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FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 10/19/08

                               Lego Batman
                            Created 9-28-2008
                               Version 0.90

                      T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

               Version History..........................[VSHY]
                 Hero Missions..........................[HRMS]
                    The Riddler's Revenge...............[HRD]
                      You Can Bank On Batman............[HRD1]
                      An Icy Reception..................[HRD2]
                      Two-Face Chase....................[HRD3]
                      A Poisonous Appointment...........[HRD4]
                      The Face-Off......................[HRD5]
                    Power Crazed Penguin................[HPN]
                      There She Goes Again..............[HPN1]
                      Batboat Battle....................[HPN2]
                      Under the City....................[HPN3]
                      Zoo's Company.....................[HPN4]
                      Penguin's Lair....................[HPN5] 
                    The Joker's Return..................[HJK]
                      Joker's Home Turf.................[HJK1]
                      Little Fun at the Big Top.........[HJK2]
                      Flight of the Bat.................[HJK3]
                      In the Dark Night.................[HJK4]
                      To the Top of the Tower...........[HJK5]
                 Villain Missions.......................[VLMS]
                    The Riddler's Revenge...............[VRD]
                      The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal....[VRD1]
                      On the Rocks......................[VRD2]
                      Green Fingers.....................[VRD3]
                      An Enterprising Theft.............[VRD4]
                      Breaking Blocks...................[VRD5]
                    Power Crazed Penguin................[VPN]
                      Rockin' the Docks.................[VPN1]
                      Stealing the Show.................[VPN2]
                      Harboring a Grudge................[VPN3]
                      A Daring Rescue...................[VPN4]
                      Arctic World......................[VPN5]
                    The Joker's Return..................[VJK]
                      A Surprise for the Commissioner...[VJK1]
                      Biplane Blast.....................[VJK2]
                      The Joker's Masterpiece...........[VJK3]
                      The Lure of the Night.............[VJK4]
                      Dying of Laughter.................[VJK5]
                 Hero Missions..........................[HRCL]
                    You Can Bank On Batman..............[HCLR1]
                    An Icy Reception....................[HCLR2]
                    Two-Face Chase......................[HCLR3]
                    A Poisonous Appointment.............[HCLR4]
                    The Face-Off........................[HCLR5]
                    There She Goes Again................[HCLP1]
                    Batboat Battle......................[HCLP2]
                    Under the City......................[HCLP3]
                    Zoo's Company.......................[HCLP4]
                    Penguin's Lair......................[HCLP5] 
                    Joker's Home Turf...................[HCLJ1]
                    Little Fun at the Big Top...........[HCLJ2]
                    Flight of the Bat...................[HCLJ3]
                    In the Dark Night...................[HCLJ4]
                    To the Top of the Tower.............[HCLJ5]
                 Villain Missions.......................[VLCL]
                    The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal......[VCLR1]
                    On the Rocks........................[VCLR2]
                    Green Fingers.......................[VCLR3]
                    An Enterprising Theft...............[VCLR4]
                    Breaking Blocks.....................[VCLR5]
                    Rockin' the Docks...................[VCLP1]
                    Stealing the Show...................[VCLP2]
                    Harboring a Grudge..................[VCLP3]
                    A Daring Rescue.....................[VCLP4]
                    Arctic World........................[VCLP5]
                    A Surprise for the Commissioner.....[VCLJ1]
                    Biplane Blast.......................[VCLJ2]
                    The Joker's Masterpiece.............[VCLJ3]
                    The Lure of the Night...............[VCLJ4]
                    Dying of Laughter...................[VCLJ5]
                    Suit Upgrades.......................[STUP]
                    Hero Trophy Room....................[HRTR]
                    Wayne Manor.........................[WNMN]

                         I N T R O D U C T I O N                       [INTD]

                       V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y                    [VSHY]

Version 0.5
 -Submitted 9-28-2008
 -Basic format established
 -Hero Missions Complete

Version 0.75
 -Submitted 10-5-2008
 -Villain missions complete through Biplane Blast

Version 0.90
 -Submitted 10-13-2008
 -Villain missions complete (except forgot the last one)
 -Canisters and Bricks completed through Joker's Home Turf
 -Batcave section given more detail

Version 0.95
  -Canisters, red bricks completed for Hero Missions

                               S U I T S                                [SUTS]

Demolition - This suit allows Batman to be more explosive. It provides the
             ability set up to three bombs at once with circle. The bombs will
             eventually go off by themselves or circle can be pressed again and
             held to detonate the bomb as desired. Any shiny silver objects
             can only be destroyed with the Demolition suit. 

Glide - The Glide suit provides some extended hang time on Batman's jumps. 
        Gliding is activated by jumping as normal but holding the X button. This
        is very helpful in steering the Dark Knight across large gaps in the 

Sonic - At times Batman will come across impenatrable glass doors. The Sonic 
        Suit gives Batman a gun that emits a sonic wave that shatters any and
        all glass within its range.

Heat Protection - This one's purpose is not too difficult to figure out. The
                  Heat Protection Suit allows Batman to enter red hot zones 
                  without injury. This suit also allows him to build with any
                  red hot legos.

Technology - Robin can access green technology consoles with this suit. While
             accessing the console he will take control of some sort of machine.
             The machine will allow the heroes to solve puzzles that otherwise
             would be impossible.

Magnet - Robin puts on a pair of special boots when wearing the Magnet suit. The
         boots allow him to scale metalic strips. Basically if he sees a metal
         strip Robin can walk straight up the side of a building.

Attract - This costume comes equipped with a vacuum. Pressing the circle button
          activates the vacuum. The suction will pull in red, yellow, and green
          lego blocks when targeted. Take a certain number (25) of these blocks
          to an attract machine and the machine will create something useful.

Water - Simply put, the Water Suit allows Robin to walk under water.

                          W A L K T H R O U G H                         [WLKT]

The Walkthrough section will contain information important for completing the 
game in Story Mode. Every situation described will assume you can not freely 
change between all of the characters as you can in Free Play. The canisters and
Red Bricks will not be noted until the Free Play section because many of these
items will require character abilities other than the main story characters.

                         H E R O  M I S S I O N S                       [HRMS]
                         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                         The Riddler's Revenge                          [HRD]
                         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You Can Bank on Batman                                                  [HRD1]

Super Hero Requirement: 38,000

There is a big explosion and a large cast of villains escape Arkham Asylum. Move
down the street and Batman faces his first set of enemies. These guys go to
pieces fairly easily. There is a tanker truck leaking green acid (maybe)
blocking the path. Back track slightly and use the grapple point in front of
the window a person is being held hostage. You can bust the window and save the
person if you like (that sounds like something Batman would do). The grapple 
point leads to a tightrope that will provide access over the wrecked leaking
truck. Turn the corner and use the Batarang to take out the distant enemy. Build
the Lego blocks to make another tightrope. Here (on top of the Theatre) Batman
finds the suit swapper. Jump onto the bat symbol to change into the demolition
suit. This suit provides some explosive power to Batman. He can set bombs for
destroying any object/enemy especially all the objects that are shiny. After 
taking out the enemies below practice blowing some stuff up then move on down
the road. Here you find a cement truck blocking the path. Set a bomb next to it
and boom road block removed. Defeat another set of enemies and the path is 
blocked again this time by a flatbed with lots of destroyable objects.

After the initial wave of enemies the path splits. The road down leads to more
acid that Batman can not move through. Use the sidewalk up top to continue 
forward. The plaza has lots of enemies. Near the center is located 6 trees. 
Destroying the trees on the right provides some Lego pieces to build a suit
swapper for Robin. Once he changes into the technology suit move to the back 
of the area and activate the green console. A remote control car exits. Robin
has control of the vehicle. Move it to the gate next to the blue door and enter
the building. Tap the three yellow levers to open the doors. Move the Dynamic
Duo inside. Destory the door at the other end of the room for the first boss
battle vs....

Clayface is in the next room. He has lots of friends nearby as well. Use the 
demolition Bat-Suit to destroy the silver structures inside the demolished wall.
Then go after Clayface. When 2 hearts are removed from his health, he runs 
inside the fenced in area. Sit bombs in front of where he stands to blow up the
blocks he is on. This destroys the fence allowing Batman to enter. Clayface is 
now on top of the cell in the back. Use the Batarang to target the three wheels
behind Clayface. Let go of the Batarang and once each wheel spins, the camera
like structures gases Clayface. He falls into the cell and MISSION COMPLETE

An Icy Reception                                                       [HRD2]

Super Hero Requirement: 60,000

Enemies charge as soon as the level begins. Take them out then destroy the 
debris on either side of the central circle. Once the debris is destroyed use
the remaining legos to build a weapon. Jump on the wheel twice and a balloon
is created. Jump on the wheel a third time and the balloon destroys a van where
enemies spawn. Repeat the process on the other side so you can more easily 
explore. The most important discovery is in the upper left corner. Destroy all
the items there and so a Robin suit swap can be built. This suit swap unlocks
the Magnet Suit. Robin can stick to metal and basically walk straight up a wall.
Batarang the hinges on the gate and enemies will appear. Defeat the bad guys
then using the magnet suit climb to the lever on the left. Pull it and the one
at ground level twice a piece. This turns the ice cream cones red on top and
blue at the ground. Now you can proceed up the stairs and into the belly of the

Destroy all the objects on the first platform. Building with legos should create
a Batman suit swap unlocking the Glide Suit and a rotating lever. Push the lever
so that the steam that is blowing blocking the path is lowered. Glide Batman
over to the next platform and defeat a few enemies. Place the brown gears on the
bridge for Robin and move forward. The path is block by more steam. Use the 
Batarang on the chains holding the large blocks of ice. The resulting mess can
be built into a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs are two wheels that when
jumped on will stop the steam. Next use Robin's Magnet Suit to climb up the wall
and build a grapple device for Batman. After a small fight, (the enemy in the 
back of the screen can be taken out with a Batarang) Robin needs to walk up the
curved metal pipe and build a box. Push the box of the edge and use the pieces
to repair the sliding platform below. Climb the metal surrounding the large
circular door and pull the lever. 

Use Batman's glide suit to move across the chasm. Rotate the lever to move a 
grapple point near Robin. Once Robin grapples it rotate the lever back to move
Robin across the gap. Jump on the light blue wheel and stairs are formed where
there was a ramp. Robin will climb the stairs and jump on a similar wheel that
will allow Batman to follow. Jump across the floating discs (they will fall when
jumped on) and slide down the next ramp. There are two nozzles located over 
large empty vats. Use the Batarang to hit these nozzles and a red liquid will
fill the vats. Next jump onto the freeze gun. Use the freeze gun (the Square
button) to solidify the red liquid. Follow the path across the vats then climb
the metal wall with Robin. The lever at the top raises a grapple point for
Batman to reach the top. Jump on the brown and red lego blocks to stop the 
steam and enter the next area. 

Mr. Freeze is ready to fight. He uses his freeze gun as his primary attack. If
hit Batman or Robin will turn into a solid block of ice. Move the right stick
back and forth to break free. Allow Mr. Freeze to freeze one of the Dynamic Duo
then use the other to sneak around to his back and attack. After an extended 
freeze attack he will also tire temporarily providing an opportunity for attack.
If you run circles around Freeze the other character will follow and likely be
hit by the freeze blast. Running in a circle will also keep your character just
ahead of the ice stream. Once Freeze tires is the time to attack. Once two 
hearts have been removed Mr. Freeze will flee. Quickly build the pump and use it
to break the device ahead. Freeze will then reenter the battle. Use the same 
tactic as before to get behind him and attack. After two more hearts vanish, 
Freeze pulls a lever and green platforms rise as red liquid fills the vats on
either side of the areas.  Use the magnet suit to gain access to the top of
the vats. Reach each lever by jumping on the green platform and then pull it.
Lego blocks will exit a trap door in the floor. Use the legos to build to carts.
Push the carts to the end of the ramp. A large block of ice will move across and
crash on Mr. Freeze. He then comes to fight for the last time. Use the same 
tactic to eliminate his last two hearts.

Two-Face Chase                                                          [HRD3]

Super Hero Requirement:

Batman takes to the road. In this mission you will have the honor of driving
the Batmobile. Drive straight ahead shooting (square button) anything that 
moves. The smaller cars are easily destroyed. The goal is to find the larger
van that isn't as easily destroyed. Shooting this van will cause it to turn over
on its side. Once it is motionless press circle to grapple it and pull the 
vehicle to the Bat Signal at the beginning of the level. A police helicopter 
will take care of the rest.

When the helicopter leaves, two semis leave as well. Follow them to the next
area. It is the same thing here except now there are three vans to tow. And the
Bat Signal goals has moved. Below is a poorly rendered map of the area that 
hopefully guides you to each van and the bat signal location. This part is not
difficult in the least so if all else fails just drive around a while until 
all the vans and the signal is found

          -----------------------      ---------------------------
         |             >>>>>>>>>>Bridge             B
          ---    ----------------      ------------    ------------
             |V |                                  |  |
             |  |                                  |  |
             |  |                                  |  |
             |  |                           Dock   |V |
             |  |                                  |  |
             |  |                                  |  |
             |  |                                  |  |
             |  |                                  |  |
-------------    -----------------     ------------   |
Beginning                        Bridge <<<<<<<<<     |
-------------    -----------------     ---------------
             |  |
             |  |
             |  |
V: Van       |  |
B: Bat Signal|  |
             |  |
             |V |
             |  |

When these three vans are hauled off by the police helicopter two more semis
move and its boss fight time.

The boss fight is straight forward. Batman simply must do what he has down 
throughout the entire level. Knock over Harvey Dent's armored car and drag it 
to the Bat Signal at the end of the area. Each time a bomb will be dropped on
the car and a heart will be lost. Basically continue firing with square at all
times. Eventually Dent's vehicle will flash with a blue reticle. This indicates
the armored car is ready for towing. The only catch is that there are more 
enemies and Two-Face's car is take a more damage to stop otherwise it is more
of the same from earlier in the level. 

A Poisonous Appointment                                                 [HRD4]

Super Hero Requirement:

In this first outdoor area my recommendation would be to destroy everything in
site. Doing so is made a lot easier by destroying the flowers in the second
flower box on the right then using the remaining lego blocks to build a 
bulldozer. The bulldozer makes destroying things easier. In fact the bulldozer
is critical for contiuing the story. It needs to be used to run over the large
central fountain. Once the fountain is destroyed Batman can change into the 
sonic suit. Use the sonic suit to bust the glass door and enter the mansion.

Once inside you will immediatedly come to a large group of flowers blocking the
path. You should notice green flashing pipes running to the flowers from some
glass tubes. Use the sonic power to destroy the source of the green 
"fertilizer". Around the corner Batman will discover more green glowing tubes.
The flowers this time are blocking the way to a side lot. Trace the pipes to 
their origin and destroy the glass devices (one is inside a room with glass 
doors and someone is being held hostage inside). Destroy everything in the side
lot and build a suit changer. Robin can now use the Attract suit. Move to any 
stray lego blocks and vacuum them up. Collect all you see but at least 25 is 
necessary. At the end of the path Batman and Robin run into a large man eating
plant. Move to the machine to the right of the plant and input 25 of the lego
pieces collected by Robin. The machine makes a bomb that destroys the plant
providing access to the next area.

Batarang the blue shiny lego at the end of the ladder. Climb up the ladder and
follow the ledge over the water. Drop below and destroy all enemies and objects.
Another suit changer can be created. This time Batman can change into a heat
protection suit. Use the suit to build the small red lego blocks nearby into
a bar that Batman can jump to to gain access to some blue studs. Next is some
platforming. Wait for the leaves to lower providing a platform to jump on and
block the poison gas, then jump across the chasm to the next safe ledge. There
is an end of a tight rope on the red hot metal. Have Batman build the tight rope
so he and Robin can reach the next area. 

The lab contains a lego attract machine for Robin to input his collection. Doing
so will build a door out of the lab. There are a lot of enemies spawning here
but it is well worth the time to destroy the entire lab. Numerous studs and 
attract lego blocks can be found. Upon exiting the lab destroy the lockers and
build the blocks. This should create 3 flowers. When you jump on them they 
depress and cause a flower to rise in the central acid (or whatever it is). Use
the flower platforms to get to the other side. Destroy the trees and build a 
spin lever that when rotated opens the door to Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy jumps into the large plants. It appears that the plants will sit out
seeds that spawn enemies and lego pieces. The lego pieces can be used to create
a bomb that destroys the plant. Build each device as it becomes available and 
Poison Ivy will have no where to hide. When the plants are gone, Ivy attacks.
While she is attacking one hero switch to the other and punch her in the back.
Continue this until she has no more hearts.

The Face-Off                                                             [HRD5]

Super Hero Requirement:

Just ahead Batman finds an armord truck parked in front of a gate. Take out the 
enemies then destroy the brown crate next to the lower guard building. Construct
the metal pipes then destroy the phone next to the upper guard booth. Use the 
remaining legos to build a device that opens two levers. Pull the levers and the
yellow and block "speed bumps" disappear. Drive the truck to the front of the 
gate. It will be scanned and the gate opens. 

Use the Batarang to take out the enemies on either side of the bridge. A piece 
of the bridge is missing and that should make Batman mad. When Batman is mad he
destroys stuff. Fortunately, this fit of rage near the end of the bridge will
uncover some lego blocks that can build a suit changer. Change into the glide
suit and stand the brown platform. Once on the lift switch to Robin and rotate
the nearby lever. Once Batman is at the top switch to him then glide over the
broken piece of bridge. Here you will find a lever guarded by lasers. Above the
lasers is a rotating fan. Batarang it to deactivate the lasers. Pull the lever
and the bridge is repaired. Go get the armored car and drive it onto the 
platform in front of the gate to open it.

Move through the gate and encounter a large wave of enemies. They are easily 
defeated of course, after all you are Batman. The entrance to the building is 
guarded by lasers that will not allow Batman access. Instead jump in one of the
many armored cars and destroy a building in front of the entrance and next to 
a red dollar sign icon on the ground. The destruction of the building reveals
a suit changer. Have Robin use the magnet suit and head to the upper left of
the area. Climb the metal wall and pull the lever. The lever turns one side 
of the wall into a make shift ladder for Batman. Move both characters across
the network of pipes with well placed jumps. The last pipe will allow Batman
and Robin to jump to the roof. Destroy the objects on the scaffold and build a
second lever. Pull the levers and you will rise to a panel in the wall that is 
breakable for entrance into the building.

Two-Face is crazy (if you don't already know that). He is initially ready to
fight but after losing two hearts will retreat through the acid to the distant
stairs. Destroying the blue blocks on the left will reveal a suit changer. 
Switch Robin into the attract suit and seek out some lego pieces. There are 
just a little more than enough to place into the attract machine. This machine
will make a boat. Jump in and navigate around for some studs or simply go 
straight to Two-Face. Remove two more hearts and he retreats again. Use the lego
rubble to make three platforms to traverse the chasm. Defeat the goons then 
climb the stairs on the right. Batman needs to glide over to the left platform
and pull the lever. When he does Robin will pull the other lever and the safe
vault will open.

You should note that this next room has a very odd floor. There are four blue 
tiles and green beams racing at different times north to south on the floor. 
The beams will harm Batman and Robin. The blue tiles when walked on turn green.
All four need to be green to open the next vault door. Using Batman and his 
glide suit makes this very easy. Simply watch for the beam and glide over it as
it approaches. The glide suit simply provides more flexibility in timing the 
jumps. The glide suit is not necessary and jumping isn't completely necessary
either. Lateral movement will likely let you move from blue tile to blue tile
to the vault door.

Two-Face and Ridder are plundering the main bank vault. At first Two-Face
attacks. Just as earlier remove two of his hearts and he will retreat. It
doesn't seem as though you even have to attack him from behind, punch back away
then punch again. Once he leaves a few goons enter. Take them out then Batarang
the red lock on one of the silver crates. Two-Face will attack again. This time
he only has three hearts left so after three attacks he leaves heartless. At 
this time Riddler will begin firing a laser cannon. Destroy the two sets of gold
bricks on the left and construct a shield. Stand behind the shield and the laser
fire will be reflected back at the Riddler. The ensuing destruction leads to
some red lego blocks being available to build two more locks. These locks go 
on the remaining silver crates. Destroy the red locks with a Batarang then 
destroy the gold bricks. Create another shield that will reflect the laser fire
back at the sinister enemy. Remove three of Riddler's hearts with simple attacks
and he flees. Goons will appear. Defeat the goons and Riddler rejoins the fight.
Take away another three hearts and he will flee again. Defeat this set of goons
and there will be a new twist. This time Riddler uses a mind control beam to 
gain control of the defeated Two-Face. Attack Two-Face to stop the mind control
and Riddler will come to your position. Batman will have to break the mind
control and attack Riddler three times before completing the mission.

Now a set of Arkham Asylum missions are available.

                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
                            Power Crazed Penguin                         [HPN]
                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There She Goes Again                                                     [HPN1]

Super Hero Requirement: 110,000

Move down the street destroy anything lego and all enemies. To the left there
will be a side alley that will allow for the creation of a suit changer. Change
into the magnet suit and use it to climb the wall at the eastern end of the 
street. Pull the lever on the fire escape and two ladders will lower. Climb to
the top and use the tight rope to reach the next fire escape. Grapple up to the
fire escape with the enemy by standing in the white circle and pressing circle.
Build another tight rope and climb across. Use the strategically placed lego 
blocks to build a ladder to the roof.

Defeat a couple of goons then climb the ladder to the left. Grapple up a little
higher to find the glide suit. Return to the main part of the roof and glide
across the gap. Build the bridge so Robin can follow. Defeat some enemies then
move down to a small bridge that leads to a metal wall Robin can climb. At the
top of the tower is two goons and a set of lego blocks that builds a grapple 
point for Batman. Using Batman glide from the tower across to a large crane.
The control for the crane is a pushable lever just below. Rotate it then switch
to Robin. When Robin jumps he will turn upside down and walk across the bottom
of the crane.

Here you encounter Catwoman briefly. She has four hearts and simple punch 
attacks will remove them all quickly. Glide over to the roof she runs too and 
build a tight rope for Robin. At the southern edge of the building is a drop off
to another roof where someone is being held hostage. There is a metal wall
toward the back of the roof that Robin can walk up to find a lever. The lever
will lower a ladder giving access to Batman for his demolition suit. Jump below 
and change Robin's suit to the technology suit. Climb the ladder and walk past
the suit changer for Batman. Set a charge next to the shiny silver object and 
blow it up. Use the lego blocks to build a car. Robin can use the green panel
and control the car with his technology suit. Drive the car inside the 
greenhouse and destroy the flowers for studs. Most important though is to run
over the two red buttons. This raises a panel on the roof with metal shiny 
objects. When Batman blows up the shiny metal the resulting legos can be used
to make a helicopter. Thats right a helicopter. Fly it to the next roof top.
Destroy the objects against the far wall and build two levers. Pulling the 
levers opens a panel in the roof for entry.

Punch madly at the enemies then bust out the window to go back outside. Build a
tight rope and cross it. Bust through the window and into the room with the 
enemies. Defeat them and exit through a door to the right. The fight against
Catwoman resumes. She is fairl easy to defeat. All you need to do is find her
and attack. As her hearts are removed she becomes more agile and will jump 
amoung the three nearby levels of rooftops. A ladder can be created to reach
the next higher roof. Then a grapple point will provide access to the highest
point. At times Catwoman will summon goons to impede your progress. They are 
easily taken out. Focus on locating her. It can be frustrating when she 
repeatedly jumps away but she will eventually stand still long enough to punch.

Batboat Battle                                                          [HPN2]

Super Hero Requirement: 19,000

Move the boat straight ahead and take out enemies as you go. Note the bomb with
the blue reticle around it. Grapple the bomb with circle and pull it forward. 
Slam the bomb into the silver shiny wall to destroy it. At the far right side
of the area is a large ramp. Use that ramp to jump the wall and shoot out
the fence blocking access to the next section. Take control of Robin and fire
a torepedo at the mulit-colored lego wall to the right. When this wall is 
destroyed Batman can grapple another bomb and destroy the silver shiny blockade.

Follow the watery path defeating enemies until you reach a large open area with
two floating bomb dispensers. Along the walls you should see four red flashing
lights. Shooting one of these lights opens a lock on a gate. Shooting all four
opens the gate. There is one to the right of the gate and one to the left that
are easily shot without extra effort. Once those are accessed take control of
Robin and head to the top left corner of the area. Use a torpedo to break open
the lego blockade and shoot the third light. Now to Batman, use a bomb to bust
down the shiny silver blockade and shoot the final light to open the gate.

This is where you find Penguin's submarine. Slam a bomb into the left side then
the right side of the submarine. This causes damage and the sub will release 
mini penguins that release water mines. Avoid the mines and slam a couple more
bombs into the sub. This time though aim one for the rear of the sub and the 
other for the front. From that point on I just kept steady fire aimed at the 
submarine and it eventually lost its last two hearts and sank.

Under the City                                                          [HPN3]

Super Hero Requirement: 66,500

Moving forward reveals bright red and yellow lights shining from the floor. 
Destroy the debris behind the lights and build a suit changer for Robin. Climb
the metal wall and pull the lever. This lowers a ladder allowing Batman to 
access a suit changer. Set a bomb near the shiny silver gate and blow it up.

The next area has some distant shooting enemies use the Batarang to take them
out then focus on the ground forces. Near the fence next to the water is some
breakable boxes the resulting lego blocks creates a pushable lever. Rotating
the lever lifts a red wheel giving Robin access to his water suit. (On the 
other side of the water suit sits a hostage). Near the entrance to this area
is a grapple point. Use the grapple point to reach the opening of the water 
tanks. Jump in the first and walk to the right and you can reach the far tank.
Surface and build a pump. Jump on the pump and water will leave the tanks. Do
so a couple times and it will be low enough for Batman to walk around. When he
can place a bomb in front of the silver door in the center and proceed.

Jump across the pipes jutting out of the back wall and reach the metal roof.
Place a bomb near the shiny silver grating. Build a grapple point and change
into the glide suit and magnet suit. Proceed to the right side of the screen
by gliding and walking along the wall. Destroy some lego stuff and it should
reveal two red pressable floor buttons. Stand on one while your partner stands
on the other and a platform should appear to create a bridge across the area
Batman just glided. Go back, change into the demolition suit, and return. Place
a bomb near the grating in the floor and jump down.

Continue forward and slide down the ramp. Destroy the lego stuff and build 
gears on either side of the area. Now Batarang the distant wheels near the 
electrical wires. This raises the water level and creates a step. Swim across
and jump up. Build a lever and pull it. Stairs are formed allowing you to move
up the ramp. Go up the ramp to the right side of the screen. Next you will find
a set of stairs. Go up the stairs and destroy the boxes to make a lever. Pull
the lever and a distant wheel will push over another box destoying it. Place a
bomb on the silver shiny blockade and use the green debris to build a 
crocodile. Jump on the crocodile and it will spit out studs. Go to the location
where the box fell and build a metal path up the wall. Use the magnet suit to
climb up and switch to the water suit. Jump into the tank with water and pull
the switch. Water is released into the next tank and lifts three platforms. Jump
across these platforms and fend off the enemies. Climb the ladder to exit the
sewer and face Killer Croc.

Killer Croc is a push over. All Batman has to do is punch at him wildly and 
Croc will move to the green acid. Some large objects appear that he uses as
weapons but the projectiles are easily avoided. Wait for him to come in range 
again then punch away until he has no more hearts.

Zoo's Company                                                           [HPN4]

Super Hero Requirement: 58,800

Turn around and Batman can enter the building with the elephant sign. There is
a suit changer (magnet) and a ton of studs in there. To the right Batman can 
build a kiddy ride for a lot of studs as well. Use the magnet suit to climb the
side of the elephant building. Once up top destroy the windows for some legos
to build a grapple point. Take control of Batman and Batarang the the wall of
the other building here (next to the giraffe sign). Once inside destroy all the
objects inside and build a suit changer. Use the grapple point to get Batman to
the ledge and glide to the other side (moving by the giraffe sign). Bust out the
window for some coins then jump over the chained gate to build a bulldozer. 
Drive the dozer out and through the chained gate under the giraffe sign.

Stay on the dozer and plow through everything including a considerable amount
of enemies. Continue past the lions and through a broken gate. To the left 
next to the elephants are some destroyable objects that can be rebuilt into a 
suit changer. Put on the technology suit and proceed. Next to the building 
where a hostage is being beaten build a green console. Switch to Batman and 
glide over the broken bridge. Build a pushable lever to the right and rotate it
to make a bridge for Robin. Destroy everything on the left of the gate to make
a lego turtle that activates the green console. Move the turtle inside the 
hostage room and stand on the red button. When the door opens save the hostage
and switch into the sonic suit. Run back across the bridge and bust the glass 
around the lever. Pull it to open the gate.

Batarang the enemies ahead and fend off the rest. Cross the foot bridge onto 
the boat and destroy everything on the deck. This includes the steering wheel.
When the wheel is busted the debris can be used to make a plank. Jump from the
plank to the lilly pads and then to the distant shore. Don't worry about falling
in the water, if you do just swim to the shore. Destroy the flowers and 
structures on the shore and build a suit changer. Now in the demolition suit, 
reboard the boat. Place a bomb on the shiny silver part of the deck and enter
the hole that results.

Batman and Robin must now face off against Man-Bat. First just attack him with
punches. Once he has had enough punishment he will fly away and drop bombs. This
will continue for eternity. Unless you destroy some objects and build a sound 
machine to the left of part of the area. The noise drives Man-Bat crazy causing 
him to crash to the ground. Punch him several times and he will fire an
explosive at the sound machine destroying it. He will begin to fly again and 
goons appear. Defeat the goons, rebuild the machine, and use it. When Man-Bat
lands attack. Continue this pattern until all his hearts have disappeared.

Penguin's Lair                                                          [HPN5]

Super Hero Requirement:

Defeat the initial wave of enemies. Once its quite destroy the objects to thel
left just under the suit changer. Use the remaining lego pieces to build a
ladder. Change to the glide suit and glide across the broken bridge. Defeat the
goons and finish building the large red device by using the nearby legos. Jump
on the green pedal three times and a raft will blow up allowing Robin to reach
your position. Batarang the icicles hanging off the shed and use the debris to
build a heater. The heater melts the ice opening the shed door. Inside is a 
suit changer. Put on the water suit and jump in. There is a lever on the 
mountain side that will raise a bridge. Cross the bridge, free a hostage, and
enter the Penguin's Lair.

Catwoman joins the Penguin and is mostly more of an annoyance than an enemy
here. She will simply at times attack you. Counterattacks by Batman will send 
her running. Throw the Batarang at the orange rotating parts of his device
to initate him releasing some remote controlled penguins. Use the lever in the
center to deflect the penguins toward the four devices at ground level. When 
they are destroyed throw a Batarang at the red lights above the empty space. 
When all four are destroyed Peguin joins the fight. A direct attack will work 
fine against him. He will fight back and occassionally take to the air. When he
takes to the air hit him with a Batarang to bring him back to the ground. When
his hearts are gone this episode is complete.

                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
                             The Joker's Return                        [HJK] 
                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joker's Home Turf                                                      [HJK1]

Super Hero Requirement: 60,000

Go straight ahead and Batarang the gate. Attack it until it is destroyed then
defeat the enemies on the other side. To the right there is a platform near
the green acid. Batarang the joints of the structure above the platform and
buildable lego blocks will fall. These legos create a suit changer allowing 
Robin to change into the attract suit. Vacuum up 25 lego pieces and put them
into the attract machine. The machine creates a hover craft that will let
you move over the deadly acid and remove it. Remove the acid to the right and 
fight off the goons. Destroy the boxes near the machine and use the pieces to
create two bars to reach the ledge. Grapple up and change into the glide suit
after building the suit changer. Drop to the platform below and build a valve
to stop the green gas. Repeat for each stream of gas. Glide across the gap
in the scaffolding and build a tight rope for Robin. Climb the ladder to reach
the roof. Jump onto the platform with the barrels on the back wall. Once Batman
and Robin grab hold their weight causes the platform to collpase. The barrels
crash through the roof. Once inside defeat some bad guys then destroy the lock
on the gate out.

To the back of the screen is a box. Push the box off the ledge and let it be
destroyed. Now move down the stairs. Destroy all the enemies and enough stuff
to accumulate at least 25 lego pieces with the attract suit. Use th attract 
machine to build a mine launcher. The mines will attach to a garage door and
cause it to explode. Now you can move to the beginning of the level and get
the acid removing machine. The gate on the other machine opens. Climb back up
the stairs and glid over the area where the acid was. Push another block to
the ground. Use the debris from the blocks to build some gears that will open
the large garage door once the two levers are pulled.

Go forward and defeat any enemies you see. Push the three red blocks off the 
ledge and build a fork lift. Use the fork lift to destroy all the metal objects
nearby. The remaining legos in the back will build a ladder while the ones 
towards the front finishes the other fork lift. Before climbing the latter move
to the front. There are some canisters that when destroyed created buildable
legos. Use the legos to add a plank to the machine in the background. Jump on
the plank and when it lowers it shuts off the deadly gas blocking the path 
above. Now climb the ladder and move to gap in the path. Glide over the gap and
jump on another red lever. This will shut off another blockade of deadly gas.
Drop below and defeat the enemies. Retrieve one of the fork lifts for some more
destruction. The resutling debris will create a rotatable lever. At the back of
the screen you should see a steel bar below a switch. Jump to the bar to reach
the platform. Jump to the far back corner and use the lego blocks to build.
Now rotate the lever. Move to the switch and pull it to release acid into the
tank below. As the liquid level rises so do two platforms. Jump across them to
reach a switch that will create a bridge. Defeat a few enemies then go back and
get a fork lift. Drive the left across the bridge and onto a brown plank that
is at a dead end. This lowers a lift that will raise Batman and Robin to the 
next area of the level.

Enter the tunnel and defeat the wave of enemies. Batarang the red canisters 
(there is also bright lights shining from them). Use the lego pieces to create
a suit changer. Robin is now in the magnet suit. Climb the wall and build with
the legos. Push your creation down the path and the wheel will begin to turn.
Part of a bridge is lowered that looks to be just enough for some gliding.
Once across defeat some enemies then build the rest of the bridge. After Robin
rejoins the team continue forward. At the next dead end there is a metal wall.
Climb the wall and rotate the lever. A garage door opens to the Mad Hatters

The Mad Hatter is more brazen than previous enemies. He rushes right to Batman
and attacks. A few punches and two missing hearts forces him to retreat. He 
will stand in the background and launch bombs from his console. Move to the
far right part of the area and climb the metal wall with Robin. Walk across the
gray platform and it falls creating a ramp for Batman. Jump on one of the red 
buttons and your partner will do the same. Pressing the red buttons causes the 
Mad Hatter to move to the ground level. Move in for an attack. Unfortunately,
he uses his mind control powers on your hero. Quickly switch to the other 
character and punch. Do this twice to remove two more hearts and the Mad Hatter
flees again. Move toward the entrance and build a lift. The lift provides 
access to another set of red buttons that will bring the Mad Hatter down from
his perch. Attack again to remove his final two hearts and the mission is over.

Little Fun at the Big Top                                               [HJK2]

Super Hero Requirement: 68,000

Move down the boardwalk defeating enemies as you proceed. Destroy the first 
door and enter. Inside is a suit changer allowing Batman to change into his
demolition suit. Continue forward and to the immediate left is a gate. Destroy
every thing neaby then build a ladder and two castles. Destroy the castles with
a bomb and an opening appears. (The ladders provide roof top access to the 

Defeat some enemies and proceed. In the far right hand corner of the area is 
Batman's sonic suit. Change into it and destroy the glass doors. Inside Robin
can change into his magnet suit. Exit and head to some buildable legos near the 
water. They create a rotatable lever. Rotate the lever to raise a metal wall 
Robin can now climb. At the top he builds a grapple point that will allow 
both characters to move over the fence. Once over defeat some more goons and
begin destroying the tables and chairs. This destruction leads to the creation
of a suit changer and Robin putting on his attract suit. Pick up at least 25
lego pieces and input them into the attract machine. The machine builds the 
ladder that allows the Dynamic Duo to proceed. Enter the hall with the funny
glass windows.

Move past the boats and their little houses. Destroy the hot dog stand and put
together a rotating lever. Push it around to open the gate on the side. Inside
the gate is Harley Quinn. She has Commissioner Gordon hostage. She is very 
evasive and has ranged attacks. You will not be able to hit her or catch her. 
The trick to this battle is to simply chase her around in a circle. Her flips
eventually make her dizzy and you can get in a punch. After every 2 hearts 
disappear. She will call in some easily defeated reinforcements. When she is 
back on the battlefield give chase again until she is dizzy then punch.
Flight of the Bat                                                       [HJK3]

Super Hero Requirement: 29,000 

Shoot the Batman symbol to your immediate left. Fly near the structure and 
thee torpedoes will be added to the Batwing. Move forward and fire one at the 
large cannon indicated by the purple reticle. The cannon will open the path to
proceed and destroy itself. The next Batman symbol is on the second building of
the new area. Get some torpedoes and fire it at the cannon on the railroad 
track. The overpass will be destroyed and Scarecrow flies away. Before
continuing on return to the beginning of this section and look at the back of 
the screen. You should see two cannons. Use a torpedo on each one and destroy 
the structure in the center. This creates a bomb that Robin's helicopter can
tow. Move forward and clear the area of enemies and destroy the cannon. Switch
to Robin and go get a bomb. Tow the bomb to the gas tanks that are a blaze with
fire. Destroy the shiny tanks to proceed.  

Clear the next section of enemies to make things easier to maneuver. Pick up 
a bomb with Robin's Helicopter and destroy the large block in the center of the
area. Doing so opens a torpedo maker for Batman. Switch to the Dark Knight and
destroy both cannons to take out the electric fence.

The next section is a dog fight against Scarecrow. Switch to Robin and connect
his tow cable to Scarecrow's plane. This holds the villain in place. Now grab
some torpedoes with Batman. Fire one while Scarecrow is unable to fly away. If
he breaks from the tow cable repeat the process until he comes out of the sky.

In the Dark Night                                                      [HJK4]

Super Hero Requirement: 73,000
Rebuild the Batwing for some quick studs then move forward. Batman immediately
sees Killer Moth flutter away. Go to the platform he was standing on and build.
Jump up to the platform and then over the fence. Killer Moth will stay just
ahead as you give chase. He will then duck inside a building and a van will
wreck and block the entrance. Defeat the enemies and destroy the phone next
to the entrance. Now build a wind machine in the alley next to the building 
Killer Moth is in. Pull the lever found by destroying the phone. This activates
the wind. Ride a gust up to the ledge. Follow the ledge and jump across a small
gap when it ends. Destroy the boards and everything inside the room. Build a 
rotatable lever and switch to Robin. Batman will stand on the lift and you 
should rotate the lever with Robin. At the top Batman will find his demolition
suit. Return to the van blocking the entrance to Killer Moth and blow it up.

Next to the entrance destroy some items near the bar and build a grapple point.
Once over top of the bar use the legos here to create a tight rope. Shimmy 
across the rope to the area over the other bar and set a bomb. Blow up the 
lights and fall to the ground. Build the rest of the floor and push the lever
into place. Destroy the rest of the objects nearby to get some lego pieces to
finish the other lever. Push it into place then pull each lever to open the 
door. The elevator takes the team up to the second floor. Move to the far side
of the room and build two speakers on either side of the large shiny statue. 
Now blow up the statue an create a suit changer. Change into Robin's technology
suit. Destroy the objects on the center floor. Squares in the floor will light
up. Move a character to one square (the other one will move to the other square)
until all are lit up. A robot will rise from below as the music plays. Move to
the green console on the back wall and take control of the robot. Destroy the 
multi-colored section of the wall.

Drop below and save the hostage near the barricades. Move up the street and take
note of the red and yellow lights shining from the ground. Destroy all nearby
objects, create a suit changer, and put on the magnet suit. In the distance is 
a metal strip on a wall. Walk across it with the magnet suit and build a pump to
remove the green acid. Detonate a bomb near the shiny silver blocks. The 
remaining legos can be used to build a metal ramp up the side of the building.
Go across the tight rope and pull the lever to release a ladder. Batman will now
be able to reach Robin's current position. Set a bomb in front of the barricade
and watch it go boom. Once on the roof destroy everything insight including two
streches of legos on the wall up high only reachable with a Batarang. Once the
legos start hopping use them to finish building the water hose. The fire below
is now out and it is safe to proceed. Destroy the barricade with a bomb and 
defeat the enemies on the other side. Climb the stairs and go through the door.

Killer Moth will attack when you enter the room. Just punch him a couple times
and when two hearts have been removed he flies away. Destroy the shiny silver
boxes to the left. Use the remaining lego pieces to rebuild a device that 
provides power to a turbine. On the right break a wall and push the block into
place. Now move to the left of the light bulb where Killer Moth is hovering.
Place a bomb and blow up the metal bars behind the lever. Change into Robin's 
technology suit and go to the turbine on the left. Press and hold circle to 
activate the switches. Pull the switches and Killer Moth will get a shock from
the light coming on. While he is at ground level throw a couple punches. When
he flutters away again use the debris to fix the second turbine. Press and hold
circle at its green console to activate the switches again. Pull the switches to
take out Killer Moth for good.

To the Top of the Tower                                                [HJK5] 

Super Hero Requirement:

In the lower left corner of the area is a hostage. In the center behind the 
cop cars are some objects that when destroyed can be built into a suit changer
for Batman. Now that Batman is wearing a demolition suit climb the tower on the
right to open a path for Robin to change into his magnet suit. Go to the tower
on the left and blow up the metal block at its base. Build a metal wall up the
tower. Now move the statue at its base to the right. Climb the metal wall and 
jump to the platfrom created by the statue. Gain access to the ledge of the 
building and turn the lever to open a door. Harley Quinn jumps out the door.
Use the police vans to spray Harley down with water. Once you hit her she throws
a bomb destroying a van. Just move to the next one and squirt her again. When
both are destroyed use the remaining legos to build another squirt gone. Hit
her one last time and she retreats. An object falls from the sky. Use it to 
build a wind machine that will lift Batman up to the open door. 

Inside head to the right side of the screen. Harley will jump away. Build a 
switch then pull it. The switch lowered a platform so Batman can more easily 
walk across the ledge. Climb the spiral stair case. At the end build a metal
strip up the wall for Robin to climb. Destroy the tanks to reach a switch that
will move the chandelier to the center. The heroes can now use the light 
fixture to reach the other side. Before climbing the ladder continue around on
the stairs and Batman can chance into his glide suit. Go up the ladder and 
glide across. Rotate the lever and a block will move. Robin will grab hold, now
rotate the lever in the opposite direction to move him to Batman's side. Switch
to Robin and go to the end of the walkway. Climb the metal strip and Batman will
stand on a button to lower a ledge. Jump to the ledge and then to another. Build
a grapple point and Batman rejoins Robin. Move around behind the stainglass 
windows and pull the switches next to the door.

Harley and the Joker are inside hiding within a couple of bells. Take the stairs
on the left down and build an anvil that will raise a grapple point. Grapple up
and glide back to the distant platform. Build a bar that will provide easier 
access later. When Batman and Robin stand on the yellow platform with the orange
buttons, they release a hammer that removes Harley from her bell. On the 
opposite side finish building the floor then push the statue as far as you can.
Switch to Robin and climb the metal strip along the wall. Build two bars to 
give access to Batman. Move both characters across the statue and onto a 
platform to create another hammer that causes Joker to leave his bell. With
Harley and Joker on the platform above the back of the building disappears. 
Joker's helicopter appears and will move from side to side shooting. It will 
then disappear for a while. When it leaves move to the outside and begin 
building. Batman can build a water gun on either side that can be used to take
out the helicopter. Once the helicopter is gone Joker and Harley fall to the 
floor. Punch Joker mercilessly. As he loses hearts he may use his joy buzzer and
shock one of the heroes. When this happens switch to the other character go 
behind Joker and punch him in the back. This releases the buzzer. He will also
pull out a machine gun and open fire. This is less worrisome, just keep moving
at Joker and punching until no more hearts remain.

                       V I L L A I N  M I S S I O N S

                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
                            The Riddler's Revenge                       [VRD]
                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal                                          [VRD1]

Super Villain Requirement: 46,000

Riddler and Clayface are on the loose. Clayface has a high jump ability and 
super strength. Riddler can use his cane to control the minds of characters with
a ? over their head. Destroy the debris next to the guard post and use the 
remaining legos to build a switch. Pull the switch and the windows to the guards
office will raise. Riddler can control the mind of the guard by hitting circle
and force the guy to rotate the lever. This rotation will open the gate. At the
top of the ramp is a parking lot with some guards. When the guards are defeated
move to the back of the lot and pull the large orange truck to the left with
Clayface. This reveals two levers and a door. Pull the levers and the elevator
will operate.

When you step off the elevator the path to the left and to the right is blocked 
by silver gates. Use Clayface to jump up to the bar hanging above the green
door. When he grabs hold he will pull a platform down that he can pull himself
onto. Jump up until he is in front of the red windows and move to the left. 
Jump over and grab hold of the ladder that is folded up (double jump throught
the studs hanging in mid-air). Climb the ladder and move around the silver gate.

Defeat the guards below, then begin moving all of the broke down vehicles. The 
orange base can be pull onto the orange platform opening a lever. Use the 
Riddler's mind control ability to have the unsuspecting man pull the switch.
This controls a crane that will add a metal piece to the orange base. Destroy
any nearby legos to find the rest of the pieces to build the wrecking ball. Jump
in and move the vehicle toward the silver gate. Continue down the street and 
bust through the other gate. Take out all the cops. Use the wrecking ball to
destoy all the sliver structures at the end of the street. This should reveal a
metal plate with an orange handle. Clayface can rip the plate off the wall. Jump
into the opening that remains.

Destroy the little bit of debris at the beginning of the area and build a ladder
on the wall. Defeat the enemies then detroy all the blue benches. Jump into the
police car and ram the silver block. Use the remaining legos to build a pump.
Climb the ladder and create a tight rope. Mind control the man inside the room.
Use the guy to jump up and grab the bar in the back of the room. This causes
the large box on the roof to fall to the ground. Use the blocks below to make a
bomb. Jump on the red pump and the bomb will blow a hole in the wall. MISSION

On the Rocks                                                            [VRD2]

Super Villain Requirement: 63,000

Mr. Freeze and Riddler start the level in a fight. Clear out all of the cops so
exploring can occur more easily. Against the left wall there is a pipe. On the
outside of the pipe is an orange handle. Mr. Freeze can rip a metal plate off of
the pipe by using the orange handle. This exposes an updraft that can be used
to reach the top of the building. At the top is another orange handle that can
get you some coins. Drop a level below (next to the snow man sign and at the
edge of the building) to find what looks to be a lego misshapen ice cream cone.
Destroy both and rebuild the pieces to create two switches. Pull the switches
and a glass door opens. Defeat a few guards then enter the building.

Straight ahead is an ice ramp that you will not be able to climb. Instead find
the orange handle and pull out the big blue lego block. Jump up to the metal 
bar and shimmy to the right. In the red liquid is a blue platform. Move down to
the platform and use the freeze gun to create blocks where there is light 
sparkling. Switch to Riddler and use his mind control ability on the guy walking
around on the higher ground. Create a rotatable lever. Turn the lever to raise 
the level of the red liquid. Destroy the small bucket next to the door and 
use the brown lego block to build a rotating device next to the exit. It will
spin and explode. Use the remaining blocks to create an orange handle on the
door to the exit. Go up the stairs defeating a few guards on the way to the
next area.

Go by the machine Robin uses when wearing his attract suit. Control the mind of
the guy in the ice block and destroy the nearby legos. Use the remaining pieces
to build a switch. Stand on the blue platform and have the guy inside the ice
pull the switch. When the platform raises, use Mr. Freeze to push the block over
the edge. This creates a hole in the floor. Jump through the hole and move
through the green mist. There is a column with an orange handle. Pull the orange
handle and it will collapse. This allows Riddler to pass through above. Climb
the ladder at the end of the path to reunite with him. Using mind control have
the guy ahead jump on the wheel as Riddler stands on one. A set of stairs will
appear from the wall. Go up the stairs and climb onto the block of ice. Destroy
the items on the next platform and build a switch. When the switch is pulled 
more red liquid fills the vat to the right. Freeze the liquid to create a
platform. Talk to the guy in the window with Riddler and he will open the door
to the final room. 

Destroy the legos in the center of the room and build a device that will fire
a projectile to the back of the room. Defeat the guards that attack then mind
controll the guy on the high ledge in the back. Push the block off the edge and
use the remnants to build a ladder. Defeat a few enemies. Notice the colors of
the different tanks match the colors of the blocks protecting a green button.
Step in front of the tanks in the order the colors appear in front of the green
button to end the level. Destroy all the flowers and build a lever. Rotate the 
lever and the pulley system in the back is activated. Stand on the block to the
right and it will raise providing access to the balcony.  

Green Fingers                                                           [VRD3]

Super Villain Requirement: 88,000

Destroy all the legos in front of the door. Use the remaining pieces to build a
car. Drive the car to the right and crash through the gate. Destroy all the 
flowers and build a lever. Rotating it will activate the pulley system 
controlling the platforms in the back. Move back to the car and crash through
the gate on the other side. Climb up the bars on the wall to reach the balcony 
with Poison Ivy. Continue around the ledge and move through the green mist. 
Destroy the statue and use the remaining pieces to complete a tight rope for
Riddler. Go back through the mist and once both characters are above the door
to the mansion pull the levers.

Inside the building you will find a pool of green liquid. The is a brown pot in
the liquid that when approached will be surrounded by hearts. Press circle near
it with Poison Ivy and a flower will appear creating a platform. Move across 
the flower to the center then create another flower to reach the back of the 
room. Use Poison Ivy's ability again on the pot next to the man eating plant.
Jump on the bounce red tops to reach the balcony. Push the statue off the edge
to free the plant. Build a window for the Riddler and the door will open.

Now back outside move straight ahead only to see a silver gate blocking the 
path. Destroy all the flowers to the left of the gate. Once they are gone use
mind control on the guy next to the lever. Have him pull the lever and more
lego pieces exit the silver door. Use all the legos to build a plant robot that
can destroy the silver gate.

Once through the gate destroy the debris on the shore to create a swan boat.
Drive it around the water area picking up as many studs as you like while trying
to avoid the bombs. Crash through the silver gate and jump off the swan. Destroy
some flowers for studs then move to the gate ahead. Use mind control on the 
workers inside the gate and have them destroy the two green tanks. The legos
remaining from the upper tank will create a switch that opens the door to the
next area. Behind the lower tank is a wheel that when jumped on opens the gate
to the area where the workers are standing.

Move across the green floor with Poison Ivy and destroy everything in site. Use
any legos that remain to build a tractor. Drive the tractor over to Riddler 
so he can have safe passage over the green mess. Talk to the guy behind the 
"?" panel to open the door to the next area.

Controlling Poison Ivy move through the green mist and jump on the pink button
in the background. This turns the mist off. Climb the ladder and pull the switch
to open the path out. Now move past more mist and jump on another pink button.
Now both Poison Ivy and the Riddler can exit. Go down the stairs and destroy all
debris. Finish building the elevator then use Poison Ivy's ability to create 
plants from the pots. Jump from the smaller plant to the larger one and then
up to a platform. Destroy the tanks and build the rest of the elevator. Move 
inside and be transported up.

Jump on the red platform in the center. As it lowers a plant will gro and a 
light will come on. Use Riddler's mind control on the on the left balcony. Have
him push the block off the edge and use the pieces to create a current for
the switch on the left. Jump on that switch when the red light comes on and 
another plant will grow as a light comes on. Destroy all of the flowers in the 
back right part of the room. Use the remaining pieces to build a pump. Jump on
the pink handle until the green box is raised to the top. A current will surge
and the final platform is ready indicated by the red light that comes on. The 
last light comes on and the final plant will grow ending the level.

An Enterprising Theft                                                 [VRD4]

Super Villain Requirement: 48,000

Destroy the benches in front of the escalator and build a lever. Rotation of
the lever reverses the escalator to allow movement up. Destroy the red blocks
and benches near the camera so Two-Face can create some floor buttons. Stand
on them in the following order: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green. Any other way the
door will not open and the camera will zap you. 

Climb the ladder on the left side of the screen and defeat the cop. Move to
the right and use the metal bar to reach the distant platform. Build a button
and jump on it. The room is now filled with acid and the tables have become
floating platforms. Two-Face can swim in the acid without injury. On each side
of the room will be legos that can be destroyed and rebuilt into green boxes.
The one on the right has to be pushed into the wall as well. Once both boxes
are in place a current will be created opening the door out. 

Use the legos to build on to the large gray box. Go up the ramp and use the 
blocks up there to finish a robot. Riddler can mind control the guy behind the
glass to control the robot. Move him through the lasers and he will explode
disabling them. Continue forward to meet some guards. This room has a large
dome in the center surrounded by red blocks on the floor, as well as several
laser guarded doors. Move by the dome and climb the bars on the back wall.
To the left is some acid. Walk through it and shoot the yellow plate to disable
a set of lasers. Behind the door is a vehicle. Jump in and circle the dome. Each
red block should turn green and the gate at the front of the dome should open.
Go inside and rotate the lever. A platform appears on the back wall. Move 
across the platform and attack the yellow plate to disable another set of 

Moving through the next room should cause some floor buttons to raise. Watch the
screen in the back for the exact order they should be pressed (Yellow, Red,  
Green). A device in the back moves exposing some breakable blocks. Destroy them
and build. Use mind control on a guy in the back left corner to acquire more
pieces to build with. Break the glass door to the room in the right corner and
enter with Two-Face. Move through the acid and pull the switch to get the final
pieces to finish a robot. Jump in the robot and destroy all of the pink coils.
When the last one is gone the force field in the back protecting the gun will
be disabled. Retrieve the weapon to complete the mission.

Breaking Blocks                                                         [VRD5]

Super Villain Requirement: 71,000

There are plenty of SWAT members at the beginning of this level. Fight your way
to the right and use mind control on the guy in the fenced in area. Destroy all
the lego items in the fenced area. Use the yellow ones to finish the front end
loader and the red ones to make some dynamite. Jump on the igniter for the 
dynamite to break open the gate. Once inside jump in the front end loader and
destroy the silver crate just outside the gate. Climb the bars on the side of
the building. Once at the top destroy the silver cylinder and build a battery.
Push it into place and pull the lever. Create the tightrope and slide down. Move
to the other side of the machine that is being activated and shoot the large
padlock. A ladder falls. Climb the ladder and make another battery. Once its
in place pull the lever. Now follow the wire the current is running through
and build with the remaining legos. An amplifier for Riddler's mind control
ability has been created. Jumping in the seat provides control of that annoying
helicopter. Shoot down the door to the bank and enter. 

Be sure to destroy the couches in front of the the inaccessible rooms. This will
allow for the creation of two levers. Rotate them, then take control of the guy
in the suit behind the glass. Move him to the switch and pull it. The exit is
now open but guarded by a SWAT team.

Take out the SWAT members and continue to the right of the screen. Shoot out
the green box on the wall to open a gate. Destroy everything inside then build
a large yellow block. Push the block down the track and into the lasers. The
laser will explode and entry to the next area is allowed. Build a lever in 
front of the elevator blocked by green acid. Move Two-Face into the elevator
and rotate the lever with Riddler. Once at the top switch to Two-Face and exit.
Shoot the lock and pull the switch. Riddler rejoins and can use his mind control
power on the guy behind the nearby window.

Shoot the SWAT team then shoot the green boxes on either side of the laser grid.
A trap door opens to the left. Destroy the green box inside then proceed. Move
through the green mist with Two-Face and pull the switch. A door opens revealing
a large yellow box. Push it into place. A gate opens to a device that is 
controlling the green mist. Destroy it and Riddler can come to your position.
Have each character jump on a red button to lower the laser grid. Shoot the 
green box in the distance to reach the next door.

Enter the small side room to the back of the area with Two-Face. Move over the
acid and pull the lever. This opens a large vault knocking over a dollar sign.
Use the bouncing lego blocks to create the legs of what may become another
robot. Additionally, build a red spring just behind the legs to reach a higher
platform. Push the black and yellow block off the edge that will allow for the
creation of a switch. Pull the switch and a steel gate raises. Control the mind
of the guy in the suit and build a ladder. Go up top and destroy the crates. 
Create a lever and rotate it. Move the guy down the ladder in the next room and
pull the switch. More pieces for the robot are created at the large vault.
Finish the robot and shoot out the remaining gates inside the large vault. Walk 
over to the vault while still in the robot and jump out into the vault to finish
the level.

                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                            Power Crazed Penguin                        [VPN]
                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Rockin' the Docks                                                       [VPN1]

Super Villain Requirement: 71,000

Switch to the Penguin and press circle. This releases a motorized exploding 
penguin. When the explosive approaches the silver strands blocking the path
down the ramp press circle again to clear the way. Defeat the cops and use Bane
to throw the police truck out of the way by grabbing the orange handle. Next
release a penguin bomb to destroy the garage doors. The semi inside can be 
pulled out by Bane. Reassemble the rest of the truck. Jump inside and drive it
down the path ramming a gate at the end. Near the wall at the back of the screen
is a brown booth Bane can throw and a series of silver cans Penguin can destroy.
Remove each will reveal two panels with truck emblems. Drive the semi onto the 
panel that was revealed after using a penguin bomb. Move through the door that

In the corner near the entrance are some yellow tanks. Destroy them and buid a 
fan on the ground. This fan will elevate Penguin to a high platform. Jump and
hold X to allow Penguin to use his umbrella to reach the other side. Hit the 
red chain to release a ladder for Bane. Use Bane's strength to remove the 
block sitting in the way. Continue forward and release another ladder. Drop 
below and use Bane to walk across the green liquid. Lift up on the man hole 
cover to drain the liquid. Around the corner of the building is some silver
objects a penguin bomb will destroy. With the remain pieces build an orange 
handle that will attach to the ship. Bane can pull the ship to the edge of the 
dock. This will release a ramp that allows access to the deck. Move to the other
side of the ship and release a penguin to destroy the silver gate. Once inside
lift all of the yellow and green crates out of the way. Under the stairs will be
a doorway leading to the next area.

On the right side of the screen is some green acid. Use Bane to move through it
and pull the lever. An electric current flows and turns a light green. Move to
the left side now to find a switch that when pulled will bring a crate across
a small section of water. Destroy the crate and repair the electric line. Go 
across the water (float or swim) and pull another switch that will release the 
current. Enter the lift with Penguin and release a bomb. The bomb will cause a 
crate to fall. Use the remaining legos to build a satellite dish and end the 

Stealing the Show                                                     [VPN2]

Super Villain Requirement: 63,000

Use the up draft created by the fan to reach the higher point on the roof. Build
one half of a tight rope then glide over to the next roof using Penguin's 
umbrella. Build the second half of the tight rope so Catwoman and Penguin can
reunite. The fans will just blow the villains off the edge of the roof so move
to the front of the screen and find a ladder that leads to a lower ledge. 
Umbrella glide across and pull the switch to stop the fans. The orange door will
not open unless Catwoman interacts with the guy behind the panel with hearts in
the back ground. Defeat a few cops then double jump up to the higher roof. Build
a block and push it off the yellow ram. Penguin can now build a fan that will
allow him to reach Catwoman's position. Release a penguin bomb to destroy the 
shiny silver canisters. Use the left over legos to build a lift.

I guess you could call this a mini-boss battle. A police helicopter has located
Penguin and Catwoman, which is not a good thing for the villains. The helicopter
will release a canister that emits blue smoke. The blue smoke acts as a target
for the helicopter's missiles. On this roof you should see a giant H inside a
circle with 4 red buttons surrounding it. Stepping on one of the red buttons 
opens a vent. When the helicopter hovers over and releases a blue smoke 
canister stand on the red button. The vent will open and the canister will be
pushed back into the helicopter. When the helicopter fires its missile, the 
missile will return to the helicopter. Do this three times and the helicopter
is destroyed. Build a ladder with the helicopter wreckage.

Move past the skylight and go down the ladder in the lower right corner. On the
front left of this roof is two buttons along the ledge. Stand on them to 
activate the fan. Use the fan's wind to reach the platform attached to the next
roof top. Double jump with Catwoman to the roof. Destroy the gray can and a 
couple of boxes. Build a lever and rotate it to lift the platform for Penguin.
Ahead is another giant fan that will push the villains off the edge of the 
roof. Move to the front portion of the roof top and find a ladder. The ladder 
leads to a boarded window. Break the boards then pull the switch inside. The 
fan rotates and will now allow upward movement to the next rooftop. Pull the 
switches to level the path. Now push the gargoyle off the edge and enter the

Move to the right of the screen and find the metal bar on the back wall near
the laser grid. Use Catwoman to double jump to it and then over to the next
bar. Once on the other side of the lasers break the box to disable the grid.
The gate ahead will be opened by releasing a penguin bomb in the opening at 
the bottom. Pull the switch and another laser grid goes off. The fossils behind
this grid act as a vehicle. Jump inside one and move back to and pass by the 
switch. The large orange crates can be destroyed by the dinosaur fossil. Break
the booth next to the broken stairs. Use the bars to reach the stairs.

Once on the second floor move to the left until you see a set of lasers. Destroy
the booth and build a lever that will break up the first set of lasers. The 
character you do not control will run through and jump on a button to completely
disable the first set of lasers as you rotate. Continue rotation until the
statue has arrived at a second set of lasers then move forward. Double jump
over the next set of lasers and destroy the generator.

This section houses a large glass building. Move by it and double jump to the
ladder. Destroy the blue wall hanging to and build the rest of the ladder. When
Penguin rejoins destroy the other blue wall hanging and pull the switch. Glide
over find another switch and pull it. The switches raise brown shields that a
penguin bomb will bounce off. Move to the front of the glass building and 
release a bomb. It will bounce off the brown shields avoiding the lasers on the
ground and destroy the glass walls ending the mission.

Harboring a Grudge                                                     [VPN3]

Super Villain Requirement:

Take control of Penguin's sub and move to the purple box. This supplies him 
with a torpedo that will destroy the silver cannon blocking the path. Before 
continuing forward grab three more torpedos. Turn the corner and defeat the 
police boats. Release a torpedo at the silver cannon to open the path forward.

Move to the back of this area and dive under the purple gate with Penguin's sub.
Ram the red button and the gate will lower. Take over control of Croc, drive 
through the green liquid and hit another button. This time a torpedo outlet 
appears. Use a torpedo on each of the yellow canisters floating in the green
water blocking the path out. This will cause the green to disappear. Go get a 
couple more torpedoes and do the same ahead. Two cannons will appear and each
needs to be destroyed with a torpedo. After passing through the now open gate
take not of two red buttons that need pressed. Hit them and the gates forward
will open. Go get a couple torpedoes and move through the gate to destroy two

The boss is a large police watercraft. Switch to Croc and go to the upper left
corner. Hit the button to release a torpedo station. Fire 2 torpedoes each at 
the left side, right side and front of the watercraft. At this point the 
police retaliate by blowing up the torpedo station. Now homing missiles will
try to attack. Have them follow the Penguin right at the watercraft. Then at
the last minute dive below it and the missiles will hit the police craft.

A Daring Rescue                                                        [VPN4]

Super Villain Requirement: 64,000

Move into the hall with the green slime with Croc. Destroy the objects near the
machine and complete its creation. Pull the switch to generate some electricity.
Move to the left and pull the orange handle with Croc to open the path. Umbrella
glide across the gap. Pull the switch and create another current of electricity.
Destroy the nearby objects to build a ladder. Walk the tight rope and return to
the beginning. The generators have activated the gate and the path out is open.

Jump into the yellow portal and arrive at the top right side. Build the start
of a tightrope then Umbrella glide to the other side. Complete the tightrope
and jump in the green portal. Destroy the wall and jump in the red portal to 
reach the highest level. Move around the corner and pull off the door with Croc.

Drop below and destroy everything. Build the lego pieces to make a giant
crocodile. Ride the crocodile through the debris ahead and continue to run all
until you can't go any further. Exit through the blue door to the next area.

Destroy the manhole cover and jump in. Follow the pipe over to a ladder and 
climb up. Jump across to the other ledge and tear off the door with the orange
handle. Switch to the Penguin and release a penguin bomb into the door on the
back wall. The bomb will destroy the silver beams and cause some legos to fall.
Build a fan on the floor and elevate up to a ladder.

You have arrived in the bathroom of the jail. Defeat the guards in the stalls
and exit to the right next to the water cooler. Destroy the door next to the
attract machine and pull out the safe with Croc. When the safe is in position
the door will open. Use the safe to jump over the rails on the desk and jump
on the button in the corner. This lowers the rails and releases the bars on the
door out.

Pull the door of the cell on the far right and build a fan. Raise up to the 
second level of the cell block. The switch simply will open the remaining 
cells releasing some convicts and allow for more studs to be accumulated. 
Penguin bomb the door near the switch and step on a button. Your partner will
follow. The elevator will lower into a room full of cops. Defeat the cops as
necessary then move up the stairs on the left side of the room. Climb the 
ladder and umbrella float to the other platform. Pull the swtich to release some
lego blocks. Build a bomb and push it down the track and into Catwoman's jail

Arctic World                                                           [VPN5]

Super Villain Requirement: 42,000

Move by the ice cream shop to the left and stop at the large blocks of ice 
blocking the path. Double jump with Catwoman onto the ice then the ledge above.
Destroy the two blue benches then build a ladder for Penguin. Move to the other
side of the ice blocks and umbrella glide from the ledge to the right. Quickly
jump across the platforms (they fall and provide a path for Catwoman) and arrive
at the other side of the frozen water. Penguin glide across a gap in the path
to the top of a fan. Change control to Catwoman and have her pull the switch 
to the right of the fan. This activates an updraft allowing Penguin to put a
bomb in the small door. The bomb releases a boulder that causes a block of ice
with legos to crash to the ground. Using Catwoman double jump to the remaining
two ice blocks and push them to the ground. The ice encased pieces can be built
into a plow. Drive the plow toward the water and destroy the ice blocks next 
to the red cylinder. Use the pieces to build a pump. Jump on the green platform
a couple times to raise a bridge. Return to the plow and get in. Drive the plow
across the bridge and destroy the large blocks of ice. Park the plow on the 
platform and build a switch. The platform raises the plow up to the side of the
cliff. Get back in the plow and ram the ice blocking the entrance to the 

There is a walrus statue at the top of a small ramp on either side of the room.
Place a penguin bomb on the ramp and let it explode. The statues pop out of 
place and can be ridden. In any event move down the stairs and destroy the 
eating area to the left. Finish building the floor with the remnants of the
picnic area and push the light up to the ice on the back wall. This reveals a 
panel that Catwoman can interact with. The snowflake on the door out will rotate
and the door opens.

Walk forward and activate the trap door to a slide. Simply guide the villains
down the path collecting studs. Rotate the laser beam into the two collecting
discs. Once this is accomplished enemies appear. Defeat them and stand near the
dish encased in ice. Hopefully one of the homing missiles hits the ice and 
breaks it. Build a lever on this dish and push the laser around to the
collecting discs. Move to the right side of the screen and double jump to a 
lever with Catwoman. This lever will turn the flat board to a set of steps. 
Penguin can move up the stairs. Move around passing by the machine to the left
side near the entrance. Destroy the items there and build a portion of a tight
rope. Catwoman will climb up to the tight rope and join you. Move to the
machine and pull both switches to end the level.

                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                            The Joker's Return                         [VJK]
                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

A Surprise for the Comissioner                                         [VJK1]

Super Villain Requirement: 57,000

Harley can double jump up to a bar on the wall and reach the balcony. Move down
the hall and rotate the lever to open a door below for Joker. Switch to Joker
and stand on the far end of the balance. This opens the path for Harley. Move
her forward then switch back to Joker and stand on the intial platform to 
release the next set of bars. Harley can now destroy the source of the electric
fence blocking Joker's path. Build some dynamite with Joker and the igniter with
Harley. Jump on the wheel with Harley to cause the explosion. Then onto the 
yellow platform to open the path for Joker. Jump on the yellow platforms with
Joker to allow Harley to proceed. Destroy the lego beam and Harley will fall 
through the floor reuniting with Joker. Continue down the boadwalk until you
find the Ferris Wheel. Activate the machine in front of the building next to
the wheel using Joker's hand buzzer. This blows the door of the shack. Take 
Joker to the Ferris Wheel car and enter. Harley will jump on the yellow button
inside the building and the wheel will rotate. Now move to the right and to
the next area.

Slide down the ramp and double jump to the ladder. Pull the switch to release
the ladder for Joker and climb the next one. Build a few bars on the 
mechanical sign. Drop below to the platform with the switch and double jump to 
the right. Joker should be able to follow and activate a lift with his hand
buzzer. Destroy the boards and build some steps as well as a tight rope. Move
across the tightrope and destroy the items at the end of the platform. Use
the remaining legos to make some metal bars. Drop to the right and destroy 
the green boxes to make more bars. Climb up the bars and then up the ladder.
Double jump to the left then back to the right. Pull the switch to release a 
ladder. Joker can jump over to the platform to the right of the switch and 
activate a joy buzzer machine. A roller coaster car is released and busts 
through the rocks blocking the tracks. Drop below and follow the tracks.

Jump off at the end of the tracks and defeat some guards. Go by the merry-go-
round and destroy some blocks. Use the remaining legos to build a cannon. The 
cannon will destroy the door to a building in the background. Enter the 
building and destroy everything. On the back wall is a power supply that 
lights up Blue, Red, and Yellow. Behind the ice cream truck is a series of
buttons that are colored Red, Blue, and Yellow. Jump on them in this order:
Blue, Red, Yellow to power the switch. Pull the switch to open the gate.

Commissioner Gorden is waiting for the two villains. Punch him to remove two
hearts and he runs away. When he leaves a police van enters and releases some
cops. Defeat them and activate the joy buzzer machine next to the crane. Jump
in the crane and press circle to pick up one of the pink teddy bears. Drop the
bear near the police van and it will explode. Gordon rejoins the fight so
attack him again to remove hearts. Another van appears so repeat the process
until Gordon is defeated.

Biplane Blast                                                          [VJK2]

Super Villain Requirement: 28,000

Change to Joker's helicopter and destroy the structures at the building in the
back left corner. Grab a torpedo and destroy the fans ahead. Take control of 
Scarecrow's bi-plane and acquire his green torpedoes. Fire one at the gun on 
the back wall and it will destroy the blockade ahead. Fly forward and fire
relentlessly at the large clock. Piece by piece it will be destroyed. Ahead
will be a brown brick wall flanked by two large silver cannons. Use 
Scarecrow's torpedoes to deactivate the cannons. Switch to Joker and acquire 
one of his bombs. Smash it into the silver gate and proceed. 

A police battle helicopter takes off. Move to the left and take out the sign.
Here you should find some of Joker's tow bombs. Move them to the back of the 
screen and destroy the silver controls. A cannon will appear. Change to 
Scarecrow and use his green torpedo on the cannon. The cannon will attack the
police helicopter and remove a heart. Do so for each of the two cannons at 
the back of the area. When both cannons have injured the battle helicopter, it
becomes vulnerable to regular attacks. Fire a steady stream of ammo at the 
police helicopter to remove the remaining hearts.

The Joker's Masterpiece                                               [VJK3]

Super Villain Requirement: 81,000 

Next to the tables and chairs on the left is some buildable legos. Use them to
create a mechanical lift. Now push the two large blocks into place to activate
the lift. Move Joker onto the lift and Scarecrow will automatically pull the 
switch. When it stops moving use the joy buzzer to lift it higher. Jump to the
silver platform then the balcony. Shoot out the supports for some legos hanging
over head and they will come crashing to the ground. Use the remaining pieces
to build a ramp up to the door. Have Scarecrow activate the panel to the right
of the door for access. Go up a couple flights of stairs and defeat some guards.
In this room the door is protected by a moving laser. Go to the right side of 
the area and build a lever. Rotate it and the picture will raise. Activate the
machine with the joy buzzer and the main entrance opens.

Upon entry into the next room you see a security camera that notices the 
villains. The camera then releases a green gas. Go up the stairs through the 
gas and to the left with Joker. Pull the switch then attack the door that opens
this releases two laser grids on the first floor. Attack the wall hangings 
that were behind the lasers and finish building the floor. Push the block into
place and Scarecrow now has access to the second floor. Build a couple bars on
the left side wall and jump up to the top of the tall block. Switch characters 
and push the block to the right. Switch back and gain access to the balcony.
At the end of the balcony are some lego pieces that can build a fan. The fan 
will remove some of the green gas. Move Joker across to the other side of the 
second floor and go up the stairs. Here he will find another set of legos that
will create a fan. This time the fan removes all the remaining gas and both
characters can exit.

Shoot the object on either side of the pedestal at the back of the room. Build
a lever and rotate it. The pedestal will lower enough to allow Joker to jump on
it. When it raises move into the green gas and destroy the statues. The one
on the right leaves bars to build onto the wall. Use the bars to reach the 
switch shown upon entering. Pulling the switch releases lego pieces for a joy
buzzer machine but the switch is only available after destroying the three
paintings below. Activate the joy buzzer machine and the gate to the right 
opens. Go inside and ride the elevator to the basement.

Destroy the boxes near the fence and build a ramp that will allow the villains
to move over the fence. Pull the switch on the wall on the right side of the 
room. A trap door opens releasing a box. Push the box down the track and 
activate the joy buzzer machine. The conveyor belt moves the box across the 
river green. Jump in the green with Joker and destroy the plank on the left 
side. The remaining pieces will create a box identical to the one moved by the
conveyor belt. Pull the near by switch and the box lifts to the concrete floor.
In the far left corner next to the garage door there are some controls for an
overhead crane. Get in and move the crane over each of the boxes. Pick up each
box and place it on one of the red buttons. A bridge is created for Scarecrow.
Use Scarecrow to activate the "?" panel to the right of the garage door and 
complete the mission.

The Lure of the Night                                                   [VJK4]

Super Villain Requirement: 87,000

Destroy the trash in the green dumpster and build a fan on the ground. Use the
wind to reach the balcony of the nearby building. Climb the ladder and turn
the corner. Continue to the end of the next building and flutter across the
gap. Build a tight rope for Joker. Use the other tigh trope to continue to the
next building. Break down the boards and use the joy buzzer machine to raise
an overhang. Jump the gap between buildings and push the purple and green box
down the track. When it hits the ground it shatters providing pieces for a bomb.
Through the barricade is a large fight with several cops. Defeat them. Now 
destroy a blue box to the left of the large red crates and build a ladder. 
Activate the joy buzzer machine and once at the top move across the bridge 
defeating enemies on the way to the next area.

In the corner alley is a vertically moving bar. Grab hold of the bar with Joker
and Moth will stand on the purple button raising the bar. Jump up to the next 
bar and slide over to the balcony. Drop below and activate the joy buzzer 
machine. A door opens releasing some legos. Use them to build a small
helicopter. Destroy the baricade and be prepared to fight alot of cops. Staying
in the helicopter can help get rid of them faster. At the end of the street is
a playground. The playground is locked behind a silver gate. Use the helicopter
or a police car to ram the gate and enter the playground. At the back left is
a jungle gym. Destroy the plants in front of it to get some legos to build a
ladder on it. Climb to the top of the tree behind the jungle gym. Cross the
foot bridge and flutter over to the next tree. (Alternatively if the extra studs
are not important there is ladder on the last tree). Push the gnome off the edge
and fall to the broken pieces. Build the remaining legos into a lever. Rotate
the lever with Joker and the gate opens.

In the green slime Joker will find some pieces to finish building the purple 
box. Jump on the platform on the front to open the box. The surprise is a giant
robot of destruction. Jump inside and move forward to confront Commissioner 
Gordon. The big police trucks can be destroyed by running into them when the 
large side door is open. There are three total trucks that need squashed. Simply
stand near one wait for it to open then run into it.

Dying of Laughter                                                       [VJK5]

Super Villain Requirement:

Start by simply clearing out the guards ahead. At the top of the small set of 
stairs you will encounter a few more guards. After defeating them activate the
joy buzzer machine and build the cart. Push it to the end of the track and 
double jump from the red platform over to the statue. Follow the broken 
balcony to and build a tight rope. On the other side of the joy buzzer machine
Harley can free a ladder for the Joker. Activate the joy buzzer machine and 
a lift will lower. Ride it up to the next level.

Move to the right and climb the ladder up the column. Use Harley to double 
jump across the gap and to another staircase. Build a tight rope for the Joker
and activate the joy buzzer machine. Use the lift to reach a higher balcony and
exit moving to the right. Cross the bridge and go up the spiral staircase. Build
to bars onto the crane and double jump by them with Harley. Break the boards and
build the platform for Joker. Once he is across use the joy buzzer machine to 
open the door.

You should now have arrived in the tower. Move to the left of the screen and
go near the stairs. Double jump with Harley to reach a high platform and destroy
the legos. The remnants can be used to build two metal bars. Now move to the
hammer device (from the hero mission) on the left. Near by there are some 
legos that when destroyed can be built into a switch. Pull the switch and the
Joker now has a bridge to access the hammer device. With both characters on 
the hammer trigger it moves hitting the bell and destroying a statue.

Double jump onto the platform on the right near the stairs and destroy the 
green tank. This reveals some blocks that will finish a nearby lift. Jump on 
the lift and the Joker will rise. Meet him a the second hammer trigger and 
destroy the other statue. Finish the Joker's evil masterpiece to complete the 
level and all of the villain missions.

                           C O L L E C T I B L E S                      [CLLS]

This section is completely based on the Free Play mode. The ability to change
between characters on the fly is important in finding all of the canisters and
red bricks. Each location will be presented below in the order they can be 
found in the level

                           H E R O  M I S S I O N S                     [HRCL]

You Can Bank on Batman                                                  [HCLR1]

1. From the starting point turn around and go down the alley. Pull the lever to
   get pieces to build a grapple point. Grapple up to the ledge and move to 
   another switch. Pull the switch and a gate opens below. Inside is a canister.

2. Move past the switch mentioned above and climb the ladder at the fire escape.
   Above on the next platform up is a canister.
HOSTAGE: In the building behind the grapple point before reaching the green
         acid. Break the window and jump inside

3. Use the sonic suit to break a glass window next to the window where the 
   hostage is being held. Is the building right before you get to the green 

4. Destroy 5 phone booths
     -At the beginning next to canister 1
     -Just before the silver cement mixer and right after the first suit changer
     -In the corner near the flat bed before moving to the second area 
     -Early part of second area on the high path away from the green acid
     -On the right side of the area where the boss fight takes place

5. Walk into the green acid and repair the wrecked vehicle. Drive it out of the
   way and interact with the guy behind the panel (Mad Hatter, Scarecrow,
   Riddler). He will open a door to the canister.

6. Just after the green acid move to the back of the screen and lift the silver
   box with a strong guy. Destroy the manhole with a bomb. Inside is a canister.

7. After destroying the cement mixer move into the alley and remove the two
   dumpsters to reveal a grapple point. Go up to the ledge and use the tight
   rope. Behind a window that can be destroyed with a bomb is a canister.

8. Just before arriving at the suit changer for Robin there is a block with an
   orange handle in the wall. Pull it out and climb the stairs to a balcony.
   Destroy the window and get the canister.

9. In the park area where you can build a Robin suit changer collect some legos
   using the attract suit. Break the glass at the back of the area with the 
   sonic suit. Feed 25 pieces into the attract machine to create the canister.

10. In the room just before the boss battle with Clayface, two cars are parked.
    Drive the cars through the green liquid and park one in each of the two
    areas with a car sign over them. (The first gate is opened by the switch
    inside the room accessed by interacting with the "?" panel). Once both cars
    are parked the final gate opens with the canister.

RED BRICK: Destroy the green wall behind the cage Clayface stands on at the 
           end of the boss battle.

An Icy Reception                                                       [HCLR2]

1. Move to the right side of the initial area and destroy the debris. Build the 
   bar on the side of the building and switch to a double jumper. Use the bar
   to reach the top ledge and a canister.

2. While standing a the location of canister 1 break the boards on the window
   and jump inside the building for another canister.

3. Finish building the ice cream truck on the left side of the area and drive
   it away. This reveals a blue block with an orange handle. A character with
   strength can move the block and reveal a canister.

HOSTAGE: Activate the "?" panel to the left and find the hostage.

4. After freeing the hostage double jump to the platform above the green liquid
   and then up to the bars on the wall. The highest point houses a canister.

5. Set a bomb next to the silver object near the large green circle in the
   center of the area. Use the pieces to build a switch. Drive the ice cream 
   truck onto the green circle and pull the switch. The ice cream truck 
   disappears and its place is taken by a cone. Destroy the cone to get the 

6. Break the hinges on the gate and look to the right. On the side of the wall
   with the large blue cones is a bar. Double jump to the bar and then the 
   ledge. Set a bomb near the silver tanks and get a canister when it goes boom.

7. Once inside climb the first metal wall with Robin and glide backwards with
   Batman. Use a female character (Poison Ivy/Catwoman) to interact with the 
   heart panel and open the door. Set a bomb in the rear left corner of the 
   room and destroy the silver tanks. Walk down the tunnel and destroy some
   more silver tanks to get the canister.

RED BRICK: Just before the curvy metal area and just after the first metal wall
           for Robin, use the glide suit to reach the back of the area. Pull the
           large block with the orange handle out and fall inside. Destroy the 
           legos and jump on the wheel to raise the cage housing the red brick.

8. In the area after climbing the curvy metal wall, you should notice a green
   mist blocking a silver tank. Move through the mist and set a bomb. When the
   silver tank is destroyed a canister is all that remains.

9. Just before the boss fight, climb down the ladder on the left and glide over
   to the distant platform. Set a bomb next to the sliver gate and enter once
   its destroyed. Use the fan to reach the height of the canister.

10. Continue to the left of 9 and use mind control on the man in the small
    room. Pull the lever to open the door and get the final canister.

Two-Face Chase                                                         [HCLR3]

1. Destroy 3 blue dumpsters on this initial street.

2. Destroy 3 food carts that have carrots on top of them 
     -First street on the right side of the screen behind a barricade
     -At the second police helicopter in the upper right corner
     -During the boss fight to the left of the steps at the back of the area
      just sit there and wait for a bomb to destroy the fence 

3. At the end of the street away from the police helicopter destroy the red
   man-hole cover.

4. In the next area take the first right and destroy the blue dumpster on the
   left side of the screen

5. From the beginning of the second section take a left and then go right. Jump
   the broken bridge and shoot out the scaffolding at the back of the screen.

6. In the second area there are three blue and white cars to destroy
     -Near the police helicopter
     -Down the first street to the right
     -Just before the southern ramp across a broken road.

7. Near the police helicopter in the second area is a dock. Drive the Joker's 
   van over his logo and the crane will release a box with a canister inside.

8. Still at the dock but a bit more south is a panel Harley can drive over to
   release a canister.

9. After making the jump across broken road on the southern end of the map 
   destroy the scaffolding to reveal a canister.

10. Destroy a phone booth in the park area among some trees on the left portion
    of the battle ground.

RED BRICK: Behind some green boxes in the left hand corner of the area.

A Poisonous Appointment                                               [HCLR4]

1. At the very beginning, plant all the legos at the back left. They grow into
   carrots. Destroy the carrots and a canister appears above.

2. There is a canister on ledge attached to the trees in the background just 
   before the entrance to the mansion. Double jump up to the ledge then to a
   higher one. The vines can provide a platform to reach the initial ledge.

3. After destroying the first flower wall blocking you path, you should see a 
   area that is inaccessible due to an orange mist coming down. Switch to the
   heat suit and move through the mist. Plant the legos on either side and pull
   the switch. Use the tech suit to access the green console. Robin can the 
   water nozzle over head left and right. Press circle to release the water and
   flowers will grow as well as a canister.

HOSTAGE: The side room next to the canister mentioned above. Shatter the glass
         with the sonic suit. The room has to be accessed in story mode in order
         to obtain the suit changer to progress through the level.

4. Take a left just after the suit changer and push the large block back with
   a super strength character. Jump up to the first flower and continue around
   as each subsequent flower raises.

5. Destroy the flowers to the right of the man eating plant. Build a small
   tree with the remaining legos. Use the tree to propel your character to the
   bar on the wall. Shimmy down and jump for the canister.

6. After passing by the man eating plant, drop into the water tank and switch
   to Robin's water suit. Move through the tunnel and swim up for a canister.

7. Move by the suit changer (heat suit for Batman) and jump across the leaf
   platforms. At the final leaf double jump up to the bar and the ledge. Use
   the magnet suit up the steel strip. Set a bomb to destroy the silver tanks
   and build a lever. Rotate it to open the cylinder holding the canister.

RED BRICK: Inside the lab move to the left hand corner. Pull the switch to fill
           the yellow tank. Now set a bomb and destroy the silver tank on the 
           ground. Build a second switch and a joy buzzer machine. Activate both
           to drain the liquid around the brick.

8. Find the carrots:
      -To the left of the man eating plant (destroy the flower pot)
      -Gray can just after the suit changer for the heat suit
      -In the lab next to the attract machine set a bomb near the red tanks
   To get the canister hit the area where the red tanks were and a fan drops
   to the ground.

9. Before leaving the lab move to the pipes at the front of the room. Jump on
   them and head right. Switch to the heat suit and get the canister.

10. After the lab change to a character that can move through the green liquid 
    (Poison Ivy, Joker, Croc) then jump up to the canister on the back wall.

The Face-Off                                                          [HCLR5]

1. After gliding across the gap and pulling a switch to raise a bridge, jump on
   each of the yellow and black striped posts to make a canister appear. This is
   before you get to the bank entrance area.

2. Break all of the barriers at the entrance to the bank with an armored truck.
   Use the remaining legos to build a "$". When the sign is lifted up a 
   canister appears.

3. In the lower right corner of the entrance area to the bank is a grassy area
   with some lego flowers. Use the grapple point to reach a high ledge and a 

HOSTAGE: Use the attract machine to the right of the bank entrance to make an
         irrigation system. The water causes the growth of a few trees. The  
         tallest tree is bouncy and with a double jumper you can reach the ledge
         on the rock wall.

4. At the hostage area described above

5. Use the tech panel to the left of the bank entrance to disable the turrets.
   Go to the rotating door and move it around to get the canister.

6. Inside the bank when first encountering Two-Face, switch to a character that
   can walk through the green goo. Go to the left side of the screen and find 
   a small opening just past the suit changer. Enter to find a well hidden 

7. When Two-Face runs for the second time (he will enter the vault) build the 
   platforms then drop into the green acid below. Walk toward the gate and 
   the canister is hidden out of site.

RED BRICK: At the vault door move to the left and drop into the green lake. 
           Destroy the flower pots and place some colored buttons on the ground.
           Step on them in the following order red, blue, green, purple to open
           a door to the brick. 

8. At the vault door move to the right and run through the green waste. At the
   barrier you should notice something sparkling on the wall. I used Poison 
   Ivy's green mist to release a ledge. Double jump up to the ledge and the 
   floating canister.

9. At the boss battle destroy 5 large partially open treasure chests to get the

10. There is a canister to the right side of the area where the boss battle 
    takes place.

There She Goes Again                                                   [HCLP1]  

1. Head backwards a bit and find the green slime on the dock. Repair the turbine
   and pull the switch. A gate will open under the water leading to a canister.

2. In the alley across from the dock is a metal strip that Robin can climb.
   Destroy the boards across the window and enter the building. Robin can gain
   access to a nearby fire escape. Destroy the pots on the fire escape and build
   a grapple point. Grapple up and activate the panel with the hearts. Enter
   through the open doors and climb up.

3. Find 3 carrots:
      -Go back from the beginning and pull a dumpster out of the way in the 
       alley where the metal strip is located. Plant the seeds and destroy the
      -On the dock where the green slime is located destroy a silver knob at the
      -Continue down the dock and destroy a silver knob at the water's edge in
       the location where you can see the suit changer in the distance.

4. To the back of the screen while standing at the docks covered in green there
   is a security gate that can be opened by creating a lever and rotating it.
   Build a car with the pieces inside the building. Get in the car and drive it
   to the alley with the suit changer. Pull the big blue block out and drive the
   car through the gate that opens. A canister appears above the blue dumpster.

5. In the lower right corner of the dock area is some large silver shiny cans
   behind a fence. Set a bomb near the fence and destroy the cans. Double jump
   over the fence and build a box on the wall. Destroy the box and pull the 
   switch. Jump in the water and get the canister.

6. Initially on the roof tops after passing the glide suit changer and gliding 
   across the gap, find the ladder and climb down to the roof below. Use the 
   seeds to make three rows of flowers and a gate opens. Jump in the riding 
   mower and plow the flowers.

7. After getting #5 go up the ladder and use the grapple point to reach the
   upper rooms of the building. Bust out the window and enter. Destroy 
   everything in the kitchen to get the canister.

8. After the initial confrontation with Catwoman, remove the large blue block
   and follow the tunnel inside. You should arrive directly below a moving 
   fan blade and a canister. Set a bomb to destroy the blades then double jump
   for the canister.

HOSTAGE: Defeat Catwoman during the initial fight and glide to the next 
         building. Drop of at the front right of the screen and follow the 
         ledge to find the hostage.

9. Build the small helicopter and travel to the left of the small green house
   where the tech suit was used. On the tall roof is a glass structure housing
   a canister. Jump out of the helicopter and use the sonic suit to break the 

10. Take the helicopter to the roof next roof that progresses the level. Climb
    the ladder and destroy the glass with the sonic suit. Jump in the water and
    take the tunnel left to get a canister.

RED BRICK: In the area immediately after the helicopter break the glass window
           to get an easy red brick.

Batboat Battle                                                         [HCLP2]

1. At the very beginning grapple onto a plug on the lighthouse. Pull it and 
   a light will shine causing a canister to appear above the docked ship. Use
   the ramp to fly up to it. 

2. Use Robin's craft to fire torpedoes at the colored blocks in the back ground 
   just after making the jump for #1. This will cause the dock to collapse and
   a sliver box to float in the water. Grapple a bomb with Batman's boat and 
   destroy the box.

3. Before jumping the large ramp over the fence, you should see some red lights
   with buttons underwater below them. Use a diving boat to flip the switches
   and the red lights turn green. To items are lowered that can be destroyed 
   with Robin's torpedoes. Once destroyed a lego boat appears. Fire torpedoes
   at it to break it in half. When it is destroyed a canister appears.

4. After jumping the fence by accelerating up the large ramp, move to the back
   right corner and grapple the plug. Pull on it until it opens and a canister
   will fall out.

5. The next area has some green acid in the water. Grapple a bomb with Batman's
   boat and head toward the green. Pull up and release the bomb. If it makes 
   contact with the gray block a canister appears (it may take a couple tries
   to hit it). Switch to a character that can move across the green slime and 
   get the canister.

6. In the background where canister #5 is obtained is a canister surrounded 
   by ice. Dive under the barrier and resurface on the other side.

7. In the area with the 4 red lights that must be shot to open the gate there is
   a silver grating covering a smoking hole in a pipe. Grapple a bomb and ram it
   into the pipe to get a canister.

8. Destroy 3 yellow buoyes what have red and green bases with torpedoes. 
     -The area where you pull the plug to get a canister
     -The area with the green slime in the water and the canister surrounded by
     -The area where you have to shoot the 4 red lights to open a gate.

9. During the boss battle in the back right is a purple torpedo dispenser. Use 
   the Penguin to grab onto some torpedoes and destroy the wall behind the 
   enemy ship. In the corner at the end of the alley is a canister that you have
   to dive under some ice to retrieve.

RED BRICK: To the right in this area dive under the boards and shoot down all
           the bullseyes to release the Red Brick. 

10. Go back and get a bomb. Pull it through the new area and release it into
    the green slime. Destroy the boxes to reveal the last canister. Now simply
    switch to a character that can move over the slime.

Under the City                                                         [HCLP3]

RED BRICK: Use the tech panel near the exit to activate the small boat. Run into
           each buoy and when they are all under water simultaneously a cage
           will fall releasing a red brick.

HOSTAGE: After passing by the score multiplier zone, run to the right as far as
         possible to find the hostage.

1. Just behind the hostage double jump from the railing up to the ledge. Use 
   a mind control character on the guy behind the panel to open the gate. Switch
   to a character that has strength and can go across the green (Croc, Freeze).
   Lift the crate to get the canister.

2. Grapple up to the top of the first tank. Double jump to the bar on the side
   then lift up to the ledge and a canister.

3. After passing through the large tanks the next area has a canister in a shed.
   Pull the blue block away from the entrance then shatter some glass with the 
   sonic suit.

4. From the top of the shed mentioned above, set a bomb next to the silver 
   bars. When they explode use the remnants to build a grapple point. Move up
   to the suit changers and double jump onto the bar to the left. Pull up to
   the duct work and move to the left. Jump around the pipe and find the 
5. While on the shed head toward the right of the screen and walk across the 
   metal strip on the wall. When on the other side use the bars to gain access
   to a attract machine. Deposit 25 pieces to make a boat. Drive the boat off
   off the edge and run into each buoy. Once all four are simultaneously under
   water a canister will appear.

6. After dropping deeper into the sewers, move into the first alley through the
   green liquid and pull the switch. The machine will activate and lower a 
   ladder. Climb the ladder to the canister.

7. Just after the two water ramps destroy some gray cans and build a giant 
   toilet. Push the toilet with a strong character. Jump to the top and the to
   the ledge for the canister.

8. At the suit changer for Robin's water suit, stand on the platform in the 
   back. The other character will jump on the wheel raising you to the canister.
   Place a bomb and let it explode. Jump up and acquire another canister.

9. At the site of the suit changer you will pull a switch in a tank of water 
   and it will empty while the next tank fills. As the one tank fills three
   discs raise in the water. The disc on the end covered a canister.

10. Destroy the cans near the big block and build some gears. Activate the 
    joy buzzer machine and ride the lift to the canister.

Zoo's Company                                                          [HCLP4]

1. Turn around and head toward the water. Move to the left and use a female
   to activate the panel. Inside the gate is a silver object that when destroyed
   allows for the creation of a boat. Drive the boat over all the buoyes and
   when each is under water a canister appears on the land mass.

2. Enter the building with the elephant sign. Jump on top of the vending machine
   next to the attract machine. Use a bomb on the silver object and a 
   canister takes its place.

3. Place 25 legos into the attract machine inside the building with the elephant

4. There is a gate just in front of the penguin kiddy ride. Use a character 
   with strength to lift the gate. Move across the green acid and build a lift.
   Get on the lift with a high jumper and get the canister.

5. Destroy the stuff after the totem pole and build one of your own. Use Poison
   Ivy to make a flower grow from the pot. Jump on the flower and then to the 

RED BRICK: Across from the totem pole and in between the lion exhibits is a 
           raised cylinder with a man walking in circles. Use a double jumper
           to reach the top. Set a bomb on the silver bars. Use the remaining 
           red legos to build the brick.

6. Use the detonator suit to destroy the silver gate before the next area. 
   Double jump up to the lion's position. Set a bomb near the silver rocks and
   a canister is revealed.

7. Destroy the gate the elephants are behind with a bomb. There is a canister 
   sitting at ground level in the back right corner behind an elephant.

HOSTAGE: Just after the elephants is a building with glass windows. Use the 
         sonic suit to bust the glass and free the hostage.

8. Jump repeatedly on the large lilly pad in front of the ship.

9. Move past the ship and cross the lilly pads to the suit changer. Build the
   ladder and climb to the top of the structure. Use a strong character to
   move the debris for the canister.

10. At the back of the this area is a waterfall. In front of the waterfall you 
    may notice something sparkling. Use Mr. Freeze's gun to zap the sparkling
    area and make an ice block. Jump up to the block and then to the canister.

Penguin's Lair                                                        [HCLP5]

1. Find three carrots throughout the level:
     -At the very beginning destroy the trees and find a couple seeds. Plant
      them and a carrot appears.
     -After making the raft there are some seeds at the bottom edge of the next
      small body of water.
     -Just before entering the cave near the fencing

2. Use the sonic suit to break the glass covering the pool of water containing
   a canister at the very beginning of the level.

3. After gliding across the broken road, turn around and use Mr. Freeze's gun
   to create an ice platform. Jump on the platform and set a bomb to get the 

4. In the area where the raft is built there is a shed in the back. To the left
   of the shed are some bars on the rock wall. Double jump up them and then to
   to the roof of the shed.

5. When you arrive at the cave entrance go to the back and destroy a couple 
   trees. Grapple up wearing the glide suit, then jump/glide to the left and 
   get the canister.

HOSTAGE: Near the cave entrance

6. Move towards the front of the screen and look to the left. There is a shiny
   silver covering over a canister. Use a penguin bomb to destroy the covering.
   Switch to a character that can go through the green goo and get the canister.

7. On the land mass in the war at the front portion of the area.

8. To the far right near the water's edge high on a ledge. 

9. On the right side of the hill Penguin stand on is a glass ramp. Destroy it 
   with the sonic suit and enter. Destroy the purple legos at the back and build
   a canister with the heat protection suit.

RED BRICK: Use the grapple point in the small room mention above and jump to the
           right. You should grab hold of a bar that lowers two discs. A couple
           of penguins will run on the treadmills. Get on the third treadmill 
           and try to run forward. When the red lights change to green get off
           and follow the pipe leading out of the treadmill. Jump on the button
           and a brick will appear nearby.

10. After destroying the Penguin's machine there are four boxes with red lights
    positioned above where you tried to deflect the penguin bombs. Destroy each
    with a Batarang to make the canister appear.

Joker's Home Turf                                                       [HCLJ1]

1. On top of the building that provides access to the warehouse. You have to 
   detonate near some silver tanks and build a fan.

2. Absorb all the green acid on the ground and deposit it in the machine at the
   far right of the beginning portion of the level. When enough has been 
   obtained the picture will cut away to the machine opening its gate.

3. Inside the warehouse, activate the joy buzzer machine and climb the ladder.
   Double jump to the bar and into the opening for a canister.

4. Use a mind control villain to access the "?" panel on the far left wall in
   the warehouse. Set a couple bombs destroying the silver objects. Rebuild 
   the turbine (heat protection is required) and push the block into place. The
   system overheats and explodes revealing a canister.

5. After exiting the warehouse, move to the console near the big window and 
   activate the tech box. Use the claw to pick up explosives from the back 
   left corner. Drop one on each of the three purple mist producers and a door
   will open. Enter and build two red buttons that when pressed open the cage.

6. While turning off the green mist coming from the ground, you should notice a 
   tank at the back of the screen with a switch. Jump into the green go tank and
   pull the switch. The green mist changes sides and you are free to jump into 
   the tunnel for a canister.

7. After driving the fork lift into place and taking the lift up, move to the 
   left. Pull out the gate with the orange handle and build a bar. Double jump
   to it and then to the other wall. Up one more time and to the top ledge for
   the canister.

8. Upon on obtaining canister 7, continue to the right and watch for a ladder
   on the wall leading down. Move down the ladder and swim through the green
   river to a platform with a canister.

RED BRICK: Into the next area look to the left of the screen. Use Mr. Freeze's
           gun to make two ice platforms and reach the ledge. The sonic suit can
           destroy the glass in the back. The pipe will move to the left over 
           the purple lid. Pull the red and blue switches. The pipe then moves
           over the green lid (pull the yellow and blue switches). Finally to
           the orange lid so pull the red and yellow ones. If done correctly the
           red brick will appear

HOSTAGE: Before exiting to the boss battle, use the joy buzzer machine and ride
         the lift up.

9. Rotate the lever near the hostage and release all of the green liquid into
   the empty tank.

10. Set a bomb near some silver tanks on the far right side of the area where
    you fight the Mad Hatter.

Little Fun at the Big Top                                               [HCLJ2]

1. Go backwards and push the bus out of the way with a strong character. Go to
   the far right side of the new area and pull a dumpster as far as it will go.
   Jump on top of it then doube jump to the green central structure. Build a
   tightrope and walk to the canister.

2. Use the sonic suit to destroy glass in the first booth. Now shoot all the 
   legos inside to reveal a canister on the roof.

3. Access the roof of the second booth and blow up the silver covers. Drop into
   the water with Robin's water suit and get a canister.

4. Use the tech panel next to the exit and lift the gate on the booth (just 
   push up on the stick). Shoot the ducks as they move around and get a canister

RED BRICK: Move past the exit to the next level and glide over the gap in the
           board walk. Pull a switch to gain access to a new level. Use Robin's
           Tech suit to activate the green console and play the claw game. Pick
           up the three pink dolls and drop them at the lower right corner of 
           the machine. Destroy each one and the red brick appears. Use the claw
           to get it.

5. Up on entering the next level (where you can change into the magnet suit)
   use a Batarang to destroy the red window in the background. Double jump up
   to a bar below the window and get the canister.

HOSTAGE: To the right of the tea cup ride

6. Use Joker's joy buzzer ability to activate the machine next to the tea cup
   rides. After a few rotations the canister appears.

7. After placing the lego pieces into attract machine and climbing the ladder,
   look to the left. There is a tall building with a winding path. Enter the
   door and you are taken to the top. You will slide down and practically can't
   miss the canister.

8. Use Robin's technology suit to guide each boat into the appropriately colored
   garage. Then switch to a character that can move through the green acid to 
   get the canister.

9. Immediately after getting the above canister look in the back ground for a 
   gate with an orange handle. Pull the gate off its hinges (strong guy) and
   enter the bumper car area. Jump into a bumper car and drive around. I'm not
   sure what triggered the release of the canister but I collected all the 
   studs and run into the enemy driven cars several times.

10. Just before the boss fight walk through the acid to the right. Grapple up 
    to the first platform and build a tight rope. Take the tight rope over to
    the second one and a canister.

Flight of the Bat                                                       [HCLJ3]

1. Destroy 6 missile launchers throughout the level
     -Just before the Scarecrow billboard 
     -Just after passing through the Scarecrow billboard at the back of the area
     -Just after passing through the Scarecrow billboard at the back of the area
     -On the railroad tracks
     -To the right of the metal tanks that are on fire
     -To the right of the metal tanks that are on fire

2. Follow the railroad tracks to the back of the area to see a cansiter. It is 
   not really hidden (easily seen when you get to the tracks).

3. Just to the right of the silver tanks that are on fire. Is a large hotel
   sign. The O of the sign has a canister sitting on it. Drag a bomb with the
   Batcopter to the box below the sign. This destroys the O and drops the 

4. Next to the silver tanks that are on fire.

RED BRICK: Fly an aircraft of a character that can move through the green mist
           (Scarecrow, Joker). Destroy the barricade and two rotating levers 
           will appear. Rotate each of them by firing the plane's weapon and 
           the red brick will appear behind the levers. Shoot the brick to get

5. Destroy the three silver valves with bombs that Robin's helicopter can tow.

6. At the back of the area with the green mist is a series of pipes. One of the
   pipes has a discolred portion that can be hit with a purple torpedo to 
   release a canister.

7. At the front left portion of the area with the green mist/red brick, fire a
   puprle torpedo at a grey spinning cylinder. This reveals a lever. Shoot the
   lever and a towable object appears. Pull it onto the conveyor belt and then
   onto the orange button.

8. At the begginning of the boss battle over some yellow topped cylinders.

9. Move to the back of the area where the boss fight takes place and go through
   the green mist. Destroy three statues to have this canister appear.

10. There is a yellow topped cylinder in the back ground of the area past the 
    green mist during the boss fight. Shoot it to get the canister.

In the Dark Night                                                      [HCLJ4]

1. At the very beginning there is a building with doors that have orange 
   handles. "Open" the door with a strong character then use the sonic suit to
   blast the glass case inside.

2. Use the first joy buzzer machine to lower a ladder. Double jump to the ladder
   and reach the roof. Use the sonic suit to bust the glass.

3. Destroy three birth day cakes:

      -After building the device that absorbs up a lot of the green acid, use 
       mind control on the man inside the building and have him pull a switch. A
       silver box is released to the outside. Use a bomb to destroy it and
       reveal to orange handles. Put the handles on the door and "open" it. Set
       a few detonators near the silver boxes inside the building. Once they are
       destroyed switch to a character that can move through the green liquid 
       and build. Destroy your creation
      -Destroy the gates of the very next building with a detonator. Destroy the
       objects inside and build an oven. The oven produces the second cake.
      -Move a little farther and jump onto the two blocks. Then jump up to the
       higher ledge. To the left is a ladder that provides access to the roof.
       Destroy everything on the roof to reveal the last one.

4. From the suit changer that gives Batman the Demolition Suit. Glide to the 
   left and reach a ledge under a window. Jump to the next ledge and then glide 
   to the left into a hidden passage behind a pipe. Grapple up to the top and 
   explore the roof for a canister.
5. Inside the nightclub is an aquarium. Use Poison Ivy's green mist breath on
   the pots in front of the aquarium. Double jump from the flower platforms into
   the water. Use Robin's water suit to dive to the canister.

6. Use the attract machine behind the bar to make a radio controlled helicopter.
   Next to the aquarium is a green tech console. Activate it and fly the 
   helicopter into some lighting at the front of the screen. Once all the discs
   turn green a canister appears.

HOSTAGE: Exit the night club and the hostage is in the lower right hand corner
         of this alley.

7. Add a couple of orange handles to the garbage truck and pull it out of the 
   way to reveal a hidden area. Detonate a bomb near the silver box and get 
   a canister.

8. Move through the green acid just before the fire and destroy everything on
   the left. Build a track for Robin to walk up the wall with the magnet suit.

RED BRICK: After putting out the fire destroy all the items to the left in the
           alley. Switch to the heat protection suit, build and climb a ladder.
           Glide over to the distant ledge and double jump to the brick.

9. Destroy the man hole cover before the boss battle building.

10. During the boss battle with Killer Moth, break the glass on the right 
    side of the light bulb with the sonic suit. Destroy the legos inside and 
    build a heat gauge. Activate the joy buzzer machine and the gauge will go 
    crazy and explode revealing a canister.

To the Top of the Tower                                                [HCLJ5]

HOSTAGE: To the left side of the starting point.

1. Destroy 3 gargoyle statues
     -The left hand corner near the hostage
     -At the top of the mini-tower near canister 3
     -At the top of the mini-tower near the suit changer that gives Robin the
      magnet suit

2. Move to the left of the starting point and build a ladder. The ledge at the 
   top of the ladder has two buttons that when stood on will open a door to the

3. To the left of the starting point in the back ground is a tower. On the ledge
   of the tower is a canister behind glass. Destroy the statue at the base and 
   build a steel wall. Climb it with the magnet suit and break the glass with
   the sonic suit. 

4. To the right of the starting point fill the attract machine with 25 lego 
   pieces and a bomb is created. Destroy it and a piece of the wall opens 
   revealing the canister.

5. From the ledge housing the suit changer for the magnet suit, double jump to
   the left to reach the main building. Pull the switch and a new ledge forms.
   Double jump from one of the raised areas of the wall to the ledge to get
   the canister.

6. Upon entry into the main building move to the left of the screen. Activate
   the joy buzzer machine to lower a bridge. Climb the ladder next to the 
   bridge and jump onto it. Now jump to the next platform and get the 

7. Build the steel wall near the large chandelier. As you move up notice 
   a small ledge to the left. Use this ledge to back track slightly and 
   find a canister.

8. After climbing the same steel wall as the above canister move to the 
   switch that puts the chandelier in position to be jumped on. The canister
   is near the switch.

RED BRICK: In the area where there is a steel wall and a moving platform
           controlled by a floor button drop below to find a hidden area.
           Using a strong character push the organ to the right. Jump on the
           pump a few times and a person appears to play the insturment
           thereby releasing the red brick.

9. Double jump next to the platform in front of the bell Harley is hiding

10. Destroy the shiny silver block on the right side of the area near the
    beginning of the track the platform is to be pushed on.

                       V I L L A I N  M I S S I O N S                   [VLCL]

The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal                                          [VCLR1]

1. Pull the dumpster out of the way with a strong character.










On the Rocks                                                           [VCLR2]











Green Fingers                                                         [VCLR3]











An Enterprising Theft                                                  [VCLR4]











Breaking Blocks                                                        [VCLR5]











Rockin' the Docks                                                       [VCLP1]











Stealing the Show                                                      [VCLP2]











Harboring a Grudge                                                     [VCLP3]











A Daring Rescue                                                         [VCLP4]











Arctic World                                                            [VCLP5]











A Surprise for the Commissioner                                       [VCLJ1]











Biplane Blast                                                          [VCLJ2]











The Joker's Masterpiece                                                 [VCLJ3]











The Lure of the Night                                                   [VCLJ4]











Dying of Laughter                                                       [VCLJ5]











                               B A T C A V E                            [BTCV]

Characters                                                              [CHRS] 




Mr. Freeze

Poison Ivy


The Riddler



Killer Croc

The Penguin 

Harley Quinn

The Scarecrow

Killer Moth

The Joker

Bruce Wayne (100,000)

Alfred (75,000)

Batgirl (100,000)

Nightwing (125,000)

Commissioner Gordon (25,000)

Police Officer (5,000)

Fishmonger (4,000)

Military Policeman (17,000)

Security Guard (10,000)

S.W.A.T. (10,000)

Scientist (6,000)

Sailor (5,000)

Police Marksman (5,000)

Catwoman (Classic) (67,000)

Man-Bat (40,000)

Mad Hatter (35,000)

The Joker (Tropical) (30,000)

Poison Ivy Goon (25,000)

Zoo Sweeper (12,500)

Freeze Girl (4,000)

Yeti (9,000)

Riddler Goon (6,000)

Riddler Henchman (7,000)

Penguin Goon (3,000)

Penguin Henchman (5,000)

Penguin Minion (30,000)

Joker Goon (7,000)

Joker Henchman (9,000)

Glown Goon (100,000)



Police Car (10,000)

Police Bike (11,000)

Police Van (13,000)

Bat-Tank (200,000)

Catwoman's Motorcycle (23,000)

Two-Face's Armored Truck (24,000)

Mr. Freeze's Kart (25,000)

Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck (80,000)

The Joker's Van (60,000)

Garbage Truck (99,000)

Robin's Submarine (30,000)

Police Watercraft (12,000)

Police Boat (13,000)

Penguin Goon Submarine (15,000)

Mr. Freeze's Iceberg (23,000)

Mad Hatter's Steamboat (23,000)

Harbor Helicopter (16,000)

Police Helicopter (14,000)

Bruce Wayne's Private Jet (15,000)

Goon Helicopter (11,000)

Riddler's Jet (17,000)

Mad Hatter's Glider (18,000)

Extras                                                                 [EXTS]

Silhouettes (10,000)

Beep Beep (20,000)

Ice Rink (30,000)

Disguise (40,000)

Extra Toggle (50,000)

Suit Upgrades                                                           [STUP]

Fast Grapple (All Suits) 10,000

Fast Batarangs (All Suits) 20,000

More Batarang Targets (All Suits) 30,000

Flaming Batarang (Heat Protection Suit) 40,000

Slam (Glide Suit) 50,000

More Detonators (Demolition Suit) 10,000

Armour Plating (Demolition Suit) 20,000

Sonic Pain (Sonic Suit) 30,000

Area Effect (Sonic Suit) 40,000

Bats (Sonic Suit) 50,000

Freeze Batarang (Water Suit) 10,000

Decoy (Technology Suit) 20,000

Fast Walk (Magnet Suit) 30,000

Faster Pieces (Attract Suit) 40,000

Piece Detector (Attract Suit) 50,000

Data                                                                    [DTA]

1. Batman keeps a collection of ancient armor in the Batcave as part of his 
   study of military history; it includes outfits worn by European knights, 
   desert nomads, and samurai warriors throughout the centuries.

2. Ra's al Ghul's daughter Talia is in love with Batman, but her loyalty to her
   father keeps them from being together

3. The Batsuit has an electrical system that can shock assailants as a last 

4. The Batsuit is made of triple-weave Kevlar positioned primarily around the
   torso's Bat-Symbol, an intentional and well-protected target (1,000)

5. The Penguin's real name is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot (1,000)

6. The Penguin is the owner of a nightclub called the Iceberg Lounge. (3,000)

7. Wayne Tower was built in 1939, is 78 stories high, and is Gotham's highest
   building (3,000)

8. Batman is contacted when Gotham is in need through the Bat-Signal, a light
   that shines his Bat-symbol up into the sky. (5,000)

9. The Riddler's real name is Edward Nigma. (6,000)

10. Arkham Asylum's full name is The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally
    Insane. (7,000)

11. The wood used to carve the dummy Scarface is from Gotham's Gallows Tree,
    where prisoners of Gotham's Blackgate prison were given the ultimate 
    punishment. (8,000)

12. Dick Grayson was taken in by Batman to become the first Robin. After years
    of crime fighting with Batman, he became a solo crime fighter under the new
    identity of Nightwing. (9,000)

13. Nightwing modified Batarangs into throwing stars nicknamed 'Wing-Dings'

14. Bruce Wayne's parents were killed at 10:47 PM, which is the time he puts 
    into a clock in Wayne Manor to access the Batcave. (11,000)

15. Tim Drake was only nine years old when he figured out Batman's true 
    identity, which led to him becoming the new Robin. (12,000)

16. Bruce Wayne discovered the Batcave when he accidently fell into it as a 
    child. (13,000)

17. There is a great variety of Batarangs. Some are thrown like a boomerang,
    some are remote-controlled, and some are used as grapples. (14,000)

18. Killer Croc began his life as a scaly-skinned child called Waylon Jones.
    His reptilian appearance earned him the name "Killer Croc" in sideshows, a
    name he kept when he became a vicious criminal in Gotham city. (15,000)

19. Gotham City has two baseball teams, the Gotham Knights and Gotham Monarchs,
    a basketball team, the Gotham Guardsmen, an American football team, the 
    Gotham Wildcats, and finally an ice hockey team the Gotham Blades. (16,000)

20. Bruce Wayne travellled the world as a teenager, training with ninjas, 
    African Bushmen, and Nepalese monks, among others. (17,000)

21. Batman's enemies who aren't insane go to Blackgate prison instead of Arkham
    Asylum. (18,000)

22. The utility belt contains many of Batman's crime-fighting gadgets, 
    including Batarangs, Bat-Cuffs, and a first-aid kit. (19,000)

23. The Batcave features various mementoes from Batman's criminals and allies,
    including a model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a giant 1947 Lincoln head
    penny. (20,000)

24. Dick Grayson was once part of the circus act The Flying Graysons with his 
    parents John and Mary Grayson until they both tragically lost their lives.

25. The Mad Hatter is convinced that he is actually the character of the same 
    name from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. (22,000)

26. Dr. Jeremiah Arkham is the head of Arkham Asylum. His unlce was the founder
    of the facility. (23,000)

27. Two-Face carries with him a two-headed coin, which has one side scratched 
    with an X. (24,000)

28. The Huntress's real name is Helena Bertinelli. The only surviving member
    of a Gotham crime family, she has at times been an ally of Batman, and at
    other times an adversary. (25,000)

29. When the Batmobile is not the best option for getting somewhere, Batman has
    a Batplane, a Bat-copter, and a Bat-cycle. (26,000)

30. (27,000)

31. (28,000)

32. (29,000)

33. (30,000)

34. (31,000)

35. (32,000)

36. (33,000)

37. (34,000)

38. (35,000)

39. (36,000)

40. (37,000)

41. (38,000)

42. (39,000)

43. (40,000)

44. (,000)

Hero Trophy Room                                                        [HRTR]

Collecting the canisters in each level creates a trophy. 

-Gold Batsuit - You Can Bank on Batman

-Ice Treat (its a popscicle) - An Icy Reception

-Batmobile - Two-Face Chase 

-Two-Face's Armored Truck - A Poisonous Appointment

-The Gold Reserve - The Face-Off

-Robin's Watercraft - There She Goes Again

-Batboat - Batboat Battle
-Killer Croc's Swamprider - Under the City

-Elephant - Zoo's Company

-Penguin Army - Penguin's Lair

-Mad Hatter's Hat - Joker's Home Turf

-Pinball Machine - (Little Fun at the Big Top)

-The Scarecrow's Biplane - Flight of the Bat

-Clownwalker - In the Dark Night

-The Joker - To the Top of the Tower

Wayne Manor                                                            [WNMN]

Get Super Hero status on each level to build Wayne Manor and open the door to 
a secret level.

                          L E G A L I T I E S                          [LGLS]

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