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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oNeDeMeNTeDSMuRF

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    This is my first ever walkthrough so bear with me... Enjoy! I'm writing this walkthrough based on the Wii version but should work perfectly fine for PC, PS3, and XBox 360 versions as well.


    No FAQs as of this writing.

    General Controls:

    Control Stick - Move

    A Button - Jump

    B Button - Attack (Hold for aiming, release to fire)

    Z Button - Use/Access inventory

    C Button - Tag/Character Select

    1 and 2 Buttons - Switch Character in free play

    + Button - Pause Menu

    The Fellowship of the Ring

    "The world has changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost. For none now live who remember it. It began with the forging of the great rings. Three were given to the elves, immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven to the Dwarf Lords, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of men, who above all else desired power. For within these rings was bound the strength and will to govern each race.

    But they were all of them deceived for another ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the dark Lord Sauron forged in secret a master ring, to control all others and into this ring, he poured his cruelty, his malice, and his will to dominate all life. One ring to rule them all. One by one the free lands of Middle-earth fell to the power of the ring. But there were some who resisted. A last alliance of men and elves marched against the armies of Mordor and on the slopes of Mount Doom, they fought for the freedom of Middle-earth. Victory was near but the power of the ring could not be undone. It was in this moment when all hope had faded that Isildur, son of the King, took up his father's sword... Sauron, the enemy of the free peoples of Middle-earth was defeated.

    The ring passed to Isildur, who had this one chance to destroy Evil forever. But the hearts of men are easily corrupted. And the ring of power has a will of its own. It betrayed Isildur to his death. And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend, legend became myth and for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge until, when chance came, it ensnared a new bearer. The ring came to the creature Gollum who took it deep into the tunnels of the misty mountains and there it consumed him. The ring brought to Gollum unnatural long life. For five hundred years, it poisoned his mind. And in the gloom of Gollum's cave, it waited.

    Darkness crept back into the forests of the world. Rumour grew of a shadow in the East, whispers of a nameless fear and the ring of power perceived its time had now come. It abandoned Gollum. But something happened then the ring did not intend. It was picked up by the most unlikely creature imaginable: a Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins of the Shire. For the times will soon come when Hobbits will shape the fortunes of all..." - Galadriel

    Prologue: (True Adventurer at 30,000)

    After the intro you start out with Elrond (Second Age), Isildur, and Elendil in the midst of an epic battle. Wander around and collect any loose studs (gotta build 'em up quickly). You will encounter a bunch of Orcs the ones you need to worry about are the ones carrying banners, you need to kill 5 of them. After the first 5 you will encounter 3 more this time with shields! A nice little cutscene with the volcano erupting causes 3 black and reddish orange towers (Morgul towers) to appear each with a shieled banner wielding Orc on top, so switch to Elendil and use his Narsil to destroy the towers and kill the Orcs. Another cutscene (pretty epic seeing Sauron made of LEGO bricks ain't it?), when done the view will change and you will see an emormous Sauron approaching as he mows down hundreds of mini-figs, use the save statue if you wish and wait for an opening in the crowd to approach Sauron. (TIP: Using the save statues causes them to sink into the ground leaving behind a little flower bed, smash it for some extra studs!) Switch back to Elendil and wander around (collecting any studs of course) watching Sauron and waiting for him to strike the ground with his mace. Eventually, it will get stuck in the ground, so hack away at it! Do this 3 times while avoiding any actual attacks and you're good to go. After another cutscene Isildur and Elrond (Second Age) are on the summit of Mount Doom surrounded by 3 Orcs, kill 'em and use the save statue if you so wish. Now to ascend the mountain. Jump across the river of lava by using the floating platforms, then jump up to the hanging rails to climb up the ledge. Use Isildur (now carrying the broken Narsil) to destroy the morgul towers and jump across the platforms avoiding the lava. As you reach the other side you have no doubt noticed the horizontal towers of flame blasting from the mountain occasionally, avoid those, then destroy a couple more morgul towers and use the hanging rails to shimmy across the river of lava. As you wander here a wall will explode releasing 3 Orcs, kill them and 3 more will appear from the cave kill them too. Destroy the morgul tower with the platform on top and it causes a ramp to be made so let's head on up. Up top you will notice a green glowing spot (high jump indicator) so switch to Elrond (Second Age) and jump up. Push the giant boulder off the ledge to create a platform for Isildur to cross. If you want you can destroy the morgul towers behind where the boulder was to grab your first minikit piece! Or proceed to the right and destroy a few more morgul towers. Either way proceed right and climb up the ledge where 3 Orcs are waiting, kill them and 2 more will jump down from another ledge. After ending their misery a shielded Orc will jump down take care of him and 3 more will come bursting through the large set of doors. Get rid of them and head through the doors. You are now in the belly of Mount Doom continue to the end of the path where 3 more Orcs will attack you (they never learn do they?) vanquish them and continue to the end of the path for a cutscene. Congratulations you've completed the first step in the journey of Frodo Baggins and the Fellowship of the Ring!

    Open World:

    Welcome to Middle-Earth you start with Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee you can take this opportunity to wander around the Shire and collect some studs and Mithril Bricks, but we'll cover that later. Follow the guide studs to the next level (after you cross the bridge it's a good idea to turn right and use the Map Stone).

    The Black Rider: (True Adventurer at 16,000)

    You start this level with Frodo, Sam, Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry), and Peregrin Took (Pippin), proceed to the right detroying any plants you come across for studs and after hobbling over the log destroy the rock to give yourself a chunk to throw. Pick up said chunk and throw it at the crow to continue. After going over the second log switch to Sam and dig up the dirt studs to find another chunk of rock, throw this at the boulder just ahead to continue. After the third log hopping you might as well go around the right side of the tree to collect the minikit piece behind it then proceed right, watch the position of the Nazgul and move accordingly smashing the tree midway to give yourself not only a hiding spot but some studs as well! Upon approaching the river a crow will land on an overhead branch use any of the hobbits to enter the hatch and climb the tree, walk across the planks to scare the crow away, then return to ground level. Continue across the river and use Sam on the glowing spot to grow some plants then proceed to the next area. After another cutscene we join Gandalf the Grey in his dealings with Saruman, smash the B button until you're on the ground and avoid Saruman's fireballs he will fire 3 followed by 2 ground lightning attacks jump to avoid them he will then faint at which point you can levitate and throw him into objects, I'd suggest throwing him at the window with the black square as it looks cool and gets you another minikit piece. He'll attack again in the same pattern first throwing you against the wall then with more fireballs(6 for the second attack and 9 for the third) and more ground lightning attacks(4 for the second attack and 6 for the third) and once again faint for you to throw. After the third toss and a cutscene we rejoin the halflings. Use the save statue if you wish then destroy the box and the rock and pickup the 3 tiles (Z button to pickup and Z again to place in inventory), then place them in front of the boulder and push said boulder. Continue to the right until you come across a glowing apple, pick it up and throw it at the tree (and watch it bounce off the branch and into the owl!) then continue forward a little more to find yet another glowing apple and throw this one directly at the owl (poor owl, lol). Now switch to Sam and grow a plant at the glowing circle, go across the newly formed flower bridge and switch to Merry and walk to th small dock in the foreground to do some fishing. (TIP: Don't press the indicated button until it glows to get bonus studs while fishing) After you're done fishing you'll notice you pulled a crab out of the river so pick him up and throw him at the torch on the right side of the bridge. Now switch back to Sam and go to the other side of the river and find the dig spot, you'll pull out a rock, pick it up and throw it at the beehive (Please kids don't try this at home) now proceed through the opening in the tree until the black rider moves then wander around in front of the log tunnel and destroy the plant to find a dig spot containing another minikit piece! Next climb over the log to the right and pickup the glowing apple and throw it at the crow then continue down the path. This next part is a bit annoying to me as there seems to be very little range of motion, but stick to the right hand side and jump a lot, if you're lucky you'll pull out another minikit piece.

    Open World:

    Again follow the guide studs into Bree and as you enter notice the Map Stone on your right, use it then head to The Prancing Pony where you will encounter a gentleman requesting a Mithril Trowel ("You look like a helpful sort! Fancy making me a Mithril Trowel to replace me tatty old one? For your trouble, I'll let you in on a secret to help you seek out other quests!"), so follow the guide studs or the little yellow arrow to the blacksmiths shop to learn about forging items and equipment. Upon entering you will see a Blacksmith Design for the Mithril Trowel collect it and forge it according to the directions, then open your inventory (hold Z) and select Treasure Trove then choose Mithril Trowel (it's the first one) and return to the gentleman in front of The Prancing Pony who will accept the Mithril Trowel and give you access to buying your first Red Brick ==Quest Finder== (50,000) whether or not you buy it now is entirely up to you, as long as you access all the Map Stones you can easily find all the quests without it, but in buying it you gain a constant purple stud just outside The Prancing Pony (10,000 studs baby!). So now head into The Prancing Pony. After the cutscene you gain Aragorn (since they felt having both Strider and Aragorn was pointless) now follow the guide studs and make your way to Weathertop. Upon arrival use the Map Stone then proceed up the mountain. (TIP: After forging the Mithril Trowel everyone with inventory access can now dig in the open world and free play modes, faster than Sam too!)

    Weathertop (True Adventurer at 46,000)

    You start the level with Sam, Merry, and Pippin (Merry and Pippin now have swords too!) on the ground level you will find a few plants destroy them all to find 2 pieces of firewood, and have Merry fish off the dock to get a kipper (make sure Sam picks up the kipper so he can put it in his frying pan) also have Sam grow a plant at the glowing circle and attack the plant to make a tomato fall off. Again have Sam pickup the tomato and put it in the frying pan, now go up the slope and destroy the rock to get some buildable pieces, build them then push the stone out of the way of the hatch and go through the hatch. On the upper level smash the tree for a thrid piece of firewood and use the hanging rails to shimmy acrss to the big tree with the bird's nest. Smash the nest to get the egg and have Sam add it to the kipper and tomato. Now stand by the fire pit and add the three pieces of firewood and have Sam use the tinderbox to light the fire, then cook the food. After a cutscene you now have all the hobbits again. Use the save statue if you want then switch to Sam as you'll be needing him throughout most of the area. proceed left destroying all plants, shrubs, etc to get the pieces to build a bridge, cross the bridge and grow a plant at the glowing spot, then pickup each of 2 stone chunks to throw at the plants holding up the boulders. If you want an easy minikit piece here make sure you destroy the purple flower(1/3), now continue left and grow another plant then bounce up to the flower top. Go through the hatch and build the pile of bricks then use the tinderbox to light them on fire and head back through the hatch. proceed left and up the stairs and jump onto the right vine (I've noticed the AI doesn't like jumping on the right one on it's own) this will cause buildables to drop so build them and cross the plank bridge. Follow the trail of studs to a ledge with 2 plants destroy them to build a fire pit and set it ablaze. Climb up the hanging rails and proceed right to grow a plant, jump across the plant to find another purple flower to destroy (2/3) again follow the stud trail and before going in the door on the left is the last purple flower (3/3). After a short cutscene you start as Frodo in the ring realm, look to the right a ways to find a pushable statue and push it to destroy it leaving glowing white bricks build them then look for another pile of glowing white bricks and build them too. Now switch to Sam (Hold C and select Sam) and go around lighting all the fires (1 in the middle, 2 the we just built as Frodo, 1 from breaking down the wagon in the back and 1 from growing the plant at the glow spot) the Nazgul will break unlit piles of wood making you have to rebuild them. Also there is a save statue to the left of the wagon if you want to use it. Another short cutscene and you are left with Sam and Aragorn both wielding torches, build the fire pit and light the fire then have Sam light his torch in the fire. Now go around looking for stone chunks there are 3 of them (top center, bottom center, and far right) use these to destroy the statue in the top left, the statue on the far left and the statue on the far right, each of which will drop another torch. Get all 5 torches lit then hit each Nazgul with one.

    Open World:

    After some cutscenes you're back in the open world as Arwen on horseback follow the guide studs to the river and watch another cutscene (gotta love the ringwraith with the surfboard) continue following the guide studs into Rivendell. Some more cutscenes, then you're back to Frodo and Sam, follow the guide studs to the meeting of the fellowship (make sure to use the Map Stone). At this point Frodo gains Sting (his sword) and a Mithril Vest (not really an item though until the level "Cirith Ungol" Frodo can take twice as much damage) you also gain Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, and Boromir as playable characters. Once again follow the guide studs until you reach the river, switch to Legolas and shoot the targets to make a bridge. (TIP: Use a bow wielding character in the open world to destroy objects as the studs are automatically collected) Continue across the newly formed bridge and follow the guide studs some more until you reach The Pass of Caradhras.

    The Pass of Caradhras: (True Adventurer at 52,000)

    First things first go left a little bit and beat up the skeleton (1/5) now continue right until you reach some deep snow, pick up Gimli and carry him across the snow. Use Gimli to smash the cracked stone and go through the hatch then smash another cracked stone before returning. Now switch to any of the taller characters (Aragorn, Legolas, Boromir, or Gandalf) and pick up Gimli again and throw him at the newly revealed cracked stone. Then climb the hanging rails into the cave, smash the skeleton in here (2/5) and push the boulder out of the cave. Pickup Gimli again and carry him across the snow the have him smash the cracked stone, use the hatch, smash another cracked stone use the hatch again and smash yet another cracked stone (a bit monotonous, no?). After smashing the last one the big stone on the wall splits and spews out some buildables, build them. Before climbing up do you see the flagpole in the foreground hit it (1/4). Climb up the newly formed steps and smash another cracked stone then drop back down and follow the stud trail across the gap. Now switch to Legolas and shoot the 4 targets on the hanging rail then make your way across. Once there smash the 3 crates and collect firewood from each also beat up the skeleton (3/5). Put the firewood into the pit and set it aflame with Sam causing the 2 icicles to melt revealing buildables, throw them together to make a giant crossbow, climb on and fire the arrow to get a tightrope to walk across. Switch to Legolas as he's the only one that can walk on top of and jump on tightropes and climb up. Once off the tightrope go right a little ways to find another skeleton (4/5) and another cracked stone (but we can't use this one yet). Now back to the left, shoot arrows in the 3 things in the wall and swing across on the other side is a target, shoot it to lower a rope for the rest of your team. Pickup Gimli and throw him at the cracked stone to clear the boulders but before heading up follow the path to the left a bit to find another flag pole (2/4). Head up and pickup Gimli to carry him across the snow again then have him use the hatch and smash the cracked stone use the new buildables to make a fire and light it with Sam. Continue up the slope avoiding falling rocks and watching for another flagpole (3/4) about halfway up to incline. Yet again, pickup Gimli and throw him at the cracked stone to clear the boulders, then jmp across and carry both Gimli and Sam across the snow. Have Sam dig up the pieces to make the hatch then go through the hatch to find the last skeleton (5/5) Gimli should follow so switch to him to smash the cracked stone then back to Sam to dig up some buildables, build the small bridge and watch out for gusts of wind coming out of the cracks in the wall. Once on the otherside whack the flagpole (4/4) and head south a little bit from it the find Blacksmith Design "Mithril Cluster Bow" now head up the ledges and demolish the shack to find 3 pieces of firewood, then put them in the pit and light 'em up! Grow a plant in the newly defrosted glow spot to allow all the tall folk across. Now switch to Legolas shoot the 2 targets, build the buildables, pickup Gimli and throw him at the cracked stone then proceed up the path. After a cutscene we end up in front of the Mines of Moria, off to the right is a save statue so use it if you wish then switch to Gimli and smash the cracked stone revealing a hatch go through the hatch and smash the stone and crates to create a stairway to a rope, climb up the rope and smash the crate up here to get some buildables for a lever. Build the lever and use it to rotate the tree then walk across the branches to find a cracked stone, smash it and you'll be back down at the ground level. Back off to the right find a stone and smash it revealing a smaller stone to pickup, grab it and throw it at one of the 3 vine things sticking out of the water (yellow arrows point to them). Now back to the center. Smash the dock to get a piece of firewood and continue left, there are 2 more stones to smash to get more small pieces to throw at the other 2 vine things so take care of those. Up next to the tree is a wooden crate smash it for another piece of firewood, and off to the far left is yet another crate for firewood. Switch to Legolas and jump up on the high jump ledge then shoot an arrow into the thing on the wall and swing across continue up the steps and jump onto the hanging rail and shimmy across to the ledge. Shoot another arrow into the thing on the wall and swing across then walk down the plank and push the statue off the ledge. Switch to Sam now and use the dig spot to reveal a fire pit, put in the 3 pieces of firewood and light it. Lastly build the bouncing pieces to repair the door. After a cutscene you are fighting a giant octopus monster thing... use the save statue if you wish, then wait until a tentacle gets stuck in the ground and whack at the glowing red part. After cutting 4 tentacles the monster fully reveals itself protecting its face with a cracked stone, you know what to do, grab Gimli and toss him at it, then switch to Legolas and fire an arrow at one of the creatures eyes. Now we get to do it again, pickup Gimli, toss him at the cracked stone, fire an arrow into its other eye.

    Now is a good time to take a short break, 10 or 15 mins, turn the system off to clear out the memory as there are known issues with this game having problems after running for too long, the first of which I encountered on the next level.

    Open World:

    You're right next to the entrance to the Mines of Moria, so let's get to it!

    The Mines of Moria: (True Adventurer at 70,000)

    So to start off let's switch to Legolas and shoot the target right in front of our face, now let's switch up to Sam and set ablaze the wooden stuff on the right. After it burns down grab the key that's left behind and use it to open the chest we shot down with Legolas and out pops a gear, pick it up and put it in your inventory. Now switch over to Gimli and smash the cracked stone on the far left, out pops a crank, again grab it and put it in your inventory. Now to the center well hit the chests on both sides of the well to get some buildables and put them together to fix the well. Now put the gear on the well, and put the crank in position and crank away. After a short cutscene we're under siege from Orcs and Pippin now has a bucket to use on a regular basis. The camera has done a full 180 and is now looking at the entrance to the room we're in. First run to the far right side and look for the glowing object behind a rock and we've found Blacksmith Design "Mithril Headdress" now up by the door there are 2 sets of buildables to prop the door closed so we'll take care of those. Now switch to Legolas and shoot the 2 targets to drop a couple ropes, jump on both with seperate characters to drop a door bracing. Cue the mini cutscene where they break open the door and a bunch of Orcs come through, keep beating on them until the next cutscene (10-15). Guess what? "They have a cave troll." go to the bottom center and build the blocks to make something, then stand on it until the troll is swinging his morning star, it will get stuck and the troll will tug it a few times and then it smashes him in the face. Now we get to climb up to either side with Legolas (doesn't matter which same steps involved) smash the rock and stand on the thing until the morning star gets stuck, then jump onto the chain and fire an arrow down the troll's throat. Lather, rinse, repeat. On both sides after shooting the troll, the block you used to jump up smashes into buildables that make hatches on either side. Another short cutscene and now we're in control on Pippin riding the troll wander around smashing the B button until the troll is dazed then switch to Legolas and shoot him in the face. After each shot you need to use a hatch on either side to get Pippin back onto the troll, stand in the circle and press Z. Lather, rinse, repeat. After 3 shots to the face the cave troll falls. After another short cutscene we find ourselves in a long hall with hordes of Orcs coming after us and Gandalf putting up a shield. Orcs wearing helmets will get through the shield kill off 3 of them to continue. We move forward a little ways and stop again, gotta kill off 5 more Orcs. Again we advance a little bit and have to kill off another 7 Orcs. And the onslaught is done. Walk forward a little ways then turn left (you can go to the right behind a fallen pillar to find 1 gold, 1 blue, and 1 purple stud 11,100 total) after moving to the left a small earthquake will start a small fire in the middle of the room, switch to Pippin and use him on the glowing circle next to the pond thing, then put out the fire with his bucket of water. Now smash the barrel in the upper left hand corner to make a crank appear stash that away in your inventory. Now over to Gimli, smash the cracked stone to reveal some buildables build the to repair the cart thing then push it into place, next switch to Gandalf and use his magic to move the gear into place. Now attach the crank and go at it! A short cutscene, now switch to Legolas and shoot the target in the upper middle of the screen. Go down and collect the "Moria Orc's Helmet" (Item 1/3) and use the save statue if you so desire, continue down the stairs until a cutscene happens leaving Legolas, Gimli and Gandalf up top and Sam down below, so grab Gimli and throw him at the cracked stone to reveal a hatch, using Sam go through the hatch and walk full circle around the pillar for a minikit piece, then climb across the chain and go all pyromaniac on the other pillar. Now that we're all on the same page switch to Legolas and shoot the 2 targets to make a bridge go across to find another cutscene! And now we're falling down a seemingly endless chasm as Gandalf hold the A button to speed things up, you'll grab your sword and land on the balrog once you do start mashing the B button until it prompts you to press Z. You'll have to repeat this a few times from the second time on, he will try to breath fire on you you'll see his head turn to you and mouth open so just move the control stick left or right and continue mashing. Now that we've finished that, back to the rest of our group. Switch to Legolas and jump onto the backside of the dark object, he should grab onto it like a hanging rail, then switch to your other character and grab the glowing object that got pulled up "Artist's Hat" (Item 2/3) now head up the stairs at the bottom of the screen and follow them around. Now with Legolas shoot the target then the wall thing and swing across (the rock on the right can be smash for quite a few studs) walk up and to the left to knock down a ladder for the rest of your party. On the right wall you will notice 2 targets shoot them to drop some buildables for a minikit piece.

    Open World

    Follow the guide studs to Lothlorien. After the cutscene just keep pressing the B button as far as I can tell there is no controlling these boats.

    Amon Hen (True Adventurer at 45,000)

    We start as Frodo in the ring realm grab the glowing rock to your right and head up towards Boromir, throw the rock at the plant behind Boromir to make him move. Continue up the slope until you come to a hatch, use it, then push the pillar off the ledge. After Boromir runs up the stairs build the glowing bricks left by the pillar and go up the stairs to the left. hit the small rock on the left side to break off a throwable chunk then throw that chunk and the big hand shaped rock. Build the pieces that broke off to form some stairs and destroy the remainder of the pieces for a minikit piece. Now proceed up the newly built stairs and follow the patha short ways to the right where you need to hit the statue. Continue going to the right until you find a tree that has a white chunk in the trunk, hit that. Then destroy the rest of the rocks and other debris to make a stack of buildables, build away to make a catapult. Hit the catapult causing it to launch a rock and decapitate a distant statue. Keep moving forward and find a small stone pick it up and throw it at the plant above Boromir's head, then continue along the path. You will come upon a rock leaning against a wall hit it to break off a chunk and throw that at the branch holding up the basket to get some buildables. Build them to make some stairs, climb up the stairs and push the statue off the ledge. Just ahead is another hatch so use it and smash the rocks up here to find another throwable and toss it at the statue above Boromir. Continue up the path and up the stairs then button mash to make Frodo take off the ring. We now rejoin Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas you'll notice a couple oars to the right, smash them to find an unlit torch, pick it up and throw it in your inventory then go light the torch in the fire and burn down the log blocking your path up the hill. Head up the hill until you come to a high jump spot so switch to Legolas, jump up, climb across the vine, and shoot the target. Now drop down to build the springbox to help the rest of your party up and continue down the path until you come to a cracked stone, use Gimli to smash it and hop over the log, now proceed a short ways further to come upon some ruins there is a tower with a cracked stone as well as a cracked stone on the ground by the checkered floor, so let's smash both of those and build the blocks produced from the ground stone. Now swap over to Legolas and hop up the tower that Gimli smashed to shoot an arrow into the swing slot and swing across and push the column off the ledge. Now drop down and position the two columns against the back wall, small in the middle and tall on the right corner, jump on top of the taller one as Legolas and look above you for a hanging rail, see the small alcove to the right of it? That;s another minikit piece, grab that the push the 2 columns into the far left corner and climb up to the next ledge. proceed onwards to find a tree with a cracked stone for Gimli to smash and have him take care of it. Now walk a little further on the find another cracked stone to toss Gimli at, so give him the old heave ho to smash the columns producing a pile of buildables put them together to make a swing slot. Switch to Legolas hop onto the now fallen tree, shoot an arrow into the swing slot, and swing across. Up top are a couple shrubberies and some bouncing buildables throw them together to make a column and push the column down so everyone else can follow. You'll also find a glowing green sword, which happens to be Sting (Frodo's sword) so switch to Aragorn and pick it up, now follow the highlighted green path around until the cutscene. And we are once again under siege from the Orcs, there is a save statue nearby so use it if you want, then smash the columns to make the archer Orcs fall to the ground. Kill them and switch over to Legolas and shoot down the remaining Orc on the ledge to the right to continue. Continue down and smash some more columns and kill some more Orcs. After taking care of the 2 Orcs on the ground, the three Orcs on the columns to the right and the lone archer on the columns to the left a couple more Orcs will break through. Take care of them and continue through where they came from. In this area there are 2 Orcs guarding a currently unreachable minikit piece as well as 4 on the right ledge only 1 of which can be shot with arrows. So pick up Gimli and toss him at the cracked stone to make a ramp up to the other 3 and take care of them. After another short cutscene we join Boromir, Merry and Pippin, in the bottom right corner is a save statue use it if you so choose. Now switch to either Merry or Pippin and use the hatch in the upper left corner to get up on the ledge with the Orc and hit the statue up here to get the Blacksmith Design "" then attack the Orc. He will throw your character back down to ground level after one hit causeing a cutscene and a small avalanche that blocks the hatch. Smash up the rocks to open the hatch again and use it to attack once more another short cutscene and another avalanche destroys the hatch, knocks down a tree (and leaves Boromir with a broom sticking out of his chest, lol) walk over to where the tree fell to find some buildables and throw them together to make a bouncing plank to hop up on the ledge for a final attack on the commanding Orc. Another short cutscene takes place leaving you with Aragorn and Boromir (now with a banana in his chest). In this part the Orc will throw things at you including his shield, when he jumps down to get his shield whack him, after he throws his shield the third time he will pickup your character at which point you need to switch characters to attack him. After the last hit we're done with him, and see another cutscene.

    The Two Towers

    Again, a good time to take a break and clear out the systems memory buffer, better safe than sorry (considering I've lost 3 saves so far from lockups while saving)

    Open World

    Follow the guide studs and don't forget to use the Map Stone for Emyn Muil.

    Taming Gollum (True Adventurer at 90,000)

    We start this level as Gandalf on a snowy tower, there is a save statue right next to us so use it if you want, otherwise let's trek this mountain. Head up to the left to find 4 blocks encased in ice hack away at the to free them up then stack them to create a staircase. (TIP: If you stack them exactly like the diagram on the wall you will get a bunch of studs as well as a minikit piece, it's a real pain but worth it). Continue up the mountainside until you trigger a short cutscene that leaves a bunch of buildables, build them and climb the tower about 2/3 of the way up you'll come up to something holding up some stairs smash it to continue. A short cutscene showing the balrog rearing it's ugly LEGO head and now we fight! He has 2 attacks the ground fire attack, and the fire whip attack jump to avoid both. Eventually some lightning will strike the mountain top leaving a glowing tower stand in there and press Z to make a stream of lightning and aim it at one of the glowing red spots on the balrog. Repeat this until you've broken all three red spots and you've defeated the balrog. After a short cutscene we join Frodo and Sam on a mountain in need of some fish! As you approach Gollum he will grab himself a handful of fish and run away, sitting on the ground right by you are 2 fish grab them and toss them into the inventory. Of to the left is a big pile of bones hack away at it (1/4). Continue to the right until you see a rope hook witha sparkly line beneath it, switch to Sam and use it to climb into the little alcove smash up the plants in there to find some buildables to make a ladder, climb up to and your third fish, then drop back to ground level. Continue to the right some more to find another pile of bones (2/4) and a small dark cave, switch to Frodo and walk into the cave to find a dig spot for Sam so dig it up for fish nmber four. Just to the right of the cave is another rope hook use Sam on it for another minikit piece, a little to the right of that grow a plant to make a path to the ledge then push the tower into the far back corner and look for another stack of bones (3/4). Next, climb up to the ledge and hop across the gap. Up here you will notice a wall that's different from everything around it, we can't have that kind of asthetically displeasing nonsense smash it! It just so happens theres a piece of firewood in there for us anyways :) directly below that is 2 plants smash ther for some more firewood continue right some more and smash the 2 plants to find more firewood. Use the dig spot the find a fire pit put in the firewood and light it on fire. Climb up the hanging rails and shimmy to the ledge with the fifth fish then drop back to ground level. Keep going right until you pass a cracked stone next to it is a pile of rocks, smash them to find a dig spot which puts out some buildables for a rope hook. Climb up and grow the plant on this ledge, then switch over to Frodo and climb up to use the hatch. Shimmy across the hanging rail and go into the little cave to find the last fish then drop back to the ground level and continue right to find the last pile of bones (4/4) and push the boulder off the ledge and drop down. "This looks strangely familiar." Well that's a good thing in this case throw all 6 fish into the bucket to lower the wall and proceed. After a short cutscene Frodo and Sam are getting attacked by Gollum (a warning, his has impeccably good aim) smash the 3 piles of fish bones to give yourself some buildables for another minikit piece and use the save statue if you want. Wait for Gollum to throw a fish to the ground then go pick it up and throw it at him, he will drop down to the ground and start eating it. There will be a glowing circle on the ground for Sam to try and capture Gollum but don't bother with it yet, we'll take this opportunity to build the fishing pole we'll need without getting fish thrown at us. Firstly take Frodo into the cave in the back and smash the plant to find some rope, now switch to Sam and use the dig spot just outside the cave to find buildables for a rope hook, use it to get the hook (grab this with the same character as the rope and combine them) now with Sam go to where the save statue was and climb up the ledge with the stud trail and use the rope hook to climb to a higher ledge. Smash the tree up here to get the stick (again grab with the same person as the hook and rope and combine them) now we have a fishing rod (Item 1/3) for anyone to use in the open world and during free play. Anyways, now with Sam again use the glow spot to rope Gollum, he'll attack Sam so mash the B button to get rid of him. He'll climb back up on the wall so now we have to go fishing off the little jetty to the right. Then repeat the steps, grab fish, throw at Gollum, rope Gollum, mash B button until he's defeated.

    Open World

    Just because they are so quick and convenient turn around and use Sam on the rope hook on the right for a Mithril Brick, and continue a little further to find a small cave and use Frodo to go in and grab another. Then follow the guide studs down the hill and into The Dead Marshes.

    The Dead Marshes (True Adventurer at 65,000)

    We start this level with Frodo and Sam as playable and Gollum as a guide. Walk up to Gollum and he will create a walkable path between islands just follow the glowing path in the water(TIP: Do not stand still in the water for too long as you will sink into the marsh). At the second island switch to Sam and use the dig spot to find a bucket (Item 1/3), pickup the bucket and use it at the pond to fill it with water then walk up to Gollum and he will again run off creating a path, only this time a fire appears from literally out of nowhere. So let's put out the fire with the bucket of water and continue across the glowing path to the next island. On this island use same on the grow spot to grow a plant to the higher ledge then set the tree up here on fire (Sam is a regular little arsonist ain't he?) then walk down the tree and fill up the bucket again. Climb back up the tree, drop off the ledge and approach Gollum, he runs off jumping across what seem to be enormous lily pads and leaves another random fire (maybe he's the arsonist..?), put out the fire and follow suit by jmping across the lily pads to the next island as you land on the island Gollum runs off creating another glowing path and another fire. Go right a little ways to find some planks out to a giant skeleton and walk across them to make the skull pop up as well as a bridge to another pond. So cross the bridge and fill up the bucket then return, put out the fire, and follow the glowing path. This time about midway you'll meet up with Gollum and he'll run off to create the rest of the path, so continue to follow and as you approach the next island he'll create yet another glowing path and another fire, this time in the middle of the water! (who needs logic?) Now we're gonna switch to the character that DOES NOT have the bucket and cross to the island northeast of where Gollum last was and jump onto the rock looking thing. Now switch to your character WITH the bucket and hop to the island east of where Gollum was (or southeast of the island with the rock thingy) and fill up our bucket. Then we go back to where Gollum was and follow the glowing path putting out the fire midway. Again as you reach the island Gollum runs off only this time we're not gonna follow him , instead switch to Sam and go to the northern part of this island to find a rope hook in a tree use it to create a bridge cross said bridge and continue into the giant skeleton and use the rope hook inside. Then back out and across the bridge, now wander across the skull to find a pond and fill up the bucket. Back to the island and follow the glowing path putting out the fire in the way. Again we meet up with Gollum midway and he runs off leaving another fire blocking us from continuing, but we have a lily pad and an island! Hop across the lily pad onto the island and using Frodo walk into the tree, inside are some buildables throw them together to make a rope hook for Sam, then use the hook to fill the pond. Fill up your bucket and continue down the glowing path to the next island while putting out the necessary fire. Cue the cutscene, looks like the Nazgul found us! On the far left of this island is a save statue so do what you need to do, now switch to Frodo and put on the Elven Cloak (hold Z and select Elven Cloak) and Sam *should* hide in the tree trunk on his own. Now just wait for Gollum to make the next path, on the next island same deal Elven cloak until Gollum continues the path. Continue this for the next 2 islands and on the third is a dark cave, walk in as Frodo and Sam will follow then wait for Gollum. This next island get a little more complicated, switch to Sam and use the rope hook on the tree to swing across, then walk up the little hill and stand on the tree branch on the water to open a path for Frodo. Switch to Frodo and walk across the path and hit the tree to make a bridge. Cross the bridge and continue following Gollum's glowing paths until you reach a giant tree blocking your path, switch to Sam and burn it down! Then back to Frodo and the Elven Cloak. Follow Gollum's next path to another island and switch to Sam and use him on the rope hook on the tree to create some buildables for a bridge, then cross the bridge. Now use Sam on the grow spot to make a plant up to the ledge. Finally done listening to Gollum and his "Hurry Hobbitses! Hurry". After the cutscene we find ourselves playing as Faramir and Madril, using Faramir search around this field for 5 targets to shoot (2 on the left, 2 on the right, and 1 in the back) for a minikit piece. Now jump onto one of the ropes hanging from the Oliphaunts (and there I was thinking they were elephants...) and climb onto the platform on top. If you're having any troubles reaching the ropes you can also destroy the trees to make some buildables for trampolines, but I didn't notice any issues just jumping from the ground. Once you've climbed onto the platform kill any baddies and smash the barrel to find a rope and use the rope hook to get to the top platform and mash the B button until you've killed the commander, gotten thrown off the Oliphant and scared it away. Then lather, rinse and repeat on the next Oliphant, only this time there's already a rope attached to the rope hook. If you're lucky like I was you may even get to see one of the Oliphaunts do the moonwalk....

    Open World

    It is now time to switch parties, so hold C and choose either Aragorn, Gimli or Legolas then turn around to find the Map Stone for Amon Hen and lastly follow the guide studs to the next level.

    Track Hobbits (True Adventurer at 50,000)

    After a rather interesting cutscene we begin with Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas. Switch to Legolas and shoot the 3 targets then build the blocks they left behind, now switch to Gimli and smash the cracked stone on top of the fire. Oh look "It's one of their wee belts" switch to Aragorn and grab the glowing green belt and track away! When you find the buildables build them to create a rope hook and use Legolas to shoot the target the camera pans to. This drops a rope for you to use on the rope hook which gives you another glowing green object for tracking. So back to Aragorn and track away, eventually you will find a cracked stone, smash it with Gimli to open another section. (TIP: If you're looking to collect studs, practically every sword and shield along the right and bottom of the map can be hit a couple times for studs). In this next section you can either get straight to tracking some more with the new glowing green object or use Legolas to shoot the three targets in the trees on the left to drop buildables for a minikit piece. Anyways, tracking... and a cutscene.

    We're now playing as Merry and Pippin, use the save statue if you want then follow the trail of studs off to the right and hack away at the big pile of stuff until it tumbles down the hill, then follow it. Now we're being ambushed by some Orcs wipe them out and continue to the right and have each of the hobbits jump on one of the hanging rails indicated by the blue studs. This will cause some buildables to drop to make a ladder, so climb up the ladder and kill some more Orcs then continue right and kill a few more, if you walk up to the pile of junk another will drop down breaking the junk and revealing a hatch, use it to get up to the next ledge. Continue to the right a little more and destroy everything in sight, if you go to the far right you'll notice a lone tree hack at it to make it fall down and find the Wooden Armor (Item 1/3). Then use the buildables in front of the odd looking tree to make some hanging rails and climb up them. Another cutscene...

    Now enter Treebeard! (I love this part) You can switch characters to use the save statue if you wish, otherwise use Treebeard to walk over anything and everything to collect loads of studs as you go to the right. Eventually you'll come up to a turn forcing you to go north, pickup one of the boulders along the way and throw it at the barricade, then pickup another and aim to the top left of the screen looking for an owl (this was one of the hardest minikit pieces for me to find), pickup andother boulder and throw it at the owl again, then one last time to get the minikit piece now continue right. Once you cross the river the game will indicate that you need to go back and pickup your partner, do so and put him down on the other side, then switch to him and continue right. Here we find an Orc cutting down a tree and another setting it on fire, so use the hatch and jump on the vine to put the fire out. Then back to Treebeard, go all the way to the right past where the burning tree was and smash the three planks that pop up for another minikit piece then continue up the path where the tree was.

    Open World

    Now we need to switch parties again, so choose either Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli or Legolas and follow the guide studs to Edoras.

    Warg Attack (True Adventurer at 34,000)

    After a short cutscene we find ourselves nearly weaponless, aside from Gandalf's staff, and under attack from some Edoran soldiers. Beat up the soldiers then attack Grima Wormtongue to get him away from Theoden, so that you can use Gandalf's magic to remove Saruman's control. After the first heart is taken away Grima wil return to Theoden and some more soldiers will break into the room leaving some buildables on the floor, beat up the soldiers and use the buildables to make a cage then atack Grima again. As he runs away he will get trapped in the cage and you can draw Saruman out some more. Another heart down and back comes Grima with more soldiers breaking into the other side of the room again leaving buildables. Same thing, beat soldiers, build cage, attack Grima, use magic on Theoden.

    This next section I found to be easiet using Legolas, so I'll suggest switching to him but feel free to play as whomever you wish. There is a save statue in the upper middle a little to the right if you need to use it, otherwise use Legolas to shoot down the 5 giant flowers for a minikit piece then start killing off some Orcs, first 2, then 3, then 4, then after losing your horses another 5. After killing an Orc you can climb onto his Warg and ride it! And, we're done with this level, rather short compared to everything else ain't it?

    Open World

    Before heading into Helm's Deep make sure to use the Map Stone, then head on in!