The one on the green Toad ship should be your 68th.  Before you get to the big
tree, you will have 73.  Be sure to scour the tree very well.  There are a
total of 23 on and around the tree.  By the time you leave the tree, you should
have 96.  There are three more than a cloud, and one more on a stone in the
water.  Unfortunately, the star appears on the tower, so head over there to
claim it.

> HURRY, HE'S HUNGRY <                                                [HNGRY]

Feed the Luma near the cannon 40 SBs, and he'll turn into a planet around the
black hole.  Use the cannon to shoot to the planet, and collect all of the
notes before the platforms disappear.  Each platform here has a note, so you
will need to traverse the entire planet to get the star.  Once you get them
all, the black hole will turn into a star.
| 4 0 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Toy Time Galaxy                                              [TOYTM]

Star List:
  Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser............................................<MECHA>
  Mario Meets Mario...................................................<MMTSM>
  Bouncing Down Cake Lane.............................................<CKELN>
  Fast Foes of Toy Time...............................................<FFTOY>
  Luigi's Purple Coins................................................<LUIPC>
  The Flipswitch Chain................................................<FSCHN>

> HEAVY METAL MECHA-BOWSER <                                          [MECHA]

On the first planet, all you need to do is get to the other side.  Use the
launch star here.

On the next planet, there is a weird-looking Mechakoopa.  Just destroy it with
a ground pound.  The robot here will tell you that his friends got kidnapped.
The gravity in this next part gets a little weird.  The purple walls will pull
you inward, but everywhere that's not purple will be normal.  It's kind of hard
to get used to, but you'll get it.  Jump onto the nearby orange block, and you
will be sucked into the purple wall.  Now for some weird platforming.  Do not
leave the purple wall.  You are trying to get to that orange bolt by the cage.
The blue screw will stop the spinning platform and give you a bunch of SBs, so
hit that first.  There's a Super Mushroom around the back of this area if you
follow the yellow and red platforms.  Once you have unscrewed the bolt here,
head back the way you came.  You need to get to that yellow robot on the far
side of the planet.  Unscrew the nearby bolt, then find the screw, and spin it.
Then, get on the new platform, and follow it up to a launch star.

Go across the conveyor belt, and get the ? coin to summon a Spring Mushroom.
If you hit A right as you're about to bounce, you'll bounce really high.  Use
this ability to get over the nearby wall, and follow the conveyor belts to
another wall, which you will need to jump over.  The orange block leads to a
pipe where you can get a lot of SBs, and the blue block leads to a launch star.

Here, use the Spring Mushroom to get on top of the jar and ground pound the
top.  Use the launch star inside.

Welcome to Mecha-Bowser.  You will need to wall jump up his feet, and spin the
screws on each leg.  Once you do this, a sling star will appear.  Next, you
will need to remove all four bolts on this plate.  A pipe will appear once you
do.  Get on the green platform to the right and make your way to the shoulder.
Once there, unbolt the arm.  Use the launch star before the arm floats away to
get to the mouth.  Use the nearby Spring Mushroom to get on the head and ground
pound the stack of rocks on top.  Mecha-Bowser will blow up and the star will
be yours.

> MARIO MEETS MARIO <                                                 [MMTSM]

This time, you will need to ride the train to get to the launch star.

You will need to collect five star chips here.  One of them is on top of the
laser on this side of the planet; the other four are on the other side of the
planet.  Once you get all five, the launch star will appear on the point of the

Meet Mario.  You will need to collect the five silver stars.  They are all in
plain sight, but the terrain is very dangerous.  The only color you aren't yet
familiar with is yellow; those bad boys will start to spin when you land on
them.  The star will appear back where you started.

> BOUNCING DOWN CAKE LANE <                                           [CKELN]

Hop onto the train and into the launch star.

You will land on a rather tasty-looking planet.  Grab the Spring Mushroom here,
and spring jump, then wall jump up to the top of these platforms.  Go against
the conveyor belt at the top, and down onto a cake.  Bounce against the flow of
the cake, and jump through the forks and into the sling star.  Go to the top of
the ice cream cone, and climb the popsicle sticks to land on a lollipop.  Jump
onto the ice platform, and climb the ice steps.  At the top, jump onto another
lollipop.  Jump onto another ice platform.  Around the back of this platform is
a Super Mushroom.  Grab it, then jump into the cannon.  Shoot yourself toward
the launch star, and use it.

This will bring you to a staircase of forks.  Jump up the staircase and onto
the top of the cake.  Spin out all five candles, and a launch star will appear.

This will bring you to a different cake, with flying electric projectiles.  You
need to use the Spring Mushroom here to get on top of the cannon at the top and
ground pound it.  After two hits, the mole inside will get mad and start
electrocuting the cannon every once in a while.  If you touch the cannon while
it is electrofied, you will take damage. There is a Super Mushroom here if
you're ever running out of life.  Three hits will take the sucker out and earn
you a star.

> FAST FOES OF TOY TIME <                                             [FFTOY]

You will need to hit all of the switches here with fast enemy scripts.
Thankfully, on the first ring, all of the switches are safe zones.  On the
second ring, though, you may have a little bit of trouble with those fast
spike traps.  Once you hit all three switches on the ring you start on, and all
twelve on the other ring, the star will appear on a block in the blue ring.

> LUIGI'S PURPLE COINS <                                              [LUIPC]

Collect the purple coins on Luigi.  In three minutes.  This is really similar
to the Mario silver stars, but it's a mirror image, and the green stuff will
kill you in one shot.  There are 150 total, so don't feel like you need them
all.  Make sure you can get back to where you started, because that's where the
star shows up when you get 100.  This is pretty tough, but develop a strategy,
and you should be able to get this one.

> THE FLIPSWITCH CHAIN <                                              [FSCHN]

Choose Mario Meets Mario.  By the time you get to the planet with the huge
screw sticking through it, you will need 50 SBs.  Feed them to the Luma at the
top of the planet.  Use the launch star that appears when he is done.

On this planet, you will need to hit all the switches, just like earlier.
There are three on the ring you start on, and twelve on the other one.  To get
to the other one, just do a long jump where the two rings are near each other.
Once you get them all, the star will appear on a block in the blue ring.
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ?  |  Bonefin Galaxy                                               [BNFIN]


You start on a green Toad Brigade ship.  Use the launch star to enter the main
part of the galaxy.

Yes, that's Kingfin.  By himself, he's not so tough; his movements seem to be
mostly random.  But hit him once with a shell, and he'll unleash two of his
minions that act like torpedoes.  It is noteworthy that there is a red shell
somewhere around here, and a Super Mushroom floating around somewhere.  Also,
there is a 1-up in a treasure chest.  Two more hits will see four more torpedo
fish after you, and other two hits, totalling five hits will finally take this
guy down.  You get a star for your efforts.

| 4 5 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor                                    [LAVAR]


On the first planet here, you will need to get to the end of the track, where
there is a Bullet Bill cannon.  Get one of the Bullet Bills it fires to follow
you back to the case where the launch star is, and then use it.

Next, grab the Super Mushroom, and send some coconuts back at the aliens.  Be
careful, because the platforms that you are standing on will sink while you
are on them.  Once you beat the two of them, another launch star will appear.

Bowser Jr. will unleash King Kaliente on you.  The rules this time are pretty
much the same, except the platforms you are on will sink when you stand on
them.  The first two hits will require two coconuts, the third hit will require
three.  Once you send that last coconut at him, he will give up another Grand
Star.  One more to go!
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  The Garden                                       [GARDN]

Galaxy List:
  Deep Dark Galaxy...............46 Stars.............................<DPDRK>
  Dreadnought Galaxy.............48 Stars.............................<DRDNT>
  Melty Molten Galaxy............52 Stars.............................<MELTY>
  Matter Splatter Galaxy.........  Bonus .............................<SPLTR>
| 4 6 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Deep Dark Galaxy                                             [DPDRK]

Star List:
  The Underground Ghost Ship..........................................<GSHIP>
  Bubble Blastoff.....................................................<BBOFF>
  Guppy and the Underground Lake......................................<UGLKE>
  Ghost Ship Daredevil Run............................................<SHDRE>
  Plunder the Purple Coins............................................<PLNPC>
  Boo in a Box........................................................<BINBX>

> THE UNDERGROUND GHOST SHIP <                                        [GSHIP]

At the beginning, you will want to jump into the cannon, and shoot yourself to
the planet above you.  There is a Starman along the way, so you can take care
of the enemies on the planet.  Once the Starman runs out, you will need to grab
the Fire Flower, and hit the sling star back to the main planet.  You will need
to light the torches near the gate.  Head inside.  Jump into the water, and
down to the bottom, where there is an arrow made of SBs.  Spin the switch down
here and head through the gate.  Go upward, and open another gate, and head to
the surface.  Here, you will see a ship.  You will want to look up on the cliff
to the left, because there is a Super Mushroom up there.  Now, get on the ship.
Once you get on the deck, Kamella will greet you with a force field that traps
you on the boat.  Like last time, you will want to wait for a green spell, then
hurl the resulting shell back at her.  Once you hit her twice, she will take
flight to the crow's nest.  Give chase!  Hit her twice more to earn the star.

> BUBBLE BLASTOFF <                                                   [BBOFF]

The cannon mole here is the same as the others, except this time, you can use
the coconuts on the ground or the shell in the water to damage it.  Once you
finish it off, use the cannon to get to the planet with the Fire Flower.  Grab
it, then head back and light all three torches in the cave.  Doing so will make
an Ice Flower appear.  Use it to get across the lake, and to a series of
fountains.  Climb them and the pole that they lead to up to a platform.  Now,
go across the yellow and red platforms, and onto the round platform with a star
on it.  Get the ? coin to make the platform into a bunch of sling stars.  Use
any of them to get to a platform with a bubble launcher on it.  Follow the
series of bubble launchers to get to a series of poles, which leads to a final
bubble launcher.  This will send you to a small planet with three stumps.  The
Cheep-Cheeps here can be taken out with just a spin.  Ground pound all three
stumps to get the bubble launcher working, then have it shoot you to the next
planet.  It is a glass planet with some yellow balls rolling around on the
inside.  You will need to ground pound all three yellow balls while dodging the
shockwaves here.  Once you get all three the watermelon-looking thing will
expand to take up the entire planet and a star will pop out from the inside.
...Don't ask me; it wasn't my idea.

> GUPPY AND THE UNDERGROUND LAKE <                                    [UGLKE]

Head to the lake, and go to the bottom.  Talk to Guppy here.  He will want you
to go through eight more rings.  Grab the shell down here to make this a lot
easier.  Once you nail all eight, Guppy will give you the star.

> GHOST SHIP DAREDEVIL RUN <                                          [SHDRE]

You will have to beat Kamella here with only one life.  A few tips: stay away
from red spells.  Also, when she summons Magikoopas, take care of them before
you deal with her.  This one's not too tough, just make sure you're careful.

> PLUNDER THE PURPLE COINS <                                          [PLNPC]

Start out by going behind you.  There is one on the box here, two under the
box, one at the far end of the water, and ten underwater.  Once you have 14,
you have them all in this area.  Jump out of the water, and look to your right.
There is one floating here.  Head toward the cliffs.  There are a total of
fourteen on the cliffs, so you should have 29 now.  Go onto the ship.  There
are three on the stairs, 20 on the deck, two under the crow's nest, and 17 on
and around the crow's nest.  You should have 71 once you are done with the
ship.  One of the ones that is really easy to miss on the deck is the one on
the side of the ship furthest from the stairs, down in the area near the
cannons.  To get the ones under the crow's nest, backflip onto the pole, then
wall jump off of it, and finish up with a spin.  Now, take care of the lake.
There are 17 on the surface, including the ones on the side and back of the
ship, the ones between the cannons, and the one on the wooden platform just off
the shore.  Once you get the final 12 underwater, the star will appear on the
ship's deck.

> BOO IN A BOX <                                                      [BINBX]

Choose any of the three main stages.  At the bottom of the underground lake,
grab a shell, and find the bow of a wrecked ship.  Around the bow will be a
bunch of mines.  Hit any of the mines with the shell, and it will blow up.
There is a launch star underneath.  Use it to get to the inside of a box-shaped

Here, you will need to rotate the box through various means to get to the
fourth side.  For the first side, jump onto the pegs and spin the arrow to
rotate the box.  On the second side, use the trampoline to get to the arrow.
On the third side, you will need to use the bubble launcher.  On the fourth
side, spin the crystal to let in some light, then rotate back to the first
side.  Lure the Boo into the light, and the star is yours.
| 4 8 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Dreadnought Galaxy                                           [DRDNT]

Star List:
  Infiltrating the Dreadnought........................................<INFDN>
  Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons......................................<CNNNS>
  Revenge of the Topman Tribe.........................................<RVNGE>
  Topman Tribe Speed Run..............................................<TOPSR>
  Battlestation's Purple Coins........................................<BTLPC>
  Dreadnought's Garbage Dump..........................................<GRBGE>

> INFILTRATING THE DREADNOUGHT <                                      [INFDN]

At the beginning, you will need to get to the other side of the planet.  Just
keep avoiding the traps all around.  When you get to the area with two conical
platforms, just jump near the center to get to the other side.  Once you reach
the end of the area, there will be a launch star waiting for you.  Use it.

Defeat all of the helmet dudes here to gain access to the pipe.  Remember how
to take care of these guys?  Spin them, then jump on them when they are dizzy.
The pipe takes you to a two-dimensional area.  You will need to wall jump up
the area with the moving walls here.  At the top on the left is a Super
Mushroom, and on the right is an arrow that you can use to change the gravity.
Once you change it, head up the moving platforms and to the right.  Avoid the
projectiles here, and jump in between to platforms here to change the gravity
once again.  Use the set of springs here to get to the pipe.  Next, you'll have
to bounce off a set of springs to get to the top of a staircase of rotating
platforms.  Be careful not to get bounced into the electricity.  If you can get
a Bob-omb all the way to the top, you will get a 1-up.  Next, wall jump up the
set of moving walls to get to a launch star.  If you really wanted to, you
could use the Bob-ombs up here to get the 1-up.

The launch star takes you to a square planet.  Avoid the traps and use the
sling star to get to a new planet.  Drop off the platform here, and get a
Bullet Bill to follow you around to a glass case with a fountain inside.
Breaking the case will fill the planet with water... and traps.  Get on the
platform that looks kind of like a staircase with a fence at the end, and ride
the trap on the right to a new platform.  From here, continue along, and jump
on another trap which will take you to the same platform as the star.  Avoid
the traps to claim it.

> DREADNOUGHT'S COLOSSAL CANNONS <                                    [CNNNS]

Head forward onto the large bolt in front of you.  If you stand to the right
side of it, it will spin forward; if you stand to the left, it will spin
backward.  In the next area, you will need to hit two sets of switches while
dodging Chomps.  After you do this, you will cross two more bolts to a pair of
those aliens that you have to launch coconuts back at.  Once you defeat both of
them, a bridge will drop, giving you access to a launch star.

This will lead to an area with a lot of projectiles and platforms with
different gravities.  As a general rule here, if you see a platform that you
haven't been on yet, jump on it.  If you're really having a lot of trouble with
this section, you should try shooting the projectiles with SBs.  As long as you
have enough, SBs, this could be rather helpful.  At the end you will need to
make a choice: jump to the spring without a star above it, or jump to a spring
with a star above it.  I think you know what the obvious choice is.

> REVENGE OF THE TOPMAN TRIBE <                                       [RVNGE]

At the beginning, jump onto the spring to get to a sling star, which will take
you to another planet.  Here, you will need to spin the Topmen into the
electricity to free the Luma.  Once you do so, he will transform into a sling
star which you can use to get to the next planet.  When you ground pound the
switch here, five blue star chips will appear.  Four of them are on the ground,
but one of them will require you to jump off of the spring.  Once you get all
five, use the pull stars that appear to get to the launch star.

On the bottom of the platform you land on is a Super Mushroom.  Grab it, then
make your way through the minefield in front of you, dodging projectiles as you
go.  Once you get to the end, use the launch star.

You will land on a platform full of shockwave-inducing enemies.  The shockwaves
will only go to the circles on the floor, so use that as a reference.  If
you're curious as to what's in the treasure chests here, the first one has a
coin, the second one has SBs, and the third on has a 1-up.  If you lost the
Super Mushroom from earlier, or just want to refill your life, you can pick up
the one here.  At the end is a launch star.

You should recognize this area.  It Topmaniac's ship.  There is a Luma shop
here just in case you want ANOTHER Super Mushroom.  Get up to the top to battle
Topmaniac again.  This time, it's pretty much the same, but the electricity is
broken up into four sections that rotate along the edges.  Also, the small,
yellow Topmen are out; the only enemies he will summon are the big, red Topmen.
Electrocute him three times to get your star.

> TOPMAN TRIBE SPEED RUN <                                            [TOPSR]

You've got a whopping six minutes to polish this one up.  Get going.  There's
actually no way this should take you six minutes.  Just don't get caught up in
the minefield.  The only major difference is that everywhere you needed to use
a green spring enemy to get somewhere, there will also be a red Topman to
accompany it.

> BATTLESTATION'S PURPLE COINS <                                      [BTLPC]

Grab the Super Mushroom at the beginning.  Since the problem here isn't where
the coins are or how to get the coins, but how to get the coins without diving
headlong into a projectile that will likely throw Mario clean of the meager
platform that he is standing on, I really can't help too much this time.  I
will say this, though.  The projectiles can be destroyed with SBs.  The only
coins that are really all that hard to miss are the three above the Thwomp.  I
cannot stress this enough, MAKE SURE YOU GET THOSE THREE COINS.  Don't worry if
you lose track of the platform when getting these coins; if you wait for a
little bit, another platform will come through to pick you up.*  When you have
a total of 99 at the end, do not panic.  You will get the last one after you
have used the launch star at the end.

* Thank you to PolluxFrost for this tip.

> DREADNOUGHT'S GARBAGE DUMP <                                        [GRBGE]
Choose Revenge of the Topman Tribe.  On the underside of the first area, there
is a pipe.  Use it to get to an area with a lot of junk.  You know what to do.
Get them all in 30 seconds to get the star.  Apparently, this is a lot easier
if you run into a Bob-omb while holding another one, you can start the fuse
without actually picking it up.*  This can be a lifesaver, especially because
the Bob-ombs take somewhere around 10 seconds to blow up.  This, along with the
earlier strategy of throwing the Bob-ombs at the lights on the ground can make
this significantly easier.

* Thank you to Chris Pioli for this invaluable information.
| 5 2 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Melty Molten Galaxy                                          [MELTY]

Star List:
  The Sinking Lava Spire..............................................<SPIRE>
  Through the Meteor Storm............................................<METEO>
  Fiery Dino Piranha..................................................<FRYDP>
  Lava Spire Daredevil Run............................................<LSDRE>
  Red-Hot Purple Coins................................................<HOTPC>
  Burning Tide........................................................<BRNTD>

> THE SINKING LAVA SPIRE <                                            [SPIRE]

One thing to know before you start out this galaxy: LAVA BAD.  Now that we've
established that, let's get to business.  Start out by going the only way you
can, and over the lava pit.  The purple platforms connected by the rock are
actually a seesaw configuration, and the blue and green platforms sink, so
don't stay on any of them for too long.  Once you are past the geysers, wall
jump up to the stone switch and ground pound it to lower the platforms.  Wall
jump up to the top, and use the pair of sling stars and the launch star to get
to yet another sling star, which you will use to get to the next area.

Here, there are three spherical planets.  Make your way to the topmost one, and
start using the pull stars here.  You will have to dodge the fireballs here,
but the size of them is actually rather deceiving; they are a lot longer than
you think.  Make sure you grab the Super Mushroom along the way, and use the
launch star at the end.  This will send you to another launch star, which you
should also use.

After you use the sling star, you will be on a planet half-enveloped by lava.
Here, you will need to grab the five star chips.  Watch out for the geysers.
Once you do so, a launch star will appear.

This one will take you just off the spire that is in the title.  A bunch of the
platforms along the way will also sink, so be careful.  Once you get to the
spire, you will find that it does, indeed, sink.  Make your way upward quickly,
but carefully, avoiding traps and whatnot along the way.  If you have time,
grab the 1-up, and at the top, two spins will break the crystal that holds the

> THROUGH THE METEOR STORM <                                          [METEO]

At the beginning here, you will need to dodge a bunch of meteors that are
falling from the sky.  You will eventually reach a pair of torches.  You will
need to light these using the fire enemy that is also on this platform.  Once
both torches are lit, use the launch star that appears here.

The next planet is a two-dimensional platformer riddled with traps.  You will
need to watch out for Thwomps, holes, and meteors.  I actually highly recommend
picking up the 1-up that is in this area, considering it is in one of the few
safe areas along the way.  Once you get to the end, use the launch star.

Next up, you will have to pick up five star chips while dodging, you guessed
it, falling meteors.  You will definitely want to pick up the Super Mushroom
that is here.  The hardest star chip to find is the one on the island to the
right.  Once you have them all, a launch star will appear.

This one takes you to a U-shaped planet.  Go to the far side of the planet, and
have a Bullet Bill follow you back to the beginning, so you can blow up the
glass case with the launch star inside.  Here's a tip; if you try to maneuver
it along the inside of the U, it will catch up to you and hit you.  Try to get
it to follow you along the outside of the U, and you will have a lot easier of
a time.

As if that weren't enough, now you have to roll along a path full of holes and
rotating platforms... and rotating platforms with holes.  Get to the end, and
grab the star.  You deserve it!

> FIERY DINO PIRANHA <                                                [FRYDP]

At the beginning, you will want to head toward that cliff that you scaled in
The Sinking Lava Spire.  This time, though, you will want to go toward the
right side of the cliff.  Once you are there, climb up to the top, and jump
into the pipe.  Take the sling star to the half-submerged planet, and defeat
all the enemies here to get a launch star.

Submerged planet version 2.0!  This time with rolling and fireball attachments!
Just get to the end to get to the launch star.

Now, you will need to collect five star chips, while staying on a set of
rotating platforms.  While you're collecting things, why not grab the Super
Mushroom that's just hanging around out here.  Once you get all five chips, the
launch star will appear back where you started.

Next, you will need to do some three-dimensional platforming.  Use the sling
stars all around here to help you traverse the sinking platforms.  Near the
end, there is a Luma shop just in case you forgot to pick up the Super Mushroom
earlier.  Once you buy yourself something pretty, hop into the launch star.

Hmmm, this looks familiar, but somehow different....  Hey, it's Dino Piranha!
Wait just a second, why the heck is he on fire?  This fight is very similar to
the one you had to do for one of the first stars you got in this game, but also
very different.  For starters, his tail is on fire, and he runs faster.
Secondly, this one spits fireballs at you.  Yeah, I'd probably say that this
time, it's a little bit harder.  To damage him, you will need to hit his tail
back at him while it isn't on fire.  This little fella will follow the same
pattern as the original, except that after your second hit, he will start
throwing fireballs at you.  Three hits will take him down and give you your

> LAVA SPIRE DAREDEVIL RUN <                                          [LSDRE]

The Sinking Lava Spire with one life.  Holy mother of pearl.  Good luck for
this one, you'll need it.  No major differences for this one, just try to be
more careful than you were the first time.  Even if you were really careful the
first time.

> RED-HOT PURPLE COINS <                                              [HOTPC]

Start with the two behind you, then work your way forward, picking up the Super
Mushroom as you go along.  Don't forget the one over the big lava pit in the
middle.  The first platform has a total of 29 coins on it.  There are two spots
over the lava here that there are coins.  One is in the area that you probably
will want to jump over, that one has three.  But there are also two over the
wide area of the lava pit.  Don't forget those.  All of the sinking platforms
here have coins that you will need to have the platforms sink to to get.  By
the time you leave the purple platform, you should have 43.  The blue one has
three under it, and the green one has a total of five under it.  You also need
to backflip off the stone on the fully-risen green platform to get another
coin.  Backtrack to the stone platform in the middle of the lava pit.  There
are a bunch of coins here.  After getting the six on the stone platform, you
should have 58.  Follow the path around to the right.  Before you get any on
the stone wall, you should have 67.  There are a total of four just one the
stone wall; you can save the one above it for later.  Once you are within
jumping distance of the platform after the green one, get there, and grab the
coin behind the green platform.  Get the five on the geysers, and the one in
the little hole in the wall for a total of 78.  Grab the one near the stone
switch, then wall jump up to the top.  Backflip up to the left, and grab all
the ones on the top here.  Don't forget the one you skipped earlier.  Use the
sling star once you have 92 coins.  Ignore the coins underneath the second
sling star, and go inside the volcano.  Grab the five in here, and use the
sling star.  You will be shot out to the sling star with the three coins under
it.  This time, grab the coins and the star will appear on the top of the
cliff.  Grab it.

> BURNING TIDE <                                                      [BRNTD]

Choose The Sinking Lava Spire.  You will need to collect 80 SBs before you use
the launch star above the volcano to get this one.  There are actually a bunch
of SBs inside the volcano; if you use the two sling stars here, then ignore the
launch star, you will fall into the volcano.  If you ground pound the switch, a
lot of SBs appear, but the platform you are standing on will begin to fall into
the lava.  Be sure to use the sling star before you also fall into the lava.
If you have 80 when you get to the area with the three spherical planets, feed
them to the Luma, and use the launch star that appears.

In this area, the lava will rise and fall continuously.  The white areas here
will never fall below the lava, so you will have to stay here while the lava
level is high.  You need to grab the five silver stars to get the star.  I
highly recommend grabbing the Super Mushroom above the ? block in one of the
safe areas.  Other than that, good luck.  The star will appear in a danger
zone, so grab it quickly.
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ?  |  Matter Splatter Galaxy                                       [SPLTR]


This galaxy is pretty crazy.  There are little streams of liquid bouncing
around, and they create platforms when they "land".  The only thing is that the
platforms disappear after a while, so you will need to strategically follow the
streams as they bounce around, or you won't have anything to stand on.  Get to
the pipe at the end of the first area to get to a second area.  This area has
the same basic concept, except you will need to wall jump to get to the end.
Follow the little liquid stream as it bounces back and forth between the walls.
Then, you will need to platform across from side to side as the tangible area
moves back and forth.  As it says, watch your step.  The third area is a little
different, as it has you using the Spring Mushroom to get from platform to
platform.  When you grab the ? coin, the area that you can be in will start
moving upward.  The pink grated platforms can be moved up through, but not down
through, so use these to your advantage.  The next ? coin here will give you a
lot of SBs.  When you reach the sling star, use it to get to a pipe, and the
next area.  Here, you're back in three dimensions, and the area that you can be
in moves forward.  You will need to jump over gaps to get to platforms, and you
won't really know what's coming until it does.  One thing to look out for here
is the SBs.  Anywhere there's a SB, there's a platform.  The star is at the end
of this area.  
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  The Observatory                                  [OBSRV]

Galaxy List:
  Gateway Galaxy......................................................<GTWAY>
  Sweet Sweet Galaxy............. 400 SBs.............................<SWTSW>
  Sling Pod Galaxy............... 400 SBs.............................<SLING>
  Drip Drop Galaxy............... 600 SBs.............................<DRPDR>
  Bigmouth Galaxy................ 800 SBs.............................<BGMTH>
  Sand Spiral Galaxy.............1000 SBs.............................<SNDSP>
  Snow Cap Galaxy................1600 SBs.............................<SNWCP>
  Boo's Boneyard Galaxy..........1200 SBs.............................<BBONE>
  Rolling Gizmo Galaxy...........  Trial .............................<GIZMO>
  Loopdeeswoop Galaxy............  Trial .............................<LPDSW>
  Bubble Blast Galaxy............  Trial .............................<BBLST>
  Bowser's Galaxy Reactor........60 Stars.............................<BOWSR>
  Grand Finale Galaxy............?? Stars.............................<FNALE>
|     |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|     |  Gateway Galaxy                                               [GTWAY]

Star List:
  Grand Star Rescue...................................................<GRAND>
  Gateway's Purple Coins..............................................<GTEPC>

> GRAND STAR RESCUE <                                                 [GRAND]

This is the first star you get in the game.  If you don't yet have this star,
you should to the beginning of the guide.  The search abbreviation for it is

> GATEWAY'S PURPLE COINS <                                            [GTEPC]

Walk up to Princess Rosalina to start a cutscene, and wait for it to end.

Now, you're going to try to grab all 100 purple coins using the Red Starman
provided for you.  A lot of them don't require Flying Mario, but the ones in
bubbles all do.  There aren't any in craters or pipes, so don't worry about
those areas.  Also, there are plenty of Red Starmen around, and the powerup
lasts a long time, so you shouldn't have to worry about not finding a Red
Starman.  Grab all 100 coins to get a red star.  You may now also use the Red
Starman in the observatory.
| 400 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
| SBs |  Sweet Sweet Galaxy                                           [SWTSW]


I honestly don't think that there's much I can help you out with here.  It's
just a bunch of tricky platforming.  There's a 1-up a little further than
halfway through, and if you're feeling ambitious, you might want to pick up
those coins to show your platforming prowess.  Try to stay away from the places
where the platforms appear, simply because you don't know what is going to
appear next.  Unless you memorize the platforms.
| 400 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
| SBs |  Sling Pod Galaxy                                             [SLING]


Here you will need to shoot yourself from sling pod to sling pod without
hitting any of the projectiles that are flying around all over the place.  This
is undoubtedly extremely hard.  Thankfully, there are plenty of SBs and 1-ups,
and a checkpoint.  Getting the ? coin in the second half is helpful, because
the SBs that appear will help you with your aim.
| 600 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
| SBs |  Drip Drop Galaxy                                             [DRPDR]


Ever since the giant eels showed up, the penguins haven't been able to catch
any fish!  Help them out!  This one is pretty simple; shoot the shells at the
eels to defeat all of them.  Remember that red shells home, and you will also
need shells to open the treasure chests.  Some of the chests have enemies in
them, though, so be careful.  One of the chests actually has a Super Mushroom,
which could end up being very useful.  There are three eels in total, and once
you've destroyed them all, the star will come out of the ship.
| 800 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
| SBs |  Bigmouth Galaxy                                              [BGMTH]


To open the golden treaure chest and the beginning here, you will need a golden
Koopa Shell.  To get one, go underwater, and into a cavernous area.  There are
two ways to get to the shell.  First, you can find all five star chips
underwater here, or you can go to the edge of the cave, and wall jump up.
Either way, grab the golden shell, make your way back to the beginning, and pop
open the chest to get your... Toad?  He will thank you for rescuing him by
giving you a star.
| SBs |  Sand Spiral Galaxy                                           [SNDSP]


From the beginning, jump into the sling star.  Get to the mushrooms.  Now, you
have an option.  Either you can use the Bee Mushroom or the Boo Mushroom.  If
you choose the bee, you will have to worry about your fly meter and enemies.
If you choose the Boo, you will have to worry about lights.  Personally, I
think the Boo Mushroom is easier to get through with.  Either way, once you get
to the sling star, use it, grab the Starman, and get to the moon-like thing to
get the star.  Be careful not to fall off because you're running too quickly.
| SBs |  Snow Cap Galaxy                                              [SNWCP]


Shell the treasure chest at the beginning to get a sling star.  Use it to get
to the main area.  You need to get a total of three bunnies.  But first, you
need to hit all of the switches around here.  Once you get them all, an area on
the side of the planet will open up and reveal a Fire Flower.  You can use this
to melt snowmen and snow mushrooms.  One of the the bunnies is in a snowman,
one of them is in a hole in the ground (you can move snow around with your
cursor), and one of them is in the chest.  You can open the chest with the
shell that is in one of the snowmen.  You can trap the bunnies in the holes on
either side of the planet if you are having trouble catching them.  Once you
grab them all, they will give up the star.
| SBs |  Boo's Boneyard Galaxy                                        [BBONE]


Right at the beginning, jump into the pipe.  Grab the Boo Mushroom, and talk to
the large Boo.  He will, once again, want to race you.  When you race, you will
be pushed in the direction of the wind, so use that to your advantage.
Sometimes, things that look like shortcuts will actually lead you astray, so I
will outline the best path to take.  Follow the signs until you see a 1-up to
your right.  Get it, then grab the ? coin and let the fan blow you downward.
Keep doing this, until you see some rotating bones.  Go through the crystal
wall here, and grab the ? coin and get blown down by the fan.  A crystal wall
will come out of nowhere, so be prepared for it.  After that, just keep
hovering down, not hitting any walls, until you reach the finish.  Anything
below 55:00 should get you the star.
|  3  |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|GREEN|  Rolling Gizmo Galaxy                                         [GIZMO]


Another rolling stage for you.  Except this one is pretty tough.  You'll need
to break the metallic blocks by jumping into them, and you'll push the bridge
down the same way.  Other than that, you will need to avoid tons of tricks and
traps.  Bob-ombs will be especially annoying.  Don't be afraid to use that jump
button; it can get you out of a lot of sticky situations.  Climb up the flag
and claim your star.
|  3  |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|GREEN|  Loopdeeswoop Galaxy                                          [LPDSW]


Woah.  Now that's a pretty crazy racetrack.  The rules here are the same, and
you'll have to beat 3:00:00* this time.  As the big penguin says, stay calm.
If you go too fast around some of these turns, you WILL fall off.

* Thank you to Silicon Hero for the correction.
|  3  |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|GREEN|  Bubble Blast Galaxy                                          [BBLST]


Just like the name implies, you will be traversing an electric maze.  You will
be given a choice of five pipes.  You will eventually need to go into them all,
because each houses an area with a star chip.  Remember how to control the
bubbles?  Well, you will need to get through the labyrinth without touching the
electric walls here.  The ? coins will generally make a path of coins that is
usually the safest way to go, so I recommend picking those up.  Once you have
all five chips, use the launch star in the middle.

This will bring you to yet another maze.  Grab another bubble and get going.
This time, you will have Bullet Bills chasing you.  Grab the 1-up if you can,
but just keep going.  You will want to block the Bullet Bills with anything you
can without getting hit by anything.  Rotating red and green platforms work
rather well for this cause, but you can use anything solid.  The star is at the
end of this one, so keep at it.
| 6 0 |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Bowser's Galaxy Reactor                                      [BOWSR]


At the beginning, take note of the spotlight on the wall.  It is actually a
gravitational field.  If you are inside it, you will fall inward.  It not, you
will fall downward.  You will need to do some platforming inside, and outside,
of those fields.  After you reach the top, you will be sent to a planet with a
lot of sinking and moving platforms.  On the next planet, the platforms won't
appear until you are near them, but they also disappear completely after a
short time.  Don't stay on just one platform.  The next one is covered with
rotating platforms and fireballs.  At the end of this planet, you will need to
go against the flow of a rotating platform to get to the end.  Next, you will
be on the appearing platforms again, but this time you will need to wall jump.
Eventually, you will get to a part where the gravity changes.  Next on the menu
is Thwomps, Bullet Bills, and sinking platforms.  Eventually, you will reach
some rotating platforms which you will need to get to the other side of the
planet.  And the end here, you will find a launch star.

Grab the Super Mushroom and 1-up here while dodging the fireballs, then watch
the cutscene.  Hmmm, this looks a little bit different from the other Bowser
fights...  When he rolls into a boulder, you will need to spin him in the head.
Then, spin him again while he's dizzy.  On the second shot, you will need to
hit him twice, then you will move to a different planet.  If you didn't guess
it, you will need to hit him with the rubber balls.  You can do this either
when he's breathing fire or curled up.  Spin him while he's dizzy.  First shot
takes one, second takes two.  You will then fall onto a rather Bowser-fight-
looking planet.  He will launch everything he has at you this time.  Light his
tail on fire as usual, and then spin him while he's dizzy.  The first time
you'll need to do it once, the second time, twice.  Once you've done him in
for the last time, he will give up a Grand Star.  Congratulations, you've
beaten Super Mario Galaxy!  Enjoy that final cutscene!  Well, you'll only get
to see the REAL final cutscene if you got 120 stars!
| ALL |------------------------------------------------------------------------
|STARS|  Grand Finale Galaxy                                          [FNALE]


This area will look familiar.  This isn't anything too tough, just a straight
path of purple coins.  This entire stage is completely built around nostalgia
of the game, so take the time to talk to the various NPCs around the stage.
The only coin that isn't along that straight path is the one on the Starshroom.
Once you reach the end, you can talk to the Mailtoad and agree to get a
congratulatory letter (complete with photo) posted to your Wii Message Board.
Once you have all 100 coins, grab your final, well-deserved star.

|  _____|
| |_____-----------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ___  |   F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S       [QSTNS]
| |___| |----------------------------------------------------------------------

Here are a few of the questions that a lot of you are asking:

Q. I have 104 stars, and there doesn't seem to be anything left for me to do.
   What should I do?
A. Talk to Rosalina, and agree.  Once you complete "The Fate of the Universe"
   you will unlock Purple Comets.  These are the last 15 stars you need.

Q. You talk about purple coin stars.  How do I get those?
A. You will need to complete "The Fate of the Universe" to unlock Purple

Q. You mention "Dino Piranha Speed Run" but I don't know how to get it.  What
   do I need to do?
A. Through the natural progression of the game, you will unlock comets.  You
   must then wait for one to randomly appear over Good Egg Galaxy in order to
   claim this star.

Q. You mention "Luigi on the Roof" but when I go to the roof, Luigi isn't
   there.  What am I doing wrong?
A. In order to do any of the hidden stars that require you to talk to Luigi,
   you must first save him in the Ghostly Galaxy.  You must then wait for the
   Mailtoad to give you a letter from Luigi saying that he is in one of the
   galaxies.  You may then claim the star.

Q. You don't mention the storybook at all!  What's up with that?
A. Not true.  I just did.  But in all seriousness, I feel that the storyline,
   and therefore, the storybook, are not really all that important to this game
   as a whole, and plus, if you really wanted to know what was in the
   storybook, you could just read it in-game.

Q. Where these questions actually frequently asked?
A. Most of them were.  A few of them, including this one, were not.

|_____  |
      | |----------------------------------------------------------------------
      | |   C O N C L U S I O N                                       [CNCLS]
      | |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  Thank You's                                      [THANX]

Credit where credit is due.
Thank you to the following:

Nintendo for making such a spectacular game!
www.gamefaqs.com for allowing me to post this FAQ.

Corrections by:
   Silicon Hero
Strategies by:
   Chris Pioli
Other cool stuff by:
 _____ _____ _____
| ____|     |  ___|------------------------------------------------------------
|____ | | | | |__ |  Copyright Info                                   [CPYRT]

Copyright Tom Farello, 2007 - 2009

This guide is for personal use only.  It may be recommended to others, however
it may not be distributed or used in any way to make a profit.  This guide may
be referenced, but credit must be given for all references.  No site may
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