Stone Cold Vs. Paul Wright?

  1. I'm stuck on the Stone Cold Vs Paul Wright match because I can't get Mankind to start the three count before my time runs out. Is there a spot where I as stone cold have to be in order to get Mankind to count.

    User Info: arnoch

    arnoch - 6 years ago


    ⚫ Win the match
    . Historical Bonus Objectives
    ⚫ Perform a Lou Thesz Press Signature move on Paul Wight.
    ⚫ Strike Paul Wight with a steel chair at least 5 times.
    ⚫ Avoid being hit by any finishers.
    ⚫ Perform a finisher and win in 10 seconds.

    ⚫ Perform a Lou Thesz Press Signature move on Paul Wight and strike Wight at least 5 times with a steel chair: I would suggest you go for the second objective first,i.e; striking Wight with a chair.So after exchanging a few blows,get out of the ring and check under the apron to find a steel chair.According to the objective you need to hit him 5 times to make it count,so do it!
    . If you hit Wight with the steel chair more than 5 or 6 times,your momentum meter will automatically get filled and you can perform a signature.So head back to the ring and once Wight's in,run towards him and press the Signature button(do this quick because Signature moves don't give u much time)to complete the first to objectives.
    ⚫ Avoid being hit by any finishers:To complete this objective you have to be on top of your game right from the beginning and try to end the match as quickly as possible.Don't let Paul Wight make a comeback in the match,as he's a giant and his strikes and grapples will cause massive damage.
    ⚫ Perform a finisher and pin Paul Wight in 10 seconds:Once you are through performing ur Signature,it's time you put this match to rest..So perform the wake up taunt for making this even more realistic and as soon as Paul Wight is on his feet,hit the Stone Cold Stunner on him.
    ⚫ Win the match in 10 seconds:After hitting your finisher immediately go for a pin.Try hitting him with the Stunner in the middle of the ring as if u are close to the ropes u spend much time dragging him,and since Mankind's the guest referee he will take his time to count.Pin him to finish the match.
    . You unlock Bonus Match #13.

    User Info: Gimmeahellyeah

    Gimmeahellyeah - 6 years ago 0   0

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