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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oNeDeMeNTeDSMuRF

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    The Two Towers (Continued)

    Helm's Deep (True Adventurer at 44,000)

    Alright, first things first let's switch to Legolas and shoot the obvious target causing some stuff to fly around leaving a few buildables for us, but we'll deal with them in a little bit. Now Switch to Gimli and smash the cracked stone on the ground to find a crank, and on the far right side smash up the wall to find another cracked stone behind which is a minikit piece. Now back to the buildables, assemble them, then attach the crank and mash away to get some more buildables on thr right. Throw them together to get a stairway up the right wall on the 3rd floor of the wall smash the cracked stone to continue up the rest of the way and prepare to open a can of whoop a$$ on some Uruk-hai!

    Three ladders get propped against the wall, on the far left use Gimli on the cracked stone to knock this one down. Use Legolas to shoot down the Uruk-hai on the middle one to drop this ladder, and use anyone to smash the 2 clamps holding the right ladder up, then proceed right. Another four ladders and some more Uruk-hai to beat up, for now go all the way to the left and have Gimli go through the hatch and puch down the crate, this leaves behind some buildables to make a cracked stone on the nearby ladder. Builda away and smash it to drop this ladder. The other three are the same as before, far left is a cracked stone middle left shoot down the Uruk-hai and middle right smash the clamps. Five more ladders, far left is a cracked stone, far right has 2 clamps, dead center has a cracked stone for Gimli to be thrown at, and both middle left and middle right need to be shot down.

    After a short cutscene we're back on the ground level but the wall has been destroyed. You should notice right off on the left is a cracked stone. Let's smash it! Ooh look buildables for a stairway up the left side of the wall. Head up to the second floor and destroy the spear rack for some buildables for a swing slot. Switch to Legolas then shoot the swing slot and jump onto it then hop off to the left. Up here push the block to give Gimli and Aragorn a path up the wall and continue the rest of the way. Now switch to Gimli and smahs the cracked stone and continue up the far left stairs.

    After a very humorous cutscene, including an Academy Award being thrown, we find ourselves outside the walls as Gimli and Aragorn. First head all the way down the stairs to the right for a big chunk of studs and a minikit piece, then back up top by the save statue where we must pickup Gimli and toss him across. (But don't tell the Elf!) Next jump across with Aragorn and start the beat down. Once you've had your fill of slaughtering the Uruk-hai, make sure you destroy the battering ram to get some buildables to repair the gate. The game will automatically switch control to Legolas who needs to keep those darn ladders down. After taking down 3 more ladders 2 huge grappling hooks fire up and drag up another giant ladder, go smash the grappling hooks while also dealing with the inevitable Uruk-hai that jump off the ladder. Doing this will leave behind some buildables to repair a push path, so fix it and push the crate off the wall and switch to Aragorn or Gimli to use the buildables you just provided them with. Climb onto the ledge you just built then up the rope to join Legolas.

    Now we're riding horseback through Helm's Deep to get out and head to Rohan, as the game controls the path you take you only need pan yourself left and right to destroy objects for studs. As you ride out the main gate make sure to jump and grab what is easily one of the most obvious minikit pieces in this game. Just beyond the gate you will see a cross shaped flag pole smash it and any others you see (Total of 5, left just beyond gate, left bottom of ramp, right by first troll, left by second troll, and left by third troll) to get another minikit piece.

    Open World

    Now we're back to Frodo, Sam, Gollum, Faramir and Madril. Follow the path of guide studs until you reach Osgiliath.

    Osgiliath (True Adventurer at 85,000)

    We start this level as Frodo, Sam and Gollum with Faramir in a separate party, to the left of where we start is a hatch use it then switch to Faramir. As Faramir, move to the right a little ways until you can see the target throught the hole in the wall and shoot it, then switch teams again and hop across the gap. Head down the stairs and switch to Sam to use the rope hook revealing another target for Faramir so switch back.

    As we switch a short cutscene plays giving us some builables to repair the push path, go ahead and repair it then push the pillars to make a stairway. Climb to the tallest pillar and look into the background to see a target, shoot it and switch teams head through the first gate and switch back to shoot the other target that was revealed and again switch to Frodo, walk into the dark area directly to the right of the second gate and smash this gate to find some builables for a hatch. Switch to Sam and use the hatch, as you head left a small cutscene causes half of the tower to collapse revealing a rope hook, so use it to drop some buildables for a springboard use the springboard to get to the ledge and switch to Faramir who suddenly gets attacked by some Orcs, get rid of them and continue right where you'll find some buildables for a ladder. Climb up the ladder and shoot the target then switch back to Sam.

    Build the newly founded buildables to make a ladder up to a sword, grab the sword and bring it down to Gollum to free his hands. Now he can climb walls again! So climb up the wall and turn the cracnk directly behind the climbing wall to allow the Hobbits up here and continue right. On the underside of the stairs you will notice a dark little room use Frodo to go in and get the Blacksmith Design "Mithril Boxing Gloves". Now switch to Faramir and continue right, some Orcs will break down a boulder wall take them out then head up the stairs and to the right. Shoot the 2 targets to get some buildable to repair the push path and push the statue all the way to the right. Now look through the gap and shoot the 2 Orcs blocking the other teams path, then switch back. Using Gollum climb up the wall and push down the statue, then with Sam use the plant spot and bounce up to the ledge with Gollum and burn down the wood blocking your path.

    Continue to the right until.... Holy crap it's the Nazgul! Switch to Faramir and continue right killing anything that gets in your way. Destory the chunks of wood againts the wall to knock it down giving you a clear shot at the Nazgul, take it! Switch teams again and continue right, use the dig spot to repair the gate mechanism and destroy all the debris on the bottom left. Now use Gollum to do a little fishing to find the crank, attach the crank, open the gate and proceed through until the Nazgul returns. Switch back to Faramir, continue right and down the stairs where some Orcs will burst through the wall kill them then jump through the opening they left and go a little to the right for a minikit piece then return to the other side of the wall and shoot the Nazgul. He will fly overhead knocking down a tower and leaving behind some buildables for a ladder. Head up the ladder and switch teams.

    proceed to the right and destroy the 3 towers to make some buildables for stairs then head up. Not again! Back to Faramir and take the shot.

    We now oddly find ourselves back with Merry, Pippin, Treebeard and another unspecified Ent. Basically rampage through thise area destroying anything and everything. Make sure you destroy the 5 waterwheels for a minikit piece also use 2 of the water towers to put out 2 fires for 2 more minikit pieces, throw rocks at the 3 balconies on the tower for yet another and lastly to the right of the damn grab a rock and aim around the mountainside to find a small boulder blocking a minecart and throw the rock (this needs to be done twice). From where you start head right to find a kinda glowing tower and knock it over to make a bridge, cross the brige and head northeast until some Orcs set ablaze some wood, grab a nearby water tower and throw it at the fire to put it out then continue north to the dam. At the dam throw a rock at each of the towers to make yourself some ramps then head up and button mash out the 2 support beams on the dam. Congrats, you have beaten The Two Towers in story mode!

    Open World

    Switch to Gollum and follow the guide studs up the wall.

    The Secret Stairs (True Adventurer at 88,000)

    Use Frodo to walk into the dark cave on the upper left then change to Sam and use the dig spot to get some buildables. Build the lever and push it to reveal a rope hook use it to find some more buildables to burn down the statue on the right. Light the wood and the statue will tumble down leaving behind some more buildables to finish off a set of stairs for later. Switch to Gollum and climb the wall at the bottom left, then smash the bracing for the rock. Now pickup what I can only assume is a skull and throw it at the over head vines to reveal a rope hook, use Sam on it. We now have a bridge, use Frodo to go across and go into the dark cave on this ledge and destroy the object inside to get some buildables to fix the push path. Now push the block along the path until it drops to the ground leaving behind some buildables to finish the previously mentioned stairs. Build them and proceed up the stairs, a little ways up you'll notices some rocks and a statue on the right smash the rocks to reveal a grow spot. Have Sam grow a flower for a minikit piece.

    Follow the trail of studs across the gap and across the hanging rail to find a save statue, use it if you wish, then continue up the stairs. When you reach a big flat area covered with blocks destroy them all to find a dig spot containing buildables to repair the push path. Then switch over to Frodo and go into the dark cave on the left (1) and switch to Gollum to climb up the wall. On this ledge there is a block, push it off then drop down and continue pushing the block until you can climb to the next set of stairs. At the next flat area use Frodo to walk into the dark cave and smash the object for a throwing stone and throw said stone at the spiderweb to the left, then use Sam on the newly revealed rope hook to clear a path. Use the hanging rails to climb up to the next ledge then continue up the stairs.

    Another flat area, hit the spiderwebs on the climbing wall to clear it off, then use Gollum to climb the wall. Destroy everything on this ledge to find some buildables to make a prying rod under the big rock then jump on it to knock the rock down, clearing the path. Switch to Sam and use the newly revealed hatch then the subsequent grow spot causing a pile of buildables to be revealed. Put them together and continue up this next long flight of stairs.

    We no longer have Sam with us but we must trudge on, head into the cave and you'll find a save statue, go ahead and use it if you haven't already. Continue throught the cave until a small cave in blocks your path (don't worry about that spider's shadow I'm sure it was just REALLY close to the light source......). We can just punch our way throught these rocks, so let's continue. Walk up next to the climbing wall as Frodo with the phial out to scare the spiders, then switch to Gollum and climb the wall. Up here find the push block and push it to reveal a hatch so Frodo can follow us then switch to Frodo and use the hatch to continue. As we traverse this path we'll scare away some more spiders immediatly to the right of the spiders is a skeleton we can knock down for another minikit piece then up the path some more. Hit any spiderwebs you come across a couple times to clear them away. Eventually you'll come up to a high ledge and a big skeleton (is that the basilisk?!) destroy the skeleton to find some buildables for a few hanging rails, hop up them to continue. (the sheer number of spiders, etc. really make this feel like the chamber of secrets... lol) Here we'll find a big skull a rock and a couple other things to smash to get some buildables. Use the buildables the form a basket and throw 3 rocks in it to tear away the giant web and continue.

    And now we run! But as you do watch the stud trails to smash 3 piles of skulls for another minikit piece.

    Open World

    Follow the guide studs for a short ways to enter the next level.

    Cirith Ungol (True Adventurer at 53,000)

    Now I don't know if it's just me that finds this odd but we start this level as Sam and Shagrat the Orc... Anyways go to the right to find a very obvious minikit piece, then run up to the top center and pickup Sting and the phial and scare Shelob with it, then stab him. He will run up the wall so now we must throw the phial at him to bring him down again, then clear the web from and pickup the phial, scare him and stab him again. Again he'll run up the wall, so throw the phial again and repeat the same steps as before only this time it's a much lengthier process to stab her.

    Well, we have Frodo back, but no more Mithril Vest. :( Alright, let's start off by smashing everything in here we can for some studs, don't forget to use the save statue! Now switch to Sam and use the rope hook, then use the throwing stone on the chain to break it free and take out the Orc. Now drop down and kill the Orcs, then switch to Frodo and walk into the dark doorway to find a gear, grab it and throw it in your inventory, then attach it to the other gears to lower some chains to operate the gate. Now continue down the tower killing any Orcs in your path. Once you get to the bottom you'll see all the Orcs fighting unload your frustrations on them, until the gate breaks down, then continue through.

    Now outside in a large courtyard, we must find a helmet and armor for each Frodo and Sam. Start by heading to the right a little ways to find a throwing rock, toss it at the glowing pipe above the Orc on the balcony. The pipe will burst dumping green stuff all over the Orc making him go running for the shower just below and tossing his armor off, one piece down, three to go. Continue to the right walking along the upper wall until you find a burn spot, switch to Sam and burn it then jump onto the short rope that appears to drop the 2 barrels. Out come some buildables! Toss them together to finish the catapult then, as Sam, hop into the catapult and get launched onto the nearby ledge. Use the rope hook to climb up to another ledge and know free the barrels on the far right to get a helmet as well as some buildables so Frodo can climb up. Halfway there! Switch to Frodo and climb up to the top ledge then go left, you will hit a short staircase at which point you want to stop and put on the Elven Cloak to sneak past the guard. After passing the gate climb the ladder and kill of the Orc up here then smash everything to find the rock and the stick, combine them to make the Rock Hammer, then equip the Rock Hammer and use it on the cracked stone. In here is a crank to open the gate as well as a helmet for your other character, grab it and we only have 1 left.

    Switch to Sam and continue left to find a burn spot and set it on fire. Continue left, pushing the 2 blocks off the ledge, then down the stairs. Drop down below and repair the push path in both places, then put one character on top of the tower and have the other push the tower. In the first boarded up hole is Blacksmith Design "Mithril Ice Bow", in the second is a purple stud, and the thrid has the last piece of armor. Collect it then have each character approach the Orcs in the booths.

    Open World

    Switch parties and follow the guide studs to Edoras. After the cutscene again follow the guide studs to Dunbarrow where after a cutscene Aragorn will gain Anduril which like Narsil can destroy Morugl Blocks.

    The Paths of the Dead (True Adventurer at 90,000)

    Let me start off with a warning, anytime you're in the green mist be prapared to mash the B button as the ghost soldiers enjoy popping up and grabbing your characters feet. Anyhow let's head through this cavern. After a way you'll come to a big open area with a bunch of Morgul Blocks, destroy them all for some buildables to make stairs to the next ledge then continue north. Starting in this next clearing the ghost soldiers will start popping up and only Aragorn can defeat them, switch to Gimli for now and smahs the cracked stone on the left side to make some buidables for a hatch, then go through and switch to Legolas (who should have jumped up after you). Shoot the swing slot then swing up to the next ledge and push the crate off leaving some buildables, build them to make a ladder for Gimli. As we continue north here there is a barely visible hanging rail on the left wall, use it to cross the green mist. Then switch to Gimli to use the cracked stone on top of the archway and continue through the newly opened cave.

    Continue north until you come across 2 targets, shoot them with Legolas to drop some buildables to make a bridge, then build it and cross it. In the next clearing there is a Morgul Block behind some pillars destroy it to drop a minikit piece. Then switch to Gimli and smash the cracked stone in the upper left corner to reveal buildables for a hanging rail. Switch to Legolas and jump onto the rail then onto the ledge and shoot the swing slot, swing across and push the crate off the ledge. Now switch to Aragorn and use the dropped crate to climb into the next area where there are some Morgul blocks to destroy then continue north. You will come to a wall with a cracked stone so smash it with Gimli to open the path. In this next clearing there is a statue on top of a Morgul Block smash the block then push the statue out of the way of the ladder and climb up. Switch to Legolas and cross the rope then switch to Aragorn and pickup Gimli and throw him at Legolas. Back to Legolas and put down Gimli the switch to Gimli and smash the cracked stone. Now build the pieces left behind for a hatch and use the hatch to get to the other side where there is a lever to open the gate, so use it and go through the gate.

    Time for a fun battle, switch to Gimli and smash the 4 cracked stones to make some buildables, then throw them together to make a platform and hop on it. The King of the Dead will float down towards you at which point you need to slash him, he will float away then come back and you have to slash him again, then one more time. He will float back by the gate releasing a wave of skulls demolishing your platform, but also leaving behind some buildables for another! Build it and climb up then wait for your chance to strike, 3 more hits and he releases another wave of skulls, again demolishing your hard work and leaving behind some more things to build. This time there are 4 platforms to build and you have to jump onto the appropriate one to attack him (he goes in a counter-clockwise direction) and he destroys the platform after hes been attacked from it. After hitting him 4 more times he is defeated.

    Open World

    Now, we ride to Minas Tirith for The Battle of Pelennor Fields! So follow the guide studs and let's get going!

    The Battle of Pelennor Fields (True Adventurer at 95,000)

    We start this battle off witha charge scene destroy everything you possibly can, there are a total of 3 minikit pieces in this short section, 1 by smashing 3 crate randomly strewn about, 1 from a ramp on the right side near the end, and 1 from another crate on the field near the end.

    Now we're on to decimating the Witch-King (kinda redundant considering all witches are female... O.o) avoid his ground attacks until the flying creature is stunned, then run up and slash it's head a few times, repeat this 2 more times until the Witch-King is thrown from his saddle. Now we fight the Witch-King himself, he carries a giant morning star kinda like the cave troll from "The Mines of Moria".... and we defeat him in the same way too find the little brown squares with arrows pointing to them and let his morning star get stuck then strike him. One is already open and waiting another is made from the buildables to the right and the third is hiding under a plant in the bottom left corner. After this he will grab Eowyn so switch to Merry and stab him in the back, Merry will fall to the ground and the Witch-King will have dropped Eowyn so switch to Eowyn and attack him.

    After a cutscene we are now with Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. And I'm gonna tell you this part is one of the most annoying in the game. We'll start with the easier of the 2 Oliphaunts, it has giant Morgul anklets on so smash one with Aragorn and it will drop to the ground after which just mash the B button until it runs away. Now for the fun one... This one has 2 swing slots on either side which you must shoot the use Legolas to swing on them up to a dangling rope. Sounds easy enough.. but it is NOT. After taking out the second is gone, 3 more head onto the field. Take care of them in the same fashion and we're done with the battle.

    Open World

    To be continued...

    Story Characters

    These are the characters you get through the regular story mode playthrough as well as a description of their abilities.


    • Carries Narsil which can destroy Morgul Blocks


    • Carries Narsil which can destroy Morgul Blocks

    Frodo Baggins

    • Small, can use hatches
    • Mithril Vest, Takes twice as much damage (after visiting Rivendell)
    • Phial of Galadriel, lights up the darkness (after visiting Lothlorien)
    • Elven Cloak, to help shield from unfriendly eyes (after visiting Lothlorien)

    Samwise Gamgee

    • Small, can use hatches
    • Frying Pan, for cooking
    • Trowel, for digging and growing plants
    • Tinderbox, for lighting fires
    • Elven Rope, for rope hooks (after visiting Lothlorien)

    Frodo (Shire)

    • Small, can use hatches
    • Mithril Vest, Takes twice as much damage (after visiting Rivendell)
    • Phial of Galadriel, lights up the darkness (after visiting Lothlorien)
    • Elven Cloak, to help shield from unfriendly eyes (after visiting Lothlorien)

    Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry)

    • Small, can use hatches
    • Water Bucket, for putting out fires (after "The Mines of Moria")

    Peregrin Took (Pippin)

    • Small, can use hatches
    • Fishing Rod, for fishing


    • Track using green objects, can track things given the right object
    • Carries Anduril which can destroy Morgul Blocks. (After "The Paths of the Dead")

    Arwen Evenstar (Ranger)

    • Agility, can high jump, swing on poles, walk on tightropes

    Gandalf the Grey

    • Magic, can use sparkling objects
    • Staff can light up the darkness


    • Small, can use hatches
    • Axe, can break cracked stones
    • Can be thrown


    • Agility, can high jump, swing on poles, walk on tightropes
    • Bow and Arrow, can shoot targets and wall things


    • Has sword, wants ring


    • Rosie
    • Tom Bombadil
      • 125,000
    • Bilbo Baggins (Old)


    • Ringwraith
    • Ringwraith (Twilight)


    • Bilbo Baggins
      • 125,000

    Amon Hen

    • Lurtz


    • Eowyn
      • 125,000
    • King Theoden (Cursed)
      • 200,000
    • Hama
      • 125,000


    1. Just outside Bag End on a roof, use Sam to grow a plant.
    2. Near Farmer Maggots field on the roof of a house in plain view, either use a high jump character or jump on the fence then the roof.
    3. Far west end of Hobbiton, requires someone who can destroy Morgul Blocks.
    4. Southwest of Farmer Maggots fields, climb on the pig and go through the checkpoints within the time limit.
    5. Northwest past the end of the river, needs a bow and arrow.
    6. North of the western end of the river, needs an axe.
    7. North eastern corner of Hobbiton, there's a circle of 7 dirt mounds, 1 will have a mole thingy poking out hit 10 mole things within the time limit.
    8. Only available at night, slightly northwest of the Map Stone, use Sam to light off the fireworks.
    9. Only available at night, between 3, 4, and 5, use Sam to light the fire.


    1. Outside bree ontop of a plateau in a giant box.
    2. Around the back of The Prancing Pony, use hatch to find it.
    3. Beside the Blacksmith, turn the crank to find it.
    4. While leaving Bree towards Weathertop turn right immediately after going through the gate to find 3 dig spots with bones build the bones into 3 dancing skeletons
    5. Before going through the previously mentioned gate look left, needs a bow and arrow
    6. Almost directly above the guy looking for the Mushroom Crown, there is a tree with 2 hanging rails and 2 vines climb up them to find it.
    7. On top of The Prancing Pony, needs a high jumper.


    1. Northwest corner between Bree and Weathertop, find a key in one of the nearby dig spots then break open the cave and unlock the chest.
    2. On the side of the mountain look for a cave to smash open inside find a goat mount the goat and do the race.
    3. Northeast of the mountain is a fishing spot use it to get a crank and take the crank to the southeast of the mountain where the yellow arrow points attach it and crank away.
    4. East of the mountain, in Trollshaws there is a cave, inside it you will find 4 dig spots one contains this Mithril Brick


    1. Directly west of Map Stone, look for a tower with a cracked stone, throw Gimli at it then shoot the revealed target to open a pathway to the brick
    2. Directly east of Map Stone, go up the stairs into the back area with the island and to the right side there is a cracked stone use Gimli to smash it raising 2 pillars out of the ground. Climb them onto a ledge and shot the target creating a bridge, cross the bridge and follow he path to the brick in a chest.

    Emyn Muil

    1. Between entrances to "Taming Gollum" and "The Dead Marshes", use Frodo to walk into the small cave for it.
    2. Between entrances to "Taming Gollum" and "The Dead Marshes", use Sam on the rope hook to collect it.


    1. Between Map Stone and Eomer, use a crank to open the gate to the little castle. (Or jump on top of said castle with a horse apparently o.O)

    Level Designs

    Chapter 1 - Mithril Shockwave Axe - 4 Bricks

    Gives anyone with inventory access ability to smash cracked stones, used to get Red Brick #17 "Fall Rescue"

    Chapter 2 - Mithril Music Horn - 3 Bricks

    Plays Music, used to get Red Brick #3 "Boss Disguises"

    Chapter 3 - Mithril Music Boots - 3 Bricks

    Plays music as you walk, used to get Red Brick #16 "Fast Build"

    Chapter 4 - Mithril Cluster Bow - 4 Bricks

    Gives anyone with inventory access ability to fire arrows, used to get Red Brick #2 "Disguises"

    Chapter 5 - Mithril Headdress - 3 Bricks

    Hat, used to get Red Brick #18 "Mithril Hearts"

    Open World Designs

    • Hobbiton
    • Bree
      • Blacksmith's Shop - Mithril Trowel - 2 Bricks
    • Weathertop
      • On the side of the mountain look for a cave to smash open, it's inside with a goat. - Mithril Skeleton Sword - 16 Bricks
    • Rivendell
      • South of the Map Stone, use Gandalf on the wizard blocks and climb up, drop down between some rocks and hanging rails to find it.
    • Lothlorien
    • Amon Hen
    • Edoras

    Red Bricks

    #1 Poo Studs - 25,000

    • Press Z while riding any animal and they will endlessly poo studs

    #2 Disguises - 50,000

    • Puts Groucho masks on all characters

    #3 Boss Disguises - 100,000

    #4 8-bit Music - 200,000

    • Plays 8-bit themed music

    #5 Studs x2 - 250,000 - "We Elves may be an agile sort, but all that swinging from poles takes it's toll on the hands. Could you kindly fashion some Mithril Gloves for me? In return, I could help to double your income..."

    • Increases the value of all studs collected (x2). Can be stacked.

    #6 Studs x4 - 1,000,000 - "I'm meant to catch enough fish to feed the army, but I'm terrible at it. Craft me a Mithril Rod and I might stand a chance... I'll make it worth your while by helping you get four times richer."

    • Increases the value of all studs collected (x4). Can be stacked.
      • Just north of the entrance to the level Amon Hen in a cave. Requires Mithril Fishing Rod found in "Track Hobbits"

    #7 Studs x6 - 4,000,000 - "My hunsband's Mithril Top Hat shrunk in the wash. I'll never heard the end of it if he finds out! Could you forge me a replacement? I'll give you something that'll earn you six times as many studs..."

    • Increases the value of all studs collected (x6). Can be stacked.

    #8 Studs x8 - 8,000,000

    • Increases the value of all studs collected (x8). Can be stacked.

    #9 Studs x10 - 10,000,000

    • Increases the value of all studs collected (x10). Can be stacked.

    #10 Quest Finder - 50,000

    • Shows arrows to indicate quests.
      • In front of The Prancing Pony, found as a requirement for story mode.

    #11 Minikit Chest Finder - 50,000

    • Shows arrows to indicate minikit chests.

    #12 Mithril Brick Finder - 75,000

    • Shows arrows to indicate Mithril Bricks.

    #13 Character Studs - 25,000

    • All minifigs spew studs when killed.

    #14 Attract Studs - 100,000 - "Psst. Between you and me, I've always wanted to try my hand at archery. And what better way to start with than a Mithril Carrot Bow? Forge me one, and I'll show you how to attract riches from afar."

    • Attracts studs from a further radius than normal.
      • To the west of Lothlorien, where you end up after "The Mines of Moria". Requires Mithril Carrot Bow found in "Taming Gollum"

    #15 Action Assist - 25,000

    • Removes the button mashing needed for levers, cranks, etc.

    #16 Fast Build - 100,000

    • Speeds up building.

    #17 Fall Rescue - 75,000

    • Prevents falling to your death.

    #18 Mithril Hearts - 25,000

    • Allows all character to take double damage.

    #19 Regenerate Hearts - 100,000

    • Regenerates hearts every few seconds

    #20 Invincibility - 500,000 - "I've heard of a wonderful object called the Mithril Tinderbox, which lights fire with a charming fireworks display! If you forge me one, I'll reveal to you the secret of invincibility!"

    • Can't get hurt
      • Northeast of entrance to "Osgiliath". Requires Mithril Tinderbox


    • "You look like a helpful sort! Fancy making me a Mithril Trowel to replace me tatty old one? For your trouble, I'll let you in on a secret to help you seek out other quests!"
      • In front of The Prancing Pony, needs Mithril Trowel
    • "Me little 'uns want feeding, but I lost me Soup Pot somewhere on that road where that Black Rider was lurking about. Please find it for me."
      • North of Map Stone, needs Soup Pot from "The Black Rider"
    • "Some brigand has stolen my priceless family heirloom, the Mushroom Crown! I went to retrieve it from Orthanc tower, but I was chased off by a Black Rider... Please, get it back for me!"
      • Northeast corner of Bree outside the wall, needs Mushroom Crown from "The Black Rider"


    • "The amazing view from Weathertop inspired me to write a poem! Trouble is, I left my only Quill up there... Perhaps you'd be kind enough to fetch it for me?"
      • Directly North of the Map Stone, push the block along the checkered path to gain access to a hatch use the hatch, needs Quill from "Weathertop"
    • "A Hobbit passed through a while ago, speaking of a Luminous Stone he'd seen on The Pass of Caradhras. I'm sceptical, but I'll admit to being curious... If you come across such a thing, could you show it to me?"
      • Directly south of the Map Stone, stack the wizard blocks and climb up, needs Luminous Stone from "The Pass of Caradhras"
    • "We Elves may be an agile sort, but all that swinging from poles takes it's toll on the hands. Could you kindly fashion some Mithril Gloves for me? In return, I could help to double your income..."
      • Northeast of Map Stone on water level of island, needs Mithril Gloves forged, plans in "Warg Attack"


    • "My hunsband's Mithril Top Hat shrunk in the wash. I'll never heard the end of it if he finds out! Could you forge me a replacement? I'll give you something that'll earn you six times as many studs..."
      • South of Map Stone, needs Mithril Top Hat forged. Designs from "Battle of Pelennor Fields"

    Helm's Deep

    • "One of my kinsmen borrowed my special Uruk Sword when they went to attack Amon Hen, but he never brought it back! Then again, HE didn't come back either... Hmm. Anyway, find it for me!"
      • North of Helm's Deep, needs Uruk Sword from "Amon Hen"

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    0.30 - Added a lot more collectable information, messed around with the formatting, added Chapters 8 and 9.

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